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Bavaria* Insane Monarch Will
Be Fifty 7 8cven To-morrou-.
Aithousrh Var.tlns and flaps will be displayed to-
Jftorrow throughout the kingdom of Bavaria in ob
•ervaaee of the fifty-seventh birthday O [ Kins
Otho. yet there will be no popular rejoiclnrs cr
rver. o!lic<al crlebrtulon*. They would be slr>«uiar
ly inarproprict* . sine* they would merely cerve to
rail attention to th« pitiable condition of tills lson
art*. rvhe, «»ver since his accession to t^kthrcne
B&rteen' year* ago. through the mysterlK^k'and
tragic death o? bis elder brother In the waters or
Lake i^areinberc. has been in such a state of pa
isnbec&lty as to render it necossary that he
fho-ulj l?e ; : ept. nP t •Mr under restraint, but In
.the *::icloFt f*c3ußkOL In fact, lie has beea impris
oned all these years In the Palace of Furstonried.
mhkh B I • '■■■■' by picked soldiers and surrounded
by a lofty wall that prevents the public from ob
rair.irg a glimpse O f th* ground*.
< i..:.v once since his accession have his subject" ob
ta-r:^ a floe-ting gUmpse of him. It was shortly
after he l-ecaire King. Mana?ln S in some way to ct
fMt >••!• escape from Purs.,. he fled to Muni, h
without twins stopprtl anywhere, and. entering the
court O.urch of St. Michael, threw himself down
oa his knees before the high altar and In loud and
Impassioned tones began to beseech the Almighty
to restore reason to the afflicted Kir. Otho. in
order thit he ■It be enabled to fulfil his duties
atid ob'.i-atlocs to his dear Bavarian people. There
was a considerable number of . pie In the church
rt Die time. «a<J there Is no knowing what might
fcave happened bad not some of the attendant
priests, one of whom belonged to the adjoining
Jesuit college, recocnixod the identity of the Ftal
wart stranger— h« is considerably over six f«>t In
fceiSht-and perUy led him into the sacristy, where
fee was detained until the court officials could be
communicated ■with.
H^d he been recognized by the public it is more
than probable that a riot vrovid have ensued, for
during the f.rst Jew years that followed the cVmii
rt Kir.g l«ouU the mat*** of Bavaria, especially
the (^csAuntry. wers flrmly convinced that I.<ouis
r.as been put out of the way by Binaarck. and
that Otho was perfectly «ane. «nd merely kept
tir.Ser restraint as a mania" because of his dlsta
c'Jr,atica to comp'.y with Prussia's demands. So
firmly convinced were the people that the good old
repent »li a creature of Bismarck's that during
the first ten years of his administration of the
kir.pdom, his Ftatue?. busts, and even pictures, were
crr^tar.tly t-eins? defaced and mutilated. Now.
however the tide hot turned In his favor. His
£»cli&3tfan cf the repeatf-d offers ••' " '•.'• crown
which have teen mad*' to l:im. and his refusal to
truch one ccr.t of the. royal civil list, which until
rctr hr.s Wn devoted to the liquidation of the
colossal debts left by King Ixtuis. have endeared
?".!m to his countrymen and won for him respect
Enfl esteem, both at home and abroad.
There is no doubt, however, that in declining the
proffered irown of las incurably demented nephew
he has acted in conformity with the wishes of the
masses of the Bavarian peopl", and It spr-aks vol
umes for the strength of the monarchical and >-
c-timlrt wr.t!m*-nt amonj them that th"y should
prefer a lunatic on their throne rather than any
intorf f-rerce with the line of mjccesslon.
Kirc O:hr» is neither better nrv r rnrjp than be has
been for mary yearn past, anil bids fnir to live an
othfr t«-!:. or *>v*»n twenty, jours. He has the best
r.-.«d!~*il rare and nt-endanc>- possible, and nlthouph
bte death would b^ a relief to his country and to
Oermany.Ms" physicians do rill in their jmin-rr to
prolong his existence. He occupies a ruite of apart
ments <iii t'i'- ground floor of tn* palace. th<* doors
r.f which, as- well as the outside door leading into
t?;e garder,. are always left open In the daytim«*.
m* a closej door Immediately cxMtes his .-.■. ]'.■
wns suspicious of restraint, and his attendants
etrrcal as much «s poFslble an appearance of. au
thority over his movements.
Two of th" mo?t prominent physicians of Munich
•'« Jn attendance on alternate »k*>. and on every
Pur.tfay th» director of the State Insane Asylum
visits th* palace to e-xnmir.e the King. Twice a
year elaborate reports on his condition, signed by
the principal medical authorities of the king-dom,
ere presented <o both houses of the lepislature.
Th* Kins is »-«UM upon by en entire household,
composed cf a peneral. of sever.ll aides-de-camp,
and of chamberlains, all of them nobles, who may
*>« fal3 to devote their lives to looking: after him.
He if treated, as far as possible, with all th»
honors end ceremony due to h!s rn.nk, though this
must sometimes be a trial. Kor there have been
ori».F\(jT]M when the Kin* Jmagrined himself to be
a stork. Insisted on ">uildinp a huße ncs*. of twips
la a corter of one of hi* room*, and then at
tempted to imitate, the Song billed bird by endeavor-
Ing to stand first on one. lee:, and then on th*
ether, the fkirts of the. lonp Waek frock <>oat m-hirh
h* Invariably wear*., added to dM gTofrsqueness of
his appearance, conveying as they did. an iraprcs
rion cf flapping- wing's. He has a tip bushy beard,
former;}- black, but now paid to be very pray. He
will rot allow it to be trimmed. He is extremely
fond of cigarettes, and smokes about fifty a diy.
Every tl^ifc he liphts a cipnrette he bums a whele
hex of matches, and serir>B to enjoy the noise and
T^^rc Sianhop*. whow death hap Just taken place
IB En?r^riTi(3. war a brother of the Kon. Phl!ip Stan
hope, who »a* ir. this country last year at the h*ad
nt the Er.Kii?h deU-patlon to the International Par-
UaacnSary Oossresa at Pt. Louis, and the *arl will
h* cfuef.y rexoemberefl In the United States in con
nection with his vißorouK oppopition to the action
of th« English povernment in restoring to the
American people tl;e log of the Mayflower. Indeed,
the l£t& L/ord Stanhope actually went to the lTipth
til Tr-ovirj^ In the House of Ijords a petition to the
Crown to irut a Hop to this act of international
AftFr this It •will hardly be necessary to aild that
v*■ was Dot a descendant of th« great Earl Chat
ham, end that thrre 1? no truth In the story fre
quently printed to the effect that he was the nearest
EOrvlvJnx kir.srr.an of Kr.trland's fajnous Premier,
William PITt. [is ereat-grandfather. the third Earl
of StiiCboj>e. an avowed and ardent Republican and
a friend of Robespierre, married Lord Chatham's
daughter— that Is to say. "William Pitt's sister— and
ri this marrlape the eccentric Lady Hester Btan
hopr 1 . favorite r.iece and hr.upfkeeper of Pitt, flancec
cf G«r.eral Sir John Moore, the victor of Corunna.
and the heroine of so many fantastic romances, was
the ofUprine. She died in the most mysterious
*a-tlon Jn Palestine, ns tho wife of an Arab tl.cik.
Mttr tfce death of her mother, her ff.ther-That is
tc cay. the third Earl Stanhope-married asain. and
the r* r e*ent lord, as avail as the Hon. Philip Stan
tope, Is the lineal descendant of this second raar-
fourth Earl Stanhope was the father of tho
'•' Duchess of Cleveland, prandfather. therefore
cf Lord Rosebery. and the patron and champion
of that extraordinary and ojrsttttooa creature
krowr. as e^spar Hauser. -whom he declared to »c
«-T -eality tho kidnapped son of Grand Uuche-s
Bie.n> of Baden, and the lawufl heir, therefore,
•o throne of Baden. Caspar Hauser. it may
be recalled, w* 9 murdered in a manner as myste
rious as the circumstances of hlB discovery, Just
It the very nonr.t when l^rd Stanho^ had
made all U* preparation, to Ir.aujrurata the fight
ia behalf of his riphts.
