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ftm Members Present?King's Ref
erencc to Peace Xegoliations.
I_ondon. Aug. 11.?Parliamcnt wag prorogued
thit morning after a sesslon which iv!!! long ba
for ihe ur.preo-dented number o.
xoxre of censure and motiona for adjournment
B*ade with a view to embarrass ihe govern
?rtie sesslon brought out two measures of
?he Aliens--' act and tha
Workmens act. the latter creating
?_. providlng work and sragBB
s The conflict Bllatiu
churche* wa* also settled. ?">ther
gdBB The work of the session was mostly of a
Than fifty members of the House of
QgHBBiar.s were preaent at to-day'a ciosing
Boene. ?_-_*- F*o<* summoned them to the House
*-__*, ">*here there were or.ly two pe.
side- tbe thraa royal oommiasloners.
The Lord Hlgh Chancellor. the Earl of Hals
bury. BBBi a_-6g Biwauafa speech. the most in
teresting clauses of which. from an international
polr.; Bf ' rred tn ihe peace negotiations
_n- tha Sweden and Norway. Tiegard
M th. peauoe negotiations the speech said.
ggotlations. due lo the inltiatlve. of the
ffaftd' L'nlted States. are about to he
etween the Russian and Japanese
for th* purpose of terminating the
geplor. t still proceeding in the Far
F__.: :? ia my earnest hope that they may
les- : ..-"*:_ ally honorable peace.
.ish-Norwegian eituation.
A tJsaolution of the union betweer:- Sweden
irently is imminent. I am con
fl.e:.*. thal b.y the exercise of wise nioderation
- nie-.T will l>e arrived at
th countriei, and
wili be of - .Ture as to enable my
a. people of the
1 i the same frlendly rela
tie-BF whi h have prevailed in the past.
The speech referred to the tajntlnuad friendly
- and c-ordtally
? ? nce summoned
aeidcr the _____!?____.?
.- ? :th
: eervtee to
ta, both _r home ? L It
praise- the "pati_*_!__ offer" of Canada to as
-porisibility for the defen.-e of H
which w_s "cordiab;
was nomin_wiy adjourned -
t ? ill be agaln adjourr
Accused Man Says He Is the Victim of a
B'.ackn*ailing Scheme.
tl .-? KeWPOIt pad-BtSt
? st Side cour
_..--. ? arra
lr. clearing
? Tkaaraday
-he Oerard
airest. the palmlst BtOle
.. bureau drawer while
__M was ln
| epterday Bl Be had
I to aettle, ba*. he had
-.heme waa
r.ext at S
Bxed -t C.BB0.
Brooklyn Church 111 Only Half
ar. Hour When Found TJnconscious.
- tbe Catho
. - and Madi
_ ? M night He
.- and
?n fol
- - - _,_ was Futr.moned.
?* _***_ from _p.>
. -'. a? a
E-fhep Longhlin
aesist-- t j
the p_- which few had
A Frie_: - Rebuke o-f His Reckless
MMl t o
lis fal! as a
?ii his
;d ieader and an
at all
a splendid
?-h ex
gmen. But
K ih, t
' ? -
i-e his
"? to the
.' he should
??? r.eb.T whT. he says
wi . bim, t.ur
? "--... a,.d po
? ourts
? it in
jadge- who _r"
?>?? should na-ne
*' '? for Hlfl la anecbar ea
lous rn polb
t ; urr arit
?he ' redit
_"r Je
_pp?*ars to
? ngers that toucbed lt. No
le was ever publiHv
? use of poiiucal inftuence
?e for
I .-aa*-.
- record in
In things
re. show hlm to
- liad for twenty
and i arefully.
. f the
'."!' he was
as aame He took
?_?*?? w '?' !
* ?he P.ki!
a law
? luettve. Tbe saving*
.. .'. . ag* Tex l_w. < ?
j.. whieh
bim for four years.
n ' '?. ?.- ? #-?- ? -j-... wholly .',ri
;_ w is largejy due tc.
ns such ineant
?b"' y ? - >,ai Mr ' -
| much to
?, are Mr. Jerome's
i* , long ?- He hnlde an
? aaon,
H, solK-r languag.-.
e.inspleuous. wlth a
.. flelds of State and
^??j^ng. u:.- :. wcoktt. lhat c-use would be
I 1
ITtV*' ClereY Crhok Rtturning from
Brcakfast xcith Prctidcnt.
BufTalo. Aug Il.-K. H. Butler. Edltor and propri
eior of "The BufTalo Evening New." was robbed
of B.8M la cash and slgned checks for J400 aa he
r-Mgfatod trooa 8 train ln the Brte Railroad station
too-.] Mr Butler waa returnlng from Chautauqua.
COOtod with President Roosevelt.
As h.* aOOOOd through the crowd ln the train shed
Mr. Ba:;.- f,.;i a man"* hand in hia pocket. He
s* ire] the man, and as he did so another man
?-t'l.j.f.i -,,;. aad iold Mr Butier that the train
l r-ik.man hau found his po.k.-tbook on the train.
and was at rhat moaoent lo.-kini; for hlm that he
mighr return ir. Mr. Rutler relensod hia hold on the
pi.kpor-k. aad waat to look for tbe brakeman,
WBO. of course. was not looblttg for Mr. Butler. nor
did he know of his loss. Mear.ttme the plrkpocketa
left tbe station and have r.ot been found
Goes to Camp, Beat* Them and
Brings Them to Town.
ibt r_-aesAm to thf. trik*-\e.i
Omaha, Aug. 11.?A special from Duhuque. Iowa.
BBgS that Miss Lizzie Oster. a young woman
Who lives alone in a DOttagB in Kast Dubuque. an
returnir.g to hrr home to-day discovered that th*
houae h.d ben entered and robbed Suspecting that
tramps who had been seen around town had com
mitted the robbery Miss Oster armed with a re
volv.-r w. nt to a camp they had eatobliobed in the
BUtaalrta of the town. One of the flrst things she
OOW was sn umbrella that belonged to her. She
quietly picked lt up. and one of the tnunps made
an orYensive remnrk to her. Miss Oster thereupon
nttneked the offending tramp wlth th<* umbrella
poundlng him over tho head with It and inflicting
several palnful Bcolp woundo. And then drawing
r revolv. r. she oommonded the three tramps to
marchi ln front of her to the town marshal s offlce.
l tiey did as they were commanded and are now ln
Actor "So Happy" Because He Did Not Miss
Important Date at Newport.
