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snow re.movai Pisrore.
Reports of Grout's Inspectors Vex
Major Woodbury — Bills Paid.
rotter Orout has disagreed with Street Clean
ing Comrctfsior.er Woodbury about the work of the
-note- • st-.vhl contractor. William Bradley, and the
.—gjjjj ha? been some correspondence In which
I>«nt]r "Oootroßer rhillip* has criticised th« condi
tion of streets and Major 'Woodbury has objected to
' rc->eris made by Inspectors of the Finance Depart
.^^ jj, e tills for sriow removal have been paid,
although **• reports made to the Controller have
• idlcated th3t the tractor had left a great deal
" « f-of i^ «;:#>ets which were passed as being
Vcder the present contract the contractor docs not
let pay ty the load for the snow, but according to
tj-e estimate of the snowfall and the area of the
tiieeis he la directed to clean. He cheats the city.
therefore, if be leaves a littering of an inch or two
bC snow on the surface.
Late in Jasruar— Mr. Grout cent out several in
c 9rs , to investigate certain streets. They found
• n/svrf&ee of nearly every euch street covered with
L? i-cc or ' wo of •bow; Copies of the reports were
»i*"io Commissioner V.'ooabury. He criticised the
JSm of the inspectors, and said the Mayor had
.-c',#c-ed Btreeta which had been cleared and had
T^SZf :iimwlf as gratin»<i with the result.
/STye.. -«■ •' Mr. Phillips wrote to Commls
*i--er Wcodbury stating that the inspectors of the
-'■"nancei Department reported that employes of the
rvnartT'Lt of Street Cleaning were doing the work
vrAc<\ ibould have been performed by the snow re
woral ccatracior. Commissioner Woodbury talked
i7*t evnins al«out the Controller's faultfinding, but
"Si V v.-ould say was. -respectfully referred to Con
trollV- Grout " "repeating the phrase after each in
calry'and oc-jaa:onally adding, "Don't forget to put
PJ -. -respectfully. 1 if you please."
Combine Costing Consumers $4.0,
000,000 Annually Revealed by Fight.
Ch!c3ieT>. March 3.— Existence of a gigantic
romMnarion controlling the drug trade of the
United States od costing the consumers $40.
tf*\<X*~J ar.nually Is held to have been proved by
lie hearlr.g Just concluded before Special United
States Commissioner Marshall E. Sampsell. The
"■ .-■. -■ of business controlled by the combina
tion is placed at $400,000,000 yearly.
Tfc» evidence taken before Commissioner
Eajppsefl is said to be so conclusive that it prob
ably will be placed in the hands of Attorney
Gesea! Moody for prosecution on the part of
the p>vemment.
The fight against the combination Is being
made by a large retail druggist In Philadelphia,
rhc !s fuir.g for $100,000 damages under the
£bem;an Anti-Trust law. The action was be
pun In the federal courts of Philadelphia, and
the most important evidence obtained is that
given at the preliminary hearing in this city.
The chief witness has been Thomas V. Woo
tsn. secretary of the National Association of Re
tail Druggists, the examination being conducted
by W. Wiison Carlile, an attorney of Philadel
phia. Mr. Carlile has gone to Indianapolis,
■vrfcere he will examine officials of the National
Wholesale Druggists' Association. Later he will
go to New-York to examine members of the
Proprietary Association of America in the same
Man at Wall-st. Office for That Pur
)K>*e, He Declares.
Anr.cruacin? that be intend**! to kill John D.
Crimrr.lr.s, .:e-presider.t of the City Trust Com
rar.r, Ferdinand IngTaham. a waiter. living at -No.
72 Bowery, caared great excitement in the office
ot that company, at No. 36 Wall-sc. yesterday.
Finally be was committed to Bellevue Hospital for
■ as to Us sanity.
Ir.sraham visited Mr. Climsnin«'s office about 10
«"dock. before the banker arrived. He t^jan a
Jurcbif -d ppeech.
1 am the Trinity Church.* ' hr announced. "I am
«r.t here to kill Mr. Crlmmlns. He is a renegade
Ar.glo-Saxoa, I am going to do him. because he
went back on the Bowery boy*. He is going to
ijfstroy the Protestant Church, and he ha« $50,000.
000 fcpre that be stole from the people in the North
cf Ireland to do it with. '
"When the officers of the company recovered from
their astonishment, ore of th«>m called two porterj,
mho thrust Ir^raiiam into the street. There the
!£?n "r -T-r. walking up .if -d down with his hands
In the pockets of his coat as If clutching a weapon.
Fearing his threats mi^ht mean something, one
of the corxii«&ny's officers summoned Detectives
Farley and <">'Corr i »-3:. of the '.Vall-st. bureau, from
the Stock Exchange. They took Ingraham to the
Toinfcs police court.
Sir. Crimmir.s reached his office an hour after the
manE arrest. He had no idea who Ir.graham was.
Ir.prahajß, befcre Magistrate Barlow, answered
questions in a foolish ay. Asked if he knew Mr.
OrircrririE. he declared:
"I know ht'e an T.emy ef the English-Irish, and
the Y.inkefrs. who are the offspring of the English-
The man ' .<5 he had worked as a waiter in rev
«=rsl quick lunch restaurants, including one in Ful
ton-?t.. Brooklyn, and one In Park Row, Manhattan.
He was last employed, he tal<l. by Edward H.
Keelcr, a stationer at No. Cl New-st. He said he
hsd an uncle nemed Coleman. who was president
of a building loan and trust company in Michigan.
Adds Smith Holdings to Its S4th-st.
Cruikshank's Sons have j>urcha«»Mi for
ike FJoyd estate, owner of No. 46 West 3«h-st..
t»rs:^7i Eth — ; Mil avt-s., No. 4£. adjoining. IJy
this purchase the estate obtains a plot .r.("«x:-5.'r'. r . ( "«x:-5.'r' feet,
«h'cfa it will lease for a term of years. The seller
i« Robert H. Smith, who acquired title to the prop
erty in fVbruary. Lawrence Smith was a«eoc-iat<.d
flth the nrrn at broker in the transaction.
Trov.bri(Jge & Livingston, architects for Bt-nja-
Bln Altman, have filed with Buildings Superln
ttsient Hopper the j>reliminarj plans for the big
'tore that Mr. Altaian is to build in the Sth-ave^
kbtk Eroa Zith to ZT.th ft.. diagonally opposite
'!ve Waliiorf- Astoria- Tho building ii. to be nr«
js-oof. «irht «torie» high, with a stone facade, and
•ill bare an av<nu« frontage of 197^ feet and
frontu^efc of 2T5 ar.d 225 feet In 31th and 35th .us..
taEpectiwly. -. - -. cost Is estimated at $2,500,000.
Th* banOeru will be Marc Kidntz &. Son.
RThsiai Ichtberf has cold for the various own
•re to ib<? New- York Throat. Nose and Lung Hos
rltt: for its own _).'-r.cy No*, i*"* and 221 East
*'th-K . ffo buildings, on plot 40x100.5 feet.
W'r.laTri BJchtberg and M. Morgenthau. Jr.. &
*>>■ have sold for D. F. Mahor*?y the five live Etory
flathou**s N«. 21* to 222 East 113th-st., plot 127-xIM
"-:•■ Rajwiolpb-Backer Company has sold f< . Gor
co-. i>»vy it Co. 10 AdelsteJn 4: Averting fourteen
•p* os the north tide of 12«h-sL. 125 feet east of
'-aeterdar!va¥»., which will be resold to buildora
•or (mrrovemfnu
A. B. K;*fct will build a six story elevator apart
awstt htuee on a. plct 121x75 feet, en the north side
£ 70th-Bt., «X) fe«>t west of West i3nd-ar He
P°u?ht tiie. ■ 1 •■■•-: from the N'-w-York Investment
*"fl Improvement Company.
Plans Lave been filed for the municipal electrio
*f*rkiins piant to be erected by the Department of
to light the new Willlamsburs Bridge. It
•• to b* a one and one-half, story structure, located
J*» TozripkJr.B-si.. south 'of Delancey Blip. n^ar the
f*^>***<3 inc:neratlsf plant of the Street Cleanln/r
Wwtlt which ia to generate 4-l^rtric 1 power by
jf*JSHnto« ot city refuse. The tost of the station
H,5* rftrr ' ■ x ' JhA 1.1 $2i>.<'«o by H .j. B. Parsona, the
nt > * architect. - . - • •■- •■ •
• B-mitrrj £.T:y!h & Sons have fold to the A- C. &
• »• **• Hali fUalty Company the block front on the
east side of Broadway, bet wren 121 st and 122 d at?..
m.lOxlOO feet, for Mrs. Docter. L. L Mnnhard and
Sidney Rosenthal.
A client of the law firm of Stern. Christlancy &
Rlesrelman has purchased from John H. Muoso the
southeast corner of 305th-st. and 10th-ave.. a plot
fronting 92.11 feet la 10th-a.ve. and 100 feot in 20T»th
et_ Tenth-aye. Joins Nagle-ave. at this point, the
junction forming a plaza.
X. lirigham Hall & Son have sold for the estate
of William F. Brugman, of Pasadena. Cal., the
vacant plot .-it the southwest corner of Concord
ave. and l«th-st.. 100x100 feet.
Julian Rosenthal has sold for Jackson & Stern to
Alfred Lewis the Eoutheast corner of 141M-6t. and
Broadway, lOtaUO feet. By this purchase Mr. Lewis
now owns the entire block front on the east side of
Broadway, between 140 th and 141 st sts.. which he
purchased through the same broker.
Christian Schierloh and D. J. McDonald have sold
a plot, 23xlC2x irregular, on the west fide of Fort
Independence-st.. 300 feet north of Heath-aye., for
H. O. Flanagan to Edward J. Enrlght.
P. 11. .7. Daly lias teased for Morris Kroln t.»
Ix)ft & Co.. a p;irt of the five story building, Ne.
62 \>Hey-st., for si term of years.
William St-Kijl<-. jr.. is the buyer of the block
front on the oast Hide of Wadswonh-ave.. from
174 th to 175th-stß., and of the triar.pular plot at
the Junction of Broadway and Wadsworth-ave..
betvt-tcn 173rJ and 174th-ets.
