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~L~ Trains in Collision — "Only an
Accident" Say Police.
Two persons were badly hurt, a dozen others
client!? Injured and hundreds thrown into a panic
by a rear end collision between two southbound
Gth-ave. elevated trains at 72d-st. and Columbus
&.T&. yesterday morning. A train which had
stopped at the station was run into by another
which had been following it closely. Glass was
ismafhed and scattered over the tightly packed pas
nanjrm. and the platforms of the cars in col
lision were splintered. No cars left the rails, and
the delay to traffic was slight.
The persons worst hurt were William McClusky,
"of No. 823 Bast 13Sth-st.. who received a lacerated
wound over his left eye. and Kdward C. Fronk, of
No. 803 West llSth-st. who suffered a fracture of
the right knee. Both were taken to Roosevelt
Hospital. Others suffered from shock, and after
treatment by ambulance surgeons went home be
fore the police came.
The Interborough company's officials kept silence
as to the causes of the accident, but the police
ray that it was due to the failure of the airbrakes
in the second train to work. There is a Blight
untie in the approach to the 72d-st. station, gluing
downtown. The st-oond train was only a block
away when the first train stopped at the station.
The minor man, whose name the police failed to
learn, turned off the power and put on the air
brakes, but the train rolled on into the train stand
ing at the station.
The Pennsylvania Railroad Company asked the
Reno Inclined Elevator Company yesterday to fur
nlei estimates and drawings for twenty duplex
Beao escalators, or moving stairways, for its new
terminal station at SSJ-st. The railroad company
wants to carry Its passengers down as well as up
on the moving- stairways. The Reno is the only
moving; stairway which carries people both way*.
The railroad company has not decided yet whether
It will install moving- stairways at other points
co its Manhattan tunnel system.
The follcrwing 1 Judgments were filed yesterday, th*
first name beinjr that of debtor:
lierman. Morris — New -York Telephone Company. $129 03
Bu*llesL>sch, Caspar and Hubert — J Edward Ogden
Company 435 tO
Bolfeodl. William and Morris — James J Long 1,147 24
Barker. Benjamin, Charlotte LUiantbal and
another; coats 105 37
Barwtod John — Now-York Telephone company... MM
Bl«ler. Mgr:ui;i H— iii bert 1 Xr .>» n 724 33
Bellinger, Alice John \V Aitken and another ' 30h .'.6
Baker, Thomas -Nassau Trust Company of the
City of Brooklyn 2,561 27
Beaver. Robert T — William lirt-rnan; costs 297 42
Scales. KuMne J — Alexander Wilson Ib 950
Oabaso, i'ieiro — V» r Culliiuui. commts
sioECT 375 00
Oiirin, Martin— Metropolitan Street Railway ■
Company; cos:* 107 Bft
Chrletianson. EJwanl — Charles F Brodil 619 7
• "aUvell. *. — American Lumber Company 113 32
Duerr. Micbaei William J Logan and another;
ooets 49979
Dv Franc. Catherine, administratrix- -Metropoli
tan Street Railway Company; costs (,2A .'«".
l>ickinson. Charles E— David W Rockmore 223 82
BY VIRTUE of a certain execution of The
Hill Publishing- Co. vs. the Photvcraplier '
<~t notice is hereby Riven that I will
Mil at public auction, by Uarr/ M Mom*,
Auctioneer, at the ofloe of said auctioneer,
JCo. 158 Broadway (Room 40). Borough of
Manhattan. Now- York City, on Friday, the
17th day of March. 1905. a: I! o'clock in
the forenoon, the magazine known as "The
rhotographer." together with all th< con
tr*u;t>. eopyrig* „«. cobeoHpUoii and mailing
lifts apj*rtaiulrg to the fame, and any ana
all property going to and forming a part
<■! the plant now use.l in publishing the
tune, !ii£judiiis e^eci.&p^&les and i j ;•• -h and
Datt-d New York. March loth. 19(«.
W. OOUGHUN. City Marshal.
306 W«at MtSi st.cc% New-York City.
rRANTC T. HUTSOX. Attorney for Plaln
01ogle Insertions ft cert* per tine. Sixteen
Iwords. eev«c time* cor»«fut:ve.>. Si, which
entitles advertiser to bate room« entered Id
s"he Tribune* t Directory of Desirable Rooms
for a period «X fourt»~s. day*. Writ* for
circular. .-"
Full Information concerning these rooms
way be had. free of charge, at the Uptown
Office of The New- York Tribune. 1 304
Broadway, between :% ■> and 37th pis.
ELEGANTLY furnished apartments; pri
vate baths: lncludir.6 meals. 41.". weekly;
two. J2T. weekly. VAN RENSSELAER. 19
ICtFt 11th . near Etb-ave.
21 BAST 49TH-ST. Neatest rooms in the
city, with board; spring rate*.
71 KAOISOK-AVE siiifl? rooms,
with board; references exchanged.
Eft WEST I2TH-ST.— Three double rooms;
also .«irl'.r Boor; meals If desired; near
«th-ave. I,"
Ih7 MADISO*-AVE, 34th-«t.— Attractive
room*, jt-rfect cooking- dainty at nice;
BRtnUlon ideal, near Waldorf-Astoria and
3 22 EAST 19TH-6T.— Third story front cor
ner room: private bath: parlor dining;
<*olce raeala; few table truest*; references.
If. EAST FT— Large room, with
board; also table board-
■^ »—^ -— ■ — »
Single Insertions S cents per Use. Sixteen
wt-rafc. seven times consecutively, Si. which
entities advertieer to ba~e roo-ns entered in
The Tribune' s Director/ of Desirable Rooms
for a pertwd «f fourteen day«. Write for
Full tnfonnatloa concernlnß these rooms
may be had, free of charge, at the Uptown
Office of The Neor-Yoik Tribune. 1.8t»4
Broadway, between 30th andS'th st s.
F4TH-ST.. 33 WES". — Lar^c^ funny front
basement room, with or without board, for
party looking for reasonable rate* in first
clans fcou»e.
37TH-6T , 55 WEST— Larar*. handsome
room, adjoinl^ bat>»: southern exi-osure;
perma.ncr,t * '-iv -anan only; quiet, refined
home: reference.
DRESSMAKER. — French; fixing things
over very Rood ta^re; out bj the day.
Addree* MALJKM.OIBELLE, care Hearn.
SIS West 30lh-st.
\jnm"- — Bankbooks — Zi cents each Inser
EAXKHOOK No. 315.5-66 of the Union Dime
Kavtr.jrs Institution Is missing Any per
ron havlnjj a claim to It 1b hereby called
upon to sent the came within ten days
€>r eubmit to having said passbook cancelled
and a new one laasjaa
1/) ST OR STOLEN- Rar.kb<.<.k No. 294. «10
of the German Savings lianSc. • » th» city
of N*-w-York. ■ :!•• 4ih-avc\ and J4th-st..
Issued to Mar^aretha Schwab. All prsawa
art cautioned £«a!net nef oliatinß the same.
Jf not returned to the bank on the I:sth
«'rv nf March 1003. a duplicate will be
1/JST. — Bankbook No. 304. 2»*. S*?ani>-n"s
Bank for BswlnaTß, 74 and 76 Wai M .
Kow-York. Payment stopped and cancella
tion applied tor. Hl<Ji»e return to bank.
Bankbook No. l*2.iM2. Hfaracn'j
Bank for Savinpß. 74 an! "<$ Wall-et.,
2<ew-Tork I'aynw-nt stopped and cancella
tion applied for. Pleate return to bank.
1»ST .— Passbook No. 70,474. l»!"J>-d by the
Institution for the Saving* of M«-rcnanis p
CVrke. Th» finder will i.l»ri!*»- return It to
the bank, No. 20 Union Square.
■I! ab an Mv Will j ! '-
Uls t-.» uj« i;Jiii!j»iii,"iJi.i,':.iyl|
C&'tJ TO a G*b-lini ©Us <*««nibus.
CARPET CI-EAMNG. Establlihad 1875.
Oldest, Largest. Most Modern,
487 AND *T* \VEST 40TH-ST.
Tel. 611— SSth-«t. £>ta.bll«hed 1867.
Clean i by compressed air, steam, hand
or od floor. I.&TiO Broadway. 421 East
4«th-et. COE & BRANDT Tel. IS2— SSIh.
Typtwritlnt— 6 cents par line.
TYPEWRITERS.— AH makes sold, rented,
repaired, exchanged; reliable strvlca.
OOP.iUN, 78 Naaa*u-st. Telephone 2740
«;orUaodt. „, .. .
