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I 7 —
Railroad Board Makes Many lOc-
' dations for Improvements.
Tfce State Board of Railroad Commissioners made
obiic y*st*rday it« report on complaints against
the Brooklyn Heights Railroad Company. The re
port recommends Increasing tho number, of ele-
CfcUl trains for Immediate relief, and an increase
ja the number of surface cars from 15 to 40 per
gent, and that the headway be changed on sbme
yaes from twenty to ten minute,?- The commission
— ggests that its recommendations be carried out
e3 or before February 28. The recommendations
jlpr the elevated line are:
gix-c&r trains 'on the Ridge wood elevated line
*^ring rush hours; five-car trains on the Brighton
Keach line during the same hours; on >he West
ttid elevated line, between 5:30 and* 6 a. m.. two
r^ins of three cars each, instead of one train of
tiro car* and one train of three cars; on the Broad-
LTL T line, between 4 and 4:30 p. m.. the present two
7mf trains be made three-car trains: a two-car
Sain instead of a one-car train, between 5:30 and
t a. m . on the Culver route; on tlie Fulton-st. ele
vated line that all trains operated to Pulton Ferry
Vtwuen 5:40 P- m. and 6:20 p. m. "live-car trains,
■-•tead of -four-car trains; on the sth-ave.-Bay
Rju-a line, b«iw«M>n midnight and 1 a. m.. that
ihe present two-car trains be made three-car
trains: also, that between 3 p. m. and 3:30 p. m.
tht rre*eDt three-car trains ba made -four-car
XZmim*- on the L#xington-ave. line, that all trains
ODeratinsr betii-een 2:30 p. m. and 4 p. m., bo four
car trains, instead of three-car trains.
The report continues:
In our opinioa permanent relief can best be ob
tained through building severaJ tunnels connecting
the boroughs at the earliest possible moment. We
«re of the opinion that the quickest and best plan
of relieving the present congestad condition is to
connect the Brooklyn and Wiliiamsburg bridges by
tn eJevated structure, with ample platforms for the
crompt loading and unloading of passengers; the
trains to be run continuously in both directions,
thereby at least doubling the present capacity of the
brid"es to handle trains, From this structure a
connection can be made with the Manhattan bridge
vhtti completed, and in this connection it is proper
to say that work on the Ma.- hattan brids* should
be accelerated.
Th? board recommends that an additional track be
contracted on all of the elevated lines In view
ef the probability of improvements of the bridge
terminals in Manhattan, thus er.abiing an additional
service which can be handled on the third track to
•te taken care cf at the bridge terminal.
It also recommend* that lengthening the plat
forms of the elevated stations be continued and
carried to completion as speedily as practicable,
and that the enlargement (now under way) of ter
minal facilities of the elevated railroad at East
New-York ba completed as soon as practicable.
* Compiaiiu having been made as to the physical
"condition of the elevated structures^ the board has
caused an examination of them to be made by •
their experts, who report that the structures are
in eood physical condition. -
The board recommends that shelter stations for
unstrTfTi be provided at 65th-st. and 3d-ave. and
tn Gates-aye. between Ralph-aye. and Broadway.
It recommends the construction of double tracks
through 6«ratog:a-ave., between Douglass-st. and
Broadway, for furnishing additional service to tho
Brownsnoe district. —««•«._*
Tht company is expected to notify the board
vrithin ten days fronj the receipt by It of these rec-
OEinenuations if it will comply therewith.
It would facilitate the operation of cars on the
tTilliainsbursr Bridge if loops and a shelter station
asoflld be constructed by the city on the surface at
♦£<■ Manhattan terminus. This board indorses the
suMestior. of the extension of Flatbush-ave., which
•Rill provide an additional artery through the busi
ness portion of Brooklyn to the Brooklyn Bridge.
' A complaint of residents and civic organization*
at Janvaica is j>ending_before the board in relation
to the service rendered the public by this company
on Jsjnaics.-ave. This matter is not treated in this
report because we have asked the opinion of the
Attoraev General as to the obligation of the com-
Tiar.y to give transfers from its elevate.! structure
an CreEc*nt-*t. to Us surface cars running to
Jamaica, and vice versa.
President Winter of the Brooklyn Rapid Transit
Company said last night, after he had read the re
port of the commission:
"We shall endeavor to comply with the recom
mendations contained in the report of the commis
sion. The entire report will have our careful cors
eifleratlon, anol I have no doubt that some of the
changes suggested -will be made."
Olcott Against City Ownership Ap
plied to Rapid Transit.
A\bany, Feb. 14.— The Cities Committees in
jGint seflßion to-day completed the hearing on
the Elsberg Rapid Transit bill providing for sep
arate contracts for the construction and opera
tion of new subways. The Citizens Union, the
West Side Rapid Transit Association, the East
Side Jtapid Transit Association, the Reform
dub, the Knights of Labor and the Central
Federation of Labor were some of the organ
isations that were represented.
Walter R. Addlek*. vice-president of the Con
solidated Gas Company, appeared in opposition
to the Elsberg bill, which makes provision for
pipe galleries. He declared that as ordinarily
constructed the subway .did not give room
enough for pipe galleries. He said it would be
necessary to build the subways ten feet deeper,
at ar. added i ost of 50 per cent. Mr. Addicks
■too objected isi ripe galleries, on the ground of
flaiiK«-r from leakage of gas and electric wires.
Ex-Judge W. M. K. Olcott, who appeared for the
West Side Rapid Transit Association; said:
"The proponents of the bill favor it on the
Slr.^ie insertions 6 cents per line. Sixteen
Words t'Mti Umea coraecutively. $1, which
■UiUei advertiser to have rooms entered in
The Tnoune'a Director}' of Desirable Room*
lor a period of fourteen days. Write for
A.— ATTRACTIVE floors and suites,
with private hsdtj single rooms; with or
without tKUird; apartments, doctors' offices;
£11 cf-i-iti-.r-'f- locations; highest references;
information fret. 6. 8. L£LAND & CO.. 2
Weat 3M-«t.
ICD-ST., 516 WEST.— etory front,
- large room and lavatory; on second story.
frost Baav, large alcov* room and private
lavatory: eJsa connecting back room; pri
vate American Christian family; steam
ttil; home UUi'.e.
