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tUrn bojft and Famous Women Riders to Give Exhibitions— High Class
Animals to Appear.
Many new WU4 West features, neve.r before wit- j
tiessrd Jn this part of th» country. «rtH be included
Ja th« programme arranged for the Horse Fair, to
fee held In Madison Square Garden this week, be- j
irinntes tfIHBOtTOW. Not only will the cowboys :
from the TVest held forth in their daring feats of
fcon?e:ran.«fc!p, but «several of the best known horee
*err.en la ths world have accepted an Invitation
■ trtm tho management to take part.
The^women riders lac'.ude the members cf the i
Back Mulhall family. There '.a l'.ttla that these
Tifiers cannot ar^ompl;sh while In the saddle, and
€'.< '.-. paxt'.r'jiar is cal>d the champion rider of the
*rorl3. This Is M:ss Lrticille Mulhall. who hOldS the
«.-crld's record for roplr.s ste*rs, having won the
championship diamond medal in a competition in
sjMcb the best known cowboys in the world com
j-ete<l M'fs Alu2ha!l will compete in the rough rid
ing competition ia the Garden, when the will also
sjiv» sat exhibition of roping a steer— a performance
Bnsteh has never before been eeen ln this city.
V.iUx the Mulhall girls are a bind of thirty or
more cowboys, who have been rounded up on the
UuJha.ll ranch tt Oklahoma, which covers more
than 80.000 acres, and they will ride, or fit least at
tempt to ride, the Beany outlaw horses that have
been brought here tot t-.e purpose. The ordinary
bucking bronco Is eaid to be a lamb compared to
(those that have been brought more than three thou
* and miles fast tv give th« sport loving public a
tinge ol sensationalism.
Bossy ilu.:^:'.. the eldest daughter of Sack Mul
_> .'.l, was tl - original of that character in Hoyt's
I J iv, "A Texas Steer," that ran through so many
performances several years aeo. While -vriting the
3>lay. Mr. Hoyt was the guest of the. Mulhall ranch
far ecKne time. Imbibing loocj color and getting the
aunos*<liere of his ranch setting from vast estates.
Sllldted Is ths youngest of tho trio, and she, too,
Is csia-to'be a great rider for her age. The Mul
halls ere blends of President Roosevelt, «\ho has
fr f " considerable, Ima on the Oklahoma ranch.
X>urlnr the M^Kinley campaign he, at th» invita
tion o? Mulhall er.d the- citizens of Oklahoma, was
entertained Et Oklahoma City, und spent two days
V the Mulhall ranch.
XVfcile the Mulhali [.iris will play an important
j>«.rt in the entertainment of the spectators, trotting
and pacing races to saddle, as well as running
races, tad pelo will add Interest to the programme.
■SJanj 1 trencrs ond pacers that have carried iff
r.ig-h honors oa the grand circuit races have been
entered. The euccess of the runnir.fi: races last
■j-ear has convinced the management that this ii>
ihe sort cf sport that the public wants, and this
week several additional races will be decided.
Many of the local entries have be'-n seen about
The perk during the la^t two wf-eks, where they
have .b<en receiving t'nelr pre'.^ratior.s for th«
Struggles oj an lr:floor traclt. Tlie polo layers will
have 'itmplo territory in which to -play the game,
a-s the Xiarden arena, afforda the lariest indoor
area on which the fame ha.s been playei. 'j'w.,
«•' the teams that are sure to compete are the
Bquafiron A team and the Durland Dim. There
Vill be an ur.usual collection of Itough :<-r» Jm the
KM Coa'-h Hotm
i ...

Alb«Tt D<» Crrr;»a ro'.d several high clns? horfes
lsst Wfck, vhirh brought him quite a 3:ar:osome f:g
ixn. -At his tSth-Et. ttn) Irs. where be has lined
;jarlor» for wouira, csn always Tk> eeon a variety
of horse* en rain. A fvw cf this vijely varied
•t<vk Trill r«A ehctra the Ilorpo Far thl« wor-lc.
Of a*l 6*xtres to runtrol hard pullers and
runaway horses, en* of th« best is Frdd to bo Dr.
FJyMj^ "Little Ci3nt Controller." it i^ a sprinjr.
