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JJoxl a Little Brooklyn Boy Sate
In 1524 or 1825, when Walt Whitman was a
tm au boy of five or six, Lafayette came to the
United States and made a prolonged visit by
Invitation of Congress. He travelled from one
city to another, everywhere most affectionately
received, for the young States were still ani
mated by gratitude to the Frenchman. He
S came to the little sister city across the East
River, and young Walter Whitman was one of
the children who welcomed him there. In after
years Whitman wrote out a short account of the
scene as he remembered it, and this hitherto
unpublished production has Just been brought
out in & limited edition under the title of "La
fayette In Brooklyn." It is printed at the "Lit
erary Collector Press" by George D. Smith; it
offers an introduction by Mr. John Burroughs,
and it is embellished by a frontispiece portrait
of Whitman and by a reproduction of S. F. B.
Worse's quaintly absurd portrait of Lafayette
which hangs in our City Hall.
The Brooklyn poet's reminiscence of the vis
itor is of the slightest, and it Is a comical testi
mony to the fanatical devotion of his admirers
that It phould have been thought worthy of
preservation in this elaborate form. The author
tells us that the waiting crowd "formed on both
•ides of a hollow lane nearly two miles long,
thickly fringed with well dress' d humanity,
women as well as men, the children placed in
front." The Frenchman crossed the ferry in a
large canary-colored open barouche, drawn by
four magnificent white horses, and was slowly
driven through this hollow lane. "Smiles and
tears." the boy remembered, "contended on hi 3
homely, yet most winning features." The cor
ner Etone of a library was to be laid, and La
fayette had promised to perform this duty.
Some half « mil* or over from tho ferry he
etopt, got out of the barouche, and in the midst
of the crowd with other gentlemen, assisted m
lifting t!:e children, amid the deep-cut excavation
and heaps of stones, to safe spots. wher> they
could see the ceremony. Happening to stand near,
3 remember 1 was taken up by Lafayette in his
arms an.l held a moment— l remember that he
press'd my cheek with .1 kiss as he set me down—
the childish wonder and nonchalance during the
■whole affair at the time— contrasting with the in
describable ilniwnf of the reminiscence since.
The boy's memory of the man as "tall, brown,
not handsome in the face, but of fine figure, and
the pattern of good nature, health, manliness
and human attraction." agrees In detail with
Morse's painting.
Mr. Sianley Weyman, it is said, became a
professional novelist at the mature age of thir
ty-fiv. aft«r nervousness had made his career
at the bar a failure. In an idle hour, with a
cigar at his cluK be turned over the pages of
: -sor Bahd's history of the Huguenots ami
It MMenly occurred to him that there was a
pood novel in the subject There was. It came
frrvn ris i>en as "The House of the Wolf," and
1t brought him a thousand dollars and made
him a novelist.
That most devoted student of the portraits
of Mary Ftuart, Mr. J. J. Foster, has excluded
from !;«(■ iust published book on the subject all
the- Z'iccheros to be found in British country
houses. The .Tinet portrait now in the Biblio
th^iue Nationele at Paris Is the one on which
Mr. Foster seems to place most reliance as a
touchstone for later depictions. To modern eyes
this portrait does not convey the Idea of beauty,
and so far from representing a pirl in her teens
— as Mary must have been when Janet drew
her — it is apparently a woman of twenty-eight
or thirty who is set before us. Borne of the por
trai's of Mary which have actual loveliness
are the work of unknown artists of her time.
The banished ex-Crown Princess of Saxony
: | übUshed a booklet containing about a
dozen little poems. As to th»? tttenury value of
Mbass i rc-ducUons, it is enough, perhaps, to Quote
ntence cjf a cautious oommentator, "To
■übririt th>»se outpourings of an afflicted soul to
Briticism would be like- breaking a butterfly on
tbe wheel."
Mr. Gla-'istone, who hated arithmetic as a little
boy. told one of his friends that this feeling- ex
isted until he got into the higher mathematics,
■which Interested him. As Chancellor of the
Exchequer figures become inovinp realities to
lifm. One of his friends says in some recently
published rpcollactionn:
He once told me that when In years of greater
prosperity he ram", in his Bu2«?et figures, to the
figures which represent <i the growing wellbeing
of the working people, it was ail he could do not
to break down with emotion.
He always considered that he fully earned his
•■alary as a minister of state. Mr. Bright said
to him on one occasion that he always felt
ashamed of himself when he had to take his
official salary. "There I don't a bit agree with
you. Bright." said Mr. Gladstone. "I had rather
irke my official money than anything- I receive
from lanrt, for I know I have earned every
penny of it."
Mr. G. J. Holyoake, who has just published
a volume of reminiscences at the ape of elghty
•ev»n. offer? therein a prescription for longevity
Which may be commended to Dr. Osier's critics:
In the first half of my Ufa I ate whatever came
to hand, and a* not enough came I easily observed
moderation. But thtn I was disposed to be mod
erate on principle, having read in the "Penny
Magazine." i bout 1S» (fancy a mnn writing book's
in 19(6 who was reading magazines when George
IV was Klng'.j. that Dr. Abernethy told a lady she
misfit eat anything In moderation. In the second
end later half of my life. I gave heed to Cornaro,
and sought to limit each meaJ to the least quantity
necessary '" health. The limitation of quantity-
Included liquids as well as solids, decreasing the
amount of both "in relation in age and activity."
a* Sir Henry Thompson advised. Not thinking
much of meat. I limited that to a small amount,
and cereals to those that grow above ground. . . .
My general mode of work has been to avoid excess
In food, In pleasure. In work and in expectation.
The abstinent Venetian Cornaro lived almost
m. hundred years.
As to literary oonversation, Canon Air.Kor has
pointed out that sunie persons will ask you
questions requiring a month or two to consider,
suid then another month or two to answer, be
twesn the courses at a dinner party. In one of
Ills lectures be said:
I remember once a lady I sat next to asklnsr me
srad'Senlv. "Canon A!nr»:>r. what 1» your opinion of
Cexlylet" Well. I hope I hare 'been decently
brought up, no 1 did not make the rejoinder which
would have best «x pressed my feelings. I did not
reply: "Goodness gracious, madam! How can you
ask each a preposterous question under such pre
posterous circumstances?" (I remember I was just
beginning my fish.) For, you see, my neighbor was
not even opening a discussion merely— in Itself most
Improper at euch a serious moment. She wanted,
apparently, an «;ncyclop»e«iia article offhand, and
that, too. without my knowing (a thing in itself
xnoel Important), the previous history (as a physi
cian would cay) "of the case." But there Is a time
for everything, the wise man has said, and there
are tiroes for discussion and times for conversation
and tbe two things are far from being the same
A syndlcaXa. composed of Joseph Haznerschla«.
Jacob Hlreh and Max Marx, has bought, through
Richard Alexander, from Herman H. Cammann.
Edmund 6. Bailey and Fordham Morris, executors
of tbe estate of Nathaniel Platt Bailey, all the re
jnainins part of that estate. It comprises nearly
liO lots, located on tbe east side of Ball«y-ave. and
SMtb-et.. and includes about twenty-five lota each
on Use east and west sides of Heath and Nathalie
ayes.. extending to the west eide of S«dpwlck-ave.
The property Is located almost adjoining the pres
ent stations of the New- York Central and New-
York and Putnam Railroad, and within one block
of the rapid transit station at the Tillage of Klnfrs-
Tn&'eaine syndicate has also bought from Dr.
John Parsons a plot, containing over twenty-five
lota, on the west feWe of Broadway, corner of 234th
st.. '> tending to KingiibridaTt-ave., and a plot at
the southeast corner of Broadway and S33d-st.. ex
tfjadlnaT to Albany Road and Putnam contain.
Ing about thirty lot*, covered with old stores and
Xi&zne dwelling houses.
B. 11. Wetiker, Jr., Sells for Syndicate Choice Jerome-aye. Plot — In
vestor Buys the Cragsmore Apartment House in West 115th-st.
A. L. Mordecai A Son haws for Anna M.
BomsrrlUs to ibe Gotham HmKiing and Construo
u.'ti Company the partly completed twelve and one
liaif stqry apartment hotel on the south side of
28th-st.. 125 feet <ast 0* sth-ave. The Ootham
Bunding and Construction Company will complete
the erection <>f the building. The building is^ TD
feet front by about 100 feet deep. It will be a high
class apartment hotel. Tho principal stockholders
in the tJotham Building and Construction Company
are Henry U Pelt, James Mulhorn, Edwin Shuttle
worth and Anthony Schwoerer.
The Central Besity company, willlnm F. Havc
meyer. Charles T. Barney and Oakieiph Thorno,
yesterday soul through B. ii. Weteker, Jr., to
Herbert J. Cochran a plot of thirty lots on tho
west side of Jerome-aye., beginning at a point 3SO
feet south of UM-at.. and runnltm to a ix>i.t .8b
r#A< north uf IMd-at. Mr. I ochran also boughi
through B. H wSSiwr jr.. from the Chelsea Realty
Company a plot, 78x116 feet, at the southwest mi
nor of Jerome and Clinton ayes. „.„■• „,
Braisted Goodman & Hershfleld sold for \\ ill. am
L. O'ConneU to Alfred Lauterbach for
the new six Story sleTStor apartment house Iho
Cragamore, Nos. OB and m West llotb-st.. on lot
70xl(J0 feet Tne asking price was $140,000.
