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teur in a few hours.
Staten Island Team A Defeats
Brooklyn Wanderers.
Frospect Park presented a busy scene of crtck_t
?_t?r_a_. for no te?s t___ frve matches were con
tested on the Parade G round there. Chief of these
was the contest bet?MO Staten Island Team A
aad the Brooklyn Wanderers. whlch resulted in a
_c__y for the former by 31 runs. C. H. Clarke and
F. F. Kelly bowled well for the victors, the former
taking 6 wickcis for "4 runs. and the latter 4 for 19.
C. H. Clark- a'so batted well for 47. while E. H. L.
St?_t__2 -nd -1 ~'- Toone also added doubles.
For _~_~_cly_ .1 A.'_ Impson and H. Rushton made
the |M_?S- stand. Tbf score:
. . 0. C_a_e-_~. b _*-.-. (
W. B-iro-va, b CSarlr?-..._.. "
J. Wood b Kelly-J.__._..?. *
O. Marphtraoc. lb*. b Kell. ._..____...?.-?-? J
J. A. 61_peon. b C1m-_.---??_.-_-.-3
W Ber.nar. b Claikel._?._--_________ 1
J. S. Wait. o __.. blciarfce.?.-...-... '
A. Gunn. b Kel.y._,...-_._._._..... 2
H. Rushton. c aub, h Clarke......_._.-_.. 10
15 F. Bc-dlnetcn. not. out.....?_. ? ? ? i . ?
r>. Matui-ln. b a_x__-.-._
. 6
_._ 1
.. 60
C. P. Hurditch. b Buahton.-__-. 2
E. H. I. S'.eiathai. c Macp_ersoo. b ______ __.-1P
C H. Clarke. o aad b Wool.....__....? 4T
F. F. Ke.'iy. c C_e.__. r. b Macukexaon.-.-....._-. 2
F. A IV. _____ b Bc___r. ? . . -m 1
T. A. Alltaon. e Qtnrn. b _*____,.._._..__..? 1
J. TV. Tonne. not out...,. ? ? ?? i ? 11
H. _____ b VCood._._..._".._ 0
A. J. O. Cook. b <__a:e_g_-_?___.-_,.._ 4
?Wide __!____!..__._._._.__._? _..._...___.....__ 1
No ball-.-.-?.- 1
Defeats Kings County Clnh by Forty-two
An lnteresting contest resulted from the meeting
of Team B of tho Btaten Island Club and the
I Kings County Club. Althongh playing only eight
.men, of whom seven batted. the visiting team de?
feated its opponents by 42 runs, with one wlcket to
spare. A. G. Laurio hit out ln good style for
Staten Island. and just passed the half century
mark. and was well backed by R. "W. R. Powell,
I>. G. Humble and S. E. G. Cook. For Klngs
County. H. C. Smart. with S5, proved top scorer.
while 1_. B. Reece, A. B. Lewis and G. Gautler al_
scored double figures. The score:
?. H. Willlams. b Daiton? _._.... '<
C B. Worme c sub. b Daiton. 1
K. B. Reece. b Daiton.-K
H. C. Smart. c BcusHeld. b Curran.... 3?"?
A B. Le-rts. c Grtflltb. b Humble. 15
_- J. Wllliama. run out.-_.. G
B- Javer'.. ran out. 7
H. Whaien. b Curran. 2
H. I_r._:ca. e Boumtield. b Laurie.- 4
G. Ga.un?r_ not out.-???? 12
F Ga-Ucr. _ Laurie. *
Byes . U
_ea ^yes..?. ;i
; ToU! .125
-C. Daiton. b Wonne. -'
. T. Carran. b tKormc.?. '
_- G l_,url_ b l.wls. -1
R- -.". R. .owell, c Javerl, b Gautler. _
-5. E. G. Cook. b l?ngton.-. 22
t>. g. Humble. not out.-.--. *3
f- E. Rouaf.eld run cut. 0
Bye- .-. "i
Le_ bre. 1
To'al filx w1_teta>.
