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Helftna Vaearasco. who made, not l*>ns a«o.
a. collection of Rumanian folk songs, which the
Bcribners brought out under the title of "The
Hard of the DimbovitEa." has Just prepared an
other -imhology of verse and prose drawn from
the same sources. The same publishers import
the book. "Songs at the Valiant Voivode." These
souvenirs of ix-asant narrative and son* have
picturesqueness and color. A characteristic
piece is the long poem about the young prince
who, bern of a rose-tree, ultimately becomes a
rose-tree himself. The last stage in his ex
perience is thus prettily sung:
And Trandaflr went In the forest deeo.
The forest "where he was born.
Aiiti i <■ s»:ud to Hie trees: "I'm the son
Of the Jine rose-tree."
But the tr^es said: The rose-tree's dead;
OUir-r rose-trees IN com*
i:y : it* bcrnics of the stream."
And he said to «he nto: "O birds, do you remem
How high tiie? rose-tree was?"
And the ■."Js answered Xo."
Bui h«» hc-ard the nightingale say: "O how sad
Is the • nth of a ro«e-tree, and how strange
That a rose-tree should di«;
I knew a roee-trea once
Who. instead of bearing a flower.
Cave hirth to a young prince.
The rose-tree's dead.
And I aion«* an! <-ome to sing its dlrgre."
"O pent!* nightingale. I am that rose-tree's son.
Kain wouid I be niytelf a rose-tree.
r«n so weary of life. O gentle nightingale."
Ann tta nightingale aald:
"listen! I'll ping
Till thou beeomert a rose-tree. Prince.
Listen! I'll siii^."
And the pent nightingale sang all the night.
And at <in.wn
>t the place where Trandaflr stood
Tuere was a tall roue-tree.
The minor poet Is aJways -waillne that he in
not sufficiently appreciated, but we have ■tead>
Uy. and. \ro think. Justly, maintained that hi«
reward is ample when he happens to write pood
v*rse. Witness the experience of Mr. Henry
Kcwbolt. His "Admirals AH" was published
oiily about eirht years a»o, yet it has already
run through twenty-one editions and a twenty
•econd is presently to be Issued by Mr. Kikjn
ilatlK-ws. It will contain some additional lines.
Major Arthur Griffiths, the capable soldier and
pi-toon inspector, whose interesting volume,
"Fifty Tears of Publio Service." we reviewed a
few weeks ago, has met all manner of celebrities
to th<- course of his Ions; career. At Granada.
1n the late sixties, he fell In with Henri Keg
the noted painter, who afterward lost
h in the Franco-German war. He was
making Btudies with other axtifits in the Alham
bra. but he found time for more than one episode
Of payety. Major Griffiths alludes to a bail at
which Rejmault appeared disputed as a Red
Indian. On another occasion, in frlnraltar. he
mulshed himself at a mess dinner In droll
fashion. 'He l.ecame so excited with the real
dancing," Bays his English friend, "that he
rush< d into the middle of the 'foursome.' quite
l^ss of the others, and began the best imi
•ho danco he oould imagine, which
I into a. frantic and extravagant fOH
can. Dunnp tlio performance, which was
with yells of laughter, some one held on to the
tnllP of his coat, and tore them from his back.
rrowed coat, lent by a friend in the
garrison, so that he mlaTht appear at dinner
In proper costume." Suggestive light is thrown
on one of the painter's most famous works in
tru- following passage:
From Gibraltar Henri He«nault crossed over to
Tangier, where he established himsc-lf in a studio
and p:dnted his treat work, "An Kxecution in the
Al ham bra." For the curious architecture of the
Moorish palace .<■ used bis abundant store of
studies made on the spot. Hie models he found
ln that strange Western city of Tangier, which is
more Eastern than the East, and to this day at
tracts the traveller by its quaint semi-Biblical
oharni. Of this picture 1 will tfll f>ne story from
ru-gnuult*!? own lips, showing his mastery of tech
nique. All who have 6een it will remember how
the ftalrs leading up to the throne are flooded
with the gore from the decapitated body. Regnault
had vainly tried to paint it to his satisfaction, and
at last decided to let the blood, represented by a
thick pigment, fall naturally down the etairs. He
mixed a raiiful of carmine and megilp and threw
it on the canvas. This "Execution" he had in
tended as ih«" forerunner of a great picture he had
ooncr-ivfd. but never lived to paint, of the magr.i
fWnt protrress of the Mahometan conquest from
Eant to West.
The Croscup & Holby Company, of this city,
announce a complete translation, In eight vol
umes, of the writings of Prosper M6rimee. AH
the shorter tales will be given, and, of course, a
volume will be devoted tt> "A Chronicle of the
Reign of Charles IX." The last two volumes
vill contain the "Letters to an Unknown."
Professor Saintf-bury will write an introductory
essay, and the «-ditlon will Include portraits,
pictures of landmarks in the life of the author
and many Illustrations. Handsome type and
paper are promised. On the most important
point of all the publishers pay that "Only trans
lators of .recognized ability have been employed."
VCf wr.nder who they are. Of all the writers of
his generation, Merlmee is, perhaps, the one who
makes the severest demands upon a translator.
If these publishers can give us a really adequate
sftlstltsth version of him. they will put a valuable
piece cf work to their credit.
Peklnj?, April 4.— 815.-ioj> Pavler. of th« Lazarlst
MisEirm. died here to-< Jay. He had lived in China
tor forty years.
Bishop Alpnonse Favier was the vicar apostolic
ln China, having succeeded the late Kishop Sorthon.
who died in Way, MM. Bishop Favier. who was
bom in France in 1537. had as a*,s.st;,nis twent.v
three iiuropeiui and twenty-four native mission
G«orif» Thacher, son of the late Isnac Thacher, of
Boston, died yesterday at his home. So. 2 East Sfith
st. H* «m sixty years old. Mr. Tharher moved to
N*U'-York from Button a year ago. He had retired
ueiness. He leaves a widow and three sons—
.Archibald G., Oaanssj D. and Hamilton Thacher.
i.t-ld to-morrow afternoon at
at Mount Auburn Cemetery Chapel.
James R. Scnpster, sixty-eight years old. clerk of
the Gilsey House, died of h»art failure yesterday
afternoon. Mr. Sanpster was the first clerk of the
Pifth Avenue Hotel when it was opened ln 1858. He
rnacas-ed Taylor 1 * Hotel, in Jersey City, afterward,
but lattr returned to this city as a hotel clerk.
Captain Eben D. Haley, of Gardiner, Me., one of
the men best known In the Ice business ln this
part of th<> country, died last night at the Hotel
Victoria. Broadway and 2eth-st. He had been
stricken with a severe attack of rheumatism two
weeks ago. At his bedside were his wife his two
pons and two daughtt-rs with their husbands Cap
tain E. XL Hufsey. of Brooklyn, and Edward D
I^andigan, president of th« Board of Police of
—scjimona. Va. Captain Haley was in th<- seven
tieth year of his ag«. He ha-3 h*en in the ice busi-
THihs for more than twenty years, and up to two
ymn s«« was the s • retary and treasurer' of the
American Ice Company and an associate of C W.
Morse. In the Civil War hfi raised a regiment in
Maine end nerved with General Benjamin F. But
ler in the New-Orleans campaign.
KlaeMig, the American Editor of the "Con
tinental TcJepraphen Compagnie," of Germany,
otherwise known as the Wolff Burt-au. dl> yes
terday of pneumonia at his home in Brook
lyti. Mr-. Klaessig was born In IS56' in I.i. >>
tenstein. In Saxony. When a young man he
was connected ■with the •'We«t!iche Post."
