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?ur?tan vast iirv
?a Defeats Yankee in X. V.
Y. i'. M? from Morris Cove.
-kij_c.ra"?w ?-?-. mr saasssss-i
N?? f -
-rt^r fsi? fi"?- fron. O?? ??uihw?F;. ?he
?hre? *-*"'l";!* OM-pt?kt ?h? N*???-York Yaclv
r OH "?ade a f??i run Af ?ntrt
nine mi'*'- 'o-dsy from Morris ?', ve to this port.
lie at anchor over Sunday.
Rvoka?- e Sn.f,.,.; -,,. Svparita
nine over the course It - aft
SktS ?>? ?t the rute
B .-s
aftar in the
' ?-??tanioe v hich
in .-orreotAd tmOMO. by a
aaesssls som. good
tj -footers. Twelve nf
? o^ned
ndin? th* ">;, and ft?.
**???_ ??# 2? aaeanda.
It, heating the TVU
Mkfta. In C-a? K of
I great fig M o-, fcatwewm -'...so
arfc und ihe H'imma. owned by
fere both beato, l.v
rS-SBJS? hoat from Baste*
?nlnutes 21? so? -
OP Fhnrk
? ?cfcaaa-u. V-mhs.
as? F". deroa'ir.g the
M Mk__i .V B. Vo-? ?5
ttM reach ?>-i
trt-j in I hat
?t?jr _ Btiaa_aas v
_S I time
?e-hOOIrer ?"orona
- defeating
m* mmi - -O-tter
aehalet ay 7 a_lan_taa ".?
Xnaipe or.? \>-re
-? -? waft - m
.?te. 4?. second?
- - . rrSSS the ?iMjthtrf*. th?
?ras made pr-.-nr>'!y ?
laek Hit -Thin es"
. J rr,-,.?.? the lin*
??_? boat ?n.i the Rreak
I |m dt lait Minx. Atalr.
? i Dahlnfte. Weals,
Caratiiia ai M l<~? the
? "rrina UOjo T_-vu???e.
fi Bharh ?vat? s=nt
Tti-S* a' tfea MM jru": -?art
- Weeram?^- (.ml
. :
KM the
I M ? ? the ?,nr| abeam, to
rosd rea?-h from ib.?
'" Yankee.
Man ?"ar-air. Rarr. of Hie
- a*T 'he treatrier I>erth. but
Mas?" IS aBM to the line
_-?T through
? ? ? her off. passing
? th? e-tntnltte? bosi
* - ?s of the ks?era were
M -
mar? I
io k, :
reoo tue < >'h?" was. Th?
- _ . '
the Long Island
_ Th?-. 5,-hori!ie
'*e r(i;grt.r
v. |,op.'i-i st 'he
Tank?? by
? ? sloops *??
"in In a luffing
? rs * v-p
a bs-tt-r
big inaiii
~ ? I
-vt mark -
i hsd
?? I.E.
Mme ?he ft pah
th? finish, off
? ? fliiifh
- tsaaa *n__-_tl Ki
Sa I ??? ? c H^ad
cS5t ftv-r?
- ir n reception
? tfo-tr-Tot- Yacht Hu*!
HI :r=-_-- f' ne\t week for
four days of racine
?ase of tho
?he auspicie? of the
hi|l Ranr.f A- 9ot which
??-.-1 ?.ch day. Two of the
side and tw? In th? bav, and
,- ..?. . e-e i-ill he ten boats to
E_ F. Robinson
??id Ma* Aga?"f?._: were appoint?*" s committee
? ?SH?- -a-ee. and th?- programme will
?*-? anr.oi_r.t-ed In a day or
ght that i"ha?-]?_e I?ane Poor's
?-ooj: M.ra whose corrected time 1? 4 hour?? 11
?__t_tee 48 ee~onda may he the winner of the
Rsar Co-r.modore"a Cup. and aleo that the v?
-:?-?-;? ie la 3 Koiua ft mtm
*-t?t rr:av be the -?inner of the schooner cup
I* wa? e?-r.ed <*r?-?rn a reliable source to-night
*?-*?* I. A. Boardmsn and Dr John L Bremer.
^nero of the ?ioop Manchester,
er of the Beawanheka Oup. havs chaJ
??-?fed W. H. Childa, the owner of the sloop
?-?m '. - ? th? Bensonhurst Yacht Club.
w ra?. e and at a plax? to bs decided
*? Tr.e Mor?. Trou_le was deaiarned bv C D.
????er. of New-York. Ehe is this year's cham
?""?*> le her cuase on Gravesend Bav. Her ratine
\ while that of tha Manchester la
*il-?l The latter can be transported by rail,
' More Trouble would have to ssll to
-5*B-srr. waters if the race la to be sailed there.
T-* *'-__?r____ry of the races follow?:
?-??^-ORJC TACHT Cl?UB a_?-_??-?OT CT__Jt_--BTA--T
to-?--?TOt'RSE aa lOLOte
_ F!nl?__ _B4 Urn?
. TM_t w w a it v ?
4.10 ?
. tit? m*OM
txavr ta:_a?cormez a. uix-as
_Tapa?? Ccrr_<-vea
Start ru?*?-. u__? tin.*.
? I -=*? ?m H.M s nus h _e e
????-*-?. ..m..?:16JT K* *? '- ' * *"'?
-_P-__? ....... 10:it*2 1*4)?- ?i4--t-? ?__?*_
?w-us -,-. i?ja*c a,_^u s-Mua ?Jc?M
Vorks and Detroits Break Even
in Double Header.
- ?
" I -.-n ? . -
?- ratal
?- ?S.
Ch oke? v_ s?, JE
4? I |
'-? ? ?_ .___.
Th? Hieh' - (M ?,-__, ., , ?,.,.?,,? n_.84(,r
with rvtro.t Bt Am.riran Trague P-vrk ??esteras]
H was the ooemn- of ? s_r?-,c between the
Th- Urn (XMtteM ?rsht to the aifhlattftets hj a
sor? of J tn i, b-,^ ,,,. ?s*,--,,,,?, l0 Detroit by ?h?
same ?.;or?