H WEST 2T.TH-ST .— larga and
«aall rooms; excellent table; transients
accenuood£.ted, reasonable. Telephone 4525
— JiadJson.
•USOANTLY furnished apartments; pri
( vtte bathe; Including m«ls. $16 weekly;
|»o. $25 weekly. VAN RENSSELAER. 18
East llih-st.. near 6th-ave.
I— 15 EA.ST 4, r .TH -ST.— Double and single
"maw, with board; references.
52* EAST 16TH-6T,- -Two hall rooms,
— «atrt; exposure, with board; reference.
•*B-#T 12 WEST. Attractive house;
rec-ss iuh ible for one or two; excellent
•■*«■; tttetev^m; Email family.
I<TH-£T., i» WEST —Desirable double
**4 single roorr.s; HIGH CLASS table
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&TH-BT.. S3 WKST. — Warm »eeond floor
back room, private bath; small rooms;
■was table; references exchanged.
2&ESS A. N.. 628 11TH-ST.. N. W..
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Aceommodatlons of all kinds for inaugu
lUon in hotels, boarding houses and pri-
JIUs famUies; also windows and balconies
IpExcr. 1.25» Penneylvania-ave .- N W.,
**»fclngtoo, I>. C.
Jl*l H-ST., S. W— New management;
American plan. Translenu accommo
**»*«. $2. J260 per day. New- England
•••aJag unexcelled coSae. Write for In
■miliai.^n ratea. L. C. RIJfBB. Proprietor.
*>JO lar^e. two small room*. a<scommoda
. acse for eight people, with first clasa
■*£ i. $26 a{deo» or $8 per day; references
Sgfiged. «i oar line. VIOO G-Bt.. N. W..
•OpatS; fine location; largo house; tele-
Kioat; private family: referencea; tran
■•"«■ I.WH Ji-st. N. VT.. Washington.
1,857 l^fiT.— UooiEs with at earn heat; with
•*. without private baths; permanent;
y»sBU accommodated.
VI H-BT., jr. W.— N«w management;
• "JtflTiQ pjaja. Traoaiemn accommo
2JJ. $2. »f«) t>er day. New-England
r**«s; unesfHled roffe*. Write for In
- on rates, U C. IUNES. Proprietor.
■"!*IjRALLY located rooms can accom-
J— "' 60 *.t most reasonable prices: also
iSi ?» MconjunxJate 75. D. NOTES. <KSS
g**»a-av<s.. tvasbjeeujn. D. C,
i^^A-VTLT furnished rooms, ; »ith flrst
•is*? bc*rl; house veil fc«ii«-<i; ears cen
4^*«f. l.a« X-.L. WMhtastxm. N.V<V.
belief that it means municipal ownership. We
to not' l..iir-\,> municipal ownership Is a prac
ti.;,l proposition as applied to rapid transit.
The city is not a business corporation but a
governmental body. It is not the province of
the city authorities to engage in purely busi
ness^ enterprise.". The Judßnieiit f>{ the most
prominent ■tatMBMUn Is against the plan in Lon
4on and Berlin. The plan Is unprofitable and
undesirable." jf
"Didn't Milionpld iHvide the contracts, and
cannot the city do tha same?" BCrJkADV Whit'?
. ,k. «i.
"The city had a contract with one man. prop
erly bonded," Mr. Olcott replied.
"It seems to* me," Senator White continued,
"that your argument is predicated on two
things; first, the contention that the Rapid
Transit Commission will lay aside its own opin
ion on the mistaken belief that a permission
bill is mandatory; second, that a- division of
contracts necessarily means municipal owner
"The general impression is thnt the bill Is
headed that way," Mr. Olcott said.
On widely different grounds the bill was op
posed by John M. Parsons, of the Knights of
Labor. He MM; 'We are opposed to this bill
primarily because it doesn't, provide municipal
ownership. There's nothing In it, but, remember
what I say, municipal ownership is coming."
Arguments in support of the bill were pre
sented by Frederic W. Hlnrichs, of the Citizens
Union, and John Martir. of the Reform Club.
The form.-r urged t}u : Klsberg bill as a conserva
tive measure, and said that if it should be de
feated MMBWains niorr- radical would be car
ried out. He declared that the-clty was in the
grasp of a railroad monopoly, and that the Els
berg bill would afford some relief. Senator
Grady said that the Citizens Union had not op
posed the granting of a franchise in perpetuity
to the Pennsylvania Railroad. Mr. Hinrlchs
said that he was united with Senator Grady in
opposition to such a proposition.
Mr. Martin said the Kapid Transit Commis
sion was not opposed by the Reform Club, but
that in favoring the Klsberg bill the club was
endeavoring 1 to give the commission larger
powers. Action on the rapid transit bills will
be taken next week by the Cities Committee.
Paralytic in Gas Filled Hotel
Crawls to Alarm Bell.
Although afflicted -with paralysis, which prevents
him from using his limbs, George W. Garrettson,
proprietor of the New-York Hotel of Mamaroneck,
saved his own life and those of his family and
guests, early yesterday morning, from asphyxia
tion, by crawling on his knees, after many at
tempts, to a push button, and pushing an alarm
bell with his cane. Mr. Garret tson. who is wheeled
about in a chair, was awakened by the strong
fumes of gas, and when he called his wife he
found that she was unconscious, and so was his
niece. Miss Harnets, of Brooklyn. His son Gerald
and a friend were on the top floor of the hotel,
and to alarm them he had to crawl on his knees
across the floor to an alarm bell, which ha man
aged to sound by pushing a button with his cane.
When he had done this he became Bick from the
gas, and. if the son had not arrived promptly tha
whole family probably would have died. Gerald
Garrettson, on making an examination, found that
a pipe in the cellar had burst, and the gas was
penetrating every room in the house. He was
nearly overcome in trying to repair the pipe. Mrs.
Garrettson is confined to her bed.
Train Dispatcher Sent for Doctors Eefore
Crash Came — Sixteen Were Injured.
