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<t Book by a Xerc Professor at
par >
Piofesror Fullerton's clear and lively style is
in harmony with the best traditions of English
philosophy. In this department of science we
owe so much to Germany that some of our writ
ers have Increased the debt unpleasantly by
borrowing not only idea*, but also a pedant c
manner, a barbarous diction and a rhetoric
which is a thing of u«Hne ¥ . But in this troa-
Use one of the least attractive subjects is pre
sented In a most attractive manner. Indeed,
there is at times alack of dignity in the author
which may not be altogether agreeable to those
who are accustomed to brood over the entitles
and quiddities of abstract thought. Not only is
the book written In good English, hut the meth
od and spirit of the author are also English. L
we are not mistaken, there is no reference to any
philosopher of the post-Kantian period in Ger
many. and- if we except the citations from the
eder and the younger Janet-no reference to
any French philosopher since Pascal. On the
contrary, the discussions relate chiefly to the
doctrines of the great English empiricists, from
Locke to Mill. It is to this empirical school of
thought that Professor Fullerton belongs, and
be has not always protected himself against
criticisms which have been made of the philos
ophy of experlsnc-. It is satisfactory, however,
to read an author who is at home in the history
Of hiP subject, who does not present old theo
ries supposing them to be new. or new theories
without being aware of their relation to earlier
philosophy. i^j
The treatise Is divided into four parts. The
first deals with the Content of Consciousness.
the second with the External World, the third
with Mind and Matter, the fourth with Other
Minds and the Realm of Minds. While in one
way this is a "system," because the parts are
logically related to one another, in another
wav it is a series of essays on metaphysical
subjects So. while the work has a continuity.
It is also so advantageously arranged that each
chapter may be read by itself, without special
reference to the others. The general position
of Professor Fullerton is that of Berkeley and
Hume in their theories of knowledge: but he is
not satisfied with the subjective idealism of the
one nor with the skepticism of the other. While
for him the world of conscious experience is the
real world, there is a "constructive" world be
yond present experience. It Is a world which
is both external and independent of a knowing
subject. He thus differs with Berkeley, who
made eese and percipi synonymous, and from
KmUI. who held that matter and mind were the
pir.ere possibilities of sensation and of feeling.
It ■-, difficult to epitomise Professor Fullerton's
doctrine of the external world; he has devoted
many pages to the exposition of it, and "brief
statements" usually do injustice to an author's
theory. He sets out from the point of view of
the 'plain man." and shows first how the psy
chologist modifies this naive realism. But he
finds both the plain man's and the psychologist's
account of the external world to be misleading,
Just as the conceptions of the physicist are in
this respect misleading. Reality consists not
In things as opposed to appearances, nor in
substances and substrata as opposed to quali
ties. Reality is given in experience. Here he
la in agreement with Berkeley. But he differs
with Berkeley in refusing to remain imprisoned
within the circle of his own consciousness. He
takes into consideration a wider world, of ex
ternal objects, of other minds. If what I know
immediately is only sensations, and if these are
I n_i*ar what is to be said of an external world,
and especially what is to be said of a world
Independent of the percipient? Does the table
which I am writing upon cease to exist when
there is no one perceiving it? Berkeley replied
that it was perceived by God. and so had a
persistent reality. Professor Fullerton has a
different answer. The taJole exists independent
ly of my perception of it. because it is part of a
systematic order. The antithesis is not between
sensations and a reality which causes them;
the antithesis is between a subjective and an
objective order. The former is external, and,
although a "construct." is independent of my
perception. The subjective order Is my own ex
perience, and would cease to be if I ceased to
be. This, in general, is Professor Fullerton's
way of escaping the difficulties and absurdities
which beset the realist on the one hand, and the
subjective idealist or sollpsist on the other.
Professor Fullerton is perhaps at his best
•when criticising cherished traditional theories
which have come to us an "the authority of
treat names." Of especial value are his obser
vations concerning Locke. Clifford, and Spen
cer. H* has failed, however, to. make good a case
against Kant in the chapter on the Kantian
doctrine of Space, and his argument against
Hamilton— although this is of less importance-
Is not ad rem. Without doubt, the Kantian
Esthetic can no longer be accepted as a wholly
satisfactory theory of Space and" Time, but from
the author's criticism of it, it is difficult to be?
lieve that he has grasped : the meaning of the
Kantian doctrine. In spite of these defects.
we may say that Professor Fullerton's book
fitly Inaugurates bis recent accession to tha.
chair of philosophy at Columbia University.
Stock Near High Record— Street Thinks
Extra Dividends Will Come.
T,* directors of the Delaware, L>acjcawanna and
t Western Railroad Company yesterday declared. a
| quarterly dividend of 1% per cent on th« stock,
", •QUivalent to 10 per cant a. year. Frota, 1886 regu
lar dividends at the rate of 7 per cent a year have
; been peld. L<ast December an extra 10 per cent
; «iivi<lend was declared, and It is the belief in the
; Btreet that even If the stock is to be henceforth
• 00 a. lit per cent dividend basis there will be ' extra
■ •ttvtdends declared from time- to time.
On sales of WO shares yesterday, L«ackawanna
advanced 4% points to 2*4%. Its high record price Is
• 430. which wa* reached a few weeks ago. A year
• uo yesterday the stock Bold at 267.
Chicago, March SO.— Official announcement was
made to-day that th« Chicago, Milwaukee and St.
Paul Railway has. decided on an extension from
Chamberlain, 0 D., west through byman "County,'
8. D.. opening a new region of cheap, lands, rich
in agricultural resources, mild climate and pro
ductive soil.
Plans have be«a filed for a new private art gal
lery for Benjamin Altrr.ai; to be built at No. 1 West
f«tb-«t. It If to b« a two story structure, with a
frontage of 12 feet and a depth of SB.6^ feet, and
Trill have a facade of brownstone decorated with
larre ornamental panels. It is to be llrhted by a
Urge-ova.l dome. The cost of the building ts esti
mated si.no.OCQ by the architects. Trowbrld** &
Livingston. . , ->•: i
The Sterling Realty Company ha« sold to Alfred
11. Rau Nos. IS and 30 T\'«t S2d-st., two four story
brownstone dwelling houses on a plot 48« by 100
feet. This was tho lajst remaining untold parcel
of the company In the Herald Square district, c
E. Lir.th; was the broker.
FOR 7TH-AVE. BUILDING, $106,000.
Edward F. Carey has Bold to the tenant th« old
bailing on a lot 20.2 by GO feet at the northeast
corner of 4Uh-st. and 7th-ave. The purchase price
wm. it i* aild. about t105,00U. \ ■■„>/ : *
J. E. Brlrrs has sold for the New- Amsterdam
Realty Company the premise* No«.,lC7.an<J 109 West
«6th-«t , eomprisJnir two five story triple' flathouses
«a « plot CO by 100 feet. ■ - -
Gotham Company Bun* Large Central Park West Plot— Market Found
- for Three Parcels m Loner oth-ave.
Tucker. Speyars & Co. sold yesterday for Jesse
C. tToodbull the Standard Building, Nos. 36 ana 37
We«t 31st-st.. for $300,000. It is an eleven story mer
cantile structure, on a plot 33.4x98.9 feet
j A. I* Mordecal & Co. have sold, in conjunction
with Richtnayer & Irving, for Stephen C. Clark,
a plot 201.5x150 feet, on the west side of Centra!
Park West." between 85th and S6th sts.. to tho
Gotham - Building and ' Construction Company,
which Is composed of Henry L. Felt, James Mul
hern. Edwin Shuttleworth and. Anthony Schwoerer.
This property will be improved with two twelve
r.tory apartment' houses, each covering a plot 100.S>,i
xlso feet deep
Three parcels at the northeast corner of 19th-st.
and sth -ave. were sold yesterday. Two of the par
cels are a ' five story building, on a lot. 24.6x100
feet and No. 3 East 19th-st.. a three story building.
on a lot 25x92 feet, both of which were owned by
W. n, H. Martin. The third parcel 13 No. 121 oth
ave.. on a lot 21.6x100 feet, which was owned by,
Mollle V. Pakes. The price was about $500,000.
' The Automobile Club of America totok title
yesterday to the parcel No. 245 to 259 West 54th-st..
on which it will erect a home for its own occu
pancy Jolin P. Klrwan was associated with Bryan
L. Kennelly as : brokers In the transaction.
Bernard Smyth & Sons have sold to Isaac Fried
enheit for S. L. Lawson No. 23 West 96th-st.. be
tween Central Park West and Columbus-are.; a four
story brick and stone dwelling house, lot 13x100.11
feet. „ ■-„■ -.: v' $■?■:?;
George R. Read & Co. have sold to a client, for
improvement, the plot on the northerly side of
51f«t-st., 75 feet west of Madlson-ave.. 40x100 feet.