E H K Gnfflth did not l?t.
The c?. N. T. and Thistle teams played a close
. and exclting match. which eventually resulted in a
victn-y for tbe Thistles. by the narrow murgln of
nm. Lcw -,-onng pr^vailed throughout the
J match. Hal Holden. with 16. being the only double
| flgure man for O. _.". T.. and J. E. Gillette, with 10.
? for the Thistles. For the home team, A. Rich
i ardson captured 4 wlckets for 10 runs. The acore:
.. N. T.
Ic. Park . b Glllettf. <*
|W. Jf. Minexnan, c Gillette, b Richardeon. S
Haj-Holden. b __dd-_r. lc>
_>per. c .'. \ndt-r_.n, b __ddeley. 0
' Hy Hold?r.. 1. _1_____MI. *
L BrterVy. c ?nd b RiUnore. '?
R. Holdei:. b Rlrhard-n. 3
M. McHale. b Patmof. "
E. Gre?x-oc_. c . lurro.-k. b Rlchardaon. j
M. Do^us, t> Patmore. ''
r. Whlttles. not out. 1
Bye. . 2
Tota; . ?*
i. DaJjrli-^h. B Parks. "
X. Blleddoa: run ,,?:: . '
J. _. G:!;_!c. run out. "'
a. Deiva!!-. ,- ]>,i?n. b McHale. *
1 a Patmore l b ??. b Parka. *
C E. Badd ,?n 1 b w. b Purka. L
*'. C Andereoc. c H. Holden. b Parks. <
J. Sturrock. - Brlerl^y. b McHale. J*
.' Johnatone. not out. ?
A. Rjchardaon. b Park-. "
J McPbee. abeent. .
The W<-st Indians vislt?- the Yonkers <"iub at
V_i C(;rTiandt Park yesterday for an association
e__np:onFh!p cri'-ket ?____, and woii the game by
1* run_ -vfth three wlckets to spare. T> Goodridite
bowled ?f.j~ndidlv for the ?_____, capm. ng sev-n
wiok .f for 19 r_ns. H B _~te___der. J Harv?.
and J L_h_. . .1 battM -~H for tho vis-.tors. while
fw BsaJwra R Ed____~o_. with 11. ?as the only
??sn on th?? double ftRur^ Mst. Th* acore:
J- ____>'. e Edmonaon. b I__r. 14
-* ,i*_?r. b L_w . ??
.' J-tley. ! b w. b L. w. ?
?? Baixen-. b CritrhK.w. 1
.cr. < -nd 1 -Ylichl-w. i~
. - l. -??. *
. J
I. ?
-.-. T
..::.::::.::.::.:. j>
T*_. - -kaca;. ^
H. Scott. o Mcr>ermon, b Good_rtde???-?.??.??.??? *
R Low. o SicDermon. b GoodriAffe. _?...._......-_????? *J
F. Jacoba. b Goodrldge .._............... ?
R. CaiderbarJc. b Alexander._.__-?-...-. ?
R. itatheson. b Goodrldgre ?.-...._.?..?....??? 1
F. R. Sm'.th. b _____dr~..__..__.._.? O
R. Edmonson. o Hardinc. b <3e-_rldgn.?-.-~....___..? 11
J. Crltchioir. not out_.__._._.._--...--??_.. ?.~-? T
J. Blddett. b Goodridgo.-.-. ?
3. Mltehell. run out .???....-.-._-_.. 1
B. Rlddett. b MfaDermon.__._....?.-_-?--..-..? 0
Byes .?.-'""""". a
Goodrldre and O. McDermon did not bat.
Team B of the Yonkers Club vlslted Prospect Park
for an association cricket match with the 'vTest
Indlan Team B. and sustained a crushing defeat
by no less than 72 runs. J. "Withey and J. Montouth
carried the bowllng honor? ror the winnlng team Dy
securing 6 wlckets for 4 runs and 2 for __-.re.-pee
tlvely, while for Yonkers T. Rafferty took 6 for 24.
