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BeaU Johnson for Interscholastic
In a thirty -eix hole match at Garden City yes
terday I -wight Partridge, of St. Paul's, won tho
lntertcholastlc golf championship by defeating
Lynn N. Johnson, of the Riigcwood School. 0
up and 4to play. The weather was typical of
late October rather than nild-sprinff. and the
strong northwest gale, blowing across the
Hcmpstca.l Plains, made thing* anything but
comfortable for -he gallery that followed fie
play. Partrit'tre was the favorite at about 3to _
before the match opened, although there were
some who predicted that Johnson would make
prod "..is record of tha previous day, when he
defeated J« : sna Travera. the former title holder.
Among the St. Paul beys there was open re
grc-i that Partrldgo was not to have the chance
o£ meeting Travers, instead of the Ridgewood
boy. In the finals, and a gcod deal of scholastic
inierest that -would m followed such a meet
ing was consequently lacking.
Partridge did not have things all his own way,
however. Johnson displayed form that showed
his victory over Travers to have been due to
something more than the "weakness of his op
ponent At the end of the first eighteen holes
tha two were all square. Partridge having scored
an 65 and Johnson 86. Considering the bluster-
Ing wind the round was a good one. At the end
of the seventh hole Johnson had three times
equaUcd par, and Partridge twice, while the
latter made a beautiful four on the fourth, one
better than the par figure.
On the seventh Johnson made a good drive,
but -was notably short of the green oa his third
ax.d went Uito be rough on his next. Partridge
winning the hole at 4 to 5. On the homeward
journey the tcore was tied three different times.
The incidents here were a long put, which John
son holed at the thirteenth, and an even more
rercarkarle one of fifty feet by Partridge on tha
fourteenth green, which gave the latter the
hole In 3, as asrainst a par 4. Johnson also beat
psx a stroke on the seventeenth, which he won,
In 4to 5. Each equalled par on four holes of the
last half, thcugh In the afternoon round John
son became more and more -worried and failed to
•maintain his form on the putting greens— a
lapse that gave his opponent no email advan
tage- The cards were:
PartrlflM . . '--'-'- V-.K 4 8 4 4 6 6 5 6—446 — 44
Johnson 6 3 5 6 4 6 7 4 s— *B
Paru~r-« 4 7 B « 3 4 5 6 3— 4l— NJ
Jchn*o"n ,7Z i B 4 6 4 5 6 4_4 _ «-»^«
BB»!b~==™3 8 5 5 4 6 0 4 3— 12
6 4 6 6 6 7 « * 6-«
Jofcn»v>n B 51 5 6 •
•Bye holes not played.
In the consolation division John Kendrick
Bangs, Jr., of Cutler, was beaten by Sterne, of
Worcester, In the semi-finals by 4 up and 3 to
play. Jefferson \V. Coe. of St. Paul's, was like
wise BuccesFful over his schoolmate, Sturees.
though the latter made a 39 on the homeward
Journey and tied the match on the home green.
On the extra hole Coo won. In the afternoon
finals Coe was pitted against Bangs, and in
spite of his hard forenoon round he managed
to -win rather easily by 4 up and 3 to play.
The Morris County team defeated a picked eigrht
from Essex County on the Morris County links ye?
terfisty by a score of 12 to 2. Both teams are mem
bers of the New-Jersey Golf League, and the con
test was one of the Bertes for the championship of
that association. The summary:
Mor-Ris ccycimr. 1 essex county.
k P*rcy l Be, 21........ 0c W. O'Connor l
I \v V. VandfryooL I C. F. Watson ■»..... V
B Wl B. ThursCOß 8 R. L- Redfleld. ...-.....— 0
" I» 11. Tbomai 3:3. V. Reynolds 0
p. 11. B PreUngbnyssn. 2 C. H. L«e 0
JohE T. Ba:«» 3 T. U rower O
\V I L*tciiford -. O.K. B. Constantino....... 2
Jarruj li Klwards l'aeorjca Richards..... C
Total li! Total 8
The St. Andrews team defeated the Tale golfers
on the St. Andrews links yesterday by the follow
ing- score:
John He!d. jr TJM. E. Pb«lpe 0
W. T. Stern « W. E. Clow 0
P. H. Jennlnn. ......... O|N. Carhart ........... 0
It. P. K..nvjsley...^..^.- O, R. Knowles 6
]:. JI. 2: .'.- Ton 1 H. Eavemcnr 0
U. HuJbrook . „_.^. OjW. A. Marcus 4
«s. G. X... 0 J. l :nj.en» 3
R. li. TiiliiiKtjast.....^. l-R. l). Cutler 0
£>. Bua.-kiraia 2 K. K. Bull O
Total 17: Tctal 12
Th;-r« was also a ej>tc!al : ole medal play handl- '
cap, in which each player selected his best eigh
teen holes as the gross score to be returned. The >
Eix best cards follow:
Groea. H'cap. Net.
Garner Abbott ._..,_ £ti 15 71
J. M. Hunt ..._. M 12 72
xl i.. niilngtiest..— — M 8 73"
K. 11. lu,t*ruoa — 77 1 * 4 74
IHju>3 i-.-ard.-uaa. -.^.... »...^. ........ 61 5 70
A. li. Hlggiaa M 1■» 7tt
At the Dyker Keadow links yesterday there was
a four-ball foursome competition for two prizes
given by W. B. Rhett. It was an eighteen holes
modal play handicap, tha aggregate groas scores
of the two players composing each team counting
as their score, plus the aggregate of their combined
medal play Heaps The winners were \V. H.
Thurston and Charles Adams. The scores were:
Gross. HVap. Net.
