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Ttro Hurt in Fight Between Saloon
and Second Cabin Passengers.
O>etlnoal bickering b«tween the first and second
©«.biii passengers on the French T,ln<» steamship
L'Aqnftal&e broke «nto open rlotiner when the ship
was making her dock Monday night. The vessel 5s
being run tar the French Una a? an extra ship
ewteg to the breakdown of La Savoie. She cirried
•*ventr-nlne first and 434 second cabin passengers
eta till* trip from Havre.
Ob the voyage, which began r,n September 9. the
passengers almost came to a ritch^d battle regard
tag the exclusive rights of each class of passengers.
Ttie second cabin passengers outnumbered those
travelling in the first cabin, and overran trip ship.
This was resented by thos« In the first cabin.
Tbe ship was a long time in docking, and thia re
■Utted in a general intermingling of the passengers
at the narrow gangplank, and much shoving on.l
pushing. As a rule first cabin passengers are sup
posed to leave the. ship first, but on L'Aqultalne
the second cabin pushed aside the first cabin ln
their anxiety to get ashcre. The result was a gen
t-ral scrimmage.
Two persons were hurt as a result of the mel^e.
One was Customs Inspector Samuel Roberts, who
sustained a compound fracture of the wrist, and a
woman first cabin passcngor. whose name 18 witn
held. sustained an injury to her hir>. Rooerts was
taken to St. Vincent's Hospital.
Elbows, hat boxes, canes and umbrellas were
frc-ly used by all the passengers The minority
of llrst cabin passer.gors struegled hard to ootain
what they considered their right to leave the ship
first. The second cabin passengers, in overwhelm
ing numbers, tried to r-i^h their way off the ?rup.
The ship's officers were powerless to control th«»m
To a<M to the confusion a line of stewards carry
'nr hand baggage mingled with the first ot the pas
sengers coraing off, and pushed 'heir way down the
raiigplank. Roundsman Thompson, in trying to
5-et. order, prevented the stewards from returning.
The new agent of the line. Mr. Fasruet, obi<vrted to
this, aad said that the stewards must return and
r*t tbe passengers" baggage off the ship. Roun^?
man Thompson was obliged to get the aid of Fa
trolmen Kelly. Farley and Burns from the Ke<-rpa
tlcn Pier near by. to aid him in maintaining order.
Inspector Roberts sustained his Injuries on tbe
deck Of the vessel. He had fought his way up the
gangplank, being bound for the purser's office.
Finding the crowd of struggling people in the gang
way too much for him, he started to go aft. and. in
r the darkness, some one jostled against him. tnrow
' Ire him to the deck severely. The woman passen
«er sustained her Injuries in the crush in^the jranc-
The scrimmage which broke out at th» dock was
orsly a continuation of what had occurred all the
way across. Ropes were strung about the ship by
th« officers to keep the second cabin passengers in
their proper quarters, but they were swept away.
end Captain verlynde had his hands full the whole
trip trying to keep peace among the warring pas
ses gers.
Woman Who Died Recently Had
$10J595 Hidden in Baggage.
Springfield, Ohio. Sept. 19— Heirs of Eliza Me
harry Jeffers to-day found $10,of>.">. nearly all in
»old. ln a little old black trunk in the attic of
the family home of Mrs. Jeffers.
The fact was brought out in the settlement of
her e»tate, that during her life she had given
large sums to educational institutions. Ohio
Wesleyan TTniversity had received $66,000. and
Ttcpimr. $85,000. She die-i two months ago, at
the age of eighty-one, and had lived with rela
tives during the closing years of her life
The discovery of the contents of the trunk was
made by the administrator of her estate, P. J.
Oskerday. She had always taken the trunk with
her. but had expressed it as she did other ordi
nary baggage.
Six Children and Mother Carried
from Fire.
TBy Telerraoh to The Tribune.]
Louisville. Ky.. Sept. 10.— In a fire that oc
curred at an early hour this morning, at No.
I.IOS West Market-st.. the home of Michael J.
McCarthy, a blind musician, McCarthy, by
great preeence of mind, saved his wife and six
Email children from certain destruction by fire.
There was only one mode of egress, and this was
cut off by the flames.
Climbing through the smoke to a diamond
shaped window, some distance from the floor,
and holding on by one hand. McCarthy passed
his little ones through the small opening to fire
men on the outside. Mrs. McCarthy was then
ehoved through, McCarthy going last. He was
burned, but not fatally. H".s work here is con
sidered remarkable.
Accused of Calling New- York Man a Dia
mond Thief.
[By Telegraph lo Tfoe Trfb-jre ]
Binghamton. N. V , Sept. 19 — A warrant for
tbe arrest of Banker George M. Burr, of Man
letee, Mich., has been issued by Justice Truax, of
the Supreme Court, partly on the affidavit of
" James Keyes, of New-York. This is the result
of charges made by Burr's attorney, in conrt,
here, that Keyes was a diamond robber., and had
■Mr*. Mary E. Wiggine, of New-York, who was
seeking to be made executor of a large estate.
■under his control Keyee alleges libel and
Blander on the part of the Burrs, and that he has
l been followed by detectives at the instigation of
h Burr. .
Company to Get $100,000 Because Its Prop
erty Was Kot Protected in 1894 Strike.
Chicago, Bept. 19— A verdict of £109,000
against the city of Chicago was given the Pan
jjfnA'.a Railroad to-day in a damage suit
• brought because of the burning of a number of
freight cars belonging to the railroad company
In the railway strike of IWM.
When the verdict was returned a motion made
by the city to set the verdict aside was denied
t>y the court. In the trial the railroad company
.held that the city of Chicago was liable for dam
age because of its alleged inadequate protection
' to the company's property.
(By Telepraph to The Trif"jri' ]
Sioux City, lowa, Sept. 19 —It Is the belief of
, grain men that nature, by producing a big fiax
peed crop In the Northwest, will make consid
erable trouble for John D. Rockefeller in his at
tempt to corner the flaxseed market.
The American Linseed Oil Company, his con
cern, forced the price up from SI 20 to $1 00 for
• old seed- Flax le not worth SI 40 to manufact
urers selling oil for less than 52 cents a gallon,
and It seemed that he would put the Indepen
dents out of business Now. however, the price
has fallen to SI 02. and the independents are <-x
pecting to set all they will need at a profit
paying price. It Is thought the crop is too big
tar Mr. Rockefeller to continue holding up the
[By Telegraph to Trie Tribune ]
nwlch. Conn., Sept. Detectives at
■work on the Pfelffer case went to Bridgeport
to-day to look up a prisoner committed there
on Monday, who. It Is said, resemblea Josr-ph
Oirard. The man Is known as James Bradley,
and was arrested with Fred Smith for vagrancy.
It conrt Bradley refused to take the witness
stand or cay a word, but it was said h* had
been arrested In Stamford U>e day before for
atealintr and had been dlscharped Smith saM
he had just come from the Philippines and his
home was ln Ansonla. Bradley was sent to Jail
'or thirty days and Smith for twenty Bradie>
SSj^Wack clothes and had a mysterious man
ner. It is believed he committer] crime to get
under cover for a time.
H. C FRICK'S $10,000,000 HOTEL.
IBy Te'.esTaph to The Tribune]
Pittsburgh Sept. 19 —Announcement was made
here* to-day that, Immediately after his return
- from Europe. H. C. Flick invited a numtxr ->f
' the Irading: architects of the country to prepare
plans tor th« new »0,000, GO:< hotel whi< li he prr>
posVs to erect on th« site of the old Cath^iraJ on
Itij-ai*-.. tftrectly opposfrse th» Fri^k bui .lin . It
Is expected that the contract for th<* buil-lm* will
fee let at once and work commence! in thr, spring
Explosipn of Gasolene Makes Thou
sands Flee to Street.