Jn Bt. Louis, and a few years later oame to Mew-
York and worked on the 'Volkn-Xeitinir." the
"Brooklyn Freje Presse." the "Herold" and the
"N*-w-Yorker Staats-Zeltung." In 1894 he went to
Germany j.s chief of the "Staatu-Zeitung's" Berlin
bureau, and in 1301 returned to America as editor
of the Sunday edition of the "Brooklyn Freie
Plt^.s, •
The funeral of Felix Emerich Rclfschnelder. or
ganizer of tne 'w-V<,ik Turn Verein, was held
last night at the horn* of his son. No. 5 Revere
Place, Hrootflyn. He was born In Germany in IK2$
and came to America in IMB. For many >e»is he
we* a manufacturer of photograph albums. He
Isnw two sees and a daughter.
Irr.O.'J Till TRIBUNE BCltr<AV.)
Wanhinston. April 4.
approved a recommendation made by G«neral
Chaffe*. chief of stair, based on the report of the
army board, which made a special Inquiry Into th»
subject of the army bayonet in all Its phases, as
a weapon and as an equipment of the soldier,
providing for a n< w bayonet. This inquiry was
made at the surgrestion of President Roosevelt, as
a result of the experiences of the armies la Man
In his memorandum to the Secretary' of War,
General Cfcaffee ■
I am of the opinion that w<« should no longer
attempt a oombhiatlon tool, viz . bayonet and en
trenching tool, bat that we should decide finally
that the troops be fumlalMd with both Implements,
each efficient for it*i own purpose and separate and
distinct. This the committee recommend?.
The bayonet recojnmended Is of the style at pres
ent ls*ued to the army for use with the Krag
rifle, differing only in that its length is increased
by alx inches.
ing- reports about the condition of Captain William
Swift, assistant chief of the Bureau of Navigation,
who is ill with fever at Havana, were received at
the Navy I>epartment to-day. Mr. Steinhart, the
American Consul General there, sent a o.ahle mes
sage thtit Captain Swift ixissed a good night and
that the fever had left him.
ORDERS ISSUED.— .The following army end
navy orders have been issued:
First LJeuten&nt OUT CTPHMAN. 11th Cavalry, from
Port Dcs M-iinos to Fort Klley.
Colonel FKAN'K THORP, artillery corp*. <setaiW member
court of inquiry at Kort llyer. vlre IJ«»ut»nan'. ' "olonel
HAKRV R. ANDERSON, artillery corps, who will
rejoin proper ■ta.tlnn.
Following- changes in corps of engineers ordered: Lieu
tenant Colon*) WII.UAM 11. BIXBV to Chicago to
relieve Colonel OSWALD H. ERNST and Major
CHAKU!S 11. RICHK: Major EUCKE to Rock Island;
Colonel ERNST to Washington.
CSaptain WILLIAM s. VALENTINE. sth Cavalry, detailed
in pay department, vlr*. Captain HKRBERT S.
WHIPPLE, paymaster, who is assigned to 5tH Cav
Command*r N*. J. K. PATCH, detached navy yard. Bos
ton; to charr« naval recrultlnr station. Boston.
Coramfn<J«r W. M'l^ElAN and Lieutenant J. K. TAUS
6IG. commissioned.
Lieutenant Commander E. W. EBERLE and Lieutenant
R. 7.. JOHNSTON. Jr., home; wait orders.
Lieutenant H. C. DINGKR. detached Navy Department;
t<. the Maryland.
Lieutenant J. W. GRAEME, detached navy yard. Wash—
ingt^r; to the Marylnnd.
Lieutenant T. P. MAGRtTDER, to S'avnl Academy.
Pay Inspector J. A. MITDD. to navy yard. Portsmouth.
Pay iHSpaetor H. R. SILJ.IVAN, d«tache<S navj- yard,
Boeton: wa'.t orders to *ea.
Pay taspsstsr W. W. BARRY (retired), detached navy
yard, Portsmouth; to home.
Paymaster F. T. ARMS, d*tach«d the Minneapolis; to th*.
Paymaster P. R. INSLBY, detached the Olymi>ia; to the
Mtnnas polls.
Paymaster J. J. CHF.ATHAM, to navy yard, New-York.
Paymaster B. P. I>U BOIS. detached navy yard, New-
York; to navy yard. Boston.
AsslM.int Paymaster G. R. CRAPO. detaohe.l the Texas';
tii v.iivy yard. P«nsaeola.
Asat-t&nt PaymaMer T WItXJAXSOK. Jr., detached tho
lli.noiK; tr. navy yard. l'ensacola.
Charl-"«in n. R. PATRICK, detached the Newark; .homo
and ait orders.
lowing movements of vessels have been reported to
the Navy Department:
April 3 — Tho Columbia, at New- York.
Ai>rtl 4 — Th* ClncinrttL at Shanghai.
April 3 — Th P Marcellup, from Santo Domingo City for
San Juar. ; the Petrel, fr^m Honolulu for San Diego;
the Wyaii.'ag, from Acaj>ulco for Panama.
Boy Found in California Not One
Lost Last Fall.
Every guest in the Hotel Roland was sorry to
hear last night that Mr. and Mrs. Alois Flelsch
mann, formerly of No. 12 Kast SSth-st., but now
living at the hotel, had been wrongly informed
about the finding of their son Leo. who mysteri
ously disapiK-ared on September 6. 1904, from the
86th-st. bouse. Mrs. Pauline Fleischmann received
a tfclegr.tm from Pasadena. Cal., yesterday morn
ing, scying that the boy had been found; that he
was working in a sanatorium there. She imme
diately telegraphed the Chief of Police at Los
Angele« to detain the boy till she arrived.
Last night she received this telegram from a
friend in New- York, who had received it from a
man In Salt Lake City, who had already communi
cated with the police of Los Angeles. It read:
Hammlll, chief of Police. Los Anseles, says boy
nnn;><l Leu Clelschmann, now at Mcßride's Sana
torium, Lemanda. Cal., is only twelve years old,
five feet one inch, and weighs ninejy pounds.
While from New-York, and same name, .states posi
tiv« |y is not the boy described and pictured in
Pinkerton circular. Please advise Mrs Fi^isch
manu to this efTeot. i ; I LLETTE.
Since Leo disappeared Mrs. Fleischmann has
spent thousands of dollars trying to find him. He
left home one morning to po to the city College,
where hf was a student, and he has not been seen
fiince. Two months ago a man named Lewis, who
turned out to bo a swindler, tried to impose on
her liher.-iiity. He told her that he had traced the
boy lo Silverton. Cal. Lewis «ot Mrs. Fleischmann
to sigjn a paper, giving him th* power to take the
'•■">y home by force. H<^ later called Mrs. Fleisch
mann up or, the telephone, telling her he would
give her two hours to pay him a certain sum or he
would not produce the boy. She sent him $10 and
has not heard of him since.
C. A. McCredy Declares Murdered Woman
Drew No Money from Bank.
Charles A. McCredy, the brother of Miss Cath
erine McCredy, who was murdered in her villa at
Caserta on February 25. Intimated to a Tribune re
porter yesterday that the belief of the average
Itnlian peasant that all American visitors are
wealthy and carry money about with them might
furnish a motive for his sister s death. Aside from
his reading in lh«- newspapers, he knew nothing
of the reported arrest of a barber named Innico In
connection with the case Mr. McCredy added:
traxy to the reports. Miss McCredy had not
withdrawn any 14.096 from the bank a short time
her (tenth, and it is probaMe she had about
her only 8 few dollars, sufficient for her im
te ne« i.- I bsw this assertion on the state
ment I have received from the N;ip'.es hank of her
Mtcr Is now in the bnnds of the
government and the l*nit<-i States Consul
lea It is probable that the. State Depart
ment will receive any news there may be before
1 do.
Frederic R. Coudert said he nad heard nothing
of the reported arr.-M.
The annual election of stockholders of the Wash
ington Life Insurance Company was held yester
day, resulting as follows: For directors of the
third class, whose terms expire in April. 190S,
Charles H. Allen. William Corcoran Eustis, Levi p.