9r*Atfisng or.'y four ounc-c-s. and !s the only eon
lro!irr made to fit all bridles. It is declared to be
nbsolutely l:u:r::ine, airi does not Interfere with
tri^ wind or fralt, when proi^riy adjusted. Most
ooritrcjltrs. are ur.si™ht.!y. Inconvenient and are a
••give, away" u» the horse on which it is used.
This device c:;n b« seen at the office of Dr. P.
Haxrey FJynn, No. 73 \Varren-stJ
Nerer bicfore has the demand been so great for
r ■••■- carriapes at so low a fiKur« as t;ow. Among
t.be earriaj'.-s and light wagons at ttin Warren-st.
werrrooms of F. i;. Bailey &. Co. can be found
vehicles to i-uit the taste of aimos-t any one who
tindTMcnOs or is In :ir.y way Interested in car
riaxes. Wlllmm R. Bishop, the New- York agent,
hat prices marked «lo»n just to satisfy all comers.
Mr. Bishop takes cr<at pksusure In ehowing his
• to< k to tho?^ who are not buyers but who are in
W >; may interested.
No horefs er* offered by th«» Standard '>ach
Ilort> O.'rnpisny. of v.-hich Allar. M:unaughtan Ik
pro^J<J*•nt. it !s dtcUsr«d, which liavc not oeen In
trair.intf et least three months. When arrllma't*d
«n<J fceaeoned «n this manner hor« C 5 ran be put to
work in th« city with little dancer of 1U b«ha\ior
!A belect lot of thoroughly broken and well
seasoned carriKee aud saddle -^es are always to
!>e round oa hand at the sttbles of Cnarlea T
Froctor. i!r. Procter reports a «.>od run of sales
tit win stow tw*oty-ava horses It the faArtSls'
week, lncludlr.ff nearly every clsss and tnauy pre
vious rriro winners.
Ijogan's sanitary stri'l flrain. eonsiflerefl to
he th« bpst on the market and the most economi
cal, has been placed In the Brooklyn and Jersey
City stables of \\>lls, Fargo 4- Co., and more than
a hundred of them are being placed In the Fostsr-
Srott Ice Company's stable In "West llth-st. The
if tiiis patent drain have amounted to nearly
three hundred so far thin year, and the outlook Is
« ncouractag. It can always be seen at the office
of Mr. l>?*an in the American Hors« Exchange
H. Melse, of the busy horse district In East 24th-
Ft.. is showing a choice lot of heavy draught
liorses. Two loads of fresh horses are receive.!
weekly. They are well adapted to truck, wagon
it harness purposes.
The Carnegie Hill Stable are ' fitting up many
turnouts for the summer trade. All arrangements
are completed for the coming season. Their book
ings for monthly turnouts show that the patronage
of thli= establishment is constantly increasing.
They have an unlimited supply of wagons, 'buses,
victorias and station wagons for country use.
A dealer who has become popular in the last
year in the trade is EL D. Stein, of No. 248 "West
ISth-st. [a visiting his place of business one can
find a well equipped boarding and pale stable. The
stable consists of six floors, and ha£ accommoda
tion for three hunJred horses. Two floors are Used
exclusively for boarders, nnd on the other floors
ar*> k*>pt Che sale and work horses. Mr. Stein is a
wide awake young business man. At the stable can
be seen some of the horses that are to be exhibited
this week at the Horse Bhow, Madison Square
Many Cars Expected to Take Part in
Neft Saturday' 8 Carnival.
The open invitation of the Automobile Club of
America to all automobilists in the metropolitan
district to join in the parade to be held next Satur
day afternoon has met with immediate and hearty
response. An unusually large number of automo
bilists have promised to parade, and it promises
to be the largest demonstration of motor cars ever
witnessed. Women pasfrngers la the parading
cars will be cordially welcomed.
Grand Marshal M. M. BeMlng. Jr.. ha? perfected
the details of organization and '.a holding daily
meetings with his marshals of division and their
aids. The following aide to marshals have been
appointed: Guests' division— Homer W.
Hedge, marshal; B. M. Butler, aid. American
tasolene touring Robert Lee Morrell. mar
Fhal; John F. Plumrr.er, Jr. aid. America* gaso
lene runabouts— C. H. Gillette, marshal: C. W.
Spencer, aid. Foreign gasolene cars— K. T. Bird
sail. marshal. Steam Augustus Post, mar-
Ph.il; Carl 11. Page and .1. Russell Parker, aid*.
