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A 81,250,000 BRONX DEAL.
tltjschmaxx realty sells ?e flathouses to be
Parcel Opposite Madison Square Garden Sold — Title Guarantee and
Trust Building to Cost $500,000.
"lie F>lschman F.en'.ty Company has sold from
t v e plaat to -he "\Vllklns Realty Company for
«i"2SO,O0O twenty-six five story flathousee to be built
on tie block bounded by Wllkins-ave. and Char
lo'te ***& D*** els. The block forms part of the
original Bethgrate-Beck holdings In The. Bronx.
■~v e bouses are to be ready for occupancy In
'efcte^n months. Sixteen of the houses will be each
oil & Po t 37.6x100 feet and ten will each occupy a
plot «?xIOO feot. Nathan Weiss was the broker.
The !">:*•• r.man Realty Company has also sold
five *<* story new law flat houses to Blumenkrohn
. Fre '■" ••■ "■ They are the structures on the
rorth side of 102d-st. and on the south Bide of
:C"<s-«t-. 125 feet east of 2d-ave.
lbs K'p's Bay Realty Company hail bought Nos.
■ and S3 East 27th-?t., two three story dwelling
K-"=es on a P lot 18x98.9 feet. Th* parcel Is oppogito
■\li<s".*on Square Garden. N. A. Berwin & Co. we.ro
th«« brokers In the deal.
plans have been tiled with Buildings Superintend
ent HW er * or the * en story office building to be
<re"ted on the east si.lc of Broadway, just north of
Lane. ior the Title Guarantee and Trust
ro*r.pa.^ v - 1* ' s *° be- a fireproof structure, 7". feat
'rorit and US.UH feet deep, but only six stories will
be built •■'■ tiie present time. The building will
tave .-. facade o* granite and ornamental stone em
b<»;!ishe<i with decorative iron work. The front will
be'adorr.e.-i with tail pilasters supporting a cornice.
There will be a largo central open court .-Mid three
T.-ifff-zpfr elevators. Tho cost is estimated at $s<io,*
tf>> fey the architects. Howells & Stokes.
Part of the Hodgrc-s and Lot farms. In Flatbush,
v a . teen sold to a Pennsylvania corporation for
SOQ.OOOI The property comprises ninety lots. It Is
understood that the new owners will Improve the
- 8. Brown & Co. havo
:ker Nos. 30 and 31 South
■ $xs.lo
r'.nns hay been Tiled for the enlargement of the
fix Btnry toft building No. $?i to 900 Broadway and
No IS East Snh-st.. owned by Robert Goelet, in
ilviauEllT icd as trustee for the Ogden Goelet es
er Into a ten ?' ri ry modern
Btor«s, and

I :
Plans have been filed or th« remodelling: of the
four story ar.d basement loft building. No. 115
Wen 4ld-st., into a bank and office building- for
the American Savings Bank, the present quarters
oi which are at the southeast corner of sth-ave.
crid 423-st. N'*w elevators are to lie Installed, and
the building will have a new facade ornamented
st ;he main story with Corinthian columns. The
i:r.rTGve:r.i-r.ts arc to cost (39.000. according to the
estimate .... Charles E. Reid.
• 1 for the William
I ■ [Co. 66 Weat SBth
one years. 1 building
the Northern
■ 1 :■] to <"x
of Amy S.
■ . : ..-. oi Mar
- ■ ■ .-' • N . Y .
Warren & Skillin have sold for A. Hollander to
I^ouis Koop the five story flathouse. No. 543 South
err. Boulevard.
=. Stcingut <t Co. have Bold for Mr. Berliant Ncs.
102 and SH East 21st-?t.. a FC-ven story sixteen
rc"->m house, 32xP2 to a client for investment.
Pocher & Co. have leased the five story tene
ment bouse. No. 240 East ;ith-st., for the Mr-
QuaH estate to 5. Co Ispeil for the term of ten
years at a gr-i?s rental of $13,000. Also leased No.
113 West (4th-st. for Jackson «■ Stem to K. For
rester, a three story private dwelling house, for
r.'.s r,w-n occupancy.
Jesse C. Eeacett & Co. have sold No. 275 "West
fclth-st., a thr'e story brick ■...-•• a
client for his own occupancy.
John H. Davidson has sold for M. Gustine
f.'ie.-tr the five story double flathouse No. -■ West
l'Jid-f-i. on jilo; 27x100 feot.
Taylor A- Douciiu; nave bolj for Price & Wolfsorn
a four story brick house. No. 2,357 lst-ave.. 2>>.Cx>«
feet, to a Mi W-ttkin.s.
William 15. Fisher is the. buyer of No. 127 East
lOth-bt.; an American ba seme at dwelling h'"»use, re
cently sold by the McVickar-Gaillard Kealty Com
J'hn H Loscarn has bought from Ixmis l.e-se for
- client ihe fire story brownstone front triple fiat
house. No. 03 East 122d-&t.. on a lot 23x100 feet
i'aul Mayer has sold for William K. Rose to a
syndicate of builders the plot of somewhat more
than twenty lots at the southwest coiner of Inter
vale-aye. and Freeman-st., facing the Junction of
V. Ukins Place. The plot has frontages or 35S feet
in the avenue and li 2 feet in Jennin&6-si and is one
block north of the- Preeman-st. station of tin;- sub
vay-elevated roads, ana one block south of the
Hatngate-Bcck holdings, to be sold at auction next
week. The land lies at grade. The price was
Peter A. & Martin I>alor have .sold ff»r Ee*-nhard
Mingenstejn the plot vjxm feet on tU- west side
of id-aye.. i<Xi feet south of !C7th-st., to the Loeb
Real tstate Company, which will probably im
prove it with a .-tore buildin*.
Harry Goodsteln has sold, through L,. J. Phillips
& Co., the five story double flathouse, No. SO East
li€th-st., on lot 25x100 feet, near Sd-ave.
William H. Van Alst & Co. have sold for A. P.
Morrison No. 2.35& Cre-scent-avt-., a three story
dwelling house-, on lot '2ixW< feet.
Parsons & Holzmun have ■••-•'„ through C. L. Ull
ma:i.. :h'- southeast corner eif Brook-aye. and 142d
ct.. a four story fiathousf , on lot 25x100 feet.
Benjamin B. Maroo has sold No. 237 St. Ann's
ave., a rive story flathouse, on lot 26x100 feet, to a
Mr. Acke-rmen. Also sold to B. L*rvi No. 214 Willlß
ave.. a live siory fiathouso, on lot 19xS0 feet.
Newman Grossman xuid Frank Feldman have
bought through \Veissberg-. Wollins .-.- Bro. No.
irj-'j j:ast i:ioth-st.. a five •.;-■ on
lot 'JLxl<yj led.
Max LJpkin his gold to B. Gutteman No. 763 St.
Ann'f-avi., a four story llathouse, on lot 25x100 feet.
Charles A. Weher has KOld for Charles Spillner
the southeast corner of 14f<th-st. and « rtlandt-ave..
old buildinss. on a plot 60x109 feet.
Charles F- MehJtretter has sold for a client to
Mrs. Ludnda Jesser No. 1,992 Clinton-aye., a two
familv bouse, r>n lot 25x100 f«-ej.
L>a\id Kaplan hr-== so!<1 for F. Gens to Harry
Maurer the southwest corner <>f Sd-ave. and sist-*:..
a five ttory building, on a plot 54x0') feet.
Li;ij>r:t-r & Co. hay*> Bold to Charles S. Baumblatt
the owe story flathous? No. 67 East Mth-st., 2."».2x
Nathan E. Posner and I^ouls Plzltz have bought
the five Btorr flatliouse No. C 5 East 101st-st., Mxl4tt.ll
F. E. MaJnhart has sold for -•-ph A. Kerrigan
ar.d ot!.*rs No. 4'J West 132d-st.; a three story
dwelling house-, on a lot 16.8x99.11 feet.
Louis Aronson has Koid lor the MishkJnd-Felnbergf
Realty Company No. ?,?;> to :i-'« East llfuh-st., old
buildings, on a plot foxlOo.ll feet, in Samuel Lam
bert Tho will build two six story flathouses.
Mark Biumenthal ras bought from Joseph Levy
No. 71 West llStb-st,"; a three story ■ • Iling house,
on a lot 18x100.11 feet.
Harry Bugarman has fold Nos. 14 and I<s East
13id-st.. two five, fitory flatbouses, on a plot 60x03 11
Grossman &■ Pasaon have bought the five story
tenement house No. 3S East 122e1-st., on a lot 27x99.11
S. Ls&oii ■ has bought from lyo^old Ilellinger
the two Fis story tenement houses Nos. 227 and 229
East CJd-st.. ea^h 26x100.5 feet, also the three six
«tory ten«-ment houses No. 228 to 232 East 6Uh-st.,
•aoh 2BrlOC'.& feet.
P. Fried has boM the five story tenement house
\'o 2,348 ist-iive.. 2r,xKrt feet.
M. L. .'. C. ErnFt have J>ought from Oeorm W.
McAdxn No. Z(f, West lCf7th-et.. a five story Amer
can basement dwelling house, on lot 17x101.10 feet.