Ther<» was a small panic at the Grand Cen
tral Station yesterday, wh<?n a barrel of gaso
lone exploded, causing .=uoh a report that pas
pengrers fled to the street. The arrival of the
fire engines and trucks added to the excitement,
and thousands of persons surged around the sta
The explosion occurred in the basement of the
building bounded by 43d and 44th sts. and Van
derbilt and Madison ayes.. which is to be used
as a sub-postoffice station as soon as com
pleted. The police believe it was due to the
carelessness of n workman who was filling a
lantern from the barrel.
Following the explosion, flames shot out on the
Vanderbilt-ave. side. The firemen made short
work of the blase. The only damage was the
loss of the gasolene.
Judge Dayton Releases Laundryman
— Deplores Exclusion Act.
fßy TelepraDh to The Tribune.]
Wheeling, W. Va.. Sept. 19— Judge Dayton
to-day in the T'nlted States Court discharged
from custody Yee *le«» Yu. a Chinese laundry
man, of this city, who had been indicted for
violation of the Chinese Exclusion act. It was
shown that he was a merchant in Boston before
coming here, and not a laborer. In giving his
decision Judge Dayton, who was recently ap
pointed to the bench after serving ten years in
Congress, said:
I never could understand why the restriction
should be placed on the Chinese and not be
placed on the Italians. Slavs, Hungarians and
the south of Europe laborer, who are Just as
obnoxious to this country as the Chinese. And
whi!* these Chinese exclusion laws are on the
statute books end our gates have been opened
substantially to those other classes of laborers,
this court, as far as it can. proposes to construe
those laws in favor of thp Chinese and against
the government
[By Telegraph to Th<« Tribune!
Boston, Sept. 19.— 1t is rumored that the White
Star Line is to discontinue during the winter
its Boston-Liverpool service, for what reason
is not known, though the Boston office is unable
to confirm the smry. The Republic, on arrival
here on September 22, will discharge her cargo
and go to New-York to take her place in the
Mediterranean service from that port, whue the
Cymric is to be hauled up at Liverpool for re
Th« following retiiions in bankruptcy w^re filed y^ster
<?ay -with the clerk of the, frilted States District Court:
Frank W. Lamber. Pine Hill. Ulster County: liabilities.
5*67; no assety; principal creditor, Bernard l»u£hran.
Kingston. N. V.. $21'"i
Samuel Louiyburir. P«rr Ch»ster: liabilities. J3.313; as
sets. Sl.Olf. principal creditor. Annie L<-miyburg\ Port
Chester. N. T.. $50-1 a«<--t=. stock at furniture. $.VK>; ac
counts. $516
Involuntary petition filed lurainst Michael and Meyer H.
Myers, comprising the firm of Myers Brothers. Jobbers In
urderwear and hosiery, at No. 95 Leonard-st . by Boess
nork. Broesel £- Co., and other creditors, claims aggre
gating $1,434: ir.solvencv admitted; Frederick A. Bur
lingame. receiver, with a bond of $5,000.
Involuntary petition fi'ed aeainst Klein Brothers, tnanu
fa<Kurerg of Jewelry, at No. 53 Maiden Lane., by Abraham
Rcseman. with a claim of $549 on unpaid notes; preferen
tial payments of 82.500 complained of; Robert G- Perry
appointed receiver, with a bon-1 of $2.'X)O: liabilities, $25.
000: nominal assets. $10.<XK>.
Involuntary petition filed against Edward Albus, No.
STS Lenox-ave, by the Mutual Ml'.Jc and Cream Company
and other creditors, claims ae*n-esatln<r $759; charge made
that Albus pave pretended chattel mortpa*e on fixtures at
No 375 Lenox-ave.. to Charles Portleroy for $2,000. to
secure an ailoged antecedent Indebtedness.
Flaber'l Lane, n s, 200 ft w of Boston Road, for
a two story frame stable. 86x20; Valentine Oil
Company, owner: J Lawrence, architect $200
217rh-s=t s = 2"> ft w >->f fith-ave. for a two story
frame dwelling bouse, 2i\45. Mrs M E Finner
nan. owner. William Hallev. architect 8.500
Omter-et c a. 255 ft s of 187th-st. 25x107; T
Emory Clocks loans the John Stieh Buildlriff
Company $3,250
Her!r-J--et. Sfo 2f>3; Rivtagtmi Baalty Company act Max
"vTeidman (specific performance); attorneys, Eoudin &
20ih-st. No 303 \Vest: Gertrude D-»d<3 and another agt
Mary Kissinger et al (foreclosure of four mortgages); at
torney. F W Judee.
70th-£t B B IS4 ft c of Madison-p.ve, 20x102 2; Bth
nve -r s, 7* ft c of 28th-«t, 24 Bxl<¥>: two actions; the
Equitable life Acsuran.-e Society of the United States eet
Elizabeth A Demareet and another (forcloeure of mort
gae<?sc attorney?. Alexander & Co.by
USth-et, No 17 West: r>avtd Eonuner art George Sachs
(action to remove encroachment, etc): attorney, a A
' 100th-Et b ■ 1M ft w of Ams'er.iam-ave. 25x100.11;
ITarla L McGinnls asrt William Bemhard and a-n^ther
(specific performance*: attorney. H Pwaln.
Ft NteSolas-ave. f c comer 164th-st, 10«.7x149.6x ir
regular: John J Hadley agt Thomas J Brady et al (ac
tion to declare lien<: attorneys. J E Kelly.