Electric cum and automobile rluba R. Parding
ton. marshal: Charles Jerome Edwards and Louis
i: Adams, aids.
The followir.gr club;, will parade in a body The
Long Island mobile club, the New -York Motor
Club, the New-Jersey Automobile and Motor Club
of N< wark. the Bronx A itonol lie club and the
Richmond County Automobile Club, a large num
ber of city. Stat*- ami national officials ire expected
to attend. Guests will assemble at ii,.. Lafayette-
Brevoort Hotel, on :th-ave.. at ! P. m., where a
reception will t<- held before the siart of the
parade. Among others the following will be pres
ent: George Cromwell. President Richmond Bor
ough'; Jud^s John It. McKean, William H. Olm-
B;ed, Lorenzo z.-::.-r. Alfred E. Oofflea and John
B. Mayo, Senators P. C. Stc\ens. JothlUn P. Allds
MartJn ?axe, I-Yank J. Gardner, John A. Hawkins
and Charles Cooper; Willia Holly, secretary of the
Park Board; William Dalton, Commissioner of
i'utine Moras; Lunaid a. filattery. Collector of
Asrf.^bUKius; ijepuiy Street Cleanina- Commission
ers t. a. oibbon and John J. O'Brien, and Mutihew
t. Ijonahue. The following aldermen ure, expected
to take part: Prank Qass. John J. Collins, Bamuei
ii. Jouee. John V. Gunther, C. V. Forties William
S^Morris. James Owens. A. I. Kline. ii U t «
Gnfeahasen. Michael Stapleton, ltoU-rt K. Down
inz. Isaac Marks. Joaepn Oatmun, <"harles \imer
Armltase Mathews. Montz loin. Putrick li'iKirin-'
fierce N. l'«H)le, Hermann Koch. CharJes w Cut
ki:; K. lieni:ett. Ttiomas K. Baldwin and Franklin
X Ware, unil t/i.- following Aasemblynien • Charles
H- Cotton. PYederick J. Etael, Willium Young
Jacob B. Salomon. W. G. Hastings. Edward U l.n
Petra. S. Percy Hooker. Thomas O'Neill Gustavo
Hartmati, <;iiatie B j. i^jCd and Patrick H. Bird.
Among tlj«- many members of the club who will
drive t!i-ir cars in the parade are John V. Black
John T. Brash. It. A. C Smith. Captain Homer w'
Hedge. G«<>rgo V. lamberlin. Henry S. Ken
S^fSi L- Me . A1 lV n - i»uis Sherry. William Henry
Hall, faatnuel Walter Taylor, A. EL Gallatin Emer
son Brookfl, C. <J. Wri.lgway. C. H. Tangemau.
General George Moore Smith. Si<ln<»> n. Bownuti
Orrol A. Parker and M. H. Poster. The police
et^oit « Hi consist of "ft; • - from the motor hi
cycl» squad, in cnarge of Roundsman Bug" c
Casey. Special arrangements have been made for
the passage of the parade on Bth-ave, Hugler*
from Hie Signal Corps, the ;th Raiment and other
city regiments will accompany each division. Th<?
route will be through Eih-aw. to HOth-et.. to River
eld* Dri\*. around Clar«-mont. nouth on Rivereide
Drive to TM-ft.. east to Broadway, south to Co
lumbus-avc.. and disband.
Th« grand marsh*; a^d gucsu' divlaloa will ra.
view the parade at 72d-?t. and Riverside Drive,
and after th* review will return to the ho".se or
the Automobile Club, at No. 753 6th-ave.. where
they will be entertained by the c-luU
All uutomoblllsts are Invited and are requested
to send in their names to the club.
Captain Homer TV. Hedge, chairman of the house
committee, has arranged for an attractive vaude
ville entertainment and smoker to be held at the
Clubhouse, at 9 o'clock, on Tuesday evening.
Alfred Marshall's Yacht To Be in
Commission Soon.
Work will be rushed on the composite cruising
steam yacht Levanter, launched yesterday noon by
the Gas Engine and Power Company and Charles
L. Seabury & Co. for Alfred Marshall, of the New-
York and Larchmont Yacht clubs. Mr. Marshall's
brother. Wilson Marshall, has his schooner yacht
Atlantic entered for the Emperor's cup, and he
wishes to be present in the new yacht to watch the
Start off Sandy Hook. The race starts May 18, anil
delivery has been promised by or about May 10.