V.'E REPAIR, sell and exchange typewrit
, ers and cave you from 25 Is '6% from
iMiMifs>ctur<rr > * price. Remingtons a sp«
CHANGE. 231 Broadway.
JLDVnRTIBEMENTS acd aubecrlptions for
The Tribune reoelvad at their Uptown
Ofßaa. No. LM4 Broadway, between Mta
anti £7th at*., until 9 o'clock p. m. Adver
ttMOMS** received at tbe foiloning trancb
. (,E(*i at ragnlar office rrnur* until o o'clock
p. tn., vtz.: 254 Bth-*»e.. s. c. cor. 2Sd-«t-;
601.. 254 »t»i-a.»e.. a. c. cor. 14th-«t.;
4kh -aye.. cor. 12th-«. : t2 East I4th-at.;
S7 West 4Sd-et.. tetwa«a 7ih and Btli avea. ;
|B W«at ll'kb-st.; I.S3S Sd-»ve.. between
7*o, and TTUi sts.; 1.028 3d aye.. near 61st
fct.; 1,708 lst-av... Bear t9tfa-st.: 157 East
iffiti-.t.; 753 Treaoot-a ; 850 Sd ay*.
Francisco. Harry T* New- York Telephone Com- *J^ • "
pany * • J» 24
Froehllch. — Some •• •
Flnman. Jacob — Edward Mltoltell ar.l another 13- 41)
Friedman. Nathan, Henry A and Robert V—lV — I „
Iff et ai 29 44
fSlatow. Cm"— Chirlen J Hrodil 51» .2
<rj.i*e», /KJward H — New-York Telephone Com- „
pany .........,..•..••*• «0— °
Graves, — Same , SI IS
GritTy, Xavtcr-L«ontlrf Trlan * ***
Gerßjjhty. M ir> >aii Plmonson ** *•.
Gelb, Joseph — Julluu liuhm and another 53
Garfinkel, Morris— York Telephone Company 43 14
Oott!i»t>, Frederick H— Thomas J Ward B lf<>S
Harden, Perclval— Onward Construction Company. 81 . w
ll«rtli. Barbara — Bonn Brothers Company 5X ii{
Hill. Arthur X— New-York Telephone Company... aw *a
Hobe. Frederick — Nassau Trust Company of «>•„„,„
Oity of Brooklyn • - " 1 **
Hllleti, Oustav, administrator— Interurban Street
Railway Company, coKts {— H
Hochenberg. Albert — Bajne. costs '"• Si
Hayes. Isabella V — Ernll Christ-nson I'M wi
Herzog. Abraham »— Justus Hellbronn and an
other, costs ijw» •■»«
Jo*«ph, George E — Brooke Brothers •-• JJJ °™
Jascr, Philip— Katherine Bell *£» ir
Ki.ian, Frederick-- Henry Zuelch...... -»- J '
Ksufmann, Otto— Stuyve<«ant Grain Company 83 ill
Kaplan, Joseph— Jo*hua Nathaiiaon *J";:
Keenan, Frank— Thomas Ebert W.V" •• ""
Kelly, Timothy S— Metropolitan Street Bal.way „,_«
Company, costs • i" . ),
Kenny. John T H— Alphor.no E. Felham »SB
Kaplan. Joseph— Louis Nathanson.... *" X
Lanrenberg. Christian— Brothers Company.. 100 00
Lf tbesklnd, Leon A— Basby S Boor*teln 214 41
Upschu;i, Isaac— Morris F Finkelsteln «0 4 .
Logan, Mary E— Hiohard T Conley....- ■ «> 43
Maiherson, Stephen— Trust Company of
the City of Brooklyn • • t'-,,i «{
Morris, Elmer P—^ltna Indemnity Company 1.i04 61
Moskowlta. Joseph— New-York Telephone Com
puny I** "->
Marks." Asch'er L— William P1nku5. .....:p....... "60
Uacdonald, Benjamin J and Joseph A — Richard r
Mann, Adolph— Ru'd'o'lph Gruhti and"' another «1 47
Matteson, William H—Oollin Armstrong «OZ/
v,» ji ma John D— New-York Telephone Company. 68 /4
f>g.ien, Edwin R— New-York Telephone Company 30 48
O'Brien, George T— Stephen 8aumann. ........... 118 41
Pourher. Rollins and J. D wight— New-York Tel
ephone Company ■ ■ ;" ' "j»
Peck Mary — Wayland E Benjamin -» S»
Pohly, Charles David Carasso 37.-
Raiibom. Neale— New-York Telephone Company.. 70 -»
Ross. Louise— John W Aiken et al «5U •>!
Rodenberg. Philip— Same ••• • • ,5551
Hiker. G ClliTcrd— Thomas 0 Reed 110 41
P.ankin, James M— New- York Telephone Company 34 08
Reilly, John— lnterurban Street Railway Com
pany, costs llc 22
Smith. Charlos E W— Ellen L B Moore 11. .7
Schlosser Peter — Gulseppe Ritonnale, costs... 67 45
.Sfarns. John M— John Vincent, costs 38 40
Sullivan. John V— Benjamin M Levy ' ft2ii 08
Seymour, Henry A— Marie L Ooofce... 1.767 5M
Schoenfeld, Jennie — Abraham L. Low<?nthal S2 28
Bchmldt, Henry— Charles F Zenker 237 05
6pelr. Edw O — George Robinson 81 t>7
fkukinaaa Charles R— Frank R Bourne 113 00
Swanston, Daniel— Mathilda A Benirtson 82 75
Shapiro Morris— New-York Telephone Company. . 4:i 14
Silver Hyman J and Harris E — Abraham M Levy 236 03
Btantaucta William B— William W Mewell and
another ••■• ••••••*••••• ■•• ••• ••■••••■■•••■•••• 34 81
Sabtro, John— Morris F Finkelsteln 70 47
Store. Lavlnla M C— Theodora Neft 2818
Stern Beril— Samuel Cupperman 523 s*l
Travis, M Brataji — Joseph A Robertson 21 tiU
Thomeon. Mary W — William Brennan, costs 2U7 42
Tannenbaum. Loulb. and Peter Trier — New-York
Telephone Company.. 86 45
Trost, Wendlln — Union Railway Company of New-
York, costs 120 38
Vollmer, Henry — Waldorf- A Btoria Segar Com
pany •• $5 23
Walters, Thomas Broadway Building Company 216 07
White. Jane — John W Ait«en and another 25161
Watson, John H— Kmil Twyeffort 86 53
Wuicatzky Henry— John Dannecktr; c0rt5..... ... 47 41
Wi odruff A Atwood— Henry P Junes and another 71 63
Wolf. Jacob— Philip Potasn 488 91
Yanowsky, Samuel Cufferman 629 01
Zi«chka. Joseph — J Brodil 61» 72
Metropolitan Milk and Crea.n Company M
Demarest ■• 697 8
Metropolitan, Street Railway Company and Inter-
SEABRIGKT, N. J. — Rumson Road; at
tractive furnished residence, 14 rooms;
modem Improvements; stable, four stalls;
rents for season. {1.200; five minutes sta
tion and ocean; piioa $13,500. Address
OWNER. Box 41». Seabrlght, N. J.
FOR RENT, furnished or unfurnished, ele
cant apartment. The Hillcrest, 430 West
HCth-st. , refined location; hall elevator
(■mice all night; block from subway: Am
sterdam-ay«. cars to door; rent reasonable;
nina rooms; bath; two toilets- sunny, unob
structed corner. Ask for REID.
COUNTRT PLACE for Bale; bargain: near
Poughkeepsie. I>utchess County. Partic
ulars', MAiWKiLLE. 2.1»5 7th-ave.
ATTRACTIVE LOFTS. RO4 West 18th-st.,
aajoining bth-ave. ; extraordinary Ugat;
cheap. ELY. 103 Gold"-et.
FAR ROCKAWAY, Lawrence, Odarhurst
and Edgemere. Special list of desirable
bouaaa to rent mailed on application. AN
DREW M'TIGUE. Far Kockaway, N. Y.
M'h-Bt.: 7 roomn and bath: all light.
Employment Agencies — Per line, each
insertion. 15 cents; one month. 10
cents per line.
ST. WfFiMjLiiiEf '§
211 East 4"<i -n.. — First clats domestics are
■upplled; aJs> man&^rin? housekeepers, ma
trons. mm laiaMiaa. tutors, etc.
sale, in a large country town In Con
necticut; good reason for selling. Address
BUSINESS. Tribune Uptown office. 1.364
MANUFACTURERS of billiard and pool
tables; high grade bowling alley builders;
lowest prices. MARX BROS., 24 Union
facture™, superior billiard tables; Schaef
er cuehic-ns. 42d-st. and broad way; 45
Gi-^at Jone^-»t.