The first name is that of the debtor, the second that of
the- liter, and flate when I>j<lsrnem was filed:
("hieffo Fe<seri2O— G d» Mets, March 20. lSf>l <can
celled) .. * 67M>
game— V Lauiitano. Tun? r > 1592 (cancelled).... 195 a«
c; arn „_p Fis"he. et al: April 8. 1692 icancell«>d). 71 04
amf — p Fitipaldo: February 3. 1594 "cancelled) 133
De Mills. Bf-atrice- ar-1 'vV'iiliam O— W R Wildes et
al September 1. 1908 143 55
Hl!"ar<s Evelyn— lV R Wildes, et al; September
1 "' 1905........ 1« 88
Pergolzt Balvatorc — G CSradadlo: t>i!v S. 1903 ... 157 01
The following Judgments were filed yest*r<i»*-. the
first name teing that of the debtor:
Anderson, V.'m B — New-York Telephone Com
pany $48 43
Adams. Charles Finkelftein &- Rugel 160 56
Burt. Fdw I—New-York1 — New-York Telephone Company.. 61 15
Brand. Meyer and Esther — Philip Burnopsky . 4;. g{
Birnbaum, Jacob — Same 81 90
Bower. Sadie — New- York Edison Company
(costs. 17 41
Braun Frederick — Morris Franklin 60 <U
Baldwin. Harry B — Walter D Clark 603 01
Bounyne, Richard If— Wm Frledlander log 17
Bremer, Joffc-rson D or 1 D« Witt Tin' Fnra
moned)—Chaa V: Ring 342 r> 3
Brown. Lillian — Emerson G I'olk 1,594 S*
I'assot. Eugeae A— Union Trust Company of
New-York ... 10.', 13
Cullan. Thomas— New-York T^phone Com
pany 199 77
Coles. Chae M — Forrest MacKee and another. 24 "8
Cronin, Dar.ii.l — Bert X Bloch 264 SO
be Four, Louis — Chae E Rin? 34 93
Dudley. .Tohr: L. Jr -P-irr* 342 93
De Witt, Henry C— New-York Telephone Com
pany 68 14
Elliott. Pei»r — James W Hambl»tt . £3 00
Ed«on. Herman A (not summoned/ — Wm R
P.ob'.nson 35 32
Flvnn Her.rv S — New-York Telephone Com
paay ll« 05
Fftbbrini, Hufro — Joseph Sieman et a! S9 73
Owrna. Bt Cbai B — New-York Telephone. Com
pany 63 42
Grlmk*. Bt Julian < no» summoned* — Seine.... 53 42
Harrison. Harry A (pot gummonfdi— Ntw-Tork
T*!"ihr.ne Company . 4P 43
HvTnan. Samuel F— Sair.o 77-i.2
Ha'.ber' Moris — Philip Bernoisky et al M f«O
Henderson. J J'ark— Edward A Alexander 44 'Jl
Tsmri. Morson .T"hn Wniinmaker et al 417 f<s
Keeier Mary I^-Sa-nuel Berchart 141
Kohn. Kew-Tork Telepbon* Company llfii«
Kahn. I^aac— Snmue! Bchnaper I<W so
Lemmori. t^Bter— Vrltc Hanrtrich fiS 43
Lierenkind Henle i-.nd Leon A — John F Steever
et al 4,034 40
Msttlfot). OeorK* — Avil prinsing Company. . r.7 41
Mllener. Jacob — Proviot-nt Savings Llf« Assur
ance Foci«t v of New-.Tork 120 32
Mulberry. William H— Max Rogro 177 <>3
Mooney. Thomn H — Bert X Bloch 238 30
Marasco. Nicola — F & M Bchaefer Brewing Com
pany 1.247 30
Mayerßot). Samuel— Lewis Fischer 1.13H 76
McCue. James B— Morris Rosf nfield et Bl 82 07
McCafferty. Jobs C — New-York Telephone Com
pany R7 35
McXelly. Thotnu J— David C Myors S3O 81
MeDermott. Jir.'s. adm— Charles G Chace. ....... 128 72
Magy. Aiexa-nder— Mary Pecs'rnye 5.048 RS
Orth Wfndelln— Chrlrtiin R!f(jer. Jr. et al 5.7.V) f>2
OPulllvan. Michael— Alfred B Wutcher Rl 16
Plnklnc, Charles M (not summoned) — Charlep E
Hir.g- 842 OS
Perlmar. Max— Joseph r>«-mlan 254 .">«
■•owf.-a. Richard — Albert KrumenakT .. 92 ,V 5
T:ot«inan. Corneliuj P- New- York Telephone Co. 1«3 no
Rieaer, S.-inu'l-Frsn-'fj <'.i!lik.-:-n -v: <■■',
Rosenbaurn. Harry Kawiiwl M Hiller '.. 121(31
6ayles. Jr.hn F. Jr- Archibald Murray 3fl 72
Snyrtcr. William P— Hame , fiA 47
Shaffer. GeorKe I, — N»w-York Telephone Co .".. 7^ «H
Pchle»inK«r. A.rtr M--Sanie ■-•■• ]2 «< j.^
Fchwartz. Chnrl»»« O--Wini«m H Craft.. 427 11
BU-hert. Julius- -Henry Fizehan anj another...'! ' 41 S7
Pho.'ronowltz. Ja'-ob (mt summoned) Joseph
Domlan r,-,4 -,s
Kevalm. William — Robert •; Newbecin 1r RS7 2S
ptj-inhorff. Karri*— Mix Kraut H a 1...... mv
S^ockdale. Jackraan J - V.illiarn R Uoblnscn. "•■'-, '•■>
T»r,b;itt. i"h»ri":- p_ New-York Telephone Co .'. w'vi
Thompsoa. John H Adam Kramer and another' 37rtOn
Whaley. W GIUbM -New- York Telephone Co " ',142
Welnch. Yetta--J'i»eph n*mlan ' o *i Z
Yuille. Anni» J— Ellen Xln X 8 24R o<.
Frank R C.rter. Tn<- -Ne,-Vr, rV c Trle h-me Co.'. '! 3 1 f ,
UcOllnoor Transfer Co— Bam« «i '*
American Eievat?l It R Co— Sam- '.'.'.'.'".' i?n iJ
Orneral Manutactarina C->— Timothy KMey 1 r,24 in
Ham*— Timothy J Klatey ; 'ft* ™
Trid* P»p»r Advenu.ins Apencj— Manufsctnrerf*
Ktt-r.r.i I''Jh Co ... l»s fw
Consolidated Novcltv Company <-,f America— Divid
C Myer« 238 m
Brem^r. Dv Poor Rlnsr. Plnkney A- Co- 'li«rli-«
E Blng 24203
Sale of Big Plot in Upper West Side — To Improve a Large Plot in
Avenue A.
Oliver Harriman figured in two important realty
transactions yesterday. About $300,000 was Involved
in the deals. He bought, through Bryan L. Ken
nelly. Xo. 34 East 52d-st., a five story American
basement limestone dwelling house, 25x100 feet, from
John T. and James A. Farley. The purchase price
wo* J160.(W0. John H. Duncan was the architect of
the house.
Mr. Harriman sold, through the same broker. No.
70 Park-aye., a four story high stoop brownstone
dwelling house, 25x80 feet, which he has occupied
for some years.
I* J. Phillips & Co. sold for Charles Sooysmith to
Isaac and Henry Maver a plot, 2i)sxloo feet, at the
southeast corner of 169th-st. and Fort Waahlngton
ave. The buyers will probably improve the prop
Joseph Hamershlag sold to Jacob Ruth and Her
man Cohen a plot of fourteen lots, 350xU>2.2 feet, on
the north side of 79th-.«t., 38 feet east of Avenue A.
The property was bought last June by the seller
from the Protestant Episcopal Academy. The pres
ent purchase price was about J&4AO0O. Ruih &
Cohen will improve the parcel.
Doutdns Robinson. Charles S. Brown & Co. have
sold for the Murray Hill and Lenox Land Com
pany Xos. 119 and 121 East 62d-st.. two three story
dwelling houses, on a plot 32x70x irregular, to Mrs.
J. West Roosevelt.
The Hudscn Realty Company hns sold to Napoleon
B. Dotson the- private dwelling house No. 304 West
72d-st., 13x4f. feet. The house will be occupied by
Mr. Dotson.
Gibbs & Kirhy have sold for M. Strasburger No.
SBB West End-aye , a three story and basement
brownstone dwelling house. 80.6x100 fe«t.
William P. Sohmitt has sold for Harry B. Linton.
of Detroit, the dwelling house No. 1.343 Clay-aye.
to Mr?. Bridget Schrenwald.
Th° work of tearing down the old Boreel Build
ing, No. 115 Broadway, was begun yesterday. Be
tween the Boreel and the new Trinity buildings is
Thames-st., a narrow thoroughfare. Both struc
tures are owned by one corporation.
The company has for some months been trying
to get title to Thames-st., so as to enlarge the new
Trinity Building site and to connect the new Trin
ity Building and the proposed new Boreel Buila
ing. The plan of uniting the two structures has
been abandoned.
Golde & Cciien have bought from the estate of
Matthew Daly, through the firm of Lionel L.
Frohlirr;, Incorporated, a vacant plot, 50x100 feet,
on the north side of 133d-st.. 450 feet west of Am
sterdam-aye., and have resold the same through
the same firm of brokers, to the Arnold Realty
Company, which is building on adjoining lot?.