The Levanter was built from, designs by Charles
L.' Beabury, thj naval architect. The owner was
present at the launching with a party of relatives
and friends. Miss C. A. Pendleton, a sister of Mrs,
Marshall, christened the yacht. A special train
took the invited guests to Morris Heights, and
after the launching a luncheon was given at Del
The Levanter Is 10l feet over all. 169 feet on the
water line, 17 feet b«-am and 6 feet 3 Inches draught.
She is a flush deck, schooner rigged vessel, with
forward and after deckhouses. The frames and
reverse francs, keelsons, stringers, gusset and
deck beams are of steel, with I;-" .'!, stem. Bternpost,
etc., of oak and pine planking. The two deck
horses are finished In panelled mahogany, both in
side and outside. The dining room is forward, with
the steward's pantry connecting. The after deck
house will lie used as a social hall and music room.
The machinery consists of a Seabury twelve-inch
stroke triple expansion engine and a Beabury water
tube boiler of latest pattern; Including auxiliary
machinery, electric light plant, storage batteries,
etc. The yacht is steam heated. The bridge i.- aft
of the forward deckhouse and has connection t«>
the engine, room by speaking tube, bells and
pulls She will carry a power launch and small
boats as tenders. The yacht is an able looking
craft, with plenty of freeboard and good sheer
The Levanter will be used In tire waters of Long
Island Sound and vicinity and for cruising east
ward along the coast this summer.
Governor Higgius Has Not Promised to Sign
Boxing Measure.
Albany, April 22— Governor lliggins said this
afternoon that lie had as yet taken no notion on
the bill of Senator Frawley passed by the legis
lature which permits amateur boxing contests
when conducted by clubs under the jurisdiction of
the American Athletic L'nion. He further raid that
ho 1|£"11 |£ "1 received a muni.' r of protests ;iKain«t the
measure, some contending that prizefighting
v/oulil be permitted under Its provisions, it. has
not received any communications In favor of the
bill, but he has been told thai pome strong in
iior»< merits will reach him. He understands that
•-•line of them are coming from the Young Men*
Christian Associations. The Governor denied that
he had ever made any promise to eltrn the bill.
"I have never made ny promise to sign this or
any oth-r bill vii:: ■ It was still before the legis
lature," he said.
Harvard's Captain Denies Report That Crew
Has Stopped Trairi.irj;.
Cambridge. Mass.. April 22 (Speclal).^-Harvartl
rowing circles are greatly stirred over :i story
prlntM In one of the Boston newspapers this week
thnt the 'varsity ere* \v?.s going to pieces.- and
that it had been repeatedly beaten by the class
a.;id second crews, and that the men had broken
training daring the Easter recess™
Captain Pilley branded all these reports as out
and-out lies, and In replying to « lie story became
unusually communicative about Harvard rowing.
According to the Crimson captain, this year's Har
vard tight i« going taster iiow than any previous
Harvard eight .' •! the last live years at the some
time of the ; anon, and lias :iot been beaten by the.
Class or second crews this spring. li- Rays the
men did not break training *"■'■ account of etalenens,
but that they look th.- customary two days' r+ttpitq
from training la i He i iesday an.i Thursday that is
given to all Harvard ctstrs in ''>•• Raster ireess.
Carl Lawson, who hs 1 been on« of •!:-• strongifi
oars in tli» Harvard [varsity boat* for th>- last tiro
\*nr&. reported last v. • •-!. fjiwron tws had trouble
with his atu.tiea nnd afraid at first iii.it he
would not I.- able to ro« • ■> this ■„ ■■ <. i,t Lact
w»-ek Lawson was rowing In a pair oar. He has
always rowed on the atartoard al !•■ of the 1i".,:. but
•mif rdirlng on the port si'i" In his i>a!r oar work
l%ai v. ?*k. i -„. probably mian* that Lawson vrill
be put in on thf fvarslty boat port ?u\* in placo of
.lainc«- I!. P:.it. & Co.; general corsuilinlon brokers
and specialists in Tonopah and OolrlfSeid mining
stocks, have Jusi opened v.f-.v. <iiiari.-rs in th« \\*,n!i
Street Kx.-lia.ige Kuilrilnn. No. *1 VVall-St. ar.-l No.
