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Barondess and Robin*on Visit Mict
ing Strikers See Fornes.
Tht- - are now trying to end the
tMrike ->f * v bakers. and last night
there was f that the strike may
end l4 aight If all attempis at a set?
tlement fall thnaigh b. fore that timi- all the
H??bre will be asked to eo-operate in
brtagti ik.rs to terms.
. end the strike are the Ameri
: ?..- Ib.iice Department
P.dustrial Association of
? . n that the Police Depart
I ?cily, to settle a
strike. but when it does its representatives are
lif-tened to w it>
A j.l? - man ii'*m the Eldridge-st. sta
tion Brafted yesterday at No. 232 Broome-st ,
the laMiirjuarters of the Hebrew Boss Bakers'
Ha a meeting of the BBBorlatloti
eid While th*' meeting was Ln progress
Joseph 1'.ai-oiidess. the former leader "f the
iBkera, and still a strong influer.ee on the
East : Herman Robinson, general or
ganizer "f the American Kederation of Labor,
raljed and aalcad for an audience.
Herman T-obinson had received a telegram
from lamarl Qoa pera early in the day. asking
hlm to try to e__e_4 a __-ttlement of the strike
Witn foae-ph RaiiiiiiTM-M he appeared before a
ra?- ?' strikers. who have again j
i-hanged their h> adquarters from Xo. 90 Clinton
et. to J.fferson Ha!!. Xos. **? and 92 Cnlumbia
Wtth addresaed the meeting, and Barondess
asked if H were true that the strifcera refused
to arbitrat^ their demands The reply was in
the negativ?\ _i d. at tbe BOggeattot. of Baron
desjj.. he ras _9p_e___a_L with Herman RoMnBOn.
to go to the employers' meeting and suggest tnat
a commlttee should be appointed to meet a
committee of the strikers.
The ehairinan of the meeting. who came out.
knew BaroT-L'.esr- There was no objectlon to ad
B_M hlm. bttl a detuur arose at the admlssion of
Herman Robinson. ard BBrondeaa r-fused to
enter the hall without him. When Robinson's
offlcial r".siti4->n WBI ?wn both men were
While th- ? | on Patrolman Reilly,
of the B-ttrtdge-sB st itioa. appeared and asked
Ba t-ee t- a of ihe meeting. When the
chalnnan caraa aul . had been in
Ftrur-ted by Inapeetor Sonmittberger to s?-e what
the bosses were doir.g to Bettle tbe strike. The
appeanmoe of the poUoetnan rraatod a commo?
tion, and tha chairman, who appeared to be
nervous at the afght of the said thai
h* would let him then r*
It was l" Etarondeaa aad Robinson
k urged tbe en-plegreta to meet tbe strikTs half
Hway. _-.i-_i_._g said that th- Hebrew fas- of
' Faan E_l| i u or the Day of Atonement, waa
due in a md it was . e for
Hebrew ? ar.d thelr ? : b. .t
t varianc-. T las;ed ta .fter
"The nt a peace
wil! be named i - .."
. -
Industrb a (-hc.it con?
ference V.
- Etarondeaa
"If there . I acre wi'.: I
higgi-*-* ? rer aeen."
Gen- * .:. t.f the 1'
Local Xo .;. ? *
are am] .-r'ul.
I.eader Ku:T.
would b
a long distance *
whi '
Ass- b and a
_? MByor
a, in
].. r
if t
Jacob I Boss
B-k- ?* lhal 'A
h... :-"t regu?
lar.. that the *.>er
amottg the bakers was
i.4.t n
Capi. H, .iidge-_t. station,
ted by InBpector Coruight to
allow no ri'ns and told that he would be held
responsibie U . .ed s-rjuad was
..rce, and there trere BO
riots As a read was dis
. t
bakers were arralgned
,(;!.. la. k of .
ECurta last
?ai.g to the offlcers of the International
BieagO, asking that tha
Brooklyn LocaL Xo. S, ix- sus
iod for : ? g? ox*t. a? ordered, ln
r-ympathy with tbe Xew-York men.