During the delay on the New-Haven Rallroad
yesf rlay afternoon. eaused by a collislon he
toro freight trains near Rye, Eddie Foy,
who forgot the flight of time while playing ball
:s children. arrived at the New-Rocheile
station too late to take a local train to New
Haven, where he could connect with an expresa
He rushed io the tlcket window and asked
to have an express stopped for hlm. "Can't do
'died the ticket agent "But you must."
said Foy Tm billed to show to-nlgfat in New?
port. and I've Pot to got there. My company ia
B-aJting. and they can't go on without
me "
The ticket agent. who had tnistaken the eOtne
man, on account of his careless
ppearaace, did some teleKraphing and
his head again. "The superintend
s that the express is late now, and he
aron't hold her up," said he.
" Tell hlm 1*11 pay JCitiO. I doni care what it
Id Foy, ln desperatlon.
Aftei telegraphing a few minutes more the
agent got hold .-,* the general manager of the
.1 explalned to him what would happen
porl lf F..v didn't get there. The man
? ive the agent the-permisslon necesaary to
Btop '
. T'!- ?ker Express. the fastest train
system. came along a few minutes later
Bloyed down for Foy. He wao told he
pay the *?."V<mi.
"Trn So happy"* exclaimed the comedlan as ha
stepped aboard.
Boaton. Aug. n.-The aecond division of rhe hat
Tleship squadron of the North Atlantic fl. .
rived ln Boston Harbor tbis afternoon frnm Maine.
aasion includes tbe Alahama. flagship of
Admirol <. hanes H. Davis; tbe Illinois the
r^_i^n,lMi,VMa^achuP?ft!*' Tf"* battleships will
r.main until Tuesday and th** sailors will be srtven
? who m> recently appointed Becro>
- - hv Preotdenl Roooevelt, I i
irda of -trectora ot rhe Morton Trust
??';..raal Bank of ''ommeroe tha
Contlnental Fire [naarance Cempawy. ihe Titie
ntee ar.d Trust Company and the other flnan
cial Instltutions with th<- management of which he
is understood ta
tet the ? "abi
n. Auc UL'?Mra. Allee W. W'Mey. of Brook?
lyn. was eiected preoldenl to-day r.f rhe Northeast
err; Federatiot; of Women's Clubs, which is holding
? In :his cirv.
Funerai "arW. Pr I^uke'p ??hur-ra
14 1*1 - 8 p. sa
? m*n aj-i.-i le'tfr rarrlers.
p..jr. 'ir'tunrtr..
Band tm ral Park 4pm
Fr?* day ar K'jffutr-- "f Art snd Natura! Hi.?'"ry ano
ALGONQCIN ? Count Hunbrantz, Germany;
FIFTH A'i tory of
the Treasury. Washlngton; HOI_l_AXD?D E
Henn Ednnmds. London;
MANHATTAN?Major R Moples, Toronto, ?'an.;
Ml'RRAY HILL Lieuteaanta r" B. Cowel and
31 ,'es Army. Wcm
\ j KBW NETHERLAND <? E. Hill.
? ?ter England. BAVOY?Charles A.
rrg; W '<J_* "< iTT- -Rb hard Harding Davis.
a. Mass.
Orffir-uil Korord und FasoooO-?Waahlngton, Aug 11
Rhowerr- hav* IWilnoal ll ha ATlanta tn,1 East Gulf
. iey anrl Tt:.????? aad hav* exrended
? . There wer? a|BO lo ral -
*-,i Btexl
- uri vall-ys an.i u ? sVOBI G__t BtOMa
sr was genrra!'*. f^li
? upper
ppl Valiey aaotaaord ar.d bave falier. , n.?i >rai.:y
DeMaiM STfl *. an-! TCastern ('-loradn
Btiau* BOturday Ifl Ihe Attaatte and
- tm. rhe iak* ragta. anrl u-*ror r,^1'i Valley
,a.?..,.r | KenrurKy and TWB8MI
There ofH hr aii... O-MBet. Baa.aaka
Kansas. 081abna*ia COt-roO.. Wesr.n- Texas. Xew
.. il] bf Bhoww. sun
- arm. FZar-r^rn Texar* and
slnnr The F.a* --' It will be somewhat eoolrr
gruwrd.1 ta tb* uqe'r Staa-aa p|_ Va ;"' a,-rl ?'arm*r ln
lt will 8. warmer Sun
day ln rhe .*rti8l a ' 'aln re?lr,n
Th* wind* v:ar..i ?' .a.?r wni lw fresh
aotlc i'oif! iiaht to
wurhwesl; or. rhe Se.uth A'lanTir and Oulf
mk,.f MgtrS r fret*h nn--. - I ?' lower lakes
llanr te fresh an: mfftb southwest: on ihe uprer lak^r*
i_ht t< ttvtti roittr-..- ??-:..r light to
(r-sli aouthw??t. BhifUna Huron
rpsrtinx Paturday for Eoropeae porta will
i vera to toa
Oraad I
POBOOMI f?r Sperlal I.<K-alIlir*.- For rh? Dl'trirr of
i ard Maryiar. 1 narta. '-robably
ppmomm: aaaSai ""' Ms_a """'b wbb_b.
).-,.- r.f-lavar* ar, 1 Wa. Imewtf. parrlj elOO-. to-day.
r-rtiai.lv aboweaO: aoodoy giaiiafoTlj fair; ii?hr r-, Oiaaa
? ..a*?t *Ain,lr*
nvlvanta partly cloadj to <:ay. prob
falr. warmer;
lh?esr vvinds
nhowers io day: cooler ln ex
.J", - aod cenerally falr.
' . Iu soulhwei.'. ?lr.
-inday partly
, ",^,..i, fjuili 10 *. uthwrst ?ln,!r
anla anT Wester. New-Tork.