Peru, Ind., Feb. 14. — A peculiar feature which
developed to-day characterized the Lake Erie
and Western wreck near Argos, Ind., in which
sixteen workmen were injured last night. The
train dispatcher foresaw the disaster and ordered
out a wrecking crew before It occurred. In ad
dition, before the collision took place physicians
were summoned by the dispatcher _from Plym
outh, Argos and Peru.
The wrecking train, however, did not reach the
place of the accident until late to-day, owing to
snowdrifts and two stalled trains that had to
be pushed out of the way. None of the injured
will die. The wreck, which was a head-on colli
sion between a work train and a freight, was
caused by a mistake in orders.
Ambassador Porter Says a Shaft Sunk in the
Search Uncovered Old Graves. /
Washington, Feb. 14.— Ambassador Porter al
ready has justified the faith he expressed to the
State Department in his ability to find some
trace of the remains of John Paul Jones. He
has cabled the State Department from Paris as
Sunk shaft. Found rows of graves undisturbed
at a depth of seventeen feet.
This refers to the preliminary examination
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ADVERTISEMENTS and subscriptions for
Thir^lbune received at their Uptown
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efflces at ret'ular cMco rate. until * o'clocx
nTtn viz.:. 254 Bth-av«s . s. c. cor. 23d-at. :
IK3«U»-Sve.. cor. 12th-6t.; Es.t l«th-st.:
257 \VeVt 4-'d-i>t.. between 7th an* 6th ay««.;
S WaVt IKth-st.; 1,338 Sd-ave.. between
'fih and 77th sts.. V««S Bd-ave., near «I*t
*N £?& l«t-ave.. nea. ■ J 57 East
125th--' - 7M TremonMvt.. «O 3d-ave.,
near 4istVet.; X* Sd-ave.; 210 u.^iser-*
ground which once' formed the site'of the ceme
tery to which the lvniains of John Paul Jones
were traced. Mr. Porter, who was himself a civil
engineer, projected the plan for searching the
cemetery Bite for the remains by means of a
system of shnfts and lateral drifts and tunnels
whereby the inquiry can ba prosecuted without
iii\<>lviip< the heavy expense of purchasing and
demolishing the houses now on the site of the
Resolution Introduced by Senator Bard
Asking for Information.
Washington, Feb. 11.— Senator Bard to day intro
duced the following resolution, which vrent over
uriiil to-morrow without action:
That the Secretary of the Interior be and he is
hereby directed to furnish for the Information of
the Senate a statement showing all contracts
made since January 190S, providing for the care
and education of Indian* in sectarian or denomi
national schools, together with copies of all pe
titions and applications for said contracts, and of
all papers and correspondence relative to the sub
ject of sectarian education addressed to or on
tile in the Department; also copies of opinions
rendered by the Department of Justice relative
to the authority of the executive department for
granting contracts to sectarian schools for the
care an<l education of Indians, and for using trust
funds belonging to Indian tribes or other moneys
appropriated iby Congress for fuJn.lls k treaty
stipulations with Indian tribes or for other pur
poses for the payment of such contract*.
Congress Committee Finds Property To Be ;
Prosperous — Ship Line a Vita! Part.
Washington, Feb. 14. — The members of the sub
committee charged with an investigation of the
Panama Railroad Company by the House Commit
tee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce returned
from Now- York to-day, where they went to visit
the offices of the company. A session of the com
mittee was held there Monday, and J. Edward Sim
mons, president; "William Nelson Cromwell, general
counsel; Mr. Drake, first vice-president, and Syl
\ ester Deming, treasurer of the company, were ex
amined. The committee will take up th^ inquiry in
this city in a few days.
Chairman Shackleford. of the sub-committee, said
to-day that the testimony showed that the railroad
and its constituent steamship line was an exceed
ingly well paying piece of property. It nps been a
dividend payer from its organization. The evidence
was to the effect that should the steamship line be
abandoned by the government the value of the
property would be greatly depreciated.
The inquiry as to the 8 per cent dividend declared
by the company In 1903 showed that the officers of
the company, in determining what funds were
available for the payment of dividends, included the
bor.ws of the company which had been purchased
and paid for out of the gross earnings of the com
pany. The dividend amounted to a total of $560,000.
This action was questioned by seme of the mem
bers of the Bub-committee. It was ascertained that
the New- York office's expenses aggregate $190,000
a year.
Senate Upholds Ruling to Keep Out Judge's
Statement Before House.
Washington. Feb. 14.— When the trial nf Judge
Swayne was again brought up in the Senate Joseph
H. Durkco. of Jacksonville. Fla.. who was receiver
for the- Jacksonville, Tampa and Key West Rail
road in ISS3. when Judge Swayne made his trip
from Delaware to Florida in one of its pri\-ate
car 6. testified that the expenses of the trip had
been borne by the company. He said h* had been
appointed to the position of receiver by Judges
Bwayne and Pardee. the latter being circuit judge.
Manager Palmer then attempted to have the
statement made voluntarily by Judge Swayne be
fore the House committee in November last placed
before the Senate, but Mr. Thurston protested, on
the ground that the respondent's testimony on a
former occasion could not be used to Incriminate
The chair held the testimony to be inadmissible.
Mr. Bailey appealed from the decision, arguing
that this was not a criminal proceeding nor the
Senate a court within the meaning of the statute.
The appeal caused the first roll call since the
beginning of the proceeding. The question as put
was whether the evidence was admissible and
the Senate decided. 28 to 45, that it was not. A
majority of the affirmative votes were cast by
Democratic Senators, but the following Republican
Senators voted with them: Allison, Crane, Dietrich,
Long and Spooner. The Democratic Senators vot
ing in the negative with the Republicans were
Bacon, Culberson, Dubols, Gormi n, McCreary, Pat
terson and Pettus.
The following judgments were among those filed
yesterday, the first name being that of the debtor:
Blei«r, Benjamin— -C H Duell and another »1,102
Bloch. Charles— P Zang 807
Eidlitz, Otto M and Robert J— K Kiernan 5,608
The Marshall Papsr Company. C M .Abbe 11.611
German-American Insurance Company of New-
York-^-C Jaeper C7O
Phoenix Assuranca Company, Limited, of London —
same 821
Ir.terurban Street Railway Company Shea 1,152
Grand Theatre Company — S Warshawsky 606
Kluber. John C— V Chesebro W0
Levenson. Alfred B L Schlesinger 644
Mahr, Henry J and Julius — Palmer Hubbard .