W. H. Thmston and Charles Adams. .. IVti 27 IC9
J. L. Taylor ana J. A. Knelt 1W 10 170
Grant Notmau and T. H. Horn iM 23 171
A. T. : .... .i ■.. J. P. Holland . lWi 27 171
H. T. Wtlcon end C P. Notn.aa lUS 22 175
H. O. Boueis ajid H. G. McK*ever..l»O 10 174
C. J. Crookall w.i T. Ashley Dent... - ■! 27 174
J/ivr.(s Kr.eit anO John Lee 2V! 33 174
F. 3. J*h.:;:;ijS as J Percy S. Mall . ,2i>o 38 175
T. A. Eddy and Dan Chauno«-.v 100 16 177
t,. C. Collins aad I). 1-uuiain I'll S3 178
>„ Wesxherby and J. li. klerrltt 186 IB i«o
J. C. Itanflo;.i:h vi.l W. fit. Joan 2W< iU lt>o
"W. F. £!c:tC ..r.i A. P. ■•:„•,; 20« 28 183
Baltcsrol defeated Eaglewood on the Short Hills
l!nks yesterday In the team match series of the
NewOer«ey Golf League by a score of a to 6. Hur
ray Olyphant. who headed the Englewood side, and
who holds the individual championship of New-
Jersey, anas btraten by C. J. Sullivan by 8 up, under
the Nassau pystem of tcorinij. F. M. Wilson, an
other of the v:slUr.;j experts, was likewise beaten
by Lk P. Bayaid, jr., the termer intercollegiate
chfircp'.on, by 6 up. The only EJnglewood men to
scon were N. M. ilcKnight. who beat A. H. L«ar
k:n. and C H. Blake, Jr., who beat li. W. Candler.
The scores ■ ere:
BALTU9IIOL. \ .:u:vi-ooi>.
C. J. F::;;ivan 3i M. Olipr.ant 0
I*. P. Bayard. J.- 8 V. .'•, Wilson 0
A. fi. Uo:tow y'O. Kirby 0
A. H. l^trVin «• > M. MrKr.lnht 8
C. H. Wi;m'jt, Jr._.... SJW. a t". liOO. 6 «
a. W. Car.Cl*r © c. H. BiMkm, ir S
Total 6i Total 6
EJchard Hyde won the third har.dicap for tho 11.
H. Fergocson Cop yesterday at the Eastern Park
way Gclf Club. This closed the series, ond tiie
cv? -res awaMeii to V. r . J. Hy;i*. whose average lor
the ttit net score wia "•> 1-3. The summary:
Or<*a. U'carx :•:-■ .
BlchiJ-a Hyfle v.; 2x 70
J. K. A'a::.* . hi 10 \ 73
A. 1. biimnan S3 :< 74
\V. U. Rccan su 2u 74
W J :;>--■- *>! 2:; 75
H. I. M»tb*w* M 11 77
\V. i:. &r,At*ier 99 21 T8
Mrs. T. H. l> i!'iuiiias „ •<'■ 17 7t>
t). F. McCa»>e 103 22 bo
R. A. Klacit -jb it n
C. A. Hubbtll 9« 18 *<
R. ;>3U...-bery it* 23 m
R P. Dew 3-^2 15 87
There vms a crush of Eolf«--ra at the Fox Hills
Golf Club yesterday, to get a round of the course
in anticipation cf the Metropolitan Golf Associa
tion charngfrfashlpL that win begin there on
WedcesOay. In the weekiy handicap for members
ih«> s-:orca were:
Gross. H"caj>. KM
FTunk B. Barrett — ...» M I 60
W. G. HoOle — "- 11 m
E. W. K< *J?ar 103 12 tl
C .- Ballon PI 8 M
C W. SMrki W 8 84
A. P. SoutherUa4 64 8 «
J. A. Jnctn _. >■'» 4 85
H. Walker »5 8 iT
C. T. Allen M» 12 tl
C. W. K.i.1»11. — W « hT
T. P. Rlley 08 11 67
Frar.lt Bear* ~ V- « 60
C W. I^emti^clc ~...1<*> 10 DO
H. E. Armatroac l''l H 63
C, A Kta-.t,fcl!.i 1"1 7 i.*
W. T. ii-i£icd. liJS 12 M
PUinfield. N. J.. May 20 (Special) -lr. a match
between the Plainfleld Country Club and Princeton
te&ms on tb« local coura* this afternoon, the home
team was successful by the score of lo to 12. The
CLUB. I Dudley H. Barrows »
W. L- Glenney * W. T. West o
J. Whltnajr liaker :. Pumont Clark »
Mcrrls J. Pumont 01 Howard Goe 3
Henry D. Hlbbanl o|Raloh Peters «
S. D. Loun»berry 0 L L. TweeJy *>
H. K. Stookton 6i —
— I Total - *2
Total 15|
S. H. Patterson and C. B. Morgan divided first ,
honors for the j?olf committee cup. while J. 18. ,
Erlckson won the remalinf colnt. The leading
scores were as follows.
Gr iaa. H'cap. I^et. ;
etuart H. Patterson ■ *' l^
C. B. Monran £* « ?0
Julius I£. ju:::::::::::::.v:::::.. JJJ| i* g
Marvin IX Rae 02 v 81
Five contestants In the women's clock golf com
petition re. arced a score of 23- The scores:
Mrs. Oirton Vharton. Jr.. 2S; Mtai Adelaide G.BalU i
23, Mi, K. K. Lernon^r. 2S; Mlsa Earah .-.cuyler 28. .
Miss M. Goddaitl. 23: Ml*" Hi-niett lioddard. 24; Mm
Pu«in VCTmrtcn, '£>; Aira. N. penOMton ■ .oger*. M; Miss j
1 The scores returned for the president's and
the club cups at the Park Golf Club to-day were as
loll0iVS: Gross. H ,,. p . Net.
John L Watton '—iS so M
3. B. Beta ]}? ;, S
K. .. I-r. H. K. Carroll "- 1 »» *
O.arler, a. R«d.. — 22? 10 1 ■■'
Samuel Totvr.«rnd '- 1 lJ •*""
Westfield, N. J.. May 20 (Special).-In a team
.urh between the Westfield and Westchwtsr golf
clubs to-day the visiting: team won by a score' of
16 to C. N:iss-au system. The summary:
WKW'lvmtfffiSß. 1 WEBWIBU).
