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Syndicate Pays $850,000 for Brooklyn Farm— Market Found for Choice
East C4th-st. Houses.
fillers & Knowles have sold for T. A. Howell to
the Kingston Realty Company No. M Broadway,
extending to No. 132 CTosby-st.. a twelve story
effle- and left building, 28.6x200 feet.
The McNulty & Fitzgerald Company sold yester
day for the estate of Georga Lott the Lott farm,
comprising slxty-ecven acres, fronting on Kings
Highway near Ocean-aye.. Brooklyn, for more than
CM/JO* It is opposite the William C. Whitney tract
The purchaser is a syndicate of New- York real
rsuito men which has been operating in The Bronx.
Jt rv.v!f> Robinson have sold for Miss Josephine
Lazarus Nos. 64 and 06 East <Hth-st.. two four story
browastone houses, each 12.Cx100 feet.
The John R. CorWn Company has purchased a
tract of ten acres at Flatbush-ave, and Jamaica
Bay for the purpose of establishing a receiving sta
tion for freight and building materials of all kinds.
There Is a channel of seven feet through the bay
at mean low tide, and tha government has prom
ised to deepen this. The station will bo within a
mile or two of several of the suburban building
centres, and It Is expected that the cost of trans
porting: building materials will bo considerably re
cuced. ,
The Realty Company of America has obtained a
building loan of $(50,000 from tha Title Guarantee
end Trust Company to erect a llrst claps modern
apartment house on the east side o£ Broadway,
from ::«d-st. to ICitii-st.. 20L10x175 feet.
, Mary A. end Ella Freeman have sold Nos. 407
•md 409 4th-av<»., two four etory brownstona front
bouses, on a plot 45.4x54.3 £oeU
The Cottrell estate has cold a five story- brick
■julldir.i.*, on «. lot Sss£s feet, at the northeast cor
ner of Cedar and Greenwich Bts. The price -was
Another Grecnwich-st. parcel sold yesterday was
>*o. 821, a five story loft bulldlnv. on a plot 2SxIOO
•ieet. J. K. Kalley & Son were tbe brokers, Blakes
lee Brothers the, ecllcrs. The buyer was an In
PAYS $109,000 FOR 24TH-ST. PLOT.
Butler De Witt and another person have fold
JCos. 13 and '"• West 2!th-st. t two four story and
basement dwelling houses, on a plot C2xC-5.9 feet.
The price was al»out 5109,0u0.
plans have b^en filed for improving the rectory
of ii. Church of the Incarnation at No. 209 Madl
eor.-avc.. which is to bo general!:.' remodrJled. It
Is to have .-■■•■■ ornamental brick. *The
lmr>rovf>mf-nts are to cost $15,000, according; to the
efitlrnatc of iho architect. Edward V. Casey.
Frederick T. Barry baa sold for A. D. Moran to
Dir.lel B. Chllda So. TG E^st Slst-ct., a four story
and banenaent lirownstone dwelling house, with
fiirilr.B room t-xtension, 20x00x302.2 iect.
have applied to
BulJd:: . - ■ f>r permission

■: Irvine; 3':
la to be
: 1 of or-
C fout-
rians have been filed for a remodelled and en
larged banking house for tint State Bank, of. which
.4. L.. Richard is president, and which now occupies
th«; three story buiidln|r at No. 52 Norfolk-st.
The two tenement houfos at Noi. £2 and M Nor
folk-st., are to l-<» torn down to permit of the ex
tension of the three story tenement at No. 376
Grund-st.. which will be mads over Into a bank and
office tuildlns for the bank. The necessary Im
provements are to co^t 115.000, according to the es
timate of the architects, ilainzer & Necarsulem.
tor th» five atory

M. Slfjrp«>nr>;: •• 7-v. «p;« p ; Co. havo sold No. 12 to 16
Wast 104th-st, r;-.-e* live storj' flatho'jses, on the
south f-ide of ViVst lOfih-st., betwoPn. Central Park
West and Mnnha ttan-ave.j on a riot 7G.1 by 100.11
leet. !\O3. 13 and 11 nro each 27 fort front and
ere tr'.; apartmonts; No. 1G is a. do :blf < houßi',
21 feet front. Bernard Naumburg, of the law firm
of Llebman. Kaumburg & Tanzer is ihp seller. lie
purchased them houses through M. Morgenthau,
Jr.. & 00.. a few months ago. Aaron "W\-!dor is
the ••:■'"■: 12. and a Mannhelrner is t^ie
'purchaser of Nos. li and 16.
C. F. \V. Johanning has sold for :\ client of Mil
lard Yelt. Ko. 2,077 Sth-ave, a five story triple flat
houfA, with store, on a lot ZZ by 100 fret.
; Thomas ?t Pon ba.ve sold for Franklin C. Eldpr
to Frederick Knubel. for occupancy, th<i throe story
end basement jjrlvato dwelling house Xo. 414 West
34Cth-et. on lot 19 by 100 feet.
Crawford, Denlson & Moynahan and Edward T.
Hayward have sold Xos. i>jii and 4C3 West 4Gth-st.,
a plot CO by 100 feet, to a client, who v.-ill lm
prov© tiie parcel.
Th<» Mc"\ Ickar-Galllard Realty Company has ro
fol^ffir J"hn L. Martin to a client, for occupancy,
No. 304 Lexlngton-ave., a three tiory, Ji'.gh stoup,
broTMistone house, on lot 1^.9 by 100 feet,
Leopold Porrlno baa tr Ad for Charles Kelctaenbach
md Mrs. C liartner No. "'j Downlngr-Bt.; a three
■tory dwelllns bouse, on lot "o by 70 ioet.
Chir'<s J. \V. Boeiun has sold for August Jacob
JCo. 1.477 Wrishin^ton-ave., a live story Oat houro,
£7.6 by fS by 102 fe<.t.
S. B. OoofLjle & Son havo sold for Amelia L. Or
tue No. 33S \Voodycrest-ave., a three story two
famlly brick house, on lot £5 by lOu feot.
Joseph P. Vion has Eo!d for the Russell Realty
Improvement Comuar.y 10 Andrew J. Kelly th^ two
family <3v>-*>iling house, on plot 33 by 150 feet, on
the east tldo of Proßpect-ave.'. 207 fe«.-t south of
H. C. Senior & Co. have sold for Eua^ne Miller,
of Ftrndaie, N. Y^ No. M Anister<lani-avc, a live
story fiithousc. on lot i3xli» feet, to a Mr. Kleley.
H«nry E. Zlttcl has Bold for thr; estate of John
"Work, Ko. 2.082 Madison-aye., a three story dwell
ing on let Isx7a f.-et.
<-. F. Heltman has sold for Arnold Kaiser the
Eouth^flju corner of 7Ch-ave. and 144th-st., a six
etory flathoub^, on plot CllxlOO feet."
Louis Schraif has cold f< .- Mallnda Foster the
three etory arid basement dwelling bouse, No. D2O
"WV-st 2<:th-Et.. on lot 25x^2 feet
Walter p. Starr has Fold for Henry A. Brurko
>.o. 214 West 41st -St.. a four story building- on lot
&XBM feet; bl'.o sold Kos. 31C and 31S Kast I9th-3t-,
two three-story houses, on plot 28.4x100.6 :■ • t.
Julius AVeinberg haa bought tiie live story flat
hou?<*, No. 22 K:i«t llbth-st.. on lot 25x100,11 feet.
Chart** B. Fine has sold for the I'ullman K< alty
Company to 1 lloth the live Btory flathouse No ISO
: East 117th-st.. 2ZxlW.ll tact.
Holer Urothers have bought from Joseph Kauf
inai; No. 3.436 Zd-nvf., a five Btory flathous- on lot
feet; also bought No. 302 East 77th-st.. five
etory iUthouse. 27xi»7 feet, and have resold the
i property to a Mr. Abrahams.
Kruestine Harris nd I-ouis Goldstein have
bought No?. 1.3 and vi Kast lo3d-st.. a six story
flathouf*. &0x99.11 feet, from Grossman & Passon.
I. \\>lf-b<-rg. r has sold Xo. 21» Bast ■ .--t. a
five Btoiv t'-nemeni house, on lot 'jZxVSj.u : ■ < I,' to
Harris Goldfar!).
Walter G. Oakntan has sold No. 32 F.ast £3d-st.,
a five etory dwelling; hou:--<\ 27.»Jx!0J.0 feet.
\Y Kenuet Marx has bought irom Mrs. D. Davis
No. Kj:j Allen-st." a five story tenement hous« on lot
25x87.6 feet, adjolnlnjf the touthwest corntr of
Osorio & Klee have sold the southwest corner
of lvtxingion-ave. and ISth-sL; a six storj- new law
house, also sold for Saber, Dworkowlts & Habvr
No. 521 West 4Stli-st. a nv.; story fiat house, on
lot 2ixloo.C. to a Mrs. N^de!.
A. B. Mosbr & Co. i.nd Goodwin & Goodwin
have sold the five story Hat bouse on lot i&.lixioo
feet, at the southwest corner of Sth-ave. aiid
Sehmeldler & Barhra<-h have sold to A. Ladnk
& Co. tlio plot TjxlW fer-t west of 7th-avo. The
buyers will t-ierl two ."-ix story flat houses.
aUandelbaua i- Lewine have bought from the
Morris estate. No. 2,2 M and 2,r^l Ist-ave, TOxIOO feet.
