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YOL LXY X" 21.452.
To-day. partly rloudr
To-morrow. Ilcbt .nuth wlnds
X AuLb. bv Tne Tr1--_r.
fight* Razc AU Day?Kosher
Rrrad Famine Acute.
? ??? aympathtzera wrecked the
at No. 188
on- * laal ? 'cht amid scenes ..*? tha
? ? E^U*****mon st-nashcd
"ft wtth th*Mr nightstieks after
' their munber had been mughly dealt
? ?**. were arrested and
g *o rfot, a_=sault and dis
? ? and bottles were
throara down r.n tbe h^-id? of th-*- pnlicemcn
nu-*"? in th" neighho-rbnoj. Th*1 reserves
r; tho ESdrl had th-Mr hands more
full coptng with the maddetied crowd.
-=ed 10 the headquarters of the
_ -".rea: ''-r-ntra! Pala--*e. at Xo. TM) Clin
I after 7 o'elock. that there was
ch house' in Federmen'E bak-=-ry 1:1
. - - toceu Rivlngion and Stamon
r* l U -- aioat der.sely populater* <=e--tion'-i
- Pide. It had been rumored that
-_=u?...y had eight bakera
- 1 - -? - -- - ? ?? ? -..ork in th?
- kers.
? ? ] with unintelli
? I - - - . the crowd ii, th?
? ;shed pellmell tr, Fcderman's.
-?-??? Rlled -with a how!
I ed l>'_<-k and forth frorr.
- - '.ng aud heating each
Hal?-a hurdr--d of 1 " ** tm~*t ar?
- lor BenMteln, ot Ko
}'? . rTi*-*!n. and
:?, spitt. of the \ig"f
thefr heads and ahouldera
; .- ? ?? crowd foreed
here Feder
? -*-d in one
fn - inixing trotlffba
rnunltton fi Rtrgent
threw it at th-3 boaa and h.s
? - ? .
'" ?
? ? Implemaot they could lay
.? time 1' ? was
' ? .1 i.ane of
f ln tha
?h>- .r.iwd that
the word <if the
deingF ui Finley, "f th?
fougbt his way through ,
ad "f the steps- ?eadi'-it; to the
be found Ren stefn. the ?
for. Finley hai BBtH in a -*al!
? aaa ?h-eatening
? gOl tO f'er . -
_u_ i-row d
A! of hia efforta to arard off the
rtthout were <?f oo
I teim to ihe
I ? to his fe.t he us-d
ing effeet. Many of the
I ' | Beverelj from the
- .uhs. yet they fought
? d that iii"
I . ? mrxoB oould not
ked bodiea.
| t | -ii ln sj-ite of
. I and forward pi
Lan-dera and Galligan.
ging out of the tan
BT fhe 1 I oni into the atreet
men in the
rreA ihe crowd. strik
forward aiid back, with their
. tan tha ?toottto
rhe crowd
-? -nt ot the
.-. . _ ;.-d. They
, -Loula Mandeeiever. of No.
? .;??*..--? ' ' Nor
?ahle Broi
? nnd face-*. and
'??to-fcij from gashe* in th?ir heads
, 1 IT.'.M Wl.VIiOWS.
the pntrol wa^on
d been hundied
.-? M l.egan to
Patrolmen Hart and
Into the houses and
I'erB teigh r_nd low, but in
?<- way. ur.der repeated
? . ? ; : the pairo!
5^ i.ru.sed
:;:? ad firow his being
?ein was so badly
home in care of a
I 1 *- waj- only bit by bit
.argefl of the poiioe to
retreated into the
. which they hoot*.d and
--es alilce
t out break of the trouble and
? ontinued oa e-rnnd page.
?_ A n.ocr r. .rr.m-r Drlnk.
? " ? r ilton St , N'e-sr Tork.
__\\_0 ?*.r|' i? the Tv v-ntury Llm'te'l.
fc - r, Nev. VorU and Chlcago
_*m* "Haa Voik Central Llnea.' ?AdvL
Archbishop Chapelle dies from yeliow fever. Page 7.
Yeliow fever spreading in New-Orleans. Page 2.
