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V"'- LXV...V 21.P-,:;.
To-da.-. -ho-rf-K.
Tp-n.orn>44. ligtit -011th - ... 1
}Iavy w Crowd Hurt, in Spite of
Mr. R'toscvclt's Appeal.
I enr,.. Aug. ni ?Over eighty
thousard mine workers assembled ln this city
to-day to do honor tn President Roosevelt and
- what he had to say to them. It was the
.- ,-.:; pouring nf labor men which ever
j s F'-'Sident of the Cr.itrd States. and
-*nr Boeaeroit was the first President since
l rncolB. in 1V*'' tl add?"ess such a gatherln.g of
0"r|raJ___^ labortna n
- eighty thousand heard his
address ?"?'' c to their inabilitj to get near
fpnug hear his voice. clear and dis
jj^t r! vas The crowd whh h thronged
jj^ r'v- *he largcsr open spaoe in the
^ty, w?? b? sreat that rnany had to use glasses
to di?'**--P-:f'rl Ou l the speakers. Ftfty
fec< from tbe grandstar.d ii was barely possible
r-- speakers. owing to the con?
stant cushing and surgir.g of the crowd and
uproar it eaused. lt is estimated
that there were two hundred thousand gathered
not been for President Roosevelt many
-.riously injured. As the crowd
. forward. ?with such force that people
wer- iiftad Crom their feet and the great cables
- ihe-.-, back were strairied and the posts
? i. he sprartg to his feec, stopping Car
d:r._- Gibbonss speech. and with voice and
z tirged them back and beggred them to
t ?;'.'.. s-evf-ral times in the speechmaking
but. despite this. scores of fainting
peopie were pulled from the crurah
and handed over to the ambulancs
?s of Cardtnal Gibbons. Mayor F. C.
,-..".d Father Curran could scarcely be
.rear was ihe noise. but President
e ? hairman of the day. managed
?nor.. His forceful address was
? houcands. although the crowd
lt ft was impossible for more
Hiti hear what vat being said.
Mr. Mit'hei; s speech. and
when he mtroduced President
- voice had greater carryin*?
pow?-- ' ' ' "?">" At the other speakers.
rowd in sections. so that
I heard more than one-fourth
trere satisfied by hearing
I - tr. the mine wneke-s
f 1 were taken with an
* - AU preael ^ere deepiy im
I U he aM had ? marked in
] .e President said;
A to speak to this audience
-:r wfves and children. and es
; ander the auspices of this great
rhe happi
- - - ?" -. people nepends most
- eifar^ of rhe wagewcrker and
- fjrrr.fr If we on serure the
iasses we rare bc reason
r. ' *-- ommunity as a whole will
-? ? must never forget that the
seruring the welfare alike of
? farmer. as *o? everybody else.
ay re heip ar.ybody ls to
are exceptionai
?f us needs outside help.
Bt, normally.
his own exer
.. an be
n and by wtae .ind bonest
?r - laws; tha* ii=. somethlng
? by ou- arficn taker. ta our eoilautlv
?e ar.d th.e nation.
- ior.e by rombiriation
amopg ourse'ves ta our private
sr. long as t his .-ombina
riop. If manag**d with wisdorr.
-isrence upor The rights of
? wi?h just regard for th.
; ? rhe fartne most in
: - .- rrran's surr-esp must
art man*. oon. qualitiee, of
ghr. thrift and courage.
eaae his self-respect.
help him m-errome the temp
h a!! of us are surrounded. is
? ur rr. the whole com
ao more to help the wage
? a temperance society as that
ddressing It is of inoaloulahle
Clw man himseif that he should
.perate. and rr is of e-.-er. more
..s wife and his children: for lt
-ael facr that ir, this life of ours
? th? nrta* :s!ted most
-?-.-. m welfare should be his
? r th* r.-.an who loses his
trrral or will not -ontrol
r and foi vidoaa plegsure, we
have a feeiing of n'iger and ronterupr mixed
~ ' ? for his unfortunate wife and
? |y plty. and that of the
Bld he dor e ro en
?h of that spirit nf self-reefa-t.
t*.hich, if it only
t to make all those in
steadily upward twe -
* Standard Of Atnr-rirat, cirizep
-?-sponsible privilege tO
:i;g nation,
- keep steadily before his
he is wholly unfit to take pa-r
iiers unless he can
^rst g< s?and up *_____?