Harry Solokskl & 6on havo so! : tho two new six
Btory tenement houses. No. :.S5 to 23 Madison-aye ,
5? iK?*4? Jlxl 9 J e V- **° vis Edelraan Is the buyer
cf No. at. and J. Kashowitz of Nos. 257 and
Harry 21 ,"? 1 l'. os r*-sol<lr *- sol<l for a "- PfeuchV
to John Mcl^aushlln No. 157 East 7Sth-st.
r» i/ t r , y dw «M»l? bouse on lot lCxi'^2 feet
to Eh ' JJ I t 'l : f on ha * Fo '- J f«w Flersteln & Valerstfln
to Ellas Eclilotnowlti the two six ■ i ,rv anartmenf
ploi fiw.M e xa "" f «t- bftueca »««» il «1 l^th-5t.,.. on
Moses Felten«t<ln end L,. Goldstein huva bousht
No. 102 Kas=t 12Sth-?t, a six story apartment house.
on plot 10x89.11 feet, from M. 1-.. C Ernst
Felicia M.uuzzi has sold to David Lion the four
story tenement hou>e No. B*o UCth-et., on plot 25x
lOo.ii feet.
At No 14 Vesey-st — By S Da V.'alltean»s: I74th-st, n s,
— o of Jerome-aye bet Jerome-aye and Townsend-ave,
104 x trreg: gore, to Walter S Subaefer for $l,tHK>; Jerome
eve, c 6, block front bet Belmont and 174 th sts. 830x100:
to Leonard Welll, C M Rosentlial and I»wenfeld &
Pragcr for 876,200; Townsend aye, w s, block front b«t
Belmont and 174 th sts. 880x100; to 6 11 Stone, R. X Lee.
A Kaeppel and L R Berg for $27,050; Townsend-ave, s s
cor 174ih-st. 07x200 to Walton-ave x.ooxl'U3 to Belmont
ave x3x380; Abraham Sorshfield agt F S M Elun ot al; T
W Butts, atty; J C Lovi, tat; partition; to ii }i Stone, A
Ivaeprjel. J li Brown. J C levies and L- R. Berg for
By Joseph P Day: 16S and 170 HCth-st, s s, 206.8 ft w
of Sd-ava. 81.8x100.11; two a story a f dwgr hs; Thomas
Simpson agt Frieda Hart et al; Bushby & B. attys; C P
Robinson, rof; amt due, $8,442 84; tilxt-.'. etc, '$334 68;
sold subject to two first mortgages aggregating 516.000, to
Emanuel Alexander for 524.U10.
SaOi-et, 11 s, 178.11 ft c of sth-ave, 81x100.8;
Joseiih Ilamerechlag to Emll Bloch; mortgage
,<? 3 ?' t "' 0 Nominal
lOUtb-st. No 228 East, 25x100.10; Louis I.. merman
to Louis Katz and another; mortgage f A.i 100. . $100
_<2-ave. No Hl«>. c s. 23.11x100; Adelaide Peyser
nnd another to AdeJina Sasa and another; mort
lft;go, $30,000 Nominal
Wth-st. No 8 East, 21.CxS5; Bertha T Buckley
to lisa S Gulliver Nominal
lst-avc-, Noa Ci» and 6CI. w 1 44x Irregular-
Uabuha da Quesada to Charles Hlbson Nominal
lL.th-fit. s a. I^B ft w of Ist-ave, 60x100.11;
James J Astartta to Antonio C Astarita; mort
ease. 820.000 100
■R aaawortii-ave. n a corner 175th-at 50x100;
Johanna Fltlschmann to John H Bodlne 100
Macomb a Dam Road, w si 15.3 fi.w of IBS ! st,
M.»xSa«xsoxll3.6; Julius Bash to Thomas L
Reynolds; nw«-t-ase. $33,500 100
H th r Et t -No i"' 15 T:nst - 18.8x100.11; Benjamin
SaJinsky to Pater Condon; mortgatre $25,000... 100
t i ' i"?. 61 ° 1^ asl - 28x92; Meyer Hurwltz to
Louis t'ellman, »,, part; mortgajre. J21.500 Nominal
•v»ad 3 ortb^ v " 1 corner IWth-st. 25x100;
Thomas Taaffa to Bridget Conroj-. all lien .. .Nominal
■VV tuUwori h-ave, a • corner 178th-st. 00x100;
«,a'" ft A Jiodln * to Geor*r» Coburn; mortgage,
• lb.oOO J(yj
1£^ h r,"' ,S, S 6. JJ C 5C 5 ft vof AmsVerdam-aVeV '&,*
IU.11; Itaao M Bernstein to David Karp and
. enother ' Nominal
Ani=tcrdam-ave, w s. 50 ft n of 13:M-st 2;.xloO
estate of Asher Blmon Corporation to Augusto
in^i,., t kmann; mortgage. $21.600 Nominal
100 th-« n a 831 ft eof Amsterdam-aye. 20.4 x
101: Mai-la L MeGlnnls to Barney Cohen; mort
,,i P^' ft - $1.,000 . .. Nominal
U *.i .; ""i 8^ olot0 lot 30 °- rea P Melrosa South.
*..x115.-.; Jacob Sic^el id Itosanna Rosenfe!d;
mortfjase, $5 000 Nominal
se-.h-s^. » i. 100 ft » of Columbus-aye 150x102 2-
City Investing Company to Central Building- Im
provement and Investment Company; mortgage
s L»o,<W)<i, < W)<i ' Jon
Boston-aye. s a corner 104th-st. 'aB.lbxM.2V Nathan
Luxbaum et hi to Henry Glaser; mortgage,
?-4.1R.«J j^
Beach-aye. • 8 , 100 ft s of Beek-st. 20x'l«)-' WU
nelmlna Wagner to Conrad Q Zlnlc; mortgage,
Co, OW " 100
mverslds s Drive- No 75. « *. 23.Vx " irregular!
Daniel R McEh-oy to William A Heard; mort-
Fage, $CO,OOO . . . • Nominal
"S&P-V*, No 6RS - c c. IK.ox(is; Thomas
(J Karl,'- to Mary McAree; mortgage, $4.7."n . .. 100
Bt Nicholas ava, n c corner 183d-st. 74.11x100;
Farnur;l Solomon to Maurice Simmons; mortgage'
$42,500 100
Cooptr-at. n c corner Academy-st, ICOxIOO- Coop
«r-st. n a, li» ft « of Academy-st. 100x100;
1-Yederlclc J Fuller et al to Thomas D Merrlgan;
mortgage, $25.(XX» 100
11th- st, s s. lot 270, mao I'nionport. 100x210;
Catherine Parker to James E flattery 100
SOth-st. d s. 70 ft w of kladison 2. r .xin2 2
3 larky T Procter to Anson W Hard et al trus-
Ls»w 100
%\ l!!:ams-ov«, • 8 . 100 ft n of Tremont-eve. 2."ix
100; Ti-omont Ten ace Bankers* Realty and
Becurtty Company to Alfred Krahracr. . . ." 800
Lot 496. map Van Nest Park; Erie Johnson to
Charles M. Carlson; Vi part: q c Nominal
l 1"l 1 " -ft. No 516 East, 25x94.8: Hannah Lewen
thal to Abraham Lewenthal: mortgage, $33,250.. 100
47th-ft, No 3 i:ast. 25x100.6; Katherlne C Weiden
field t> lii.L-rt W Oolet; mortgage, $78,000 1,000
Lotn 103 and 128. map St Raymond Park; Hud
!>on 1' Rose to Luclan Lessa Nominal
ll^th-tt. No 157 East. 29x100.10; Louis Frank
et-thaler to Jacob D Murmur; mortsage, $25,0()0 100
Broome-et, n c s. J5 '.: a •• of aidge ;. 25x75;
Margaret L V epard to Margaret L V bhepard
et ul; all title Nominal
8l!t-st, a b. 103 ft c of M 1 Us. □ ive. 20x98 8;
Anna 13 Evani to Alexander Lambert 100
Brooii:e-t>t. n a B. 75 ft a •> of Kidge-st. 25x75;
Maria L .Schieffc'ln tt al to John T Wilds; q c. Nominal
Sams property; Edith S Fabbri to same; q c Nominal
Broome-st. n p i, 75 It ( c of Ridße-st, 25x75;
Murgaret L X .^lwraiil et al, trustees, to John
? "lids Nominal
Wert End-aye, s c corner lOM-et. 2O.llxS0;
Mathew Mather to Amelia Drake and another;
mortsa^e, $25,000 Nominal
Hudson-st. w s. 75 ft n of Morton-Pt. 26x100;
Julie Fleischman to Ferdinand R Horn; mort
gage, $15,000 100
12Sd-9t, Nos 150 and 157 East, 51.0x100.11; Jennie
Cohen to Louis Lese-; mortgage. $27,500 Nominal
Pro«i)e<-t_ave, n c corner Eeck-st 307. 4 x Irregular;
Joseph chsteln to Joseph Simon et al; mort-
FfiTC. $71.<XK» Nominal
Intervale-aye, w e. IS*. 5 ft sof I6Tth-st, 28x65 2;
Jacob Hlrsch to Isratl Diamond and another . 100
Ccoper-st. n c rner Academy-si 100x100; Lewis
StS t ioebel et al to Frederick J Fuller 100
Em.rson-Kt. c a. 50 ft a of Seaman-are. &rrxloo-.& rrxloo
. Harry Sophian to Bingland V lUlpatrlck Nominal
131th-ft. b a. l!s."l ft w of Dth-ave, 25x09.11;
Charles h-elferd to Godspeed ReaJtv" Company
mortgage, $18,000 '...' „ 100
81f!t-£t. No 42U K^ist. •.:>.}"■! 2: Morris Wangrow
to Jos^jh TopUtz. .Nominal
Brook-aye, a s. 131 ft s of 141 st st, 111 3x39.3;
Edward -■•■ -"■' .■■•■.•■ It to Leopold !.:.;-.
tna.nn 4 1 t b 21 000
West End-aye. No 889, w b, 20x100; Clay Wtlson
to Fipfrled Steir.er ' 100
Cc.oper-st. n s. 100 ft c of Academy-«t. 100x100;
Lewis S ebej to Frederick .1 Fuller and an
otner 100
Lonrwood-ave, a s, 147.3 ft o of Prospect-aye
i'J -_x irregular; Jam.-H f- Meehan Company to.
