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fTif" T2f* 1*1.... .-S'PT"^ 1 Pltga. 1 1 911
Floor. Sfcu:::: C.836 Uv ( pocltry. cratei ■«
Jlour. f*ck»-- :*,242 Oraests (H»). cases.. 62s
CorwrjraU -Si:::::: KIO Orangrs (Cal). cases.. »w«
Corcui.al. t«n 2.010, Lemons <Oal), cases «25
Waeat. bus* 4.000: App>s bbls... 7^" • • 1"73
Com. £S:::::::::::S:: : i Potatoes, 3fc ::™ 6#-7S6 # -7S
Cat*. »n»h 120,000: Onions. l»bls "Sio
Buckwheat, bush.... l.sso: Saein. bfcis -^a
Barley, buss 1.200: Roejn c,: i*i,.;::;::: : rS
afsUt, t>V rIJ . ».«*> sVii turp. M 5.... 3w
JUr«. pkt» a.S:3',Tar. bbls.t! . I
■•>• tea* <uo, •«•«. bWs .:.::; iots
Straw, tons Oticake. n*x» t i«W>
si^-««'l. tCM 152 — rs.l*. \-r.s* . . lii
Heel, J*l». ••. 40: HibricaUng oil. hbls.. 190
Ef«-f (cannefl). cac*a. 2.218, oieo stock*, pigs 17!
Pork, bbl* 210 Peanuts. bi#r» X T75
§*»». i>»«* 1»S j TVUacco. hhds '~y>
lU<^oa. ifygs 17«iTt>i>acco. tirroes '75
CutmesMs rig. I.K2S!Tc-bsrco. (£«s 8.325
lArd, U*rc«s 023 ; Wbiaker. l>Ma 714
l*rfl kegs 4.725, Cotton, bale* «.s.v>
l*.ri. ca»es 475iHeinp. t^.-r 73
TsJiow. I*g» 7 Hides, bales -.„
UreeM. pM» llCTillfiea. b<2ls 710
J»urtcr. ■"■- ■ 4.4»i jsklnn. bales 275
tSrcse, ■kjrs 8. 207 i leather, ride* -. 1775
tSE% MM S3,6OTWlne (Cal). bbli 73
Cora, burn C 2.004 j B»fln*a pet. gals 2,7C4,C5>«
Oats busn «26 1 Naphtha. ga> 400
Feat. J>uth. ........ M Gasolene, gals liV)
Betr.*. bush 150 : Cottonsecl oil. gals. 50.023
risir. bW* . SSStLubrica-.lr^r oil. eals. 27,200
Flour, woks B.S4s:Park. boU l.'S*
Coran;e«l. fchls SMBeef. bbls 3.120
Ot-Tt... pkg» «uO Bee-f. tierces 192
JJrsn. » l.CSf>uacoa. Tb J,246.5r.«
Otaa* se«d. bees... SO liair.s. ;-.. 214.00H
Hsy. *>*!" 2.207 Lard R> I.OId.KM
Kor*. t>»Je« 4«5 Stearin*. lt> lO.uno
\\Tu?Ue>. (■"■* "3iGr*3*e. tb 24,Ui0
O-.lca.kF. Tt> Cir.4Co,C3;cese. tb 161.16 a
fc^ltt f-rp. gal*. 1.5501
2roc, Ncr. No 1 Mr -ft! 75 I Klctir. Upls r-a.:or. : 5.,. (5 65
Ires, tso, NaSeoft.. 17 25 Cotton, sildilir.* 8.08
gte»l rail* . --. 2! OH \ C.-£T<»«. No 7 Rla 7^<?7%
I^i.* ;r*r Ir.gets. .15 37Vi : . u ugar. tr».Tj-j!at«>d 6.15
TUs £l> fC> Molasses OiC prime. 3&
Excfcanj* !ead « M Ceef. (amujr 1273
f |>* :tcr 6 «.O , Heet hams 22 23
Vhrat. Xo2r*d 1 10%. ; Tallow, prime . 4S
Corn, No - mired.. XJS^jPork. mess 13 TO
aS'xed c«.ts. 26 to 32 | Uc^s. dressed 160 ft. 7S
» 355S5»iiLerd. prime 7 50
New-York. Arril J3. 19i«.
CCit-rtiZ— Nearby Il««-i3ation was again th* feature,
ard the trarket ahovred CuntlrueS w«ucr.esß in »?ite of a
boillsti CfiUe from R;o coneemins tee prospect* lor iha
tew crcp a=d reselpts. The cj-ealns » H steady. \r:tli all
mosths uiichangect. except Dt-eemSier. which was -* 1
jo.r:« lower, in line with tr.e iJuropean caMes. while vj
sieaitoea was promoted by rruall Eraiiliaa r«> >C?»
But It eocn fievepoied that there vere selling r^uZl r^
fear.4- Jer ite tear aoctiis ar.J prices sage^d '^f^X , r Vt
decline ct about S points. There was a !*><£ ~-.* V e'y
Uxer on receipt cf a cable from Rio clal' jfirJJE^l l* v
r»ln acS prsdestas eor.tinue-l snutll iaJ^*.^
market in t*e late tradi-.tg -<reaker.~- under"a r*
2|sif.»Ss! wS^SSS^r' >ObS« swishes cf about
°i er , * B^," a . t a f«?- f«reishea aSdiUcnal evli«r.c.
•re t.1.l a.^i tw . xreatg bt'ore the first notlt* £ay for
-T"* ""'■•avis t ; s gerifrallv cxi>ected that prior ta
t.-^t "ax — « yr*culati\-e situailon spIH te adjusted. The
*:'..",.-' c-jiet and steady, •wafc. vjctauons rar.j,
»0|toi» ' -yt \o 7Se (or Klo No 7.
f raT / of contraci jirice* la th* local market to
£*v »" ilfollowt: - Vcster-
Oi<enir,g. H'-sh. I^rw. Ciose. day.
•Apri. ._ _ — — ei>.*?<;.2s C3O
*■- . «E5 6.35 I ft* e25&«30 €.25
**jtg — — — ft ar. 1 ! 6.40 6.45
.v.<- f ?'• f. :i 6-&> « <■" '-■ o.m « r.>
AilgßSt — — — 6-f.'s^.«o «.6O
yerw^mitw « 75 «75 «.«5 € *?S-6 70 6.7 d
Octeter C? 5 «75 6.75 6.7056.73 6.73
JSov«asbpr — — — fl*-*i<Vss 6.M>
Bsauuber « £5 «S5 C.W e.«6£«.«9 €.85
.'£_-. akr\ — — — 6.8&fr7.0» «.95
5r5 r> tt«r-nrv — — — 7.«»»57.05 T.«O
iI irC }-. ". 7.10 7.10 7.< C 7.CC57.10 7 Do
CWJee 3<»c — Oc-fTee irarket steo^iy; No 7' Rio,
<&>'2Z-. fxetame*". Jfi'id; reueir'ts. 2,<<f<o bags; shipments
for Eurcpe. 1.0" Ji» ... c- etocic. SMOOO bag*- Sar.tos — Cbt
f»— r::arK*-t <u:et; pood ov«-rap* Saritne 4fl'>>: receipts,
?•■:>■< t*p=. etork. l.<©G.Ooi» b?-F*. Hatr.rorj— Cofft>e mar-
Vet cpen-rt \ v'f 108-^r: at 2:30 r 1 ="• *as a^t ii to »i I-S
iom-cr- sale*. 16.000 t*£» Ka»-rr — CV^Tee market opened
'.j&re;-. steady -* franc lower; et 12 m <iec::ried H frar»c;
t,t 5 j\ m unchangtrS; at 5:3w p in utiChaEgei: total sales,
;!,*«*' uas*.
;*au*ry 44.50 July 43.25
Vwtirtmrr 44 ts Aur'-»'t 43 50
.■>!irr-h 44 75 IswawV 43.75
ArrU tS-OnocUbar 43.75
Ml-v 43<»0 Nfvi-err.Vr 44 nO
Jurir 43.00 I>eoeriil*r . . 44.25
The statistical pcs:tlsts of Er£rUla= coffee ■- as foliows:
Last La^t
To-4ay. we** month.
New-Tcrk «fllvertes 7.503 4,444 9.291
fi*::.'n»ore <seilv#ries 3CT 159 «21
-Vu-'r. „...., 6eM'^r!ea "•-' 1.791 2,ofrC
Trtei «r!i<Trte« MTCS 6.5P4 12 r<<2
N>w-Vcrk «o^lt S.G«:.\<»m «.CGC».TM S,7S*.W2
JteJtiwDr* rtork «-6.-i^l ffr.PM f.2..'.J.l
,";*«.Orieans stock :ixi.372 11w.253 125.6fc6
. Ptock at en jwru 3.M5.7T.3 B.S6f».PW« 8.097,139
JtSoet 457.U00 553.«.<00
Visible ecrplx «£72.CSI 4.243.000 244.f»00
Earrxr <im* li»"4 2,^7»,7C3 i'.V>».477 4. 241.133
COTTON — The <-axtoa rr.tr continues! quiet and
Tl*-ic«l ver>- ;:itl« to reports cf a e&iiler reduction in
s>creae» than hat twer. tEjieil <•;, rumors of easier Eoata—
«r~ »pot markets, continue'! large receipts and favorable
»*ather lr. must *ection«. Th« ;«£jng was steady at un
«■*:.--. pric«* to a df-l'.ne of 2 point* In refsonse to
tatter dlf»n«o:r.tjr.ir r»Mf« ar.d bearish afivlces from the
South rtspectifcg arrf*f» ar.d the spot fcltuauon. but a.'t«T
*«iilr.j *i«ut 4 K&u net lower on "ih« active m->2ttß
J<ic« were rtJilet! by N«w-Orießr.s tm£ Wall Street buy
icr. forrcer r>robab!y fcr efcort account. Iteooverlng to
abcat the ?nsis of t'.+e pr«v:ous day ' .S niarlc«-t ajra:n
*v • ; eff Fluriit'iv. and for the baianoe of the session
«'orkfd tp end ci..» 1. «tthia th* pre%-ious rar.ge. The cose
«v ett»iy. nnr-r-nr gwi to Z points lower. £aics of
r.icrps «ere e»;lroatpd at about iy',ooo bales. Port re
*»lpit for tt:* Cay reached 22.742 bales, against 5.C55 last
j«ar, tnd Nttaaatea for to-iiar poiated to about »■.'••>
iar c scasavt 4.374 .ast year. »h!> it Is expected that th*
ln;o eight Tot th* week will run abound -i&.uw L»;«us.
agiir.n C2.SIS for the me>« »etk last year. In *p:te cf
frivate »d»-lc*-* <-lslir.irg t.tJit tt« Interior waa leuit.g g.j.
fair *..■' «ere rtpcrtea In Souttern tpnt cnarkets by tha
c£k«l a<Jvlc*s. «t reaerally unchanged rri<«s. Eiports
lor t>* iay ve-re ridl rpecially heavy, but the total ex-
J-. r« frr the »»r. so far •!<• about C.V.-Z.Z'.'i bales.
aftir.it ' .S2O.K* lasr. year.