The buyers have rfeir-.ld tho house to I). W. Rich
nan for his own occupancy. T1:- MrVlckar-Gaillard
tssUty Company negotiated b'Uh sales.
I George Rowan his sold for the Realty Company
•f America the lot. 2Sx!(io.g feet, on the north fido
• f 561h-st.. 150 feet west of Broadway, to an ad
oinins owner. The celling company bought th'»
it from William Waldorf Astor.
AdcJph Kubin has sold No. 113 East 71st-st.. a
our story and basement brownstone front dwelling
oufe. S-Ox'.OC 2 feet.
Max Marx has sold to th«* Dear.c Realty Company
he plot on the north side ejf 2Osth-st.. V/j feet east
f Sth-ave.. 75X99.11 feet.
Mns»s Knli has tioupht from Myer Korh No
a EaM 32<iH:-st.. a five story br-jwhatone double
;.tr.o •:• • on Tot CsxK>.ll fee-t. •
Marx and Henry Taylor have bought No. 231 East
st-ut a four Blorj brownstone double flathouse.
1 lot 27.1xM2.2 feet.
l>o'Ji* Beck** has sold for the Harvard Realty
instruction Company the northeast corner of Am
frdatn-iive. and ie,V!-«t.. a new five story triple
Mirtment h^use. on plot MxlOO fe-et.
Toe Realty Transfer Company has sold the plot
on the west side of Amsterdam-are.. 49 feet south
of 161st-st. 50x100 feet, to F. W. Wool worth.
Voel & Co. and a Mr. Kornbluth have sold the
five story finthouse No. 143 West 100th-st., on lot
20.1M00.11x Irregular.
The Mlßhkind-Keinbergr Realty Company has
bought from Morris Fine No. 330 East 114th-st.. a
six story tenemnt house, with stores, in course of
construction, on lot 25x100.10 feet.
Jacob L. Lissner & Sons have sold No. 1.839 3d
ave., a five story flathouse, on a lot 25x100 feet.
By 1., J Phillips & Co: 12 83<J-st. s «. 1062 ft w of
Central Park West. 15.3x102 2: 3 story and basement b
s f 6veg h; executor's sale..

By Jo«»ph P Day: 18 Avenue A. w m 7R.4 ft n of let
»*, 18.0x80: S story bide, with *tore: exr's ?(Ue to Lena
Rupp for $22,100; West Er.d-ave. s o cor lOSth-St, 20.0 x
■O; .. story bk <3wr h: J II Hl*>rlns et a!, trustees, ngt W
C F-ostar ft a]; EL. Hay ; in. atty; D A Spelllssy. ref; amt
<Ju«. $43,204 IT: taxes, etc, $7S»1B7; to tho pltff for $42,600:
1(>8 and 170 HOth-st. s s. 20C.8 ft w of 3<3-ave. 31. Sx
100.11; two 3 story a f dug h»; T Simpson Bjrt
Frieda Hart ot al; Bushby A B. attys; C P
Robinson, ref; ajnount due. J6.442 04; taxes, etc. $334 68;
sold subject to two first mortfra«es aggregating $16,000,
adjourned to May 19; No 422 31-ave, v s. 74 ft 11 of 28th
st, 24.8x03, four sty brk ten h nnd two »ty brie ten h on
rear: O ''' Meir.eil.-iKt M I. Melnell et all E A Scott, atty:
<-t w Kawfon. ref; partition, adjourned to May 23; No 600
lsth-«t. n I. 13S ft c of Aver.v« B, 25x103.3; three sty brk
ton h and three sty brk ten h on rear; E II Huebner act
Sebastian Dumocr et al; I N Williams, atty; T F Don
nelly. ref; partition, to Edward V Gor.-r.ley for $15,029;
No 2. Thompson-B«. w ■ 100 9 ft n of Grimd-nt. lß.llx
77 lix irrerular: part sis Ftr brlc ten h; aotlon 2; Amer
ican Mortgraso Company afi II Donnelly, ref; amount <Jue,
110.601 IS; taxes, eto, $402 24. withdrawn; No 29 Thomp
sor.-st. w I, 121 ft n of Grand-i»t. 20xl00x40x irreeular;
part Fix sty brk ten h; notion 1, came a*t same; game
attys; sam» ref; amount due, $8,838 88; taxes, eta $343 17,
withdrawn; Hedford-ft, n « corner Morton-st, 43x60; va
cant; voluntary Bale; withdrawn: no bids.
It- I- .1 Phillips & Co: 24 Alhnny-st. ■ s. 40 ft c of
west- st Ux3i>.9x Irregular; 4 story bk ten h; adjourned
to May 23; 333 l.Sth-st. n s. 300 ft c. of Oth-ave. 25x154 to
lflth-st; 2 story hk more In IStb-St and 8 story bk 'Iwjr h
in lOth-st; J L, Dwipht apt P R Lawrence et al; De I-
Bwier. atty; E Goldmark, ref; partition; adjourned to
May 23.
By Bryan L Kennelly: 3 Hamllton-Bt, n a, W».2 ft • of
Catharlnr-st. 20.4x52.4x20.4xfi1.ri: 8 story f bids;, with
Etore; exrs" pale, to .1 H Rogan for S4.800: 7 Ilamilton
st. n 9. 80.10 ft c of Catbarin»-st. 14 2x50.Rx14.2x<«: 3
Ftory b bids;; fxrs' sale: estate of E!sth«r Samuel', «iecd,
to Loo Hutter for 13,760.
By H. G. Mapes & do.: Rond to Midrtletown. n p. 175.6
ft c of M.ip<>3-ave. 75x107x75x110; vacant: to M Harilinj
for $2,280; Uapes-ava, s a comer Gree-n-ave, 125x100;
vacant: to August Kretsch, F C Arrow and Mrs Feran
scn for 5 : 23S G-reen-aye, a p. 125 ft xr of Mnpes-ave, 60x
1W; ■cant •■ >' Wohlaro for $1,100; Cnrncil-BVe, n ••
125 ft w of Map«s-»v«. 125x100; vacant; bid in at $550
a lot: Mapes-ave, o w corno- MaiUand-av«, 100x100;
vacant: withdrawn: Onrnell-ave. s ». 20«) ft w of Map*B
ave. 50x100; vacant: withdrawn; Cornell-aye. s c. SOO ft
w of Mapes-ave, 7. I ".xl(t'''j vacant; withdrawn: Cornell
ave. 8 c corner of Old Koad, 115 6x151x132x150; vacant:
withdrawn; Ma!tland-ave. -•■ w corner Mapea-ave. lOnx
14x Irregular; alfo plot lOOxOOx lrr<>ruls r . adjoining on
Maltland-ave; voluntary «<•.!■•; withdrawn.
Perry c !=. 175 ft s of WoodUwn Rca<3. 25x
110; Perry w b, 100 ft s of Woodlawn Road.
50xl<iO; Robert N Qulp.n to Chari^i. Forbach.... $100
Pra«pect-ave. v. «. 05.3 ft s of l«3th-«t, 05x156.11;
Max Cohen et a! to Samuel Brener; mortgage,
$10,000 100
133d-st. n s. 401. >> ft c of Unox-avf, 16.8x99.11;
Henrietta Rose to Ida Rose; mortgage, |M,OOO . Nominal
141'th-Ft, : s. 202.9 ft c of St Ann's-ave, 114x100;
Robert Rankln et al to Prescott Realty Com
pany; mortpage. 175.000 100
Arthur-aye. <> a. 25 ft n of Willlam-st, 16.8x85.2;
John Maresca to Antonio Somma; mortgage,
800 Nominal
117th-st Nos 59 and 60 West. 60x100.11; Jacob C
Simon to I.«ldore Isaac; mortgage. 150,000 100
117th-st No 56 West. 25x100.1: Jacob C Simon to
Nathan Weber: mortgage. $25,000 100
Tlnton-ave. No 1,053, w p. 25xlOO : I^roy Tucker
to Irving B Strong; mortgage. Jrt.ooo 100
Plot fins 240 ft c- of White Plains Road x 125 ft
v of Morris Park-aye. runs c 100 x n 25 x w
I'" 1 x B 25; Kphralm B Levy to Annie B Parker. Nominal
54th-st. Xos 147 and 149 East C7xlo<>.s: Mary A
T McDonald to John H Heynen; all liens Nominal
Cherry-st, No 416. n s, 25x97. S. Max Tarahes to
Robert Oro«berg: morta-ag-e, $29.6<» 100
221st-ft. r. ? * half lot 1 000, map Wakeflald, 50x
114: <"^itherine J Hurd to Theresa V Mulligan;
mortgage. S^.OCtO Nominal
Plot tins .".4O ft c of White Plains Road x 050 ft
n of Morris Park aye. runs c 100 x n 26 x w 100
x 5 25: Rphralm B Levy to Lars Lars-son Nominal
lOth-ave. c t 24.9 ft n of 38th-at, 24 BxlOO;
Fredfrick Helbis to Marie Loos; mortgage.