Catherine Meehan: all liens ' 100
Pj-'js;>ect-;ive. n c corner R»ck-Ft. 307 Irregular;
Max Goldstein to Max Goldstein ■■•■ al; : *~ part:
n-.cTttrage. 54, $71000 ' .Nominal
Crotona-ave, a p. 15 ft c of 181 st st. 50x102;
Ootona-ave. sß.se corner 181 st 15x102;
l^ane Sandersky to Maurice Summons; morti
;*5.850 . 100
Mapes-ave, n w corner Qreen-ave, 100x100 John
H Crat^icap to Cenree. H Kemp Nominal
Janp»n-ave, s. 218 ft w of Terrao* Vlew-ave
25x100; Edmund .T Tlerney to Josephine L Tler
liey; rnortpa«e, $3.500 100
Bame property; Charles A Enell to Edmund ' j
Tlerney: mortgage. $3.800 mo
Lot HB/?. block 1, amended map of Mapes estate;
Ar.r.a C Kraft in Anthony O Nadeje; mortKaE;*,'
f-'/'oO . jo,)
13V.!,-«.t. s s, 31S ft w if Broadway; I4x!i»li-
Charles H Knox to Bertha H Helntz. . . . 10 KSO
67th-st, No 1?.~> West. 25x100.5; Etnanuel Heiinar
et al to Laura £ Htilner; niorteape, $25.000. . . 100
l. r ii?;-^t. s p. ,'iL'O ft c of Grand Boulevard. 80x
11; Albert V I nellaii to Louis Sterling and
another; m^rte-a^e. SH2 000 100
Madiaon-et. No 280 n b, 23x100 Ida Abrahams in
Hyman Rosenberg;; quit claim Nominal
JrnnirKP -st. n «. Iff, 3 ft w <f Wllklns Place
1x70.1x100; Famuel Offer to Fannlo
Meyers; mortrage. S'l.r.oo Omitted
Hf-iry-jt. No 2P4, s w corner Scommel-<-t. 2.".1 x
77.4: Harris Cohen to Harris Beat; morteaKe
$rto.or,o ; 100
Broadway, w 1. ffl ft i of Academy-Rt, 77x101.3;
Oeorce T Oeuld et al, trustees, to Realty Oper
ating Company 21500
Csth-st. No 110 East. 18.0x100.5; itilda A Keiso
to Julia P Hemming 100
E'ip-eeoiibe-nve, w « 47.". ft n of 145th-et. 2 c r.r
lrremlar; Realty Transfer Compsny to Hyman
T> r.aker; tnortPape, $0!).00f» 100
l-l'th-st. s s. 275 ft <■ of I.roadway, 100x99.11;
Howard H Mosher to Marl l B M< sher; mort
(tage. > 000. Nominal
C7th-st. No 333 West. 20.:!y.l0O5 : Adele R Gardi
ner nnd another to John P Mill? mo
llrtth-st, No '<' A\'e?t. 25x92.9: interior lot at
centre line, block between ll.'.th nnd 11Cth st».
nrd l"rt ft c of I/n"\ avf, rui" w 25x n * to
T>«i!np 02 ft ft s of llCth-«;t X * C 2 to ! ';<!>nln«;:
Piini -p Frankel to Sophia Mlcliccl; mortgage,
.<2r.o<v> 100
lOßtb-flt. No 87 En=t. 17x100.11: Mer-v |>vy to
C:ir:!- Myers b?:<1 another:mertgaee. $7.000 100
1/jt 245, amended map of Mapes estate: Hudson
P P.nse to Annie Pope: mortgage. $2 600 . Nominal
Avenue A. n w corner 71st-«t. 4r>.4xS7; Frank R
T>--vln to T'in^us Lowenfeld and another; mort
£raj:e. $10,000 100
2Fth-st. n * 125 ft w of 2d-av« 28x98.0; Can
llne Peuni'it to Ahr^am "'ntf•r^el■6: an,; an
other; irortp-iRe. : •■■ ■'• ■■ 100
6tb-av», f p c,, 1?."!!-Pt. 5x90; RftM l"ns
lander to naroltns Bloch: morteag*. 884.000 . . kio
721-ot. No 29 West. 25x102.2; Hyman Bonn to
fltv InvMilnr- Company I<Y>
Interior riot. l^f> ft w of lOth-ove »s.« ft « of
JB4th-«t. hipf s 11.CX w 270 x n 20.7 x c 270.1;
J<.!m P.rowr. to Max r:nllr.lrk 100
St Ann'i-av". No 4*3 w s. 2Rx99.4: An»»l» Hross
man to Henry Wlodeck; mort«:a«:e. 117.600 100
Mndlßon-«t. Nos 2"7 nnd ... B. 13x100 Vir.ru
Bokolski tn Joseph Kanhowltz: mortsnee, $7<).0n0 ioo
Gerfleld-vt w f. :)2r> ft s <-.f rv,!i]'-il>'!s-ave. •;.:**
100; Fli79h'«h Bmlthson to Robert W AddifOn;
mortsatre, t3.<000 100
162d-ftt, ■: ■ 437 \- .-■ 20x112.6; William W Wai
kln>! lo niumn Fl«re inn
J.nnlrfs-^t, n s. ;.»i1.3 ft w ft V/tlkins Place.
7r.xHU>.J : )-t,nr,i fi Meyers «o Benjamin P.erger:
!norti-a«e. SH nort Omitted
Fr.ifiVrlln-st Nr. 17f!. n !> 2Kt47 (I New-York ritv
Ohiircn Extension nn.l Missionary Boelety nt
Methndlat Episcopal Church to U«*a» ■•-■■r M
Powell 20 0(v»
Jerome-aye n c enrrw 177tl Bi 117.4x1
James J Kennedy t« W'Ulnm Oppenhilmep nr.d
nr.otjier: rr.M-tirnc''. 827 "■ " TV)
Jtim*! V'f->; w •< 241. ■■ ft r of Ifi7th-sf. IS.'iX
101 R/>er» t: Tmrt/'tf in ».f.ram Raohrarh. 100
Lot 7 to 9. n.pn in vllln Fifes and 60 '■■■ ■ pp.rt
/nthony estfite, nt Kinjri"hf-Htrn Helnhfo. 2fix
J25: n-rth.-i laoer to William T Atkir.scn;
rr.r.rtpnee. »5,00rt 100
B»<nbriil>---live, v » I'd ft r <■' fole.. Place r,4x
70 4: :■■.,. - j Ow»ns tn William C Herr»n:.. 100
Wniltoms-sve, ■ •, 10 ft 11 of Trom-jnt Road
!*Sxlr>o: nankars': Realty ard ieeartty C mpany
♦•» T»m! nra'hmcti fl(V>
Jernm*-evi> s c. b. 1.10 ft n • «' Oxfrri P!ar-«
rr-*\nr\; Jc^n E r^"" to Edward N n'-S'r :
H nnrt : mo r tra?e «« '■' . . -..•■... Nominal
» fn^ovrtw-fve. n «. 24. > ft • nt weq«*er tve ".? *>
■x lrrcnjlar- *l'rr<l B Dinn to ■ ■ S T^-.-y
mortriet, $?.rrw Nominal
n.lton-nve. i< w corner i7.'-M.-«t. 131.8x100: Laura '
A Hams to OeorB« V.' rr»bin^on; mortgage
JlflOW * \*-mlri«l
Intervele-ave. c s. HIJB ft s of 107tu-st'' 21x100;
Elizabeth Ampler to Anna B Am51er. ....... .Nominal
Fulton-aye. w I 131.0 ft » of ITBttl-et. runs \.
100 llx « lOOx r.2 to beslnning; John U Lar
vrlie et al to G.orga W R0bin50n. ........ •••Nominal
44th-st is 7l».O ft w of JHh-ave. 2i).f1x25.1: Rich
eon si n s to Alice of 4lh-avo. ..^...■•..••Nominal
60th-st n s. 1-40 ft c of 4th-ave. 40x100.6: Grace
0 I'osay to Arthur \V Eaundert; inort«ase. Joo !
W» (AH> ......*...••••• •
Courtlandt^ave, 'n' w corner ir»stl*-Bt, 30x100; John . I
Struckman to Harry C Hart .....Nominal
Bast Broadway. No 163. 8 c. 25x85; Harris Bern
gtoln to Monti Goodman and another ......••-. lw
80th-Bt. n s. 178.11 ft c of 6th-ave. 61.1x100.8;
Emll Bloch to l-'aloon Realty Company; mort- (
nee $210.CKM) •■ ■ ■ Nominal
115th-st, b a. 130 ft c of 4th-a.ve. 25x100.11: Simon
Machl» to. Louis Gordon et al; mortgage,
$19,000 Nominal ,
75t!i-st. No 311 East. 25x102.2; Simon Hf!>s et al
to IYances Hessberg; murtKag*-. $12.750 •• • 100
2d-ave,' w s. 60.4 ft n of B*th-st. 25x78; John ,
jr.hl to Paul Ket<or; mortgage, $12,8t10 100
116th-st. No 123 East. 25xl00.ll; William J
Urown to Carrie E Spttzhoff; mortgage. ?57,wo. Nominal
128th-st. n 8. 75 ft c of Lonox-ave. 00xUtt.ll;
Abraham SUverson to Joseph Lesowltz and an
other; mortgage. $33.000 ■• • lw)
Broadway, a s, 75 ft s of 76th-Ft, 52.8x108 11,
Mary » Van Winkle to Edear 1C Van Wir.kla; r
1 8 part; mortgage. SSO.OOO Nominal
2»th-.«t. No 430 West. 25x08.9; Andrew Hlmmel
to aty of New-York 16,500
183d-st. n 8, 280 ft a of Lenox-eve. 50x99.11:
Abraham Bilveraon «t al to Max Muller; inort
aßC $13.000 100
sth-avo. w s. 24.11 f s of 134th-st. 75x85: Oeorge
Harris to Julius Davidson: mortgage, (G3.500. . 100
Bth-ave. » w corner 54th-Kt, 25.9 x irregular; WHl
lam li Levy to Joseph W Henneeady; mortgage,
JSO.fIOO Nominal
St John-nve. No 5. c s. 20.8x98.6; Katherlne It
Henry to John H Cargon; mortgage. $S.o<tO 100
Garden-st, n s. 3(15 ft -iv of Southern Boulevard.