-ights. hr- mttarf respe.-t
'?re. he riiUST obey The law,
I ve up to thos-- rules of
,rh are above and beriinr; all
the rtiar of great
? --nral! means; to the
ageworker And as one
?hat i:i the event of
I what Ik known
rJL* >?- . *h hides show themselves
2J11* ~:J" and anxious
and fairly,
a'-rs sidr of the -ase and
- his rourse could
th- cham *- of indut?triat
? ized.
rs. I want rr. read you an ex
ust received from a
hom I
inch a fnend of the laboring
e found in this country
a-it is a good thing
? * rhaps alto
?hat the person
r" '*? . ur g-i.uii.e friend. knows
? en though he may
-e, and tells uf what
. sire to hurt r.ur feel
-parent purpose to do us
orevtord. here ls a pari of the
-rmend thst you lerid your
duse whi-h the Catholic
,' America represents.
relation t? the working
*j for whom it is doing sr*
- ?np'ri.nre movf
sr> to the ini?tltutlons of our
a bettei mauhood snd a
/.? rus It piayed n
? ;,. the two coal striku? of 1900
_ Ihe men sober.
riotoua and un
iraglr.g feature connected with
? nntiaurd -mi tf_L-_ page.
of ih< Nea-York Central
Wft aii Central . rn New-York nearer
use. ?? hours. Oswego ?.
Y.ateit..a.a T*. Aubur.. 7?. Geneva
_: New-Vcik ioCb'/ton.?lAdvt.
Mr. Hnghes Wanted to Aid -Mr.
Choate Asked to Advise.
James MoKeen. of Brooklyn. has received an
offer of a retainer as counsel by the lepislative
insurance investigation committee and has ac?
Charles F. Hughes. who WUg counsel tr. the
recent legislative gas investigation committee.
has an offer of a retainer aa counsel on an equal
footlng with Mr McKeen. but had not yet ac?
cepted the offer Joseph H. Choate, ex-Ambas
sador to the Court of Pt James's has received
alao an offer of a retainer as advisory rnuns?l
He. too. has not yet accepted the offer. but the
committee is hopefu! that he may be induced
to do so.
This announcement, which was made by Sen?
ator W W Armstrong at the Murray Hill late
last night. fnllowp elosely The Tribune's exclu
sive predlctions. the latest of which was made
yesterday morning.
Mr McKeen cUrtatled his vacatior, m Port
land. Me., and tbe committee held its first con
sultation with counsel at the Murray Hill iast
nlghr. The rp-nmiTiee's de. ipiot- which was
announced at 10*30 p. m . followed a conference
of the full k-eislative committee, whi"h lasted
untll past 14> p m.
It is understood that the conference last night.
the final one of many this week waa in reality
the opening by oompromise of an apparent
deadlock. one party Inatating That the commlttee
wait to afforri Mr Hughes ar; opportuntty to
enmmit himself. the other insisting tha' Mr
McKeen be appointed.
The committee. including Mr. McKeen, will
hold its first business sesslon this morning. The
committee wlil not await Mr. Hughes's definite
aoeeptanee before actually beginning work. Th *
flrst publi. buaineaa aeaaion will be held in the
aldermanic chamber of the Clty Hall possibly
before September 1. Nothing haa been decided
on this point. bowever; nelttjer baa it whi'h
shall recelve the fi-s* - tion. From fast
night s Indfcationa it is not improbabb' that
there may 1k-- a simultaneous examination of in
anrance eorr.iiariies.
While Senator Armstrong did not eay so, a
Tribune reporter learned from other souree.
close to Mr. McKeen that he has deflnltely a*
cepted. but this cannot be said either of Mr.
Hughes or Mr. Choa
Senator Armstrong. in announcing the ,-om
mitteep decieion. said:
We have offered r.-tainers to James McKeen
and charles E. Hughes. and an effort has been
made. so far unaucceasfully, to aecure thi
vices of Joseph H Choate in an advisory capa
etty. TheSe efforts will be .-oi.tiiiu' ?'.. and w.e
have hope of uitlmate St:
Mr McKeen is at tbis n 111s wa>' "?
the hotei. and h- is t. 'pr Immediately
upon the work. We belie\c from Information
w* have received that Mr. Hughes will also
accept our retainer He is at preeent ln Mumeh.