Ai-.-n t?-?ntvii-,? thousand sp-c-tor^ ^?- ti,_
f8m*s --M* ? n_ ??-?= shown It was
f1"*' ''"' ' Um r.v of ihe r.?iro,t players
that the?- i,-,.?- ;h- fi-_,
In th? aaeond Inning ..r t.-ic retttesl CTLeery
coughHns ihr..?, of ttamtr'u grounder.
a non,..- Mnthle or Chesbro's grounfter gol v^.?r
?o third un. ,?- talth - throw
TK ?-*???? h?ad
The s^conri r,?n -?a- ??-ored b] Tesger ?nd
was i ?- ?.,,_ V.-3??
wun the reF-.'i that Teager -" lo third. H.?
crossed th?
in the second gsm-? Powell and Mullen we-? the
l-posing pitch?-}! :!nr) T,,,v pul ,.p , tattle roval
.n it tbe tenth Inning ?hon Powell weakened
fil?.'*"35 n" tl the reaull - of th
\i?ltort got
'-,I*fhl'ri-,5??' - ?
??***"a on Lindsays eingi? Warnei forced J.ind
_??_.,-__! . 'm'1*- ??con?- les-'a two bagger
.-?A ?!";*J**, '?it? h -litre smel- and
OtthS inpl?- .,.-,, Th., _,-,lr.-.
- NT5W--1
-- - ,,"?'? ' '--p- - ? ibtlbfM ?
- 'F * ' 1 ., 1 ' O o
-'.. 4 o o 1 o .. Behaeff ?b 4 0 0
,f > " 1 - i ?*? Helm -, it. 4 <
"_ -**? 4 0 O -, , - ,, ,,
?.he?, ir- 4 o r. ,2 , , .. ? ? . ,,
rS__Te.*h t 2 ? - ' " ?=?-_*??* ?? 4 o o . i ???
sT- ?;>.- . )?' ,' ? " f' I-'"'*"" **? 8 0 0 T 1 1
;_1 ''?? . !?? * " '-'?' - a o o s i ?.
r -I " ' p a ? , ? ? ?
? _ n 27 ir. r T?*?_ *_ i 4 M ir. I
?.? i .. .. ?
T--^-he?. h;- .
r-Lean f-t-t.ri M_
'?m_ ' - ?' William? are. -hj?- Left
r^ C?TN**oTrLk-7 T'*"""' ?*?-* 00 hall?
n? r?_r_ ' r-*-r . ?-,, r.. , he#br
?T. -?-- | T1-.- 1 4.-,
- ' R(->IT ? ET ? r_
?h r 11" T?. ? ? eh r 1h re ? -
- ? -? B ?? ; 3 " 0 Deughert? * 4 ?? ?, ? o n
rVhaefer, 2r F o o ' 4 ? Kecle? -' 40121 'i
M--lr.':-? H ?''?14 " 0 Bt-erf-1- ?? 2 O A 8 4 ?,
Crawt 2 o 1 OlWUliami ? :. <> 1 j 2 o
p-*-?-n ??. a e e 4 4 e Cha??, n ? ... ?. 2 <>
? -1. 3i> a 1 1 o 1 o T?*a?r sr 4 <> 2 1 1 ??
Und??? II. 4 1 1 II A A riitti ' 4 1 2 s O o
? inc-?. - 4 o?,?] n
v ? ?> n o _ - - ,. .. ,, 1 r,
" - 1 o 1 o ?, 0
T-t-ie . a* 2 7 30 i5 o
n i 73011 o
* ?-- i- -..
o ?) fi fi n <% o n o 2 2
? "? -? . '? ?, , .. ,, o t 1
?? Thr-? bs?- hita ".?tilin
Stolen t??*-? P-ltr ' rawfo-d tli W?raer L*ft on i??e?
S-w rork. 5 t-. . .,].,;,?rut
PoweU - - M
Mullin. 4 ?"?n.anc?.
rilII.AI>EI.rHlA I; BT I.?'i'!? 4.
Phi-B?stanla I c ' Tt. haMi snd Umci> bitting
- phis ?<-, ?la^- ?lefeated Bt. I-oiii. i- ,in intev
.... . r r:,_r,- r, -, _. r.-p ,,- ,. tr I, Til? -
11 II K
1 2 1 O O O ? O X?S 14 1
.1 ,, o ?> ?, 1, :? 1. 4 :? _
Ha ?.?.;__? r?i?r:k ?___ Behrcck; c;i?.?.. and Roth. Cm
p.-??. i-'i:-?- -??-. c 1 l.-,un-r.lin. Atten-.a- ?
?. ?I 3. Ural pair.? >.
At Hol>ok? Nee
4? ?.???!? N?v_r?- ; Etait!?
f - Pro? laeeiee
f lea ? 4 .1* - ? . gam?'
? ?
Ai V ... . eater. 4.
4 pi- k?.! :-am 'mm the poll?-- Department de
f?at?rl r-i nttM of Hi? NeW-Tonrk L<etter 'arriera fir
th? Polo Oroond? ( of is to %
Ahoui ?w?
gather?-?! ?t the grounds, and much enthusiaFm
B?ift?iir piteh??d for the poiioenien,
- :h. sarrle capacltj for :h<? let
i#- ra_r|er? The seore:
.. ? .. ?, ,. ?, 1 o ,, 4
-tart i" ir. -?^ocrsb a:? mi!,f:f
1 ? - ? M
Kiwa.iui 10 21,*: ? 10:04 4 I"1??
o,-_,-,., 2:29 I? 4 ?>7 I?. 4?TA:_
pf- |0 ?a fv-ii-RFE 38
HI 80 M '-' ?'?"- 42 I 1- 4* - I --
4 l* -11 ??
I'.., M 2:1 52:1? ? U '??
RT ?n-n .'.>'-R--T. ?M
?orc-na 10 JO:? r' 2S J"
!".: 47 - ' -
._U_0 I -22" -
v.OCR SE, M M:
cade-? ?? i" .2'?" ??'*?__ ?iH__! -
C*ai-_ltt 10-B S - '? '" 4 ? "7 -
;*????? ?
-, 10 22 '- -1 '?? -
I_|?r .10:25 5* 2 1?-?> ":52 32 -
Int-?o'<_ 10:M:?K? 2 14:1? S.4..1?*
l?SSotli -i . : 0 26 S3 S.??:? 8 42:2?
A-ie.n- . .. H':20 23 S:li:M l?l_M -
Rascal and Rascal II Score Wins at
Annual Regatta.
The annual regatta of the Horaeehc-? Harbor
Yacht Club brought together thirty-six >achts
yesterday. All except the __naII_Bt. boats eaii-1
twice rounfl a five mile triangular course. A Cresti
westerly breeze gave them a g>od start, and though
it fell flat at the end of the first round revived in
time to give them a fine f.nisr.