Those who. like I*>rd Stanhope, bdlered in <-«
oar Hauser were convinced that the same agencle*
we- e r«por,*lb'.« for his assassination as those
■Ucta Jiad r.olen him from hie cradle when a
cfciia learir* in hi. plare a dyln* infant, afflicted
»ith aj) Incurable dlseai-. Grand Duchess
etephanle *as a P-oman CathoUc. and her daujfh
ter« said bex only co» belonged to the same faith.
If the latter had lived to ascend the throne Mo
t »n
iiriner Ot UM fir^t N
Luiijeran ax^d pro-Orrnan trancb of th* farr...y.
mmA there are mo* who <&&* «hat the misfor.
us-s whirh have ever sine? «> relentU P so' I'ur
tu.d tbe low n-lenins b*& «* Ead « n - lnclu fine
tte Iwardty Ot th- pr^»«:i rrand duke's elder
brother, the *:mott total Wlndnesn ol the popu
\*x cn-nd d-ichens. the consumption end chtld
terness of their or.ly «on. and the brok-n h.-alth
cf tbrlr daughter the Crown Princes of hweoen.
ere s3l dv« to th* means by which the thror.e was
•ecured for ">!s branch of the house of Baden, the
wVo of Which threatens to become extinct, at any
•aie in the main line, in another fctnerauon.
torn new Lurd Stanhope is a solder ty profession
terve-J In South Africa «s Ix«rd Mahon. and is Btill
u^., r . ;e< j o*m* Rboiit twelve thousand, arres Jn
the -uoM iWutlful part of K-i:t. as well M a fine
aw couutrj- iilace knawa a* Ctwr*«otaf. ai:d yrom
iaes to prove a worthy member of that hlstorlo and
influential liouse cf Stanhope, which possesses to
many honors, including the earldom of Chesterfield
and of Harrington.
Hugo Lieber Their Author— Dr. Piffard Used
To the Editor of The Tribune
Sir: In course of the last \- ■• V. the New-York
papers have devoted con&ldorable space to the
allege cure of a case of cancer at the Flower
Hospital, anil in almost every instance the state
ments concerning the same have been Inaccurate.
A* ii 4 name is mentioned in connection with the
matter in your issue of t i-day. and as the state
ments therein are not wholly accurate. 1 beg you
will kindly rind space tot. the following:
Desiring to obtain radium under conditions that
would curtail its activity lean than when con
tained in glass tubes. I asked -Mr. Lieber if it
* ra feasible to coat radium on rods or needles
in BUCh a ay that the greater part of iho ef
ficiency or the radium would be preserved. Mr.
L»leber said that l\r was already experimenting
in this direction, and believed that he could fur
"isjj what 1 asked for. In due reason he did furnish
me with some small celluloid rods or needles
coated with a salt cf radium dissolved In a proper
solvent and protected by a suitable covering that
would not materially impair the efficiency of the
original radium. Through the courtesy of the
Physicians a- the Flower Hospital I was enabled
to experiment with these needles on a case of
ca&oer on the ank>. The result demonstrated the
activity and efficiency of tbe needles, bm the supply
U>ere<U gave out before the case was t>Tilir.-!y
<ured. and other treatment was then substituted.
''■■•• radium applications were made in December
t ltat « ■ fin in your issue of to-day that Mr.
incortv t*' as my afient In their manufacture is
It is further slated that I had treated six or
seven cases with the "gaseous" emanation from
radium without doing- much good. In reference
to which I beg to say that I have never treated
i-»iy case with the gaseous emanation, that is.
apart from whatever emanation >:u?-ht b<» given
off through contact with the needles in the single
case referred to it the Flower Hospital.
fco fi<r as I r.m aware Mr. IJeber. wlio is a chem
ist and importer and dealer in radium, was the
■ irs '. to devise a. method whereby radium can be
utilized in th* manner described. An account by
nun of his experiments will be fonnd in the April
number of th< •'Archives of the Roentß.n Kay."
My desire in sendins this Is to make it clear
that Mr. Uebor is the inventor cf the method .if
applying radium to celluloid rods and disks, and
that I made practical :.-.,. invention. Just as
1 might of any other Invention that 1 deemed
valuable. }! O. PIFPARD.
New-\ork, April 2T.. 1&05.
fit is obvious from this letter that Hugo Lieber,
in his communication to "The New-York Medi
cal Journal. did not intend to disavow the au
thorship of the device employed by Dr. Piffard,
but merely to say that he had not used it. Refer
ence to The Medical Record's" report of the
last meeting of the County Medical Society
Fhows that the experiments with the gaseous
emanation from radium, erroneously imputed
to Dr. Piffard. were described by another physi
cian. Dr. "U'end.ll C. Phillips.]
Countrymen of Franz Kaltenbrunn Give
Complimentary Dinner.
Thf Austrlana of this city last night pr<>f>toii
Franz Kaltenbrunn, F;x i c!al commissioner of the
imperial and royal Austrian Ministry of th" In
terior, at a .lini:< r in his honor at R'isenv/ehpr's.
There were two hundred present. Commissioner
ECaKexitemfn Is in f.:ls country to study the immi
gration from Austria.
At the dinner were Commissioner W.itr-horn of the
Immigration Bureau: representative* of the steam
ship companies :md presidents of societies for the
protection of immiKr;ints.
Following are <ht> toasts nnd speaker*: "The
President of th» United States nnd the Emperor of
Austria." all stanoinsr: "Our fSuojit. Mr. Kalten
brunn: "American Inspection of Immigrants," Com
missioner R. Wstchorn; "The Societies for the Pro
tection of Immigrants," Huti^rt dills; "imm'sra
tion from Austria." Dr. S. Breltenfeld; "Humor in
Immigration," ■ 'art Hauser."
The menu follows:
£h*rn - aril Hitters. CtKkta!l!>.
Ojster Ooektatls, Vcwilenr.'".
Gre*n I^artie Anirlaise.
C*lerv PlmolHi«. Radishes.
l'larkfl Xorth Rivyr Phad. Rhcln :me.
Sllc-»d Cucumbero.
Sveptbrei-;? p-!u«< Clwhe. with Fresh Masaroems.
Fil« Migiior. Ucarnais*. Pontft Can»-t Ppeda s _
New Peas.
Punch R/wpvplt. dsarettas.
£quaVi Imr^rlal'. Poinmorj- Sec.
T'jmi'j en Purj>rlse.
Glace Viennolße. I'fiit Fours.
Cam*-" b*n Coffee. White Rock. Clears.
Actor Desired It at Buzzards — Memor
ial Services in This City.
At the supgestion of the Players, the Rev. Dr.
Ckorge C. Hougnton. pastor of the Church of. the
TransfisuratJon, has arranged for a mem st
vice for Joscpb ■'' Orson, at the church, Sunday at
I p. m. It is expected that all the members of the
Players who are in town and th» other friends of
the dtad actor will attend. Dr. Houg;l has ar
ranped for a suitable musical programme. It had
been hoped by th« Piayers that the body of Mr.
Jefferson would remain In state in the church on
its tray to Buzzard's Bay. Oiarles B. Jefferson,
his F<-in. however, replied to Harrison B. Hodges
and Daniel Krohman that bis father had desired
th:it his funeral be as modest a? possible, and that
the services should be held nt Buzzard's Bay.
At a meeting of the Actors' Order of Friendship,
Bdwin Forrest Lode<- No. 2. of whirh Mr. Jeffer
son was a member, resolutions of regret and esteem
were yesterday passed.
Half-Brother of Roland Weds Miss Ruland,
of Speonk.
folineui • i Edward It. M- .
Mips Alice Winifred Ruland. of
N. V
Columbia Students Grieve and Barber
Mourns Prospective Profits.
"Stung," says the manager of the Columbia Uni
verhity barber shop. «s he !ook?< into his empty
till, and then thinks of what misjht have been.
Borne one suggested to him not lons bo that
many o f the student*" band* were in need of at
tention, antl he ?nw in this idea a vision of ready
money. Why not add a mamcurer to hi* shop
force? So, lookiltß around town, he found an
attractive, blur— «■>■• <1 maiden, who said that sh<=
thoroughly understood tn« art of manicuring:. He
en«r;;{:ed her at or.cc. expecting to till his strong
box with Columbia cash.