Solomon Marcus and Charles Griffith Moses &
Bro have sold for Henry Corn, what is known as
the Vanderbilt syndicate property, comprising
ninety-seven lots, including the north and south
sMes of ISSd and lMth Bts. and the south side of
166th-st.. from Broadway to Fort Washington-aye.,
and the entire fronts In Broadway and Fort Wash-
Ington-ave from a point about 150 feet south oi
G3d-s" The same broker sold this property for
Alfred C. Vanderbilt about two weeks ago. The
buyer is Alfred C. Shifter.
Whitebouse & Porter have sold for the estate of
Charles L. Tiffany to Lowenfeld & Prager the six
lots at the southeast corner of Amsterdam-aye.
and Io»th-st.. H.ll feet in the avenue by 130 feet
deep. ■ -
The auction sale of the Lyddy properties at
raberon, X. J., by U J. Phillips & Co, resulted as
follows: The house at the northeast corner of
Blberon and Sycamore aye»., with a plot about
200x268 feet, was sold to Mrs. Simon Hess for $18,-
MO. Mrs. Hess also bought for $5,250 a vacant plot,
about 150x283 feet, directly opposite, on the west
side of Elberon-ave. House No. 3. on the west
side of Elberon-ave., about 250 feet north of I ark
ave went to Morris B. Baer for *i;u.">" and the
house adjoining to the north to Henry Solomon for
$14 750 The old Wallaek homestead, on the west
side of Elberon-ave., opposite Sycamore-aye., was
bought by J. R. Gilmore for $10,400 Louis Long
took the remaining Elberon-ave. cottage on a bid
of $10 600 and bought an adjoining vacant plot,
JSOX2SO feet, for $4,600. Another plot of the same
dimensions was sold to a Mrs. Rothschild for
Plans have been filed with Superintendent Hopper
for the enlargement of the new twelve story apart
ment hotel No. 14 East 60th-st., known as "Hotel
Fourteen East Sixtieth." by the addition of two
twelve story fireproof wings. increasing the front
ape from 88 to 112 feet.
The wings are to have facades of brick, with
trimmings of limestone and terra cotta, and aro
to be equipped with fire escapes. The first floor
and basement of the original structure are also
to be remodelled. The building is owned by the
Alpha Realty Company, of which Frank B. Keech
is president. The cost of the improvement is esti
mated at $220,000 by Raleigh C. Gildersleeve, the
John H. Berry has sold to the McCormack Con
struction Company a plot of over twenty lots, 2,' x
150 feet each, beginning 125 feet north of Dyckman
et.. with a frontage of 175 feet m Broadway by 150
x75x19x"Dx1«9x325 feet frontags in Vermilyea-ave.
Public School No. 52 adjoins the plot on the north,
occupying the entire Academy-st. frontage of the
The selier is David H. Taylor, who purchased
the property last November through the same
The T'ohen Ro,ilty Company has sold for Marth:;,
B. Kosher to Henrietta. Kahn Xos. 991 and 993
Amsterdam-are., two five story triple flathousf-s,
with stores, each on a lot 25x100 feet.
A. Hollander has purchased the tlir<^e flve story
triple flathouses, Xos. 4.. 42 and 44 W>wt ]Ssth-st..
Fouth on plot 71K189 feel 286 feet cast of
Lenox-avo. Also bought a plot of two lots on the
south side of 15Hh-st., between Bth and Bradhurst
John C Shaw has soM for Mary A. K. Brmker
bofl to a client No. 22 Dey-st-, a five story building.
on a lot Bx about ?" feet.
William A. Whtta & Sons have sold for John J.
Curtis No. fifl Johr.-st., near Villlam-Bt.. a four story
building, on a lot Ittxi"» feet
M. Morpc-nthau, jr., &- Co. have solil for William
and Julius A. .St'jrsb^nr tho blockfront on the
northerly Fide of Dyekman-st.., running from Post
to Sherman ayes.. a plot comprisingr about twenty
five lots jus.! bavins a frontage of 310 feet in Dyck
m.-in-bt., ajid of KO feet each In Sherman r.nd Post
.-•.\.-s-. 'i'lif- plot Is <>!;" Bhort block from the Dyck
man-pt. ■taiion of the rapid transit line.
The purchaser Is th«> Btabillty Rf-aity Company a
n^-.w oorporation which has l)f«;n active in thlsi
m ctlon. Tbe plot will be divided Into three par
cels for resale.
Al. tlorgentbau, jr.. ft Co. also sold for the
Suability Realty C*omp;uiy the southeast corner of
lOth-aye, and 2-A.th-st., a plot of four lots. J»9.llxK«j
leet, to George H. Kobinson.
The t'ity Real Estate Company took title yes
terday to the New-York dob property, at tho
southwest cornt-r of 3. r )th-st. and Sth-ave.. from th.>
club tor a consideration of 11,100,000. In turn, tho
-;ate company Iransffrred title to tho prop
erty to the Thirty-fifth Street and Fifth Avenua
!-:• dlty Company, which also took title yesterday to
the Caswsll ar:d S:nit!i parcels, adjoining the cor
ner plot.
Albany, U.— The Forty-fourth Street and
Fifth Avenue Buttdtng Corporation of New- York
City wb* im-orporated to-day, to deal In real es
tate, v.::h a capital of $000,000. The directors ara
Peter a. B. WMaaer, of Philadelpbia; Oakleigh
Thorne. WUllam H. '.'hesebrougli, J<jhn C. Tumlin
•on, of New-York City, and lursden J. Perry, of
Provldenoe. R. I.
Tills oorporation was organized to erect a homo
for thi' First State Day tuid Night Bank, which
will be Rt the southeast corner of 4Rh-s>t. and sth
William P. nooney has sold for Mary Ryan to a
client No. 409 West Md-at., a. five story tenement
house, lot 25x55i100.5 feet.
IE. 1.. & C. Ernst have sold to Leopold Tuchfeld
No. 11l West lClst-et.. near Amsterdain-ave., 33.4 x
100 tc.'-.t, a live story triple flathouse. Simon & Wai
ted) were the brokers.
William Btonebridge has boM, In conjunction with
Baturln & Weiaman. to Henry P. Ansorge, flve lots
of th* east elde of Belmont-eve., between 187 th
and 188 th «ts.. The Bronx, for about $16,000.
Richard Dlcksoa has sold for Augustus Gareins.
jr., to Christopher Hofrnann. No. 1,411 Franklln
ave., a lot 16.7x&5 feet, on which la a threo-family
George Prica has sold for Jacob Martin tho live
story double flathouse, with stores. No. 121 8t
Ann's-avc. 25x76x100 feet, to David Wclnatein.
Weinberger * Kaufmann have sold Cor L>. W. Bur
nett to Max Cioldb-urger, the three story private
house. No. « Went U2th-at., on a lot 17x100 feat.
Lessberger A Jacobs havo bought the flve story
tenement house. No. 21& East 85th-st., from John
Volz. Also sold to Mm Baa* Hcrnard the
five story triple flathouse with stores, No. 207
East 63d-Ht. Max ltlau was the broker.
Slawson & Hobbs have sold for Jacob Kaufman
No. 102 West &Oth-»t., a Mv» ntory (lathmifin on lot
»zl4oß (eel Alho sold for O*-rtru<le K. Uraiiam
No. 151 East 2Cth-st., a five story flathouse on lot
2ixVi.9 feet.
David Stewart nan sold for John t«*ver find Will
lam H. BJdwny the plot, ZMnW) f««t. Nt the MHlth-
W«st corner of llawthorno-st. and Braman-ave.
Isju\ d ;>••« has bought from the Cai^euUc estate
and resold to J. Perelman No. 442 to 448 East 123d
st.. old dwelling houses, on plot 58x100.11 feet.
.Max Lande has sold for Flashberg & Gleckel No.
64 East 119th-st.. a five story triple flathouse. 27.6 x
100.11 feet, to Nathan J. Gumbiner.
Frankel Brothers have sold for Bertha Hirsch
fleld to Louis -Meyer No. 56 East 98th-st., a five
story flathouse, on lot 25x100.11 feet..
Ignalz Roth has sold to J. L. Van Sant No. 433
to 439 East U9th-st., four dwelling houses, on plot
75x100.11 feet.
Jesse J. Goldburg, as attorney, has oought from
Jaffer & Goldfield the plot. 75x100.4 feet, on the
.south side of 71st-st., 24S feet east of Avenue A.
Peck & Scoboloff have sold for Kotle Brothers
to Max Fine Nob 63 and 55 East 133d-st.. a new
six story flat house, on plot 50x99.11 feet.
Julius H. Ueitcr has sold for George Lesser the
six story tenement house, No. 76 Lewis-Bt., on lot
25x100 feet.
Tanzer & Co. have sold for Herman Wronkow to
I. Freid, No. 84 East 10th-Bt.. a three story dwell
ing house, on lot 20x92.6 feet.
Maurice J. Katz has sold for George Lauben
tracht to Louis Meyer, the five story flathouse No
1.504 Brook-aye., corner of 171st-Bt.- on lot 15.9x100.9
Joseph & Birbach has sold for Samuel Plaut the
five story flathouse. No. 358 St. Ann's-ave.