Tells Would-Be Rescuers to Leave Him and
Save Them&elves.
m/ttm lnc_< I ?? Aug. 11.?Holand I
graduate of Del
n William H. Oooper,
,1.,-tor of the port at Wil
H.-ach. D.-l ,
i.,,(. , ? ?? tw . fri. n.is named
exbau-Bted. Hla oom
hlm. ai.u one went down
..r ,.,|d them ... leave
themselvea. They nuuiaged to
_ich th- ?_-_??. Tbe body haa not beeu reoov
Valuable Animals Victims of Col
Usion Between Freight Trains.
Two freight tralns on t*. New-York. New
Haven and Hartfonl Railroad were in collision
yesterday at Buckleys Brldge. just below Rye
Station. Several cars were smashed and the
_a_g__aar and flreman of one of the trains were
Injured. but not dangerously Among horses In
a car that was partly wrocked were BOtne ownod
by a niece of Andrew Carnegte and George Lan
ders. sr.. of Pittsburg. Some of the animals
were badly hurt.
Both tralns were bound for New-York Fast
time table freight No. 8!? was running on track
No. 1 and way freight No. _sS_ was travelling
on track No. 8. Buckleys Bridge is being re
built. and while the alterations are going on only
two tracks are being used. instead of four.
It is said that the way freight had the right
of way over the bridge on track No. 1. and that
the fast freight tried to *'steal the track."* In
stead of doing so it crashed into the way freight
about the middle of the train and wrecked flye
cars, which were thrown over both tracks, com
pletely blocking trafflc.
Wrecking trains were sent from New-Haven
and Harlem, and in about an hour and a half one
track waa 1 ieared.
A dozen express trains from New-York and
Boston, including the Knickerbocker Limited.
tbe Grllt Edge Express and th'- Colonial, the
through train frorn Washington to Boston, were
help up. and thouaands of coinmutera _"t home
Syndicate Formed to Build Line at
Cost of $10,000,000.
Pittsburar. Aug. 11.?A syndieato, headed by
Murray A. Yerner, the streetcar man, and
William 15. Hayes. has made application
to the Governor for a charter, under which wtll
n this city a complete subway
- i'i.i,.i a (k>,
Just as so,,:i as the charter is granted. work
on the - . .? and will be
hurried to oompl Sur-veys bave already
made for 11 .a--s.
The subway will start at Ollver-are. and
Bmithfleld-at and will reach the surface :u
Neviil -st . it. 'i.-id, when thi system will
iurfO*r **. Mr Verner alrc-ady has
the franchlae ne through the downt
i. lt . ' l th tor William
? is aiso :
Appolntment of Moore as Deputy
CoUector Criticised.
- . . partlcularly the H H.
(J;.::.. .
ppointment of i
lector And.
... ti.ey were not
' '
? ?
Young* Woman Meets Mysterious Death?
Friends Searching for Body.
Miss Jo ephine Wyer. twenty-two yeara old, liv
ing with her widowed mother a_ No. 104 Maln-at
Long ibiai.d City, was drowned in Eiempotead Bar
hor Thuraday, ir, a myatertoua manner. Tl
was one of a party <i (roung peopli
Thuraday morning fr<.:.-i MutTa boatbouoe, i*.
I Loog [al u d < ;ty. to caii upon some
- atopping ..t Glen Cove, Long lolaad. for the
summer. The laum-h was returr.lng from Glen
Oov. and was some disrance from shore when
Miss Kern. a member of the party. missed Miss
Wyer She looked astern and saw her frlend float*
Ing wlth a camp etool ln one hand. No one on the
iaur.ch saw Miss Wyer fall ov.rboard. There was
a small boal towlng astern ar.d the captaln of the
launrh juni'w-d into it .nd attempted to rescu.