Th? rsoeabouts furnished the larrset class as
well as tbe largest yechts in the race, and also
th* most interesting contest, f" C Hopkins s Rai
cal II. ably handled by Haxen Morse, carried oft
the honors after a hard struggle with Ma?J Wil
let's Cricket, which se?*ured second place
Eight racesbouU etarted at 1:15 with only a few
seconds difference between the first boat and tbe
last They went off on a beat to Huckleberry
Jaland. whence they had a broad reach with booms
on the port hand to Exeeution _-o?_ks, and a run
home. At tbe end of tbe first round Rascal II and
Cricket had secured a lonr lead.
The -fcrmer was slightly in advance a? they
?eared the town, but ahe ateered a little wide of
the mark. The Cricket slipped In between and went
to the iront. For a time she had considerable ad?
vantage, but Morse managed to recover the lesd
before the ?nd of th? second round and finish a
winner by fifty seconda.
?-?ha Raacal sailed a sood race and won in the 23
to T7 foot cUaa. Thia boat, which la owned by J. J.
r^wyor, rated lsst year as a rsceabout. but wss
put out of that class this yesr by the new rule of
r ?_*,-?- -?
Four Lsreb-aon II-footers aiao sailed a pretty
rao? which was won by J H. Basefs Hourl. with
w ktumo s Vaauero second. The other winners
war?%T% Bav-ei-e Ace. R. Mallorye Kenosht.
rharlM Pnrwni catbost ?3_?_ce. A- Woodward's
i_25a^lulBsUamond. Charles Buttons cat \ava.
ZvTi- C rrenverse'B est Joke had a eall-over.
_& ?e?tA ?mmlttee oen-Jsted of Thomae J.
Mo^-JillT?r chairman: William ?'uart Allen, L.
W Forbell and Edward Marble.
.. . -? ? ?'????
E__rtpori. >N. T.. Aug. _2.-In live dory T*oe?,
?a?,^ is jas iBaBb-aca al ttn ?bivu lai?-?-. Th*-??
Giants Beat St. Louis in a / r
Fielding Game.
* ATIO.NAL l.nA<?-E
r'^L-!,"^ " ?' U,t**- iBSBtAS ?1 iltmnni'i
- ' n a; i in.-??.
KATfOttAt, LT-\-;t'E
-2: ?? UMS ? ISHUBIMS -t Philadelphia. 5
? - I taaSk 3 Beton i
^??'"1 >?? ?-' ., 1/-4I. P.O..
;'.,,':/"' : H BO psi
. to <;- .,174
t-J 47. ..71 Bot 327
: -a M 4- :.C't r.rc Kb-. . :. .11 7o 1?.
Bt. Louis. Aue-. 13.?New-York took to-day s game
be p ?seer? of j to <\ Brown and Wiltse pitched
effective ball with plover? nn rtnses. Both teams
hc.rjcH (gat. Sttan4Sb?a?, 5aSS. The score:
tnm ros? st. laOVM
?b r lb po a e nil r 1' f? I *
?? 5 ?) 2 o 4 i? Dui.ieav- rf. 4 O 2 1 o o
r 10 13 0 0 Shannon. If. 4 0 13 ?? O
Mcarn th. 2 I i :; i. ,. s?,,?-? .- g ,, | ;., S |
JSirke, |b * o ?? .-. 0 oil lb. ? O 1 IPv4 1
M-rte. if . . 4 o 1 1 ?> .. Arndt 3b :< ?' O ? 3 ?
Lrcanahan.rf 4 f? rt i ., 0 McBrld?. -a.. 4 * 3 1 1 8
'.,," ??" * 0 o 3 3 0,Burke, 8b... 4.0 t 8 1 '?
Gilbert. 2b 2 I O ? 3 u L-?hv. e ... 2*" "3 1 ?>
Bcrwerrnan. 4 .? 1 b I o Brown, p_3 0 0 0 2 0
a 111???, p 4 1.2010 ??Jra.Iy . . 1 ft o A n .?
Total, *\ SlBSrll "? Totals As ? a 27 ? ?
?pBt??d Par Bkosra la tba ninth Inning.
Ne* Vor?. <? .. 1 :< 0 o o o i . 2
1 ""* ?. a <? -?'
T^o bew hit??Straag Msrtea r-,ri??--. C*eiltU? bh
?Shannon. Doubt? pi?-?- Sei .nd Bsekler:
?\iltse. oiiber- BA(] Cl?rii Stolen b***?Btneoi Hit
with hnll QirMrt ?A'tltee r!a?e? oTi hall* -
off Brown. 2. .-.ff Wilt??. 4 BtTtseh oat B- Rrown. 4. by
?lit??. ? |^ft en tiSBea ?*< l.c.ii?. 12. 'n*w York. 10.
Time, I?48 niton?
Brooklyns Have Battinp* To-js on and Win
by 10 to 2.
*?".?. 12 Brooklyn pound?-" T.-mdgren
and PfeifTe- bOtrd t..-dn?.. WhU* Stricklett preyed ;i
Una block for <'l)ica?ro. All three pi-.-h??-?
were wild, but the Brooklyn man steadied -with
m'n "it base?. The ?core.
ah r lb pi a e ab r lb pe 3 *
D**?*s, cf r. 2 2 8 '? ?:? Biagi? if.. 201220
Bhecksrd If 4 ?> 8 1 " ?' Italon*?, rt . & ft 1 o ft n
Lumle? rf r. 0 2 " ?) 0 Casae*. lb i ? I 1* n 1
| 1 i 2 o '? Wirker, -f 3 O o 1 | 1
lasslm ib.. B 0 311 2 " Tinker, is.... 4 oft 2 I I
Mala- 2b 4 2 1 S S O Hoffman 2b 3 ?? O 2
Lewis, ss 4 2 3 12 1 CSSST 3b 4 " 1 4 3 I
Pi'-?' r 4 1 o S n " Kling. - 4 f> 1 ?*? 1 ?'
?Utter ?- 4 1 o b n i. Kling. (... 4 ? 1 f> l ?
Ktrtcalett, p 4 2 3 I e i? Ltindgren. v 1 ?' 1 O 3 o
Pfeff?'. p 1 " o 1 ?l i
Tn'sls . St N I. "' I? 1 ??'?'N-'lt . . i o o O ft r)
r?MSS .tl 2 3*7 IB 3
*B?'ted for r-feff?. in the n!n?h In.nlrg
Prnokh-n .. 10883 8*81
." i icagn 8 8 8 18 18 I n
Hita OH Londgrew, ? .in Bra Innings., off Pfeffer
i .'n tour Inning?-. Left on bases? Chicago. ID; Drook
Tw*e-b**e hi'"- lundgren. Lumley, CessUr.