Lipkin & LJpkin have bought, through Ruhle &
Bach, the two story detached dwelling house No.
9SI East 169th-st., near Boston Road.
A Shatzkin & Sons have sold a plot, 100x100 feet,
at the southeast corner of Magenta-st. and Ma
genta Place; also, a plot, 125x100 feet, at the south
west corner of 808th-st. and Rosewood-aye. : also, to
Rocco Foolo, a plot, 60x126 feet, on the south side
of 21oth-st., east of Maple-aye.
Joseph Manrtelkern has sold for Commissioner
Samuel Strasbourger the plot of six lots on the
west side of Prospect-aye., 93 feet south of lG6th-st. t
to builders for improvement.
Ftidiger & Uhlfeld?r have sold for Harry Matz
the plot at the southeast corner of 139th-st. and
Cypress-aye., fronting 120 feet on 139th-st. and 100
feet on Cypress-aye.
Moses I. Falk has bought the plot, 100x100 feet, on
the east side of Beaumont-aye., 170 feet south of
lS7th-st.; and has bought arid resold the plot, 75x
100 feet. On the east side of Beaumont-aye., 315 feet
north of ISCd-st.; also bought a plot, 75x100 feet, on
the south side of Lebanon-st.. west of Bronx Park
ave. The last named has been resoldt to Katlo
Yutte who liao resold it to Morris Schenkein.
George Stolz was the broker in all these transac
The Rentuc Realty Company has resold ten lots
on the east side of Jerome-aye., between USd and
184 th sts., which it recently bought from Sol Moses
and Andrew J. Connlck.
John Davis has bought from the Barkin estate
the southeast corner of Washington-aye. and 173d
st., a plot, 150x100 feet; also bought from the Green
estate the plot, 120x116 feet, on the- east side of
Washington-are.. 275 feet south of it>9th-st.
The Union Avenue Realty and Construction Com
pany has sold the plot, 150x100 feet, on the east
side of Union-aye.. between Wist 'and 163 d sts.
Thomas F. McLaughlin has sold for John Fleming
the two family frame dwelling house, on plot 50x
100 fet, on the south side of Columbus-aye., 25 feet
west of Jefferson-st.
Henry C. Granneman has sold for Caroline Moon
to Sol Urbach the lot on the west side of Union
ave., 150 feet north of 152d-st. The buyer owns the
two adjoining lots, making the plot 75x100 feet.
Poulson & Walker have sold for Louis Sachs the
plot. 200x100 feet, on the east side of Cypress-aye..
between 141 st and St. Mary's sts.. to Schulman
E. V. Peseta & Co. have sold for a client to
Epstein & Aaron the four story double flathouse.
•No. 627 East 151st-st., on lot 25x115 fet.
Horace S. Ely & Co. have sold for Daniel Rosen
baum the four story brownstone dwelling house No.
25 East llth-st., on lot 26.5x103.3 feet.
Collins & Collins have sold for a client to Charles
L. Tiffany No. 12S East 3oth-st., a four story Amer
ican basement dwelling house, on lot 16.6x74.1 feet.
Douglas Robinson, Charles S. Brown & Co. have
Bold for Charles Beasenfeld the plot of four lots
at the northeast corner of lOth-avi . and 210th-st.
H. C. Senior A Co. have sold for Henry Riemann
the five story fiathou.--o No. 168 West 65th-st., on
lot 24x100.5 feet, to a Mr. Wilson.
C. F. W. Johannlng has resold for Mrs. R. Kahl
No. 30S Wept 114th-st.. a five story double flat
bouse, on lot 86x100.11 feet. Also sold for M.
Glauber Nos, 212 and 214 West 10Sth-st., two five
story triple flathouses, on plot 50x100.11 feet. Also
resold for John Friedrich the southwest corner of
Lenox-ave. and 114th-st., a five story flathouse,
with stores, on lot 25x75 feet.
Lowenstein & Co. have Bold for Joseph Roberts
to Williams. Grodginsky & Haft No. 51 to 55 West
132d-st., three frame dwelling houses, on plot 50x99.11
W. D. Morgan & Co. have sold for John T.
Schramme No. 407 West 148th-st., a three story
brownstone front dwelling house, on lot 20x99.11
Louis M. Heller has sold for a client the five
story double flathouse. No. 21 Manhattan-aye., on
lot 27x100 feel.
Moses Kinzler and Samuel Grossman have bought
a plot, 80x100.11 feet, on the north side of 100th-st.,
between Ist and 2d ayes.
Grossmann & Passon have sold the plot, 37x100
feet, on the north side of 95th-st., 140 feet west of
Julian Rosenthal ha? sold for a client to Albert
Sal oman the plot, 75x100 feet, on the south side of
174th-st., 100 feet west of Audubon-ave.
William A. White 6c Sons have sold for John J.
Curtis No. 60 John-st.. near William-st., a four
story building:, on lot 26x100 feet.
Charles P. Cohn has sold for Emanuel Schleissner
to J. F. Keon No. 882 Lexington -ave., a four Story
Hat house, on lot 20x70 feet, between 66th and 66th
Bti. The buyer will alter the building for business
Paul Halpin hns bought from Monr.-« L. Simon
the plot, 150x150 feet, on the oast side of Vermilyea
ave., 100 feet south of Hawthorne-st. ; also bought
from 1 Louis Frankel the plot, Gox2oo feet, on the east
Bide of Naegle-ave., 234 feet north of Broadway.
The Cohen Realty Company has sold for Martha
1"). Mosher to Henrietta Kahn Nos. 991 and 903 Am-
Bterdam-ave., two five story triple flathouses with
stores, each on lot 25x100 fee
L. .1. Phillips & Co. have sold for the Fleischmann
Realty Company to Patrick Reddy six lots In 150 t
h and six abutting in 151st-st.. 100 feet west of
Frankenthaler & Sopinsky report the purchase by
their clients, Lockwood, Osman & Cohen, of No. 321
to 330 East 12."th-st., three three story frame build
ings, on plot 7<"xl00.11 feet.
Samuel Williams has sold to a Mr. Breen for im
provement Nos. 436 and 438 East Soth-st.. two three
Story buildings, on plot 50x102.2 feet.
M. L. & O. Ernst have sold to Benjamin and Au
gusta Isenberg No. 11l West 89th-st-, a five Story
double flathouse on lot 25x100.8 feet. Jacobson &
Siegel were the brokers.
Max Marx has sol<.' to Samuel A. Hamel the
south wrst corner of 9th-ave. and 216th-st.. a plot
100x99.11 feet
Mandelbaum & Lewine have bought No. 440 to 444,
East 12lKt-st., old buildings, on plot 66.6x100.il feet.
William P. Rooney has sold for Mary Ryan No
409 West 58d-st, a five story tenement house, on lot
25x100.5 feet.
Joseph D. Cronan has sold for the Sagamore
Realty Company to Daniel Mahoney three lots on
the north side of 171st-st., 100 feet west of Audubon
Simon & Wallach have rcld for M. L. & C. Ernst
to Leopold Tuchfleld No. 521 West lSlst-st a flve
story apartment house, on plot 33x99.11 feet
I. Randolph Jacobs & Co. have sold to John Davis
the plot, loOxlOO feet, on the south side of 9Gth-st
100 feet east of 2d-ave., with one story buildings'
Also sold for the Kelly estate to John Davis the
plot. 50x100 feet, with frame dwelling houses Nos
624 and E26 East 119th-nt.. and for a Mr. Brennan to*
Louis Leser No. 517 East USth-st., a throe story
building on lot 2oxlOO feet.
URth-st.. Nos HO and 151 Kast, 46x100.10- Ahrn
ham l«vy to Tobittß ZindlKr; mortgage, 545.000;
■< c and . 1100
13!tth-et. a .«. 120 ft •»• of Cth-avo. l!V>xfK> 11; Louis
Nleber? et al to Jacob Friedman; mortgage.
$41,000; c c and ioo
10sth-.«t, No 218 to 383 Bast, 800x100.11; Max
r>anzi£er to Marcus i. < )sk and another; o'c and 100
144-1 M. a *. 200 ft w of Am»terilara-avo, l«iOx
9tt.11: William V K..ttn!.ior to Samuel W«cht;
mortsas«, $41,000; a c and 100
Elwoort-st, a b, 100 ft n of Nafta 100x100;
t^onard Adair to John V Schaefer, Jr; mortgage.