, ...;,. ;iChi I.. Mi BOOthwM to
?ri,t wlnds _
l^ral <Kn?-taJ BBBBO8O-?TB. f"llo?lna offlcial rerord
- the Wuili't Purf-su show, the ehsngr* ln tne |fm
^a..jr, tm tAe AM tWOO-l BMH* h.ur*- ln romr*ar!.s,ti
,?,,". lot. of last year
j?i>4 l?-*. tt** _?BB
Tfl S p m . Sl S4
8 ? m -ft ID li |. tn . 74 -,H
<? ?? *??* -., hl 11 ri m . (?* 7T
? ? '?' T-j 87 12 p. aa."H
12 m
,t,rra:.ire yerterday. S7 d*Kr**s. lowest. 7(1
ve-?> TB r ??*? .18.00. tor eorresr^indlna
aeai* ' r I BITaBpnoBIWa date
oa.11* :a*?r : ? - ? ?? '
, ,-r. ,'ui..
:!>ltr. Ilgbt 10 I*_i_ .outh to Buutb
S_8l *'li*_?*
Acting Mayor Denies Charges, and
Tells of Legal Plot.
Acting Mayor Charles W. Fornes yesterday turned
on hla wife. who is suing hlm for dlvorce. declarlng
that her suit was part of a plan to blackmail hlm.
He asserted that she had demanded Jli.i.iViO from
him as the price of keeping back slanderous and
scandalous charges. He said that A. H. Hummel.
now under indictment for alleged consniracy and
subornation of perjury In the Loige-Morse dtrorea
case_ had tried to scare him into a settlement with
his Wife.
"The flrst I heard of my wife s dlvorce suit." Mr
Fornes said yesterday. "was when A. H. Hummel
sent me a request to cab on him In September last.
I saw him. and he told me that my wife was about
to sue me for an absolute divorce in the courts of
Yermont. I warned him that su.h action hy her
was dangerous. that she had no cause. that I could
and would meet any charge she chose to make aad
would punish to the best of my abillty any one
who should do me wrong ln this most important
"lb- told me that I was a publie man. that a
Woman was the favorite of the publie nnd the
courts. nnJ that I had better settle the matter
with her atnlcably by pay ing her a satlsfaetory
sum of money and arrange for tbe divorce. I told
bim that my wife had wilfully deserted me. that
she had not the sllghtest cause fnr a divorce. but
lnslsted on living apart from me. that I was under
no lagal or moral obligatlon for her support. but
that I would provide ber wlth a proper Income even
if she peratsted In vtolating her duties as my wife
and in living apart from me without Just cause. 1
made these conditions, however, thnt she should
conduct herself as my wlfe, and should Uve under
the protection of her mother. then living. and
should abandon any steps she had taken lor div r ?
"I heard nothlng until November _*-, when ber
lnwyer. William M. Sullivan. asked m< tn meet
Mra Fornes at bia offlce. which I did. .Mrs.
Korn.-.s then demanded that Jl'iO.ttOO should i
to her at once or she would creeta a great scandal
Tht?. I said. was impossible for me to compty
with. 1 cifCered t,, give her for her own the net
rents of our former home, X... S3P West I-.nd-ave..
at 845th-.-t . nnd. in addition. the sum of $2..?'
In monthly lnstalments. wlth proper secur
ity for its payment. upon the conditions named
She refused the offer. I later made an?
other and the best offer my mean? and Income
would permit. This she also declined.
i >t: Deceatbar _3. Mr, Fornes said, he was called
from a meetlng of the Board of Kstimate to meet
a stranger, who handed hlm a note and dlsap
peared. The note simply said: "If this ls not
s.-ttled by 3 o'clock it will be given to the news
papers." Later be waa asked by telephone to
consult a flrm of down town lawyers about his
dlvorce case. but when he called at the offlce no
one there would admlt knowledge of such a case.
"My wlfe evidently has grown angry and impa?
tient," Mr. Fornes said, "and. wlth the assistance
of such people as do that sort of work. she pub
Ushes this dlsgraceful and libeljous attack upon
me. hoplng that I shall. at a proper price. buy her
silence and my llberty. Thrit hope never shall be
r"*allzed My honor is lnvolved. and I shall remain
unshuken iu mv determlnation to resist her assault
to the end."'
Regarding the charge of adultery made ln his
Wlfe'a suit for divorce, Mr. Fornes said that it
was a wicked fabrlcation and that there had been
B plot to bolster it up by perjured tesllmony. He
said he intended to see Distriet Attorney Jerome
about lt, and, If possible, "send tbe perjurcrs and
suborners to Jail." The plot. he said, was told to
him hy a prlvate detectlve, who m't hlm ln N.88
sau-st. and said to him: "Mr. Fornes. you are too
good an old fellow, too honeat an old I'utchman,
to be treated this way. I want to tell you that I
have been employed to frame up a Job on you.
They want to impllcate you wlth a shopgirl at
Pleasure Bay. Testlmony that you were caught
there wlth the girl on March 24 is raady. If we are
caught ln a hole we will have to say it was a man
who looked like you."
Mr. Fornes snid his wife's charges of c.ruelty
were e.jually t.nirue. He said she had replted to
one of bis letters. in whicb he had offered a
monthly allowanoe. saylng she had no charge of
any kind to make against him. and that he al?
ways had treated her kirnlly, and then had brought
her suit. "When she was nt the Martha Washing?
ton Hotel." he added. her attorney was Mr
Rounds, partner "f Charles E. HOghes. nnd Mr.
R-emds gave h?-r much pound advice, but it appears
sb< wuici not llsten to it Mr. Rounds was yery
friendly in the euse, as h^ had known Mrs Fornes
from rhildhood."
Mrs. Fornes could not he found in tlie clt\ yes?
terday. a H Hummel was in Saratoga. William
M. Sulllvan's offlce, at No. 35 Xussau-st., was
closed, and it was said at an adjoining office that
be hjtd been away from the city three weeks
A c1os?> friend of Mr Fornea said y.-sterday thar
ang Frenchman. who was wlth Mrs Fornes
much of the time wben sh* tnalntalned a studl"
ln the Carnegie Hall building. was Raoul Berttie
lot, grandsoti of ? president of one of tbe large
Insurance companies of the clty, who die.l several
ago. lt was believed. Mr. Fornes'a friend
said. that Mrs. Fornes wsnted to many young
lot tf she oould get a divorce and sufflclent
alimony tn li4-e on.
Xot Mrs. Fornes's Counsel, Says
Lawyer?Denies Blackmaii.
Saratoga, X. T.. Aug. 11_- "Abe" Hummel, the
Xew-York lawyer, who ls living at the Winnan
cottage. Xo. 171 I'nioii-nve.. which Is occupied
this season by Hummel's sister. Mrs. S. H.