50x227; Boimont Realty and Construction Com
rany to William II Ron; mortgage. 96,000 100
Wilklns Place, c s. 129 ft s of Jennlngs-st. lOOx
142.1; James T Harry to Louis Uchtenberg and
another; mortgage $17.500 ICO
Broadway, n c corner 135th-st. 170.10x65; Joseph
Hamershlag to Chelsea Realty Company; mort
gage. $."3.000 • no
Bth-n.ve, w a. lot 13. map Mt Eden. COxlOO; Alfred
H Roach to Janus Roache • • .Nominal
148 th ft. b 3. 300 ft w of Court!andt-avc. lOOx
106.6; Charles Bchnabel to William N Cohen;
i mortgage. $22.250 ,•• Nominal
Ist-ave. Koa 059 an 1 061. W •. 44x Hregular:
Charles Hibson to Frank Beck; mortgage, $15,000 low
Btli-bt. n s, 108 ft w of 2J-ave. 26x112 10; Loula
FVankel et aJ to Dexo Fuchs; mortgage, $43,700, i'«»
172d-st, n „ 100 ft w of A.m«terdatn aye, 1...X
04.6; William Baehraoh et al to Albert London
end an- ci mortgage, $46.000 W'ii'-r'
WndsworUi-ave, n a corner l*4th-st. 24.11x10;
1 Rexton Koalty Company to Nathan Burntlne.... IW
Wadsworth-*ve, 1 w corner lSOth-st. , >xlol>; Vnrn , n . 1
Thomas Taaffe to Row C Newman; all Hens. ...Nominal
llth-ave. w s. lot L.OCS. map Trinity Church
Cemetery l- : -:: Ward, 740 square ft; Edwin
Parsons et al. executors, to Winnltred Parsons g
is^ave! NoV^-w-s-.^h^rXng^-Warneken '„
et al to Edward a Davis ■ ■ ■ •■• • • •
Lots 66 to 6», map 112 lots estate of Moses I>evo«
at Pordham Helghte: Henry Kuntz to Emil
13 6 H n n mortsago, $7,000 B-ag" Bouie^i
136th-st. n s. 109.4 ft w of Southern Houlr^ard,
200x68: Hyman U LQfkljWlt7 - to Moses P arls - Nom!ml
&SfV&&2£i, vin.; •«nln■ n7^ «• 100
AiSnd* Jr to Otto Arcndt. sr. executor, all «««? NomtalU
«SS£ir? HR n c- of- BrooklavV.;^.iOxlOoT
Meyer Goldberg et al to Louis Lese ot al, mo..- jm
CrSonVJS^a e«'M ft "s" w^J«-HA ' »•* 100
H7.7; Emil Poelzer to Amelia n&£ri-j- ' '%&,(£
White rialns Road, w b. P5 ft s of 22<1 - a i. e -. *£*'*•
Wakefieid; George B Updlka to Seaver 8 A(lara6 ; : j onllnal
lC7lh-st. non o si ■ 2l' ftn of VfCsVh-sV. ' 2Txiir.; Ronald
Ketcham to Thomas fireman: » '/"f-;,;;^;;:
Lorlnff Place, w s. 362.7 ft n of 1884-st. »sW.ll:
Maria A Joegr-r to Kate M Taylor . . ... ..... ■ ■ • ■ ■ }™
l«9th Et sbs b 800 ft wof Courtlandt-ave. 1«OX
Charles Son ,^
us, $19,000 •■•_■■• iTtiiiliJ" wtedaiV'
C Hammer to Katie Hats*; njprtßa B c. «5^;:;; lOJ
KlnssbridKe Road, ■ b. at end Edsnwald. ©
9TUB acres, map Ruser tract; Hudson P Row to^
th« Hudson P Rose Company, all lens. ;■ • „..• ; .Nominal
Wa*hlr.gton-ave. c c. 100 ft s of 1...1.1 »J.«
53.8; Frank Jung et a!, executors, to John
Vo!z; mortgage. $12,000 a * TOg
Contt A. and another to Knickerbocker DruS S" COO
Company; Spring hi. No 157 : leasehold; 39 notes $XBOO
Bronimn, T. to X Ketcham: 15<th-st, c s, -.1 ft n
of l(sßth-st; 5 years, 5 per cent.;...^.. •■••••; '
Overbaugh. M 3J, and another to a J Mack
ttklngßbrtdge Road, c «. 7.". ft n of Nindham.
nrior mortrage, $7,200; 1 year, 6 per cent ... i.wo
Krahme™ a! to Bankers' * Realty and Security
Company; Willlams-ave. c s, 108 it n of rre-
mint Road; 2 years. 5 per cent •••;•,•■;:•■•
Berg*n, William C. to E J Owens: Bainbrld«e
nve. w a. 8Q ft d of Coles Place; 1 year, 6 per
Forman.'A.'amlAnr'theVt.VM'E Parsons; "Vth-st.
No 421 to -VS. East; 5 y.-ars, ■"• per cent 45,000
Pane to S Hoffberg and another; same property;
prior mortgage, $46,000; demand. 6 per cent. .... 8.000
Blcoh. E. to Jewish Theological Seminary; W»th
st. No » East; 3 years, 4'n per cent • »o,uw
Michael, S. to V Do P Foster; HCth-st. T:> ft c of
Lenox-axe; 5 years, 5 per cent 30.000
Bc^ilne. .1 H. to J Fleischman; Wacisworth-ave, a
« comer 17&th-!-t; 3 years, 5 per cent 1G.500
Culgin, G W. to Dry Dock Savings Institution;
Bth-st, n s, 83 ft c of Avenue C; per bond 20.000
Fox, J B, to Greenwich Savings Bank; Fon>yth
st. No 6 to 12: 1 year. 4% per cent 8.1.000
Dolan, M A. to Emigrant Industrial Savings
Bank; 3<l-ave, w s. 50.3 ft s of 105th-st; 5
years, 4MI per cent • 12,000
GlllcFpi", George J. to same: 620- ft. 8 a, ISO ft c
of Lexington- aye; 1 year. 4 cent 13,500
Coljurn. CWrge, to l* Lowenfeld and another;
Wadsworth-ave, n c corner iTst)i 1 year. 6
per cent • • '••••• ZOOO
Klfttn.M, and another to B M Zerega et al; 96th
st Nos 214 and 216 East, 6 years, 6 per cent... 45.000
Fuller. F J, and another to L S Goebel; Cooper-
M, n o corner Academy-st; 2 years, 5 per cent. 12,500
Houlihan, ]>, to Emigrant Industrial Savings
Hank; Balnbridgs-ave, nw 8, 2W5.11 ft ne of I
lP.^th-st; per bond 4,000
Rollnick. M to 3 Brown, plot begins ■ w corner
lot 302. map Bob 1 Boprardus; 3 years; 0 per
cent 6.500
Murphy, P. to i> Daly; Perry-aye, w r. 75 ft a
of Holt Place; 1 year; 6 per cent 2,600
Aronson, F, to F. Bmithson; ■ irfleld-st, w s, 250
ft sof Columbus-aye; Instalments; 5 per cent 1,800
Adnison, I!. W. to E Smlthson; lot 30. map Van
Nest Park; 3 years; 6 per cent 2,000
Bartroyno, B U to A L Burgoyne; 143d-et. n s,
120 ft wof Oolie;je-ave: 3 years; 5 p»r cent.. 1,600
Fuller F J and another to L B Goebet: Cooper
st n b 100 ft ■■ of Academy-st; 2 years; 5 per
cen t . . 12,600
Pcr t 'fn.'B,"to"F 'Meyers; Jennlngs-st, n s. 100.8
ft w of Wilklns Place; 1 year; 6 per cent 8.000
Same to sain*-; j=ajne property; as per bond 2,500
Hi ulihan I) to Emigrant Industrial Pavings
Bank; 'Balribrldge-ave, n w s. 322.10 ft n a of
198th-sr 8 years: 4'i r>«r cent ............... 4.500
K»rp 1> and another, to I M Bernstein; 158tb-st,
s B 125 ft w of Amsterdam -aye; prior mort
ear'a 1100.250; 1 year; 0 per cent 25.000
HibßOn, r^arlos, to West Side Savings Bank; lst
ave '■ ■ ,> a 650 and Ml : (is pit bord 15.000
K'.ein' M. and anothr-r to " A Butler and an-
I other: 98th st, ef, 208.6 ft eof 3d aye; 5 years;
41.4 I . per cent — •— 43,1100
Rebinson Georgo W. to L A Williams; Fulton
ave b W corner. 17."ith-st; : pi July 16. 1907;
T. D er cent 14.500
Brnc-h-inann p to Bankers 1 Realty and Security
Company: Williams aye. c R. 123 ft n of Tre
rnont-ave: 2 year! : 5 per cent 320
Cohen Barney, to M L MeGlnnls; loudest, n s,
jt2."> ft eof Amsterdam-aye; 2 years; 8 per cent 2,000
Carlbon, Charles M. nn.l another to George W
Robinson; lot 196. mar. Van Nest Park; de
tnand • 6 per cent , 1,116
1 Tonlttz r to Title Guarantee and Trust Coin-
I pany; Slsl -t Ko 429 East: as per bond 14,000
MeArae M M. to T OTtorke; Unlon-ave, No 638;
nrlor mortgage, S-!.Tsi>: 5 years; 5 per cent.... 3,750
Xadele, a C. to A C Kraft; lot 533, map Mapes
estate; as p*r liond • • • 1.200
Toplltz. J. to M Wangrow; 81st-st, No 42.» East;
1 year. (". per cent 800
Ehrman, 1., to E A McQuade; Brook-aye, c s,
131 ft s of 141st -st : 1 year. 5 per cent 10.200
Ea. c ."iir> A, to A Peyser and another; 2d -aye. No
6 2,160; 5 years, B per cent 25.000
F,irn"e to same; same property; B years, « per <"«nt. 6,000
Same to (Jeor»re V. Peyser; same property; prior
mortgage. $30,000; 1 year, « per cent 8,000
Diamond, I. and another to .T Hirsrh: Intervale—
aye w s. 185.5 ft s of 167th-St^3 years, 5 par
cent •■ 2.000
Tiiiele. E- S. to Metropolitan Life Insurance Comp
any; 45th Bt, 8 s, 520 ft w of Bth aye; 3 years,
i\ per rent 50,000
Karri. D. aJ'd anoth»r to 1 M Berinsteln; 15Sth-st.