A. D. Comptou 2£. E. Cruz "
Dr. Walker *)W. J. Bcgert '
W Watt W. 11. Townley.. • 0
Tlftauy .'. 3 a. »• Tuttle ''
Mansoa 8 i E. D. Flny<J »
Ker>r c ! R. I. Towrl-y •;
l—kard » F. P. Coadlt 0
Oilman 2 R. K. Taylor 0
Walker VT.....U....... OH. E. Knight _3
Total .. 16; Total 6
Those who qualified In the final play. Qualifying:
round, for the June handicap were as follows:
Gr.'Bß. H'oaj*. Net.
W. M Townley ~ »3 4 ™
E. H. Ray>,or »§ » »
W. I. lJavlß 10. 6 ll>l
C. O Marshall ~ 1^ 7 '86
E. H. Clear ~ 1 (>I » 5 J 'i
W. A. Bastabl, 115 10 lg
C. E. Thot-, HI « fH
X. L. Ruaaeli , ~ I'M 3 "'

Former Attorney General John W. Grlggs was
one of tho players representing the North Jersey
f\>untry Club In a team match against Montclair
yesterday on the North Jersey links, In Pattrson.
It was a New-Jersey Golf League contest. In which
Montclair was successful by a score of 21 to 3.
Mr. Grigs* lost to Paul "VYllcox by 3 down. Harold
"Vl'lleox. the metropolitan champion, was like -.vise
successful over D. Holmes, of the North Jersey
side, while J. Ward. Allan Kennaday, T. T. Reid,
Paul Harrison and M. Whltlatch were the other
Montclair winners. The summary:
J. Ward 8, A. Graham. _ 0
H. WUCOOI «ll>. Holrre 0
A. Kmnalay B,W. Collier - 0
T. T. Reid « W. V. Scott 0
Taul Harrison. 3 D. Coates 0
M. Whltlach B|D. Vorra:l ~ 0
A. Brown 0: H. Burnett 0
E. Lyford OIA. Gray -. 3
P. W11c0x....^ 3IJ. W. GrIKKS...^. _0
Total 211 Total „ 3
Sixteen men competed in the Class A handicap
at the Crescent Athletio Club links yesterday after
noon, but owing: to the high wind the scores were
all on the high side, and only seven of the mem
bers haa the courage to return their cards. The
scores were:
Grow, HVnp. Iset.
O. D. Hopsrood - » 12 II
C. B. Van Brunt — £* » Jg
H. W. Ormjibee - »1 12 <»
Kidcey Maddock - £» » «{
W. C. Piokett wm »2 10 lr,
K. Brown »* 12 °-
No card— A. P. Walker, Thomas Horender. 'William
B. Rheit. E. H. Rich, K. M. Williams Q. C. Cassela,
\V. R. Slmens. V. G. A. Bondlrs and E. H. Griffltha.
Brookllne. Mass.. May 20.— J. G. Thorp, of the
Brookline Country Club, won the final match In the
Country Club open golf tournament to-day, defeat
ing W. C. Chick, the Harvard and Oakley player,
by a score of 3 up and 2 to play. Chick's prelim
inary matches were excellent, but to-day his play
not only fell oft. but the luck of the game was
against him.
Stamford, Conn., May 20 (Special).— The compe
tition at Wee Burn to-day was an eighteen hole
match against bogle for a prize offered by Wallace
G. Berkley. The result was: M. It. Pitt, 1 down;
H. I* Woodbury. Z town; A. 6. Pitt. 6 down; Kob
ert Hunter, 6 down; Dr. Bchavoir, 6 down; E.
Brown, ST., C down; H. K. Mcllitrg, tt\. 6 down;
Bciiuyler Merrltt, 6 down: E. L. Scofleld, 7 down;
Malcolm Taylor, 7 down; D. T. Woodbury, S down;
Georjrc We>»?r, 9 down; George Hherrlil. 8 down;
Jam«a H. Knapp. 10 down, and W, N. Travis, li
Manhasset Bay Club Opens the Sea
son on the Sound.
The Manhasset Bay Yacht Club went Into com
mission yesterday, holding the first race of the sea
son for the new thirty-footers built by HerreshofP
as a special class for the New-York Yacht Club
The race was limited to boats owned by members
of the Manhasset Bay Yacht Club, and conseauently
one applicant for admission, the thirty-footer
owned by Hanan Brothers, was unable to sail,
neither of the owners being a member of the club.
Five boats were originally scheduled to start, but
ex-Congressman J. Murray Mitchell, owner of one
of them, having gone to Europe, the starters were
reduced to four. These were the Dahinda, owned
by W. Butler Duncan, Jr.; the Phryue, Harry I*
Maxwell: the Atair, Curd Meyer, and the Alera. A.
li. and J. W. Alkcr.
Vice-Commodore Clarkson Cowl offered two sil
ver prizes, one fur ti.<- first, the other for the second
boat. The regatta committee wo* Colonel Kr«d
W. HUi and H. Hogins. jr. Tho start was made
at - 3::£ in a stiff norUiwtat bret-ito. The course was
from a mark off the clubhouse to the Gangway
Huoy on the Sound, near Sands Point, thence- 10 the
black spar buoy off King's Point, and back to the
starting line, a distance of niue knots.
Harry Maxwell succeeded in selling: the wind
ward position and also put hie boat over first.
Cord Meyer was second. Duncan third and Alkor
last. Gangway buoy was rounded in the following
order: I ahind „ 4:25:30; Phryne, 428:48; Atair,
i:'2i)li); Alt-ra, 4:2923. On th" wind superior sal
tpread told and the two boats that were double
reefed fell y bind. The Dahlnda still held thu i^ad
at the Kind's Point buoy, but the Phryne wa*. sec
ond instead of third bout. On the run- to the finish
the Atair wrested third place from the Alera. The
winners of th*> first and second prises were, re
spectively, Dahinda and Phryne. Following is :he
official record:
Ftart. ■ Flnijh. ti.n*.
Dahinda > 3:^5 4:— >.a« 1:03:38
Phrrr.© 1 8 25 1-25.4H 1:03:48
AUOr .____.. 8:aB 4:2".>:^« l:«'.-t:^O
Alera .......>... ._ . - 8:li •*:-'■• -I--'
The Yachts Making Good Progress
in Long Struggle.