The two counsel wili he co-ordlnate ln authonty.
Mr. McKeen has been chosen as an able, honest
lawyer of great independence of character ..nd
DOted for his adherence to wha' he believea to
be right He has been Identtfled with many
movementi fm the betterment of conditions ln
New-York. notably the Charter Commi_?ion and
the committee of Nine He was Aaatatanl Cor
poration 4 "ounsei in the Low admtniatratlon.
He has had the recommendation or a very large
number ot people.
S'eariy all l have said ef Mr McKeeii applles
to Mt Hughes. and he mad( ? llent show -
p g l>efo,e ihe 'in;- Iir.estigatioiT ' ommittee^
..; win ??.,; be other. thougn
ane-believe that either is big en-'Ugn to handie
the investlcation aloae.
Wre have had some er.-ouragement ln our |
offers to Mr. Choate. but no definite answer. It |
will be easilv understood that he might have ;
s.,me hesitation in assuming so onerous r?
Swiltlea as will be connected with this
ligitlon but M hope he mav see his way to
_.t as an advise, Tbe Western Ineuraace ,om
mlsMoners have not yet asked to be r-ure
-ented b> counsel at our investi-ac.on.
We -hall meet again tO-morTOW and go over
( ontlnued oo twrond page.
.?_ i iiiillllliont smooua :nning
-jn uersrit*.^"g?? The Pennsylvanla S^cIhT
and ln .iininKcar st icr ? #i opinioi
has no .-oual -r. tb- vc rra^ ,... in;;, ,, uil? Kail
experten. ed ' i ?<? ?-eil ? N y fc ,,, .
road..V ? makca Lh. run
ever; da> in 1- l.our..-A'Jvt.
The Arctic steamer Tcrra Nova reached Norway with the Fiala North Polo expedition.
Page 3.
Members of the Citizens Union gave out a siatenient demanding that Mr. Jerorrre be
made candidate for Mayor. Page 4.
Mrs. Fornes sold the house given to her by her hasband from whom she is seeking a
separation. Page 7.
Sharp rise in Delaware and Hudson and other gilt edged stocks. Page 9.
The Niagara. Lockport and Ontario Power Ccmpany was bought by a new syndicats.
Page 9.
Big corn and wheat crops pr-edicted in gcvernment report. Page 9.
Professor Mcore defends the Weather Bureau. Pa^e 8.
Yellow fever still spreading in NewOrleans, Pa;= 2.
Dev-lopments in the East Side bread strike. Par*'; 8.
Light Keeper Fights Mad Assistant
to Save Toucr and Life.
Merrill Hulse, first assistant keeper of the
Stratford St"oals I?ight in the Sound. midway
betwee:; v>0r: Jefferson and Bridgeport. it was
learned vest .-rday. heroi.-ally saverl the light
from destruetion by flghting for a week wlth his
-assistant keeper. Julius Koster, who had sud
[deniy bec .m--* a raving maniac. Time andagain
'?^lulse was obliged to defend his own life, then
uu fighi for the safety of the light. and finally
to struggle to prevent Koster from comraitting
Accordins to the report of Gilbert L. Ruland,
head keeper. Kostar returned from a short shore
leave after consumlrta three ouarts of wfalskey.
He had not been back lontj before he attacked
Hulse with a razor '.ashed to a long po'.e. Hulse
overpoweretl his assistant. but during the next
two days wa-- obligcd to fighf him constantly.
Not long after this Hulse found Koster trying
to take bricks from the side of the tower with
a hammer ani chlsel. Koster said that he was
after "them" who he said were pursuing him.
Koster's next act was an attempt to destroy
the light. He hid himseif. and Hulse found him
trying to destroy the light wrth an axe Halsr
fought his way into the room and saved tne light
As the deliriun: wore off Koster became quieter.
but then wanted to commit suicide, and a new
burden was laid on Hulse. For seven days he
fought Koster and watched the lamp day and
night, until the head keeper arrived. Koster
was at once bound and sent to Port Jefferson
He has been dismissed from the government ser?