Report that James McKeen would be named counsel for the insurance inveatigation.
Page 14.
President Roosevelt to address the United Mine Workers at Wilkesbar re. Penn., to-day.
Page 3.
St. Thomas'e Chureh will be rebuilt on old site. Page 7.
The Mayer of Albany appointed a commission to investigate the collapse of the John
B. Myers department store. Page 8.
Mr. Wu talks on Chinese boycott. Page 9.
Nine persons injured in a trolley car crash near Coney lsland. Page 2.
Audubon Soeiety will spare no pains to avenge death of bird warden. Page 5.
Douglas Robinson replies to Depositors Prctective Committee of Merchants' Trust
Company. Page 9.
The annual summer typhoid fever attack h_,_ struck the city. Page 14.
Cornelius Van Wyngarten missing; wife left destitut-. Page 14.
Two Engine* Sink in Hole Near
Mlddletown. Bhieking Branch.
Accident Cut* Off Fort George?
Searchlights to Rescue.
Middl.tnwn. N. Y.. Aue. 9.?One of the most
I pe.-i.iisr railroad accidents whlcb ever occurred
! ln this rtelgbborhood has rornpletelj Ded up tho
Pine Bush i.rnnoh nf ttu- Brle Railroad anrl
caused th? wrecking of two large engini
serir>ii!! annoyunce tr> many New-York people
avumnering nt Plaa Btwti, Thomson RidRe. Bull
villd anrl Clreleville, wh? are unahle to Ret to or
from those places except by wagon.
Th? trouble occurred at Crawford JuikUou.
throe milfp from here Oa Tuesday afternoon a
work train stopped at Crawford Junctloi to re
pair the traek. Tiv- engine suddenly began lo
?tnfc the roadbed dropping Thr- engine
turned on one side. th?* englneer Jumplng and
_ping Injury Another engine, s? ; to
I th** first one out. alao sank, v. ith another
r.f th*- track. Then a pass.- .
-. ogers, after spending a
... the nlghl ln thi cars. were brought to
I tbla clty md put up at hoteis.
Th<- spot where the engii ls known as
tho bottomlesa pit. lt has caused the road a
great deal of trouble, and its mysteriea have
be talk of railroad men for manj
the i.-a,i was built, aboul thirty-five year.
ago. th- bones of a mastodon wen found at
tbta apot. snd when the attempt to make a
. j .-;, . made thousands of carioads ol
rocks and dirl were dumped ln, only to
Im swallowed up ln a short tlme. This gave
The big wrecking derricks
of the Erie a ' :i!,ri Western roads have
- ;iii day to extricate th. engines. but in
v timbers hav- been placed under
Binesto prevent them from sinking oul of
right. an.l a track ls being bullt around th.
dangeroua spot._
Then He Swindhd Chacago People
aud Xow Poliee Are After Him.
_ r,il:,r.H ro THI :Rin-NE.l
:"T TT^hitnVy
, ,ow f..r -me ? ^r;,;
from N'rw-York WhO CUl B Wl*
-?:,,:o::,i!e^t. .... ? 3^J
- Whitney and a ">usin
Hamiiton Lewis. Chicago'. - ?orporatio,. Com? ..
Mr. Beynolds. manager of the .astdonable
Hotel; Mrs. Cors Un* P?tterf of the Mrginia
Hotel. to whom be waa attenti-*. and ?"??*???;
,'ompton, of tba Worth Bide. - muaic ?-***nt'7*0.
Kave blm H?_ and wh,. aaya bi aranted to marrs
her. _ ___
Mrs. Peckham Dcnies Knowledge of
ihe Broker's Affairs.
ura Barah H. Peckham, wlfe of F. VTf*"
J?t*A cotton b?*er. denied toT^Mbm?