Th" faculty, however, ever watchful over the in
terests of the students, said that no such scan
dalous performance could be permitted on the unl
veislty grounds, and tin* youne woman Is not in
evidence an th«- star attraction of the barber shi.p.
The manager is grievously disappointed, and me
Btudenta ar<- divided into two classes—those whoare
rejoicing ov»-r cash saved and those who are iii
dul;rine in some naughty words about the action
of t*he faculty.
Charles J. Smith Sbvs Frank Is His Long
Lost Brothei.

Among the passfr.p* rs who wi'l snl! to-day on the
Koordatn sr>-
.,„ w o Coir Illr. ami Mrs. E. A. Hills.
Mr on-I Sirs «•.--. Coiper. Mr an-J -Mr». Ji*n«a!» K-!i^r.
m^c Jryli pancb.r. Mrs. «- W. Uinan-
Mr»] 1 K. »U^-ti. _L^T' 1! • N " rr:f -
TW'f salllnu on the l^om bardie are:
Rrt ; Atolral FV Orenet. J
?ri!rte/^Vshan-!<M' ' '
•Tl.f Ki. B«»- ■>■ , Mr trl M ,. s Artuvn VJina.
Mrue k MarU Pc Ma«hl. ! Mlrs Agnes UncS.n.
p. ifs , ngrrs wl.o arrived yesttrday on the Ivr"n
,,r<T*z Wllhetei were. :
'«"-," ESS liuot. IMr. r.rt Mrs. He«.r>" B.
iw. D •
IZverrtl M. JJavla. '
President and King Are Toasted at
Annual Dinner.
Occident and Orient vied with each other in
Paying tribute to the mother country and the
memory of St. George at the 110 th annual <lin
ner of the St. George's Society of N< -w-York at
Delmonico's last night. Loos before the coffee
had been reached, however, what had been ah]
nounced merely as an annual dinner was trans
formed into a veritable Anglo-American love
feast. "Yankee Doodle" followed "God Pa\ the
King- and "The Star Spangled Banner," ah 1 all
were equally applauded. j
Throughout the speechmaking Englishmen
Paid high tribute to Americans, and Americana
returned the compliment, giving a good Roland
for each verbal Oliver received. The speakers
and their themes were: Sir Percy Sanderson,
"His Majenty'i Representatives"; Whltelaw
Keid, "The Day We Celebrate 1 '; Baron Kantaro
ICaneko. 'The Anglo-Japanese Advance"; Job
E. Hedges. -The Land We Live In." and the
Rev. Dr. Francis L. Patton. "The Colonies."
In addition to the speakers, the men at the
guests' table included Edward F. Darrell who
presided; Morris p. Ferris. Charles i. liryan.
the Rev. Dr. D. Parker Morgan. Wallace
Downey, George Q. De Witt, Mornay Williams,
Frank Hasbrouck, the Rev. Arthur 11. Judge,
Marian J. Verdery and Richard T. Davic-s.
After toasts to the President of the United
States and the King of England were drunk,
Mr. Darrell made fin address of welcome, Bay
ing in part:
1 am happy to be able to state that peace
reigns over Great Britain and her colonies, and
long may it be so. The unfortunate Incident in
the Baltic raised a oloud for a short time, but
this has paused away, and I trust nothing more
will mar th-> bright horizon. I feel that the
settlement of this affair, is a step towards arbi
tration, which In this enlightened age should be
the means of settling all international disputes.
In this respect, you may all of you do your share
in cementing the good fellowship which now
exists between this glorious country of our adop
tion and the land Oi! our forefathers. When
Great Britain and America stand shoulder 10
shoulder, we feel that the cause of peace is
Unfortunately, th^ millennium has not yet ar
rived, of whic^i fact we are reminded by the
struggle now going on in the Far East. The
personal bravery displayed on both aides baa
won our admiration, but we cannot help deplor
ing- the terrible toss of human life, which this
war has entailed, and we can only hope for its
speedy termination.
hi introducing Sir Percy BandersoD Iff. Dar
rell said Sir Percj liad graced tbe position of
president or the society for y^ars, adding: "Al
though his duties :i« consul general have doubt
rous, his interest
Cleorge'a Society has never flagg^'d, a:.u l am
.- 1 1 > 1 c to say that lie is now one of
our life members, and we shall always have
;no of Sir Percy Sanderson on O»r roll."
Sir Pi n y said In part:
As regards higher politics these are not with
in my pro%ince; my knowledge is derived from
the newspapers, and such is the enterprise of
the press at the present day that those who
ttudy all the newspapers and take note of their
contents will probably have most of the in
formation that can be obtained, possibly a little
something besides. This we do know, that our
principal common interests are peace and the
maintenance of good relations between the two
countries. In these matters his majesty him
self takes a leading part, and when nt tbe same
time we have Lord Lansdowne and Mr. Choate
In London) and Mr. Hay and Sir Mortimer
Durand in Washington, we feel that these vital
interests can hardly be In better hands.
But on an occasion Him this it is not mere!;/
the diplomatic m»r,- indeed, -con lap represen
tatives that we have in mind There an- others
who are quite as much entities] to be clasped ;is
hip majesty's representatives, and tho receptions
accorded to th? Archbishop of Canterbury, to
those eminent members of his majesty's oppo
sition Mr. John Morlev and Mr. James Bryce,
as well as to the numerous members of the
scientific and industrial societies who have vis
ited this country within the last twelve months.
i..re evidence of that good vshii. which so
happily exists and which every British subject
himself. In a sense :i representative of his coun
try. will. I have no <loubt, do his best to main
troducinc Mr. R*»id, who wafl
r, r ! '■■; nll
Our next toast is "The Dnv We Celebrate."
I am happy to say that we have with us this
evening the Auihaßsador-elect to the Court of
St. James, Whitelaw Reid, who. . fter many per
sistent and very urgent appeals by the members
of the committee and myself, has agreed to say
a few words to this toast. He leaves us shortly
to take up his duties in London, where he s-^s,
not as a stranger, but to renew the friendships
made when ho was Special Ambassador at the
time of the jubilee of our late belovod Queen;
Victoria, and also in the same capacity to the
coronation of his most gracious majesty King
Edward VII.
We are to be congratulated on having: this dis
tinguished gentlemnn with us this evening, who,
1 ho-e. will carry a greeting from the sons
of Britain In the capital of the New World to
those In the capital of the Old. and who doubt
less will do much to still further cement the good
fellowship now existing between these two na
tive countries, which he has done so much to
promote for the last Quarter of a century.
After three cheers had been given for Mr.
Reid and he ha I been saluted by "For He's a
jolly Good Follow," Mr. Reid began his speech.
It was listened to with close interest through
out, a:;d was frequently interrupted by ap
plause. Mr. Reid ?aid:
You do me a great honor, in making me again
your guest, just new, and you give me a great
But the toast you have assigned me might well
have found a better spokesman. Here at least
and for this society it is second only to the great
lonst which y<-u have already received so en
thusiastically. After that it la the special toast
Of your dinner and of your society— a toast
primarily and peculiarly English, to which an
Englishman might more naturally respond.
And yet. "the day you celebrate" is a day de
voted to eharlty and good cheer; and that is a
domain in which, thank God, national lints do
not divide. It was an Englishman, two centuries
ago ho proclaimed that "In faith and hope ihe
world will disagree, but all mankind's concern is
charity." , ...