Ktos Wyer, but she had gone down befi
; the spot where Miss K tn sow her afloal
Ti,. party aearebod for an hour wlthoui tinding ihe
The brother and two yung m. n. Mendi ..f Iflaa
Wver, started "in yaoterfdoy in a boat. declarlng
they would not return until tlie> found h-?:
They had not returned up to a lat,- hour last nlgbl
Th>- rerdgnotlan of Ifarcua Braun as aa Immlgro
tfon lm ? i~ :,?. . pted - ?? ?> letter
rrom th. lecrnator. of Comroeroe aad Laboi
plini. nitd Mr. Braun an his ?rork while la ofll ?-.
,.ri,i aopreaood rogrol t"- h_ rea-gaatloa, atatlng
at tba aaSM tfase t iiu.t tbere a/ora ao cborgeo
p.-ndliig agalnst hlm. Cummlssloner Sargeut had a
talk wlth Mr. Braun. who stated his raooooa for
resipnlng. At hia home, Mo. 7. Et-cond-ave., laat
Fire men Over come by Smoke?
Nearly DroWn in Hot Lirptid.
Many flremen were overcome by fumes. burned
severely on faces and hands, or hurt in other wavs
j-eoterdoy a; a flre whlch consumed the bg soap
factory of W. H. Daggltt's Sons at Nos. "..s.1 and 38".
Weat ll'th-st Explosions of soap makinit materlals
on the upptr tioors of th<- building made the flght
against the flames dlfftcult and dangcrou-v Tb*
baltle looted fourleen hours. and It was all the
deportmenl could do to prevent tba destructlon of
adjolnlng building. after all hope of savlng the
f.etory hod lieen abandoned
The flre was Jlscovered about 3 a. m.. and a llttle
later twenty engine companies and a dozen hook
and ladder companies were at work in and near
the factory. hoplng to save the building. Tt* ex?
plosion of a tank contalning ten thousand gallons of
soap compound drove our all the flrcitifn who were
in the factory, burnlng some of them severely Six
other such tanks exploded, one after the other. as
the flames reached them. The scattered soap com
pound seemed to burn fiercer for the water poured
on it. and the fumes from it were powerful enough
t., overcome firemen who ventured lnto the building
ura after the explosions ceased.
Early in the fire the stable of Lemuel Littlefleld.
Dg the factory. was believed to he doomed,
and 120 horaea were liberated. They rf n wildly
h the Btreeta, endangeiing the firemen and
a,s until the police captured them.
? rsi exploslon in the factory caught six men
of Bn| the second rlr.. .r and nearly
ted them. Five of them managed to craw]
out with hands and faces burned severely. An
dreo O'Neill, the aixth man. fell unconscloua at the
top of tbe stalrway Deputy Chief Binns .'ent fresh
men from Truck ;.' into the bui-ding. ind they
O'Neill, whose fa,-e .-ind hands were
ed. O'Neill was restored to conr-ciousness
a to Sl Vincent's Hospital. He is expected
to recover. Beroard Iforan, of Engine 18, also
waa sent to th** hospital, suffering from severe
A little later the men of Engine 11 and Truck
13 were caught in a baekdraught near he door
v.ay of the flrst floor of the factory. and Fire?
men Brennan, Gilday and Moore were overcome
ar.d burned severely before the> couid be dragged
out. The three men were taken to the hospital
along wuh a flreman, Barry, who was roucued by
lion Chief Howe, of Baltimore fame, after
?me by the fumea and falling lnto a
of lye in the cellur.
afier the flght began the flrenion
overcome at every point where they
ritd lo enter the factory. Surgeons from St. Vin
hed a temporary enaergency hospital
and were kept busv revlvlng
ling to their burns. Some of the
rrled to the emerg*nev hos
r times apli .-. returmng "io the
r-shtin- ? they were able ro walk. A
score of su . arere t,..irlv exhoustcd be
:o:v th*- loi m wa3 Ed?
ward Heegan, ol Truck ?". uticons_lous
r.ty minutes thi thli .-.a- dragged
-.a: 1 u :?-?
- to St. V Ind . ' ,n IV
?' ? Flre Departn ' ? :. J.
ooi Wl - the fall
of Lieutenant '.'., Flreman ( i.u. ry, ot
lake "t strong lye in the cellar.
md othi r m< tnj w< re on the
fell, ? rarrj Ipg dowa part
1 'h/ticv COUld not
through the hole.