,a,t night any knowledge of lhe secretai of tte
!:;?;..,, s,a?.la. Marshai Henkel, on M-day
to,. hi th- Hotel impertal. summoned her
|n com^ction with the tnvostlgation which ta
t-.lng mad.- at Washinsii.n. The suhpo-na was
?,u*d i? ihelnstai -i Btatea Attorney
b. and several ot* ***** ****** 8U?
moned to appesr before the grand Jury st the
same tlme. Mr. Peckham -aid last night:
T'n-, sure I 00 not know uhy the authorities
?hn^d ninion me to testify ln this InvesUga
f?S. lW* nothing about ootton. and have no
_J. i, anv companj thal deala ln n. Per
kmmm^LmS ? *"l*in "*.?' ' ^ "'
,_.,_.mvs..-rious boa whlcb I kept last summer
,h,v\i... ..... Safe Deposit vaults lt con
a\ ''h . ^'-n _ecr_ts. If the Unlted States
tained "" ;p n ' % ?.ord thaT hs
Hfstri-t , [would have gone toWasI
.. issu.ng of a aubpeena. I _
ton atthoui ?nt P,an,i.;|. and have not
?OXa ?ithMr Perkhnm for two years I an.
"' ,,. rUs*:, to whom Secretary HVtlson. of
\l'l ner,aPrtment of Agrieulture. referred, when
the i'*PBr'"7 tha. {he cotton Kanda] a
*? ?nr bir, exposed had not two S,
never tiB\therr^i **^ wommi , ^
eambf \Xa tb* prealdenl of thre,
"!y '_ f thr Knit'.r of "rhe Englneering
^h.'-:^hnhol m CWc__g_,
fiSI^ vTril. ?r?Ta Hoboken Terminal after 11:0
a. m- io-da_'.--A.d?u
The breakdown of the plant of the Tnitei
EJlectrlc l.tght nnd Power Compony ai No. '?'-?',
West 146th-at. at R:30 laal nieht frightened the
I'leasure s'-ekcrs :it Fort GeuBg*. at West P.Mith
at. More than 'cn thousand peraona were in
the park a' th*- time. many of them in the tun
r.eis of the OM Mill ahd on tTie Ferris wheei
and the aeria.1 s wings. The sudden cuttlng off
of the electric current plungerj the entire placd
in darknese and cut ofC al. power and st.-*ppo.;
all of tl.- mN< hinery of the pl__.ce.
The Ferrla wheel stopped suddenly. Edward
of No. I*** Washlngton Terrace, and two
re caught hisb ln the air. Theedore
and a part3 -<f women wen simtlarly
tnarooni d on thi aei ial swing
The patrons of the Old Mill were badly
This place con si sts <.f many tunnela
through which floal boats on ?. stream "f water.
With the shutting off of the power the water
. to Rov and the boats began to aettle.
The occupants of tiu- boata knew that lome
thlng was wrong, bul were unable ln the dark
ke thelr escape to the outside and
e frightened.
A music hall whlch gets uiTent from an
other Bource remained Ilghted. Many persons
? entered I
The pollce reserves were s<-*-nt to the park to
pacify the people, but for ten mlnutes pande
monium prevaileil A gunboat and Beveral
yachts In the river sent th.-ir dazzllng lights
playlng over the park and furnlshed suflflcient
lllumination to relieve any possible panic.
Gradually the crowd thinned out of the park
? pollce, accompanled by employes, went
: down Into th* tunnels and rescued the people
there. Those up in ihe Ferris wheel and the
aeria.1 swing were k>-pt prisoners twenty mln
ifter the breakdown, untll ihe power was
'. suddenly resumed and the maohincry began to
The sudden Btoppage of the electric plant
plunged the .'"ii.rii.l Hote! an.l the Kinsman
drug store, at ll_."ith-st. and 8th-ave., and many
other places ln that locallty Into darkneaa.
Manchester Workmen Decide to
Strike for Higher Wages.
Manchester, Aug. 9.?Upward of two thouaand
tlves in the Heywood .'otton Mills li.v
given one week's notice of iheir in'ention to
fju;t work unleaa their dernand for an in.-rease
of 3 per cent in wa*?es is met
Adjournment To-tnotrow?Mr. Bai
four Blocks Opposition.