<'a??\. Tbree-bas? bit?Shtwkard Home ru-i I,?wl?
?a-riflce hit? Wicker. Fheckard 131, Lewie. Ritter
hesf? Chane? . ??. Batch (J) Doable t.lays
Ttnker. HoiTman and Chano?. H.ity and ??easier.
Ptruck ou* -By Lnndgren. I. by Pfeffer ?; b; ?triek
T?as?* en balle?op t.iip,lrr.ii, 4 off I'teffer. -.-.
,??? Strktkl?tt ' Wild pitch???Lnndgren. 1. Stric?
Illt with hall? f'hanee. Tim?? : I' I'mrlr?
Klen \t tendance. 8.BM
Fi'tsbiirg. Aiie 11 From the start Pittlingcr was
easy for Plttpburg. and in the flfth inning four
hita and an error gave the home team a lead that
could not be overe?me. Brilliant play?? by Wagner
and Howard and Lynch'? double piny unassisted
I-, trapping a poo By were the fea tures. The ?avara:
P. it n
, i o o o 4 i? .-. 8 a s u? 2
Philadelphia . a a a i t a a t a?a t? s
Batterie? Lvn b and Qfbaotl . "c-t-iden r'-'ing?r an i
Abb- tl. ? l'a- Attendance. 5.(HW
? TN-riN-NATT. t. BOSTON 8
Cincinnati, Aue. 12.?AbsatttcM?*? wild throw
gave Cincinnati <?ne run. and the other was ?ecurer!
on hita Bo?ton p! = -?r raathsd third
base. The ?
P. 11 F.
.. ?< .. i : ?. ?? t? a?| ? 2
. " 0 ?.? f. 3
Batteries Walker and ?chl?., vc:ib?lT^ and N?edham
I mplro- Eknslle. Attendat ?? 2 '77
a- N*s Sodfsrd Coneort ?'? No*) R?dford. 3
Al Fall River?Far River 4 Na?hiia. 3 fBrst gam?.
t?ti innings.. Fail Kiver. 4 Nashua. 1 laeeaaJ pamei.
Al "Tauntoa- Haverhlll. ?-'i Ta.inter.. '. ijhrai game..
Taunton, S H*v?rhlll, 0 (saroao gam?.
),. l.i?r?tii-f - L'en 4: U?r.n^?. 3 fflret gam??. L?nn.
Al P-.nsham'on- Bingr.fcniton ".. Albany, 4
-r-rn h t. S G ' Scranton. 3
? .-.. 7. Tro . t?
a- lulos- rtlea, 8 Wllk'.sbaii?, 1 .first gam?., t'?lea.
4. WUk?f?banre, 1 (seeond game
Cl'ib, fi' Wielter Inland, this afternoon. Ci. Jf.
man's Gypsj-, sailed ? ic-eru by >Ti?<. Luoas,
Tn the px)w*r boat rar* G. >t Boardms.n's
Katryna. wi?h four pobats. **.ns first ,T a. Aspin
wall's Bport ??cord, with 'hree points and Thoma?
W. P-iwpon's Peter third.
Saet?a Wins Second Race for the
Trophy on Grax escnd Bay.
Th? second race this season for the Havens Cora
was sailed on Gravesend Bay yesterday- aftemo?ye
under the auspices of the Atlantic Yacht ?"lub.
Eight yachts started at 3:'t5 In a fresh southwest
breer?, which, falling to hold steady, put two of
th' ?pe?*di?=t craft out of th* race before the first,
round was completed
The Mora Trouble and Cockatoo H w?re the un?
fortunate? The winner -was George H. Church's
Baettg. which finished more than a minute ahead
of V .T Haven's Quest p F Wylle'g IArana.
however, sailed a fine ra'e and l?d the fleet at the
end of the first round
J B O'Donohue's Tabasco was the leader at. the
finish, but she lost on time allowance. The yacht*
had a broad reach on the ?i*t leg to Fort Hamil?
ton, a beat on the second leg to the bell buoy east
of the West Bank, and a broad reach home
?. E. Vernon's Vivian II carried away her mar?
tingale soon after the start and was forced to
withdraw. Colnctdentallv with this rao* three
smaller sloops sailed for a special cup over a
shorter cou-se R. 0. Veil's Spot was the winner.
A match race of yawls was sailed ywterday after?
noon oveV the Gravesend Bay Yacht Racing Asso?
ciation course, under the suspices of the Marine
and Field Club.
J. H. Ives's La Cubana, the smallest of the trio,
led at the finish and won without th? time allow?
ance she -was entitled to get. G. C. Glll?ssples
Garl?te was second, a trifle mor* than four min?
utes behind.
A rac-e was also sailed at the same time by the
two little sloops. r>elta and Alpha. The former
won by more than a minute. Her owner is I. J.
The grand annual picnic and athletic games of
the t'nlted Lodges. New-York and Brooklyn, Or?
der Sons of St. George, were held yesterday at
Washington Park. Maspeth, Long Island. Th*
summaries :
8erent?>-flv?-yard dasr. .baadltjap??Won by J. S.
OCotiMlL unattacned ?. 15 teat*-- C. A. Tensor. New
Yo"k Athje'lc Club ?1? fast?, ?ovnd F Englahar?l.
Mohawk Athlatlc Club ill feet) mtrd. Ttma, 0:07?,
Elsht-hundred-and-alghty-vard ran (handicap?
Won bv A Zink. Pastime Athletic Club (84 yards);
H w Schell Mission Athletic Club (42 yard?), second;
J Ledwoeh. ' Pastime Athlstlo Club (SO yards?, third.
?ri__a 2 " 1 *"*?
6lx-hundr?d-y?rd run (norte???Won by Z. If. shssn
ring Mohawk Athletic Clnb; j. Aeel?a, unattached,
second; A. O. P?rgo?d. Mohawk Athlstlo Clnb. third
"TflrTia. A ""tat \?
?rnr??-hundred-rard ran 'handicap)?Won by W 7
xceatmc Irish-Amarle** Athlatlc Club fit yarda); S*.
t* Flnley, Naw-Tork Athlatlc CTub ?18 yard?). a?e
ond C 6 Cssart" Bavanawood Boat CTnb (1* yardsj.
th?^a-ml!?l*run'a?':handleap)?Won by A C Crauo.