« to ID Exchange Place, where they have )arg» ana
commodious offices, equipped vith every tilht.
ijr transacting their line of business A novel feat
ure of their equipment la their quotation hoard
wnere they five latest prices on all the active
th« H ito cki. in addition to quotation* from all
th* otter leading marksts,
Show pair of 14.3 bays. Properly of A De Cernea
Every Class Well Filled for Annual Spring
Horse Show.
The first of the spring, horse shows will bo the
one given by the Durland company, at the Acad
emy, in West 6*th-st., on May 2. 3. 4 and 5. This
year's show, which is the fourteenth annual one.
will without doubt surpass all previous exhibitions
of this kind <-.\-o r given by Mr. Durland. More than
five hundred high steppers win be shown In the
thirty-eight classes.
Mrs. J. B M. Grosvenor has made the largest
number of entries. Her horses will be shown in
every class, and number twenty. All of Mrs.
Grosvenor'a boraea have bern handled by that well
known whip, "Jack"' Donnelly. Some of her horses
to he shown are Shortie. Petroleum, Corinne. Dixie
Geneva.ti Honest John. Champion John English'
Fascination. Captivation; berry, Pow-W'ow*
and^leviuon Lauchln * "' ilt er. Tomahawk. Spot
!llt " *■]■ Val J«J e rbnt has also made a number of
v? iiv • i"> • "^c;^" 1 :: " >v ttu »t»nK Silk. Full Dress
>1 " 1 -;. Prim. Sweet .Mane. Alert. Lady Kathryn and
Mveral ' •, ■!? '" the four-in-hand classes. Judge
\\i ham (I. Moore who ha« not shown his notjesln
>ears, has entered his entire stable of show -tork
Fin.'-'h Sfpfe " :e ,I:i:}, I:i: }^ kst ,' >< - - Brownthunder. Billy
1'" "■ toraker. Lady Gay, Perfection. Berkley
Bantaro^the champion pony of the world: Achilles
Forest King. Confidence. Peckwald. Conqueror and
Mr v t Among some of the women exhibitors are
Mrs. John Gerken. Mrs, Edward R. Ladew. Mrs
,J;;,,V ; - ' -*" '■■■ & Chaplnand Miss Kn Uv
«;eo!!s»>s ackenschmfdl will meet Tom Jenkins,
America's champion, for the world's catch-as
catch-can championship at Madison Square Garden
on May 4. Arrangements have been completed by
the management of the match for the building of
ni:gsule boxes on the toor of the Garden around tut
elevated riiifi such .>s was used for the many prize-
Bghts which took place In the arena. Beats in
these. R.i , ..:■- Nixes will cost $10 and JT ■*) each.
- sold some •>;' the best show horses for
less money than any dealer In New York. Will
show at the coming bone fair some ->f the fast
est and highest going ones exhibited, which aiv
the best mannered, and which I will s^l! al a
■mi :; r ■■ I
Ui:! I to show :n th Garden dur
ing the fair, or at mj sates stables any time,
to any one in; ere ited
American Horse Exchange.
r>! \isr !--n::!» 183$.
v iiP!*]BV p. on
J. rii. yyiiloi & b(J.,
■-': to 3» Division Street
*t:iS>.irk »r
High Grade Carriages
Fine Hand-Sewn Harness
l:ul<ii ; asjd >.ii -r<Mi!ii \<lja.rul 1,1 tlir ImL
.i».ii:ii.. Stattoa.
My spring shipinenl of l>i«h class talk, trot,
saddle horses from Kentucky have arrived and
are ready for Inspection at the Broad^nj
S'tab'es, No -.148 Broadway,
Horses and Carriages.
It li \Viy linpurtant tor rh* Health
( ths.IiOTM t'> hnve proper drainage
i th*- !-tub!" Th:» i-jii |m secured In
Inpttr.ir L^.Kun'H Sanliarj" Stall.
bieti Is considered bj hur»ea>en and
Aims .->f ktablm i.> i>» the l-r»t «>vfr
itrorinced. It i< iot v luxury; it l»
nercaslt] ai»i within Urn m*an« «>f
ii. Adopted by ihe Veterinary lit«
trtl of th.. l'nW«r«it* of Minn*w>ta
nj the Antitoxin tjitoratotv of the
. V. Etata Department oi l(»aii \.
utalOKurs on i»q'l«»l M. LOO AX,
H2 Broadway. N<-v TcrV.