Company 808
Radbortt, Julius — M Graletzer. 6.K28
Simons. Morris, and Powell Bpsteln— E SRldgoly... 1,081
Zang. Bugen»— Zang I.BU
1 .v "HOW THEY GOT KICH" " ~
is tho title of our book, which tells how $2
lnv-ested weekly in New- York real estate
can maka thousands: sent free Dent R
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prtce. -<>f:-r~
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counter, glass counters, shelving.
in* booths ■; stores-offlee fixtures;
fitted. FINN BROS., 28 S2 Cen
ADVERTISEMENTS and subscriptions ror
Tfce Tribune received at their Uptown
OflW No. 1,864 Broadway, between 38th
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tisements received nt the following branch
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LOST or STOLEN.— Passbook No. 63.168 of
tl» Eaccelslor Savings Bank, 23d-6t. and
6th-ave.. New- York City. All persons are
cautioned against purchasing or negotiating
the same, and any person having a claim on
aald passbook Is hereby called upon to pre
sent the same to the bank on or before the
25th day of February, 1905, or submit to
having tha passbook declared cancelled and
extinguished and a new book issued In lieu
LOST OR STOLEN.— Bankbook No. 484.577
of tho Gtsrraan Savings Bank in the City
of New-York, corner 4th-ave. and 14th-st.,
issued to Georga Focke. All persons are
cautioned against negotiating the same If
cot returned to the bank on the 24th day
of February, 1905, a duplicate will bo
LOST. — Bankbook No. 220,742 Bank for
SavnigM. 280 4th-ave., New-York. Pay
ment stopped. Please return book to bank.
liO^ T ~? anltbook No " 321.032 of the TJnlon
Dime Savings Institution Is missing Any
person having a claim to it is hereby calle.l
upon to present the same within ten days
or sutwnit to having »ld passbook cancelled
ana a new ono issued.
LOST— Bankbook No. 394,920 of the Union
Dime Savings Institution Is missing Any
person having a claim to it is hereby called
upon to present the same within ten days
or submit to having said passbook cancelled
and a new one Issued.
SIX STORY fireproof apartment. West Side
all improvements; rent, $7,300 mortgage,
$58,000; bargraln to quick purchaser.
WAVERLBY REALTY. 222 ftaverley Place.
252 and 254 West mh-st., New-York.
To Maggie Downing, Essie Brooks, N.
Fraier, Nettie Hugh, Lizzie Brln, Mary
Williams. JLaicv Jones. Mary Mayo. Jennie
VlcPherson. Cella Ford. Wm. Howard Sarah
J. Bell. Mary Brook*, Millie Brooks. M.
Hudson, Max Stuart, Glen A. Chaffln.
Joshua Saunders, John O. Rouke Ose.«ar
Michel. B\ J. Fairish, H. A. Demon, Emily
Seabrook, Rebecca White, Julia Hlntmi
Lizzie Brown. Robhi* Everly, Jennie B.
Whittler, I^culsa Campbell, Lucy Bowden,
Lliiie Bruin. You are hereby notilled that
the time for payment of the lien I hold
upon the household goods and personal ef
fects stored by you In my warehouse havlnr
expired, after due notice has been Kl^n
you, such property will behold at public
auction at 264 West 28th-st., New-York
Friday. February 17th. 3005, unless charges
are paid before.
WHY WORK for others , when you can
easily earn $S a day at light work In your
own locality? Complete instructions by
mall, 10 cents. KLINGBEIL. Box 1.022.
Milwaukee. Wls.
WANTED. — A nrst class business man to
take a position aa treasurer and general
manager of an Important manufacturing
concern in the neighborhood of New-York.
F.. Box 87. Tribune Office.
ADVERTISEMENTf and subscriDtlona for
The Tribune received at tbelr Uptown
C»ee. No. 1.3C4 Broadway, between Jflth
and 87th its., until 0 o'clock p. m. Adver
tlaetnenta received at the following' branon
oi'.lct'a at regular office rate* until 6 o'clock
p. m.. via.: 354 Slh-ave.. a. c. cor. 23d-it.;
153 ath-ave.. cor. 12th-st.; 02 East Htb-st.;
257 Weat 42d-st.; between 7th and Bth ayes. ;
im Wttt 125th-st.; I.MB 3d-ave.. between
7flth and 77th »U. • 1,020 3d-ave.. near ulat
it.: 1.T03 lrt-*ve.. near Wtn-fi IfJ Ea»i
uath-«t.; 7M.Treniont-avß.; 660 »•«.
' :" ■• ■ ' N ■.■'!■'■
— W. v — ?-, K. II Macy & Co.'s Attractions Are Their Low Prices.
*T \ H/ \ —^V B'way at 6th Av.<^^/ 34th to 55th St<
Sacrificing All Lines of
Winter Goods,
No season of tlie year brings you better buying op
portunities than you meet -with just now, wh< n
Winter Stocks are breaking away before inconnuj
stocks of Spring Goods.
The sacrificed lines include everything from Blnn
kets and Stoves in the basement to Foot Mufis ami
Fur Coats that form a part of the Winter stocks In
the fifth floor Sporting Goods section. On the second
floor, particularly, are the Winter stocks interesting
to all, since' they comprise cold weather Wearing
Apparel for men, women and children— Overcoats,
Furs, Footwear, Headvsrear, etc.
An investment in Winter Goods of any sort pays
handsomely at this time, even if it be made in mer
chandise you expect to store away for another win
ter's service. '
j;n this Mid-wiiniter-Salle 3s Every
Sort of Good Furniture from
Every Soxarce of Ciqocl Furniture
amid AM of It 3s Under-priced, ;
Nearly two acres of floor space are given over to a
display of the representative lines involved in this
great Furniture movement— representative because
the stocks in reserve are many times greater than
those on display.
In every instance prices are lower than our regular
low prices— from 20% to 40%.
In other words, you will find that you can furnish
four rooms for what It ordinarily costs to furnish
three, or eight rooms for the sum you would have
to pay out ordinarily to fit up six.