The maln batting for the West Indlans was done
bv R, Dudlev and J. Montouth. with scores of <J7
and 22, respectivelv. while A. .Villiamsjpontribmeo"
1* and J- Wlthev 12. The totals: Yvest Indlan
Team B. 90; Yonkers Team B. 18.
Defeat Kings County St. George Men?Cor
bin's Work a Eeatnre.
The Brooklyn Nomads galned an easy victory
ln cricket over the Kings County St. George team
by 64 runs yesterday. The fea*ure of the game was
the good work of A- Corbin. who. ln additlon to
capturing four wlckets for three runs. contributed
15. The score of the game, however, was made by
W. B Seale for Brooklyn. For Klngs County S.
George J. S. Mahon, C. T. Toddlngs and J. P.
Stuart did the best work at the bat. The score:
~'. B. Seale. c sub. b Bar _-_..-__.83
J. H. Tattersall. b B_n__-? ?-........ 7
J. L. Poyer. run out......._.......... V
A. Corbin. b MoMabon..-..-J>
O. Emlt-L. c Somner. b Barnes. 2
V, Nalnv. run out. 6
A. Tyrlll. b McClennan. 3
C. A. Tunley. b Barnes. 1
E. P. Greenldgre, c Somner. b McClennan. 10
A. Seale. b McClennan-.-. *
E H. Tunley. not out........... O
Byea . ?
Le* b>. .--._1
Total . 93
E. J. Atwood. c and b Poyer. 2
C. T. Toddln*8. C Nalrn. b Tattersall. 10
J. P. Stuart. c Seale. b Poyer. 10
J. S Mahon. not out.... 18
G. Barnes. b Corbin . 1
J. P. McClennan. 1 b w. b- Corbin. 3
C A. Somner b Corbin. 0
J. C. ___. Jordan. not out. 0
Total . 3S
A close game resulted from the meeting at Eliza?
beth, N. J.. of the Union County and Paterson
cricket teams, whlch resulted in a defeat for ?he
former by 16 runs. W. Bunce played a good c.U
round game for Paterson. for, ln additlou to scoring
14, he captured 4 wickets for 3 runs. J. W. Hooper
,/iayed steadily and well for the winners for 27.
: _>r I'nion County E. F. Goddard and A. H. Gilson
'?xcelled with the ball. The former took 4 wlckets
?or 24 runs and the latter 2 for 6. The totals were:
I'aterson. 68; Union County, 50.
A surprise was encountered at Kewark ln the
meeting of the Columbia Oval and Newark teams.
The home players beat the visitors in a low scoring
eame by the narrow margin of 6 runs, after an ex
i.ting finish. The bowiing of Livingaton and Bates
ior the winners and Birkett and Shaw for Colum?
bia Oval was exceptionally good. and only two men
pot lnto double figures in batting. The totals: Co?
lumbia Oval. 36; Newark, 41.
Manhattan went to Branch Brook Park to play
:igalnst Eesex County. and defeated their opponents
in the championship series by 21 runs. F. A. Slade
and A. Backus put on 00 runs for the flrst wicket.
and the first named passed the half century mark
by two before he was bowled. A. C. Herbert and
A J. Grav added double figures. For Essex County
T. Gllbert and A. H. Stratford each made over 20.
and W. Such bowled well and captured flve wickets
for 19 runs. F. A. Slade and W. Adam were the
best bowlers for Manhattan. The totals: Manhat?
tan. 101: Essex County. 80.
Reports from Lakes and Streams Along the
Line Show Week of Good Catches.
The bass fishing season has opened in most prom
ising fashlon. The reports from the different lakes
along the line of the Erie Railroad show liberal
catches at all of the stocked lakos, the fish run?
nlng from a pound to five and one-half pounds and
taking the bait eagerly.