$10,000 100
2Cth-st. No 3SC West, 25x90; Henry M GescheMt
to Philip Goldberg Nominal
127 th st. ? I, 240 ft c of 4th-ave. 25X 1 * block;
Gustave Dieterlch to Louis I/"-se Nominal
74th-et, s *. 150 ft w of Lexlnpton-ave. lS.9x
102.2; Pavirl no««r.b<?rs! to Nathaniel N Camp
bell; mortgage, (10.000 100
stn-ave. No 535. c s. 30x100: Jamas "W Hennlng
to- City Real Estate Company; mortgage,
(175,000 100
167th-st, No 70S East. 50x irregular; Caroline Uoll
to rlßtlaii Heck 100
Brook-a\<-. No 815, m B, 24.9x67.1; Max Cohen
et a] to Bernard Cans; mortgage, $16,000 100
3Cth-st. No 12S East. 160x74; Ilatasatah Kealty
< "ompany to Charles L Tiffany. Nominal
■\\>s:cheMer Road. * s, I> t 2. map In 1,321 Deeds,
pag* 335. Westchfster County; Charles H Arendt
et al to Otto Arendt. executor; mortgage. $1,000;
(i c . Nominal
Fame property: Otto Arendt, executor, to Julius
B IkelhelTter 1,000
fiOth-st n b. 225 ft w of W»i<t End-aye, 124. 5 x
100.5; Henry P Vhlteman to Frederick J Fuller 100
Ridge-st. n w f, 100 ft n s of Rlvlngton-at.
25x100; John H Rogran, referee, to Emma
jan.'w and another; mortgage. K20.000 35.000
Southern . evard, n c corner Darrettt-st, 470.11
xl«<ll; Beethoven Englander Dora Green
berg; m^rtpace, $lO6.iiO<) 100
Pear; -' No 4 -4 n *, -"■ lx irregular; Josephine
I>al-n to Amelia C P^ggl et al; montage. (37.500 100
Lots 02 and 83 map 112 lots estate Moses Devoe
at Sham Heights; John Bogert to Herbert J
rantrell 10 °
45th-st. So 419 West 14\1<"«>.4; Samuel R Pinker
ton to Abram C Thomas 8,000
Rlrt-c-st. No 11l n v. =. 25x100; Emma Jacobs
am another to Isaac Schlan<er; mortgage.,
jsifi rw«i 10
nsTh'-^t N*O 19 West. 25x100.11: Annie Galewskt
to Adolph Iy.wv; mortgage, $22. 7<™ •••;a -
St \nn -f-ave w B. 75 ft n of 139th-«t, 25x03.10;
Benjamin U Marco to Julius O Semmolrath and
another; mortgage. $23.000 .v.
Tt-h .t<n 144 ft w of Avwma A. 16.8x102.2:
Sik Vhmr to Abraham Wolff; mortgage. ?
4th 4^e' : N^ e4Oe 407 d '^d'm-;-V;-45.4xVorJam; 8 "
* SUnning to Wltliam T EmmeU; mortga E e ;
_„f i -> ''I'" > v-A "i'.i> vi'cVt "ifixioo.i; Mary j Thornell
lE^SI - ! b'nlonport; Tlbert too
13 h st a s. part lot 33.). map Cnionport! Tlbcrt
&SK r^T^of^h^e^x^.Virßarnei "
1 4 u2i-v "t" Morris oTmansky: mortgage. $50.000.. 100
iJf i man 17 lms Hudson Park: Hudson P
i?r«' to Prtff ' T Mathew. and another. . . . Nominal
10?" No 7>, Ha"' =5^75 8: Loren, Mul er to
14 r' -.4'r-rel , ' . "«W WO.OOO . 100
v . d M map seton Homestead; Beton
Homestead Land company to Henry Q I ' ambort Nomlnal
and another. . . . . . . ~ ■ ■o- • -j,-,--^, f - / jgiiooi
Julius Sllch „ al to Custa Meyer; rnorlsaee> ' Nomln ,,,
RA «t « I lot 37. mnp UnlonpoVii 100x216;
Josephine' Watson to Milton Realty Company; ]w
S^and^iM 0 biock ■ P." 'Bmende,V ma P Mapes
gStateT "eorge J Elliott to Carlo Foniana and
tessS r&nr- wi^.- ■*** $ ™^ -^
fo-Arastrona to Jacob S-ligman et a V».4xVobi: 100
121.1 st , » 41U 2 ft w of lst-ave. 19 4x100.8;
'Thorns AM Stevenson to Isaac K "' r '' "!:vom.n.l
l"l's and-21 1 HOT 112 ioti estate Moses D6VOB
at For.lham Heights: Mary J Nolan to Alfred
I Klfjar and another; mortgage. $750 . •■••■ 10 °
nT . st No «a Kast. 25xl"<»; August J Horr
llc-'h to Vicmund Glauber and ancther; mort- jw
Chemr-i" n s. 287.6 ft a oVJacitßon-Vt!^37xfiV.9!
■pamv.il Mendel to Barney Isaacs; mortgage,
f'- 4 "'-"'. ' n a ' '&.* ft ' 'of 'io2d-«.' 31. 10x105. *':
.;e"rge D Pomler to John J Maliftcher; mort-
Gmnd'-aVn, • "«. : 73 'ft n "of 'North-st. 25xio<); the
Lochinvar Realty Company to James Morrow;
m->rt'gai?e (4.000 Nominal
47th st No 3<i7 West. [100.5; Edna A Mott to
Francis Morris '00
PIM-st. No 602 East. 25*51.2; Fmnk M Franklin
to Theresla K'-hurr; mortgage, $11.000 100
<=«th-Bt No West. 17.6x100.8: Leslie B Palmor
to Arthur E Boss; mort« *2<rC"«(. ........... 100
141st-*t n b 3d 1 - ft c cf Broadway. 16x99.11:
' Frances h Catlln to John II P.ohrs ;•••;■ 10 °
t»«.th-«t No 203 to 211 East, 100x100.8; Ida Machll
to Benjamin L Weil and another; mortgage.
rap 41V.. Qfj "* It*)
S6th-«t. No 32V West. 25x98.9: Hugh .T Grant to
Rcse'ta Mc<""abf Nominal
Bn>nx-ave c" s 150 ft nof King-st. [50x80; James
Morris executor, to John F Gavagi n ... 700
lO'th-et.' No ■•. West, 295x100; Louis Plncus
et al to John M:I-oughlln; mortgage. $27 000 .Nominal
10' d it No 111 to 11» East. 75x100.11; John H
Bodln'e to •,! rltz L Ernst, mortgage.. (85.000 100
100th- sV No 215 West. 60x51.10 Churkb i* Holm
et nl to Charles A 1-tein and another; mortgage.
(M.ono 1 00
!_,,,,' -V) 4 nnd 2<»f>. mop Lacon!« Park. 5*1x100:
James Marrow to Lwhlnvnr Ii»-a!tv <*<>mpuny. . .Nominal
131«'-st. No 468 to 402 West, 75x90.11; I^or-Md
Lowy to Jacob Strauae et al: mortßage. $59 000 100
Madls^n-ave. n c eon »"th-si. 100.Hx36.8;
Charles T >i.-,...K to Nathan Hlrrch rr I another;
mortgage, SS.OOy . . Nominal
Marlon-avo. w •. 414 ft n of 194 th -it. 25x180.8;
Ellen Anderson to William Fa Jen; mortgage.
*« Tf(>o lr *>
WaHhlngton-ave. v • 127 • ft s of 171si~Rt, 37. 0 x
141: "■ l!.nr> Mollar In Alfred Freund an! an
othirrnvJrU*««.-»31.00n .... 100
15rtth-et. n w eom»r Pox-ct. 100x100; '>' rt« F
Cainpfiell to Abraham l! Lvon: mnrxmge, $15,950 100
Oth-avf-. s w comer 215th-«t. 90 11x100; John II
Bodlne to Plncus Lowenfeld and another: mort
gage $22.015 ■ 100
3Slh-et n s. 250 ft s of lllh-ave. runs n 98.9 x .
* irx»x • 68.5x50; =ainucl McMillan to David
Stevenson Brewing Company; mortgage. $16.240. Nominal
SBth-st. ns, 12S ft •of llth-ave. 7Cx»B Samuel
McMillan to David Stevenson Brewing Com
*7t?^ y; °rtgagß, $1i,020 Nominal
•''ft-Bt, n ■, 240 it eoi 7U»-aTe laBxlOO.O; Long-
Lr^ C !» e i» KeaUl tXmijajur to May t: Bannon 100
**» ?17,? 17 , to 431 - 16 » to if.2. map Setou Homestead,
John H iMen to Hugh Doon Nominal
«ißt-st, n s. 240 ft c of id aye, 180x08.8; Henry
nnfu pps t(> ' he Phippa Houses Nominal
Bet » No 328 W«st, 25x98.9; Hush J Grant to
tJatherlue F McCabe Nominal
iTescott-ave. b m, (314.2 ft c of Bolton Hood. 207.10
x irregular; <>li\ fe r A Kingnbury et ai. executor*.
to M»y l Bannon ■••• 18.000
Preecott-ave, « f, 6112 ft c of Bolton Road.