A stroll through this great Furniture section ac
quaints you with the importance of this sale— brings
to your notice values like these: . 4ti» fl
Parlor Stilts,
Three and Five-piece Parlor Suits, all of them fresh
from a Furniture exhibit where they served as man
ufacturers' show pieces. A number of them are in
solid mahogany, handsomely carved; others mahog
any-finished, with crotch mahogany veneer panels;
coverings include tapestry, Verona velour and satin
$20.96 Three- a . 1 ,. 3(n , X
piece Suits $11^.90
$37.49 Three- c^ < ,_
piece Suits 4>i!©,©/
$52.49 Three- <>_, _ A
piece Suits «po«3.o*J-«
$63.74 Three- A . A ~.
piece Suits.. $44.34
586.74 Three- <Cc:< ,_
piece Suits 3)50,0/
$187.49 Three- *qq g<
piece Suits yy>yt}
Dlnlmg Tables.
Solid Oak Tables, all new designs, round and
square tops; finished in wax, golden and weath
ered oak.
$6.96 Tables at.. $5,49
$9.96 Tables at.. $8.34
$12.74 Tables at.. $9.79
$15.84 Tables at.. $J E. 79
$16.96 Tables at.. $12.96
$18.96 Tables at.. $14,56
$19.96 Tables at.. $15,24
WANTED— 3 good intelligent City Sales
men with reference*; experience unneces
sary good chance for advancement. Ad
dress W., Box 41. Tribune Office^ -
WANTE© everywhere, people to copy f let
ters at home, spare time: materials , fre«.
no mailing or canvassing; Inclose addressed
envelope for particulars and wages we pay.
GUARANTEE CO., Dept. W 11>9. Philadel
phia, Pa, .
LADIES WANTED everywhere copying let
ters at home, spare Mm-, and return, to
ue; no mailing or canvassing; materials
free- Inclose i>elf-addressed envelope for
particulars GUARANTEE CO.. No. W 189
9th-st.. Philadelphia. Pa.
W 4NTED —A girl as chambermaid and
waitress"; two in family; must have good
reference. Call at 333 West 86th-st.. be
tween 10 and. 12- *
WOMEN to sew at home; good pay; mate
rials sent everywhere free; steady work,
plain sewing only; send •1«'«~ d I7 T
for full particulars. W. G. \\ DU PONT.
Philadelphia, Pa.
WANTED, for Staten Island, nurse or
mother's help; two children; references
required; state wages wanted, ao^ \i.
Tribune Office.
ACCOUNTANT.— Professional, corporation,
expert auditor; go anywhere L nlted
Stau-s; books designed, opened, closed,
systematized; perfect system Introduced;
aiarantee trial baiance monthly; auditing
Ind systematizing books of every descrip
tion. 253 Broadway. Room 428.
ADVERTISING. — Young man wishes per
manent position in advertiaing department
of reliable house. FRANK M GRANE. 179
Milford-st., Brooklyn.
Moderate salary. F. PLANCK, bB7 Pa
cific-it., Brooklyn.
BOOKKEEPER.— Age 23; monthly trial bal
ances- nrst class rlgur*r and speller; of
fice assistant; five years' experience: per
manent position; stenogiapher. IHOMASS,
1,244 38th-st., Brooklyn.
BOOKKEEPER, 40; competent; on tht
road twenty year* as salesman: now en
gaged: will change; will have $5,000 June
1 to put lr^ some good buwiness. Address
THOMAS ±»JDABODY, l.K>2 Broadway.
BOOKKEEPER, 4c— Young man as assist
ant bookkeeper or cashier; can furnish
beat of reference; experienced. A. A.
DODDS. 44 Jefferson-aye.. Brooklyn.
experienced, reliable; city or country; ho
tel, caf« or club; porter; best reference.
Call or address H£2NKY. at Merchant's. 142
East 14th-st.
BRIGHT YOUNG MAN, 1», two years' ex
perience, with reliable firm; graduate of
commercial college; excellent references..
ALFRED ULLO. 11 Broadway. Room 461.
BRIGHT young man, age 21. good educa
tion and business experience; also refer
ences and capable of filling any position.
Address H. H. KUCK. 2.310 7th-ave.
BOY. 16. graduate; in office: best reference.
JAMES WHITE. 201 Sackett-st.. Brook
BAKER.— First clans pastryman. from
Buenos Ayrea. A. R. F. GOITTY. TOB Bth
CLOCK CAS.E MAKER— Understands both
French and American cases and move
ments. P. PATRIARCH, 413 ISth-st.,
Herman; steady place. M. HOTOS, 336
Ea«t :3th-«t.
CATALOGUING. — Libraries and collections
catalogued; library school graduate. F.
PLACE, Astor Library r
COLLECTOR, ofllcf assistant, day watch
man, assistant bookkeeper, any place
where he can make himself useful, middle
aged: American business experience. M.,
490 3d-st . Brooklyn.
COMPOSITOR— young tnan. 17; In print
ing office, to l**rn type««ttln(r; hooeat and
reliable; wllllnr to work. ISADOR L£T
KOWITZ. 11l Rldgt-«t.
DETEi^TTVE — By young man. 14; aa pri
vate detective for either sex: do agents.
J. D. WILLJAMS. 221t Weat 4tb-at.
DRIVER and STABUCMAN: ha» refer
ence; aober and honest. J. P. lIAYES.
819 West 2lst-st. . -v. , r „
EKGlNEErt— Experienced, machinist; rirst
class references. 323 ~i-»t.. lirpokUa- .
$217.49 Three- e<l -, -.
piece Suits 3>11«5-is,o«r
$52.49 Five- fca-.V,,
piece Suits «N>/.«34
$94.49 Five- -„. ,_
piece Suits . $DD,d7
5112.49 Five- •--'„,
piece Suits $7«?.04
$122.49 Five- fi n_ ,
piece Suits $79.96
$164.96 Five- tll * a>l
piece Suits $Ei13.»54
$24.96 Tables at.. $39,24
$31.96 Tables at.. $24.49
$85.49 Tables at.. $27.34
$38.96 Tables at.. $29.39
$44.96 Tables at.. $34.49
$49.24 Tables at.. $37.24
$52.24 Tables at.. $39.67
DIE eETTING and Monitor lathe work,
brass or eteel; also handy on milling ma
chine and drill presser. Address JOHN L.
