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Historic Instrument, Rebuilt, Re
tains Its Former Appearance,
After having been under reconstruction for
renr;y a year and brought up to tha highest
ftaniard reached In the orgran builder's art, the
p^at historla old pipe orgran ln Plymouth
Chcrch irill b« opened again "with a concert by
Scott "Wheeler, the organist of the church, and
Bsjdßftwfl Henry "Warren, of Manhattan, to-mor-
J3TT Btskti Because to-day is one of the anni
versary days of the church, commemorating the
peat revival la Plymouth, and th« flay on which
jjr«r&l new members aro invariably taken In, the
Which i* to be opened by a concert after belngr entirely reconstructed.
brps-n irtii be heard again for th» first tima ln
the last hymn of the moraine eerrlce. For all
tte re.«: cr the eervlca, and ln the evening, the
ylano. -vhich has been used T.-hila the org-an vroa
trdergolr.g repair will be used. But It Is the
l&Et c£>- on -which the piano •will be seen in tha
chair toft.
The old organ, which ts sometimes known as
iLe Beecher org-an. because It "was purchased
through the efforts of that famous pastor of
Plymouth, -was installed In 1566. No money or
•Sorts -were spared to make it a great stru
ment. It cost §25,000 and -was one of tha finest
organs 111 'his part of the oour.tr>'. It was built
by Hock, of Boston, and v.-as a ister instrument
to or.c that was put into the Eoston Musio Hall at
the Mine tlma. That orga is still la existence,
felthough it was taken out of the music hall some
tima ayo.
The Eeecher organ was ir.timately associated
•with all the stirring Incidents of Beeohex's time,
to that the congregation was loth to give It up.
It was repaired in ISQ2 and again ln 1900, but
It still remained an old style instrument, with
tracker aciicn and slide wind chests. In l£tOl
It had teccme so antiquated that it was a Ques
tion whether It would be necessary to buy a
re-a- instrument or rebuild the o:d. Many build
ers were consulted, and finally it was decided
that the old Instrument could be rebuilt In such
a wa • that it would really be better than a new
ore. It was agreed that the old black walnut
rase could not be duplicated, nor could the old
"block tin front pipes. So, on account of tradl
tion, it was decided that the outward appear
ance of the instrument should be preserved.
This ha.s been done, even to the retention of
the old flare pipes at either eide of the top of
the or.san, which formerly were Mcd for the
tuba effect, but were always harsh and dis
tgreeable. They wiy be sileut in the future, but
"will help to preserve the memories of the old
Instrument. It ij seldom that one sees a case
Jlke that which forms the Betting of the old
Eeecher organ. It is of highly polished so'id
Hack walnut, with four fluted columns. Al
fr I -=* r 7» n fK> fr* T^\ Pv" (ni t
i iILL 5 EZ%£i&B & (
AB Nationalities. EMK/Jis!E>
aSazhatu-in Bnlldlnr, f25 £lxth-ave.. Bet. 4<
Telephone. — Bfctn St.
BUTLER. — Well recommended; ell or
country; for tingle listed place; wages. '
ttar.es g^ass. Cowers ar.d j>iaiits; tn-3l
I n and

tU ar.d WIFE. — Wife cook, laundress
man *a:tir ar..i us«ful; wages J4'J.
CaßploTDicot Aicruciri> — Per line, each ln-
MrUon. 13 c-:..i, -i.o monta. 10 cents
per 1.;..
40 East 28th Street.
§T IB -"HPT N lOl '1 (ra r^ '? VA7 » H
s.l Etet 4iJ-et.— Flret cli»s» cotnestloa are
•tjMiei; eiio managing v ce,er», mav
t: A.t, g'jve.-r.csate. tutors, etc
Mr»t cla*s he.p; reffcrtncfca Investigated.
«24 Cth-ave. Tel. 4411— 2«h.
• i-ave. near 83d -St. Tel.. 74 1J

rP.E.VCii and Eweiish b«jtler«. eecend and
Bsetoi man. KINI^AND UCKBAU, <fc»o
«u:ili WAMtD.
Mtaatlon* Wanted— Male and Femal*—
Kour lines (not exc«t d:r.|[ 24 words),
tlirte. ln*e'tore li cents; seven :ii?«ii
tloct. S? cents. 'Exceedlnif Z* w«r<!s and
le»» tLan 4'i worti». thiM rtltWi SO
ccbts; »even lnstrtlons. 10 cents.
MASSAGE— Expert; j:aaMg«. cur»tlT»
nrnnsnlce. Kuelpp water cuie. Address
lIJUtUCH. 3^4 Ku»t 16th
KtWSI-AI'BR. KEiOIiTJCR. — P.y younr
man- '-ollege educailoa; rood reJ«r*noea.
G. H. WKUKS. Si* 12a«t Jlßtb-^C
FIANO PLAyER — <300<3 all arounS; steady
poaidoo in or out at city. PIANIST. «3iJ
B wnTlto<ltr-«Tf ; itrosz.
fRINTEJI.— FcilUcn aa n.fclreu& or "ad"
man- IS years' «i/eri«nco. Addrejs J. It.
Si'COllliirK ♦52 Maple-are.. EUzat^.h.
K.t. ' '
PRINTER. — aro-jnd prinUr »J«J half
tone acd color jirtunu on ITnlv«rial
prtszte; young- married man; atrtotly teia-
Jtrt'e; ten '-*«' eiperfjer.ee; w-.*r.»» pt«-t>4r
I lk.ee. r>. M'CLEIiRY, 175 Meserole-ave.,
fA^KER an<3 BHIPPHM— 2j y«ur.r roan ;
elrht ?«ars' *xj^ritr:ce. ACCreai P. \T..
Bo* SI. Tribune Offlce.
bALESMAN «r CLXXX. — By younr man.
22: fcunler. aunb:uoua. wtlUus worker;
*?« referenoea. D. M. JTBCHEK, MB Etit
■*4-*fc- .. • - — — ■ _
though not what might be called ornate. It !a
handsomely carved. The figure of a Mraph
playing 1 a harp, which surmounts the case, la
carved from a single piece of wood. Although
It 13 co high that It looks small, the figure I 3 in
reality larger than an ordinary man. •
After much consideration, tho work of rebuild
ing the organ was given to Ernest Skinner, who
built the organs ln St. Bartholomew's and
Grace churches, Manhattan. Speaking of Mr.
Skinner'g work Scott Wheeler, the organist,
said the other day:
He ls a man of genius and pronounced ability
ln this line of work. He understands the balance
of tone and fully appreciates th, qualities re
quired in the blending: of tone and the voicing
of pipes for such a great Instrument He builds
an organ for the building in which it ls to be
placed and takes into consideration the aooustio
properties of the audltortum. which Is one of the
great features ln hla success.
Although tha new, organ has been in process of
reconstruction for nearly a year, Mr. Skinner,
ivho has given to every detail hl3 personal at
tention and supervision, says that it is one of
the quickest Jobs of its kind ever done. Much
of the Instrument had to be taken to Boston,
and fgr six months the work was done ln the
factory there. For the last six months two sets
of men have been at work in Plymouth Church
one by day and the other by night. Mr. Whee
ler, the organist, has carefully watched the re
construction of the organ from the time the first
part was taken out to the time when the last
connection of the rebuilt Instrument was. .made.