•"' '"« Irregular; May X Bannon 10 Leonard
,*'? mortgage. $12,W>0 10 *
■OWh-et, D s, aau.ll 11 w of Perry-aye. s<>xloo;
c. £? a Weinberger to Daniel Houlihan lO>
et Nichola»-avt. n « corner 121«t-st. 32.4x54.8;
Oeorge Kltt to Andrew Kane; mortgage. •86.U00 Nominal
unlon-ave, c s, hh: ft a of W«atcUe«t«r aye, »i
110.9; Mary B Neale to Jacob ri'-hnenier.
mortgage $io.00<» 10 °
lloth-st, , s. 20 ft „ of } „u k a 41x100.11;
Marks Schiller et a! to Morris Callender and
another; mortgage, *4T. ix»' 10
li4in st, s« s, £U it ■ .- of Worth-aye, 23x111.2;
Oscar L, , ■-,,:. .j to Mary l£ Bird Nominal
bSlh-st. h f. l^i ft c 01 ay«. 25x100.11; WUl
lam Bobb to IgnaU BleJ . mortgage, (2U.OUU Nominal
14;w-at. No SeU »\«-st. 57.6xU0.11; tlertha .-ii.-«nger
et al to Benjamin Jaooos and another; laurt
gage, $35,500 10 °
1:< - ■ it, 1. s, 135 ft v of oth-ave, 25x'J».11; Beln
l'"M Kuehn to Joseph Schweitzer and another;
rnortgaae, $15,000 . 10 °
117th-st. .No :«t West isxllMt.ll; John H Bodlw
to .Samuel Tillia aim another; mortgage, ?--4.'"«' 100
«Sth-st, s s. Mo ft w cf lat-ave, 2."xH<->..'>; Meyer
Solomon to Louib SegeltKjhn; m'TtgaKe. ■-"*'■ . 10&
oUth-st. n s. 275 ft « of Bth t<^•-. 25x»5>.0; :-arah L.
'-able to Oeorga Kern I°°
Amaterdam-ave, w s, 49.11 ft n of H>i«t-?t, >.x
Jw; Kealty Transfer Company to Kiaiiit W
"oolworth; mortgage. SUG.tm.i 100
Amsterdam-aye, n c corner 10l'd-st. 75x1u0; 102d
st. n ». loci ft c of Amsterdam lT>xlli:.B;
George I' Plckan et al to rank V. Woolworth;
murigage. (57.000 1«>
lUUtlj_ sl n , 70 ft eof Madls'jn-ave, 119.9x100 11.
"•w-Tork City Church Extension and Misston-
f rj ' Soc'«tJ of the Methodist Episcopal Church
i.- ,\ Plncu * I-owenfel-1 and another So.ooo
Ixl n sl . No 02 ° East. 2fixlO<i; Philip Acker to
William .1 Fltzgerall. Jr; ni..r;saK<-, «3.W«.> 100
Avonuo B, n w corner 6th-a4 Unionport, 108x205;
Henry Helmke to Abraham Piser; all liens 100
wi Ve !v S w ccr n*r Bsth Bt, 27.2x80; Carl H
$14000° rSt to charles Kaufmann; mortgage.
Brook- aye, a s." 29.8 ft n of "loVth-s't* "27x83.'5; Pat
rick J Daly to Mary Pape; mortgage,. $11.700.. 100
-^•W'Jo-m-ave., n *' corner 101st-Bt, 24.11x100;
wihiom. Beggie to Frank \V Wool worth; rnort
pa&*e. $15,0 i"«) .... 100
h^ te r aye - No 2.240. • * ' 25.0x115; Martha
« Mellon to Margaret X Mellon; one-half part;
r mortgage, *S,f,(x> Nominal
«un Hill Hoed, 8 B. 25.2 ft c of Hull-aye, 75. dx
,V.t- :,, Aia "■ M »-slen and another to Nannie B
y NHI1; mortgage. $3.000 Nominal
Rlvsrßide t>rive. « s , tio.S ft n of 120th-st. 32x
i^'^ v ' Cl aremont-avo. n w corner HDth-st.
J .i- — ' '■"laremont-nve, n v.- corner 120th-st.
1».7x Irregular; William Henn to Mary A Fits
fi .? eraJd et al 2-000
eth-ave. c s, 24.11 ft n of 142 d st. 25x100; -Will
lam Mohr to Jacob Mohr; mortgage $31.000 100
Broadway, No Z,m, c b. 25.6x1§5.4;" Thomas A
uowtli to Klngstrir; Realty Company; mortgage.
1 '■'55 0-'0 -'* 00 Nominal
1-Ctn-st, s 8. 107.0 ft c of 3d aye. 27.6x90.11;
Charles C Watklns, Jr, to Pauline Krruiss; mort
gage. $16,000 100
ißith-Bt. No 207 West, 19x99.11; George J L«enln«
to Emma M Orote.. . . 100
2d-eve, « "• 8011 ft n of 1241h-st. 2OxSO; M J Ely
to LouL-j Lest, et al; mortgage. $6.000 , 100
Byrd-st, n s. 100 ft * ot Broadway. — x— ; Ctj
I.eal Estate Company to Emanae! H Kruie
witch; q c, Nominal
"•",«. No 130 ' nn ' esl - 20vlOO.R; Harriet M Dod to
May B Moore; mortgage, ?20.000 , 100
Marlon-av«, w 8 . 389 ft n of 194th-st. 20x177.2;
ta *£■ Ander »°a to William Fajen; mortga-a,
$0,000 , „ # XUD
84th-M. No 413 East, 26.6x102.2: Herman Wecbtir
to Max Orbach: mortgage, $13.000 100
Bth-ave. ° ■• 24.11 ft n of 142d-st. 25x100; Jacob
Mohr to Aaron Blume; mortgage. $25,000 100
141et-«, n 5. 100 ft w of Broadway. 150x09,11;
Florence T Baker to Joseph .1 Meaney Nominal
141st-st, n s. 100 ft v of Broadway. 150x9911; Jo
sept .1 Meaney to Alexander li Plneußj mort
paß«, $50,000 100
Sth-ave, s w corner 114 th st 25.10x05; Emily E
..i v •' to llyman Stern; mortgage. $34.000 100
113th-st. No 104 East. 27x100.10; Maurice Wein
haußen to Louis Gordon et al; mortgage. $21,600 100
44.J-st. n s, 200 ft w of Htn aye, 20x100.4; Charles
McCready. executor, to Kmll L. Kleger 15.000
Bth-ave. No 2.17<5. c t.. 24.11x100; Tillle Marcus to
David S Kallman; mortgage, $20.000 100
nenry-at. No 201 n c. 24x57.6- Morris Goldstein to
Annie Galewrki; mortgage. $15.000 Nominal
14th-st. No 225 West, 25x120; Isidore Jackson and
another to Mine Cathe Letelller de St Just ■
mortgage, (20.000 100
ICOth-st. s s, 250 ft w of Amsterdam-are, 25x9U.11;
Pincus Lowenfeld et al to Moses Klnilerj mort
gage. $2.500 100
159th-st, Nos 580 and 508 West. 50x99.11; Pir.<-us
Lowenfeld et al to Michael Conn and another
mortgage, $18,0<i'> 100
117th-st. No 39 West. 25x100.11; Pincus Lowen
feld ft al to John II Bodine; mortgage. $21.000.. 100
Lots 211x212x233, map Arden property, Westches
ter; Cromwell G Macy. Jr. ref. to Walter W
Taylor; mortgage, (1.005 . 1200
83d-st. No ISO East. 10.8x100.8; Isaac Haltenbach
to Simon Solomon; mortgage, $7,600 100
51st-st, n s, 2SO ft c of sth-ave, 25x1005; James
W Hennlng to Frank X Sturgls 100
74th-st. No 133 West. 22.9x102.2: Atlantic Realty
Company to Eliza A Thome; mortgage. $24,000 100
54th-et, No 329 East, 23.8x100.5; Leopold Schmeld
ier et al to Isaac Goldstein; mortgage. $14.000.. 100
•Wlllett-Rt. f s, 10-0 ft n of Grand st. 25x100: I«aac
Spring to David Outtentag and another; mort
gage. $31.0<j0 100
slßt-«t, vi s, 75 ft w of Madlson-ave, 40x100.5:
Jchn \V Barr. jr. to James W Honning Nominal
4th-ave, Nos 407 and 409. c s. 45.4x80; Mary E
Freeman to James A. Manning Nominal
E2d-st. No 438 Raft, li 0x102.2: Albert Llebost
to Anna Orensteln; mortgage, 93.000 100
72d-«t, n p. IJO ft c of 3d-ave. 20x102.2; Aaron 9
Sulxberger et al to Solomnn Bulzberger Nominal
Same property; Solomon Sulzberger to Elizabeth A
McKay: mortgage. $7.500 100
Plot B. map 120 lots Pally estate; Felix De Canlo
to Isaac Al.ar.l — Nominal
Lot 100 map Bt Raymond Park; William M Trow
to Louis F Falathe 100
221st-st. n s. 50 ft c of 7th-ave, 27.6x100.5 ;Ge0rge
W Briggs to Lillnn B Brtßga 100
Aqueduct- ? w cor 190th-Ft, 50x100; Thomas
A Delaney et 'i! to John F. Rneser et al: mort
gage. $3,000 100
10»th-rt. Nrs 109 and 111 East. 37.6x10rt.11; pied
rich Fulle to Minnie Michel; mortgage. $14.