Th* plot is opposite St. Patrick's Cathedral.
Richard M. Montgomery has sold for Andrew J.
Larkin to Isabella Bolln, represented by Leslie R.
Palmer, attorney, four lots on the east side of
Balley-ave.. 469 feet south of Kingsbridge Road.
This property is adjacent to the Joint station of
th« subway and New-York Central at Broadway
and Terrace View-aye., Kingsbridge.
* — I
The Charles F. Noyes Company has sold for
A^'reii Beinhauer the Sparling, a five story apart
ment house. No. IS3 East 17th-st.. on a lot 25x92
John Randall & Co. have purchased about one
half mile of land in Alden-st. and Valley Road,
Orange. X. J., for the National Phonograph Com
pany, which Intends to erect a large building and
extend its phonograph business. The considera
tion was about $257,000.
Gutwillig Brothers and J. Hamershiag have sold
a plot, 78x115 feet, at the southwest corner of
Jerome-aye. and Clinton Place, to A. Haas for im
provement, with two five-story flathouses.
E. Tancnbaum & Co. have sold for the Century
Realty Company to a client the block bounded by
Grand-aye., Clinton Place, Davidson and 181 st sts.
Also sold for John O'Leary twelve lots on the
west side of Crotona-ave., 20ft feet north of 183d-st. ;
the plor 80x100 feet, on the west side of Crotona
ave 170 feet north of 187th-st., and for Frank
Bradlej to a client the three lots on the west side
of Franklin-aye., 25 feet north of 168th-st.
Jacob Kronenberger has sold a plot, 250x100 feet,
on the west side of Vyse-ave./ north of Home-st.,
for Handman, Rogg & Handman to M. Graham.
Haynes & Selig have sold for Henry W. J. Von
derrolnden the two flathouses Nos. 3,988 and 8,990
East 20>th-st.. or Southern Boulevard. The buyers
propose to change these flathouses into apartment
houses, more suited to the locality.
. Shaw & Co. have sold for Mrs. Annie F. Sorla
No. 125 West 137th-st., a five story double flat
house, 25x100 feet, to an Investor.
O. Brettell & Son have sp»u for Louis Les© Nos.
389 and 841 East 118th-st., on a plot 41 Bxloo feet.
William P. Mangam has., resold the property at
the northwest corner of Fark-ave. and 12Tth-st.. a
three story brick building with stable, on a lot
2jx"o feet.
.Charles R. Faruolo & Co. have sold for Dr. John
Horn the four story tenement house No. 709 East
llth-et.,'on a lot 25x103 feet, to Robert Denegris, of
Brooklyn. The came firm has leased for George
Mandel the six story tenement house No. 187
Chrystie-st., for a term of five years, at an aggre
gate rental of $12,000.
Pocher. & Co. have sold the northeast corner of
West 4th and West 10th sts., two buildings, on a lot
21x83 feet," for O. J. Fitzgerald, to George Karsch.
The numbers of the houses are No. 183 West 10th
and No. 233 West 41 Fts.
.'- The McVJckar Gaillard Realty Company has sold
for Mrs. Mary T. > Brennan and other persons No.
23 Vandam-st., a three story high stoop dwelling
house, on a lot l&.SxlOO feet.
.; White & PhtpDS have sold for G. Winston and
Jackson & Stern Nos. 42 and 44 West 39th-st.. two
four story dwelling houses, on a plot 40x)00 feet.
Grots & Gross Company has leased for W. H
Hurst to a client the five story building an a plot,
60x100 feet, Nos. 231, 233 and 235 West 40th-st.
W. E. & F. B. Taylor have resold for Gouverneur
Tlllotson, No. 340 Lexington-ave., a four story
brownstone dwelling house, on lot 20x78 feet.- • ■->■•
D. Raffelson has sold for John M. O'Rorke, No. 45
Forsyth-st.. a five story front and rear house on
lot 33x100 feet.
' Henry W. J. Vonderminden has sold the two flat
houses, Nos. 3.988 and 3.890 East 200th-st.. 50x100
f**-l • ■ ; - - ■ .
'< Huberth & Gabel have sold for Flora Binhorn the
plot on Crotona Park North, 100 feet west of Clin
ton -a 50x300 feet.
" E. V. Peacia & Co. have resold for Aaron & Ep
stein to Charles Scott the four story double flat
house. No. 627 East 151st-st., on plot iSxlls feet.
George Stolz has sold the folovring parcels:
The southwest corner of Columbus-aye. and Van
Buren-st.. 50x100 feet, for Josephine B. Rezazno;
a plot 75x100 feet, on the south side of Lebanon-st.,
opposite the Bronx River, for Katie Yutte; five lots
on sth-st., Unlonport, for Mr. Mcßride; a plot
£oxloo feet, on the west side of Walton-ave.. south
Of 176th-st.. for 11. I. Falk; a frame dwelling house,
on plot 25x100 feet, on the ! north side of Gulon
Place. 125 feet east of St. Lawr«nce-ave., for Will
iam and Annie Kingston; a plot. 60x88.11x128.7 feet,
on the west side of Belmont-ave., 425 feet south of
183d-st., for a Mrs. Hecht: also for «. client the
plot, 75x100 feet, on the east side of Beaiimont-ave*.
south of 187th-st.. and a similar plot on the west
side of Beaumont-aye.. south of 187th-st.
Ephraim B. Levy has sold to a Mrs. Stern two
"»ts, £oxloo feet, on the. sold to side of Stern two
£oxloo feet, on the -westerly side of Jefferson
st.. 80 feet north of Barnett Place/ at Van Nest;
also 50x300 feet, on the easterly side of Jefferson
st., 80 feet north of Barnett Place; also a plot,
25x100 feet, on the easterly side of White Plalns
ave.. 120 feet north of Morris Park-aye. .
The SUverman Realty Company. Just organized
by Robert M. Silverman. Arthur E. SUverman and
J. Charles Weschler, has bought . the following
parcels: From Lawrence Wiener fourteen lots on
the south, side of 136th-Bt.. 384 feet east of St.
Ann's-ave., 841x100 feet; from Jean Masses eight lots
on the north side of 14Oth-st.. I'O feet east of St.
Ann'i-avf- , ii)ox»s feet; from 'H«-;insr tr Wolf four
lots on the south side of 141?'-.*; 403 feet east of
St. Ann'»-ave.. 100x95 feet; from the William Ro
senrweig- Realty Operating Company six lots on
the east sld« of 3d-ave.. Ml feet north of U4th
st , loOxlCO f«et; 'also a plot on the easterly side
of - Jerome-aye.. 87 feet north or 165th-st.. 105x195
feet, runlng through to Cromwell-aye. The com
pany ■ lias resold the lots on Mlst-st. to Jacob
Friedman for Improvement. ,
Lockwood & Osman have bought the plot 50x100
feet on the , west- side 7 of Intervale-aye., 194 feet
north of Westchester-ave. „ ■ - ■ .
Jacob Leitner has sold for Leo F. Price to John
McGovern twenty-seven lots on the east side of
I>awßon-«t between Longwood and Intervale ayes.;
also for Dr. Gordon Nos. 3>3s',and 5.907 3d-ave., a
five story flathous», with stores, on plot 50x100 feet.
A. Frl«lb«rg and George J. Strieker have sold
for a client th« four story double nathouss No.
€70 East 147th-et., to Thoman Creamer. .Sk^i*
Bartirti Friedman has bought from Ralph Hlch
ox Jots at th* southwest corner of Bartholdl
a.'.-.fi : -Cf'<3ar,avea;:|- . .
M Cohn ;& % have cold for th« New-York City
Church Extension and r Missionary Society to Loiv»
en/eld & Pragor the plot. 118.9x100.1l feet, on the
north Bide of iO9th-st.. 70 feet east of Madlson-ave.
W. D. s Morgan & Co. have sold for Lowenfeld &
Pra«er the northeast corner of ,Wadsworth-av«^
William S. Patten and J. L. Van Sant have
bought from Kevins & Perelman No. 205 to aw
East 126th-st., three four story dwelling houses;
also from P Frey Nos. 211 and 213, adoining.
making In all a plot 80x99.11 feet.
Louis Lese has sold to Nevins & Perelman No.