Kaffenhurgh, of New-York City, says that he ls
not now counsel for Mrs Fornes. wife of Acting
Mayor Fornes president "f the Xew-York Board
of Aldermen. He says that he (Hummel) has
not rendered her any legal professlonal aerviee
for almost a year. and so far as he has any per?
sonal knowledge there has been no conapiracy
or blackmail. as alleged. He says there ls no
foundation, in fact, in th? statements by Mr.
Fornes so far as hc. Hummel. is comerned. Mr.
Hummel adds that he flrat became Intereat ed in
the case last summer when he and his sister,
Mrs. Kaffenhurgh. occupied the Jones cottage.
No 151 I'nior.-ave. Mrs. Fornes called on him
ind said that Mr. Forr.es refused to sup
pon her, and tbat she had flnally decided to in
stitnte proceedinga for divorce ana alimony.
He advlsed her not to precipltate such action,
a- a compromiaa rnight poaaibly be arrived at
On retumlng to New-Tork City early ln Sep?
tember he says be arranged a conference be?
tween wife and husband at bis law offlce. An
extended sesaion promised a desired result but
ln the end falled to aeoompllah a harmonious
nnderstandihg. That. says Mr Hummel. was
bis <ast connectlon or particlpatlon ln the case.
Mrs Fornes aubsaqaently changed .her resi
dence and retained Judge Btlckney, of Poult
ney Vt who eight months ago caused to be
served on Mr. Fornea the neceaaary legal | - -
for divorc- and alimony.
Rare Indian Painting-s Acquired Through
Shepard Bequest,
Baiem, Maaa Aug IL?A rare coiiection of East
Indlan pale?t"g? and art works has just been ac?
quired by the Essex iBStltate Uuougfe the bequest
of the late Henry F. Shepard. There are gfty-two
paintings on ivory and forty-one on mlca, I
a caae inJaid with glaaa and marblc. all worth
LBds of dollars Tbe paintings on ivory BTC
all loot of the Sepoy mutlr.y. secured by British
boblie.-s who saefced Indian palaces Thoiaas Cole
? :ured them. and he sold them ta Mr. __-6p
a/le picture |s the Tahsk Taus. or "Peacvk
Tht.-: ? ? imperial r.aluee of Indb.
TSZt k?s sahfb ^^.^^ -
mutiny; Tai the aecond ln comn. i.-.
dawiak. flrst Prtace o< Lucknow. .
Singb and Juny Bahndor. Nartlr. Shah o I
Pc.s M.'haaa.ied af Caboul and
many ol_
Albl.ii*.. Aug. H.-A r.cc.nd party ef offlclals who
will reprasenl tl.ls State on New-York Day. Ati
Ku-t 17 Bt the L-TWlB and Clark Exposition. will
rendesvoua at Buffalo and start from then to
morrow night. In the party arffl be Bpeaker s i
Fr..i Wlaon Jamea T. Rogers, majorlty i.-ader. an?i ]
Qeonra M Palme**. Balnortty leadet of the Ai
and bia party, wha
went Wtut -O-.*! dajs ago.
Pmsses Aveay nt Lake MahOpaC,
N. Y.
Washlngton, Aug. 11?The death of Rear Admirai
Andrew E. K. P?nham, Cnited States Navy. re?
tired. st Lake Mahopac. N. T . was reported to the
Navy Department to-day. He was a member of i
the Schley court of lnquiry.
Rear Admirai Andrew Elllcott Kennedy Benham.
United States Navy. retired. w.is born In this
elty April 10. htS. He was appointed a mid
shlpman in the nnvy November ?'. 1847. and served i
on the Dofphia nnd the Plymoutli in the EoOt !
Indian squadron until IST.I He was attached to the |
Saranac of the home BQMB_|BS ir. MB] and spont
tbO following year ar the Naval Acadrmy. 1'ro- i
moted to passed midshipman in 1853. lie beeBBM . '
lieutenant in 18J6 and cruised in the atoop St. :
Marys in the Pacific. in 1858 he was attached to i
the ("ocst garve) and to the ParagBOy e*B80-t-Ml
ln 185.. When tba CtvJl War broke out he was an
officer of the CrUSOdor. bu( was ordered to the
Blenville. of the South Atlantic squadron. and took
part in th. COptur. of Port Royal. S. C_ in No?
vember, 1861. He became a lleutenant commander
ta 1882. and abortr* afterword took charge of the
gunboat IVinobowt in tbe Western Oulf blockading
squadron until the close of th* war. In MM he was
attached to the New-York Navy Yard and waa
promoted to tbe rar.k of commander ln 1867 He
was attached lo the llghthouse service when made
a captain In 1878. He then conwu-oded the Rich?
mond on the Asiatie station until 1851. followed hy
tWO years ai the Fortsmouth Navy Yard. until
HM, when hr had another two years' tour on
llghthouse inspeetion. He was promoted to be
commodore tn October, 1SS5. nnd after brief service
as pie.~id.-nt of the board aatabUahlag the Phila
delphta Nov) Yard he was commandant of the
More Ialand yard far the three years ending in UB-.
He bad been promqtod to rear admirai ln February.
1890, and ln June. Utt, was ordered to assume
control ,if tbe South Atlantic station He trans
ferred his flag from the Newark to the San Fran?
cisco after the naval review 'n 1993, but took com?
mand of tbe North Atlantic station. He was al
mosr lmmediately ordered to Rio Janeim for the I
protection of American Interests. and by his flrm
stand on his arrival there he effectually atopped the
inaurgeota' practice of Interferipg wlth neutral
merchant .-hips on thelr way to their moortaga
lt was . dramatic p.'irt he piayed on that occa
rdon, when, und.-r his orders, Brownson, of the
Detroit. fired on the r.-bel men-of-war. The .
revolutionista under Vlce- Admirai Da toirr.a,
against the authority of President Plexotto or'
Br.-izil. being in control of the Brazllian navy. es
tablished a hlockade at Kio agalnst foreign mei
chantmen. The situation was so raerloua tbat w.ir- :
ahips from aii European countriea were present
protestlng ai,-.iir,st tbe blockade, but aevertheless
oboerving it.