. e faflen safe and managed
id out of the lye. but Clancy
.us li^uid.
? : i aptain lc.il!>-. of engine o
escue party of half a" dozen firemen
idvanced into the greafv ar.d burnitig lye,
intll tbey saw
on top of the aafi hol ing fast to
who waa Inaensible and floatmg like a
oi tiniber
to Mahoney, md the h ildlng
i brough the
I to .* : : ? -. lers ? . ... reai h hlm.
ilnted whi ;rabbed him,
. ncj T.a tWO il ICOl
ii:-n were :-.K-?- out to th< el tnd Dr. Devan
urried ihern to Bt Vincent's Hospital. The
could flnd no Injury to Mahoney, though
less, and thought he would re
but Claney'a condition was bad He had
ed atr on hia face, bead and back. and
rnal injurles, and if he swallnwed any
ef the lye and r sin rolution rhar he nearly
Irowned ln. hts chajices for recovery will be stili
r lessened.
The fire was not under control until 5 p. m.
Nothing waa left of the soap factory but the
walls. lt was built ir, UBfl Its d-tttrUCtlofl in
volved a loas "f about B&MO. Water from the
factor) nis, flooded the faetorv of the
American Tln Can Companv, ar No i'2i to b.4
Jane-st., causlng damage ther. estimated nt i40.(y>0.
Insulation Burns in Cellar?No Damage
The earetaker of E. R. Thomas's house. at No.
17 W'.st ."iTth-st. ran to the street last night and
shouted ihat the house, was on flre.
A still alarm was sent to Engine Company No.
23. The firemen found that an insulation on the
electrlc wlres in the cellar waa burnlng. The
flre was extir.guished without any damage hav?
ing been done The Thomns-ea are out of town.
New-York Woman Commits Suicide in New
Lebanon, N. Y.
IBY nt-SQSAPa V* THK TRlBl ? K |
PlttafleM Maaa . Aug n.?Mrs. Tberooa Hoiiand.
o( No ;:i Eaat 17th sl New-York. eotomtttod sut
.-ni.- Thursday In a hotel ol Neo Lebanon, N Y . a
amall vUlagi ten mlloa from here si ? di.ui. aa
,em, ? of eorbotlc acid whlla ln a Bl of i lelaa tbolla
_ found in b-1 room bj her makl. Sh- died
in .in hour in gn at agonj
lb-r huaband. John A, Hollan I who is ? whoteaala
hosiery merchant, arrived in Naw-Leboaon to-day
an.i occotnponled the body !?? New-York Mis
Hollund'a two young daught?r?, Mary and Allc.j
were m. New-Lebanou wtth her.
Xexc-Jersey Village Overzchdmcd
by Diphthcrvi.
Egg Harbor CTty. X. J.. Aug. ll.-The town of
Port Republic wlth a population of fifteen hun?
dred lylng about flve mlles east of this clty. Is
ln tlie grlp pt a dlphtherla epidemic. Hundreds
of new cases are reported dally and many vle
tlms have already died. Publie meetings of all
kinds have been forbldden by the Board oi
Health of that place. Hundreds of persons froin
throughout this county who have been attend
ing the rellgious camp meetings in piogress
there the last ten days have deserted the town
lt was also declded by the various churches not
to hold services ae long as the epidemic had
r.ot been checked. The health authorities ar.
now taking all precautions to prevent the
further spread of the disease.
Governor Fears to I^et Go Helm of
Ship of State.
Jefferson rity. Mo.. Aug. 11? Although ar
rangements have been made for a two week_
trip to Portland and other polnts of interest in
the West for Governor and Mrs. Folk and the
Governor's military staff. to begin September
10, it ls by no means certain that the chief ex
ecutlve will be one of the party. Two weeks is
a long absence for a Democratlc Governor. wlth
a Republican Lieutenant Governor ln charge of
the executlve branch of govemment and a stafn
full of scheming polltlcians to lnvent and exe
cute a troublesome coup.
