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Highlanders Beat Philadelphia —
90/fOO Sec Game.
NATIONAL. ij:aoi*k
•Jooklrr- «i C>rton, <». ionrinnmtj. R; C%l«^o. P..
._ . I»«!ro4l. *; '^«c«(t |
2^ *■ - rt»i!j«i-ipWa. O. . n«v»!iiM, 5; M I^uiK. t.
... - »t Bronkbm. [an l^>uis at Oinciotiiti
.:..■. »*
■■• «'. Alcaca. |O»V*-l»3oii 6t St. tjCUi*
r-J» ■sron.l*>«t. H.n. I •'in**. V*b.lm. Pa
Hates •• 1 .M» ; Ilj«ton :i ♦ .4S»
'77 T .yortt ...4 1 Sl«*..-^.i!-ji»ti ...» 4 *?»
i>'uJc}p3'* •• •» -' «K7|^t. l.'jul» 2 4 •:;*
gi'Jja 3 4 .42», Brooklyn ... 1 I 290
A.MEBICAX iJiliarrK.
{•^t Won.l^irt. ••-. Cluba. W(.nU>M. r.«.
rfcr»ar!»tlm. .- * 1 .KB* ChlcMTO ■••• 8 -1 -fl I *'
v«r-Tcrk ... 4 2 **«:.' ;: - lx»ul» - 3 Ma
rwvVar. : - ' W«»liir^«i>r .... 3 4 .428
»£wt 2 t .«87,Ba«t<in . 1 « .143
J|or«? than thirty thousand persons gathered
at America). League* Park yesterday to see the
— jj^ between the Highlanders and the Wash*
lr.fton r.me, which resulted in a victory for the
local r'** 1 " 8 - s*° 3 -
rju.aM r - Tne failure- to complete Friday's
g»nrr U» tautest really «•» tfce opening of th«-
American Leagwa season in this city. That* was
re charge made for admission to th« grounds,
bagasse the management failed to supply rain
rfc»ck? t" tIM disappointed patrons on Friday.
The great crowd paused through the several
frtnmeer. and ground rules had to be «^stal>
l:th<£ owirg tn the numbers which filled up the
greater part of the <>uth>ld. Th«»r<» «m occa
ricn&l outbursts of «»nthusia>m xvhen any of th*
visiting players accomplished a good bit of play.
but there was no urban' and th«? crowd wan
htxiJled easily by a trig force of policemen.
Clarkeen etched a. good pine, striking out
e!s mcii. •Ac six hit* an.l not giving a
ringte bn.se on balls.
TLe YaTikees were fjret two score, making two
rout in U» ■.ing Inning. Dougherty, first
sp, got his base on balls. Kaasar, next up, bunted,
tr.A Kittredpe threw 10 MCOnd to head Dougher
ty on but was too late. Klberfeld made a sacri
fice, and on Williams'* single Dougherty crossed
the f£lte. Anderson was Fecor.d to be put out
?n Mullen's throw to Cassid;, but on the play
Keflrr tallied. Conroy filed U Stabl.
The visitors made their first run In the second
dtea Huelsman singled, and on E'berfeld's wild
tfcroTv got to second base. On Mullen's two base
hit he crossed th- plate. In the third the Qua
ker* tied the score. Jones van f.nf«» on Bihar
??!<3's fumble, a.nd crossed th* plate on Hill's
Th:e^ basg-er. There was much excitement in
the Pixth. ban the. visitor*. flrnt up. pounded
cut another run •ii a e ingle by Jones and a three
base hit by Huelsman. The Highlanders clinched
tat nrntrtt w.bea.they came t<j bat in their half
d tWs inning-, matin* three run*.
VHWtai. hot up walked. Anderson wa> cafe
vhrn Mullen dropped Stahl'F tews to first. Con
roy dropped a ibort single In right Odd, tilling
the bates. On Chate's grounder. Williams was
forced at the plate, Hill to Kittredg«. at<-<iuir.;
sir.giHi to otntre, scoring Anderson. Conroy and
**hv.s*. On the throw home- to catch Chase, Me
•iuirc moved *:j> to ?ecoi:4. <"!:;rk»"»r. went out,
Cassidy to ?tahl. I>oughrrty was retired, by
PtaM. unaa.-isted.
xi:iv yobk . crAJSOXStOTOK.
— r «1. T It i
Dwtetr. if « » '> i «O| saa«* r. 4 2 1 i • •
titl':. rf. .. « 1 1 2O «> :}•■':. 2b . 3 « i i S i
r:vrfi>;i. - 4 <> -• 1 4 Sjeufci. in ♦ •• 11* 1 ft
VtOaoa, S» S 0 S « 4 O Huel«ni*-i. If 4 i 1 <• l 0
Ar.tknwii. 'iii..; «» Caftyll"-. 6i... i« i 114
"caroy, ::).. « 1 3 Z <• ■• Malllr. 8b a <» 1 2 « i
Ct*f. 1h... 3 ; 013 « « Svniva.n, •«.. 4 >. -. " i. «
u«<;^ir». ... « o r .•• i e;KHo«.-agg. c. t ■• ■• .- 1 «*
CUxkSOB. r. 4 0 « .)'.' J- 5 .» 0 O » |.
TctAlt ..Z^ 9iTl4 2 Total* U3 t ait in> „
X'.w-TcTi; ■ •> ii ii •> 3 O •» x— s
wuhfcet'jfi o i t <i •» i « <i «>— s
T»o tt*» Lit— MulJiii. Thiv- l«*~ Ita -mi;, 1; Bmls^
•'iSrK !. lii^riScs tit — ltd. l>eft oji i>eiw^- New-York.
• ; (CcAterton. 4. Kirtt \*<~ i<n l»al>— Off v.-olfT, 5
♦"!m b»»« f,r» »jtm» Xew-Yorfc, ti: ■Washinfrioii, ». Hti
I" j'tfj}'»d h*Tl Ch>«i* Ftruck out— Ky ■ urn »ue. *•; by
"•^•J, I. Tins-. |:49. Cap*»— Mr. Cor.ne!!j\ Attti *■
Itetroit April ii.— Detroit's victory dsT >.•«/<
«-♦ to Ui-..r o.!l BTOtmd r»la:lug, the r:na r*»
fliltbir :rt,:n team I'a'tSne an.] ».a'--nii)r.itip. lioth
sitcfc.rs *«i»- wild, t.ut Killian was »-ffectiv« after
n* csv. bay*. -Toneft w i>ut out oi the me for
clspuiing. Tn< *■:<;*•;:
R. 11. K.
n^ro- i. a 1 3 1 « 1 0 s— « •'• •
■ • •♦ « " i « O «• a— a 7 a
Btttnlea — Killian uTid BaXQTSS; AltT«-V »riu M'l\.i
a&4. •.-•.:, .i,:.. ... T.,500.
Bf-tiir.;]. Apr;! 22.— TJm IJ'.stons awn their ■'.:■•'
Ctme ol tij- i".-a.win (kajaw nillsjflil|ilila t»>-day, I
' r < 0. The risltors* «'xrors proved costly, all three
•curmie into th« nnj-maklnjp of *>•■ home team.
TV.- fi.-iuit? nf Perils and p.-i.re?jt w«f the feature.
Th«- f-COT» '
n. ii. B.
L»- .: t. i> J o B ii « 2 x — 3 « •»
>^il»d-!i.:;iH '• ■• 0 '• <> <• a 0 <> -ti 6 •:
Batteries— mater aaJ VeOontni Urni.^r a«J Vowm.
Cejrtre, CTOsagiilln. Attcr«Ja:«-»:. 11.60.V
Bt Lo;:>. April 13— By timely hitting, Cleveland
*on today's gain*. frt>ro St. I*ritr. 2 to 2. Tho
*~or« ■
*3«"*!i: : .i « 0 0 O I t «» 0 «- 2 f> -
»t l»ul- „ <• J .1 «<>*•« <f— 1 > -
ButcrlM -Jew -no Baatls; • 'ia-J*- ir.d *U(rd<r.. V\a-
Vtrt*. K*,!^» and ■ Xxtht AiWDitwic", «•.•'■•
At v•*!•.-.*v •*!•.-.*— Atl*r.t». «: {GsSßVfflt. S.