Sb,s b, 125 ft w of Amsterdam-aye; 1 year, 0 per
cent 100.280
Gulliver. T, •"• to Mercantile Trust Company; 30th-
Ft No X Ku.«t: due Juno I. UXiS, 4 per cent CO.OOO
Wasiilr.rton Avenue ("omr-any to Chester Mort
1 .-■■'. '..!•■•'. Washlnpton-ave, ■»• s, 100 ft s of
17:;<j fit; 1 year. 0 per cent 100,000
Per! man, A. and another to C Me< . an; Hewitt
I'lne.., wp. 100 ft nof Macy Place; per bond.. 10,000
Same to fame; Hewitt Place, w e, 135 ft r. of
Macy Plnce; per honrt 10 000
Rar.-.e"to same: Hewitt Place, v. s, 100 ft n of
Ma - Place; lr.ptnlments. 6 per cent . 3,000
Bachrach. A. to Retort C Dos tt: Jumel Pl-..-f-.
W .«, 241.3 ft nof 3«7th-*t; 2 years, v per cent. 24. 'T00
Wiul.sv.orth Avenue Realty Coiriany to Title
Guarantee an.! Trurt ComDanr; Wa Isv.-.^rth-nve,
n w corner 184th-St; per tend . . .83 000
Sterling. I* and mother to a V Donellan; ]siFt
rt. b s. 820 ft c of Boulevard: two gages
58.000; pr!;r mortgage, (29,000; .". years, *; per
cent '. " in 000
Unterbere, A, and another to <"" Baumert; '■■:'■ nt
n *. I2S ft w cf 2d-ave: prior mortraee, J2O
000; r. years. 4! i per cent. s 7 , 0
Panuno, L. to Italian BaYlngs Bank; ii-avei'n'e
lKth-*t; 3 years. G per cent, p-ll . . . 19 000
MusTin-. J. and r.nrther to A R Falrchlld- Rra.l
hurst-ave; ;: years, 5 i>er cent... ' "1 000
KMhowlts. Jto Dora SokoJ.W; Mn-iiVn^.V.' Nos •
t*° 6 eerf'"" mortgw '' ?°5.000; lnstal-
S^i! H. to R SadowskiVMonroe-Vt"No'ic7 : 'ml 2X<)OO
60l h ■ ; . N . -.,..;■.•_ w.™
stsJtnents: 6 per cent 'ln 3wr ,
Ccurt. A. to 1: M fiohall „.n<i nnother' 7;thl
aye. es. 2.'. ft nof 10th- --t; seeurrs notcs'A son
tame to E M Schaffr.er; same property; secures
Kreet. J. to TltiV Guara'nVee' and !tVusV CompVny ■ 6 °°
24t> st. Nos 413 and 411 Ka-t : rer bond "0 0Oi">
llMntz Rmha H to B V viffi int^ ' '
n ,"■ 31 , £V Ot B«»«W«TJ 3 yeara: 5 p-r cent 6.500
(.fO.ippie.i Realty ar.i Improvement Company to
Chorl. Belferd; 184th-«t, r> s, mr, ft wof Bth
<-ent: rr ' rl ° r nK "' tpaa "- f llriri< ': 2 years'; « per
St..!r,.T HlrWM,' 'in' riay" wil'son ;' ' WesV " End- 3 ; C °°
a\f ; No HHI; iht 1.0 n.i 9r "no
F!'P?. K. to William W W»tklns' I«2i1 '-! X-;, "'
437 WeKt: tv- FVcemh-r 1. 100r. : tt per reni " n or 10
Snme to Title Guarantee an 1 Trust Company
i=am<» property; C t bond ".' 12 000
JarU-on » A. to J A Delany; Osln-it. « b. 425
ft w of W^est End-aye : 3 yearn; <l p.r cent 6 000
Hannloi .T I>, t,j Title nunmnteo an.l Tnint Com
pany; Kth-et, No 110 K^ißt: i.er bond 17 000
Grosrrr.an. N. to 3 F Levy; Mott-rt. No HI- Z
- >;*»r X: rt psr rent fl >ooo
Delaney. Jan - F. to Sarah V Pmlth: Wllklrs
Place, c -, 2"iS.l ft n of Southern Boulevard
,')'W; 0 r *r cent .' 1.500
Miller. rharle«. to J Elehler Tlreminir Company;
Pelham-BT«. n c rorner St Paul-aye Sue Au
nun 10. I!tT'.% : r. p-r cent Boi>
Lf*ow!t?.. ,T, »nd •her to A Ptli-ernon; I2Sth
ft, n».7sft eof Lenox-avc; 1 • ear: C per cent 8.230
Ointrell. Oi.,>ri;e. to «»amiui'« R»nk for Ravings
Broadway, w r. 128.8 ft n of f>2l-*t; 8 years; 4
VfZ •:■■ fa Mi
Vtlis John T t.» s J A"tf-rnon: nrnome-lt. •••
7B'ri ■c of nidge st; 3 years. 5 per ctawi»,.,, 8.000
Same to J T Irwln; same property; prior mort
pat.- JJ.OOO; 3 years; 5 per cent...... 2.000
McCotton. William 8, to Farmers- Loan and
Trust Company: 12th-at. No .'45 to 251; per
j^r,,,,! Wt.OllO
Pamo to 'same'-' Macdougal-st. No 15; per bond.... 14,000
L*^e? L. toj" Oohsn: 1*" *t. n •. »M ft w of
3d-ave; 3 years. '■ per cent. .„. .................. 2,500
Same to same- 123;l-bt. - ». 323.11 ft w of .Id
ave; prior mort age. $12,^00; I years. 0 per
cent ' 2.300
M11I«- M to A Silverpon and another; 133 d Bt,
n «'m'(i s of Oth-ave; 1 year. « per cent 11,000
Pame'to same; same property; 1 year € per cent 30.00.)
Goodman, M to Harris Bernstein ; East Broad
\vav No 153- prior mortgage. $28,000; 4 years.. 0.000
Adams Seaver' S. to JVV Robinson; White Plains
Road, w s. 80 ft ■ of 22d-avc. Wakefleld; a
years 6 per cent • Z'J."" SOO
McCotten, William S. to Formers' I/an and Trust
Company; Bth aye. No 3uts; per bond . 22,01)0
Davis Edward A. to Title Guarantee an.l Trust
Company -Ht-aCe. No 630; par bond 14.000
Pan? to £ O Anderson; same property; prior
mortgage. $14,000 I year. • per cent 2.500
Mills IP to Adela R Gardiner and another; r.7th
st 'No 333 West; 3 years, 4V4 per cent. ...... 20.000
Strodtman. II F. to Corn Exchange Bank; Church
st. 11 w corner Llspenard It; 3 years, • per
cent 13,000
Wilson ' Max 9. to A Knssland; Lexingtcn-ave.
aw corner 120th-st . 5 years. 5 per cent 41.500
Goodman Morris, and another to II Bernstein;
j-u-t i: roadway. No 153; 9 years. D per cent... as.coo
Hoffman. P. to Title Guarantee and Trust Com
", nv . 83a-st. No 243: per bond.. . . . 0.000
Fiich* 'D to L Krankel and another; Mh st or Si
Mark's Place No 87: 2 years. 0 per cent 8.008
Davidson. Julius, to George Harris: f.th-ave. No
o}s|) to 2.190: 3 mortgnges, $1,833 each; prior
* •tl-ii:f>st 1 -ii:f>s Ind^otLrTcorporaJe-ReanV aU r>.4o;i
NavMlS' "' and Mother comer lOlst-st; 1 year.
N soc.aVt;,:»;Ut-ave s w corn*^KM st; I year,
A nor pAnt OO.WaJ
Wlmnle °M. to"? Lowenfeld. and another; West
Siway. c s. 225 ft n of Spring-st; demand. 6
I>s ?Swi"^^ i ?- i^-^'^- e-tracte -tract
J&sS?os!SiivK > j B^de-i 2d-ave. no 4SB;
Lambert*' ■x.. 1^,1'r t Vo "f "BartiettV "K^iU s v * "
Im",I m ", 'ft' o of Madison-aye; due Mai 19. 1904,
T»n«« William II "to ite'iniont Realty and Con- w/,\*v
_*2 '\v lr-i-iill to Belmont Itealty and Coa-
B /uuctln Company ; Garden st. n s. 366.8 ft wof
Southern Boulevard; demand, » per cent 1,2.0
n*ne " 11 to Robert J Rooney; llth-st, s s.
