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X#w-York. September 19. 190 R.
a-i* white. bbls... C 002 Trussed poultry. pkg»- 2.34:
S*f b bl» ISU37 Oranges W), cam.. 1.130
R^- sacks 47.442 .Lem0ns 'Call, aata.. »75 i
Erv "our pfc*» MK> Plums tCail. .-rates... 3.o<X>
Jw-iV-al. "»bla ... I.<O<> P*.,: <Cal>. crate*... •.!»
i^o^eil bigs 4,85»> Peaches <CaJK crates, j.650
SSeai. bbls i.»« Apples, btls 10.475
SS- ba;, 4\*o» Potatoes, bbls 5,750
Ca£.. "bvi»!> TfcgO Oatatw. bbls W>
lu»i". —...»<*" uiberriea. pk?s ... 375
R^'bus-^. |->gaM fruit. pkp» 800
P^as •»h .J*i?^ Roeln. bbls "'"-■'■
barley. -»*h ?ij ■%£?. Spirits lurp. br Is ir>.>
gall. t-a»h I —"*Y- ?u;ar. bbls 23
R:c. **» _ Jjf Mni— rn bbls ISO
R:^. P*»- S n,;oak-. rk-.- . 4,3«>
Ka:-. i«".s "Ti, Lubrioaf.ns oil. br'.s.. 540
?-.™" . ""•. " iTo Oleo stock pkg* T4T
Jfi-.r.feei *<>ns *5? M nim baits SO
fcf*& bu * h ~*fi TWMirnl ti-rces ... 80
tkr,< ..boo
J SkS - 1»-I«»e. bales .... 125
£SeVsri**» i ss* •-■<•-- oai« 4.4.V>
Cj« Kit TO -. ---.-.nseed oU. M*... 2.4.^
i'rf ,' fr oe« 1.423 Oulcksllver. flasks... 7S
tird kegs 11,273 r.ipprr. p'-c^s l,«« 0
cTm-'-k ' pIUTS - 10< " 1 Spelter, slabs «w
ESS^riET »> l->a.l. pies 9.000
Gr»ase' pk«r? k<.3<hi. bdis ROO
■tut-.P- t-kira 19.594 I^eather. sides F.<VV»
Ml ?kS« 12.158 Ifnea, hal-s 1(H
BKHI 14.49^:wine <Cai). tbls .... 1.350
'-- S - No 1 My. sl6 75 ' Flour. H| na'.ents . S5 [S
t— r, EhlS»2ssft.. IS 80 Cotton, m i£(ng 10 75
fere! jai* •soo g*** N- T Rio. .. . SS
i^, copper inects. K» 12H ' fugar pranuia: . 510
Tin 31 "5 M. lasses. OK prime 35
Exchaas* lead 4 S5 Beef, family 31 73
gpeJt»r •*■!<> Baef n.iir.- 21 75
Wheat. N» - «""ft- • ?*V Tallow, prtM " 4Si
Cam. H» - r-.ixad 60 i Pork. mess i,i;s
jJExei Mts, 36 to 32 Hoars. Iraaied, 1«> tt>. k^
jt 31*332 ! Lard, prime ;«
Com. SB* 15.*70. Xaphtha. gals .... 750
(ja.:-. butt lii,ty<.' Gasulene.' gais . . . 28u
peas, tusr. j"-i Cottoa»eed oil. gals . aw
Beans, r.ush ■■• 11* Lubricating ou. ai£ 65.G50
Flour, bbls 4,70- Pork. bLls US
Flc-ir, sacis S.S»T» B^ef , bCls
Cbrr^neai Sbis -*'-■ . Beef, tieraea . .. gn
reed. Tb 1.4 Bacaa, It ....... at OUu
Bran, a lUkl'SO Kirns. tt „ l-i 4ij«j
Whisker, eais ■•■*■• Lard, R> „ 133 b7u
Os. rr.e*:. S) 15S.UU0 Grease, a. . b6o 000
Rosls. t-»is SDj Battar, Tb .„ li'ooo
petroleum, ref. irals . 50,61u aeae. fb ' 5.540
New-York, Sapr<TilMi ir< is**.
OOFFES — The co3ee market ■• _ ■ Irhwit speciai
fca-.ure &£:■!<• Eraaa a little nmcUqi, Baoac o* w-bi.-h w«La
frtxr. ScpT^mber to Ibrcfa aad May at a difference of So
to *5 po.nts ---*• i-.j*s oi ;be totai .ran*acuoi:s
it „ '«•(• -ia«b wa» at ir.is chamcu?c. sieac;- pn"mar>
aariict=. .:;:.: !n:crior Santos re<jtjpro sad an advance in
tie .--■<= 1 PTrht'ntu ca.^st.l s'«a.-incss at the openins
asd -.r-^ Btarket srrirted ucchaja^ed to o poui^s <-«er A
Hoewhat ruitirwrg ÜBdeocy :r. tte EJurvpcac mark«»ta
o£ »-..":. H». rt- uas a r-art :al -^ franc and Hamburg a
par.:.; -* pis iower. resincej demand, and th« market
•tew*-: Utti* further iraproveraant. cioemg doll, net un-
Aaagad •■ ■■ points higher. Neither of the BruilUka
c— .-.'■= reponta any chancre, the markets being quoted
«iaaiy at iba :ig-jres of tbe previous daj The rtie or
fclltlHl 'icciiize was l-32d hfgbtr. Receipts at tba two
porta wen ni.-.re :irjeral. aj anticipated. 5.5e6.00u bags
a«ai=i'- ?,<AH* i>^«£ last year; but the Interior •movb-L
iaei: v.-ii Ugkt, w!tn the Juadia-Ty reporting uOO bugs.
M— "■-■ :.'.k«' ten nc r Bri_ receipts so fax Zo'r
tie month ka.vp been running under th* a\era*« req-^ireil
to brizg ■--: -a.--..'.- »aimit«, ar.c arc now eip«--ei-' to
reacr aaou; :.4i0.i.«.«' bags lor tha month. araJ-is- taa
«* .-- ■il - -s<.'.<«.i' begs made around Beptembw 1*
aiea=arc;i« w-a.rc.ious* deliveries, in ihig eoantry. at least
ha-- r-tcr. taXif -j. to those of last Maaoa, and conse-^
«.«.-.:■>■ ;;e o^lls expect, a.i ericourag:n« vlstbia euppiy
•tatercer;-. as at Ortßtur 1. The marie;, for spot coffee was
ateai>. with qnotationa on the a»is of B%c for Rio No 7
Xbc nuva c: contract prices ta the iocai rnirket 'o-<iaL»
Openii*. l-:.?r. I^ow. Ciose. * &r'<?
6ep:smber — — - 6 a6«T7 00 /Go
. — — — 6tfsa>7G6 6. &5
Nov.-b-r • — — — r-flOf?'):* 700
: ber ...... 7.20 7ai» 715 7 lO©." fc y'JJJ
r^irv :::::;:::;: z z z --/•"- 1%
— — — 1 jfQ~ 30 7
-:^ : T^ T4 " '■" iJS&I-SS t'3o
-~.:_— T3527 40 7i5
¥?> • 4.' ■ r -u> 745 7.4^745 7.35
■ '■ >8S 7..',f>87.5i 743
ac ! T^ b ;- E: 00 "' 6 *»^« steady; Kb 7 Rio.
= Mr>« 07- • . wcr; at
•• --■ : to X
jw^ic iow_r, at • ■ ■■ m. imrlmnffl; total sa.es. 20.000
nn * c *' ar;s: /ia: position at Brazilian coffee Is as follows:
«r_ - I>>-4«y. Last week. L*st hmdOl
SJZiS* ie.'ver:ss ... 7.35: 4 4!-7 10 301
Ba^a^re de!:veries. ... i-j 1.c,22
■" ea " Jrieai^ ce.'!v»r:ea. . ttS
- .*■" t- : l 5: : 'r ~"-= I "- T 4 * 0T 12.223
<w-I««to* ... 3.441.15 J. 3SIMS 3.30U.T71
• «t---'-e Etcck M.720 .W. 367 4^ 564
etock .... tU.SU HJfc.24l S(X3tJO
Stock a: aU ports.... 8.«07.a&2 3.5-^.56» 3.4«1-.yits
■*— Ollt S3S.SOU 030,000 37y,<XK>
VtaOte surriy 4.0*4,132 4.134,53s s^TaUH
6a=:e time MM S.idS.Oll 3.415.53S <>56,Sa*
DOTTOB — Tfce cotton rrarkct was wery Quiet. There
was Quite a show of lirrjiness eariy. but in tIM _:er" MS
t: : 1 r:_ea i°*^_ part of the s^in. closing Et»aiii i.t a r.«*.
ajvajice of 4j7 poiiw* Saies »er» estimated at -Tsib«j
jjfc-^t Tne optninf «H Bsn at ar. advance oi [email protected] points
Ir. reap . to hlgner ca.c;es and reports of rains in sec
tions c-? the South, notably one or two r. r.ts In Texas
and in the Mississippi V«Joey. Bulls claimed thtt tne
pndpftSXtoa. wticb at TerAPie Tex . eroeedeU c btobes,
ar. : -- a= ■;..-- a; -- ree or four other poll would de
lay jicklne a^d icjui? r he pre • of cotton, if net worse
Ije^er in the TUomiTig the Kew-Ort«u»« f ■'-•-caEt. Pr«-
Oetad frost for northern portions of Texas tc— nish.t. and
t":s also tended to insrlr* »!ne demand. flilMmllj
■peaking, however, the abser.ce of Senna •»*• more
noticeable than Urn buying power, and the market, after
advar.cing to a net ga.in of b<il3 pcints. reacted ur.der
IriOd^^ate realizing an-1 lijrht bear pr»^sur». The ciose
was at jiractlcally the openir.sr nirures Frofct at this
■easor. cf tne year Is considered favorable to some ti-
Hot, ra.tri«r than the reverse, nnlf It is accompar.ed
by leniperitures low enough to kill the plar.t ar.d a'o
solutely check devekjptnejrt, b whlcn case, of course.
bolia do DOC -pen. whereas, a light frost under ena
conditions assists in opening the boH and ripening- Ox
Irult The pree*-r.t fro« praOlcttoo appears to te for
c..- ■"••either in sections of ■■--- Stxte where cattle rs!g:r.g
I- the chl«f faMJustry bun fvea light frosts In a cotton
trov.rj: State ar c sufficient to e-ert seme influence on
ap«-"j_at:^-e sentiment, as sugeestins ar. eariy killing
froK. ar..: tfcl* seiison a Ja*» f'"'" is considered neces
aary bf ir.ary to insur* an ad«quat« supply.
TIM range of contract prices In the I^-al market to-fiay
wss 3S follow* :
Oper.irx High. Law. Close. day
Bei--btr : — r — — 10.27C10.32 10.33
Octcfc^ in 3S 1041 10 36 10 37^10 3e K> 31
Koveraber j!i3B 10 39 10.38 10.35^10.37 10 29
Deci-.ber ' . .10 41 10 .V- 10 41 10 43!glis«4 10.37
JtaMO ' 1.-, 47 10 53 10 44 [email protected] 4S 10 40
jSruarr — — — 1'j.51510.53 10 4«
W-'."_ ■ 10 57 M 62 10 5S 108701058 10.50
Al :. _ — — aoecgio.6l 1053
10 63 10 67 10.52 10 64^10 C 5 1C 57
Ita local market for epot cotton closed raM acd un
chare»d a' lf» 75c ror rniddlinar up^nd and lie for mid
dll=r"Ou;'" Sales to «plsners. K'l bales. Scuth^ra spot
aariets were telegrapbea ac fellows: Mati.e Srm. un
tfiamd ax <j%c: Bales. COO Dales. Baltimore nominal at
l-.T ' Auras-A firm. 3-lCc higher at I<.. 3-^oc . sale s,
1.7U0 beie-- Bt Louis quiet un . luinged at j.o-%c. Cnarks
tor. staa uschacged at 'J iS-ICSUK. Galveston firm,
un-r-atgt- a- lO*C. silfs. 1 79& bales. New-Orleans
■tcadr 1-16 '-•eher at UHic: sales, 1.730 bai«. WlSming
t-r. wmtOt . uncr-^nred at 10V. NorfoU steady, un
char.«ic 10-!»c sales. 725 ba>s EstJjnat«=-d rei e.pts at
toaSSc pomu for to-daj-: At Houston. 11.000 to •- ••
balw, ag&irs" S 043 last w«»ek and 11.47S last year; a.