AT P.E^rCBDTRTcES^WKr second hand
wood an ' ! iron working machine*; fully
guaranteed; machinery bought and ex
char.ged. GBO. }j. Ki;DY. 898 Madison- st.
in great variety
ef style ami
T. O.
11l Fulton St- '
I have tro LARGEST
[S(f)linir?<S IN '1 HE CITY
at reasonable prices.
tor al! machines. COc. each.
too kinds of DIARIES in plain and fine
66 Nassau St. New York. Tel. 2118 John.
OLD GOLD, sliver and precious stones
bough, at highest market value, made
Into new article* or exchanged for new
Jewelry or Japan« 6« poocu at M. F. TEP-
I'EH'B FACTORY. 1U W. Slet. basement.
Help Wanted— Mala and — Three
linen (not exceeding 18 words >. each
insertion, 15 cent*. Six line* (not ex
ceeding 36 words), each insertion. 20
cents. Exceeding M wordt. for each line
in the whole advertisement. I cents
good Income conespor ding for news
papers; experience uncecessaiy. fieud for
particulars. PRESS SYNDICATE. Lock
port. N. Y.
wanted who has knowledge of bookkeep
ing: must be good penman, correct tiirurer
and DM afral.l of work; first class refer
ence* require^": stal* salary. W. H., Box
J5. Tribune Office.
CASH BOYS WANTED at Wanamaker's;
rapid advancement; bring Itoari of
Health certificate.
CHECKER* WANTED for hotel and ree
tauram; must have excellent references.
LAKIN'S BUREAU, 779 6th-ave.
DRIVER for wine retail store; must have
reference from similar position. LA
KINS BUREAU. 779 Cth-ave.
REAL estate; man WANTED.— Neat ap
pearlcg. lnelllgeut man, well acquainted
among real estate people, to canvaxs fur ad
vertlwments for daily newspaper of stand-
Ing; must furnish good references and be
willing to work early and lat^. Andreas,
stating salary expected, GOOD CHA-NCiC
Box 'MJ, Tribune Offlce.
YOUNG MAI. WANTED in office of dally
newspaper; must be bright, honest and
good penman and have excellent references'
r.u oto«fs need apply; state salary expected.'
DAILY NEWSPAPER. Box 16. Tribune Of
WANTED. — First class mechanical
draughtsmen; those with experience In
electrical macalnery preferred; only first
class men need apply: state experience and
eulary expected Address P. A. C., Trtbua-
WANTED. — Poultryman. Apply LE
ERUN. 25U West tilth
urban Street Railway Company — Frederick Ooetz MW 10
The city of New-York — Henry Humburg 800 00
The Baker Tea and Coffee Company — Nassau
Trust Company of the City of Brooklyn 2.561 27
Heard of Hducatlon of the City of New-York —
George H Selleck and another 1.16AA3
Morris Klectric Company— yEtna Indemnity Com
pany 1.704 Al
Ninth National Bank of the City of New-York—
Charlotte Llllanthal and another; costs 105 87
B H Holdcn * Co — New- York Telephone Com
pany 140 03
Metropolitan Street Railway Company — Gustav
Danker 438 24
Interurban Streot Railway Company — Rachel
Fabian 604 60
The Frederick J (Jutmby Company — Robert Weil
ar.d another 1,323 73
Metropolitan Milk and Cream Company — Nathaniel
W Howell 247 64
Tt-.e American Marble, and Onyx Company— L
Josephine Leavens 4.783 57
The Bracey Howard Construction Company —
Mones O Hubhrtrd 2.358 80
Manhattan Hallway Company and Interborough
Rapid Transit Company — John Betjemann 30170
Same— Mary A Hacke't 426 Oo
Manhattan Railway Company — John Betjemann.. 1,100 25
Same— Mary A Hackett 1,688 61
Th« first name is that of the debtor, the second
that of the creditor; the date is when judgment was
Allison. Bilas S — Pnow. Church & Co; March 10.
IBM $38 14
Blanchard. Clarence A — D Ingersoll et al: De
camber 14 lUO4 617 42
— Saint: December 14. 1904 140 00
S»me — B Skinner et al: December 30, 1904 86 66
Same— 3 G Comlv et al: December 30, 1804 77 54
Same — L, Gareard et nl: December 30. 1004 77 64
Blanchard. C!%rence A — M Suffrlns et al; De
cember 80, 1904 78 00
Cole, Andrew J— N B Barry; June 17, 1898 78 47
Casey. John — Germania Life Insurance Co- De
cember 2, 1004 11022
Same— Same; December 2. 1904 96 67
Devlin. Daniel C— J F Webber; March 2, 1&04.... 414 63
Feuerlseiu Alexander Irvine; January 26
1006 : y ..rr; 66 81
Fuller. Hattle — C D Ingersoll et al; December
14. l»04 6 i 74 o
— Same; December 14, 1004 .-. 140 00
Same — Borne; December 30, 1904 7U 86
Same A B Skinner et at; December 30. 1004... . 8B en
Same ß G Comly; December 30, 1904 77 54
Same — L Gareard et al: December 30/ 1904.. " 7754
Same J M Huffrins et al; December 30. lUO4 ." 78 Oo
Goodman. Charles — A L Cary; September 1
1903 ; BOfll
Hoyt. Nellie B — C D Inger*oll et al; December
14. 1904 61742
Same— Same; December 14, 1004 14000
Same Same; December 30. 1004 7953
Same — A li Skinner et al; December 30. 1904 80 66
Same — S G Comly et al; December 30, 1904 77 54
Same — i- Gareard et al; December 30. 1904.... 77 64
Same — J M Suffrlns et al; December 30. 1904 "a 00
Leavy, Edward A — M A Bernhelmer; October 27,
1004 .' 11372
McQuald, Mary T and George B — M C Mulvaney;
February ti, 1904 169. 26
Mandelbaum, Richard R — J J McCormack Febru
ary 8, 11104 1,128
The Manhattan Railway Company and the Met
ropolitan Elevated Hallway Company — H Selfke;
June 21, 1898 163 00
The. Manhattan Railway Company and the New-
York Elevated Railway Company — G McGov—
crn ; June 13, 1901 2,317 07
Same — A H Morris; June 13, 1901 4.448 78
Third Avenue Railroad Company — City of New-
York; October 15, 11*04 36,992 «3
New-York City Railway Company — Axelrod;
December 9, 1904 6,314 35
Metropolitan At Railway Company — A J Nathlrgr;
April 28. 1904 367 82
Pan.e — M Kelleon ; January 20, 1905 4&6 46
Same— O Murray; January 28. 1900 892 20
Same— H Waller; January 7. 1003 161
Manhattan Railway Company and New-York Ele
vated Hallway Company — J Ruppert; August 30.
1900 103 50
Gellert, Morris— A Isenbsrg; February 27. 1890... 258 60
Davldowitz. Hennan — Same; February 27, 1899.. 258 69
Benowltz, Meyer Same: February 27, 1890 258 69
Situations Wanted — Male and Female —
Four lines (not exceeding 24 words),
three insertions, 15 cent*; seven insertions,
30 cents. Exceeding 24 words and less than
40 words, three Insertions, 30 cents; seven
insertions, 60 cents.
BOX WIT. TELLER*"* CO. require
fitters accustomed to rectifying
first class tailor made gowns; others
need not apply. Permanent posi
tion. Call office, 54 Weat 23d-st.
VV'ANTKIX — People to take our mall order
Corr. -spoil den'e Course at home; increase
your income }ZT> up weekly while learning;
we show you how; write to-day. THE MU
TUAL PRESS ASSOC'N, 24 Gold-st., K. Y.
Situation* Wanted — Male and Female —
Four lines (not exceeding 24 words),
three insertions, 15 cents; seven insertitme,
80 rent«. Exceeding 24 words and less than
40 words, three insertions, 30 cents; seven
Insertions, 60 cents.
Younc man. 19. !n architect's offlce;
place for advancement : salary no object
to start. K. GREENE. 229 Huil-St,
ACnVH VOI N.; MAN. 19, as offlce assist
ant or messenger; well educated; excel
lent references. It DRY, 15s Lewis-at.
rATTEKX MAKKR. — By German ; g.,oU ex
perience-. CHARI^BB BCIINEIIJKR. 245
Fitst 4S;h st.. Duook*>y ball.