Tfce rfcnF* of cos.u-act price* In the local m&rket to-Aajr
»»* a* :. . .t : .
Opeaicg. High. Low. Clo»». day.
Jl&t-.X .. — — — 7 ;.:... 74: 7.41
*£cv 7.52 7.58 7.52 7.6337.5* 7.65
J«r» — — — 7.46^/7.48 7.47
July „ .'---■; T. 4« 7.4&57.&0 ' '•'
August 7.52 7.54 7.52 7. :,;.:•:.« 7.52
fcn'.ejnber 7&7 7.5" 7.1.7 7.f.«Q7.r.» 7.:> i
oc'obrr 7.C3 T.a 7XI ?.€2S".C3 7 .'/, i
>ir<™!.. 7.65 76* 7.0 Hr -a 7 m j
lw»i!:i»r 7.70 .71 7.«7 7.«i'S'T.7O 7.70
January 7.73 7.73 7.73 7.725-7.74 7 7.',
aUrrt; -:--:. 7.77 —3 — —
Th» Kkss'. tr.arket for «pot cotton ciosed dull and un
'■'•"■: ca the Ltt.s of &.'JSc fcr tnividiing uplantl anl
eS-S 1 * Jor rei<l<i::nr Oulf. Soutiera epot markets were tel
•t^apueii b» folicws: <juitt- unchanged at 7'/Sc;
*•!«. I.K3* tjßJr«. N»)rfolk fluieu uecaangtd at 7". .
«*«». Hi> l-ei-*. Boitimor* noaaiiiaJ. utit-tiaAged at J>c
Aun»na flu:«. and neaftj-. "4c loutr, at 7** c; cal*a. C 72
U.*«* St !>%ui« <julet, wmhsnped at 7Se. Chariestun
«,t.'.>it. c»i<hiLnged «t 77 I**-.1 **-. N«vv-C/rlea.ns tfjsy, unrhany«d
ti TH-; (ales, '. ::*n bales. Galv«-stos ett-ady, unchanged
*' 7^r. s»'trijjhis «-.»..y. v«i-t-.nnf»».i< at 7Hc; sales, 3.000
tal*s ■..>•. ■ fi-1 rectlple at leaiin? points for t»-day:
At BosWWO, A.VXi to C.&00 beJf*. agaiast 7.10* laet week
trti J^-33 ;»•!• year; at Galveuton. 6.500 to 7.<U(i bal*-s,
*ftin« s.?^c. lut -• < k and «S7 last >*ar. ajid at Sew
■ -. ■ - : •■ to *V»m balers. £,a_:.it h.7t2 last v>«.ck and I
- : ■*. Jast }«*tr.
lisreli ts at tii» ports and interior points to-day com- 1
l*i*i with the t_r:.t cay ltst u-*ek and if--*' year:
Lett Lftft I 'resent j
hrj. T>j~<2iF- *«<t. jeur. stock.
Ga'.wsmr. 8.13^ 7.7 M l.lt*» 2^7. 514
Ncw-jn«-ans :.. **.&& H.T<iS 1.'.'44 22t>.715
SiobU. 27» 1.018 1 3'>.C£J
£f.*f:cah 2.a«l 2.«;3 143 M.'^fio
Cr.2rl«tcn 14J • S2l — 14.6'i2
USaciactoa 432 ' I.<W5 — 12.504
ItoSS 2,54 i Z473 24S 27.713
12*.tln*r» ««> — — 7.7WJ
Ntw-J'ori — — 24 7J.^!.S
»>u.a 4tt 115 133 8.143
vi^'' 5 *. 1 *. ;:::::::: — >.e4* — fci^
— 5.644 — B.W*
TtraJs 22,742 84,679 «.«&3 e&C.VH7
AusvMa . . ISM 1.711 •* M.C3I
SbaStt 2.t»» s.^2 1.021 W.i4i I
ft. tr^uls •"•4 3.4'Ji l-*» 4*.1 -< I
C^jdinatl 1.1«« J.« 3 2Wi KUI3
Hous- «. .- SJf 4.sii> 1.161. 66. 1
Cotton Exchange epedal Liver^ocl ct! :•*: Epot cotton
'£. .-•"■.•» drssmid. ti.l-s. S,«sw bales, speculation and
«.X-jrt. TfMt it.r-, American. ■«*>; receipts. 2.000 bales.
»-i A&ierKw tniadllng upland, 4.244. Futures opened I
tstaay, 2 to S points iow«^-. /Jlon-d steady, net 2 points
+%*, April and April-M«7. 4O»d; May-June. 4.101;
JLr«-jujy 4 ii<;- July-August 4.13 d: August-Stpttmber,
4 Ui; fct;i»-uil«r>>cu>»ier. 41M: Octot*r-.N»verober. 4.1& i;
Nc\«i=i*r-lj»-c«aaber. 4.17 d; Deceir.ter-Jaauary. *'■•>-.
-' *.-;. i. .r.r\ *.l>d. Kaasbester: Yarns t-.i,
«iotl.s .julet tssti Krtn.
rL-'J'_li ANU MEALr— D«»nand for Boar yesterdsy was
«f Uu. tacd-to-muuth order, th* sales toeing ssall and
«cSt»d to winter atraiirhta and epnn* pst»-nts. Prices
rccisio linchasged. spring pat»«t». $i 7wiiS»i £5; winter
urayrhl* lift** 10: winter patents, i 2iy&*r> »j; sprll*
«*er», »:sxi««af> extra No 1 wir.ter. IS 7&3^4: extra
Ko 2 wll-Ji I" Casijf'J 70. BTE FLOUR steady Quoted:
?iir to > :-i.: -i. *4»ss*w»: ch«c* to fancy. t4 7Os»4'.Hi. 1
COM i-EAL sVeady Quoted Kiln dried, f 2 TB##= *>. j
•» to bran*, lAOMWI steady uuot*4: Fine w...c ,
Sd >SSrT 1 20; coarse, new. tl «b«*l 10. FEEI>—
«a9terx »!ra2v. rity ateaiSy. Quoted: Western spring.
tsissK «17 78. flour do, |2O»0: red i
S3 end «r>cs; isSmbW Sl»S0««2*. red doer. $24. {
»:ojn>-jr oiiop, fiara wll*. #21 aacks. oil MEAL, j
sew ft
GSalN—^UTJCAT— !Cß&v<*a*>l» crop rewe had more of |
«a ea«a <» th* wheat mark** than at any tiro* la M
**«**. crTsrttii* an aojouot of bear news that ordJ- |
tartiy woe « »•» • re »i yea the market a conslderabiy lower
frso* level jt -mm* from pr*cti'»-'v all cf th* wiater
•teat futes a- consisted of eompialuts about JTe&slan
*? ravages bwnce* iiiloaK^ dsir-r" ' / reason of droutt..
Ovil* to irnsingnrssl •UMsftk In »he Mlr.neai<oi> F.»r
•* th* May ostiea fully shared the upturn In th« fcew |
M_ nai ivfriss *xc*ot oaer th* close, when men* or ,
W re*. ;» :n> usiMbcr wltb leas aupport IK m the bull :
•*»««. irn 1 a reaction from the hi{-r.«t point. It
••••afl ai>cr«t -» c net WsThwr. *«*»»»*, V*? edvaaos In
July. Th* bear %m if ta« «ay Induced "Tb# prlc*
Oinent" review, which aald that rarely h«4 l the winter
*h*at crop sh>wi. ca •mifomniy Sn« •■ oct.dlti^n. Th.« ,
*«** of th* !ile*s»'.pp! River, by active selling of July
fey teiper-.axt Oi-exo «wtor«3t^ dull and for the moat
»•" usy^ai_»d ra)il<» •elllnsT orders rrom th* Nonli
*•»' 6o»»i:tr*r.<J!ng th* sltwßr r.t U:ose roarket*. eni
*"«»W*Tatl«i rtallrJn* around We in tbe Jor*! ni»rk»H.
>•«•-» from the lax* cetLack In Slay there «as tasriiy
**r wesimssn in th* market all oay. £hon> app««r«d
•> B> mtvui ever tb* ere? e!tu*Uoa. Mid la slac* of I
' VV 1*!1 *! Iei cu *' Jaiwaertn* tactic*, .taagttt ; wheat ft—,-
I *}"' "f the demand it MmSH^Twu mSS^M^L
: S*» S? aU!1 « •Mptnetit. w*t» likely- uT^JtSS^
' r,^ bu * h for th « w «« k C*»h whit infe. MS?
wS? 4^ 1^ fob aflosat. both^BOqk? kZ?\
* r«uu»Vi "** OOR *-" rh « sr«adlneW*r ™^Si
i It feUti^".'' Apart from **• »Tmpathy wit* wh«V
*90Ann v.** car " •■«»»**« at Chicago forTrtaiy! ini
lait'^.^"^L.* 1 l««ior points, compared. with3HwE£
on •Hi iJ > * 1<1 " talk Of * better ««P«PV inquiry/ sale?
fihl,..** 01 "" amounting to JO loads, .all poru t£2
«;evator ana 5CV C fob afloat; No U^hiie HciSd
*»"« bJrlni •«# 6 l Vc fJ* b aa °»t» t - OAfTS-There wa«
with t^*' 1 * Of 8«'"'"8 «'"' " «at« during the day whir*
i Pooled T'F** 1 <*«»«■ H-rtMtt u4 iight^^nn
r %sh «iT "i flmi unlJmi)l1 ' 1 at the Ws»t Locally thi
'.*•'»; -»•» very <luli. a* the trade- seemV ta b?
Priced weL if**/ 1 , 1 ? an * T?" naijr at a lower >•*«£
1 natural i*.. *" follow »: Mixed. 26 to 32 lb. S3€Bs>*c :
6^- RIK nominal. ."wafers alow
JJ 1 ** 15 Opening. Highest.' Lowest. Cloee T "^a^"
fS^ v::: * "*~ s * " 5u
May .