London. Aug. 3*' -Thr- British Parliai.ient will
wind up its buaineaa thia afternoon, und will be
prorogued at 10 a. in. to-morrow, after a sesslon
chlefly marked by the nnoertainty af the gov
ernment'a position The cloalng days of Far
liament were esneeially inieresting because lt
was known that tii- appesltlou. urged by John
Reiirnotid the Irish leader. had CBrefully planned
tn hriiig off another defeat at the paychotogical
moment in order to ohtairi Mr. Halfour's resig?
nation. This organtaed effort. however. has heen
ted by the activity of tha governmont'a
whlps, and now. it is conceded that Mr. Balfour
- likely "? **?'? tn thp country
Ameriean Built Cruiser. Sunk at Chemulpo,
To Be Added to Japan's Navy.
Tokio. Aug. Bt?The Navy Department has an?
.l the Soatfng of ihe cruiser Variag yea?
terday afternoon In vlew of the difflcuity en
tered. there is ? strong feeiing of general
ictlon over the raWng of tte voBBoi.
?The rennsvlvar.l.i Bm_e~Ol * Jt_ -es the passenger
ii_.r_.n_.fer from New \ "rk lo Chieaa
^.JC l.,.?^ houra ..tr a dtutlett roadbed.
Rumor of Gift of $oOfiOOf>00 to
Schrjol from Mr. Rockefeller.
Cleveland. Aug. 9.?Dr. TVilliam R Harp~-r.
president of the Fniversity of . hioago and hia
wlfe. are th*** guests of john D. F.ookefeller at
Forest Hill. and to-day reports w*?re spread that
the doctor would resien the presidencv of the
university. and that h*- and Mr. Rookefeiler w?re
plannlng tn dispose of a gift of $90,000^000),
which Mr. Rockefeller would soon make to the
f'hicago insritu-tion Neither report could he
conflrmed to-night.
It is understood though. that Dr. Harper will
have to undergo a seeond opetration for the re?
moval of a caneer. and that he will relinniiiPh
the presidency of the unlverslty for a ttferoe, at
It" was also said to-night tha. I>r Harper
discussed with Mr. Rockefeller a ohansre in the
charter of tlie institution Now no ona but a
Baptlsl can nf-iipy the rhair at the head of the
instltution. Pr. Harper. knowing that he must
rellnquish the place. for a time nt least. look.
upon De.-iii Vincent, who is a Methodist. ap the
best man fitfed to take his place.
I?r. KeUoire. Iir. Harper's physician at Rattlo
Creek, has advised thai I.r. Harper endeavor t"
fight th?- caneer ? ith the fresh outdoor Ufe.
"It is only through a strong constitution that
v"ii may galh .*. vlctory over the disease," Iir.
Keiiog*_r nta told the profeaaor.
lt is pti?r_iftiio that th--- visit >.r Pr. and Mrs.
Harper at Forest Hill may -?Tien.| inib'tii.itely,
and thai th-*y may even go to a more aevera
climate in the hope .,f savlng the doctor*a lif13.
Tn* Harper was requested to-night to conflrm
or dei-.y the rumors nf his leaving the direct ion
of ihe university to other hands. His fall ing
health. however, had made his trlp t>> Foresl J
Hill su.-h a Bevere atrain apon his constltution
that a doctor had to be sent for. He could n<>t
make any Btatemenl for publieation to-night.
H" retired al 8:5*A o'elock. after having sr>ent '
tlio whole day ln tbe company of Mr Rocke* '
E.r-State Senator of Georgia Mis
taken for Burglar and Shot.
p. >> st "1. <;a.. Auk '.> -Former State Senator
W. H. Cobb, "ii" Of the most prominent men of
;liis part of Georgia, was shot to death last
nlght by his wlfe, who miatook him for a bur?
glar while he waa walklng In his sleep.
Rurgiars had made several attempts to enter
the . 'obb home. an.l Mrs. Cobb had her gun by
the side of her bed. During the night she j
heard some one movtng ln the front i.f the bous*.
and was surprise.! to flnd her husband missing
fr'-.m her r'.om She went ;<> th- doea of the
room ln whiefc Senator Cobb was walklng, and i
called to ask win. it was Rocelvlng no reply *
: she surmiaed that the Senatoi had been lur-1
from the house by burglars. an.i. aftei calling
OUt a warnlng. Bhe fired buth barrels of the gun.