BARTSNOBR. — Careful mixer; n ,eaks
Engilsh. French, Gtrnuin; Al referebces
Ac dress MONNOT. 2riO Weil 31»th-si.
BARTKKDBR.— Young lrishnvaji as assist
ant bartender- 6 months' experience
MURPHY, 4«1 lOth-ave.
BOT. in, at anything; reference, S5 week
J. HlßStilKOl'lT. 'l36 C..*rok-i-t.
-KMAKKK. --First class all around
niiiJi. who can do blacksmith, work. A.
OILMAN. 1.678 M-a.ve.
CHEMIST -<;raduate, experlencpfi in
cijinmercial chemistry. lias part of
tinirt for manufuolurers; moderate rates;
own laboratory; analytical and research
work: commercial problems. CHEMIST
Tribune Office.
CARETAKHII. — By reliable, clean and trust
worthy family of two. no children; take
caie of house while family is abroad or in
country during: summer; highest references.
H. 0 MILLra, 1.147 Fulton-aye.
CUTTER.— By youns man; assistant cut
ter and liraiinhier on u< utlemen'B ciothlna;
hert reference. ANTHONY MANCUSO. 3Z4
East «Jd b'_
CARPENTER.— First class: steady posi
tion; car d? all repairs to buildings, hang
paptr, plaster, kaleomlne. plumbing, steam
and gas fitting. WITHAM, JOS oSth-*t..
CASHIER, bookkeeper, gystematlzer, ex
perienced on payrolls, corporation books,
now filling responsible place, wants change;
married, 83. G., 10 Essex-aye., Orange.
CLERK. — Ly young mail, 22; familiar with
iWI formg of liisjraj~.ee; can operate type
writer. F. H. X., 840 West 12th-st.
DOCTOR desires position, assl.'tant in store;
practice in connection. !>.. 0O Bth-ave.
DRIVER !5y maj-rie,i man; drlvi" truck or
nelivery wagon; knows city thoroughly
am; uniieratandu care of horaea; reference*
and cash security, if. retiulred. Call or ad
artss QOLDINQ, Mt7 liean st.. Brooklyn.
DRAWINGS and tracings executed neatly
and quickly by draughtsman. Box 257
Westchtstor, New— York.
ELnCTRICIAN.— Age 86; 21 years' practical
experience in electric lights, telephone
belis. switchboard, wiring, dynamos, motors;
storage batteries Installed and maintained;
can handle men to advantage and do the
work himself. Address ELHCTRICIAN,
1.4U Madison- aye.
ELECTRICLAN — Fifteen years' experience,
hotel factory, ee;ate, burglar alarm,
tel.i.i.one. motors, lights; all repair work;
good reference. 1,002 Brook-aye . Bronx.
ENGINEER, machinist and steamfltter;
own tooU; best reference. JOHNSON, 4
West 103d-et.
EJNGINEJSR. — Competent; machinist by
trade; plpeflttlng; nist-ola.ss r«ferenc«s.
BSQUTEER, 3US 2d-st , lirooklyn.
ELEVATOR RUNNER, b> man. about SO.
In small oflioe building; has a little ex
perienc* )n the work; is willing to work a
few days without pay. H. HALBEKTu.N,
201 Chambei-H-st.
young man. W. S. CULHANEi 406 Rob-
Llns aye., Bronv.
FRAMB MAKER- — Gentleman of experi
ence as frame maker for looking glasses,
or gUst fitter; first class workman. Ad
dress A. C. Box 40 Tribun* Office.
GENTIJSM4N of representative appearance
and ability will accept a BALTIMORE
furnish unlimited references and security.
Address E. GREEN. 2.733 St. Paul-m., Bal
timore, Md.
HANDY MAN- Kalsotnlnlng. painting, lob
bing work done; references. A.. A., Trib
une OXiL-e.
HANDY MAN.— By American: married;
fctuady work; good painter, grain*?, var
nisher, Btainer, mixer. enamell*r; al»o tools
f. .r . iirpenterlng or any repairs. AJdreae
fcKYANT. 4US West 128th-et.
JANITOR, &c.~ Elderly. Intelligent m^n;
wife K"od cleaner; scber and responsible;
good references. SHEEHAN, 850 llth-ave.
JANITOR or CARETAKEK.— Uy practical
man. Adorers PRACTICAL, Tribune X:p
t( v.;, Office. 1.204 Biuadway.
MBCHASIfiAL APJ-itAISKR.--Th ( iroughly
l'amillu- with steaai vessels and factories;
sevfial years' experience; with fire insur
ance company: New- York preferred; beit
reference* Write J. g. 43 Rector-st.,
Newark. N. J.
MACHINE HAND— years experi
ence on bench work and drill prees; steady
and eoU-r. MANTUE, TIH Unioa-et., Brook
MAN. 24: well educated; well vented In
the German and Bohemian languages, as
well a* the Qneliah; good penman and or
namental draughtsman Address in writ
ing. T HAVLIK. 482 E. 74th-*t.
OFFICE BOY.— penman; reference.
nOBERT HAJCSHAS. hi a abth-au. Brock
lyn- ;:\ tS*7£.
Situations Wanted — and Female —
Four lines (not exceeding 24 words),
three Insertions, 15 cents; seven Insertions,
30 cents. Exceeding 24 words and less than
40 words, three insertions, 80 cent*; seven
Insertions, 60 cents.
MASSFTUR. — Kxperter.ced man treat* pa
tients at their own residences; beet ref
erenced front physicians; terms moderate.
Address J. O. KEINBULD, North Main-st..
Hackensack, N. J.
ORGANIST. — At moderate salary, or would
give services in exchange for pedal in
struction and organ practice under a su
perior; also classical piano lessons taught
beginners or advanced pupils: harmony,
technique guaranteed. II OLDEN. 102 West
young man; gnod references. JOHN
IjOE-Qi'IPT., 269 Atlantic -aye.. Brooklyn.
PORTEK. &•:.— By middle aged man; por
tajr. watchman or any light wr»rk; good
references. ARBEH, 2.3U« Bth-ave.
PORTER or JANITOR,— By yming man.
married: undersiandw firing: not afraid of
work; reference. JOHN HARRINGTON,
44» West 37th-st.
I'LAHTERKR. — New work or repairing
r«a»onably done; city or country. Ad
dress GLUECK. 427 East 83d-st.
SAI.B.S.MAN. --Kilucated; penman; good Ap
pearance); clever ci-nverbatlonalls; ; with
Mist class firm; ret>renc« furnlshcl; will
travel if necessary. J. X.. 2<Vl W. 126th-st.
STENOGRAPHER.— I am a graduate: rap-
Id and accurate: will take beginners i«_
sitlon, with prospect of advancement A'!
drew llox 471», care of Merchants and
Bankers' School, filtth Bt. and Madison-aye.
STRONG MAN. 37; handy at anythlns: In
wholesale houae; Al reference. P. HI'ER
TER. 610 East Bfith-Pt.
By boy, IS; roftrenceg. Address JOHN
liOHRAIXE. 193 Smith-st., Brooklyn.
VOli'NO MAN. 21; knowledge of Bookkeep
ing and '.(lice routine; permanent posi
tion; best references; salary, $12. THOMAS
KDKU, 112 Pfwurs-st., Brooklyn
YOUNG MAN, 19, Christian, to learn any
kind of machinery or railway work; un
derstands locksmith* trade. Andrew CAUL
UAKI'.ON. care H Walner. 210 Kast Hous
rOUNQ MAN. Frmch. 2fi, in private fam
ily; cltv or country. P. HARTMAN,
DniVttrstty Place. Woodhaven. Tx>nK Island.
YOUNG MAN wisher good steady position;
prefer* wholesale Wither house; b*«t of
references. 11. KW'AI.O. 510 East 83d-st.
TOUNG MAN. 21; six yenry' experience in
clothing noose as stock ar.d receiving
clerk; also understands shipping; b' st refer
ences. CHARLES P.OHMAN. o(« Washing
ton st . Hoboken, N. .1.
YOUNG MAN, 23; permanent position; ca
pable of handling force of men; best ref
erence; salary. $I'O to $25. S. P. A., 413
West 24th-F*..
YOUNG MAN. 17. two years' general of
flce. experience: quick and accurate at
figures; best reference. WILLIAM GKI3EN
9U7 let-aye.
TOUNG MAN to run elevator, drivw or
anything. J. HOAR, 2&7 1 'j, Baltlc-«t.