Mort Hlihu Root, Wlnthrop Rutherf ur«l, Thomas
F. Ryan. Valentine P. Snyder and John Tatlock;
to fill vacancies in the first class of directors,
whose terms expire in April, 1906, Samuel B. Clarke,
H, Ward Ford, G. G. Haven. Morgan J. O'Brien
and E. B. Thomas; to fill vacancies in the second
class, whosr> terms expire in April. i:*i7. Dumont
Clarke, Samuel P. Colt. Charles F. Cutler, Charles
D. Dickey. James A. Parker. William A. Btre< and
Harry Payne Whitney. The only change in the en
tire directorate was the election of Mr. Kustls.
Sydney. N. S. W., April 4.— The season's wheat
yield for New South Wales amounts to 18.463.650
bushels, an average of J>.3 bushels an acre. About
M",*' buf-.hels are available f"i export. .of which
4,2u^.CM> hay«? already been shipped.
Albany. April 4.— The following stock companies
hav<- been incorporated:
Julian a-01l & Co. of New- York City (mining;
capital. $Ur<>.OuO. Directors: H. F. LJller. Patterson!
N. V.; J. 1. lioland. Brooklyn, and W. R, Boenk.'
New-York City. "•
;l'nited States Railway Supply Company of New-
York Oity; capital, tsic.ooo. Diractors: H. V. Poor.
MountforU Mills, and G, E. Hargrave. New-York
WUUainsliurg Power lorapany of New-York City;
'•'••. niieotors. F. P. Foster. Jam's
%%&£^? Otk city, and w. 11. Robinson,
American „i Ijxclng Company of New- York City
'rtemfl^and^ ?! pl ' a |. KOO.OOO. Directors: W
»•»*•* en*
Metropolitan Street Railway Company Sells Lenox-ace, Block Frvni —
Fifth-aye. Plot Near Delmonico's Sold and Then Leased.
The Hamilton Bank has bought from C. M. Sil
verman & Son. C. M- Rosenthal and Samuel «;reen.
a plot. 100x75 feet, at the northwest corner of
Jerome and Burnside ayes. The purchase price
was $ai.ooO. wnich is now the record price for thf-
Jrrome-ave. section. The parcel is at the junction
of the Jerome and Burn«ide ayes. trollf-y lines
(Metropolitan system). It was originally part of the
Spingarn estate tract. A Viranch of the bnnk will
be established on the premises, dement H. Smith
was the broker.
Another deal In Jerome-aye. was the sale by
Solomon Moses of a parcel. 12ixl00 feet, on the east
side of Jerome-aye.. 137 feet south of lMth-st.
The Metropolitan Street Railway Company has
sold the block front on the eaxt side of l^nox-ave.,
from 140 th to Ulst-at. The parcel has a frontage
of 200 feet in the avt-nue. 75 ft»et in Mtth-st, and
222 feet in 141st -st.
I>'Ugli^! Robinson, Charles S. Brown & Cb.
jresterday sold for Oakleirh Thorne. to Boehm &
Corn, the plot SLlOxlQci f*et. on the east side of
Mh-av*., G feet south of uth-st. This Is part of
the original I'ar.ui Stevens property. It adjoins
Tempio Emanu-El on the north
The plot ha« b en leased to the Hayden Company,
furniture dealers The lease is said to be for t.^n
years. A six story building will b,- erected for the
lessees on the site.
K. De Forrest Simmons has sold for Mr« Felix
Samson to Dudley Phelps toe Hve story American
basement dwelling bouse, white .-tone front. N".
»> Kast 75th-*t., for 175.000 The of the parcel
is 33.6x50x irresula:
The five story buUaing, No. 326 sth-are., owned
hy Lucy E. Lee, of Rome, is reported to have been
sold. The lot is 17x100 feet, and adjoins the cam
bridge Hotel, at the southwest corner of 33d-st..
owned by the Astor estate. The 32d-st. corner is
being Improved by Henry Corn with a high clas?
office and store building which has been leased,
the ground floor tenant being Reed & Barton.
Dv F.ois & Taylor have sold for John J, Mahony
the three story and basement brownstone front
dwelling housp No. ."I'S West 14&tli-st. to I>r.
Thomas W. Tugcle, for his occupancy, on lot 17x
9?.ll feet.
Plans have been filed with Buildings Super
intendent Hopper for a thirteen story fireproof
office building, with store on the ground floor, to
be erected for William G. i'ißueron, as owner, at
Nos. 24 and 26 Stone-st. t running through to Nos.
69 and 61 Pearl-Kt.
It will front 38 feet in Stnne-st. and 46.9 feet in
Pearl-st., being ll^i feet deep. It will have a
facade of ornamental brick, with trimmings of
carved marble, and is to coat $150,000. The owner
acts as his own architect.
The Bankers' Realty and Security Company have
■old in Tremont Terrace on the Eastern Boulevard
lots Nos. 633. 63*. 635, 636. 845, SIS, 657 and 648 through
J. Lawrence Davis to Jane A. Stokes, and to
various buyers lots Xos. 422, 423. 718. 719. 260, 261, 274,
275, 594. 596, 597, 772, 773, 774 and 775.
Louis Bleier, of M. M. Singer's office, has sold for
the Stern estate the private dwelling house No. 216
East 112th-st.. on a plot 20x100.11 feet.
Julius Scott has sold for S. Wronker to a client
the northeast corner of 137th-st. and Bth-ave., a
Bye story double flathouse, with store, on a lot 2cx9O
Davis & Robinson have sold for Mrs. Augusta
Raudnitz the three story brownstone dwelling
house. No 181 Kast 64th-st. on lot 15x100.5 feet..
John J. Boylan has sold for Mary A. Davin to a
client No. 553 West 51st-st.. a four story flathouse,
with rear dwelling house, 25x100.6 feet.
E. H. Ludlow & Co. have sold for various owners
to Lowenfeld & Prager the plot of three lots on
the south side of 76th-st., 14S feet east of Avenue A,
C. G. Martin is reported to. have bought No. 34
East 38th-st., a four story dwelling house, on a lot
25x<>8.9 feet.
Jamea A. Farley said yesterday that he had not
bought No. 543 Madison-aye.
R. I. Brown's Sons have sold for Margaret Mc-
Kenna the plot, 50x120 feet, on the west side of
Creston-ave., 47 feet north of 182d-st.
Harry Goodstein has bought through Charles
Jungman & Co. the five story triple tenement bouse,
on lot 06.7x93 feet, at No. 631 St. Ann's-ave.. from
M. L. & C. Ernst.
Daniel K. Freedman has bought from J. E. Greene.
through Peters & Co.. a plot. 42x Irregular, on
West Farms Road, about 3<90 feet from the 177 t
h Junction subway station.
M. L. & C. Krnst have . sold through James
Hunter and James H. McHefTey to Abraham Good
stein No. 6.11 St. Aon's-ave., a five, story triple flat
house, on plot 36x93 feet.
If. Levy & Co. nave, sold for Morris Levy the
plot. 116x100. on the east side of Trinity-aye., be
tween 163 d and '..64th sts.
Jacob Kauffman has bought two lots on the
north side of 136th-st., between St. Ann's and
Cypress ayes.
Charles Galewskl has bought from Herman H.
Fledderman, through Bloom & Rosenbaum, Nos.
60X and 610 East 154th-st.. two three story frame
dwelling houses, on plot 50x100 feet.
W. Alanson Alexander has sold for George Ep
pinger to P. J. Seckler Nos. 105 and 107 West 101st
st., two five story double flathouses. on plot 50x
100.11 feet.
Jacob Kllngensteln has bought No. 303 to 303 West
117th-st., four five story triple flathouses, with
■tores, on plot 100x100.11 feet.