This state of affairs continued until the arrival
of Admirai Benham on the New-York He tm- j
medlately informeu Admirai Da Gamn thst he
would not recognix* :h>- blockade. and that any
American merchant ship arriving :it Rio must
be allowed to enter. The Braziiian admirai re
plied tliat tbey WOUld do so at their peril. While
ntroversy was in piogiesa two American
merchantnien arrived with cargoes for Rlo Cap?
tain Benham directed Ueutenant-Coramander
Brnwrison, on the Detroit, to convoy the mer
en t" th*- wharves where they were to dis
charge their cargoes. The American fleet cli
( ? tlon, and with shotted guna the Detroit
steamed in alongside one of the merchantinen. One
of the Braziiian warshlp. fired a blank cartridge
the bow of the merchantman. The respons*.
from the D'troit was a solid shot. which entered
the sternpost of the Braziiian. It was an effectiv.
ia aponse, and thereafter there was no further
trouble about the entry of foreign shipa Admirai
Benham reported hia action to Washington and
I la lirse was approved. although he had taken
mattera in his own hands and had acted without
Admirai Benham was retired in 1SM. In recognl- j
ti.e ,,f his patrlotic action the Fnion ljeaRue of |
Philadelphia presented hlm with a gold medal at '
a reception ln his honor on October 4. 1-84, wtth I
this inscription. "To Andrew K. K. Benham. for
valor and patrlotlsm." The box which cootalned
the medal had a silver plate upon which wore tne
words "The I'nlon league of Fhiladelphla to
ftear Admirai Andrew E_ K. Benham. V. 8. N.?
May 8, 18_4.'' The date was that upon which the
admirai rataed the blockade at Rio.
In 1898 Admirai Benham serve.1 as a prize cmi
missloner at Savannah. He served in the Schley
court of lnquiry i-i 1903. Admirai Benham was
married ln 1863.
Ex-Magistrate Succumbs in Sana?
torium at Darien, Conn.
Btarnford, Conn., Aug 11?John Owen Mort,
for Ten years a police magistrate ln New-York
City, died This afternoon at 5 o'cloch in the
sanatorium of Dr. AsMey Scovllle. at Dorten,
Mr. Mott'a death was due to old age. He had
been nt the sanatorium for two years and three
months. The climate and treatment had a
beneflcial effeer until about three weeks ago.
when he coiiaps* .I.
At tire time Magistrate Mort went to the eani
torium an effort was made to have him re?
moved from the bencfa in New-York for alleged
mental ineompetence The effort was defeated
Dr Bcovllle said to-night Magistrate Mott's
rnr-ntal condition was good until the end. Otber
people who talked with him while he was in
Tbirien were lllipi BSSIiil by his soundness r.f
m ind.
John owen Mort waa born in Saratoga County
seventy-flve years ago. He leavea two daugh
tors, Mrs F K. Watts. of Bloomflold, N. J.. and
Miss m. J. M"tt. of New-Tork
Th.- funeroJ wtll be held Monday al 4 p. m.
al No. 67 Eaat TTth-st.. New-Torb.
Magistrate Motl waa educated at Balloton In
stltute. He served aa Diatrici Attorney ef S.irn
County, Is.-.t'.-Ti'... paymaster in The L'nited
States Army, with '.he rank of major, 1884; and
Assistant l'nited States District Attorney for
the Southern DiOtrict "f N*e\v-\"ork. t8f*">-'_*5.
He was a member of the Assoctatlor of the Bar
of th.e City of New-York. the Repuldlcan club,
the Presbyterlan T'nion, the Military Order of
the Loyal Leglon and Lafayctte Post. O. A. R.
Former ("ongressni.en Francis Marvin died in
Port Jervta or. Thursday night.
Francis Marvin was born in rhis city in 1828 He
received a*1 academical educatlon in the New-Tork
public Bcboota. and when a yoaag man removed
hia father's family to the villase of Port
Jervta, where he had since lived. He became corr
wlth the enginering corps. of the Erie Rail
road ar.d was later transfer red |
tlon department aud bocama Btotloa agant at
Calllcoon He was later appointed a disbursing
' Mr Marvin began !,is pubile life as a member of
ard ot educatlon H ? >? rve i in suc
Btepa aa Justice of the peace. supervisor and
dent of the village oi Port Jervta. He waa ?rlgi
, Whig. but i:por: Its formotlon he joined
ks of the Republicr.n party. Ir, Hfi-i he was
a candidate on the ticket with Abraham Llncoln
?nrber of th* Assembly far the 2d i>range
Di?trlct and later was d.-feated for State Senator
bv james Mackln. ot Newburg. In 1892 he was
dected to Congress from the ITth Congress L'lsrrict.
In 1853 Mr Marvin became eonneeted wlth tbe Fort
jervta National Bank. He fiiied all of its otflces
a helng vice-president for fifteen years.
About fourteen yearaogo he wsa elected proi
Among the passernc-s who will -nil to-day for
Southampton on the New-York
Mr anJ Mr. A J. Parrh- Mr.*- fbarl-r. Morris Sm'tC,
,.rrr* Bridewell. ' ?* '?*a H Ba.BaranB
r.i-k-r |lf -I -*?_
Those saii for Antwerp on the Vader
taad are:
Mr and Mrs Urwh CBB- ' Mr ani Mr* W H Doti,
CcJaSel _L J r'Tr: l*h a^'1 -'lr* " H f1'*'"
The eohtn list of tr.e Mlooehoha, -vhir'.i sails ro
dav for LaaAem, Inchigoa
m . tir f| aoa ral CHB-nanOaot Mra t. Dinwkidte smith
and Mrs il-.-irlvs Hey- Mr. and Mrs H..ra,-e F Tsy
i l.ir.
^ Ijrne I Mr?. Hobert J Winnf
Ttavellora sai.'lng to-day for IJverpooi nn the
I.urarila are:
Fnink H DOKOa f Mr and Bb. Srephen
Mr snd Mrs Thoma* i
j^jaea 3Jr" J Baaa__B C_a_a__t__a.
Paseengers departlng to-day for Ulnsgow an the
Columbin are:
i.r and Mrs O*or_e Gillr nnd Mrs I'rban Weld.m.
,? " I'-aptalc Bda
, f W.aldersee. whi-h arrived yool
*i*?h.r W*l.-h IMra J ?' L-MJtog.
itisa J A. Lanaer. '* ?*"? Uurcnari
Horses Attached to Victoria Injnre
Three in East Drive.