TOUNG MAN. 21 years old, i«rinanent po
sition In meroartlle house: has had experi
ence in cleric*] capacity; also as salesman;
can furnish best of references JAM Erf
LYNCH, ISC North Bth-»t.. Brooklyn.
YOUNG MAN. 22. at anything; good refer
ence. J. MANLEY. 218 East 73d-st.
YOUNG MAN. U>, at anything; 3 years
high school. M. J. MURPHY. 327 West
41st st.
YOUNG MAN. 38. bualneaa college grad
uate, experienced, where ability lg re
wai 1«1 Viy ailvancement. V. 8.. 630 East
Beu st.
YOPNU MAN. at anything; 18 months'
personal references; city or country. Ad
dieas ICAGDONALD, 437 West 6«tlk-Bt.
IOUNCJ MAX. Suefi!*h. at anything.
PETERSON. 230 East 2fith st.
YOI'Kt; MAN. 21. at anything; can drive;
knows New-York. Brooklyn and Long Isl
and. OTTO KAPLON, 478 lOth-aye
TOCNG MAN to take care of a house; best
city references. Call 101 East 40th-st.
BOOKKBEPER. — Experienced; knowledge
of t>uewrulng. with good house. A<lUr*««
B. COHEN. Kaet 102 d *t.
—A young English, lady as companion,
secretary or governess; pood certificates
accomplished musician; bright dlspnaltlon
excellent references. Address Miss D., 131
St. John's Place, Brooklyn.
QENTLEWOHAN will tutor children or
assist niothe-r with home duties in ex
change for refined home. E. B. M., Tribune
Uptown Office. I.JIM Hroadway.
OOVER.NESB.-By French lady; teaches
'ii-rnian. English. Italian and music
food refer* nces. A]>ply Normal Institute'
7 West 42-1 si
JANlTßESS.— Rcspectablo young colored
couple, three years" reference, no children.
In respectable tenement or flathouse: rent
and gas free for wife's services. 2 Z
Tribune Uptown Office. 1.8U4 Broadway
JANITRESS— Capable, Intelligent woman
small family; rent for sen ices Mis
LYONS. 304 West lMth-st.
MABBKUfI*V Oraduate. patients treated at
hua.e or out. MAKTHA HA.NSEN 230
Ea*t sath-st.. ground floor, right
il V -SFISK -Gra.iuate; will give treatm'-nt
to ladles at residence; best reference Ail
dress KASSBUBB. «JSO Bd-ave.
LADY PIANIST desires position for the
summer In hotel or boarding house. Ad
dies* liox 2. 1,515 lid aye
READER to Invalid, by Hiigllsh lady, lit
erary; antertatnlng; efliclent teacher of
elocution, literature, etc, student* coached
M. C. M . 153 Bth are
BTEns'CMiRAPHER. where there is oppor
tunity for promotion; neat, accurate
erining; moderate salary. B A.. 160 East
STEXOORAPHER.— Un .'u»to. rapid ana
accurate; will tai.a beginner's position
with prospect of advancement. Address Box
470. care Merchant** and Bankers' School
Bltth-at. and Madtson-ava. nwiuoi.
r — \ — It 11. Macy & Co.'s Attractions Aro Their Low Prices.
S* V H/ \ *\ B'way at 6th Av.^^^ 34th to 35th St.
Continuation of the Soles of Summer Furni
ture, Carpets, Rugs, Linoleums, Mattings,
Housefurnishings and China and Glassware;
Women's anc 1 Misses' Suits and Coats, Black
and Colored Dress Goods, Silks, Hosiery and
Gibson Ties.
Women's Shawls— lmported
?d Ft.
SILK, beautifully embroidered in new designs, and
fully fringed—
27x27 inches, each J6S.A9, $3.74 and $3.96
96x36 inches, each $4.^6, $5.49 and $(5.74
45x45 inches, each $7.06, $8.49 to $12..4y
54x54 inches, each $17.49.
INDIA CHUDDAH SHAWLS, in gray and white;
very fine texture— one may easily be drawn througn
an ordinary finger ring—
72x72 inches, square, each $9.74 to $14.74
72x72 inches, double, each $213.96 to $28 74
Men's Spring Overcoats.
New flodels— Smartly Tailored— Silk Lined.
2d F!.. Rear.
$34,961 BOX MODEL. COATS, 82 to 34 inches in
to L length, made of Coverts, Venetians, Whip
s 24.96 1 cords and Buckskin Coverts.
$ tel leng th, made of Vicunas, Thibets, Un
s97° A® ' dresseci Worsteds and Cheviots in plain
Sp^./. JVJ black and fancy mixed.
$19.96 PADDOCK OVERCOATS, made of Oxford
" r and Tan Coverts, Worsteds and Cassl
s2B.49j meres, lined with serge or Venetian cloth.
Men's Spring Suits $12.49 to $28.4
Eleven different models of Single and Double
breasted Suits are ready. Particular attention is di
rected to our large assortment of pure worsted Suits.
Children's Hosiery— Separate
Department for This Line.
Ist Fl.
In most stores Children's Hosiery is looked upon
as a side line— a fringe to the regular stocks of men's
and women's Hosiery. At Macy's the Children's
Hosiery section is an Individual department, as care
fully looked after as any department In the house.
We doubt If there is another store In America that
presents equal assortments. The goods are not
bought of local jobbers or importers. We import
direct Jrom the German manufacturers, thereby
eliminating every intermediate expense What this
means to our patrons you discover when you try to
match our 24c. Hosiery at any other store. We sell
ALL sizes, from 6 to It), at 24c. a pair. Others ask
25c. a pair for size (5, with an advance for larger
sizes, ranging up to 4Oc. a pair for size 10. These 24c.
stockings are made of selected Egyptian yarn, with
double heels, toes and knees, medium weight, fine
and coarse-ribbed, Hermsdorf dyed.
Equally good values will be found in other
imported lines, among them:—
Children's Light Weight
Cotton Hose, fine ribbed,
with double knees, heels
and toes; Hermsdorf
bltick, plain white or
tans; sizes 6 lo 1C), a
pair We
Misses' Ribbed Lisle
Thread Hose, two styles
of rib, in plain black or
white, size 7, a pair ti9c
(Add Z3c. a pair for each
size above 7 and deduct
L2c. a pair for each size
under 7.)
Boys' Black Corduroy
Ribbed Cotton Hose,
made for hard service;
very elastic; sizes 7 to
11 44c
Children's Plain Gauze
Lisle Thread Ho«^e, with
(jarter tops, double soles
nnd low spliced heels; in
black, white ?md as
sorted shades of tan ;
sizes 6 to 9, a pair i*9o
Situation* Wanted — Male and Female-
Four lines (not exceeding 24 words),
three- Insertions, 15 cents; seven insertions,
30 cents. Exceeding 24 words and less than
40 words, three Insertions. 30 cents; sevrj
insertions. 60 cents.
STENOGRAPHY, &c— Engagements, day
or hour, stenography, typewriting, proof
reading, revising (editorial experience),
searching In libraries, etc. LITERARY
ASSISTANT. 2 Court-st.. Brooklyn.
Experienced: reference. Miss LAURA
MEAD, 41W Wflt Slst-st.
STENOGRAPHER. - Kij.ert; young business
woman of executive ability; eight years'
experience in position of responsibility and
trust; excelleTH references. S. A. G., Box
31, Tribune Office.
HemlßgtJTi and Underwood operator; nine
months' experience; reference. K. L., 733
Four years' experience; permanent; no
agents; (12. T. MILLS. 229 1 East 14th-st.
TyPETWRITINtJ — Own Smith Premier type
writer; neat, rapid, accurate; or check
books or accounts: day or evening, by ap
pointment. Address or call 26 East 14th
st.. Room 2. advertising office.
Situations Wanted — Male and Female-
Four lines (not exceeding 24 words),
three Insertions, IS cents; seven inser
tions. SO cantn. Exceeding 24 words and
less than 40 words, three insertions. 30
cents; seven insertions. SO cents.
A. HANDY MAN on gentleman's place, or
would take place us coachman; under
stands the care of horses and cattle; also
lawn* hedge*; ■ good hand at vegetables
or liiht faming. BARNEY MA LONE.
Red Bank. N. J.
30. unmarried; thoroughly understands his
duties- conscientious, trustwurth) . familiar
with haißfS, golf, boats. WALLACiO. lul
Ryer»on-et., Brooklyn
ATTENDANT, companion to an Invalid;
experienced, educated, gentlemanly : ac
customed to travelling; New-York refer
ence*. 11.. <'■* Lexlngton-ave.