; July '."I!!*.*.:::: — — — £§£ §&'
— — — Wi« 63%
*& ::::::::::: w 112 »2S $1 15* $116% v™*
Ju'y ;;;;; «** <» 4s»-i8 43* 4sh
■ j*s-.v.:: i|i ft*,..*** « ? » alt
1 Oats: 11-10 45% <s-i 4S>4
, sSy^***:::V * so 1 * „ «>H fo * so* so*
ass".-;:: £'-" 155 » »| 8"
j ™-= »S ?!S !3 18- IS
J'a "*"
:::n::: '" HI 13 ? J3 rj;
■■■■:::;- ;!S Bg Kg S9 SS?
j lasr^thr^ ci>wr*L ufr " at lnte «-«°r point* In thousands,
! as follows: cc * b ' ? «* (00^ omitted; flour bU«. groin. bush!
i Cticaga I *' 2 Ir - Wh «»t- Corn. Oat». Rye. Bariev
WlwauWte ••■>•••• 2 63 184 «T 1 S»
f^^on.^v.;-.: i ,51 • » 4 61
Dufiith A"i — 1M 4 31 — 8
i"V^ •'••••• « » 16 - J
1 ?yT y "" 67 27 l —
p «^* z_z __£ _w i* r r
Totali 34 BSB »1 "195 6 "l»
ShJpmeata from these points:
j2a2SJL-^ v • 47C> 116 T 7
gSSS^:E:::» ? " I — «•
■a ........ S8 «p 4 20 3 65
» 76 46 30 — H
; Toledo O;ty — 46 "7 22 _
•:::::::::::zz J J Ji _z _z
Tot * Im ««J 215 86» 277 "To ""ii
r.eceipts at Atlantic porte:
'££^.::::::- 17 4 if? Ife. _ x
tesSSri::^ — .4 :'.». ..:■=! !:.;=
r**» n l i i 6 _ _
* ' '* » 1 —
I New-Grleana 8 — 30 2 — —
' Galveeicn — 2 t* _ _ _
Tott:6 37 ~U "i«T ~IC9 1 I
Exjerts Jrom Atlantic ports:
!S^°^. :::::::;: 4 — 52 i _ _
I f'hiladeiih:a — — l« _ _ Z
! New-Orleans ....... 2 — 2 — —
Totals 8 — TO i _ "~!I
METAI^S— London tin market flowed a r»
aciionary tendejicy. losing about 109 to 13a 6d. with pot
Quoted at £144 l'.w and future* at £133 12« 61. The local
market, which had b«n farced up by the advance abr-aj
without attracting much demand on the higher level.
a > ct^?r>t- I i! e!lled * nd cloetd a shade lower at SO.IleSl ':.v'
COPP£.K- r Cc ? . r er cloeed «i £67 8e »d for .pot In London,
■■ 'V^, 1?*1 ?* f . or futurfe «- Locally the market is un
charce^. I^ake Is quoted by the New-York Mttai Ex
chaage at 15.2551507^c. electrolytic at 15.1i.4!&15 £5c
and ca»ti=» at 14.67*&15 c. — Lead waa a little
r s^2* , cIc * ln « at £12 17s «d in the London tearke*
while the local prtM remained at 4iioea.Coc. SPELTER
— t-pelter was unchanged at £23 12« 6d In London, and at
m, %L rf7~. ¥& wh * trade Is I <Jlet - IRON— closed
at 64« (M( M in Olaij^sw and at 49s Mm Miailesboro. L*
ca.O iron •■ without further change. No l r.uadrv
iri2 hh * m- , .. iB v«v «r j '-'»a at *17 50«?$i*23 v the extreme
ran»p. with No foundry. Northern, at #176*17 75; No
.. iK-^U?^-'^" 14 No 1 fo-mdry. Southern, port.
"I ft t?*i 23 -«J r T-* market '«• PUr Iron «irtlflcatea
5 j^fi"*" 6*6 * Exc:an#:« vu dull and featureless all
■sjr There was a cteadler undertone to the market ou
the late call. . Bales " We quote: April. $16 406*16 5O:
K^r. *ie«sfffl«To: June. * 1C50 *« 1 « 75 : July. 116C0SI
MOLASSES AND STRUTS— The entire market was
steady but quiet and unchanged. Quotations follow:
centrifupal. common. I£igl8o: fair U#lTc;
ff^;- ISS A?n : ,-r nrr '^ New-Orleans, oj.en kettle.
•JWO bißLl'S— Common. 14616 c: fair. I*jflßc; good.
laOUe: prime. 225iwc; fancy, 2{>sSoc.
OCEA^ FREIGHTS— demand for steam tonnage
continued l!rht from all sourcea and rates were barely
eustained. For sall»r« the general demand was limited
vv 11 * 1 "^ stead >'-„ Quotation* to Liverpool,. J«4d; London.
IMA; Gla«ow. 1«4<1: Hull. I%C2A; Bristol 2d; Antwerp.
M; Bren-.tn, 2o to: Hamburg. 27^ j>f c s. Cotton to
Liverpool per 100 It) 10614 c; London oats 74d.
CIIAIiTKRS— British eteamer. 2.442 tons general cargo.
hence to South Africa, private terms. ' May. British
ei*arr:«-. 3,031 tons, general cargo, Japan and China to
J«WP"T«tfc 1S» per 40 cubic feet, April; British steamer.
2,3. 0 • r.s, sugar. Java t« L'Blted States cr Europe. 25s «.!
June- British ««n*r, 2.&51 tons, deals. Gulf to Holland
and I r.!t»d KingJom. H» one port. 81s 3d If two. May:
British steamer. 1.843 tons, provincial deaj trade, one cr
two trips. £*520: British steamer 1.148 ttn«. deals. Ray
of Fundv to West Britain or Ea»t Ireland. 35. »-1. Arril";
Uritiih steamer. 1.302 tons, ore. Hue! -a to Portland. Me..
Us 8-i. Arrtl; British steamer. I.C-19 tons, co*T< c, Santos to
New- York. 22V*c. April; British etearoer. 1,601 tor.s. rails.
Baltimore to Tampico, S2 23: British eteamer. 1.420 tons,
I-art carcr> cbal. Norfolk to Barbados. (1 «iO; Italian bark.
1.446 tons, deals. Tusk^t %» Cardiff. Newport or Swankfa,
*s*. Juae-July; Italian bark. 667 tons, naval atoref. Wil
mington. N C. Savannah, or FernanJina to United
Kingdom cr Continent, private terms: schooner. 602 tor.s.
lc*. Kockport to Nassau, private terms; schooner. CSS
tons, lumber. Port Arthur to a Sound port. $6 '£>. cost of
loading; guaranteed not te txeeefl 750 j*r If ; schooner.
432 ton*, lumber, Fernandina to New-York. 13; echoor.er,
1.14S f.n*. saiae. with ties, UHc; schooner, 2.W tens,
sand, Newburß to Bnston. Jl 40 and leaded; schooner, 221
tons, coal. rth Ambcy to Halloweil, $1: schooner, 24.1
tens, coal. Perth Amboy to Augusta. $1; schooner, 1.003
ton*, coal. Philadelphia to Boston. 7.1 c and bridge money.
OlLS Trading- in cottonseed oil was cuiet to-day and
of a professional nature. The undertone at the close was
neadj. Sales;: 100 bbls April, at 2SHe; 100 bbla April at
25^.c; Wn> tbls May at S>Kc- 500 bbls May at £«. ; N«j
bbls July at 2<s?*o. and 1,500 bbli September at ZT\ic
Refined petroleum was In good demand at yesterday's
decline. Unseed -oil was unchanged. We quote: I'R
TROLEVIff. etandara white, bbls, $7 05; bulk. $415;
Philadeliihia, *7; bulk. «4 10: refined case*. New- York,
1913; Philadelphia. JS7O: water white. New-Tork. bbls,
ISO test. |»<ie. bulk. $9 13: Philadelphia. $9; bulk. $6 10;
water white, rases. New- York. $1-7.1; Philadelphia.
$12 70. COTTOXSEED OIL— Prime crude, fob mliii. ID
©l&'nc; prime summer yellow. April. 2SHG26c; May,
ir.Vafe^Dc: June. '^C&iSMc: July. 2GViC27e; August, 27®
ZlnC and P«>i»t«-mber, £7'iS27%c. Oft summer yellow
nominaL Prim* white. 2*&2S^c; prime winter yellow.
S^fe-Sh^c. LINSEED OlL— American seed, city raw. 47
G4*c: <ut-nf-toun raw. 45346 c; Calcutta, raw, COc; LARD
OIL. 58£59 c.
PROVISIONS — The provision list was firm practically
ail day. OooJ lylnsT of lard took place, partly from
packers. The grain *tr*ngth was an influence. Alto—
gether receipts were C?.(.*iu. including 2T),()00 at Chicago.
R Z**i at Kansas *"ity and .(!>•> at Omaha. PORK firm.
Quoted: Mess »13 :.'.j«lS 87»i; family. *14 505*15; "tort
clear. >13tffl5. BEEF firm. Quoted: Mesa, $100910 50;
family $12&»fifl3: packet, fll 50SJ1-: extra India mefs,
liefiOCSXS. BEEF HAMS firm; quoted at *21 60^J23.
I>RES.<-"ED HOG 3 firm. Quoted: Bacons, 7*« c; 180 It.
74c; ie» It). ?%c; 140 IT.. 7*ie: pigs, BfI.SU-- CIT
MEATS — Pickled bellies flrm. Quoted: Smoking, fee;
lo Tt> 7%»c; 12 Ib. 74c: 14 lt>. "He. Pickled shoulders
sozclsal; quoted at 3'*S6c. Pickled hams firm; quoted
at Oe. TALLOW •ready; city, 4Sc; country 4%'Q4'tr.
LARD firm. Quoted: Chicago prime steam. 7.50 c; Mid
dle West i-rime, 7.25Ji 7.3<)c. City lard steady; quoted at
« T »c. Refined lard steady. Quoted: South America.
BJSCI Continent, 7.66«; Brazil, kegs. 2.V Cbtn pound
frm; quoted at SSSSS-:. ?TEAHINE firm. Quoted:
Oieo, B\ic; cfty lard «tearine. be.
RICE — The market was steady, but quiet, with prices
unchanged. Quotations follow: Domestic, ordinary, fit
ai»c; fair to good. S'tSS^c; prime t» choice. 3's»g4'ic;
head. 4%>6SHc; Patna. SV*Qs\c; Japan, foreign, r.oml
:.».. do domestic. -3»e3»*c; Java, 4So6'ic; Rangoon In
bond. 2'*ij-t*c.
SUGAR— The market for refined sugar Is very quiet
on withdrawals as well as on new business. The temper
cf the market is unsettled by the very heavy breaks in
the London beet s-jjar market. Prices quoted are net
less 1 oar c«n» for cash: Cut loaf and crushed, 6. We;
mould A. 6.BO?: cubes, 6.40 c; XXXX powdered. 6.90 c;
powdered, coarse powdered and fruit powdered. 6.25 c;
i.:-it-:» conjfcctioners" granulated. «.40c; Eagle coarse and
extra fine granulated. 6.25 c; Eagle - TT. cartons. 2 Tb bags
and 5 Ib Lags of fine granulated. tt.3oe; Eagle fine or
standard granulated and diamond A. 8.15 c; confectioners'
A. Be; No 1, B.feftc: Nos 2 and S. 5.75 c; No 4. 6C5c; No 5.
6 60c- No «, 555 - No 7. 5.50 c; No 8. 5.40 c; No 0. BJSc;
No 10 6.30 c: No 11. 5.20 c; No 12. 5.15 c: No 13 5.05 c;
Nos 14 and »5, 5c The London market for sugar beets Is
demoralized by heavy liquidation by weak speculators.