.'.» f :rmir4r!:aß>~B:rjs!r.s!ii«™. t: Woetffaaacty. I
*• Mftnjr.:t— M"srnihlK. 7: T^tl!^ Ro- '«. 2.
M N*»-r>rl»-ttKfc— N<-w-Orlean«. 4; J : hri'->.-j>'»rt. »-
Ax. itinvHii; il>— aaHßa. •; M* aa -
*'. 6»<'»r".aJj— F«verinsi.. * AurJ«*. >•
*; CU ri» t ".r-— Charleston. 0; Coluir.ht*, ■ • 'r.ln<!temi in
cst«* .
•w-Rochelk Retident* Sign Petition
Against Playing
Veuticii* in b^lnrr circulated In New-BocJieile
Madast Bonday ljuf<hall r>lJ»yJ"» l Dlllnn Park and
tht entire « leii'y of the city have Joined In tiw;
concerted action. It Is Siild tb.it j^wral of th«
bcal miiiihteri will preach &-nrmr.d - lay asatast
fiujitUiy l^'.i playjnjf uK former Muyui Micheel J.
Mlion's park und will Lc i-rofus's In tli«-:r denuncia
tion of the no's thnt Uavn accompanied tjb« >p.»it.
it !.- caiil that If the Rim- is ""t fv.|.i..-i on Bun
toit u!i appeal win be made t« Bi^riff jgerna.
ii BO THf T!.JB> I
Bt TjfjHle. /.;iril 25.— W. 11. Good'-noujjli, or.c of
«> best known bail pUjrera in th.- ; Muntry f.ftfN-n
yttrs teo. i» now in the City KotfplUl. iift«r l«-al
>n^ half MM of li. p!jyß'cians and atten<Unt«.
Oooflcpocga »s forty. three years uW. and for t»^-v
•^rt! jeare til the beft ouIJI.Mt !rj th- floutljt-ru
H- walked into the Ctty 1 >!»!>' -on r> v«. f -ttii-a:.
nU atfani to bf- *»ent to tlw b^MitiJ. As «•«« WJ
b« e-Ji therr. b*: MviiKtly fttticked PJ?*3rE«»na
*i*ritt. atwt Mnaehing bU cc»f bfcu v <1.» or to Pie^**
b th^ nghf. he it» ov«r' • and riy*<» Jtl ',
CSOe4 ir a c*ii. «-fc«» hfc I* li*-!« p^uJriff «in ex
«wl«.t!on into lite sauity. He btra i* bt. t«ke:i to
U*mt>Mt. w»i»r* M*> wlf» iH ww llHrr
So«A Players Ordered Out of Giants
'■V TIXEOKAPU TO THE Tlilß'.N' :.;
Philadelphia, April 22.— Giants easily de
feated ihe Philadelphia nine here by a score of
10 to 2.
McGann whs .aught at the plate in the eighth,
and lost his temper and struck Catcher Abbott,
v.-ho retaliated by striking McGann with the
*>&!!. The men were separated by the players
of lhe!r respective teams, and as McGann
walked to the bench a number of spectators
throy cushions at him. He was taunted by th-:
crowd, and several of the visiting player*
threatened to go into the pavilion. A youth who
■raja Felling soft drinks was struck in the face
by one of the \ r-Yorfc players. After the
game a crowd followed the carriages occupied
by the champions, Im.ling bricks and mud after
the members of the team. McGann and Abbott
were placed on the bench. More than twenty
thousand apectatdra saw the game.
The Giants mad'; live runs in the second inn
Merits walked, arid a wIM pitch put him on
third. Dahlen singled, scoring Mertes. Devlin
fanned. Gilbert singled to right, and Breana
bun bunted and araa out, Abbott to Pranafield.
McGlnnlty walked. Donlin hit to Courtney,
who was alow touching third bag. Dahlen scor
ing. Strung was hit by a pitched ball and <Jil
bert scored. Corrldon hit McGann and McGln
nity rrossed th« plat--. Captain Qleason took
Corridon out and Suthoff vent Into the box.
Mai l«« drew a pass and Donlin scored. Dahlen
was struck out.
In th« seventh the Giants made four more
runs. Donlin was safe on Gleaaon's fumble.
StrjiTig got a base on balls. A swift one struck
McGann on the stomach and the bases were
full. Mertea singled to right, Dunlin and
Strang scoring. Dahleu filed to Mac-.-. Mertea
going to second. Devlin singled to centre, and
McGann and Mertea crossed the plate, (illhert
Sled out. Devlin taking third. Bretmahan
wulked. He started tor Beeoiid to draw v throw
and DaiUn was caught at the plate.
NEW-YORK. iMi [ i . Hi •» 1 a
iii. r lb i-.. ■ •• - a ;> r 11 po a ■•
Itor.lia. cf. .. * s i -' «• OlThomas, <f. .. * - - i 1 <> 0
srran*. if... 2 1 1 «• 0 IJQleaaon. !"»«. . 4 1 113 1
M-'iKr.n. ,».. 3 i .■ 7 1 OJCourtnejr, Bi>. 40.2.2 2 1
Bow»nMr..l'.' « ■• 0 1 <• 0 Mar*' . 1f. ... * 1 1 2 1 0
M-rten. 1f... 3 2 I « 0 «• Titv rf ."! it 1 4 8 1
r»ahW,. m.. .'. 1^23 ii l:r.ir.H-. ; '.. It. 4 <« 1 « 2 0
l«ev)ln, 3t.. . r. <• 1 4 it •' Pool It! -- «>•<>! 1 <•
•;; !■•:-. 2b.. 5 1112 ftJAbbatt. c 4 <> 1 n i 0
Kr*>«!iahaß, .- 4 '• 1 0 " ©;D.joln. r 1 <> •• O M <•
MctJlmilty, p 4 1 11." «• '"0TT".)...-!, 'y... .1 <> «• » 1 'I
•• • _|Bt)thuff. p.~. .1 O'O 18 0
TV'tftl* . . 36 to 11 27 11 2>Krujr<;r 1 •• •> « •• •>
} Totals Zfi 21 27 1(1 3
•lUttea t'jr Rutlsoff in the ninth Inninir.
N"»w-Tork << 5 it ii it 0 4 1 i, — 10
PMladelrhla . -• <» «> it 0 <t " V <>■ 2
Tvra ban-; bit— MaafM. Stolen bas«9 — rK.:sl!i'. Br^nahan,
UrntX*. Abbott. 2^-:» on >«■*-„ N.-w Vorti 9- Phtimdel -
phis. 7. Ktrst haw on bull* (M Oorrtdoo, Si Sutboff, 4.
lilt by pitched ball -By M-i;innlt;. 1; by Corridon. i; by
riuthnff. 1. S:r'j' ntH By Mi-<;ir.n)tv. 4- hy Corrilcn 1;
by !--j»l>'.-. 4. Wlla pitclws— ■Mi.-ainnltv. l"; CorrMou. 1.
— Oft OarriJoa. 4 In two l«nlnir»; off Butboff, 7 In 1
luntna--'. T'.rr.r, %£}. l"m|jlre«. Ftstii-TrlTio and Eir.Rl"*.
Shut Out Visitor* in an Interesting
Tho Brooklyn* played up to championship form
yfiaterday, shutting out Boston, ito •• The game
was Cast iiivl narked by snappy work tliroug-hout.