He is familiar with every part of the instrument
as it stands to-day. So It is that he will have an
intimate knowledge of and familiarity wjth his
instrument, which it Is the good fortune of few
organists to have. Speaking of the organ yes
terday. Mr. Wheeler said:
Plymouth has to-day a new, modern organ,
which contains features hitherto unknown In
organ construction. It Is an instrument of four
manuals and sixty-four speaking stops. It has
twenty- five tilting tablets and twenty-five com
bination pistons and ten pedal movements. The
manuals give a ranpe of Blxty-one notes and the
pedals a rai:go of thirty-two notes. The action
is electric, with a movable console. The place
•vhich the organ can be played depends
n tha length of the electric cables leading
from the console to the Instrument, bo that in
reality the instrument can be played from any
church. The valves of the big pipes
ensd by electric magnets. The play of
magnets is only one-.sixteer.th of an inch,
or about the distance of a pinhead. This shows
mall a pressure of the finger it takes to
eet in motion one of thoso great columns of air.
The repetition la aeous. By actual test
a key can be repeated 350 times a second, thus
putting the performer in perfect touch with "the
pipes find giving him absolute control cf the
Among the new features of the organ is the
b horn stop, which represents the tone of
the orchestral instrument. This is a recent ln
klnner, and a stop of this kind,
made according to these lines, has never been
heard before. Another new step Is the Erzahler
imii.oym>:nt agencies.
lOOPEIS, Consolidated.
'T AGENTS, Maia ar.ri Female,
Jth and 47th. Rooms 11—1:; — lu — IG.
COOK. — $30; reference for ability and char
acter; r.o objection to country; age 32.
WAITRESS »; will
Gocd sewer; can alter and make over
c .. and laundi ferenoe.
LAUNDRESS. Can do collars and chlrts;
good worker; well recomnieadad; $^5.
Beat help, n:uJe aud female, of all i atlon
aUtles. All references investigate*. C«H»
leoui treatment and perslstt-nt effort to
please our motto. Til. &W& — Madison.
lished lb*>^; select Swfdisli, ivrman and
Entilih help. 50 East I26th-Bt., corner
AT CARPENTE) Employment House,
154 Cth-ave. Established 1847. We have
beat coachmen, earotcerh, grooms, married
couples, zai:.i foremen, farm hands. AU
nations, well recommended.
natlonajitjfcs wanted now. girls; many
vacancies; also lodging fur unemployed
cirjh. 03 Cooper Square; 5 3d-ave.
WANTED.— Experienced draughtsmen ln
electrical apparatus, awitclibvarda, motore
and generaurs; only llrtt class men need
apply etais experience and baiary exrecteo.
AddrtfcS N. V. A.. Kox I'H, Tribune OffiC*.
MBS. L>- BKELT I I h«r eniploy
23 Wast BStii at.
SEAMAN wanU Steady work; can paint,
varnish, sandpaper, . Hah. Call hui.day,
I. li., 6S« Si-aye.
" - -B> young man; p<oo4 n/Mren ana eiu
cationi X> A 1 ieconini»ndatioi:s; furnish
bonds. If if-i •'■" : M M.. Tribune Otfice.
TINSMITH an HOOFER.— Has ail tool;
MAIU}U£T<. Obi lioßoru I'lace, Bronx.
TUTOK. — Nop-t««Ulmil privau tutorship
•wanted by Oxford man; excellent coaca
and all ir.ur.4 teachur; unexceptionable. r»f
tr»nr«; city cr country. 11ANKIN, i^5S
17th-«.v«., Patorson. N, J.
WATCHMAN'. — By rnWdl* as« 4 m«"; «cad.
position; loop expCTkni-*: Elves security
E BCHJCIDT, 231 Ba«t VOih-st.
WATCHMAN. — In bar.k. factory or private;
city or country; uonest, sober, competent
manfunifc-rii. or eSUJsea*' dress; hl«cht*t i*r
(itUM. OFFiC^EJtv 894 Ewt lS3th-jt.
WATOIMAX, ac —Br >nan; watchman,
bookbinder, porter or anything;; best r«f
eie&cts. Address H. D.. T* BM I«>tc-&t.
• a l
a. their I .

tisements ro.-«!v».i si the r (lowing
■at. : 6U. a..«, » « oar. SM st ;
188 6rh-e.ve . cor. I2th-«t.; M Kaat 14th st.;
2t7 V.'eet 42d-»u, b*twM> 7U> and feUi avaa.;
onnl* } ellcr >- This pipe Epeaks two notes at
elth« i l 3 of the soft variety and blends with
ililnt «3 or Btrl nss. Still another stop is the
bl» tih . The or san has for a foundation tone a
si?n imr y-twoy -two foot pedal. The pipes are the
Zim i , lrh w<?r heard forty years ago when
rmlni? Tv ' as at lha or an aI)li Beecher was In the
Mi m Tne woode pipes are of the finest
tol san lne One pipe alone contains 1.000
"•et of lumber and weighs about half a ton.
• _ ,c, c are nearly 4,000 pipes ln all; the smallest
tin t S than one Inch long and tho longest Is
wurcy-two feet. Tne tln pipes are of ure block
thr.* ai i». are very valuable, when it is considered
mat the mat. rial is worth 30 cents a pound.
*ne wind pressures of the organ vary from four
Vf nineteen inches. Tho instrument abounds ln
aiapasouß, of which there are more, it is be
iieiea than in any other single organ in this
part of the country. The organ also abounds in
eort Btops. Every imaginable shade of delicacy
rt° n *v obtaln Tho reeds and strings through
out h0 Instrument are entirely new. as Is the
8010 organ.
Some persons think that the size of an organ
aepends on Its width or the number of show
Pipes that can be seen. This is not so. This
organ is deep, extending back almost to the
jpE _ ay school room. There are four Btories.
me nrat contains tho blowing apparatus and tho
secona tho electrical Bwltchboard and the
dynamo for generating the electricity for the
action. The third floor contains the pedal pipes,
tne great organ and the solo organ. On the
rourth floor is the swell organ of twenty stops,
me Instrument la valued at $30,( and could
not be duplicated for that amount to-day.
iitteen thousand dollars was raised for the
rebuilding of tha organ. The old case is valued
at 55,000, and the pipes ai. , other materials that
were retained are valued r.t $10,000. One set of
pipes alone is valued at $2,000.
This Instrument is the third pipe organ that
Plymouth Church has had. The church has had a
succession of well known organists. The first was
Alexander Messenger and tho second was John
Zrundel, author of the hymn, "I.ove Divine All
Love Excelling." which Is known as the Beecher
hymn. He and the great preacher were almost
inseparable, and in the last days, when the old
organist had become so Irascible that the music
committee did not dare go near him. Beecher
Was the only person who could do anything with
ulm. He was finally sent to Kurope for hjs
health at the expense of Plymouth, and when
h* died he wns one of Its pensioners. After
Zundel came Frederick Archer, the great Eng
llsh organist. His su< cessors were Eugene Thay
er, Fmnk Damrosch, Harry RQwe Bheiley,
ChartiS H. Morse. G. Waring Stebbins and Dud
ley Buck, the composer, and. Scott Wheeler, the
present organist. The latter is entering on hia
third year nt Plymouth. He has been a student
of the organ all his life and has been abroad for
study three different times. A native of Illinois,
he played in various Chicago churches for ten
years before coming to Brooklyn. Here he was
organist of the Clinton Avenue Congregational
Church for five years before going to Plymouth.
The programme, which has been arranged for
the < pening concert to-morrow night, ls as fol
Symphony V Widor
Allecro Vivace. Allefrro Cantablle, Andantlno quasi Alle
gretto, Adagio, Toccata.
Scott Wheeler
Improvlsatloni «*"
Avo Maria Bach-Gounod
Aye Vcrum Mozart
Ctt'lth harp accr>tnpantm»nt.)