US to 118 East 127th-et., old dwellings, on plot 50x
99.11 feet; also sold to the Mtshkind-Feinberg
Kealty Company No. 232 East USth-st., a two story
dwelling house, on lot 16 .8x100.11 feet.
The Business Men's Realty Company haa sold to
David Herman Nos. 2,340 and 2,342 2d-ave., north
east corner of 120th-st., two three story buildings,
on plot 40.11x80 feet.
"William Wolff's Son haa sold for Joseph Hamer
sehlag and OutwlUlg Brothers to a Mr. Melrowitz
the plot. 50x102.2 fe#t, on the north side of 79th-st.,
150 feet west of Avenue B.
Samuel Kadin has sold to Rotkowitz Brothers
No. 403 to 411 East 60th-st., five six story double
tenement houses on plot 125x100.5 feet.
Sarah Davis has sold to Antoino Heyn No. 94
East lllth-st., a three story dwelling house on lot
16x100.11 feet.
Kaskel. Bruder & Hahn have bought No. 446 to
450 West 46th-st., three five story flatnouses on plot
75x100.5 feet.
Arnold & Byrne have sold for H. Belin to C. H.
Schroder No. 508 West 147th-st., a five story flat
house, on lot 25x99.11 feet.
Charles Goldberg and T. Lt. Weinstein have sold
for Lowenfeld & Prager Nos. 322 and 324 Kast 121st
at., old buildings, on plot 37.6x100.11 feet.
F. Morris & Co. have bought from Edna A. Mott
and Kate E. Mott No 307 West 47th-st., a four
story building on lot 25x100.5 feet. The buyers will
alter the building for business. This property has
remained in the Mott family for sixty years.
Mandelbaum & Lewlne have bought Nos. 442 and
444 East 117th-st.. old buildings, on plot 36.10x100.11
Frankenthaler & Saplnsky and Charles Kaufman
have bought for a client No. 810 2d-ave.. a five story
tenement house, with stores, on lot 25x100 feet.
Marx Tayior has sold through Mrs. C. Tencorn
the four story brownstone front double fiathouse
No. 321 East 79th-st., on plot 2&X102.2 feet, to Charles
"Sol" Marcus haa sold for Herman Strauss to
the Broaiiway-Reliance Realty Company eighteen
lots of the westerly part of the Juvenile Asylum
property, between Audubon and St, Nicholas ayes.,
comprising six lots each in 176 th. 177 th and 178 th sts.
Mr. Strauss Intends erecting several modern apart
ment houses on part of the Audubon and St. Nich
olas aye. ends of the tract.
"Sol" L. Kaye haß sold to Eugene Driscoll No,
245 East 127th-st.. a two story frame dwelling house,
on plot 30x99.11 feet, adjoining the northwest corner
of 2d«ave.
John Wynne haa sold to Charles Hauserman Nos.
2,548 and 2,548 Bth-ave.. two five story flathouses, on
plot 50x100 feet.
Louis H. Lowenstein. In conjunction with Isidor
Wltkind. has sold for M. Solomon to Murphy &
Bonowit the five storj' double flathouse No. 218 West
133d-st , on lot 27x99.11 feet; also for the same owner
to a client the adjoining similar house. No. 216;
also soli to M. Solomon the five story double flat
houie ai. the northwest corner of llSth-st. and
Madison-avt.. on lot 26x100 feet. Isidor Wltkin
represented the seller.
A. \V. Corse has sold for J. G. Fischer to a client
a plot of lots in Terrace Vlew-ave., at Marble Hill.
C. F. W. Johanning has sold for the estate of
Asher Simon No. 2.552 Sth-ave., a five story double
flathouse, with stores, on lot 25x80 feet.
Halprin. Piamonstone & Levin have sold to Max
Goldman No. 410 West 56th-st.. a five story tene
ment house, on lot 25x91 feet. J. Lubelsky was the
By Joreph P Day: 64 Qrand-st. n s, 75 ft w of Woos
ter-st, 25x100. 7 sty brk loft and store bids; Met J_
Ins Co agi Demorest Pattern Co et al; Rltch, "W B ©
B, attys, J X Lewis, ref; amt due. $51,045 6»; taxes, etc,
(726 41.
By James L. Weils: 3d aye, n s, 171.8 ft c 4th st,
53.4x114, Wakefleld; G DeWClocke and ano us trust**,
agl X Burlando et al; Shew. F & S, att ys; W A Wood
worth, ref; amt due. $2,806 88; taxes, etc, $200.
By Philip B Smyth: 8 North Moore-st, about 65 ft w of
West Broadway, 25x30x26x41; also 228 West Broadway
w s. about 6li ft s of North Moore-st, 35x59 3x28.2x71; 6
etory brk loft and store bldg; L P Morton and ano, as
trustees, agt M W Dow et al; F B Candler. atty; L
Wallach. ref; amt due, $64.516 90; taxes, etc, $756 71; to
R J Leaycraft for StJ2,<>oo.
By Joseph P Day: 5 and 7 l«th-et, n s, 141.10 ft c of
6th-ave, 60x92; 8 story brk loft and store bldg- taxes.
etc. $3,500; to Jacob D Butler for $225,000; Broolt-ave
c b, 271.9 ft n of 139th-st. 207.3x100.5; also Brook-ava,
w s, bet 16»th-et and Anna Place, and lots 32. S7 and 39
block 2.883; T Hodnett. Individ and admr. agt; R Hodnett.
mdlv. etc, et al; Huphes. R & S attye; C L. Hoffman
ref; taxes, etc. fWKI; to J Wolf for $40,000.
By Bryan L Kennelly: 2,155 Buthgate- ave. w 8 25 ft
n of 181st-st. 189x100; 2 story frame dwg h; A C
Stephens a&t M J O'Brien et al; J E Carpenter, atty; J
C Thompson, ref; amt due. $4.800 79; taxes, etc, $50; to
the plaintiff for $5,000.
114th-st, No 308 West. 26x100.11; Rosa Kahl to
Isaac Btrkman; mortgage, $19,000; o o and.... , $100
122d-st. Nos 154 and 156 East. 60x100.11; Henry 1
Bernhardt to Louise Stolzenberg; mortgage,
$34,000; o c and ."..... .!?. . 100
72d-st. s s, 316.8 ft c of 2d-ave, 16.8x102.2; Theo
dore Slnijii to Bertha Friedler; mortgage, - "-■■"
$6,000; o c and 100
46th-st, n a, 260 ft c of 6th-ave. 22x100.5; Jennie
L Craigie to Gustavus O Winston , 65,000
71st-st, No 125 East, 20x102.2; Louise B Henry
to Edward H Van Ingen; mortgage. $15,000; o c •
and ; . . .- 100
88th-st. s s, 106 ft c of lst-ave, 25x100.8; Mina
Mardorf to Charles Gambits; mortgage. $10
000; o c and joo
130th-et. No 25 East. 18x69.11; Charles Adler to
Leopold Herrmann and another; mortgage,
«*'2°° • ...rr.. Nominal
Broad n w corner 187th-st, 74. 1x105.1 1x71.
85.9; Jacob Bernstein to Felix Seise: mortgage,
$20,000; o c and '100
Bathgate-*ve. n, 288 ft n of 179th-st, 18x70;
Charles M Preston, receiver, to Delia Kerns
and another: mortgage, $2,600 -775
85th-et. No 161 East, 26x100.8; Morris Bhidlowsky . . ...
to Moses Ochs; mortgage, $23,000; o c and 100
l.fith-st, s w corner Crotona-av«. 100x107.8-
Plncus Lowenfeld and another to Isaac Lowen
feld; mortgage, $11,600; o c and - 100
88th-st. c w s, 150 ft n w of Bth-ave, 25x98.0;
Rhoda D Newman to William H«lm Nominal
lOHth-st. s 8. 200 ft w of 2d-ave. 23x100.11;
Minna Sparhasc to Rocco Romano et al- mort
gage. $8,000 /.......Nominal
123d-«t, No 435 East, 16.8x100.11; John J Living-. :
ston to Joseph Adolph . joo
Same property; Joseph Adolph to Samuel Gold
berger; mortgage. $5,000: 6 c and.. . 100
13th-st. No 241 East. 22.6x103.3; Beaconsfleld ■
Realty Company to Morris Haber et al; mort-- '
gage. $38,000; o c and 100
Trlnity-ave. w a, 27 ft 8 of 164th-st, 78x100; Kurt
R Pichtner to Herman Strauss; mortgage,
. •14.500 i . ..Nominal
Lenox-ave, n o corner 143d-st, 74.11 x irregular-
Jacob Bernstein to Louis Rubensteln; mortgage. .