Sh'.'-karfl rnn'i<- two clever running catches and
I«-vi> playi-d bin jj.jsltlou ,•! short to <„ . j effect
king part in two fast <loi!t>l« piny*. TI ■ ■•.r. ■
•bribpo a ••' brlliivt •
SJ.« ckurO. ;i\ 4 11 .-, ttii.'uiin^ii. ,-f. . .. , (, i» „ o „
UuDlex. rt.. .'. t i «i< TV-- ib.V.. so •• i:; In
Rutch. .■>.• ... •» : *J ii .• oiAfcba.HMUo.aai. -, 0 r. « ] <>
OvdM^Sb.;. 4 i. 1 I 4 UiWnlvnton. 3b .". i, 1 n ] <>
T^yr!*, r5.... 4 it i .'. •; »l, a..-. in-'. !f... i „ „ ] it ]
iMbba, •:. ... 4 1 - 1 •» l.Hlu ri" i „ 1 3 •■ „
Habb. Ih 4 c (• ]•> •• "I Lanterb'lV -'' - 1 " II 3 V. (•
Hitter, c 4 •>..!<■• (feedham. <?;, :< i, „••},,
Mclntyre, p.. 3 9 1 •> r. ■• Wiiht !m, \>. . . :« n ; it 7 ,1
Totals 34 4 15 37 I" ij Totals S» «752414!J« 7 52414!J
Hrooklrs <• <• <> i << " :: <> x— 4
i«'st«n •> •• 0 1> II II ii I) ii-_ i>
T*v»l«v hit— i:itt«.-:. sa<iiiu«- bite- Mclntyre Ljt'ut*T-
U»m. Btolen ba»c»— t<ewU. UoUbn. iv.-.ii.i.. plajs— Le» lBl B
ari>». Ral,l>; Ovetw, I>>wlk ai^l Habb; Lantmnim and
Tenner. l-«f t on base*— Uoaton, •!: brooklj-u, ». i't'-t
l)a*« on bolla— Off Uiiht-liu. l*; off Uelatrn- II Struck
out— l»v WUheUn. •-•; by Melntyrci 1. tiui- of mm
I:J4. nnt4r<r--jahnstane. Attendance, "..'•<>■>.
PIM l>urg, April 22.— Plttuburg 'i<-.l th.- ucore In
the- uevjoth by a !>attit]>; rally affaiust ii- Hum an.l
won it; the eitthth l«y hitting McFarland ;it will.
RobertaJllA bad t" come to I.ynch*« ;ii.l after the
fourth and h«-M th. vi.-:'t"?s down to tlir«-.; s<-ut
.' 1. •; hitH. Tlic s--<T' :
It. 11. E.
J'!tU.>>-:rtf i> ••■'.■. :< .;
st. ■ '#;:■- " •• i> - " <> .1 .» n-i >> 3
Batt«rte*^-I.<yßcb an! ivitz; K.-lium. ..; Li ■nn . .ir>.i
Wamcr. Cnplre, KVlrj. AttcndauicA, .•!•„■■■
CJ.VCI.VXAT). ■": CIIICA«'M>, ;>.
Chicago, April 22.— Captain Corcoran'* batting
yon for Cincinnati to-day, all thr»;e «%j' jiis hitj
brlnctoc i!i run\ after passes and errora had put
iii^n on ha.«=«-s. Kvers wag hijure*] at the opening
Of t!»-- fnth In ■ i-0111-.lon at fir.-t base and was
r«-plitc»-<J l»y llofman. The score:
<"iTi.Jr.iss.tl 0 1 •» *> fl 1 " '• 0 :t— ■"•
Cblcag't a 0 ..; 1 v "••■"> 1--3
JU»tt i - 1 i«-»-'> l 'kr4li ai.d Pbelp«; iiTitH" and Kling. Vm
rlt*. <v l>»r. Attendance, -. 11 «i
Cleveland, April JJ.~News of th»- secret tr.arriaje
of keen K. Ames and Mlfa R^r.a Brainard. of War
ren, Ohio, at Jamestown. N. V.. on January I".
•„;,>, mad* pubiir ... their friends to-day. Mr. Ames
i= the w*ll UnoT.n basvbidl plusher with ihw ICeWr
York Nati-.ijal nine, white the brid« !.^ one of War
ren's most comely youns;.'women p.fv3 hr.s a large
circle 01 ;i- ijualntaiK-^u.
Bull Expects To Be a Point Winner ßelay
Carnival Entries.
The 4>.lunibi.i track team bad --wial trial
, r . rdaj t" tr>' «u^ U»« men Who will t-ntor the
«/»UtKi.»:« nwitt. .;. II- Hull. a in .-i,in.. :>eat
r. T. BdoUngfleld. "05. in the l«0-yard <!: " >: Bull
liM« l*en running *«il this »prin| and i* expected
to develop •ti a sure point «•■ ■" I" tb« 416-yard
da-'h J. A. Taylor, '«, beal out A. Macdonald, '05.
m 02 2-5 seconds^ I". S. H«tberinctoii won th« half.
Il»« rwn lt> s<'"<i Btyio .md won gasify in a Hiirlni at
th*> finish. •""■ '-'• MaidonaM ■„.,!. two-mi!*; alone!
Ills tin;'- w' aii l*tter t!ian hns been don<s In a trial
by a ColtunbU raari in « 1""k tlnn. MatMlooaJd i»
<.-iiriKld*T«-<l tin? best tWojmller that liasi ru»j for
Ci.iuiribi.'i li> rec«nt years.
i, .the y»\>- vault .J. H. A. Williams showed up
-in wiJU- I". T. l>JditiKrt<..l n ; ui 1. V. K-hrUim
Hu kcU fairl' X"*"! J'"»n >» th '- broad Jump.
Aft*r th" t Hall- Ooacti HJ-nherg winounoed th«
„*:,,. irould »en<J to Philadelphia to enter the
Penn»ylv*ois relay carnJvaL \iu has «nt*r«->d mea
r« n. »j » - . , „ ]( val , t nod th** 100
l"ri\"k-& r% Ktoy tearo^ as follows, ..mtahly
SE&teCia the *rd*r-«iv^n: )". B. Hetberin«to«. A.
MaMoiTa J C A. Pulton =>nd J. A. Taylor. J. H.
* Will' Vni* >c eater«d in th* j^.i« vstilt and W. a.
H'ufluJ i» tli» XO"->arfl
Defeats Williams in a Pitchers'
Philadelphia, April Ml— Harvard defeated Will
iams on the American League grounds here to-day
In a ten-inning game by th« .•■••.>!•• of 5 to ■■■ Tho
game was a pttchers' battle, an.l Coburn bad the
bettor of it. T:i' score:
„ , , r lii po « •• rlb i-. * «■
liiiiijali. 1b.... 2 <) 10 «[ 0 McCany, c ... I oiu •-• "
Leonard, at, . . .11 1 ■> •» 1. Bonh»m, 5b.... 0 « it I «
Mauhow?, ss. . 6.1 ; 2; 2 » X*sbi! <>?.... 0 •> - £ <•
s>.-hoeiifue>s. ■. :. I 00 0 llwesterfrlt, »...<» 1 l ■"> d
St*>v..nson. c.. I 213 2 'H'lgnn. If »i 2 <» 0 «)
Dfxl'r. If •> 0 0 0 OiXeild. .">> . . 0 0 (» 2 1
McCarthy, it.. <> 2 - <• 1 Warren, c* I 1 •• 0 •»
Ooburn :• 1 •» 1 3 Harmon, lb 1 113 0 ■>
Kcmbl.\ Sb. „ 0 1 33 l! Wads worth, if.. i» 1 1 v 1
Totals r> ; :ii. » 3; Total* •"■ «S<M2 1
Harvard 0 0 •; (. 0 •• 1 ft 0 a- -5
Williams o i) 0 " 0 ii 3 it •» D •".
Karned run— Wllllama] Two ins.- hit — Warren. Stolon
bases— MoCarty. Bonham, Randall. Matthew*, Ij»i.tiar<t.
r>ouhi« plays— lVe«tpr\-elt and Han ion, Nent.it and Uon
ham; Matth«va, Kamblc Hti ! RanJal!. rir-a bawj on
balls — Oil Ooburn, 7: off Westrrvelt. I. Hit by pttchnd
bali^— baiter, l^ro'iard. Struck out— By Coburil, IS; by
Ucetervelt. 11 PassKl boll— Steveneoa WIM pltcl
CVibnrn. Time, B:*s. Umpire, Orauler.
Washington, April a. -In the presence <a tn«
larfe'^st crowd of the year Georgetown to-day lost
its iir>: game of the season to Princeton. Th»;
feature of th* Kum*.- was the pitching of Dyraus,
who was Invincible, holding Georgetown to a. lone
hit and striking out sixteen men. Th»: visitors
showed up especially well in the Held, but obtained
only three hits ■■ft" Bre man. The s.-..r- :
B. 11. K.
Princeton ■» 1 1 •■ <• 11 .1 0 'i—4 :; 0
Qcoryetown •> 11 ■» it 1 0 <• 11 <»— — 1 l a
l^mpH*!- — Dyraus and 1 ■.."•]■•>; Brennan an.l Hurt.