Kaw-Tork Athlstlo Club <?0 yar?ls); F P DeTlln, Mott
Havsn Athlstlc Club i ?8 yards), second. F Lors, M
hawk Athletic CTub (U yards) third. Tim?. 6:0??4
Running broad jump ,handicap i? Won by J- S
Stolen Island, Team A, Beats Brook?
lyn Wanderers by ?>t Runs.
Prospect Park again rr-s-nten its SSoSl eeena
Of .-rlcket y*st-rda>. wher? five marche- a?r?
hrnught off. These included championship games
in the Metropolitan District Cricket league, and
th? Ve-.--T"rk ?"rl'-kct A-ha?laUdn seri-s ?nd twe
frl?Tldlv r.r ?ThihPin- roil'-F'?
The chi-f gam? wm the !?ag?ie ,-om-st beitw-en
the Brooklyn "Wanderer* and Ptat?n Island. Team
A. which, aft?r Interesting plav. r??i>!ted in a win
for the (?.?a?ilar?, by H run?.
l F Ken?. -*r. D. Ettchta snei j w. T?eme
played well for ih? ?rlctors. -.hn? p ?? Hinable
jus reseha, OdeMe figures To-- the Wander?r
A Guns _aeea top scor?. while p. r? challenge.
and J. H>i(j r,i.=o haft-ii weB. The score.
K. O -he'l-ne-i- e ?ni b ?Mm. -.2
S R ? rt?- h ?'lark? ...
?i. Mar pa? rann, b ? iirk? ....... 7
A. rinn?, h c-nhb.
J. Wcoe. nal eel .
T - '-'-R-illv.r and h , obb. '.'..
* > Bimpten b 'lark? . l
H. Ruihton AIHa?s. b Ciarte. 2
f ^-mstmrig .?t H urd??-h h c-iarvt? .-_ ?
E F ' Roddtnaton. H?ck?' ?> <>?!,b.?.... 1
f r- r?hrtet-, h Clash?.... o
?'- ._.
tm?i . ...... et
?t.*tev i-!..4N-r>. tf>v ?
A J .;. '?v?k. e W?M b Ru?h'.-.n.^.. 0
C DaltoT,. ? and h R>j?ht?.n.m._? 2
C H Clark? e Armstrong, b Rii-hrc-.-. ?
?.'. P Hur_l_ch. '. b ? b Rushto-n.-. 1
M R. r-ebb ?- Macph?'son. b W.-.od.-. 4
j n T?ene e Christ, h Bonnar.-. i?
V G Humble c e.p.1 b R'?nna- .10
W. D. Hick le run oui . ""O
F F Kell- - a,,nn f, Bonnar .__.. -I
F A w Ireland, run -.ut. O
W t. AHI-An. no, ~|.t. t
p. -S ..._..... *
Union County w_S ??il rewarded for th? .iourney
to Prosper? Park yesterdsy. -her? j: .??fo??-?^ the
Thistl?? in an as<=oc-ia>i,,n champ, -nship mstch by
41 run":
__. F. Oeddsrd ?nd ]> \ enaeen bosited In *n?-?
?ifual good form for I'n'nn COUOty. cHntiiring .5
?"-i-k-t? for a ntna sad ' fer th issssrtlrsljr. in
I A. H ?;ih??on H. C. PSrhins und f "'
Goddard wen n-ioc. nwesssfsL
The fearure of the gam', hour v?r. wa? HM fcSWl
ing of IV S Paimor? for th.- TMStlea who. in
addiMor. io ?aklne s, *viok*ts for 23 runs, p<--formed
the -n;it trick/ TV. Anderson was th? only Thls
11? man to eni?r r)o,il-?|e figure* T>ie scor?
H ' Perkins i ps.-i^r?,.;. ? i?,
f ! ??.-ciiirl b j.a,ninr. ._ __. -
' n ' - ?-J - n -?" ? c.'n*ic|nn.? |n
r ' . Hc--ar-i. b i-lllett? . o
W. M DrUI. b Pai-no-?.. -
R 4. Ed^-ar??. . Burrow? ..--?-_ . .k
A. H l,|i_!On. -r," -,.,- ?>_?
t' 4 ' liberen, b Patmor* "i
r" Godldard. ?- i=nr???n- b Pa-ir.'.r?. ?,
F. A t ?? b b Pataaere . o
T? 'i ' ;c.1???ir?- r .lnhn?.on?. b Patrie?-? ... . n
Byes . 12
Tetei .? f..
THnri UQi
tr CS-anseg- nu -?t .... . g
.1 fn'-don. r'iii 04)1. O
W, p rai?i??. b ? Oc-flrlard. g
- . . S
? , Debralle, - v aibaen. t- r. <;ih?..n . ?
Surt?an- b R HuiMoiS. ?>
J M,-Iv jAhn-ton-. . P?rklni. b D. Gibson. 4
n Ar.-?A-?,,,-.. ,? t. .: ? -;- \ c-,ibeon.. iv
.! I>altilii?li. b D. c;lb??.n . O
.' Riirrro?-*, b E. G-_t?_ar_. a
A Hurt.-ne out. rt
T<> -es. H
Total. 38
Th? AVeit Indian? pro.-ed th? vtetors in th? gam?
?nitl- Ks??x C?M_nty at N?wark by ??t runs, with
nine wickets to spar?
F Hinds played w?ll for the West Iridiar' -
an SttaiySta of six wickets for si_ runs nt ho? ling
sn ?i not out innings of twenty to his cnedit. P
Allevne playp?i splendidly for thirty, no- out.
For Fss'x County T. i}ilt,ert and A B. Stratford
marte 'o|, ^, ?.re- Th? ?_ot.
f . art? :- - tlaril-i . b ij,*?dni?? ... . o
> I. White, hit -al.-ket, ;. TTi-.?I- . 0
c Good -i-iR?. !
smith. I t ?, h .\!-xan?l-r . 3
V. C?in*rl b All?' .- . 1?)
? H. -tratford. no, cxi*. is
i ' Mr h, Sraithe, b Hind-. ?
H Webetei ?' and b. Hinds. .->
. c and b Hinds. O
.erf. I. Hind?. r>
A M Nal-, b Hir?ri- . o
. 2
T?ts ... ?-.-???
S .-M!^ ne. no: eut.