To New-Yorkers the St. Jeorge's Society
stands for English charity and English Chris
tianity. It stands also for British appreciation
of America as a pis of residence, and British
regard for Americans. Through all the changes
of; the troubled centuries on this island your
•sway in these fields has never been lost, and in
deed not often long or greatly Imperilled, from
the day the cross of St. George firrt Boated over
Castlt- Garden down to this 1291 year of Amer
ican independence. Long may it endure, to pro
volte thf emulation and Inspire the success of
the organizations with far greater constituencies
that have arisen here since that standard was
raised. _ . „ ,
The references to the appointment I hold have
t,,> c . n most generous, and I thank you. But an
Ambassador, still in the land that sends him out,
and lingering over departure for his post, is not
vet* to be i;- ken too seriously— not by any means
so seriously, for example, as the ecclesiastic In
like case the bishop in pnrtibus. who is apt to
abound rear the *eat of tho power that gives
him bis commission. The latter may exercise
-reat functions, but the Ambassador under such
circumstances has r.o official vocation here, and
the l»a*t he can v:> Is to bes most scrupulously
-that is if anybody in the service is expected to
obey-^tha long-standing Injunction of the State
Department against frequent public speaking, vr
any inn.sr addresses'. ■
Tl-" ki'-d appreciation you express is valued
for many reasons, but particularly because it
must be "a sign of your confidence that the ap
pointment tends 10 international good win
Vet that after all, ' s ro longer a subject of
much concern. We do not continue to, worry
over ai; object of national or international desire
when it has i.e,:i already attained,— we are cob
tent to enjoy IV The good will Between your
country andvthis already exists. Never, at any
stage In «>ur history, has It l>een so general ai:-J
' ' generally taken ; iS a ' n at" ? - r °f course, on both
•ides of 'the Atlantic, as it is to-day. The task
'.f the present and of the future is not to create
lak ;' u p \. m^!y to cherish what wo have and to
take rte ry nrer ., uti to averl it* losa,
Against th.v .^ " you and men like you are
You represent trade
i=enship, and cooti citizenship always seeks
und C c,u lth honor You repr.' «t««
'k Indr"J r * and character, and these reach out
crn-ntr hanr!s - whenever and wherever they en-
Bml^ T«T «e a - Ch other throughout the world - ,
trat,l f, a "- know both countries. If only
L" 1 ! "'. Ui ' ! '-said of all our people on both sides
do EL 1 not Mst in this land, at least, and 1
X ' "•>:-.-■ there exists in yours, the power
loo,i , jl tht n interrupt or imperil the present
f^u^manding bct^v•ee^. Oreat Britain and
the TJnlted States. Even more-there does not
extst ai ywnt -re In the world the power that could
ii-t, hlniler the two great branches of tho Eng
"pii Peaking people from advancing, through
a" Ul ' storms with which the twentieth century
o^ S t °^ ene d ar.d throughout all the marvels it
':."'' '1 : - c< ' ntl irie?? that are to follow it promise.
• iu^ by side, in the front rank of the enward
and upward march of humanity.
While prefacing his remarks with a statement
that he was not speaking officially. Baron
Kaneko made a striking address. He paid in
t-"^** 2 " 6 not for the Anglo- Japanese alliance.
rTance, Germany nnd other, countries would
(~** intervened in the present trouble, and the
"°' e of Kurope would have been plunged into
war. oapan, England and the United States.
fcUMecl by that illustrious statesman. John Hay,
na\e always united in tho policy of the open
door. They have set back the dismemberment
or the Chinese Empire. The continuation of the
Anglo-Japanese aiKanre is the factor to secure
the peace of Asia and the whole world. Japan
tries to come not at the front, hut at the rear Of
the '' nited States and England. With th. con-
Unuance of the Anglo-Japanese alliance France
can maintain unmolested her territory In Ton
kin, Cochin-China and Hainan; Germany. Chow
Chow and part of the peninsula of Canton, and
Russia can maintain unmolested h^r proper
bounds In Siberia, and the United States can
enjoy her occupation of the Philippines.
A large number of representatives of families of
New- York. Uofton and V\';i!=hinston will attend the
v.-oddir.g; of Miss Frances Everton Jones, daughter
of Mrs. Oorco A. Join i. v.vA Ned WilHam H.-.r
ton. son .if William Everett Barton, of Boston, at
raysiqe, Lour Uluttd, thij «li»-r;ioon Ine c«r«x
tnpny will be performed by ihe Rev. Dr. Abbott E
Kittr- and will be. followed by a reception.
The cnpri?eir.f-rit in announced of Miss Florence
White, daughter of Mr. .md Mr?-. Asa L. White, of
Oakland, Ca!., an.l M. Wilford Faltoute, of Rosen*,
Ella Wilson McClf-nahan. daughter of James Mc-
Clenahan. the •.k. r and horseman, was married
yesterday afternoon in St. Fetor's Episcopal
church Port Chester, to Ralph Lansstnff Crowe.
f°" °; "illium Iv. Crowe. The wedtllng was at
tei:dp . ( by a Urge number of New-Yorker*, who
went to Port Chester on a special train and were
artery entertained at a reception at tho coun
try home ot tho bride s father.
Miss Emm Sands Rres and Charles Edwin Rudd
wrre married yesterday in the apartments of the
bride's family, at the Dakota Apartment House
7M-st nr.d Centra] Park West. Th.. Rev. Dr.
btront,-. „_t Christ Church, T!^t-t=t. and Broadway.
perrorrned the ceremony. Owing to the illness of
the brld«- s rather. Professor John K. Re< s of th^
department of astronomy at Columbia University,
the wedding was quiet and restricted to relative's.
. ir t np £j,'- Cook acted as .^cst man and Mi.-s K'.iz
aiieth wniiams was the maid of honor. Th. briti^-
ETOona is th.> sou of Mr.». William D. Rudd and
grandson vt the late Governor Holley of Connee-
CUMBERLAND iv a Kenned. United St tea
Navy. MI-IK AVENUE— Colonel Grant, London;
.Tam.'s D. Gil!. Sprtrgfleld. OKAND— Colnru-1 ii.
cViT-^o^H?' rnitotl States Army. HERALD
SQUARE— VT. H. Morley. London. HOLLAND —
L«igh Hunt, l'aris. IMPERIAL— Adolf van tier
h-etK nnd Alfred lucroa, Havana. MANHATTAN—
- Mr: C. \V. Fairbanks. Washington; Major Mai
lery. United Btatca Army. IU'RRAV HILLr-Ldetf
tenant Colonel J. Stacey, Svdnejr. X. s \v • sena
tor Proctor. Vermont: N'ETHERLA.N'I Baron de
Persen and Baroness .!*• Menden, Berlin. NORMAN.
DIB— Dr. Carl IX Sfon-. Chicaro. ST. AXDRKW—
Li»ut^nnnt ■ ''. P. Nelson, 1 'nlti States Xavv
WAIiDORF-ASTORlA— Lieutenant Colonel B A'
Scott. Quebec. WOLCOTT— M. O'Brien. United
Stati-s >liiii«t'-r to Denmark.
Horse Fair at Madison Square Garden.
CVn^erjitinn of the R( - v . Dr. James H. Darlington as
Elaiiop of Uarrlstmrir. ».'hri*t Chun h. Be-i fonl -a ve
. Brooklyn, 11 a, ir..
Xational Slunlcit-al League, annual meeting. Xo iT West
i 44th-*t.. M):M a. m.; City Hub. Xo. 53 We«t 44th
.. £t.. *»:30 p. m.
Mlfs Susan K. Jilow on "A T\-plcal Mather Play." Teao;i
ers Oollege, 3:^j p. m.
Manhattan Chapter. Daughters of the American R^-v !■:
tion. .tet lt» bonor of Mrs. Fairbanks, Hot-? 1 Astor 3
tr> ."):■.'• p. m.
Three Arts Club, beneflt" matinee.; Berkeley Lyceum. 3
p. ni.
Meeting of the California Clv!.. home of Mrs. Thomas J
Vivian, Sn 4(>7 West l£3d-Bt.
Ann-mi meeting;. Army Rt-liet Society. Xo. 21 Gramercr
I ark, s r- m.
Board of Kdut-aU-on meeting. 4 p. m.
Annual meeting of tha City Club, evening.
Dinner of the V terans of the 7ta licgiment. Hotel Astor.
Smoker 787 the- 27th. Assembly DistrUt Republican Club.
Ro. ftfi t.th-ave.. evening.
Bniw-talnmjnt „f the Xavier Leaf Mutes Club. Parochial
ft.hool Halt. Juh-st.. near tith-ave., ,s j>. m .