$16,000; o c and , ;.... ..f 10 0
108th-st. s a. 110 ft c of Bth-ave. 80x100.11;
Charles I Welnatein «t al to Ruben Siegel et al:
mortgage. $S4.000; / c and - 100
Hoffmnn-st, No 2,447 w e. 18.5x87.5: William
Wain wright to Annie De Witt; mortgage ' ■
$4,000; o c and »o. jno
94th-st, 211 and 213 East. 50x100.8- Rudolph
Schneider to Charles Zoller; mortgage. $22.8(0. Nominal
Same, property; Charles Zoller to Charles Zoller '
Company • mortgage, $22.000 Nominal
13th-st. n s. at c s lot No 340 runs n 216 x « Box
s 10.« x c 50x s 106 x w 100. Unionporf. Charles .
B Coulter and another to Samuel Fischer- '
mortgage. $2,000: o c and...; : '...-... ' 100
Daly-ave, a w corner 177th-st; 101x25.5; Myron W '
Cuddeback to Marcus Nathan; one-third part;
mortgage, $9,500; o c and "C_- 100
139th-st. ri s. 75 ft w of Broadway. 123x09. 11; •• ';;■"•
Herman Koenigsberger to Leonard Welll; mort- 'A'*i--3
gage. $50,000; o c and ' 100
Deane Place, c c 25 ft a of Pleroe-ave, 50x100,
Westchester: Rocco Bonome to Jacob Cohen.... 1225
Foreyth-fit No 45. 26x100: John M O'Rorke to
Max Slutzky; mortgage. $18,000; o c and.."..... 100
4th-st. No 350 to 354 East. 50.3x96; Abraham . -
Levy to Abraham Adelberjr and another; mort
gage, $78.000 ; o c and : 100
184th-st, a c. 100 ft c of Creston-ave, 25x8f1; Rosa ' v> >- -
H Leonard executor, to Mary E Ryan 2,500
Lots Nos 103 and 104. map Van Nest Park. 50x
100; Ida tiilverson et al to August Dlener;
mortgage, $1,150 Nominal
Intervale-aye. nw a. 155.5 ft n c of ICOth-st, 26x
18.4; Julia D Schaeffer to Boretta O Parkin
son, mortgage. $2.500 ..Nominal
Webster-aye, c a. 256.3 ft n of Tremont-ave, 42.8
x159.3x42.tx159.1; Barbara Boehm to Pierce J
- McCarthy; mortgage. $27,000; oc and 100
130-*t, n a, 860 ft w of sth-ave. 20x Irregular;
Anna Fiedler to Bertha Chasls; mortgage, r
$13,200; o c and 100
57th-6t. 8 s. 130 ft c of 2d-ave. 20x100.5; Rachel
Gross to Nora M Jones; mortgage. $8,000; o c
and 100
2d-ave. No 658. c a, 25x100; Thcmas V Bajdwln
to Morris Wrabel : mortgage. $25.000 - 100
89th-st. No 44 West, 196x»50; Lewis B Bmith to •
Charles Thompson : o c and „ --V*lofJ
1734-st. n a. 100 ft w of Audubon-av«. 75x100:
Herman Cohen et al to Economy Building and '
Realty Company, mortgage. $20.000 100
114th-st, ns. 200 ft c of 2d-ave. 2Sxl00.10; Rorfna
Rennert to Vlncsnzo Braoco:: oc an* „ 100
Bergen-ave. w s. 150 ft s of Ross st, 25x100: Pat- '..' • '•
rick Murphy to Lena Gerlelt: mortgage. $10.000.. 16,500
118th -st. No 29 West. 23x100.11; Isidore Gross- ,^m
man to Nathan A. Seldln and another; mort
gage. $20,000 Nominal
64th-Bt. »ftw of Oth-ave, 20xV\ Annie L Clifford . >.
to Annette Shimon: mortgage. $5,500.,.. Nominal
12«>th-et. a s. 343.9 ft c of Pleasant-*.ve. 18. Ox
100.11; Geor»e Kessler to Joseph E Bergan; *'-> : -/; I
mortgage. $4.500 . . . : .•...:■... Nominal
Ceaar-»t. No 8. a . s. 20.2 x Irregular; . Daniel B-■
Freedman to Frank P Holman; mortgage. $25,- -
000 Nominal
Same property; Frank P Holman to Daniel B
Friedman: mortgage. $30.(KlO Nominal
Lot 165. map Section 2. 8t Raymond Park: Kath- » ■■
le«>n Reddy to Hudson P Rope- »'! I'rin . .. Nominal
Edwsx'ii'-ave. a c s. 225 ft c of Lattlng^at, sOx : : •
100, West Chester: James J Walsh ana anotner
to Martha J Walsh; all liens Nominal
lst-st, a c s. 200 ft n c of Waahlnxton-ave. 60x
207.11x50x29«.6: James J Walsh and another to
Martha J Walsh: all liens Nominal
J*rome~ave, * s, 125 ft n of Potter Place, 75*100.
Gus C Odell to William Simpson; mortgag*. , !
$8,000 Nominal
Brook-aye. n c corner 9t Pan! Place 34.2xin0.6x ,
: '.> 4x100; Morrio Haber et a! to Simon Civ«; . ■ •
itnortgsge. $28,0C0; o c «nd - 100
Adams PU.C*. n m corner l>M-»t. kh,:.- »
22.7x100; Abraham B MisstsV to Esther MlrisWy, „;
mortgage. $9,000 .' .....'.'. ,.N0m1n»4
7Rti>-it. Nos 1%« and 100 East, 50x102.2; Clara
Fi-riß.m to Isaac S Heller; o c and...,....'...... "'■ • 100
Adams Place. a « oorntr 183d-*t. 100x100; Max:
Dorf <.: al to Plncus Oliciwzanj-- a»ortfkg«.
$11,000; o ■ and ■'?I° <> ,
Same property: Pincus Glickmsn to Wolf Bur- "
land; mortgage, $11,000; o o and... 100
Trlnity-ave.. c a, 500 ft a of 156th-st, 25x73 5x29x
74.5; Mabel B Klrby to Hyman Kohcn; all
Hens ". .' : . . .* Nominal
114th-st. No 343 East. 25x100.10; George H Val- : .
entine et al to Rocco D O Nofxlo et al; 0 c and. 100
Allen-st, c a, 75 ft n of Broome-st. 24.9x57.6;'
Isaac Lipschitz et al to Rosie Rosenstock and
another; mortgage, $27,000; o c and. ICO
Broome-st. a w corner Mereer-at. 50x05.0; Will- ■
lam E Billings and another to James A Billings
and another: H part; all title; mortgage.
tIHT, 125 _ Nominal
Dey-it, No 22, n a. 26.0x78.2x25.1x78.3; Mary E
Brlnckfrhoff to Lewis A Mitchell; 0 C and 100
134th-st, No 21 East, 25x90.11; Samuel Berkowltz;
et al to Samuel Glosburg;. mortgage. $36,000;
■ • and 100
121st-st. n s, 125 ft c of Amsterdam-aye. 75x100; ' . • ■
James R Hay to Aaron M Janpole et al; o c and 100
Jackson-aye. w s. 163.7 ft n of 163d-st. 23x73;
Mary Lyons to Charles A Walsh; mortgage,
$9,j000 ; Nominal
lSßtk-at, No 174 West. Mat*. 11; James H Me-
Heffey to Harry Goodsteln "ad another; mort
gage, $23,000; o 0 and 100
6«th-st. No 458 West. 18.0x50.5x25x00.11: Thomas
J Daley to Mary Lamb: mortgage. $5.100 Nominal
54th~et. s a, SO ft w of 9th-ave. 30x50.2: Mary il
Shannon and another to Agnes Coady; mort
gage $5,600; o c and 100
lOlst-ss. No 124 West. 25x100.11; Samuel Davis to
Louis C Levy; miiIRUS". $19,000; o c and 100
Lota 373 and 374, map pi*rt Hunt estate: Law
rence Gaffney to Thomas Scott; o c and 100
114 th ■ s. , 78 ft c of Lexington-aye, 122xlr—
regular; Frank lll llman et at to Jacob Binder
and another; mortgage. $124,600: o c and 100
1901 >. No 16 West, 18x124.1x15.7x128.11; Louise
KrehlMel to Christian Goeta Nominal
2d-ave, No» 92 and U4. c s, 48.6x100; Rose Levin .