000 100
Unlon-ave, w p. fiS ft n of 16<">th-st. 21.6x90.8;
Pophia M E Gleckner to Julia Farr.'nhopf ; mort
gage, (5.000 100
•<39th-st No 630 East. 20x100: Nathan L Gluber to
E-dwarrt Whalen: mortpaee. $20.400 100
I^t 6. P.lock A. map part M S Arnow estnte.
Westchester; Thomas C Arnow to Alexander
Devlin Nominal
Park-aye r- <» corner 17M Bt 100x100; Morris Os
mansky et al to Jacob Sweetman et al; mort
gage $9 250 Nominal
11!.; ; sr, n B, 2*3 ft »of Lenox-ave. 18x100.11;
Bally Cohen to Abraham Wallach; mortgage,
Sll 000 Nominal
13?.d-'st, n s. 84 ft c ot Park aye. 16x100.11: Victor
Price to Philip Mastlansky: mortgage, $7.<>00. . 8.400
l°9th-Ft No 810 West, 25x99.11; Henry L Wolff
to Margaret Wolfe; mortimge. (19.000 100
lOint'-t No 822 East. 27x100; Lose Bolmer to
Mines' Nlsselson and another; mortgage. $22,000 100
lllth-st No 178 East. 17.6x100.11; Anna r^ing
to Julia Spitz: mortgajre, $7.500 100
2d-ave No 1.446, " s. 2."ixloO: Kalman Rubin to
I?!d<i're Epstein; mortgage $23.250 100
Sflth-Kt n b. 109 ft w of 3d aye, 27.2xf1«.2: John
H Hovnon to Dennis .1 McDonald; 'a part: all
liens ' Nominal
80th st No" 159'Eait." 18.9x100; Hugo A Oeyer to
PanlM Huber. sr: mortgage. $ 1 0. f K"io . • . .... ...Nominal
ir,Oth-Ft. n h, 100 ft w of 7th-ave. 150x199.10:
Fleipchmani Realty Company to Patrick rtec.ay;
niincriTe $5.00 i» 10 °
B2d-st. i '■■■<>" ft •" of 2-1 aye. 17xir0.5; El'zabeth
A McKay to Beth El Sisterhood 10< >
60th No 249 Weft 26x100.5: Rosanna Rosen
f«M to Wolf Nelken; one-quarter r«rt; all
)( rn^ . .... *°°
-.- e.'e'a, 150 ft s of Jefferson aye. 50x100;
Philip Oeds to John N M'Jlqueen; mortgage,
*2.200 l.«" 0
Hr.Th"-ft. n V. 200 ft " of sth-ave, 84.10x100.11;
Henry I-" to Mose* N Nathanson and an - _
ther mortgage. $25.000 Nominal
OOth-st. n s 150 ft w of lut-ave, 25x100.8: Caro
lina Powman to Amos II Dickinson; mortgage.
*14 000 .Nominal
Tlnton-ave. No 1.060. w b. 26x100; Irving B
Strong to Man 1 M Strong; mortgaee. ?6.000 ... 100
94th-st No £36 East 25x100.3; Morris Harris et
al to T. ■"]■'' Steinberg: mortgage. $2i>.oo«i. ... 100
Cherry 'n s 200.11 ft eof .Tack«.n st, 30.« x
97.10- Samuel Mandel to Ellas Klapper; mort
gage. $40,000 lno
Lots 107 nnd l'"i«. map land Hudson P Roso:
I <wlk H Pnrmelee t" Catharine A Lonergan:
mortgage. $2.2^> Nominal
Cherry-M. n "■ 226.11 ft w of Corlears-st, 3,..x
97.9 Bamuel Mandel to I->nnk Goldstein: mr.rt
gage, $40.000 10
gpunders. Arthur W. to B H Jaques: 60th-st, So
119 East : 3 years. 5 per cent $27.5^0
Manntng. James A. to Mortgage Investment Com
pany 4th-ave. Nob 407 and 409. per bond . ... iS.OOO
Forbach charle«. to R N Quinn; I'erry-ave. « b.
100 ft -of WoMlawn Boad: 3 years, 5 per cent. 2.W0
Eame to same: Perry-eve, c c. 175 ft * of Wood
lawn »• : 3 years, ." per cent 1.000
Vought C. to •"• I' Balsley and another: Halsey
Place', s c s. 63.11 ft « » of Washlngtor.-ave; 3
years 0 per cent 00
BChlomman. Marcus, and another to L n Lllle:i
thal; 133d-et, n s. 17".) ft w of Willow-aye; 8
yeais. 5 per cent ■ . ■ 4.600
Woolley, P. to J H Brown; Rockwood-«t, s a cor
ner 6th-ave; 3 year*. ". per cant 4,800
Brener Bamuel to M Cohe-i and another; Pros
per t-ave. w s. 96.3 ft s of 106 th prior mort
gage, $10,000; due Jure 15. 1910; 5 ;■• • cent . 9.600
Bachrach, William J. to t'orpcrnte Flealty AMO
clatlon; Park-aye. n c corner lllth-*t; 1 year. 0
per cent . . 7, W0
Rlor.ian T T. to Emigrant Industrial Savings
Hank; Hoth-«t. n - 352.; ft c of Park-aye; 1
yr-ar 4 per ■ eni 7,000
Karsing, ■■ to William It Wllleox; li>9th-st. No 24
E;ist • 3 years. 4* per ant 25. (MX)
c chrej»r John. t.-> Wl'.liain J Farrf-11. 142d-«t, Nos
215 and 217 West; 3 years. •'> per rer.t 10.000
Danilger. R. to fi G Torreno: 135t1i-fit. n f. 300
ft c cf Wiliis-ave; 5 y-^rs. 4H per cent . 5.500
Rafter. C M. to Scami-n'j Bank ff^r Savings;
St'th-st, No 43 West; 5 years. 4 per cent . 4O,<)i>o
Glauber. S, and another to M L Sherwood and
another; 137t!>-st. No 02!» Ea^t ; 6 years. 5 per
cent 15,000
IVjas. A i: to L H Palmer; fiSth-st. No 10 West;
prior mortgage. $20,000; instalments. .'. per cent. 4.5t)4
Isaac, B to Samuel Mandel : Cherry-»t, n s. 237.5
ft c of Jackson-St; : yenr. 0 per cent I MS
Kiapjer Iv. t" Samuel Man lei; Cherry n n.
200. 1 1 ft «of Jackaon-Bt: instalments, 0 per cent 6.000
G'.ldKtein. F, to Sanvj"l Mnndol; Clierr>'-t-t. n s,
220.11 ft « of Jackson-it; 5 yearn, I per cent.. 10,000
Gcetz. C, to United State* Trust Company; Lenox
ave. No 91. per bond .......... »i.ii««>
Oppenhelm. Sr.lomnn. to German Savings Bank;
Amsterdam "■■>-. No 971; 3 years 4 per cem 20.000
Williams, I. A, to Title Insurant Company;
Bd-ave, r<» corner 175th-»t; 1 year; 5 per cent. 25.000
Sanit- to fame! Fulton-aye, i w corner 17. ith -it;
1 year 5 p« cent 10,090
Smith, Ella P. to M Q Hitch; Parkview Place,
s o s. lot 59 to "1. map estate et M Devoe;
3 rear*; 4'i per c-nt 0.500
Malziich'-r J J. to George D Pointer: Elton-ave.
n * 63.8 ft m of 162d-st: 3 years; 5 per cent.. 4.286
Glauber Slgmund and another to A J Herrlich;
\;--:. »'. No 629 Ea»t; prior mortgage, $1S.UOO;
,", years : 6 per cent 2.000
llanhetmer, Jacob, and others, to 8 D Prlnrle;
2«th-st. s s. 460 ft w of 6th-av«; 5 j«ars; 4H
per cent 18.000
Gehlert. Annie C, to T EtrßaeU: ISth-st. s s,
part lot 330. map Unionport; 8 years. 3 per
cent - »•«»
Ruff. Lena, to 8 B Clocke; Jefferson-st. c b, 125
ft nof Columbu«-ave; 3 years; 5 per cent; gold s.m*>
Koehler. I*, to Robert N Quinn; Perry-aye, SB,
319 6fts wof 2u"th-st: a years; 5 per cent .. l,*oo
Itrcnc Mary M. to M U Morrison; Tlnton-ave.
»H 100 ft aOf lC6th-st: 3 years; 6 per cent.. 6.000
Sullivan. T F, to Francis m Bacon: Rogers Place.
w p. 2.'.>vio ft n of Westchester-avo; 3 years;
5 per cent 000
Bernard. John S. to F M Baccn. Jr: 165th-sU
»a, 150 ft oof Stebblns-evva; 3 yean«; 5 per j 250
cent 1.230
Mayers. H. to Lawyer*" Title Insurance and Trust
Company; 125th-?t, s s. 275 ft c of Amsterdam
ave; as per bond 21,000
Ooimian, Ellen, to C A Ruck; l?.4th !>t. No 314 _
West; 1 year; 6 per cent 1 500
Bun .' (j to Flgmund Nettel: 117th-st. s s.