G Carlucei & Co. have sold for Max Markel and
Jacob Gutman the five story flathouse Nos. 41 and
43 Bedford-st , to Martin Garone, on a plot 40x75
feet, for $3S,OX>.
Isaac M. B«rnste.in has sold to Dr. William W.
Nlle6 No. 214 L«»nox-ave., a four story and base
ment dwelling house on a lot 3frxSo feet.
Charles S. Taylor has sold for ML. Lynch two lots
In McGraw-ave., 50 feet east of Cottajro Grove-aye.,
to a Mr. Neiison.
H. Frankfort has sold for J. Silvorman to John
P. Chldwick. Nbs. 539, 541 and 543 West S4th-st,
Hebenh & Gabel have resold for Bernard Reich
No. 245 West Jllth-6t., a stx story flathouse <"-n a
plot S7fixlOO.H feet.
Katharine G. Townsend has sold No. 144 West
80th-st., a four story and basement brownstone
dwelling house, on lot 20x1f>2.2 feet.
Sydney S. Cohen has sold for Alvina Hagedon
to a Mr Kline No. 8 East lO&th-st . a five story
triple flathouse, on lot 25x100.11 feet
W. S. Patten and J. L. Van Sant have bought
from David G. Ludins the plot, 125x100.11 feet, on
the north side of llGth-st., 24S feet east of rieasant
ave. The property is now leased, with a cancella
tion clause, to the Street Cleaning Department, for
the storage of wagons. John B. Johnson was the
broker in the sale.
Louis Lefe has bought through the Harlem
Realty Exchange from Henry B. Kyle Nos 125
and 127 East 103d-st., two three story dwelling
houses, on plot 30x10011 feet. Also bought /rom
Kl>za C. Bovd and William C. Hess, through Ward
Belknap. Nos. -J37 and 439 East llSth-st . two three
story dwelling houses, on plot 37.6x100.11 feet.
Hiram Rinaldo & Bro. have sold for Maurice M.
Strau?;-'. Louis and Benj-imin Rinaldo No. 137 to
141 West Mth-st , three rive story stone front flat
houses, on lot 26x100.5 feet.
Joseph Roberts has bought, from F.osa Altheimer,
throug-h John Juch, No. 202 East 104th-et., a four
story tenement house, on lot 20x55 feet, adjoining
the southeast corner of 3d-ave.
Jacob Levy has bought from Lampert &
Schwartz No. 352 to 336 East 119th-sr., two six story
buildings in course of construction, on plot "fix;
109.11 t>et Also bought through Black & Jaffa
Nos. 362 and s^4 East 123d-st., 35.10x100.11x35x irreg
Max Marx has bought, through David Stewart,
from the Metropolitan Trust Company, the thrte
story and basement limestone front dwelling house
No. 155 Convent-ay*., 17xS5 feet, near 14Mh ;
Shapiro & Levy have bought from Binder &
Baum, builders, the three -six-story tenement
houses, each 17.6x100J feet, in course of construc
tion, at No. 330 to 340 East 65th-St. Henry J. Kan
trowitz was the broker; also bought from Herman
Neurad, through L. Kiosk, the five-story triple
flathouse. No. 225 East li?th-st., 25x100.1i feet.
Margaret Doran has sold No. 41S East 117th-st..
a three story dwelling house, on lot 25x100.11, to
Furman. Gertner & Weltnsch, who own adjoining
H. C. MoritE has sold No. 443 East 113th-St., a
three story dwelling house, on lot 19.3x100.il feet, to
Furman, Gertner <*■ Weltfisch, who own Nos. 445
and 417, adjoining
S. Lefkowitz has sold the six story double tene
ment house. No. 229 Easi 63d-si . on lot 25x100.5 feet
Henry Rickless has sold to a Mr. Weisberg, No. 60
East End-aye., northwest corner of 82d-st., a fiv
story tenement house, on lot 25.11x&8 feet.
Sarah J. Lynch his sold to Joseph Stahl No. 213
East tSth-si . a four story dwelling house, on lot
16.7x100.5 feet.
Furmar.. Gertner & Weltris^h have sold to Joseph
Kantrowitz No. S4 Catherine-st.. a rive story tene
hout,e, on lot 25 by 102 feet.
Lewis Lcbowitz has sold to David and Nathan
Stein No. 55 Cannon-st., a six story tenement house,
on lot 25 by 100 feet.
D. Silbertstein has sold to Louis V. Fusra.zv No
157 Blef-ckor-st., a two story building, on lot 25
by 100 feet.
Lena Davidson has sold to J. Goodman the six
story tenement house No. 121 Orchard-st.. 25 by 57.6
A. Frank has sold for the McKJnley Realty and
Construction Company the block front on the west
side of Brook-aye . between 140 th and 141 st sts., a
plot 200 by 100 feet, to a builder for Improvement.
Louis L*se has bought through Kurz & Uren
from Michael Kaiser the three story dwelling house
on plot 50 by 100 feet, on the h »uth side of 156th-st.,
100 feet west of Courtlandt-av<
Williamson & Bryan have sold for Dledfrick Eg
eers to Frank B. Walker No. 717 East 146th-sc, a.
nve story flathouse, on lot 25 by 100 feet.
Mix M. Pullman has bought from the estate of
Charles A. Acton the five story tenement house,
with stores, No. 168 Lincoln-aye . 25 by 100 feet.
The estate has held the property for twenty-live
Benjamin K. Marco and Milton Mayer hai sold
to Adolph H:»uck No. Si", Westchester-ave., a five
story double Hothouse, with stores, on plot 28 by
8S feet
J. Clarence Davies has sold for the estate of
James l.oonie a five Story double flathouse, with
store, 28 by I<X> feet, at the northwest corner of
l -.-st. and 3d-ave.
At No. 14 Vesey-«t. l!y Joseph P Day: No T»4 l^i'l-st,
.= p. 277 ft c ri£ L*nox-ave, 16zW.11; 3 sty brk dwlg h;
Mutual Life Iris Co act Amelia Liliinienthal <-t al; Moaeu,
M & W. attvs; D C Olvln, ref ; amt due. 17,163 00; taxes,
et.-. $411 ;•");' No 7!*>> 14»>th-st. ■ S, 15lt ft .- ol lipmk-av<-.
*/.'.xlW. * ety Irk t<-n h ; No MB 140th-st. D f, 15(1.6 f t •rt
Alenarujer-ave. 20x100, 2 sty brk flwlg h; Adoiph Ahr at,-t
Henry Ahr et al , X X Berfman. atty; S L 11 Ward, r»f;
first parcel sub to mtee of 000; partition; No 16 Mon
TO*-st. .- *. 220.1 fl a of Catherine st, U.'.x4nx^:»x4n 10, <i
siy brk ten h; J W .1 >hnaaß ci al ast Jacob QoMstoni el
ai: Peckham. M & K. anya; ti B Qulgs. ref; amt dur,
»16.6^fi61; taxes, etc. 1327 (H
At The. Bronx Salefrnom—Hv GelFzltr-Haas Realty Co:
?hakc«r" i ar*>-av<>. c. %, 120 ft s '.f 170 th St. four S family
firh h. each 2Oxlo<>; voluntary 6ale.