Widow of Wealthy Boston Man
Marries British Navy Captain.
Boston, Aug 10.?Mrs. John W. Bate=. who
inherited an estate of $8.9?06.(MH) and a home in
Commonwealth-ave. from her husband. was to
day married to captain Henry F. Fitzroy. late
of th*- British roya! navy and commander of
the ba*tleship Charybdis The marriage was
jierformerl quietly at St Cecilia's Roniar,
Cathnib Church. the Rev. John F. o'Keefe per
formine the cerpmnny Miss Margaret T. Lar
k.in. sisrer of the bride. was bridesmaid, and
.Malroln, .McTainnop. brorher-in-'taw of the
bride. acted.as het?,t .man.
Capr-rb- Fir.zrno "ty rhirtv-five years dUL The
brrrie js forty-one Sh_ n-,iv born at Clones.
North of Ireland ("aptain Fitzrov has resiea-ied
his comn-iissii-iri and the couple will Uve her?
Trcti Squadront Operating Off
Kamtchatka and Okhotsk.
Tokio. Aue. ]o ?Rear Admirai Kataok i re?
ports that he has dispatche,] one naval squad -
ron to Kamtchatka and another ro (ikhor.sk, and
that they are no\. engaged In carrytng out their
insrructions in re?.ard ro rh? work rn be per
formed ar their rfsjwtive de$-tinatlons.
Japanese Ridding for Fishing Rights
in SaghaUen.
London, Aug. 11.?A Tokio dJepateb to "Th*
Times" says that the Japanese government is
tnvtting competitlve tenders for the Bagbalten
?iFheriet: rights covering b peried lncluding \'M?'>
Vice-President of Southern Cotton
Association To Be Forced Out.
Atianta, Ga., Aug. 10.?Harvie Jordan, presi
deni of the Southern < "otton Association, to-day
v.'.ired Colonel E. S. Peters, of Calvert. Texas,
vlce-preaident of the association. demanding his
President Jordan i.*= emphatically baoked up
by every member of the executive commlttee
of the Southern Cotton Aasociation heard front
ex'-r-pr in on?* instartce, and rhat meniber. with?
out giving full authorlty. advised cautlon.
Thr-re are twenty-five members of the execu?
tive commlttee, and telegraphic instructions
were received Wednesday i >> "Presldenl Jordan
trota seventeen of them. The public utter
ances of Vfc-e-President Peters ar Waahlngton
July "il suatalning Secretary Wileon and his
action? there since that time, Presldenl Jordan
bolds. clearly Indlcate rh;ir hia vlewa are not ln
harmony wirj; the Presldenl and Secretary
Cheatham ln their efforts to push the tnvestlga
tloi, of the Bureau of ?'otton Statistlcs, nor in
harmony with the views of rhe members of the
Southern Cotton Asraociatlon.
Colonel Peters was elected vice-president of j
the association at it= organlzation by the New- ;
Orleana conventfon last January.
Report in Richmond that Bishop Van De
Vyver Will Be Named by the Pope.
(PT TEI.K'.RAril tn THK TRint'NE.l
Richmond, Va., Aug IA.?Ia all probability. it I
is said, Bish'p \ an De Vyver. of Richmond.
wiu be enoam as suecessor to Archblahop
Chapelle, uho died from yellow fever ln New
Orleana Th* appolntment will. of course. be |
made by th* Pope
Biabop Van f?e Vyver is now in Rome m at?
tendance upot, the Pontin*. and the succeraalon
may Im m Uled before his return. The Richmond
bishop speaka French fluently. and for that
if foi.tb#T. would be partlcularly,
qualifled to assurne charge ln New-Orleans
Presidenfs Wife Spends Night at Home of
Her Sister-in-y*.
- Aug. 10-The Sylph. Presi?
dent Roosevelr'.s Stea? v.oun. wlth Mn :
velt Presiuei.i RAr_S*v_lfS rd-ter. Mrs. WOttSC 8
* ? _ .r^l rhree of _?-?? Roosevelt 'a children on
rftW^S'.nchored in the inn-. harbor to-day and
l>f,ord Jfrm h"re until to-morrow Mr? Roosevelt
*' L*?"?r5T2a-E Uhore _,,<! weai by;"?** to
c"d 5tL?S? th# home of Mrs Cowlei Tbej ar.