Fercy II. John.-on. secretary of the New-Jersey
Flsb and Game Commlssion. after a vlsit to Green
wood I-.ke last week. said:
I ain eoi_-i?ced U?t there is n<> lake within two
hundred miles of New-York City that is supenor
to Greenwood. lt alsi. please.- me to report that
Mombasha and Denmark lakes and Green Pond
and all the other lak.-s and ponds on the lines ot
the Erle road sre affording fishermen excellent
From Steriing Foresl come reports of two
catches of b-uss numbering fourteen and .le.en, re
apectively. witii ihe best Rsh weighlng three and
a quartei pou liJ*1 average ruaning about
one and 8 ijuart ?t pounds. Th< ? bigg-St fish re?
port.-d in tht- w*-t-k was taken from Lake Mom?
basha at Monroe. snd welgbed five and a half
pounds. topping a strlng or' i.inr-. which averaged
two atid a half pounds. From tho Twin Lakes. at
Parker'* Glen roffl. a raporl of <>ne fi..ierman. who
landr-d ;:iiriy ln one <lay. with two pounds for the
avera>;~ nf l!i? cat< .?:??'? ?? >? n ? ?: .? half poimd'-r
for ti,? ti-.-f of the l< '
Trout fishing eontittms r. ??? >. although th- fish
?re runr.lng somewhal smaller thai: they did
e-.rlif-r ta i!.' seaso ? Is rlentiful.
At Sholiola durirs: the - '-? a strlng of thirty
two ??>r^ tak..i from Bhnhol-i Brook. one of eigh
teen from Hal'-v?'->' T -- of twenty-one
f. ,n> Be. ver Bronk.
Cren, June 24. At the ie !?>
day J <?. Taylor. <if the i"-,i-, ??] M:y of Pennsyl
vania. won the 300-yar_ .lasli: li-ii-. 32 2-6 s . onds.
??<Tarenre. .ear " saiit the young wif>. "xiron't
you try some ef mv chocolste calsoT*
I_/i yri.i msm . uvolf. ?'o.dei..'?"
nf '.no mai
rlrnon::'l ? ? ?
i *?
?*r. r_g_t. d-vi ng. !? .? . ; >><ie of res
lKiiation CAJrve :n< rt slf.e. Lhtfi telephone for
the doctor. '--(.Chioaga I>ally N-ws.
Makes Xere Mark at Empirc City?
"Auto" Races Postponed.
Guy Vaughan. driving- a 40-honiepowrer Pe
cauville car, established a new world's track
record for 1,000 miles at Emnlre Clty track
yesterday. coverlng the distance in 23 hours 83
minutea and 20 seconds, clipping 2 hours 1Q
mlnutes and 41 seconds off the former mark.
Xot satisfied with this excellent showing. th*i
plucky driver continued and succeeded ln reel
ing off 15% miles more in the 2G minutes and 40
seconds remaining out of the twenty-four hours.
This gave him another new world's track
record. namaly, 1,015% miles ln twenty-four
fcours' eontlnuous driving.
Charles G. "Wridgway held the former record
for 1,000 miles. which was 25 hours 50 minutes
and 1 second, and was made at Brighton Beaca
last May ln a Peerless maehine. 'Wridgway was
the flrst person to congratulate Vaughan yes?
terday upon his successful attempL Vaughan
trled to lower the record a few weeks ago, but
was obllged to abandon the attempt on account
of bad weather and tire trouble. Had it not
been for the heavy rain on Friday night, which
made tho track muddy and sllppery, considera?
ble more time would have been clipped off the
The new record holder started at 1:35 p. m. on
Friday and finished at 1:35 yesterday. Leland
H. Mitchell, a mecbanic, accompanied him, Dur?
ing the twenty-four hours while Vaughan was
circlmg the track he stopped fourteen times and
lost thereby 1 hour, 33 minutes and 45 seconds.
He punctured a tire on two occasions, and met
with several mlnor accidents which caused a
loss of time.