C ' un et" nl^ r - r th '- benpfit of Italian charities. Waldorf,
Public lectures vt the Board of Education. 8 p. m. :
Hiri School of Commerce. t;<!th-st.. west of Broad
way. Frederic* R Richards. --The Commerce of the
'.r.,at Lakes'; <!ihistra:pd>; t^:bll L - School Xo i- 1
Kyi -st.. between sth and Madison av.s.. 0 r > r( ,,;l
crick A. Cook. "The Antarctic: the Cruise of tht Uel-
Klca (Illustrated); Xtoar-1 of Education F&rk-ava
and oUth-st.. ProfeßSOT Itr.btrt \V. IT.ntl?:-. "The Wv.nl
ders of the _Ueaycns" Ullustraudr. '.\K-.c-r Institute
sth-st. .md 4th-av?.. Daniel Gregory Mason:
"Chopin"; st. Bartholomew's Lyceum Hail. No ■»S
East 42d-st.' Miss, Marl Kuef Hofer. ••Child life tv
Sonr— Stevenson. Sherman. Field"; Touajt Men's
Christian As»ociatlOn. Xo. 5 West IMth-st^Cyt^a
Adania. "Geortaphic Irßuences in the Deretcwrat
of tr... I nired States" dl^strat.-d.: Toung Mei?rlle
preu A-?i>ci«tir.n. iilM-s-t. and Lcxlnston-a\>- WPI
la.m Rogers 1,-.rd. "The Ministry of liirds"" (i;ius
trated): Younjr Men's Institute. X... 2K BowerY Mrs
Marie Maufeld, "Operas by French and Italian Com:
Official Record anil forecast. — Washington. April 25.
—The depression central Monday e\pnir.R over Texas has
moved northeastward .0 Missouri. It has Increased con
slderably in eriergy and extenflß over practically the whole
of the Mississippi Valley, a leeond depression is nvni-e
southeastward OlfW British CWumbla, and i.retaur.- is fail*
ins tru!:i U»e New r Engliuid arid Mild!;; Atlantic coasts
westward and to the I'arine.
Hair, has fallen in the Mississippi Valley from Ir.wa
southward; also in the lower Ohi.> Valley. Tennessee an i
the ous!*rn Oulf Stati-s. Tn*> weather !ia.s dcur-d in the
Rocky Mountain regijr. ana continues fair in Xur'hrast<»rn
districts nn.-l on the Paelfte Const. Temperatures have not
chanced materially in any piirt of the country.
There will l>e showers an.] thunderstonrj on We-ln- «.lav
in the Mississippi Valley, the lower Missouri Valley and
the Ohio Valley, ar.l re!: 1 , in the western portion of the
lake region. Kaln is Indicated »^r Thursday in the lune
lake reginn and Atlantic iVnst districts. 1: will be .»e
cidedly warmer Wednesday in tho upper Miaaoori Valley.
t!ie niid.li? Rocky Mouniuin region and In Kansas ari
The -.vin.'.i! aL.nR tha X»w-Kr.-;lar.d and Middle Atlantic
cf-a»is will lx- fresh southwest to west; on the .South At
lantic ar.d eastern Gulf coast" freeh southeast to can; un
the western Gulf Coast fresh southwest; en the lower
lakes 'nsh east ;r. northeast. ln:r-a?!nK. and on the upper
Jakes fresh to hri-4: northeast.
Steamers depurtln*; Wednesd.iy f^vr Kurorean po:t« will
have fiesh west wia£a jni fair wrailstr to the Grand
Special Forecasts — ■\Vnrnlr.Sf of r.iEh water In th» Rio.
Gran.-- River. In Kerr-MextCO, have be*-n Issued; also f:.r
flood "tages In the Trinity liiver, near i"a!estir.f. Tex.
ntorm v.arnlnps are displayed OB the Gulf t-i.ast. from
Xtw <)rlen:;« to IV.n^acola. p.nd on l.ii-;--- Slichlsan and
Huron and western Erie.
rum 111 for Speriul Ix.-calitie«i. — For New-England,
Eastern Xew-Yorli and N«w-Jersey, fair to-dajr; Thurs
day increaslngr cloud'.neya; light west \rlni2f, becoming
Kor 1-iastf-rn IVnnsylvanla. I'elaware anl the District of
Coluir-bia. iKirtly ciouJy 10-<iav. Itl'.owed by rain to-niijhi
or Thursday; licfat south winds.
Tor Wf^ti-rn IVnnsylvanltj. rain to-day: ThursJay fa'.r
and wiurscr: Jrt-t'a t-aFt winds, becoming south.
Kir Western New-YOTk, fatr tn-Uny and Thurs'lay;
warmer Thursday: variable winds, becoming fresh east.
Trlh:iir I oral OJxervatlons—
In -.nli dtasram ihe continuous wiilte line ahow» tbt
ct:ante» in presfurc -<- latflctktad ty TJ« 'rritune 1 , arir
tt-Lur^'.r^ barometer. Ttn doti<-tl Una *h»w« u.t ..;. rra
!•_.-• a* reconitil Ly tha !o<-ai Weather isuveau.
I^»cul Offirlal Keren!. — The follotrtni official record
f rf.rr. :1.«- Weather Hv.reau Rhoivs th* thans-.s In tin ter
n fcr iho !ast twenty-cur hours, 4n cumparis-n
with the ccrr«;>e!i:iinr <!at«> of last year:
I'JW. I'JC-5.1 10>J -» I9oi
" a. m 11 .'.+ « r- m ili * - ■"- --fH
♦1 li, m.. li- .v- ; !» i> ro n
»» a. in ,11 Will I 1I 1 - n» ....">V ;,;
:^ m nsj ::• 1: p n< w
4 \i re 7^ *A
>;iKh>rt lejntwßtsre jist*rd»r< "° ri**™"*; lowest, no;
average. .-Vs: »ve f^,-» ror i-onc^v^aiiie d*f- of last year.
tt>; .:;.■■..,-, f cr e"rre*lMiru!lr.j; date of !aßt twenty- fly»
years. 61. ;
l^>al rore.ast-1-Vlr tcn^nr; Thtfrraay Jncree*lc»;
t\siA<no*r,- !■.-:• v ;«f.-r'v wind*, beaomln* variable.
Secretary Not Afflicted with Organic Heart
Washington. April -Acting Secretary Adee to
day received a cable dispatch from Secretary Hay
dated at Bad Xauhelm. in which the Secretary
states simply but emphatically that he Is gfttlnp
Toitchinp the press report from the German
springs to the effect that the Secretary's heart Is
affected, it is learned from persons acquainted with
l.is trouble th*»t Secretary Hay's heart affection is
not organic, hut purely symptomatic, and is ex
pected to yield readily to trentm«mt. Mr. Hay la
now expecting to return to Washington about the
middle of June, although he is being urged by his
friends here to prclon-» hi 3 stay abroad. !n vlfw
of the quiescent state of foreign affairs, so far as
the State Department s concerned, and the mani
fest benefit he is deriving from his tour.
Marines from the Columbia Escort the Body
to the Cemetery.
. Mexico City. April £.'.— The runeral of Ambassador
Axpiroz took plate hero yesterday. After the arrival
of the special (rain the bo<ly was at once taken to
the temporary .p«t In the Department of Fcreim
Relations. The procession consisted of commissions
from th" various government departments mil of
foreign representatives. A detachment of marines
from the cruiser Columbia followed the body. Then
0:1 me President Diaz and Ambassador Clayton,
Vio»»- President Corral and Minister Mnrlscal. the
consular corps and two brigades of regular troops.
At th* Cemetery of Dolores religious services were
conducted by Father R-Mrrv. . chaplain of the
Columbia. Minister Mariscal delivered en i«<Mress.
Columbus. Ohio, April S.— Announcement was
made to the County Commissioners to-duy that the
State appropriation or a\BM for the McKinley
Memorial Hail here has all been expended and that
Cn.fijrt will be neeUed /cr the furnishings of the hall.
The commissioners declared that they have no
power to ike the appropriation, and the next leg
islature will be appealed to for the money. The hall
is n<r;irly completed, and must Bland Mm until the
legislature acts.
Bordeaux. April 25.— President LoaaH presided to
i day over the ceremony of unveiling the moau
! mint to Gambetta. It shows Gambetta stand
j Ins in a. meditative attitude on a pedestal. The ng
■ urea about the pedestal include a child defending
i its mother and Wisdom assisting Liberty, symbol
! ical of Gambetta's labors at the close of the
1 Prussian War. A vast crowd was present
; and many addresses were made.
1 Marrlaee notice* appearing in THE TRIBCNB will
I be republlshed la The TrJ-Wevklj Tribune wIUmbI
j eitra charge-
BOHME- IjBMCKE At Uie Ctmrch of St. Andr«w,
Booth Oranif*. X. J-. on Monday. April i! 4 by the Key.
