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New-York. May 6. lUO6.
Flour, bnls t4»jCB« pkfis 2.151
JTlour, sacks >.19fi: Eggs, i-ases 16<t
Cornmral bb> 125!I>r«sc-d poultry, pkgs. 1.-2S
Conuafal. bags 2.1.V> Live piultn'. crates.. 334
Oatrr.eai. bbls .T'2 raniree .O»l>. c»Kuf. . "p
Wheat. b-Jbh *.m»t' \ppi.-s. bbls 8.7T8
Ctrn, bush 5/17.'- 1». tatof ». bbls 4.:(2..
Oats, burh 84,* *> Onions, bbln P<s
Yeas, bush 2.l<i>|lt.sin, btu *-.°
Barley tush 6.om»j Rcs'.n oil. bb!" ■ Ta
Malt, bush lO.r.'M Spirits turp, bbls W0
Bice, bbis. .. 22f.iSugar. M.is ••••212
Rice, i-kts 7>«i 'MolaMes. bbls- 679
Hay. ions »«♦' Oilcake, Pkgs 1.000
Btraw. tors Nl'.OUmeal. baas ■•• * • 52
M!".f-.-1 tons I««J Peanuts, bags <•>'•
Hop*, bale* 23 Tobacco, hhds 200
Beff. tierces In' Tobacco, tierces T»
8.-<f (canned), ca*ss. &hi; Tobacco, pkgs 22
H*ms,pkci 90 Whiskey, bbls *W4
liar-on. rkgs 145 Wool, sacks .22
Cutmeat« kgs.... «4UU"..tton. ba'.es j's2
Lar<! tlereea *00 Copper, pieces }.»"
L«ri ktys SoO'Lead. pigs l.|oo
Lart c±f** 100HMM, bdls «£
TttHow. ;>k ( -s PS'Skirs. bale* ' ■ }-.'
!-Oiin ytock c!cgl IC.V Leather, sides I.OW
,;.:.. jk'^ 17 iM^s. bales *»
Rutted pk«s 3.00 a:
, ... i,,j g !, U.«Mlß«nned pet. gal» 1,242.740
I•• hush 8,060 1 Naphtha, gals ...... ' 4 -?.>
l- !K << . 44«'Bei.zine, eais 2,(XK>
: ■•'* bu«h .... f.M): QaßoJene, gals 52°
; IV 1 !.!"..: 4.420: ..".Ir-onscoJ oil 6 als. 80.«0
y . Kadi 10,152' Lubricating oil. gals. W1..1"
< rnmeal. bbls r,42;P^rk. bbls 2H '
y.., • n, 21.000 Beef. bbl« 4^2
), -j, 1,200: Beef, tierces -,»,-!!
'■-7 Baooe It> 2fi6.1..'
« ./.V..'! 101
sSy-2Eiii: c^iLtrd'oil-gais::::::: '■' S ?\Z"
I . ■ «rd otL raJa 1 '■'-"
Fplnts turp. gals... 8,820 OTMJ^vft '•.M". M "
Itorin. bbls 124 Butter. Ib »-^
Pitch bbls 25:Chcese. Ib HV..W
•Tar. bbls &0j
Iron. Nor, No 1 f(iy.Jl7 75 Flour. Mpls patent*. «880
: , tton. mlddlW tM
U. **«£. *«£ asa«l?ftlii 6'6 '
-^UaVcV'itad J *'-0 Ee*f. SS::::::::: SS
F'« v '7r ..... S TO Beef hams 2175
•vH.ekt. No 2 red... Tallow, prime , 'Jj
<^,->rr Ko2r!xe<!..- 63 iPork, mess. 13 3.^
New-Torlc. Hay 6. 1005.
OOTTEE — Tte coffee market was very quiet and rather
cnres'-ouslve to what was regarded tut a. favorable &"t
cf caiies both from Eur-jpe a--*} Brasll. The undertone
•was steady, however, aal after opealng ateady at un
cranted prlsaa the market cloied gUady, with March
* T>oU.ts .>. T and oth*r montha or. the lmUal basis. EalM
*-?r repontl of about 12.<X/> bags. The selling seemed to
repreetlit woek-end profit caking; while there was Just
el-out enough fresh buying to sustain prioaa and the
transitions as a whole w»re too insignificant to f-rnis..
»Ly special feature. While th« Europ*an cab.^ were
conslflerod fa-roraW». the sUowlug. which consisted ot an
fc<Jvs.nce of ii frauc at Havre ar.d of a partial . p.g
it HanAurg. tvas ln*Hffer nt as viewed in the light of
RcSa^r^anrtng th« last f»w lays. when European
vii. thowed litti* deelre lo respond to bullish overtures
rrora^ the local rosrket. Brazilian rr.arketa. however, wera
Sth firm, with Rio -2.'. rais and Santos 100 reis higher
ir,<l receipts at all Points w«r» light. The spot market
"Wfcs quiet bat steady, -with quotation* or. the basis of be
*°Th^ra?ge 7 of contract prices in the local market to-day
araa ti. fallows: Yester-
Owning. High- I-w. Oj-fo f%
»tAy _ _ — 6.fos<i>o «80
Juno ••"•'"-'"' -•-• — — — 6.5536.00 6.8S
July .. — - _ 6i66«7.00 698
iS^:.":n::::,s 7^5 7.3<> ||| *:g
January - _ _ 7.^5-45 7.40
. l^T.::::::-::::™ 7.« 7.40 £*9tM i*°
CofTee cab!**: Rio— Coffeo market firm; No 7 Rio.
45C25; erehanpe, 16 2;*-32d; recede. 4,00.) bags; »hlpments
forth« Cnlted Stat.-s. 1.000 bags; stock. ...3.000 bags
eantt*-C.'fr«* ttartot ten; goof avsrage Santos. 4S2UO;
rW»'p*s «(W baps; stock. b3l.a)» ba»». Hamburg
ci'pe r--rk«t opened hi pfg higher: at 2:30 p m was
£f £.cS*ed 10 V. Jrf« M«b«r; sales, !«.««> bwHa-Te
l-hcr.e- ruL-ket opmx-l steady. \* frano higher; at U m
enchased; sales, 18,»j0 bags.
?Ssary~Tlinirill- 4flJ»|A»«B»t*'".*.*»"i" *5.26
Vircir tT. 4».75 SepMSßbar «■»«
AOrif V.V..V 17.— 4<'>.73,<. ctob«r „ 45.76
P-X ". 44 S0|Nov«.mb*r 40.
Ju^« "........- 44.75 December 4O.(X>
Ti-e "fiaUstlcal poslUoa cf Erazlliao coffee is a» follows:
T<>-day. Last weak. Last month.
V«r-Yoik fleUrerie. 17,v5« 24.234 10.128
i.i.o go
Balttaore stock 79,011 W. 5« W,B-o
New-Orleans ttock K*->.243 1 03 - 21 - _10«>«
■ ■ :
•Including 4.549 bags taken ex ship.
COTTOS — The cotton market was comparatively narrow
a:.J lnegjlar, with trading of an evening up ciiaracter.
Cknuidermc the dlsappolnUng cables, the snowing' was
considered very bttttjy, however, and seemed to reflect
litile disposition on U*e ; art of the bears 10 operate ag
eretsivKl}- on aevelojments favoraLle to their ■Ida of the
account. alt Dough the absence of mere pronounced pressure
might have been mos; largely accounted for by the natural
disinclination to put out ehort lints for over Sunday in a
market tliat is keenly Iptlble to changes in the
■weather. The --.peiiU-g was steady at unchanged prices to
an advance of 1 poll aad almoet iiamediately following
this prices wore forced up to a net advance of aUuut 4itf6
points by -.ti-Bte buTi «up>ort tnd covering, notwlth
»uuid:rig the poor showing of Liverpool. L»u«s to come about
t p>jlnti« higher, the market there cl «<e.l 1 paint higher on
fcew months and 132 points. lower on late poelUong. owing,
it was believed, to scattering end— week liquidation, f">r
•p<.!t cotton vrbr 5 i-.'!nts tner, with good eaies. thus Indi
■Btttasj 1." appreciable change in tr.e general situation. At
U:a advance here reallzliig l«camt cicr« of a feature, and
■with tte larger bulls showing lltile iifposldcn to hold the
bag, prlnoa wcrkt-d oS to a little under last night's level.
The cioeo waa steady at an advance of 1 point to a •■!»
cline of t points, FWaa^iraTn eaUioatfl at 40.000 bales.
Tbere were furtheT rfcports from the South claiming ad
verse j>rogr«»s with tie new crop, although th- dally
"ft-eatber reycrts for the. ia?t weak liave been generally fa^
voratle, With nb vbry heavy rains r.ott-d. The forecast
aresterSay was considered favorable, and some v»:rts from
s»ew-Orieaiyi rt»crt6'i resulting on the outlook for favor—
«.ble •weather. P.eports concerning the Southern spot situ
ation continued t^ claim steadiness ln practically all sec
Tfc» rar.ge ot tract i>ric«« In the local market to-day
iru aa- follovs:
Openlng^-Hlgh. Low. Close. day.