P.lchard Henry Warren.
Tho Bwu Balnt-Eaens
Srrlnp Fonp Holllns
Pcherzo In F Hoffman
Fugue a la Glsrua Bach
Allegretto Volkmann
Marche Pontlflcale WUor
Bcott Wheeler.
Liverpool. Slay 8, 1 p. m. COTTON — Spot qulat; prices
8 p-Mntß higher; American middling fair. 4.77 d; jr<x»i
rnlcdllne. 4.45 d: middling. 4.20 d; low middling-. 4.13 d;
froaii ordinary. 3.86 d; ordinary, a.TDd. Th« sales cf tha
day were 7,000 bales, at which 800 •were for speculation
er.d export, and Included 0,500 American. Receipt
14.000 bales. Including- 12.C00 American. Futures opened
steady and closed quiet. American middling z <"> r . May.
4.10 d: May and .Tur.e, 4.13 d; June and July, i.\: July
and Auffust, 4.16 d; Auprust and September, 4 17d; ffp—
tfrober and October, i.lßd; October and November. 4i>i;
November find December. 4.r0<1; December and January,
4.201; January and February, 4 21,1; February and
March, 4.22dj March and April, 4.23 d.
Lrndon, May 6. — Tho offerings at the wool »ales to-day
amour. to 11,860 ba!««. Tra ling was Tery arUrnat»s sn J
the highest prices of th» scries were realized. Scouireda
■Sd greasy pieces wera In strons: |vest for France at
BXtrema rates. America paid Is 3Vsd for extra llKht
merinos and fine crossbreds. The horn» tmda bougnt oourse
croF^brods. Follrywins: ara tho e,alc3 In detail: New
South Vales. 2.G00 bales: eeoured. lOdo2s Id; Brea*v,
4%d^ls 3d. Queensland. 700 bales; ecoured, lOdJfla HVid;
Srrea.^y. Biijll^il. Victoria, 500 bales) booqi Is lVidt?
Is lOd; trreaey, S'jda'ls BH4. South Australia. 400
bales; creasy. G«ia?la Id. Wast Australia 700 bales;
ecoured. Is 2d3"13 2«d; creasy, "\id3fls. N«w-Zcaland
0,200 bales; f. >;r<>'!, llHd^la 10-1: yreasy, O'idSls 3d.
Caps of Good Hops an Natal. 800 Dales; in-easy, eM^
lOd. Next weeh 7<\6OU bales will be offered. Th© ar
rivals of wool for tho fourth series of BaJes amount to
42,657 r.alts, Including- 20.000 forwardoi direct to spin
ners. Tho Imports this week were: N-w South Wolea,
1.640 bales: Queensland. 1.094; Victoria, M; New-Zealand,
14.0'.i4; Cap* of Good Hopa and Natal, 100; China, 130;
various. 400.
Liver; May C. — Closing-: WHEAT— dull; No
1 California, 6a S^td; futures quiet; Ma". Cs Gd; July,
Cs «'«d; S.-ptember, Cs 4VI. CORN — ateady: Amer
ican mixed, new, 4s 2%d; futurea quiet; May, 43 2f4d;
July. 4s 2;« d. PEAS — Canadian linn, 5s lid. I'LiD! X—K —
St. Louis fancy winter ateady, De M HOPS— In Lon
don. Pacific Coast quiet, £6S£G 6s. BEEF strong; extra
In<lla mesa, 90s. PORK dull; prime mess. Western, Cos.
HAMS— Short out, 14 to its tb, Brm, 43s 6d. BACON
steady; Cumberland cut, 2t> to 80 Ib, 44s Cd: ajhort rib
10 to 21 lt>, 4is; l^ng- clear middles, lig-ht. 23 to S4 n>.
SS's Od: long- clear middles, heavy, 85 to 40 tb, 30s; short
clear backs. 10 to l"v IT>. Siis; clear bc'lllea, 14 to I>\ Ib,
4(>3 8d; Bboulders, Enuare. 11 to 13 Ib. llrm, 335. LAIIL*
Etracy; j.rime Western, In tierces, SSt 8d; American
rertned. In palls. 36a VKI. JJUTTKK. nominal. CHEESE
quiet; American tinest white, B6s Cd; American r!ne=t
c-ilored. &4s. TALLOW Prime city steady. 235; Au.*
tralian, in London, dulL 28s. njRPBNTINEJ —
firm. 46a 3d. ROSIN — G mm n Brm, 7s 7 l id. I'B
TROLKUM — quiet, sr*d. IJXKKED OIL. Btrouir
£us 34.
ditnndona Wanted — Mal« and Female —
Four lines (not eToar fling M words),
three Insertiona 15 cents; seven Insertions,
80 cents. Kxceedlng 24 words arid le a than
40 n : .*, three i..-<;riluns, su oents; bevea
Insertions, tv cents.
TOUKG MAN, 23, would like Bteady work
as packer or ■er; four years' experi
ence. J. J. KELLY, 240 West 19th-*:.
YOUNG MAN to work on seasiiorej handy
ut sailing boats or take charge of ger.tle
man's yacht. HEWITT, 117 S*th-nve.
YOU NO GERMAN; Russian batn and hos
■. - tands ■■
• ufralJ of work. LOCHNBR. 3^4
. .
YOUNO MAN, r.eat writer, to take wrttlnsr
home eveulnfrs. JOSEIII SPLAT. tit*»
Eaet 14Sth-st., rhe Bronx.
YOUNG MAN, 19, strong. G«rm»n-Amfrl
can; at anythlnß; not afraid of work.
EDWARD liOEcsL-ER, 407 Bast 16th-st..
YOT'N'C. MAN, I s . graduate; experience In
office; In g-ood tiria with advancement, or
wouJd like to learn trade. AUAiIS, 518
West BSd-et.
small Income, will assist In the mana/:*
ment of h^me and children, wlUiout sal
sry. E. B. 11.. Tribun* Uptown Office,
1,8d4 Broadway. *
an Invalid or to lonely lady, by a young
woman of education; muslcai; r.o objection
to the oountry or to travel; reference given
and required. "WAI.KEH. 400 West BTth-6t.
CASHIER, &c— By reaned youni lady, 19;
cr any other pobiti<in of trust; furnish
J2W cash B«curtty and reference. PATT
BERG, BO Greenwlcn-»*aj.
CA6HIEH -By young lady; experienced;
pr«od appearance: ln hotel or restaurant;
willing to ro to Fumraer resort. 1* WINK-
L£K, 20H East lOOth-Bt.
OOMPANION. — Parent wlahss to place girl
.'■■ Christian family as cf>zr.i.anloa to
children or any llgrht work, washing ex
cluded PAKBNT, Box 8, I'ribune Otßca.
COMPANION attendant, r.urs* or teasher,
by e\; f rienced gentlewoman; wall edu
cated musioal: several years' oiperl».ni-« ai
teacher; one vtar of hospital training; ex
cenant references. C. X., Box 37. Tribune
GOVEBNEBS.— Kortb Gerrr.an; teaches
French (I'arisl. En«U»h branches, music,
c^ t - e^ 0 /t k: refe a r"n!er r Mte, ™ui»Tus
\V«3t C4th-st.'; city or country.
QO\'ERKES'S or COMPANION.— reflned
lajV-f Kr.irllsh branch*a. French, rnuHlo;
wr-uti travel: references. Address GQV
ERNB»3. Trlbuna Uptown Office. 1.J84
OOVBRNTBS.— Uady Koine to th« country
wlahaa to find a pcltlon for h r French
whom S he highly rocommetida.