Levy Brothers have resold for Joseph H. Fink
one of the .six story 40-foot apartment houses, with
stores, in cours« of construction, on the west side
of AmEterdam-ave., between 123 d and 124 th sts.
Horace S. fc-ly & Co. have sold for the estate of
Sophia Ely to Edmund Coffin tho two story dwell
ing house No. 34S East lOßth-St., 16.8x100.11 feet.
The Schwab Realty Company has sold through
Davidson & Goldstein No. 252 West HDth-st., a tlve
Btory Rathouse, on lot 25xl<AUl feet.
< '„ M. Heimerdlnger has sold for Edward Milten
herger to L. M. Hirseh the Bye story flathouse No.
621 West 123d-st., on plot 33.2x100.11 feet.
Sonnabend & Gromer have sold for Cohen tt
Levine th^ northwt-st corner of oth-ave and 113th
st. and No. I West 113th-st.. two live story triple,
flathouses, with stores, each on lot 25x10u feet.
P. Imperato has sold for Polansky Brothers to
August Imperato the Bye story tenement bouse,
with stores. No. 229 East lOWh-st., on lot 25x100.11
feet. Also .^told for Charles Sergansky to Nieberg
Brothers No. 254 East 122d-st., a three story dwell
ing house, on lot 14x75 feet.
Max Land* has sold for M. A. Berkowitz No. 63
East 119th-st., 20x100.11 feet, to Jacob B. Price.
Gustav Frey has bought from Katherine Collins
the four story Batbouse No. 221 East 76th-st., on
lot 25x102.2. W. H. Leonhardt was the broker.
Rudolph Gross has sold to Moses Pechter the six
story tenement house Nos. 60 and 62 Kast 98th-st..
on plot 40.6x100.11 feet.
A. W. Miller lii-s sold for s client to Charles
Shortmeier No. 561 West 36th-st.. a lot 25x95.9 feet,
D. H. Jackson & Co. have sold for M.tx Gold
stein to Nicola Taranto the six story triple tone
ment house Nos. 100 and 102 Oliver-st., 40x50 feet.
David Trautmann has sold to SamueJ Kadin the
northwest corner of 7th-st. and Avenue >'. a six
story buildlnp on plot 40x83 feet.
J. Rosenblum & Co. have sold for Benjamiu
Hlrsch to M. Dantzig No. I") Easl 24th-Bt., ,i live
story tenement bouse, on lot 25x'J!5.9 eet,
Hiram Rlnaido <x Bro. have sold for Clemens
and George H. Kracht to Harry Wittenberg Nos.
186 and lt», llulberry-Bt. two five story tenement
bouses, on plol 60x100 feet.
The League Realty Company has sold to James
Chisholm and George Bukler the aix story building
known as th>- Mount Sinai Hospitul Training
School, on plot 5«x10u.5 fe*-t, on the north side of
67th-st . GO feet east «r>f Lexington
L. J. Phillips & Co. have ><>1«I for Mrs. Mary N
Macy the four story brownsto dwellnj house!
No. t" Went 71st-st., on lot 21x102.2 feet. I, c buyer
will occupy the bouse.
R. Pehfemann has sold for WillUim J. Stltt X..
r,v West Md-st., a five story two family flathouse
on lot 26.8x100.8 feet, for JJS.OOO.
Huppert & Bernstein have 1. .mjht from Aarn;i
Goodman No. 242 Delancey-st. and No. 47 Sheriff
st., two Ove story lenemeni bouses, each 2r.x73 f«ot
H. ikoviiz 6c Bon were the brokers. Th<- buyers
already own Nos. --w and 21. Delancey-st, an. I now
control a plot, 75x100 feet, at the northwest corner
of Delaiicey tad Siiertfl »ts.
Fleck, Brown & Tes have sold for Simon Shapiro
Nos. -ii and 4:: Henn ■ two Ix story doubl< teru-
ITK-nl houses, on plot »2.«xl00 feet.
DanWl B. Freedman n;»s Imucht from thi Cl'irk
son estate through Ogden & Clarkson No. 6] W.-t
3Sth-st., a four stury dwelling hou*e, on lot 20x98.8
Charles H. Srhnflle has sold for Joseph Demmer
No. f.27 East Md-8i . a live story triple flathouse. on
lot 25x102.2 feet.
Richtmyer & Irving have «old for Annie Coch
rane No. 232 East ll.tii a two story .iweiiinjr
hot.Fe. on lot 15.8x100.1l feet n *
Bamuel Sandier baa bought through a Mr. Rob-
Inson Nos. 171 and 1.3 East 10.,th-st.. two five story
fiathouses! on pint j^i'KUl feet. , .
L Sonand has soW t»r , Mr £- I-.. Mehlieh to Charlo s
.1 Brltz No. ISO W>*l ipjth-st ■ a five story f ou j
family ftath. on lot 2uxlOOU feet.
J Blear ' rt >' rra a ft c^ Il r^-. ha , 1 i e « oId ln ronjunc
tlon with Warren & Skilltn to H. Rosen t ha] No M
Kast i:2d-Bt.. a flve story double flathouse. on pi,,.
33 4x99 11 feet.
Mary F. Stanley has bought Noa. 6a and e»
West 147th-st.. two thrae story dwelling nouses,
each on lot lfi.Bx9P.ll feet
Willlahi H. Falconer has purchased for i-ivp-'t
ment No. 312 to S3J Kast 42d-st.. a row of three
story Nova Scotia sione front private dwelling
houses, from the Borough Realtj Company.
Clement H. femitli lias sol.i the Dortheasi
of Prospect and Tremont sves., MQkO feet, for
Taylor & Douglass have sold for James Fergu
son to 'William Kelkher the thr*- story and base
ment brown stone private house on (01 itaNO feet,
No. 22S East 124th-pr.
r;y Adrian ii Uul £ i\>: -'v Kouth st. w ». 70.7 ft n
of "hi Slip. 24xS*S.2x^<xlK>.3, 4 story tk sMre; executor's
sale; t.> W J SVilaoi far &.'i.U>(>; M in-i ir. Sotith-st, w s.
1*4. 7 ft nof Old .Slip. 4'..:.x:u.i»x;:.i5t!J7.:4. 4 story hk store;
fxecutcr'F sale, to \V .1 Wilson tor *."«r.!i,<i: 4i South~«t.
w ■; 15.'..:: ft n of O! 1 Blip. 24x1".2 1\.4.!xl i:>.l I Ft>.ry Me
»tor< . • •■■ ■ utor** oal ; »o \. .1 Wil i i\- ♦::tC 1 '"
By Ji«iph r Day; .1- &7th »t. .- ■ :.;.". fi .• of 3d aye.
23xl«lft. taird part. 4 .-\ . y e t ton ii; Mi.vy A McOntrt «Rt
Itodoelo \ iss.a.ii.» tt mi; Smith .it M. attys; J p Mi
Donoucn, rei: amt due. tI.mSAB; tnx<s »tc. t'Si; to
Th. r.-.a« X Conrilte fir $3,450.
r.y S.IMUfI GoMaticker: 73 12Sth- st. n s. i:U'> ft c of
L^n..x-ave. 18.9x99.11, o story s r ft h; action I; J(,.«rph!n.>
Bteln, lib «'.•)•••: hi. etc, a^t Patrick Hogan »-t al i'ter
ha:t & r. -My : . Harold Nath.in. r*>f: amount due. *ltt.~
8U131; tai s. fto. »xvr. li. toiHueo Cohen for »18.ZS«; 71
12Sth-st. n s. 153.9 ft * of I/mravf. Is.<i X II fi stor •
s f fl h; act! n -. wn< agl fwrne: sartit- att>s and ref
anio'iiu due. $l«,80l::l . t;ixei. etc. *57.-»11; to Uugn
Cohen for 118.00O; 69 128th-st. n s. 173.6 ft c of 1.-n-.x
aye, 18.0x80.11, S story s f fl h: action :;: samp agt same;
same attys and ref; amount due. sti«.v:.s 01- taxes etc
$■);:•.•(•♦;: to Hugo Coben for »ll,f*): •;; 12Mh-st. n s. 'i;.i 3
ft ■■ of I^iiox aye. IM>x9!'.ll. '» story 1 f fl h: action 4
same a»t same: «air< atty? md rc-f; amoaal due. 516.