125 ft c of Lenox-ave; .1 mtga, $4,000; prior
mortgage, $21,000; each: 2 y.-ar*; 6 per cent... li"* 1 "
Dietrich. -.■'!^:^ to J •; Coollcan 15th s w p.
100 ft n w of 31 -a.v*. due October 1. 1&07; D p«r
cent '• ■''
Echenck. F. to Franklin Savings Bank, 85th-st
No 413 West; as per md S' soo
Orensteln, Anna, to A 1.tc1>...-- ; S2i-st. No 430
East; prior mortgage, $3,000; 5 years; 5 pet
cent 1.000
Goldstein, Isaac, to I Bachrach and another; r.4th
st. No 329 '..-s-. 4 years; 6 per cent 6.000
IT»prntt Realty Company to n Hankln et al;
140th-st. •■ « 202 0 ft c of St Ann's-e.ve; 3 mort
gages $8,000; 3 years; 0 per cent 24. 000
Wolfe, Margaret, to II L Wolfe; 129th-st. No
310 West; 1 year; tl per cent; prior mortgage,
$19,000 ♦■ ow>
Solomon. William, to E Herb; Bth-ave, No 2.119;
0 years, 3 per rent 33.000
Fame to IS O Amend; same property; prior mort-
gage. $33,000; 3 years 6 ix-r .< nt 3.000
Banner, Peter, to E s Thiele; Broadway, No <"-J v .
prior mortgage, $'■'■'■>.<''■••. per bond no, 000
Nathans.. i., Moses S, and another to II Levy;
115th-st. 1: s. 200 ft c of sth-ave; prior mort
gage, S2S.OCV; 3 years, 8 per cent 2,000
Brlggs. L E. to A Williamson: 221st-st. n p. CO
ft c of 24— aye; 3 years, •'> por cent 1.400
Devlin. Alexander, Jr. to T C Arnow; lots 0 and
7. map Arnow estate; 3 years. 5 per cent 3.293
Bweetman, Jacob, and others to M Osmanaky and
another: Park-aye. s c corner 173d-st; 1 year.
6 per cent 4.750
Heolc, Christian, to C Poll; 167th-st. No 70S East;
2 years, .', per cent 6.000
Loos. Marie, to Title Guarantee and Trust Com
pany; lOth-ave. No 604; per bond 15,000
Parker. Annie E. to I B Levy; plot begins 240 ft
c of White Plains Road, 2,123 ft n of Morris
Park-aye ; .'> years. 5 per cent 8.300
Same to same; same property; 3 years. 6 per cent 800
Jackson. B A, to William L Condit et al; 9Bth-
St, s s. 425 ft w of West End-aye, 3 years,
4'i per cent 120.000
Mul<)i!ten. J N. to }' Odes; Hill aye. « s. 150 ft
s of Jefferson-axe' 1 ■. ear, 5 per cent 400
stay, Abble L, to E B Levy: Tnionport Road.
c p. 572 ft w of White Plains Road; 3 years, 5
per cent . . 460
Dickinson. A H. to C Bowman; I">th st. n p. 150
ft w of lst-ave: 3 years. »i pel cent 3.000
Lese. L. to American Mortgage Company; 127th
st. No 126 East; 1 year. 5 per cent 8,000
Roddy. P. to Flelschman Realty Company; 150th
st. n a. 100 ft w of 7th mo; due January 1,
1907. 6 per cent 21.000
Cans. B. to Max Cohen and another; Brook-aye,
No 915; prior mortgage, $10,(100; instalments, 6
per cent 2.875
Loos. M. to F Helbig; lOth-ave. c s, 24.9 ft n
of 38th-st: prior mortgage. (16,000; 3 years. 5
per cent 8,000
Goldberg. P to II M Gescheidt; 26th-«t. No KM
West; 10 years. 0 per cent 11,000
Kaufman, K. to A E Frey; Lexington-are, c »,
M.5 ft s of t»Sth-st; prior mortgage. $17,000;
5 years, 8 per cent 3.000
ScAlanger, I, to E Jacobs et al; Ridge st. No 111;
prior mortgage, $20,000- five years. 6 per cent... 10.500
Game to Jacob Hoffman Brewing Company; same,
property; prior mortgage. $30,500; one year.
6 per cent 6.000
Mayers. H, to A MeSQUita, 12. .th -st. b s. 275 ft
eof Amsterdam two years, 6 per cent.... 1.600
Same to lawyers' Title Insurance and Trust Com
pany; same property; as per bond 21,000
Goldberg, P. to Title Guarantee and Trust Com
pany: 2Cth-st. No 350 West: as Per bond 20.000
Spitz. J. to A Lung- lllth-st. No 178 East: prior
mortgage. $7,500; due June 1. 1910. D per cent.. 2.500
Wolf. M. to Eva Bauer; 119th-st. No 353 East;
five years. 4Mi per cent 8.000
Poggl A C, and others to J Dahn: Pearl st So
484; due August 15. 1907. 6 per cent in..
Bame to same; same property; one year, 0 per nnnn
cent ■•• 200
Brown, John, to Jefferson Bank: 145th-?t. n p. 115
ft w of Brook-aye; prior mortgage. $R,OCO; one „„
year. 6 per cent 20.000
Same to same; 140th-st. n s. 150 ft c of Brook
ave; prior mortgage, $20,500; one year. 6 per
cent 40.WW
Muller. Louis, to Farmers' Loan and Trust Com
pany Bd-ave. No 3.014 and 3,010; as per bond.. IP.OOO
Bannon. Mary K. to Park Mortgage Company:
Seamnn-ave. n s. 638.9 ft c of Bolton Road,
three years, 6 per cent • • .••••; *. WJ "
Bame to same; Prescott-ave. s s. 614.2 ft c of Bel
ton Road: three years. 5 per cent....... • t,iw
Same to same; Prescott-ave. ss. 71". 10 ft eof
Bolton Road: three years. 5 per cent ■• • •.«""
Berne to Union Dime Savings Bank. 47th-st, n s.
240 ft c of 7th aye: five years. 44 per cent 450.000
Stone. C. to Mary C de Terroueune; 97th-st, s s,
353.4 ft c of Amsterdam-aye: three years. 0 wo(^ >
o£Tr, CeßobeVV,'C e ßobeVV, ' to T'a 'kuhn: ' 139th -sV. 'No "807 '
East: three years. 6 per cent. ...:..... -;••;• z - ow
Cohn. M. and another to P Lowenfeld : 15&th-«t.
. Nos 566 and 508 West; one year. 6 per cent... 4 000
Klnzler. Moses, to P Lowenfeld and another.
lCOth-st. a s. 250 ft w of Amsterdam-aye; one
Morris! F. r ro Title '6unrantee" and Trust Com-
T>anv 47th st No RO7 West: a.« per b-ind •■;•••• 18.000
EmbuVy. B L. to M J Thornall: 70th-st. West;
BuTkeHam^rVw •iKo.Vchman; ' «M-^tV'n '*
I^e" J W B° W^to^lasr InstUute l '
Co B,Tegi-8 ,Tegi-a B ye 's e° s. H> ft sw of 14Sd-.t; five ?
Slfnb?«° Jot r eph' n to M Harris and another: 94th
st No'aWEatt; due November 15. 1905, 6 per j
f.TES w W fc« M^lr^rVrirm^
Wl"en C br ok.' 'iohn'.' Vo*j EmVl ' Kuhn ; 139th-st. No
KM?" S • Aif red t Varet zki ;' \ ist-ave
r ;rri^vt.- s-v.iooVts -v.iooVt w
«f Hmdifov due \pril 10. lIX>7. 6 p-T cent.... 47.500
Same to same; Marlon-a^ . w s. 414 ft n 0.
i..i')i st 1 year. tl i.er cent l;'"-,'
„; vi T3 East; 2m> rtgi g< ' >"''■■
L^enfe^d P.'and anotheV "to" 'A^ert'can M-rt- w
Company ; 109 th st. n s. 139 7 fl ■• I Madl -
S^e^o P .ai^^h%r rr n C r7oVteof-M..ii S on:
Same JoT^me; Jme'fpr^rty : . ' prior mortgage. 5 000
$35,000: 1 yea.-. 6 p.r c^-nt. -••••••• ••;;,•.• Wroa'jJ.