According to the latest reports received from, in
coming st earners, the yachts in the raco for the
German Umperor's Cup are making good progress
In the race across the western ocean. The British
tramp steamer Ke;inett, which arrived at Boston
yesterday from Clcnfuegos. Cuba, reported having
sighted two of the yachts. Captain Torney, of the
Kennett, said that at 6:10 p. m. on. Thursday, in lat
itude 29 degrees 15 minutes^ north, longitude 70 de
grees 0 minutes west, ho sighted a black painted
schooner yacht speeding along with balloon Jib and
eplr.naier set Bhe flew the pennant of the Indian
Harbor Yacht Club, and as she approached closer
her signal letters, "K. P. Q. L-." showed her to be
the Ehidymion. Captain Torney said th«> distance
and bearing* of the yacht from Nantucket South
Shoal Jgbtshlp were south 23 degrees west 57 miles.
At Sew O'clock on Thursday night. In latitude is
degrees 8 minutes north, longitude & degr«)«i tt
minutes v.-«-»!. a white painted schooner yacht was
slt'hted She showed green, red and green night
si rials but on account of the darkness she could
not be made out distinctly. Her bearing from Nan
tucket Lightship was south 18 degree west 31
miles The schooner waa undoubtedly the Kleur
de L>ys for her night signals are green, red. green,
followed by the same signal at a short Interval.
The American bark rigged yacht Apache, one of
the contestants in the race, was sighted by the
steamer Prlnzeiss Alice en Friday, When about *:x
ty-flve miles east of Kantucket Lightship At that
time the Apache was running due east, with every
stitch of canvas set. None of the other racers
were sighted by the Prinzes Alice, which arrived
here yesterday. None of the racing yachts were
sighted by the steamer Philadelphia, which ar
rived from Europe yesterday. The Philadelphia
r*portfed that she had fine weather on the Bajika.
wiUi wteterly winds and a smooth sea.
Because of the death of Mr. Charles M. Hogan.
Secretary and General Manager, the Siegel Cooper
Store will close at 4 o'clock Monday afternoon to
permit the employes to view the remains at the
late residence of the deceased. 302 Central Park
West, before the body is taken to Camden, N. J.» for
interment Tuesday.
Kings County Club Teams Win and
Lose Games in Brooklyn.
Two teams of the Kings County Cricket Club
began their league championship series of games
yesterday at Prospect Park, where they broke
even, with the Brooklyn Nomads and Brooklyn
The Brooklyn Nomads won by 52 runs. This re
sult was due In a large measure to the good all
round play of J. H. Tuttersall. who, In addition to
capturing 5 wickets for 18 runs, played a good
innings of 2s. A. IX Tyrrill achieved the distinction
of securing top score of the match with a vigor
ous innings of 28, not out, while O. Smith, J. I*
I'oyer and E. F. C. Boddington all helped with
good contributions.
For Kings County. H. Whalen. H. C. Smart and
R. I*. Seely all contributed doubles, while C. B.
Worme did the best bowling. The score:
W. H. "Williams, b Tattersall °
H. C. Smart, b Tattersall * "
C. B. Worme, b Poyar "
E. B. Re«ca. c Tuniey. b Poyer »
It. Whalen, b Tatt«;r«all ■ *?
S. J. William* o Corbln. b Tattersa.ll J
O. Gaut!»r, o Smith, b TattersaJl »
R. L. Seely, not out • "
A. H. L«tli, o Poyer. b Tattersa.ll *
Byes ~ _
Total 68
J. H. TatUrsall, I b w, b Lewis 26
A. Lot ell. b Worm* *
E. H. Tuniey. b Smart "
V. Nairn, b Smart °
C. A. Tuniey. c Gautier. b Worme v
O. Smith, c sub, b Gautier 1;
J. L. Poyer. b Williams 18
E. F. C. BoddlnKton. b Worme 11
A. E. Tyrrill, not out 28
A. Corbin, b Worme 2
A. Armstrong, b Worme 0
Byes _[
Total HO
In the Association championship cricket game
yesterday at Prospect Park between Manhattan
and O. N. T. the latter gained an unexpectedly
easy victory by exactly 100 runs, after disposing
of its opponents for a total of 35. A. Rice and C.
Parks bowled In good form for O. N. T.. and pre
vented any of the Manhattan men reaching dou
bles, with the exception of A. Backus, who scored
10. I*. Brierley played a good Innings of 49 for the
winners, and Hal Holden and J. Allen also made
useful contributions. The score:
A. Backus, b. Rico 10
F. A. blade, b Rice «
C. Smith, run out • »
A. Glttens. run out • {>
A, C. Herbert, c 11. Holden. b Rice 0
A. J. Gray, absent —
A. Nawsurn. c H. Holden. b Parks y
W. Vlckers, b Rice "
C. Vlckers. b Park* - *
R. Engleton, not out ~ %
Byes • _Z
Total 85
O. N. T.
Hal Holden. o Ingleton. b Backus 17
C. Parks, run out .X
J. Allen, b Smith ™
E. Grewcock. b Backus *"
W. McMenamtn. b Backus. -
Henry Holden, c Glttens. b Herbert »
L. Bdsrley, b Slade %
A. Rica, b Blade ' " 6
B. Holoen, b Blade „
11. Dolan, b Blade .
L. Crltchley. not out. •• ****** 8
Byes !IIIII«.I.«... 1
Lee bye *
". 135
Total - .»«».«
The' Kings County St George team played a close
jan-e with the Brooklyn Zingari. whom they de
feated by 15 runs. J. S. Mahon played a capital
innings of 24. not out. for the winners, and also
proved effective with the ball. G. W. Barnes also
ehowed to .idvantage with a record of 3 wicket, for
only^an Advantage ngure,. with a hard the
onl> nfan fo reTch double figures, with a hard nit
innings of 16. not out. The score:
W. Camron. b 8arne5. ...... -•■■ ** I
W. B. Klr,B. o Atwood. b Barnes »
t'j O'llellLy b ilurnes "
I Atwood. b Barnes - 3
w Ko^'a £S£::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I
5-Sn.oandbC. Mahon 6
H A. I>eurle. b Barnes 3
wV^^rr^.e.b-v.-s.-MaKon::::::::::::: ;
H. O. Beala. b J. S. Mahon O
Leg bye!!!! V. '.'.".' '.*.".'. '.U'.'.V.'." J
Legt-ye _
Total ° 9
E J Atwood. b Camron »
.1 P. Stuart, b Camroo "
H William*, b Camro.i v
J*P Ma' on. not out 24
c, W Ba-nes. run out '
p! B. Mark* b Brown 6
3 C K. Jordan, b Csmron.. -
C C Mahon. 0 O'Reilly, b Curr.roa 8
C. J." Storms, b Maturln «
F Hoyie, 1, Camron «
Bye }
Lep ty» _
Tot/1 . — 74
The West Indians had no difficulty in defeating
the West Indian Wanderers, at Prospect Park,
whore the champions of the New-York Cricket As
sociation won by 2S runs. B. Alleyne and A. F.