Ui'TLrJH.- Jun dinenKaK«-.1. ;irbt class city
references: sober, tones.! and strictly tem
perate A X.. -*70 Madm.)ii-ave.
BtTTUBR — COOK -Bf neat, mteßlgasH col
ored couple; full care small private fam
ily; b*«st city personal references. J . care
OX Howman. 240 West 40th-st.
BKLLMAN. &c— Toting colored man as
bellman, hallman or oostraon man at
spring or summer .resort. JAMES i\
HEKBERT, 43m Waverley-ave.. Brooklyn;
no agencii-s.
BI'TLER-'-'OOK. — Couple. Knsllsh. Prot
estants: man butler or gen^rull> useful
wife cook or waitress; will j o work for
■mall family; good refrrencts W T Mr*
Collier's. 122 West 23d-st.
BI'TUEK- Young nun; neat. obliging
sober. hon.-st; knuua good aervlce- or
valet to elderly gentleman, personal refer
fn:«s. cuy ur country 1M West 2Sth-at
care Fallon.
BUTLER. VALET.— man: thorough
ly competent; neat, honest, sober- nrlvat«
family; city or country be.t references
Address CHARLFS. 104 Bait S3*-«t
CHKF. with highest references. In hotel
restaurant or private family; would take
Misses' Plain Cotton
Hose, with double knees,
soles, heels and toes; in
plain black, white and
assorted shades or tan;
sizes 5 to 9 1-2, a pair,
Misses' Fine Lisle
Thread Hose, plain with
lace ankles; in black,
white and assorted
shades of tan; sizes 5 to
y, a pair yyc
Misses' Imported Lace
Lisle Thread Hose, all
over lace and with lace
insteps, in black, white
and tans, sizes 5 to 9, a
pair «»c
Misses' Black Brilliant
Ingrain Lisle Thread
Hose, fine ribbed, white
tipped toes and heels;
size 7, a pair 4^c
(Add iic. a pair lor each
size above 7 and deduct
2c. a pair for each size
under 7.
Situations Wanted— Male and Female—
tr,r«-^"ll c " * not «xcceJing 24 wordsl.
SO .n'v' 0 " 'l AlllA 111 cents = ( " ye " insertions;
4 > ■l^ Exceeding 24 words and less than
taa^t^n'i kh/~k h /~ ln »«"«on'». 30 cents; seven
insertions. 60 cents.
C^x > r!^r7e^^ >b 'h' Stead y man ' on "K-riooner;
HR^t^^rookTyn rot '" Address 33
CXSOK - Austrian; hospital, home or club-"
house; only good position: city o r country
three years' hospital experience \d.lres-i
Miss MASSLER. IS3 West lOSth- *t. AOW— "
CARETAKER.— By man an.l wife, for pri
„**:'• ' am "y: references last employer P M.
It. , 1 t\ null*- ( Hrlt_-»>
COIX>RED MAN and WIFE, in country
SA^M'B^G^r^Vest SSI]? 2
aged man; thoroughly undersranda hU
business; Is desirous of procuring employ
ment In the country; satlsfactorj personal
COACHMAN. «1 4th-avi,
COACHMAN— Thoroughly experienced- ex
cellent references: single; height. 8 ft 8
COACHMAN -Thoroughly experienced ex
cellent references, mairie-1. no fariiiiv
COACHMAN. — Protestant; thoroughly un
derstanda oare horses, carriages careful
city driver: first class personal reference
city or country. J. MARSHALL. a« East
COACHMAN.— By young colored man 20
r, be.i city references. C^ll or write v »
B. 107 East 7«th-st., private stable
COACHMAN.-Slngle. 26; country; £
yearn reference. can be seen at present
E™M 0 8lt rh-.tr h-.t. GEORGE MUSGRA^ "*
COACHMAN.-Engllsh; neason or perma
nent; experience! city driver and horse
man; is neat, sober and competent- lon*
references from prominent city famllu«
who can be seen. HENRI, Tribune uS
town OHco. 1.3«4 Broadway
OOACHstAN. — Single; thoroughly urul^r
stands his work; had charge gentleman's
cuntry «t»Me 3 jwn; ptod rider oji.i
driver; neat appearance; sober, reliabh
weiKht. 180. height, 5 ft. U>\ in .-ity „r
country; personal or written references T
D . Tribune Uptown Offlce. 1.364 Broadway!
COACHMAN, colored: thoroughly compe
tent; fine horses; city, country; 10 years'
experience: sober, honest; city reference
H. H . Mlneola Stables. 303 West Sl>th-at°
(X>ACIIMAX. — First class rider and driver
15 years' city recommendations; last em
ployer can be seen; city or country Q M
LOCKB it CO. 84th st. and Broadway '
children: wants house or rooms; strictly
sober; best references. thoroughly uivl^r
stands care horses, carriages, etc • will
cut lawns; an excellent man. JOHN 11 at
Carpenter' a Bureau 164 Oth-ave "
medium sUe; thoroughly undeiatands car«
of horse*, harness, carriage*, good driver;
ears lawns, furnaces; milk; *•«»• modeivl
ate; satisfactory references. COM PBVK \T
Box 8. Tribune Office. »««*..% T.
JMAJJ.-Engllsh; mtirM; no fal^
Situation* Wanted Male and Female —
Four lines (not exceeding 24 words),
three Insertions, IS rente; seven inser
tions. 30 cents. Exceeding 24 words and
less than 40 words, three Insertions. SO
cents; seven insertions. »0 cents.
COACHMAN, gardener and useful man;
Intelligent young Englishman: thoroughly
competent active. willing and conscientious
worker; first class references. Call IR
WIN'S BUREAU. 77 West llth-st.
COACHMAN. — Hv Swede; excellent man In
every way; experienced In care, manage
ment, etc., of good horses, carriages, bar
m-RS. ate.; country preferred. RICHARD,
at Carpenter's Bureau, 1.%4 <Jth-ave.
wife; n.) children: want house; can do all
work on gentleman's place: on gas en
gine, win*. mill, poultry, etc.; best refer
ences. HUGH. Carpenter's Bureau. 114
COACHMAN.— Experienced; English: de
sires a country engagement in April or
May; age 38; married; no family: neat ap
pearance; total abstainer: highest references
from present and past employers; can in
tervlew any evening. Address W. It.. 1
Gates-aye.. Brooklyn.
COACHMAN. -- Thoroughly experienced In
care of hur»es and carriages, gardening,
lawn.", furnace*, etc.; references. ALEX
ANDER M'MI'LIjAN, 1») Isleecker-»t.
COACHMAN. 'Ity or country, married.
nve years' references. «-ix.d car»f<il Jriver
and handy man around >~ou»e. at., H9
umbns-ave.. stor*-.
COACHMAN. — Married; no encumbrance;
aged 5.% years: desirmi steady position; fif
teen years' beat persotial city references.
P. N.. 1.06-i Broadway. Tel. 1711 Colum
COACHMAN. First class; 16 years* refer
1-1 iv from last employer: wiiluut and
oblleinc; married; city or country. SLAT
TKRY. 151 East 48th-st.
— Working foreman: married: no
children; strictly reliable, energetic; five
years with last employer; practical stock,
dairy, herdsman, etc. : board and manage
men; best references. I. H . at Carpenter's
Bureau. 154 6th-ava. .
FARMER. — Plain; German: married, three
children; good worker; not capable to
manage: strictly honest, sober, etc; good
references. R. W., Carperter's Bureau, 154
FARMER. — Scandinavian. 32. married, no
children: as foreman on farm; first class
man in every respect. A. EBEKLIN. 334
East 40th-st.
FARMER. — Practical. experienced farmer,
truck farm and stock, as manager on
large farm or gentleman's place. Address
BOURDEAU. 83& West 24th-st-
FARMER. — Working foreman; marrl<-<i, no
children; strictly reliable, cnerfretic: five
year* with last employer; practical stock,
dairy, herdsman, etc. ; board and manage
men: best references. I. 11.. 41 Carpenter's
Bureau. 154 <ith-ave.
FARMER. — Plain; German: married, no
children: good worker: not capable to
manage, but strictly honest. sober man;
K©od references, jv-en at CARPENTER'S
KUREAU. 154 6th-ave.
t'ARMEK. — iixperlerced farmer: can take
full charge of gentleman's place: refer
ences first class. Address il C. DAVID
SON. Gray oak*. Toajkera, N T.
FARMER. — Foreman, superintendent; Eng
llsn; married; small family; experienced
In America: practical in every branch of
farming, dairying, etc.; has had the man
agement of larga estate; make Improve
ments; board anil handle help; best refer
ences can be seen In the city. G. 8.. at
Carpenter's Bureau. 154 6th-ave.