Slawsor. & Hobbs have sold for Morris Weln
stein No?. 353 and 355 West 40th-st. The buyer
will improve the plot in the near future.
George R. Read & Co. have- sold for a Mr. Stein
berg, to the Northwestern Realty Company. the
northwest corner of Isßth-st. and Tinton-ave., a
plot 7."x95 feet. They have also sold for R. Clar
ence Dorsett a plot 50x95x125 feet, adjoining the
northwest cornet of 15Sth-st. and T!nton-ave- The
Northwestern Realty Company now controls a
plot 125x95 feet.
A $400,000 LOT DEAL.
The Spingrarn estate is reported to have sold
for J400.000 Its holdings at the northwest corner of
Burnside-ave. and the old Croton Aqueduct lane.
The tract comprises about 300 lots.
Frederick Zittcl has sold for a client No. 30"" West
"Sth-st., a five story American basement dwelling
The Municipal Realty Company has bought Nos.
25 and 27 West 32d-st., two four story dwelling
houses, 47.6x58.9 feet. • • %
Herbert A. Sherman has sold for Fannie and
Morris Wetzler to Stuyvesant Walnwrigh't No. 157
East 51st-st.. £0.6x100.5 feet, a three story brown
stone dwelling house. Mr. Wainwright recently
bought through Mr. Sherman No. 144 East s.jth-st.,
a Turkish bathhouse.
Kidder & Buckler have sold for Henry Karstens
the four story flathousc at the the northeast cor
ner of 163d-st. and Jackson-aye.
G. Brettell & Bon have sold for J. L. Van Sant
to Louis Lese Nos. 113 and 115 East 12€th-st., two
frame houses, on plot 50x100 feet; for Mr. Ferrier to
Mr. Lese No. 123 East 123d-st.. a two story frame
private dwelling house, on lot 18.8x100 feet. In con
nection with J. B. Johnson, for Mrs. Saulpaugh, to
Mr. Lese No. 216 East 117th-st.. a four story flat
house, on lot 25x1* feet. Also for Mrs. Saulpaugh
and another to Mr. L««e Nos. 339 and 341 East ÜBth
st v . two private dwelling houses, on a plot 41.8x10*)
feet; also sold No 441 to 445 East 117th-st., two
private dwelling booses, each on a lot 16.8x100 feet.
Richard Dickson has sold for Henry and Marie
Weyhausen to Emma S. May bach No. 1,97-: Clinton
ave., a lot 25x100 feet, on which Is a three story
dwelling house. Also, for Adolph X lebrel. to Julius
Brunings. No. 536 Trinity-avc, a two family dwell
ing bouse, on lot 25x93.6 feet.
Jacob Kronr-nberger has sold for the Wohllg Son-
Biß Company to a client a flve story triplt. rlat
house, on lot 35x105 ftet. _
William P. Mangan has sold for th© City Real
Estate Company No. 526 West 121st-st., size 20.6x100
f ri^t
Paul HalpJn has bought from Timothy Donovan
the plot,- IWxtOO feet, at the northeast corner of
Dyckman-st."and" Vermilyta-ave.
Louis Schrag has sold for the estate of Albert
McCord Nos. 313 and 515 East 25th-st., two five Btor»
tenement houses, on lot 50x100 feet.
Tsaac B. Wakeman has sold for Ida Douglas, at
$15,000, six lots on the west sidfc of Shake?i>t»urv
ave., ISO feet south ox ViSth-st.
Douglas Robinson. Charles B. Brown & Co., have
pold for LSssberger & Jacobs to Wallach, Reisler &
Co. the plot, 75x100 feet, on the. south Bide of l«0th-
St., MO feet west of Amsterdam-a%-e.
John R. Davidson has sold for Henrietta Beck to
Z. Bendhelm the northwest corner of Columbus
sane, and lOSth-st.. a five story flathouse. with
stores, on lot 2. .x100 feet.
James N. Butterly has sold the plot, lOOxWO feet,
on the north side of 2«Xth-st., 100 feet west of Pth
H. H. Dreyer has sold for the Stanley Realty
Company the plot, 79.&X150 feet, on the west side of
Broadway, opposite 183d-st.
Nathan Wilson has bought the plot. 75.6x103 feet,
at the southeast corner of Broadway and 184th-i"t,
Al6o tl.e plot, vjxW) feet, on the south side of 139th
et.. 103 feet west of Amsterdam -aye.
Maurice E. Strauss las sold for A. H. Barney to
A. Guthman & Co. the southeast corner of Broad
way and 153d-Bt., a lot 25x100 feet.
William Lembcrg & Co. have bought from S. D.
Mayer Nos. ISO. 152 and 154 East lOc.th-st.
Leo Hutter has sold to Jacob Brown th» plot
79x96 feet, on the east side of Morris-aye., 274 feet
north of LTlst-et.; also 6old to Jacob Hirsch the lot
25x109 feet on the south side of North-st.. 100 feet
west of Jerome-aye. ; also, to Reeber's Sons th" plot
175x139.6 feet at the northwest corner of 138th-f-'t.
and Canal Place. _*■•
Ignatz Roth has bought the northwest corner of
Washinjrton-ave. and lS6th-3t.. a riot 50x31 fe«.
Mark Blumenthal has bought from Kate Kirsch
berg No 640 East 154th-st., a five-story flathouae.
on lot 2cxloo feet. - -
A Ehatzkin & Son have sold to L. Menowltz a
plot 71x121 ftet. with a one family house, on the
west side of White Plains-aye.. north of 239th-st.;
a:«o to a Mr Lleberman a plot, 50x114 feet, on the
south side of 227th-st., east of White Plains-aye ;
also to a Mr. Stelnhardt a plot. 100x90 feet, on the
west side of White Plains-aye., north of 286th-Bt.
A»hforth & Co. have sold for. the owner to th«
Rosehill Realty Corporation the four-story build
ings on a plot 41x100 feet at the northwest corner
%ir.iv'r" & and lst-ave. has sold, for .„./*« 4 u»
Flmon B. Bprnheimer has cold, for 5130,00 a, the
block front £01.10x100 feet, on th» wept slue of
Manhattan-aye.. between With and lT»th st ? .. to the
Northwestern Realty Company, of which Kzra Max
is president. The company hap .heretofore dealt
chiSflv in Bronx parcels. Paul Mayer represented
the pVesent seller. M. Levy & Ob. and 1. Henry
were the brokers.
Pout 6c Ker-w- have so'cl No. 7 W.-st Rst-st., ;t
fcur story and basemera brownFton< front dwelling
boose on lot Z&xMft* fef»t, for Charles A. Balden.
representing the hurs of Mrs. Josiah Belden. to
Mn Williana H. Beadleston.
lS7lh-6t. n *. 100 ft w of Amstcrdam-ave. 17' x
64.10; Solomon fc'lmon et a! to Samuel Orots
man; mortgage. F90.M375; o c and ' $100
237th-«t, s c corner Independence-ay*, BOxlOO;
James A Haydea to Janrws Douglas 250
Bt Nlcbolas-ave. n « corntr l-:M--tt. 74.11x100:
William H Sl*smaii to Bmaru.: H«iin«i et a.
nortMt, W4.ZSO; o C anil 100
■Washlcjrton-ave. w a 12T> ft a of Watcher^-**, COx
190; Jacob Schwach to Samuel Berni mort-
KSCe. %<>■'>•"'. ■' c «-:.<" 100
lOth-ave. n ■• <•, at • " - 21 1U] at 81 l'"C irr»xu
lar: Robert B Dowltng to City Investing Com
pany „ Nominal
Arthur-ttve. Ko 1 '.<>'. m f. 18.6x90; Edwin J l*ilau-
velt to Henry C I, Pertsch ; .4 o Nominal
lyjt» No 133 to 135. map 2SO lets Thompson-Rose
estate, The Bronx; Alexander Thompson to John
M Buhler • Nominal
47th-st. s s. 225 ft w of Btb-*v« 23x1t)0J5; Carrie
A H.?» to William X Ffnn; mortsss*. J13.0T0. .Nominal
84th-et, No 212 We*t. 29x102.2; Isaac Graf to
Hfelen 6orom«r: inorttraee, 128.600 Nominal
llth-et No 341 East, 26i Irregular; John C Gu»
lick, referee. ♦•) Carl Frank . .... S&.BM
I^4rh-st. .V ■ S4l and 3*3 East. 50x100 11; Marcus
L. Oak and another to SamuQl Greenbi-rg; mort-
Kiff fl2.r>4(i Nominal
nth-mi. No I West. :.Catharin« >; Burko
and another, executors and trustees, iq Hmily
D Day mornjafre. $30. 0W •"■'' ■" »
16th-Kt, No 145 Ua»t. 18.10x03; Or»c« It Johnson
to Edwin D Hmlth; mortsasr, 110,000.. Nominal
122d-st. n b. 12.". ft * of Amsterdam ft U."»x
00 |1 Realty M< "(far r.-»mpany to Emanut-I
Helln-r and another; mort^ane. M.300; 0 c an.l 100
Avenue C n •»• corner ."sd-st. !*■; l'x!H>, Frank Klil
man •■• al to Meyer Km:.!-:: mortgage. $110,000
«, c ar* ' **
*th-*v<T"'» 'e'"corn»r 13(»th-«t. 00.11x100; I»incu«
' Lowenfrld 'i al to Atr^htm S:lvera«n an! ■'■•
other; mortK»E«-. I94.O00; " c and 100
• •!<-,, .' c n. 800 ft w of Amßt-rdam-ave, 10()x
11- Ptephen iiaJl to Abraham *<?•<"■ rnort
•ratff l;*s Si " Nominal
Ma ,. x 1.7C0, wp. 28.8x100: Jonas Weil at al
to Ida Madrlz; mortpage. $i.'.0.-r. .....Nominal
iiaui si ■ :- 215 ft c of M-ave. r.OxlOf.ll; Ml»h
hlu-1 F< inberK Realty Company to trt'ieri.k ' r
Kadi«r mort«a««. «lft.<WK>: 0 c an-1.^... •■••; '""
Sd-ave c s, 101.1 it ji ■.!■ «*"•'• -i- -'^1"" Haanch
OtUDberf to Jonas W. ii and another; mortgage
*«,<t00; o c Ui: ■ ■■■■ '""
lMth-«t. n i!. 1W II « oi Amaterdani-avH. Mr.