Man Meets Death While Sheltered from the
Syracuse. Aug. 11.?Bert Mc4luire, of Solvay.
twenty-elght years old, was crushed to death
yesterday at the hlgh Behool in that village. Mc
Guire and three o.mpanions sought shelter from
the raln ln the basement of the Solvay Hlgh
School. Two left because they thought the raJn
was ceasing McGuire sat close to a brick wall.
behlnd which was fifty tons of coal. The man
with him heard the wall cracking and got away
McGuire was caught by the falllng 4\all and
burled under brick and coal He was dead when
taken out.
Chiidren Find Weapon Under Bed and Acci
dentally Discharge It.
Pprfngfield. Ky. Aug 11.?Miss Bessie Au
berry. seventeen years old. a daughter of Ralph
Auberry, who lives near Botland. just over the
Xelson County line. was accldentally kllled by
the discharge of a plstol. the ball entering her
head, killing her almost instantly.
The pistol had been placed under the bed hy
the girl's brother. She was standing in the door
way talking with a member of the family while
several small chiidren were playing about the
room. They got hold of the pistol and ln some
way discharged it.
T. C. Mann, coroner of Nelson County. held an
inquest and returned a verdlct of aceidental
University Student Won Wager by Clever
ness at Climbing.
Ciayton, X. T.. Aug 11.?Neai Sugar Island.
where the American Canoe Association is ln
convention. Lanslng WoodruftT, a sclence stu?
dent of the University of Xebraska, yesterday
-.von a bot of $25 by unfurling a ftag of the
United States at the top of an 80-foot flagpol"
and afterward eating his luncheon at the peril
ous heia'ht.
Woodruff had accepted a wager to climb the
pole, and lt was also stlpulated that he should
take luncheon at the top. Clad ln a llght suit
and leggiags, he yesterday mounted the pole.
which swayed ln the wind. and after unfurling
the banner he ate his luncheon and descended
Little Enthusiasm for His Mayoralty Boom
Shown by Mount Morris Club.
At the summer f-stival of the Mount Morris Re
publlean Club, last nif*ht. at the Manhattan Ca?
sino. at lioth-at. and 8th-ave . the general opinion
was expressed that the club would stand by the
Republican orj-anlzation. whatever course it might
pursue, and that it wouid aaratl the organization's
decision as to the cholce of a mayoralty candidate
Among those present at the meetlng were State
Senator Alfred R. paRP. As-emblvnian Joseph
Delbils. Harvey T Andrews. an.I Samuel S. Stras
hurger, who is distriet leader
No objeetlons were made to the nominatlon of
Mr. Jerome as Distriet Attorney. -Ihe"opinlon
being expressed by several that he would m .k_
_ better Showtog there than as Mayor
Didn't Know It Was Loaded?Men Smash It
for Fun?Will Die.
Toledo, Aug. 11?While passlng through a tlie
yard near the centre of the city Edward Knute
and Charles Rodka plcked up a bottle whlch con?
tained nltro-glyeerlne, and hurled lt against a pile
of tlie. An explosion. whlch was felt throughout
the business portion, followed, und both men were
so serlously injured that no hope for thelr ra__*._.
tn enterl._ln4?d. The clothhiK al both men waa
blown from their bodies .ind their ftesh frtghtfullv
lacerated and cut J
Tbe poli.e believe the bottle of nltro-glycerlrie
bad heen hldden by buralars who hnd Intended
Mowlng the safe ln the offlce of the tiie vArd The
safe contained a large aum of mc.nev to-day
Ao a tast case regarding the ruoning of naptha
taunches without Ucenses two engli.eers of
luuii 1. > runnlng from Knst One-hundred-and
ihirt -fi.ui t'.-st. to ClaaptVa Potnt were prlsonera
ln tbe Moi r'.siinia court yeaterday, charged wlth
ii vlol.itlon of the law ln thla regard. They were
John Wtatera thUtji-alBM yeara old. ..f No. aag
j Kast One - hundred - and - forty - sev.nth sl ancl
I Hans Nelson, of tiasons Point. Ifagtatrate Bar
I low held them ln *_-0 ball each for trial ua ihe
4-uurt ut dpeclal Beeslona.