FARMER 'Kor.rr.an). By North of Ireland
Pr>t?stHnt; married: wife, two boys, age 1
11 and 4 years; thoroughly experienced with
all branches of farm and dairy: wife fine
poultry and dairy woman, butter mak;r.
etc.; will board help; eight years In last
place: references the best: ready now. R.
X.. at Carpenter's. 154 Cth-ave.
FARMER. — Married; no children: as work
ing foreman on gentleman's place; \\\i
t> care for poultry and dairy; will board
help if desired: Al reference. J. K. H..
687 Bushwiok-ave., Brooklyn. N. Y.
GARDENER. —So family: nationality.
Scotch: good reference from last employ
er; ■ thoroughly conversant with the care of
private place; expectations moderate. DON
ALD. 54 Dey-st.
GARDENER.— By married man. small fam
ily, on gentleman's place-: understands
horses and cattle; 11 years' reference from
last place. Address T. L. K. 211 East
GARDENEH^SIngIe; understands hla busi
ness thorouphly; on gentleman's estate;
reference. ECKHARDT, R3O East 93«1-st.
GARDENER —Married. ,'iO; n.> chiMren.
flowers, fniit. vegetables; wlf* w.rk In
house as waitress: good refernce. JOHN
FI.YNN, 320 Kast UO-St.
(iARDENBJR. — Plrst class man: single;
French. 32: competent take charge la«Jy»
or irertleman's place; greenhouses, lar.<!
scaping, shrubberies, lawns. frui'.erl«s, vege
tables. GARDKNBR. 136 West 2«Jth-st.
GARDENER.— SingIe: north of Ireland
Protestant; an excellent man; strictly so
ber and rellabU; vegetables, glass, green
house: all work; beat references. DAVID.
»t Carpenter'?. 154 6rh-ave.
GARDENER (Head). — English: married,
aged 36: on gentleman's country estate;
thorough knowledge of gardening In all Its
branches: farming and stock: good refer
ences. GEORGE STANDEN. MlUbrooic
N. Y.
GARDENER. —Middle aged; teetotaller;
practical succession vegetable grower.
frultH. flowers; h''rs«r.,a.-. Jairyman. poul
tryman; thoroughly practical In all require
ments en gentleman's place; unsurpa»»«-d
city references. AMERICAN. Eox 13,
Tribune Office.
GARDENER. — Ry middle, aged single man;
experienced: flowers, vegetables, lawns,
drives etc.: can milk: well recommended.
GARDENER 35 23-ave.
G\RDENER. — Scotch; married: capable of
taking charge of gentleman's place: Ufe
experience with fruit, Towers and vegeta-
I|m under glass an.l outside; good refer
ences. Address A. M.. car* of Vaughan *.
14 Barclay-st.
G^RDENER. — Single; thoroughly under
stands gardening: one horse: poultry,
milk; thoroughly competent on gentleman's
place: satisfactory personal references: for
ner «nd la« employers can be seen. WAL
LACE. 467 Pearl-st.
CAHPBNER. — Single; German; thoroughly
understands flowers, fruit. vegetables,
lewn: on penUeman's j.>lace. v .)est references.
<;. H . tM Klchinond Road. Stapleton.
Staten Island.
GARMKNER and FT^rUST.— 2« years' ex
perience greenhou*e.s. graperies, vege
tablea under glass and outdoors: tree*.
shrubs- marrleJ. no children; all reference.
M SHKKHAN. Box 1-43. Butler. N J.
tT»OK.— Japanese, !>>ng experi»nce; in pri
vate family. SEKIOAHARA. 17 Cow
eord st.. Hrv>oklyn.
KEEPKR. Japanese: best reference*.
BUSHI. 17 CbßOOtd St.. IlllWliljsl
GARDENER — Swedish, married, one child;
life experience In Sowar*, vegetables,
fruit. In and out doors; landnrapir.4. shrub
beries: on gentleman's country estate; best
references. Address GARDENER. A. L..
66 Dey-st.
GARDENER.— SingIe. 3.5. 2t> years' prac
tical experience un.l-r glass ami all out
side work: where a sober anU trust worthy
man Is required. be*i reference. G. 11.. S'jij
GARDENER. — German, married; good ref
erences; In refin»il private family; wife
rood cook. p Ad.iress T. LOUCEK. caro
Mull-r. 247 Avenue A.
GARDENER. — German. 27: eXpertea In
all branches of gardenia* under elau and
outside: capable to take charge of gentle
man's private place: best references. Ad
dress PAUL EBEL, care Elslnore. Glei
Cove. Long Island.
GARDENER and superintendent on gentle
man's plac»: thwiouKh'.y experienced la
all branches !asas«ape work and farm man
agement; nine years' references from last
employer. B. 71 Morton St.. Brooklyn.
GENTLEMAN giving up horses recom
mends his man as thoroughly reliable in
every particular. D. It.. 1.792 Amsterdam
ave. ;
, j
JAPANESE: young, honest, desirvs p«*ttlon >
as butler, any kind of domestic work in
family: city or country; reference. TA
BACH!, 121 West Nil at
JAPANESE: first class co«k. valet; willing j
to d<> laundry wurk in small family. <
TANAKA. 4U7 K*tst 24th-st.. flat.
JAPANESE young man to do light hcuae— {
work in good, small family: small wage*. |
TAKO. IT Concord at.. Brooklyn.
MAN and WIFE, competent to t!o work
required on farm or gentleman* place;
reference. ADVERTISER. 36 2>l-ave., city.
MAN and WIFE, French, young; will do
work of house: first class; $50. Call 12 I
East 42d-st.
SCOTCHMAN. in the country as han.tv :
man; can milk; best of references. i';»r<^
of Mjs >paut.l!ng. 223 West lttth-st.
USEFUL MAN around houre and waiting.
hy Oermait, Just landed KICHTEK. .a-e
German- American League. 315 We-Jt "Ml",
st. Tel 1 1171 — I'helsea.
Just lanJ-J. C. \RI>KN*-:i; i-ure German
American l^rugue. 315 Waac 24ih-*:. ivi
1 I'TI Chelsea.
USEFUL MAN around home; garden and
horses ISi'i'l I, care Uermun American
League. 315 West 24th- st. TV 1,ti71 \iw\
USEFUL. MAN. Care of horse; salary Jill.
Apply LE UKIN. 250 West JDth »t.
.YI.\N*.UU:n- Kirst class Bias with ate ok
can handle colts; good bom* prefwrrad to
high wi(»i; references. C A. IIALKBY.
807 pv«t 70th-st.
DOMESTIC «ii rr %tion-i WAJtTXD,
Situation* Wanted — Male and riiili
Four lines (not exceeding -♦ sumS"
threw Insertions. IS cents. saves) ln«irU(-a«'
3O cents. Exceeding 24 words awl leas tbsa
40 words, three insertion*), SO cents; serin.
Insertions. •> cants.
USEFUL MAN.— T«g"rtabl* tax**-*.
farmer: experienced poultrynian. milk'
take care of hors*«, drive, ate.; r«r—ai ■'
VOGEL. 11»> Green wleh-st. '
USEFUL MAN— Tonne Bwealsh man wu;
make himself generally useful In Ln»at*
family; sitrti :ly reliable ant sober; ro»i
references. ALEXANDER, At V.U. Olm-.
Bureau. 824 r.th-ave.
USEFUL MAN.— Car* of horses; rc^dlsr
harness; careful driver; sober; work In
garden: keep hens laying all winter; km
reference, a U. C. Box •. Tribune oSml
I'SETTI, MAN — Good milker; care for
horse*, poultry, grounds. C R. Bli
4th-st.. Brooklyn.
VALET.— Frenchman would like two more
gentlemen to valet; or take charm bach
elor apartment?, can cook: beat refereacea.
FOREN. 1.624 Avenu- A.
VALET. 4- — Tnurg German-American as
valet or travelling companion. A4dr*M
H. LEI K. 32> East 42<i-st.
colored man; in hotel or •"!*•; Tinder
stands mixing ail drinks; six years' experi
ence; references furnished. Address jTt
SNELL. 224 Grand-st.. Jersey City.
git nations Wanted- Vale and Female—
Four lines 'not exceeding J4 woriii
three Insertions. IS cents: seven !nsei>!
tlnns. 30 cents. Exceeding 24 w->Ms *—
less than 40 words, three Insertion l l!
cents; seven Insertions. (0 cents.
