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nxi'Aaat-e-" Tta i>enfe\tt_rlr^^*;-/f-:ti us ? -d abov;.
OLiOWrtV, Proi>icicnt -5s*G?neral .vianagor.
R ?CE! Y ?D &t tne WESTER8 MM BBIUIIMIL iS5 Bra&dw&y, N. V.
1TB Cx Vp 77 Paid
Chicago, Aug. 9, 1905.
George A. Cullen,
General Western Passenger Agent, Lackawanna Railroad,
New York:
Yes, Phcebe Snow, you still can go
Where1 er you will by day or night
Upon the Road of Anthracite.
Despite the fire of Monday night
You still may travel clean and white
Upon the Road of Anthracite.
We're right on time both day and night
On Eastern and on Western flight
Upon the Road of Anthracite.
yes, Mistress Snow?our word, you know,
Is good as ycu, er.d ycu're all right,
Upon the Road of Anthracite.
J. Keeley,
iManaging Editor Chiaig > i'ribu-ie. i
I*JLm\D''-lilP ? *U~*lil
?f*39tfTi^^f^ig?l.'? *4J?
*a_irf*5t_ 5 J^SH* *__-*^*3>iS_>* t*'-.'?_ffW!
1 {" Me**_&m-i*a+ 1
Ism _h$mw
/_2_a-i-M-"^^?_, ^S'AV;
tc- j i^Ullr;11 ??t?l % v^rr-T-!
Republican Leaders Discuss City
Ctmdidatea and Reject Fusion.
ations. the Bapublican
i _ to ihr
.many factors. will nomtnate
I rr, meeoed hlnaaetf.
The Bet th little ref
ereae. : will.
aceor-ir.f t< the preaent outlook, nominat* a
Repnfc; leyor.
Tb- i l in r-o-inec
tlao * ?;? aorn ina tion
?eea-Mayor Charlea a BcMeren, of Brooklyn;
.:.- Governor Bruce and Louis Stern,
presic- ? ? <? BapaMtcaa ciub
On. ?' the most interesting developmenta of
_.s is the eeuliiuent among the
s that under oa i irr-urr.stances
The commltta] of the
laat winter to the renomtna
erome has served to
a aentlment ln favor of a Bepubllcan for
| ...... torae meets
?1 ;he Citizens T'nion or naC
mm ak with au
?ainty with reference
made the
nor Odell
. thai he aaya ln thi
nal Republic-uja arlll e___n
ai.Ti-T_mn.any factor in th**
- Bt The -'?"
.,n..t man
_l:<_v. tra
??-.'? - : '
ite Us*- -???;
n*"?___r- ? ? __.. in ? ,;' the
ae. Wo
******* Hi
_T? rr... hut we ao
aut ghigg, . -. - We
*** *! l Pt-t t_P
... | .at ne
our year* ago.
nd Marki
WUfld ? and G-US
He aent Al
-n did
*?/tfc' b. lle failed to
although ' ature gave
. An
. tdst down
ia duty ln nte>
? ? a around
Lininc but not edifyirig,
folks la th:s town who
a fo!
men would do bet
II tii. y < ould not get
.. ..:. US
ttitude of ih' Manhattan
'??-'- Th-_- 1 mant
1.. ai, show of
**'*'? r m a tion"
? ? ? . l.- . thlicatva ...
: aany
rn_aa_ aben, aa ? the
****** '?
i_ -k tod Mayor.
mff* I'' 'iitrol they
**? '- iii wiio retue*en__ Ui-s reverse
at Murphyism. There is no sense or justice in
askinp th*- Republican organization to obliterate
ttaetl ni a fight against Tammany Hall There
is .-very reaaon for recognizing it as the domi
nant factor in the fight. A Roosevelt is good
enough at Washington. and a Higgins at Al?
bany; why not a Bchleren or a Bruce or a Bterc
at th- New-York City Hall" What sane objec
.m the Citizens Union make to such a
" i on ?
Ex-Mayor Schieren is in Europe. He is not a
oandldate for the mayoralty nomination, but his
fxiende aay he would consider it his duty to ac?
cept a nomination if the convention tendered lt.
I-k-utenant Governor Eruce has not until re?
cently been regarded as a factor in the mayor?
alty rate. If the convention named him it would
be against the strenuous objection of hims.-lf
and his friends. wh.. are confldent that he is in
line for promotion after Mr Higgins reiires
from the Governorahip
Louis Stern is president of the Republican
Clut. and for yeara has been regarded by his
friends as eliglble for the mayoralty nomina?