Store Closes it 12 o'ciock. Noon
Half-Day in Furniture
It was a big hnlf-day's business Last SaJturday. It suita people out of town
to step in. on their war to thr shore. Short as we make the story, remember that
the whole Fourth tinnr is filled with thr splendid August Furniture Fxhibition?
assortmoiits are elaborate and satisfying; ard the poaslbilitics for __?
dependable furniture are enormous.
No details today?but furniture for every room in the house.
saving of a third the regular value.
At Fifty Cents Each
Until twehc today?so that you il need to be quurk to share in the
fortune of yesterday's throng.
The Shirts are made up in plain and piaited bosorr. BTvle ol .
matt riil-. that belonc rightly in Boboo-i shirts. Full and comfort ibie.
scparate tuffs. Sizes 14 to 16. 50c eaci.
Nlnth street. Elevator Counter
At $3.50 _ Pair, instead of $5
Even though vou're not going away?a cool. serviceable, go -.-. . a.rr of
Outing Trousers comes in handy for the half-hnliday. and the odd afternoon-, d
the week. And then, there's the Labor Day vacation in a few week?.. tgg
better to be prepared?
Of course, if vou're going on a vacation, you mu*t have a pa;r of C
Trousers. These are made in the latest fashuon. cf tropioal worsteds, in
stripes and plaids.
They are $3.50 a pair, instead of $5. Seeor.d floor. Fourtii m
$4 Wdlking Skirts
At $1.50
Quite as remarkable as the he^ding
sounds. For the skirts are stylish, up-to
datc* well-tailored of excellent materials,
in dark color-mixtures.
Only two hundred and seventy-five of
them?therefore the price comes a-tum
At $1.50 each, worth $4.
Second floor. Broadway.
Black. Stlk Wdists
A pretty. staple style with some new
touches. Black taffeta?a lustrous. last
ing quality?with broad plaits in front
and back, dapper tie and deep gauntlet
$3.75 Fach. worth $4.75.
Second floor. Fourth avenue.
5.ig*htly Mus.ei
Slightly mus_ed and emptu-tko.
duced. Washahlc.
Pretty and well-made:
At 50c to $2, worth Be lo 13.29
j dren". Dresses of sheer laert - -aln
i sook. Sizes for ti isoatba I ? -1 years.
At 75c to $1.50. worth
i dren's Pique Coats and Reefeja
wlth embroidery. ruflfles and
Sizes for 1 to 4 years.
And a fresh. crisp lot oT Schjol
Aprons, under-price:
At 50c to |1, worth ?5c to $1.35?Chi'.
dren's Aprona in all the newest de* \
for schooi or dress wear: trimmed
embroidery or lace msertio.as a.-.i
Sizes for 4" to 12 years.
Tenth street aisle.
Well-made .and very pretty.
At 18c. worth 25c ar.d Me?Carrir
round neck; trimmed with hemsUr
lawn ruffle. or torchon '.ace edging.
At 25c, w-orth !__?* ? round neck: ?-.
trimmed with torchon lace edgir.g
L'nder-Pri- e BBjaes, Basement,
Icrmerly A. T. Stewart & Co., Broadway. Fourth Avenue, Nlnth and Tenth Stv
Washington. August 11
Department haa approved the plans for the perma
nent consolldatlon of the power plants at the
Leagu- Island Navy Yard. following out the ap
provai of the tentative projeet submltted a few
weeks ago The cost of the lmportant if'?**!14'11'"
for which exlsting appropriations are avatlable wm
be about $140,000. and the commandant at I__ague
Island has been authortzed to instruct the c
engineers on duty there to proceed wlth the wow
of consolldatior. and expanslon to that extent. Tne
eventual capacity of the plant has been taken into
consideratior. by the civil engineers who have
made the designs for this projeet, and lt ls now
possible when the growth of League Island so
Justlfles to Increase the central power plant to
meet future needs. but for the present the sum
named will enable the authorities to carry out the
plans whlch have been approved. The department
haa also authortzed lmportant work at Puget Sound
Naw Yard, where the general scheme has been
approved. with the detalls vet to be worok-jd out.