Gaiv4st-a. TJ.OOO to 11.500 bales. aga:nst T.ttftlaM week
ax.d U.4«+ lasT ,-ear. and at New-Orieana. 2,,0..> to 3.000
fcH«^i agalaat 742 iasi W€ek and 6.2H last year
Receipts at the ports ar.d Irr'-r'.or points I - '».y, com
pared with the same day last week and la*t year:
lASt L»L£t Piueut
Pc-t£- •'"rwj'e.v year. stock.
Gaiv.- . lS72i' 23 920 »7.«a0 116.425
:::::::: 1:7*5 1.717 :24« »g
sicbit t§ja
;: ; ::::::::i^ IT.9W i6 -^ «
,-4 ir^s -
...I:::.. 8.V57 1.&33 4.119 22. H.
Rocfott 6.959 2,*0 7.32U ».OJO
>r« :
JfcT«» .... 117 ' 14.-542
B s r. 216 " ; —
. ."...."..... so — — '-'*■■:
Ymxiimm .. 700 ■*'^'
T 'a.:s «S.«E 81.435 . 70.177 BX 544
€.906 4.047 4.4C8 37 695
H.-—T- c 217 11* ■"■" 8.753
£t iinus';.' v ... H'l 008 l'J3 R. 4»
C:-.c:n=atl V... -*i 455 G UMB
Houston 20.283 20.32» 31.410 43.335
QBttia Kxchar.fr* apecial Liverpool cables^Spot cotton
(juletj scies. 7,000 bales; ej>ccuiatlan and txport. (00
Arr.ericari. *>.000; receipts. 3.000. ro Americar. ; middling
"w^.a.-.d. MM; future* opened quiet Uit steady at 5 points
Ci'-l.nr, 'io*«'i steady at I«T2 poiats adver. September
•iA S*p-tmb<-r-<>cTober 5.4 M; October-November. 5 SM:
'•■..veTrsijer-lJecemtier. 5.54 c: December-January. &«7d;
• anuary-PPbruery i-lBd; February-March. 561 d; March
,-.:, B.e3d: April-May. 5.6* d: May-June and Jun«-July
«*iod: J-..y-Air:»;. s«i<Jd. Manc-i-est«r Tarns dull ar.d
lrr»CTilar; tlotha dull.
7T.OUR AND — Busicesi !n flcir yesterdar ' * s
Tost:y '.n ipnr.s patents. Kar.saa clears end Kansas
•Jraig^te T. market was barely steady and a Uttto
lr. tarcit' favor Wo quote: me patentj. (4T3MC2C:
•■-.-.■ r EtraijThif. Ultf4 II : wir.r*r patents. J4i's'3M7r.
s;.-:.r clears >: 3Q4jrs4: ertra No I winter. $3 it>4ls3 3B
extra No 2 winter. JJ 85G*3 10. BUCKWHEAT FUOLR
—Market Qaiel at tS S9M2 60. to arrive. October. RYE
Fl/M.'R -julet. quot«i: Fair to gcod. ft 70©>4 15, choice
V> Ul2?t J4654 S". both «pot and to t-riv* OOBKJaXAX,
a:ej.;v '(juot«d: Ki:n dried. S3 05<&i3 10. as to brand.
Eag'mEaL. QUie«; qtuMcd: Fine white and yellow, S'_2s
«: 30, coars*. $1 14®$' 18- MOCD— Western Raadr;
ei-v steady quoted: Western aprlnir. Sl7 2S; standard
fcM'iing j'T S; ttcur do. $20. ail U0 n> sack»: red dcg.
•11 7." '»■• It «B.ckß; city orar. *17 bulk. JIS no.i>;
aiddlinc S"iS!SS23: rea «oe. 524 30; hominy efeep, 4^l ]
Jfc.i ll- ia^kt >IL MEAL »2i»*f2Sir
GRAIN WHEAT— Th« wteaj market »-n« Irrepular I
and gt-risrilly beiow the previous n:gbt'a pr!>va througji- |
ont tSe n^v closlns local!} at i»SV- r.e- decline. Scntl
teect remained viry bearish oc account of the continued
fcir Mmwwt. and this lad to the market l>«ccn.!nc
♦versoM on several occasion*, whlcii wer« tak«n ad
"ac-xge .f bW the bulla to advance prices. On one of
than occaslo-.i IDecen-.b«r sold up from around PS-rjc to
Ktl tfc bet was r.ot mell sustmii drc-r?:ng imrk
•ga:n ta' low paAtt of the day in tr.e last hrur from
•"hlcii •■- r- was a final railT to *>St»c. Th» %Veatern
r"»--u a*«re«.i't<! I 266 o<*o t--!f>; tlMHiarrt wi-h. l.<-"o,_
***» bnah on the -orrespondir.? d«y last y^r Ta N-.-h
»•«! contributed 1.000 hush In spite •( Urn nocat
•et weatber ■"•"' a tood pxrt cf it want to I.muth,
fcfhratlm either Chicago or «• Eastern destinatloii.
■t I^outa wpciw-J a faj^y Übcral xaoTeaeat aiso, as
Itr.dl=atlai that t*»r» 1.575.000 buih ,m»lm' - . ?~
clint at U-.-erpcol. but qaf>te4 Paris Smt . C >T, ?
and Budapest 1 pelrts up. The7.fef^ POlnu holier
said to haVe entirely 6 toptra Vr-earihl 2,^' X*"
J.n Northwest wa* frosty b» ■ cIS!-^?^« ath 'T
n continue,! fre« m-v«n.nt. rt" ' rf PP ° i * , to T aril
■n S loads reported la New-f an^4 nt , theT
Ti,o leading .- hira^ o bul ! wtf a bSter 5 l£
.--•nibrr wheat at Umw: durlnjr th. day. but Oevo-ed' nu^
of bta attosti<K to corn. At the cio*i k o J ■» rVd in -^w
To-rk was quoted at S7V»r .■evfi.to- a-d at S^» Vf • h
W4CH; Ko 1 X/n-thern Duluth at »lr o'n^ ri . v/,v
Ha-.:toba rt S»*c f o b afloat. OOsSl-S. "fia?"^
an was heavy buying of May ir. micajro br an elev'f^
V^iis» U occasioned advance, <»r from V to Vta ?
rr:,..-. after which rr-all:ln occurred, atbanM by a
lo«. of ataaost tte -r:tirc «-ar'y advance In New v,.J
there was cor-iceranie Uouidatlon of rv4ir.be- VV r <.r
! «W4 the nrtcj drorp,^ "-c under th- JSSfeSi r-K^r
i closiP* at tb« lowest. Tnere w fls an orpSrt iSSta«f or
;31 hafe. !- -indlnc IQ ln a ds In New -Tork At the r^n
. torn prioei «-r» a tbaOe i*w*r oa acrnun- nf SnrSSm
in whmt and the flrop of Hs ; ;d at Llv-nwol IKcSSS
at Chi^ C o .too prrod to be r-.-rr the «SSt«i.^rS
: sl! inr-rlcr p.inis. tnstan<ttac had weittW ikl
Kinte* to TOT.OOO bu»h. eomparejl w.th r.82.00.) busn
! g,w nrtoat OATS — TV* oat» miirk»« W»r f»i-'v
flC^o fob afloat. OATS— T.-p oats mark*' Wa« fai-*v
{ «ea-.y tJunuihoct the day at the W» B; an(l •'eadv »'«n
i on cash property aer«, na^ra: rioc^rl a « f.-,::,.w. • %S
' Q it. „fi
— - 3fi r, H n, B«tJc. HT&
■ ! W>*t«ri B7c c ! ' v,w "v'-l
i BARIJBT— MariMt •:::?". ffedir S 39Vi- and tniittes- 4M
i Be. both c 1 f Buffalo. m.nt.ng 433
xew-touk PHICES.
Wheat: Opetilr K . Hl«h. I^w C 1 T- "J*£"
I September.... f*\k ski» ga ' jylu « y '
I Twrabfr ss 13-13 15-16 RSU ss«% «•
.»» - C " <* »*i TO^ ws
j Com:
| Esptpmber — — _ ,^ rf .
gaoaahcr ... g R G2Vi . 2H j|
fepwniber .... BS% 83\ 83V s» 83H
Der-mber .... M M^t S3>- 83t! b? H
v-;v '-; ■ ■« P6H SS7-16 86% X?
seple:<jber 62 52% H\t r° T2
December 44£ 1-16 44 S 44 Hi
MB} «3S 44\i 43S 43* CSV
1 September .... — t~tt. o
j»^-™ SS SS £» «, X
S5SS .•:::::"= $7 7T. I; 70 *7 T S " TX
(October ■::::: BTO g65 JS s «i T IS
! J To" y 647 " 4T r « ss 58
tt •::::: SS 85 gg Sg gg
Chicaso "f/ Wh 4f t ' C^r °^ R >-*Eaxley.
Mir^apolis IT! ;» i «| | 1 gg
S Louis::::;;:;;- -5 $5 * g * »m
Kansas aty...:;:: _ " il 1 ~ -
Toledo ;■■■;; — 38 H j ~
Detroit 2 4 "I ?! 4 -
p - rt a • — _J _a _^ Jx _1
Totals ♦* 1.255 707 694 S3 884
Bhtp*ao«a from these points:
&SSSW-. g !? *? J? i S
P-'-«h .::::::--I? es _ 133 J, »•
fe£rfe:::::; : 19 10 2 51 47 _ =
-::::::::::! - ii 2 j z
Peorl a _- - 12 34 — 5 '
To *- aJs 186 444 336 ~M2 16 ~133
Receipts at Atlantic ports:
N>w-York 52 48 SO 224 2 54
*f?st.O3 4 — 71 Z6 — —
Philadelphia'^'..''/. 11 12 30 116 — _
Baltimore 16 4 10 158 5 —
J^ew -Orleans 4 15 4 6
, -TJa; vision — go _
Totals . . 8T 159 196 540 7 ~54
Exports from Atlantic ports:
New-York 6 — is a — —
Boston — 26 —
Philadelphia — — 79 — _'
Baltimore S — S4 ISS — —
Totals 11 — 157 SSB — ~~Z
— ESSEXTIAX. OILS ruled steady to firm, with
a good Jobbing demand" at full prices, as r.o*ed below.
Anise, fl 15®«1 20- bergair-ot. $2 2S®f2 40. cassia. 77 >r,Q
BOc; c!tror_c:;a, native. 37g4->c. ctovea, cans. Sfrg^Vsc, do
bottles. fi2^-g*tZ,: croton. 75MBc: cnhdK 80®-»c. l»rara,
I 6i>«f^f>c lemon grass. 00(3 GO; [HiinjUljal $1 [email protected]*1 50;
I IJlKl llrtnt. tins. $£50. do cases. $3. sassafras, natural,
s'^Mfc; tpeaxmint. tins. $4,WSHT.>, tansy. $3 6<>S«3 77
wint^rgreen. natural. $165g?2. no synthetic. S7!g'4oc;
wormaeed, [email protected] 2D; wormwood. $3 25<Si2 50. ROC'TS
were firm, selling In a Jobbing way at full but -unchang-ed
prices. Gentian, 37*©4'«« c;3 7 *©4'«« c; ginger , Jamaica, bleached.
12c; do tmbieached, ii-gldc. goider. sea!. $1 gßtl 35:
g-inseng, Northecn. $6 7o©*7 25: do Saotnen $6 [email protected]?6 5O;
do Eas-err.. $7 SOSS7 75: seneca, Western. 64#6&c. tarsa
parilia. Honduras. 25©2Sc: co Mexican. llS€l2c; snake.
Virginia. -Hjvr-i2c . do Texas. S7g"39c. do Car-ada. 13(g24c.
— ttmnnon in.' hides were P.rmly heU. wits otter
trigs rather moderate owing to light stocks Prices were
unchanged, ar.d Quoted as follows C-ellfomla. l^c; Gal
veston, 20c. San Antonio and I^aredo, 20c. i>e'.^ r "'"i. duty
pai^: Orirsoos, 23c: La, Guayra. 22c: Puerto Cabello. 22c":
Caracas. 22c; MaracaiDO. 2l'-ac Rio Hache, 16c; Tmxlllo,
] 21 V-. Costa. P.i-a.. 21 he: Centra] American, 2114 c: Bogota.
j 21H:c: Ea vanilla. 21c. \'era Crui, 2i.'Hc; Tampico, 20Hc;
] Tobasco, 20^0 . Matamoraa. 20c; Port-au-Platte, 18c. Pry
| suited MfiCtfld. cTuty paid; payta. 14% c; Mara
caito 15c; Pernambuco. 15c: ilatamoras. 14Vic 'Wet
saitei hides — I>utj- paid: Vera Cruz. 12-nc, Pracreao, 12c;
Mexico. 12-siC, BantLacc 12 : -c. Oenfuegoe, 12 J ic.