Harding both played capital cricket for the win
ners. The score:
B. Allayma. run out 28
I" Williams, c Jarvla, l> de Silva 10
j. a::< Ibw, b Johnson 4
Ii HiLT'le. l> JObMOa 0
K. Nero, b Joh"vm 1
jr O Karfllng run out 1
K. i\ Harding, c Jarvls, b da SUva 1«
T •"■>>!■ » ul i
O. Wallhe. 1 b w. b Juhneon.... ,
K. Ale?a.ndur, c J»rvl*. b d« SUva 8
A. Pophtun. st Tayl-r, b da Suva 0
Byes 1«
I^gt'yes ■>
\v:i» ■-•■*
Total 8
■ r VfT INDIAN* %VAN:>i:r-.i.:U» CRICK CT CLUB.
A. Taylor, l> M.ntouth 7
V Waithrop, c sub, b A'exan<J«r 4
V. Pet-v*. c and b Williams 0
r.' Janrts, I b w, t, Alexander.^ 0
T Tullyi o AUeyns, b Muntouth. 19
Johnson, c A'.it-jne, b Montouth 1
A. E^r.Juniln. b Muniwuth 8
W. JoEopH, run out "
S de Bllva. not out "
N. Robblns, l> Montr.uih -
O. Qomba, b Allen -
By-a "
Legbye _^
Total • M
Th» Association Championship mutch, at Van
Cortlandt Park, between Newark and Yonkers, re
sultf-d in a draw. B. Livingston played a fine
innings of 52 for Newark. The latter team was
ab!e to tare with M for eight wickets. A. R.
Smith saved Yonkers from defeat by a stead]
innings of IT not out. The score:
J. E. Backus, b Crttchlow . 1T
W. H. Uait'«r c Sjnlifi. D Crltchlow «
C. It. Murray, b Low ™
S Ll viiiKSlun, 1. Smith * ** °f
j[ a. Juhii»ton. b Low "
J. a Booth, c Mercer, b Smith JJ
V. Lakff. b Smith "
W. Taylor, not out "
C. Howse, not out n f
R E. Torrance. b Smith -V
Bye __i
Total (declared) ' —
J. Woodwaxd did net bat.
R. CaMerbank, b Howes 7
H. liacheller. runout 0
J. Ridett. b Livingston 1
l:. Kdrnondtion, 0 Johnston, b Livingston 3
B. a. Low, b Torranee .' 8
A. K. Smith, not out 17
T. Mercer, not out 1
Bye 1
Total (five wickets) 31
T. Rafferty and J. Crltchlow did not hut
Fresh from their victory over Harvard In the
championship series of the Intercollegiate Associa
tion, the cricket team of the University of Pennsyl
vania yesterday defeated the Staten Island Cricket
Club at Livingston by 51 runs in a remarkable
The bowling of A. N. Goodfellow was undoubted
ly thd feature of the match. None of the Islanders
could make anything of his delivery, and he was
rewarded with an analysis of 8 wickets for 32 runs.
The scoring was fairly low all through, for F. W.
Baker'e 38 was top score of the game.
F. S. White also played a good innings for the col
legians, while for Btaten Island 6. E. O. Cook, who
hit vigorously for 25, made top score for his Bide. A.
G. Laurie bowled in fine style for Staten Island, and
accomplished the hat trick, by taking three wickets
in consecutive balls. The score:
F. W Baker, c Btalnthal. b Kelly 38
H. H. Morris, b Laurie ~ 7
W. F. Kscnan. Jr., |bvr, b Laurie 5
F. 8. White, b Killlck 22
R. Black, run out -. 15
M. Graham. 1 1> w. b Kelly 4
A. N. Qoodfellow. b Laurie 18
A. S. Hare not out 11
L. Lee, b Laurie , 0
I). Graham, b Laurie 0
D. McFarland. o Steinthal. b KUlick. 0
Uyes 15
Leg: byes 10
Total I*6
C. P. Hurdltoh, b Goodfellow 17
E. H. L. BUlnthal, b Goodfellow 14
F. I). Bfoekler, c White, b Graham 2
C. 11 EL Griffith, c Baker, b GooUfellow 0
A. G. .Laurie, b Goodfellow 4
F. F. Kelly, b Goodfellow 6
R. W. R. Powell, b Goodfellow..... 0
A. J. G. Cook, b Goodfellow 8
T. D. Killlck. b Goodfellow 14
B. E. G. Cook, o Black, b Lee „.. 23
P. E. Bouin«ld, not 0ut.... ........................... 4
By» „ 1
Total „....«........_ 0*
The New- York Veteran Cricketers' Association
played a drawn match with tha Brooklyn Juniors
yesterday at Prospect Park. The veterans put
on a total of 78, In which H. O. Scale was the main
contributor. The Juniors then lost 6 wickets for W
runs, when time was called. A Barter and H. V.
Tattersall did the best work for the Juniors.
Kramer Wins in London, but Is Disqualified
for Boring.
London. May 20. — In the international cycling
races at the Crystal Palace to-day F. L«. Kramer
(American) won the mile (scratch) race, defeating
Schilling, of Holland; Mayer, of Germany, and
Friol, of France. Time, 2:12 3-6. Kramer was dis
qualified, however, for boring, and Schilling was
awarded the raco.
In the quarter-mile race Mayer waa first. Kramer
second and Schilling third. Time, 0:36 8-5.