•. • ... chargo of or.o or two chll Iran
o^er ten years of « P c APPIy 2" Madison
ave., Monday and Friday. 2 to 3.
JAXITRESB.— 6ob«r, re*pects.ble woman
" ■ rtnnl F.<^'4 cleaner ai.d renter; rrr.-r
ence. <J75 3d-av<».. two flights.
LJTEHABT WOMAN, competent to prenaro
Btcries. article* or ecaaya for pubtteation.
with references from flrat class publishers,
wouM ecc/<mpaj»y party rolnc ebroaJ Ad-
Zttl IM;i\VTE SECRETARY. Tribune Of-
"PIANIST — By ,-in« lady. In country ho
tel or boarding nous.. PIANIST. Bo» 8
1.603 1 «ye. .
MURBERT governess.— Br r'-ftr.«.i ' >r
ii Jti youn» lady: teaches chlMrm mnslc
and German; best reference. Address W..
24 Wvo4 fiat* lO^jMTA 2u T.
ir City Hall.
Brooklyn; writes an excellent long
: . tuatlon;
Is of 1. . Ides at
home; advc-:: 1 ■• -■ ■ In our
■ . . ; her; modest
an 1 rei
Miss BROWN, jam Putnast-ave., Brooklyn.
SECRETARY. — Refined young woman,
jrapher, good penman, where, educa
tion Is appreciated; references. SECRE
TARY, 240 West Slst-st.
SECRETARY, rlerlral work, managing
housekeeper, ehai eron or an
trust and res] by a lady of cult
ure and refinement, with ability and ex
n t\ hange L ALlress
COMPETENT. Bos 81, Tribune onice.
STENOGRAPHER. E7 n.--at young co!
ored lady: neatness and punctuation *pe
cialties. Address BTENO, 445 Broad-st.,
Newark. N. J.
SUMMER TUTORING In French language,
literature; also elementary and Inter
mediate courses, exchange for home; by
experienced native Parisian; PKOTES-
T.VNTE. Dept. B, 862 Columbus-aye,
TUTOK cr COMPANION. — Successful
tea her, wishing to spend th« summer In
the mounta'.' would tutor young elrl In
Latin, French, Ecgllsh, or act slb BBpanlon
to lady In exohuntre for expenses: references
given and leslred. L. Q., 880 Main-«t.,
Lakewood, N. J.
Sltaation* Wanted- Male and Female —
Four lines mot exceeding 24 words),
three linns. 15 cents; seven Insert! -./a*.
80 cents. Ercfedlns -4 words and less than
<0 words, three mseitlona, 30 cents; sevr.j
■■s«rtlons, uo cwma. _
"~~~^ Male.
ATTENDANT to Invalid ger.:!emanj good
valet; experienced ma^eur; best oj ref
erences. Address JOHN BTAX.TER. 510
West *2d-«t
ATTENDANT. — Nurss to nanrous or elderly
rantl«mao; c.vy or country; B rears In
. U Broadway.
tlcmar.'n private country realdence; elng.e,
aca 27: undarsiandj caro lawns. greenJu>u»o
WOrlt outdoor tarJeiKß,-. 8.. Box 08, Trib
ulit; OHice.
BCTJLBB i OOK. i t man »nd w; -'
i r«r l j
■ ■
CUTTSOH or ASSISTANT. — Uy young mart;
clti or country; passed through course in
f.rst class custom cutting. KDWAP.D
EKIKoON. t.4i 6th-ave.. Brooklyn.
BUTJLJiIi and COOK.— By tlra: cluss Swed
lsh couple: private tamUy or bachelor's
apu.rtn:eut: thoroughly undrrstpjid tiirlr du
ties- personal city rervrcnut 3. Addiees
BUTLI I XBO East 23d-!.t.

l< D.. '•■ ■ ■
BU3CTJSH. VALJsT.— Colored; competent.
I nigb. artistic; strictly sober, r.jnest.
reliable: a faithful servant; ie\en yrars
lajt place; reference; w,i»<> *i.'. $:,o
UIVTSOS, ■»" Wett Ctith-st.
CARETAKER.— -Cotipla as caretaker of j>n
vaie house during summer muatlw; excel
lent references. Mrs. GEBHAUD. 2.T00
sih-ave. -
CAKKTAKEK.-- IJy re§;*ctablß l'rtt'itant
man and Ife; rare for pentlcr.-an's pri
vale houeo for ■umtiip.- or longer; best asja^
.rencea, POTTS. 511 We»t 18t&-*»- -v.
6lliiall«n» UantcU — liaie and F>mal»—
.1. up " ne s tnot exceeding 2t words),
ipree Insertions, 15 cents; seven tr. — -'-
tlotis, to cents. Exceeding H words and
less than 40 words, three ir.sert^ons, 39
cents; « e vea Insertions. 60 cents.
ln«*rtion», Ou cem».
„ Mal«.
CARETAKER. — By rcli.-.tle couple; wom
an cool cook anj laundress; quod refer—
f "c«- Mrs. X.. 200 Kait --tjt.h-st.. top i.oor.
CARETAKER, watchman or janitor, by a
W»th-«t., cirptnter shop.
\i\i.K. Respectable young couple
■ the care of a house for sale, or
■ b'oing tii country for tumtiier, ln
■.!an or The ■ hlldren; Al
J. .:. 1... I.OM Sii .
St., The Bronx.
1 around man as
• L-Ulkl
ings; state wages. V. PATIGLEJ
West IB2d-st
CARETAKER. — Touaa; French couple; man
works at Tiffany's; highly recommended.
HEHMEAUX, 251 West irjUi-st.
CHEJI . „i man; city
or country, a. W., Msi West JJd-st.
COACHMAN— City or country; sin«da m.in;
'ho: -labs refer
": J i: ..• 103 West SOth-st.
irrled, no family; I
• icellent boi
ar..l driver; also uri'icrstaii'ls Is
ateam furnace. Adirtss N. PERSON, iM
1 I'F.NER. — Single; thor
...a caro at bors< I
ibles, lawns, roads, mil
: driver; eood references. JOHN,
Tribune i
( !OA( '}IMA N.— Lady recommends sober.
32; Just disengaged; capable
understands cara and treatment vt
horses; life experience; personal ref
COACHMAN, o^:; Mh-aie
CARETAKER — By young m.-irried ci uple;
caro of fumla ■ for summer
months; highly recommended. MAi"KAY,
291 Btn-ava.
CARETAKER.— By family cf three
to take cara vt private house for sum
mer; good reference or bond. LANE. 40
. st.
CARETAKER.— By neat, ildy American
mer or longer; personal city reference pres
ent employer. Addresß BHOWEK, 446 West
COACHMAN.— lawne. drives, etc.;
married, no children; very reliable; well
recommended; lone experience with horses,
carriages, He. JOHN, at Carpenter's Bu
reac. Ij4 6th-a/«.
COACHMAN.— Marrtad Proteetftut; thor
oughly unjerstards his bminata; first
clafs written an'l ptrsonal references; good
rider; country preferred. R. C. Box 309,
Oreenwloh. Conn.
COACHMAN, garJenar. useful man. on
iilace: caret'ul driver; good gardener; can
mi;-:, etc.; excellent references. MICHAEU
at Carpenter'a, 104 Oth-ave.