LEATHER — The -ien-.ar.i Bar all kinds of leather was
g-ood. with a well sustained market, and prices were
quoted" on Lhe following basis: Ac:i. first selection, 23<Jj,
2(>c. slaughter, rlrsts. [email protected]; seconds, 2l'-»5244..
slausrhttr, seconds. 23325 c; thirds. 2&%032^c; r-jects,
l&glSc union, light backs. S6c: mHVlla backs. 34gwc.
hea%-y backs. 33c; seconds, backs. Sic; thirds, light, 2&@
31c: lijrht backs, cow. 36c; seconds. 33c. bellies. 18017 c;
shoulders, 27526 C: oak backs, firsts. S7®3sc. seconds.
35.341 x: thirds. C2c : bellies. SOS9e; shculders, 28©90 c;
celting butts, 3-SSHit:; Texas Oftk kale, 28©a»c
MXTAJLS — TIN — The London tin rrariiet reacted slight
ly, followicg the decline ci yesterday, doable at £145 Sa
f^r spot and £144 l'.'s for futures Locally the market
was very quiet, with prices a ehade steadier at 31 [email protected]
31.i*0c COPPER was easier abroad, closing at £68 12 <M
for spot and £6S 10s for futures Locally the market was
rsr<rtea quiet. Seme dealers are said to be holding sup
pUea hie-her than the ranpe regularly quoted, but. on the
nt nor hand, there are rumors of business at still lower
litrures Lake and electrolytic are quoted at 16916.25 c
•ad casting at 15.75*r16c. LEAD w^s quiet and un
inc«d at 4.5554 9uc in the local market, bat was lower
at £23 166 3d In London SPELTER wag higher abroad,
closing at £26 7s 6d for spot, and at IfgfßßWr in the local
rket IRON was <iasier in Ou English markets, with
standard found—.- quoted at 46s i'l. an>i Ulddleaboro at
4Ss. Locally the tone is flnn. No 1 foundry Northern is
quoted at SiG 759517 25, No 2 foundry Northern at $lt> 25
$;fIC~ No 1 foundry ?outhpm at $1(5 -■•OSI6 75. and Nti
2 foundr-" nmil ■! 1 11 at *15 75<55185n. Pig Iron certificates
at the Produce Exchange v/eie fair'- active and firm,
with sales of CCO u>ns jc ath regrilar at SIS sfl and 300
tons October rfpular at $15 50 Clnslnn prices on refi-uiars
follow Cash Jls 30 bid: September ar.' October SI." SOG
EISSO KoTember Sls r Jls 60: December $15 40©
$&*; Januar-- &*3n3fa»; February ar.d March.
$15 W asked
MOLASSES A.ND STRTTPS— Th- inclemency of the
weather, together with the h--at. opcratea agalnßt a free
movement of molasses, but available supplies wer* UKht
and flrm'y he'd f\Tups werr- in fom» aen-.anri from ex
porters, bu' iarre lota were not offereO. ar.d this checked
hueiness ir. that direction Quotations rollf'w: MOLA;-
PES— Xe«--Or)*R-« -»nrr;fn?s.i. commnn. Sfil-V: fair. IT®
16c. good I«ei8e; rrime. aO«2«C; N-^-Orlears r.p»ri ket
tle 29935 c STKUPB Common. IKSI-c: fair. l».^gl-c.
good. V*?Zlc: prime. 22#25r; fancy. 2S©SOc.
OCEAN FP.EIGHTS— In Th» market for steam and sail
tonnase there was lees demand for vrsaeis and chartering
was light. Batoa were well custalned. ow.ng to the
eearcitv cf available boats. Quo-ation^ to Liverpool. IVjd;
London and Bristol. 2d; Antwerp and Glasgow. 2%d;
Le:th Newcastle ar, . H«H. 3 , ; Rottorrtam. 4c; Erem-n.
40 pf*>: Hamburg. 55 pfgs. Cotton *°5£S2g*Jg!JS
Ri 15c. London, oats. Is 3rt CHAKTr-Kt- l.r'.tlsn
F -ean»r 4 259 ns. B«>neral cargo, hence t-> Austra..a and
tfKi "New-Zealand, berthed. November; Rrltli=h Bt<>m«r.
2 vn7 tons general carat hence to N-.v-aFTI* and L.'lth,
berth"! October: British si-*arn<r. r.3f. tons. <-oai. Nor
folk to' Kingston. Jamaica, private terms schooner, --'Aj
tuns lumber. Moss F"lnt to Havana, private termt
schooner BM tona. salt. Turta I«!ar.i to MUdelphSa,
privatfl" terms; F choon?r. MS ton*, lumber. Fernandina to
Kew-Tork S5 75: achoon«r. Bt* tonr, ra.il!-. Baltimore to
Jackson-ill'--. Jl ": »ch>x>ner. '■■"'- ' ■"■ coaj. Baltimnre to
Portsmouth &'«-; schooner. 1.06S tons. coal. Ral'imore tr.
Boston. Bsc: schooner. 1.f>96 tons. Sam». option Portland;
British srhoor.vr. 2fi6 ror.E. croa«oted lumber. Norfolk to
HRllfax and Cr.arlottetown, prlvat4 Term?, looner. 4*3
tana Dlllos Norfolk to N--w-York. private terms; Nor
w«cian mimm>r. 420 tona f«xtens*>n) West India tra.ie
on. round trip. £450; schooner, 500 ton*, lumber and
ties Ja-ksonvllle tn Kew-Tork and far! Rondnut. »73
and' 19c -espectlvely. ani towa«e; Sw^dinh har^. 1,271
toil- (-^^reVtedi lumber, i-^nsaccla to Rio Jan<»irrj. $14. $2
form"B!i-l«h Bteamer. 1.921 tons, umber Gulf to River
Plate. 97s l«d. December
OlLS— Cottonseed was quiet but steady, without much
chaire. The sales were 500 barreu May at T**?r. and
iSoO *t SB%c also I'"' barrels Oriolvr at Mi Refined
r,etroleum was' firm and 2f, points higher at 7 .DOr for NViv-
York barrels Linseed oil was ur.-.-hprucd. «c quote.
TETROLET-M ttMxOmr* white, bbls. IJOe; bolk. *.«oe.
uielphla. 7 .45 c. bulk -(T..V. refit.-d. anei, N-n • Wk.
J, V- ph!;ad-!phia. lOi.v. water white. N<-w-Tont
iv,, » s<)c ' tuH-: 8.60 c: PhUadelphia, 8145 c; bulk. R.sßc;
wa'er "" white case- Kew^-Tork. 13.20 c; Philadelphia.
v Isr COTTONSBED OlL Prim* <-ru(i»-. fob mills,
i^ ' , imt S umn-.er yellow. Sppwir.!,.-:-. SS^ffMc: tober
fii.af'fi^r- December. 2«^«j27.-; January. TTttSntC and
S»v '":'-"->■*■ X prime white. 20Hc: prirao winter
1 ■]„'«• " or,;* I INSEED OIL — American K-^.i, city. t*w,
2..'4 r^. ou t-nf-towr., raw. C2-3^3c. Calcutta, rr.w, C2c.
_._,- "-he irjrk'' was (lrir. at all pointa. with busl-
MMaettre. Talmas;*, N»w -Orleans. ••-i-crar Louisi
mt* crot. movement to dati as follows: Receipt!", rouaH,
f? a ,/ rr r Ol; .ack« against SfiK.!5R last year, with M -
nVaned estimated at U».S»t »OCk#ta. arainst UMU
f'«t year Mark-t *U called «mn*. with S«rln«a
i^TT-^t'v' tik-n up Talma**. Charleatttn. t-i»«raph«
?ar?"na <•">? movement a., fohows: l^coljti. "44
v?r «?(< sales 49« bbls. with market flrrr. u.m'. offer
| bbls - f,",. Quotations fallow. Domestic, ordinary.
i '„",*><.' a- r " fair to go> I%«i*c; Prtme to choice.
l^tl^c- h*ad 4~>' : /^;c Patna. K«OC«e: Japan.
oiefg^nomlnal. SJ^m^'* 8 ' JaVa - 4 '^
itc Rangoon, in bond. -•«V- is - •
0.-/-»p _Bu«iness In refinert sugar was slow, wi'h i
,>. «ii«rr ba«!s practically unrtan^ed. aithoujrh th«
A merman r»d arc d card rates 10 points. t*t£ in th«
Amer.can rt-a^i r( duce(i their prices 10- patota In
i fSL^tt wa» supposed, to meet «P*clal cuts reported
° rA ■ItJ. hi the n er:can. Prices quoi-rd are net
to b« made bj tne ]oa? and cru ,^,^_ , %f)c .
'"V l^ i'r rS« SWr powdered. f,J5c; »OW
mould *i.£2 Be i-J3KS« and fruit powrter^d. W»e:
! dered. coarse poj •« _4nulate,l S-Me; Easle. coarse
i Easle <-onf*ctlon^ 5 20c;Eagie -• cartons. :
and i-xtra fir.a a^Vofnn gVanaUrrd. i ISc; Esfla
It, bags and 5 P. i « d dUmrjnd A , 5 IOc;
fine or tandard gram..* J j 4 - 5 ,,. No , , and ..
confectioners A . 45^ • > si No 6 , <- IV . No T<
5 70c: Ko- f*";:^, ■, No if, 4 25c: No 11.
4.45 c; No. ». 4 3jc >o j. ir N-^- 1« and 1?.. , f fc
4 15r; N" !"• , *i uc - steady but rathsr quiet market. i
London reports! a »••*«" f, «V<! n<l October at S.
with BegCwabW; .-nH-d K'rcdom Is 70.« M tor.,,
»«f Sf^.ttSi«tS«r«a« corrr-„0 tlm.
eaotWtad "2* pn.a.e t '-/-. trtom Cubs, eantrml that
lart year Tso prl-.a^e iwi iresk one cantral v.as
gruidine "^^Tt-staDfrt^lMat tnl " tlms Ilu>t
grtaOtn*. and one »M WJm =""rC, SII pr ir,oipai ports
%±r. There were no ****£*,£•«£ previous wiak.
wn^'neV.^- 1^ ritlr« *-• w« U "*
The eirports from the «1x prtnelpe.l ports far the woek
wera 11.800 tons, which utands against IS.BQO the pre
vious weoli and 11.SO0 last yo*r. This gives a stock of
178.000 tons, again"? 190 000 la:«t week and 14,867 last
year. Sellers offered some sugar at l-32c ur.der the
quoted rate of i s *c for 9<i test centrifugal, but refiners
did not interest tliauwmtvna Muscovado was quoled
at SHe and molafr^s at 2 T r
PROVISIONS — There was not much fluctuation to
the market all day. and while steadier at one time, on
covering of Fljrirts. the price eased off n»ar the close
under realiz:"? and with grain. At Western points
47.i»00 head of hogs were reported. including 6,000 at
Kansas City 4.000 at Omaha nnd 14.600 at Chicago;
latter expected £0.6 M hogs or. "Wednesday PORK
steady. Quoted: Mess. $1.1 50<g Jl6 5«. family. 817 50®
*1S: abort clear. |14 SOOIIS 50 BEEF flrrn; quoted:
Mc-.-f. $9oO0$lQ; fanuly, |tl 6«©Jl2: packet, -. 50 -!J
$11; rtra India m-ss. |lU>tl». BEEF HAMS qui««t.
quoted: &101255* DRESSKD HOGP -asv ; quoted:
Bacons. 7%ic; ISO B>, Be 160 rb. IHe: 14fl rb. SVic;
pl«s. lljesiic CUT — Pirkled bellies it»adv.
quoted: Smokinp. 10% c; M B, K'C; 13 Tfc. i ll iffß'*c:
14 rb. 9>iic. Pick>>l shoulders rteady: quoted at 7fi?
T^ic. Pickled hams quiet; <r-i<u.«rt at lOij'ijllr Tal
io'-v te«<ly; city. 4*c: cotjntry, 4H' ; l4'iic LARD
mtaa&T: qur>t"d: Chic-gc- prtec fteam $7 ■"•« City
lard quiet; <iu.i»ri at '—c Refined lard steady, quoted:
South American, t* 99 r > ; Continent. ISC'i. Brazil, kegs.
JS 00. Compound duil. quntsd at s%(jjf,lic Stearine
steady: quoted: Oleo, S"^C-S\c -.'lty lard stearine.
For the week enlcl DMatfajr. Sfptctnb^r 19. 1906.