From the start Vaughan maintained a faster
pace than did Wridgway when be establlshed
the record which was broken yesterday. The
last mile was the fastest. This he made in
1 mlnute 3 2-5 seconds. The average mile was
made in 1 mlnute and 13 seconds, which is 7
seconds faster than Wridgway drove. Vaughan
wore a path through the mud, and by sticking
to this course saved much time.
Some five hundred persons were on hand to see
the finish. and the grimy, mud bespattered
driver was loudly applauded. The time made
by Vaughan, as comparod with that of Wridg?
way, is shown in the appended table:
Mile*. Vaugrhan. Wrldg?a.y.
60. 68:37 1:05:40
100._. 1:56:39 2:09:44
IOO. 8:06:88 8:35:25
200. 4:08:68 4:38:04
250. 6:01:08 G:?:S8
300._. 6:59:54 8:54:40
850. 7:09:58 8:08:43
400...._. 8:20:09 0:15:19
450. 9:20:21 10:49:56
600.?. 10:24:42 12:10:34
650. 12:49:07 13:42:03
800.?. 18:26:47 15:07:16
650. 14:44:55 16:40:06
700._. 15:53:35 17:59:59
760. 17:27:10 19:33:55
800._. 18t52:44 20:45:36
850. 20:06:46 22:11:36
900.-. 21:21:87 23:18:36
950. 22:83:13 24:26:29
1,000.-. 23:83:20 25:50:01
Mlleags for twenty-four houra?Vaug-han, l.OlSH;
Wridgway, 943. Galn. 72%.
The flnish of Vaughan and the automobile
races which were 6cheduled to take place yes?
terday, drew more than three thousand people
to the Empire City Track. Disappointment,
however, was in store for the crowd, for the
races were postponed, owing to the heavy con?
dltion of the track on the turns. whlch made lt
unsafe for the hlgh power cars to compete.
There was a slight rain falllng, too, so the
management announced a postponement until
2:30 p. m. to-morrow.
Most of the spectatoi? came to the track in
motor cars, and, as rain checks, good for to
morrow. were given out, these people dld llttle
grumbllng. Some, however, demanded that the
admission money be refunded, clatming inabil
lty to attend on Monday. A baby rlot seemed
imminent, but the ofllclais ln charge of the
Winning the opportunity to represent France in the Gordon Bennett Cup races.
meet finally succeeded in satlsfying the malcon
Ten minutes after the spectators had left
the track the sun came out brightly, but it was
late in the evening before the track had dried
out The match race between Louis Chevrolet
and Barney Oldfleld will be sure to draw a large
crowd of enthusiasts to the track to-morrow.
The programme aa announced for yesterday will
be carried out.
Maroezy Wins Ag-ain and Maintains His
Lead in Big Toumament.
Ostend. Belgium, .Tune 24.?Punetually at 9:30
o'clock this morninc: the chess experts began play
ln the tenth round of.th*? international toumament
at the Kursaal. in this city. When time was called
at 1:30 o'clock Wolf had beaten Taubenhaus and
Janowski had disposed of leonhardt, while th?
Kames betwern Blackburne ;*nd Schlechter and
Marco and Marshall were dravrn.
ln the afternoon session Tsohigorln went down
before Teiohmnnn. Burn loat to Tarrasch and Ala
pin was beaten bv Mph- zv. The latter thus maln
'nlns ihe lead of half .1 point over Janowski and
Tarrasch F<llowinK i< 'he score nt all the players
to datw
Won I, *? Won. Loat.