The basis of the etectrtcal generating ph_nt will be
alternatlng current. At Pensacola, Fla . Congress
made provlslon for a central power plant by d'.rect
approprlatton, and the only question now before
the department has been the general plan of dis
tributlon of power to the dlfferent deparfments of
The vard Nothlng has yet been done with the
plans for the central power plant at the new r.avy
yard at Charleston, S. C. but recommendattons m
regard to that place are expeote.. shortly, taking
into conslderation the operation of the drydock
pumplng plant by eleetrically drlven machinery.
At Mare Island rhe questlons of power plant con?
solldatlon are somewhat held up by the completion
of the drvdock mechanism. There ls an unusual
sltuatlon at that yard. ln that the govemment ls
able to purchase Its power from the Bay Countles
Power Company at a very low rate Wlth the ad
vent of the new drydock tt may be necessary to
add to this power, and lt is considered a wise pre
caution to nave a central power plant to meet
extraordinary demands at tbe yard and to make
the govemment lndependent. when necessary, -of
the contracting power compeny. At the New-York
yard the department has this week approved all
the plans for tne dlstributlng system <3nly a part
of the work. to ihe extent of about $.50.000. will be
done at New-York this year. The remalnder will
t>e done next year.
The following arnrry and navy orders were tasued
c'aptaln ADRIAN B FL.EMING. artllterv corps from
llath pompnny, unasslgned 11st. to irtiilrry- distriet ef
"?aptain JOSEPH S HERRO.V. 3d Cavalrv. to Port As
ro8_n...nder W J SEARS. retired. detached th* Coloradtv
K. me.
Lieutenant Oomrnander H W HARRISON. detached the
Texas. home. awalt orders
IJeutenant c*ommander C P P_.PNKETT. detached Navy
Department; to Pie Tesas
Ueuteti-nt Commander J L JAYNE. to the Colored.*
Ueutenant W. R 1.T8HMAN. to ihe Haneock
Kesr Admiral A. S. K BBNHAM. retired: died Lake ___
hepac. August 11
Second Ueut-nant PHIU1P H TOPRET. report Brtgadt-r
Oeneral. v-omniandant
August 1ft?The Severrt at New -l_->ndon: the Blakely at
Brooklyn; the Yankee at Guantaram... thr Ho.ton ?t
llremerton. th* l.alveston af Fort Mouro*. th* Itam
t.rids*. the Barry. tht. i.'hau_v-*y. tta* Uai* and th*
D-catur at W.l Hai-Wel. th* Chattanooga at Pro***
vugviat 10?Th* 8ev*rn from Ortcnt Pc-'.nt for New-Lcn
don; th* Brooklyn from Marblehead for O'.eucesisr
th* Aheradenda from I-eague Islaal f-r N*w-Y.rk
ihe Malne. the Missmir! th* K-r'_._y ar.d tht- hL-ar
bar_e frem Har llarior for Bo?ton
Auguat 11?The Chsttai.ooga from Pr-vlncatown for Mar
Hehead. th? Alabarna, the ll'Tnols. th* lowa and the
Masaa.hcii.eUs fr.m Bar Harbor fer "Portland
rhe l_>banon <-ommissn-ned navy yard. Portsmouth. to
For the purpose .>f tesiaig thr- rr. ih: . c
was ant u_. for the flrst time ln the btM er* | -
njew hattleehlp Connecticut .-.t the aT n Navy
Yard yosterd.. >
lt wus said that whi'e there were some mme.
defects to be remedled. the machinery acted aa
44, : .is i'i'uM te c-xi'ected An offlcial teat of all thi
iiia.hiii.-r4 w-.n be made some day next week. and
It is h'iped itiutn everytrdng 4*111 be rea
-pee.1 trtnl some t.rne ive_t month
The Connecticut. whlch la heic.g built by th.- g.>?
erntpent. ls s-rr.ewhai _hea l ln the race wlth Pia
Newport News shtpyard. whlch Is conatructlag tho
__.ui.ieae, a i.ater ship ot the C'.*ane.ttcut.
The Tribune pubU?hes earh Saturday uaonn, -
mrnr*. of tha various rhurcbe*. with aame of ocaat-hso
aad tople of sermon. Coasult these 1-i_|r_r*i_*.
to-d_y under heading of "Rallgioua Xotiees."