Annapolis, Mil.. April 22.— The midshipmen team
triumphed over Syracuse here, by *> to 3. The local
nine outbatted the visitors whose Southern trip
around up wi'h this game. The score:
R. 11. E.
Amwpolii © 2 ft ft 0 4 0 0 zz — <> 6 4
SyraciiK<- 0 •• d 1 »> 1 o 1 0 — 2 0
ri.itualo.. — t^mb^ck. Harmon a . '. Uollard hi'l Wilbur;
Douxlai and Syi.illnision. Inipir*., Snyd^r.
Providence, K. 1., April 22.— 1n a loosely play«M
but exciting game Brown defeated Tur'tH hero to
day by a score of 4 to 3. Both teams fielded poor
ly, iii-.il neither was very strong with thf- bat. With
the score tied in the ninth Brown won out on an
»«rror by l^mli,. a base on "balls nml a hit by Hoye.
Score by Innings:
R. it. i:.
lin.wn « .1 -» 1 (» 1 O 1 I—4 « 5
Tart* » •• 1 1) 1 0 1 it o—3 2 6
?latt<»rtß» «v.i Paine; Sullivan «nd Donovan.
t-nir.!)* 1 . McAleer. Attendance 600.
»i —
Th. freshman baseball teams -if New-York ("ni
versity and Columbia met on Ohio Field yesterday
In their annual straggle. The New- York team out
played 'heir opponents from the start, and anally
won '.. ih« score of 7 to J. JJoiU teamß were Ktr^ng
at tho bat. three doubles and a triple being talUud
in th>- Rume. The score:
R. H. D.
K. v. i:.. '«« . . 1 0 it 1 a a ft •! s— T •« 8
Columbia, i* 9 « © • I • • O I—2 7 1
ItatttrlfS-— McDonald an.J Jackson, fiwajtw.nit an.; Dil -
UnifaU T'mrifre, gtminoM.
Worcester, Mass., April 22.— Dartmouth put up a
wretched gam>' against Holy Cross to-day, a.ml
was defeated easily. Runs cams in bunches for
Holy Cross, mainly through Dartmouth's errors.
The score:
K. H. K.
Holy Cross 12 " i) 4 it '< :'. x— lo 0 1
Dartmouth 0 1 © • 1 « 0 6 0— 2 3 7
Batttrfaai " l>Rourk« an.l I^.ftup ana Caniaan; R. Glaze.
.1 •;>.,.•. and McCabe. Umpire, RJonUa.

\V.: t point, N. V.. Anril 22.— in the most Interebt
tig game played here this season tho Columbia
team defeated the cadets by a score <>f 3 to i It
took the New-Yorkers ten innings t.. scor» ; the
victory, however. Armstrong making the final
run after two had sou- down. The cad«ta titart^fi
.iff wi-li and made three hits in Th ■ iir^t inning,
Rockwell und Gardner scoring In the third Colum
bia evened •aiatt.-r.<, and thus It .'tool until the
tenth inning. The Bcore:
It H. E.
Columbia 1. 1. 2 0 .... <► .... 1— 7 I
West Point 30000004 <» <>-- 4 ::
0.,...r,.. — riiztffral.l u.i.i Cannon; B^avvarg and tlanion.
ST. JOHN'S. !♦; «'. C. N. V., 1.
On a heavy and soggy nvid the St. John's Col
lege baseball team. >..' Brooklyn, defeated the Col-
US« of the City of New-York, » to L
Tin city college played a crippled team, the 011
tir** Inileld ami the catcher being Ktibstltutes. The
feature of tho game was th»» pltuiiing ><£ Scullen for
.«t. John's. Ii the Bfcond inning th» city i-«jllege
had Die bases full, with none out, ant! Scullen iravo
iu> or.«» a chance to (jet hum**, Fiotnei Kamp's
playing at bird may win him th. 'varsity. Coliega
of the City ■1 New- York scored i;-< only run on :>.
fhiki- In th« eighth Inning. The tamt. was played
on Laughlin Oval, at '■■'■'■ i>i>i)i|it. I ."up- Island. The
K. 11. 1:
c «■. x. 0 " •• " > 1 it -1 11 :i
,«t. John? •» •• 2 •• 1 1 I 0 »— a 12 •_•
BatttrlM — VToolt a>"i ' rt*; Ecullen, Rcaa an! .-:•, •■.■■
Madison. Wis., April Si— lllinois L'alversit] to
day -.. •..,! Wiscohsin, :-: •■■ " Th«- icore:
1: 11 K.
•• 0 ■• .' ■• I :: « 1
VViSiMic 0 •• 0 « <> 0 0 t> o—o 1 r:
Itatterlte— Opf»relt and Kocwn; CuniTatrijfj un'i licahy.
Ithaca- N. V.. April —.--In h'-r firti*. gaia>' with a
poling. team thin y»ar, Cornell ■!•■•. .\.-a-Vojk
University to-day, 15 to 1. Th« visitors played a
loos* game nd made several costly error*. Low
thtr'u curves proved easy for Cornell, and by bunch
\ng their hi** icorei were mad' 1 :ilr:>owt at arill. The
score ■
K. 11. i:.
Cbm«t: ■ • '' " ■•■■-.:■» \— 18 15 3
N.*-Y/r. . « 0 8 1 •» 0 «• " -1.7
I'at».-r>s — ruiftf.l Hod Wai I*>wther aivl it'gfp.
Norfolk, Y:i.. April £ \ ;ii.- defeated the Univer
sity of Virginia 11. 1. to-day. Thi game was won
In th< eighth by clever batting. The ore:
K. 11. K.
■YaiH •• •• "'•" " - ' *— 2 iS -
VlrgiuU ...: <» " " '• 1 " '-' '-' " •"' ' •
lUttwK-,- Hill. Jackaon and I'hupli Adam* and '-'lur.
dl«r. L'Ulplr*— Mr. Har;r..w. Ait».i.uin .«•, B.OUB
Aniiupolls. .\M.. April •S.^Chnrles 11. Smith's yaw]
rigged* > "bi Herhlldu, tl>l"K the rotors of "'•■
New- York Yacht <'lui>. '•■■•■■'■ anchor In Arthapb
ii* ii,,.,! to-night; Mr, SmUh, who will make an
extensive cruise to ii.. 111 Rout ' '.* accompanied
by hi« .l«uKlit>-r ana .1 r»artj of frlei.iln. He will
spend two r.<-<!;s cruising about « hesupeuktt Hay.
■^Cambridge. Mass., April 22.^-Hafvßrd*S;]rarsity
crew h<i.l Its rirst four-mile rai of th<: y<-.r tM^
aftrruoon with tlie gecond crew, which had .< leail
t-turt of fuur lengths. The 'varriij had to ilow up
In r»oing under oni of the bridsee on acfaunt of
tli- Barrownsss ->f the draw, and lost four tidiii.
Mortal Ifngtun. Ii « ...- .!-..' by two bneih lengths
of water. Tna tin" 1 ff thr- v*rsity, under the rir
cumstanoen, ws* cuut>JUtr«d excellent.
Lehigh Defeats Columbia Through
Good Team Work.
Bethlehem, Perm, April 32.— After Columbia bad
tallied three goals Letugh'* defence got stronger
HUd the Brown and White -..t-'I four points In
quick suceetision In to-day's lacrosse game. It was
apparent that the last pace set at thi mi t- by th.-
Visitors could not be ki;.t up. By «-xc»»ll»>nt "team
•work l^rhlgfa won by th-- score of 9 to 3. Th.> line
up and bcoti :
Columbia. E'oiUion'v. l.«.hi*h.
S«qnnV ■ Jf>:ilJ f>:i l . 1 ailock
H. H. Rauni. .. Point KlrU
P, IWiura I 'l. •■"i- [mint .■ oh rut on
Hayrs nret a«>r-n'.* . .. 'Hiitthi Uanl«ls
A»hl.'! Second dofrnoc . . . . .N. Mfrrln.an
'■ <: ' ; ' Thtrd deXinro It. Merrlman
Sturk. .'.■:■.'!■■... Van Voortiea*
Van Iltiran Third attach . Eaten
AOanis StcouJ a track. ..i r. -„ -.1:1. T^cuoVn
Bteward lint »tta.!-- <•> H<*hweinltz
Hoyno i mt.si,i.> h..rr.- Pirechtej
McKinli Inside ham* Ha»rower
Bcorw-i-l^ehlsrh, U; <"olnmhia, .-.. GoaH^-HarrowSr 13).