AMIABLE, elderly lady, superior maaager
economist, excellent cooklsg. very n«at'
will give perfect care to city or couotrv
home; full particulars to Insure antics
COMPANIONABLE. 2«3 West 12Sth-str
COOK, waitress, maid ana namsttesa beat
references. Miss LARSON'S Bmpluynont
Once. 33 West 2lth-*t. Tel. 3,044-.<ttas>
son Square.
COOK. — Protestant: willing to assist Sana
dry; neat, competent, obliging woman
best of references; city or country. A. li'
Mrs. Collier's. 122 West 23d-si.
friends, one as cook and Tanailreaa &•
other as chambermaid and wu:t:ess ' city
or country; will do work of small p'rtrtt*
family: bake, souijs. dt^aerts; three >«an'
references. 114 West 2Jtth-st.
MaID an 1 WAITRESS.— PIace i n coun
try, togethnr or separate. MRev HOBKY A
CO.. U'2 West 4<nh st. , Telephone :tuM-l
COOK. — By Austrian woman. in citrate
family; best references. Ad'iiess 11 i
292 3d-ave.
I'OOK. — First class; city or country; seat
r»fer«-nces. 14a East 4ttth-st.
COOK and LAUNDRESS. — Competent, et^
ore«i, in private family: good references.
wages $22 Apply for thre* days to I» L
GORHAM. 110 East Mth-»t.
COOK. WAITRESS— By two youn s women,
together or separately; one competent
cook, other as waitress; wages J-. and lib
each. Call 5» West 21st-st.
— Wages 120-J22: city or country. Man*
42« 4th-ave.. between 2i»th and ";otn sta
COOK. —By young Irish woman; excellent
city references; first cla.*<a co*>*; good ii»
position; *-•"> y..<>. X.. Hofmayer's Bureau,
133 West 23d-«. Tel. 1.564 Chelsea.
COOK. — First class; best references; teat
anl tidy; *':*•> general housewcrker; a
number of girls a: FLAHERTY'S. 453 Ce
lumbun-ave. Tel. 741 J — Uiver.
COOK. — Neat colored woman as good plain
cook, or do general hnusework or day's
work or take laundry home. M' ■HV.. 21S
West Ith st.
COOK. — A competent Sw«~li»h nek, ;n pri
vate family: four years' reference from
last employer; country preferred. ANDER
SON. 535 East I«2d-at.
COOK — Gtrman- Hungarian; hotel or res
taurant; sleep h■>::.-;h ■>::.-; off Sundays. ilrs
SCHERR. 442 East 73th-st.
CLEANING — i •■.creel woman To do clean
ing in bachelois' apartments or a few
hours In tho lay. TORK£, 410 W. 3
COMPANION.— By m. :d!o aged woman;
educated: companion to grown children or
lone woman: experienced in handwork aa4
household: wi.i go In country. GllOSd-
HANDLER. 1.025 lsi-ave.
CHAMKERSIAID ami sewing, or mother's
helper, by refined Nor. of Ireland Prot
estant; references. !»,-> West *4uii-*t. ; ring
fourth bell twice.
tidy girl: best reference*, wages $18 par
month. FLAHERTY. 4a4 Columbus-a.ve.
Tel. 141 J— River.
CHAMBERMAID.— Refined girl as rlrst
class chambermaid; wi'i.nr to assist ottie*
duties. excellent personal references); no
carda. lno East 641h-st.
CHAMBERMAID, good houa»worker. by
neat. tidy, colored girl; highest r«f«rence
from last employer; wages $14 to $2O; other
good helo at HATTKN'3 AGENCY. 25*
West 4<*li-at. 'Phone 4SS3 R— SSth.
CHAMBERMAID.— •sundress sad
waitress: Protestant English spn*l'«'M
young, strong German girl, with refer
ences, city or country preferred. HERS!.
172 East 4th-st.
DAY'S WORK. -An honest. rnstmrtssl*
woman to do day's wr'i washtn* aid
ironing. LIVINGSTON. Z& West 13*tt>-et.
DAY'S WORK.— By respectable woe*B.
cooking, washing. Ironing or any kind m
housework: good reference. 408 West ITt*
st. 2d floor.
HOUSEKEEPER.— By an American yoang
woman for refined gentleman's apart
ments. HANSEN. 270 Wesi 4tn-st-
HOUSEWORK.— Smart young woman to do
housework in private r ni:y or apartsitnt .
would id short dlataare in country; refer
ences. 233 3d-ave.. between 19th and 20th
HOUSKWORKBR. — Colored: good coot
waitress of chambermaid; city or country,
with private family. Call or address LIND
SAT. 263 West 4,7'Ji-st. "Phone 4118 J—
3«th-«t. Agency
— Neat, competent. oblls'Bff gjrl; good ref
erences; city or country. M. d., Mrs. Col
lier's, 122 West 23<i-st.
HOUSEKEEPER.— By youns widow as
housekeeper or a r#»?*ciable aian; will
go to country. 1 850 3^l-ave.. between Sits
and SSth sts., care :aa!t<r.
HOUSEWORK. — Experienced and u»»:iii
man; steady job. N. ii. DERBAfI. 15*
East 27th-st.
HOUSEWORK — Protestant; at-lv laadrt.
young, strong. Gorman-Hunganaa girl,
wishes goo.l horn* tn an Vrr.ari an fi.x:!».
city or country. HER 2. 172 East 4tn-»:.
LAUNP;: !ws; va»
dexstai » ■
t.^st referen< c FINI
. aye
LAUNDRESti w■.s^.•^ w.^rlt tv the i:ay:
home preferred. Mrs. HOWARD. 71 W«»t
i LAUNDREa?sI. —By young woman; •>•*
class; two yearn' personal reference from
I last place: wages. »^5; no carts lw) East
; 34th-st.
MME. AVGVSTA, CK2 fith-sve.. ren»
lilt-: - ni.e French yuur.« r.ia:: A» a f«»
era] us*rul man. in private f^miiy: wages.
*2t>: 'phone. 277»— 35th.
MENDING. — Will go out by th* .*:«>• to <!•->
inn llv -nenJirK: mud*rjtl»: references.
SEAMSTRESS. 134 West 16lii -st.
MA'l» to young UJy, by ymns woaaa:
willlnu. obllKing- Adih-ess E. H K. Bex
123. Gladstone. N. J
xn: or ATTKNDANT.— LaJy wishes to
p; i.-<- faithful nur«-. lens tn service: at
tendant to elderly lady or couple: delh-at*
child (not Infant) woulJ bave un<>r care:
very bright, t•^.eerful. capable: sur*rifi*
housekeei>ln«: city or country: PmTenant.
Iraaa W. i». J.. Room ."><;. I«>J* W*wrtlsat.tt
NURSE. — Kxr-eriencM tn ««ntinement cases;
doctors »^d pjitterts' refai(o««a <"»!' •_""
a.iilr«» WEUA I.NI Hergen-s: . Erook-Ta
NURSE. — Competent, mii.ile %gfJ won"*"
a« Infant's nurse; .-ntjre eharg*: fj'jj'
per».na! r«-ftrr«-iu «rs : .-tty <.r eottOtry. !*»
W«-»t sTth-*t.. Scanlor.'* e»U
Nnt.SK. —Ni at. exoeri«ii«l «ir! W t.t<»
mi I twi«-jeir-oIJ iht'.d; »mail sivirtaiant*
L. P.; 2UW East 40th-st
NI'R3IN« — Phvsiclan'* referem-e: '«•»»■
work attoniie.l to. Mr?. W. IJSCUKE.
J>7o Intervale- ay*.. near We9tch*strr-ar».
Un !•
VfASBJXQ am! IRONING to uo out •>
Mis* EUFERT. 215 Stagr-at,
cma \.-R»an: e\p<*nenceil: in simi'.l faO' 1 " ;
r»>«-.it», soup I*.1 *. <!»-x«»rt«. R.wt l»r»adiea*"J
refei«iu-e. 3^4 li>a« 52J-»t.. Meeftan's beft
WAITRESS— Two >■<•*«»• refwne*: cba»~
brrniai.i anl »^a:r.s:rf!<«; one ami a B»'j
years' r»ViM^n»»; la ocun:rv ti^ether. CW
MI'S. B«UtrSY .«■ O\. id W*st 401&- I *--
Tr'rfhjr*. ?;T»-.1.. 3S|h-«l. "
WAIYRtSA — ISy young woman: Jwst JfT"
lume.l from Ireland: first «Us«: In >•*"
vate family; brat references. Can e» •*-
*»- E. O-. OB W*« 13t!i-*»-

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