TroSl 'Realty Company to Realty Operating Com-
WesLun^or^e 6 *U7« /V-V r^^ : 11.000
?50tn st. No 628 West; 1 year. 4
ReaHy C< Opera't!ng "company to George •' '\"™
et al; Dyckroan-st, n c corner Vermllyea-ave. of)O
earne* to*s 5 per DyckVna'n-sV. c s. 100 ft n of JT 500
Bame to 'ram-. Dyckman it. c i 100 ft n or
Vennllyea i r, r . - >■ Nt .• IT< " >o
Same to same: Broadway, » s. 50 it «• of Dyck
man- st; 3 years. 5 per cent ■■■• • „ ' ; 16:^^
Sam,-- to same; Verir.llyca-ave. n s, 100 ft c of
Dyckmar st . 3 years. 5 percent • -.•""->
Edgar George, and nrmth'T. to Title Guarantee
and' Trust Companj 149 th st, n a. 200 ft •of
Broadway; as per bond ■ 4.i,005>
Tallin Samue.l and nnothr-r to Patrick P L wen
fold and another; 117 th Bt. No 39 West: 3 years,
H n» r cent :■ • I.WO
arote, B M. to A C Stephens; 137th-st. n s. 13S
ft w of 7th aye: 3 years, 4 4 per cent 14.000
Kalman. P 8, to Title Guarantee and Trust
Company; Bth-ave. No 2.176; as per bond 30,000
Mishklnd-Feinberg Realty Ccmpar.j to Georg*
Rlcard; 139 th st. n s, 150 ft w of Amsterdam
ave: 1 year 0 per cent i 3,1.00
Freund. A to A M M iller; Washington aye, w s.
127 ofts of !71-t 5 years. ."■ •; per cent.... 8,000
Pchwettzer. J P. snd another to B Kuehn; 132d
st. n s. 185 ft w of Sth-ave; 5 years, •'■ per cent. i"0
Kicger. E L, to Title Guarantee ami Trust Com
pany 42d-st. No 415 West; per bond 10.000
TNiglicrt-r J, j r , to Farmers" Loan and Trust
Company; BOB«Jbel-ave, s o aats w s Ist are;
per b >nd •••; Bi ** >
Fln»>'.lt" D nn.l others to BmiTrant Industrial
Savings Bank: SI ton-st. No 186; 5 years, 4'»
r,pr- cent .................. ■ r.O.»HH>
Benft, EUas.'to P Horrman; Delancey st. No 12";
.t vf ars. 5 per cent .•......_..... .0.000
GIUls Charles, to C Pfseneck< M^rri-» Park
a\-e ns. at c - M 13 map Downing estate;
3 vcai 5 per c»nt 8.000
Moore May IS. to H M DM; 921-f-t. No 136 West:
1 veai 5' per cent ■'■'■'
Swizv E to Ge-man Savings Bank: !»lst-st. n a,
110 1* ft eof Lexington ■■• l year. 4 per cent.. 1.000
Hertei; .1 E. to C .lockel : Mth-Bt. No 10.S to 112
West- 3 years. 0 per cert 10,f»«l
Pohrs ' 1 H to Emigrant In'lustrinl Pavings
'p.ank; 141st-st. n s. 398 ft c of Broadway; l
year. 4 per cent . •"■•• ■ T.OUU
Bteiner, Burg! ard, to Til Guaranty and Trust
Company: two plots! • containing 3 83-100 acres. 17.500
a.llclnlng land ot H L Atherton. etc. per bend 17.S<>0
Du^ll = s «"hirler. H. to .1 T < - as»: Hamilton Place.
nwV37oft xW of 14'lth-M: 3 year*. 5 r er cent 1..1..0
Ste'.n. CTiarles A. and another to C F Hahn; 100th
«t No ... year*." 0 per cent •• ■ '■"••
Plier. A. to H Helmke. Avenue D. n w comer t>t.i
... 3 years. 5 p.-r cent •;•• •■■■ *■"*>
Galswskl. A. to M Goldstein: Henry-it. No »1;
3 veiirs tl per cent • ■ 4.OOI)
Knufm.in' Charlf*. to C H Wlndlast; 2-1-ave. a -.v
,"r"or Vth m: due January 1. 1008; Dwr cent. 12.750
Bleich I. to William Rose IlSth-st. Ps. 125 ft c Of
2d-ave: Instalments. 5 per cent 1.500
Bchurr T and another to F M Franklin; Slst-st.
Xn r<»'2 Ea?t : lr.iitalmen's. fi per cent 1,700
Htckey Contractlne tv.mpanv to B Ully; Olst st,
. . ioo ft c of lst-ave: 3 ye.irs. 5 per cent 18,000
! ScgeTbonn U to M Solomon; 4«th-st. S 8. 100 ft tv
, ' of l.t-ave; 2 years. 0 prr cent ...... 800
ZubrWky. A. t,, F.ast River Saving! In«ilution;
I Henry si No 92; 5 y-ars. 41,4 1 , per c^nt 27.000
I Ugth-st No 121 to I* East; Morris Toikow ant
i Harry Fnlk and Herman L Flam, owners and
i contractors ••••-, ■ $31450
3d-.ive No 4 050 to 4f«'2; Niagara Woodworking
. '.in [...,■ y agi Flnkclstrin. .V Wlillnm Sugmitnaa,
ownera-M.rrlK b 11-r.ry Nit renl - coniract.irs 219 10
! Front- N 800; WateMt No 271: MnxS Ep
stein agt William G Hoop»r an.l h. h, Andro
vette owners- Abraham Kf>ser.berg. contractor. 160 00
Broadway s • corner 41st-»t. 50x2(K>; Georg« A
Vreeland agt Louis L Todd. owner and con
tractor -J. ; 1.24143
40th-st No 37 East: Bell Brothers art General
Building and Construction Coomaiur. owner and
Auction Sales of Peal Estate.
R. E. SIMON, Auctioneer.
Will Sell at Public Auction
At Exchange Salesroom, 14-16 Vesey St., X. V.,
TUESDAY, MAY 23d, 1905,
At 12 o'Clock, Noon,
Baifcgaie Beck Property,
Boston Road Seabury Place
Southern Boulevard Charlotte Street
Wilkins Aye. Minford Place
Hoe and Vyse Sts. East 170, 172, 173 Sts.
TERMS: 7O° 0 may remain on mortgage at 4 ! -V Lawyers
Title Ins. and Trust Co.'s Title Policies free. If desired Sav
ing* bank books accepted instead of cash to save interest fur
purchaser to July Ist.
The property is choice high ground, opposite Crotona Park,
and a tc\\ blocks from Bronx Park. Second avenue "L"
trains now stop at the Freeman and 174 th St. Stations of the
Rapid Transit line, which are right by the property ; and the
Boston road and Southern Boulevard Trolleys pass it.
For Books, Maps, Etc., Apply to
L. J. PHILLIPS & CO., Auctioneers,
Corner Westcheater and 158 Broadway, Xew York,
Longwood Avenues. or on Property.
The country place of the lat« Charles W. Russell, consisting of about 107 acres of land. 59 acf«a
of upland and 52 of salt meadow, commodious homestead, farmer's cottage, stables, windmill, eto.,
situated on North Broadway and the Rockaway and Jamaica Turnpike (Electric Railroad), and about
1,230 feet north of Cedarhurst station, will be absolutely sold at auction on Wednesday, May 24, 1905,
at noon, at th« New York Real Estate Exchange Salesroom, 14 and 16 Vesey Street, New York City,
by Herbert A. Sherman, auctioneer. This property, being on the direct line of Improvement, affords
an exceptional opportunity for subdivision. For particulars apply to ALRICK H. MAN, 55 Wall
Street, or W. S. VANDEWATER. Cedarhurst.
BRYAN I. KENNELLY, Auctioneer,
will sell at auction
TUESDAY, MAY 23, 1905,
at 12 c/clock noon, at the N'«w Ycrk Real Estate Sales
room. 14-19 Vesoy St..
Estate of John Duer, Dec'd,
34, 36, 38 and 52 West 91st St.,
the four story, high stoop, brownstone fr-mt brick I^rell
ings. with exrensir.n; >>lia of lots lSxlfXi.^Vj eaob: "0 per
cent of the purchase bom/ may r«maln on bond and
mortgage for threo or flve years at 44 u j per cent.
Messrs DrER, 6TRONG & WHITEHEAD. attorneys
for estate. 60 wall st.
Maps, 4c, with attorneys, or at auctioneer's offices.
7 Ptna st.
241 East 22d St.,
the flve story brick double Tenement, with store, size
of lot 18x74.1.
Maps. Ac, at auctioneer's offices, 7 Pine st.
Furnished Houses to Let — Country.
Furnished Cottages to rent. List on application.
■TV>R RENT— FURNISHED — I'ottage at Winter Harbor.
J* Maine, splendidly located on shore. Ftor particulars
apply to ERNEST G. GROB. New-Amsterdam Hotel.
Sth-are. and Slst-st.. New York.
Harwich. Mass.; rented completely furnished: flve to nine
bedrooms: bathrooms; all comforts; fine bathing beach.
Illustrated circular. KAEPE, 508 West 124th-st-
BERKSHIRE HILLS. Willtamstown. Macs —To let.
Colonial house, fully furnlshsd. 3 master's bedrooms.
2 bathrooms. 8 fireplaces, large stable, vegetable garden,
orchard, lawn and shade trees, large grounds. S. O.
TENNET. Wllllamstown. Mass.