A'acln .... 5 ' IMarahail . 4* V*
R^knulne. 4'- ???, .--hlechter .? 4
. . 31- *<\ rarrasch . 7
jSSwiti"...7 3 ITaubenhau..2 8
l^onhaidl .fi * Telchroann . 51* 4**
Mar"" . ??* 5? ;T?chlgorln . 2 1
M.roriv. 7H 2V?|Wolf .5 B
On Mondav. ',n the eleventh round. Marshall will
T,e^t Janowski. and Leonhardt-Marrr>v Schlechter
l\nnwskl Teiolnnann-Blackburne, Wolf-Tsehlgo
r" MairoVzy-TaubenhaiMi ,.nd Tarrasch-Alapln will
V,'*-. 'be *-.t,>r' pali
The Trlbutie's real eetate new* eaoh day 1* ...rapieie.
kiwui; r.-iords of trnasfrra. u?.>rtgiige?, Us pt-dens.
Ueos. aJirtloiis, lnipro\eini-nts, rlc
Wins Rochet-Schneider Cup.
"Th* Automoblle" has Just published a speclal dispatch from Paris, from whlch we quote as follows:
"Paris, June 7.?By the victory of the 18 H. P. Peugeot, owned and driven by Mr. Perrett. of th*
Ardennes Automobile Club, the Rochet-Schneider Cup has passed from Switzorlaml to France. Owing
to its e.xactlng nature and the quality of the competitors, the Rochet-Schneider Cup competltion may
Justly be descrlbed as the Gordon Bennett of touring events."
It adds that thls year's race was run over a mountainous country. the total distance belng about 20o miles.
and says the victory this year of the 18 H. P. Peugeot, which was pitted agalnst 13 cars of from 16 to 40 horse
power, representing France and Swltzerland, brlngs the cup lnto France, and has aroused the enthusiasm of th i
French section.
In the same Issue of the paper a special article on "Transmission Gearing Efficiency Test" says: "Experi
ments were recently carried ont at the laboratory of th? Automoblle Club of France ln order to determine the
efficiency of the trajismission gearing of the modern automobile." As the result of these tests Peugeot showed
a hlgher efficiency than any other car, showlng a total of 89 per cent. as against 79 per cent by its nearest com
This is Why Peugeot won the France Economy Trials ln 1903 and the Galli en Hill Cllmblngr Contest ln 1904,
and every touring race in which it enters.
It w_l be- notlced that the car whlch won the Rochet-Schneider Cup was not driven by a paid chauffeur, but by the owner. Mr.
Duplicato* o? the^car^ which won this race now ready for
Do Not Wait Several Months for a Sl-ipment from Europe.
Telephone 3114?38th for a demonstration which wi!l be made at your convenience.
Soie American Agents, Broadway & 49th St.
Great Neck Scores a Well Eaxned Victory in
a Brilliant Game.
Long Branch, N. J., J"une 24.?In a game replete
with brilliant team work Great Neck defeated
Squadron A on the Rumson Poio Grounds to-day.
The match marked the flrst of a series in a touma?
ment whioh ends next Friday.
Squadron A had tha best of the handicap by four
points. Great Neck earned 10 goals and Squadron
A 6V?. Four fifteen-minute periods were played. A
midsurnrner crowd was present, and the brilliant
strokes of the players were lustlly cheered. The
line-up and handicaps were:
J. P. Grace._ 2SJ. H. Hunt.? 1
Arthur Burden. 2IL.Nellson.--.? 2
I. T. Burden. 3>U J. Hunt.?. 2
H. C. Brokaw. 3 j B, C. Lawrence- 1
Hints to the Buyer from the Garage and
Alfonso XHI. King of Spain. after his trip to
Paris, where he saw the French automobile prod
ucts, ordered an electrie surrey of American make,
a Columbia, with the regular equipment as used
here. King Alfonso picked out the same sort of
vehlcle as that used by Harry Payne "Whltney,
John A. Hoagland and others. It is a car that
will caxry four comfortably. The order was re?
ceived by cable at the Eleotrio Vehlcle Company's
factory last week, and the ccr will be shlpped to
Spain ln a few days. Another lnteresting order for
a Columibla, received by cable a few daya ago,
was for an electrie hansom for Sara Bernhardt.