EEANS AND PEAS—Recelpts far the Mtk, '..304 bbis
beans and 1.0-0 hage peas-, exports. 1.21S bfclg bear.s and
LQ9O bags peas. imports. 1.002 bags b«ar.s. There has
been some imj>rovejner,t In tiie demand for dorr.e=tic pea
beai.s. ar.d a fair Quantity cf stock has been auxraA; this
has ied to a litUe BteaJier toeling- on *trv:t!y choice
bright stock: most of the saiee for U.e last few days at
$1 75; there are some lots or good quality, l>ut not strictly
choice, that s«ll at $1 To. occasionally at $1 725 . a mod
erate quantity of stock remains in :!r?t i'.iiniis, cut prices
are cons.dered low enough to lie reasulvatly sale, and there
ik co pressure to cci! at UN txpcr.se ol any shading of
valuee. Cholrn marrow nearly out of first li^ads, ar:d
whec wantp>3 thny l>r:n« *?. no. tb» other grade* have aa
iir.-£rt«iiti value, but are fairly covered try our quota.tinn=
Mv<num qalte scerct, Red k:;lney nave ciecUneti about
2"-' i K>c, ant! close at $3 07^ 10 for choice qua.. <«-
I>-Tters are takir.g som« ktock tail iM>. and a few k.ts
are poing to hr»me rraJs. Tiirtle tr-up are q-iic. and there
la •-•-;. little demana lor yel'.ow e»c Cal:i"rnia lima not
over pi-nty ou cha epo:.. and Jobblni at *-'; T^Jss3 SO.
a;otch teas arq without furthei change. W« yjote:
BEAKS, marrow, oricict. per bash, fi .V: dp medium,
52 32 -« 992 25; So jM.u. {-1 '. ■•*; 75; <lo red kidney,
fi o:^fes3 10; do biacX turtle soup, 93 79#53 75. do ;. eliow
eye. Sl': flo lima. Calilornia, S.'< [email protected]»:i 80; GREEN PEAS,
Scc-.'-h. j.cr r>U6h, ifl <iT'v l^ l^
ri'TTER -R»c»tpts for the -w-~k. 5:,. 342 pkjtF; last
»tfk. 11.8*) j.kjrs; txpttrlm M EUropa 3.5<>3 pk^s. aad to
oUtar COantrics, 36f.' [U*= rttere .-..-,s twea do mater. al
change In selling values. a gra^uai fipansi^-n of the
trade is noted, bat receivers r.av- been su3lciently fiHed
t« p-lvy the Eeiling mtercet »'\ of the stock tr.ey '-ou.-i
dispose of to advantag-i Indeed, some lots ha v e accurr.u
tUed anu clcse to Ts.<V<O tubs went into the fimim
The dtniar,;i has beet: especially gocKi for fancy creamery.
sales ol wnich are ijatte genera; at i>:casioaa!iy
that fiture iB ihaded a HttM for some of tai |Ul -Jg«
lots; and ever. mere lias b»»n cbtained and tbe
(edina; is steady a-. tn» close. Choire grades r.ave r.i-i
only a n:n.j«:rjte .Jemand and are accumulating a li:>.
they ar<- held at 2!>g::ic. and that rar^e covers th-e tran>
actions reported r-e^.-ids are skrw Th» quality of the
butter is un;mpro\e.i thure is a very Em<tll proportion
of technical extras. New Y;-.k €tate dam' In light sup
ply and Light demand; fane}' selected tubs if obtainable
would bring 2<«^ it >-_,■-, ut rnoet cf the receipts go in
rang», of l~Ql\>- Imitation creamery ruSe^ steady under
very liniited receir-ts. Renovated h<s had fiir call and
fancy brands continue to sell at 28c Factory a.nd pack
ing stock quiet, but value* are well sustained W( quote:
Creamery. extras per rb. 21'*ig21 I >2C (Mercantile ExcnanfTe
off.ciai quotation, extras He); do firsts, •.»tf2lc; do sec
c-r.ds. l?-*31ti-t . do th;rds, 17C1 -- . State da:ry tuba.
eitra.s. a>^c; do flr=:s. l&^2oc, do seconds, 17H-315i^c;
do thirds. 17c; Western imitation creamery, extras l^S
i&V:, do firsts. I7^a9lßHc; renc.-ated. extras. 2l>c; do
firsts. [email protected]>c; do seconds. 16017 c: do thirds, 15#15V*c;
Western factnr>'. firstß. 17H©1T%C; do teconds, 16 V£
17c; do thirds. 15©'16 c, packing Etock. No 1, 17Vac; do
No 2. IG^©l7<-. do No 3. 15©16 c
CHEESE — for the week. 26,509 boxes; last
week, 60.266 boxes, exports to Europe. 1.534 boxes, arid
w other countries. 321 boxes. The martlet dragged a
little, following our last weekly report, and a number
of receivers found stock accumulating on their hands.
This led to a slight shading of values, and on Friday
the official quotations were lowered >»c. This was done
In the hepe of broadening the demand and making a
safer basis for trading, but the country mar'nets did
not foilow this decline and we were forced to gr back
on Monday to 12c. That price Btfll rules tor fancy par
cels of both colored and white, but the demand is cniy
fair. Most buyers are taking stock only as current
wants require; the speculative element is held in abey
ance. Almost every one feels that prices are too high
to out the cheese away for winter trade. At the same
time, the firmness In the country makes it seem rather
improbable that prices will work c» much. Large s:z«s
ar» selling atout on a parity with small, because ther»
are not many cf them. The bulk of the cheese are of
very fine Quality, and it is difficult to find much under
pri~ed stock; there is constant call for such. Part sk:ms
have ruled steady und»r a very sstlsfactory trade. Liv
erpool cables. 64s 6d for colored and 62s <Jd for white. 'vl'a
quote: State, full cream, small, colored and white, fancy,
12c- do fair to choice, ll^ll^c: do large, colored and
white fancy. ll=Sigl2f; do fair to choice, llg'll'ic, light
eklms. choice. 9V3l'*-. do yart skims, prime, B\'3^
do good. 71i©7\c: do common to fair. 6-g6\c; do full
skims. 2H:!?3'*c
EOOS — Receipt* for six days, to September 19. 55,629
rases Arrivals have made a further slight decrease, but
dealers have be*r. uslr.R a good deal of refrlserator
stock and the market has shown no material change In
the line of values Fine to fancy fresh are selling qult
promptly ar.d rule flrrn. but much of the supply is
more or iess defective, and has to go in competition with
held eggs The better grades of Western sell mainly at
21*621=. only an occasional lot of superlative quality going
Mgher and much cf the supply, being more seriously
mixed 'with old eggs, selling down to lS©lflc Refrl?«re
tors hay« had some movement, but there is no laTR-e
outlet for them as yet. We quote: State. Pennsylvania
and n»arty. selected, white, fency. 27®2Sc; do choice,
2&0-26 C: do mixed, extra, 24c. do firsts to ertra firsts,
SOS 2- do Western, country candled and graded, best,
215.22 c! do Western, average prime. 20c. do fair to good.
IS&l&c: do poor. I«<gl7c; dirties. l»M%c: checks 13®
IR? refprtgerator. April pack-d. 20^«2lHc: do May.
19(320^- do summer. 17®19c. ■
FPUIT^— P.ecelpts for the w-efc. 22R cases
evaporated apples and 58.232 rker? Other dr!-d fruits, -x
rWts 82.T4S pkgs dried fruits AlthOHgh the ff-neral
feeling in the a-pple market is firm, there has b»en very
U'tie trading so far this week The spot market has re
mained unchanred. some sales of Southern sun dried
mixed being made at 4c. li><4 stocks of Canadian and
.-. dried now greatly rduc< and the few h»ra
held ftnary within ranges qucte.i. We qiote APPLET
e-aro^ated fa^cv per Tb. Be; choice, 7Hc. prime, .ft
-^onir.-gUi. 4*©* c: Ohlc . eun dried. 34»
iur Southern «iun dried, sliced. 4«54"«.c. do quarters.
,«i,^ c ~ - and sMns per 100 th. SI 4O«*I 56: CHEP-
Ss3 -.-- Tt. 11 : >->12- HCCKLEBBRRIES ll«UHc;
COTS Cai If orria.' Royal. Be; PRUNES. CalltorVlla. 4®
77 J «c; 'do Oregon. S©7%c
TT=— FRESH— for the w-ek. 63.52S btls
an'l's' srd OfiO bbls and W crates finnberrtes Fancy
t 't% table «rPl<-<» are in good demand ar.d firm; green
f^Var.d al! hard '.ate varieties are rreetinsr a very Blow
£S»nd<mtM« market and prices have ruled in buyrs
favor There ha» been a (rood export movement but
supplie.l fmm interior points direct. Seckel and
Bartlett pears of fancy quaiitv have Improved; choice l"'s
of very desirable -.-ariedes meet a fair demand: under
a(1 pV alow Peaches hay- shown little change in the
'ranee of values but they are In lighter supply at the close
Swfci to the "rale, but the quality is affected by the wet
wea-her a"d no material Improvement In price is quotable
p\<*m' have teen generally in fair demand when of fancy
raattrr -.■ ordinary lots are draggins; Grapes have been
°erv .'lull and >-a.-:. but are rleanins; ur rr.ore closely at
the" close owinz- to lighter receipts caused by the wet
weather " a few exceptlonallj fancy lots from uprr.
exceed Quotations. Colorado istanelona have been m lib-
Pi-a' sur-lv and draei.-ir.s- heavlry at lower prices
owte^APPLSa SeSndl ■■» head bbl, S3©»4;
D^^oToideuburg. $2 frence $1 75C
2.M^Wealthy *2 I 12 50©«3 ; Graven
tT'i'- 5- loj f« Codling II 76«
MM- SiJvert S 7M«2 25: Tork and Fall Pippin, fl TO!
52Z: Poland Pippin. SI 75«52 5O: Twenty Ounce. $2 2T.«
g||i "jV ,"?ieti™ SIS-51 • v ': Bal.ir- in. *l 760»2 2S; Hub
12 25; late rartet ef
«Sf§o- npcnh^afl bbls, *l««2; CRAB APPLES, small,
ncr bbl S2.WS*S; large. J2©s3 00: PEARS. Seckel. per
yS,) aaJJOCO^do per keg. WM«*25: Bartlett. per bhl.
nw»"s doV" «?50«*8»: 1"> Per keft $1 2SS.-2;
do «r X.x ■Tl2s«sis.v SnTrre Ecsc. per bbl SS4K4:
t,^, Mw r !2 .-«V,:SS 2.V Beurre d'ABjOU. »2 M««:
f^^l? Ronne S2 2&&: Hemlsh Beauty, «2»»W;
T^S? $"7535r: :r.; Kietf-r. per double head bbl. $1 6(HB
iXCtfES Maryland.
.-.rrji .-•<•,.
- Ivania.
22 Sirie^ SieilßO «o P« ba ' kf - r - Wse; do MMb
haske- "l^'V: .lo . Vr.n-:--..; P-" t*rtW *W^4o
Pine Wand rer carrier. $1 35*52; <J« par baekel »6«) c;
n ■, %'.,, ' . .-, .-a- TSeOfl 25: «o per regular basket.
">&;•* .-.;, per pony basket 20«M0c; do per 2-basket
eratertoce?l: c.Der flat Caitfomls bn S . ,sc. do SlteM
gan -er bush besket. Sl 3sl »': *o -rr-cr. per rarr.cr.
rsji'w do per regular basket. 4 i; (?7Sc: do P« 2- P cnv
S!®S«ZraL« a?d r D^^^r
Jj^n ver. ,'^. , F -r'v an.'. WoVden. 40©50 c rto CS»
i- 1^' 1 '"> r U. *'•"-, i' ■-: 'or:-vrFFRfIT. Florida, per box.