SCHOENEMAN, 174 Himrod-st.. Brooklyn.
ENGlNEEß.— Licensed; olngle, 34; experi
enced with all kinds electric, hydraulic
and steam machinery; best of references.
RAYMOND, 1,475 2d-ave.
HOTEL WORK.— Tailor would like to take
care of work In hotel or in clubhouse;
food reference. E. KRATZMAN, 315 East
ITALIAN; store, hotel. 4c; understands
English and German; goorl reference. Ad
dress GEORGE TELLEGRIN'I, loia Boerura
Place, Brooklyn.
JANITOR. — I'y Hungarian touple; iio chil
dren; beet references; understand steam
heat and hot water supply. Mrs. SIMMON".
67 East 104th-st.. Janitor.
MANICURING. — Facial and electric treat
ment, also vapor and electric baths, at
home or out by the day. FLOW, 14 West
MAN. 29; honest and reliable. GEORGE
WACK, 371 Central-aye.. Brooklyn.
MASSAGE — Young Swede, university grad
uated St" edlsh masseur and medical gym
nast, wishes to treat patients at their homes;
best references from physicians. STENIUS.
76 West 89th-st.. care of Johnson.
OUTDOOR USEFUL youiig Scotchman,
strictly temperate; willing, respectful;
understands horses, harness, cleaning, etc. ;
$15 monthly; excellent reference. Call IR
WIN'S BUREAU, 77 T . bit llth-st.
young man. 22; willing to work for mod
erate salary where chance for advancement.
ANTHONY GIGLIO. 3,418 Atlantic -aye..
M.OTICURING.— FaciaI and electric treat
ment, also vapor and electric baths, at
home or out by the day. FLOW, 14 West
MACHINIST.— Steam, gas and millwright.
DILBBCK. 808 lst-ave.
MAN, handy witß> tools und can furnish his
own; married; willing to work at any
thing. J DAVISON. 9 Hull-st.. Brooklyn.
PAINTER wants work from owners, paper
hanging, plastering, kalsomining. grain-
Ing, roofs painted, blinds repaired; reliable
work. WM. BOOK, 573 Warren-st , B'klyn.
ber, experienced, reliable, wants position.
Address L.. 13 Eank-st.
PAPBRHANGER. — Ten rents per roll; land
lord or boss; city or country: guaranteed
work. FBDERBUSCH. 229 Eaat 7th-st.
SALESMAN, experienced, wishes to repre
sent manufacturer or jobber In Baltimore
and Washington: has extensive acquaint
ance with general trade: cam command good
business: best references. Address J. E.
MORRISON 1,718 Harlem-aye., Baltimore,
SHIPPING CLERK.— Five years' experi
ence; with wholesale house. GEORGE R.
HERZER. 247 67th-at., Brooklyn.
SALESMAN — Age SI: experienced in steam
goods and plunders' supplies; references.
W. L. STEHLE. 455 Argyie Road, B'klya.
SALESMAN.— Youwt man. 27: experienced
In gents' furnishing line: department
store preferred ; best of reference. Address
LUCAS. 225 Eaat 122d-«t.
SALESMAN. — Established trade with
grocers; good reference from last em
ployer. Addreac G. S.. 123 North llth-at..
Newark. N J.
STEAM and PIPE FITTEH -American.
aged 32. married: understands ironwork.
pumps, elevators, boilers and dynamos;
references: can furmab tools. Addreaa F.
X. HORAK. 114 dtb-ave.. Long Island
GMj N. Y.
YOI*NG MAN. Amerloan. sincere Christian,
as bookkeeper anil missionary; must live
in mission. Call 38 Mott-st . Room 17.
S l l MAN. colored, in shipping houa*
or aa porter: ftr»t class references. DAN
IEL HARRISON. » West lS4th-st.
TOCNQ MAN. 33. aa dark, where Integ
rity wtu be rewarded; can flgur* accu
rately and write good band- th» beat of
es furnished. W. B.
aM Eaat S4th-*t.
TOI'NO HAN. 23. understands horses; can
furnish good reference. W. Bt'CUTA.
310 Madlaon-st.. Hoboken. N. J
TOUNO MAN. 22. with on* hand, noattinn
at anything. U ALLEN, jr.. 2M Oth-nv*.
YOUNG MAN. Grrman. 21. at anything.
M HOSOS. 336 East lSth-at
X, 28, at ar
W. L. Douglas $3.50 Shoe Stores in Greater New York:
433 Broadway, corner Howard Street.
755 Broadway, corner Bth Street.
1348 Broadway corner Stith Street.
1447-144 M Broadway, corner 41st St.
65 Nassau Street.
250 West 123 th Street.
974 Third Avenue.
Third Avenue, cor. ISOth St.
llrd ATe.. bet. 146 th A ■ ■
(tb Avenue, corner 22d Street.
A.— A. — — A. — MRS. WILSON,
129 West iKKh-st., artistic fitter and de
signer of ladies' and misses' costum«u»,
fancy gowns, shirt waists; $2 50 daily.
By young lady, understands tiling; two
years' experience. Miss U BAKER, «tU>
Atlantlc-ave., Brooklyn.
jA CHRISTIAN LADT, with literary ability,
l would assist in compiling or correspond
ence; long experience and highest indorse
ments. AiMrtfi \WUTt:K. 'll Bible House.
Crerues. Address MARGARET iIESCHO
NAT. 147 Conselyea-st., Brooklyn.
COM PANIC!?.— Young English lady as
visiting companion or otherwise; would
travel; first class references. Address E.N'j-
Tribune Uptown Office, 1.364 B'wsy.
FRENCH LESSONS.— By superior visiting
governess; conversant English. German;
very practical methods; school branches.
diajvlng; b«st references; moderate. Ad
dress Mile. S.. 251 West 24th-«t.
MASSEUSE— Graduate; patients treated at
borne or out. AL.BRECHT. 242 Eaat
117th-st.. ground floor, right. b«ll 4.