«'h L, !■..:■:••■. Marie Augusta, daughter of Ernest E.
find tli«> lat-: Ad»lgltha Klackw.ll I>».m'-lc». •. Henry O.
liohme. i>f Orar.se. N. J.
MOLIXKITX— RI"LAXr>— April 20. 1905. hy taa as»v.
<:ar»nce Oe«Wli>. D. D.. Certl Sefton Itollncux. son nt
(;»n«>ral E. i. Mol!ni»ux. of Brooklyn. X. V.. t« Alice
Winifred Rular.ri. daughter of the Ist* D. W. Rulan 1.
of .irk. N. V
I'ATTKUSON— LONG — 'At I>"- Hilt. Brookltne. Mass..
Tuesday. April 2S. by th» Rev. V.m. H. Uyon. Frar.ci*
Gordon Pstierson. of OliW, N. V . to Helen Bowdltca
l»nK. daughter of Mr and Mr«. Harry Yint ■ ■". Ij>r.s;.
TI ; tMAS— KIN FRANK — OB Tu-sday. April ~-, at Xow
543 West Tlet-st.. by the Kiv. William ReM Thomas.
I> I>. Kmma ?:r.franlc to William Sturgl* Thomas,
M. V.
Notices of inarriaees and deaths must be in
dorsed with full name and address.
Death Bailees ap;M»rlss In THE TTtmCNE wCI ■•
rcpubllsbed la Tb» Trl-WackJ/ Irlbuae without extr>
Seen, Ellen C.
Stirling. KatlMTtM H. a
TKtanj, Wlliiam O.
Van Orden, Temple De Witt.
Washburn. Joshua B.
Weaver. Ovcra;* J.
Wilson. Charlotte A
Annan. Klvina 8
Barlov, Virginia 1,. M,
Uoartltr.an. Geraldir.e.
-Coop«>r. John W.
Davies. VII •■ M.
Mills. J. r'..r.-mus.
Niv»n. Thornton A.
ANNAN— Sunday. April 23. 1903. of pneumonia. DvJna,
fcohencJc, widow of Alexander Annan. Funeral services
at her late residence. Xo. 151 Lafayette-»ve., Brooklyn,
Wednesday, April 26. a; 4 p. m. Interment at Mattea
wan. x. v.
BARLOW— On Monday. April 24. 1905. at her residence.
No 50 Ea*t i!lst-st.. Virginia. Louise Mathews. wife of.
Peter Townaend Barlow. Funeral s*rvtc«a at Grace
Church. Broadway and lOth-st.. on Thursday. April 2».
at 1U o'clock-
BO\KDMAX— On Monday. April 24. 10*15. at Florence.
Italy. Geraldine. daughter of Albert B. and Gertrude
Dinner Hoardman.
CCKtPFR— <">n Sunday, April 23. I *. after a lingering
illness John William Cooper, In th« IMB year ot his
a*- Funeral services will be held at hiu late residence..
Nu" 18 CUfton Place. - ...klyn. on \Ve.ir.»«day eventne.
26th inst.. at - o'clock.
DWIES— On Monday! April 24. 1905, Alice Martin. wlf*
of Julien T. Davies. >uneral fcervlces will b« held at
Grace Church. Uroadway an,; loth-»t.. on Wednesday,
Aorii 2t> at in a m. Interment at St Luke's Church,
Matteawan. .>fe»:al train for Flshklll-on-Hud»on will
leave Grand Central T>epot at 11:3" a. m. Kindly do
not tend flowers. Albany pen nlease copy.
MILLS— At Oraas*, X. J., on Tuesday. April 25. 1903. la
the b2A y-ar of his as*. J. Doe»nn>i Mills, son of the
late I>avld S. M'.lia. of Xewtown. Long; ts!a.nd. Funeral
se'vi'-^s will te held at hl» lat« residence. Xo. SO His;h
st., oninire, X. J.. -■•.••• • ■ ■•; Thursday, April
:?.' at 4:r.:>.
XIVKX— At Xewark. X. J., OS April 25. 190 S. Thornton A.
Nlv.-n, of Jlontlcello. X. Y. Funeral from his rest
(i-i)oe at Monticelto, X. V.. on Thursday, April 27. at
1:30 p. m.
SCOTT— At Cincitir.ntl. Ohir>. April 22. 1305. Ellen c.
daughter of lieriiri and Rojanna Crane, in, her T3d
\ear. Funeral from the resktsnea of her brother.
Thomaa Crane. Somers. S. V., Wednesday, April 20, at
2 o'clock. Carrlaßes will meet train at Purdy's leaving;
Grand Central at It :4'».
STIKI.IXt;— At Connymcad Fnrn-, Westw»od. X. J.. the
residence of her ■.•-.-.••- J. ■' emu Hoyt. on April
21, 1005, of typhoid i"ompl!oauon». Katherlne Huntin«
ton Swvvard. wife of the Rev. J. Hamilton Stirling. j->
racuse. N. . V.
TIFFANY Suddenly. In the BSd year of hi* a«e. William
Georze, son of th* late V.i'ham and Mary Marean Tif
fany, of Baltimore, Funeral servteea at the Church cf
the Heavenly Re«t. Wednesday morning, at 1 ■ v.
VAX ORDEX-On Tuesday. AS* 25. 19«5. of pneumonia.
Tempie Ds Witt, daughter ot Henry H. Van Order and
the late Mary J. Gaul. Funeral . .vat-. Interment at
Hudson, X. T.
WAPIiBL'KN— At Charpa^ua. N. V.. Second day. Fourth
month, 2ith. 180 ft, Joshua li. V.'u^hburn. In h!» H3th
year. Funeral from the- Prlends" M'^tins House.
Chappaqua, X. V.. Fifth day. Fourth month. 27th. at
1' o'clock. CarriHgre* «l!l n>e>-t express rain laavlna;
Grarrl Centra! Dep..t 6:OU a. m.. which will stop at
WEAVER- On Monday. April 24. IDOS. at his la-» resi
lience. 4'J Kast 331-st, of pneumonia. Geo'ree J.. son of
the late Michael Weaver and Kllia Wall, la the forty
third year of hia a«e. Fungal services will be held
at St. George's Church, St:iy\esant Square, on Thurs
day mornlnjr. April 27, at 0 o'clock.
April 24th. 1W».
The cornmandinK cfllcer announces the death of Captain
Gecrgo J. Weaver. He *r,l!sted in Company 1 on April
3d I*B3, and fiw many yearn rerrcd as Adjutant of the
reKiim-r.l with great <il«tinrticn. Officers and members
arc recjucste-i t-> attend th» funeral s»rTlce« at st.
George's Church. Stuyresant .Jart. on Thursday, April
-7. at B a. nv
By order ot Colonel PAN int. APPLKTOX.
DE WITT C. FALLS. Adjutant.
REOIMKNT, N. G. N. Y-— lt Is Tr,th deep sorrow that
we announce tnc d-»a:h of our ,-omra.le. Captain ilrorg* J.
Weav<;\ A:>ril 24th. I9QS, who was a nw loyal and faith
ful officer of the re-mr-nt and •"^•lc»t? . Members are In
vited to attend the funerni at St. -J!»"3 ("hure»;.
Stuyvesant Siiuarr. Thursday m.-vrnin«r. April .'. at ft
,/cloek. HERBERT GROESBECK. President.
B. W. WENMAN. tjecivrary.
WILSON— At Spring Lake. N. J. Charlotte A. Wilson.
wife of the lat« Key. Thaddeus Wilson, D. D.. In th*
elchty-first year of ha* as». Funera! s»nl«s at her
laic residence, Spring t-ake. Wedne-iday. April IS. at 2
p. in. K»l-itiv» and frirnJs invitfru to attend, without
i'urtb<r iiottc*.
CBaaKTI KU.-».
:hk uooui.awn CaUaaMJUn
! is readily ao?*i«ib;e by Kar!er.j trains from Grara Central
' Sto- ■ "V.Vb«t"r anJ Jtrome Avtnuf tiolleys and by
■ carnage. 1-ots ♦ — "• up. Telephone * Ma Gram«rcy> for
1 liook <-i Yirws or r*P»«seßtam»
' v OOce. 50 i:dkt -2rU St.. X. V City.