et al to Solomon Rosenfeld; mortgage, $70,000.
o c and -W0
Clift-at. No 28. ■ c s. 20.x89.2x19.5x8&8; Kerry
Leerburger to Edwin Tatham; mortgage, $;ui.w; "«"..".
o o and 10 °
Wadeworth-ave, w s, 90 ft n of 190th-st. — x— ;
City Heal Estate Company to Monroe L. Simon;
o c and • I""
Bleecker-st, No 283. c s, 25x75; Flora Jacobs to
Samuel Salaman Nominal
Chambers-st, No 87, n s. 24.4x150; Chambers-st,
No 89. : n s. 25x75; Reade-at, No 71. s s, 25x
76; West Broadway, n c. on Franklln-st. 60x60;
.West Broadway. No 215. n c, 25x100; Samuel P
"Bremef et al, trustee*, to Samuel P. Bremer
' et - a .-...; Nominal
Valentine-aye. a « a, 105.9 ft n c of 19Sth-st,
25x99. 1x25xt1».3; Edw Sherman to Rowland W
Thomas •••• -400
135th-81, No 174 West. 25x99.11; Daniel J Grlf- . •
•nth to James H. McHeffey ; o c and 100
133d-Ft. No 218 West, 27x91>.11; Moses Solomon to .
William R. Bohmert and another; mortgage.
$20,000; o c and.... 10 °
B7th-et. No 610 East, 18i62.6x18x0"2.9; John C
Betjeman, executor and trustee, to Mary J
Dillon: mortgage, $5,000 Nominal
99th-st. Nob 220 and 222 East. 80x100.11; Cor
nelius Daniels to Isidore- Teltelbaum; % part; -
mortgage, 4 of S41.000; o c and , ..-.. 1«»
lllth~Bt. No 65 East. 19x100.11: Jacob D Lip- '
kowltz to Business Men's Realty Company;
mortgage. $7,500; o 0 and •••■•• sIW
2d-ave. No 2,188. c s. 16.8x79.8x23.1x95.7; Julius
-Schnabele to Gerson Hyman and another; o c »
and •••• • 10 °
87th-ct. No 240 East. 25x100.8: John H Benson
.ito Henry Reese and another; mortgage. $12,000;
96°h-st an No "ioß' to 112' West".' 76iio6.8;"Gottiob
Klein to John E Hertel; mortgage, $75,000;
o c and ••• 10 °
144th-st. No 631 West. 16.8x5)9.11; John Murphy
to John H Fay; mortgage. $10,000 Nominal
108th -st n s. 20 ft c of Madlson-ave. 6Ox50.ll:
Hvman Levin to Simon L Goldberg; mortgage.
$25,000; o c pnd •• 10 °
Maolson-ave No 762, w s. 20x80; Richard Col
lins to Mary H H Collln?, all title; mortgage
$22 000 ..•'...'...;.•.».*•*•.....•••. Nominal
14oth-s'. n s. 150 ft w of Amsterdam-aye. 75x
89.11; Zeleman Adams to Aaron M Janpole and - -
anothvr: mortgage. $70,000: oc and ......... iw»
61st-st. n a. 300 ft c of llth-ave. 60xl0»l.5: John
M Rider to Abraham Q Goldstein •• 31, 000
3d-ave No 3.042. c s. 23x96x33.4x9(1; Jacob Wick, ; -
Jr. to the J * M Haffen Brewing Company... Nominal
St. Anne's-ave. No 447. w s. 24.11x99.4; Mary
MoGarry to Richard Fensterer; mortgage,
$14,000 "b c and • •••• lv "
64th-st . Nqs 247 and *49 West, 131.3 x Irregular;
Bryan K<?nnelly to Automobile Club of America,
o c and .-_•:;•_•• 10 °
Broome-st,' No ftl. V V,"25V80;' Theresa Friedman
to Abraham Scbultiner and another; moitgage,
$19,600; o c and ii'v* •;;•—• 10 °
Amsterdam-aye. w «. 24.11 ft - of 189th-Bt. .5x
100; CiirDllne R Lenz et al to -Cathleen Tumey, w)
Manhattan Nos 31 'arid 33.' w 9. 54xi66. Jacob
Frankenthaler to Benjamin SUverateln and an
other; mortgage $4«.000; 0 c and •• • . "H)
99th-9t. No 37 West, 25x100.11; Hyman Green
stone et al to John Stlch; mortgage $25,000: o
ReadJ'st! 'No'ldaTn " '. 15 Vx irregular: Henrietta _,
Starr to Louis Mattlage ■ ■ .-•••• •• . Nominal
Maple aye, w s. 100 ft a of Ist: 25xli>0; Williams- ,„„.
bridge; AdelaU* Burlandn to Ruffaele So lzano. Nominal
109th-st.. No. 207 West. 25x100.11; Max Freund
to Wm. Bemhardt and another: o c and iw
Lot 4. ma© Van Nest Park: Philip Baumann to
Francesco Pellegattl; mortgage $2,800: o c and 100
Sth-ave.. No. 2.584, c », 24.11x80: Joseph Ztm
mem et al to Slgmund I. Herschmann; mort
cKa-^r,; r af-H- »-or ■•»«-. •■«■•♦«
65 1x77.11; Jacob Leltner to Morris Hirsch
man and another .-•. ••••• ...Nominal
121st-st n s, 120 ft. w of Mount Morris aye. 2Ox
100. George R Blair et al to Helen C \oss;
147tn rt aB $ 68i West." 16.8x99.11 ';' Joseph Roura '
to Mnry- F Stanley : o c and ........ ■••• ■• ; • • ™
Macdougal-«t. No 144. s c s, 20x7r..; Mary E Mellns
and another, executors, to Amos F Eno ••■••••_■ 16.500
Tremont-ave. n c corner Prospect-^ve. 100 x1 10.
Myron W Cuddeback to George Hahn and an
other; mortgage, $35.©0<>: o c and '~V" *«"
T26th-si. s a. c H lots 667 and 668. map Wake
fleld. 80x228; Tereslna Dursie to Solomon Su '- Nomlna ,
Rid a ge-Vt. ' 'No ' 145.' "w ' "■;' " aixTrreg^'larj; ily man .^
Schloff to Lena Gurgel; mortgage. $26,500; o c ioq
127th-sV ' No 48 -.Vest; ' i8.0xi67»; Mary' ll' Johnson nrn , n ,,
to Anna L Knickerbocker; mortgage $8 .000 Nominal
T^S3SSS l fc VunfaT^T rr f SitHv Ntomlnal
87t£i't ) ! >; Ko'lTO l East/ ?6x100.8V NathanleV Adams
to Louis L Wolf: mortgage. $5,000; o c and. . v . 100
140th-st m 150 ft w of Amsterdam- IB
x 1.9.11; Aaron M Janpole et al to Zeleman
l->fh dd 9n9 n V 158 d ft e•of • A ye' C.' Mxioo" ;" H.^an
Bchlaft to MorrU Schoenfeld; mortgage. »'«-- Nomlnal
Plots 108 i arid' ioi'ma'pArden property: SS^omina.
Ogden to Walter W Taylor; mortgage $550... .Nominal
I3«h"t as 226 ft wof Alexander-aye.. 25x100; -: „^r
Poweh Iteindfer Realty Company to Ben Cohen; •
Manha a uan^veV No' 504: " • V.' 18.11x96; Benjamin
ilS.£5 r N^ We n sT 4 I !xiobx'4bxo9.V;' Anna ■i? 01 "™
Trainer to John Eggers; mortgage. $43,500; oc
i(fth d ftve' ' w "s" 24 11 ft '■' of is'ftth^t. 'isxiob;
"cathleen Turney to Morris Freundloch; mort-
144th e S t* 2 Nrs2o° W* liSxW. nV John' Murphy
"to Totn H Fay; mortpwe. $10,000. ..
POth-at n |i 225 ft c of Columbus-aye, 25x100.11.