84 10- Famuel r, r . ssman to «MM Lowenfeld
HM Another: mort K »Ke. JM,HIV.; ac si ' ;v . Mi
St Ntcholas-ave. « «. 8&0 rt b ol VOd-»l. 37 5x
irr«KJl*r: Anr*m Bacurach to Natr.an Marcus;
mortpwres J2fi.(cXi; o c and I<W
U-hl^-»V'. n c corner BStlWttJ » ! x«5; Rachel
Million to Ja.ot, SteS^l; Jflo
2,il« c a a' 1 w ' eorner' uYlh^ 25.11x75:' Yra.'3'c 'Alien
t^Mor?i« C,old«e r !n ; mCXWtk *- : '-"-„ . ... „ . 100
Jinth-«t r. b. *7. . ft «■ c« l>noi a\e. BOxlOO.ll,
EIJM A Gold«*ln .0 Da vH Srhwarti: o c and. 100
Cth'a^. w •. 74.11 ft ■ of HBO rt, 78jr76; Anna
a Harris to John W Caffn Nominal
Bar- "property; John W ••aft.- 10 Mom.) Ely.... Norn
fSriie property; Mom. Ely to John W CaXtry....Noml l
12l8t-st. No 219 East, 25x100.10; George A Fljnn f
and another to Harris Frtciman; air ml* 5.027
Same property; Mirgaret Flv,-,n to *ame Nominal
llblh-st. No 3(M Wejt. Mxl 00.11: Rachul Schwelt
_"r vo Millie Levy; mortsai?e. J22.376; o c and.. 100 I
> ...urrt-u. No 090, w b, 2S.2xl<>o; John Effln
«or to Michael Grenthiil; mortgage J24.000; o o
and 100
13Cth-Bt, No 168 West, 12.0xfi0.11; Abrarn C oib^
son. trustee, to Denis W OHalloran »,000
Hth-ave, s c corner 13lrth-st. OiUlxlOO; Alexander
Kahn 10 IMnrus Lowenfeld and another; mort
««rf. 9M.0O0; o c and . 100
Broadway, No 2,731, w s. 33.2x»3x3211..l 7; Wlll
s-!! 1 ,.',";" 11 '" 1 et al ; " Ab >" a h*n> R Autea; roortßagw.
♦■ii>.iX»; o c and joa
Ah^' N °l" 4 Wm - BBrtO.«rO«i?iiroioei!to
Am^.^? ''Ottschalk «* al. mortiroge. 123,000. .. 32.400
Amififenmvf N,-, 1431 ' 432 ' w I. SsxlOO; Herman
„ V Morlw to Charles Wynne; mortgage. $2"i.«>o.
'* c ana 100
iJ^ii 61 Ea " t> *o»*oo.ii;;iioM»*c*j«Si*to
•- *- aM D BJld ano - h(sr: mortfeage, »SJ*,()O«l;
l U>t»'.."t fa. S3 i:a«. ' g4g 4 10 i ' Max' Block " ;t"ai
il.nV * tie .p i e:n: mortgage. 533,00C>; O 0 and.. 100
h^Jmt i ,° 1 - Eaet - **«»•»; Abr»m Abra
caS> »nd another to Israel D Shlachctzkt; mort
1«?h - * ISOOO: ° c and 100
lVm?^' 1", r ,' :>1 ft • of r^snox-ave, 19x10011;
trCVtfes Day to <:larence c Burke and another,
iruEtcea ...» • 25 000
5C i<V-r rl '• 15 ° ft »' or'btn^aVe."2sxi6o.2x2sx
v S ; «^ r *2 t . !K R1 -' rfr to Gustav ttilborn; mort " ,„
Tonkcre-ave s W corner 23r7th-et. 10Ox2S; Mur
l«r«t E Putnam and another, executors and
trustees, to Th.-ma* L, Chrystle 50
TTf^, e> n . r corner 12»th-st. jm.llxltiO: rpthleen
o c and to Simon Slcbel; mortgage. ( 120,000;
0 c ana jjjq
"aVVTS" '; 45 ° ft 'w 'of ' *mst*«iils*iii "sVii"Tii
frh V tT 1 ******* to Harris Cohen and an-
M he : m<rt f* "- »21.000 Nominal
I'M*- «. ■ s, no ft c of 3d-*ve. 49.10x100.11: Max
JMne to Rachel J Brown; mortgage. $57,000;
•> c and 100
No Si W!B»t", ' Mii li T.T H Volßts to Her -
012 , v 0v 08 1 tnortpaee. »17.500 100
to" iN 1 3 " Eaßt - 25xin-».t,; Morris Fine et al
l?,;l acob Goltlben and another; mortgage.
BK •;« d: ° c an<l .V?.. 100
»7"'^"; *"•7sft Bof Stan ton 25x75; Jacob
II Weisber^r et al to Annie Zlmmermann;
rnort^ag.- MT.000; o c and 100
Wflverley Pl Rco wa . 3 s. ,0, 0 ft sof rhaP)eB _ stt 69 «x
<••: Samuel g Krlf-ci-i to Isidore D Morrison: »a
jji- 1 : mort a Pe. $«3,(XM): o c and. . ." r. 100
ins~ 6 V c , B - 1 "' > ft wof Wa^hlnftton-ave. 75x
10 : I^ouis I^ekwood et al to Louts Kovner;
~ rt i H. $ ( .500- o <• and 100
•SA'?"2J, e< . c a - 175 ft ■ o! 167th-st. 50x217.6x
50.1x221.3: John F Kaiser to Walter J Dean: •
mortgage. $2 "*-> * Nominal
(V( V ?t. 11 s. 100 ft ♦• of Bth-ave. 57.6xJ»9.n: Sa
tlna Price to Samuel Dlumenstock and another;
K mortgage. f33.000: o c and 100
G.n-ave, 9 w corner 117th-st. 25.11x100; Emil Ailler
a ' i?.?? 1 Erlanser and another; mort
srase J45 ot)rt-,oe and .. 100
l'Z™i ?n? n Pj iv *' ■ c «>rner 84th-st. 1J2.3xP0.2x
102.-'xl2>,». Dudley s Harde et al to Alvin Ohl
•wn; all liens jpo
3d « S: " ", •% > 115 ft ■of Avenue ' b." 87x108'. 10;
Samuel Cohi ' n et al to Jacob Jaoobowitz and
.-inoih..-r: m:.rt a~e. 137.000; o c and . 100
«7F^£tA B : 53 - ft * of Ollver-st. 25x100.1*
_4..>x9y.10; Anna McOowan to Hvman Gold
i 1~ and *°2 th « r : mortgage $23 000; o c and.. 100
t. c . map 1 - ( V" I>al !y estate; Hudson r Rose
to Salvatore Genzardi Nominal
Mt-Jt n r, lota 55.1 "> 55fl - &fil to M?. mar. La-
COfUa, ark *. each 2.1x1*»; William McClelland
to C . harles E Watson; mortgage. $4.400 Nominal
1 I' »" J. ' 5 ft c of 9th~ave. 36x100.8; Ellza
iTKrvi, A HeaI >' to Emm » B Harper. mortgage,
„ ?I\ooo .... Nominal
Blst-st. 8 8> 75 ft « of »th-a.ve. 25x100.8; Emma
B Harper to Edward J Healy and another;
m .rtsace. $18,000 f... . . . . Nominal
W^f t Kmi-ave. No IW. • ■• 25.5x100; Max Marx
to falmon H Gla&scheib; mortgage. $30,U<0- o c
. an.i JOO
lsruve. Nos 1,704 and 1,706. c s. SS.6xMJ : Wm T
Hookey et a!, trustee, to Herman Aaron; mcrt
. Kage. $3J.ow • _ Nominal
Same property; Herman Aaron to Isaac Silberbere !
i and another: mortgage. $41.000 Nominal
IM-ave. No 1.4881 c c . 25.6x59. 7x25.11x65.5: John
..Human:, to Edward Lehr and wife; moftKaite
$lO.U00; o c and joo
Loxi|ifel!ow-st. n m s. 31.11 ft a « of 176th-st. 44! c
' IXI - 11x82 4; Christian Ruesg to John Gotsch:
H part; mortgage. H.btK); 0 c and 100
Morris-aye • c . :il>, ft a of 174th-st. COxßs;
_ Julius, Selbold to John Winters; o c and . . 100
.let-Bt. No 240 West. 20x100.5; Georgie r, Ban
non to Emma Rheinfrank: o c and 100
J<jJi'-st, n .■-, 275 ft c of Amsterdam-aye, 75x112.6*;
h-dg-ecombe-ave, c vr. l«4th-Nt. — x irregular;
beth M llllliken to Pincua Lowenfeld and an
other; 0 c and jijQ
Jerome-aye, No 2,429, vr c. 19.5x100; Je"ro'me"4vV,
.- a , 2.421. w (, 1V.1*x100xS5.8x100.1; William F
Holding to Edward 3 Suydam; mortgage SlO -
000; o o and '. 100
Morris ay,, No f.C», w s, 25x100; Carmela Dl
Giovanni to Anne Miller . . 600
West End-avc. Nos 11*0 and ly£ » b, 60sl00; Ida
Upset and another to Anna Weiaa et al; ri"rt-
PHg<s, $03,000; o c and 100
Lot 133, map W F Duncan, Willlamsbrldge";
Abraham Shatzitin to Alex Cohen; mortgage,
$125; o c and 100
Pratt-ave. c s. 915.3 ft s of Klngsbrldg» Road.
25x1u1. 1x29x100; EJenwald Land Company. C of
Edenwald, to AMor Anderson Nornliw'
Riverside Drive, s c corner »»4th-Bt, J12.3x50.2x ■>
102.2x126.8; Alvin Ohlsen to Dudley S Hard*
and mother r Nominal
4Sth-«t. n •:. 830 ft w of lOth-ave. 25x11)0.5:
Andiew H,rrni<"l to Charles Hitnmel Nominal
50th-st, a B, No 175 West. 25x10<).5; Lizzie Mathe
shelmer and another to Charles I' Fries- mort
ftßfe. * ;l •'"' ' Nominal
lal(t-*t, 11 b, 100 ft c of Jerome Unix trreiru-
lar; 181at-st. a a. 100 ft c of Jerome-aye. loox
153. 2 x— x — ; Walton-ave, n c comer l»lst--;t.