' l.oth loads ;aklng effeet on her hushand. She
then struck a ligh? and found. to her borror,
' that the wounded man ?'aa her husban*.
Senator .'obb never regained . onscio'isnes.'.
I llngertng about ihr.-e hour--. Mrs Cobb is pros
Friends Fear Well Known Poli
tician May Die of Hungcr.
Johnstown, N Y.. Aug. !?.?Saarchlng part lea
? have found no tra. e of John O. Rogally, a ?-?.-II
1 known politi. lan and manufacturer of Glovera
\ ville. who. in a moment of mental aberration.
i escaped from his nurse on Monday night.
Mr. Rogrally t",.k to ihe w.mds >.f the lower
Adlrondaeka, and hundreds of aaarchara are
now out aeeklng him. Ii is feared by his friends
thnt the sick man will die of starvation in the
One Man Killed by Break in Bore
Under North River.
There was a break yesterday in the unflnished
bore of the twin trollej tunne] running from
I'.th-st . Jersey Clty, to the foot of M->rton-st..
Manhattan. b. whlch Carlo Deluceo, a workman.
a as drowned.
The accident was due to the faiiure f one of
the pnmpa to work This caused a reduction ->f
the oompreaaod alr la the outer chamber. where
tha botrtng shleld Ib operatad. and where twenty
? re at work The reduction of air caused
the shield t" give way partially and the dirt ami
water ruahed ln, floodlng the rhamn-r au the
men escaped except Dolueco.
The Inner loefe f fhe chamhar was closed and
tl.e alr praaaura was restored. the water force.t
r-ut and work continued aff?r HeUicco's body
had been carried to his hotaa
Dotuct-e was thirty years old and leave* a
widow anl two children.
-ientember u- tbe beal month of the y-ar to vWl
.?'. Tel iowa tone Part The Pennsylvania Rallroad
Peraonalll -? ?ondin i-i Tour. -.laiiiiiB BB September
?> pt-ese.i;.*. an eacelleni opportunltj to ..* ihe
Pnrk atu! al tht s.ine tin.e tO visit rhe 1,-wis and
I'lark EapoBttlon b1 Portland. Ball Lake Clty. Oele
r?5o SoringS ai.d Denver. Bpeclal Pullman Train
Rounrt-irlp ?le rovertag ,.11 neossarv .-xpenses.
55) Detalfa of C Studda. Bastern Puaaenger
AgfiU. '263 Ftfth Ave*. BBB York-tAdvt
Russian and Japanese Envoys Informally Exchange
Powers of the Deiegates Found to Be Ample?Japanese Plenipotentiaries May
Submit Terms To-day.
tTrem a Pp-iMal ftaaa-gpaa-bart nf The Tribune >
Portsmouth. N7 H-. Aug. 0.?The Russian and
Japan?se envoys made an informal exehange m*
rredentlala this afternoon after having failed
tn do so at their first formal session this fore
BOOO, .in.l it is unoffieially announeed that the
antboriij of ea^li deleaation has lieen found to
be ample to satisfy the other. Nevertheless.
there lias heen otrrieaa to-day n spirit of ;>essim
isni regarding the outeome of the pen.e i-onfer
eare whlefc it is diflVult to explnin. in view ?*f
the faei that the Japanese terma have not yet
iioer. robmttteri ro the Rvm-Sii diplomat*. Bmm
of tlie most rxperteoeed obaerren are imline'l
to attaih grave itnjiort to the pessiinistie vi"*.*
of tlu* respei-tive fllplinaalB, and I somewhat
glo-nnv view mt thn situntioti seems i-eitain t<?
i liai'Mi-tetizt' the di-.ii_it4-._ii_>. es| .'i-ially tbose s'-nt
To the foreign prea.