"Sd M. Frank E. CanspbclJ-S»eph« Marrllt.
EmL'l'C lust.. s*l-3 A <•»'- -•• : is. TeL 132 i Chelsra.
Ban >trT»i-.cn Mrrrilt. the wor!d-w!d»-known un
' A.rr'l 1 »'■ cn:y one r>lef« of buslre**. S'h-ave. and !S>tJj
»« : la'K'-at in :h* worlJ. T>:. : ''' unJ •' ' " * c *'
Special Notice*,
Tribune «»üb«rrlptle« Ratr%.
i-nF T"ir:t.N£ »'H t# *' al by mail to **>' «<JJres» in
1. /'.,r*-v or aorc»U. and a<Ut«i» cUanseU <* ott»n a»
. ,r, *ut«rtj>tiun« may b« «iv«j tt your r#«uUr
nVuv :ii*nt»iTrU-\VEEK!,T. :r«:i
"St farseb.j««v_
Uo-Hr.lir Kate*.
r m «„ oc'iub In th* fntte-i *'.utM. Car»cU and Mexico
.nuVsiSe «3 the burowfh* cf Manhattan ani The BrotUJ.
Alii tv r«bß l'orto beat Hawaii un,l the PMtfcplx.*
Without cxtr* ni'enie fjr torctsa . ••-*a».
Special Xoticet.
Tw»lve Months Maw Tw ' lt * Month*. a«»
DAILY oyrur. kTRIBf XE m.vnac-
On* Month. » ■•■ Copy. " * m
Ttir»« Month*. |2 r-»-
Bill Montfi. M oo l'-r Copy n M
S!» Month.. 75! bw>d ' or
Tur<«lvf Months. $150!
TP* a w?F«i r T"'i? XK SS * w " Trirl L Clty *" '** »*"-T am
TKI-WtKKI.T vril] b» c-:jtj»l on«> cent & f{ri , ««- r )»
P"««a» ■ wMitlcn
r«ft|n Rates.
.Rii-isr. ma t» irai:«» at iaa ft*-
iwo M^MMh* f 7 U
*•. tnss
»;* m $252 ii „ M
DAU.V - R^-'i^W * 164
S ss
main; off;cf:-x«. is* kiw^
«ny AoMri-
WASiIIMITON EIHCAV.- -Na 'i:*.,.*^
!«. Sown,.,.
•« N«T MB
Frank OonIU ft Co.. No. 54 N»w o t - 0 ,, i«,
ioo? E^ s^ rU **?*?% Uank ' rs - C^*« B^
American Express Corrpar.y. ;%,.. » Warer'-m *>!»„.
Tt™, Cook Jk Son. TourUt MV^SSS/cWM
The Lcndon offlrt cf TIIK TRWC2CE N ,* „„
■ ••
The F'.saro OtSc*
r-renvh. Lemon * 4 \-^
„ ;. f .
i:»pr«s» rorcpany. No. 2 FT-
f>»»loav# Ma«.
niy'oc^r a* T**.- 1 ' by a! 1 -""•-*■' •' <*&*
-r at any time i "^
mails lor a v y . C ' U r >l 2P " m Aprll 28 « n<l M » v

sails or
, h . „;
Regular and Supplementary mails close ». Forelen S:a
t>, O « n n 'f^™".? 1 WW w st and , Morton •**! tfta? lar.r
than closins: time shown below texcept that Supplementary
51a:.» for £.urop« and Central Am-rlca. via Colon, clos*
one hour later at Foreign Stations
RTDSESDAT <26>— At 1:30 a. m. for Netherlands direct
(specially addressed only), per • « " nailani at <• TO
a. m. (supplementary li> a. m.> for Ireland and Krane*
per *. s. Baltic, via (jueenst own and Liverpool ia '.-■-»
other parfs of Europe -when specially addressed far th!»
steamer), at S:.TO a. m. for Italy direct ispectally a<t
draa* only). p~ r 3. ». Lombardia; at 11 a. m. for
Xorway IMrcel»-Post Mails, per s. *. Osrar II talsa
regular mail for Denmark when apeclaily addressed tor
this steamer).
THURSDAY (27).— At 7a. m. fb> France, per s aLa
Bretasne. via Havre tai»o oth«- parts cf Etimpe wheta
specially addressed for this steamer): at »:*► a m.
(supplementary 1» a. m.) for Eumr». per ». s. r>eutsc:v
lanl. via Plymouth. Cherbourg and Hamburg.
SATURDAY (299k— < At 6a. m. for Europe, per sa. Phila
delphia, via Plymouth awl Cherbourg «;:sc!u<J!n«; Irelan J
when specially addressed for this steamer); at 8:3»
a. m. (supplementiiry li> a. m.) f.ir Europe, per s. s.
Etrurt.x via Queenstown and Liverpool: at »:3O a. m.
fcr Belgium Parcels-Post Mails, per !. s. Krooniani
<also r«sular mail for Belgium when specially adrir<*»3«d
for th'.s steamer); at S:3O a. m. for Italy direct (spectall/
ai(ire«sed only». per a. s. Prlnzess Irene; at lo a m.
for Azores I»Und3. per -«. ». Cr«Uc tal«.-> Italy vims
*p*e!ai:y addressed for this steamer); at 12:3o p. m. for
Scotland direct (specially addressed only), per a. a.
Fur i.- ■-
WEDNESDAY (26). — At -To a. m. for Newfoundland,
per s. s. Knsalind; at 9:30 a. m. <supplementary 1 ) * >
a. m.) for lrui^uu i J -»-• : i and Mj;; :*.-:, a l>epurtnieiM oi
Colombia, per s. s. Flandria tincludics; Port au Prince.
St. Mare, Petit Ooare. Aux Caves and Jaemel when
specially addressed for this steamer); at li> a. m. for
Grenada. St. Vincent. Trinidad and Cludad Bolivar. p«r
a. s. Mararas: at 11 a. m. for Haiti, per s. a. r..:-.i
VTillem V (Including; Cape Haiti. Port d»> Palx. Cura
cao, V*na.- . Trinidad and Guiana when spatially
a^MresMd for this steamer); at 12 m. for Santiago •*•■•-
dally addressevi only), per s. a. Uatanias: 12:3'>
p. m. «suppl«.-ntentary 1 p. n>.) for Turks islauj ana
Dominican Republic, per a. s. Seminol».
THL'R-SDAI* |ZZ> — At -1 a. m.. for Barbados. Guiaits amt
Northern Brazil, per s. s AXarcnhense, -.la Barbados
Para ana llannas. At* a. m. fur Bermuda, per s. *'.
Trinidad: at a a. tot. far Cuba. Yucatan and <*am
peche. per s. a. Monterey (al»> other parts of M»Tlct»
when specially addressed for this steamer^: at 12 m.
for Mexico (specially addressed only"), per s. s. Vu>- >tan.
via ■amplco; at i p. rr.. for P. -:ni*jda. p»r • a. CarU>-
B«< : at 7 p. m. . for Torto. Plata, per ». s. Brißnton
from Boston.
FKIDAY (2S). — At 9:SO a. m. Jsapplementarr If):3t» * m.»
for Xif-arajrja iexc»pt K;i.-: C'a»t>. Hnniuras mx?»pt
East Coast i. Salvador, Panama. Canal Zhk, Cauca
Depart of Colombia. Kcuartor. pe-u. adivta aa<l
Chill, per s. s. A&vanc«, v:a Cplno •*»■*, ■aasanaa
when specially address*Ki for this steamer); at 12 ra. fx.r
Argentine, frusuay and Paraguay, per s. a. Etona; at I
p. rr.. f 'r Argentine. Uruguay aail Paraguay. as ». a.
Hsrj'ptlan Prince.
SATL'RI»AY (20).— At 8:3» a. m. (ST]pp';*m»rta.-y 9:3T>
a. m.) for Porto Rloo. Curacao and Veneiueia. r»r s. ».