Steward i-i. Eat«a 1-). I 'up., an (3>. Alar.is. r>;u.3erii and
Hrechti.l. !'.■ r.-r 1 %'■ LAtllg Umpires— Mr. Evans, ..f
N>w- York", iinl Mr. OIMS .if Pennsylvania Tl;vrr -Mr.
F. .x. Time- ol halves, a> mlrmt»p.
Bethlehem, Peni . April S.— l.«hish defeated the
Columbia i.htoss- learn to-day ft to S. l>--h'gh out
played her opponents at :.)! iv>ints.
Caledonians Defeat Paternon Rang
ers, 3 to 0.
One of tho finest games of association football
that has been seen In this vicinity this >^a»on
took place yesterday at Bronx Oval, where the
New-York Caledonians and Paterson Rangers
played the seml-nna] cup tii> for the championship
of New-York Th-: Culedohiarifi won by 3 goals to
0. Tl»<> Caledonians and Hollywood Inn teams win
meet next Saturday at Cosmopolitan Park, New
ark, in the championship contest.
One of the features of the game was the playing
of "Bobby" Taylor on the halfback line, Tan ami
Paull Rlso played a fine combination K»im« on th»*
rlKht wing, while Stark «nd Kerry worked hard
on tin- left. Cullen and J. Cumpbell .saved a lot
of shots in their territory for P;»t»-rs<>ii. and the
halfbacks strove hard to av.-rt defeat. Tli»- line-up:
Caledonian* (3). Position. l*at«rm>n Raacera (0).
>Clsh».t Ooal M. Camplwll
S|i Ken- RiKht fullback Cullsn
X»H , I/..ft rtillhack J. Cu.mp»-e;i
Gordon H. h;ilfl>ack Foy
Taylor Ccnti* Jones
S\ith^r:rtiuJ Ueft halfback Nl hoi!
TOM Riirtit r.ir.(? Boyl-
Kaull Rlplit nn.ir .Ultrh!"
Maxwell •!■.'- Klnnliran
Serrv l*ft wlnir O'.ll^i.l
otvil Left win* Murray
R^iVreo— I- K. Murray. Btj»tti«h- Americans of Newark.
tiln^anieiv— J. Mi-',-- lor ••i»'...-\'jnUnif; It. Dunn, f"r
Patenon Ratir»i>. Ooala kicked Kerry. Stark ami Talt.
for Caledonians. Tin.« i.f tamti ■ Two halves of 4-'« ir.in
uteu e»'-h.
The Atlantic City Exhibition a Big
Atlantic City. K. J., April 22.— The fourth annual
dog show, held und»r the auspices of the Atlantic
City Kennel Club, cam* to a. close la this city to
day, and wits pronounced one of the most euccess
ful contests of it* kind ever h*-ld hare, None of the
entries were Judged to-day. Th* management, in
order to give tho liir«" crowd present an opportun
ity of judging th.> does, placed the raon docile
Clausen iii the ring: together, and the canines had an
excellent chance to form a '.fir-Kin* acquaintance
with other.-- of their kind.
Th» <loga entered into the spirit of the sport and
romped and barked about the iii»*r, to the great
delight of their respective owners, all of whom
v..--.- present and who gave directions for their
shipment to their home kennels. New-York and
Philadelphia .!'>«« shar>->l the honors of the exhibit.
Manager Terry la more than pleased that there
was not one I protest over the Judges" decisions in
their many awards.
Reginald Vanderbllt has ordered hie lYench boll
pups shipped immediately to the Bandy Point Ken
in N. and M.'iii. »ii his entries left tlii^ city to-day.
William Mlsehllch an-J Rk-hurd S. Murphy, of this
city, this monilng refused *>» a pound for their
handsome little Boston terrier Daisy Anthony,
which won .several prizes. Tlie ..ft"'-! was ma.i.: by
a .Mr.-<. Ebb, of New-York, ■*!•■> wanted to buy the
little animal, ottering in payment a check for ***>.
Mrs. Is din and Mr. Pell Winner* in
Mi.ttil Doubles Tournament.
Well played cut strokes ami hard driving played an
Important part yesterday In the deckling of the lawn
tennis matches -'it the St. Nicholas Kink, til-- .<.>«
tent ting designated as the Newport chant**
niixuil doubles. Six pair are entered for the title,
Two of th* matches were completed yesterday, one
of them going through three fast «tt». It w) I hi
this match that airs. Ernest ls»iin. paired with
Theodore Roosevelt Pelt won al r»— 7. •>— S and 6— 3
by ti,. fast driving of the ball in the second and
third sets. Mlm Katbaflns Barney, paired with the
captain of tbo Harvard latrn tennis team. Bernoa
Prentice, won the other match In straight sets by
tl,o score of '>-- £ and •;--?.
It was or.!:' ?li< splendid defensive play of ifra.
Is^lln md Pell, who lined rlne passing .-no'-S ;.1..:-.g
ih*: slda alleys of the opposite court, tijat <<av.»o]
thfirt from '.osli.R the first, set b«%*orr the score on
sames touched deuce. After th«- games had he»n
brought to ileuee ai •> all, Mi^s jrVll used this stroke,
and. backed by Watson's fast ami puzzling service,
they were ;ible to take the pet at T— >. Then was
railitu it distinct '.-huiiKe In the. racket work of Mr-.
Is.'ti;) ;M>ti ••T» i dly" Pell in the next set. Abnost
Invariably they lol'beil the first return from service,
.•Hi:. getting d"-"* opposing . ill on their ba«»j Hue,
drove tli" second return at top speed for a p.is.* as
Miss Pell ..mi Watson came up quick!] to Rain the
net position. From their sule of the net Mia* Pell
and their partner • dim irored likewise, to lob. hut
their lobs failed to reach deep In tri-» court; many
of ihvir, In fart. Ml ho close t<» ii.. net that both
Mrs. [sellti and "Teddy" Pi I come up u»d Hiuashed
for the point, sending the bail far oui.to the side at
high bounds. The set ended at tf-2 In favor of Mr*.
Iselin and Pell, who continued their winning tactics
to the end of tii. fa ,:■■. taking the third and decid
inn »«-t by the same score.
In the other •,U."liti..:. Ml ■ Kattiurln* Barney
and ih<- Uiirvanl captain. Prentice, defeated .\Ji<!.
Cynthia Roche and .]. ..-.•;■!•. D. KorlH«. ti.- latter
<>f Hi. t:.. kawaj Hum Club, •>■ (Vdarhnrit, Long
f«land. Throughout tlie tw.> .*• t> "f "''■ match
MU?s is.uiity-H tttioii^- overhead Mrvi.v was greatly
in evidence Her pl.iv was *plrit.d ami • I hi Ms:.
ami In all of the rallies «he cleverly use.J a sharp
pausing «tr..k»-. which Invariably galnetTthe Point,
Mln* ({..-ii^. . ...:,..:■■ varied th^i- game
•kiiruily, hut tall.-ii t.> hoUl I"HK >ugn to any
on- line ».f titcti.-ti Steadiness uml ;peed for ihr
winning i,|. of ti,,. net char»ct«rised the play .-..
Mt>'s Barney and Prentlc*. and they rather rasily
took ti-.*- victory.
f*!x t'-iini* fiitetvil for the honinv. the Its? m
''"i.lini; Mlkj Jon:. Keid and n«org<J A-'i . Ml»f
•y!tl;ia Hoehe ami Joseph D. Torres. Mli«s K.ith
■ ritu- H.irney and Hernon Prentle*. Mrs, Kroett
ffvlln und Ti.eodorc Reosevell PHI. Miss Uertrade
1 «... *!id Frederick Wntnoti »>•'< M> v Hurger \v a l-
Inch and Pyrll Hatch. Tb» '-•■»nr»«T<» plsyfd yest»r- *
day »'■!•' If! th* ftri round »* t^e t»*m» »••• r
drtivrn. Tlj« •.»mf-rl.;.ils v.ii 1 v played to-momw. !