$A,000; o c and joo
94tti-st. X..s 231 an.l 233 East, 51.5x100.8: David
Oordon to Jacob Fira and another; mortKaße,
$30,000; o c and ioo
04th-«t. Ko 221 East. 25.lOxlOO.»; Morltz Mark
it al to Morlta Mark; mortgage. $15,000; o c
and ioo
B»ach-av<\ n f. 175 ft ■ of 14»th-st. 100x100;
Timothy F Sullivan to James H McHeffejr;
mortgage. $11,000 '.Nominal
same property: Jumcs H MeHeffey to North
western Realty Company; mortgage. $12,800:
o c and 100
Glst-Ft. No US East. 18x100.5; Samuel Sloan. jr,
to Joseph Eves; mortgage, $13,000 Xomlnal
13t>th-»t. r. ■, 7."> ft w of Broadwny, 125x09.11;
Elizabeth I' Robbing to Herman Cohen; o c anil. 100
Doris-av«\ n c corner Weatchester-ave, D9.10x
200x103.1x200; Mary E Bacon to Katie U Schill;
o 0 and 100
UMth-st, No 1 'Hsi East, 20x120.5; Ad..;ph Lowy to
Caroline Roll; mortfrace, $6,800; 0 c and 100
1271h-«t. No 212 East, 25.8x90.11; Wolf Ix-vrln to
Lonli Knnner; mortifaee. $21,000; ■• <■ and 100
6th-ave, w p. 42.7 ft » t>f 3T.th-»t. 43. 2 x Irregular;
Howard 0 Smith, Individually and" as executor, to
the Thirty-fifth Street an.! Fifth Avenu» Realty
Company, two-thirds part all title; r> c and .. 100
185 t- »t. No 810 East. tBnOO, and" 135th- st. No
812 East. 25x100; Philip W*inb«w to Charles r
Weyrlch; mortgage. $15.OUO; o c and . . 100
15fith-Bt. ii .< 223 ft w of Bltoo-ara. 2r.xl<K); Clara
Nehrenland«r at a.l to William Sherwood; mort
eage. $12,500; a a nnd .... 100
lOlal ►'. No 104 West. 25x100.11; Daniel .1 Hlor
dan to IX'Uls Hirnmiii, mortgage, $11,600; o a
ami . 100
St«bMn« • r. 250.11 ft « of Frecman-st, 25x
110; I>ors. Ho««nEt«ln to Amelia llloch; mort
gage. »w,r>oo Nominal
ICOth-st. h • 143 10 ft • of Hailroad-ave. HiOxlOO;
Nloola Hl. .nil to Julie !l"l!; raortgUKe, |'_'H.'«k>.
'• 0 ami 100
Wadawurth aye. n • corner 17Tth-«. RU.lOxlOO;
Albert ravanairh to William T Hook«y; mort-
Kage, $21,000; o c and „ ... . mo
I'tmd n»r«, •.v «, I2fl ft n of lt»7th 2B«12n ;
l'mll f.illkliwi It mi, nnother ... ... r K .. Olt
tnortsa** (8.800 o •■ and inn
Str.lst-iit, i. X, 40 ft c of U. Ml" ii\», STulOOj Louis
Bctant Jr, to Matthew llnMnann; o c and... - IOC)
lilth-sl. •k. »70 f> wof 6th «vi tVv limi II I, ul.
Holnni Jo Mooes Kuloinon und miuthei : fnnrt-
K«iK«. »«-'."'l'l 0 0 Mill inn
8411. Ht. No ]«> WMt, «i un« i Jatn«s mi i. -it
in Illp W Hlcmatij m irtang>, l;m,<XNl; it r and - '■' in}
iO4tu-«t. « a. 1(X» It a <X iiM*dwß»> fiyojw.uj
Abraham Eydenberc to Isidore Jackson and
another: mortgage. $5O,«5O; o c and lo °
Same property: Isidore Jackson et al to Joshua
Sllverstcln; mortgage. $5i>,!»50; o c and 10 "
Eame property; Joshua t<llversteln to Maurice J
Bursteln; mortgaKe, $80.l».V( «*»
Avenue A. No l.Olfl. <* s. 25x79 Thomas II Wll- ■
rox to Charles M Slegrel and another; raortgaKc,
JllI.OoO Omitted
Same property; Charles M Klegel «t al to Ber
thold Well; mortg-age. $1S,98O; o c an.l 100
Audubon-ave. s w corner ifiHth-st. 23x100; Mlih
klnd FelnlxTK Realty Company to Maxwell S
Harris: mortgage. $10,600: o c and 100
184th-st. n s. ■*:*> ft w of llth-ave. 2fix99 11; Ed
ward Meade to Mary Meade; all title; mortgage.
$7..V)0 Nominal
Broadway, s s. 100 ft • of Hawthorne-st, BOx
>0x144.:<; Max Marx to Mark. I. Kelley;
mortgage. **«.<« i ; o c and 100
Oth-ave. s w corner 3Sth-Bt. 42.7x125; Now-York
Club to City Real Estate Co 1,100.000
Same property; The City Real Estate Company to
The Thirty-fifth Street and Fifth Avenue Realty
Company o c and 100
sth-ave. w s. 42.7 ft « or 35th-st. 43. Irregular;
John H Caswell to Thirty-fifth Street and Fifth
Avenue Realty Company; one-third part; all
title Nominal
Stebblns-ave. No 050. w s, 2O.llxl2Ox2lxl2O;An
ton Reuschler to Oorge W McDermott; mort
gage, $3,500; o c and 100
Stenblnß-ave. No 1>63. w ». 20.10x120; Anton
Reuschler to George XV McDermott; mortgagt,
$8,900; 0 c and 100
Stebblns-ave. No '.*'<% w s, 20.10x120; same to <JW ;
same; mortgage, #3.500; o o and •<»> 100
Stcbblns-ave, No 973. w %. 20.10x120; same to . -
*ame; mortgage, $3,500; o c and t. - 100
Stebblns aye. No 973, w s, 20.10x120; same to t •
same; mortgage. J3.500: o c and 100
Stebblna-ave. No 977. w s, 21.1x120; aam« to
name; mortgage, 53.500; o c and l' v >
120th-st. No 541). Ea«t.l8.9xlO().ll: Alois L. Ernst
to Annie Draper; mortgage. ?:<.8O<»: o c and. . 100
72d-st. No 233. East. 17.0x102 2; A Jordan to
Agnes E Herb; mortgage, {9,000 Nominal
20th st, Nos 13 and 15, W'pet, 8«x»2; Hudson
Realty Company to Samuel Green and another;
mortgage, $76.0u0; o c and •-•" 1 i - '
9Cth-st, s 8, ICO ft w of Park-aye. lOOxlOW.H:
Isaac H Clothier to Harris Mandelbaum ana
another; mortgage. $40,0<'0; o c and . 100
Park-aye, "West, v s. 227.0 ft s of 182d-et, IS
x!»l 6xlßxßo 10; Ulrkbeck Investment, Savings
and Loan Company of America to Anna Roe- , .
,] ( . r Nominal
Brook-iive.' as, 34.2 ft W of St. Paul's PI, 2T.x
100.0; Bdw. Van Damm to Frederick Picker:
mortgage. $10,000; o c and •■••• 10 °
Ryer-ave, c s, 300.8 ft. n of Humslde-ave. l«.8x
5)9.4x10.8x99 2; Kath P Hooks to Isabel Tlghe;
mortKage. $4.100 .Nominal
HSth-«t, it p. 123.10 ft eof Pleasant-aye. 24.2 x
100,11: Morltz Mark et al to Sophie Shapiro;
tn.>rtK-agf $14.7r>i>; o c »fe' wmi^iVoiai X '" J
137th-Bt. No f.14. F.aat. 2f>xt(^; William Nlcolal
to Nathan Foatenberg; mortgage, $14,000; o c
Isfirt. s ' V." 07.V ft c ' of" 2d-ave; ' M. 2x72. 7x3«.7x
03.7: Qlzolla Popper to Samuel Uozinsky and
another; mortgage. $22,230; o c and. ••••••;••■• *"»
3d-ave. No 687. o a 20x100; William B Weeks
and Mary Shea: mortgage. $18,000; o c and.... 100
12M-it No 72 East. 18.9x100.11; Sylvester H
Magulre to Mary X Mulvlhlll; mortßage. $ Nominal
St Nicholas n w corner I.9th-st. soxiw.
William Cummlng. Jr. to Jacob Moersfelder.
mortgage. 128,000; o c and ■•■• xuo
Fox st. n w corner l«7th-st. KS.7x Irregular; Mil
ton Realty Company to Samuel Joseph et a. ■ Omltted
ror^^N^^and-o^w,- 6 6xl0oVTher aOnlltte<la Onlltte<l
Dokowakji to Berks Kopelowitz, one-sixth ' >art Noin , nill
lTnil st UO s a,' 100 'it * of 'ilth-ave. iSxioo"; winslow
Realty Company to Julius Davidson; mortg ** e > . / ,_ 11 _ 1 . 1
$I** 000 .........•«•'. - . i>omiii»t4
1424-st. No 380 West, 39.11x9P.11: Simon Bad t to
Samuel L, Schwartz; mortgage. $.^.-0O; o o
iiwls-Vt' ' No 12.' • a! '25x100;' Berk'o kop'eiowlts to
Theresa DeOtowsky, one-quarter parr all tlt " > oo _ ,_ a ,
mortgage. $14. '100 • ,-_• Nomtma
7".i si if :• 331 ft « of Amiterdam-ave. IS.6X
102.2; Florence H Hurd to Frances E H Lewis;
Bth-ave nU N.; 2.ij^ ■'•' a "isxSO; Julius ' Davidson' ii .
estate of A.her Simon •■•••■••• ;,-,; ,, N
Same property: Joseph Zimmerman et al to Julius
Davidson mortgage. $22,600; o C and. ••••••••;• 100
120th-st, No ir>7 West, 10x100.11: Mary Bhea to .