1 i I 241 574 to 576; 3 rears. 8 per cent. 5.000
FeteWi v to II O Peter*: L'nionport Road.
as, 033.10 ft w of White Plains Road; 3 years.
Molmon, Td." ' to" ' L iiankenthaisr! 112th-st. No
107 East; Instalments, 6 per cent iz.ih«»
Realty Operalinß Company to George J Gould;
Broidwi! . w *. 25 ft a of Academy-st; 8 years.
Burnsane^N',' to' Rexton' Realty Company; Wads
worth-ave. n w corner 174th-st: 1 year. 6 per _gw
Pirv" 1 A.' to" ' J ' Hailodi '; cVouma-ave. s c s. 150.6
ft's w of 182 d st; 3 years, 5 per cent... O.ow
Houlihan, P. to Emigrant Industrial Savings
Bank; 201st-;t, a c corner Ferry-aye; 3 years.
4Vi per cent o, wu
Herman. E. to H Kunt/; lot 09, map 'State of
i Moses De Voe; prior mortgage, $1,000; due De
cember 10, 1000. 6 per cent ■■• *» M
Ellender. U M. to Lawyers' Title Insurance and
Trust Company; 142d-st. ns. 270 ft Wof Lenox- g _
Tavlo'r per M. to L Tvon'Hesse" Lorlnjr Place, es. Si.wu
Tavlor X M. to L. Yon Heeae; Liorlng Place, c •.
237.0 ft of centra Una 183d-st; 6 years. 6 per
Meyer, L* S.'t'o" Georgia n'a C Stone; 2d-ave. No
1.-178; 4 years, 4'» per cent..... ; ;;,;•,: **« owl
Baun-lers, A \V. to a Q Posey; 60th-st, n f. 140 ft
c of 4th-ave; 1 year, 0 per cent; two mortgages.
$s*> 000 liu.uw
Bloch, E. to'j'Hamershlag; 80th-st. No 7 East;
per bond ;••; ■. 10000 °
I Sniffin. Elißha, to Lawyers' Title Insuranco and
Trust Company; Lexington-ave. n c corner 6^l
8 t; per bend 25000
Thomas, James C. to Equitable Ufe Assurance
Society; 47th-et. No 10T West; due January" 1.
1000, 5 per cent ••••• •• 30,000
Katx. Jacob, and another to B E Black; Perry-st.
Nos 113 and 115; 5 years, 6 per cent.... B,WK>
Falrmouat Realty Company to Empire Mortgage
Company; Belmont-ave. w a, 1.272 ft • of ls>3d
st- four mortgages, each 54.600; per bond 18,000
Burkhardt..Erftll. and another to M E Barron;
Pond Place, w s, 250 ft n of lt>7th-st; 3 years. 5
por cent 6000
Wattrich, Clara, to German Savings Bank; 14«Hh
st, No 6T4 East; 8 years; 4 Vj per cent 14.000
Same to sa.ra«; 146th-st. No 618 East; 3 years;
4\s per cent m■ ■ ■ i*.ooo
Firk A to P Dannhauaer; Crotona-ave. nTj s,
79 3fts wof lS3d-st; demand; ti per cent.... 8.000
Same, to A Loweth; Crotona-ave, s c s. 175.7 ft
Bvt of 182d-st; 3 jears; 6 per cent . e.OOO
Beck. Frank, to Charles Hlbson; lst-ave. Nos W59
and 681; 1 year; 6 per cent B.wo
Helman. Emll. to H Kunt*; lot 6A to t». map
estate M De Vos; due December 10. 1U0O; 5 per
cent • *"* IW
Burkhardt. E. and R Me Adam, to M E Barren;
Pond Place, Ws, 275 ft nof 187th-st; 3 years: fl
6 per cent 6 - 000
Upper" Bronx Realty Company, to Title Guarantee
and Trust Company; ICth-ave. s v corner Pros
pect Terra ca; as per bond :,"iy' ls ' vw
Dart. Henry c. to J Struckman: Courtlandt-ave,
n w corner 155th-»t; B years: 5 l*r cent 14.000
Ellender. H M. to Lawyers' Tltlo Insurance and
Trust Company; 142d-St. n s. 310 ft w of I^nox
.we, as per bond i" 3l ' 00()
Schnabl. Charles, to L Hutter; 140th-st. 1 1 « 300
ft w of Courtlandt-ave; prior mortgage, J19.0U0, _
due December 20. 190<J; 6 per cent 3-»
Mtb-at, No 641 Bast; Hyman Plncus agt Jacob
Greenfield; May 9. 1905 ••••■• *50 00
Mulberry st. Nos — ; W H Hussey & Bon agt John
Doe and another; April 28, 1905 1.46164
Ist-ave. No 2,057; Mary J Tracy agt Antonio
Sorj?e and another; May 16, 1905 . . ... 400 00
USth-st Nos 126 and 12S East; Morris Tolkam
agt Harry Fallc and another: May 16, 1905. . 314 50
Ist-ave, No 2,057; Henry M«l«el and another
act Antonio Sorse and another; April -■».
lsfi (by deposit) ■ • I" 90
■Waverley Place, No. 105; August Mujler agt
Frederick D Frkke et al; April 24. l!»05
(by deposit) •■• •••• • ■■■■ 643 00
Same property: same agt same; May 9. 1900
by deposit) 643 00
116th-f?t. n a. 110 ft east of 6th-ave; E. F.
Keating A Co agt Morris Rosenberg and an-
Other; March 17, 1905 (by deposit) .5 00
43d-st No 206 West; John II Murphy agt Frank
Eberhart, owner; David M: Neuberger. lessee
and contractor ** s 10
6th-ave. No 2.21<J; Lewis B Davis agt Felicia
Shapiro, owner and contractor *TO
Bth-avj, No 2,212; same ast same 3 i 5
oth-ave. No £214; same agt aaane IS 00
Pine-st. No 3«; Roebllng Construction Company
act Hanover Fire Insurance Company, owner;
General Balldinsr and Construction Company,
contractor 305 68
Arost«i'darn> aye. v; s, whole front between 160 th
and 151et sta. 200x100; Joseph Stedsl agt Ber
nard Loth, owner end contractor IS CO
107 th No 120 East; v nson & Brofinan ast
Max KosenMum, owner and contractor 16 50
78th-st. Nos 2C2 and 2<H East: Joeiah B La Fever
agt Robert J Hoguet, owner; Levin & Meyer
Contracting Company contractor 1.5^1 83
itHh-st, No 420 East; Altercne. Stone Company
agt George and Louis Benzer. owners; Morris
Fogel and S BldorfC, contractor" 105 00
Jefferson-st. c s. 170 ft c of Columbus-aye: Her
bert - Ogden. attorney, loans Daniel J Dillon... $3,000
Washln=ion~ave. w e, 100 ft s of 173d-st. 20031
150; Chester Mortgage Company loans the
Washington Avenue Company 100,000
lst-ave, c w corner 101st-»t. 100.11x100: Ccr
porate Realty Association loans Nathan Na
rasky and Louis Bi.lowitr 88,000
Trinity aye. n w corner l»V4th-»t. 100x100; Title
Guarantee and Trust Company loans John. Boy
land „ 65.000
Broadway, a f, whole front between 1734 and
174 th sts, 201.10il75; same loans the Realty
Company of America c"i'>,noo
183 d n c, 255 ft c of 6th-ave. 00x09.1l- Abra
ham Silvtrson and David Shaft loan Max Miller 30.000
12Sth-at, n s. 75 ft <• of Lenox-ave, 60*00.11:
Abraham Silver*cn loans Jos»ph Lcnowltz and
Bamuel Kaufman 33,000
07th-st. Nds 209 and 211 Bast; Israel D Shiachetzki agt
Davis lierkman et al (specific performance); attorney, J
U Sheldon.
Park-aye, s w corner 130th-st. 88 11x90; five actions;
Hamilton Bank of New-York City act Frank Hardy et al.
executors, eto (forcclusuro of five mortgage*); attorneys,
Parker & Aaron.
Oroton-st. n a r, 150 ft s c of Audubon aye, SootSS;
Moritz L Ernst and another ogl James. McGrane (specific
performance); attorney, P a Hatting;.
47th-st. s s. 220 ft c of Sth-ave, 2t>xU'o.s; Henry Adams.
Jr. tdt Ella S kling et al. executors (foreclosure of
mortgaße); attorneys, Hotehklfr A Barber.
2l^t-Ft, n b, 27.". v ft. „ of ."d-ave runs n 73.3 x „ 6.6 x
n 6.3 a W 8.4 a o 1«.3x «* ;«.4x ■ 86.81 c 33.4 to r*-«in
ning; Arthur P O'Brien act Jonas II Une and another
(action to foreclose mechanl s' lien); attorneys, Thompson
& Warren.
We.nrhester-ave, n s, 412 ft c of Prospect- aye, 25x100:
Robeit Uorlvon act Catherine Kelly (specific perform
ance); attorney. F Thorn.
Sd-ave. 3 w corner 224th-st. one story frame shed.