Horses and Carriages.
April 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 20 t
" The most original and attractive equestrian exhibhiVi ever >«?n ia New Yo-k ."
PACING r^iAC jI~ r"^ and
and Rougt. Riding Tournament. The M -.■-.:■ = - in the World.
Promenade Concerts Afternoon and Evening, SEVENTH REGIMENT BAND.
Admission 50c. Reserved Seats, SI.
Albert De Cernga
Cobs, High- Acting Coach and Saddle Horses
Number |Two Thirty West Fifty-eighth Street
Will Show 30 Head at the "Horse Fair"
We received yesterday an express load
of fancy draught horses, which we will
have on exhibition at Madison Square
Garden during the horse fair of this
week, where we will be pleased to show
them to all lovers of good type of horses.
We carry a large stock of all classes
of horses at our stable, when they can
be Been at any time.
Absolute satisfaction guaranteed 2ni3
reasonable «.ila! given.
248-250-252 West 18th Street.
221 and 223 West 58th St.
■««• lIK.H< I.\SS _ _
1 3 Carriage Horses 75
1 have no« ready tot immediate nst the '"■■ lot oT
heavy Harness Horses 1 bare fver owned, ineludins blue
iib»K.ii winners at the Ilurse Show.
Pairs ui:.i ■tnsjlaa ..f all colon and »;z*s. suitable for
every type of fashionable carriage.
For Hire by the Month.
The Carnegie Hill Stable
100-1 1 1 East 82nd.
Phone 1892— 79 th.
We arc prepared .to furnish el*«sa:U turnouts
for tha coming spring and summer seasons.
Special rates under monthly or yearly asree
inehts. Superior accommodatioija for the boanl
ir.g of road and private horse*
rl/nn's Little Giant Con
t roller
P H \t;\ .:v i i.vn : . :
Sale and Exchange
Keovv Draught . Business
and Driving Carte*.
ll.i RXK •s. TKUCKB
« t«.«).\ s,,i \,n tint*
139 and 141 East 24th Street
Telephone, iS*2 Madison Square NEW YORK
Vor SAI.F. vir.t saajs vaass a 4 „,,r.c ti,... , ..
L w assist, sS^=3^lrS
•mv,u«a. JOHN *. TVHCM^ Jft V^twmuS^
Horses and Carriages.
Standard Coach Horse Co.
West 63d St. and Bway. N. Y. City.
There Is no scarcity of good horses with us.
V.'a have a I«ir -} stock and full assortment.
These hor«<rs range in size from 14 3 hanSa to HI
Price* rang* from SI.SOO per pa!r t^ 57.500 per pair,
anil we show mora iiuailty for the money than any
other dealers la the I'niteii States. Inspection Is in-
I*reaident and General Manager.
Carriages of a.ll styles. Pony Carriages
and Hirnss;.
BISHOP, 36 Warren St.
I f«W Kr.ght
v.m\ . ;: i; v.
I^LKOANT i'ANOI'V TOP StTRItET, »';! i lr«a'*: »«»:»
ma »*iKht persona; wilt nrritte* tot J"."^.": wurttl SC-S
* • u*;ir Hoyt. Brooklyn,
at d. '^^ aWtssli
I*l >** H \N« «H X 99.
V l'Tl»Molsll.tSTS.- t>r.:r» hu*:uic a.l «ntJmoMJ» ef
•* ■*■ »nri'li«.<i. »»t).J fur ftw fcunota CPpj .; th- le».llns and
!»rc*si aotOieobU* Joomal n iti» wt»rU». r>f>ni on* t.«u»
>ou »l!l ij.-t m»s~ nut! n obi!.« tntONMtfe i» r-.»i >ou c»S d«.
•Isenhrr* with a ivintii'* »fru.-i». Witt* to-«£»>.
J.U'.U Filbert St. TMlndelphia. ra-
KSO3S mrjCABOVT FOR SALE, mojft 5 all tnrerw*
<n*nta an extra «<sod condition. JM» *;;'-; «BJ»ia
•*:•. bavrgaln. . 489 Quicc) -at. . BrocklT^

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