13»x irr»Kular; Esther A Wheaton to Jacob Lelt
r.cr. mortgage. $15,000 ...Nominal
Mapes-aw, No 2.W8, c c. 25x100.1; Daniel Urady
to Anton Kotzum; mortgage, $3,000; o c. and... 100
IS2I-!=t. No 722 East, •&** 102.X- rtusaii C Steers to
Wilhelmir.a Fleischrr.ann; mortitago, {o,s<i»> Nominal
62d-st. No 6 East, 27x100 5; David H Miller
trustee, to Emma F Sully; all title- 30,000
Avenue A. a w corner 70tb-st, 100.6x100; Pinrus
Lowtnfild and another to Jacob Welnsteln;
mortgage. •- 000; o c and . 100
70th-st. s s, 100. ft w of Avenue A, 70x100. .1.
Abraham :■ Weinsteia to Jacob Weinsteln;
mortgage. $47,000; o c and 100
6th-«t. n ■ I+.**. 4 ft c of Hall Place, 23.5x00.10;
John J Button to John C Maximo*.; o. c and. ... 100
3d-ave. No (i9B. >. s. 21x80; Harmon H Hurt to
Thomas r J D«lehanty; o c and 100
12t;i-»t, D ?, 2«a use of Avenue B, 25x103 3;
J2ih-st, n ». 218 ft s c of Avenue B, 2fx103.3:
Adolph Schwartz et a! to Isaac Lowanfcid;
mortgage, ?^i),500; o c and 100
Sd-ave, No 810, » ?, l«.6xlW>; Jbmes W Furman
to Nathan Barter ; 0 c and ... V ... 100
Sherlß-st w g, 7," ft s of Stanton-tt, 26x100;
Seville I-evin to Solomon Ten^nbara; q c Nominal
Same property; same to same; n.^rtga#;e, $33,500,
o c and 100
; Prlnce-Et. ■ 1 47.,"i ft v. of West Broadway. 1'3.7x
101x33.8x101; Leopold Kaufmann to Jonas Weil
and another Nominal
Grand No 2flfi. n s. 18.1x75: Katie Goldstein to
Ruben P.ubens:>in and another; mortgage, $lfe,
000; o c 'and 100
Goerck-st, No 103, m b, 25.10x100; Simon Larero
witz et al to Samuel Bamett and another;
mortgage. $51.250; o c and 100
mth-st. Nos 115 and 117 East. 40x100.11; Charle*
Garfleld to Abraham Golden and another; morc
gapp. $20,000: 0 c and 100
Qoerck-ct. Nos 153 and 156 w s. 41.9x100; Peter
'•"■ ••" ■:• her to Tobias Ascha and another;
mortgage. J14.0C0; r, c and 100
KCd-st. No 221 East. 26x100.11: Max Orbar.h et
al to Alter Mishkln 311 another; mortgage, $15,
0"<); o c and 100
105th-sU No J'2 East. 18x1009; Henr>' Herillch
to Anna MacLeod: mortirage. $4.000 Nominal
Grove-st, Nos 43 and 4.">, n w s, 47.1x80; Sophia
Makler to .Tennis F Pellegrini and another;
mortgage, $90,000; a c and 100
127th-st, n s, 33 ft 1 of Ix-xlngton-ave. runs n
l-J.llx w :Ci s 30x c 30x a 63.11 x c 18; .'»s»l>-
Kara to "*{"«•» LiUkacxar; <i c Nominal
JOlst-f-t, n -. 100 ft w -if Park- 25x100.11;
Katift Davis to Morltz Ehrenrelch; mortgage.
$16,000; o c and 100
Columbua-ave, n »- corner Itsth-Bt, 2."5.8xlOO; Fred
erick V Oalhoff to Emilia A Peper; mortgage,
#25,000 Nominal
87th-et. n 3. 21 ft w of East End-aye, 25x100.8;
Gottfried Fetterol] and wife to Henry Wlenand;
mortpa^e. 114,000; o c and 100
! HOth-st. Wo 278 West, 25x100.11; Josef Saxl to
Josef Sail. M D; '3 part: mortirage, $16.00(>... 100
721 at. B r. 310 ft v of West End-o.ve. 24x102.2:
Isldure. S Kern and another to Gertrude B
Miller; mortgage, $47,5C'0; o c and 100
34tth-ft. s s. 340 ft c of eth-ave. 2<>x98.1): Jennie
L, Craip'.«- and another, executors, to Mary E
Thompson 71,000
i B la, ■ a, 75 ft • uf 9th-ave. 25x10(1.8; Edward
J H»aly and wife to Peter Wolfe; o c and 100
47th-M. _ s. ... ft m of ;>th-ave, 25x50; Charles E
Allaire to Luclnda R Zlnn: mortgage, $5.000.. .Nominal
Echo Place, s s, 377.11 ft w of Anthony-aye, 27.RX
100x27 *-*xUxj. Michael F K»rt>y to Joseph N
Jen?en aid another; mortgage. $4,600 Nominal
Ixit No 420. map Unlonport; George H Utter to
Marl Geizler; 0 c and 100
lst-ave. No 74] to 757. w s. 163x50: Charles Knapp
to William E Ste-sj; mortgage. $46,000 Nominal
82d-st, No 208 We»t 25x102.2; Caroline z King;
to Nellie Henschel; mortsas*. $2».7j0 Nominal
BOth tt, s. I, 250 ft » of lst-ave, 2T>x102.2; William
Zuckerman to August Z>lier; mortgage, 110.000;
o c and 100
lst-a.ve, n c comer BOQi st 25.?x&4; Tsniel Wlno-
Brad ct al to Charles Seiferd; mortgage, $38,000.
o c and 'Oft
lOOth-st No 242 West. 37.6x100.11; Louis Bres
lautr f-t al to Aure'.la Schwartz ; mortgage. $44.
7^>; o c and ■■ • "00
Elwood-st. v b. 223 ft n of Na«le-«re. 123x100;
John H Koelsch to Frederick A Goetie; mort
gnire $7.000.. Nominal
Elwood-st w s. I<K» ft n of Nagie-ave. 125x100;
John H Korlsch to Mary H Lester; mortgage.
j- t^( Nominal
Southern 'Boulevard, n w corner Elstner* Place.
109 l»x34.">.7».:<Vx3ltf>.*: Tremont Land Company
to Themes Cunningham; o o and 1 . . ...^ 100
139th-st, No 080 East. 24.5x100: Rejflna Deutsch
to Mary Un«er; mortgage. $3,723: o c »n<J------ '°°
Po»t-ave r. s. 3T-0 ft w r.f Academy-st, 50x310;
Anna Fellman to Max Marx; oc and. ..... . . .. . 100
WrjJsworth-ave, c a, 60 ft a of I.oth-«t, isxloo.
Leopold Katzenstela to Albert Cavanu«li; o c
■ >"0
Un?t««io-ave" ' Wo BfS - 'w ■• 'ssxipoi " Martha B
Philips to New-Amsterdam Realty Company;
mortzaxe $23,000; o c and '00
14 ;;, h Ci * * .100 ft ■» of 7t>»-ave. 578x90 11.
Samuel Wai-ht to Harris Cohen and another.
mortear* I3('175O; o c *n4 100
4l)tn"l Nd 12 Weal 28x««.-». Walter P Taylor to
Anthony X Imbel . mortiraire. $«>.0©0.... Nominal
9"rt st n J !W 11 m of West End-aye. 50x54. 5x
50x r .i 2.11 - New- York InvMtnimt and Improve-
P-eArcornpany to Elizabeth » Hoot; o eand ... 100
O-oto-a Pwrkv.av. s .. corner 177th-et. ll».»x70.1V
' xlOl lxi ( 'i 6: Tremont Avenu« I^.nl Company t;>
TtriFii Altleri and another; mortgage, *23.C«j«> inn
Crow^a Parkway. ' «. RB4 ;< rt • of 177th-sr
r,i Ilxl2i» lx£2.f»xiatf 0: Tremont Avenue Lar.d
Company' to Altleri; mortgage. $7,tK)O 100
l«ri; TiH.rtjf.itr-. 17.060 . l f «)
North-st. '.. , too ft * of Jerome-ay«. 26x100;
Leonid Hnttcr to J»cob Hlrsh „„ woBUnsJ
iwjTS „ F l.in ft >v of Amu. i-darn-ave 2<Wrx
I ' „...■. ' Leonard Well to hmai.n Realty
Cf'mt'anv: mnrtErase. ?«'2.«i00; a «■ and 100
I sth-ave. No 1 357 to LSB3. c s. !«>0.11x125; Jame.
Butler to polomon I. Cohen and another: mort- -
c-ai-'» < 135 oci; o c r.n'l ln "
K/31-st No '< :1 1 Ea»t, 25.5x10f».5; James Ax^rod
et »l t» Ani'lo -alia «nd another: mortuage,
, ■ * -*o
I Sll'MW
rath-it „ '»' ' 500 ft w »>f Am»"er.laJii-«ve. 40x
I 100.fi" Allwvt Yon Den Drieneh to Bto Com
i May) mortirag^. $15,010: o c and •■ ■ •• • '00
! 2.1-Zvr Ko 1 :'.47 w s. 25x72: Charlotte, Hei'g to
.larob .ohhauer andaaotlieT: o c and. ••;-••• '«>
ftli -t No 321 n « 14.". 4 ft •cf Hall Plac-e. 23. Rx
OoVf'johnC Maximo, to I>cwls a Mltrhell;
mortFoßf s*-*(l 0f>0; r, c and *«»
Ct^t No 21« F*M. •jr.:. Max 1 Ito.enbaum to
1 now No ?K> to W, n.. So.4x irreenUr; Pamuel
. - BOxioOt; lunar
1 H.lch Vt »I to , vis Eteler and another, mort-
| ««*e, |M,713; o o and... «■»
Bryant- at. w j, 23 ft « of 172d-«t. IQOsIOP.