Caracas (also t'r lornhla. via Curacao, when >p-*i-u;>
addressed for this steamer); at S:TO a m. tsupr-lem-nt
ar> »:3<) a. n>.) for St. Thomas. St. Uroix. l^eewar-i an^i
Windward Islands and Guiana, per a s. Fontabe',;*
(Including Grena.;*. St. Vincent and Trinidad when spe
cially audre3s<?d for this steameri; at » a. m. f->r Port»
Rico, per s, s. Berwlnd. via Mayague^: (•pevially *d—
ilress^tl ordinary mail onlyt; at l):Ci) ». n-.. •supple
mentary 10/ Ma. m.) f ■ r Fortune Island. J. ;>,!»
and Colombia, except Oauca anl Masdaiena l>eparT
ments. per ». ». ?!bir!a (also Costa Rich, vta Llm.»n.
when specially addressed for this stcanur'; «•_ Ja rt m.
for Cttsia, per s. «. Mono Castle, via Huvan.i: at llr.li)
a. m. for Newfoundland, per s. a. Silvia: at 12:3" p. m.
fur Cuba (specially addre^s-d only), per s. s. Oiir.da'
via Matanzas.
NOTICE. — i"i\e cents rer half oun< • lr. addition to th»
regular postage must be prepaid on ail letters forwards
by the Supplementary Mails, and letters d»po.-tite<t in t>»
drops marked ••Letters for Forcisn Countries." after ths>
Clo.iln«r r,f the Regular Mall, for dl-patoh by a particu
lar vessel, will not l<e so forwarOeti unless such addi
tional postage is fuliy rrepaid thereon by *tan:r>s. Su;>-
I'lcnientary Transatlantic Malls »r« also opened on th#
piers nf the Americ«n. Ensli?h and French steamer*.

late mail nay b? deposited in the mail boxes r>n Thai
pters of the German Lines «n!!!r,g from Hohc.k'n Th»
mailrf on the piers open or.« h.-iur and i hair bef^r»
salltnr time, and clnso ten minutes bef.-.-o bsJUbs
time. Only regular postage (letters S cents a half ounce*
Is re«julreO on article* mailed on the piers «♦ th»
American. White Star and German (Set) Post) steamers
double postage (letters !•> rents a h.2lf ounce) on other
Mails (e»r«pt Jajr.aic I a:iU Bahamas) are forwarded
dally 10 ports of caiUr.s. The C» >NNKi"iTNG malb clos*
at the General Postofhce. Xevr-Yurk. ai fallows:
CUBA, via Port Tunpi. at t+:HO a. m. M ..iday, Wednes
day asi'i Saturday. (Also from New-Tor*. Tn^rsiiay
anj Saturday — »«« above.)
MEXICO CITY, i/veriand. at 1 :3« cp. m. and lU:3l> p. v.
<lai!y. except Sunday; 3unday at 1 p. ru. an<i XO:J-J
XEWFOUXr>LANT> teicrpt Parrels-Post lljCm. tJsj
North ?ydney. at 7 p. in. Sfonttay. W»dnesu'ay ar.J
Saturday. (Also occasionally from Xe-.v-York and Phi:
aftelnhla — sec above.)
MIQUfTLOX. via BoStOB an.l X >rth Sydney, at 6:2y p. ra.
every oth*r sun>lay (Mjy 7 and 21 >.
JAMAICA, vi.i Ho.»tun. at 7 (.. ri. Tue«lay arvl Frllay.
iAls-> tT'ir.x New -York or. Saturday — se« »br>T». >
BAHAMA-? lexcept P»r<e!s-I'cs; XaUs>. v!» Miami. F!a..
at f4:31l a. m. Tuesday. 'Aiio from New-York--st»
OUATKMALA. via New-4>r!-.-ans. at tiu : .Tt> p. m Sl.in-
S»y. (V.'e«t Coast «f HttPdur as Is dispatched from New-
York via Panamn— w aborax)
COSTA MCA, via Xvw-Ortcstoa a' tlttfsj p. m. Tue*!a--.
XICAftAGI'A (East C>-w»«t> via X»w Ortwua at ttO:.T>
r>. m. 'Wedr.e.-Iny. iWe»: rv.n«t or Nicnrncia t» 01*
pat.~h.-d froir Ne»-Ycrtc visi pisn.ina — »»r above >
PANAMA and CAXM. 7fi\p, v| B N»w f>r!e a n-. »V Mf):Ti»
p m. Sandav. «Af!.»' lO:.Ti> p. m. .--•un.tn.\ ,m-i until »V.-
ing of N«w-Y^rk st»f*u:er. nt»ll fir fn^r.m-i an.l »••»-.-.:
Zone is held frT th« New-V.irk itw>m«> v m»» abnve >
tßesis'Teii Mall for overtand rflsr^^tr^e3 cto»es st « p. m.
previous day.
Th» schedule of closing uf Trac.-paclflc Mal!s !» ar
ranged on the preemption of tneir uninterruptwi overU-1
transit to \>cn of suiting. The final connecting m«'!»
/except Resr.*tered Tran-pac!rlc- V..i!ls .!i>p.it.-fc».i \ui Van
couver. Victor:ci. Ta r>R'a or S"-aitte which •I(M S p. m.
previous <!»y> dose at The Central Posroffce; N«w-Tora.
as follows:
Philippine Islaniis anU Guam, vii San Francisco, elna* at
•i p. m. April 2<5 tor m.'patch per t*. si. Transporr.
Hawaii. Japan. Korea, China acj PUHDptM I«iand». v!s>
San Frawrisee* close at C p. m. Aprii 2S for dlspaios
Hawaii! vfa San Francisco. c!--se at 6 p. m May 1 Ur
4tsß*trn per s. ». Alam«ea. ;
Japan X 'rre- Chlr.a «nU »r>ecia!!y »J lres*ri! matt for* ta»
Hhllippir.« Islands. v!.i -S.-att>. clo»<? at C p. zn. Ma> *
for a!*B»tch p-r s s. Plel»i«
Japan Korva. CMna and np«via!ly .»« I <ir*s*e<s mall for •!'•
Philippine Islands. Tla Taccnoa clcse at cp. ra . May I
for «i»p«teh per *. s. Oanr».
IlaTT&il Japan. Korea. Cnt-r.a. an.i Pfc.!:«ppine I*U.id». Ttsj
San Franels.-o. close at tf p. m. Jla/ 7 for dlspatca p-r
s. s. Coptf<\
Ve\v-Z»*:anfl. Australia «»\T»r>: Tle-tn. Xew -< "3l«~»ivtjl«j,
San-oa. Hawait und Fill Is.ar4». Ma San Fi^r. i.«-Ok
clt.«M» §jf ♦» t»- m. May 1-"S f*.r <tl^patch pep * • >i*"ra
uf th* Cur.arrt steamer c*rryir«; f.:a Prttlsa mail f.>r
»v .'-^.ir.! do*» aot arrive hi time lo connect W«h
ttls ilispatih. e?ttra malta ■ etwtnsj at S:OU ». na.. ft:3t»
a. in. and U P- n>. ; 9ttO(tays ut -»:.a> i :• . :• ». m. ar> i
Op ni. — will bw mads up and forwarded ur.:it th» ar
r'.xal of the OunarJ sleaaiert ■
FIJI Uiands. Australia. texo«pt VT(»»ti an.l S«w-CaleiloaU
via Vancouver ami Victoria. ::. C. clas* at 0 p. ;«.
May 2t> for .llap»tch per I a MaauHa.
Tahiti and Uirquw»» Islands, vta dan Franclico. c:oa«
it »; j . tn. May '2\ Tor dtspatcb p»r s. s. Martjnwta,
Jlanchur'.a <<-»r*pt Mukden. N\n-iiiwaa< »a 4 Viti
Arthur* anU Eastern f'lbcrta is at present forwarded r'.a
NOTE— '"nlfss otherwise audresw*.!. West A':stra!'a !«
for«ardi-;t v.a Ettrop*; N>w-Z«alanit via San r'ranctjf,.
and i»T?ain place* in the Chines* Province .if Yuij:.au.
vi» British India—the qutck»»t rr.ule*. Phlllrrt""J
«pedal!y ad.lr*s»e,l ->la Kuropo" m-i«; br ttOtf pre?»K*
at Th» for«'.cn rates. 1! • .. : is forwarded >la Saa
Francisco «»r!u«ively.
wiu.!.vm it. wiLLcruc Postnut**.
Postoffice X«w-Ycri. X. T. A;rl! 21. JOB.

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