Ja?wS V""re?hur_, here .b.ul .,
Police Trying to Conneci Him wtik
Thefts from A. G. Vanderbilt.
Philadelphia. Aug 10.--After systematically
roobing j^ynnewood Ha":!. the home of George
D. Widener. f.tr the last ten months John Will?
iam ' P'orge a vaiei i iloy of Mr. Wid
ene:-. h&g been arrested He was taken into
the houae last October, and since that time ha?
stolen iRoney and jewelry amounting, it is
thought^ to several thouaand dollars He haa
acSfnowfcged the thefts.
Besi I fts at the home of Mr. Wid?
ener. it fl| thought the man will be connected
with rob?ia_|es which, he admits. oecurred while
he was tn the employ of Trenor L. Park. of
W7hite PlaJns. X Y E c. Swift, pt Chicago.
and Alfred. G. Vanderbilt Ar investigation is
betng inada of his record at these r>!aees
George frequented the racetracks. and in or?
der to obtain money he eommittecl numerous
robberies in the Widener home. taking sllver?
ware. jewelry. brio-a-brae and money. He als >
stole from the other servarits. He was held ln
$2.'""''''' ball for trtal.
Marshal Attaches Goods and Chattels
on His Dairy Farm.
Wilmington. Del . Aug. 10 ? United States
Marshall Flinn has attached the goods and
chatt?ls on J. Edward Addicks's dairy farm at
Carreroft. De!.. several mile- from this citv
The value of the property attached is about
This action is the result of a 1ud_-mem ob
tained by Charles F. Him-hm-n in the Tbnited
p,q?_p rour' it! Nerc-Jersev for $40.0_0 agajnsf
Addicks Hinchman brought suit 'or a balance
of a mortgage on a property so*rj to Addicks
and the Rubv Match Companv. of Camder.
N. J.
The real eSrale at the Carreroft farm is nor
subject to this attachment, as it alrendv had
been piedged as securirv in the ca?e brought by
Receiver Pepper against Addicks and the Bay
State Gas Company. This is al! the person--*!
property of Addicks that the marshal has found
in Delaware
Puhlir Stores Contractor Find*
Trucking n Losing Job.
John J. Hann-rt. who has the pabltt store.
trucking eontruct, under the terms of whlch he
is bound to carry n paree* from _ sreamship
pier to the publie s-o-es ln f'th-nve. and Chrte
topher-st for nine cents, ln the last few- weeks
has been eompelle.* to transport 121 autcmo
biles from Hot.oken and other North R!v?r
poiips at nine cents apieoe.
"They seom to be coming thicker and fasrer."
said Mr Hannnn yesTeirlay. "I sh-ill be a loser
on this montb'fl buaineaa wtth the government lo
the tune of about S_T_i When I entered into
mtract, which I obtatned by comperition
a year or two ago. I was envied because I ob
talned it. and ir. was said by some folks rhar I
got it becaus* I was a Republican diatricl leader.
Not many automobtlef: went to the publie stores
then. and I did r.ot fe?l the p.ss of carrying one
from Hoboken to the publie storee fbr the mu
niflcen' sum of nine . ents Now. however, they
are coming on every boat. ancl I ara dlsgusted
with the trucking contract. Think of trucking
a gre.ir big i<4>-horsepower French or Gt
machine two or three miles for nine 'en'sl"
Blair Breaks Arm and Cottarbone?
Lazcrence May Lose Eye.
Narragansett Pier. R 1. Aug 10.?Two player*
were Injured, one of them seriously. at a polo
match at the point Judith Country Club this
J. I. Blair. of New-York. the back of the sc
ond team of the Country Club of Westchester
was thrown from his pony and. as he lay on the
groiind. the animal rolled ovei him.
Ml Blair was pi-ked up in an unoonsoious
condition and taken t<> the clubhouse. where he
revived in about an hour.
ral pbyaidana were baattly summoned ____
th- injured player war removed to the home of
T .1 Randolph. Late to-nlghl it was stated tnat
Mr Blair had sustained a broken collarbone and
a broken right arm near the shoulder. while it
ar-d thal he might be injured internally.