The early cable reported a <2eciln« of IHS2d from yes
terday** closing priceE. with April and May at 14s, and
the closing prices to-day reported a further lons of about
■d with April ending the da.v at 13s M and May at 13s
b%i. The Sew-York raw sugar market was unchanged,
but businss* was at a standstill owing to the unsettled
•mte of the London beet sucar mark at. Refiners were
not In the market as buyers, but. on the other hand.
there was no selling pressure. The quoted duty paid prices
were as follows: Centrifugal. 86 test. 4 15-16 c; Muscovado,
£9 test 4 5-1 •'..-, and molasses sugar, *9 test. 4 l-160. The
world* vli'N» eur'-'y of sugar Is 2.760.000 tons, against
8.220.00 ft tons same tune a year a fa.
.-.>w York, April 12, 1908
BEANS AND PEAS- Business la of such small volume
that some holders are still pressing stock for sale, and
yitld a little in the matter of i-rlce. This is particularly
true «f marrow and red kidney. The bent of the former
can now be bough; easily at $2 85. and anything above
12 70 for choice dry red kidney is exceptional, choice
l«. are held about steady at $1 76. Other varieties are
nulet and unchanged. Not much doing in Scotch peas.
We quote: BEANS, marrow, choice, per bush. $2 05; <lo
tneftuzn. |2 15; do pea. |1 75; do red -kidney. $2ft"<ss2 ~" .
Ao white kidney. S3 10; do black turtle soup. $-} 2J: Ao
yrllow eye. J2MT*JS2 1(|; do lima, California, »3 55Q53 4<«.
GKBtS* PEAS. Scotch, per tush. $lfrsl ««».
liL'TTER— Kecelyta ten-day. 4:490 pkg». The market
Is *Ull ruling very strong. Part of the extreme shortage
the early p»rt of the week ha* been relieved, but we ar«
not getting quite < rough goods to meet requirements of
the trade, notwithstanding the generally conservative
buying. T»!e quotas- a committee thought it wise to
top «*e official figure on extra fresh creamery at ale.
l*,t ai.Ubfng trmta be sold on the -en market brought
> .flic more. Qualities were not examined very critically.
»*i.l the r*r<** of **-rvl«reabie goods wae very narrow A
few lot* <4 6n« held crram^ry changed hand» at a>#B<>.-.
but *n\ipl\*r* are very Jlght. New-York -late dairy is
moving out moderately wttt. cwtng to the ecarcity. and
values •" firmly maintained. No change In the Western
riackingt: genera] leinand moderate with the exception
c renovated, wfcicb U »eillag pretty welt VZ» «>wt«j
fe*Jry. extras, per ft. MS32o (M«reantl!aE«caaßga
2"2fL«» *«o«. extras Sic); do firsts. 2»«S»He; do
\2Bflf2Sc; do thirds, 2^S2sc: *° State dairy, tubs.
s"Jf?*J»«»e; do flrsta. -J6V&: do teoonds, 28«2»c: do
oo^teJP® 22^ "'«» tern" '«»tern imitation creamery, extras. 24c:
.5° SCa 2162 -^: «■> taconds. 20c: renovated, extras. 24c;
t? # SJS/ s «»os do Blonds, Stjzle: do thirds. 13O17e;
." actorr extras 22'- do firsts, 21e: do seconds.
Koa i : J? third.. lSeTpMkiri* ■<««"i No * « 1 » c ; *»
-_25^^p— R«ce!pu to-day 3.207 boxes. The market
fTT*«»*out the same general conditions. While trading
w moatrte. still it »s fair for the season, and stock*
SSi? a Jftl»f artery reduction. Remaining lots here are
22?*™** moderate, ar* with tuny three or four
l*^t 7'i befor * new^chees* will be at all plenty an.i,
Jutf« .v. ollfche *»c will have more or less call all through
w«n^J her- * I!ttl « doubt but what remaining lots will 1.9
of?.- a Wlsr Present prices. Only small scattn»ig lots
?'.**? Ch * e% have appeared as yet. and have little any
Ihi^? 0 */ 11 *"'• "><"■>»£ Uverpool cable. 59s 6d for* finest
' Sw^,* nd * M for Hunt colored. We quote: State, full
I i*K?' ~ um * li colored and white, fancy. 14*4e; do fine.
I Sir : ffo *rr,ade. colored and white, choice. 18* c; do
™ ' *° COO<! - »-^«l2»ic: do poor. 10%ieil^.e; do large.
ii°lrt? and wßt »- ' an cy- He: do fine. 13'-i6l3V»c; do late
liv.»n t 2 lor '' (land white, choice. lSc: do fair to good,
choi™ ™. : "* poor. lOVeilc: do light skims, smalt,
prime' i^Wc; do prime, o^©B%»c; do part skims.
f»-^f' 8 *««♦'*: do good Bi4eß4c, do common to fair.
— ?••-«♦!:• to-aay. 88,669 rases. Ontlnued ex-
BiViitr..-^^** 1 " U<9 nv*rsto«-klni( the market with average
SSiii wJS2 d a^vlFW- us a weaker feeling throughout.
•M.vllLr^'*' * lecline on some grades, chiefly on th*
rrari'«T!L nTi(l A '"** r a"*'"!**, though Western storage
! Kf.,;.* 1 ar a alKcvlowir to sell. Fine duck eggs firm; poor
!:,.;•? "OH- W» quote: State. Pennsylvania and nearby
•*♦« i . Ue - faacy. 20«21c. do choice. 198 h l94c; do
"iVf . i, x «d.. Vjc; do first*, 17?»'SlSc: Western storage
rffr*?' •I"'*- '"He; de regular packings, selected choice.
!Sv2*M-is rs^- 17 ** : do seconds. 17^4S'17Hc: Kentucky,
' S lt'' ! ' c: Tenne*»*« end other Southern. 16«17c: dirties,
I GMT?? C; " hl:tki *v 14 * 15 c: duck eggs, 253»34c; goose eggs.
i li*hM'»r rs:^' :>RIED ETa or * t * a «PPlet »>* meeting a
ll«ht demand at the lower figures ruling. Sun dried contlnu*
r i? 18 *'* 01 t-iops and waste dull and weak. Small
fruits la light supply. California fruits unchanged. We
! '1? 0 . APPLES, evaporated, fancy, per Tb. «>iOTc: do
. choice. 5H36c; do prim» per 100 rt>. $0 25 55 85; do co«n
1, On »*L* • per "*• 4 6c : dl > Canadian, sun dried, quar-
i e . "• / *»B4o: do State and Western, gun dried, coarse cut.
! *"*v3c; do topped, per 100 n>, $1 80; dc cores and skins.
! 1: ,r CH , ERRIEe - per ft, 13^i»15c: HUCKLEBEB
gig~- »lftßilc:» lftBilc : BLACKBERPJE?. e^*7e: R.\£PPEP.
| RIBS, 246211^ APRICOTS. California. Moorpark. 12g-14c;
On K»ral. 113 12 c; PKAOiiESt rallforr.la. peeled, l*e>l&":
jjo unp«e!pdr. »Sl2%c; PRUNES. California, 2®5%c; do
Oregon, 4*.»JrrtV-.
rßUrxs— tT lESH _ e> dull and easier. Cranberries
orar.-ing. Orahses spiling slowly. especially Florida.
Pine apples lower. Receipts of strawberries nearly all de
layed by wreck, ar.d. with bo important arrivals, prices
are nominally unchanged. We quote: APPLES. Spitzen
beix. per double h*ad W>l. $1 ltn®*3; do Spy. $&353- do
Ben Davis, $1 25g*2 50; do Baldwin. *1 25^*2 25;' do
Qr^nina-. »liS«3; d.> Russet, SI 506*2; do No 2 stock, as
in variety and condition. SOc@«l; CRAM3ERRIES, Cape
Cod, per bbl. (4@t*>: do Jersey, per bbl. JO- do per crata
75.q«l 50; STIIAWBEaiRIEe. North Carolina, open
cratfcs. per quart. 10®15c; do Charleston, refrigerator, 273
28c: ORANGES. Florida, per box, 75c8^3; do California
*1 sOgf3 55; TANGERINE, liorida, per strap. I 2£*3 50;
do California, per haSf box, *1 B<^«2 25; MANDARINS.
Florida, Mr strap. $1 60@$2 50; GRAPEFRUIT, Florida,
p»r box. 25ce$8 5O: do California. Sl@s2 37; LEMONS.
CVMfcrnia, per box. f 1 05#$l 35; PINEAPPLES, Cuban,
per rrato. tl Ss»s3 59.
HOPS The market continues to present a qui«t ap
pearance In all sections. Brewers are Indifferent, prob
ably due to the fact of light ofTerinns for futures; 1905
hops are being offered tn brewers at ISMJiiOc, regardless of
the fact that growers are asking 16@l"c for contracts.
In New-York State we hear of a sale of 200 or 300 bales
at Me. On the Pacific Coast holders remain firm In their
views and apparently of opinion that their hop« will afl
be needed at higher than present prices. At the came
time Eastern dealers are willing to sell to brewers at
prices considerably loner than the coast quotations.
. Crop advices report 'he conditions en the •"■■Bet very for—
ward — in fact, fully three weeks ahead of last year." Th«
English markets are reported quiet but firm, owing to
strong holding by the pool. German market continue*
tn'A and prices unchanged. We quote: State. !:«i4,
choice, • per Ib. 27©26 c; do prime. 25@26c: do medium.
23324 c; do Pacific Coast. 1804. choice. 27g2Sc; do prime
2.">*J2t)c; do BBedli'n . 23g24c; do State aad Pacific Coast!
1903, choice, 22£24e; do r.li olds, Il"il2c.
POULTP.T — ALIVE — Receipts to-day included £> car
leads by freight acd a few scattering coops by express.
Prime heavy fowls continue in active demand, and cleaned
up closely at firm prices, but light weight Southern and
Southwestern fowls have very slow sals, and in consid
erable accumulation. Very little live poultry coming
othtr than fowls, and trices unchanged. Live p'gpons
steady. We quote: FOWLS, Western, per tb. 16c;
CHICKENS. Western, per Ib. 12c; ROOSTERS Western
old, per Ib, 10e; TURKEYS, old. per !T>. 16c; DUCKS.