Stay .—. — 7.54 7.64 7.50 7.4927.51 700
•n;r:e . . .— — — — 7.41®7.43 7.40
Culy i.... -„,... "7.49 7.&4 7.47 7.4987.5't 7.40
tH3«t 7.M 7.8S 7.83 7.62^7.64 7..\H
-tT ....... 7.00 7.«3 7.00 7.68Tr7.ti0 7.00
October .^...^. 7.67 7.72 7.66 7.C'><57.86 7.«7
"NoA-ember .— .... — — — 7.70TT7.72 7.71
I>«cetnber ....... 7.76 7.» v"i 7.74 7.7&C7.78 7.70
Jai.ua ry —._.... TJII 7.f>5 7.60 7.&0C7.51 7.^1
r«t..-uaj7 _ _ __ T4MU6 7.»4
Warob. 7.62 7.52 7.82 7.BBfi'7.WJ 7.88
The Uverpool -weekly report, with comparisons, follow*:
This week. Last week. Last yes*. 1003.
Pales all kinds &4.000 42.000 39 000 64 <XQ
Pales y^aaericaa 6O.«>:> 3£.oi «) 33,000 000
tKlee ' .-t epecTjlatlon 3.000 2,000 4 («>o
Bales for cij>ort... 2.000 8.000 s'friO
r-erwtrOrl <:«0 H(») 46,000 65.000
Imports all kl^ds.. i^,i;O>> 115.000 22,000 Sl.OtK)
Imports American. 63.000 M.OOO 10,000 16,000
Exporta actual 12.000 6.000 11,000 6 (XJO
Btock a*l kinds — SII.OOO no.ooo 655,-OnO 6M.000
6ti>ck American,... 723. 000 736,000 442.000 GOa.ooo
Afloat all kinds .. .2->3. 'JOO 24' [ ■• 188.000 149 000
A£ccX American lkl.ooi> 217.000 145.000 87.000
Cotton irxd»ang» special Liverpool oanlea: Spot cotton
<juiet; sail 7.000 b^les; speculation and export. BOO:
American, C.oa>; receipt* 14,000; American, 18.000; mid
dling up^nd. 4.2& d. Failures opened steady, with BTites
1 point v? oa tibor and, J» poiata higher oa fa.- months
c:c,«*d Quiet aad 1 point higher on near arid lfl« points
Jower en far znofiths. May aad May-Jur.e. 4 13d; Jnn<«- I
July, 4. 1K: July-AuiiUrt, 4.36 d; Ausrusi September 4.17 -
Bfpteiraber>-C<w>i>« r , 4.1« d: jOcteber-Kovember, 4.1 - No
vemb^r-lXcea-.ber and December-January, 4.20 d: Jan- I
Wary-Februarj-, 4.21 d; Ftsbruary-Mar'-!:. 4.22 d, and March -
Apr.;. 4 £.Id.
FLOUR AND — There were no new features
Jn to-dcy-B flour market, and transactions were
•unimportant- Quotations remain unchanged Spring
patents. IJ2SCJ*6tS: winter Ktrai»ht«. 14 60014 80
*f inter patents. $45031525; eprln 8 clears. 13 40ff
M«: fi'-ra Xo I «int*r I: '(;i 3 75; e.rtra No. 2
victcr. «3&<JSLO. RTE TLOUR qaJet quoted: Fair
CORN ICEAL st«a<ly: quotid Kiln dried |2 «§!! «l;
~ll\ n1"n 1 "- 4 - ., B .^° MEAL, steady; quoted: Fine white '
ar.d jellow *i;o; coarse, new. $1 "S S>»l 10. FEED— '
Jl,:'!™J I ,:'!™- " te J? dy , : clt >- ffro:l *ro: quoted: Western spring
•!»)•«• bulk. msnVlV:
ORAIN— \^IEAT— Sentiment continued bearish in
•wh-at clrc'.vr. but cflerlnge neverthelees eee.-r.«£ to b«
pr.-ttv we!! absorbed all day. and while the market '
<joe+i about >i<: r.*t lower, it was Quite steads in tec*.
Tf.e weather eituatlon wai in the main favorable a*uin*L
Ve^r truirra. The low temperatures in Northwestern :
Ft;-.te* did r.ot stem to create any apprehension its to '
th*- crop outlook, pjid a State eport from Kentucky in
v I irh condition was glv«-n at P2. against W In April 'and
U> a >«fcr ago. only aA£*i funher confidence to the b«aj
*:;<• i.i its predictions for a very favorable government
»e..<-t next neaday. Private advices from various
I':.rt» of the 6outhwett wtj-e quite ■atlefactory and en
tlrely lexkir.g In conflrmatloij of the pessimlauc r*port«
th-.» s.^jrie of the bulls have been lately circulating The
f ulSneai of the ar«»t ln view of these conditions had
t>- be «-yplK.:r.f«l. therefore, largely by the taot chat con
*v-v-aUv« traders believe It has been pr-H almost to 11
Ft -.d;-ii:i 00 tfc« ■twablnc theory. Besides the easier
tables, showing a parUa: Hd net decline, early selling
\v:is etimulated by th« Brocoihall satli late for the world's
sl.iptn«r.i» of 0.0u0.000 bushtls. cgalnst 1 .<.3>>,000 bushels
la ■». week. The Paris market dc»ed 6<sls points c»;
higher. After '_Le regulkr clos» wheat acted rather W«ak
er for a time, but before 1 o'clock bad reajvertd and
was quite stetdy s.i t»Cc for May, fiSHc for Ju'.y and fc2«ic
fcr teptember. Ttie ciih marKtt ci.«Fd II follows- No
2 r*<l. »li tlewator and V2^«c fob at! ,at- \.. ] North
ern Lrulurh. *lO<ii». nnd No 1 hard Manitoba, 97Vsc fob
tl'.oat. CORN — (XmjiUsElon house buying .^as a feature
la corn part of trio ti:n«. while elevator houses e.,i<3
BQ»d«ratcly u.t the Weet, causing an easier turn
•troand midday. Tte Chicago srto* arrivals were 70 c *rs
<r a littl* above the eetimate. while only 6» cars were er-l
V *?*. 4 °? Mooday. Thta fteadted the 'marktit up .igslo
fcni It cl<*^ flrm. with May locally &3f4c at 1 o'clock:
July tlVic ar.d 6*ptemb*r t,l%c The weatHer was oWI
* itred *. Ilttfe unfa-rorable. b«'.ng too wet. Liverpool
ciosed partly **& net hi K fa«r. T>* export tnvtt cooiutej
of two loa«s: No 2 corn was quoted 6%: ♦l.vator and
I % L, OATiW-Tfcer. «n a go^,d apsrulatlre *nnl
if™ % - not tr.uugh on the market to prevent vaj uea
from showing fair urtngth on Saturday. The close was
finn a*Cht lU<Out Lest prlp ** of th* day; mlze4. 2«» u> &i
,- lls® 3 maurnl wMu. SO to S2 rb. 8&WO8«Vic ani
el.rp*** white. SO to 40 to. SsVi«3s*. HYE— NoilnsJ
BARLET— Markst dull: feeding wah n uot-d at 44 Up. o '
f N.^- V.-rk. and malttn- 4f1«02c. c I 1 Buffalo.
1 ester
Wheat: Opening. High. Low. CToso. day^
July ■.*.".".".".** 888-16 88 5-l« 87% S7Ti |S*4
September ..... B*l. 83% 82 7-10 S2Vj W'«
u«v 63H 03Vi, 5215-iara B2*
J^y--- - - - ':-'> " L
September — — — •' 1 ••
May 1.1 7/ » I>2S i"'. 1 B*l* 91"i
July 83% BSVi B2*» 82% 63J4
September 7SI» 7b?* Th'^i 7bS iB%
May 454 4S*» 48* «£H *>>^
July 47 47 1-lrt 4^'. 13-10 47 4«T»
September 46*4 4ti 13-10 4<5 K-l« 4<}\ «»"*
May M 30=4 2»% *Mt a)" 4
July 2S»i» 2l>^» 1-16 2y'» I-.'
September 2S 23 3-10 2a 2SH 23
July #780 J732 $730 $7 32 $T P5
c-ej.tomber 7 47 7 60 7 47 7 60 7 62
July 7 25 727 7 25 7 27 7 27
September 7 f>o 7 SO 7 41 7 B0 7 CO
July 1230 1230 1227 12.",' 12 32
September 12 62 12 r.2 12 .'.2 12 S3 12 5.»
Receipts of brrausTuff at Interior points ln thousands,
last three elphan iO«}» omitted, flour bbls. grain bush,
as follows):
Fl-nir. Wheat. Corn. Oats. Bye. Barley.