A team of horses attached to a victoria and
driven by John Morris. _f No. 17". South o.-st..
Williamsburg. took frlght and ran away on the
East Drive in Central Park. near l?i__i-st.. laat
night. They had gone but a short distance
when they ran Into a two seated surrey bound
The coriision thr-w out the drivers and oecu
pants of both carriages, caustng numerous In
juries to each.
In the surrey at the time of the accident were
the drtver. Abraham Kaufman. of No 717 E st
l.'.bth-st.. his wife. Mrs. Wink. of No Ml E ist
1-Ust-st., and Mrs. 8 P-.rt chester.
.Mrs. Piegel received a compound fracture of
the nose. Mr. Kaufmari received contuslor.s of
the nose and right leg. Mrs. Kaufman was
taken to Mount Sfnai Hospital. where lt was
aald she had posslhly received a fracture of the
skull. Her condition is serious. Mrs. Wink was
not hurt.
In the victoria. besides the driver. were Wlll
la.n Schultz, of No 27> St. Mark's Place. and
SilSs Dietz. of No. I.eflS ."'.d-ave. The laat named
received contusiona of the head. After the ac?
cident the horses attached t.. the victoria broke
away. One was caught after a sh.?rt run. whil?
the other got to _7th-st. and od-ave. before it
was stopped.
The driver of the victoria was arrested and
locked up in the Arsenal station. charged with
dtsorderly conduct.
Rich Policeman Objects to Encroaeh
ments on His Domain.
.Toha fTIliaiJ tfeai weaithy n? I -eman af th
?-isarila preelaet, yesterday caoaed the ar:
foui ra.ii whom he f. und domplag --.ancl aad
on his property. s-ave. ancl IS I
ctampanled by hla bride, who was Miss lionohue. a {
ni.ee ef ''on-r. ssiTT.-n T. D. Salllvar.. (Cl-ary. In
or-obl!e. wrs inspecting his e_.ti-i.stv. kaa*-V
ir.q;s ia The Bronx.
Seeing dc.r a-6-MB-Ba sand a'ul grav.-l nn
the plot, O Lsar. cVmaiided that tb.e work be
stopped Inimediately. He waa told that the De
parim-nt of Highways had glven th. ?*____?_**)
pt rrmlsaloB.
TU see abcut that."* satd O'Learv
"jamping into his .iiiton.obile. he srorche.l to the
nearest telephone and called Police iliB_aaMrtiH
Detectlve Griffln. of the Tremont station. ?
post haata to 0*_-_-_ry*B u>t. with ordere ? >.rrest
the guilty parties and stop the work Hc foliow-.l
instructions, and hated to the Merrtaaaia peJace
c-art the foremAn of the gang, l-lfai Gallagher.
and thi( ?.- laborers. '
Through thelr counsel. all of tha BBBMnlB- pleaded
for an immedlate hearing of the case. but at the
ure.-nt request of O I-*-.ry Magistrate Barlow ad
journ^d the case for hearing next Monday. holdirrg
tb.e prisnners m tlOO bail each but sufTering them
to go on pamle.
.- * -??
Hostler in Police Department Tells How
Adder Opened Door and Pursued Him.
Schuvler Bruen. who ls the hostler for the
mounted squad of the Wesl Cheater pollca station
ehanged from a negro tn a whlt- man. according
to WUliam N'esbitt. a roundsman. Nesbttt found
?day afternoon hanglng from a rafter
in the l..ft of the stable yelltng for "som?-thiiig to
po 'way."
The ":-.._.ethtng." on investigation by the rounds?
man. proved to be B snak. . ** b.ich was neatly
coiled on the fi.-or beneath Bruen. and whlch
watched him so cb.sely thal Nesbitt had BO dlf
ficulty in stepping up and bb-wlng its head off with
rolver The make prored M ba a puff adder.
abOUt tWO and one-half fe.-t Lmg. whl<*h is belte\e.l
to bava eacaped fr-.m ihe Bronx Zoo.
"Ah was Jee" riibbln' down th'_ wswtsa." said
Bruen. wh?>n h?- had r?-covered iiis -quar.imlty.
?when Ah hears a cbirtering at th' faatefe of th'
do' Ah turns round. and as *? _? do
OP-BS nn in wa'.ks tbat ar snake *'
I heT* asked V -
"All by hiss-f h- ..;? Al was so a!1
fbred skart Ah dunno wha Ah done, but Ah gave a
vell and epim tip t>> th' left. p.-n Ah looks down.
and It d.ir waan't 'hat ar Bfister Saake a-.*"mln
op on arm rafters and
clung on, an Misrer Snake. he wtggled underneath
me ar' triea la lunip up. He cotitou t reach, so h
-.. wait far m-- t" drop Into his
mouth." , __
Tb.- roundsman S-Jd that Bruen was as white as
? r? he kllied the snake.
Philad< ' kua "rnm ?TaBhlaatcai
have been received at the mtnt to cease operaMons
and d-sprnse wtth th- aervtaea ef the six hundred
employes except those necessary to Bttead la The
affairs of the institution when cinag" has been
la*_at upon navlng Buraett** Vaaflla.
Death notlcrs _?pearlng ln THE TRIBlNE wUl be
r.published in The Trl-Weekl- Trlbune without extra
rbarge. _
Ba.-4-111 ar. CathM-M iarr:n H.
Baldwin. r>a4i.l a O
. lark Emm. ns "" M.
cmstock. ,\. to? M
Eaton, Ellaabeth K M aa. UM E
Pt-ke. .lohn .
BACHMAN?Oa ________ *..-.-' I IBBB Bfte. a aasete
Illness ar her rest.ien.-e. Ilan-"' n _ e. and L .w T-r
Ithextna r-f.chm_r..
I ber t\xc rnneral .prHat*i sunday
:_ Interrnent ln th- M -ai_- ? saaaseS] Kaatcn
r.na . papera iiieas- c.-ipy
?ai.nans_Al gBBleweed. H -T aat*r*6 lato r?T>t Aa
gust 11. 1608, Dertd A Bakhr_a, V l> . in th* Tltth year
Funeral v>rt4ate.
t'LARK ? We.lnes.ta>. Aag_*t 8 19415 _l his resldenc*.