Hryant at. p a. 275 ft a of 172.1-st. BOxlOO;
Bryant- st. **.50ft nof 172 d st. 50x109: Lillian
Prowler and another to Max Powell; all title.. 13.600
Crotona Park South, a c corner Clinton- 44.:tx
10S.5xSH. 11x101.3; Margarethe Stress to Her
mann O Unger; mortgage. $«" 000 l'««»
Echo Place-, «< a, 577.1 lft w of Anthony •••■' 27.R
x 100x27. 2x100; Joseph N Janiien to Michael F
Kerby: mortgage. $4.500 Nominal
Bafhgate-ave. No 2.186. w s, 25x14Hx25x144.5:
Elizabeth M Mlscher to Heary C VV<lilen.
mortgage. ( 5.000; o c and 100
lo2d-st. a a. 173 ft w of Ist -are. 7BxlOO.ll; Robert
Friedman to Leo Ludzlnsky; ■> o an.l 100
Wenches; er-ave. w s, 122.7 ft n from c a Forest
ave, 50.5x84. H x s<)x'<<<>. 10; Gerard X Whitney to
T L. Chry*tl« ,* Nominal
ShakeHpe«r» ay. w *. I*B ft .* of lUCth at. 112
x Irregular; Albert Wilson to William Ecken
felder; o c and. 100
Jerome No 2.345 to 2,357. n w corner North
«t. 125x100: Davidson aye. No 2.SW4>, 100x40;
H-nry L" Sln *hl to diaries H Potter; mortgage.
JS1.000; o c and in«
W!Ul»-ave. w n. 50 ft £ of 143th-st. 23x39x~ — :
■ >t-nrg« F Langbeln. referee, to Samuel Will
iams and another; mortgage. $3 .")o<> 3,100
2Sth-st. No 43 But, 20.10x94; Sarah E Btllwell to
Ernest C Aver 33.500
&4th-at. na. 100 ft wof lst-ave. 150x100. 8; Will
iam H Sage et al. executors, to Moses Kinzler;
5 part 19.500
Same property; William H Sage to same. H part. 1&.500
lst-ave. No 741 to 767. w s. ltttxSO; William X
Stern to Charles Shongood el al, mortgage.
J3.000; •> c and.... 100
llth-st, part lot 2*3. map Unlonport; Henry J
Jarvia to Martin Stepper Nominal
6th Ft. s 8. 450 ft w of Avenue, D, 50x103, Union
port; Emma MaJoney to Aaron Weinberger; o c
and 100
Stebb!n*«-ave, n <• corner Jennlngs-st. 44.3x103. lOx
44.4x101. A; John Allan Realty Company to
George Cook; mortgage. S42,*k~><> ■ 100
Tremont-ave. ■ s, 31.7 ft w of Morris HO.lx
Irregular: Nellie M »r£o to Gus C Odell- mort
gage. J?,000 . . Omitted
Besander. Max. and another to Lawyers' Title
Insurance- Company. 13th-et. No 522 East; per
hond $24,000
Auten. Abraham R. to Charles A Cornell. Broad
■way. No 2.731 j prior mortgage. $60,000; de
mand. « per cent 10.500
Wynne. Charles, to EmanuM Arnsteln. Amater
c'ai.i .»ve w s, 74.11 ft « of 1321-st: prior mort
gage, 520.000- 2 "ears 0 per cent 2000
Fox. Julius B. to Joseph L Buttenwelser. 107th
■t. No 2i'U East: 1 month. 6 per cent !>,500
Dean. Walter J. to J F Kaiser an.l another. Ok
den-ave, c 8. 175 ft s of 187th-st; 3 years. 5 per
cent 3,000
Brown. Rachel J. to Max Fine. 9»th-et. s a. 110
ft c of Sd-ave; 4 years. 6 per cent flLOOft
Cohen. Harris, arel another to Israel Lebowttz.
146th-st. n c. 450 ft w of AmstertUm-ave; due.
June I. 11)06. 6 per cent • 4,000
Frank. Meyer, to Frank Hillman. Avenue C n w
corner 3d-*t: prior mortgage, 310,000, 1 year.
d per cent . . -3.000
Hoetzer. Ellen S. to Samuel Straus. 15th-at. No
13S East; 1 jvar. 6 per cent 750
Frank. Carl, to Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank.
lit), No 341 East; 1 year. 4Vi per cent 18.000
Greenthal. Michael, to John EHlnger. Columbus
av*\ w a. 60.7 ft s of 109th-st: prior mortgage.
J24.000: instalments. 6 per < int 7.000
Gntt-ehalk. A. and another. l."l«h-9t. No 134
west; prior mortgages. $23,000; due August 1.
,1907 i 3.000
Jacobowit*. Jacob and another to Samuel Cohen
and another. 3d-at. a s. 115 ft <> of Avenue D;
instalments 13.000
Cohen, Jacob, and another to M Crystal. 102d-»t.
No 61 East; Instalments. 6 per cent 11,500
Aaron. Herman to William T Hookey and others,
lst-ave, Nos 1,704 and 1,70b; prior mortgage,
*3O,<«0: instalments. 6 per cent $11,000
Taber. Isldor. to Harlem Savings Bank. Willta
ave. ws.soft nof 145th-st: 1 year. 5 per cent 20.0"X>
Farber. Fanny, and another to J Fleck. Longfel- ■
low-et, n w s. 31.11 ft a c of 176th-st; 3 years.
5 psr cent 2,000
Berber. Benjamin, to P Lowenfel.J and another,
2d-ave. s m corner 117th-st; 1 year. 6 per cent. 33,000
Bt*ander. Max. and another to O Dobrocxynskl.
13th-et, No 522 East; due July 1, 19C»}. « per
cent 2.500
Ellberber*. Bella, to Franklin Saving* Bank.
118th-at, No 2SI West: 3 year.-.. 4 -» per cent... 13.0H0
Seaman. Matilda, to James B Wallace; 18th-st.
No 153 We«; 3 years. 6 per cent .".."00
Sllberstein. Abraham, and D Shaff to P U>weDr
r«ld an I another; Sth-ave, s c corner ISOth ■ ;
1 year. 0 per cent 12,0n0
Grossman. Samuel, to Ntw-Tork Savings Bank:
139th-st, ns. 7J> ft tt of Lenox-ave; as per bond 16,000
Davis. Elizabeth A. to Mutual Uf> Insurant"
Company. Fultoa-et, » a corner Gold-st; as per
bond 3,000
Grossman, Samuel, te I N>uman and another;
I.3'Jth-st, n b. 73 ft c ;.f L*-.iox-«.ve; due July 1.
191 -7 . 8 per cent 3.000
Benedict. Henry H. to Greenwich Savings Bank:
•'ith-ive, No 6. r >7; 3 years. 44 ] -> per cent 120.000
BuMer, John M. to A Thompson; lots No 332 to
US, map Thompson Rosa estate; 5 years. 5 per
cent I.SOO
Allius. John A. to same; lots Nos 87 anil BS. same
map; 5 years. 5 per cent . £00
Schmalack«r. Th«rosa, to same; lots Nos 209 and
210, same map : 6 ysara, 5 ocr cent son
t*hr. Edward, to John Naumann; lst-av«. No
1.488: 2 years, 64 per cent 6.000
Glaspchri!. Simon H. to Max Marx; West En<l
ave. No 194; due November t>. 1900. 5V4 par
f ent 12.300
Ma/'hiz. Ida, to Jonaj< Weil and another; Sd-ave.
No 1.7«): Instalments. 6 per cent 7.orr>
Gumzer. Charles, to East River Savings Bank:
79th-st. No 433 East. 5 yearn, 44 1 * per cent .. . P.OOp
Davis, Samuel B, to Lawyer*' Title Incurar..-^
Company; Avenue D, » c corner 7fh-i>t; as per
bond 31,000
Sa.i:ie to Jefferson Bank: same property; prior
mortgage. $ol, (W>; demand. 8 per cent 8.000
Same, to Moses V Alsteln: game property; prior
mortgage. $50,000; demand. 6 per cent 1.-..C9f,
jr<"nfr!d. P. and another to Seih M Mllifkfn:
133d-st, a s. 275 ft c of Amsterdam-aye; as per
*>sti4 20.000
Same to same; lC3d-iit. n b. 400 ft c of Amjter
•iam-ave; as p»;r bond 20.00f>
Same to tame; plot beginning- 375 ft * of Arr;st»-r
rtam-ave and 75 ft s of l»vith-€t. running s 37. Ax
c S»x ■ 37 .fix c — to Edgecomb-ave x w — to B;
as p<>r bond . 20.000
Same, to same; IMth at, ■ t. 375 ft c of Amster
dam-aye: aa per bond Vi 000
Berlin. Jacob, to William J Amend; 122d-st, n s.
306 ft c of 3d-ave; collateral security 1
Powell. M.'-x. to Morris Prowler: Brjant-st, w i».
225 ft s of 172d-st; 3 years. 5 per cent •- V MO
Same to same; }3ryant-st. © s. 275 ft a of 1724
st: 3 years. S per cent 2,400
Same to fame; Bryant-st, c s. CO ft n of 174 t
h 3 year-*, 5 ocr cent I.WO
Eislen. Davis, and another to Ignaz Reich «nd
another: l*»"th-st. N. >: 303 and 305 East: 2
mortgages. ?2.T.00 each; prior mortgage K2.000
on each; due November 1. 1008. •'■ per rent (1.000
Smith. Charles W. io Ellen Jeffprnon; Nelson
ave. <■ «. 124.4 ft n of 165th-st; due October 31.
1009. 5 per rent «io
Maxenlos, John c, to J j Button: €th-st. No 221;
3 years. 5 per cent 20.000
Root. Ely Si to New-York Investment and Im
provement Company: 995-st. n s, 100 ft w of
West End-aye ; 1 year. 5 per cent <i"r>
P*p^r. Emilia A. to Fred-riok V <>sthoff; Colum
bus-are, n w corner OBtb-at; prior mortga<{«.
$25,000; 5 years. 5 per cent 20,000
Delehaiity. Thomas I' J. to H H Hart: 2d-ave.
No tW; 3 years. 5 per «nt 12.0iTi>
Wolfe. Pater, to E J HajaJey; iil»:-«t. s a, 75 ft
c of 9th-ave: per bond 17 DOrt
Peebles. A*n«>». to S X White.; 2>\)< st. n ». 27«
ft n W of MoahoiU Parkway; 3 years. 6 per e«nt 2.NY.