Brooklyn Property for Sale,
of those beautiful 2 story and basement, fancy brick
houses, 12 rooms. 2 baths, on sthh-st.. near 6th-ave.,
opposite the church. See us before buying.
on premises. Office. sth-ave. and 52d-st.
contractor 60 00
55th st, Ncs 2 and 4 East; same agt same 45 00
lst-ave. No 2.057; Mary J Tracy agt Antonio
Sorge. owner; Levin & Pallne. contractors. . 460 00
S3d-.«t. No 222 Fast; Thomas Malloy agt William
li Gardner, owner and contractor 28 06
78th-st. Nos 202 and 204 East: Baroet Rosen
stein and another act John Schlndler, owner:
Levine & Meyer Contracting Company, con
tractor 7000
26th-s\ Nd ?11 West. Michael J Canavan agt
Frlederlke Benz, owner and contractor 655 00
fi?th-st. No 310 Fas'; Abram Fachraeh apt Bertha
Kaufman (specific performance); attorney. i Cohen.
Plne-st, Noa 34 and 36; Otis Elevator Cb agt Hanover
Fire Insurance Co et &1 (action to foreclose mechanics*
lien); attorneys. Vage, Brant & Booth.
122 d't n s 2,*kj ft ■..• of Amsterdam-ttve. I2.".xr«i 11:
Strr.iMi We.«s 'agt John H Calder (action to impress
vendee's lien); aforney. L Weinberger.
Soth-st. n s be: let and 2d ayes. lot 84, map of Harlem
Ccnmon 25x100; SOth st, n a 123 ft a of 2.1 are, 2.-«*100;
lot B6 lytpg bet Ist and 21 ayes. SOth and Slat sts. map
of Harlem Common 25x102.2; lots 454 and 4>< ; i. lying
bet Ist and 2d ares, bOth and Ms.t sts. 22x43: lots 4, 4
and 4f>'". l>ing bet Ist and 2d ayes, f«>th and £lrt st*.
29.3x100ii irreg; Sophie Dlttmar agt Christine Krlete.
Individual ana administratrix (partition): attorney. M
Kronacher. _ «...
113th-st n s 125 ft w of Lenox-ave. 23xlOO.ll; Isaac
Gln^uld agt Isaac Kaufman and another (specific perform
ance); attorney. S Fiirctlander.
3d-ave Nos 2.4.")( i and 1i.45::. Leah Hecht agt William
H Payne and another (action to set aside deed); attorney,
B*arretto-st. Southern Boulevard and Whltlock-ave.
whole block. 200x474x470; Peter Beecher agt Beethoven
Englander (action to impress vendee's lien); attorney. M
H Hayman.
Seton-av« w s, lota 1. 2. 3 and 4. block 87, map of
Section C. EdenwaJ The Bronx. 100x100; Henrietta L
Fisher, administratrix, agt Charles J Weinz and another
(foreclosure of mortgage); attorneys. J s and o M \\ooa.
luth-ave n c corner 28th-?t. Sx73; Francis H Ross
a«t Francis J Markham et al (foreclosure of mortgage):
attorney. J. J. Fitzgerald
Jerome-are * (• whole front between l»l»t st and Cam
eron Place 120.9x100; Russell Realty and Improvement
Company agt Herbert .1 Coehran and another (specific
performance); attorney, O E Davis.
4th-st. No C 4 East; City Heal Estate Company agt
Anna M Keweloh et al (foreclosure of •":• rts^K" 1 . attor
" 6»th-St, No 88 West; Albert Bellamy agt Mabel 0 Smith
et al (foreclosure of mortgage); attorney. H w l |e *&*' ,
c l oth-st n s SO ft c of Ttebout-ave. 20.1x90; Harlem
Savings Bank agt Charles H Thornton et al (foreclosure
of mortgage attorney, m Wightman.
I--,' bI No iV. East; .Vlele '- eland. executrix, etc.
agt Moses J Henry el ..: (for.-clcsun of rtgage); attor
ney, ll L Bogert.
153d-st. s 9 402. ft wof Amsterdam-a ye: far a
five story brick tenement house, 5T.6x87.11: I & ...-.,
B Evans owners. I. V J Wclher. architect $40.00.1
153d-«t, s s, 425 ft w of Anijit-rrtam-ave; for a
D-h^.^^TF7^;^-aVc h V^. 40.000
zir.sk * Co. owner.: Bernsterln 4 Bernstein, ar- 7O M
Delancev 5 Slip." "between 'cioercV «n.l" M^gln -t,;
S2£ o '^ fAOno
1 rm-e i „ .■"',■-. 7r.x115.11: Tit! C.ua-antce and
T^ust Com^ny! owner: Howe,,, * Stokes, ar-
chltects ■;;••■ t . for a one lfary
64th-*t. JfM i^ fnl..f nl ..- T F peClni owner: II F
hr'ok shed. SOxIW.S: l r i «-» a. . j OOrt
Ree?. architect ■ ■
Elton-ave c s. 95 ft s of 159th-st. five rtory brick
wTrd d A W> My^.rrnit.rt mm
• its ft w of Brook j. - C0x0D.ll:
!?BS Jefferson John Brown 120.000
14mh-M n--.":.o S - Br^k : -je. i^'lO^-iam.
to ■»>»•: • • y.V ' IlVl2fi lwVsV. Stttan Mount to
U n^ Ctom2ns to Heiity Open tin,- ( Vmpjmy.. 11.000
..... V. . « «"'"," » ft c of Bi Ann>-cve. L"^x— ;
io«th-st Nos 218 and 21* East . Joseph Roeenberg
and another asalnst Harris Bliti et a!. March
Auction Sales of Real Estate*
BRYAN L. KENNEILY, Auctioneer,
will sell at auction
TUESDAY, MAY 23, 1905,
at la o'clock noon, at the Year Tork Real Estate Raise
room. 14-1-; Vesoy ■:.. "
18 West 21st St.,
the four story, hie* etocp. trownstone DwslMnjr s'- 9
of lot, 23x02; possession: 70 per cent may lemi'in en,
mortgage at * per cent for one or three years Messrs .»
WARP HATDBN & SATTERI Att'y? 120 "r:-ooi
way. Maps an.l further particulars -with at*>->rn-»y3 t - a* -
auctioneer's offlce*. 7 Pine. St.
Real Estate.
16 Court St.. Brooklyn.
Furnished Apartments to Let.
A Modern Apartment House at Its best.
Broadway at 69th St.
A magnificent high-class. Etrict:y fireproof
structure. the moat complete and elegant build-
Ing of its class so far erected in this city.
Superintendent in Premises
"I X-T EAST 313T-ST. — Har.i'.some aoartinerua. 5 and 6
J-O i rooms ar. 1 bath. ». J ,2-*4^
Country Property for Sale.
A beautiful shore front property containing 13 acres,
largo house, stables, etc. One of tha fine*: estates on
Ui» shore. Particulars of o
5 Beekman St.
Catalog free to in'«*n<il:ig boyrnt!
Owner*, wishing to -n-il. rmD or write',
Phillips 4 Wessß. U'Ji Tribune Uulliliiijc. .V. Y.
T^OR ?ALE — On Lake Chamalain. near ?:ssex Vl'.:ase.
JL ' X. V.. tine summer resldenc-. exoe.len: repair, it
room house, nearly six acres land: 3.% rn<is lake shore;
shade trees, variety of fruit: water from lake; hot air en
gine- scenery unsurpassed. For full d>'serij.-t:' n and
term's of sale address owner. CRev.) CHARLES X
WILDER, Champaign. 111.
HWE YOU BREATHED the air of Southm^nt Park?
Dividing- Un» of MuntclaJr an.l West Orange. I; a> c.
see Axworthy before buying your home. He has three just
belr.K completed- »-wer. gas. alt imp'ta; t>rice very low;
near depot and trolley; terms, jour own. Addrtsa 113
High St., Montolair. N. J.
PAN SXIDER. Midland Park. N. J.
— rv/\ BfILDING LOTS F<~>R S \l*E at V
i_>oo N T ~'
Country Property tn Let
M. H. M \
n T.

to dep.>"
. j -
Country Property for Sale or to LeU
4 T FLL'SHING. f^ur minutes' wa'.ic from Murray Ul.U 1 .: 1 .
j\. Station, on higr\ KToand; open country; a tully fur-.
rlsnetl house; 10 roorr.s. bath, laumlry; e9VB attte; elec-i.
trie light; stable f>r uutr.m. bile; j.lot ISO feet front by
2<"O f^-et ti.ep: t- r ml«-. *15.<» i'); fcr leave, $!"»» per month. •
W X MVRP.AY, S2l Droadway. Flushing. Lcrs IV.ar.d.
et a
Is Caught in Elaborate Scheme to Make
Tickets fcr Free Rides on Sailroads.
Alr-frt NVuman, who recently pleaded sisilty to
fors*ry. was spntent>"\l yesterday by Judge Xeu
fc^rser. in Genera] Sessions. U<* received u:i lnd»
teriTiinate sentence i:i Sta;»- prifon of n-jt It-sa than
one ypnr n'>r more th:'.n two years. Xeuma^Tas
charged with !>':-• three btmdred passea on the
New-York Central and three hundred oa the Lake
Shore Railroad. He t-nter.d into such aa e'.aboravj
•cheme that he was caught.
■ •„ r . . .■ .

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