\, 4. ac- C.en?ral EmnvMMi Clark. ai the
-ar of his a<?e Fa:i?r_ a i b^ hcl.1 ar
_. |, U'.k- sl _:i i ' .r,.e_-. a-.e, on !*ai
arday, .' : -' T m 1'iease om>: aasieaa
,N ]'( i
New-York Auguat l.-h. IU"*'
Th^ Reglment wl . K*-?4 troaa
?he re
rr.ains of Bre-rei Ftr:?a.Iier .i.T.-r.u Ia:i.i...n? C-_rh As
Th*" I*(ltb of l're\ et Br:(fa<ti-r .*,eneral FTrr.rTi.-ir.-7i Ctark,
?tii ir.sta.n-.. i-? ami'.a -'! wtl
Regiment during ta - BBBB ta
is*--.' will ' - -
rrowttl ol iii-.L-acrc aplrlt and efl the R-^lrn-ra
an.I the loJrttllaBt r- :'im tn
brme'r. Tr"i r _;:n?i.:.., mrvnewf
? l_r.'_r4 efl . tti'iiT
as aeell as the ev?n, (.rotx l
dimcult-. 44:..
e-: Ihe li;t-". it: r. ??? ih- i*om
marider in Chief tr.a- hla WSS aa "Augusiai. *ra of th*
7th Regiment
The etn-sa e-raenaUtjr ->f CWoael '*lar!- and hi* intel
- hlm beluvrd
iv s.i irho aerved vtth ot tin.l^r hin,
'Th. Itep;ni-nt cur. th<-r?f..re. ua.
?he le. <-a?r
- 44hich wili not b* aiT?-il..nat* y ren
... nf r....- nfh. ewunao. htrvwrm
c o-rr ' TOt'BBAlltT. A.-tmg A.tjutara
*r_rx_a__j_fl of the bsvxkth t________crT
Members ar* aeted I ?aiaicea
r.f General Emmoos Clai - CM-BtBan, at 8t
Luke * Church. Ulf-ft. ar.d CearveaH
August 12 1806, al 3 8 m
TP NT.. Pr.sldent.
C'OMsTOi'-K?At hi* sun-mer r- .inding,
I_i-r ';.- r?e N V A.ig-.i".- 1"
lair N I in hla -Miti-. v.at run-ia; aervleas at
his late reaidence. IBoal
EATON?Al Pya^k. M T. on Frrii II !SOS.
Ellraheth Kimhall. infant daujch--- ot William Alfred
and iJiura. Kiinball Eat.-n. Funrral rr'aat
FlnKE-- Jor.n S . JT-, t.elove-: ? n f John Sag>- _nl iaa
.; -: n F:-r: n Thursaay August 14) at Weathamp
t.n. P >n_ liian.l Funeral servu-r* ar No. 1.1 Tii Dean- :
st., Brooklyn. Saturiay. aag-MN '-? ?' 1" a m
I_t)lER_Entared " -t-g-M B 1W6. at Stlde
M-ur.iatn. 1'isi.r Cunty, N Y . Benjamln Henry Loder.
, t j-. ? n f the lat. B.p.jamin and ,
\:.n ly T-r .- r* - !i!xt4- flfth y4?ar af hts *a*
-s will be hel.l at Chrts* c*hurch. Rye. N T . .>n
..... A"tru?t li 1605. al .T 19 j n: . 'arrtares
wtll n.e*t traln leavtng 4*rand Central Statlcn at T.tM
j_4_(TT?Entere.1 into rest August 11. 1!>XI. at S
luha ... Bfcill. ag-.: 7? ..iar? BB-Bkaa .>f funeral
A: Ke .".7 1'lsher ave . White Plain*. N. T.. Au
gwaa le l'.e.r. Eatber M . daughter of th* late Iaaac and ?
Aaa Secor. of Mamaronec-k. N T . aged Sl yeara Rela
iu .a and frii-nOs are Invited to meet at Weaver 6tr**t I
Chapel. near Iairchmont. on Snndav. Auguat 13. at 2
p. m 4'arrlage* alll be at l_?rt-hmont on anivai et
traln leevlng Urand 4**ntr*l Htatton at 1:04 p. m.
Mam_.rone.~ic i\ Y , and St Uoola . Mo . papara ?!**__>
SMITH?cm Mondav. August 7. at Montreal. r W . In th*
7i:h iear ot hu .... Nioh-las Martin Smith. lnt*r_.*nt
? _____? ceai*v?r>. Watcrtowa, _L ?. i
"?a Tulatlay. Au?uer h, al th* vOtA
rrauahter. Mrs Franri* M a r?
I_la E.. widow of Jame* w
B*v*rly. Has*.
ls r*adlly mieasIM* hv Harlem 'n,-**. r I'.rar
W?br>;*r ar-.J Ter .rr? ,
rtae* Lot* trjs m- T?ej*rm* *_*?*__ ftmmmmgl ?"? a
ef Vl*w? ar r?pres??rtat?v*.
CilOre. 3. Saat Krd Oa.. X. V cn?
rsAW K. MvrBBii. m ? rn
S*M St St*r**J*" MerrP: **wal .r Tn-t. T?i ' >i ???????.
Special \ottces.
TiBiaai *ab*rrh?ttan B??e_.
the tkihtm:
rhiB .-. ?
4*4tr?*.l s?-iberripltou? oiav ).? .
d?aler b*fo ? leaving. ,.r
in *i the THinrrcr nme*
BXNGLE eagugt
BVNDAT. S.ents Wfc'tKLl' BSV1EW .*i oew.
DAILT. J <??:. :" u?.i
Daaarstle Ba***.
Kor all polnr* In th* I'nlte.l States, e'aoad. ani Mexiro.
(outside Bf th* B?,rough* .af Man-mtan a
lironxi Also r .
PhtTlrrtnes. w-Ttho-t e?'
On* MoDtii.
Thre* it. ?
_lx Month*.
Twelve Month..
Twelve Mor.tha
Six Months. 73.
Twthn M * fl 301
Bt?B ?uli?crtb*m tn New-T-irk :.f an-!