COACHMAN. — Competent: medium slz<?;
eu^rgetlo; total abstainer: respectful,
trustworthy; 12 years' city referenoes from
two city employers; anywhere, X.. Dili
COACHMAN.— Entirely capable. reliable
and sober; married, no family; present
employer can be seen. Call before 1 o'clock
or address PRIVATE STABLE. S9 West
COACHMAN. — Slnplej thoroughly under
stands care horses, harness, carr:.iK>«;
willing, oblnflnpr; best of references. Ad
dress ROBERTSON. CS7 3d-avo.
thoroughly understands care horses, har
naßs, carriages; olfo lawns, drives, fur
naces: willing, oMirlr.Er: beat of references.
Address J. R-. 155 6th-ave.
COACHMAN.— SingIe, 37; experienced fine
horses carriages strictly sober, reliable;
careful driver: steady ;«jsitlon; country;
wrl:ttn persona] references; useful, oblig
ing. J. M., 383 Bth-av&
COACHMAN.— Married, one child; uteady
position; flrst clasa In every respeot; 1^
years' 1 sat employer.
W. J. 8., 2o East 1 llth-st.
COACHMAN. — Family (rolng to Enr-ipe
■ultl.es to ee^ura a position far their coach
man, whom they can highly recomineni
iIA<7K, 866 rark-ave.
COACHMAN.— SingIe; dtsenpaKe'l on ao
count of employer giving up horses; highly
recommended; Al personal references.
EltNtT, Box 109, "17 «ith-ave.
COACHMAN. — By colored man; best refer
ence from lajt employer; city "r country.
Address If. BROWN. 337 West 63d at
HMAN. — Married. 88: 1* years' per
• "&'. references l!i regard to honesty and
■>x; erlenced rider nnfl driver; city
a COACHMAN, 421 East
64t!i-st, Box M.
OUACIIiIAN. — Bober, reliable, earefoi
Srtver; 10 yean r ■•:'- < j; disen
gaged May lOj season or permaneat. A-i
dress J. S-, 188 West End-aye.
COACHMAN— Married; Just disengaged nn
account family givlnJK up horses; thor
ough experience; 7 jreara unt?icepiional i>er-
Bua-il Ltlont tku good, careful
driver; atrlctly temperate, honest, trust
worthy, willing^, obliging; dty or country.
P, 411 Amstardam-ave,
UMAN. — By Etorlisaman; married;
first class city refer nces; present em
. Address \V. 8., i»9
Havemeyar— at., Brooklyn.
HMAN or OROOM. — By roong man;
intry; persona] rofertnees.
Box 4ui>. D 2 Avenue a, adrertlslns Office.
OUACUMAN. — Middle aifed; cf'nscier. in
care of horses, harness and carriages;
no family; best city reference for latt — S
years with me of the very beat families.
J. GAi'FNIiY. 411 East 68lh-st.
OOACUMAN. — Gentleman giving up horses
rtcommend3 his man; sober, honest, thor
oughly oampetant In every respect; 10 years'
city and country persona] references, .vi—
dress J. F.. car* Saratoga BtabLea, sTth-st,
iv.a Laxlngton— ave.
fcIMA-N'.— Thoroughly understa:
r, honest ajul
;r: ii.-, first class references); country 1 :«.—
I i— aye.
COACHILvN.- -Married, no children,
B tt. 1-n In.; trie- 82; 6
■y 1 referred. \\ ILU
Son, ly West Utb-st,
COACHMAN.— First c:.x;s; goo-1. careful
drive . leaving last emp:
on May 10; . tees; city ur coun
- - LIVEB, Tribune Uptown
1 "tflce, 1,364 Br a iway.
HMAN, GARDENER.— Married t«o
children; atrtecly honest, sober, reliable;
I worker and good man; excellent ret
; will give saUitacuon. ARTHUit.
Carper.u-r'B Bureau, 1&4 81
COACHMAN— By young colored man CO);
best city reference. Call or address A.
E. li.. lU7 a Tlith. private (stable.
COACHMAN, colored, wishes position; flve
years personal references: married; last
emiiiojer tan t,a Been. Address A. M. t- .
204 est 108 th.
lawns mills and garden; inteUigent, neat:
emootli faced yountr German; strictly tern-
SSu 1 . T^v'esJ SSSf?: IIUVIN S BL*-
REIAU. 77 \\*st llth-st.
UMAN wants ■. , . -
U city
aiiJ useful man ar<
COACHMAN'.— Majneft; country; JO ■
Ploy era; can bo seen. Address COACHMAN
441 IVeat 8"t!i-st
• ' •• ' is man to tal
IS ■ .
lOiAN- Married, no family: ]
■ -
horses, pamafei and 1
and ..
Amstei _.. -dvi
mpetent, r«

[MAN —Ma :

: '

COACHMAN.— Ape 34; no children; thor
oughly understand* his business; 6 years'
c !> re.lcren.es. also rhauffeur pasoieno car;
«-!!>■ or country. GIUL'-S, IJ.SrJ Uroadway.

FAHMEIt- Scotchman; married; one- chtH;
care hor»e». earden. lann; all work on
Pla.*; stri.tly •i.b.-r. in6»ilrlou»: er.oii ref-
Jjenr.*. AKDBEW, Carpenter 1 » bureau,
la* cti-a-vx S
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J - 5' AU^XANI.ER, form l7 Till »> ■<■,■! TERED W TIIS FOIJ^W- ! RFA'. CHARLES H. FOWI^R. C !,hop Metho^rt
JOsI^MAaMwW. ItoW 1 IN^ CITIES I:: I _^
IKYING :W. BALDWIN. President Empire Trust 83, KEY. jru.l.-i.X C**»w{:ito" I> £ Immannal
LE ROT W. BALDWIN, President Empire Trust .
Co. . _ v AIJJANT. N. Y. I baptist Church. Baltlrn^r- 'M l' " Irara * J »^»
Altr-HER BROWN JB., New York. REV FI-i't.Frii'k i Jt-Uim tx «. .
CIUrtLES R. BROWN.' Banker ar.d Brok.r. New A3BURY PARK. N. j. Pr^bne^C^n Tr^ci'?^j r *
CHAR-LES I-VANS. President Af.antlo City Na- ATLANTIC OTT, NJ. '"^XtSarii'Vi °* mnSt^ Kplsipa! " Church.
tlonal Bank. BELMAR. n. j. RABBI SOLOMOX FO.-TER. Ttmpla B-nal JesSy-
A H. I>B HAVEN. De Haven & TOwnsend, Stock _„_____ _ __; urun . Newark. N. J.
Exchange. N. V. «_ v „ CIf ESTER. Pa. REV. CBORGE E. REED. D. r>. LL. D.. BMMsM
AXDERSON FOWLER. Produce Exchange. New D ETPOIT M>-V T>t-i'-°V ll!c " lrt *- Ckrllale. Pa.
York. „ w DETROIT. Mich. RE\ JO.SHPU C. HARTZELL. D D.. B'.shop O«
CARL 11. FOWLER, Attorney. N-w York. FAIKFIETLD Me. __,; vfrlca -
SSliSS^ti&^Si^iSi^ HAHRISBURO. Ta. ™62£&&£v& •.;:;. g._ Patrlck'si
E. E JACKSON, Ex-Oorernoc of ManrtMst. BABIOBBCtta, ra.
WILLIAM H. JACIC3ON. Cbn.re.aman from SDO^ 2£%Sg-££ **' C-Mnl C ° Ke<>
OLIVE 3 U. LATT. M. P. Detroit, Mich. MEXICO CITY. Mexico. H^hs°ConSi > rf 'v£Es??- prMtlent I******-
SSa^^SS* Vlce - Pres " un!ud Ccrp * r co - »*^£ n. x UO Q™^ " SS£V*«^f of t,.