Shortiy before Mr. Blair was hurt. R C. Law.
r.-nce. ? member of the Squadron A team. also of
New-York. was struck under the eye by a mallet
and was forcad to withdrnv. from the game.
It was thought ;-" the time that the injury
v.as not particulariy aertoua, but late to-nighi
Dr. Leidy, of Philadelphia. Btated that he was
afrai'i Mr. Lawrence wouid bese the sight of his
ey.. _
Tug Also Injured After Cable
The coal barge Beriha. o' Eltzabeth. N. J.. Ir.ad
ed wlth f.f:een hundr- I anthracite coal. ,
consiRned by Willhm Hawl ins of N I Br . d
-.vner of botii coal and barge t.. Ward's
Island. s.ink in Llttl* Heli Gate at 1 o'oloek ves- j
Sh* ran on a rock after the '
g towed by the
Charttlea Department beat Fidelity had brokT.
Captain Edward Bowe and hia -on Fraacis. who
D the barg. bad tt) jump ..v-rhoard ...-.,1
were lencued by pelicc pa'.r ' ad S
The Fidelity. after losmg her n>w drifted or was
caiTied \" th.e current against the Riiiaalls Island
shore. ?m.ishmg her propel-fT, ;'" --d up
Pscort and towed to ihe Randall ? !
do.k where -he Ued t.P Tbe Beriha \* nol in the
ohanml and is no- n navtgatloa
rn.- Bertha oe
t Randall s Island and left ihere > esterday ?he
?._t_ke was dlseovered and although not built
p, Towirg tht ! Fidelity. under Captatr. Thomaas
_.? ordered lo ia* he? le ber_ deatl
Island AH ??* *?? vl'vl """I ""'.*
wera off U6ih-st.. v?b-a UM io *'?_*._ "-n-d.
Russian Envoys Receive Them, and May Present Their
Reply on Monday.
Reimbursement for War Expenses and Cession oi SagHalifvi Said To B? ChieJ
Demands?Both Sides Stnvmg to Reach an Agreement.
'From a Spe-tiT. '' >rrespnr.'l?r- ' a- I
rortsniouth. N. II.. A':-. i?- ? '? ?;>:''? '? - paaea
tenaa have Iwu placed iu th* beada ef the
Rnanlaii eaTcya. and Ihe i tatattmst baa ad
jotirnpil to await the formuianoi: of the H
reply. The wrifteu piopoeitioa of JapaB waa
banded to IL Wltts l.y Baron Komuia with the
oxpreae Btipalatiaa that its charactet ahaaH be
kept absoiutoly aecret. Thla n_a* bi
thr hi_hest authorlty, aa may _J_ ?? feel
that tln Roasian eavoya regard th-inart^
honor bound not to divulge even the teaot el the
propo-ilion. lt is leanie:!. howevpr. thar the
terms are reaaannble, if acd Baedeiale; th: -
affcrd a hasis for dttecvsaien and thal evefj
effort will be made tfi cnmplete the Raaatan
rpply in time for subnii-si"i. te Barea Keeaara
and Minister Takahira uext Momlay monihr.*.
With tbe submission of .Tnpaibs Irinil the
trend of opinion aBKNBg the diplomat* eathared
here has undergone a deoided rhaage. ,*n:l the
pessimisni of yesterday has given pla.-e to an
optimif-m which is probahlj better foaadad
than tho sentiment preralent _Mt night
That Russia is not only prepnred to pay a
reasonable indetunity. but has atreadj taken
steps toward rnising tho neoessary aniount
since learning Japan'a terms. may !>e a-anated
with autliority.
That tho Japanese terms pr>*ved a great >ur
prise to the Russian ple-dpotentb-riee can hardly
be supposed. as they were doubtless pretty well
preparf>d in advance, aJthnagh, had the pea-*e
proposirion been _g_eept-__tall; dtasttc, erave
sutT>"">SP ;1r,d disappointment would hava heen
The ovents of the |nst few d.y* may tv? re
gnrded as h.T.in_ deinonetrated beyond q*aeetion
The sineere 4l4?sire of botfe partiae to the con?
ference to effect .i lastmg peaee, :ind the artaaoo
< pher? here. while dfflealt to deerilbe in rao>
erete tenna, aurmn te ?arafiaat a -anguine elca
*fegard_ng the ontcome of the ronferewe.