Timothy L Woodruff. Republican leader of
Kings County, ifl for Schieren for Mayor. and
ataternent yesterday tndoraed hls candi
"I am of the opinion," said Mr Wo<-.dr"f. "that
Mr Bchleren ahould be nominated by the R< -
publican party of Greater New-Tork for Mayor
I an: strongly in favor of this plan in the < on. -
ing campaign "
Mr Woodruff's Ip.doraement at this ^arly dav?
is resarded as of great signifieane.- Mayor
Schieren wai supported by the reform for<-es
in Brooklyn In the fall of 1803. and received
next to the highest plurallty ever given a candi
Kings <'ounty. McKinley'a 1896 margln
1k ing of that given Schieren by only
one or two tbouaaund
In ahout two weeka there will be a conference
of Bepubll In this city. and the plana
for th<- mavoralty ,..ir.p;iig''. will be talked iver
Prealdenl Halpiti of the Republican County
Committee nnd State Chairtnan Odell are con
man. this fa!!. and it is
the lnt< the leaders to get th*- campaign
under w.-.v at an early day. and keep Tammany
on the defenaive from the start
Th*- radicalfl who nre denianrting a campaign
with muni. Ipal ownership as the leading issu.*
are ir. nopen that the Republicans will nam-'
platforni that wlll be accept
- is nol done, they will go
Tammany all ihe damage they
One Job Under Nose of Police?
Another Ends in Shooting.
Two bald attempts at robbery. one Of which
v. er>- reported y. st. r iay. OnJ
of them. in which the tbi^f carefully cut a hole
.. a larp.- plate ula-.s window. after cuttns
ivy arire acreen, was onder the very
( th<- poliee. in the tt .re of S.-hwnriz Broa .
? No. 1.3CS Broadway, near
Blnga. pina. brooch-- Hnd small articles, valued at
? rl siulen.
... otbar cue, three burgUra were a
at work ta the booae of Oeorge B K i-"?- -it No.
._; . by l'_u olman I>en:iis Ryan. The
.'7,.,..,, nBttaraaad. altbowa* Byw
. iture- TfeyrettmadU
mm araa hurt.
' , | the burglara coming out of the
em hls revoiver Th.- ner
,-,-er ih?Mr .houlders On.- of their
? helrret. 1 ersons hving n.-ar b
'?.!,.!. '..?_i.'nne.t by ihe ahota. ud aewal patrel
..- to Um aceae, but the I -
,; *.. _ar U-: oouM bc b arned,
blni *t v;ti,je' , ,
pe robberj araa partlcularty ex
' ".. ,i allhough Uie lii tn e_npioy_ ? ,
? r i M
*'*1' ? . .-, r. ci. an.l wiri, .-._. a h.r,..- n.,.,_
__.._..._, All .nt? wa* done wm: ui aii nugnt
? .77 oi.- *to* aud u .nut- siore . n _*e
? tho Jewlri ?
beard -
"Ia" sArwot anj -'.<? wi 'he othi li..|
;???' jath-at. Tbe Job wa
hav< i^k. a ilm< and , .
i.i. v ? "
wurtz Brothera were rol
r-. r i: ..ihi a few ni<,n' ,
. ;;..;7.l'_' ' " " '"k"7 l* '"'??' ?'?''?*?"
th. boot. was lakui by breakt__i thlaaiuaa window.
Luna Park Will Bc Used as Bait by
Co ngress m a n Hearst.
Congressman William R. Hearst is not going
to allow Charles F. Murphy to '-turn him down"
if he can prevent it. It was said yesterday that
if Tammany does not rcnominate Mr. Hearst,
the Congressman will run as an indep
candidate, without opposition from the Repub
Congressman Hearst. beginning to-day, wfll
be the abaent host of thousands of women and
f-hildren from the 11th District at Thompaon A
Dundy's Luna Park, Coney Island By "adopt
ing" the entire women and childre:: popula?
tion of the district Mr. Hearsts managers are
confldent he wil! win the good graces of the me:
M: Hearst will continue as a hot weathei Santa
Claus the entire month of August. and it is
planned toTake every woman anc! child in the
district to Luna Park before the mlddle of Sep
Ticketa wil. be diatributed daily throughout
the diatrict. The tlckets consist of a series of
coupons giving admission to Luna Park and to
the various attraetlona within the Inclosure.
Each ticket also carries a eoupon entitling the
holder to light refreshments. Round trip tlckets
to Coney Island via the Brooklyn Rapid Tran?
sit Railioad are also attached. good at any
time and on any train.