Goldstein. Hymar.. to Anna McGowan; Cherr>'
«t, n b, 63.2 ft c of Ol!ver-st; instalments, " 5
r>er cent r.(X>
Jacobowitz. Jacob, in' another to I. Manhelm:
*l-st, » s, 115 ft c of Avenue" D: instalments,
i per cent 2.000
Hollander, Adolf, to R .Taeobson; 7th -*t. No M
East ; 5 years. 6 per cent 5,000
Stem, Abraham, to S Ball: 13' th * s. COO ft
m of Amsterdam-aye; 2 y«>ars. .*> per rent 12,310
Friedman, Harris, to Lawyers 1 Title Insurance
Company; 1213t-st. n a, 200 ft c of 3d-ave; per
bonl 8,0">
Levy. Millie, to Rachel Shweltzer: 118th-»t. Mb
304 West; 1 year. 6 per cent 2.000
Goldstein. Kati». to State Bank. Malison eve.
n c corner 115th-»t; prior mortgage. f33.iV>; 6
per cent; note '. 5,C«">
Green terK- Samuel, to Maroui* L Osk and an
other; 124th-at. Nos 341 and 343 East; 1 year.
« per <•(•::! 4.0C0
Halioran. Dennia W. Jr. to Title Guarantee and
Trun Company; 13«h-(«t, No 1«» West; per
bond ' S.OOO
Broower A r; tier, Oeoiatne L, to J H Kernochan;
Sumtnlt-Ava, w a, 154.3 ft s of Cros»-st; de
mand. ►", per ct nt li. I ***
Shlacht-tzk:. Israel, to American Mortgage Com -
pany; llOth-st. n .-. ';"6 ft c of Park-aye; 5
v.-jrs. 5 per cent ls.ono
Lowenfeld. I', an! another to A Kahn; Mh -»vf.
v •» corner 130th-et; 2 years, « p«r cent I*ooo
Sommer. Helena, to Isaac Oraf; 84th-»t. No 212
West; prior mortgages, |M,000; due August 28.
1906, 0 per cent 800
Kati, Jennie, and another to Jonas Weil and an -
other; Norfolk ai a « 150 ft a of Houston-3t;
due Dereinii«.r 15. 1910; « per cent 8.500
Same to lawyers' Title Insurance Company; sam»
property . ptr bond 22,000
Slmianbky. Ahrani. to Max I Ro*enhaum; 6th
st. No -I East; instalments; 6 per c»nt 8.500
New-Arr.«terdani Realty Company to Tttl« Guar
antee and Trust Company; Amsterdam-ay*. No.
838;'- bond 28,«"IOO
Lum. Albert C, to M P Todd; r»-catur-ave. c a.
2".» ft n of lPsth-st: 6- per cent 750
lAidzlnsky, Leo, to Robert Friedman: lO2d-st.
s■. 175 ft wof lst-ave; 1 year; « per cent . . 38.000
Same to same; h.i:... property; prior mortgage,
$1*0,125; l year; 6 per eat 7,825
Sterne, ■ William E. to American Mortgage Com
pany; lst-ave. No 753 to 757; three mortgages,
&4.500; 3 years; 5 per cent 11.500
Cohn. Solomon L, to James Butler; sth-ave. n •
corn«r 113th-«t: prior mortgage, $36,000; 5
years; C per cent 10.000
Same to same; USth-at r. a, 100 ft t of sth-ava:
prior mortgage. *24,0U0; 5 years; 5 per cent 4.000
Same to same; sth-ave. ■ *. 25.11 ft n of 113th
st: three mortgages. $7,000 each; prior mort
gage. JC5.000; . > years; 5 per cent 21.000
Rbelnfrank. Emma, to A A Davis; 71at-st. « s.
840 ft eof Win End-aye; 1 year: 4 p«r cent.... 10.000
Stern. William E. to American Mortgage Com
pany lst-ave. No 741; 8 year*. 5 per c«nt . ... 7,500
Bamp to same; lst-ave. No 751; 3 years. 5 per
cent ' • ■• •*'■"«"
Surne to same; lst-ave. No 743; four mortgages,
S4 ',:*> ; " years. 3 per cent 19.000
Wmlm Anna, and others to Ida Llppet; We*t
Bnd-ave No* !!«' and 1"'2: two mortgages,
$2,500: i'r.xtalments. 0 per c«mt 6.00>
Birber Nathan, to H II Jackson <-t al; 2d-ave.
c «. ''iv ft ft a of 4J»th at; 3 years, 5 per cent.. 10.000
Same to s II Jackson; i»tn<? property; two year?.
6 per cent ■ 1.000
Termnbaum, Solomon to B I^-vin; Sheriff-»t, No
$>.".; prior mortgages, m.WO: instalment*. 0 per
cent • ; 5.00i>
Same to «> l>obrocxyski; Hh M, n c. 1.T0.6 ft w
of Avenue <": 1 year. « per rent n.OOO
Wriristeln. Jacob, to P Lowenfeld and another:
Avenue A. -* w corner 7(.'th-st; 1 year. »5 per
r. i.: ...- ■ 5.000
Nadirr Frederick 11, to Mlshklnil-Feinherg Realty
Company; 112th-st. h a. -l.'i ft c of 3d-ave; 1
year. « |.-r cent 4. 0H0
Biecel J»cc»». to Rai-hc! Mlchtelson; I^exington
ave n •■ comer «»th-st; instalments. 6 per cent. 2.000
Klnzlrr. Mofes. to William H Sag**; lHth-«t. n a.
100 ft v of lat-eTFe; fiur mortKageti, |4.7^i>; 3
rear*, 5 per cent 30.000
Goetz. Frederick A. to H Morfrenthau: Elwo.kl it.
w ». 225 ft n of Maple-avc; 2 ye-arr. 5 per
rent . . •"•• -.'"00
Plants. Domlna. an.l another to Emigrant In
dustrial Savings Hank; Grace » * V (I ■
.' :;.r- Place 5 years, 4Vs i"-r cent.* ».400
• Stein. William E. to Charles Knapp; lat-avw. No
75.'i to 767. three mortsas«>, each $1,4««; «
1 tars. 5 per cent ... i 4.30i>
tame to same; lst-ave. No 741. 3 years. » per „
Same" to came';' Vst-avV." No' 743:' 3 yearn. 3 ptr -*suo
Pirn. M fame; lat-ave. No 74.T; 3 year?. 5 p-r
cent 1 - ono
aame to ram*; lst-ave. No 745: throe mort ***[»'. „
11.450. 3 years, 5 i*r cent •^.-•" * >JBW
Rio 'Vniiiany to Albert yon <ler Driesch: m«h-»t
d ai COS ft ■ w of Amsterdam-art; due January
1. MM •; per cent ! . . ». 000
John Allen Realty Company to X Cook; 6»«-r>b.ni'
.<<», n c rn«r .Tennlnits-st: per bond 7,000
Cook. George, to John Allfcn: Ktebblnu-ave. n •
corner Jennlnj?»-*t; prior mortsage. JI2.000; 3
j-ears. 9 per cent •. "'"
nrtirh. Mortta, to Katie Darin; tOtat «t. n s.
100- ft wof far aye, Instalments. • per cent. B.WX)
New-Amsterdam Realty Company to M L. Philips:
Ams:er(lam-ave, w a, 2Ti.1l ft n of lOCth-st: 3
years, « per cent . .' a.«>O
Potter, Charles 11, to II I" ?lnghi. Jerome-aye. No
2.345 to 2.357; r*r bend »O.t«0
farue to «me; Davldscrv-ave, n c corner North
st; rrt :■ raorticage. •»«••: per t> nd 6.<*»
< - 'inr.iiiKi Thomas, la Tremont Avenue Land
Company: Southern Boulevard, n w corner
EUmere Piac - s ears. 5 T>er cent 20,600
Same to same; Elsmere Place, n s. 140. ft w of
Southern Boulevard; 2 years,. 5 per cent q £.100
Same to same; Elaasere Place, n ». 24<>.M ft w of
.Southern Boulevard; 2 mortgages. $«.3u«> each:
2 years, 5 per cent is,«iw
Cavana«rh. Albert, to S Katzen»«in. Wacisworth-
aye, - s, SO ft * of 179th-st ; per bond I».«X>
Henschel, Nelly, to C /. King: WsVat, No 209
West; 2 years. 5 per ■■♦Nt 8.000
MacLfod. Anna, to Cnarles H*'rr;ich and another; 'I_,
105th-st. No 202 East: 3 years. .'■ per cent «.'J"O
Fleisohriauer. Jacob, and another to Title Insur
ance Company; 2rt-ave, i» w comer 71st st. 3
yearn, 4V, p*r cent 21 .TOO
Altleri. Kosa, and another to Tretncnt Avenue
Land Company; Crotona Parkway, a w corner
17"lh-st: 2 rears, ft per cut * 38.*>0»
Same, to fame; Crotona Parkway, c a. 354.3 ft s I'lZl
of 177th-st : 3 years, ft i>er cent ■*"'
Gelsz!?r. Martin, to Title Ouarartee and Trust
Company; lot '-'». map r.,»>rl. per bond... ~.W)
Au«r. Ernest C, to Sarah E SUlweU; It at, No
40 East; 5 years 4 ; - per cent 25.000
Mlshktnd. Alter, lad another to Max Orbach and
another; lu2d-»t, No I*2l East: prior mortgage.
*15.0U>: instalments. 6 per cent 3.00T
Aver, Ernest C to R Strieker: 28th-st. No *9
East: due June 1. Ii»ol. 5 per cent .-• o.'«w
Schaefer. Oeorse, to L 'J Blotmlngdale; St Ann s-
aye. No 155; 3 years; 5 per cent ».«*>
Winters. John, to .1 Re&oid; Morrto-ave. « s.