Chicago &0 20 <VJ 156 3 77
Milwaukee B 12 5 13 S 41
M!nnta;.i..iie — SB — 20 2 •>
Duluth — 6 — 3 — 7
St. U>ujs 8 11 12 <V» — —
Kansas City — 14 18 IS — —
Tol«do — — 3 17 — —
Detroit — — tf 1 — —
Peorla — ! Itt 11 — —
Totals 63 155 VM 208 7 130
Shipments from these points:
Chicago 20 253 24(5 229 1 2*
Milwaukee 18 h B Bl — 6
Mini ipolls 88 42 — 48 — *i
Duluth — — — 80 — —
St. Louis 7 30 11 34 — —
Ka7i»ns City — 46 10 8 — —
Toledo — — 1 19 — —
uetroit — — 9 — — —
Peorla — — 10 41 — —
Totals £3 378 298 4CO 1 80
Receipts at Atlantic ports-
New-York 6 4 s 06 — 6
Boston 3 — 19 s — —
Philadelphia 6 3 F.'l 14 — —
Baltimore 3 — lv 7 —
Ncw-Orleana i — 2
Totals zi 7 70 06 — 6
Exports from Atlantic ports:
New-York 12 — 15 4 — —
Boston — y<i _ 10 —
Baltimore 6
Totalj 17 96 ~~15 14 — —
MOLASSES AND SYRTJPS— Syrupa wer-> stfady but
Quiet. Molasaes was firm, with a good demand fi.ir nr.o
gn«?ery grades. Quotations follow: MULA9SES—New-Or
leans, centrilugal. common. 12Q13c; fair, j." .i: . good,
16S;"21c; prin.e. 22©27 c; S'ew-Orleans open kuttle, 30@37c.
SYRUPS—Conu li^lfic; fuir. lC&l&c; good lW&Zlc
pr:me. 22fg-23c; fancy. 2)>&.30c
JIETAIJB— The markei for regular pig Iron certificates
was dull to-day, there being no transactions. The under
tone, however, was stead] Quotations follow: Cash
$15 70 bid; May. $15 7ofcsls S5; June, $15 " " •", 00; July,
$15 86e$16ftO; August and February, $151IO©?10.
OILH — Coitonseed oil was barely a-;y to-day under
absence of speculative demand. Trade was dull, consisting
of only 100 May at 2ft He and 200 June at -7^*c. Lin
seed oil was unchanged. Refined petroleum is reported in
good nin.i at recent prices. We quote: PETROLEUM —
Standard white, bbls, $6 05; bulk. $4 06; Philadelphia,
*«Wi, bulk, $4; refined, cases, New-York, »6 66; Philadel
phia, i'a); water white, New- York, bbls, 100 test, $t*9s;
bulk. $0 05; Philadelphia. $$'*>; bulk, $0; water white,
ctaes, New-York, |12«5j Philadelphia, $12 00. COTTON
SEEi> OlL Prime crude, fob milis. 10tf20^jc; prime
summer yellow. May, -'■•■<.-<'■ June, 27®2iVc July,
27'/i'o-i>c; Augrust, 2&@2S «■..■;■■ ■ 2.Si-i3-28'ic, and
October. 2b"iy2S#c; off tunimer yellow, alnal: prime
2C@2&ViC; prime winter yellow, 2&^@3oc LINSKEI> OIL
— American seed, city raw, 4S<if4yc; out of town raw 4(1 i
47c; Calcutta raw. COc. LARU OIL. 66550 c.
OCEAN FREIGHTS Toe demand tor t-ieam tonnage
continued unimproved, and rates were weak. For sail
lonnafe there was a limited jr.qulry, with rates steady
tfufcii:trss In all trades was dul Quotations: To Liver
pool tu;d Glasgow, lUd; London. lr«d;l r «d; Antwerp, Id; Bris
tol. 2d; Hull, 2'« d; Rotterdam. ■■'-.:. Bremen, 'S> pfg?;
Haml>urg, 4ii pfga: cotton to Liverpool, per 100 Ib. M-&
14c; London, oats, 7V;s'3t»d. CHARTERS — steam
er. loO.txio cases petroleum, Philadelphia to Fremantle,
Adelaide. Melbourne and Sydney or lirlsbar.e, four rts,
lfr>\ May 15-31; British •■toanier, 1.743 tons, general carp",
New-York tv Havre and Dunkirk, and back, lime char
ter, 2s 7Hd, prompt; UritlFh Bteomar 1.)w4 t ne, genera]
cargo. Philadelphia to Lelth. bertied. May; British
steamer. 1.620 tons (corrected), logwood roots, Mlragoane
to Chester. $4; schoonei BAB tons, ties, JacJcaonville to
Philadelphia, 15c; ecnooner, 652 tons, coal, Philadelphia t o
New-Orleans, $1 «J; schooner, 1.023 tons, stee! mJls, Bal
timore to Brunswick, at or about $150. and back to Phil
adelphta, lumber, private terms: schooner r.4ii ton steel
raile. Baltir to Savannah, f 1 40.
PROVISIONS — in provisions w.ist quiet all day,
the undertone s*.lng ea.»y ur.til near the close, when
prices rallied with corn. Chicago receipts were 13.00> l :
for Monday 38.000 and r.-.-xt w^ek 185,000. Kansas CH>'
bad 4,000 ar.d Omaha 5,600 boss. PORK steady; quote 1:
Mess. $13 12>iS-slSfi2H: family. fl4 sOqslS; shori clear.
$133-Jls. BEEF firm: quoted: M«-sa Jll^ll 50; family.
.*;:. $H; i.arket. $12 50«r513: extra lnoia mess. «2"f(>
$22. BEEF ILA.MS r,u!<.'t; quoted. $2HJTSIS&O. DRESSED
HOGS eteady; quoted: Bacons. 7Vie; INj tb 7Hc; 160 lb,
"tbo; 140 tt>. 7-Sic; pigs. Rfi>SVic. CUT MHATS—
bellies quiet; quoted: Smoking. 8c; 3(> IT) 7 ! ,'4@tse; 12 Ib
7Htf7He; v Ib. 7Usi7»sc. Pickled ehoulders nominal;
quoted. SHlg^k-. Pickled hajns easy; quoted. UHS^JOo.
TALLOW <iuU; city, 4%c; country. 4» / iiS4*ic LARD
barely eteady; quoted: Chicago prime steam, 7 30<-- Mid
dJ« West prime, 7.10017.16 c; city lurd quiet; quoted' U%e;
refined Jard quiet; quoted: South Amorlca, 8.25 c Contl
tent. 7..50 c; Brazil keg*, W.2.V-; compound flrra; quoted
6%fl««*c. STEARINE steady; quoted: Oleo 8»w city
lard stearine. feSS'/*c. ' '
— The uaual end of the week moderate- business
was cosed Saturday with the general temper of the
market, however, steady to firm. Bualneas tor the week
baa be<?n good on the average, at well sustrined prices
Quotations follow: Lx>me»tic. ordinary S23Hc- fl i- ,'.
f?° a ' Vi ® 39i ?; / prime to cholci 3v*S4ifo; head 4"i-Jj'
6*c; Patna, sV»&s**o; Japan, foreign, nominal; do do
mestic. 23»®3"ic; Java, 4Vs6&Vic; Ilajicoon, in bond 2'i
BUQAR— BuFlnes in refined sugar •was slow, with list
prices unchanged. Prices quoted ara.net. leas 1 per c«nt
for cash: Cut loaf and crushed. 8.85o; mould A. 6.soc
cubes. 6.40 c; XXXX powdered, o.B<>c; powder* cnu-8^
powdered and fruit powdered, 0.25 c; Eagl« confectionera'
panulated. 6.40 c; Eagle coarse n.ml rxtra fine bTaim
lated. C.25c : Eagle 2 Jt> cartons, 2 tb bags and 6 It, bags
oi fine granulaitd. ti.3oc; Eagle fine or standard irrar.u
lated and diamond A. fi.lsc; confectioners' A. Bot No 1.
S.SOc; Nos 2 and 3, 6.75 c; No 4, 6.65 c No 5 !i &Oo "xo •]'
5.65 c; No 7. 5.. ,t>c; Xo 8, 5.40 c; No li '5.80 - No 10. .'. 3'V-
No 11. 5.20 c; No, 12, 6.15 c; No 13. 6.0T>0; Nos 14 ana 13«
6c. The London beet sugar market wai dull nnd wr-aker
closing with a declino of l^d from yesterda final
prices, and May end June quoted at 11s 10V1. The loc:il
markat for raw sugar was quiet and unchanged, with
more sugar offered on th« basis o* quotations, but not
taken. Current prices for duty paid sugars were as fol
lows: Centrifugal. tfti to6t, 4V»c; muscovado 89 u-st, 3>»c,
'and molasses sugar, £0 toet, 39« c " "
New-York. May 8, 1905
BEANS AND PEAS— Receipts to-day. 200 hack* bums
The position or the market lor domestlo beans Is very
much the bame as reported of late. Trade Is excecdlncly
Quirt, but holders ccc nothing to be gained by torcUls
ttock on the market, as It would doubtless require con
siderable cut In wm« varieties 10 Induce a speculative de
mand. There Ib more Interest In California lima and
several sales reported to-day at S3 85ii*3 40, with a dis
position U> ask niore money at the close. We Quote-
PEANB. marrow, choice, per buaU. $2-S6Os2 90; <2o
medium, $2 10; do pea, $176; do red kidney, 12 66- do
■white kidney, (3 10; do black turtle eonp, $3 26- do yel
low eye, |2iffsaOs; do LIMA, California. $3 Kii-$3 40-
QIUCEN PEAS, Scotch, per bush. «Pbcflsl.