William II Weeks; mortgage. $12.000. ...... . i^l N
1"M st ■= h, 200 ft w of Amsterdam-aye. 60x
95.11 Ellen V Scott to West Sitfe Construction
Company; mortgage. $17,000; o c and. . .•••••^■- 10 °
121st-st. n s. 376 ft w of Amsterdam-aye. 20Ox
irregular; Realty Mortgage Company et al to
West Side Construction Company; mortgage.
EaSbS^ve. re'cornerlVsd^'ioisxWi'Emliy
Wolf to Caroline A Weber; 0 0 and ::■:•■.' aw
17(»th-6t s .. 100 ft w of Wadsworth-ave. 25x100 ' Nomlnal
Michael Curley. to George Robinson. • • • -Nominal
Lot No 94 map of 250 lots. Thompson Rose estate;
Alexander Thompson to Arthur Danlts. . •■ • •• - .Nominal
rn\on" vet No C 34 P . c s. l«.Sx«0; Mary Klemann
Brook^e et^^ ff6 34. 2 -7t-n-oribbihlVt;-60xl(»: "
Theresa Delkowsky to Berk KopelwiU; «>»•-..
100.11: Ergc-nia X Campbell to Bernhard Uch
tenstein: mortgage, $13.uOO; o o and. ■••••••■••• 10 °
Vnlon-ave. w s, 150 ft n or 132d-st. 25x100; Caro
line Moore to Solomon Urbach; o 0 ana AUUO
Hull-aye. .- •■ corner 209th-st, 25x100; Roelna C
Brennan to Btsae M McQuade; mortgage
c \ 200 Nominal
Morrls-ave."e"B.' 270 ft » of 100th-»t 60x101 ;
Alice M Crowe et al to Blanche B Terrlll; o c
ar.d 100
Oth-ave,"nw corner COth-tst. 100.5x100; Abraham
Kaufmann to Thomas D Adams Nominal
65th-?t, No 00 Bast. 16x100.5; Fausto de Rivers to
Kiena de R Aldcroft..., Nominal
Anthony-aye, No 1,W9. w s, 21x69.11x20.11x76.4;
Michael .T Maher to Barbara Goldsmith; mort
gage. $3,000; o c and 100
Amsterdam-aye. n w corier I7oth-st. 100x20<); L
B Eskesen and another to Mislikind-Felnbergr
Realty Ccmpany; mortßasro., $79,500 Nominal
COM st, No us ER£t. li<xli«).."j; Jcseph Eyes to
?amuel Sloan, Jr; mortgage, $22,000 Nominal
Sc&mmel-n, No 28. w e, 27xl»r>; Samuel Cohen to
Morris Levy; mortgage, $28,000; o c and 100
140th-st, s s. 75 ft w of Broadway, 12Tix&9.11;
Elizabeth P Robblns to Abraham Ruth; o c
and 100
127th-et, No 215 Wast, 12.6x00.11; Ellsworth Teets
to Mary B Muslin; one-third of one-quarter
Part Nominal
Same property; wmo to Horace M Tests; one
third of -quarter part Nominal
Same property; same to Fannie M Teeta : one
third of one-quarter axt Nominal
Commerce a s. 102 ft ,■ of Bleecker-Et. 40x— ;
Susie Crowell to Frances Clarke; one-third part 2.333
luSth-st, n *. 325 ft c of tith-ave, 50x99.11; Abby
M G»urgr.is to Jacob Scheer Nominal
Ml st. n s. 180 ft w of 9:.h-ave. 25x100.5; Mar-
Saret Ryan to Paul Kaskel et al; o c and 100
42.i st. Not 162 and 154 East, 41.8x08.9; Nevr
.York Life Insurance and Trust Company, trus
tee, to George Ehret; o c an.l , 100
lOith-st. n s. 400 ft w of Amsterdam-aye, 50x
100.11; Isaac Hoffman et al to Edgar Lehman;
mortgage. 166.000; o c and 100
Waahinfton-ave, w s, 13« ft n of 18Sth-«t. 25x
110; John W Purcell to Carrie Stonebrldge;
mortgage, $2,300; o c and ' ioo
107th-.st. n a, 450 ft w of Amsterdam-aye. 50x
100.11; Isaac Hoffman et al to Edgar Lehman:
mortgage. $«5.000; o c and ioo
Morris-aye, w a, 60 ft n of Elton-st, 26x100;
Michael blavln to Charles Jansen; o c and . 100
Union-aye. •> s, 255 ft s of Wall-st, ;)i> x i«o;
James 1' Treanor to Edward Kelly; mortgage.
510.000 jQO
Tlmpson Place, s « s, at » w m 149th-st, 10».Sx2Sx
104x2b.9; Hyman Horwlta to Samuel Cooper:
mortgage, $2.300 v __ Nominal
tnlon-ave, c s. 225 ft s of Wall-st. 60x160; Ola omlnal
Ulsaon to James P Treanor; mortgage. $30 000
o c and ' I jy >
85j»)-or. No 417 West. 25. lx Irregular';' Frederick
Ohmeis to Max Heller and another; mortgage,
$10,000; ■> c and »/y)
Lot 5«. ma;. IHO. lots of M- Morgenthau;" Rachel
Keller to Asher Cohen Nominal
52.1 i st. n "• 17-; ft i at 3d-ave. ICxJIO.IO, Michael
Harrison to Helen Svenason: mortgage. $«.000. . Nominal
Manhattan-st b is. 22T, ft eof 12th-ave. 40x75;
Ihu?b M C Uisham xt al, heirs of Thomas
Buckley, to Smith Ely: quit claim; 23 deeds .Nominal
Amtterdam-ave. n • comer tsatb-at. »9.11x1C5 Ox " al
1017x184.6: Samuel J Huggins and another, ex
ecutors, to Abraham Stern and another 115 000
Amsterdam n «• corner 94th-st. 20i.5x Ir- >wv
regular: Ida Margolea to Tenure Realty Comp
any; o c and lriA
135th-st. No «M East, ifl.SxlOO;' " Herman" F
ll\.h Nt s7 C ' h « t0 i"'V e f E W n^ lr^ : """W. »3. soo. Nominal
ii»th-Bt, b s, o.» ft w of Madison-aye, 25x100.11;
Qesael WoU et al to Abram Abrahams mort
gage. $27,000; o c and lOft
177th-st. ■ s. SBO ft w of Marmlon-ave,'*2sxio6 :
John M Mayer to Myron W Cuddeback: mort-
Hlh\ $5,500 Vrvr«lr»«l
UCth-st. No lowest. 32.6x"iw:iii "David' ireaaV
to Daniel .T Rlordan; mortgage. $34,500; 0 c
«nd " 1ft _
118th-st. No 110£p.st. 25x100.11; BenjamlnHarris
$™> 750 tO Etlward L Flasherstein. mortgage,
Washtnstonla^i' "n '«■' »•' is it ' .w" 'of' icsth-st.' Nomlnal
kJ^siSo. Nel3On . to . ~ En * UuUer: N . omlnal
Bth-ave. n c corner 138th-st, 09.iix5'l.6;' 'sth-aVe
h <- corner 139th-st. 99.11x41.0; Equitable Life
Assurance Society of the United States to Sam
uel- .' Sllberman; o c and.. 7. . mo
133th-Bt, n b, 425 ft w of Lonox-ave, "125x99 li';
Meyer A Bernhelmer et al, executors and tru»
c*e*'B ' l ? Abraham SUveraon and another 77 2nO
68d*t. No 4»>s West, 25x100.6; Richard M lluck
ley to Calvin Q IV! mortgage. $14.u00 Nominal
Clay-aye, No 1.051, c a. 37x85.7; Minna Froese to
Henry Stiehl; mortgaee, $9.250. .. 100
101st-Bt. s I, Km ft »■ of lst-ave, 100x100 11'
I^iml^rt Suydam to David Kidansky and an
other 1(X)
44th-st. No 120 to 120 West. 75x100.4- Med
cef Eden Realty Corporation to Margaret E
Donnelly: all liens Nominal
Bd-ave, No 2,010 w s, 25.2x100; John Overbeck
to Annabel la L Armstrong I,*,
6th-«t, No 221, £3.5x90.10; l^wia a Mitchell to
Annie Abbat*; mortgage. $21>,000 ioo
89th-st, w 8, 245 ft W of sth-ave. 15x95.9; May E
Bannon to P>;<.-ne C Potter; mortgage, $55,000. Nominal
44th Ft. NOS 120 to 188, W«st. 75x100.4; Margaret
T. Donnelly to Medoef Eden Realty Corporation;
all liens Nominal
145th-«t. n s. 100" ft • of 7th-ave, 200x99.11: Jo
seph Rosenthal and another to Harry Mat*
• mortgage. $04,500 ; 100
r.Tti. it, n ■ M ft vr of West End-aye, 20x100.5;
Josephine M Geenen to John V Cork anil; n.ort
gage. $0,000 Nominal
IC(Hh-Bt, n f. 160.1 ft w of Amsterdam are,
2M».11x Irrrirular: Harry K. Knapp to Hani*
Cohen: two-thirds part: all title; a C and..... 100
Same property; Emma B. Knap;, and another,
executors, to fame; one-third part; nil title 40.033 34
164th -lit. n s. 100 ft w of Amsterdam-aye. s<>x
'.'•>' 11; Lorenz Weaher to Henry T Bolman;
mortgage. $10,000; o c and ■ 100
Columbla-ave, No 403. c ■ 2r..2xK>O; ColurabUH
avt-. No 460. c a. 25.2x100; Auguste Uahr.n to
George Bchwegler: mortgnri». Nominal
68d-st, No 4t<tv West. 2."SxU>O.S; John McCaf
ftrty et al to Calvin d Dolg; mortgage. $14,000;
quit claim Nominal
MuM-rry-'t. No 62, c *. 2ft. lOx Irregular; Pas
quale (Vlllllo to Charles W Sloan*; mortgage.