Kramer won the half-mile race. Schilling was
second and Mayer third. Time, 1:02 3-5.
Garden City, Long Island. May 20.— E. Pugsley,
A. W. Morrison, A. White. R. S. Thomaoa and C.
King, composing the Yale Gun Club, carried off all
tho principal honors at the lnterteam shoot on the
grounds of the Carteret Gun Club to-day, winning
the handsome silver cup offered by the governors
of tho club, and also the silver loving cup for the
man making the highest score In the fifty-target
contest. Mr. Pugsley, of Yale, was the only
marksman who ended with a clean score of fifty
broken blue rooks. Yale's total team score waa 804;
Crescent Athletic Club, 201; Carteret Gun (.Tub,
181; Nassau Country Club, 182, and the Westchester
Country Club, 16&.
Porter Caught Between Car and Floor and
Horribly Crushed.
Carl Phillips, a porter in the building of the
American Hard Rubber Company, at No. 9 to 13
Mercer-Bt-, was killed there yesterday when he
was caught In the elevator shaft between the car
and tba door sill on the second floor. His body was
caught across the hips and was horribly crushed.
Paul Richards, of Hoboken, the elevator man.
fainted when he saw what had happened to Phil
lips, and was taken, still unconscious, to St. Vln
cent's Hospital. He and Phillips had worked 10
gether for several year*.
Phillips was moving a heavy box from the pes
ond floor to the :irst. and had wheeled It on a
truck to the elevator door. Hearing the elevator
approaching, he turnt»U his back to the door, at
the same lime standing the truck on end. facing
away from the dour, ;o pull It aboard the car. As
Phillips stood, with his back to the half open door.
waiting for the 1 ar, the weight of the box cau?<-d
him 10 loM! his balance and fall backward. He
fell through the door before he could recover him
self and the truck an 1 box. falling on his legs,
pinned him down over the .age of the sill, when
the «levutor caught him.
It . equli ed two hours 1 work to get Philllps'a body
out. The elevator C'.»u!d not be '•• ■••-'• up or down,
and scvem] firemen of Hook and T«-ui«:ler Truck No,
'jo chopped and sawou away enough of the door bill
and frame of the shafi to release the body.
Harris::!.:. Mrs. E. Rowly, of
N. j., was irrisburg Hoa .
it her hus
band, George Rowly, who was or: the express
train which wa: the Pennsylvania
Railroad near this iit j a I
■ New-York. Mrs. Rowly
pital with a
photoi ■ out ol ■ -thr >• pa
found one, <i Swedish woman, who reo-
The woman said that th
■r in a Pullman
.ai h occurred.
The • : i sal ■ of the real estate holdings or"
Park A.- Tllford, one at sth-ave, and SMh ■
the other at Columbus-aye and 7Jd-st., have
more or less comment m view of the long 01 -
cupancy of these properties ■ > the Bra. Coincl
dently with 'ere made I ack to
In •a< h .-.is.-, it is under
stood • iraiion wlll be formed under
Park t ■ i ai ry on the
Detroit, &fay » a- I li '-
:;,,n Of MUSiCtS
, . ■„:;.■: Damrosch,
of the New-York- -
In which 11 :
ns, was received si
:,t: ,t Weber of the Federation was
New-York ai once and try to
effect .i satisfactory etwsj«n -Mr.
Damn " k locate.
"A little learning may be a dangerous thing, 1
remarked the Observer of Events and Tiling.
•■but the man with a little learning la not nearly
so dangerous as the man who knows it all."'
— CYonkers Statesman.
Bonks and Publications.
Thomas W. Lawson tells
hew the biggest National
Bank in America committed
Charles Edward Russell exposes the Beef-Trust-Report of the
beautiful theorist Garfield, who was no more prepared to go up against
the Beef Trust crowd than a babe in the cradle.
Ten great stories — An Article on the Fun Makers— A Superb
Art feature — The usual clever departments — And a new one, "Under
the Spreading Chestnut Tree," help to make the June
Jtist out— ls cents on all netvj-stancLs
The Ridgway-Thayer Company. Union Square, nw York dry.
Monsignor Burtsell Eeturns from Three
Months' Stay in Rome.
Monslgnor Burtsell. of Rondout, N. T.. totm^y
one of the most prominent of the city pastors and
a close friend and associate of the late Dr. Mc-
Glynn. returned yesterday from a three months
stay in Rome. Pope Plus treated him In a most
friendly manner, raised him to the rank of men
signer and only a few weeks ago commls. ioned hij m
to assist the Archbishop of Palermo In «*»W.shln«
an Halo-American seminary In that city for •du
"tta»»attv. clergy for the Italian mission in this
"i'Srnor Burt-eir. parishioners^^.to
the number of two hundred came down th* Hudson
yesterday on a chartered steamer and took him
home at once, Vas%^ itW^
coming "^^^"mornlnsTMonslgnor Burtsoll
name to the people of Rondout.
His Recommendations as to Native Bishops
To Be Referred to Pope.
Archbishop Symon. the Polish prelate who ar
rived here Thursday, was the guest of Archbishop
Farley yesterday. He goes to Washington this
evening In company with Monslgnor Fieri, hu.sec
retary. There has been much speculation as to the
authority the Polish Archbishop has In settling the
demand of some 2.000.000 Polish Catholics for na
tive Bishops, llonslgnor Fieri would not admit
yesterday that the Archbishop had special powers,
but intimated that whatever recommendations the
Archbishop might make would be referred to the
Pope personally. ♦»,_»
From an authentic source It was learned that
Archbishop Symon has plenipotentiary Powers and
will make a thorough investigation of the »QU«*a
of Polish Catholics In every diocese m the c °" nl £>;
The Polish Catholic Federation sees in the ap
pointment of Archbishop Symon a • vjctoiy .ov er the
arguments of come of the American Bishop* wno
° l ¥hTo r m C co a me Pr o*f U th S e investigation is expected to
result In the appointment of auxUiary . Bi show *«r
the Poles In such large centres as Buffalo. Chicago
and Milwaukee: likewise the recommending to each
Provincial Bishop of the appointment of an able
priest to be Vicar General for his own people.