BUTTER^— liecelpts to-day. 3.059 pk*». The trj-lnff eit
uatlcn which has been rwjxjru-d for v. i!ay or two pemt
waa not relle\'«d to-Uay. Soia* fresh Block got in. but
there was not nearly enough to euppTy very urgent r«-
Quinemems oX the trade, and by noon the market was
agals bore of etook and In a very strong position. The
quotation committee, after looking over tho situation car«
fuUy, decided that nothing was to be gained by disturbing
values, and tho offlcial figures remain unchanged, but
while the regular traie was supplied na far as poasl le at
tb« usual premium abore the ofllclal figure, anything free
to be sold on th« market brought extreme figures. There
were sales at .2tW4G'27o and ail tho way up to 30c, and
with many buyers It was much less a question of price
tban of eectirtcg the px>de. We tuaku co cl.axgre In our
flgures, as they represent as nearly as pcaslble the gen
eral bug'.nefb of the day, but all quotations must be rt>
garded a« somewhat nominal at tLe moment. Vie quote:
Citamery, t-xtraa, per rh, 2<;H<S ; 27c (Mercaj;tlle Exchar.se
oMiclal quotation, extras, 2«>c); do flrsts. £&325>4c: do sec-
I onds, 25R.24C; State dairy, tubs, extras, i'o^(g2oc; do
I firsts. 24-3-2T)C; do seoonds. 22Vtfi23Hc; do thirds. 21Q22c;
Western imitation creamery, • xtraa, 25c; do flrets. i.3
';--i . .-.-. ivated, extras. 252i2oVic: do flrstß, 23SL'4c; do
weconds. 20®22c; do thirds. 17(319:; Western factory.
Qrats l'3c; do seconds, 21<i220; do thirds, 19820 c,
CHEESE — to-day 2.151 boxes: exports for
we^k, 2.15? boaea, r.pinair.inir lots of old cheese are
quito moderate and scattered amone all holders, with no
o:ie housa having any quantity to cover. Trading, there
fore. Is confined closely t^> small lots. The feellnjj Is firm
on all grades. New ehex-se haa been more plenty this
week, but In good demand and cleaned up olosaly on ar-
I rival at generaily I2*c for sniaJl elres. Fine skims soil
• fairly, but poor skims slow and lrreg^jlar. Liverpool
■ cable sfls 6d for Oneet white and 54s for nn«st colored We
quot*: State full cream, small, colored and while, fancy,
14\«c; do tine, 13 \c; Jo late ma-lc, colored and white,
choice, 13V*c: do fair to Rood. 12'i^l2^c: do poor, lo^ijf
ll*4e; do largo, colored and white, fancy. 14c; do fine,
13V.Q13V4C; do late made colored and wlilto. choice. l?,c;
do fair to good. Jl*4&ll!io; do boot, lOUiSllc: do light
: skims, small, choice, 10VaSP10*4c; do prime. UViSOkc- do
, j*rt sklma. prime, 6%!59c: do good. K'tiiSVic: do common
1 to fair. 7B'7Ha: do full skims. 41»7-r,!4 1 »7-r, !
EGGS Receipts to-day. 16.466 cases. Arrivals are lib
I «-»J. but there is a gradual falllnj; off. and he proportion
i of strictly fine goods offering seem* to be no more than
needed. Dealers, however, aro bavins; no difficulty in
' supplying all requirements at about present quotation;..
Medium ana lowtr grades are In large supply and movlnc
slowly unless offered at comparatively easy prices. Duck
and goose eggs without further change. We quota: State
i and Pennsylvania selected white, fi-r,cy, 90021 c: <L<j
! choice. 16€lBV4c, do mlx<-<J. extra. 10c; do firsts. 18c;
i Western, salected for storage. 18Hc; do firsts, L 80; do
seconds 17 i©17Hc: Kentucky. l"?174o: Tennessee. i».'-i
©17c; Southern, fair to good. 15H(S16c; do poor, 14»15c;
! dirties. l.'»®l6c; checks. 148>14&c : duck eggs. 17024 c;

FRUITS — DRIED — Export demand very QUlet and al
i thoufh some prime evaporated applas are held for 8. 30 c.
! C.25C '.» rarely bid. Bids ln futures at .'.S^fSHc, with
I further reports from New-York State of a shortage of the
Baldwin crop Cores and skins have urged for sale, s«l
' dom realizing over 92 I *c. although some lots are belr.e
j held at slixhtl;- higher figures. Small fruits dull. Cali
i fornia frolts about «t<-a<lv as quoted. We quote: APPLES.
! •v&porated, fancy, per Ib, CH*l7c; do 'choice SV.Q"c; do
• prime, per 100 rb, '•} 290S 3<">c; do r'immjn to nearly
i prime, per It>. 4HQSc; do Canadian, sun dried. Quartan
1 SHiHc; do Stata and Western, sun '!rie<!. coarse cut.
. i"^Q3o; do Southern, mm dried, coarse cut, 2@3c; d>>
J '■hopped, per 100 tb. $1 45@*1 60; do < res and skins. 00#
I l)5c; CHEHRIKP. per Ib, 13Hc; HUCKLEBERRIES. 10*
■ APRI'-OTB California, Moorpark. UMtl4c; do Royal, 11 ®
12«: PEACHES. CaUforr.la, peeled. 15®lSo; do unpeeled,
bO12Ho; PRUXEB. CaUtomla. 2G6"4e: do Oregon. 4\
— FREBU Apples In light mpply. but m»vtn*
less fr*ely. and barely steady. Strawberries higher for
best lots, but the market is stl'l trurdened with pear
I stock. Oriu.Ke* selling well. Pineapples steady. We
J auote: APPLES, N<.rt)i-rn Spy and Bpltxenberg. per
dvuMo-heel tbl, t2W»fi#3 50: dc Baldwin and Eci HavlK
J2 2&C-W: do OrMOlni. $IGOa*3CO: flo Hu««rt. S2«;«a do
I poor to fair stock, all varieties. $:ot2 CHETIRTEa. Call
fornla. r*r box. 80o««2 2r. : STRAWBERRIES. NerfoUi
vvv. . i( M. LItIBUNE. SUNDAY, MAY 7. 1905.
«^«.i^- do North Carolina, N3>l2c; do South
per quiu To^l^c. a- , , ; F orlaa . pel box. *1 6t)Ofß W:
Carolina. 12c; V"f:^ 4 J' j o i'ui to Hlcu. *lIWSS2 0o; do
dv California • ■ 1 «5^: do OUaWa. *1 B*l M>; TAN
per H box. „.f >lC »* ' , '■ «tii.i , j^y*3So; do California,
GEIIIXBS. > a . JJ 50l5 0l0 lJ \ r :H Ari:FKL i IT. Florida, per box.
per V^ box. ,* l «f- Jl" 1 *, I «<i»4 12: LLUoXS, Calif onila.
*:'4is7; d">*'f"!"-£' *'. rait-r.no $1 r.:,Si«U (»; do Me*
pPvkv vLe£ (STtan. per crate. Jl SffIOSSM: flo Na*wui.
i,'^-Vr> iv MISKMKiA>NS, Florida. l*r crate. U<&*-i
£SsgL%»diiiß ContlnJ^ Ii B ht and the market Uln
, V m«^Med coalition. Holder* in the pool on the l'a
an «> isetutu ," „"m in ii, Mr uskii'K it ces at 30c, but
255.252 h"eTJ made l> • K^wer,, outeUe of the
turre M.. "3 ln thls tilile w me holders have n.l
va^oefl the r asking price lo 2Cit^7c. and find It ii..-
J .^.^ .ni Vu- In New-York State cold weather hnu
are aU bu.y E ru h b.n ß
AU'VK-Thore were ro fresh receipts ot
carluad lots to-day, but dealers carrying: over ful)> 8 to ft
carloads in the market and 8 to 4 cars ««^»^
Trading h«s been moderate all the w^k W %>™
fliivlce-i hive, held rriec^ on fowls about »teacl>. \iry
mtle other »ye pouUry arriving. Live r i f eon« unchan,^.
We quote: FOWLS. Western, per n> l.tw. CHICKBJra.
Western, ror n>. 12c; RWTERS oU .r^vrr''
fIP ; neP na i r TOITSOe- do Southern, C<rs«oc. OtLS>t,
. rise the 1... ■
ply. though mne of prices has ral.-d e.iny ana «; c " loI^o
lots shaded a fraction rather than carry oi er but m>
Charge n.ade In quotations. Nearby Bprlng ducks arc
mere plenty nnd with a Flow trade prices are ■ ™~'^
Fancy fresh Philadelphia broilers In he\ t ™I P]> J^! 1
pair. .i-WOc; do inlxed elzes, "©2oc; do State andPeMj
Biz" 14c do heavy weights. laHc^doipoor.Jto.falr.^lWff
feg. N. I.
esx3 <
Asparagus In liberal iWpply ?"V Peas 4 hmvV sup
no improvement. rucun.Lor-. * "*« " TO&atoe.
ply. WrinK benns dra^^ltiff at ' -.-■•: iiKTiir^- . equote:
weak. OttHrveKßtables range about as g^J^f^ifo lb
POTATOES, State and V>«orn. In bulk^ per M^ »
SI- do per las n> bair. Ssc®fl; <!o jume i> ,^
« BW$2 50: do Pr^S^.*ißT^^iro*oUlft>riil£
por dozen bunches. .. r ,oc'<jj-.. .^». Al ; ''"L Vi i oi-r-: uer
« to 16 dozen drum. $8«$6; BRUSSm^ i§F^Sneh«i
quart. I(V7COc: BKCTS, Charleston. P-r
m&; do Florida, r*r hbl cra.e. *1S«2: do N^w-orlean!.
per l«Vl bundles do Bermuda, per crate -J
■ - ■
/pvto -w . %„ t avPT , ni >, $i .-jifj-Jl 7S; d.-> Florida, .Scff*i -o.