$18,000; 0 c an.l UK)
Pi-rrv w s, 314.11 ft s of old road. 25x121.10
x'_il.r».l*>.4; John Dillon to Henry Beobeck- o «•
end , ... 100
84th-st, ■ a. 260 ft c of 2d-«.vi\ 25x102.2; Ed
ward 81ck to L W LlMberuer and another; mort
gage. $IT.OiK>: o .- and 100
D4lh-ct, n *. 100 ft «• of Ist aye. inOxlOO.B;
Moses Klnxler to llnrnhard Klinganjitcln
moit«a $3i>,o<K); o r and... ioo
174 th ot. » a. 12.1 ft » of Am^tardam «vr> S3«
I'm; VaHßtlna Storti at m to Mai Rollinck;
o c ana * mo
in2d-at. No 11 Emit. 23Kn0.11; Oabrial rvi.-.l t..
Jonas Well «nd another; m>irtgng». $19,000; o o
and ]on
174th-»t. a a, 12» ft w of Amsterdam -«v« '.'n^jjw,
Valentin* BtoHn. (■(•cutor, to Max Itoillnck.. ';. > IUXI
Sd «re. N.. 0^l». 88*100! 2.1 ay« No urn w s. ii.ii
l'Mhi'il.lixloo, OsorM Mun.3i.rff to 1 M, ...... K.
WnllHCh: iiini'tßSK», ».11.«»H»; n a ami ttM
»1».H...ii aye. No 1 KM. w r. 2»xTft- H.»l.nnon Altai
«. J. '. r * " t '*'" i m " rl « t "«<*. f»».™»» Nominal
Bt M<htilnN-nv«, ii « io.p. i ltnih „( M ,i, „.
KKtilni; I'Mwh.M , Joyio to' b'smuel Mi Uwab
mortj»a«», SH,imw> . ....;. „ ._.
Ureaawajr, a • oorntr lTWtbrSt. 7O.«xß3xTexO3.bi
Central Realty Bond and Trust Company to '
Kxthrr Ki^etiliers. -. ■ and • *'"'
Same property; Esther El»enb«ra; to Alphoose
Hogonauer et al; mortgage. *)».i**>: o c and . . 100
Bolton Road, s w s. lot Sl«, map part 3. Dyck
nun homestead, 77.5x21.10xW»x5.0; •:hl«i-nTur
ney to Robert XV Huston; mortgage, $1.0(10: a c
and MO
Same property; Max Marx to Cathleen Turnoy;
0 c and Li'il la>
Columbus « s. 102.2 ft n of t>2d-st. 25 2xli)O;
Fanny B Johnson to August tiahren; mort
gage. $10,000; <> c and 100
14Sth-st. ■ *. 403.4 ft • Of Park-aye. 60x100;
Samuel A Crainer to Maurice Muller; o c and. . 100
Columbus-aye. N • »•!:;. • s. 25.2x100; Fanny B
Johnson to A'ii;ust Oahren: o c and 100
7th-ave.»e s. 37.3 ft s of 22d-st, 18.5x50; James
Green to Arthur Honderbof, 1-1« part Nominal
Ueckman-ave, w a. 25 ft n of Oak Terrace. Li/Ox
100; Henry P A Wolf to Henry F A Wolf
Company; all Hens; o c and lw
Fox st. n vr corner I'l7th-«t. 88.7 x irregular; Max
SUberg to Hermann Feld; 1-3 part; all title;
mortgage. $15,500: o c and 100
Manhattan Ho 511. bj b. 16x90: James F
Mooney to William V Rooney: o c and 100
7th-ave. s w corner 12Cth-»t. 10x12T» ; John M
Ward, referee, to City Real Estate Company; _^_^
mortgage. $150,01i0 100.000
Same property; City Real Estate Company to
Orpheum Company; mortgage, $15,000; 0 c and. 100
12*1 n s. 125 ft « of 7th-»ve, £3x100. 11;
Eugene It Pomeroy. referee, to Samuel Will -
lams et al 18,000
lOoth-st. Nos 158 and 100 West. 50x100.11; Una
Strauss to Israel Wlsct-anskl and anothtr; mort
(tas;e. $25,01i0; o c and »°<>
Manhattan -avo. Nos 15 and 17. w s. 54x100; Clara
Max and another to Jacob Thaler and another;
mortgage, $02,000; o c and 100
Mandel. Adolf, to William C (Jesting; lot No 1
to 12, map Hathgate. prior -Mortgage. $8o.00O;
2 years, 6 and <• per cent 113,000
Grsen. BanMMl, and another to Hudson Realty
Company: 20th-st. No 13 West; as per bond.... 39,000
Harris. Maxwell S. to Mlshklnd Fein berg Reahy
Company; Audubon-ave, s w corner lCSth-at;
prior mortgage. $10,500; due September 14. <k , wwv
I<*W, « per cent *OW>
Boeder. Anna, to Birkbeck Investment Savings
and Loan Company; Park-aye West, w s. 22.. 0
ft 8 of lS2d-st; Instalments. 6 per cent 3,400
Mandelbaum. Harris, and another to I H Clothier;
VUth-st. s s, lut' ft w of Park-aye; I year. «
per cent J 10.000
Welssman. Henry. to A 8 Ltvy; 133d-at. s a. 4ttO
ft w of Sth-ave; 8 years. 5 per cent 16.000
Osk. Marcus L, to M Danzlger; 108tb-St, No 213
to 235 East; twelve mortgages, each $11,000; 5
years. 5 per c*nt 132,000
Thirty fifth Street and Fifth Avenue Realty
Company to <• Putzel; 6th- aye, s w corner
25th-st; as per bond 500,000
Same to Title Guarantee and Trust Company:
sth-ave, s w corner 35th-st; a* per bond 1,426,000
Bui stein. Maurice J, to .1 Sllveratetn; 164th-st s s.
100 ft c Broadway; prior mortgage. $5^.1*50; 1
j f ar, I per cent 21,860
Wether, Lorenz. and another to State Realty and
Mortgage Company; Cypreee-are, s a corner
l:Jßth-st; due March 1, 11)06; 6 per cent 31.000
Same to same; 13Sth-st, s s, 40.2 ft c of Cypress
ave; two mortgages, each $23,000; due March 1.
1900; 0 per cent 48,000
Brody. Joseph M. to Btat* Realty and Mortgage
Company; 113«l-»t. n 8. 22S ft v. of Amsterdam
ave; two mortgages, each $31,000; 1 year. 6 per
cent 62.000
Hell. Julie, to N HK.ndi; 150th-at. s a. 143.1 ft
c of Rallroad-ave - prior :nortg&ge, $20,000; 3
years, « per cent 3,000
Zlndler. Tobias, to A L?vy; USth-st, No 149 to
1.11 East; prior mortgage $45,000; 0 years'. 6 per
cent 9.600
McHefly. James H. to T F Sullivan; Ecach-ave.
c s. 175 ft s of 149th-st; due August 1, 19<JC; 5
per cent * 1.500
Rir.dlaub, Conrad, to J W Kaupper; 12th-Bt. n i,
lot No 465; 1 year. 4 per cent 10.000
Schloeder. Jacob, to N Schloeder; 12uth-st. No 524
East; 3 years; 4'» per cent 2.000
Hookey, William T. to State Realty and Mort
gage Company; Wadsworth-ave. n c corner
177th-st; per bond 6.150
Bch<"?r. Jacob, to American Mortgage Company;
13Sth-st, n s, 325 ft c of Lenox-ave; 1 year;
5 per cent 13,500
Levy. Morris, to Samuel Cohen; Scammel-st. No
2>: prior mortgage. $28,000; Instalments; 6 per
cent 9.0f>0
Roscnzwelj. Victor, to J Hellman; Madlson-at,
ns, 120 ft eof Scammel-st; 5 years; 9 per cent. Ij.ooo
Meyer. Margaret A. to A Lewlsohn; Boulevard.
n c corner 180th-st: 3 years; 5 per cent 40.000
Eyes, Joseph, to Annie S Arnold; (Slat No 148
East; due December 1. 1005; 4 per cent 10,000
Robinson. George, to M Curley; 179th-st. S 3.