Western average, per pair. 7O@Soc; do Southern. 6(i'S r >sc:
GEESE, Western average, per pair. $1 37«?1 62; An South
ern. Jl 25351 37; PIGEONi?, per pair. 25c. PRESSED—
Fresh killed fowls In very light eurpJy from th* West,
but a fair quautlty of Southern, which are selling slowly,
though prices held about steady. Fre«h turkeys are scarce,
with the few coining poor and IS3IOO top price, with, in
fact, the latter extreme. Fancy nearby broilers selling
fairly, but lew J««irable nearby roasting chickens I*.
ce-lved. but the Western chickens run coarse and stajrgy
acd very slow sal*. Squabs plenty and dull. Frozen
poultry only moderately active. We Quote: Fresh killed
<!ced>— TURKEYS. Western average. be*t. M#tSe; do
mixed, fair to cooci. 16g17c; do poor. 14015 c; CHICKENS.
Philadelphia, brotiers. Si to 4 Ib to pair. 35<?40c: do
mixed sizes. 17520 c; do State and Pennsylvania, mixed
•lies. 15©17 c; do Western, coarse and etaggy, 10312 c;
FOWLS, dry picked and scalded, medium size. 14c; do
heavy weights, 13t*c; do poor to fair. 10€12c; old cocks,
per !T>, loeiOHc; SQUABS, prime, large, white, per dozen.
12 75; do mixed. 12 iS; do dark. SI 80g$l 73. Frown—
TURKBYS tons, No 1, per It), 23c; do hecs 21'ii22c;
do No 2, 160 isc; do old toms and hens. li)g2oc, CAPONS,
choice, larce per Tb. 20£220; BROILERS, dry picked.
No 1, per !t>. 2l>S23e; do scalded^ 18820 c; CHICKENS.
roasting, toft meated, per Ib. lie; do average, No 1.
15316 c; do medium grades. lS!fJl4c: FOWJ*. No 1. per
!t>. 13 ; 5614c. do No 2, 10®!ac: ROOSTERS, old. per Ib.
lO^lO'.sc; DUCKS. No 1. per Ib, 15©16 c; GEEiE, No 1,
per tb. I*B lßc
toes continue weak under dull trade and excessive offer
ings. New and second crop potatoes sell well for best
grades. Sweet potatoes plenty and weak. California
asparagus easy, "but other stock steady. Artichokes higher.
New cabbages dull; choice old scarce and wanted, but
ofrerlnt-s poor and dragging at low figures. Cucumbers
lower. Celery show* wide range in quality. Eggplants
lower. Kale and spinach plenty and low. Lettuce slight
ly higher for choice. Leeks firm. New onions weak;
choice old eteady. Pea* poor and dragging. Peppers low
er. Radishes steady. Rhubarb higher. String beans in
light receipt and higher. Squash weak. Tomatoes
Other vegetables l!r changed. We quote: POTATOES.
State and Western, in bulk, per ISO Its *1«»1 25j do
per 16(s-rt> bag. Jl<?sl 15; do Maine, i«r l«*-tt> bag. Sl9
V. 20; do Bermula* new. per l-bl. <4®s6»o: da eacond
crop. $3jl*.". 25; da Cuban second crop. $2f103-Jii^: do
Florida, new, per It-: $o<Ss«so: do Southern. US'**:
SWEET POTATOES, Jersey, tier bbl. $2 60<854 50; 60 per
bAsket, *1 255*2; do Southern, per bbl. »180©$3; do, per
hasket. SI 258*1 73; ASPARAGUS. Norfolk, per dozen
hunches. |l"!isSso do North Carolina. $1912 60: do
Charleston. |10$4 50; do California. S2CO3J7 50; ARTI
CHOKES. California, per dozen. $1 2"fisl 50; BRUSSELS
SPROUTS, per quart. 10320 c; BEETS. Charleston, per 100
bunches. J3£rsß; do Florida, per bbl crate. SI3J2:
do New-Orleans, ier 100 bunches. $3814; do old.
$;■?s■•<; do Bermuda, per crate. 75cQ$l 25; CAR
BOTB Charleston, per 100 bunches, $2 So9t 3 00;
do New-Orleans, new. p*r 100 bunches. **?s*'•
do old JlSf3; do Bermuda, per crate. $1*1150;
CABBAGES Charleston, new. per bbl crate. $2: do
Florida. |1352; do old. white. Danish seed, per ton, $sijy
$15; do white domestic. JV£r«lo: CUCUMBERS. Florida.
per 4-rate, J2QS3 6<>; CELERY. California, per case. $4»
IS; do Florid^, per case. $2Q$3 50: do per ht case. *1»
*2- «lo Stale and Western, per dozen stalks, lBSSOc:
CHICORY and ESCAROLE. New-Orleans, per bbl. «3gs4;
EGGPLANTS Florida, per box. J2SJ4; do Cuban. S2^
S3- KALE Norfolk, per bW. 40S«0c; do Baltimore. 5CKp>
<•>'■ KOHLRABI, -Orleans. p«r 100 bunches. ?2'ss*<:
LETTUCE. Florida and South Carolina, per basket. BOc®
•1: do North Carolina, per basket, 50c«$l 25; do Norfolk.
'.OS 75c- LEEKS New-Orleans, per 100 bunches. |*SJMi
do old "sl©s2 50i do Southern. $ligJ2; ONIONS. Bermuda.
oer crate $IS*2; do Cuban. Jl 75; do Connecticut and
pastern, yellow per bbl. O«WS>i6: do red. $2 25^3 25;
do State and Western, white, per bush crate 60c§JjJ: do
yellow. in bulk, per ISO Ib. *2£J3 25: do per bag. $150®
$3- do per double head bb:. J2S*2 50 : .red. in bulk.
per 150 Tb $2313; do per bag. $1 «>SJ2 50; do. per
double head bo! «2©*2 25: do Orange County
NU V yellow, per bag. C2&S3: do red. *1 So«s2
PEAS. Georgia and South Carolina, per basket. $1 •&&
*2 75; do Florida, per basket or crate $199225; PEP
pi-pi Florida r*r earner or basket. *16*1 "5: do Cuban,
per carrier. $f©sl 50: PARSLEY. N*w-Or>ans. p«r 100
bunches > $2- do Bermuda, per box. $13$1 50; RAD
IBHES. "Ntw-Orleann. per 100. $2«52 50: do Norfolk per
bask'-t $I©sl K>: ROMAINE. Florida, per basket. $1^
SI 60: do Bermuda, per box. USsl BO: RHUBARB Jersey,
per ICO bunches. $ir.«v':s4: •-. frame, $I©s3; do Long
Wand, frame. J2&J4; STRING BE ASS Florida, green,
per basket. $2fiJ2 75: do tier crate $150©52 25: do *.?«•
per basket. *i3f3: do per crate. $1 50«52 .5; SQUASH
Florida, white, per box. 1<: J2: do Cuban Jl cf Jl 23;
S'-\LLIONS. ceaiby, per 100 bunches. $1 3SOSI 80
«H\LLOTS New-Orleans, per 100 bunches, $2gJ3;
sFINACfI-Norfolk. rer bbl. 8oc«$l: do Baltimore 753
Be- TOMATOES. Florida, per carrier. Jl 60e?4; do
c^hs.l JI2SSJ3 25: TL'RNIPS. Canadian^ rutabaga^ par
bbl -5290? do domestic rutabaga, 30@75c; WATER
CRESS per 100 bunches. $2© $2 CO.
HOTHOUSE PRODUCTS— Lettuce continues under
nt elect Cucumbers plenty and weak. Mushrooms dull
and lower Other kinaa unchanged. We quote: CLO.M
BCF.S No 1 per dozen, TBc«$l: do No 2. «*<**; do culls.
™£ case « ; 'flt3- LETTUCE, per dos*n heads 25ii76c:
MUSHROOMS P-r Ib. 2SCSSc: MINT, per dozen bunches.
30®r.0c; TOMATOES, per IT). lOS3OC.
HAY AND STRAW— HAY— The demand sharpened up
n.-^te oercePtlUy to-day and prices closed with more
.length o' tone thai, has been noted for many lays,
crime and No 1 moved readily at full prices and buyers
SSTtI-l^-r, of these ■n-ade. > Inciude, %S!
1 ;. Vf hay and straw, in tons, reported at the Pro
ceipts 01 >'»> a u " &n to-day: Hudson River Rail
dU: 5 -wist «hor« -nn.ylv.nla. 120. Lehigh
?. Jft , d - I^. BaHirrora and Ohio 10; Central Railroad of
Newtjersev. Tio! Tlver^oats. 120; 'total. 610 ton,. Re
celpts of straw. CO tons.
New-York. April 13. IMIS.
prF , T< _ RecelpU were 5 cars, or »2 head 1 . Including 2
-,ie^ un hanged Shipments to-<iay inrluded 2W
SG^WStf ffi'W-' W^^^s^r
II t'44. S£«5TcS? ri ss b hTpment sso 7s B 'o7
_ <AL# ' quality ■ «ns!dert-d O)ra
mon to lainj «^ d . rulll at 1350. There was a fair
SU r Tn e dr«, k ed°cL r ye; S? W»/W Ib for Cty dressed
£51 and^ '^ST^ £dnsd n5 ft areraga. at 19 80
per^STi^^d" U7 n>f»t $5 50; 1 do. ISO Ib. at $*; 18
"sHE^P^AVD^LAMBS-Receipta were a cars, or «1»
v. SH £, in A ins"» cars for slauKhterers and 1 car for the
head. lnclu ' ! ( , ln *- 1,~l ,~ .he stock held over yesterday the.-.
marii V. i f,r, on sale. Sheep were I'"" ar.d demand very
we I1 ''' ■V 4^th. " u t *nd lOSlftc lower; 2 car* of stork
Illrl -'2 ; J^fir q M«illun^ to prime clipped sheep sold at
I/EU« M d*T 100 n commit, to «001 clipped lamb, at
NfiOeSSßOper to prlm« unshorn at $S«?S 55. Dressed
4 f*«sO: good to pmn n>: rtresserf lambs at 12«13c per
jnutton dull at f*Jl * I Umbs „ wtss r , r rß . rcaM . 7 9
rt»; country o^**"! *f o ' n : 210 unnhrm Western lambs. 79
n Pale*- r. at ar s "fr--- 1"" Ib; 235 do. 71 ft. at *s.
ft average, i »t *« "? » company: J*S unshorn Western
, Kerns «-ornmls«lon a Indian do. „n, ,t, t „re
lambs .2 »'. »« <i. .'* n> a- $6 09 Indians d« e2 rt
at"!?: f 12 ".r£d Indiana 'sheep, M. *. at 50; ■ d.,
S7 i?-V *wi^«- 8 cllpp** State lambs. S9 Ib. at $600;
B HO^ReTSruw*A» car.. or XI head, all for
• h the exception of 0 head. Feeling stea.l\
Ked hogs' .ESr sold at f«ls P" '« *»£ Ooaatry
iiogi .r.?dy at 64^^ P" » '« »>-»vt to ligi,,
wMghtt n Hutw: 7 state hugs, 183 Ib average. a >
C 3 OQ.