831 Mt: inx.:s. etc, 54.t1M..; : 10 Ki.po hen for $18,060
At Bronx Salearopm l:> JuMus H Haas: Proapect-av*
c b. 4'«> ft 11 of 187th-st. 100x96; vacant; voluntary sale
t(-» W Solom n fl>r $8,000; Prospect-aye. ws. 2M> ft nof
IS.-M =t. SOxttß; vacant; voluntary sain: to X Solomon for
H. 100: Rryant-st. c a. 27.'. ft ■ of IT2-! - st. 5(>xl00- vacant
yoluntarj sale; withdrawn: Bryant st. c s. .-.0 ft n of
17ad-«, 50x100; vacant; voluntary sale; withdrawn.
By Bryan 1. Kennelly: Sh.rraan s c corner
Academj »t. 100x100; vacant; also a plot 100x100 adj on
nv a(I VA' > . St ' H » wU ">«*« »t, «a, 110 rt sof Shermaii
=, '1.. w u W>; vacant : iiawt!»orne-st. ■ w corner Coo^r
i<i> >«Wxl«); vacant; t3eamaii-st. s c corner Bmiraon
iw'\li>i>. vatanl; \ ermllye-ave. s c corner Kmerson-st.
f' ■ »-acant; seamao-ave, a w corner Emerson-s!.
lWxluo vacant; beaman-ave. n *, 475 ft ■ of Emerson
it. ..i.xis- i.x.... ,xl>- : vacant; Naegle-ave, g w corner El
wood-«, MUzIW; aiao plot lWxioo a<lj oil Elw.>od-st;
«HlsiJe--st. n .• corner N'aasie-ave, 245.7x174.«xi1K>x27'
vacant; 2USth-st. s .-. 100 ft w of !)th-ave. 15uxU!».li;
%acant: Maraan-avc, n c corner Kmerson-st 29H.8x5T7.7x
irr.-s;iilur, containing about 3l« lots; voluntary sale- Uth
ave. a w corner Sl&th-st. W.llxlOO; vacant: alao plot 50x
w». ll adj OB st; executors' sale, estate of A Wallacli.
aeceastd; Broadway, s c corner 131st-st. 25xloO; vacant
voluntary sale; liroadway. n s. 1«8 ft w of Terrace View
ave, Marble Hill, 25xliX>; vacant; voluntary sale
,J? BV£J'8 V £J'K Ji % y: 4<J to M 57th - 8t - n -s. 7.V.-. ft eof 6th
ave «e.«x100.5; 7 story ■■ f fl h; S C Whit.- agt Stella
Bethel etal;p B Ogden. Htty : t F Donnelly, ref; amt
due. *10.,.2SfiJU; taxes, etc $4.1:00: 13 and 15 llth-st. n s.
180 ft c of sth-ave. 47x103.3: 8 story Ik and b apart h;
M A Isaacs agt L. Wertheim et al: James. S & E. attys;
R Hurry. ref : amt due, $«5.55«21: taxes, etc. 345 80;
... ll.lst-st. n s, BBk.t ft w of Park-aye. 18x100.11- 3
story s f dwg h; Mutual Life Insurance Co agt L Sommer.
individually and us executor, et al; E L. Short atty- E
H Pomeroy. r>f ; amt due. $7,703 43.
By H C Mare» & Co: Bth-st. s s. 306 ft w of Avenue B.
100x216 to 7th-st; 2 story f d\v(? h and vacant. Vnlonport-
J \Y Bdsard a«jt Georgiana Bolen et al: I Waahbom, atty;
\Y A Davii .n. ref: amt due, $1,474 72: taxea etc $90.
At Bl - Salesroom. —By Reiter & Newman: 4.650
Park-avi s. s of 187th-st. 16.8x90; 2 story f dwe h
yolunta. ■ . 154th-st. n s. 170 ft w of Elton-ave. 2."ix
10<>; vacant; voluntary sale.
By Julius H Haas: Prospect-aye. s c corner ISZthv-st, 70
xl>.->; vacant; voluntary sale; 653 138th-st. n s 250 ft c of
■\Vtllls-ave. 40x100; 3 story bk dwg h and stable- voluntary
Klepper. Louis, to A Bachrach; 16th-st. Nos 514
and 516 Kast; 2 mortgageg, $«,875; 2 prior mort-
Kages. $15,000; instaltn*nte, « iv-r cent $13,750
Noble & Oauss Consolidated Company to T R A
Hall; 156th-st., n s, 247.10 ft w of Courtlandt
ave; prior mortgage. $22,750; due July 1. 1&08.. 8,000
Bachrach. A, to J Well and another; «Jsth-si, Xo
312 Kast; 1 year, 6 per cent 2,500
McShane, Maria 1. to Park Mortgage Company:
Van Corlear Place, s c s. 314.4 ft s v of Wicker
Place; 3 years, percent 4.500
Levin. Semuel. to Kosie Forst; 6th-at. No 304
Bast; prior mortgage. $30,500; instalments, 6 per
cent 3.500
Pomeranz. Samuel, to S Hoffberg; 122d-at, Nos
818 and 31S East; 1 year, t» per cent 3.000
Svanderttk, John, to Knickerbocker Trust Com
pany; Tinton-ave, Xo 1,001; demand. 6 per c«nt;
note 4,000
Mutnick. Max. and another, to w Goodman; Rtv
ir.gton-st, Nos 121 and 123; prior mortgage.
$66,000; 5 years, 6 per cent 22.500
Northwestern Realty Company to S .1 E*an; 17Hth
st, n s. 100 ft w , f St Nicholas-aye, i«-r bond... 6.000
Haber. Morris, and others to S Green: 47th-st.
No 54S West; prior mortgage. $1S,000; 2 years.
6 per cent 6.000
Bannon, May E, to County Holding Company;
>th-st, No 31 West: 2 years. 5 p*r cent 66,000
Newman. W A. and another to Margatet W Flynn;
236th-st, s s, 375 ft c of Kepler-aye: 3 years.
6 per cent 400
Davis, Annie M, to E D Lincoln; St Nicholas
ave. n c corner 114th-st: 9 years. « per cent... 2.">.<'<n>
Lederer, Hugo L. to Harris Cohen and another:
14»>th-st. n s, r >n ft wof Amsterdam-aye; dv«
May 1. 11106, 6 per cent 2,500
Doty. Evelyn H. to L. Unterman; 12T>th-st. No
546 West ; 3 years, 6 per cent 4.500
Kadin. Samuel, to H. Kiegel et al; 9Sth-«. No 234
East ; per bond 7.700
Lindner, G, and others, to S C Bernstein; Rmok
ave. No 555. prior mortgage. $15,500; 3 years,
6 per cent 4,300
Prfim. A. to L Brosang; 2d-ave. c s. 86.1 ft a of
13th-*t; 5 years. 6 per cent 13.R00
Llppman. D. and others to Mutual Life Insuranca
Company; 28th-*t. No 218 West; per bond 7.500
Lowenfeld, P, and another to F Ohmeis; 156th-st.
s s. 400 ft w of Amsterdam-aye; prior mort
gage. $17,000; 1 year. « per cent 3.000
Wechsler, R V, to Charles M Rosenthal: 108th
st. n s, l"0 ft w of Columbus-aye; prior mort
gage. $10,000; per bond 6,250 j
Brelthaupt, William, and another to Park Mort-
KaK.i- Company; Nagle-ave, s s. 630 ft n c of
Ell wood at; per bond 16,000
Vlnlello, A. to J Manganaro; Elizabeth-st. No
80; 8 years. 6 per cent 2.750 I
Coogan. Charles, to A M Keenan; 7th-ave, No
2,20«: 2 yean. 4V,. per cent 3,000 |
Taft. H W. to Seaman'a Bank for Savings; 48th
st. No 3rt West; 1 year. 4 per cent 50.000
Mandel. A. to M 1 Bcgel et al; lOOth-st, a a. 110
ft c of 3d-ave; 1 year. 6 rer cent 10,000
Levy. A. to P Lowenfeld and another; 121st-st.