At 14 Veaay — By Joseph P Day: 788 West , End-ay«»,
we Bt ft n of OSth-at. IMt; 8 sty and Wmt Bt fit
<lw(r h; M A Goodridge airt J Dunn et al: W J Gitwn.
aity P I Klernan, rr-f; amt <lu<\ t20.322£7; taxes, em,
t -; to C Mayn« for *2i<ioo; 523 l«2d-st. nt. 467 ft c
of Broadwr.y. 18x90 11. 8 sty (>t frt iWK bi B B Taber
a*tt F X Durlacher et al: Knox & i>. atty;;, R v La
Fetra ref; amt due, 111,746 T6; taxes, etc, $8206; ad
Journcd to Sept 22: 560 lUlst-st. n c. 11h).1] ft «■ of Broad
wa> 18.SxS0.ll; 4 sty brk .lug b: Carnoratlon Liquldattiur
Co agt J T Butler *t al, action 1: J E H«*3g«s. atty; X M
Kahn. ref; amt .lur $3,<.2K Xt ; taxes, etc, 1172 SO; ad-
Journal to Oct lfi; ftsl 16l8t-st, n ■. 400.« i ft w of Am
»ierrliiin-a.\f. 18ftx9Hll; 4 tty brk d*K h, CorporaU
LJqutdstina Co ast J T Butler et al, action 2; J B He>lc«-n,
atty. B S Cnhn, ref, anu dti*-. |S>BaS6B; tax**, e'.c.
$17:: ad)uiirn>-.l to Qct 19.
134th-6t. s s. I'M ft w of 7th-ave, lbx9'J 11; JLuuU
1.- ■ : to Juiin H u'Conu'li; mortgage, ff.aaO $100
13otri-3t. No STt Lust, uixiis, Max Coiien et al to
CailKiiiiM i. AiUen; iuuriKage. ♦<i,t>t.»- ( lw
151/tn-st, s ■, c nail loi I<j-i, iii«i> jiclrobe South,
ISjxluu; Jonn. C <-'->01-y to carmetla Foateccftk*. . . 100
l^titii-si. No -■■■> i.aat, siwcUU.Jl; Mas Bernaiein to
>los«!» 1 biegel ami anotuer; mortgase, *,i'i.jix>. . ICO
▲veoue a. s w corner o-ia-ot, livx^i^; c'oiisjuaated
t.;us Co to Standard (Ma Ugnt C 0..... 1.000
Sth-si. s s, iju it m oi Avcaue C. 2oxl<»>; Inion-
Ifuri, ueorgo \'u 6 cl el ai to Alary X iaylor XOO
hancopii-st. w b, TJt> it d of «jolamlm»-ev«, 2f>x
J00; ±<nih N Soreentrei to O«rtha Knaur 100
i«ots iSi, 4,is and »70, map 173 lota HaigiU e»tate;
Nettle .1 lonea to Henry Uanso«rg 1.4C0
Dowmng-St, .No 8L n £, S>:n", Katarina M Will
iamaon to Marie v He-ink, n ort^age, ja0.000. .. Nominal
iJiKuey-ave, c s. lilli H it s of Kui£sni°i4Ke Koad,
100x100; ja,:u-a Larl::n to James 'l Doyle; mortg
age, $MKj Nominal
ll<sm-st. No 810 Ka.-t, 3i.SxioU.l4; l>ouis ilarinelll
Co Giovanni Pec&; mortgage, .>...,■■" l 0
100th-»t, No SHI to -!■»- tl.it-'. lOOxlUO.lO; H:irti»
Taechmann ct al to Hairy Aorams; mortgage,
S7S.i»)O 100
liSd-st. Nos 105 and 107 lOist, 70x100.11; Morris
Aronson et al to Charles I eutacJi .-irni ar.otner;
mortßagir, $60,850 100
136th-st. No 702 East, 25x100; Dorothea Ruhl t.>
Henrietta S>chopi>: halt rart; half mortgage,
WI.OUQ 100
43-1-st. n =. 225 it w of <Jth-ave, 25x1«J0.4; Chrtß
tian Schierloh to Mathikie Schierloh; mortgage.
$12.500 Nominal
104th-st. No 103 Wast, 25x101.10; John Klely to
. Daniel Buckley; mortgage, ■Sl'i.'fOO 82,000
Trospect-ave. s •? s, 2iH 3 fr n of Westchester
avt. 60x144.7; .'ohn Graham to Maltha Graham;
mvrtgatre, $13,500 1,000
lOth-aye, w k, B».8 ft b of 26th-st, 4^.4x72; mort
gage, 515.0U0; -'bth-st, ■ g, 72 ft w of l'.'th-ave,
«8xl48.1; mortgage. £ir>,iioo, Harrla Beaver to
Kdmonds Putney Nominal
Wasbington-ave, c s, 142 10 ft n of le^d-jf. 25x
B0.8; Joseph Levin et a! to David Faith Nominal
Sain.-; property; David Faith to Lawyers' Really
Company Nominal
Same property; David Faith to Lawyers' Kealtj-
Company; mcitgage, $12.000 100
60th-Et, n s. 200 ft w of Amster.^in-«ve. 25x
1t'0.5; Samuel Liebovitz to Jacob Liebovltz;
mrrtgage. $17,125 100
fVest End-aye. No 12, c s. 26x100; H2rris Saul
to Hyman Kantcr and anothei*; mortgage.
fis.aoo 100
Same property; Robm L Reade to James M Var
num and another. trustees '^ part 3,000
115th-?t, No -J'7 Baet, 18x100.11; Joseph Mayer to
Aaron Bockar; mortgage, $11,500 Nominal
Slst-st. No 518 Kdst, 85x102.2; M&t-st. No 511
East. 26x102.8: Samuel Levy to Naihan Holr
msn anJ another; mortgage, $<$3,(jijO 100
Lincoln-aye. Noa 165 an 107, w s. 51x100; Ben
jamin B Marco to isak Barr and anoth-r;
mortfe-age, $31,000 Nominal
llMh-st. No 112 Ea.^t. 28x100.11: Samuel S«ff to
Hany M Stoff; mortgage, $20.500 100
OOth-st, Nos 4(>7 and 4fft» East. WbclOO 8: Moritz
Keil to Abram Bachrach; mortgage. *42.5<K> . .. .Nominal
99th-st. No 5U East. 26x100.11; Daniel Rosenthal
to Paulina Strauss; mortgage. $22,500 Nominal
72d-st. No 422 East. 25x10.'. 2, Simon Reich to
Kaiman Rubin; mortgage, $22,050 1C»O
Prosptct-ave, No l,40». w s. 40x109; City R<-al
Estate Cornpar.y et al to Ralph M Holzman;
mortgage. *aS.U(X) . 100
Henry-st, No 293, n a. 24x77.11; Mix Weidman
to Pelga Glfler; mortsrage. ?2«.40<) 100
54th-3t. No 54J Waat, Usxsl, 54th-st. No 839
West. 25x4i.3; Interior lot 10(1.5 ft s r.{ 55th
st and 225 ft ... of llth-ave. runs c 125 x s 58 3x
n w 125. lux n 44.4: 54th-st. n B, 3(10 ft s of
llth-ave. 2&X45.5; Jacques L Sllverman to John
P CWdwiek; mortgage. $15,000 100
tot 468, map Van Nest Park; Gustaf Johnson to
Andrew G Anderson 100
49th-st, n s, 15i> ft c of 12th-ave. IGOx irregu
lar; Charles R itaird to Isabella Baird; mort
gage. $tjo,OuO 12.000
lst-ave. Sb,s b, 163 7 ft c of 4th-st, 33x&7 6. Will
lamsrrldge; Charles M. Preston, receiver, to
August Hoerr; mortgage, $1,400 2.500
Itt-ave. s s, 130 7 ft c of 4th-.«t. 33x57.8, Will
iamfbridge; came to Herrman Eckel; mortgage.