£-£?<- PT*-*ApflW -],-.naa. r-r .rate. (125«(3; So
C?-^si»«^7^ MT-SKvVt.ON? R.cky Ford. CMontda
ft « B^J^
businesi. had '"":" out of first baa and
Old stock is pretty wel. "™™L a. rr < v ei as yet Bur
comparatively tew new hoys g^ 'is
ers seem i°'-if^*^ hence v ? 'ues are largely nominal
more clearly defined, henoe • jCew-Tortl
Not mu-h doms '■ llle nn ff ' u j and genera: estimate, of
i^ s '^^-; - %
; ;i nj and G^r-.ar.y. ,2^°^ prime. l7«Mc; Pacific
ie ...:■■
iroast. lt»Jf-. 2-J.-: -*«..,; . ... •„,.:;.■•
17^c: do meium I-. =<-, 16, -« week f«r up
POCLTRV-ALI\E-R^--P" r by xpr « s . Not
r. . ■- by freicnt and abcut -
wlthstandaut the he* ■ f/.u,- for f.-.wls and turkeys,
•ustalned czi the dmm 'Ji '■* - nw fl>r Saatbera ch..-k
14.. fci Western chirken.- anu - prices were cut to
ena. Ftm of thtt «'^ k AoWSI2HcA oW SI2Hc on chlckeiw wtth
I4C :or fowls and turkey, and "Hebrew New Tear
market ciOeißS Sr;E J „,'.„] reese contain many (prißg
holidar mot weekj Dl ' K , F ."^aV P*««» weak. w#
an.i Sonthwestem, 4 " ; ''.' ■„,' ;.Mhw«tm. |lCsl S5;
*12*«ia0; do :^-' "dressed— »«elpta for the
PIGEt v.- per P-' lr -. -J! 1 „'■., conUnued to arrive sp-ir
wtric K.CC3 pkCS- fm ;' i" * w i'h some ttUSluen aboive
tagly «B4 market c-ncraii^c.- sUps .iy ye:> weak.
quota.tir,r.!r. 'tiit^"', ln ,,', ;,,],,•/ though hariiy in
with pdeea showJM i«- ■ • «• :n": n " ■ ' her-- WO uld eomwnd
fancy sto:k «i ailatlc , a. >1 su kevi rave arrived more
more than qpKJt*d- epr ■•« "turteys ■— Spring
frt-eiy ani prt««« .''7 V' .'-e-i.- bal a toori many have
ducks have been Hew *_„';,. , n maintain price*. Equab«
had to go to freezer* in or dej -o „„*■ Fr .« h ki!l , j
seilir? well »t stoady «!«» rfc** S lo * » "Ml*.
(:roii,-TI'EKEYS. " r i'-m ei.ch "'Jig-'.Tc; <io culls. 12'tf
per Ib. MMte; to " v " r 4^ tV "aiSoT 6P rir,^
3C-; dn old. V,'. stern, r^ r ,' n - ... *i7>2Oc ; do other Perr.-
PWUdeiphla, tWlce !'..;„ ," farfV. MOUe; do fa;r to
nrhUU *n.l Stat; cc J l"'!ul "' ! u j-,. picked, average run. 12c,
»o«JL l*O«=; S»*2fj? t^S*S "r-O-. 124'C13c. do other
flo M:c>-lgan and Ohio. •" „u,ei"c do Souihem. scalded.
Weetem. icaUMl, aye -^VirronT »%»«»«: Ff>wi>..
avprace. lltfl.ftc; •» J" 14 ,.. •■•• Bouthern ana SouLh-
W'astern rtry picked, ne- -^v,.-' do W»s'«>m scalde-.l
nncra, dry Pl«*e4; -^: w< ., »calJe,l. UH«,
HHffK ""■"m V-s per r
d> cr.mmon, 125 1^-. old / pa»t f rn per n>. :«®l7-; do
»prtr.e Long Island v.rA m \. ;n; n , a , i3-»i<V\ do Weu-
Penn-ylv»ria, <"^"--'.* ct 'S. vt nr ;^e wSt* S rb to do;en. p*r
<rr.. Ue©l2Hc; «SPABR. IgSW« 75; rio s rt 1:412 23;
iozer.. WWJWL&LP'^JTSS J1255«1"3; do culla.
do mixed. $1 (3®*- 13- aJ
6Cc«-8l f . Biajt kind* of gam* eon*.
OAJd— lbe cp*a KM' B IJr
ir.enc«d September 16. and 'tie only important catne now
ctipalable ii" quail, ths renmm tor xrhich will net cpea
until November. Arrivals itg-'nt ar.d quctatlom »om«what
rorainal. V<i qurt- UTOODCOCK. per pair S'.eji 25
GROUSE p<-r pair. $1 75«*2; P.\RTRIL«";E.<. per pair'
JI7SSJ2 23; SNIPE. Enelieh, p-.r doten. $2#s2 60 do
yellow le«, J2 sO* $3 24 ; PWVER, ffoidsu, per do»en
»2.»m53. do g;rssi«. .*! .'<<>^t^. rail, per doien. Sl©sl •"
AViLD DUCI-LS. cacvasback. per pair. S3 .'AJSJ3 50- do
redhead, |lfls2 23; dr. blackhead EOfiSc; do maliard
7"i-r:JI 25; 3o V.uewinK tea!, per pair. «r»iil<>i; do green
\\>ng tea,'. 4i_i©7. 1 ruddy 7.*c8?l "<■ do wldjenr TThOWI.
do comm 2f.?(4>V. V'EXIPOX. eadd skinned, p<>r Tb,
giQICC; 2o saddles in skin, aOO2Sc; do wade deer, [email protected]
i<OTATOEi ASH VEGETABLES — RaoelpU for th»
<v»»k. 41ti»l bbl? potatoes aril 12.405 bbl» onions. TT.er»
has been a fairly stead] miir-if' and at tn« close ellfrht
Improvement 1« quotable. un.l"r momentarily lighter re
celpts. Sweft potatoes have hr«ri drasginit heavily gni
prices In buyers' fdvor. OKionf b»v«i improvca for
strictly choice qualities of all kind*, hut Oran«« CGunty
reds ar» eer:e r a!ly damp and more cr !••■ out at condi
tion, and for th«M» easier prices have hai to be accep'fi.
Cabbagf* favor the h-jy.-r Caulifl-iwers have dechr.«>.l
undor lartr^r r--t-ipt."< Oucurnterg and <-i"-L:rnter plcklej
are in gr'O.j demand whei of fancy r;'jalify. but (■•-rr.mon
stock moves M iwlj Fancy !i»aw lie^.Js of lettuce are
scarce and (ranted, but f.eariy ail the stock arriving;
is below primo L'rr.a beeng ar« alio jtta^rally poor
an>! iirdi;g;r.K at c-asy fliurej; fancy irrerr< »tcck in p'r
fect order a-oulJ exceed quotations. 'Western New-York
string beans tic itffl c.:ii-» DUttty, btrt they show rery
lrreßuiar quality eriJ condition wiiJ a '.vide lanye In
prlcfs: there l« a fair dernar.d fir dtofCe lota. Squash
necUcte,? T mstoe* dragging, ar low figure* Few
Scuthern green peas have »ol<l at good prices when
chDlee. "W> aacta: POTATOES ißianl. In bulk.
per ISO Ib. $1 75052: Jo, p»r bag. Jl 75<2»i. 87. do Jersey.
round, per bbl or hag. II GJiffSl 73; co Giants. {1 SO©
*1 >'2 SWEET POTATOES — Je r np\, per bask«t. 40
We, do per double head bbl. 11 78052 28 do Scuthern.
yellc-nr. per bbl. *13$1 37. BRUSSELS SPROT'TP. Lonff
Island, per quart. 5010 c: BEETS, nearby, per I(V> bunches.
75<-a*l: CARP.OTS washed, p-r bbl. 11253*150; do un
washed. 7Sc<f?Jt; CawBaOES. Flat Dutch, per IW. ISOM:
d.) Savor and r<>d, $2.tO<9>s4: do Qprivtr and nearby. p»r
bbl. 41V551 TAULfFLOVTR?. Ivm? I^ianrt, p<r bbl.
t:<aA2TS<. do CatakilL .V.WS4: CTCrMBERS. State, p«r
bbl. $2'!?S4 do pfr bushel basket, $l(gSl 25: 'lo T..-r.3 lal-
BHd. per hb!. ?""g*4; do Jersey. per bbi $2©s3; CUCU3I
BF.R PICKLt; '; m»diulß siz^s. per bb!.. *2#s4; do per
bush*'. basket. $1 2T.15J2: lo small *3-st.^: do per l.OOii.
$2,'.rsn- rop.N, Loot Inland, p*r l no - ToeCWSi: '" 'Jr
rlver .Vrogsi do Harkensack. 1125; do other Je~
*»v ' 4.IrSJI ' CELKST. State. per dozen t*ai:-.s.
ISA4Oc: do .7er»py. l6«30C; EGGPLANTS, Jer-ey. per
bM 7Scffsl- cS pet b»MK-'- or box. 20<860c;
LETTTfCE. JeMer. r"r hatf M)i basket 76c85l sj: do
lVr<t«rti N«w-Tork ["r i-nlf bbl basket Jifltl 7.1. do P<?r
dozeji heads. 30©7Rc: rJMA P.EA.V-. Jersey, potato, p-r
half bb; basket." oOc9sl 28 de Bat, 90c#$l; do potato.
per br^ .W<i?e*l : do flat. SOoflsc; '.■'• L<7r.=r Island, per
h«a.r MeSSI: OJ4IOXS. ronr.-cticut. white, per bbl. £3.2
$3 25: do yellow $2®*2 25; do red. $1 S7©*2; L^ner Tsia.n.l.
yellmv r*r bM or ba». tl 600J2; do red. $1 s'Vj»*J 75:
Ohio white ocr bu»h r-rate. eOc-gll 25: State. -■■:; w. p« r
bbl or has 11 90®$l 76 do OraSM '"wnty. yellrw p»r
bar. $1J5«5175; do red, *!••! r>7: .Ter«<>y. y»;:i-»w. per
baak't. 60r©»] ; r!o white. SOcfi*! ; PICKLB>. small, white,
per bbl $3#*S- do per half bbi basket. $2S*2 50. OKP.
JerMv per 100 S#lOc: do r«r basket. 6n®7sc : PEP
PER? Jers*' r - bbl. 3SS?7S-: do per half bbl ba3k»'..
20f<4'"H-. ir, per bush be*. 2<T?3Or PUMPKINS. r»r bbj.
sfKs7"r; PF.AS. Fouthern, per balf bbl ba?k»r. SISOSS.'!;
STRING BEAK 9, "Weaterr. N«"v-York green, per bush
basket 50c<8>?l: r!n wax. 50ce$1 28: do .lersev. gr»en,
per basket .W"ifsl ■ do wax, 40r'fJS;i: do Baltimore. 7?c,
df> Norfrlk. 4007%: SPINACH, per bbl, 7.">c®Jl ; SQUASH,
Hi:b^ard. per bhl. rK">^7sc: do si«:">"' 403«V>c: do yellow
crr"*-ne<-k and white BOOTSc TOMATOES. .ler«>y. per
box 15<r4Ar: TURNIPS, white, r^r l«10 bunches, $1?$1 .V>;
do Canadian, per bb!. [email protected] 12: do Jersey, rutabasn,
IScQjCI ro
KAY A>"r> STKA.W— HAT — «la^k tradingr of th«
la-=t tew dan has brougst out a more artive demand, but
re- ad-iltior.al strength -.« showing >.r\ prices. Be-rt invoices.
howe-.-or. bav<> mev«d Out wel] at full ra'fw. and the trade
could r.ar.c 1 man liberal shipments. Cheap searchers for
aup?!i«s ftlll have a qu^e lars:» kcramnJatkia to trork
upon, and the surplus give? th*m ad"vanta!r» W» -luot";:
Prime, laxce bales, per I<V- Ib. BSc; No 1. 80®«2Hc; No 2.
72^5'975c: No 8. 62%©«T^4c; shjsptar. s«."@^<:'c. clove r
mixed. aO®6Sc; cl^-er clrar. oO*?* I '^ 3TRATT Demand
ain-.o?: exclusiTely directed to best quality lons rye. and
full late prices ru!e. range. 7<"«J?750 per ini> Tb. Receipts of
hay and straw, tn tons, reported at the Produce Exchange
at r.ocn tc— day were: By Hudson River Railroad. 430;
"West Shore. SO: Erie. 1.070; Penn«vtvaji:a. 140: Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western. 30; Lehlgh Valley. 110. Balti
more and Ohio, 50: Ontario an<f Wmitlil 11. 20; Central of
New-Jersey, 40; river boats. 150: canalbo&ts, 9«. total,
2.216 tons. " Receipts of straw. 140 tons.
New-Tork. September 19, 1505
BEEVES — Receipts were 46 cars, or 733 head. Includ
ing 41 cars consigned direct to city slaughterers and 4
for the market. Nothing doing tn Kve cattle. Feelinr
steady, with light receipts reported for Wednesday.
There was a slow trade in dressed beef at S^S9c per
Ib for native, sides, with a little fancy beef exceeding
quotations. Texan beef dull a* i^'i'^r Liverpool and
London cables unchanged. Shipments to-day Included
L6lO head of cattle on the Georgic. equally divided be
tween J Shimberg & Son and S:hwaxz.»chlld & Sulz
berger; aiso in the same steamer. 3.500 quarters of
dressed b»ef fes'lmatedi for other shippers Th» Chl
cago City carries 15" head of cattle to Bristol
for C. Coughlln. The Baltic, sailins to-morrow, is esti
mated to carry 3.000 quarters of beef.
CALVES — Receipts were US head, all for the market.
Veals in moderate demand at about steady prices for
good light veals. Heavy and coarse calves weak.