SeTcs- \J£?1 r W JS=LI4 «J«WS »; atbekan and feed
h?.d. ° sfcSTdu!f uSS .« «* "L,»"3i J?°al iSntm!
wethers ?STSSJiIS; fair, to choice, mixed, ac oveva* c*.
"AnelnSt'L' hs?°S^HOG3 Utlrt: butcher*'. S3 T7H
«*3 80; commons. M 80CS» «• tTAT 2 t jS«IVS» sheep
good shippers. $O«3 75; common. « MOW «>• SHEEF
|5 6»»W; butcher." |«M 6 75; he.fers |4 »2SI». cws,
fc -tar S^Sa
sheen actlv* and steady; Jamba slow. .^.•"JfliJS'fJ:
«8 606W 25; yearlings. »T 23«$T »: ****%*•■ •• &**** LO
•w^s. t««SftlS. sheep, mixed. S2 NW J». «.000head.
Kansas i City. April IS.— CATTLE— Receipts. 8.000 head.
lncltdlne 600 Southerns; ™ark*t 10c lower: choice export
and dressed beef steers. $5 25£*8 60; fair to good. »4 709
$5 75; WesTern fed steers. »«s»'«>: stockers and '•ede»»i
$3 COQS3 25: Southern ateers. »*0»«: Southern V, 1 12
&Ht&: naUve cow». t2 60OfS: native half m. |8 V)«
ft 75: Uli. $2««M75; calves. $550«t«25. HOGS-Re
celpts. 9.00« head: market 2»^«sc lower: top. SS 43; bulk
of sales. ST. 303*5 40; heavy. |5 33«t5 424 ; packers. 15 15
615 43; pigs and lights. «4 40«» 37^. SHEEP-Receipts,
a.&OO head; market steady; lambs. lOOISo higher, native
fed lambs. *5 75QJ7 ST.; native fed wethers. *S©sS 00:
native fed ewes. $4 60«t3 65; Western^ fed lambs. S3 750
$7 BO- Western fed yearling*. » 60«56 00: Western fed
sheep, 15 40{i$5 90; atockera and feeders, $8 So<Bs3 30.
a ■-
Buffalo. April 13. FLOUR steady. WHEAT— Spring
firm; No 1 Northern, carloads. $1 14V4. CORN stronger;
No 2 yellow Me; No 9 corn. B3c OATS firmer; No 2
white, 344 c; No 2 mixed, 33c. RTE weak; No 1. In
store, 83V»c. -#'-
Chicago. April — The leading futures ranged as fol
Wheat, No 2: Opening. Highest. Lowest. Closing.
May.... $1 13V, 1117* 11 15H Illtl
July 874 BSHB7*«S7>, W»'»
September 52H8624 a3H©S3Vi St* £3
Com. No 2:
May ■."".'.'."'.".'.".UsHctsH 40 4SHO4SH 4»?i94»
July .4S*C*»H *8* 4554»4»48%
September ...... . 48* 45H045% 48H 48H«45%
Oats. No 2:
July Sotf3O4 30»i«304 SO SOH
September ....... » Z>% SBT4«a» 28%
Mess pork, per bbl:
May 1287% USB »S7H It ß2*
July UO7H 1320 IS«H IB 17*5
Lard, per 100 Ib:
July 745 7524 T 42* T 02%
Short ribs, per 100 ft:
May 7 7 124 715 710 715
July 7 374 7 42* 7 35 7 40
September » 524 7*) 7 5^4 7 57i»
Cash quotations were as follows: FLOUR easy;
WHEAT. No 2 spring. $1 Oi«m 1«; No 3. $1 028*1 15; No
2 red, $1 1546*1 1"4. CORN. No 2. 4»4c: No 2 yellow.
00'4c; OATS, No 2. SOHe; No 3 white. 3i - >4S33c. EYE,
No 2, 78a784c; BAULET. gooi feeding. 37®39c: fan- to
choice malting. 4134ttV»c; FLAXSBED, No 1, 1124; No 1
Northwestern. $IS$. TIMOTHY SEED, prime, $2 359
12 75; CLOVERSEED, contract grade, *14; POKK. mess.
per bM, *12 b53512 »h;>: LARD, per 100 It. $7 224557-o;
CLT MEATS*— sihort rib sides (loose*. $7817 124; short
clear Bides ib. ■ J7!gs7 1~-rt; 'WHISKEY, basis of high
wines, 11 23. On the Produce Exchange to-day the BUT
TER market was firm; creameries, 24'32»c; dailies. 223
2tc. EGOS easy: firsts. 16c; prim* firsts, 17 Vic; extras.
IS«*C. CHEESE firm. 13g14c.
Duluth. April 13. Close: WHEAT— 1 Northern,
$1064: No 2 Northern, 9»4cS«l 03. May. $10*4; July
JIO3H. September. M4c.
Milwaukee. April 13.— WHEAT— No 1 Northern. $1 104
C$1114; No 2 Northern. ft t.i>v~si Cj; July. bhh%o asked.
RYE— No 1, 61©e2c- BARLEY— No 2. 6!o; sample. 3D
650 c. CORN— 3. 4*&4& c; May. 48% c bid.
Mlnn»a»olis. April 13.— Cloee: WHEAT— May. $1 <»\:
July. fltM**; September. $4 1 *S'841sc; No 1 hard, fllO^.:
No 1 Northern. *1 13?*: No 2 Northern, tl 06%. FTjOUR
— First patents. $sSs#sods; second patents 15 83$ $5 75:
frst clears, $4:»&54 35; second clears. f2 85$$2 83. BRAN
—In bulk. $13.
Philadelphia. April IS— WHEAT He higher; contract
(Trade, April, $1 08«ftl 08%. CORN steady: April, 515
Cl4c. OATS quiet; No 2 white, natural, 3ti".i?.ii!jc: No 2
vhite. c!irp*.l. 36tic. BUTTER firm; extra Western
creamery, a.'J4c; extra nearby prints. Ssc. EGGS steady;
nearby fresh. 174 c, at mark; Western fresh. 17%®18c,
at mark. CHEESE quiet; New -York full cream, fancy.
lS*4c; do choice, 13%e: do fair to good, 12^«13<40.
Receipt*— Flour. 3,000 bbls and 1.734 Ax 0 Ib in sacks:
wheat. 60© bush; corn, 8.000 Wish; oats. IB.dCO bush.
Shipment* *.oi> bush; corn, IS.UO bush; oats.
1.-..000 bush.
St. Louis. April 13. — Close: WHEAT— No 2 red, cash.
elevator. $102H: May. J101H; July. 83H«834c; No 2
hard, 11 03. CORN— No 2, cash. 474 c; May. 46Hc; July.
4«>»e46%c. OATS— No 2, cash. 804 c; May. SS^c; No 2
white. 33c. ■ '
The market for spirits turpentine was steady, but quiet,
with the quoted prices unchanged. The available spot
stocks are still very light. Machine, mad* barrels were
quoted at 65c, and oil barrels at 64 4c Rosin was firmer,
with 95 IS asked for common to good strained. Tar was
firm and unchanged. We quote:
SPIRITS TURPENTINE, oil and machine bbls. 64%$
TAR— $5 36. >*
ROSIN — Common to good strained. $3 15 asked; E. $3 15
013 20: F. $3 20S$3 2B; G, $3 35C*3 4O: H. 83 60£$3 70;
I. $3 80098 SO; K. $4 »<T$4 45; M. $4 65994 90; N. $3 10;
XV G. $5 35. and W W. $5 50.
Rosin, bbls 7.060
Spirits turpentine, bbls 83
Tar, bbls 1.677
Savannah. April 13.— TURPENTINE firm, 59c; receipts,
IBS this; sales. 76 bbls: shipments. 2£O bbls. ROSIN
firm; receipts. 540 bbla; sales. 680 bbla: shipments. SBS
bbla. Quoted: A. B. C. T>. *2 90: K. $2 074. F. $3 024;
O. $8 12: H. 13 274: I. $3 50; K. $4; M. $105; N. $4 15;
W G, $4 35; W W. $4 50.
ceipts. 3 cask*. ROSIN firm, $2 80; receipts. 67 r-bls.
TAR firm, $1 80; receipts. 39 bbls. CRUDE TURPEN
TINE firm. 82 30. $3 70 and *4 £5; receipts, 3 bbls.
New-Orleans. April 13— Receipts ßOSlN. 224 bbls;
TURPENTINE. 66 bbls.
London, April 13— TURPENTINE— Spirits. 44s 3d.
ROSIN — American strained, 8s 6d; fine, 11s W.
Liverpool. April 13.— "WHEAT — Spot quiet: No
1 California. 6s 8d; futures steady; May, ** 7V»'i: July.
6s 7r*d; September. 6s HH<i. CORN — Spot easy: American
mixed, new. 4s 2\d: do ol<f. 4? 10% d: futures quiet: May.
4" STid; July. 4s 3*id. PEAP — Canadian firm. 5s lid.
FLOUR— St. Louis fancy winter firm. &s W. HOPS in
London (Pacific Coast) firm. £0 IDs©*?. BEEF strong;
extra India mew. 72- 6-1. PORK •*-•>•; r>rime mesa. West
ern «ls 3d. HAMS Short cut, 14 to 16 Ib, strong. Ha.
BACON firm: Cumberland cut, 2>> to 30 Tb. 41s 6d- short
rib 18 to 24 Ib. 42s «d: long clear middle!, light. 28 to 34
!h. 40s; long clear middles, heavy. 35 to 40 Ib, 3»s; short
clear backs. 16 to 20 Ib, S»»; clear bellies. 14 to 16 Ib, 41*.
SHOULDERS— Square, 11 to 13 m. firm, S2s M. LARD —
Prime Western. In tierces, ateady. 35s »d; American re
fined. in pails, firm. 37a BUTTER nominal. CHEESES
strong; American finest white. 59s «d; do colored. 66s 6d.
TALLOW— Prime city steady. 235. TURPENTINE—
Spirits firm. 44s 3.!. ROSIN— firm. 7s 6d.
PETROLEUM— Refined* quiet. Slid. LINSEED OIL firm.
ISs St
Middling. Net. Gross. Sales. Stock.