It is regarded ba aooe QBaitcra as peeatkurlj
signiti?-aiit tbat fertain _aembeg_ ot. the Kus?
sian ilelegation bave aaid this afternoon to
friends that they de m>t expect to reniaiu h>ng
in Portsmouth, aad have, without going into
details, expressed _*ri_-__ _?ret>od-ngs regardlng
th.. Japanese demanda On tbe otber band, ir
is manifest that tbe Ruaaiana aml Japanese are
beeomins ae?Bton_ed ro the situation. an.l thar
their latereanrae with eateh otber _a i?.mlag
easier and attended bj less embana-amenl rhan
when tbej rirst met Tt ls also reealleil rhat tn
previous peace iietroTiations tbere havt- been
pcrioda of pessiiiiism in some iaataBCOS when
peace was virrually accompOatatd The persist
ent ninior riiat President BooacTeM is l?-ss san
giiine than he was ar one Time lias also had its
effeet, aml rhe wish has l.ei'ii expreaeed more
rhan onre to-day tliat tbe Presi<lent might he
in cloae. tooefc a*ltb the envoys rl.an is now
possible, in order that his powerful iaancace
mi_.ht serve to promote peace, while his strong
personality infused new hope in the men on
whom the heavy responsibility of making j>eai*e
for many milHona of people rest
Th'* informal exchange of credentiaJa whi-'h
tool. place tlii< afternooa would seem to i-nli
cate a niurual effort on the part of the pl?af
potentiaries to avoirl extreme fonualiry wlien
possible aiul to ronduet their bnsin-ss wirh ail
reasonabie expeditlon, while the agreement of
rhe Japanese pleoipotentiariea thar. in th?_ event
that a treaty shall be coneladsd. rhe Freneh
version shal! ! e regarded as "The letter of the
fatw**?ao aaoertion for whii-h Baron Rosen !_
responsiMe?rana. be accepted aa Indh allaa, a
spirir of .-4iii.il:arioii. at least in minor iletails.
on tbe part. of lt.iron Komara aad his
Baron Ituacn expiaiaed to The Trfboas cana
spondent after to-day*! session ,,t the mnfer
enee Thar the negottatinas waald he roaadaicted
in a ihoror.ghly bosintaalike manner. and that
there v.ouiil be no "language 4if tbe ronftreate."
each enroy expri*ssin_- bia vteara la the taagna
in wiih'h he poaaesaed tbe greatrat faeiHtj of
expression. When the treatjr comes to be drawn,
it" siii-h shall be the fartaaate ot-teome of the
oegotiattoaa, th>> haraa exptetaod, it will be
fmmalalid i" Kren.-h. rhaT heiag tht* fcangaage
of The Russian Foreign liffi.-e. gad while trans
lations into Japaaesf. aml prohablv latoEngllah,
will be mgde, the Freneh version wlll he "tho
letter <>f ihe law." ?__?____ any ipiestion ari>e re
ravdiag tbe brtorpretaMoa cf rhe pnnlalaam
The informal exchange of rtedeattala this af?
ternoon was eajaaed bj ? miannderstanding on
Th'* part 4>f the Japanese i.in.vs as to the pur
l?.se ..f this morning's manlaa When the en
. ..vs met in ihe roafereace roaaa this Potoaaaa
M. \Yitre laid the Russinn 4 r??<lenrials 4111 rhe
tahle with the remark Ihat he presunte.1 tliat
r.n ex.hange and approval af these important
(1..4-unients woul-1 .-onstitiite the flrst busii.
the 4'onfereuee. Raron Komura replie4l. how?
ever. that he had assnmed that tea* the hours
of m.-etiug and similar unimportant details
Hefore rloslng vour liome for the aummer secure
a poltry In THE FU'El.ITY AM> L'ASL'ALTY
n "i Policies cover losaea due to burglnrs
nnd aneak tbiaaaaa and guarantee the hon?*--\
s^rvants For ratea an.l car' .!<?? ipa^ ao un
broker ur to 66 Plna Street. N_*_ - York i_lty -Advt.
wonld ocrtrpj tn-tiaj'm geogtou, bth*. ha \i*rl n-w,
therefore. brought tho Japanese letters ?Wl
bim. whereupon M. Witte wlthdrew hia -t*T**-ie*_i
tials until the exchange could b-e mutual.