Miss Rfid and «.;*org* Ad»- mating lUss H»rn»y ,
and Preatlop. The ofh»>r n»ml-fl:i*l will r»r!ng to- ;
Mrs. Barger Wallali and •*'yr»l H; t.-h |
asraltist Mrs. l«flir. und "T»ddj-"* F»-I*. To* -urn- 1
Newport championship r.ii.x^d doubl*« irir»i 1
roOTdV^MIv Kat'.iariii*- HEsrn*y .-i^i»l F^rnon Fr»ri
•:, <!*»'-'i.t«"i Ml>"s «*yntWa Ri>,-h« and Joseph l» ■
Korbes, *> r.. <>-- L': MrM. Krr:*^» iseltn and TS*odorr •
Roosevelt Pel! o»>f«>at*«i M 1* •:».■>: --.1. reU un>! •
J"r««Jeriok Watson, »-T. «— C. 6^—3
Montckrir Beaten in Return MaUh
~.;ith Dyker Meadow.
i !
Tui- !ci:ff standing ilysfrj i.tt»«-c;i t:wi t>iUcr ;
Meudow "nd ;li-> 3lontrlnJr *.•<::/ .!'li^ »ai *harr»- |
1 ened ; • fterdn; t% u.-.othfr bipr ;]ii»f»-l: "t'-'.'.*-- I*^1 *^ w.- '■
teasns of t!>:- in orpinliatljn*. It was the I Hum
meetinsi th« flr-?t having laki : ■ place ut Stpntc.'clr I
las? X.JTf-mljer. w'ltb nl;i"t»::n men en :•. side. .\t \
tl;tt il;jio thy Dykfr Meadow i^ar. 1 won by & *;-opc j
o* 3^'to C 7. jYesterttoy*s mutch wus ptey^d ut r>yk<?r I
Meadow! «nd to the ciutgrjs •>' th* visitors tj»y 1
! iren ugain b«.-aten by the ov»rwhelmfcig - ••■■ '.J j
I .-■••> to S. There^wen twenty en :; side this ttm«^. and I
j seVeral £Jiang»s i;> rnaktup v.er^- necessary en 1
1 both leamj (row ih- osai »>t the tall. 1 »•• or.'.y '
Montclair rm-n who wen tti*>lr coatcnea -r- John ,
. M. Ward, who ij^ut .litrrre^ M. Rhett by - ••^: HaroM <■
' Wilcoxi '' •• tn«rroi>oiitur: c^atn'pion, who as 1 up 1
1 on .7nm*>f. »,. Tr»: ' ••■: Wi!:'.«ni C» Freeman, who beat ;
I \v. h. n;> '< •l- up, ar.d \\\ 1;. Marcus, who tt.-i- '
j ished 5 tip .... M It (Jvtuwl:;. Tn«- raoal exelttmj
: ma( of the dnv was between Piiui li;:rr;yo:» ana ,
F. C. Jet>!.!n<<", who uro!.- even: Their ennJs were: !
1 aui atMriaDO, MOBtclatr:
i Owl >: 3 1 ♦ 4 4 ; v ♦-«
1 Ir. i 1 5 i 0 a I 5 a—**—
I". •'. J.-r.'.Angy. l'V,:»r tfea>low:
■■ Out 3 l' 3 3 :. ♦ 1 4 5- -4:
I la <; :: .'• ."• 4 •'. ; 5 4-4+--K3
Tlio M • ■'-■•'.: i; m«ii weVe sui-pris^d at th» ap
imrfiit ease with which thHr test men were taken
; into camp. The summary:
Jtav.VL.M.': • HSU MKAIK'W.
1 J. M. \V*r.i 2.1. M. Rbetl >i
l!um:ii "iViloox I .'. I, Taj lor. (.»
T. T. R!<Ni Oit». Wm»th»rby 1
C. B. »!>-vr " r. J. Oeokali -
(.'. K. Van Vlerk, ji . . ... 0 f anii! Ctt«r>RC«y t
Mwrshalt Whltloch » XV .1 tl«!3it«?s 4
\\~. I". Marcos, i; •> Arthur P. Oapi 3
P»':>. H<*rrl»or. •> F. I . .T«>pr.ir.|t» i*
a. 1.. n.e.lfl«l«! » Howard MaiwHl 4
E. H. I-.yfi.r.J "Captain F. N. Horn. 3
Pan! Wllcox t»i J. >'. <"■— 3
W •'. Fr^omai. J V '•: TUi^lt ..... "
.1. S. Jon** •> 11. •: McKeev«r 4
■W. .T. M.."fni-MI« •• .' M. Fs«r» «
r K. McMabo.i ft H. T. WiM»n I
' V. B. Mr.- i. sr U| It. H. Ooo4«in •>
1 c. K. Van vi<-,-:. ar. ... • F. J. Phillip*. S
\V K. Hampton O. <"har!»^i aitiMM "*
W, V UVi'OD 0' T. A. Kddy *•
.1. H. Harris «'>'; Frank Uvmaa 4
Tata! •" Total »
Takes Both Net and Gross Score Prizes at
Weekly Handicap.
Lakewood. N. J.. April 22.~Davison Lloyd, a well
known Pitts-bun? golfer, addfd another cup to-day
to the collection of trophies he has won In LAke
wood golf competitions this season. He won both
net end gross score prizes In tlte weekly hartdtrao
competition to-day. Hi? card -was 77. Archltold
J. McChir», of the Albany Cot m try Club, finished
■second. Thf .«ummarf:
Gross. Handicap. »t. I
I>. Lloyd S3 4 77
A. .7. M^Clure 81 t3 79
S. K. r>« F>r»it «« 8 •>
F. T. Wheeler 90 JO SO
E. K«n;.«hall 92 12 80
F S. Wheeler «** M 80
A. W. Black • & '8 M
S. V K»rrt3-. 101 JO 81
A. H. «irav#* »t >• «3
H. .-4. Harden « » *3
itelX H. P»lh«uus »9 12 %4
R. W. ItntiKhton M IS $3
J. «. Batt«rfH.n - *h $ 42
Horaea Waters »• 14 S4
X 11. Klniball »t . •» 93
M. K. Water* &* 4 8«
A.C s»ji<>r 107 ■.'<■> *7
H. B. i*wi.>4 a* a M
P. C R<J*rtaon IS A 60
William •, TißfJn 11& t9 101
Tli« Columbia College golf team scored Us second
successive victory of tfcje season yesterday, by de
featltig a team of th« \*a:.<n". Country Club, by a
aeore of l«» to 8. Th«» match t.vk place on the
Naaaan links, with eight men aside. Jeromo IX
Travers, the inlsisiiHilaSlh champion headed the
hum. j>lay«»rs. where he was pitted affatn^t C, F. H.
Ju.'k.-.n. a. iiilaian «if thr«> years* standing; on th*
CVluruMu. "varsity. Jackson was beaten after 1
close match by 1 tip. W. L.. Hicks added two m»r*
points for Nasaau, by beating O. E. Stevens, while
A. W. Huaalts 1 . the only other Nassau man to
score. w»n from A. P. P.itmer l>y " vp. Fallowing
Is the summary:
J V. Travt-ni 1 C. F. 11. Ja>kaon 0
W L. Hick* - O. E. Kerens O
A. V. KoKMttt-r 8 A. P. palmer O
Arthur Whitney •■ S. Slos«cn 1
11. 1.. Pratt t»iC. H. Blak*. Jr 1
};. N. Itusoh •> ft V. Farrellr 7
.1. It C. Tampan . 0 T. P. F-ogne 3
A. Elliott iv. 1,. ?wan 4
Total S Tcrtal IB
Th- J'rinceton golf team, headed by Murray Oly- !
pbant, the New-Jer«ey State champion, and Frank
Relnhart. th<> former intercollegiate champion.
visited the Daltaaiol links- ytsterday for a best ball
foursome match with the rialt'i^rf! Mm. The col
lege boys were heaten by a aeon of 7to 1. A. H.