$1,300 . 2.500
Lexington-ave, c s, 36 6 (t n of 62d-st, 17x70;
Charles R Baird to Isabella Balrd 20,000
Broome-st, No 282, n f. 20.6x90 6; Harris Fine to
Abraham Rosenthal. mortgage. $88,000. Nominal
T .■ I 232, map part Hunt e.-tate. Max Schwarta
to Casimlro MarWnto and another; mortgage,
$21850 :.. 100
Morris Park-aye, n f, 740 ft <5 of White Plains
Road. 200x95; Morris Chavin et al to Mlrhael
Drlscoll; mortpape. $7.f>n''' 100
17Dta-«t, s p, 90 ft » of Webster-aye, 32 6x100;
Louis Richards to Louis Lese et al; mortgage)
$4.<kvv lfjr>
4th-st. s a. 150 ft w of 2i-av<». 29x^1; John J
Glynn to "v\"hi'ehall BcaJtyTCompany; mortgage.
$27,000 lfwi
EWridge-.n. No 202. c?. 24 1x88; imilla J Hib
bnrd to Samuel Birnbaum and another Nominal
60th-st. No 305 Wr-st. 26x100.5; Frieda Peniamin
to Solomon Antokoleta md another; mortgatce.
$18,000 ■ ......... 100
82d-st. s «, 273 ft c of Avenue A. IS ftxll>2.2;
Fanny Kl»in et al t<-> Harry A Th'i<T lf>O
White Plains Road, c 5. lot 156. partition map
Lott Ci Hunt eatate; Richard J M"rphy to H
Carrol! Wlnrhe=ter Nominal
Brown-avp, c s, lots 127 and 12-S. r^rt 22 map of
Iy>tr G Hunt estate; William Daly to H C
Winchester . Nominal
Lot 133 same map: Louise Jackson and another
to same Nominal
KlngFton-ave. s c corner Chestnut-aye; Patrf'-k J
Curley to H C Winchester . . . Nominal
Syraease-ave. - ? , w '- of plot '-04. map of Arden
property; Hugo Schiller to H C Wirrhester. . Nominal
Plot IPS, saiti'i map; Lucy A Haasemer to same:
mortgage.. J33S - Noro'nal
128th-st. No 14« Bast, 26x90.11; Morrla Rotter to
Daniel Rosenthal; mortgage. $19,00f| 100
Same property: Hearleh Junirk to Morri? Rotter;
mortgaire. $19.000 10-1
127th-«t, p s, I^s ft c of 7th-ave. 27 6x99 11. wni
iam K^enan to WiJllam Daly; m>rtgage. J2o.OoO. Nominal
St Nicholas-are, c s. at s s 140th-st: Maria A
Young- et al to Isidore Jackson an! another . . I<V>
S2d-at, s s. i>7:: ft c pf Avenue A. 18.9x102.2;
Harry A Thuor to Harris Nitzbere- mortgage.
$11,000 . Nominal
Heath-aye, c I. 795.8 t< s of Kinpabridg* Road.
— — Andrew J Larkln to Jacob Rosborg;
mortgaice. $3,15^ 100
Prosp I Place. No 6. w p. 17.1x75: John W
Phillips f o Susan X Schaefer: morteap".
$5,600 100
Prospc-rt place. No 2. \v 8. 18.6x73 John W
rhii:i'-.= to S'isi>.n X Scbaefer: mortKage. SS.ISO. 100
Prospect Pla c, No 4 w s. 18.6xT8: John W Phil
llps '•■ Busan X Bchaefer mort«ac<-:. $3,900. ... K'O
Prospect Terrace, n w correr I4th-a.ve, . 0xll4:
kefield ■ harles F Miller <?t al to Agnes Cot
ter mortga»re $20.000 100
Samp property: Titch.ird T Rarrv f> same Nominal
Boston Road No 1,878, s c 5. 4>>xl22 "i. City Real
Estate Company et al to Ralph M Holsman;
Biortgaee, $42.2.".0 10 0
Boston Road. No 1,382 gee. 40x134 2. City Real
E'tnto Company ct a! to Ralph M Hclzman:
mortsaze. $42,250 • ini '
Lot 12. bloc] 5. Mao U«w3 William F Kaysser;
William F Kaysaer to Rosa Traenkle HO
»th-?t. n ? 246 ft w of 2i-ave. 21x78: Day!..
Perr.stc-ln to Ida R Bernstein: mortgage, *1*5.-_ n j
(y-ft Nominal
27th-=t No ;-. ....... 18.6x95.9; Elizabeth Wo<vl
ward! executor and trustee, to City "f New-
T nrk lO.SSO
Same property: Ebenezer B Woodward et al Vom!nal
Grosa, R. to L M Slmson: lOOtb-st, No 141 West;
3 years- si P«r cent » *-i.oi»»
Fori. Mar^- A. to D Tborm ■. . \Vii!a.rd-ave, s c
rner On»i<la-ave ; 3 years; fl per cent I.SOO
Hotter. Morris, to H Jungk. IL'Dch-t. No 146 East:
3 -.ears «i per cent; prior mortsage. (15.000 — 4. 000
Durlacher P E. to A Pearlman and another;
102<l-'t 'n s 438 ft c cf Broadway; prior inert
gatre J22.530; d«maad; 6 ! <-r cent l-«
Hollander. Adolf, to G Hermann: 7th-st. s s.
X 68.10 ft wof 2d-ave. 3 \ears; *• I' r cent e.()W
Hoilßsder. Adolf, to Qeorg« Hermann: 4fith-st.
No 4-1 West; 8 jrears; 6 p«r cent «.w p
Goldstein. Abraham, to W J Moore; Avenue A.
c s 52 ft b of. 77th at; 3 rears: 6 per cent 2.<xw
Nunz'lata. P, to Italian Savings Bank lSih-st, No
«25 East; S years; 5% per cent.V .:: . -. ;■ •■ .-.. IZ.mo
Br^kar. Aaron, •■• J Mayer and another; 11..th-f=t.
'n •- 116 ft fof 3>l-ave: •"• years; B per cent . 4,500
Thuar, Harry A. to F Klein; 82d Bt. No 518 East;
8 yean : « per cent • • 4 -°°°
Marcon. Mary, to H H Cornel , lots 0, and 98,
map of St Raymond's Vark; 3 yeare; 0 p*-r cent 8.600
Amnndolari, G. and anothfr to Harlem Savings
liank; Grant-avc, n ». 850 ft c of . Gartleld-st;
demand "••• 1-' m1 -' m
Kant r H. and another to A A E Ib rberg: Uth
gi No 868 West; due March 1, 1806; >'. per cent 3,200
Fencterer, Herman, to 1" Fmithson; plot bea-rns 94fv
ft c of White Plains Road at n^int 7.V> ft n of
Morris Park-aye: 3 years; *'. per cent 1.000
Dipw lita. Nicoio. to F 8 Croßby; J»ckson-»t ■»' p.
beln.ir s 1 i lot 442. map of Pnlonport: tn«t;.i
ments. >: per cent ■ (wvo
Trlj.ler Thomii i: to Amrri<^iin Pavings Rank;
17th-M. n -. 195 6 fl \v of Avenue B; 3 years;
5H per cent 8,000
Baohrach Abrara to M Kell; OOth-st, No 407
East; prior mortgage. $22,000; •'! years; »' per
cent 4.000
Wetn. G. to .1 Dron-n; 146t1i si n s, 178.6 ft c of
Willis-ave: 2 years; 0 p>-r o»-nt •■•• 8.000
Fcder Morr 11. to L Uevln; 99th-st, No 70 West;
prior mortgage $22,000 I yoars, 6 vcr cent 4.000
Banra. Mm C. to M M Plum. 2d aye c s. H» 11
ft aof 118th-«l : 8 >•■■■- "•'. percent . 20,000
Fontpci-hio C to J C . . , '..-. IWHh-«t, » i, being
c half toi I<!4, map Melroae Bouth; 2 years 2.000
Bto«f. H M. to 8 Sett: 118th-*t. No 112 East; 2
years. B per cent; prl 1 mortsage, $l*.oort 2,600
Ivirkln M-.dr.-.v J. to Klnßsr 1 T R»-al l^tata
Obmpsay; Heath-aye, o f. 70.y:i ft s of Kinßs
brldxe Road : S yeara. 5 per cent ......... 3.180
Same to same; Ueath-ave. <- s>, IMS ft fof Kin ri
brid^e Road ; ,'t ye«r.«. r> jit o-M 3.150
r.urk'.rv. Daniel to Emigrant Indn«trlal S'iv!nK»
Bank: lCMth-<«t. ri I. .17 ft w of Cohmtbaa-aTe;
I year.«, 4"4 j.er c-ut 20.000
Keller. K. to O Brenxlng«r; Vimmonwwilth-av*.