The De DIetrlch car whlch was knoeked out by
a looomotlve at the Klngsbridge railroad crossing
haa b*en taken to the De Dletrich garage with the
steel frame bent out of shape, the body and wheels
a. total wreck, but with Its ?ngine and gear case
unlnjured, as both hang on an independent frame
apart from the maln frame. which received the
locomotive's shock.
The Belgian made Pipe motor car is a four-cyl
inder machine; lnterchangeable. mechanically oper
ated valves are placed on each side of the motor
magneto ignltfon: it has cogwheel pump. clamped
steel frame. single cone clutch, three speeds, the
third direct action, transmission bv cardon ball
bearings in gear case and wheel axles. The dash
board is ln walnut, flxed on the frame, with steer
ing wheels on the bonnet, so that the body can ba
taken off without trouble. The springs are outslde,
wheel base. 9 feet 3 Inches: size of body. 7 feet, 7
inches by 2.. _ inches; wheels. 810x90. One brake acts
on the dlfferentlal and one lever brake acts on the
rear wheels. Thls 14-horsepower Pipe machine will
speed from thirty-flve to forty miles an hour, and
with all of Its strenpth, rellablllty and luxury ls a
low prlced imported car.
A cable message has just been re^ened statlng
that an 18-horsepower Peugeot. owned and driven
by Mr. Perrett, of the Ardennes Automoblle Club,
has won the Rochet-Schneider Cup. which thereby
goes from Swltzerland to France. "The Automo?
blle." in commenting on the race. says: "Owing to
its exaoting nature and the quailty of the oompetl
tors. the Rochet-Schnelder Cup competltlon may
Justly be described as the Gordon Bennett of tour
ing events." It etates that this year the race was
run over a mountalnoun country. a distance of
more than two hundred miles. and that the victory
of the 18-horFepower Peugeot, whlch was pitted
against more ilian a dozen cars of from 16 to 40
horsepower. representing France and Swltzerland,
haa aroused great enthusiasm ln French automo?
bile clrcles.
-The Automobile" also calls attention to the re
cent transmlsslon gearlng effldency test. which
waa carried on at the laboratory of the Automobile
<"lub of France. in order to determlne the efflclency
or the ti?.nsmiseion gearlng of the modern auto
i m.>bl!e. Mr. England. who represents the Peugeot
in this country, .-all* attention to the fact that the
! Rorhet-Schneider Cup was not won by a paid
1 driver. but by the owner. Mr. Perr*?tt.
The Gothani Automobile Company has for dts
tributlon "The Twentieth Century Hustler." tha
A foreign car equaling the best construction of any imported car.
JOSEPH S. HELLER, Agent for America, 123 West 52d St., N.Y. |
Tonnean. ]4 h. p., c__p_<_i\ $3,j00.
! In motor car construction is. as yet. con
i flned to the imDOrted car. and the PIPE
CAJRS are the peer of any imported auto
| mobile. Belgium. where PIPE CARS are
built. is a nation famous for the unex
! celled productions of its artisans. and
mechanism in its perfeetion as demon
strated and tested in PIPE MOTOR
CA-.S is not obtainable elsewhere.
ln Pipe Cars over other torelgn
makes as well as ln low cost of
maJLntenance with all of tha' ad
vantages of luxnry, speed. endnr
ance, easo of manlpulation and
thorough rellabfllty that tha:liigh
est prlced imported machine affords.
20 rER CE-ST le?s thaa other JmpoTted care.
THpIe Pbaeton?40 horse p?wer.
Sotham JlutomobJle Co,
1655 BROADWAY. NEW YORK. Tel. 3928 Columbxis.
New York Agents for the STEVENS-DIR.VF.A
8 ~
Price SS,SOO.
Featuresof this famous car are: The THREE POINT SUPPORT, DurabOity, Less
Weight than any ear of its class and More Power. Its record shows that it is a WOXDER
for Hill-Climbing, Ease of Manipulation and Accessibility to all Wearing Parts.
New Fully Illustrated Catalogue Serxt on Request.