It was Oongreaaman Hearst's desire to send
his guests down by boat, but it was bood .!.>
! that the f->ar ar<-.us.'d by the Slocum
disaster of last year would acl "rrent
to many and operate agalnst the complete Bttc
cess of the plan.
The ticK.-is are good every day e-gcept Satur
daya, Sundays and holldays They wlll bi dis
trlbuted as evenly .-_.- over the whole
diatrict, which Ib a general way includee all
that territory from Barrow-st to (50th-st., be?
tween 8th-ave. and th. River. There is
a jog at the aouthern end. which e:
to Sd-ave., embracing Waahlngton Square.
The dlatrtbution of ticketa was begun y.-ster
day and tht- first contingent will viait Luna
Park to-dav.
A special entrance at the gate will be set
aside for Congressman Hearsfa guests, and ar.
agent will be statl? ned th. r ? to look aft -r them.
eltisen-a of the district wlll be Inside the
grounda to nee tha' the women and children are
properly cared for.
Third Attempt to Get Son of Ncw
Mcxico's Governor Faiis.
Panta Fe. X II., Aug. 0.?-The third attempt
in recent mohthfi to Icidnap Mi?u-*i A. Otero, son
of Governor Otero of Nea Mexico, has be
ft-ated by t'n- ten porary absence of the buy from
the wunmer bome of Mrs. \v. B. Childers, where
:,!i, bi Bis beavily armed mon
rode i ? ? "" *li'' l"i'i":
i -.-?.-day, and d> i ie boj .
Mrs. Childers. who was alone with ihe servants.
Informed the men thal *?"> was not on
the premiaes. but the - ed th- hu.
and tben rode aaray. The boy wa:- artth hia
Qshlng trlp at tln tii -
Deputy Bherlfl Char??8 Cioaaen and a posse Im
,nedj;i.. .. .?- camp ta the mountains
,as ataylm turned here
v. ith bl guardim a Burpriae
bi the would-ba Wdi - '*-'''??'?
: Ui.- ii.ui.i bad
p.-n'i io '..'* camp ta?l young Otero u..* away
_-.k_.Vi-- and Lb
**Pm* , A la an -x
. . . by Governor <ue:<-. He
v Lo rocantl ?**!!'^ '" ": onvleta
-,,',,'i w ia beard '-<> remai i. "If are ? ?
the i .*'? Into tii- rountaina the old n.an \.ul
pay a princely ransom ior him."
To-morrow the President Will Make
an Address at Chautauqua.
Oyster Bay. Aug 0.?President Roosevelt had
_. test from so< to-day. not a visitor
belng received. Acting Secr tar; E^aines drov.
'_;. fron: the village at 1?> o'clock with a 1 rg *
package of offlclal documents and th
dtctated to him thi usual amoun: of rontine
corri apondence
The President wiii leave Oyster Bay at S
o'clock to-morrow morning on what probably
will be the last trip he wil! make i.. hi.- sum
? ? BojouiTi at Sagamore Hill. Lat ? to-m<
cti he will address Th-- United Min:
d members of ihe Catholic Toi
stinenc. Dnion at Wilkesbarre, Penn.. and at
lo.'.o a. m. on Friday he wil! speak before the
Chautauqua Assembly. Tht Presiden* will be
ac. ompanied on the trip by h.is son Kermit; his
nephew Hall Roosevelt. Philip Roosevelt, a son
of \v. E-tnlen Roosevelt; Benjamlc F. Barn s.
ai tine secretar. . Jacob A. Riis. Purgjon
Charles F. Stokea. of the navy; M. C. Latta.
his personal ste nograph.-r; H. A. Btrohmeyer, a
photographer; rr-j.resentatives of the press as
sociations. secret s.-rvicc offlciaLi and i'
g"rs. The party will go by speclal tr ih oa tha
Island Rallroad to Long laland
-- by boal to Jeraey City, and ieave Jerse ?
City or. a specta'. Lehigh A'aiiey traln ai 10 a ni.
iirief stopa wiK be made at Phillipsburg. N J..
and Ei thlehem and Allentown
?.: .??; aklng al each place from th *
platform of his car. Wilkesbarie wlll be
reached al .'* p. m. Tha party wl
!.. a Btand<on the Rivr Conunons where
the President flrlll deliver his nrfdress.
John Mitehell, president of the United Mine
Woikera of Amerita. will
Ing introduced by Mayor Klrkend; .