KE -^.|-;/! 1 , . K > X >J' I j AnEX - 9eerotanr Corj ' oratlon I PHILADELPHIA. ra. HON^r^ni^AßDS. Ex-C^mor cf M^na.
ISAAC OPPnNHKIMER. M. D., New York. PTTTBBURO. Pa. H' >N O{ AllLEd iIMORY SMITH. Ex-Postmaster
-ATKn^nvx, n. r.
B I^JUnmUaUWT. H. T. Alexander & Cb, WIL " ' ' ' <*
New Yorlc WILSON. N. a HON. JOiC\ WHUTS. Mayer of Phl^le^hU. '
159 West 34th Street, New York City.
(6) Name Address
Kituntlons Wanted— Male and Female —
Four line* (not exceeding 24 words).
.r-.-:- Insertions. 15 cents; seven Inser
tion*. SO cents. Exceeding 14 words and
less than 40 words, three Insertions. SO
cents; seven Insertions. £0 cents.
COUPLB wishes situation on gentleman's
plaob; man -olne outside work; wife
gsuero.l bouseworic Inside. MILLER, *a 8
Central-ava.. Jersey City Heights.
FARMER. — Foreman; can work; manage If
wanted; married; experienced In every
branch; Amtricaa 88; one chili: excellent
references. B. R.. Carpeuter'a Bureau. 154.
— Utr.tleraaa's placa; «.Trerleaced, all
branches; driver, milker: wife boards help
(no children); own furniture; beet refer
ence. Mra iL Weraafa Kmyloyment Of
fice, 40 3d-ave.
GARDENER and FARMER.— Oreer.::o;3es,
etc.; to take full charge of gentleman's
place; reference. GARDEXER. 87 Bank-st.
GARSENZB and FARMER — By man (42);
on gentleman's country place; un ler
e'ar.Ls horses); can drive; good vegetable
grower and poultry man; can milk, etc.;
. i i'*:&rences. F. C, Box ft. Tribune Of
understands hl3 business; wages 125; city
references. \Y. C, Tribune Uptown OSica.
1.8G4 Broadway.
GAHI>ENER- — Scotch; married, no ram'.iy;
wants house; long experience ln every
branch, glass, etc.; line vegetable erower;
best references. DANIEL, at Carpenter's
Bureau, 154 Oth-ave.
GARDENER. — Married; three children;
thoroughly •lnderstands ■ c business; hot
houso. landscape, vegetab.ti, tannins;; first
clajis refsxencea; six years In last place.
KAISER, 353 W»st SOth-.t.
experience; al»o iirl% If raqalred;
young ►•r.^rgetlc and willin* to be gener
ally useful. JAMES, Carpenter's Bureau,
164 6th-u.ve.
omDEXER- Bwedlsh; married; country;
op«aks llltla English. C. O. 8.. 22C West
G^HDESER. — Good vegetable grower and
qultu a rtorlst, email gre%iihous« and tha
like- oan rnlilc; well recommsnaed; strictly
Bube'r JOHN, at Carvt-nter's. 134 6th-avn.
G VKDENEU — Flniander; very expert flow
ere vegetables, landscaping, everything
on gentleman's placa; echuol graiuati:
married one child: excalK-nt reference.
JOHN. Carpenter's Bureau. 104 Oth-ave.
GROOM. — Single; thoroughly understands
hc^s^ nrdanlnc, lawns, flowers and all
■.round work; wouid lUte place in country;
very best referenaes. F. K. I.. 173 East
wfa on country place! nan, as
. tan; ienerally useful ; wife, as
bennaid: lUrht housework: no .
HANDY MAN.— By r>ar.e. 40; slncle: own
carpenter-3 and other tools: v with or
without buard; referenoea. liAND\. Box
3», Tribune Otnce,
JAPAN'K^iJ experienced butler and valet:
June 1 tn'pi .'.v; city or country,
references. S. KAN DA. F. O. Box
Staunton, Vs.
JAPOfKSQ wishes position as first class
tools or butler in private family; has good
reference If HANK. 15S East 27in-st.
JAPANESE COUPLE would like situation;
man aa waiter, houseworker; wife for
Booking, washing, ironing. IBIU.
b at.
J\F\-NK:in. excellent cook; 15 years' ex
perlen o In this country: all styles fall y
cooking; country or city, has recommenuar
tlon TUOKA. 04 East 133d-§t.
JAPANESE wishes position us butler and
do lust Dlaln caking In private family.
haT l«g experience and good referent.
N. 1., -15 Bands-st., Brooidyn.
NURSE aid VALET to Invalid, by gentle-
wn.reten:; «004 reference. Apply
7^3 Park-ay*
USEFUL MAN— Town or couiury; country
_, . best city reJereoce. BARI. -
I'«EFL'L MAN.— By Qermaa; single; on
private place; understands horses, e a»-
de^i mr Vl'kmg- poultry, etc.: reftweßcea,
m£h WluS&af MADAERY*. » Chatham
USEFUL MA> German; honast. sober;
Ettady position on small private- place:
K*^e a^b^ner^u^r v!
U.. l"rlUur.e Office.
m j. a . -
v. y.
USEFUL M-VN-— Ensllshman- middle aged;
on small country itoce; thoroughly un.w-r
nur.is t-are of horses, poultgr, K-^oV V-i
rlrst class city reXerences. H. \. HOra, <-*
Ka?t Osth-st.
VAL£T -Brltlsl West todls
■ .
KHAM. -'I. Ea.t73d-at..
care W. - . .
VALKT.— A gmtlernan desires to flnd a
situation for »s valet, whom he van WKn
ly recommend as ralel «f d^«~°5 d ' m s^
Address by letter. F. H. I'- J-'^l '■">!.
VALET— taks care two gentlemen.
cock. wash, etc.; nrn-ciau ell) r«.«r
enccs. Address VAJ.KT. 2oa East «Sth-«t.
127 E. CAF ■ •
N *' • v ' ■

• ■
nt--: • •
i.i •!•> ways -
EVA, rJI Weat 251b-*t-i_ .
-- • ■
COMPANION.— A maiden WT.J""'^ r |^
fined «nj vduemtad, c °7 l f":.':V. i. li
horn, or to tra»<
capabl* of t«k:n« «s^«3
Miscn I wfoi ».
Situations Ifllj Msll and Female —
= Four lines (not exceedlnc 24 words).
tliree insertions, 15 cents; seven .insertions.
30 centH. Exceeding S4 words and leas than
4U wor^a, three Insertions. SO cents, seven
U-sertiona. Bo cents.
£g£ MISS WILD'S JA^| 3 .
Employment Bureau,
___ 28 WEST S3D-ST.. Tel. call
Every efTort '.i made to supply tte b*>6t
servants, but only a:;er a STRICT PEH
bONAL INVESTIGATION of references.
ttouses opened, cleaned and put ln order
prior to occupanej and closed for the »um
nier. Chasaroaea, secxetariea, housekeepers,
residaat and visitiag. supplied.
COOK. — French; can take chers place ln
prhrafea CanUly; unJerstanda catering and
marketlns;: good rererenca. JVSSILJI BL'-
RiIAU", tiaij Lexicston-avo.
COOK. Competent idlsctj also kitchen
maid; or as second laundress; good r»ier<
ence; also waitress. JL'aoU**. BUREAU,
tiSO L*x.i.gton o.
— Wages iAK.S22. city cr country. Mine.
4^t> 4ih-ava.. tetvveen 2"Jth ur-.i Sutn bis.