- - 126 ft* of Mansion -at; 4 yean, 6 per cent. 3..100
Gehln. F. u> Corn ichance nnr]<: BM-«ti n n 18
ft " of fttli-ave; ln>'alm'nt!<; prior mortpape.
Jl.'.OfiO 4.00 ft
Cotter, _„, 1 to I■< J Chapman ; iimi iva, n w
corner Prospisct Terrae*; demand, fl per rent... 87f>
1 — »
f-th a-.?. No 34.*- Joseph Huffman egt Oatbeaina Ie
Van Biclen et al; Mai h 1. H«>.'- »170
Downlnc-st No 28; Walter 9 Doekworts act Mar
ph.-rli'i Camplclla; BDptsmber 1"'. 1000 . 150
OrchardKt. No B6 Mmliai y Tyirepr.x-tinic an Con
trt'. tinj; Company ut; t tikstt Brftnn>r (I al; Au
i.Ußt 1.". 1006 ...... no
103 a-?», No 1,1 Ir , 20 East, Catello Cavalttre act
Jo»epl Grc-t-nstein and Galman Hirsch. owners
and rontractors $900 00
*Oth Bt. No 3 Eaat, National Brlisa Works ast
Real Estate.
Guaranteed Mortgages
Endowments S Trust Funds
The most profitable investment
is that which combines a large
net return with absolute secur
ity. Tfce guaranteed mortgagea
of this Company net A% and 4>£^
and are in the B.ime class of
securities as municipal and rail
road bonds.
Bond & Mortgage Guarantee Go
Capital and Surplus
146 Broadway, 17.". Romsen St.,
Now York. Jbrookljn.
T I O X of experts in
the various departments
of building construction,
giving especial attention
to engineering — civil, elsc
trical and mechanical — and
offering its services as con
tractor to those who con
template the erection of
fireproof buildings, and
who wish to be insured
against unexpected increase of fin
ished cost over preliminary estimates.
City Property to Let.
New American
Basement Dwellings
Between Central Park West & Columbus Aye.
No residences have ever been offered for
rental ln >e\v York City comparing
with these in construction, equipment,
appointments and detail.
They have been designed and built with
the careful attention to details of con
struction given only to the highest
class houses built for private owner
Booklet sent on application.
Size, 25x85x102.2.
Tht*e houses are ready for Inspection.
Caretaker at No. 3t5 West 74th St.
For rar:icu!ar3 Inquire of
Corner of 87th St.. No. 238! Broadway.
\ RTISTIr HOME FOR RENT — Furnished : thoroujhly
-«r\. equipped uuburban home, with stable: best neigh
borhood. 45 nrnutes froni Nnv Verk. palm room.
billiard room, electric light, Ifnen. plare. etc.. rent 112.1
per month. OWNER. Box IS, Tribune Oflaa.
PRIVATK HOUSE TO LET on 62d-st . between Co
lumbus anri Amsterdam .ives. Inquire of J. J. BAG-
T.ET. 4<M West '!lth-st
To Let for Business Purposes.
(Fireproof.) Fronting Brooklyn Bridg".
WILLIAM ,fc BOSE t^TS. 10.000 BQ. b"T.
JAMAICA — Laree corner store fitted up for market; best
location In Jama Address Box 12. Jamaica.
Brooklyn Property to Let.
Half block from Prospect Park: the only apaitments on
block; T arM S rooms and bath, finish-d with hari wood
ihr-'Uehcut ; s!»am heat; hot v.-a'^r supply; parquet floors;
hot and cold water in bedroom* s-parate toilet for »er
vant's room.; rents $4$ to ■*■'■' select apartment now and
bare it decorated to suit; take Vanderbllt-ave . Ninth
ave. or Seventh-aye. car. H. B. HILL CO., Owners and
Builder?, on premises. 570 Seventh-:?*.
Country Property for Sale.
COUNTRY u&SZFfe™* ta
PROPERTY ; J;^^: lrins t3
KJN L/ I • I H95 Tribune Bldg. N. Y.
CIOI'NTRY SKAT FOR SALE, at N>--.\ l>ursh-on-Hudson,
V, a mo lern built brick dwelling; all modern improve
ment? fj,,* finisned Interior; a I rick staM.-, and all otlier
en'lences to a gentleman's homestead; JO rr.inute
walk from railroad depot; easy terms. Answer Q, Box 10.
Tribune Ofliiy.
T>E\UTIFt"LLY FURNISHED 23-room house, fur
_£> nlsbed room cottage, latest Improvements, neces
sary uutouiluinss. thirty acres best land, centre of
Noroton abundanre fruits; price ?55,000 Detailed de-
Kcrlptlon or. application. WM, 8. DOUGLAS. Noroton
Heights, Conn.
uj*'jf\ Ada — G-ml -rrian's country resiiler.co. 4S mln.
3pOV»UU". New- York City; 4 more acres, lawns,
fruit treeg- 16 room house, barn, man's cottage; modern
ImDrovement*- $10,000 W.OOO lowa If laken advantage of
before October 1 H 1 214. Tt-nafly. N. J.
FARM FOR SALE. — 34 acres: in hteh state of cultiva-
tim- good barn, house and outbuildings: eituated
on r" U &■ '>'•'• '' [llr ' '■■ 3 '''''■"■'■■■' from Little Fa;:s
station- '\ it - miles fr< m Pater^on; near trolley car. Address
ALFRED WRIGHT, IS Sherman- aye., Paterson, N. J.
I Country Homes. Farms. COOLHY & WEST. Inc. Mala
office. Mt. V(-rnr.n ■■■r-..l Whit^- Plains.
Apartment Hotels.
TriMiMont rates for -ititi !<■; rooms, $1.50 per day; witb
bath, .<■:..->!>.
I'nrlor, bedroom nntl bath. $5.00 to $10.00 per day.
Restaurant and Cafe, with up to date service, at
moderate charts. EDWARD PINCHAS. M«r.