Noa 322 and .'24. due October 3. 1906, 6 per cent.' 3.500 !

Washlngton-ave, s w corner 185th-st, 50.2x92x
s<>xt»tt.«; Julia E Dennerlein to Annie A M Den
nerlein; all title $3,000
6th-st. ■ s. 305 ft c of sth-ave. 25x114.4. Wake
tielJ: Jennie Runkel to Millie Bcrgmann 100
Lot! 17 and IS map 107. lots Hudson P:irk; Hud
son P Rose to Katherine Amberg Nominal
185 th s ■. 350 ft c of 7th-ave, 50x91.3x62.3x
128..T; via ShaS et al to Nathan Cohen;
mortgage, $10,000; 0 c and 100
Prosp«cl-ave. No ■'••'■!. w ■. ttalOO: Katie Lauber
to Annie Ripp; mortgage $8,296 100
Jacksnn-ave, n c corner 15!Jth-st. 1'5x57.6; Knbert
II Benary to Gustava S Drachman; mortsage,
$16,000 ll>o ;
2r>th-st. No 329 Baat, 25xJtS.«>: Rachel Luft to
Julius Braun; mortgage. $20.000... . 100
Jackson ay«. n >■ corner 15Mh-st. 2.">x57.6; Gustiive
S Drachman to Julia Dracnmaa; mortgage,
$21.UW1 U>O
Amst«i<i:tm-ave. n v.- corner MStn-at, 101.7x100; :
entine M Sllverman et a' to Sidney Word
linger; nortgage. $43,U00: o o and 100 ;
Same property: Sidney Wordllncer ti> Irvmg
Baebrarh: mnrtKan*>, $51,600; o >■ and UH» I
24th-St. n s. 20 ft w of 4th-ave, 30x49.4: Amerl
can Uortgase Company t,. William UcKay. .. It) j
112 th st. No 140 ESuit, lOxlOail; Moses Schiller
t > Bualncat Men's Realt) Coropan) mortgage.
lnt<rvale-ave. c ■ 144.3 ft n of |65th st. 50x!0O;
Vhraham lineii.-T- 1,. F H ,■ I. Realty C.im
pany; mortgase. t-'"' Nominal !
Pth-iiv*. 1 w corner 2<f>th-st, . 11\|.»> ; i-harl^s
Coh<>n to John .1 Mahony: t ■ rtcak.-. . S.*i,<i(to . . ■ j
24th- si. Nos 227 and J-jh Kast. 3S. 10\J»».S; t:.'..-
Lerenaon to Mary li Lewl«: mortt**Ke, $13000,. 100 j
OSth-hr. No 231 Ka«t. fiOxlOO.ll: Hyman Siege!
.-t al to Samuel Kadin; tmirtiraß*-. $-K».oriO . 1110 ;
7th-Kt. n t>. 421. ft « Of Avenue D, 24 •■x!' 7 8;
•1 I^evv to Fanny ITUhbeln; inortgnge,
5"14.5« o ' IO»> i
U'2,l-st. Nm Sia «aa 818 East. 57.ex1«0.11; Th«
r. s<a l^v; to Samuel P>>nieranz; mortgage .<t".
.'.HI '. 10ft'
jc?d-*i. N«« r.::*. '■•<■■>< :wii: Jrlta r Wllrox to .
Peter i'I'II-— "• '•■rxpnep. Si.'..ti"-i; .. c :inrl j*>»
.I7th-«t. N. 54K \V"fSt, I'.'xKHvr, : 3"f jti J Mcancy
to sin>uel <;re- n- tr-irtcad-. $a\?ti 1 > liO j
Same ornpeHyj P'uwel Green to Morrli lKb»r et
•l:Imon:a«e *I^.«<«' — M 0
10«-h-yt, n s Imi tt ti- of Columbus-aye, T9xlfn 11:
Charles M n.-.^enthal to Ralph V Weohsler;
mortrar*. Ji;>. |V| - lint
Same property) Ralph V We»-h»lrr to KlLts Rc»en
thil: mnrtpnjre. *:.\2".li • \\*\ [
ni., : ..|unv. c s. Vn tt r "f l«Ith-«t, 2:>x!l v >: Mary
t* Hall.-'- to Julius '"• "vu'-'r ' .Xomlnil
Je-->|np«-i.t s s 154.2 fl c <-f I'nion " .". •.»<r?::e •'•-.
1* Hxl<K>; V»tli|'''< PiuriM'.- t.. Afrncs M !'• :••:
r »'l; m^ttK-^r- *3.W> l"> ,
Hi'ik-ave No .'.' S. - * •.Isxl'»t;. I sxl'»t; :-.M- n> n C '!->>
?t«'n f> QuMtfl I.!T*r«r et al- ir«rt«a»c, «!!> «n *. lim
Trlnltv-ivf. c * U5 ft « ot l»:t"t -»t. 2T.m;.» ";
X l<Mrh Kuehne! •" Julius Prnr.ilnirs; mort-sjpe.
$2,150 i..7. 100
Tlnton-ove n "«•'».' ITS ft w of Ponflrte -«t. 2.-.X111.'.;
Leopold 'll utter i<> Max Al< " and another; t
m'ltßiire S2 !*>■*< Nominal
St V|-h(.li»-»v'o *■ «. 25.8 '* » °f 120th-st. R«.3x I
x* :«x3» llxTO 3- Jo^enh Hyman Ctjal t> Joseph
Mnan: mortgage «?.«» 10 °
liMh-st n c » 119 -I ft » c fatherir.o-st. frtx
tC4.&xTv7.Bxl*2: Jfhn Vogel to Thomas aaor;
• mortK-re. f«.fl(Hi 100
2-Sth-st. Nok 114 and 11* E«»t. for a seven itory
brick office and studio building. 40x»0; P c
Zobel. archlttct $80,000
Avenue A. c •. 69th an<l 7«» th »ts. for six rtx wtory
brick tenement hou«*s. 3rt.ftxS7x Irregular: Na
'han Kean tt Cr». owners: J II Alnslle. architect. 200.CC0
129th-st. ■ n. 1&J.8 ft «• of 7th-av*. for two alx
»t<>ry l>rlck ten<m*nt hou»««. 4S.oxsiJ.il; (jua.-t
ner A Miller, owners: B W Rerits. archir»<-t.. .. 104.000
Stone-Rt. Not* "-'1 anrf 2«. and P»>arl-»t. No* .*:• and
t!l. for a thirteen story brick otttce building, with
stnre. .••ixll-'tix Irregular: W O Pisueron. owner
anri architert • 4.T0.000
66th-«t. B». Hio ft wof avf, for eight aix »torjr
i.ii.k tenement hotis.s. *ix*7Ti. l^win* ft
liaviv o.vn«r«: i< V. Sf-rtta. architect 320.000
7«th-st, n s, 100 ft • of Avenue A. for nix six *tory
brlek \enen>»-nt hou»«-s. .';7*H7 Nathan Kean
& C<. owners; .1 11 .\in«iir. architect.... 218.000
CU v th-»t, s «. I><» ft * of 4ih-ave. \Viliiam>brM«e.