31. » ft lof 174th-#t; 2 years; 5 per cent ... -.666
Odell, Out C, to N Morse; Tr«-niont-ave. s 8. 31. « ,„
ft w of Morrls-axe; 2 years; 5 per cent &•""
Cohen. Harris. and another to Samuel Wacht:
l^th-st. 8 a. lt» ft w of 7'.h-ave; 2 years: « .__--
I*r cent 1-800
Church of Our Lady of l>>ur.ics to Emigrant In
dustrial Pavlnus Bank; UM-st. i s. 80 ft c of .»-««»
Amsterdam-aye; 1 year; 4 per cent 125.1W
Susn«r. L. to John EwaM ct al; St Ann'»-ave. No
300; 5 years; 4.,. per cent 141 " 0
Asch, Tobias, and another to Peter Wannemacher:
Ooerck-at. ws. 8.5.6 ft nof Ilouston-st; lnsta'.- . _ iS
ments: 5 per cent ■• I". 0
Bang. Theresa M. to L. En«*l; Cllnton-st. No 26
to 32; note "•° no
A deficiency Judgment in foreclosure proceeding* for
$30,600 was entered yesterday against Louise r.rtsster m
favor of Carl Schuster, growing out of the foreclosure
sale of Nos. '.■■"•.■*.. 057 and I>o9 Lexlnrwn-ave.
By Joseph V Day: 227 and 229 119th-«t. n s. 800 ft c of
3d-ave. 40x100.10: two 2 story b dwg hs. II II Jackson
RKt Mary Keller et al; 9 H Jackson, atty: S II Weln
handlor. ref; amt due, SS.BTSa: taxes, etc. $204 30; sold
subject to mortgage lor $«.«*) to William F Hookey for
By Peter F Meyer: Walnut-eve, n c cor 141st-«t. lOOx
12.'.." James Neil agt M A Murray et al; C H Dllley. atty:
\V L. Turner, ref; amt due. f».384 43; taxes, etc. SBSB 2B;
to Richard D WyckoC for J16.100.
Parker-ave. s .-. M ft w of Rose Place, two
story frame dwelling bouse, 23x42: 21 Verro.
owner; A Vandraser, architect 54.0U0
12th-st. n s. 155 ft W of Aye C, two story frame
dwelling house, ZlsM; Jerome F Brennels. own
er; B Ebling, architect -*- 5 " 0
Vlctor-st. w s. 500 ft n of Morris Park-aye, two
two Btory frame dwelling houses. 21x48 feet; „ __-
Miry A Robinson, owner; B EMlng. architect. 8.000
13»th-st, as. 262. Tfl ft eof St Ann's-ave. six five
story brl-'k ten>-ni(»rjt houses, :«7.tix>»H fee-t; Moses
Arndtsteln. owner; M J Garvin, architect 150. 0f0
I4sth-»t, 8 s. BW.IO ft c of Willl.«-ave. two fly«
etory brick tenement houses. :!7.6x^>» feet: John _..„-
Brown, owner: Sass & Smallbelaar. architects. 70,000
163.1 st. » a, 75.8 ft c of afelroee-ajra, 2 flvr story
brtck tenement house*. 37.6x58 feet: Moorehea.l
Realty Construction Company, owner; Harry T
Howe-11. architect 65.000
135th-st, n s, 175 ft w of Willow-aye. two five
story brlolt tenement house*. 37 ttxSß feet; Mar
tin Tuil7. owner; Harry T HowelL architect.. 53,000
Forest-aye, • s, 225 ft n of l»J«th-(it. two fly»
story brick tenement, houses, 45.»Hx89.4 feet;
Thomas J Quinn. owner; Harry T HowelL.
architect 10O.U0O
41»t-Bt, No 129 West, and 42J-Bt. No 128 West:
for an eight story brick factory and score. -*.\.
197.6; C C Shayne, owner; A S Gottlieb, archi
tact $100. wo
Macomb's Dam Road nnd l."lst-st. s c corner;
for three six Ptory brick flat.hous*s. 44.4xMi.11x
Irregular; Miller & Mef»en^on. owners; Bern
gteln 4 Bernstein. ar:bttecta ISS.CO'i
104 th Bt .s ■ 12'> ft a of I'ark-ave. for two six
story brick Bathouaei 40-c57.11; Kayfeti i-
Flam, owners; Bernoteln «c Bernstein, archi
tects .................••.••• cO. 000
Tompkins^st," r. a, 140 ft « of i)elancey-st; for a
one and one-half story brick electric light sta
tion; city of New-York. owner; H B Parsons.
architect 20. 000
sth-ave. No 903 to 371: 34th-st. No 1 to 13 bast,
and 35th-st. No 2 to IB East; fix an eight story
brick store; B Altman. owner; Trowbrldge t -..-^
Livingston, architects 2.i«».n00
Ssth-st. No 74 to 7S West; A L Fercivat & Co e«rt
John Ft Ireland, owner and contractor $335 00
49th-st. No 140 West; Thomas C Flynn agt Annie
Kemble, owner, and Kautrmann Simon, contract
or ... „•"• V* 70
166 t- st and Amst*-r.laTr..-.iv«-. ■ c corner, lUOx
100: James 9 lug*" agt " '■ Olsen. owner, and
Builders" Heating Company, • -■•: tractor ..... is> on
125th-st. Sot 117 and 119 East; Saraet & Tudo
witz ,er Jacob Cooper et al. lessees, and Oott
lie!.. Rothstcln & La" tamer, contractors 145 3O
sth -« Xos 3«". and 2-'.T East; Louis Aionowltz
:igt Icnatz «lick, owr.»r. and I Btteher. con
tractor "• 75 r "
Washington w .-<. 108 ft »of 173d-st. 200 x
140.2; Michael I Lalar a»rt Walter 3 Clarkson.
owner an<l contractor 1.100 •*»
102.1-st. , «. IT.-, ft w of lst-ave. 7Sxl00.ll; Robert
FrtiMmau loaaa to Leo Ludlaaky ssaouo
Arthur-aye and Mtli at, n w corner; JbteDaassa
art John Cornish and another: January 17. 10"» *1«5 o<>
Summlt-ave. » s, im.:: ft s of Cross-st. 72.9 x
Irregular, to Sertgwlcfc-ave; DA:nore & Lan-
Zftta ai?t GeoTfrir.- A Brouwed-Anch«r; FeN- mnnM
ruary 21. IM6 .3,50084
HCth-st. No 4«4 to *2 West: Bornsteln Brothers
agt George Dell i February 15. 1905 «50 00
lCl>th-*r and Cllnion-av». n a corner; Charles
Poh^idecker apt Ferdinand Hecht; October 4,
jy(^j a . . . . 17.WT8 3^
Roardale-ave, c a, 73 ft n of Mans!on-st. 25x — .
Bronx' Carl Ftelzner act Joseph Shellhardt and
another: ruary 14. IW^» 3 * **
Cherry-^. Not ill and 113. and Catharine Slip.
Nos 2 and 4. George Dellon aist Louis RornsUMn
and another: F^brii«ry 11. 1005 - -. 1.325 00
12.«; th st No 80 to 64 West; Joseph Cohen agt
Korp & H«-ll»-r and another. March 2. I'j«. TS CO
14th aye. ■ a lot 100. map of village of Wakefleld.
Bronx: Anna A Byrne agt John .1 Ryan .specific per
formancej; Reeves, To«d 4. Swain, attys.
74th-»t n ••«. 150 ft c of West End-aye. 20x102.2: Evan
gel'ir.e S Merry agt George J deabury (specific per
formancel i* Carpenter atiy.
OM-Ft 'I - 130 ft eof 21-ave. 25x100 9; ~c-n:»! ?!l
heim and another asi Maria Kiefer <speclflc Der
fonranoe): P Carpenter, atty.
Vrse-are m a 191.5 ft nof Home. 75x — (action ta
" ' ff O rp>~.lose mechanic's lien); P A. Hatting, atty.
rrcsnect ay, w s. 120 ft n of Tremont-aTe. 50x125x
lrreKUlar. and Klsrr.»re Place, n a 25 ft w of Mar
mlon-ave 29x100; Kehx Amablle agt Margaret E
Amahilo (action to cancel] dead); C Moriu atty.
116th -st » s 21« .* f: wof Sd-ave. 31.9x100.11: Thomas
Simp* : art Ma M Murphy (foreclosure of mortgag*);
Busbtiy t Berkley, attys.
Brooklyn Property for Sale.
U> lUb Ull-I.H -hiKTINU B
JIAl.r-UUir: r'itOJl HERALI> »U. N
Lot" With every city Improvement at i::s on g
ra»y monthly payment* Will be worth 11.001 B
each «ithln two years, on completion of Perm- r
vylvanla tunnel and Blackwell's Island Bride*. I
Colonial cottages ready to occupy on payment |
Ot t * l ' - ' SEND A POSTAT. CARD I
it*: Manhattan At.. Braoklyn. I
Country Property for Sale.
For a School.
Sanitarium or Motel,
20 Room House.
Three bathrooms, »team heat, elevator, earrlaxe
house hothouse, •tunmar house, ma«nlr)reßt shade
trees and lawn; 17 mile* from New York City; » min
utes from station. For sal* on very advantageous
terms opeo pcp cr ugon y an is'ame,
Ferguson & Van Name,
Rhone 2710 John. New York.
Ron so yea its we have .SOI I)
Catalog free tv ratlins' buyer*:
Owners, wlsolnc to sell. call or write!
rblUlpa M Well-. U»S Tribune BullaUa. >. T.
FOR HALE.— 4I minutes cut: 13 room hoti««, with el»
mc torsi lot: (rardr-n. fruit. stable: all In perfect
orJer. WILLIAM DAVISON. opposite Netherwood ata
tlon. Plulnnel'l. X. J.
City Hotels.
j; 56th St. 6: 7th Aye.
Kuro^wtan Plan. Rates K«-»»on*ble.
Also Proprietor DVTCHBR HOI'SK.
raw'tos. New York. Open May 25.
Real Estate.
188.S -^V^ ' i 1 '-*
More Than
Twenty Years
Experience in examining titles
197 Lawyers constantly engaged in the work. *
Possession of all the records there are.
More than Ten Million Dollars backing each j
title insurance policy.
Is it surprising that this Company is dning
by far the largest title examination and gnar* >
antee business in New York City?
C apit sVr^u d s. 500,000
1-16 Broadway, New York.
375 Remssn Street, Brooklyn.
Manurra Branch, JOS Montague St.. 3klyr. .' > ;'.'
Real Estate Titles
snored b» this Company cxp«s
rioualy and it reasonable cost. la
contract of insurance is broad and
liberal, ana absolutely protect* tin
insured against loss by reason of taxes,
assessment*, defects and tßcaa>
brances and the expense of Hdganon.