Grassexa and buttermilks nominal in the absence of
any sales No Western calves. Choice veals sold at
IS £5 per 1M rb Dressed calvea quiet at ?"5 13 He for
city dr»s«<?d veals, arsd ?H:'£l2c for country dressed;
dressel grassera and buttermilks dnil at 6<£sc.
Sales Judd & CO : 14 veals. i:> 4 rb average, ar $0 25
per 100 It
J. Q Curtis & Son: 23 veals. 152 Tb. at $9 25
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts were 9-, cars, or 1.943
head, ail for the market. Sheep quiet at last reported
quotations: lambs were slow with but few buyers en th«
market, no strictly prime lambs offered. The pens at
60th-st. w«re not cleared. Common to good sheep sold
at $3*zM S5 per 100 TTj: medium to fairly good lambs at
$fi [email protected] 35- culls at $4 50^45; Canadian, lambs at $6 75®
$7 35. Dressed mutton dull at 7®6H-- per rb: dressed
lambs at [email protected]
Sales Sanders: 150 Pennsylvania lambs. 67 Tb aver
age at $7 per 100 fb; 68 State do. 66 rb. at $7; 11 Sta-°
cu-i£ 42 It), at $3; S Pennsylvania, do, 39 Ib. at $4 50 4
sheep 105 It>, at $C : 1 do. ISO Ib. at $5 SO; 1 buck. ISO
Ib, at $3 50
D Harrinstcn 202 Canada lambs. SO rb. at S7 38.
Tobin & Shannon: 66 9tat» lambs. 67 rb. at $7 12-. 6
State sheep. 125 rb. at *4 75; 7 do. 63 rb. at $3 50.
Kerns Commission Company: 215 Canada lambs. 74 Ib.
at $6 75.
S Tudd 4 Co : 9S State limbs. 66 rb, at $7 25; 42 State
sheep, 113 IT), at $4 86; 8 do. 1"& Tb. at $4.
George * L. S Dillenbe-k: 62 State lambs. 58 Tb. at $7.
HOGS — were 12"-A cars, or 1.060 head, lnc!u<l_
ing rather more than a carload for the market. N> sales
reported made up to a !a'e hour. Feeling weak on Buf
falo advices, and wculi probably sell lower.
«a!es tall late Mondayl— McPherson 4: Co.. 167 Ohio
hogs, 13S Ib average, at. JC per 100 Ib: S rcugha, 270 Ib.
at $4 00.
Tobtn 4 Shannon: 42 Btat* hops. 179 rb. at $6; 17 do.
S Sanders -~ T9 Penns-'ivania hoirs. ISO ft. at $<?. 104
State do 156 Ib. at 16; 60 do. 197 rb. at $5 «5; 12 det,
nr> o Ib at 15 90 6 roughs. 280 Ib, at «5 50. 7 do. 361 Ib,
at $405: 3 do. 20« rb, at $4 90: ! stag. 360 Ib. at $3;
1 boar 3SO rb at 12 50.
J B Gibson 4 Co. 138 Ohio hogs. IS7 Ib. a: W. 89
hisao grass hoes 162 IT. at $5 50
S. judd & Co ■ H» State hogs. 157 rb. at $8 10: 1«5
Western 10, 140 Ib, at $0 90; 7 roughs. 2SO rb. at $.110,
1 staff. 300 Tb. at $3.
TV "R Hume- 20 State hogß. 162 rb. at $6 10; R4 do.
20S rb. at $6. 0 roughs. 342 Tb. at $?. 1 boar. 270 Ib.
"j G Curtis & Son: 35 State hogs. 210 tb. at $«; 5
rough*. 252 Tb at <.■;. 2 sui£E. 315 rb. at $3 50
Andrew Mullen ; 2 Stato hogs. 190 Ib. at J6.
Chica-- Bept 1C- — CATTLE^-Receipts. 13,000; market
clow. some lota selling lower Beef steera, $3 To^Su - 1 "'.
«-ocke--E anJ feeders, K!3o®*4 25; eowi and canr.ers, »l 50
&S4 25 bolls. $2«54 lo; heifers. $2 26« M; calves. $3 JS)®
$7 50. HOG3— Receip-s, 18.600; prices .-tea..-, with g^od
dem.iii.-l chipjiinj; ar.d selected. $5 55©*5 SO; mixed and
h-aw packing. *3 13®*H 51'te : light. *2 25©$o C 5: pigs and
TOMghf. $2(gss 37^ ' SHEEP— iir-e:pts. as,*^. market
tinner sheep. &1(B$4 ■ lambs, S4 Kte 3^>.
Cincinnati Sept in.— HOGS active; itchers and shlp
pers 1 . JT)tiO'a > $5f:5; common. 44 sWfss 13 CATTLJ elc«-;
£alr 10 guo-i shippers'. $4 10©54 75; common. *Jti- •'*-'
fHEEP etrcr-s. «*■* '"> L-^V' "'"^ S " U *ir'' „ hf
Ea*S Buffalo, S^pt H.-CATTIB- SUedpta, 200: lisht
demand slov; prime steers. $6 6O©ss 90 shipping steers,
s:»n?sbv- Dutciier? , *4 :'-'ajr. ir.. hettera. c^a,
5"75«54 15 bulls. $2 fr>«';*j I- '. stockera anu fecuer^, S2 .>"
M4 ai stock heifen $250©»32S Receipt^ MO
iteady. $3 50©J8 HOGS— Receipt*. 6.iCO head;
slow. SCIOC lower; mixed, S3 73©J5 SO: few, $„-.h., ; \ ork
e-s SSTO«WS7S; P»S». .'[email protected]»60: rou^iis. S4 305>4,0.
stags. V 3 50«54. dairies and grass-rs. |6©s6 60 fHEfi:'
i\-p LAMES Receipts, 3,000 heail . sheep steady, lambs
ii»c lower; tr*d« slow; lames. $S79«*<6B; yeartings.
SSTSfiSe wethers, $s^s.". si»; eww $4 ".■>SJ4 7". : (beep.
mixed. ■_ 50«*3; Canada lambs, s} i(«JS~ ♦-. ...„-.
Kansas CUy. Sept. liv —CATTLE— R"-'.r>t». t5,598
head including I.JOO Southerns; market strong ana
active Choice export and dresa^tl beef steers. $J - J"j\r
Jfi fair tr> good. Hv *5 25: Western fed steers. S3-JJ
J475 stockers and reedeM, $:50-C?4 23; Southern
cows.' $Jls£»t3 66; Southern cows. $173§iJSO; native
cc.^-J $X7seiS4o; naUve heifers. J2 60© 15 35; bulls.
$"«t-, calves $3 sa©s«2s. HOOP- Receipts. «.00«
head- 'market Ec ilgh«r; top. JSB2H: bullc of salts.
.- 35*1 $5 50; heavy. 15 3','a J5 50, packers, %3 35'j
J'tj'". pi«S aad U«ht«. $5e»5 40 KP— Receipts.
4 000 head; market Bte&dr: native lamba. s»Bs7j
TTestyru lambs, $:, 2SC ?"■ fed ewes and yearlings. $1 25
r ,,V- •-, " ATest-rr. yearlingß, ts©ss!s; VTe»tern sheep,
sV Bfi it :■■'. extockers ana feedera, »3 .-.O'/J* 5"
Middling S«t Close Sale*. Stock.
Galvestr.n f.rrr. ... 10H 15.T21 18.1 1.7W 118,433
New-Orlns steady lO 1 * 1.745 1.745 1.750 t'J.jii
»lcbile (inn if 13-16 1.612 1.M2 1.1«J 14!21W
S^!2iah»teiiy !. 1 1^16 ll.tM'i ll.»40 S.Ht 1M.332
Ho"'"n ste^lv V>\ ■ : 2".2-2 So>2 1.811 *a 330
"u-us"a ftrm »*-l« 8.85T 8.M5 i!t« 37.800
Augusta n.-:.. 10 3-l<! B.WJ
Memphis quiet .... 10*. 11- -!. tOO ».TB3
<-ur 5.92 d: Sfod mifidiir.g •> •bd: tr.i.Mai g. o -^>- ° w
#4 .r^ruut'ion attfl export, an-1 in.-lu.len «.«M Aaoerican.
?y^ S.4M ■ September and Gcwben 5|W;
Setter -S3 N .ven,b<T. B.CM N __•-•• 6er c"■
r% „< -r,»,<» m ber and Jannary, .....•■! , Ja-.-nr. an! j-»-..
•--„.;' rebSuu, and March.' s.«id: Man* a»d
Arnl' .-'^..l. AprO and May. B-«*d: Muy and June.
June an? July, 183 d; July md ay . ■
tor. TtoToaerti*. s»t ■ '
t , r , „ ;,,.. aemanfl •«■ aetire throughout, with home
tuyen UUt!n« Ik* built of une wee! aold A srr-.a.. »opp)
„ „■..,--,, , .as t. lood ,1-m-n^ A t- ■•■ leu o* »npertor
tombing w€.- bvusht for America at toll ***£■ T^
offering! c-f Cape oj Good Hope and Natal wooj w«re
sm.kll Owing- ta th- hi^h Itßtta »et by fell.-rs m-st o.
th- »»; »ai 6<mgM » The I .:-;- were
noted: MertaM, C p«r cent; r.re ere— brW a^per eeet;
mtmuw cr«e«breai 7 : -, per cent: coane ««*»* A.'r
to 10 pa cent. an<l Cap" ot Ooofl Hope and £**£•* f r
cent Ponawtn« arr U»J nilee ta detail: New tS2JS^«
900 bale*, tcottred. 10H.1SJU »%d; -'■■■'■" »*WjJ^
QneeoaiaMl. 4W bales: MNI Is AJfl-ls lWj *••*',*.-
UV.dS-1 2H4. Bonti Australia. 4S bales. mW II I **
WV-st Austrsuia. 8W bai*x. ireasT. W»l* &3isl^SS2'
Cape of OMd Hope an.: Natal. 808 tales: scoured. 10d!»
Ullsd: greagv 6»w««*a . Klver Plate. Sl^ ba.«.
scoured. 10dSl» T%6.
o ,„_ t ,^. in -r>e wool market has been ir.nre drll
thS^JS^Jta Thed jm .n. I. s^«g«^^
l«t I mand for on. \^r>rr wood i
:;uros aj» quoted at .143
wools are Karce T-rriton- grades are la
.t^Jy movement. rowifn woels are -rm L«adln« qtio
liuoaa tollow: Ohio aad Psnasj -ivaiiar-XX tad above.
STATIOXS foot of West Twenty-third Stre-t and
Desbrosses and Cortlandt Streets. ... „
m GTThc leaving time from Desbrosses and CortJandt
Street, la five minutes later than that iriven below for
I Twenty-th:rd guaal Station.
I *10.50 A. M. ST LOUIS LIMITED. Ft C'.ncinuatl
•MJ5A.it. THE d Pennsylvania limited— 2s
hours to Chicago
! •3.35P M. PKKNSjIIVANIA BPBCIAL. 18 hour.
2SJ:£ #i|iS%o T ??NCINNATI EXP.
' ■55 P. M. parUFI I RESS.
7 33. 8.25. «a.25. «yCS. -10 a. m., 12.25. -12.55. 2-10
i'3 -'B. •Cfimnaslniial Limited" > -".■3, '4.25, *4 85.
»-•"( m -. i- l'> night BU7jday.ft.23, *S» 2S. '10.55 i. m..
1-^5. "12.8 *3 25 -Congrtsslonal LUxuted"i. •3.25.
SOCTHEBN RAILTTAt!- "12.88 25. "4.25 p.m. 12 10
a. m. daily.
ATLANTIC COAST Livr *9 23 a m. and 83S p. in.
BOARD AIR LINE 11. p. m and IMO a. tn.
PEAKE & OHIO RAILWAY.— 7:S3 a. m. week
days *4. D,"j p m dAlly
*<>ek-days. 5.25 p m. daily. - __
ATLANTIC CITY.— ». 3S a. n>. and 2.58 p. m. week-days.
Bundays, '" ,>5 a. m.
CAPE MAT —12.55 p m. we-k-flays. «r-rti,
Asbury Park Sundays., and Point Pleasant. 5.55.
a. m.. (12 28 Saturdays onlr except Long Branch), »*^|
il2. r Saturdays only except Long Branch). 2-25. «■-*>
425 exrept Lcr.g Eranch). '4.55 except Saturdays ex
cept Lcn; Branch), 4.55 and 656 p a. week-0»y»-
Sundays. S 25. 0 25, 10 53 ■ m and 455 p. m.
6 05. 7 35, 'TB. 8.25, 8 sfl. '9 20. •!> 55. •♦10.55. "10 SS.