100 ft w of Wadsworth-ave; per bond 8.000
Jaffe. Garnet, to M Klemann; Union-aye. No 634;
5 years; 5 per cent ■• ■ ».0W»
Florvantl. G. to East River Savings Bank: 171st
st. n s. 100.5 ft c of Park-aye: 6 years; 4*,
per cent ■• 3 2 - 000
Schleslnger. Abram. and another to Charles H
Thelps: lOOth-st. s s, 125 ft w of Central Park
West ; 3 years; 4' - per cent 41.0W
Schleslnsrer. Ahram. and another to Guardian
Trust Company: lOOth-st. s s. 210 ft c of Cen
tral Park West; per bond •■• ■ • 4l.ww
Hoffman. I«aac. and another to Union Dime Sav
in s Bank. 107th-et. ns. 450 ft Wof Amster
danvave; due November 1. 190»; 4A4 P«t cent.. 63.nw
Sonn, Henry, to Seymour Realty Company; o*»- -.„„,.
st No 38 West; due March 1. 1910: 4 per cent.. 85.000
Cohen. Herman, to E P Robblns: 139th-st. n a
70 ft w of Broadway; 3 years. 5 per cent 4-000
Ruth, Abraham, to E P Robblns: 140th-Bt s s. wn
75 ft w of Broadway; S years; 5 per cent. ..... 4..0W
Shea. Mary, to William H Weeks: 3d-ave; No
5^7: 3 years; f> per cent i« ••••••• '• ww
West Fide Construction Company to Realty Manu
facturing Company et al: 121st-st. n s. w of ft
Amsterdam-aye: eight mortgages, as per bonds. 250,. ,0
Same to same: 122 d ss.w of A" l *** ll^*"^^ : m~n
1 year 6 per cent, as per bonds, five mortgages, izi.^xj
Same to Oermanla IJfe Insurance company: -^
Riverside Drive, s c corner 93,1-st; per bond . .. 390.000
Jacob, August, and another to East River Savings
Institution: Washington-ay*. w s. s of iiisi-si.
5 years. 4^4 per cent, four mortgages •• «».ww
Fl»lEchman Realty and Construction Company to
Dry Hock Savings Institution; .th-a\e. n c
corner 143d-st; per bond 1 i\\;*".l"^,- w *
Same to same; 7th-ave .< • corner 1441h-*t; p« 50000
Schle^nger.' Abram: et aY to' David" bohen; ioOth
st, « s, 123 ft m of Central Park West; prior
mortgage. $128,000- due August 1. 1905. 6 .per ISOOO
Wlscbaaskt " i! "and 'another' to L Strauss; lOOth^
st Nos 158 and 1«» West; two mortgages, $1..0 ik»
each; prior mortgage. $19,000: 4 : years, b per 12.000
Cohen ' Harris,' "American "Mortgage Company;
iVh-Vt. n a. 225.1 ft w of Amsterdam -aye; 1
Bamf t-f ia^T&U^t " « i' «* '« w W Am-
Sa dd a m ft m : : 1 year. 8 per cent . . ... ... •• • • • •_ •
Same to same; l«W-et. n a 8M 1 ft w of Am-
Sirv;r3"n n lbvahanA a t r o S B Uliinin-Vli ' 13-.th-
St. n s. 425 ft W of Lenox-ave; 2. years. 5 per
Cypreia-ave; due May 1. 19wi 4H per cent. . . 25.000
Mat 2 . Harry, to J Uosenthal: 14Sth-st ns. 100
ft c of 7th-ave: two mortgages. $5.4.i» eacn. .««-
prior mortgago. $4S.0O0; 1 year 0 per cent. ;_ ■ - ■ *>.»'•
Robertson. John, and another to V nlon Dim* - 000
lnrs Institution; USth-et, «< »• sfl . rt r ()OO
due May LIMA 4', per cenW 28.000
Sllberman. Samuel .1. to Equitable Ufe ***?Z
an.-, Society: Sth-ave. n c corner 13Mh-st. 5 SIOOO
lifter-. jV'ToT-nUed' Stai-s VldeUty" «pi*^^ '
art?,- Company; r>2d-st. s s. 370 ft c of Sth-ave.
due April is. moo. 6 per <-' ent - ••:■•■•;•;.••••;:; ' •
William. Samuel, and others to lAss1 Ass ' > ' il i. Ilon 0 r
the Relief of Reap«cta»la Aged Indigent Females
123J-st. na, 3ft■ of 7th-ave; I year, ■> »c» IZM>
Geenen ' 'Josephine' M." 'to'}' McClenanAn:" «7th-st
n s. SO ft w of West End-aye; 3 years. •> per-
Cohen ■HarVli."t>"AmVrican"Mcrtsage Company:
lf.Oth-st. n s. 180.1 ft m of Amsterdam-aye. l
year 5 per cent «.uw
Same to same; 161st-st. s s. 350 ft ■»• of Amster
dam-aye; 1 year. 5 p»r cent. . .... y•;• • " I«'uuw1 «' uuw
Same to same; 160th-st. n s, 3(«.l ft w of Am
aterdam-ave: 1 year. 5 per cent ••..•■■• 10 - wv
Englander. Gus3le. to 3 C Julius Langbeln; Wash
ington a w s. 71 ft > w of lSSth-st; prior
mortgage, $1,400: 3 years. C per cent. ......... **-° I ' o
Mayer. Isaac, to City Mortgage Company; 14Sth
st. ns. 100 ft wof 7th-ave; l year. C per cent. 1.000
Mayer Isaac, to Cl.y Mortgage Company; "bth
st. n s. 211.4 ft W of 7th-ave; 1 year, 6 per
cent ol.uw
Malcolm. Thomas I), to William Knoepke; lots
267 and 208, map Metros.-: 2 years. 5 per cent. . 19.000>
Schleslnser. Abram. to C O'Neill; lOOth-st. 165
ft w of Central Park: West; per bond 48.000
Sllverson. Abraham, to Harris Cohen; 135th-st. . __
n s 150 ft wof Lenox 1 year. 8 per cent.. 12.000
Mtchelson. A, and another to William Flshman
and another; Houston- st, corner Cannon-*; 3
years tip-rent 15.000
Lehman, Edgar, to I Hoffman and another;
107th-st. n s. 400 ft vr of Amsterdam-aye; ln
stalmenzs; 0 per c«el 25,250
Same to same: K'7th n s, 450 ft w of Am
sterdam eve; Instalments, tt percent 23,250
Sllberman. Samuel .1. to 3qultable Life Assurance
Society: 13&th-st. a c corner &th-ave; o years.
4V» per cent 51.000
Hopkins. Emily It. to Union DUaa Savings Inrtt
tution; -J>'th st. s s, s7 ft w of 4th-ave; due
May 1. 1910 100.<K10
Helperstaasen, Phillip, and another, to Rosalie
Kaufmann and another; 146th-st. No 41S West;
5 years: I 's per cent 11.000
Blsohotr, Sarih. to Title f!ua.-«ntee and Trust
Company; St. Nlcholas-ave, No 171: as per
bond 20.000
Scovllln, Agnea M, and another, to J Winter
bottom; Kprlnjr-st^ n s. 80 ft from, w a Thomp—
ton-St; 3 >>• li s. 5 per cent 24.000
Garland, li F. to E BUrodt, lots 49 and 47. map
Cranford property; 3 years, & per cent 2.000
Stern. Abraham, and another to Samuel J Ht»
glns and another; Amsterdam-aye, n c corner
1.'..-» th at; - yeara. 5 per Mcl ?5.000
Robertson, J inn. and another to Union Dim*
Pavings Institution; 13J»th-st. a a, 218 ft » of
Cypreee due May 1, 1910: *% per cent 28.000
Same to same; 13iith-st. 5 a SSB ft .< of CypreJß
ave: due May 1. 1910: 4V» per c*nt 23.000
Hlrsch. Jacob, to LawyerV Tttla Insurance Com
pany: Jerome-aye. n w a, 617 5 ft a w of lSH>th
st; as per bond 39.000
Same to same; Jerome-aye, n m a MS. II ft s w
of 13oth-*t; 2 mortgagee, each $liUK); as per
bond 24.000
Alpha Realty Company to Manhattan Trust Com
pany; 60th- st. litm 10 to 14. i>i«t. to secure 5
per cent gold bond* ... 100. (XX)
Alpha Realty Company to Unwary Savings Bank:
Ciith-st. a a. 2*H» ft •• of Oth-ave; 5 years. 44 per
cent • «80.000
Raedle, Charles A. to New York Savings Bank;
llfith-at. No 74 East; per bond 12.000
Donnelly. M K. to M It Cu«hln«r: 44th- st. No
120 to 12«1 Went; 1 y«ar. rt per c«-nt. cold S.OOO
Kldanaky. V. and another to L Suy.hini. Utlst-st,
« a 100 ft eof lut-ave: 6 years. 5 j>«-r cent.... 20.000
Hoffman. Isaac, an.i another to Union Dime Say-
Ings Institution; lo7lh-»t. n a. 4<iO ft w of Am
•tardam 4 yearn. 4V» p«r crnt 65.000
Mil helH.n. A. to .* A Brown, 1r; ii >oaton «t. a c
corner Cannon-at; 8 years. 4*.» pet c«nt 73.000
Donnelly. M E. to Lawyera" Title Insurance
Company; 44th~st. a a. 243.U ft » of ay,-;
1 «r bond 139,000
Kaskei l"aul. to Till* (luraiitee and Trust Com
pany ; 63.1 st. No 4«t> \Trst; i*r bond 17,000
c«tir.>t\ A«g"i>ti». to Lawyers' Title- Insurance
Company ; Columbus-ay». •» a. 2rt.s ft n of 8M
at ; per bond 90.000
h;ain.> to mmi.; »""ol«mbua-ave, c a. 103.2 ft n of
t-2! at. par Un,\ 30.000
Mullen, M, t., J i«chleainK»r: 14* th at. a a. 409.4
ft •• of I -m k aye; due Brpttmber lit. ltM». d
l-i cent 81500
tCl»«nl>«rir. K«(h»r. In Central ltralty Bond and
Trust Company; Broadway, n c corner 171»th-
St; 8 ypara, 6 per oont 8.000
Bchwegl«r. O«ont» i« A ilt-hren; Oolumbua-ave
No 4i!U; 3 are, 5 per cent ti 000
On»-liuin1»oa-aml-tliU-ti--t«I»d-«t.. north ...... x^j un
Real Estate.