S4*?isr.; do Florida. l>or case. $2<S#S«): do per^ ' ia ' r i ; ?^:
?I©S^ do State and wKtern, pc-r dozea staiks. 13a>"^
is: KALT-. nearby, per bW, 75o®»l: do.BoJOmow, 4^
60c; KOHLRABI. NWOrleans, per l<>o bunches S tf
.<+• LETITt'E Norfolk and North Carolina, per basWrt.
2.1^>75c: LIMA BEANS, Florida. Pe£~wate. $3 Ai>>,
I.PSEK3. Southern, per 100 bunches . S! ,' : *--,. I KK^r
bbl bash

PEPPERS. Florida, per carrier or basket Sl*}*-.
PVRSL.EY New-Orleans, per l"' bunches. *IB*-. O<>
ncrr-i-'da d«t box 60c all s') PARSNIPS '^.J^..^ 1
or bag, $1; RADISHF.S. Virginia ••■■*. North Carolina
Mr^taßket 60«3^1: do nearby, per 100 &unch«», $1®
$1 r,O- ROMAIXE. Florida, per basket $ISsl r<>; .'..« New-
Orleans, per bbl, S2 50W: KHLTIJARB, nearby, par 100
bunches. 50cC*l 25: BTKINO BEANS Ch&rteatOß, wnx.
per bpAet. $2(Jfs^ 50: do green, 523J2 25; do Floriua.
wax, er basket, 50c^Sl 75; do per crate . BOc^S 1-6. uo
jrreen, per buakct, 50c«*l 60; do per crate, Sw©*l. oo
New-Orleans per bush basket. $Ujs2; SQUASH, new.
white r*:r box or basket. 25®750; -• yellow . crootaiec*.
. ; ao NorfoiM.
TOiIATOES, Florida. P*r
carrier 75c2'52i5; do Cuban, 75cffSl i 5; TLKNIPS,
white 'per 100 bunches. £scSsl: <"-o Canadian, rutatjaga,
De- bbl 75cS-Jl; WATERCRESS, per 100 bunches, $1.
HOTHOUSE PTLOljUGTS Cucumbers plenty and w<alc
Lettuce neglected. Mushrooms dull. Tomatoes weak.
quote: &UCXJMBERS. per case, $1 50<353 50; CACLJ
FIiO\\-EllS. per dozen, Siii*4; LETTUCU ptr -■•■ "•>--■>
0J125- MUsi! ROOMS, per Ib, 15y0t>o; KAbISHES. p?r
100 bunches, 75c®«l 25; TOMATOES, . •■ Ib, lOGfiOo.
H VY AND STKAW— HAT— Saturday had lls usual *•*-
sion with prices nominally en the basis of the last re
vision Outlook fc.r coirr.ng week Quite favorabi*. We
li-jote: Prime, large bu:es. per 100 Tti, BSi4®e6c; Xo 1,
IT-nZi&jc; No 2. 70372^0; No 3. DOS-COc; Bhipplng, BOo;
clover mixed 71«575c; clover, clear. 6T^©7oc BTIiAW —
Market unchaneed, with free ofTerine. Kanse for long
rye fcw(g?9oc. Hecelpts of hay and straw, in tor.B. re—
ported ut the Produce Kxchan^e it noon to-day: Hudson
Hlver Railroad 220; We»t Shore Kaiiroad, 80; Erie Rall
rood 230; Pennsylvania Rallrustd. 60; Lthirh Valley Rail
road 60; Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. 50; Central Rait
road* of Jersey, 1B0; river boats, 1B0; total, I*o tons.
.Receipts of Btraw, £0 tons. Exports, lr. bales, for the
weolc: To Glasgow, 541; Havana. 557; Mexico, 500; Trin
idad, CO; Pert Royal. 170; Barbados, 192; Bermuda, 86t>;
Venezuela, 77; total, 2,267 baJep.
New-York. May fl, 1900.
BEEVES Receipts, 12VS head, consigned direct to a
city slax'ghterer. No saleß en livo weight to-day. Feel-
Ini steady. I ressed beef more active at B^i2SHSc per IT>
for native sides; a lUtla extra beef at o*ic. No chacKe
In tho cabies from London anj Liverpool. Exports from
this iron to-day ere • '•'." beeives and 7.5T.0 quurtirs of
CALVES — No reor-lpts, an nothing doing. Feellnjj
barfly steady. City dre«?ed vcalu Blow at (S^Po p«r Ib;
country rass« ln llfrht supply and steady at 6ff7Vic,
fiHEEP AND LAMJ3S Receipts wore 0 cars, or 2,185
head. ln<"ludin(? 6 cars for the market, malclnfl?, wlta the
stale stock, S cars on salo at J>r«ey City. Sheep were
dull and unchanged; lambs more active and firm, with top
I-Tade6 10c h!r r One oar -was carried over. CUpred
Aieep sold at $■) 23@$B per 100 Ib; unshorn lambs ot $7s(-
J«26: clipped do nt ?r. 5055f125; clipped culls at 14.
Dressed mutton slow at 7*:B^c per Tb; dressed lambs
firm at 11JJ12^ic; country dressed eprlng: lambs at $2©s6
per carcaES.
— Kerru Commlselon Corr.j>any: J>2o un«horn Colo
rado lambs. 7P Tb average, at $8 25 por 100 Tb; 20 Ken
tucky do. 67 T?>, at $7: 7 clt.-r>ed do. 07 It), at 10; 133
Colorado do, 88 TT>. at W 60; 2«5 do, o9 IT), at *5 60: 207
-'lppM < ■;.. 1 sheep, 81 rt>, at J3; 107 do. 104 Ib, at H 75;
3.*> cllprx-d Kentucky evi-ps. 9$ rb, at »4 2S,
J. R Gibson A- Co.: 203 clipped State lambs. 72 IT>. at
$6 25; 37 culls. 51 IT), at $-1.
— Recelr's were 11 care, or 1,184 head; none for
th« market. Feeling- st»«*r!y. Prime State and Pennsyl
vanla hor» are quoted at IS BO^«fl per 100 rb. Obuntry
dressed hogs u_ncha.r.- ■ • at SHveo per Ib for heavy to
lifr'it weights.
Salop data ve.-t«rtr.y)— S. Banders: r2 State hpn, 17."i
Tb averairc. at $fl per 100 rh: ir. do, 237 rb at $5 ftO; 2
iWßhs, 355 lt«. at r >; 8 10, 20f) Tb. at M f>o.
B. Jufid & Co. : 85 Western hog?, 173 lt>. at $5 ZS
Cincinnati, May <5. — HOGS steady; butchers', |S.KSa
J" 60; oomrnon. StZO'gS* 40. CATTI E quiet; fair to good
shippers, *s(Ss?> e3; common. ?2 2">t?'s3 15. SHEEP steady
$3iV>. fcAMBS steady, >■ 25<?#T JO.
East Buffalo. May — CATTLE — Rec*!pt« 250 head;
prim* steers. $6 1B®W <VV Fhlpplng, $r, 40%t4; butchtrn 1 ,
$4 7B'ft-$5 Pf> ; heifers. S4^?s3 60; cows, $3fis4 78- bulls, S3»
S4 35. VEALS— Rsffelntß, 100 h<-ad; steady, $4 30Tr*H
HOG? — Rc;elpu, 1,200 head; active, 15©25 c higher
heavy, $r> 953?0: mixed. |6«56 10- Torkeri B nd p'.jrs, Ml 6
C^lSj roughs, $r,siS 20: Ftaga. 18 200(8 75; dairies, $5 SO
Cso. SHEEP AM' LAMBS— Receipts, R. 400 head- lamba
e-ctlve, 00c higher; sheeo Bteady; inmbii, $4 BOiSSO 80;
yearling?. $5 25©|5 50: wethers. $4 85^$3 10- ewes, $4,35®
$4 N>; sheep, mfxed. $2 803-|4 73. *
Kn.r.saß City, May ft. — CATTLE — Receipts, 100 h«ad;
rr«rk"t steady; choice »>Trort anrl ■Irpegsd beef steers.
JS4<""?S«PO: fair to goo-i, $4 2f.g«5 s\ -^'esteni fad
steers. $4 f.'Vf'fn "' : stockers and feedaro, JRtfJ": Southern
steers, S3 OOtf-fR iwv Bouthern cows. »2 26®|4 60 native
«ows, $2 2f)T*s^. native heifers, J^^o* is.v^■ bulls, 12 It I
<■•. 75; calves, $3 riOi(J*i( 25. Kfoelpts for tho woek, 23 1007
HOO6 Receipts, '..<"«V> head; mark«t 6c lower' top $5 4.V
bulk nt sale*. SBBSO>B4S; heavj-, S3 4<^ss 4. - !- packers'
MSs'ff'ss -;: r'-gs and llchts, $4 40^$C So! Receipts for
the week. 87.400.
The market for f>c!rlts turpentine rulel firm bit un
ehnaßre.l. Roeln was steady, with S3 2f Baked fnr common
to g-ood strained. Tur wa» steady and unchancM .V.<
SPIRITS TUnPENTIXE-01l and machlnn bbls, s»Vi®
TAR. $S 38.