It is expeereii that the Russian reply w
s<*nt certain eounter propoaltious, and there is
reason to believe that tb-s* will re4*eive tha
cnrefui LunaWKTurifiii of .T.ipon. which has elaai
lv demoualialed n deafie to de-it irltli tha aitaa
tion on an eqft-ftabh* basis and not to l.umiliate
When the ronfere_H*e n? thla laoraiag tb*
formal 3-*-eptan4r? "f the eredeatial- of all th<*
ptenipotentLarle- _ra? :? ??? teded. The obJ?
of the Japaaece envoys te tha preeeare al the
- of M Marteos n> legnl and dlplOBBBlk
adiia.r of the Russtan Baembera, te be ecYael
by tbe ptesenee of Mr. Deaniaon or nrl other
adriaer aa Baron Keaaara .ind Minister Taka?
hira micht si'le.'t. was made hnal. an(l then fol?
lowed a iHai I?hin of the advisnbilit*. of fur
niahins te tlie preaa a brief atntement ef so
much of the proceedtnga of each aeaaioa as the
co_derree dee_aed H prepar te make pnbtte.
Baron Reeen auppeewd tlrs p-ropoeftion and
Barea Koiuuv-i oppaeed it. bttt an attirmative
ilo.ision w;is finally reached.
These pn-*i_oii_arie_ having been dBapeaed nf,
M. Witte aanaaaeed tliar he ami hia eoOeasaee
were prepared to reeeira tha terms of peace
which Japan aroaM of-er, aad Baron Komura
replied thal theae tenaa had been redaeed to
writing .*in<l bad been fkamed m F.ngiisli. v.iiich
t. \t ransl be regarded aa orti'-ia!, but thal fat
th,. coiiv.-iii.-n.-e of m Witte a liaaalalian iuto
French bad also been prepared He then sug
eeated that the terms he read aad dlacaaaed
aeriati-o. This led te a bgief caad-teai
tweea Baron Reeen and M Witte. who then aa
noonced that thi- method of aabnaiaaioa would
n.,t be sarisf.-t.-to*-y. aud he wouid reajueot that
ih" tenaa be auhn-itted eti 1)1".. odding that
the Raaaian lepateentatlvea woald aot he ]>?*_
pared to dtaeaaa them tod.ny. Barea Keaaan
agreed te this. and the doiBBienta were baadad
to tiie Raaaaan env-aya, wha gftaaced over them
and then proposed an adjouriiTm*nt until they
coult' BObmil their reply in writins. udiling that
lt wfuld. of euuwe, be Beeaeaaary to traaaaatt
the terms to st. Pataaaharg. The prop
received tho immediat- mtatWA of the J-H
envoys. and BB ad_oa_ra_ae_rt w.i? taken
linnaadiatwlj t__Me__ftet M Kaaaaaovcta enaa
tBapatched to the Hotei Weataerth. aad re?
turned to the laaifinia ii boOdiag aritt M -_?_*?
tons. M. Tokntiloff. M. RojestTensky. .,
Ernotatf, Prince Kodaarhc-f an.I M siiii?->fT.
Later the wamt attaehi agata re^harn "d to the
Went worth for certain papera, aaak BiS the
twi'lrc liiil*-- round trip e.i
ahort time lii< aulu-aobtt. fniriy akhaaaiag "v*-r
tho graoad The eatire afieraeon aaa a
l.y the -taaaaaaa iu tntaahitlag the Jai
terms into ri^ier for tranamiaalon tt> st. !
A BI.oW Tt> THE Rt SSI\\>
The decision to eaclaale M. __-_rt_aa Breai the
?aetiaga of tlie -e__f_-Teea R gener.iiiy r_VBt-__d
as n serious hlow to the R_____B-_-, ahe are pai
ti'iiiariy ia aaed ef tiie weil icco___-_ed abtbty
whih If. Martens toald have placed at their
dtapoaaL Both Biiro-a Kotuura aatl VI
Takahiia nn> Banfa_Hj familiar w?tii
ji.iivn aa the diploniatic chess tahlo. aud with
the preeiae pcadtica ol etatj plaea Tins -
true. haaeear. af Ihe Raaa_aa eatvagra M
Witte is not an __tpee-_a_eed dipt4?:n:i'i-?t. aud
Baron Bccca is generally regardetl .is inciiuetl
tf. be *!i-htl> taBgnaa_a__ BO that tho .'!?**.M**nee
of Uie akilled and alert advia-r -e_we
I titey il"-..!-*-* "o;:,i ;..