-' : 105; Albert Mlelke, owner- Jo.in Davidson,
architect $100
Flllmoro-st, c s, 275 fl 1. of Columbus two
wo story frame dwellinK bouses. 22x.'i2: Mrs
Berthn Knauf. owner: B Bbeling. architect.. .. 11.000
Delofleld-ave. v- f. 201.10 ft n of 24i«li st. one
ar.'l one-half story frame stable, 4i!x-H: John R
Uelafield, owner: Gibson >v Stewart, architects. 8,830
Robln-ave. w s, lt)<> ft n of Mid town Ritad,
one ttorv brick stable. 2;'x-;i: Mrs Elita Cooler.
owner; William Henderson, j:-. architect SBO
P.r<*;k-ave, c 1 SlO 50 ft m cf 170 th •■;. two six
stor; brick tenement tlou^•.■.. 50x81 August
Jacobs, owner; H C H.innutn, architect.: 70.000
Morrls-ave, w s. :t2'j ft a of Fordham nond, two
two Htory frame dwelling bouses, 22x30; William
Fleming, owner; J Melville Lawrence, arcltltect. 9.000
Brook-aye. w h, -IS -.' ft n of ICDth-st. three,
story liiick sti re nn.l dwelling houm-, ;;2.r.^*x
21.11; August F Schwurzler, owner and archl
tect 4.ntXi
Van ISuren-st, .• ?. 22.1 ft n of Columbus-aye, two
story frame dwelling house, 21x30; .1 fJk.ll.TK'icr.
nivncr; T j Kelly, architect 4 ,1 hi
22uii-»t. n s, iso ft w of Whit.- Plalns-ave, four
i\v<> ftory fnune « '-ilnut housi -. -.',... llabette
Kuhnle, :•■:-. Henry Conrad, architect 88.000
145th-St, n w corner Exterior- st. for a one story
frame shed. .V'x'S: John V Kane Company,
owner; J P Kane, Jr. rchlteci $."<»<■>
i-!»iii-ht, n s. liu.s rt c <>f Lenox-am, for five
btorv t.rlok Bathouse*. ■ -. -i; 11: .1 Welnstetn and
another, owners; O V Pel hum, aroliitrct Sof'.'""
144 th nt, n •. 123 ft w of («th ive f..r v six Htorv
brick flcth.>use. 96.11; It hitman. owner; 1 .
V I'rlham. archlteot 60.000
Amsterdai 1 c s, lOlt. II ft s of 108 th ■) (..r a
six story brick Dathouae 80.4x87 '■ Cohen anj
another, owners; 0 r IVlham. arrhltect 60,000
Ith si No* .. •. ur.d 240 1. „-• for a *U story brick
Nuthouse. 43.6x77.10; .1 Wolkienbrrg. owner; 1;
F Polham. architect 50.000
Sth-st. No ."."I East, for h «ii •tor; brick tene
ment house, 24.0k54.f1; M .1 Kramer mil an
other, owners 32.000
The steamer*, with Drtvata staterooms and
restaurant, which enabled one to muku the trip
from London to Ostcnd la five hours, have done
much to make thib eeusld« reiort one of the bum
accessible In Europe. Any one of the three leading
horn" All three are on the sea front close to the
Ku?hku£ and Tclcdrom*. where the polo matches
and other sports annually lak9 place.
He Stops and Attends Their Injuries—Po
lice Exonerate Him.
Dr. Charles M. Bellows, of No. 433 Nostrand
avp., Brooklyn, while driving his automobile down
Fulton-st.. that borough, ran down two bora who
run suddenly from behind a trolley car at Elm
Place last night. After attending to the Injuries
of the victims, he turned them over to an ambu
lance from the Brooklyn Hospital.
The boys were Gustav Skrynskl. twelve years
old. of No. 220 LlvlcgStbn-stT. whose right let? was
fractured, and Lester States, eleven years old. of
No is* DntteM-at., who received contusions of the
side and back. A trolley car came up swiftly, and
they dodged back to avoid the car. When it
passed they started to run to the other si<lf and
ran directly In front of Dr. Bellows's machine.
Th. police say that the doctor was not at all to
Ono of the ahortest Inqaeata on record was that
held yesterday by Coroner Scholer on tba deatli of
Herbert L. Kepler, of Deiand, Kin . fora
lawn tennl* champion, who <ll«-il In ■ hotel Thurs
day from morphine poisoning. Ths Inquest la-u«-.i
thrv» minutes, and the Jury brought In a
of suicide by morphine.
Real Estate.
Trust Investments,
mortgages on selected real es
tate in the City ot New York
with payment guaranteed by
this Company. Principal and
interest absolutely secured.
Choice mortgages on hand
tor immediate investment.
Bond & Mortgage Guarantee Go
Capita! and Surplus
146 Broadway, IT") IJemsen St.,
New York " Brooklyn
Lawyers Title
Insurance and Trust
37 Liberty St.. Manhattan.
(Title Department).
59 Liberty St., Manhattan.
(Trust Department).
38 Court St.. Brooklyn.
Examines and insures titles
Ma^es searches
Lends money on bond and mortgage
Sells real estate mortgages
Furnishes appraisements of real estate
Furnishes surveys and engineering
Furnishes tax, assessment and water
rate bills
CAPITAL and fIJQ ftfjfi nflfl
fo surplus $3,UUU*UUU
16 Court St., Urookljn.
! . — ■-
To Let for Business Purposes.
TpvESK ROOM TO LET at 610 Bowline Green Building.
Furnished Ayartments to Let.
-I ~"7 EAST SIST-ST. — Handsome apartments. 5 and 8
-l.t) I rooms unl bath. $32-142.
Unfurnished Apartments to Let.
A X.I- IMPROVEMENTS, five rooms and bath. $35-s4.">.
for small select families. LEMON. 453 west 1524
<■■■»,,.; r.ear St. Nicholas .-v " ■< r. -;■»
Brooklyn Real Estate.
/"lAUANZA ROOFING CO.. A. Delukey. Prop.. 31 York
\J St Brooklyn. Rock ai; ..a'.; for cement walks and toll
•tn All kinds •.'■;■■? }:■■•-■.-. ■•■'< nrcmp-.'.y attended to.
Country Property for Sale.
A beautiful shore front property containing 13 acres,
large house, stables, etc. 0n« of tha finest estate* on
the shore. Particulars of
3 Pfeknua St.
Catalog free to intending buyers!
Owners, tTUhlng to «?U. cull or write!
Phillips & Wells, UU3 Tribune Building. N. Y.
\ BOUT 300 feet from Van Cortlandt Park: beautiful:
x\. 17.7 Bruce STenue, Tonkers, for rent at $75. a cut
of 2.1% owing to lateness cf ?.>djon; rrlvlie K e to buy on
your 'own terms: city convenience*, country- surroundings;
new. never occupied: 12 llvlnc rujms and 2 baths, laun
dry, storerooms; hot water heat; hardwoods, beautifully
decorated; plot, lOOxlOU; lawns, sat ■ roomy porches;
take train at Grand Central Station or ISStb-at. t» Caryl
station; time. -'■ minutes; open foi Inspection every day.
C. W. CI^ARK, owner 74 w.i:: i< , New-York.
FOR SALE. — Gentleman's resilience In wealthy
n«-ithborhood. on best avenue: "5 minutes from N. V ;
house 17 rooms, hardwood, pen plumbing; city sjas.
nater and sewers. Large stable; tarden and beautiful
lawn; shade and fruit trees; macadam driveways.
Owner, TVI H11.1.. BO Pine St.. New York.
I .-.•OR KALE.— On the east side of Uaston-ave., 42.* feet
. south ot Occan-inc, Arverne. N. V. , lot 70xU.»
feet, with the furnished 1 house thereon. Apply to JAMii ;
O'NEJI.* 371 Montrose-uv»., South Cr.-ir.se. .V .1
comprisinß i 2 acres of hiKh l.inJs. Nonvalk. Ota»
nectlcut; «-nc hour fiim city; ►.000. MELVILLE HEAP.
47 1 Mar.
"riil\ nUILDINO LOTS FOR SALE st Whits Plains.
i)UU N. Y. Si: fur particulars A. C. TODD. »J
?r>rlnc-»-t.. New-York City.
Furnished Houses to Let- -Country.
(AMI' TO RENT Elitht rooms, furnished.
Un and ■ or Holdempss „ > .
Asquam I.aW. IIUIUC* 11^33. I • ll*
Apply to DR. NTINOTOX. Newport R. I.
Harwich. Mass.: rented completely furnished; five to nine
l,»il rooms: bathrooms; all ci'mforts. tine bathing b'aelj.
lliustratnl circular. KAEPE, r.ils West l!Mth->t.
S\K\T'|.;.\ SPRINGS, N. Y.— Purn!.shed cottaVes for
O rent at prl.-> -r to suit every ore. «J 11. I>UMSTEI>,
Town Hall. SarHtnsii Springs. N. T.
City Hotels.
c6th St. & 7th Aye.
lliiroMt-an Plan. l:.itc« RssMaassMat
FItANK N. LORU ju. rlsnaan
Aim Proprietor DUTCH fc.R HUUSB.
I«iw:inis. New Tork. Ob a May 23.
AN el«-Ri"it furnished ap;»rtm»rt. with private bath.
liicluiiluc tnralit for oa«. ISO weekly: two. 130
weakly; hotrl .-rrvire; private trirphono. GALUATIN
HOTEL., *0 West 4iith-st . near Sth-ave.
A IloiM rOB KKFClfil) l'ton.r.
Unexc-Klicd in location and potnimenta 10 any hotel
in the cily. t'articulnrly atisactlve to ladles faint
\:tf. ami tourist*. Ne»r f.ii.n.- Library. Art Mi».-um
and iiromtnent churcb»». Peifectly auieti one block
from trolley, and 8 nilr.utea from Pack Uay ■: R.
Summer Hotel, PROFILE HOrsf Whlto Mountain*.
Ocran Steamer*.