I^arkln ami A. S. Morrow w»re drawn against O!y
"bant and R«tnhart, who were defeated by two
holes. W. i». Vanderpooj and 1.. P. Bayard, Jr.,
who met Weal and Patera, ware ev*n more aaaccaaa*.
t-il. winning by flv<- holes, narrow-: and i"»o« wer*
th* only Princeton pair to score. They managed to
pave their t»'ani from total whitewash by beating
Walton ami Oundler by oik- hole. Summary:
\. H. I^rkln and A. S. IF. M. Olvphant ani T. O.
Morrow a' ReUHtarr 0
W. P. Van'leryo:-: ani V. |W. treat and B. P*t'-r«.
P. liayar.l. :: 5' Jr >»
J. Waitoo a::.' R. W. •;. Barrows and H. J.
Catiaiit «H oaa l
Total 7 Total I
— • ,i ■
The fox Hills Links, on Stnteji IsJaiid. which la
to be the s.-^n.- of this season's" metropolitan golf
championship, w;i^ thrt>ng-.d with members yester
day In handicap competition t»r Class A .ma B
prizes. TV- course w.i-; In admirable <!i:»t»*. and
with the grooasinaj it is to receive in the nexc tour
v>. ks the rhatnp4ot>«hip aapimnts shouUl find it
riin.-h to tbetr liking. i.i '. W. Kendall vf<m first place
in <'':iss A. while K. H. Allstitio] was the winner In
Cta*M B. Thirty-four complete carda w«r« returned.
Fallowing is the summary;
■ 1 ••- Iff as N*t
« *. W. X..-....1:. -.1 \a 74
11. Waltta«r ... ■ :> 7J»
W. i: ll'-ughton >« 4 *•
A. .T. l>m«n ». ;_• *4
V. I•. Allen . , ,<4 J.) vi
W. A. Hai.r'ran '.»' I JH
.1 K. Bullanl St I Ml
K. W. l^n • eh 95 :»• M
a. i>. Stavtr ■«■. :i «
W. I-. liuoplc to -.: as
, C. S. nottorm- SB > »7
I V. B. Harret*. W \ R
: C. W. Spark* . !».*> 7 •♦>»
U.-.V. Klciball to ; to
11. F. 1v»«...-. Mi M «»
It I:. S«aj -'■ '"' 11 »
1., r.. Rll»y «' v : ll «
.1 i-. Rita 1M v g
A. T tkntbrrtwsj I'"-" • K
11. A Murpr., X"4 II 3» J
fr»r, ( -.. - f) • M j
v. !., 1: ..•::. J55 '1 : ' 14 !
<>..-«• F *rni»tn r«. ........
W. L. r'avilfor. . . IV.' 11 <*•. •
F. \>.. Allatren *■" ** ** I
'. R. X*"*' *- 15 ** i
t> T. drandtn !»• *J JM
A. ti. r«m«w ••• ,'•'. |J M»
W. r Kln.Ull ■ JW '" 5j
[.. ,• )gre» I< '- ••• ** I
A." D. Jl*a-ham Wl {3 M
II H. Mfy.i V* }* , s '»
.1. R. f.'II >^'.t;«.1!»:ix 1.1 W '••.••■
Between ati and 910 winy: 1 teed Op a? thw S«bU
links In Van CortlnnJt 1 . -"k jrcatafOajr, the first f.is
•lay of the stasoa for the course, which was r-
opened on the nth. after n month's r^t. to jc;v.- th*
Krt-t-tiH ■■ ■ h..i.. ■■ to freshen m Tbcni were r.o
t'.-k-ts gtven •"" the rule of rtrhl come, first served;
governing <>•• atartbUfi an as no aiiMlUan w:ts
possible under this arraaajMn*ni every un»^ was
'I'll.- winter Kr«-«"ii- i > were used on th* '.:.*t urn
seventh holes i'»' wtbarwlae th* summer isrv«ns
were in commission, and they gave good Mattsfuc
tlon '."!..■ sixth tee. has b»aa set tuick. v.«- course,
With the .•»c«i»tit>iii« noted, being the r.itfn" as In th.
full Th" grass bordering th.' .<>-.r.*»\ which baal
urait'iM w«»* r.»-«.l' -t-.l and p»rmittt-il ti> ba««tu» «i
trap la hold forever uny ballM played off the
straight tin*, hi n»>w nhort. and. with a r#:i»O!V»b!«»
timoitnt >■: care, the visitor* nt-t-d not suffer tn« old
annoyatice. Th«* gra»M last season was a disjrnn.-t»
«.» lti»- Park Hoard, uit.l the condition *v.-< off^ri
• oniplainfd »b.»ut »iv the «<->if»rs. The lost MW
•»«•!» 3ath»r«d np hy th- park laborer*, it i* ■* i!d. I
which was .>ii- reason ■»';. they were noi aoaißaw
in nutting down th«*rr>'igrh gi^l-'^
Th« NVw-York Oolf •'Hub had Its iHtbrocrn* opti».
they «cr« i-rowdiM by ih« :nt;nt»«-T« The gul.
'hotel was al»o tt»rong*»» with play«r^ 1n »n« ""r
.J^k**^ als 'i «°"« r * our >n for-» r-J'terday on
n^T, ham & s crk ltn!t3 an '* « Part la
ffi^JS*'"- f3& th * thr "* miI? »« *«' »U nave a
Tb« Knsl'-roo.! gr.jr»rs. headed by TV. p F.
Mo.->r». mere l->a'e»> »t BJrVrr.>ot;.i C«»ty ytsitriMg
by a t#T»rp of *>f??it from th« Hi. rtmorid CouatW
•Hub. V; li. Tboro »- artd Ot«s l "V\ iltta^is - 4 t>_»
:»• »r work ror tn» h.rttf «1.1.\ v3--;i rakin* rtv*- .•■■•»
frt.m ins r;,pr n .*nt. Folluwlris t. the rlwMry:^
1 . H nwns* • \r. n r nHon #
'-? _.- .'"''''»!-•< j}>. Ktrksr .HI»I«.iJ
V^.t^;:::::::::-. 1 . ?y U^ :: A «
■•■ • .
* — ' i« Tc-.si ....;:**
JTtf;e we: a *.m:i;il h*n4ltaiJ p!'*yed at th»
Cr«»S''-i-i: A'.M*t;,- ««»& sink* j'eßt«rtf*r. tu wtlcS
»J*t»^n ri«mf«ry. tcok r-i-t- T!i& «Tr.p«tition wa»
won ;•:.- !\ c. ',v;n:hest-?r. Wfcd Had tr.- btreflt of
-! handtcnp of it. aTtv.nt. sr , h* tf^d fcwr the best
tree* si.f.r* jirt.-*- with <j. rz. O*sMh». Ir ts n<-ed-
Wn* tn *.«.y ti j,i Mr. '\lnth»mer's h*rA\- »-- will re
ceiv laanWlaie uf. rrrlon. TV s^ora fnltw:
Qro«*, HVp. Xrt.
V. i V ' . ,-.r ........ SB M *i»
•< I'v.»is *V» 1!. 71
H. Krrn Ort i* 74
Thow.a,* iinr—vi»r <*S ••• 7*
h. w. QtrsSmd W 1- "%
ac • a»a.l» {»« -) :v»
J P. «*ro,«;/ *t M *»
W. r. Ptek#U <*? < il
JtBBI " Rhett M 5 43
11. P. Khet» M :•» -»
Jama* W*it 07 ' 12 »8
«'.rr.u'>'. J. M. N»I«on. H. A. ■»-•!;!■:<-, r. Grla, Jr..
J. i*. Taylor ari I. I>. U>n(tl-.f»rn.
A general handleftp .it .--igv>t*-r. hole*, medal p*ar,
brought out a fl*-lrt or twenCj- at the Eastern Park
way Golf CNb y»sterdar. R. L«""inst-ury was th«
winner and H. P. Matthews hart the gross *^r»
honors, with K. The cards:
Grf«*. Hanfl^ir 1 - v»»
R. |««aaaajß ■ laC VI 19
T>. r M.-. - at-» . !<»! .-- ?S
w, k. otattster ■.•• s: 7»
H. H. Sl'.«»«>on » »■» •»
P. L. I!l;kmer» !•?• r> in
r. r. Row-. i«>2 23 :»
H. F. Maithe-Wf M 11 1
R. A. Biac* }M C* I I
O. W. llarman tU 2» to
i», t». r»ifni>. . 11 J ai la
H. R. re-ri^on I<¥l 21 T
ft. P. vow.. . in« is m.