By young girl; experienced; will furnish
machine if required; moderate salary. Ad
dress LOUISE FELDMANN. 124 Roebllng
st.. Brooklyn.
TRANSLATIONS.— EngIish, French. Ger
man. Russian, Italian, Spanish. Portu
guese. Dutch. Polish. Bulgarian. Servian;
wide experience: moderate charges. Call or
write C. BUROWICK. 301 East 16th-st..
third floor.
TOI'NO LADT, 21. as assistant In ofllce;
resides with parents; highest leferen-es;
quick to learn; good p«nman; moderate sal
ary. Address S. M. H., 2 Court-st.. Brook
ATT3NDANT. companion to an anvalid;
experienced, educated, gentlemanly; ac
customed to travelling; New-York, refer
ences. H., 63 Lexiagto.v-avt.
BUTLBR. — English; thoroughly competent,
sober and reliable: excellent personal ref
erence. BUTLER, 263 Adelphi-st., Brook
COACUiIAN. — Thoroughly understands the
car* of nne horses, carriages and har
ness; gardening, lawns, furnace*; tlrst class
rer>renees. ALEX M'IIULLEN, lt»
German Protestant, middle aged; thor
oughly experienced; understands gardening,
furnaces; strictly sober, trustworthy, faith
ful; personal references. COMPETENT.
175 lst-ave., store.
COACHMAN.— Married, S6; Protestant, no
children; temperate; thoroughly compe
tent In all branches; careful driver, rider;
country preferred; written and personal
references. WILLiAM. Tribune Uptown
Office, 1.364 Broadway.
thoroughly understands horses, lawns,
vegetables hotbeds; can milk, tend fur
nace; handy with tools; good reference;
wages $12 to $15 per month. Address GAR
DENER. 18 Chatham Square.
COACHMAN. — By Swede; smooth face; good,
appearance; very capable; excellent in
every way; will be generally useful: coun
try preferred; best references. RICHARD.
at Carpenter's. 151 6th-ave.
COACHMAN.— MiddIe aged; not afraid of
any work in stable; thoroughly under
stands his duties; la highly recommended.
A. 8.. Box lu6. 617 ath-av*
— Care nres, drives, etc.; generally use
ful in many ways; Swede; speaks good
English; sober, reliable, recommended.
JOHNSON, at Carpenter's; 154 n-
COOK. — A respectable colored man aa
first class order cook for hotel, restaurant
or cafe; very reliable; personal refereacea-
Call at 435 Waver ley-ave., Brooklyn.
FARMKR. — Man. with family, wants to
hire with farmer to work on a farm by
the month; understands all kinds of farm
work; has been a farmer for past ten years.
Address Mlldlobush. N. J.. P. 0.. Box 26.
FARMER. — Wotking foreman; strictly so
ber; American, married, small family;
experienced with stook, crops, dairy; h*rd*~
mtui; wife attend dairy, poultry, board men;
best city references. Call or address W. M.,
at Ccirpenter's, 154 tJth-ave.
FOREMAN FARMER. —By Scotchman;
married; wtle, no children; disengaged
March 1; has had long and successful ex
perience at bom* ana tn America with
cattle, sheep, dairying and all work, man
egtng help and boarding them; reference*
the bast. I. S. at Carpenter's. 154 6th-ave.
can. 33: married, one child; head gar
dener or superintendent on gentleman's
place; successful outdoors aa well aa under
glass; good decorator for all occasions. In
dustrious, sober, civil, reliable: good refer
ences; please state wages. Addreaa GAR
DENER, care of George N. Mason, Far
Rockaway, N. T.
GARDENER. — Good vegetable grower and
quite a florist, small greenhouse and the
like; can milk; well recommended, strictly
sober. JOHN, at Carpenter's. 114 ttta-ave.
GARDENER.—Head; Enjrliah. 36: married:
tho.-oujhly compettnt In every branch of
the profusion: eood references as to abil
ity. GEORGE 3TANDEN. Mlllbrook. N. Y.
GARDENER. FARMER— Thoroughly ex
perlen:ed in all branches of greenhouse
work, fruit, flowers and vegetable*, under
glass and outdoors; stock. Ullage and gen
eral farm work; married. 36; no family;
wife first class cook and dairymaid; excel
lent reference*: sober and reliable. F C.
care of Vaughan'a Seed Store. 14 Bar
ciay-M. «
GARDENER —Head; life experience In all
branches, under glass and outside; well
verged la laadacap* work, roads, lawn*.
term .-■>». Italian gardens, planting, etc.
GARDENER, 15r»olIu>g I Sprtn«^Te.
Rutherford. N. J.
GARDENER and FLORlST— Married, no
children ; rapablo ta take charge of gen
tleman's first class country place; i years
In last place; flrat class city reference. A.
AH US. «4 East M-et.
GARDENHR. PUORIST— Danish. 87; mar
ried; ctrtrtty temperate; all branches;
cow* and poult rr ; knowl«d(« of wild, ttowera
..! : ■ ■ . •-■ :• m.v -ir.N ;..
beron. N. J.
ER.— Thoroughly competent: mar
ried, 34; espertencM tn all branches of
snrrtc-nlnir, both lnalde and outatd*. aad th«
general immcmmbi al i im*i Mtau *.-•
fmplover can r- t*rn. Ulnu GARDEX-
E It, Box 111, \\..tport. Conn, r
345 Eighth Aveme.
706-TIO Broadway, cor. Thornton St.
IM7 Broadway, corner Gates Avenue.
421 Fulton Street, corner Pearl Street.
494 Fifth Aveau*.
JERSET CITT— IB Nowarii A vena.-.
NEWARK— 7B3 Broad Street.
. M»l*.
GARDENER. FLORIST, with 30 years*
practical experience la all kraachts. in->.
eluding th« buiMia? of - roads, .lama,
bridges, artificial lakes, grading, trans
planting of large trees anci general land
scape work. Address GARDENER. M
GARDENQR— StngIe. German. 2&: on gen-.
tleman's place SCHOEX. M East 3d-st.