RO=IN — Common t<-> ?o--d, *3 2.'; ',:, S3 IR9$3 20- F
M20Q13 25; O. BS3s«r*3 40; H. $3 ft*J?:» 70: I, J7 B<vj
S3P; K. £4SSTJ4-1.->; M. $4 hs^s4 90; N. $5 10 \\" Q
$3 35; \. W. $f. 60.
Rosin ■•■•• 8,204 bbl»
Spirits torpentlna 775 bb!»
'i'ar 1,647 bbls
Wllmiwnon, May iiI'IRITS TURPENTINE flrra and
unchß.r.ced; receipts. 9 casks. ROSIN firm and un
changed; receipts, 4S bhls. TaR flrra at $1 *0; recelnts
14 bbls. CRUDE L.VTINI-: firm at S3 60 «4 ai,"i
14 DO; reoalpts. 41 bble. * ° ' ** a "°
New-Orleans. May 6. — ROSlN— Receipt*. 62 bbls
Savannah. May TimPENTINE firm at 57c- re
oelpts, 1,412 cbln; eales. 321; shipments, 643. ROSlN'flrm
receipts. 1.296 bblf>; sales. I.2>H; tprnents M - a t-i
and C. *3 OT.; D, S3 10; E. $.117 Ms; F. J3 22-* '■ Q iayrvt-
H, S3 ■ X 18 7". M |575; X f 8 a '
18 80; W v.- $4 1:..
Charleston. May TURPENTINE and ROSIN— Noth
ing doing.
UyrAon. May 6.— TURPENTINE— Spirits, 44a Od.
Amirtoan strained, <-n 7Hd; fine, lln M.
San Francisco, May C— The official closing quota
tions for mining- stock to-day were as followi
Alta 02! Justice ...
Alpha. Con Uj Kentucky Con " rr,
&■:::::::;•.•;.•:::& ■:::::::;•.•;.•::: S aaa^sSfF 1 J
iX£ char :::::::: M? l^* 11 *.^"--"-":
<"ii:edonla .61|Ovorman «*.3(
Challenge Con - • ' Potosl . . . ***** *•
Chollar l"!Havag« ... '.* - 1 *
Confidence " ?n~ Belcher! *''
Con On 1 k Va . l.W| Sierra Nevada o
Con Imperial <'» ■ Pvndlcaie !f
•rown Point Ot. jSt Louis '"
Gould 4 Curry 2ft:i'nlon Con. . •"
Hals & Norcroms l.bO Utah Con **
Ju »a 03| Yellow JMJwt'".".","**"'*" iL
66 Caimey-e Ik
Our New Pump,
the Venus"
ALFRED J. CATinEYER, 6th Aye Cor. 20th Stjj
Laces Reduced
We intend to make this a Memorable Sale and to
this end have made great reductions in Lace Robes,
and many Laces, such as Vals, Venice and Appliques,
both in the Real and Imitations. As we expect great '
crowds, we suggest an early call, for the quantities ;
of many, of these are limited. A few hints of the
many good values:—
29.98 for Hand Made ™, t ?i I2P Q8 for White Lace Robes, I
Lace Eobea, heavy solid A> * yu o f Lierro, Trincesse
effects, full models; valuo and Pompadour effects; very
[ ? 40 - 00 - | S oft and simple for youii£ I
... , . , girls' dresses, made with
79C for black real guipure lace from 1 to 3 ruffles. Value
Edgings,' 5 inches wide; from g4g 40 .00 to $60.00 each,
value up to $1.50 yd. at §29.93 nnd $3D.95.
69c *01 rea * Valenciennes lace ' — 1 I
Edees, one mcli vide; value *_- , ....
einn^i 2Qc iOT White v alencieunea
51 - 00 y d - Laces, sold by tho dozen
39C * or rea Valenciennes lace yards only (edges and Insertions),
Edges, *A Inch wide; value value double these prices, at 29c
60c. yd. up to $1. per dozen yds.
98c * or w^'* e Valenciennes lace
Allorars, 40 inches -wide; 98c * or hand made Princesse
value $'2.00 yd. " lace Flounces, 9 inehe3
p; c for white Valenciennes wide; value $2.00 a yd.
Laces, German and French
makes, all with insertions to 39.93 f ? r .hand made Point i
match; a complete new stock, Venisa Lace 3, 9 inches
widths range from Ito 7 inches, wide, in white and ecruj value !
at from sc. to G9c. yd. $32.00 a yard.
6th Aye. & 23d St.
A. — A. — ATTUcVCTIVE rloorj and suites,
with private L.a.th: slnKle rooms, wltii or
without board; apartments, dootora oCioe«;
all desirable locations; highest raferaocea;
information free. d. C. L±ILANI> it CO..
2 West 301-tit.
I'IItVATK American family ooera respor.st
ble parties large, cheerful, beauttfuUy fur
nished front ro»>m; large closets; noUtlitrn
exposure; convenient subway, elevated, ex
piess; select, residential neighborhood; choice
table. 231 W«st 13bth-3t.
128 WILLIAM-ST.. Bast Orange, N. J- —
First class aceominoliitlons ior gentle—
men or couple, without chlldien; forty min
utes from Naw-York; house near raUrjiul
station, with teiephLi.o and other con
ATTItACTIVB, handsome rooma. with
board; all conveniences; references ex
changed. 23 West &Olh-st.
ELJ:OANTLT furnished apartments; pri
vate baths; lnciutSlOK meals, Jls weekly;
two. *25 iv^kly VAN- RKNSSELAER, Ul
East llth-st., near 6th-av«.
COCNTRY BOARDEtRS wanted; a few se-
Iflct people only, Tvhosn» r«qulr«ment» vnil
be given evory consideration; beautiful loca^
tlon within commuting distance of olty.
CAREY. West Eflglewood, N. J.
20TH-BT-, 40 WBBT.— With board, hand
some rooms; appointments first class;
summer rates; relursncia exohanjted.
187 11AD1SON-AVE., 34TH-ST. — Pleasant
rooms; pefr«ct cooking: dainty sarvicaj
summer rales; location Ideal; n«ar all thett
84TU-ST., 8a WEST.
Large second floor room; privato bo.th,
wardrobe, lavatory; superior table; Central
Park; references «xchaoged.
PARLOK and bedroom and hall room;
nicely furnished; suitable couple .or gen
tlemen. WHaLL. 1,173 Parkr*ve-. near
43D-ST.. 1.1 EAST, opposite Hotel Manhat
—■i^Blrabla large room; reasonable to
an acceptaii« t«aant; telcphune. •
BEAUTIFUL ROOM; view; e-vsry comfort;
delightful air; • eluvator apartment! nsar
Ktvernlda, refmtsinent; subway; references.
GAINS. 420 Wast 118th-»t.
82C> WEST IBTII-STl l*rtrate house; fine
furnished rooms to Ut, for gentlemen
only; r»fer*r.ces required.
4STH-8T . 213. opposite Hntel Aator. — At
t.uctiveiy furnished, sunny rooms; mod
ern conveniences; Southern transients ao
commudu.tea. boATil optional.
YOUNO WOMAN desires -two unfurnlslie4
ro ma in private h«juso. with renned fam
ily; no boarding or fumlshsd room house;
unexcoptlonftl r<jfar9nc»s required; liri.-«ia
way to Riverside, batween 86th and lluta
sts. Addrass PKRiLANENT. Hoi i». Trib
une Office.
QUIET COUPLB. out during day. wish 4
or 5 rooms, private bouse; r«rman«nj!
reasonable; West Sid* preferred, line to
42d, l^exinifton tA> Oth. P. H., Hoi 86. Trib
une Onlca.
Loax. —
LOST.—^Bankbook No. 803. UW on Dry Dook
Savlcts B«J>k, Any ijfci»i.n having claims
ui>ou said boole Is called upon to present
the Mia.'- to the bank within thlrtj day*
or the said b..oK will be deciar«J caaceLed
and ex; it>g ilabad a °d a new one issued lv
lieu thersuf.
1-OfiT. — r.anktvook No. 444.123 of the Union
l'line SttMiiKS Irinttiutl.jn Is laleiilng. Any
person .'.......n a 1 .a.m 1 , It Is h»reby called
ui»,u to pi»Mut the tiame within ten day*
or tmbn.lt to having said pas»i«ok cauc«Ue<l
and a p.«w -no tMMd.
requtrea $15,000
- -
i iX -U".. Trl
ATTENTION!— Private party desires confl
dential accommodation of 5100 two weeks
r.egotiaUo security d^-positird; $125 returned
le: - d : full lnvestig-ulon irlted- r^'rr
eiices exchanged. IM3JU2DIATE. Trlbun*
IF VIV HAVE FROM *100 to ?^ih O I: ,
ready money, I can show you huw and
tn h a I £w C \ e:ni>lOy I.V"° <l 3 to maJte » .fortune
in a fo-n > t -ars. \vi:tiout risk, m a leglUmate
bu»:ne£ 8 enterprise. 1 Invite tha nroat nt
oroug laves; itat ion, and am DreDaire.l t->
submit saUsfaotory evldencSlo cuav"S« thS
most conservative. Adaiesa CMP o
Hex 1.372. New-Tort City. ' " - °"
WANTED.— Toung man of good habits to
enter well established, v'ry protltab"
rapidly frrowirig manufacturing bus' "eat
within fitly miles of Troy. N. T.-cmk"?;
controlling interest; present capital «O»«hj
Addrass unUl lk y 10. Lock iiox lirlSJ;
UIOiitST PRICES PAID in caeh. for
pawn Uckets. diamonds. j>eari» and lew
elrj-. A. BAUM. 223 Bowery. J
WANTED.— partners for gold aro»
pectins in French Guyana (Brazil) j
RUSTICO. 42 Leroy-st w». J.
litU.IAICU i.\o i»oOL TABLES.