COOK— PI cock desirt3 position In srr.all
family; |»X Addresa Mlti SCUUSTtR.
101 l-eiinaion-ave, t>«lw«en tfth and
COOK, WAITRESS.— By two girls; flrst
&£AI . St] Iksi Utb-et.
— Toung woman aa comp«tent cook
In email private family; nhori dlbtanca In
the country preferred; »u(u iM; %ish«a
n. ■ place. A. a., 4v» Weat Blsl-st., tase
COOK.^ — First class; French, permanent po
sition In private family; references; wages
54a .' Idren M. V.. Tribune Uptown OSiee,
1,304 Broadway.
COOK. — By young woman; competent; ln
small private family; aa-jrt aistaue« ln
country preferred; wages $i\>. 4us \V«at
Slst-at., ba&enienc
COOK.— NVat. Ualy girl; test personal ref
erences; Wages I 2&. li . Flaherty' i
- -.- I -aye. TeU 741 J
COOK. LAUNDRESS. — Welsh Protestant:
private family . alts; city or country; o
years' reference; no cards, tilo iIJ-ave.,
first Eoor. front.
COOK oji.l LAUNDRESS. —^Experienced;
German-Hungarian Protestant »vi; ■. -':y
or country country preferred; pcr-<iiuU xtt
erences. n. ul'kz, 162 East 4ti»-Bt.
COOK and LAUNDRKS^ the other as
chambermaid and waitress. In a private
family, by two competent younc women;
wllilnjj to ?o to the country; bes: city ref
erence. Please "call at ltid Ttii-ave , near
lst-st., rlcß tichupp's bell.
COOK. — By neat, eompeteat, obltgtns your.j;
worn excallant rsierences; city cr coun
try. .•: C, ilrs. tjoliicr'a. I^2 West :!3>i-ot.
'Phone — Chslsea.
COOK. — Middle aged woman wants good
home in email family; rood cook; rea^
sonabld wag \s \\ • It 21»t-at.
' Ron ■«;
; of work.
COOK By 7OBOS colored woman: son. 19,
to act aa kltohen boy or vutsid» work;
understar<l3 French and American cooking.
Address B. C. 5^ Yuers-ave.. Jersey City.
COOK. maid seamstress or laundress, best
references, at Mlaj LARSON'S Employ
ment Offlee. 13 West 24th-*t. Tel. 3.041—
Madison Square.
CLEANING -By *oman;
few "ai
-. Ave
nue A.
CARETAKER.— A ■bbsjU adult family
would taka euro of private house daring
th. summer months V3i> ai-ava.
CARETAKER.— Couple as caretaker of prl
vate nous? during sunuscr mor.t. 3; eicel
lant referenoes. M.-s. CKiiHAKD. 2.«u0
CARETAKER.— By ChlMtosa coupla; At
loTerenct-s. Inquire oi butler, 1«7 Eaj.L
CARET AKEK-— By Intelligent American
coui.'e Ivt private house; ai ratereacea,
E LnjDD. W 31 Place. Brooklyn.
estant; nt;it. rortr.eu. obl;slng young wom
an- best ttt r«fercnces; city or couctry. A,
if..' Mrs. u::,tt'i, 1— We»t DSd-au 'i'hono
l\i£i — Cnelsea.
\u\int irlrl, lust arrhej from Ira.and;
also experienced COOk. laundress ; tosdUicr;
must be country. 3&1 West 18tb-«t.
North of Ireianl Protestant; excel>n: city
reference B-. Hoftnayet's Bureau. 153 West
23d-st. Tdephom 16p*— <3>eis«a,
V/llling and honest; city or country. Call
W BUjOM. l.tiTo Lexinx'-^n-ave.
i tat i.-Inii w t :nan: lntelliKent. wlUlr.y
and üb'iKliii;; fir 3t c;a»s referenced on Ue
5? IKWlN'£lifKl:^f. 77 We,', lltlv-t:.
Li vV.S Wi>llK.— Uy jrOBBB co'^rei worran;
■ city; B'->-' J rererences. 437 Cih-ava.. first
floor*. l i
rf resconatblUty, «eU reared. wcuU
lie to taiVcar« Of eWM or ntttote
f elf useful la private family. Address
\V E N G E ' :. -4- Ea iit lUlta-st.
CF"M*N-AMERICAN. competent tak» *n
tlre charge; r.eat sew«r; city r«:ere:ic».
802 Cih-ave.. store.
gFneua^ KOUSEWORKs—Xemt, thSy
vVjursr Kirl- year In country; pUIn ccok;
..:..„ a Jr.'.rL-. KATIE. F-an-rty's Hureau.
■'.Vl'.o'mouj-ave- Tel. T^VJ— Ulver.
HOtrSEWORKETt — Err.a;l famriy; $2.':
miist ta r.tat; Frotestant: co..k!r.g eriJ
wasbiiijr. w"3 hi i?z:f' r * !ioe "- ""•
HOI'SEWORK. — Co«A K'.rl for central
raSffilfy^'prererrea. BI^OM. l.« 70 l**l
HOL'SEWOPJC —Dr two frter.>:s; Brst
■"^r, ,-aek anl waitress: t^ether; both
competent willing ar. 1 oWljtiae; wM
S?w«k Of •»*» ram«y; best r- Jerer.cts;
country ir.fcrreO. M. P.. ST^ Wt.t l^tl^
ST. Qa!l Mund-ty. f-rst « >or. front.
HOUSEKEEPER.— Experteaced In every
del utment; economical aid Indostrtoas:
hlphest t'-uMmoniala. W.. &.- B'»: -l»t-at.
HOI"EEK£n:PKn.— Uy >m-»rtcan wn?.n:
private famll» or hache'.->r arartraer.-.s;
thL.-ouKhly nadertta-d" cater-as in a.l t-i
l."r!ir.t-T;«: la:* ercpie?«r may t« seen. M.
A. Lw, 210 W*«t 14th-«t.
HOr^EfW.'H'.K UP. —-l»y reat ytnuc O.'r
iran gtr!' good c-x~lc: first class laun
rt-^v»- has frlead. nurse: no objection t»
SSntrifreferenei MORROWS BUREAU.
201 Eart asth-at.
KOr?EWORKrn.— By » young Cng I .!^
tpeaklns woman. exj>er!enc«J. wants «. . 1
home; city or country preferred: personal
Kfert&cea. HEKA 1« Eaa; 4U»-«t.
Misrn.l ANEOrt.
Situation* Wanted Hal, and r.mai*—
Itr.e* (not exccedlne 24 words),
t...ee insertion. 13 cents; s-.en lnwrtlona.,
s» cents. ExcfedinK •* words sad less ttiaa
«0 wurJs. three Usertlons. M ccuta. sev«a
Icstrtioti*. •„' cent*.
INFANT' 3 NURsil. Ac— North Germaoi
(sirl; experienced infant's r.arse; haa
rrlend. ccx-k; good bakar; na wasfilac: prt-«
i^?v-.° r £?b? bn *- ° -Hr»' refer*: MOR
ROW'S BUREAU, 2*l East tSt.i-st.
KIXDKKGARTNErt.-K^enenced: i=ot.V.
er s helper; competent to teach musloi
understands sewlns; referen.-»3. E. V..
artbuiie L'ptov.-n OSice. I.3«Vt Broadway.
LADY'S COMPANION. tC- Toun* boutrt
era girl a. ladj-'a companion cr rovers
ncsa; experienced as teacher; best ref»p«
ences; fcr siiromer or permanently. boat
714, Richmond. Vs.