EKLDGBTrufI tlO \ m
Fast Express Service. "*""
PUTMOI— -11- CH "P.BOLT.O— Rp EMrv
Kaiser June ... 10 A. M.K. \v£ 'II j ' I v i , '^A *-
Kronzj.rtnz .j an - 17. |] A.M.iKauJr.^A^M^M £a"
Twin-screw Hassonjjer Service *
I'L.» MOUTH— CHERBOt" HO— rvrvn
atM '» "•*•*■• ml trr l: : -m«n ii^ 7 «• »° *• *
.Bled iff — 4n-.-.n v~ •
K. l^!se..Ma> n "» A ul i: M N 'l/In; r^ C i N u ?. V , „ . ,
Irer.r June 3. 11 A. M.'AJ.-rt j ".':' ~V \\ *• *
Albjrt... .June 17. 11 A. M. K. Lv W . a,' *"- V, *' X '
K. X.ulie...Jun* J4. 11 a. ii. -lr'l*.. v,, ,V'\, "*• V
>*rom Urein^n M- r^ N a -j.j J; >; „*• ', \ ',' *- 5t
U;Uls H. Mejer. 45 Scuth ThinJ s t .' M^
tDeut.ehra.Jlay Li. loam. U«*"o ;%;; J i°^ 3 ; • a. Nt

New York-Naples-Genoa
ntUa OSKAK taSS "p.* m •■ -A« r "• 82HJ5
Office,. S5 and 37 IWlwa>. I-i-r,. iitbok^ g\*
Intended Stecmsl.lp Sailings from Vancouvw t>t J.p,,
i-bina an.l :■•»:;. ppir.e IsUnda.
Empress of India. .Mcy Z:i J:. M. s Athenian Im.*^
R. M. S. Tartar... May 2Mb Eir.preas lot ChiS ' J.j "?
Bmpi^ss of Japan. Jun«? i^:h: E^-.;.res3 of India.. .Jaly'jlS
For FIJI. Hawaiian Island*. Australia an : New 2»»;»n.i
illo»era Apr. 2a:iiillanuita. ij» y
For rates and information a^ply to 281 S;a-ave_ ia
and 1 Broadway. ""•
Sailing Saturday. S:«i» A. M.. P:er 15. N R." '
St. Loots.. May »> ; St. Paul Joa» 2
Philadelphia Vay 27 . New-Tori J-^ ,*
Sallicg Saturdays. li):3i> A. M., Pier 14. N P.
VaderUnd JJaj •_>,> Zeeland June 3
Kroon:and May ST tmSanl June 10
Saiiicj? Weur.esrtiys aj-.d Fri-Jays. Pier 43, N. R.
Baltic May 24, 10 A. M Oceanic... Juno 7. 8:20 v v
Teutonic... 31. 10 A M. | Maieatlc. i June 1* 10 \ M
Celtic. ......June 2. 5 P. M. Cedric Jun« 16. 8 P ML
>B -_-. FROiI , xs:w vor k.
CRETIC June 13. nooa: Ju> Zt: S^it M
ROMANIC July tTnooa
ROMANIC June 3. IC-J0 A. M. • Au?. 18 Oct. T
CANOPIC. .. Juno 24. 4 P. M.; Aug. 3. Sept. M
Freight Office. Whitehall Bids.. Battery Place
Ennn^ff^nni^ Tours July 1 by 6PECIALLT CHAR
! » I p? TERED new fast S. S. CALEDONIA,
Vs^UUviyU la (9.400 tens), lo Scotland. Er.xUnd. Ire
land. France. *-!.' with attractive »lds trips to Belslusn.
tiie Rhine. Switzerland. Italy. Other tours ln May. J-j»»
and July. Exceptional advantages. Send for prcsranuca B.
FRANK C. CLARK. 9« Broadway. New Tor*.
GIA. FLORIDA. ALABAJIA (Cities — Gajveitoa.
K*y West. Mobile. Jacksonville. i .).
necklet 'Pocket GuiJs '• FREE.
C H. MALLOKT * CO.. US Front St.. S. T.
Sailing Wedne»iays at Vj A. M.
Potsdam Ma> -ii Kyndam June It
Nooriiam May 31 Rotterdam . ... June "1
Btatendam Jun« 7 : Potsdam Jun? »-t
Krorr. Piers 51-Sa. North River.
Lucan'a - . May UO 4 P. M. ', l .'a:r.i,d: June 3. 3 P. M.
Etruria...May 27. 11 A. M. \ ITmbrta... .June 10. 10 A. Jt.
Carpathl*..May 30. 1 P. M Cai Bia June 13. 1 P. M.
New Modem Twir. Screw Steamers.
6LAVONIA May 23. 10 A. M.: July 11. A us. C 3
PANNONIA June 6. 10 A. 11.; July :». Sept. I
•Carries Second and' Third Class Ot.'j.
Aryly 2t> Broadway. N«w York.
H. EROU'N. General As»r.t.
[FaDO 0 PCDQ 0
Steamships cf the WBD "D" LINE vi': sail for Saa
Juan direct, as follows:
S. b. CARA-AS Saturday. May 27. nooa
S S. PHILADELPHIA S-alurJ-xy. Juna 10. atca
For freight cr passage- aptly io
General Managers. >>2 Wall St.
fi\Ks©[K](lDffi IkDE3Ei-
Columbia.. May 20. 10 A. M. [Ca'.eJon'.a. . ..June 3. 9 A M.
Furnessla .May 27. 2 P. M. [ Astoria Jure lft no-33
Cabin. $:•>> SecvnU Cabin. J35 ThirJ t.a». *i..5(>.
and Upwards, according ti> ax'ci.mm.xlatlon »a.l steamslsip.
For Tour* kii 1 Information ap;uy to
HENDERSON BROTHERS. 17 and 1S» isroadway.
ODiLGD UDdDl^Ol^D©^ (LOSil» '
For Old Point Cctufurt. Norfolk, Portsmouth. Pir.ner s
Point and Newport News. V»., cuonevlms fer I'etenburs.
Rtchmond. Virginia i.e^::. Washlafitua. li. C. and «nar»
bouth end West. „
Freight and passenger steamers tail from Fitr 2%
N. R . foot Ueach St. every week day at 3 P. M.
H. B. WALKER. Vice-President and Tra.f.c Har.ajer
For La Goayra, l"U-rto Cnbfilo. CUra'ao ar.l Mara
ca:bo. via ttiracao. callinr i«t San Juan. P. H.
From Pier 13. adjoining Wall St. tVrry. Frocklyn.
S. S. CARACAS Saturdar. May—, n^ca
S. .- PHILADELPHIA Saturday, jjn* i-. B^a
For La Guayra. Curacao and Ma.-ocalba.
S. F. 71 'LI A Jure 3. n' l%3
S. S. PHilAl'iELPlllA Sa,tnn!»y. Jbb» TO b v^
Thtse steamers have mperior accoinmoiitlon* for pai
lltr.rr.u Slar.i;TT. v 82 Wall St.
"T A VELOCE"— Fast Italian Lino.
Saiiinff every Wednesday to Narlf". Genoa).
rn:i!!al Steamcra "SETT YORK" »rjj -AI.BANr' c!
th^ Hudson Rtv«r I'ay Llnf. fa»:e»: mi finest rt-*f
boat* tp. the world. „
I>avt- ttnK.ltlyn. PUItOB-St Annrx) S:<v.\. ■"-
D«9brosse*-9t I'i-r *;W
•' SEW IMKIS. WEST 4-Jd-ST » <«' "
Wi-^t ISHh-St S*:^t>
Lanaing ot Yonkrrs. West Totn;. N>«:bur«h ?™"i~
kwwle Klacstoa Koint. Catsklll. Hudson and A.J>»ny.
I>xiiiy except Sttoday. Sr*c!-»: Tratoi to Catskffl Mcas
tain" rojorta ar.d Sarato»T», ar.a easy connections to *»
i^lr.t.^ Kn-t. North, ur.l West. Thn.uKi tickets « n >* fc «"
K«c ctMCked at ...rice* of N. T. Tr;in 3 frr Od. Most «!•
lt«htf<:i or.c -J«y 0OtU«B3 t- West Point. .Newburji. »
Poucnkeepal*, rttnrnlns on ii.mn t->'at.
Uestaurant oprn at 'A. M. MC?IC.
Half rut' t'i i"a!ro. N. T.. May U7 t>. Juno X
L^avlns Deabroaaea St. ot 3:10 »'■ M. * Saturdays I:*J
i- M . W IJI-st. :l:^> 1- M (SaturJuvs 1' X JtX-JffjjjJ
-f-th-t sao i- m «3*t» btor. m... ko.- iu,hia«djr»c»i
Weat lvir.t Cornwall. Newbur»n. New lUmburjh. Mll.ca.
IVkeepstoJ RoaiOßt an 4 Kin«*tou. Orchwtra en boarJ.
KaUU RIVER UNIi *'A Newport and J*3*K*J3
lAi\* ri«r I--' N B-. loot o! Warrrn St.. weak-da>i sai
[£nda>» at 5 :ht> V. M Steamer* Vl^ and »VB»-
TAN i Tehestr* on each. «
XOliW.vii IJNE. v« New London. I^«v« P!«r 4^
N IS (<x>: Ot lUrk.on St.. w«eV-<!a>^ only al.*";^,l,!^"a l .*";^, 1 ,!^"
M:\VIIAVEX UNE. tor New Haven. ****%£■ *?s?*
fl,ll ana the North L»a.v. Pl«r -V. E. K. "^.S^lao
BUb, week-Uays only at 4:tt> P. M. 6te»xner RICHAiU*
PEiK. —*
[PlKlDtPELtl® [LDKj^
C. W. MOUSE and AD « Sl^^r.s»
Leave! 3.-. N X.. foot O.nal St. *P. "*JT£«
issth St . < SO IV V . we*lt day. only: flire^t t? B^ ™£
at Albany with train* to all points. . »•»<» •* tB " **
W. Mors* Souvenir. EXCUKSION $3-5^ ~
bOATS hin Pier 48, N. It. weall as»a, • »Ma.

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