MANUFACTURERa of bllliaW and pool
tables; hi h gruda bowling aliey^uja^-
Joweat prices. lUftX BRC*.. 2^ UttWß
BILLIAitD ai.d POOL TABLES.— Solidly
made; hich grade *,>ods: durable accu
rate cusl ? ns; nuyplies. ivpairs bBCK
LH-S. 105 East i.th-et. Estabilahed lisa
facturern »uperK-r bUitard table»; »oSa»I
fer cusnlons. 42d-st. and Bro«awa*^S
Great. Jones-st. . •*••«»
HIGHEST PRICQ paid for Iftdlea', rmtle
mens and chlldrcn'a discarded ClothiM
fjr.e K*«ai»g and btreat Costumea. JeTPairv'
Hrlc-ft-linic. Furs. «c Mr. or Mrs "m!
NAFTAL. 744 6ta-<lveL T«l. I.olS— iath.
All tuvesilgatlons, Information. shaJow-
Ing; aatlsfactlon guarant««J; absolutely
reliable; confidentially conducted a* reason
able rat*a, \_HAHf.l.r' liN -jiJOKR Lord*
Court Lildf.. 27 WllUam-et.. New^Vork
imate, comtnatcls.l. criminal work: cor
porations, firms. Individuals ; terms reason
able: authorized, bonded. 187 lircndnay
baiatily hfst ssfilfe; rv.ults more con
vlncins: than promises; h:ghrat credentlala
129 Weal : -":: -'
DREBSiIAKER.— hieheat city
referenctw; fhlrtwaista. suits and sum
mer dres»os; by tii* day, #2 30. HOCK
ENITECK, 633 East E2d-st.
STYU.sH DRESSE3 ma.le from 110 up. by
first class French dressmaker; separnte
fancy waists. |t up. jua.wi; ouit-
TARD 70 West 3&th-st. ri
UCVVKR HAI.-i.— We aro kno-An as th»
beat PANAMA and STRAW HAT Bleach
er*. Whyr Uecau?(» in cleaning WE I'SE
NO ACIDS. \S 111 mftke K-iixl us new a»>y
kind cf LadieV or Q«nu»m*n's Hat (ai)
or sen.l. FKUNCII CLEANING CO.. li,u
Went lolth-st.
13 60 CARPEiTB n*ir roorr.s, lining frea;
send ror catuloftoa. LUTZ RUO COM
t"*ut Vrarth I3tn-st.. I'hilailfUihl*. ra
i Miana i ti i.
VIBKATION l'arlurs, I.ttsl Broadway; Eu
ropean treatment; upeclallst: constitutional
ani local disease*, rheumatism, gnaU -cl
atlea, lumbago, liver, kidney disease, fe
niaie troubles. »ca!p. hair. face. skin.
l,H< MEHKLET, 3« Wf»t Ssth-»t.. N Y.
Tel. 8300 — 48© Clinton-aye.. Brook
lyn. 'Uiaduat- of i-UrkaviUe. Mo.
FREPRIK WETCJTB. — Nervous prostration
a ipeclalty. I^l Wosi bUtit-ai. Telephone
e37— Klverslda.
ouroa Irregularities, rheumatism, conatt
paUon. torpidity of liver an.! all disease*
caust 1 by Improper circulation of tluod.
101 V.*«ot 423-st.. Room 3o
CARETAKERS. — Dv married couple; expe
rienced; eva of gentleman's private resi
dence uurinK su:nm«-r months or loagcr; five
years' nfonuu* from last employer. .A«ld.-«g»
V ('.. Box ". Trlftunp "ffl;>.
iu>«.>. iui;i». a»
tXiC, SCHOOL..— H( uscbreaklr.R. teaching,
boarding; anythlnK with <l'-8» cr cats;
Collars, chalr.a, medicines: A:>ra en »nle.
to 3 West llmn-M.. cor. ISroadway. TeL
1 "'>•'■ .I--M rr.in'^^',r!o. «^

■t., patent »nllcltor; exjiert: established
Uil real terrier: te!ex>hr>r» -U'V' John.
UmbreiUa aro the lir-ST
English Gloria. »»o
Tafi..-ta Union %\.ia
Pure fcllk fe»rge *-'.""•
London Smoke i'A'A
Recovf-rln* with . .ipurt>-vj
BUk 11. All repairs. 15c
124 Fulton at., tor. N*»saa.
UPHOLSTERING, slip covers and mat
tresses; new and remaking; also embroid
ery of all kinds. A. L BCHRKIBKR. for
merly Schrelber i Domer. 357 Axasterdani
are " TVl«tN^i:" 4434— I'.iver.
Typ^writlnr — I •••»• per line.
■old, rt&ted, repaired; ba.rga.in*. 3.
HACKER, liH Broadway; telephone 67M11
— i_u: tli-nUt.
TYPBWRITKRS -All nakaa »old. renteu.
repaired, ex'-har.t;ed; reliable service.
GOI'.MAN. 7'J Na*»au-Jt. Telepcone JT4i>—
WE RKPAIH. s-U and exchanße typewrit
ers .i you from 25 to 75% from
manufacturer's prire. Kemtntrtons a spe
CHAOTf:. ?ni Pmh.lwev.
1.,}-* K. HAILY. Funeral Director. 327
West -»-l-st.. Mew-York; otHce telephone.
I.l' >1 :f>*th-Bt.
FOB svii:
BEAUTIFUL, rare oil painti.ntr of Georga
Weshinptun, jainted by BiersUJt. ilra.
PTFtIKKLIIR. Central, corner Jeffcrsoa
ave.. Brooklyn.
LARGE LOFT. 00x100; lfeht on three
sl'les; with or without steam power and
elevator 6«-vic<j. Apply ti> wrlXJAil V.
BAKER t:O., Park-aye. and lat-st.
S.ri-11 ST., 11" EAST. — V « ■

PAINTER, papcrtar.ger, <Jecoratcr. plast
erer; landlonia. titates or private; city
or country; best work guarantee.;. SAilUElj
RtTHIN. 170 Kri^t 103d-Bt.
rs v \n ri.
AORNTS WANTBL>.— Tho N. E. liegi»try
Bureau has Just opened up ln New- York,
and wants agents for the lieat SI a year ac
cident and $1 tut health policies *clii; field la
new; .... commission, with renewals;
county munagers wanted In evtr>' stu-to-
Call or address A. li. OII.iȣY. ilaco^cr.
4ii Times BUg., Tlrr.«3 Square, S Y. City.
AGENTS WANTiaj to sell "Kentucky
Frli whlsktv by the tarrel; fine pre:ni
unm given to lielp ealvs; big chanca tor
hustlers. Address lioi Covtagiaa, Kea
Ulil-l' \VA> ll.l>.
AGENTS WANTUI/ lo sell oo aaay ternie
Uuusebold ndcesaltlea; salary aai cum
raissioa palj; sober, bteafiy. hoa«st men wita
business ability are recogiillej an.l pro
muted to positions of trust. ADAII3 CO..
70 Erte-st., J«rs«y City.

rurku ...
ter, N V
away from i^id chestnuts hUU gciiiij V.'.k
roumia; we have aometttfbg new and useful;
rapid, easy s«Uer; a necessity; I^,, protU;
cuatum Btttis:leJ. QUCSN iII r G. CO.,
Inc., Syracuse, >.. Y.
seeking men ti> fill r*»j>onsiMe poaitlons:
opportunities paying from $1,000 to $5.0C0
a yeur. now open for Salesmrn. Executive.
Clerical and Technical ui«i. Write or call;
off.oes in iw«lv» c;t'.«s. QAPGOODS line).
butts svs. 30i» Broadway. New-York.
Bridgeport. inn.
ress«r; thoroughly depaj
■ - ■•
EHRIi . -
.. m.
K. IU MACY & CO require the j*rvlc(fs of
an assistant buyer and rna-nagor for their
musical instrument and et-.tut music depart
ir.ar.t; must be thoroughly exper-.ancpei in
tiie»» Unus. Answer by letter only, giving
deuilis of expt-rienLa and former positions,
y. S. S . K. H. Majy I Co.
It H. MACY St CO. war.t several drivers:
only thoso who have driven for first cliw>»
drys°i-i« housta need arpiJ" a^* 0 several
neat and tidy toys crer IS j'^ars of a^e for
their ceUvery \v:L»;on srrvlc*. Apply to
guat. L>air.'ery, 84tti-st. eatranc* of urlvo
R. H. MACT & CO. rWTOre exs«ri«icM
awrxlßS cutter aod measurer; ai. experi
er.?*tl 9llp cover ctJtter aad ge.i«rai all
around man.