The Largrelr 888?BBBra" rlrcuiatlon of Th*
Sanday Tribun* aeresaitate**. our coiag i.
preaa a* ao rarly hour. Advertiser*. will
confer a favor by -endita. ira their copy at
the parlles* pomrlM* moment.
Sentenced lo Eightecv Month
Involuntary Manslaughter.
Alladelphia. Aug IL-William Oasij -gBSBS a
Chauffem. was ycsier-1-iv
nianslaughter. and aantoi
lmpnsonir>nt. for runnin.
year-old Fldon Sarver. Tbe
On the night oi June 3a _tyers i
women ln his eaaptoyefa \
Broad-st. they struck th. boy. ?t
mother. was erossinc the street fcfta
dent Myers increased rhe speed )1 i
and escaped. He Was taken in*
days later He said he did t>
been killed until he
then fear of the consnaaaeea pw
surrerderlng to the ?
At tne trial it waa tn evtden s thi I
drivlng the machine tn a rap!1 ar
Passenger on the Onteora Becomes Violent _f
Boat Is About to Sail.
Mrs S E. P Kierna*-.. of N
was taken from the Hadson River n
teora just before M aollad ...
at the foot of Farrow ??
from some ment*.
Wlth her daughter. Mrs Kiernan '
gone to Albany. but before tl -
octiona were so strange t
moned an ambulance
when Dr Pevannv diagn..?.
The sailing of the bear was !
mlnutes. At Mrs. Kiernan s .
was said she had heen sufe
terta for some time
Story That Missing Mayor of Pater-oa ??
Seen in California.
Poteroon. N J Aug ".: _? *
Belcher. Paterson a miasing .\: - ePA
Stockton. Cal . one week ago. accordlng ro ***f\^
tlon obtalnod to-day by Harr\ i ?'fij
dealer here Mr douli receiva-d * i3
William Darling. _ aalesmun. sr "* f*r
met a man who said he was *_53
and that be w.is .an h:9 way to ? ".. i Sir. ?JC
turned the postal card over -
pubile ||l..8C-*l-?. Belcher h.is
Kurrk.a Col . and tt was surmi- _? '*i!j
ing Pateioon he aaooood the to ??
brothers home.
There are monv, however who b.lie?e"2[
Belcher 1. still hlding somewhere in N*w"_"^g
Darling. the writer of the po.ta! card. 0?>*?___;
know Belcher. ond it mav be that th. n___r^
tntroduced himseif ao Belcher was an 'rapoWJ'f.
Du.vtd Young president of tb. Boa'.d >' A*",.
men. to-dav
The Acting
Belcher". aacretary .o
The teniporarv receiver for '*? - at* ^.
hold the propertv tntaci until banhrupt.'v i? 5J
clared. ond a permanent rec-'v.
order granted hy Judge Lannin. .
atninti th .
aatate The receiver. Mr Coaap-oll
lr.\enr,iry. and It lo .xpect?d rhar the play1**!
b. dlvided ln an eouitable atonner t:1'.**>?w._
ung president or tn. Botv.a n ?.M
iv formally sssumed the >lut!w_-P?
f signed ? number of offlcial PJP._,
t Mayor h.is declded -B-T""
credltors. A. t.mporarv receivai Mr ( ?*?**,(,
will be rrquired to see
ering the cropa on the I
rhe . | Selcher ai RB8B8BBS, * J-- '
! ta aald to hav. bn*n ropora ' TJ*j_
of a pootoi cord olgiMd \ C 1 *?*nrJri"fc- -?
tbought tha I mey bav. b?ea 8.B8 Bg>
ou. aaar-ina Lbxuuaii. _ _

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