UUXDKEiS.- Respectable Seotea widow.
l:i neeJ desires waiting a=d lrontr.g o*i
roiish drying: excellent laundress; open aljt
drjmff; uaj-a woric dona; Jan.tress- rlaca
de.lred; r«farenc«a. Mrs. JIANN .-"I i;aal
lUoii— st.
M>RES3.— Colcrci; permanent; o-Jt by>
en a *
LAUXPRESa — ■WlJIi.-.ff to jo to the cout>-
LF^i. 1 ' nrs i class. n=at and clean. Ajpljl
l.«7O Lex:r.gtwn-avo.
LAUNDRESS. — Young-, competent; FlnlacS
girl: K,r»i nfererre; aiso seamstress ani
T^l- ss * eil3h waitress. JL-SalL.v BL'-
R£.VU, 6SO Lex!r.g:oo-av«.
LAUNDRESS, &c— By youn C Canaliajj
womac; tirst class laundress: or would da
c_. •.;!:;£ by the day; best city reference*.
Miss I/KEEFIO. East 6Sth.-st.
U\UNDRES3.— Respectabls colored worn-,
an would like to hn\o svrr.e wa^hlns an 4
Ironing at home by the doz»n or wash for
family; be=t city references. Address I.
BEAUMONT. 2al West SOtb.-st. AaareM U
LAUNDRESS.— CoIored; irk at hom«l
eoci outs'.do drying; excellent reference*.
Mrs. SOPHIE DQ WITT, 22* West ltth-st.
LAUNDRESS.— Ey re-=reotable. woman, t»
do a little coar*» waataißa'; city or cuiv-.
try: beat ret«rencea. '-"Si East Xth-st . twa
'S MAID — l
experienced In i-ish" i

uors j '.
..' a. m. un-Il May 8 ar •
MAIL'S, ttc—lady gi hag abr^ai wants
places by May 10 for thr^a excellent
mails. cook, waltrtds, Uun.ress. VI Eaji
MAID. — By youns Parl3tan. t.-> travel a*
mail! an.l contortion 15 children, or to
lady an.l child; haa trxid disposition: high
est references. iLVDIZiIOISKLLE, Si.3 \V*at
iLA-ILi — By i«rln».! competent German: ret*
tponslbie place- la American family; groo<s
seainstresj and traveller: Invalid lady pr»-«
t erred; city or country; sM rererssMsn 7C3
li;th-*iva.. cara of lira. Machewlrth.
M.\ll>. &c. — Dy a girl. 13 years «M as
maid or any l!«ht work In a ChristlSjj
family. PARENT. Box 10. Tribune Ofßce*
NL'P.SEi — By youeff Scotch woraan; gooj
B«eJ!e«"omjii; exolletit references. \1 ,
Hofn.ayer'a Bureau, 153 West 23d-s£, Tel»
— CfceUea.
—By English widow. 3*5; r*Sae<J; Prote**
tant: I ■.--.. competen«i
an i reliable; caterer; g 3 cock. eeemali sesj
city or country: refaraacea. ARNOIJX
Tribur* Cptown OflJco. 1.W4 Broadway.
epeakir.s Gorman and. Frer._. equally
■well; Er.«!lsh also; for children not uaii**
toot >f-.,r.s of ac*; best cJry refereacea, A*«
dress. L. 8.. 341 West 30tn-et.
NURSB^-Wefl edueatod Frece!t penoaf
thorooKnrjr competent; superior b»!-r ->f>
snail children's curs-»: ike entlr* chargey
unjerscanils all arttflctal feedlrz; !nvaiu-»
able far delicate ch!M: 3 yars personal
reftrenees. SCPERIOR. Tribune Ustowa
Ca.-e, 1.3C4 Broadway
chambenvork ; eomfMent, IgtSSJ TOUB|
worn \a: best of ref»re2»es: elty or c#unir>-.
M. n.. Mrs. Cooler's. 122 West 234-st.
NTTBSH GrP.L.— By Irish rlrl; wwi!l 53
housßwcrk : nursa rreferre'f: wnnlj ■"»a ta
ira to country. Adilress 523 Kar.;ock-et. .
NURSE. — Bt Arrer'.oan Prnrestar.t. to ca.-«
for invalid, either ni; fclrrieit city ref-«
«■•:»'«•«: terrrs rr.^Vrate; dry cr country-
NURSE. 14 Eaat 47th-st.
I • ! .„• .
NUR3ERT r;o\*izr:NT:F3 O r Nxrr.ss ♦»
grown eMWrta: Er.s:ijh Udy. 4i: very
exjhirier?«d; e-xsellent ref«rerc*3: cr s-i!t
■Ma aa ujefu'. eompar.lon: would travtl.
Mis* A. STKTjDT. Bartsd&te, N. Y.
hume; bis laundry :.-.-:»- fun of !ire-»j
r.-> rherra'-a!» whatsoerrer; blue rtn*«d; r~r
fe.-t!y wrurg out fir op«a a!r drytr.g: 7?c;
<!e:,ver<>.i free- In twe^ty-fcur hours. IN-
Til P.. I*2 lst-a-,e.
TH *r\'Frr> KCHSB. — By r?>» «-<••;< ar neatß]
wOl ro In homes c? ."intae'.on; Jio week.
Mrs. J. V. IION'z::<. EDckawnkh L^r.g Islan.l.
WAITREsi R-.a PARUORMAID In rrjx-ar»
farr.ilv; Sr«t cl.iss; unJers:an.ls al! «I
aJ« *::■ : e~-'- references: wjcrj. *1«3-42V.
WAITRESS — T-a-iy cl^lre hfTJ!>» •^r!»^•. • ■.
r'.xra Crit clxsi waitress. Call 13 East
WASHING taken hcrr.e ea ant by Jay. by
first els-» eoloraa !aur.ire*<> Cn!l or aj
dr--ss RO<IE JOHNSON, 313 West Slit-st..
WIDOW wffl r^ nut a few hours 'ailr T»
i cars fjr laltfs" apartment. PLEVIN.
1.4.-3 Anjsteniam-ave.
TOXHTQ Wt'MAN. FVencJi. T>k!!s;i; cars
fcr srowlr.i-' chil'.r»n: s!e*-p hon:#; pood
seam^trr*". OAT. S3 West «th-st.
WATTRFSS. A^- — By trjstwcrtSy Protest—
ar.t woman; naitres* or take care of prV*
; vats pla^e {or summer; t«tv sa;»»factory
' r»reren.-« v .«'. "»K» ■*"■ Cia b« sten Jloa
; day a: 442 West 34tfc-st
| WAITUTIS -— T.x: •r:enc»Jl: wll'irjs (q ew'-st
I at rt-,ir.-.*«:r - *>,r»: neM ar.it tHy; na ob'«<*-"
1 t'.on to srr..i:! hoiel Apply W. L'UX'H.
! 1.670 Leilnst9n-a\ c.
' two sentlernea: Scotch woman; r.eat.
thcrcurh and cajafeJe; first class reference*.
A.. Kof mayor's Kireau. J53 West 2W-«t.
T*l;pbon« WA — Ctelaea.
WAITTiET.^.— F!r«t class: c-at. t»n girl;
bef. v*rsonal refer»r.ce«: waces J3. IV.
FV\h*rtv'!t liurt^u. 4"^ C lurcius-ave, Tet
74! J— V.'.vtr.
wouKtNr. TTOz\-ricr.t:rj:r.— Tjury. w«:n
ecn S ye*n olJ: exp^rleriee-.l : Sn sraali
taratly; s«r*osX reT«reac»» M W. -ua^a^

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