CAPITAL and £Q f)C!\ ftflft
surplus $O*&GUjUUU
The Lawyers' Title
Insurance Company '
of New York
.7 Liberty St., Manhattan
38 Court St.. Brooklyn.
To Let for Business Purposes, j
To Let Uptown and Downtown. 1
5 Beekman St.
Surrogates' Notices.
■*■ Frank T. Fitzgerald, a surrogate ot th« County oS
New York. Notice la hereby given to all persona nartn;
claims against John H. Spellman. iata of tae County of
New York. deceased, to pieaent tie same, with vouchers)
thereof, to the subscriber, M its place of transacting sual •
>ess. No. 45 Wail Street. Boruugn al Manhattan. In. Th«
City of New Tack, on or before the 12th day of Jua* <sext.
baieif New York, the -nd day of December* li^-»-
EDWARD W". SHELDON. Attorney lor Executor. No. 43
Wall Street. Manhattan. New York.
Frank T. Fitzgerald, a Surrogate, of tie County oi\
New lorn, notice .a hereby given to all persons r.av'.a* |
claims against James U. bill tram la;e •'.'. -.ne County of '
New Tork. deceased, to present the same, witii vouch«ra
thereof, to the subscriber, at hat place of transacting buat
n««a. at the cth-e of r'rsuenck a. Souiiiworih. No. •>•* .
William Street, in the City of. New York, on ar beior* too
CTTid day of May next.
Dated New York, the J2tJi day of NoTember. 1904.
riilMA C 61LAJCOCK.S. Administratrtz.
ntEDERI^'K A. sOCTHWOKTU, Attorney for Acm!n»»-»
tratrlx 63 TVUllam Street. JJurcujn cr UanhaUan. N«w/ {
Tork City. N. Y. i
Frank T. Fitzgerald, ■ Surrc<ate cf me County at
New York, noti d •» hereby Klven to a.l persons hav
ing claims against Robert Mllbank. la;« of the. County
of New York. deceased, M present: the some w.iri
vouchers thereof to the ȟbscrlDers. at thetr place of.
transacting business at the ofßce of Sullivan tt (-"rosa-
-11. No. 49 Wall Street, la th« Oty of New York, aea .
or before the eighteenth day of March next. I
Dated. New York, tee eighth day of September. 1904.
9ulllT»n & Cromwell. Attorneys for Executors, «» Wail
Street. New Tork Oty.
■*- FRANK T. FITZGERALD, a S-irragata of th«
County of Nef York, notice is hereby siren to alt per
<*ons bavins claims .igair.it JANE E. SLAIBA-:K. late of
the County of New York, deceased, to present th» aaaas) .
with voucher* thereof to the subscriber, at his place ot ;
transacting business, at the office of Edward Goldschml'lt. '
Eiq hi- attorney. No. ■"■" Broadway. Borough of Man—i
hattan. In the city cf New Tar., on or t*.':r» ti» SOtla;
dar of March next.
bated New York, the CM 'ay of Sept-mber. 1904. •
JOHN D. SLAYBACK. Erector. i
EDW4.RD GOL.DSCHMIDT. Attorney for Executor. M
Broaaway. Nev York City. \
"*• Frank T. Fltzgeral'f. a Surrogate of the County o£'
New York. Notice la her^b- given to all persons baitnx
claim* against Hadso.-J Hoaslani. late of the County of
New York, deceased, to pr*s~.--. tea same. «|th voucher*
thereof, to the subscribers, at their pia-e of transact!**
fcustness. at the o3J<-e of "Dougherty. Olcctt A Tenser. NoT
27 William Street. Borough of Manhattan, la Tile City of
New lark, en or* before the twenty-first day uf XarcH
not. . (
Dated New TorY the seventeenth day of September. UMH. •
THOMAS H. HO.*ai*AXT>. V Executor*, I
rOCGHERTT. OLCOTT * TEXNEV. Moras*! for £*••'
teuton, 27 William Street, bcrougti at Mash-it:**,'
N"Vw Tork City.
York, by the Grace of fiod Free and Independent.—
To Taullnn E. Thiertot. Charles U. Thieriot. and Utiei*
Falmed... Executors of this Last Will and Testament o{
Ferdinand M Thlei deceased: L*on Marie: Eliz&bet.-k
M. Barnwell; John B. Marie. Jr.; Lejntlr.e C. fuse: LouiA
K. Marie; Leontlre Mar!#: Ijeontir.e Mart* and Euic?r!>»
V. L>a:v. a.» Executors of th- I«,m Will -..1 Te»taai»nl
of Josephine Mane, deoeased; Jler.riette B. Andrei: Hen
rlett- T. Mea... Lecntlnt» <\ Munuz: J^rob H. Tuier'.oti
Eugene J. de Sax a. Jr.: L£un t\ de f^bla; Fnirtlnand H.
d« nln«h im. L^anUne T. Merino: Henrietta U.
«le Rinrslr.ghani: J*s& M. tie Rerrr.lnKham; Albert Thlerlatl
Percy I*. Madeira. Junior: Made V. Madeira; Louis C
Madeira. 3rd; Morgan O. Barnwell; Charles H. Thleriot|
Har.9 Gerariin; Luuiac Nuits: A'lela Nults; Chariu ■"T,
Wricht: Msna. Mr Writt.t: Ann Duffy: Violet Jan»
Insiaatnei; Albert E. Wngnt; New Torlc Association for
Improving the Cor.dltlon of ths P*jor; Societr F-am;ai»e>
de Bieafataaa ■-: New Yorlc Society for Prevention ot
Cruelty to Children: N-v« York Ipstit.. for th« Bllsd;
Havens Re:i«»f Fund Society; William B. Walt; MMro.
[• •li'an Museum of Art. a::! to all persor.4 interested In
the estate of Peter Mar!?, late of tho County of New
York. deceased, as cre.!U<.r«. kgaUMl next of Via. .-r^
otherwise — 6end preetln«: T»u and each of you are here-*
by cited and required personally to b<» »rd appear be;or»
our Surrogate of th- County of New York, at tc» Surro
srste«' Court of said County, held at the- County Cotir*
House. in th* County of New York, on the 231h day ot
Apr: 1 r.«C. at half rase l*n o'cl.-rit in the forenoon ot
that Jay. then and there t> attend a Judicial s*t;>meat
of tJie account of pruteeuir.)^ of «r>.ar!«» IT. Thierlo: an<l
Morgan O. BarnweK. sa Exaeotan of the Last "Will ansi
Testament of said £ecea.-«ed: sad such cf you as »r»
hereby cited, as are under the ag» or twenty -one ■. -«r\
are require.! to appear by your ruardlan. IT jrcu h^ve «w.
or If you havo none, to appear and arp!>" t-r one to b*
appointed, or !n the event ol jxnir n»<!ect or f*!lur« to do
so. a iruartflan will b*> acp«..n:»-d by the Surrotate ta *
represent anil act for you In the proceeding.
In T>«tlrr.i>ny Whereof we have ttaMd th" S<>e.i of t5«
SurrOfTates" «""curl of the said IVur.ty of New Y^rk tc b*
hereunto afflnrd. :
Wltr.e««. Hon. AU.NSR C. TIMJIAS, a. - «■-. -< 00
a%ld County, at th« C>ur.ty of New Yi*». ih» 3d Oay % .
i'ebruarv. in the year of our l.rrd v na thou«ard hln*
hundred and five. JAMETr; A. DOX.VEU.T
[L. SI C!erk of the Surrogate's. Court.
-*- Tork. by the rrace of Oo»l. fr*e and njMwadmi •»
Albert A. Van A!»tyne. Mary V. Tarr.er. Ar.ri*. v Rri»».
beiger or Rusenbuiner. Tiiotnas XJalcctai Shlr'.ey. Wuuan*
V. Marurum. Vanlta MangurrC coaußOOt] •■-\:.,.j Vanita ♦»
Milt. EUmond Pendleton Turner. Jr.. L"r.!c?: Treat Ccn
oar.y cf New Vcrlc. as Trustee und#r th? Wi:i cj Marti.
Van Alstyne. <ltc«ri:»#d. and ail other p#r»ons ntio ant
fhtldr«:i or ls*u« of d*"c;a*«d children ur hetrs or next , c
ktn of sail William V. Manjum, if he i x dead, whox*
names and rlac«» of residence ar* unkr;o»n and caanat
with reasonable <!llis~*nc* W au>cvrtaiDe>l t-y petitioner aril
to aJI person* interested In the c.itat» or Marta Vaa *I
•tyrv*. Us* of the County of New Tork. d *•.•».»; ..j. aa crej-
Itor*. I«gatees, next of kta or otherwise. »*a«l Kr*«tlnc:
Ti-'< and ea<-h si >„;i «r? her«b>- cited and requtrtd pet^
■anally la B« «ii.l appear * ••: re our Surrostt* of (h*
County cf New York, at the Surrogate's •'•...i •>• tmiti
County, held at the County Court House. |t» in* ! .orotisa)
of ManhatVATi. «'::% of Nt» York, on tha "ih <Uy of
March. 11M>£ At hiif-past tm o'clock in tho forenoon of
that day. then and there to attend a Judtrtal settlement of
the affount cf proceedings cf Albert A. Van Abtyn*. as
.executar of the last WUI «r.d T«ataan«nt of said i!iri«
an Aistyne. deceaaed. and sttch of you aa are. hereby
cttad a« vt under the are ct twenty-one years are. re-
Quired to at;- - by your c.^tr tlt-i. if yuu hive one, OS
If you hare nan*, to appear an.t a;ply far one to be ap
point or in tii« event cf your nejlect or ralture to .J.»
so. a guardian will b» appointed by th» Surrosat - t ■> r»r-
rerist and act for you ti th* nroc«"«dirff. I
In tcsttsiony whereof we h»»e paused the **+l «f t>.»
Surrocate'a Court of We City and County of New Tor* t»
be hereunto affixed. WJtne«9. Hon. Frank T. Fnxserald.
a 6urro*at» of hut mid County, at t*i« OW of N«w Tork.
the 14th day of January, in tht >*ar -f cur L^-rtJ on.
ibouaand nl3 ° .'iundrr.l »nJ "JAMES .V. DOXNEI-I.T.
* • ■Ink cf the Surrogate* Courv
PECK HAM MTLA.KK 4 KINO, At:r». for Exr. H
Broadway. Boroush of Maahatt&a. New Ton.

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