Safe Investments.
Mortgages on improved prop*
erty in the City of New York,
with payment guaranteed and se
lected by a Company which has
the skill and experience necessary
to distinguish the safe mortgages
from the unsafe.
No purchaser of a mort
grngo guaranteed by this
Company has ever lost a
dollar on his investment.
Bond &> Mortgage Guarantee Co
Capital and Surplus
146 Broad. 175 Remsen St,
New York. . Brooklyn.
H S Guaranty & Indemnity Co. 1 1 9
X 4 Capital Talc! la $1,000,000. \X
Ouaranty & Indemnity Co. 1 1
Capital raid la $!.eoe.oe«. \X"
Surplo* - " 2S«.Mta. m
v Insures Titles of Real Estate. *»
M Loans Money ea Bond & Mortsasew 1 VI
tS< / 110-1(4 Broad*ay. New York (V-J
17S-H*) Montaroe St.. Brooklyn.. 'fty
HUMMER HOMES. — Wrli* for catalosus. WE^T &
K00.N7. Vox T. Bal'.aton Spa. X T.
To Let for Business Purposes.
(Fireproof) Fronting Brooklyn liriU£«.
A Few Desirable Offices To Let
In the large new office building:,
NOS. 72 ®. 74 BROADWAY.
running through to
Nos. 9, II (Sl 13 New Street.
Inquire at th« or".-" of the building.
City Property for Sale.
Ka«y tenra. G. G. BAKER. ■'■■»■'. r.th-a-.».
City Property to Let.
V"(l "aND 147 EASTTl>3i>^ST^Thr^«. aTory and base^
m AND hl«h stoop, private dwellings; $1,100 «r.S
mfv - .p. prtvate awelllngs; ll.ioo ar.d
SI »>*> reapectlveiy.
WANDKIL. Owner. l."!» E. 83d-st. and 51 Chaabers-st
In fine location, suitable for private residences or
school purpoaen. Addre»» Room «oi>. 31 Nasaau .St.
Unfurnished Apartments to Let.
48 E.%.5T 26TU ST. r
Centrally located. High class elevator apartments.
(1,000 to $1,700. Apply to superintendent
to let; six all U«M rooms.
BAXNOCKBLTRN. 2.045) 3th-ave., near lKth-st.
~~~ 157-161 EAST 3 1ST ST.
Handsome apartment. 6 rooms and bath. »»ery Im
provement; $45.
Brooklyn Property for Sale.
a on lilt UIU.S SKIRTING j
! Lota with every city Improvement at $S7S aa t
i rasy monthly payments. Will be worth »"..00J |
I each wlt.hiQ two years, on completion of Farm- I
! sylvania tunnel and Blackwell'a Island Bridge. I ;
; Colonial cottages ready to occupy on p&n&eat L
: Of 1400. P
H BS7 Manhattan At.. Brooklyn. t
Underselling everybody: lots t?Z~ ■: any terms. Call
EPWARDS. M 3 Flathush aye.. B'klyn. Open Sunday.
Brooklyn Property Wanted.
Sell your Real Estate In any part of Brooklyn
Send full particulars of what you have tor sals.
1,113 BEDFORD-AYE. TeL T<^ Bedford.
Country Property for Sale.
Catalos tree to lntrnulnz barer*:
Owners, wishing to Bad. c*il or write!
rhllllpo C Welle. HI»S Tribune UuUatajc. X. T.
NOR THI'ORT.— bargain. JS.OOO.OO; house 11 rooms
and bath; hot water heating system; a!! Improve
ments; fine location, plot 100x231 feet. G. H. W.UIU
7S Delevan St.. Brooklyn.
HOTEL FOR SAVE \ er.ld mine for some one: sab
rents. 82.000; It rooms; price. MM H. U
RERTV Amsterdam. N. Y. _^^__
Country Property To Let.
/TOUNTRY HOI'SE ■> rent. farnisheJ; 1 hour city: l=
\J provements; *•' per month fur t> .>r ;J oioaths. Mrs.
GARLOCK. Box 93. Mount X »••••. N. V
TO LEASE DV THE YKAK. i large han«SMßS*f ft«r
nlshed house; an Ideal home: !awn. eardrn. stab.c.
*c. Address Mrs. T. M. LOWE, Ovtnßton aye.. Bay
BERKSHIRE HILLS. — Twn Colonial Houso. fttlly
furnlßhed. to let for the lummar; modern Improve
ments; gas. '.cms: distance telephone ; very dr»lrable. AJ
riy to S. G. tknn ; :y \v •,•.:.■■■:-■ > ■ .m..--
no n?\ (^. TP i7T\ m and points is
FALX. RIVER LINE, via Newport and Fall River.
Leave Pier 1». N. X.. foot of Warren St.. weeic-<laj-j omr
at 6:U) P. M Steamers J'RI^CILLA tsd rUJSKIM.
Orchestra on each. * u -.
NORWICH UNB, via New London. Leave Plfr «'.
X. R . foot of ClarksM St.. week-days on!y at «:i«l*
NEW HA VEIN* LINE. for New Haven. HartforS. Spnni
fleld and the North. Leave Pier 20. E. R.. foot of Pjl*
Slip, week-days only at e:UO P. 1L Steamer RICHARU
west of Amsterdam . Stat* Realty and MsrtSSajß Cnrn
pany loans to Joseph M. liroJy. Ephrmim AXer and Seiw
jamln F. Keen JtS2.WO. .^_.,« •
Cvpres»»-ave.. southeast corner of 139*Jj-st.. -vliS.*
Btata Realty and Mortrairo Company loan* to Lor*ci ana
William U. Welher »:;.IW). „-•_
Utveralde Drive, southeast corner of 830-St., 14Jx1.. »
trrerular. the Dert.ianta Life Insurance lompain- Ijans tJ
the Weat Si.le Construction t'ompM: $3W>.o«ji>.
One-It -aud-fourt . No 114 Ea»t. William ana
Jullux Bachrach loan to Isalt Flam and LuuU Kiyte«
lieekmnn 5t.. weat s!cse. 23 feet north of Oat TIsnWSJ
100x101). The Bronx. The Krnnx Inyearment Company !v»a»
to Henry F. A. Wolf Company tW.CUO.
One-hundrdid-and-seoond-»t.. south side, 173 ftjt
of lat-ave.. for two aim atory brick r)»th.>u»«a. tt.t»Sfcl«
8. O. Ludtn. owner; Herr.atetn A Uernsteln. architects,
coat. *7W.WX).
hundred and thirty fourth at . »outh afJ*. I* ? **
west of Airmfnlam-ave.. for a ". ■■ story br:c!i fl l^"^'
KMR.U; R.».-mhai A Levy, owners: tJ!a»»er * ES<rs
architects; coat. $4t»000.
One-hun<lr«'l-»n<l-thir»sr-foorth-pt.. »->ut*« »!(V. S.'*'* ■**•
weat of AitiitiTtlam-uve.. for a flva sti*T brick flatho<l»*>
C0x!l7.11; RoaenttuU .4 Levy. o»u«:». Olaaacr * "-""
arrhttecta: coat. »*O.OOOi .
West Knd-ave. No. M*. for a one etury frame «•**■
M-Oxttt; T. jr. Devlne. own«r and architect; cust. i* X
Reward Place, eaat side. 523 feet north of SMth-s*-. **
a two and one-half atory frame dwellina; house. •«.<■»••
Udwaitl C li»!ullelJ. owner; Fr&acU U. atewart. arc»iuct.
coat. *12.000 i
Washington ar» . east aide. 193 feet south of l7lta-«^«
for four ny«- itory brick tenement houses. 4"1.5»-'»-v
leader A Bluom. owners; Huveaburavr ft iitraub, aw—
teeta; coat fiin».uiio. ,
• >n.- hunUrail an.l fifty -nlnth-st.. southwest comer c-
Eltvii aye.. for a two atary and basement trick clubS* 111 *'
4HxIW»; Jefferson Oimstructton Company, owner; M- *•
Garvln. architect; eoet, f(U.tmi>.
Jennings st . north aitio. 33 feet west of l*>n«r»liawr**r
for a thiee story frame store, and dwelling hou*e, .*• !•<"»■■
Charles and Rosa OaUaUtcer. owaere; ■— a H. a* l -'* 1 *
architect; co«t. iUUUU.

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