Should this plan be adopted th* prelates go ap
pointed would have special Jurisdiction in subjects
pertaining to th» Poles. The sole authority canon
ically recognized, would be the American head of
each diocese.
Joseph N. Ely. the Consolidated Kxchange broker
who on Friday failed to meet bis obligations to
the Clearing House, settled in full yesterday, and
uml-r the rules of the exchange was reinstated.
Albany. May 20.— The Standard Concrete Com
pany, of Yonkers. waa Incorporated to-day with
capital and the following .(.rectors. J. P.
Havemeyer. \v. B. Nisbet :tnd G. B. Waite. of
New- York.
The Fourteenth Street Hank of New-Tort City/
filed with thf Secretary of State a certificate of ln
crease of capital stock from &00.000 to $ioo.iX)O and
extension uf corporate purpi
From The Brockton (Mass.) Times.
The W. 1.. Douglas Shoe Company, pioneers la
the manufacture and marketing of a specialty shoe,
sold last week 10 ,860 pairs of their celebrated make,
eclipsing the rfcord of any previous week's busi
ness in the spring season since the iptloii of the
William U Douglas, whose name and portrait are
familiar to every on« throughout th»> country, due
to his persist*' nt and rontiiuv>u« :ulv» rTisirijr for tno
past twenty-two years, stated in an Interview with
••The Times'' this morniui; hat from present iinii
cations his two immense facti.ii.'.s. run to thftr full
capacity ilurins the « ntlr» season, will hardly be
able to nil the orders already received for fall de
livery. (Continuing, Mr. Douglas stated:
"It is an Interesting fact that the onleri average
larger amounts from each customer than were
shipped a year ajro.'; which indicates thp favor
with which w, i.. Dowslaa shoes an> received.
The W. 1- Douglas Shoe Company's chain of ex
clusive retail stort-s. located in t!n> prlr.ci t>itl citi»->s
has stiown an enormous pain tin- past *o;iron: aa
a matter »f fact; a prvat many of their stores had
thdr stock so ■'■■■■. sales that it
ha<: boon nef«-ss<»ry U> forward shii-in-nts liy cx
nress tr. meet th»> demand. An Interesting story
Illustrating the growth :>f th*- company is found
in the comparative table of sales during the past
ut. years, as follows:
ih>3 $i.37i.i>.;: sis] moo |5.075.ui03<
IVIB 1.41" »S' .-..•. V'l 3 );7 ,, 7 , v . oj
I't>7 1.4T5.35S 22|1Wr2 4 Tv's"^ : >t
IBBM !.»* .:•■> I ■
ISM... 2.0«i.:>006»5;i0ru noio^s^ia
From present inrticatinns the amount of business
done in 1906 will unJoubtisily fxc . ' $7 ,",Cni i»m as th«
spring run alone amounted to .<3.tr.7.fii». which' will
make an Increase In one year of over $1 500 t<o,>
Arked by a oner to what he attributed his
enormous and Uargelv lr.crex in; business Mr.
D<)Uslis modestly replied:
•-1 c main factors were the mnklnc ° f Sh ° e9
and : '
[hv IUMMII TO THE TtttPuXß )
tall River. Mass.. May H Brokar. report that
■ales in the cloth market for the week are esti
mated at from IS •■' to Uj.OOo pieces. Printers'
goods are still dormant. : >no th^ f,. ; i turo ls one ,■
the most surprUing :n n«^ rr..inuf.»ctu.ers have
known In years. An actual statement shows ihe
peculiarity of the condition.
A mill here whose treasurer is called one of the
Books and Puhlicationt.
FOR SALE — . A 55 SSTS or "AMERICA'S ace
XUlfc on lift. CESSFUL. MEN." In two large vol
umes, with portrait*, eov.-rs slightly lolled, but In as
cellent condition: orisiail price iM; to dispoae of quickly
will put the price a: $4.00 per sat. Addres* IUI*L&
New-Tork Tribune.
freest and shrewdest of traders has had M I
busy since the strike ended on plala narrow goods.
For ten years these products have been as v*; ■
as regulars. Since the middle of January then*
has been no time when the product from these :»>
loom 3 could be sold at a profit, and they stinpiy
have been piling up goods. There has been no tim«
In ten years when printers wduld r.ot take this
kind of product and give it preference.
What la true Jn this case Is matched b^- many
similar cases In the local mills wound up to mak»
the common narrow printing cloths. Th*y ha- ■»
not been salable, but other products of the sain*
mills hay* been taken and disposed of. and ther*
has been r.o accumulation In local warehouses try
speak of.
Printers themselves do not know how to account
for the curious condition. At the moment when
domestics are selling with the greatest freedom
and when export products are booming none of th«
large print works are running ia full, aril evert
the goods that are being prepared are not belnac
sold freely. It Is due, of course, to the fa. I that
retailers are not selling: calicoes. They will be in
demand again, but Just now th.a staple of th*
world's drygoods trade is neglected. When printers
say they can't explain it only th» men who talk
against time or the writers who work against
space can unravel what it all means.
The call for heavy goods continues, and It Is be
ing met In a small way— that Is to say. th« orders
accepted are for 5,000 or 10,000 piece lota of fabrics
made from yarns running from 20s to 2-ts. Every
mill cannot be safely changed over to make thes*>
goods after having been wound up for regular
printing cloths, but when there Is a clear margin, of
three or four cents a pound profit in them mills
can be changed in small portions to turn out Sit)
pieces or more a wee it.
Standard wide goods are selling at V»c. white
89-inch 63x72s are quoted at 4 >-16c. and are Bcarca
at that figure. The trade In fine and fancy goods
is getting better. The main difficulty has been In
getting weavers sufficiently skilled to undertake
the new styles offered at tempting prices That i*
being overcome by a systematic educational policy
adopted in several of the mills. Young people ar*
being: trained as fancy weavers in three large cor
porations, and while th<*y are learning they re
ceive standing pay.
The quotations for the week were as follow?.
Twenty-eight-inch. Wx64. 2 21-32 c; 2S-lnch. ttx».
2 17-32 c; 2fT-inch. 66x56. 2 13-16 c; SS^-lnch. 64xM. i->
and 39-lnch. 65x72. 4 9-16 c.