Rirch .
r HtrtdB, not ou'
lf.nl cor? w1r-k?r1. ."4
0 Walth? H. ? Ale-ar-:-!-, ) tra-ii-,-, F William?.
' F".-cfi-c D GoedrMe* J ?ob?rs ani O Mcr?ermo?
did BUM
At Van Cortlaniit Park the match between Tonk
ers ami Paferson. in the association series, reanlte.i
In a draw, the rain rf'*'''*'1'1'in-' fhf? game h?ing
brought to n ?-lose
I ?! ^^ arhurton and ?T. W. Hooper, with 13
each, were the only ro^ri to score rtouhle, figures for
the Patersens.
r!. Low and A R Smith b??wled we'd for Yonfcer
the former taking 4 wickets for <> runs and the
latter I for s<". Th? ?cor
r ?; tVarburtTi. c- end b Pmlth.-. 12
P H Aseeraon. b smirh. r
,t W Eto-S-r c -tin b ?Smith. 12
W. B'itt^?. b Smith. 4
? rail, h La-?. ? .e 8
W Dod?e. e I_ow b Smith.^. i
C Hunier, b L.^??. .^ /v
t Robertaes. i .*_? ^h?. b .*mith.j.... a
? Simpson, b Low.v. 0
H \. Williams, ?t Rai?erty. b L_?w.w..... S
W Barber, no? ->_?t . f)
Eves .?. 4
I-eS bye*. 6
Wirtes. .3
No ball ?-"--.-. ?
A. F'-ct b Bun.?. ?
P Jacoba. b Bunc? . 3
A. J Kidd. b Hooper . ?
J Woodcock, b Runce . 7
P i-?jderba_k not out. 7
9 A I>.? b Hooper. ">
A R Smith b Bunc? . O
j. rritrhkyw. no. oui. ?)
B? ._^
Tot?! f* wl?k?t?). . 2?
t Rlrtrt?tf, T Paff?r?v and Jam?? Rlddett .1-1 net bat
At Livingston, Staten Islard. Team P? gained a".
easy victory over Kings Countv S?. O-orge by
139 runs, after they declared the Innings closed,
with only five wickets down.
T. r? KIHIck bowled In fine form for Staten
Island, securing five wickets for ? runs, while A.
G Laurie took three for 10
In battlnr G. W. Br?yd made ?op seers *Ar the
winners, with ?**, while doubles were also _dde?i
->y a. G I-aurie, P E. Bousfleld. H EJ. Jackeon and
R. E. Bonner The score:
R. E. Bonner, b McClellan . 11
O W. Bovd. not out .? ? . M
P F. Bo?stleld. b Lonston . 2'.
A. G __surie, c and b Mark? . 30
,;' ? R. PoweH, a Bowk?r. b WlllUma. 0
W. F Ke-nar.. not out. T
H E Jackson, b William? . t3
So ball?. .'. ?*
Wide? . J
n1,^.^ .'?m'i r? Kiinek?. ?:_8
Blake did not bat
H J William?, b T-aurl?. .. 0
H Longton. b Kllltclt. 0
J McClellan. b Laurl? . 2
E J Aterood. b Kllllck. ;
p S Marks, b Kllllck . ?
j Bowker. b Laurie. . 0
C Bomner. not out .
F HoV... b Kllllck . ?
T Oaut 1er. b Kllllck.
Bye? - ?
Le?: *Vm . ' . |||1
T?'*I . -J
Teem B of th? West Indians were scheduled
to play Eesex County, Team B. In th? aasoeta
tlon aeries at Prospect Park. As th? latt?- |
felted the game, the West Indians played a friendly
gajn* with the Orientals, which the?- ?ron by
if. runs. A 'VTlthey bowled in fine form for the
W_?t Indiana, capturing ' wlck?_s for li run?
whlT- for th? Orientals A Bwan toek ?far It and
W Gibbons t for .'. S -v-rgeant and C. Jarkman
did the b?*t batting for th* winning team.
? -? ?I
Th? Manhattan H r?cet-?-ed a -1?1' fr-*m the
("hadwirk club and won the match after a -'loam
con'eet br ? rua?. J Mcuuin-, played a good tv>t
out l?rUngs of a for the il_nh*t_.n? -??-'-?
Ah tomo
Convenient, better made, and cheaper In
cost than permanent construction Thoroughly
??atiffautorx in ever\ particular Fa?.i?A erected
by an amateur Pr--" ?l.'Hi and up
C&A Patented Building Construction Co.,
?70 Rroadvtav. Vv \'f.**k Cit:
manufacturer? of fiortable buiidings f?r all ourpo-e* including d a el lings.
cottages, bungalows, stables, club house*, church??? jotf hoU??e-f?,
houses, children'? play houses and camp?.
?Supremao well deserved. Quality always sustained
Syi?^?re- aenred i: K.?r . haewiog. w T?mp??t
did, th-* l>??t work for 2" The i^r?? w ?r? 7t
A i ?11 da: aanve wa? Pia-ras between th? |
lyn t'irh :nd ?he leebl rTat Of P---. id?"?-?
r??u!trd ir? I ..?1 ,.,?,? ,,n the
first innings
For the p. , <ni;th BBS BB
?i?eiii?t innive?. w-hii? \ M. Dnrrv tM 11
Tn th? setxaad attempt at th? bar K?rt?r l
were nblalBKB, \ Brown ?coring 27 and .. |
as*d a t oaaTsBj i? aaeb
For Pii'i?HiaiL*>, K HL BSrss ssa the ,-.;,'
to make % BfSSd In the first inning?, ?asSJi ?J1 Tn
th.? Botsaal I.aas aast two ?Bt>*ssta f?u wh?n
StUSBBB SSr* drasm K Kny? played well Sgg ;{->
and T. C.>at?s for H not out The ?cor?
PUS Inninr? Bl Sad BBBBBBa
O ?fgntth, Newton, b Bosta
?***? *f> b ?gaBm i?
A Certain, b s?un-!?r? . .. ? a Tund;.. b ?^?wdars.. s
TV. ft Beak*, t N?wor b
Arming? ...lb Paundfr . 9
A ? liirnsnt .- K?
?*?>jn.l?r? . ?I b A-tnitag? 1
4 Brown, b Arrnltsr? ..Ob **a'jnd?T?. 27
v r Tyrrttl, b Armitag? ...5 b -aun.1er? ........ 3
A !..,?.!? b Sannder? ... .8 b A mm?*? ..... |?
5 H King, b A in I tag?. ft not o'lt. S
?". W P?ar?oT?. b 81?lllag? 4 b Sa.inder? .... 1
*?* H, ??titea, r ? - ? ?i' s b Seuncjer? 4
' I T'o'-er aneen?. . .? fc Banadera .... T
Brea, .... ...a p?--? _ 7
I^S b .1 L?g bv. .
Total .A4 Tea. )o"
Ptiat Inning- -- -???d Inning?.