Ofilvefton. quirt T% 8.1 S.US 11 22T.SM
New-Orleans easy.. 74 &C 62 6,682 8.360 225.713
Mobile ea»}- 7S 27S 278 250 30.839
Savannah, quiet 7 l * 3.382 8.352 1.829 JS6,£BO
Charleston, quiet 7 - 143 143 — 14.562
Houston, steady 7 0-18 5.45S 6.45S 2.382 CS.IOH
Augusta, steady 7H 1.072 1.004 «72 63.601
Memphis. st?ady. .. .7»s 1.753 2.826 3.000 81.241
Liverpool. April 13. 4 p. ro — COTTON— gpot In mod
erate demand- prices 3 point* lower; American middling,
fair 4.72 d; K>od mid.llir.g-, 4.*ni; rr.lTdllng. 4.24 d; low
mltldllns, 4.'">-l: goo<l ordinary. 3KIU: orrilnary. 3.75.1. The
sales of the day wore ».<•«*> baies. of which 500 were for
speculation and ejrport. anl included 7.700 American. Re
ceipts, 2.000 bales. Including 1.500 Ameri>-an. Futures
opened easirr and closed steady. American middling.
April 4 SM: April and May. 4.0W; May and June.
4 lod- June' and July. 4.12 d: July and" Auiruat. 4. 13 d;
August and September. 4.14 d; September and October,
4.15 d; r>ctoi*r and November. 4.l»>d; November and De
cember. 4. l'd; L>ecember and January. 4.lhd: January and
February. 4.1! U.
Spring Resorts.
Where you can enjoy Boating. Bathing. Fishing. Golfing,
Riding. Driving. Chootlng. Tennis, and all outdoor sports
Every Day In th* Year.
Operate* daily from
Sunset Express
Inquire 84» or 1 Broadway. New York.
Virginia Hot Springs
New York Otßer. S4S Fifth Aye.
tTatera, baths, hotels a»d sccaery where equaled.
Btcusnatlea. gout and nervous diseases cared. Co«ai ,
liydrotherapeutlc ap«ar*.ius. new sun parlor, golf. ■»!»
n.irg pool, fins livery ai.d outdoor pastimes. THE New
HOMESTEAD, greatly Improved «• modern la the
strictest s»r.*e and patronized by th* algueat clasa
Brokers' offlce wit* dlrMt X V. wire.
The Chesapeake & Ohio Railway
Allows stop-over at ovington. Va.. ca through Ocaeta ta
Cincinnati. Louisville. ChH-ago. at. Louis ami tae \\«,j.
tot aide trip to Virginia h». Jprags.
Pullman compartment car. via Washing tea. leaves K.
T. «.S3 p. at., arrives Springs 8.30 a. m.. Eastern tisae.
Eacunion iu»n» at C. sc O. olnc*, 9*3 Ureadwajr. e4llcre
Penna. R. R. aad connecting line*.
FRSD- STfcKRJ liana Hot Sprlnga Va.
4 I>VERTISEMENTS and subecrtpttoM for Th« Tribun#
. received at tnalr Vptown'oflJee.
Va, test amOAXrWAX.
sw Th* leaving time from Desbroeaea and CortUad*
Streets la five minutes later than that given below to*
Twenty-third {Street Station. *
•8.53 A.M. ST. LOUIS LIMITED. For Cincinnati
and St. Louis.
-. _ _ hours to Chicago.
•*•» £•*• BT. LOUS AND (INCnnCATI EXP.
**•*» *• *- WESTERN EXPRESS.
765. $.25. »».25. "J. 38. •!«.» a. m.. 13.55. •Uls&. IX) <•*•*
"Congressional Limited"). •3.25. "4.SS. »4.53. »-23 p. m..
13-10 night. Sunday. b.JS. •».2S, • 10.65 a. m.. 12.3 ft.
•1-.&* t'3.25, "Congressional Limited"). •S-23. •*.23»
_ ••^33. ».25 p. m., 12.W night.
BOUTI£ER.N RAIL'.VAT.— I2.S3, 1.33. 425 p. m., 12.10
a. m. daily.
ATLANTIC COAST LINE.— a. m. and » » p. m.
SEABOARD AIR LINE.— IZ23 p. m. and 12.10 a. aw
days. 4.55 p. m. daily
week-days 8.25 p. m dally.
ATLANTIC CITY.— 9 0S a. m. and 2.53 p. m. week-day*.
Sundays. •7.85 a. m.
CAPE MAT— p. m. week-days. .
LO.NO BRANCH. ASBURT FAF.'-: (North Asbury Park
Sundays), and Point Pleasant. &.5S a. m.. 12.25. 4.25.
4.83 p. m.. and 12.10 night week-day*. Sundays. 12.10.
IJ -5 a. m. and 4.55 p. m
MS. r^n-st^W^SS*^-. «9». tw»
«.05. 7.25. f.SS. 8.23 »55 «9.25 »t» 53. •385. # t10.25.
•10.R5 11.35 a. m.. 12.25 «1255 •1.65. 210. 253. *3.29,
355. 425. •4.25. »4 .15 (•t4.ss 'for North Philadelphia
only), •a.55. 6.35. 7 S3 8.25. 9.25 (9.63 for North Phila
delphia only) a m.. 12. lt/ni«ht we»k-<lays. Sundays.
6.05 »7.53. H. 25. •9.25. «t»iss. 9.55. •t10.25. -lOSS a. la..
12.1*. »12.55. "1 55. -3.25. 3.55. »4.25 i*t4.35 for North
Philadelphia only). «4.55 »3.55. 6.55. 7.53. 8-25. ».25
(».55 for North Philadelphia only) p. m.. 12.10 night.
•Dining Car. tExtra-far» train. __
Ticket offices. Xot. 461 1354. 113 ana 2RI Broadway: 193
Fifth Avenue (below 23d St.>: 263 Fifth Avenue (corner
29th St.); 1 Aster House, and stations named above:
Brooklyn. 842 Fulton Street. BCO Fultoa Street, 390
Broadway, and Pennsylvania Annex Station. The New
Torn Transfer Company will call for and check baggage,
from hotels and residence* through to destination.
Telephone "943 Chelsea" for Pennsylvania Railroad Cab
General Manager. Pass' r Traffic Manage*
General Passenger Agent.
root of West Od A : Cor land t and Dethrone* Streets B.
•Party. -t Except Sunday. Sunday: a 7.25. d 1.15. et M. nJ.B. tSJB.
llsnch Chant Local wT.eS.aaj ♦•» a a
Buffalo Express a 7.40 a »• *eT » a *
BLACK DtAXOITD KXFBXSa # 1i>.21 » M i *10' jO a 1
Marten i. huak and Uszletoo Local 'lisa ra, «di 10 h
'WUkes-Barre £xpres« M r si +« 10 r>
EastonLocai -WlOpit tS.tUrai
Chicago and Tot-oik Vestibule Express. ... *b5.40 r *!*xs *0 r>
THJBTTryALO Tmat i »IssTlt| 'jQIIFM
Tickets and Pullman accommodations 14». Ml. i». 339, its* * is*
Broadway. ]« sth Aye.,» Cnloa Sq. West, itli Columbus Ave_
X.T.. SS6. *42 4 **i Fulton St.. M Broadway and foot Fulton StZ
Brooklyn. >'. T. Transfer Co. will call for and caeck baggage.
Spring Resorts.
Directly en the ocean front. Atlantic City. I*. 1.
Rot and cold salt and trash water la •very bath.
Highest class patronage. Pur* artesian water. Lnn« dis
tance telephone la rooms. Unexcelled cuisine. Orchestra,
cf soloists. Golf. Boom Diana, rates, etc.. can be sees) at
ga» Fourth At*. lIIWIH HAWKS.
Situated directly on the teach front, with an unob
structed ocean view. Hot and cold sea. water ;a private
A modern ten etory fireproof Hotel, complete In every re
spect. On th* Beach.
Always open. Write for folder.
TUn Alksmi.fo Virginia Ay*.. Bfar Beach
lne /Uoemarle, Atlantic at*? >. j.
An elegant modern' hotel, offering very special spring
rate. ft up weekly. Larg«. sunny, »!ctm heated rooms;
excellent table: elevator; private laths. 4,000 feet sun
parlors; booklet 3. I*. COI*K.
On the Beach at Virg!n:a-a\- overlooking Boardwalk
and Steel Pier; very centre of all attractions. Modern
up-to-date hotel; capacity SOO. Every comfort and equip
ment, including elevator, steam heat, baths, sun parlors,
etc. Special reduced rates to Spring guests — $10 up week
ly. $2 up daily. Table and service a{■ ire. Br>clc>«»t
£ W. F. WATT 3.
Kentucky Aye.. Atlantic City. N. J.. 10)) yards from Beach.
A new, moiern high class hotel, complete wsth every
modern appointment. Including elevator, batha. steam
heat, etc Offers special' terms — SS up weekly, tl.'n up
gaily, including large ocean view rooms, metal beda,
Superior table and serv.ee. Spacious sun parlors, over
looking ocean and BoaiJwalk. Booklet.
Mrs. H. T. MOTER.
Atlantic Gty, N. J,
Sunny rooms, with baths, en suite. Salt water la all
baths. New-York P-epresentauve at Hotel Yorit. 7th-ave.,
corner 3«th-st. Telephona 1750-2-»;h-
Open all year. Directly on Ocean Front. Running water
in bedrooms. Hot and Cold Salt and Fresh Water Baths.
Water from own artesian well. Improved sanitary sys
tem. OdLt cltb privileges.
D. S. WHITE. President.
Rooms en suite, with salt water baths. .411 modern
appointments. Music. Auto meets train.
Open view; $& to JI3 weekly. »2 to $3 dally; capacity
300; elevator; private baths; long distance 'phones la
rooms, etc. J. O. £ J. E. DICKINSON.
THE QUEEN, "^.S.""*
Now open, direct ocean front. Steam heat. Sonny ex
potiure. Pleasant ruoms. Only artesian water used.
Booklet. Telephone 137. SI. P. BTlsiTßl.i.,
Virginia Aye.. third tuuw from Beach. Atlantic City. N. J.
Special rate*. .*- per day ai.J upward; $lv per «»«k and
upward. Elevator from street level. Booklet mailed.
Ocean entl«of Mlcbigan-ave. . Atlantic City. N. J.— Rooms
en suite, wiili batns. Long distance tcle[>Mone tn rooms.
Elevator to street level. Booklet mailed. W. R. HOOD.
Always < . »■ SBCtesj Rates.
Climatic condition-t superior to Lak^wood as Winter
Resort. Cubroken forest 20 miles wide. Veritable Col
onial Inn. new and completely equipped. NOW OPEN.
Thirty niilca from Philadelphia. 70 miles from Naw-
York. 25 miles from Ocean. Sand for booklet.
Somerset Inn is but thirty-five miles
from New York ; convenient Lackavranna
ferries at Barclay and Christopher Streets.