Wilkesbarre. Cardinal Gibbom ls expected to
bc pri sent, and probably wlll make a sh
dresa The President wlll the:. for a
drive about the city and to the Wyon
Leaving Wilkcsbarri at * p .... and making
bri"f sl Bayre I'.-nn . and l_ ist Waverly,
N. Y. th.- President will arrive at Cl
at 8:.fi a. tn., on FTiday. Hla addre.s u> the
Chautau<tua Aaaembly will be dellvered
IO.30 o'clock ii the amphitheatn Hi will leave
ii.. r ? promptly at noon, thi return trip to Jersey
City being over the Erie Railroad. He is b
aled to arrive in Oyster Hay al 0:__) a.
C. T. A. U. of A. Convention Formallv
Oper-ci?Erief frem Pr_._ X To Ee Eead.
Wllki al am . i'' rm.. Aug.
.'.".itional Com -r,,
' ntofl ? f An> r. -a itssembled
.,: St. M:irVs Chureh to-da? te itifica]
H'tti) M ' .'' Hoban, of the
.?:, Credentials, Meaaars. Xolai
Philade ; . - M
at the
. s. and ii ba the 9th
:,. v|... of Pltts. tirrt. t'n. n i:
esided, and Mayor Kirkendael of tb -
m that
:. mis city than ta any other city
Chrtnrrlloi Turn r, of Philadelphia. will v
: ? bb teaaperan ?
? aolicltat.
, 7 !>s i.ii,.: ?"?:? -enl to thia country b
AM .-.rrart:. m< nta t I President
Botsev-It ' -ow *** f*n;i!ae_.
State Republican Convention Aclopts Plat
fonn and Nominates Ticket.
vention flnished its bu. ! The p.
nai Republican platform.
...cv. a protecUv. larift. e-xpar.sion.
trine. the Panama Canal and a
?duca- |
tion Bl * in -,ubliC **cnools:
p.m to cl '-** ???*' an '
for a no. -
">' ,
Ami.* .minatior ot
J G L w H c Bn*
Newa, ? M:i-var.i Braduata, whieh was
- .
nada Got
I. L Lewi "-'' Ri rbmoBd
\v P Kai ? ol v-. j
- umb. ol Allegheny; Tr
W H Eggburr of
Culpep. Secreta: " oowealth, ^ M
Oyster .;--. N V. Aui-tis* 7. 1S>Y>.
. rn. to v,v:
'._ v - banka
f,;r rh- md try sil ? 1 ani
Both Siies Say They Won't Ask for Any?
Her Income $5,030 a Year.
:.%-. rea caae
" .:':;.im t f
? k that
c-t-fii .. ? - rs' cluh . y th- War C
..:?%? night of
. ?
te. Mr. _* Ber, fb
.ald not I ?
pay :,'.:?..
ia th. |
* \\ ? . . '
"If >??? .-.- shall BOI ar=k for al.
ni ?ny," de ?.-.,: i d 8
... .1* re . i
ilu- ani
Two li:t!- .
und H
the Marletta prai -yivama Ra
tiu- traln.
?? John, N - oruro,
bound frotn Waa. John, weal
r;:.g '.he b
nh' paiuen
. . i a >i - *
ihlnka ??* uninjun
? ?'?U_.a. Iy bttlWSOO
. -.ui ui*d tba West luu. a.
A17.11 \N!> NAV! NEWS.
? THT TF.I. r'N'E 3t'K?-Af- .
W ta - -' ?
. El> -
kpa whi.h aaa
placed above th< ? greater
- -
?nort _r . tmx tne
- mphat-C way untll rs
by lll
, r.-- ??
?.r>:^! m each _hip on? rube
? ..-<! : *
:>. m.'dem ships
- ..aips
Ih the
?nanient. It
. >ne -t
?3in Horae. ?
,- ? ? al 3tart
pat fever at
Th. hoi ? ? "**? . __-,, ?. .y,m
- otsen
; . _ :
?^? army and
?aaaja from
CBAXB atb Ir.__.ntrv.
ih.rn Dt-I
THOMAS F M ******* ,?un,'5
unt ~f
? P'-B?" t'*
h a.
*******- em
Er.T r
T .
i'H R PAVI5 4th
matamt H?_
m ax T^cond 1I-U
I J-,4 ?
I _ | r the army
-I George I
from Fort Mo:
aaa* ad m posslb-s
Firs. . .- - -I" the Mrdiril
-ed *a Tha beat
a . f* out of m poesible l.aia.
. _ en w?re ttiade by LW_
s ***ne. "I.i Fort Moa
terev ST_, and (*orpor_d J Grand
rt Snellinx- Minneflota. 8-3. Gold medaU mra
rd tb? four men maklng the bighast aca_-fl_

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