Tl Sannder?. r Paul*, b
bai .4 c i.c ?i ..
A Slid. ? i,o?-?l! h iwirranr 8
- Ka--?. ? PtHe? r i c-bln . g <? -? .. s Be, .
J ft Wtbsoa, ?? LeeeS, b
lain-??? 4
P. H. Shaw, c Purrant. b
P*?v?r . Z~
A. S. New ?on. b . ?
\ >i-m;tag?. b .'crbin.ft
\ ' >in.?\ --.if cat
T < '?lagee, no- ,-,nt , r - ?ul .
R. L T?ck?r t- i~*4J?aiS ....a
T Hah? b .-orbir. . '?
p.??*.: t?--? ....
La? bra
v. 't'aaal 5 T--k??>
The gante pis red yeatenlaj at TTUIIamsbridS*.
atiere t olnmhi? Oe?ai had ?<? opnon??nts th? New?
ark ?'ricg?t '"lub. resulted m n vji-torv for th? lat?
ter by U ran*, with ter? ?* bubal? to ?par?.
S L . ? ?-t.. i: B? T..- ti.-.- and I?. I.iv
played wli f.?r Newark Has BB, HI no' out and aft
IBBHWl llinlj. while in b-.? ??nr I? 8?. Hate t?v>k thr?e
S bibs ta far I raaa and C nasa* two - -
For ? 'val the be?t work was .lone by
A. E P.. Whitehorn. with St, and R. . obban. with
M Tba lotals: ff/baai We sat a, V for
eight Wick
Th? Manhattan ?'tub or Brooklyn, forfeited tta
ptmoriatlorj game scheduler] t . h*- played at Branch
i-f-k to the ,. .\ t Cbab
With Earl Kiser Out, He Wins
Easily at Cleveland.
tie-, ein nd a.is. ? -The aaassaa bbSst. M KM
Kiser put ra'her a damper on th? ' a-:o
\*'l?h Ki?er oi.?. ^?Vebb Jay had things
<.wn wa> in the fr?*e for all classes, defeai
i-ic ?'hail?? Birman, of .'lei-eland, and Herbert
I.-tl- .-' T--.|edo. in the Diamond ' 'up raj?
I.i? ai?o won th? first h^ar of the Cleveland
Derbjr, while Bnrman won th? ?^rorri h-a- The
finals will be ra^etl Monday, and .Inv i.? |
winner unless h* meets ^i?h an a. ,-i.lrr.
Tii the third event, for ?tripv??d touring ra
T,y'l^ --ar was pro-??'e -,? etBSP -?
on th? groni:,) tha' it wa? a racing -ar. and nor a
Stripper?, touring car. It will 1?? ?>?ri<Sed :
Automobile A=.?o?iation of ASstika l.;?????
?araa also pro:e?re<i ir thf ^am? rac? for ar
foul of Bnrman. *Im later dropped on? of th? rao?
PIT? miles lope* <-zr.. -\?lgMrg 1.432 an.1 -n > ? in I?
l'an V\ iirpt.? r???ro?' ??corv
Bl ? m..?? ifor Dtsu
"vTebb ,1??. ?levelgr ?' IIISI I - ? a - -.
H it. Lytle. Toiedo. tMrd Tim?. ft:lg
Ftv? - rirg c?.r?. -H H I ??1?
T -l?d-- It**, Cleveland, ???-???n'l G?or?e
~a'?~s- ?* ?T:?-'- thl Tim?. 4:5<>S
?Iv? - -.-= 'oetlng 82.f?.'i ani
??lisp IT L Marr. Lainsi-g Blieb ?on: S g Haw
??resBiid, seetnad; R.lrr r
Time. 7:2*?
Ft-? lili I - Elul -h-,mr..-?nsr,T "-.?mre-s ont'-'??
' .'. Ferguson. ? 'I?v?!ar.1. rnn. M R Ip, .r r??r?
Isn". se nti?j Time S:*r7?,
Ft?' b?a' ..'l?'-?lar.?i r??rb- 8V?> ?ronh^ Br? a
tv-hb .'?? '"'1'veland. an*?; H H t.vl? Tol?de
TtOM, 4-4S1?
Secon-i ba*l -'"lev ??and r>?rb' ?? '"bar?es Burma- ? -
land ?on r??r Vi-urrlf r??'roi?. ??.-ond T!m- S 18
Especia] five aaUea ?gatris* wrmi (far mach."?? weig?-..
hag :??= tbars ! .V?> round?- n*rb?r? Lvti? ? ?n Tim?.
4 r,7S. F??t??t mit* ?">:???--?
It is announeed hv a ,.ommt"?? ad asSBSSBBBBl
of the newly o-gapi2?d roli-^ Athletic AasasBSMSas
of Greater N'en T,?r|? that <"?!'!- Park has r???n
?ngag?d for OPtober s An ?lahoea?-? ??rt???i o*
gam?.?, including ?h? all aro,!nd champion?
Th? police depar'm?nt? of Am?rl'!?, la h?ing a
rang?d for tha' date
The pr?sld?n' of th? association. Pa'roimar John
J Hiok?v of the Oak-st ?tarion. ?aid n??t?ed?'
tha* H is hoped ?"?on to ha-e t?rmar.?ii? ^i^r'^rm
for the organiaation
DtortaSJ 'he coming win'?- |--.???-?- ~-<,-,?? -.
held, pa Madlsop. 5?juir? Ge'-d-n. a' Sthseb
?im? cher departments will be asked to participa?'?
??here being ooaBatNt BSt bsttBl -irriers and I
?a well a.? B*?h0a*bO?* who -itw? b->-e jp
President **loo*evelt has ommend?d the netr or
gar.izatlon. and fen return for hla *
b? pres?r"e<-i with Tier.-?' Of Hon >-*r- M?mh???? r
Ko i
Wife of Baltimore Bank President Aff
\nth Fnusual Tro*abl<?
Bal'lmo-e Aug 12 -Mr? G-ac? Mason. ?
TA'altT \ Ma? ,ii. presld?r" ?M* th? i>irm?t?HI and ,
Farmers' National Bank i? ill wt?h tnber?
of the hon-s of th? right foot ?hat S a'tribu??d
to the rubbing of a tlgh' BBbbS Tbb* ?SSI f-?ltow?d
by a blist?- ..i? th? heel, and 'h?n -lbereulosls s*t
In. 8e\eral operatior:* hav. been performed, and ?
ahe Is reported t>> b? Impmvtnc BSP* Mason ?ho
la at her horn* at Roland Park, will be tak?n t?