M Ludwl» n 69n6 9n to Hermann Rexmann; racrt-
B.nk"w ; Realty and Security Company to Hal
iMt'h £ P ! T 7 168 ft' ft ' eof Park^.veV 'H.SxW. i 1 j
Lot 484. Mock P. amended map Mapes estaw ' XK ' nm ii n al
rich to Wm H. Schwartz; mortgage. $3..Q00,
126th- TV • " 168: 6 " ft c" of Park-aye.' 21. 6x90.11 :
Kflty Bloodgood to J. <seph H Jasper and t^^^^
165{h"t " V s ' Wo.S ft w of Trinitylave; " 75x100;
Iskor Bloch to Flood Construction Company;
113th-8t n 839 and 'Hi 'East! "33.'4xVnO.i0;ii3ih
s. No's^49 and 351 Kast -33 4x100.10: Benjamin
Niaherg et alto -Astride Pardl- and another.
g^Ef^Ti O w%. a 25,7vV'.- B VaerKarp
t« Harris Wolf- mortgage JlO.OdO: o c and.... 100
■ M H3C l ks«r^i l^»T».s;K iro
108th' st° ; ns C a 3oV Vof ' Madison^vV. ' 50x50". ";
10 |otmon n Ko«*nlrW to ttj-man Levlnwltx; mort
4 ra^?w t i rSotV. nd mVp-BriVga'esVaVe'.''6.;x
4l llu.Ox6oxllß':^Jo a «-Ph E , CT*^'* _ » Bamuel 100
Rubin et al; mortgage $750; oc and..... j.... «»
nmndwav n c cor 155th-et, 99.11x100. Ilenrj v
property^ Molm Vernon. 25x13x83574.6; James _
T pVnneld to Jacob Brandon ;o c nd^_: ■_—• 100
trrniiVlln-ave ■ c corner 160 th —st, I.i7.ttx lrregu-
A^orn- to John 3chleich and an
r e .^^; m Tr cor^T^h^ a^sxloo; iJenox
Realty Company to David H King, jr: mort-
nKCnJ-T' l^ 1.099. •r.• W • 'mm*. ;«ft*^
6».T»88.«hi47.4; John C Davis et al to B F Car- •_,••
nTodv and another; mortgage, $45,000; o c and. 100
Bl^ningdale Road n c corner 133d-st; Margaret Ina ,
A Goodricgo to George II Allison; all title. ....Nominal
Same property; Vanderpoel Adriance to earn*; all
title • • ' *>onMnai
Same property; Henry B Adrtance to same; * n Noln|nal
Same property: John 8 Adriance to same; all
t jti . ' Nominal
Sth-ave. ir corner 154th-st. nx99.11x
100; Walter J Conn to Roosevalt Realty and
Construction Company; mortgage. $86,000; o c
lllTh-atV No "417 " Eait.' 'iJijOO.' ll;' ' Elizabeth * D 10 °
llflth-st. No 417 East. 30x100.11: Ell*ab»th D
Miller et a! executors, to Michael Pallaulno. . . . 14,000
Trtnlty-ave. • a. «60 ft a of 158th-st. £»x 75 sx2Sx
76.8: Rosa Attlert to Samuel Herz and another;
mortgage. $8,000 .....Nominal
TM^t. 1 s, M ft c of lßt-ave, 25x102.2: Clara :
Balltn to Jenny Schneider; mortgage. *l»,0GO. .Nominal
76th-st. Nos 164 and 186 East. C0x102.2; Berry B
Simons et al to Samuel Sherwln and another;
" mortgage, $34,060; o.C and 100
C4th-«t. No 247 West. 18.0x100.5; Matthew Beattle
to Bryan L Kennelly; mortgage. $12,000; o c
and ..., - •• 100
121st-st n a. 335 ft mr of 24-ave. 49.CxV4 block!
William Fink te Harris Friedman and another;
o c and '• •••• -"- 100
64th-«t. No 289 West. .18 !>x irregular; Anna, M
Alby et al to Brv«n L Kennelly .............. " 25,000
84th-et. . No 251 West. 18.9x100,6; Alice J W
WaWron to Pry.in L Kennelly , Omltte.l
Br->"k-av«, Noa 1*304 and 1,866, «■ «. 48.5.T1C0;
l«idor Picker to Moses L Morris and another;
mortgage. $20,000; o c and „... 100
Fort Washington- n .■ eori.er I7lst-st. 172x — ;
John O Baker to Webster Realty Company;
'o r and „ 100
r»4th-st. No 297 West.- 18.9x100.5i Guly :: Pierce
to Bryan L. Kennelly;'o c and .. 100
64th-st. Nos »3 and 255 West, 87.6x100.!
- Minerva J Murray to .Bryan L Kennelly. mort
gage, $10. ." Nominal
1 Jorte. Nora J. to Title Guarantee and Trust Com
. ■ pany ; 67th~st, No 3*3 East as per bond. ; $0 (\io
! Sirgel, Rubin and' others to Chaa I Weimtein* .
. u»Hih-*T, a s. 110 ft » of f>th-av«; due April l'
» 1610; « per ctnt...: ;... , 28000
Baker. '-John" O, to J Kemble; • Broadway a • . '
... cor 143th-«t; 2 yrara.'S per cent. ....-• 13 Out)
Jt.jniir... Rocco. and acotbsr to M SporUaae; loßih
i • •«. • a, 900 t\ wotw ot 2d-*v»; Cut 6»j>temb«r 28. :
Bronx Property for Sale.
1012; 6 per cent 3.350
Green, Samuel, to Union Exchange Bank; Centre
st. ws. at c a New Elm-st; 1 year; « per cent.. 10,000
Berger, Benjamin, to V i.owenfeld and another;
62d-st. No 3«2 West; 1 year. 6 per cent 15.000
Winston, G O, to Mutual Life Insurance Company;
•MSth-st. No 67 West; as per bond 34.000
Rubensteln, Louis, to J Bernstein; Lenox-ave,
n c cor 143d-st; prior mortgage," Jie.Ot.'O; 2
years, 6 per cent 8.000
Binder, Jacob, and another to Frank lllliman and
another; Il4th-st. s s. 78 ft c of Lexington-axe;
1 year. 6 per cent 12,400
Turney. C. to C R Lena et al; Amsterdam-eve,
wa. 24.11 ft aof l»»th-st; 3 years, 5 per cent. 18,000
Ki.skadden, Maude Adams, to Lawyers' Title In
surance Company; 41st-st. a a, 298.4 ft c of 3th
ave; per bond , 15,000
Winston, Gustavus O. to F. J Winston; 46th-st.
No 67 West; prior mortgage, $34,000. 5 per cent 0.000
Economy Building and Realty Company ■to II
Cohen and another; 173d-st, n », 100 ft w of
Audubon-ave; prior mortgage. $20,000; per bond 13,397
Goodman, R. to I Helmath; 80th-st. n s, 300.6 ft
c of lst-ave; 3 years, 5 per cent 16.000
Janpole, Aaron M. and others to J R Hay:
121st-st. n a. 1"5 ft • of Amstordam-ave: 1
year, 5 per cent 28.800
Keys. William A. and another to Greenwich Sav
ings Bank; 77th-st. No 156; 5 years, 4 per cent. 20.000
Seise, Felix, to J Bernstein, Broadway; n c cor
ner 187th-st; prior mortgage, $20,000; 3 years,
6 per cent : .«... 55,000
Gluck, Ignatz. and another to L Josephthal and
others: Bth-»t. No 366 East: 3 years. 5 per cent. 15.000
Gluck. Ignatz. and another to L Josephthal and
others; Bth-st, No 367 East; 3 years. 5 per cent. 15.0C0
Goetz. C. to L Krehblel: 120th-st, No 10 West; 3
years. 4Vi per cent 10.000
Mitchell. Lewis A. to M E Brinckerhoff ; Dey-st.