113 a. m.. 12.25 "12 55 '1.55. 2.10. 2.55. '8.35. 3.55.
4.25, "4 2." '4.55 >t4 55 for North Fh:'.adelphia. only\
•5 55, 8.55. 7.55. 8.25 9.25 (9 55 for North Philadelphia.
or!y> r m.. 12.10 night week-days Sundays. 6.00.
•7.55. 8.25 *0.23 9 r.5 '^1055 '1055 a. ro., 12-25.
M2M. «1.5 C. '3 25. 3.55. '4.25 Ct4.55 for North Fji^
delphla only). '4 55. '5.55. 7 S5, S 25. 9.25 (9.36 for North
Philadelphia only) p ns.. 12. night.
•Dining Car. tExtra-fare train. ..„,— »,».
Ticket offices. Nob 461 1354 and 96 Broadw«T! 183 FTTtB
Avenue (below 23.1 Bt); 263 Fifth A»enu« (comer 2V-*
St.); 1 Aitor House, and stations named above; Broo.t
lyn. 342 Fultcn Street. S«O Fulton Stseet. 390 Broadway.
and Per.r.«v:^an:a Annex Station. The New Tor* TT*n»
fer Company will call for and check ba«a«» rro=»
hotels and residences through to destination.
Telephone "543 Chelsea" for Pennsylvania RaUroaa can
Sen-ice. „__
W. W. ATTERBrRY J. Sl_^°°P' — r
General Manas*,- Pass*r Traffic Manager.
General Passenger Ag«n*.
rr) rr^ C^. TP rTT\ r?fl and points m
v*tt bivfr LIVE via Vewpcrt and Fall Rl-«r. Lye.
Pier^»^. ? P foot WarVen BtTw^ day* ani Sundays.
530 P if. ' Strs FRISCILLA and PURITAN. Orchestras.
PROVIT'E'N'CE LINE for Providers. x<o6ton. East and
North Lye P;cr 1», N. R. foot Murray St., weeW day*
only at eP. M Strs. PROVIDENCE Cnewl and PLYiI
OUTH. Orchestra on eacn.
NEW BEDFORD LINE for New Bedford. Cottage City
and Nantucket. Lye. Pier 40. N R . ft. Clarkson St..
week days only 6 P. M. 9trs Main© and New Hampshire.
VOPWICH LI^E. via New London. Lye. Pier 40. N. R-.
foot Clailison St.. week &*T* only. at 6 P. M. Strs. CITT
VPW HWEN LINE for New Haven. Hartford, pprlng
flelr! and' Vor'h leave pier 20. E R.. foot of Peck Slip,
week days" only.' at 4:00 P. M Steamer RICHARD PEC±-
Palatial Slaaxaer. "NEW TORK" ar.d •ALBANY" of
the Hudson River Day Line, fastest aad finest river boats
In the, world
Leave Brooklm Fulton-st. (Dy Annex) 8:00 A. M.
Desbrosses-st. Pier 840 "
■• NEW PIER. WESH 42D-ST 9:00 "
•• West 129th-ft ... »:30 "
Landing at Yonk'ra. West Point. Newburgh. Poughk»eps(e.
Kingston Pclr.t. Catsktll. Hudson and Albany. Daily, ex
cept Sunday. Special Trains to Catskill Mountain resorts
and Saratoga, and ea.sv connections to all points East.
North an.i West. Throurh tlrfeets ar.l baßfra/?« checked
at offices cf N^w York Transfer Co. Throujth rail tickets
between N T. and Albany accented Host lellfhtin] one
day outings to West Point. Newbureb or Poughkeensle,
returning cr. Jown boat.
Restaurant open a? 7a. m. MUSIC.
Leaving Desbrosses-st. at Z 10 P. M. (Sats 1:43 P. M.t.
West 42d-«t. 8:30 P. M. fSata 2 P M ) West 129th-st..
8:50 P M. tSats. 2:20 P- at). Fcr Highland Falls. Corn
wall, Newburgh. New Hamburgh. Milton. Pou^hkeepste,
Rondout and Kingston. Orchestra or. board.
Hudson River by Searchlight.
Steamers C. W. MORSE, odd dates Sept.. and ADIRON
DACK. lv Pier No 32. N R . foot of Canal St . 6 P M. :
aad West 12&tc .St.. e:3o P. M week-dan ancf Sundays.
D!r»c? connection at Albany for all po:nr S North. East, and
West. Orchestra on steamers iitnTnotllaa carried.
"Beautiful Hudson by Searchlight.'" 10c
Christopher St.. N. R-. week-day«. G P. M.
86057 c; X, 34®35c. No 1. 40®41c: No 2. 4ig>42c; Cne un
washed [email protected]»c; one-quarter blood, unwashed. 34-385 1;
Illlin "fgM 1 blood. 35'g36£; one-haif biood. 34®35c; un
washed delaine. 30®31c. unmer-hantable. 31®32c: fine
washed delaine. 3v#4'»c Michigan — F:n« unwaahei. I' 7 af
2Sc: one-quarter blood, unwaahed, 8S084C; three-eightha
blood. 34©35 c; one-half blood. 33<g>34c. unwashed delaine.
2a Kentucky. Indiana, etc Three-*igh:hs -and cne-
Quarter blood. 3«(537c Terrttorr— Waho fln«, [email protected]?:
beavj-. fine 195i-21r, fine medium, 2»5 24c, medium, 27®
28c- low medium, '?'->:. Wyoming, fine. 22G2Sc: heavy
fine. >©20c; fir! medium. 23'g'24c: mellum. 27328 c; low
medium. 38935 c; Utah and Nevada flne. 23<ff2-4c; heavy
nne. lU^2i'c :; nr.e medium, 24c: medium, 27®29c: low
medium. 28*?2!-'-. Dakota Bne U2®23c; fine medium. £ZQ
2So; medium" [email protected]; low medium. 38020 C. Montana fine.
choice 2CS27c: tee average. [email protected]; fine medium, choice,
20&£i>-: average, 27938 c; srapir. 2S4#3'>-; medium, choice.
28930 c.
Buffalo, Sept 10 — FLOt'R active 2nd firrr TTHEAT —
Spring unset'led. No 1 Ncrtherr. spot. 9Cc. Winter dull;
No 2 red. 84 tc CORN In Usht Ic-rr.ar.d. No 2 yellow.
58c: No 2 corn 57c. OATS firm; No 2 whUe. 31Hc: No
2 mixed. 29% c. BARLEY tirm , Ohio. [email protected] RYE
dull. No 1. C64c CanaJ freights steady.
Chicago. Sepl ! —The leading fUtuiea ranged as fol
knra :
Wheat. No 2: Opening. Highest. Lowest. Closing.
September SSH 83 \ 83-* N"H
December .. S3**«94 a 4*» ?3>* S3 T ie"«
Mar 55*1»8314 SttW SJ^gJCS Ss*
Corn. No 2
Sept (dd) Sl^i-S^ SMI 514 8! T i
Sept (new) M-.552 52*» 53.% BS =
D*U (01d)... 40H;'d.43S 4»i»84a i 4 45"t! 45Hf 1 45 ! Vi
D»c (new..... 44 •■;:.». 44^i 44=S
-Cay ... 13% 44"»§44 » 45'[email protected]'jS 43 T »
Oa:s No 2:
September 27% 27* 27^4 27%
December 2S\ • 1 * 2^ 2SS 2JvS
jljv 3w-*W*)-4 SO% j " 3-*
Mesa pork per bbl:
October SU 05 $14 05 114 92 »14B1H
January U 35 12 4B 12 30 12 32H
Lard, per 100 Itr
October 7 70 7 73 7 70 7 "- •-
November .... 7 27^4 7 40 7 25 7 37 'j
JanuVry — — — St-- 1^
Slicrt rtbs, per 100 n>:
Oct-ber SCO IB 8 57^ 5574
January . • ITU 6 474 645 « 474
Cash TJOtatlcns were as follows: FIjOUR Srir. :
WHEAT. N., 2 spring. bo©S&<:. No 3, «VgSsc: No 2 red.
83^Q83%< CORK, Ko 2. B%e: No 2 yellow. 32^3
SSe; CULTS, No 2. 27%ic; No 2 white 2'jg— « : ic: -"> * a
white. 27^©L M .)-. RTK, No 2, 69c; aRLEY, good feed
ing: 37;- fair to choice ma.tnig. 4"»fi4Tc; FL.U.d£cD.
.No 1. 82c: Ko 1 North w-stern. y-'-ic. CLt-'VIiR. contract
_-a $12©512 POUK. mesa, pec bbl. *15^Slo5<';
L.\liD. per 1 it) n . $7 TO CLT MEATS shDrt riLa^sidei
jlooM) .-.-.-■" short clear slies ibosed), » i»«W;
WHISKEY basis ol hi** wins*. *1 2a un the Produce
Excbanc*: BUTTER itrtlr: creameries 1.'32t> l 3c:
ualries IdHCISHc; EO'jS steady, M m3rk. -osea to
chid+d ITc; first" ISHe; prtme rlrsts. 2l»'-jC. ettraj.
Ul''-;^ . CHIC^E st^aiy to f.rir. 11©11»C
KtimeapoU* B«pt 10.— Cl-se- ■THBAT, S-pterr»fcer,
»>%c: l.ecftmber, MV/islSc: May, U«0«Uc; No 1
hrrd M%c: No l Northern, a^^»". No - Sortaera, so v jc.
FLOCK, fint pater.:? »."'•<:. »; second p»t?nts. H«O
Hru; : tirst clear* »SOR«?i »«^ n <i . ars. sJ<*
s26s. 15RAN. in bulk. $llt?Sll 2i-
PhiladeJpQla c *pt V) — 'HEAT si-— contract
fiepMßt.Vi-' -J'.jvJ-' CORN. i*C icwer, i~eptemt^r. :,-»•
irer; No C trhlte aatoral, 52032% c;
STj ..;,-, :". r ,,' S3OS«e BCTTIB qotet; extra
Wentern r.-i. -- am neartj prints. J3c E<iG3
steady nearb. fr-»h. UWi off. Bfc: «Wtt) fr-»n. 21c. at
u.a-i ' We»ern fre»h. 20©21 c, a: mark CHEKSE st^a-iv.
N>w-York full cr«wa. PWXTr. l-*»l2Wc: do choice. Il%c;
;.,. rat- - . • llfeeil^c Receipt*— Floor, 2.000 bbl»
and 1 St&OGO r. >n ?a;Ss; wh»l. 1l v ,.V>o bush, rrr.i. 30.t*^
bu»h • a*.s 116,000 bort SMp.Tienrs — Wheat, Ij.ok>
bctshJ earn. SJ.«** 0««h; cats. 33.t;iMj Luah.
Dtdntfc •-■ "■ ' : - -"— - v " 1 Northern. '
f- u - No 2 :->-rth. r. ■: September, o!d. !?«r>-
Wmber. 7S%i ' ' * H=>. -:
- ■ r IS -*aiAI-So 1 Northern. gCtf
H7c Ni - ts2C?se; Deeeajbar, S3-^^s4c asXe.i.
RYE— No ' CTC'efiC. BAIiLET- No i". .".^,.-. .inip!«,
52e ,v.m- ila-. «H«H3\i- ask^i
St Lord*, Sept lv — Clme— vVHEAT— No 2 red. cash.
■» M . • cber. 82c; May. f-4SO!*4-».--: No 2 hard.
nieOßl^ fORN — No 2 ■-.■4!>h. T<3c : December. 13%Q
f~\c. lla>. 42%e. OATS— No 2 cjsh. 2isH<-, May. 2S%c;
NO 1 wttltft ~r'2S
Li'-ert.ool. Sept. 1!V — f.oslr.* : WBCaT, rpct s-ea-J--.
No - red Wm»rj wlr.tor. 6a 4'] J. Jutu.-es itat. I)e
cember. tJs 'Si. Marnh. 6a 7Vi CORN. sp"t Mendy .
Ame;lran mlxef'. 4s lOHd; futuns quiet, December.
4* l id; Januan-. «a 4d; M»rch, 4s SWd PEA-V
1 *nadlan firm. •«• 4^k<t. FLOl'R— St. Louis fancy win
cr steady, Us 6<l. HOPS— In London. Pacific Coast
mrr.ins.: O^£4. I'.EEr dull; extra In.ila m-s», 77s H
POTtK firm, prime m«M, U'eytern. ~<Jt H.\N!S — Short
cut, 1-4 to I'"- rb. easy. 42« BACOS qu>: 1 "umbCTtand
cv' -Jt> to T.O Tt>. 4Ca short rib. \t\ jo J* In. 47. 1 ; lor.g
ci«ar oitdil'.eß, light. S| ta I-W Th. 4S». lons clear ra;l'l',
bssTT, ;*5 t-> 4i> It, 47s OS; tbort clear tafeete, '■« w -•
*b. 42a U; cl^ar bellies. 14 to I<J rb. qol«t. 445. ehoulder*.
squavr*. 11 u> 13 Ib, quiet. *)s «d. LJLBX 4Ul*t. pflme
Western, in tierces, 3i)s lid. American raflned, in pail*.