At.-intlc i'ity next week. Mrs Mason before h?r I
nerreta?;'' "? ** Miss Grace ?"'arter. of Tl'
The management of Port Arthur, m Paio s IHr*
worka Amphitheatre. Manhattan Beaeh. I* making ?
. r effo-t to have * b*nd eont?at d'irlng the ion). !
Ing week of the orphan asylim hand? ' arS|MB
New Tork. heglnnlng tomofo*. Tba contest?? will ?
b? ludged by well known band leader*, who win j
hear the band* without knowing whtt-h I? pi*r ,
lng I? la intended 8B give pri*e?4 tr? the ?adlng j
band? T" ararrear ?A'h'. of course, will se chil?
dren s night, end s ,?*vg* party from the diff?rant
schools is being msde up to atter.1 tbesa will be
the uausl fnnrv features Artother laong Istand
*te>i?*i.?ii w?!| t? d-?n Thur??d*l' to a** ?be Bee
Ci? ?--??.. or, M.-Afk o* the World f
Oordoe B.noet' Cup >*?*??"??.*??,
1904 * 1-K>5.
Sole Ag?nt? foe USA t ?
1 - Ru? ?Mc ?..?? P A t?i ? .
-?-??O lx Mew YOStS 1?'. W . ? St
A-Mrteaa? l|(m??l In la? Mark ??n ?ar?i-? ???. ??*__*_??
a' either of *he _bo*e ?d-trvs???.
4 T'TOM-.ptt.K RKPAte - ? ? ?_-?
?~_L o_g' Bnt ???-. ..verhauling ??? ?rtlttts
.-.f - e--- -ia?- ?-? ?ne? sp-nr*alrr ?as
T?lepOon?. eprln? 2S*7 ^-9 ""TUT. ""tArtYl V
M?c'HINT, . _2_?
Horses and Carriages._
nand T*rr -
Jus- no? giv? tbotfght to r?r>ai"? on
lour carriages and automobile*
F-c?.llhMt ?II if. tbi? branch of ???
trade, w? ?iv? result? th^t satisfy are.
?ndure. ?nd - hen intrusted *? as fl_s
?babb- ?-ehicl? ?rill reappear ?sM
?qnel of a n?w ?ne
Wh!?- tea ig** "?-* do
"ouall? wen for AI Tom?."?RIT.F?
m% aal 21 WFST r?2r- M.
thr'-usb to r*3d ?t
Notable Exodus from Affected Die*
triet sin Brooklyn.
mm Ot tvr?hoid f-ver wa*
i r.i the Ba.? M_-gs I Br^okl' ".
jesrlaillsy, ?'?rt?i ? Frum!? i 'reamer of th*
Fort Hamilt'.o pi.iice ?station. do.-td?d to t*k?
extra.- -???alitions to feSVrSHl the c'Ui
ttaaai ! Fort Tl iniHlsn
and Fa ;n Ft*-?
Instructions t? ore givn to the police ro arrest
bathers n?a- lit?? big ?ewer craning? SS the
| UM Shore R??a?1 _M i si *h? foot .->*
lStb-sre., F-:.:rh P_-ach Thf? rss__tted in the
?aking ot four m*n who tkt* moooA ro bathe
on the rttjr beach, near the op?
sat aewes. Th?" men \, ?r? h?kl on a i-h-ff nf
barhing es na-- Captain rwsnwr
said las* ? OoJaH tlssl b? wsssd ssvvssM bathing
from the va-iou? beach?? re his pSSt
lt Is heljc-.-o^ rr,r. ryphc.i.l f_>* ?r rSBPS orisr
Ar Path Re^c'h the ttf-et of the typhoid ?[''
i'iiiic has ssss UNI V?.? asart_> ?n of rh? m
hotel propri?t<"?rsi. It r? as sai ! tOM night that
ar lea-t fl.tv gues?ji had ?eft ?ach of the SSSS
big heels la Has lag-, >*-hi?? last msrh
the exodus of summer hoarders was gr?at?r
than im any preceding? dav in August
Dt H Maya a# ____? iTHi si ?w? ha?
gsvsral fm*?P at typhrid f?ver under hi? care,
a* flr?r Asolad Usai U_a ?pid?r vfhrng
| anumial but he rtnaMy admltte?. rhat th? spread,
of disease is eSUSlng much DSI ku?so? a - |
the loca! ateet-SS He advised th"? persnr.?
id bathing ssWI *
particular t' drink only boiled t< at?.
The _fan.ealaii Hospital in f^outh BfcoS
received tnetii?'- typhoid f?v_?r radient 'si'
night, maki-.? the total mirnber of >*&*** MMl*
Sh ?*. iciesprea?! has been
the epideml'- ?h?i circulars wets p<"Sted abo???:
he Ray P?ldg? '.nd Bath Beach dt?'-- ?
day. which ?ere d??eigned to allevrate the fea*
of those wfce an? ass . -??-v r-e,-ai_t?in
I* "as -?aid tnat the pubiicatlor of the H?*slth
D?partir"" stattet* ? -"-h-o-i = nine
?-a??? of typhoid feve- tr< -h? p-,'1- -pe^.-h and
Pa? Ridge .j'stri-rc has caused a hi? H**ian??i?i
loot ??rc-.-.-ig the real egta"? brokers, as w?U ??
bathing house propnetors v,-? rie?*hs ?a ?
ported In the infected districts yeeterdtn-.
Petition Before Commission?Sena*
tor Page to Fight for It.
"*t Pa?e _?id ? ?steril?- ????- s?
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Wherefore th? - -
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for si-? furnlsihed t>- it? cistofoer. ha the
Mow York b- r*x?d a? ?3 -?n*? c? r-??
Jury in Faror of E. X. Cobban?Prnaerntes?
Baady to Try Other Charges
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-i?t th? ??? *-- ? was i ?mats '
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ag-iin?t hie- ? --?v.Si ? usisiwat
Indict?.-! ?a ?b? .-hare? of rr?f-?ud1ng rhe ?
Th? g-n???,rnent charge rj|?f 'obban inSrv-ed the
e|?rmanrs to tike us ?h? land? ?nS turn thom ?erse
to hire, and ?hat he afterward transferred them to
"??ose alleged ??ent he ?re?
Senator ?.'lark, ts a ep.-M istt for their r?-roverv. was
held to b? an innocent purrhas-r This case ha?
bee? appealed ?e _ ,
I ' i - _?
AH? rtUB? Will eamnito - . ?to? to ito)
asea "n Tu???)?:

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