for n t* r> ? stiryari'l tmsement fr«m» Ulna*
ho'i.-e. .li'^.Mi; A. \V. Kiayer. own»r; William •
Kenn-.". orclii:«-ct JISO
Je.T»-*t n->t. ♦: ». 17." ■: » of «'.lumb'i»-ave. fcr
t* . t« t . story f',in> liweHlnfr l»«»-i*»». l'l\4>'; I> .
blUen, tiwner; V.iil in K^nny. are:tUec> B.fiot»
Newell- »\r. '■ s. :M> :i it of r;':znf.*t>i-st. for a
IW> story f.aiie oWt'Hnj liouw Jrmrph
l-iicrriiu'er. »> - .vntr: Guil«« rictmarj. »r-bite-t. 3.?.00
4th av<, \v *'. V*t it n •■■' "'.~'"-!«t. tor .i iwg jUry
[ r p.i ■ r- -~— n ■='!"•". i'-:'.'_; ! I 1'"!'"I 1 '"!'" f|ll"tT>'O*>~l.
n-r^r; .1 :r.>: k i;i»- lj»Wf«fcc». : ror.itect :RX>
l'l^n*ar.t- c. •■. as. !."«. tl 3oi F'.»..e.-iU f ..■ a txo
s-ory rrame vt?,' |r. r...'x. F ": V 'waru I'lsancllt.
owner; D»tU P \,.;.-n. arehMs«t. 2.500
*CCth-st n *. 73..1 ft w o; Trir.ltr-av*. -mo;
Vlie <ity MiYrtajk** Co 'o KIo. «. < rn»tnirt|on to. 545.0U)
14Sth-»t. B n. 27.% f c of Rth-ave. 7."x9!>.11: Uyer
anrt I.,)Ui« fohen am) Mo;-rif i: K.ans to
Efcther an<l Abrahan Coh»n an.l Annie Evar.s. 45.000
lC*;t-!t. s s. vi ri c i," Tth-avf. ."SftxlSS.-Jx lrro«;
Tkv\A Shaff and Abraham *ll*e man to Nathan
Cofm 4 30..-0O
Capital Stock Purchased by New-York City
and T r-sonri Interests.
George Cbfßns Wnrrer. who several months ago.
f.ft|nt: for rKents whose identity has never Im
Ctaeloswl.^eonjpleted the pur<-hi»se of a controlling
amount of the StOCal of the Phenix National Bank,
issued yesterday the foltowing self-explanatory
.••tatement refirarninn t*>e report rhit a majority of
the stock had 0.-«-n Inuufrmi lo important in
terests ••f 'his city and tho West:
Referring to the report from St. Louis that thr
capital stork of Ihe Phenlx National Bank of
New- York City has been bought by J. P. Morgan
& Co., August Beliaont & Cr»., E. F. Swinney. of
the First Xaiionat Bank of Kansas City, and K. K.
Marshall and his associates in the National Bank
of Commerce ln St. Louis, I have to say that this
report is correct.
Duncan I» Parmly. the president of the Phenix
National Bank, has been in such Door health for
some time past that he feels obliged to give up the
duties of that office, and Mr. Marshall will shortly
take his place as presioent. It is not expected
that ther<> will he any other changes in the official
staff of the bank, although there wlli probably be
some changes in the board of directors, as to
which an announcement may be expacted by the
end of ihis inenth.
It is understood that Mr. Warner and his clients
retain a substantial interest in the bank.
Resolution by Sinking Fund Commissioners
To-day on Union Ferry Matter.
A resolution will be adopted by the Commission
ers of the Sinking Fund to-day, which is expected
to end the Ions; drawn out dispute with the Union
Ferry Company. The company has been running
its ferries trader protest for the last twelve months.
No rent has been paid, and the Corporation Counsel
has h>"ld that in the absence of any lease the city is
justified in considering the company a holdover
tenant and charging the same rent as was named in
the hurt lease.
The resolution to be adopted to-morrow says that
after May 1 the company shall no longer be con
sidered a holdover tenant, and that the price to be
paid for the privileges enjoyed shall be decided
after the Controller's examination of the com
pany's books shall show what would be a fair
The Controller's men are now at work on the
books, nnd Mr. Grout expects a report from them
within a week.
The Sheriff yesterday received an execution
for $459 74 against property of George- T. Butler,
grocer, at No. 1.901 3d-ave.. and No. 1.788 I>xing
ton-ave.. in favor of David Sheridan.
Judgment by default for $8,231 was entered yes
terday against the Asbestollth Company, a New-
Jersey corporation, manufacturers of asbestos ma
terials, in favor of B. Y. Frost & Co.. on two
notes, made by the company on March 6. 1904.
Justice Davis, In the Supreme Court, yesterday
appointed Holmes V. M. Dennis, jr.. receiver for
the assets and property of the Hamilton Storage
and Warehouse Company, of No. 103 Bast 125th-st.,
on application of Frank Storra. Joseph W. Halsey
and David C. Bogert, stockholders for a volun
tary dissolution of the corporation. Arthur D.
Truax is appointed referee to Inquire into the
merits of the application, and an order to show
cause was set down for July lf>. The liabilities are
$79,492. The assets amount to> $22,670. The company
has a capital stock of $50,000.
The following petitions- in bankruptcy wer» filed
yesterday with the clerk of the United States Dis
trict Court
An Involuntary petition was filed against the Interna
tional Mahogany Company, of No. 200 Lewis-st.. by Will
iam Karlsbunr. with a claim of $3,760: Milton H. Bemi.i.
with a claim of $3,760. and William Farnum. with a claim
of *400. Insolvency, it is alleged, la admitted.
The schedules of the Windsor Company, involuntary
bankrupt, tiled by one of th» petitioning creditors show
liabilities of $706, 144 and assets of $l.S5a.iV>.H. or the total
indebtedness $2L'4>OS ia secured and $470,113 unsecured.
Of the secured claims $i».353 is due to employes, they hav
ing a prior claim over all other creditors, according to law.
The principal creditors are P. Van Valkenburgh A Co..
So. 31 Thomas-st.. $179,017. secure.f by lien on mTchan
dis»; Vatiunal Bank of Commerce. No. 31 Nassau-st..
$51,428. (ecured by Hen on cloths at will; L. F. Chapin,
trustee. North Adams. Mass. $10,000, secured by mortgaga
on real estate: State Street Trust Company. Boston.
$105,0»>0. secured by mortgage on real estate; Smith, Hags
& Co., New-York. $*.6*57. secured by lien on Merchandise-
Davia P. Kimball. Boston. $24,000; Lawrenc* Mlnot. Bos
ton. Jlo.i**>; Belfast Saving* Bank. Belfast. M».. $:2,t)oO;
Springfield Safe Deposit Company, Springfield, Masa '
$20QOt>; Belton Mills. Pelyer. N. V.. $11.^i»; Smith. Hogg
& Co.. No. 115 Worth-«t.. New-York. $20,500 and a second
claim of $15,251. anf C. M. Howard & Co.. New-iork.
$ir>.s-iO. The assets consist of real estate in North Adams!
Mass., where the bankrupt's print mills are. estlmatej
worth $1.£)7.415. subject to mortgages; ca»h or. hand
$137; stock of printed calicoes. 9341M>6&. fixtures In N-»w-
York ofnee. $l.(Kfit; accounts, $1.750; deposited In bank
$5. 41£3.
Schedules of Maximilian W. Mundle. Involuntary bank
rupt, show debts of $17,630 ami assets of $1,207. Th»
principal creditors are George M. Ritt»-nhous*>. No. l.vi
lteade-st.. $5,450. and George M. Martin & Bro., fft.&ta.
TIM asset 9 consist of horses and va^n;, $200- fixtures
*4-"<t. accounts. *3.',0; cash in bank. $200.