&M. fcc'TTLA nominal; Ciiosc Uniud Buua, Ma, »■>*!
"Amwriea's G«-«ate«t RallroasJ. "
(ci^ t tral
Direct Lin* from
Now York Boston te Niagara Fttia.
Operating mor* than lwel»e thoasand mtiea ct raUwar
east of Chl'-ago. St. I^oula and Cincinnati.
This is the Direct Un© from
New York and Boston to Niagara Fafts
and to - -.- West, the Northwest and th« Soutimat. by
way cf tha liaal cataract and Chicago. 3t. Lout* •»
Trains depart from Oran<f Central Btßttoa, «M ataaaw
New Tork. as below: . '
>■'■• rth and west hotxria trains, azo«pt thoaa> issi'Uit_**
S:3o A M . 1:37. 3:SO 3 40. 11-30 P. M-. wfli a«op atUßtt
•Ueal to re<-eiv« p«s««ng«rs t«n mtnat«« aftar Isavnas;
Grar.d Central Station.
• :30 A. M— tADIRO.VDACK * 1.000 IDft. aTFJ*
8:30 A.M. — tEMPIP.E STATE EXPRESS M«a« ta»
n-iou» train in the world.
8 45 A M — "FAST MAIL H tffors to CUaua.
»:45 a m — {SARATOGA A^O j«wti Syi
10:J0a — 'DAT EXPP.E3S.
12.50 P. M.— -FAST MAIL.
3:30 P M-— -THE 2"TH CESTCHT LOaXTgBw _ _;'
To Chicago In 1» tvemnb Tla Jaaw^Tfaßß
Central and Lake Baore.
4:00 P M— -HUDSON RrV'BB BPgCIAX> —.— I
5r59 P M. *FABT MAIL— For AIbMT.
tram to Chicago. Ail PBUTnaji ear*.
LOC73 LIMITED. All Pnßmaa o*r».
sand tSLANXM express.
9:30 pm — 'pacific express. . ■
•Dally. fExeept Sunday. TExcept 3£aa4ar.
<S A. M. and B:3S P. M.. dally «obmo* SBBBarK «•
Pl-tsf •:■! and North Adam*, Air.dajr*, Sal ▲. IL Mil, HI
day at 2:30 P M.
Pullman cars on aE throma-h trmHsa.
Trains l!lumina.t*a with Plntsch Usht.
Ticket offices at 14» 381. tlfl and ISM BrasuTwKyf fl :
Union Sq. W.. 275 Columbos a-«-. 27S \Teat 123t->» M_
Grand Central and 125 th st stations. New Tericj «■ «M
726 Fulton rt. and I 0« Broadway. BrooJCyn.
To b« sure of tile best acooniciodaUona ea. aay at «ar
through trains it Is w'.m to aacor* thsm Mrraral ileja ta>
Tel-phone "300 38tn Street" for Knr Tot* Oao«Ml Cai
Service. Eagrage checked from totel or maiiiaana ar
■Westcott E3rpress Company.
Passengers arrlvins; by Ooean Steatr.en arc last OB th«
pier by a uniformed agent of the New Tork Central T hiar.
who will arrange for checking luggage and a umilllg
sleeping car accommodations
Passengers for tha Dominion of Canada can na*» taaa>|
luggago checked tirouirh !n bond by this N«nr Tork 0— :
'--.: agent.
Oen'! Manager. G«'l PaaaTr A*«o»»
. -
STATIONS }R«3LI&-.?-. R.
Time shown balow is from Liberty 3t. West 2M St.
leaves H> minutes earlier eacept as noted by deslcaattac
CHUNK— (7 15. Eaatcn), 0 10 A. M-: J W. 4.40.
8.00 (b8.45. Baste", only) P. M. Sun.lay z4 30 A. aU
l.«. 6 M and 7.00 p. M.
6 OC' P M. Sundays. z*.3O A. M 3.00 p. M.
BARNEXiAT— z4 00. 040 A. Jt. I*> >"k3.«) Lakawoo4
and Lakehurst) c 4.15 P. M. Sundays. 7.'H) X. M. »4l\
Lakewocd and Lakehurst).
ATLANTIC CITY— A. if.. Sct3-40 P. M.
8.30. 11.30 A M., leli 40, xl 20. 1.30. g4.48, aS.IS. 5.80.
630 112 Sundays, except Ocean Grove. ais A. "A..
4.00. S> 3i > P. M.
EAST LONG BRANCH— aS.3O. 8.30. 11.30 A. M..
1 30. 4 30. 5 30. 6 .20 P. M. Sundays. 9.00 A. M.. 4.0*
PHILADELPHIA — *:4 SO. m 7.00. mB.CO. 00. m"10-fl».
•11 00 X M rri'l2."Y> ml 00 *2.00. '3 00. •4.00. m"S 00.
m*6 00. -7 00. T7 30. "800. *10 30 P. M-. J'12.13 mdt.
rr.*; ')0 ml*4-00 *8 00, *7.00. 'J12.15.
IAM3PORT— asVM z4.SO. t9 00. »10 aO^Oa 11.0*
A M Read only). i-fI.OQ. , 1.20. +2.o<> P. M-. Read—
lr.g. Pot«vtlle HarrisbuV* only +4.00. -5 00 7.30 P. M.
S\NDT HOOK ROCTE— Laave Pl-r 81. N. R.. W. 4iJ
<t 9» A. M 12 30. 3 00, 4.13. 7.45 P M. Stmdxya.
9"5 A M 1 00. 745 P. M Leave Pier 10. X. R-.
Cedar St.' 10 Co A. >i .. 00. i.45. 4.45. a. It. P. U. Bj»n
da vs. 10t.<0 A M 130.8. 10 P M
•Dally *Daj!y ex-apr 5-ir.iay SSundays. tParlor cars
crly Via Tarnaqua aSScept saturda>-s. mDinlc* car.
i«aturdavs only zFrom Llbertj- St. oaiy
FromlV-nrV-tWrd Btre«t-b5.» P. M.. c 3.50 P. M..
e12.20 P M . B4M P. M.. jli-30 I 3*.. k3 30 P. M.
■••■■-« Liberty -' "West 23.1 St., 8 Astor House. 281,
434 1300. 1354 3r-»dway. IS2 sth Aye. 2SI sth Aye.. 23
Urlto- anjiar- West. 273S 3d A' c.. 273 West 125 th St.. 243
cAumbus Aye.. New York: 342. 343 244. S6O Fulton S-..
Brooklyn. 390 Broadway. WPapmben N*w T^rk Trans
fer Co eaCl •«»■ beSWS to donation.
Vic*-Pr-s aßd Bea \T?r Gen Pajar Afent.
" TO b "ltimorb and WASHTNOTON.
Lear- XTest 23d Street 10 minutes earlier except iE!d—
inert train leaves U:s«' F =n. «Sr*» _ _
3>- Liberty street. «DO» m. Except aun. Bufte.
10 00 a m. Dmer.
12.0 C noon. Daily. Diner.
2 00 d ra. Daily. »un>*.
"B07&I Limlt«d" 4.00 pm. Dally. AB »oUaj*n.
Lv. 5U «S* 6^p p m. Daily- Dlnex.
• • •• 1^ 13 Dlcht. Dally Sleepera,
Leave NeW TWUCtSr! waat 23a 9t Libwty 9k.
Chicaco. Pltt*bur». ' Sla-p-r i:.sopm. IS n't.
Chicago. Columbu. Dis-r ... -11. 0 a.m. UMb's.
Fitt B bur*. Cleveland. Uattte* . 3 .00 pm. ♦-••»■«
•rittsburr Limited." Buffet . .... «53 p.m. 700 p.m.
Cincinnati St. I>ont», fleeper. 1150 p.m. JJ.lsß*t
cScSSiti; >t. Louis. Diner 9.50 a.m. laalw1 aalw
rinrinna'l HU Lonls. Dmer . E.JO pm. «»«p.m.
Offleea" 1«T *O. 434 130.) Broadway. « Aator BMjav
if*Greenw«ch Si "-5 Ca*B SQuare W, SBl Ortad Bt*
X V : 343 Fulton' =-... BnoUn: 23d St, aafl LDMCtr «U
, — i «
XMtoa depart from Graad Central Staucm. 4M St. ao4
£5stSV Via f °N OO ce w S London * Prov.-n^ 10:00, *4|MI
BOSTON. tx 10... . x ; ; l:01. 3:« f t. ttiifc«Jl -Ji S*ft.
i<ia-So P M via LUmantlo— A. M.. t2:00 1-.
M -'i Spfd-^y 00 A M.. t. 12:00. *i.4:0». •lis6BF.
»>ORTI2sD and BAR HARBOR— *',&:& P.M.
tir.Vr r'ITCKBUEO. via PtrTNAlt-f 3 P. It.
TfciM^ornces'at cGrand Central kta-Uon and 'tXSth, Bl*
aii) at c*l 1 !&•" cl-SS* Broadway. c 25 Union So^ar»»
lIS Fiftfi i I've ca*s Coiumbus Aye . c«49 Madison Aj*_
--" Wait i2sth S:.. 2.TM Thirl Aye. In Brooklyn. «•«£
"•rSgrt&S? sSaST-lStojj. at 125 th SC X9t«
at 12Gta St Sundays only aS^turoay. only. tPmrlor Oa>
Urr.rTed ; Has dlnir.r -ar. cParlor and Sleeping CU
tlcxets also.
Lackawanna Railroad,
Lea-.-B N. T-. fcot Barclay and Chrlstaphsjr BU.
+• 00 A M — For Binghamton and Eiinlra.
•If- 00 A. M —For Buffalo. Chicago and Bt. La^^
tlO 00 \ M Fcr Syracuse. Oswego, Rlchn«i4 3prta(m.
•140P m — Fcr Buffalo an 4 Chicago
t4 P.M —For Sciaut— and Ph-aiouth.
•6 15 p M — For Buffalo and Chicago
45 P. St— For Buffalo. Syracuse. RlchneM Sprto«».
•2 00 v M —For Chicagr) — Sleepers open 9 30 P. 3t
Tickets at 140. 420. 11S3. 1434 Broadway. X. T.; «i
Fultor St . Brooklyn.
•Dally. 'Except Sunday.
r x>tof •'. m I3J A . Cortlaniit and I>«sbrci»es Streeta B •Dll^'.
•» Etcept «u3rtaT Sunday: .-;J >5 <l\t.ti. >7»'. nS «- »a.«a
— — — J.v N Y.ALt NT..B
Maurh Ch:nt Local ** *> * » .*« ■» * »
ItamioKOßM SStJ ?in)i2
BaSxtoSM CUitago Express ; »fj A " »^*»
Ma-.icli > bank and Hsileton Local PSfS F ! ♦*'io » 2
vv !..,-#- Uarre Expos. •-• ; 22^3 i«}*J2
Cilcac^ m>"l Tomato Ve«'l^ule Express c? •" J» ; » •■» J
•i'HE acmu) TEAiy ♦■ .< p» * xV r *
Ticucw an.l Umm accommodail^o* ''**• 1 -,^w™. l ®*
Bn^iw^v. I<B sth Are.SJni<.n^. W«^ W C^n^MATt.
Kr-^kl fu Is V Tra^f e? Co. wia call ■ : rSd*a«arisag' c '
i C«l« Sum. CIIEESS .^
, write 52s *U: American toy* «^*«-^^ fc sKr^2t
Prlm« city sieady. 23» "^ KP^ N li X *CeSSSE??S£
i It. BO«K— ComntOß steady. »S od I- tTTKOIAL 3»—
; tr. .'; N , V-"uygEEP OIL ta; IT. HA.
Wasn!r.er,-n. Sept. ».— The condition of tM Tr«a.
ury ar the K-^i-.ning of business to-day tai cs fot
,-,.i1,i c«ta and bull-or ... $i».««».oai
loo>« *?5"2*S
i guVtf doliam of l*^' P.SII.«M
; Total 51.00C.523.9W
,;^".c-!-i! fund 15».t»a.77« .
i., P.,«-, in axtloft.l teta r>4 218,131
! In Pht!ipp:n« tr>a»ury 45 2r-?3
Awalttnc reimbursement Al.&B]
j Curreai lUS>iU-.:b» » •— U>97% *a

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