W. H. H*nJiDir lift » *{1
A. M«wr«r 11." 25 &
C. Dt'jit US a> *:.
d. c. .<> kjs Sta -a »•
C. C. TompatTW t» •* Oh
vr. c. UuaiL.tr.cc 133 i- Ml
far telegraph to ths T*rßryz.l
PlainSeM. N. J . Apr!! 22.— 1n the weekly com
petition for the president's and Park Golf caps at
the Park Golf Club to-day. & 8t- John McCutehen,
the Bey. J. O. McKtlvey and Walter G. McNaugh
ton won the points tor Mm former cap. McCutch«-a
and SfcJCelvey wen- tl»d for first honors for the
scratch cur». the Rev. Dr. H. K. Carroll caoturinaj
the remaining point. The scores:
Gross. Hep. >'*t.
S. St. John MScOiteb«n 104 V± 93
Rev. J. O. M;Kelv«y 104 I *3
. Walter <». McNa-j»titna 123 2T 9»1
J. I* TTats-w 127 30 97
R«t. Dr. h. K. Carroll 113 '.« ' W»
J. B. B*tta 1» .o 9ri'
C W. McCtit^bao 118 13 aW
F.iL^: swimmers LOSE
McLaughlin Break* His Oiin
World's Record for 75 Yards.
St Lon!s, April 22.— The Missouri Athletic Club
made a clean sweep to-night in the aquatic tourna
ment with Tale. R. Mclaughlin defeated S. P.
Johnson, of Tale. In two contest*, In on«, th«
75-yard swim, he broke bis own world's record of
VI seconds by covering the distance in 13 3-5 seconds.
M. Schwarta, of the Missouri Athletic Club. beat
r>. R. Meigs. of Tale, in the *-yard swim. Th>
fourth contest was a relay race, four men to a
team, each man swimming two lengths of th* tank.
The Missouri Athletic Chib men won In 2:12 2-5. In
the water polo contest Yale lost 3 to S.
Work of Candidates for Varsity Strok*
Watched with Interest.
Columbia's 'varsity crews Sad their usual Satur
day race on the Hartera yesterday. It proved, how
ever, to be a fizzle. They started in good farm. t!t»
tlr#t 'varsity Nadirs tor a Baas! and a naif. wt«a
No. •.. or the second 'varsity, snapped a»i oarlock.
The race was then called on*. The crews wer*
boated as follows:
First 'varsity— Bow. Norrto; No. 2. Mitchell; No. S.
Machenale- No. 4. Miller: No. 5. Wfcttwell; No. *.
Cornell- >?•>. T. 01-ougfhltn . strofee. ftaan. ax
swatn. Spence.
Second varsity— Bow, Up<2iJte: No. 2. PUrrepint;
So. i Short: No. 4. Alg^ltJneer: No. -5, Ferrta: N<\
i, Van Bermat':i: No. ', S-^yle; Btrok«, Fos:; cox
rwaln. CxxtbeL
Tie contest for stroke on the 'var«ty boat Is
proving interesting. Post, Fraaer and Pterrepoct
are regards as food candidates. Post is a li^*'~
tnan, wltli plenty of endunr. -.;. 6 at he SJsfHai to
lack ability to hit up :&•; stroke ai critical pericd?.
Fkrrtpont is anofaer --trons man. la a two-rails
race he Is or.« of the beat men rowing: for Columbia.
but it is feared ttsat he could not lasr for four
rallos. Th-: third candidate, fraser. dlaotars good
head work. Tlie only drawback hi that ha weigr'r.a
only I*s pounds which is thought to fre too light
for the Varsity boat. Tbe lindergraduatea ar«
watchtag tn!3 contest with interest.
Automobiles Make Fast Time on Improrrd
Training for the ajiaMasaMal raoin? which i*
to be held In New-Tork in "i>" eaaajkig season
wa^s starti-d at th^ Brtghton Beach traok faa
tcrJay, when two fast raVCiafj cars were trieu
out in the prest-noe of a number of automoblli.-ta.
TUaaw can wan "'•■■' 90-hcr»eiiowcr r*iat. owM'i
by U'illiitm WaMarT of Boston, and the aVaMtrsa
:k.w-!- Dvcmv.iie. Wallace's Fiat ••■ dr!'-€a
E. Parker. It covered about ten miles In all, sad*,
although not l«t out. made an avarage cf e«o^
mile In !:«» Ouy Tauglmn. who 4ra«a the Pe
eauTlCe, .'■-»:. nearly twenty milis. an<l hia
slowest qblli waj« I"7 and his fittest l^'l. I 3 th*>
races at the Brighton B*:a'rh track last tea^ort tilt*
BSfJI mile with the JO- horse power Devaucille waa
!:li VaughOO, after he ha«l finlatcd th* tria!.
aaM 'i;» the cm ""aa •=» little taster tJaaa it was
last year, t>»t hi* good tkne. ypst^rday ■was dT! ta
th<- in:prov*Tn»nis «&tsb cart I** 1 .; mid* co t'-^e
track. T*« team »Meh ha» ••■ i" ; on th* tur^a
U- !;ard. c - ?aid. tnrj joe* cc»: p»nnU i- car to »k?<2
.^s tn« u-ual a-ini strrtact d^«. Ar.d the tarn
t aßkl iso a tot. .',£\
AoMtaj tn«at who » i?tf**«-!i3 %%■ trials vrsra F.- V
M ■--* chdirrriar; -f Uta racinj board of a%B
Ataerfc*? A»ir<Mn«bll« Xs*ocl%ttaa. ir.l A O-
Batenelder, secretary, i>r^!3ed tV great Ita
proTereem n-ht;b bad :»v?r. tnadj to ■-.. tra'"* a^d
Mi. 11.1 li! Wtl row an ideal a **•
.•. J. Pupkl. men*g«r c; the Lewis Aatf»n»obsl»
Company. No. foi Hap.cook-*t.. Prooklj-n. carrtf
berc 'rorti th» s ifcut«*B-Brtsoo«; factory. TaTryt<x\'r>.
yesterday, with ;i SSaxwtti KV"*»g «-'iir aad a rii--
aNiut whl^h vr-T" «old and dfUvereii. tT«- ;'-rjrc;"*
to Georfe IWcIPW ard !h<» Intter to O. \V. Pherco,
both of Brookiyn. This stfeney fen» h.id a moat
eratifylna record fw orteta and feels ev"n morj
•attsfled in It* aWUtj to rr.r.Jte fron-.^t deltvcrtos,
PateinMßV N. J.. April ~.— Thrrr Is mexb »P«CCH
iutlon :.• r. ..- to whrthtr t\\*- Acqna^kaitonclt
township authorities *v:!t stop t^^■ uiitom<>l<ile r*Cf.>
aJMMKHBCCd Ivr to-monnw a? the Clifton tracS.
Thi>!»* vhu think thttt the rue^s will be stopped,
point out that th*> rourts hav»r p'jt an frivl to Sur.
day b*Mel>all Newark a:-.d bicycle r%ctng at Vail;'
burir. •'■■' »fH thai In vtew r.f thhs nrttor. tiiK
uuthorltieji of :*!■- township -m - « hanlly f>»«s:'.to«trxnt"i
ntctitg at Clifton. On tUv i.thrr hand many hoM
thai the racinjt hrtoss bu*tn«s to thf pluc ■.
TTHKljifcA AT TO riTORAAS >»>. M*-SUMW« w'-i:
37th-»». ps.»rr nfm mxh. — m'# -r*^ i «*<t .it.-.- -c
»T^rice «uto <i»!!T»r.- waac-r* »tvi ir».-k»: h«»t ut-ir:...^
for "n->rcpt r*!J*l"ln« on orerniw* Uy thoiw.iaiiiy «k;tw'
ir.-f': ra*-^*!;!.- Vr.'m«.« fiwin. 1 «v r*)usaß> o\i#
i-i«» carrtsa.

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