Ma.rv\jfactured by the
J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co.?
CFucopee Falls, Mass.
19-i0 H. P.
i... w. <.
new Ste-vens-Duryea catalogue. It ls completely
descriptlve of the motor car. fully iilustrated.
The Martlni car has been most successful ln all
competltiona ln whlch lt has taken part, and, more
important still, has made for itself. by reason of
quality alone, a reputatlon for reliabillty and gen?
eral freedom frorr. trouble to 'he user. The pro
durtion of the Martlni factory h:is increased *-nor
mouslv in consequem-e. and now stamls flrmly es?
tabllshed among the leading makes of automoblles
cf the world. The great Martini factorles at Frau
enfeld and St. Blalse. Swltzerland. are represented
by Halmer & Christie. No. 239 "West 50th-9t.. who
are sole importers of Martlni motor cars for the
United States and Canada
Of the flrst ten cars flnishlng without mishap or i
breakdown ln the French Kllminatlon Race. for
eelectlons to compete for the Gordon Bennett Cup.
three were De I>ietrtch machines.
The great volume of businees whlch C. R Rlce
has done ln Baker electrie vehicles thia year is re
rnarkable. If the total sum were dlscloaed U
would astonlsh many agents who handle gasolene
inarhir.es '* is evident that the electrie has be?
come popular. On?? sees them ev.?rywher*> nowa
days driven bv women as well a* m?n, and they
are always under perfect control. while within their
ralleage capacity they are the most useful type of
automobile. Numbers of them, principally Stan
hopes Imperiala and runibouts. have been bought
by weU known New-Yorkers for servlce at their
lountry homea. No stable ls oonsidered completa
without Its quota of elcctrtos.
Thoae intere?ted in commercial trucka should not
fail to call at the New-York Motor Car Salesroom.
No 141 West 3ath-st.. and hear about the Krmx
Allas commercial trucks. The flrst of these irucka
ts due to arrlve ln New-York about U?- -UddJ* of
the week. Tho feature that seema to attract tha
most attention to tbis new creatlon of Ha: ry
Knox's. ls that it ls not an air cooled ca:
Knox havlng been thoroughly convineed that tbera
ts only one way to cool a gasolene engin.
this ls by the use of plenty of water. The
Atlas trucks are driven direct on the rear iiV-t
by large powerful spur gears, thus elirtii
nny possible chince of a broken chalr. a stl
gtar or the numerous other difUculties (??
thain and bevel gear driven cara Tlie axle,
clally deslgned by Mr. Knox. is of creat stl
and has what might be called a solld live axl.-. rt
stgned. as lt Ib. with a tubular outer axle
carrles the full weight and strain of the loa.i
the close fltting inner axle drlves the rear -..
The one particular feature, however. that Mr
has endeavored to follow and has successfu
tained ls the slmpllclty of the whol? tnachinex Al?
ready the demand for these tru*-ks is -
increase. lt is probable that a vehifle like .
las truck is one whlch will flll a long felt want ia
the commercial trade.
The Rellanre Touring car la meeting th* ex
pectatlons of the New-York sales agenta Two <\v -
loads of these cars are on the way from Detroit.
and should be in the salesrooms of the New-York
Motor Car rompany. No. 141 West 38th-st.. not later
than Tuesday of next week. Two of thase cara
have already been sold in Brooklyn. thus laaving
only four for future dellvery, aad from. tho way
the cars are glving satlafaction, they wOI not ha
long on the ftoors of tha New-York agenta.
I. W. England. of the Peugeot Ctnp_y? l_a da
elded to enter one of hla cara tn tha ^"t*?-sj tOQr.
and also at the Mount Washington hill cllmh. He
|a now aettled ln the new garage at 49th-ert. and
Br*'.idwav. tne entire building havlng beer. soevred
for Peugeot cars. Mr. England is ona of tha few
importers who ara fortunate enough, ti>hav*c_?,oa
ha_d for lmmediate dellvery.

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