I No 22; instalments; 4 per cent.... 90,000
Rcisenfeld, Solomon, to II Levin; SM-ave. :.'os Vi
and 1)4; instalments: ♦> i>er cent 29.500
Callahan, John, and another to Corporation of
Brick Presbyterian Church; Park Row, No 132;
3 years. 4H per cent 15,000
Cuddeback, Myron, to PC Bauman; Tremont
ave. n • corner Prospeet-ave ; 3 years' 5 per
cent 16,000
Same to same: Tremont-ave, n s. sl> ft c of I'roa
pect-ave; prior mortgage.. $12,000; 3 years. ■
per cent 12.000
Same to same; Tremont-ave, n s. 50 ft c of
Prospect-aye; prior mortgage. $12,000. 3 years,
5 per cent 12,000
Nicholson. Edward, to Lawyers' Title Insurance
Co, Forest-aye, n c corner 156th-st; per bond.. 36,000
Same to same; 15tith-st. n ■ 35 ft c of Forest
ave; 2 mortgages, $32,000; per bond. 64,000
Falzman. Samuel, to Title Guarantee and Trust
Company: Ble*cker-st. No 253; 83 per bond 18.000
Wolf. Louis L. to Emigrant Industrial Savings '
Bank: Kith »t. s s. 204.5 ft w of 3d-ave; 5
"years, 44 per cent ;. 12,000
Thompson. Charles, to Bond and Mortgage Guar
anty Company, 30th-st, No 44 West; as per
bond 20,000
McHeffey. James H, to D J Griffith; 135th-st, No
174 West ; 5 years. 5 per cent ! 23,000
Whitrldge, Frederick W, to Lawyers' Title In
surance Company; - llth-st, s s, 184 ft c of
sth-ave; as per bond 50.000
Silverson, A. to M G Goddard; Sth-ave. n c cor of
148.1 st ; "> years, 5 per cent 67,500
Goldstein. A G. to B 3prague, «lst st, No 231
West; 3 years. 5 per cent 10,000
Austin H N, to Bond Mortgage and Securities
Company. U3d- Ht. No 206; 3 years, 5 per cent 20.000
Adams. H. to St Luke's Hospital; 140th-st, No 507
West; due April 1. l'.U'>: 4's per cent 35,000
Hanley, Mary T, to I' Whitehead;. 147 th st, n s,
360.8 ft w of Amsterdam-aye; due May I, 1010;
0 per cent 10,000
Aldcroft, Ed* R. to Title Guaranty and Trust
Company; Bsth-st, No 6O Eas: as per bond 5,000
Roosevelt Realty pnd Construction Company to
■Walter J Cohen; Kth-?ve. a w corner 154th-st;
due- February 28, 1000. 5 per cent 10,000
Schwltzer. Cella. to B V Frey. Manhattan-
No M; due April 1. UK*. 6 per cent 14.000
Weill, 1., and another to Harlem Savings Bank;
Llncoln-ave, s w corner lSsth-st; 1 year, 4Vi per
cent 10.000
Adams. Zfleman. to I' Attrocchl; 40th-st. No 50»
West; due April 1. 1810. 44 1 * per cent 35,000
Cuneo, An-lrew, to Alexander W Mack; Sullivan
st. No 227 and 220; 2 mortgages, $22,000 each;
3 years. 5 per cent 44,000
Goldstein. Abraham G. to Alice B Sprague; «lst- _
st. No 233 West;' 3 years. 5 per cent 10.000
Palladino, Michael, to M F Moore; llflth-st. No ./. /v _._
417 East: due April 1. 1910. 44 per cent 10,000
Webster Realty Company to J O Baker; 171st-st.
n c corner Fort Washington-aye; 1 year. 5 per
cent 40.000
Maiael J. and otners. to E L Ccster: 13£th-st.
ss. 150 ft wof Lenox-ave:-5 years. 5 par cent. 48.000
Hill. William E. to Emigrant Industrial Savings .
Bank; Willis aye. w a, 25 ft n of 146th-st; 1 .-ill
year. 4 per cent..... ...'...: 15,000
Mattlage. L. to H .Stair: Reade-«t. No 168; 3
years 4'» per cent 1«».IH»
Albeis. Henry, to Irving Savings Institution; ■■
130th-st. a w corner Bth.-ave: 3 years. 4W per ,^^^
cent 12.000
Fay John' 11, and another to Charles T I>otter:
144th-st, n s. 300 ft w of Amsterdam-ave-. 5
years, 5 rxr cent ••••■ "■""
Lenox Realty Co to D H King, Jr; Central Park
West, n w corner 75th-st; prior mortgage,
$200. Ik». per bond 25.000
Same to Lawyers' Realty Co; same property: 3
years; 5 per cent ZOO.UOO
Remington. Anne, to A H Dodge; Columbus-aye,
n w corner Garfleld-st; 5 years. 5 per cent 4,000
Friedman. Harris, and another to William Fink;
. 121st-st. 335 ft w of 2d-ave; due September 30.
190«, 4's per cent IS.OOO
Cuneo. A. to Washington Trust Co; 3 years, 5 per
cent • 22,000
Herb Jacob to lrvln«r Savings Institution, 88th
st. n B. 84.2 ft w of Arosterdam-ave; 3 years,
4* percent 40,000
Eernhardt, William, and another to M Freund:
109th-st. No 200 West; due April 1, 1910, 4% per
cent • -1.000
4th^ave. a « corner of aye. five two story ■
frame dwelling house. 21x40; Caroline Soul!:
worth owner; Charles Southworth, architect... $20,000
4th-ave. n w corner 223d-st, two three story
frame store and dwelling houses. 40x29; Eliza
beth Smithson. owner; J Melville Lawrence,
architect vr- 8.000
Norwood-aye. c s 4«'J ft n of 206th-st. two story
frame dwelling house. 20x50; George McVicker. -
owner; Joseph A Brook, architect 4,000
202.1 st. s 8. m ft c of Grand Concourse, two
story frame dwelling house. 20x55; Nicholas
Eckert. owner; Olsf Bergmark. architect 4.500
147th-st. Nos 727. 729 and 731. si . story brick
factory. 7r»x90.8: ' ♦••• Weber Piano Company,
owner; William J Fryer, architect - 60,000
147ti;-st. No 733. six story brick factory. 25x
29.4; Weber Piano Company, owner; William J ,
Fryer, architect . • I -. 500
38th-st Nos 257 and 25« West, for a nine story
brick hotel. 34.2x89.9; Plymouth Realty Com
pany owner; Robinson & Son. architect 135.000
50th-st. No 1 West, for a two story brick art
gallery. 02x38.6; B Altman. owner; Trowbridge
6 Livingston, architect..." <• 10.000
New-York. March SO. 1905.
BEEVES — ,\*o fresh arrivals of any Importance, and
there was no trading In live cattle. The feeling was
firm for steers: steady but dull for bulls and cows.
Dressed beef in some demand at last previous quota
tlors, with general sales at 7ig'8 1 per Ib. Liverpool and
London cables quoted live cattle steady: refrigerator beef
selling at oHe per It). The Corinthian, for Glasgow, took
out 200 cattle for the Swift Beef Company. No ship
ments of livestock or dressed meats from this port to
morrow. •
— Receipts were, Including some late arrivals
yesterday, 491 head, and there were about 400 head on
sale this morning. The demand was equal to the supply
md prices were steady for all grades. No strictly prim*
or choice veals offered. Common to good veals sold at $5
6$S.V> per 100 ID; culls at $4©s4 60; no little calves of
fered. City dressed veals sold promptly at OQl3e per Ib
for ordinary to choice; country dressed In heavy supply
and lower at 0910 c, with ■ isiderable of the stock sour
and selling at lower figures.
Sales— S. Judd & Co.: 7* veals. IIS Ib average, at $8
per 100 lt>; 08 do. IIS It>. at $7 80; 96 do, 116 ID. at $7 70;
31 do. 11l Ib. at $7C2>3; 7 do. IC6 tb. at $4 50; 11 do. 87
tb. at $4.
8. Sanders: 1 veal. 210 Ib. at $» (late yesterday); 72
veal*. 115 ll>. at $7 75; 11 do. 114 tb. at $7 75; 7 do, 100
Tb. at $5.
SHEEP AND LAMBS— Receipts were 8H cars, or 640
head, all for the market, and all at Jersey City. Sheep
almost nominal, tut full steady. Good ewes sold at $6
per 100 Ib; medium to prime lambs firm at $8990. Dressed
mutton stronar at 01; lie per tb; dressed lambs firm at 120
14c; country dressed spring lambs stow at $38$0 per car
Sales — S. Sanders: 156 State lambs. 83 Ib average, at
$8 75 per 100 tb; 176 do, 67 Ib. at $8; 6 State sheep.' 128
Ib, at $6.
Kerns Commission Company: 280 Western lambs. 88
Ib, at $9.
— Receipts were 10 cars, or 1,848 head, including
less than half a car for the market. Nominally steady,
but no sales reported. Country dressed hogs unchanged*
at 6H®Sc per Tb for heavy to light weights. .".--
. Chicago. March -CATTLE— Receipt*. 0,000 head
Market 10c higher. Good to prime steers. $5 JjMMif
toor to medium. $4 25©*5 25; atockers and feed* la *S_i'
$5; cows, $3344 00: heifer*. *525«55 25; canners hal
$2»; bulls. $2 50$$4 23; calves 130W68. HOGS—Re
ceipts, 30.000 .head. Market 5&10 c lower. Mixed and
butchers . $3 1&653 35; good to choice heavy in inilin jn
rough heavy. $5 15€J5 20; light. $5 05O«* 27H- bulk of
e»!rs, »2O#ss 30. s-HEEP— Receipts. 13.f«» head Mar
ket steady. Good to choice wether*. $6 TSOtt " > 5- far to
choice, mixed. $4 50««3 50: native lambs. $3b58J7 6o"
Cincinnati. March 20 — HOG 3 quiet. Butchers' SB IM
$5 60: common. $4 288*5 30. CATTLE steady ' fair to
good shippers. $4 50»fS 50; common. $2 25«-$3 15 SHEEP
strong. |3iMSO: I^AMB3 strong $4 6O&«7 «. * HEEP
East Buffalo. March- 30. — CATTLE— light
good demand; firm; prim* steers. $5 6OOSSBB- shlriSnr"
f013«5 50: butchers. $lso£r*3 10; helfeis. «aM«ieSS».