The following petitions in bankruptcy were ft!* 1 *!
yesterday with the clerk of the L'nlted States Dis
trict Court:
Charles T. Terry, as counsel of Dm COLUMBIA PAPER
'BUI I COMPANY, against which concern aa lnvolunt*fj»
petition in bankruptcy was fl>d a fa* days aro, and 5
Sidney Smith. apr>oint«d receiver on frl ta fll*i a lory
a::swer to the petition, denying th« company was In
solvent and denying a-, well the. mow Important al>cu
t'.ons and averments of the petitioning crad'.wrs. Mr.
Terry admits that TV. H. Wblia resigned as presi^r.t
of the Columbia Paper Bag Company, bet denies tre
management of the company !• now in th* ha?vi.« ■"
Irresponsible employes, or that its directors ar» not care
fully conserving and property conducting Its business, it
is admitted that rent for the, current mor.th has r.s: been
paid, as alleged but It 1* d*n'ed that dispossess proce*. -
Inics have, heon or ara to b« Instituted. It is also a*imit:»l
that one, stockholder recently bs>nn proceed'.rgs t> r*r
mit him an tn«;,eet!f>n o? tl'» company's tK>ok«. hut tiat
he has lispoeetl of his hoiiilr.jt-. which are O w In torn
hands of persons exi»«ed!ng:ly friendly to thsi company »r.d
the present manujfrmon;.
Mr Terry My-, the company has capita! fMck .'f tTrt.OW.
of Whtotl only $.">S.O(K> is out<itand!r>s: $15.00 b*'.n(C tr^i*
ury stock, which can be disposal of at a moment"* ***]**
for g 10.1 f!si:re« and i» th«refor» a koo-1 -•'■ Th*
liabilities ii.> not excead. h» continues. SSS.OB& It '■*
denied that the note of the New-Tor* Xati-r*; Ears-t
' -•-. „..«.;.- . -, « attache • '• - ■*
• I^Tifii apiMririon of this cre^iltor. *«kln?. with t-'
Crut Xo'th«m Par<»r rompary. the Onno Fap»r * r *
inj'.r> Crr. ;>ary anl rhe Henry Paper Corrpariy. the pr'^
cljal erni'tors. that th» Involuntary petithni b* d;^
mt'Jre.i. The I«lin(! Parer O rrpany. t^e ar»«*r »ays H
net a creditor, hn 'eally a debtor, an! th^t a siif tos
been *n^tttnf'"<l aci*Ti!it the lfltTer r^mpany by th« Ctotnm -
' *
faltttn tn d-Mver tnUln paper >iri'.ler a roTiT-a't. to ••-
cover S2.THS. and that tho i*!i»-.l c«mr>»ny put In »» »
counter rliim to the *>.:tt I 1.72 ft. The Columb'.a roHH
pany'a s««et» amaiint !■> a^cnint* J!> i>"»: merchnn^*-.
ttc.. Jl«\r-n.v f.irfrry ard pant. f.'iS.i I "''' and. It I* »!<J
the cn'piiv '• "» ITrcwbl* c^n~r-7'.. w'th pr^n»-tv that
would r-.^!iz^ a' a niAr-ert 1 " rtAritv. a « lea.it $V> (>"»>. anl
is T',erof ->re- pe-fe^»!y e-->lv<«nt In every partVu'ir
Mr. T'r-v .I«ni<>» in con<-lu<«rn that his client has In
any wav c^rpTr^ittFi an act of r*uTikriij**»~v witi*!n * c
hpr.hmptry 'mis amj asks thar the Inv V.mtarv petition
be dlsmtrjed.
A Tolontarjr nrtltioa w,i« flw br jrvsKPFT KNi»?rM
». »S3 W»*t" 13th-<.. with i M cf M.' ? nil an! <!«.•••«
rf *•''(•. The p-in^i^Ri CTWtfft^TH «r^ th<* B»chfl BreT*
In 1 - '~".-rr'n.inv. *?.1»'"> anl ;^i> Min!:!a Anchor Brww "•
i'" Mrv. «t in<» Tt» ->r?"c!p3l tt<rr! of a»s<-t It we
rocit* iUi» ammir.t:r!r to •."00.
Th* nrst name Is that of th*» debtor. th« «*■"•
ond that of the creditor and date when Judgment
was sT.ed:
r.rush. SylTester — J Kutia: Dec 15. 1904 •>«
Dan'skr. Htrri-"— II M Robertson and ano (can
.-•■n.-dt: Oct 12. iftW ■■'■
d--'- r 'inie: — J S Se'.ls et Sl; Jv . 13. 1904
tifersed) I*- 1
Kinfr. Chss V—Fl Arm*troric: s=ept S. IIW* t.*>
<(w:ti Frank M — M C*lhooa nee 27. l!*v-» U*
Uihrs. Frederick H .1 Kull*: t^c 15. 1»H SS.*
Mtr.o*'">la. Oonsetto — Francis H LaaisMt & Co; Auc
S2. I*ol »*
rhvV>. .Mire J--A N ■pi>PS Jan ». 1908 . I<W
ReUlf, learn r Darnsn Oot S. 19<M I**
r.eh?>M Jaoob— J Mcl^e^n: March B. ISM (can
c«ned» .... 2S>
Sarre-.it A ?t % venson an.i another; rv.- 2S. 150*
(.-an-e'.'e!) X 2
Soin. Is man an.l Henry — M N Hi -harts. April 22,
IOiVS , I. I **- 4
Simon*. W"m J— V m naa*tr: Ji»n 27 1005 Ul
Wolkenhen Joseph— A Prince: Oct 17. '.901 <<■*!>
celle>)» **
Fifth A».nue. Co«<-h Cn— •I Brennan: Apr ST. IVK» 107
The John Kress r*»v. ng Co — O V Sloat {on ap
penl>: June 27. 19O* . SJA
The sehMu'rs In the asslsrment of FreJ H. Smith,
stock broker at No. 65 Broadway, were filed yes
terday In the Supreme Court. Th<*y show: Liabili
ties. $4'\233: nominal assets. U&.&3; actual a«*ct%

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