IT i> ? ? uo are-mH fric*
; tiou dV -ri-al "of the
M. I\?? - hratf ot the
a nn i .la
ln th iu?at_era ot
tn.t there
;*>** handed
i* r..i.-, ba
av tho
issible give the*r
- the
or-.feren. e has heen adjournedu
Japan'* Chief Demands Said To Be
Vnacceptabie to Russia.
. B> . * '. -??>.. ,
po-r=--routh. N H. Au?. 1" - Reimburseraent
sustain?d in rhe pros^oution at
th? war and th? cegsior: of the rslind of
Saghaltet- ire beh??ved be ? *? tha
??"the pen ratided by
Komura tn M Wir'e a: the -!os* nf rhe
lession of the plenlpol '--.-day.
The wori **-o__r_raralty ai rhe
inpluyetl be'"~ >>e-a_e_a Rrsj the
?' rhe -,nr No aarai HM amonat
: bernsr |ssj| f,-?r mutua' adiup'o -??n the
1 Iwa countrie? after the .Japanes-. expenditur.
I has been as. ?=
Th"se are u*--dersro.->d tn i_ ? tj im
' portant oondiriop.s a - rhe Rua~
siarr psenip ar>sniute!y unaccept
al>le - a.-. .? they rr". however
? be stated ? - |] -nnditior.s dlj
'.he vtusstar! p'
j tenflariaa Tka tan which I
j Komu-a ex] re handi_^g
j of tbe
a bill for
1 in? a - e rhe wn\
arad are tht
suddei) luptuie ?- i
- .-?-?).,p.
The othe.- terms a-? sal -what the
world aspeetrfaX ar.d with one or two exceptiaa.
? could probably be entertainerj as basee '
j gottation Thev ir- birt. *h? f
pefrinaula . -
The rwacuatto.
. -huria. th
r ;i_-e =
Tho cen
j Railroad h
The | . Japaa
Th0 .. iioan of the Russian
- d in neutf
oa the naval strength
W ir K.i-r
rk'.ardei* w.- \? ~_UUBH
a-ion to the
. bleh ? innot be ac
riorus. those re
I ef Russia's naval power
of fishing
rights o* Ur** Raaataa ttttetnl are reaaaasa-en*.
pa-tic . h a "humiliating
The Jap.a rrary. as P.aron Ko
mura annovnced
si-br rh--r
M expensee
' of the war aiel the slctorle. they have ad
I on bar i purpose being to a*
> tan. ?? laay have fought. the
are legiti
r "
j and naval
Th*- reeii*!lar'*aa, e.s soon as th*
' Jap;ir,es** Ii thelr hands. called tn,
' the flve experr deiegates attached to the ni'.st
Irflion and spent the ? - slder
ing them. la tl - M the -onditions ha !
! been placed in cipher ani -abled r
v. i*h M " recommei
|r is hoped tb -rved from
th*- czar la-asnes, .u** M
*sj?.>nse re_ I
?r unlikelv th**r. Saturdav
Czarevi-,-h. the ; he tmoMj ?
aot meet unle? |
The J "r manMea't
. | *ne praapa
- haroe
.-.-; t the
midn: '
* ieji-ph h
trrs of ihe gb????? TI
^.:rd no statement* were rsrued.
earned th.t the inittamr - t*a_rna
taken by the pe,
th. deliberations agreed oa by
nipotentiaries was propo?r*d by the Jap
-preseititives. The i{u??Un repre**
bad no special lntere? in r.
. 'he reunion o?
.riles the Russians. thinklne tha'
? tbe right of oppnsmg the desire of the
Jaoanea*. have o.nsented to this pr.* eedmg.
an ag:eerr>ent *.' as reached tc-day l.-, arhlch
the conference waa formaUy adjournai *ant_l

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