$3f«4 36; bulls, stockers and feeder*. $3«54 40V VEALS
—Receipts. 850 head: active and steady, $* 500$« IIOOs—
Receipts, 3.500 head; Digs slow. 5e lower; others firm to
10c higher; heavy. $5 60©$5 66. a few, $5 70- mixed
9955««5«0: Yorkers. $04M84&«i. pigs $5 j3 23-'
rruirhs. $4 75314 96; stags. $38»3 SO;. SHEEP and Lam
— Receipts, 5.000 head; active and arm- native lamb*
$6 604M6 60; Western lamb*. $8 25&«- •'.<•; yearling! $7 '1,
657 6<J; wether*. »d 50^$(J 03;- ewei. $373C$a ti; 'sh*ei>
mixed, $1 256*5 25. ... n
Kansas City March 30— CATTLE— Receipts. 3.500
head, including IC»i 3outh*rn: market tteady; choice ex
jort and dreaasd beef steers. «5 40«*»: fair to tood
*4 25555C3; Western fed stoers. $3 500*3 60: stocVrrs
and feeders, $3854 73; Southern rteers. J3 6tvs.i3- South
er^ cows. $2 30>154; native cows. 12 fi|ji"6- natlv.
heifers, $3 25055 .»>; bulls, $:. t>O{fst 25; calves. la .v-c
W. HOGS— Receipts. 7.500 head; market weak to 3c
lower; top. »5 30; bulk of sale*. $5 15fr*3 "7W- heavy
?«*,• ■ T 1 ' *'**> hNId '• worket «t»«>1y;
nat v« lamb., ».•.>.,*;•. n.tlv. wethers. $5 30«53 uo
al '! l! '"! **V.WC»»«S: Western. f- l !an>t-. t* rio
t^aii &0; ito«k«r» and (««U*rs. fj Wtf|oj* " in " B>
Bronx Propertj/ for Sale.
Real Estate.
Mortgage Isivesfmenis
A prominout life insurance com
pany of this stare reports in regard
to its Mortgage Loans that ** 7 2?
is guaranteed as to princi
pal and interest."
"What is prized by such an in
stitution should be of value to the
individual investor.
Bond & Mortgage Guarantee Go
Capital and Surplus
146 Broadway, - 1"3 Remsea St,
New York. Brooklyn.
r, l Guaranty & Indemnity Co. V
Capital Paid la §1.000.000. Tl|L
burplu. •»• - 530.00 U. 3k
Insures Titles of Real Estate. W
Loans Money on Bond A Mortgage- ■ ■£&
HO- 184 Broadway. New York. iLf
178-180 Montague St.. Brooklyn. Br
Brooklyn Property to Let.
City Hall. — All department stores and theatres; one
block from all elevated and surface- cars; suitable tor
saloon, drug store, bakery; or will alter to suit any busi
ness- would make excellent automobile show room; comer"
WHloughhy and Bridge sts. ate janitor or owner. A.
SCHIREXBECK. 71! Haneock-st., Brooklyn.
Brooklyn Property Wanted.
OUT OF TOWN* OWNERS of Hi— property can
sell through me to advantage, bank references. JAMES
M. DORIML'S, IST Montague-st.. Brooklyn.
City Property for Sale.
Ea"uTIFUL~PRIVATe' DWELLING (23x1*0», 114
W«-t T»th-»t. Admission by permit only R. T.
VARXUM, Owner. 62 William St.. New- York City.
To I jet for Business Purposes.
& Few Desirable Offices To Let
in the large new office building.
NOS. 72 (El 74 BROADWAY,
running through to
Nos. 9. 11 ©. 13 New Street.
Inquire at the office of the building.
Large Corner Suite, 2d Floor, in
t'i'v *-9 BEEKMAN ST.. 119-129 NASSAU ST.
Brooklyn Property for Sale.
j t» •lilt: HIM,* BJBdDN I
UAlt-llolK FROM HEU.VI.H SQ. j
Lots with every city Improvement at J375 os
•asy xnouthly payments. Will be worth JI.OOJ
each within two years, on completion at Pena>
sylvanla. tunnel and Blackwell's Island Bride*.
: Colonial cottages ready to occupy on payment
of 1500.
«XD .4 rosTAT. C.\KTt
BS7 Manhattan At.. Brooklyn. 3
4th Avenue Subway Lots.
I have ISO choice Bay Ridge lots, between 2J and 7th
a vs.. between 67 tb and 69th sts. We have a few small
parcels of 3. 4 and 0 lots each, and others running from
25 to 50 in a parcel. :
V. .1. WAI.IIRO.V. HIS Pfdford At*.
CQuntry Property for Sale.
(.■talus free to lntentllns; buyers!
Owners, wltnlng to sell, call or write:
Phillip* a Wells. 1193 Tribune Building. N. T. *
Will «ell or rent. New. beautifully decorated houses
every convenience; exclusive neighborhood. Nothing ilka
them ever offered at such low figure. Apply H 4SKEL>
123 Liberty-.t.. New- York. oT UWNKR^ todU-«: aa«
Mldland-ave.. East Orang», N. J. aU * a€
510 excellent bulldlns; lots most be so: I- near statlo-- Mrs
ground: all improvements; price only 4a.Vi B ?r 7,; t
T7K)R SALE— StX> Delaware bargain propert'ea J**«rm««
J? & MA3TEN. Real EBtateE B tate Broker?. >>»o^; j^ STEa
r>R SALE. -House, barn. lot. Sth-ave Crwnnp«
? Long Island: lirst class condition- « 3t>i Lf»Fs£fT
601 East llSth-M.. Manhattan. *>••«*'. Li tsiß,
Country Property for Sale or to Let.
FANIF A NIH I L>iRr X Carist a r d" t; N| WW JOJ O '*"» *** *»"■""• '%
Country Property To Let.
FNE COUNTRY HOME. OMfja N. T. ■ in mtSSMwa
J. 1 D. and H. station. overlooking Saaquehanna Klv«r.
Lawn, trees, garden, spring water, carriage hous»
stables; 13 rooms, bath, telephone. Furnished if desired,
lor rent Address Mrs. ALICE J. BIRDSALL, ot«go. N v"
Ret.. Albert A. L« Roy. Pine Tree Inn. Lakehurst. N. J. "
Gentleman's Improved country placr ..: a.-res> for rent
Frame house «12 rooms), stab'es. gardener's f lt *em'
spring water Addreas REASONABLE. Tribune Office!
BERKSHIRE HM.l.s.— Large Colonial House, fully
furnished, to let for the summer: modern imoruir
menta. gas. '.on* distance telephone: very desirable \n
rly to S. G. TENNEY. Willlam*town. Mass. "* oie - *^
Fox Both Sexes—
Madison Square U.UJ B'wajr); Brooklyn. 71 Court St.
New terms b*glanln< sow. Trial lessons fr«».
School Agencies.
'•uppiUa Professors. Teachers. Tutors. oc.er.leU;-. 4t&.
to Coll.ets. School* and Pamllle.. Apply to
Mr*. M. J. YOU.NC-FULTO.V. JJ Union Square.
Horses and Carriages.
I,^'R B,\Lje— Pony ■«« Inches. reliable with small ehM
v j nn i * ad ? l# " r h«ro»t». Dr. O. C. JACKSON, peuy
breeder. Jamaica, N. y. ' *^ *
A X> «fi.^ TI i SE * M ? > 'r r3 ond »u6»cr!Dt:ona »or Th« Trtftun*
rfX rcceixcil at lfc«|r Umown OttJce.
, . , NO. 1,3(M BP.OADWAT.
offl»r. »t r '« aUr oai «« i4iw until > o'clock p, m.. via.:
I 80« 6ib-»ve,, » •. cor, U4-*.: 103 6tii-»>Y«., ait, X3th-K.'

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