GARDENER and FLORIST.— Twanty-«i*
years' experience greenhouses, graperies,
vegetables, under gla*a and outdoors, trees,
shrubs: married, no children; all reference*
M SHEEHAN. Bex 43, Butler, N J
GARDENER.— Thoroughly competent i»
take entire charge of s*3tleman's country
place; married. English first class refer
ences. Box 39. Oyster Bay, Lane Island.
American, married, ona child; thoroughly
understands management: beat nftrwms.
METZLER. 200 East iOth-st.
GARDENER.— Married; tiMfmickty compe
tent ln all branch**; »l«ven y«sxs ln on*
place. F. D.. Box 773. Lowvtlle. Lewta
County N. Y.
GARDENER. — Single: thoroughly compe
tent; many years' experience; highest reft*
ereaces; either .single handed or full chaxgS)
of gentleman's place: moseyats vases.
GARDENER. Tribune Uptowm O«h*. 1.364
GARDENER, aged 88; first class; experi
enced in all branches: en fantlemaj-.'s
place; married; one child; Al reference*.
Address GARDENER. 160 Cedar-ay»,
Patccogue. Long Island.
— Married: English; 25 years tn fly*
places; thoroughly up tn all branches; roses
a specialty; up to date In general farm
work, handling stock and poultry; position!
wanted by April 1. HENRY WOOD. Go
•hen. Orange County. N. T.
U3BSTJL MAN — Intelligent youay German)
clean silver, brasses, attend foreacea.
wait on table. WELTNER, car* German-*
American Leajrue. 31A West »4th-»t.
rted, one child; understands lawns. fur-»
naces; can milk and drlva hones, oood
reference. PATRICK PONEGAN. 93 Wmi*
aye.. Long Island City.
WAITER. *c. — By German. 2S; educated J
good appearance: privata family; waiter
or other duties: city or country. Inouira
871 2d-ave.
WAITER or BUTLER. — By young man. 25i
privata family; speaks English. French.
German. Italian. OSCAR BROMMER. 21»
East SOth-st.. 2d floor, front.
COOK and coarse washing, hv competent
woman: city or country; excellent refer-X
ences. Mrs. COOPERS Bt REAf. 7-» «th-»
aye.. 42d and 43d st».
COOK.— First class Institution |in fainissl
city or country; live years' references?
COOK.— Norwegian IVotestant; particuUrly>
neat: understands all branches of plain*
cooking; no objection to a large farallyi
?i? y or ountri "- M - s - Mr - Colii9r 12 *
COOK and LAUNDRESS By neat, oblig-at
Ing jt'rl; best references; alao chamber-.
roaltl and waitress (references) and a airt
lately ! , ande<i; «ity or country. KLAHERTY.
486 Colurcbng-ave. Tel. 741 J— River. '
COOK.— By Esgllsh Protestant: neat ami
refilled- beat of references- city or coun-3
try. F. 0.. Jrs. Collier's. I*2 West r3d-«T
'Phone — Chelsea.
_,— i\"J>es ♦2">^-'2: city or couarry. Mm«u
wagner V EMPLOYMENT agbScS
426 4th-ave.. between ath and tOth ata.
COOK or LAUNDRESS—Understanda be7s
business; goad home preferred to b3
wages; willing; reference*, as East 43d3
at. ; ring Morgan's bell.
colored woman; best reference; city o*
nt ,ry'j NOKiiS. 20« Broome-st.. New 3
arjc, N. J.
CLEANING. — '■""'■■nn woman; aau'l
tlemen's or ladles' apartments or cfflce#
TyER. a^ ty;refereaCeßt y;refereaCeB - AOV "^
CHAMBERMAID la hotel or take car* og
bachelor apartments, by young GeraaajS
woman, prefers t.> sleep at home a-
MEISS. 2W Eaat Kttt-ac
recommended; or general houa*wark«%
city or country. Call or* address MARGA
RHT. at Merchout's. 14S East 14»n-s
CHAMBERMAID— Good .aundresa an 4
waitress: Protestant English spawkiaal
young, strong German girl wlta raferS
•nces; city, or country prsltrrcd. HEKZ.
172 East 4th-st.
CHILD'S MAID— By FMncn-P*ri»tan »trl<
morning or afternoon asgageiaenia totak—
out and teach French to youn? child; ei*h»
years' rtty referencaa fro« btst tvmltj. \d
dress Mile. M. M.. care Mrs. Bames, "■
l£ast 3vth— st.
FAMILY WASHING— hoia* atcat»
don« up. M. BEIIRENS. West ajg
HOUSEWORK.— PTotesant: lately untigj
young, etrony. German-Hancarwn KirL
wishes irood home ln an American family
city cr ■-... UERZ. 172 .i.t 4ta-3{. '
—On* year's prrsoaal city referaaoa; ■»IH
ing and oblisins: rlty or country. *• ■•
Mr*. Collier. 122 W«at 23d-st. *
HOUSEKEEPER . —By German - n«a_ \■ a
Palmetto-st.. Bmcalyn. one ftigbt
LADY'S MAID. English, iirilaat «m«Z
•H«t ana parker; best city references:
wages $_'. or *». AMm MAID. Tribun.
ITtown Olllce. 1.3*4 Broadway. ™«^
MAID, seara^tresa and w*!rr»*s. *26: nurs*
for lr.ta.nt or rrowa ehUJ. ti>-*JS: wait
ress and chambermaid. $2n; first •-!*•«
co«ks. OMst WALDORF F.H9U -
ME.NT BURE.\U. ae W«st 33d-*t.
NtJRSEI--By ftnt tWa, reflaed North Q«t~
msn. from Hanovtr; full charge of eh!!-.
£r*n from two to six year*: wtMrea J26: raf«
erenws. S. M« HI East 6AJ-»t.
NURSE. —By neat, tidy young- Scotch girl.
beat personal raftrrace^ for jrrown chil
dren; -wnires rnorteratc: city or country. «>&
Columbua-ava.. care of Flaherty. Tel. ,il J
Kiv-r ' ' -: - - -
SEAMSTRESS aaa eliarnlwmald. . er matd.
by - Protestant: neat. ' coaap*teni youn«
woman; good referenda: city or country.
A. XI.. Mrs. Collier. 123 Wsst 234 -»t»
Thon« l«s>i — Ciwlsea.^

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