TRI-WEEKLT wU| h* charged -n* ent i
postage tn a.Mltlcm to th* rat*w named ib. v*
FsrrliB Rattea
For points tn Europe and ol) ,-ountrl** in th* t'n
vsrsal P-.?'a! Cmon. THB TKIPIXB ?::: h* mail*.l
at the followina rate*
Cae >! 81 **2 s.x M. nth*. 87 U>
1? M aths. at 'V4 T??.vf Monrrr... 814 2*1
Thre* Montha. $? :i- TR1 WEEKLT
Eix Months. 8U K
Twelve M. ntha, $Vj **> T-x ?- - M atha
Six Montha. J_ m;
Tw.Iv.-M.nths. 85 IU Twelv* Monthn 82'Vi
One Mor.rh, {'. 44 -:i M nth.n. ?1 ->3
Two Month*. 82 8.1 Twelve Menths. K<*
Thre? Months. 83 37
MALN OFFICE?No. 1.1: Naasau--i
Wall stkeft dffu'E No. 1." wunam-st
I'FT'iWN OFFICE- N* 1.38? Broadway. . any Am.irl
ran I'titn.-t Telegraph <~>S1 *.
BR' S \ X ? *:* F.a
- . 1.322 F nt
KE'.V, I rniSMr.
Xn 7ri4 Hr- a
UJNDOX?O-Bca of THE TBlBt NE. ?- N 143
Frank r;,.uid & Co.. No 34 New e>x
Amerloan Express i~*omp..anv. Re ;: WaMrta, P'a -*.
Thomas l*oo_ A S..n. Tourist i iriire Iji.aa-? e'lrcus
Th* L*,n.I--.n Offlce ol THF TBIBl >
.I.e* to leave adv*r't*smr*nts ani acAseriptlona
PARIS John Mra
John Wanamaker. Bto 44 R-*e 1e? Peritm E>r:ri*s
Ea?l* Buresu. No 33 Kui- camNin.
Me-aan. Harj?s A Co . N-> 31 Boul**ard Hausaniaao
Crtllt Lyonnsis. Hiirean 1** Etrane- rs
Contuaen'al Tlotel n?w?stand.
Thi Flirar , r>m.
Brentano'!>. So. 37 .\i?n.r- :* : r-ra.
Amfrtmri Expre?? r--ie Scrtb*.
NICF-rrill- Lvonnai*
lEVRVi-Lmhard. o.tler a r-r, ,n 1 t'nlon na.a.
FLORENfF?Freneh. Lemon _ Co.. N-s *? a.id ? VIS
Mnatisy ? .-".. Ba-.h.r*
HAMBt'RO?Am*rtcan Express t".-nnranv. No 2 F*rd? ?
nand Strass*
Po*tolBi-* Notlce
(Should S* r?a?? f'AlLT ^v at! (ntfre?ted. an atUBBBBO
may oe, ur ar anv rime i
Forelsrn rruirl*. fr 'rv week endlna Au/ru.it 12 too.-*.
wfn tka* ipromptly tn all sm. ar rhe T?nerai FmB
offlee as follows: Ri
at rhe rtenera! FNjs:.-.rT?.-e .-m* horn e^-i-.r rtwa .losit?e
tim* ehown W! .-? rar'-ir? post M?Ua for '^rmany elo*.
at 8 p. m \ ieuM 7 an.i '.4
Parcels-Po?t Ma'ls Ho? i-.res' Brf.atn an.i Tre!.^
Star I.la^ -n A'
by rs* Amerl.-an T.ir-.e
dlspat h in ;riad.? I
steam?r aatls on Satvntay !nt#r -har ? h? America
itwimer the nma day TTi* Parcels- P.iet mar:>
one h.ur k-r'-r? tha r-ga.a- i.ails.
Parrels-r.isr Ma" ' 'Ireat Brtt.
Ircland i ANXOT b? reatnrered
Reaultr and Surr.tementarv malla ~! ??* a' F^r-isn -ta
tlon loora.T >f West and Morton nt? , half hour tar*r thao
closln. time shown bel.,.v '?xeept thai Supoiemeniary
1 Matls for Europ*. *nd for central Amerlra vta i-olon. elo**
I oa* hour lat*r at F*r*tan ataBBaaa.]
8ATT'Rr?AT ii2i uia a B -- ? * ffo*
Tork. vta Plymouth an.i Cherbonrt ?
pool. Seotiand. |
addraasel for t.*rlr< aaanen; n- ** Sfl a m **?r R*-rln*n
__.(_? Post Malisi. it .? s Vsderland
mall for Belglum when -r
steam*ri; at 8:30 a. m ?',p
Europ*. r>*r ?. n
po.-.! *.' 12:30 p m f.r S or';..n.1 !ire,-r ls.*r_
dr*?se*t only.. per *. x I'olirr
TT'BSDAT (15) *l 2 v> a ? ra n ?.
Kutser Wlihelm II. vta Ptymem*- ira and
Tlr-men ar BrBB a tr. for Jl 1 a'.
dr.-??*d onlyi p*r ? ? Prltin i^knr
BATCRDAY fftl Ol TrS N>?raun.T!?rr.i pM
a a. Sllvta; at *:3ii a m. n .
' V?n**xu?*la p^r *? ? **N
thls m-amera ar :? a ??? f r Fan T:
??ia San Juan; at S:30 a ,?n'ar*r
10:30 a m ? f r F
i'aura and Vaadn'-na Pe;.irim n'* per s s.
anv ials<> i'ana <i_ aa .
an?'. ? ata Ul-a. rla Un *n. w-*^
f->r -hia -teamer' a>. ?
a. m i f-r Barha '. ?* 18 a I M.'i.a it
fl ti< ii :v. .*..ipp'emenfary I*K. a m | for N'l.-?ra?ua
r East Coast), Hoadai
H.-aiira. ? ar
Oolon '-'?' per ? ?
Adian iat*roaia when .-.:
addrc - ' ''_ha
[i*r ? .? M..nf--- '"? ,;
ISrazil i er - ?. ar 2
p m av. p?T a s
? ,1a
- -.? per half - I" '!??
naulai ? ?i*<? masl ' - . r-r ? --varded
clnataa 'f the R--*
1 e,.s.
? eta-nps Saaasl*
the J.rr.erl.-an Fjrx:!.?rr an.i French *ream-rs *
Ihe aa - ar ft a -r, tte mall
mav ?
mall for Tarkn Is
0f,n ?r,e hour a- '
malle.l n rr-' rt*" ?
C.-rmr.rr =--a P -r Bf* I
Malls iex-?pt Jama.cu
: ?
day and Saturdaj (Alao fro. S l-aa-OOaS
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Tahl'l and Mar<iuesas Islands. via San Franelaco. clo?*?
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