Schedules t f Hannah Kohen show debts of $8,060 and
assets ot $7,144. Th« principal creditor Is Max Itzkowitz
No. 53 Stant.in-st., $iOO. secured by chattel mortgage
The assets consist of stock in trade, $1,000; dxturea, $60l>
accounts. $.">..,1:»
Avory F. .Adams. No. 305 West 70th-st liabilities
$13,000: assets. $8,000. Th» principal creiittors are
Josephine \. Moore. '.Valpoie. Mass.. $8,000 (secured) and
Marguerite J. Adams. No 3OTi West "Oth-st.. $5 000 ' The
n.T^-ts consist of ISO shares of the John Churvh Company
Cincinnati. Ohio, estimated at $H.OOO. »— -*•
Schedules of Mary Feller show debts of $257 003 and
assets of *HN». The prin.n,«l creditors are the TruHt
company of America. *>^'.)i»)i». the Title Guarante* and
Tram Company. $56.i>00: Adolph Mandel. $52.n0,» and
Henry H. Jackson. $:)4.780 .all secured by real eotata
in..rt>;«|re on Nos. 227 and 229 East 110th-at.); Nlaxara
Wood W ° rk Company. $ -<**>. and S Mllle." * Sena.
John B. Ijo.-.I was appointed receiver of the buslnasa
of the International Mahogany Company, with a bond of
$2,r-«>. The company Is said to own valuable mahogany
tract.* in Cul« an<l elsewhere In the West lies
Schedules of .1 Rashkl* A Son show debts of $ta.7ft<»
and a.s.«et« of $14.31& The principal creditors are I
'■• ■ ■■■■-.i; ■* ■•■■■.. Mercer-st.. $1.4.V): Locke * Arthur. No
To Let for Business Purpose*.
A Few j
la the
From MAY i.
fICX* Drop in and Look Them Over. *sm
Apply iD XEW-YORK TRIBIXE Business Office
«1 Brnattwar. st.MM: I"rfp\m-m Bank. $1,000. an 4 Ormtw
wtch Bank. Sl.omi. Th« aarnts ■— I of ato<!k of waista
at Xo. 39 Walker-M.. »S.o<!<>: machinery. <6C0OO; aeosussa,
$I 1«; depontte.l In bank. ••-'«>.
|p rar E. Moran. »alr»r«n. Nr*. Flo «th-ave.. vnitmtarr
petition: liabilities. $35,.vi7: assets. |10. Th # principal
creditors are the John Kress l!r«wln*r Ornpnay. $&5Mi
•ecur^d by chattel merTJWge on fixtures; Smith, * Parllnr'
Syracu**. $1.W)0: John Oreen. Rossmom ifJUtl, 13 W>- tt»
John Kresm Urewtnar Company. 19.200; r>. C WlaianA.
R<wnnore Hotel. $I.«*> : -paddy- Roche. Rosnnnre Hotet
H.KO. and John Ore»n. Roaamnre HoteL %?..'.:*> Tfc»
major portion ot petitioner's debts are fbv tnnm»»<
Real Estate.
fake advantage of our low prices and crxxi work aad
tend for estimate. •— ~ •« ■"■
W- »- %l IKN. 125 WfHT 40TII ST.
Heal Estate Wanted.
Or HweMn ins_ e^
C&g Property for Sale.
r«taehe<l rottagp on F>»t 14th-at.: latest nodal- T
fwii and t.ath: op»n plumbing; all Improvement"- 'rmm
minute's *«: . tr» Ktatt.in: 21 minutea to N«*w-Tork- must
b» wn to be appreciated: price 14.700. We have many
others. 1.. 11. 81U73H. 1.125 Flatbush-avs.. Brooklyn.
■ n-:« l ir».n ...«! n the city; brownaton*. three story
arwi troemrnt. No. 3OT West 104th-«t. 3ee Owner n. r
KII^HRE. 37 Went 45th-st.. m nearest agent-
City Property to Let.
\yr:ST ENTVAVE.. southeast corner 88t>Mt.. verr d»
ll f mml!>- brown«one »n.J r«v! brick r*sld«nce thor
oughly heated by hot water system. Dr. J. B. LTNCII
US West SBO-St.
Country Property for Sale.
park of 45 acres uncfer the highest state, ot eultlvatlce.
located on Madison Aye.. adjoining the country nr'iia— of
Mr. i> Willis James and H. McKay Twombly. and a
short distance from th«» Morris County Coif Club. THE
HESIDHNCTS IS OF STONE, of the very finest eoo
structlon anil commodious. THE STABLES AREt NOT
i:x>"r":.: BY ANY IN THE STATIC ViculJ conati«r
renting, furntshe.l or untarnished. Full particular* and.
photographs with
KIW. P. HAMILTON A CO.. M Bnadwsr-
AT \ B.VR«;
Will sell or rent. New. beautifully decorated houses:
every convenience; exclusive neighborhood. Nothing lik»
them ever offered at such low fijrur's. Apply HASECELL.
V£l Liberty St.. New-York, or OWNER. Dodd-st. aad
Midland-aye., East Orange. N. J
Catalog free to Intending; buyers:
Owner*, wlaoinc to sell, c<ul or writs!
rkUllD* * WelU. USZ Xrlbuo* "-"-"-■_ Jt, t.
HANDSOME Monmouth Eeach resldanc*: eonltv $'2,-»
000. Want city re&ideace. .Add ca*ii. OW.NEI!, Box
'■,». Tribune Offlce-
Splendid mansion, gTandly located: electric Itirhts: hirfl
wood throughout: steam heat, almost brand new; $13,000.
COOLEY & WEST, Inc., M unt Vernon.
Country Property To Let.
mo RENT. — From middl» of Jun* until Oct. Ist. charm-
A lntcly situated house In Montclair. N. J.; (i iniautes*
walk from Park Street Station; ona minus walk from
Erwln Park Golf Links; house has 5 bedrooms and 2
bathrooms on second floor, and 2 bedrooma and bathroom
on third floor. For all particulars apply F. H. L». Trtbua*
Office. ' *
Brooklyn Property to Let.
City Hall. — All department stores and uieatrea; on*
block from all elevated and surface cars: suitable for
saloon, drug store, bakery: or will alter to suit any busi
ness: would make excellent automobile show room: corner
Wllloufthby and Bridge sts. See janitor or owner. A.
SCHIRENBECK. 7^ Uancock-st. . Brooklyn.
Unfurnished Apartments to Let.
11-12 EAST I3OTH ST.
Evary room has outside light. E!evat>.
heat, hot water supply, and hall servi •
tendent on premises.
Suites of 8. 10. 12 rooms. 2 and 3 baths.
DAIL.Y & CARLSON, Owners and Builders.
First floor apar" suitable for physician: eight
roorr.s. from May I; r^ni. $l.^tH>. Superintfndent.
Furnished Houses to Let — Country.
Furnished Cottages t^i r»-nt. I-ist on application.
BERKSHIRE HILLS. — Large Colonial House), fully
furnished, to let for t: • m improve
ments; gas. >irabl<t Ap
rly lo 8. o. tknxkv, W
Furnished A})art merits to Let.
mJIE BERESFORD. 1 West Rtst-st.— A furnished apart
_L ment on sixth fluor, overlooking Central Park, of
two rooms, store room ami bath, wita all nrvajilai— to
rent for six months from May 1.
To Let for Business Purposes.
Now ready for <»-«upancy.
All improvements and every conva-teassL
Permanent northern light.
Hydraulic safety pluagar.
I-.lr«atur» now running.
S. F. MYEKS. owne.-. 6o Maiden I*»fc
J. A. MYERS, on premises.
CHAS. V. NOYES A CO.. a-j William St.
or your own, broker.
Large Corner Suite. 2d Floor, in
ABOUT «0O SQI-ATIE FEET, fuitable ft>r eCnt c
*^. showrooms. llAii^CS WARD OOMJM.VT alXaiS
«th-ave. * •*"-•*»

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