OFTICB POY WANTED.— Adlress In own
bajrf.wrWr.ir. stating expersenca, A. S. P.
C A., Ma4isort-ave. ar.3 2«ti»-st.
ET'. — A goc«. cerspetent rrsn who faa
furnUh refsrtnees. A??ly 684 M-tropolltan
SALESMAN fcr NM*-TeM • ' i-tu.rlng
c*mp»ny; rood appearahce: ability a» a
sal4.xu-.an; eilary *I.2iX>. with commissions
cttut positntiß oa ft.c. BVSINX99 OP-
Pv.>RTCNITY CO.. 1 Union 6<iuar». N. Y.
Brtti?rport, Conn.
WANTBB — Cylluaer pinasmar ;.mu« b» Al,
of go<xl habits, well recomJftendaJ; st.»ady
employment: 6t> hpcr»_p«r wee'rt. Atldteea
STATIONER, Uox 2d. Tribune OtT.ai.
WANTED.— woman to handle alver
tising t,:v! magazine: cotnmidbion, s^axy.
ADVERTISING. Box 37. Trlbua* USce.
WANTED. — An American boy b£ a manu
facturer in offloe; on» aboui 17 rs*r* of
a^e; muit have a good educattun and Writ*
a good hand: proapecn of aJvanceraent if
comv«tsnt; state ■.liary <-..\p«ct<Ml; Al refer—
ances r»vj:i.n-.L Adores* 0., Bu>s 5. Trlsusa
WANTED. — A good biographical solicitor
vn commission or tnt«rest ta novel, at
tructtve. high class national w.-r'-c. great op
portunity for capable n'.iti; position perma
nent 1-. 1 highly prefltabl ■ A>..!:r.<t or call
ltOaE3li!. 34 West 2tith-i>t.
WANTED.— Four bufT«-rs of plumN>r»- brass
KOoUh, tu-o nickel colorem fur same WOlfc;
flist da • n\«n with rtifcrencea only need
apply; wanted for work In L>«tn.ilt. Mich;
ai sulutely no tivuble. Address A. T., Bus
laJ. Tribune OfSce.
WANTCJO. - Obbb*sjMbbl •nice bojr. lrt <>r 17
years old: r«rferenc<>» r*>iu!r*i{. A-Ikirevs
In own hanilwrltlag. EMPLOYKR. liox 17
Tribune O3loe.
WAXTKX— man In private family
In ci-untrv. Apply Monday, beroro i> cr
After 4. at ISU Fjlsl 122J a;.
WANTKD. — Ai«u e-nx-Tienced In laying rail
ruul triwk: cAmp«t»nt to namilo gang of
rn«n. A;.!i»i P. O. Box 1.000 Bridgeport,
Mrs. Dickinson's
Employment Bureau.
ST.I Ma4:inn-tv*. T*-!«» 3 734 ■»s, s
Hies hiKh clMihooatiMld servant SS
and f.,m--ie; nfcreana p»rscta;:yTo-^r"
?rV %ff ' V a^oßa»t"v Sir ' !C ""• h ° °*«**
okni'rc hous-^'faiT'and^ip^ c |^*
no canvaa»!r.«: Si to ta we«i) T woctlsj
evenings; •xferieac* usr.eoe»«ary: bv'/v,,
stainj> for tn»tructiti3 and tajr.jl»». 'VnL
SON & CO.. 603 Walaut-«t.. Phi'a.'.i jh ..
I ...»
AJCTISTIO WORK: prompt delivery. WT:^
ABLB newspaper n-ia ueslres e-;rtor!sj ».
■ »:t.oc; lona »xper!eace; jofni hail'j; elJaa
'r t 9V rd ; l**ll ** 1 reJorer.cts. AJ^rts* J'AXai-
ILL, i£2 c"olunatu*-ave.
AMERICAN. S7, »Lror. S . g^d wrl:er j^
rect a: csurta. Mahaa p^ce »t ar.>-tii-»
that will jay JIJ week. GEOKGK jT
it'MANL'rf. 5.210 4th-ave.. Erookiya.
BOOKiLUEPEII <i*a:r«s poeitioa- lar» oj_
oc* vref-rrwi; «x;-erienoei douaia «ntry.
best re:erenc*a; itgular 1 or cari tyitem!
Addreas. stating BiUixy. FItANiC ii. CAila.


tOY, lb. wishes position ln eEc«; r«r»r
tnces; witu c^a.':*-« of n.iv^r. -^-- r _._^_ ■*?*
ItKV.SOIJ,'d. 104 East 11M.-HI-.
BILL ani CNTT.r CLLTJC— Ksoa-;*^, ?
U)ukke«pkiff; aix >curs' expexlenca; al
agencies. AJdrfsa GOl>i'ltiiV. Ca L».
Uigton— ave., lirooiclyn.
IVIL.r. CT^KItK. — Three y«artf exjertacce;
understands d:»cuunt perte-^tly; jcsl-.loa
with chaiito of aivanc«ra*rj. .n iH i
FlaOKEit, 1U& Newton-st., Itxsoitlya.
COMPOSITOR.— Tared jeirs" ex»«rleno» .a
straight R-.atttr; la jot> e£U.o. l^ t id.
Tribune Offlcu.
CTjFiRK, — Boy, 17. aa cleric tn c2^ of r»
l:aMo ilrai; graJuita of pubilj tchool; fair
per.nmn. FRtDKKICIC J. bilALilii, «^n»
Beiitorii-ava.. Brvoklya.
COACHMAN.— By young can. ilr. 5 .«, ta
coun'.-y; unilcrstar-Js hursea ami csr
rlapoa: wiKlcir. obliplr.?. UOGAN, ia
Eaat 413t-sL, can of u'liyr^e.
coxrjrcuciAL. TnAvrrLLjm vtabai to
rtpresrni trst c;ass frm en saiary c-&
commission. 11. JACKSON. 2UJ East ifWta.
CHAUyyJßUH^— axpdenced. 2S. !a ?n
vat3 family; is fasiillar with aJI Lc-\g
Tslar.d n«<l<; strtctiy t«nperata; spe*i»
Gerir;<in ami ErgMaij; galary ex;ecte-£ f"J*
a w*«k. Addreaa E. EGCiiULIIANIi, U ui
st., l>cnir Island City.
CHAUFFEUR. — By young- American, m
laur.ch or automobile; experienced, tao-
V>«rate; i ■ cieonanio: reference; will lo
Rnywhere. K. V.. M Gnur.piaa \Vjvjr. £c»
t.... .":„-.-
CHAUP*r"ET;R. — Understands cars cf »t;ca
ar.i gaicjer.* car*; tt-st re*sr>.-nc««. >.*•
drtss M. J. JiOILUV. 67 Ciestcut-*u. Bo*
ton, Mtua.

COMPOSlTOß.— Exrerterxea Jobt*r: K*a.iy.
temperate. r-\. ;. .-. C .i. V-; '...'.IS. 37

DRUGGIST. — Ttejrtster>>l graduats; poal'Jon
as relief; r>-U<iu;e; K::;i:»>i u£i (j--:ar.
11. W. rf!HVm;T. m SO-u.va.

DRITQOIST (relief), by Gerraart-Aia*Ttca.-i:
test references: arrar.^a u> suit. G..&SJ
De Kalb-ave.. Brookiin. -PScr.o I.TCS—
. -

.r isssa
GENTLEMAN, eof, two or thrwi fccmr* »
tiny. M. STCAUT. 2SB Llvlsgstco-et.
JANITOR. — I>y li:re* «J-Jlts, 13 i-jod fls>
house: b*?t relerer.ca t r bonj. L.VNi«
40 N;issau-Jt.
JANITOR.-E)- rr..-in ani W.ra: •> f*w
huuse-»; und«?rs>tanl »t»ara reat. etc,- k«**
references UOLDBEIIO. OT. Hasi 4--V*t-
I^MTN*CTI' < .:aN.— By pcmp«t«r.t faOßfl m»3!
thoroiishly ccrr.r*t*at: first clsjj^ *^**"
man: naphtha lau^-c-a r"''""^^*!- XC-Sna
statire salary. A. E, Ot^'SN, IC3 ■.-rttt
dent-et., Brooklyn.
matter: lvO worts. X c>-r.ts: I.^*^ I—
5,000. JT: 10.C00. il2: ittTarr. setMttW
TION I'iTon ISuUdiss. 1.443 BedrjrJ-*v«,
MACHINIST.— TooI and i'.t w.*'r; rrrr-*
man: good refirer.co. AJiresa iLVCIUN
IST. 255 lst-av#.
COOK.— By a y«- Oerruaa wonaaj r»4
taker; city references: c:ty U****
•wases iUS. Call at LANi> 4 fcOi-dIKKEa
CO., 13 W« 27;.*5-st. ;
INFANTS JTCRSE-— By C3m;«tfn! yau=*
North cf Irelani rrwestoat; <"- t ' I v ,"*- el i
•BCM* wage* IM. Cn!l at I-.0.0 •
BOECHEiCEJi CO.. 13 W««l -Tth-at.
care en: 1 it >
highly raconut*: . ' .

* _ —
dr^maker. la family: ™
of children: can fureU.l o»a "»*£,._
enures moderate: referaacaa. C. A**""
SON. 207 \v— t »Sth-«C

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