Altitude 800 feet; every advantage; no dis
comforts. Mr. Tuttle, the manager, may b«
reached on 'phone 7 B Bernard-rllle. N. J.
Now Open.
Steam Heat. Sun Parlors. Elevator.
Wverdal^-on-Hudson. I*. V.. will o*ci fnr th* season
April 10th. H. B. ANABXB.
A X>VERTISEME.\TS and suoerriptiuf-s fcr Th* Tritrane
nr-ejvM at their I'ptown omv, ■
Vo. 1.564 liP.OADVVAY.
Advertlf i-rafnt will b* tereived »: the ;.->wtng branch
Ofncea at regular office rates until * o'clock p. m.. vis.:
»4 Mh-ave.. s. c. lor, 2SU-«t. : lil „:h «\» . cor. l-'th-st.;
•9 East 14th . 15" West 42»-*t.. between 7th and «th
area: 263 •« lAth St., l.i» "! -*\i- . between 7«h and
TTth ats.: 1.09$ 3d-av»... near Blst-at.: 1.70* Ist-av*.. near
S»th-et . 157 East 12Bth-at.: TM Trssnont-aN-e ; CO 3d
av»., near «ut-€t.: <3l tS axs. ' SS CkrlseosSar-ex.
• rosilya. W. T^-5 Cocrt-.^| 2:9 Orzv^.
_ [Rcrilrcacl*.
**Am»»lea*s Crestast WalTfoarf."
Direct Lin* from
New Yom d. Boston to Niagara Fall*
•ji?^* "J'V* tTom Grand Ceatral Btattos. 425 fitr..t
aaa ffourui Aveaue. liew XorU. a> belawj
i and west sound trains) except tsMSs) sSSStM
~! **•? **U «toB at Uito at. t» r.ceivi pa¥s«a;*r. t*a
mlnutea after paving Uraad Ceatral SuTuoa, -
... »•«» trala la the world. Due "-^t't 4.4 *
jtgi fc-aPs^fc-i* *— - c —^
*;•&£•&— 'BUFFALO LIMITmO.
***■* —-THE »OTH CBXTUJbT UVm>V* M
USP hourtrain to Ch.caeo. Tla Lake. Bhor^^
252 f H—'MOSTKEAt EXI-RE*r,
"#l*7. •CHICAGO * ST. ions CXFCS3X
Dally. fExcept Ssßday. "ssmcept Monday.
•ad Inorta A<iSi.*^uJd-jsi ti2a a. ii. iliii ■* •** Ml
Pullman car* on aU tUroasa ttakwa.
•w v . i* 111 * tUßßßlaated wlt!» Ptataeh llrht.
Lnioa b<v V.esv 27S Coiuaous Ai*_ XI3 «T*st 123Sk Bfc.
£« nd - C *T^ r U.? taUon ' •** t3^«T Btitl^»SS^<Ss
«3S and i2tJ Fjlton at. and 104 Braeutwsj, Bwcfclya.
Telepnoa. "I«o 2Sth Etre«f for I,sw rifx Centra: C**
Welt^ott I^^C^S-.^ "^ - — —^
V. estcott Exprea* Conißaay.
Oeneral lUaagy. qaa»oa P**.»ajsr A pa.
Li&«rty Mi***. a«ei t«out!j Bmnj . t.me frora Swatk VIsSSsT
tiye minutes earlier loan snows lialsj ■!.
ft)> , BtniLUlt-. aLULNTOwH a» ■||M
tMlJiK_i4a) ('•!» Eastoa only). ».1J a. cl, £S
4.40. S.OO (5.45 Kaston oair> p. ■ Ssiissslsil sSIBS
..a. m. l.uo, 5 3l» p. m.
• IF 1 - 4andaya z4.su a. nx. Ip. m. A»
LAKEvyooD, tAjunnrEST. BXTias asj>
BAKSEA.AT— 1* o>. »».4O a. m.. gJ-JO (3.4% 4M
Lakewood aad^Lakatuizn vain. asJs. X9.C3 p. m. Sea*
days. t>.4»> a. m.
ATLANTIC — •4.4* a. m.. t3.48 p. m.
VIXELAND A>T> BRIDGKTOX— .4.O^ a. S.« p> ra.
LONG BK.VM H. A3BCBY a*ARK. OCsaeUl C.nhrs^
point HXV-.V.M 1 . AND tmAkmomm MslsKs
•4.00. 30. IL3O a. m . zi.3o. «.«*. saa s.s». an
p. m. Sunday, except Ocean Grave. •-(■> a. sa>. i.to,
h.3" p. m.
E.\»T LONG BRANCH — ISA. » 10. H.M a. m,
1 SO. 4.30 i,5 30 Atlantic Hlda, only*. C3O p. d. Sua>
days. 9 -JO a. m. . 4- Oft p. m.
ts.oo. »».00. tiaca UMia tIXOsX i.ea. tXSS.
t2.00. +3.(>> »4.00. t3.61\ t3.00. f7.3<X l».0O. 110.30 b. «a,«
•12.15 mdt.
24TH AND CHESTNTTT BTRJEETS— fa. 23. 19.00. «10LOV
•12 *> a. in.. •8.00. t»4.CO. "6.00. '7.00. ta^ P. rv,
•12.15 mrtt
BALTIMORE A>T> WASHINGTON — Hft. •10.09. •13.C3,
•2.00. •*.(» •«.». «7.00. mis
lAMsroRT— 4 0. si.:». ta.9o. ;t9.io. (io.»s. ii.c»
a. m.. Reading only>. |1.»». !l '*:.»•> p. m.. Real-
Ing. Pottaville. Harriaburs; only, t4-00. 13.60 p. bb.
aFrora Liberty Street only. •Daily. t Daily L^«ts«3X
Sunday jsu-itays only. }Paxlor cars only, .."Vi» Ta
ir.aT'.a. s#atun)s\7S. aExcept Samriars.
OSires: Liberty St. Ferry, South Perry. • Astor IZstH*.
2ftl. 434. 1300. 1384 Broadway. IS2 sth At.. 231 Bth At^
25 Union Square -.Vest. 270-. 3d Aw.. 273 West 12Sth St.
245 Columbus Ay New York: 342 FtXltoß St.. 843. 344. »*•
F*u!ton St.. Brooklyn: 390 Broadway. 'Wi'.l'amsburs. N»w
York Transfer Co. calls for and checka tagsas* to desti
Vlce-Pres. and Can. Mgr. «•«• yaaaT A«wa>.
Leave South. Ferry 5 minuter earlier.
Vw. liberty Street S.S* am. Except Bern Buffet.
" , 10.00 am. Daiiy. Dinar.
12.00 noon. Daily. Inner.
*• ...... I.Oopm. Daily. Buffet
•Tloyal LiaaJted" 4.00 pm. Dally. All Pullman.
*• ...... ■••' pm. Daily. Diner.
" 7.00 pm. Daily. Buffet.
•' 12.15 night, Daily. sera,
Timor r. n trains TO THE west.
Dally I*. New York City. South Ferry. Lib«rty at
Chlc^jto. PtttabWE IM) i 12.15 nt. Sleeper.
Chicago, Colombo* 115" am. 12.00 noon. Diner.
Ptttsburg, Cleveland . J-Sipm. 4.00 pm. Limited.
-pittsbors Limited" . «.55pra. T.OO pm. Buffet.
Cincinnati, St. Louis. .. i:.l*nt. 11.13 nt. . s;»eper.
Cincinnati. St. Lool* 9.55 am. 1 ■> .n • a-i. Diner.
Cincinnati. St. Louis 5.55 pm. S.OO pm. Diner.
OEces: 261. 434. 1300 Broadway, « Astor House. 108
Greenwich St., 25 Union Square W.. 331 Grand gt..
N. V. ; 313 Fulton Street. Brooklyn; Sout.i Ferry and
Liberty Street. ______^_
Trains depart frr r.i Grand Central Station. 42 1 St. anil
4th Aye.. as follows, lor
EOSTOX. via New Lcndon and PrOTMetkes— »4:3O.
t;'.l->:00. *x 10:02 A, 11.. ♦! 1:00. •» I:US, •a;:3:OUt
t; : '3*«> ••; 5:01. ••12*O P. M.
BOSTON." via Wllllmantle— t«8:0l> A. M.. ♦2:0» P. at.
BOSTON, via Springfield— t9:0O A. M.. t.;12.t». • 4:oa
•11 -."0 P. M.
FITCHBtTRG. via P-itr.am and ■Worcester — tS:«A P. M.
LAKEVILLE an<l NORFOLK— I9:S<> A. M.. ->3:31 P. M.
FIELD— t4:SO. t«as A. jCT tS:3I P. M.
T/ATERBfRY and vI'INSTTED— |BU». t*S:Oflt
tl0:02, 1^10:02 no Waterbury) A. — .. ti:'-3. +4:SS.
|«5:01. tS4s\ i 8:00 'to Waierbury> P. If.
Ticket office* at .-(lrani Central Station ana) FlStth
St also at cll3 o2«l. 1.155. •■ 1.354) Broadway. cS Pars)
riace e2S I'bVob " Square. «IS2 Fifth At*.. c24S Colasnbus
Ay*.. R4;> Madison A y*. c 213 West 125tn St. 15* East
125 th St. In Brooklyn. c 4 Court St.. 800 Fttltoa St..
8W swsaasjay. E. I»
•r>ai!y. -FT-'rr Sundays. tSusjday* only. tStos» as
lCSth Bt. xStops at 123 th St.. Sundays only. tParior Cat
Limited. l:Has dmtng car. cFarfcr aad ITlssHws; Cay
ticket, alao. - HE>rpsTKM> . o^ ,^ j^fc,
O. M. "HFPARD. O*c. Supt.
Lackawanna Railroad
Lea-.-* New York, foot Barclay and CnriatOsfesw Sea.
tS.oo A. M. — For Bln«tiaciu>n and Syracuse, fit
*10.00 A M< — For UufTalo. Chit-ago and Bft. JjOOIM. !•'
•1.40 P. M. — For Buffalo ana C*Mragr>.
•4 00 P. M. — For Scranton and FlyaTWUta.
•6.10 P. M. — For Buffalo and Ckicajo. »
•9.45 P. M.— For Buffalo. Syracuse. Ur!;v.
•2.C0 A. M-— For — Sleepers open at© P.H,
ticket*. 14*. 429. 11&3. 1434 Broadway. N. T.: MMi
ton St.. Brooklyn.
42* <*
The NET SALTS cf the
Daily and Sunday
for March, 1905.
I '
More Than During the Same
Month in 1903.
During Jantary. February and March. 1205,
The New-York Daily and Sunday TRIBUNt
printed 233.779 lines of advertise* (cr.
eluding Tribune a jvcrtiw sicsH) nor; t!ua
in the sum eonths si 1904
A gain Of
Over 739 Columns. i
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