Jamf." P Inglls. owner; George A Varr.ey & Co,
contractors ... 680 89
103 d -«t. No M to 20 Enjt; Isaac A Adler art
.T..M-I'h Qreeastein .ml Kaiman Hlrsch, own
ainl contractors . . 135 00
lCMth-st. No 111 to 117 West; Wllll BcrogCy agi
Jonas Picedman. JTOsepa Itosenherg and Jacob
Keinbfri?. owuers; N \- T Canissl, contractors. 624 00
Lo*in*;tc>r>-av.-. Nos 1.5U1 suul 1,098; Louis McCon
nell agt EUsabctb Roberts, owner; Charles D
i^\-y, contra • anooo
4?. d it, N.>s ii'T and 106 \\,-s'. Hunt-;. Qoldmaa
a«t Ar.ni and Navy 1:.., Company, owner;
Cirnr^e Urown. . mtri to ... IW> o%
Boston Roa 1. b e corner of t«Sth-3t. lfSOslOO;
William William* ft Co agt .lohn Llddle * <"o.
owners and contractors fllf> 00
Orchard ■ tt No 141; Max I* l!'>h::inn a«t Julius
Klin.- owjxr; Joßtfih EnatSberg, nvntractor ■ ■ 4SOO
Hester st. No UJ David O N> *h:imkus n*t
Aareti smith and Prank Fedcr, owners; Simun
Henderson, cMttracter ... 200 00
Broad !>t, Kos 10a and 111: IMward liarMs ast
Adolph M Btn<lh*lm, nwner and mntrnrtor. . . . 143 00
I*x!nKtf>n-ave. Noa 1,601 and 1.598: PatquaJe
fv.rino ust Elizabeth Roberts, owner; Charles D
Vtry, contractor. . 200 00
l?,th rt. I r. 2i3 4 fl .• of Oreenwich-ave, toxß9.Bx
lrr*au!ar; Mhx OoMstelO .vi Abraham L rterk
hsnlt. owner; PraMcU l Srhn-ins. contractor COS 00
Rtveraide DrtT*. tl <• 0WI»a» 137th-st, for n alx
•tory brick fiathousa. 100*10*. 10; TranKit Uealty
Unfurnished Apartments To Let.
7SrJ and 74».h Sts.
Apartments from Oct. 1.
10 ROOMS AND 2 BATH 3 3^600
3 ROOMS AND BATH 1,500- t^OO
An Apartment for a Physician op Dentist.
Four Rooms and Bath and Lavatories.
Private Entrance ZfiOQ
Agents, on pr«mis«s. or 284 Coiumtnu ay.
Resident Manacar.
1 1 Jermyn |
1 1 Apartments |
I I Broadway, 5. W. Corner 61st St. |
IP A newly completed 12-«torr fireproof ?
* bnlldlnir with an unobatruried outlook 4
from pracllcallr «T»ry apartment. Ma«- ■'»
2 nlflcmt view of Central Tark.
■•• Only tiro apartment* on a floor, arranged <t
! ■•• In twite* of 9. 10, itad 11 room*, each pr»- X
••■ vlded with two family bath* und one «er- X
| •;■ vantt' bath. *
Now Ready for Occupancy. %
Rent* from 53.000 to 13.700. ♦
284 Columbus Aye.. nr. 73d St.
Are the fln«Bt ■p*rtm«nts of this eharac-.»r Is Ntw
York tlty. All improvement* and *:«varor Mrvtaa.
They consist of two room*, with bata.
The rental of thc-a* apartin*nt* inc'^ie* elaetrta
light, heat and th« c»re of tha suites.
Several are available now.
Apply on premlitt, 113 West 4<">th St.. nr st
VAN NORDEN | Otl \%:*r
TRUST v Roms
rnMPANY with 5 BATHS
COMPANY Private U^iry ,rl-
RII DING frigerator, tj. Tsa
DUILWIIW EulMir.ft 13 new aad
Corner al; appolr.tm%nt» mo -
... -._Ti»r-»-T * rn ' location üb«x
60th STREET celled Apply U
and sth AVt. on prerr.ls«s.
Spacious furnished
A* one or two room
*C/+£ suites. $720 to $1,800.
Vc^ and bath. heat, all
4/)^T night elevator, moll
ser\-ed In rooms If <ie
%r^U elred. Telephone in
■Qv*, each su!t«. Apply Me
/V Alptn Estate or Super
° lntendent.
55 West 33d St.
Telephone 6121— 38 th.
6P6^EAST 86fHTf.
HIGH CLASS I 6toSr u4teA
APARTMENTS, $50 to $80.
BACHELOR ° "* c rooms and bat.i.
APARTMENTS, $45 to $55.
Reference!. Superintendent on Premise*.
43 47 51 E^st sSth: 54 East 53th, 484 Park-aye.
T and t rooms and bath •»•« to $1,350
Broadway and SSth REMCO, " Ei»t 4:d atre«'
cr on premise*.
Cor Mad. Ay- and sS>th. Larg. Apartments $i.400 up
wards with kitchen. Restaurant ln lha building. 6el«ct
family patrona^ GERLACK R£ALiY CO.
353 WEST 51ST ST.
An elegant single Flat, of eiyht large, ugut roams aad
bath- handsomely decorated; rent. |.IX Janitresa. Air-
EXASDER WILSON. 4."> d 6th-ave.
•>1 Q WEST 104 TH ST. — Thoroughly o^erhaultd: open
JlO plumbing- all improvements: at earn heat*«J. hot
water; 7 extra larse, well lighted rcom». must be *een
to b- 'appreciated; rent $44 to $53; near Broadway, ono
b'.cck from Subway Btaticn. Rivera:d» Drlv* and River,
r'ark. Apply Janitor.
O.4CTT7 OKVET CTTJTTT near Riverside Drlva. \li
345 W. OOIA blXkLJbl, „„ a par-menj. S UJT
liifht rooms and bath, each $!.2!W> to $l.sno la^^ua l
telephones, all night elevator, quiet residence street. Supt.
rem:so«. or Midlothian Co . owpera. I£> Broadway.
r-TH AYE PRI\'E. 2010, near 130 th— lars* U«>t
t rooms: elevator: rent $40. _______
BACHELOR APARTMENTS. thr«« room* and _rg«
bath; electrio elevator. «team haat: rtrlctly first c.ass.
31 W>st 26th-»t.
BEFORE RENTING. b«« th« beautiful SPEVCEB
B ARMS?. Broadway at ©th^.t. Hou»eke<pis* apart
ments oniy. -
167-169-171 Colombia Heights,
Near Pierrepont St.. Brooklyn Hcizhts.
Several choice apartments with splendid ▼!••
of harbor. One to eight rooms, with individual
bnth for ea.h bedroom, available for sea*»
190^-1906 in this
Brooklyn Heights as a residential eoction »
to the Boroush of Brooklyn what Rjversia*
Drive is to Manhattan. v
For convenience to the downtown business
man it is the most desirable section in Greater |
! New York, being within a few minutes' wal* «
Brooklyn Bridsre and Wall st. Ferry.
In appointments and service this hotel Is dt
far tho best in Brooklyn, and equals the most
exclusive In Manhattan.
Restaurant American and European Plan. I°*
spection invtted. Booklet on Application.
I'hone. 4290 Main.
Furnished Apartments *°J^__
JL. bath, tno'.udlns menls for two. fSS wevkl \, f t%t.
one VAN REXSSCLAEK. IT Ka»t Hth &■
mputr. mn**', Iwi * Ler,l«!e.l*!. architect*. ftf* 00
R2.1 st. » !.. 11H ft w of Avenue B loriwj 2
story hru-k tenement hou?-s. 4t»xl<u.,; ■ " {CvOOO
NadW. owmt: St.Mn » Morrti archlWcta. ..■ ■■ ■
OntnU r?rk (StY&««), m *. opposite Baal <«^7
at ror a iwo »tory and basen^nt mase " m v^Su
lecture room. i4l TxlSi: city, owner; J**i"*
Mead * White, architects .ix'itorr
Waverley Place. Nos IHO ana 1*- tt<r a «*JI2«
I brick tenement. 42x94; P Hoffman. •*■•*. *0»
I Kuitzer A Rent*. arohlt»v:t»

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