Th*? hours of me-eting wero th*-n di9-?U9S4"*d,
and if was dcfermined to conv-ene each foreaoea
nt fcM oVIock. the sesslon to !a?t until 12:30
o'elock. snd acain each Afternoon at 8 o'elock.
adjournment for the day to he taken at 5:30 or
H o'elock. as tbe pnvoys might elect. Some i?
form.'il discussion followed. in which the e-nvoyt,
assured ea.-li other that the powers eonferre?i
on tbem hy their resi-ective government** were
eutirely plenary. Adjournment was then taken
until ti>-n)orrow morning. The envoys returoe->l
to th-eir hotel. and this afternoon Baron Komura
sent the Japanese creilentia!* to M Witte. nnd
- later a messenger brought the
Rnsaian ierrers to Baron Komura. it 1-eing on
serted later rliat the powers of beM .1* |e?
were entirely sntisfacrory. and that the Uuaaiao
. reibntials wet* ?BUOnalty full an.l did noi
taiu certain reotrietive rloaaaa which are al?
waya un.lerst.MHl ,iinl n.?t infre.juenrly lr.
in sii'-h il.Kiinn'nts.
The only persons present ar to-day's *-ession
of tha coiiferen.-e were the ffcanr envoys ami a
se.ret.iiy .ni each side. It is expected. how?
ever. that lierenfter M. Martens anil Mr. D
son will aN.r be present as the le;ral advisers of
Kussia and Japan. No decision on this point
hat mttJB lopurltd, however.
The drniocrau.' conduct of the diplomats. wbo
take their nieals in the main diniug room of
the hotel and mingle freely with the guests or
stroll on the broad piazzas. is a source of gratt*
fi.-ation to the numerous guests and suaUMB
residents. and is a pleasant surprise. lt having
I iicen supposed thnt tlie envoys. at least, would
: c.iid.i't themselves with the utmost exclusive
M. Witte has determlned to submit his Btare
ment of the event* leading up to tho present
war in writing. and It will be spread on the rec?
ord-. probably without ohjection from the Jap?
anese plenip..fenTi.iries. who have decided to
m.iko no reply and to enter Into no discusoica
urren-es prior to tlie beginning of hos
tilit k ??*
While tlie .|iiestion of an armistice has aot
yer been raise<l. it may kl stated that no effort
will be made ro arrive at a cessation of hostili?
ties imtil there is some indi'-ation of tho poeai*
bility of a final treaty of peace.
The qu--sti4.ii of credentials having heen prac
li'-aiiy ilispos-M ..f to-day. it is fully expected
that rhe Japaasaa pleuipotentiaries wiU submit
to-morrow. in ouTline if not in detail. the terms
rhey ar.- prepared to demand as the prlce of aa
iinmeiii.'ite .-essation of kostilitiea.
Thnt Man Re the Stumhling Rlock
in Peace Conference.
B-. Tha A??ir:%'--1 T*r-..-, i
** M vuk :? WM rhe paaha.
bility that Raron Komur ? ?.orrow ro
\eal to tlie Russ :? >i?*rtriaries the
on wl illniir la n?a. -?.
.it.ini.ir, as ta thi I no.ig those who ar*
I here tn aratek tha grataaiM
ti.e Vmte* Caotttmmee has be. ..me de.*_d?*d'
siniistic This is due to the growing cun
ihat Ja;>.'i- -
-rite as wis al - I '
perially in th<* aaatter
clude 'h*? i.os.?ihi!ity of thelr ac. ept.,
Russian ecv.es aa a basis _- ? .
The flrm attitude of M " ? ?:
versation against tha | I
and th* mmjtBBBa Jap?
anese Tuarte--s that a atiff contribution. ap
proximating the eaat "f the war .-..nstituteo aam
of Japan s demands. Indicat-. a wide. if not ?n
Irr^onncilable, difTeren.-e b?tween Japan's
du.ible miulmum" and what Russia is prepared
..,., I'pon the question of the payn -
a large indemnlty rhe instructions of the Rua
aries are be-liev^d to adnatt ot
Via Pennavlvanla Ralln^ad TieBBtr.. on aal.'AWt
il 13 anil 13 at ahove rate from New-Tork Q*t
ReduV-3I R?teBu.l^ln from aavaa- nit? Ur? -o -.
...ra.io and ' ? F-'t il -"?? ~~ar\.

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