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President Takes 'Back
Grant to N. Y. and L. I. R. R. Co.
The permit Issued to ihe New-York and Long
Island Railroad Company to open 42d-st. to
connect wiTh the old Steimvay tunnel was re
voked yesterday by Borough President Ahearn.
Thl«= action of the Borough President was taken
at the instance of Mayor MrCleilan, after the
Mayor had recelv«d a letter Crom the City
Club, setting forth various reasons why the
frajidiiSf- should be revoked. En his reply to
Lawr«ice Veiller. secretary of the City Club. in
•Kpl&nation of his attitude toward the Stein
wa.v tunnel scheme. Mayor McClellan say?;
Following o-ar conversation of yesterday, I a.<s
<3r-s.-^._ a letter to the Presidam ot the Borough O!
llar.hartan. t"r<<m which 1 quote:
"Referring to your statement to me in reference
tn Thf protest i":.ed a?ai:ist the granting of a per
mit to tbe JCew-York and Long Island Railroad
Company to open t2d-st. at the Bast River for the
purnc-;e"of sinking a shan't for tunnelling". I regret
that th<? permit ha? been Issued.
'•The objections urged against the validity o. the
alleced franchise of this company seem to be sen
ou n j any event, they are serious enough to re
cuire careful eonsideratloi The matter may pos
»ibly involve very substantial rlsrhts of tiie city. I
therefore urge yon etronj^y that tbe only safe
course will be to revoke the pennlt already granted.
"The entire matter should be submitted for the
consideration of the Corporation Counsel, and no
permit granted unless ho advises that the city has
no right to refuse it.
•*K!n<i!v inform me promptly of your tanner ac
tion ir. the matter." _ ■ _
I am In receipt to-day of a letter from the Bor
ough President, which I '.vote for your informa
"I* hasten to acknowled.ee receipt of your? of the.
IRth in relation to the permit issued to the New-
To^-k and Long: Island Railroad Company to open
d"-Ft near the East Rtver for the purpose of
sinking a shaft for tunnelling. I heartily agree
•with your statement that the objections urged
atrairivt the validity of the franchise appear to be
serious, and, accordingly. I have this day revoked
the permit. I shall immediately place myself tn
communication with the Corporation Counsel and
a.walt his advice in the matter."
In ble letter to Hayor MoClellan. Mr. Vleller
pointed out that in July and August the rail
xoad company started the construction of. the
proposed tunnel railroad at three points, sink
"Sa_r a shaft in the East River beside Man-o*-War
bßeef, in Lone Island City at 4th-st. and the
i£ast Kiver, and in Manhattan at 42d-st- Mr.
■JVeiller continued:
If the promoters c* this enterprise are permitted
to proceed with and consummate their undertaK
injr as projected, unchecked by the action of th%
%ty or the courts, there will be foisted upon the
'city of Xew-York and its inhabitants a tunnel rail
road under important thoroughfares of the aty
ipoßsessing the.' following extraordinary privileges
and Immunities:
Pir^t A. franchise owned and controlled by pri
vate interests, which will be perpetual in duration.
' Second— The railroad company will not in th«
slightest degree be subject to th<> control or suppr
jvision of the. Rapid Transit Commissioners of New
' Third— The city will be absolutely without power
Lto limit The rates of fare over this proposed rau
'Toad- in fact, the only limitation on the right of its
'owners to exact from passengers what rates of
fare they please will be the 1 imitations 'mpos*d Dy
rthe General Railroad Law (Laws of UM. <-hapter
iCSS. sections S7 and 3S). with respect to steam rall
liroads and other railroads throughout the State, flx
'inic the rates of tare at three cents for each mue
for fraction there. f traversed, and then only pro-
Nrtde.3 that such ratea of fare will net the .-ompany
a. profit of at least 10 per cent on th» capital actu
*llv expended. ...
p^ourth— The' said railmad will be in no way obli
gated to furnish to passengej-s iraru=fer facilities to
other railroads of the city.
Fifth— way of compeasation to tht city Tor
these extraordinary priviliges the railroad com
ipany will be obliged to pay absolutely nothing (a)
for so much of the railroad as is projected In Ix>ng
Island City; Cb\ it will have to pay absolutely noth
ing to either the State or the City for so much of
Its route as runs in tunnel in th* East River and
tor its occupancy of lands unaerneath th« Last
lUv#»r therefor; (ci for so mucn of the proposed
raiiroa'i as will traverse -ft. in th*> Borough of
_VTr»nh.i'taii the company will be obliged to pay
only the meagre and nominal compensation of 3
tier cent of Its armur.l gross receipts ■.•-rived from
that portion of the railroad. ,
Sixth— Without p- grant from the city of New-
Tork and without the payment of oneoent into its
treasury. but. on the contrary, through a pretend-
lea,-; or grant from the commteslonew of the
Land Offic" of tn- Star,, '*-- to r h e company on
t^np 28 13* absolutely tn derogation of the prop
ertTrTchts Af th« city under the charter of ffew
*"rk" s^e Section B to 86, Inclusive), this com
fanv will tM pentdttea .1:r ne -he nett two years
to oerurv a reef of rocks known as Man of \Var
Beef -ituated to th« middle of the East Fiver,
alongside which it has already erected a staring
end l platform and begun the sinking; of a shaft to
1m in the construction of its proposed tunnel rail
road The acquiescence of the city in this occu-
Sancv it te to be noted, creates a precedent which,
if followed, would result in an abandonment by
tte dty of ty rights to lands under the
Various waterways within and Burrpundlng the lim-
STofthe c«K "with a resultant loss not only of
thousand- an* thousands of dollars to the city.
Y,-^ afto to Se prejudice and detriment of the city's
control over «ommW navigation and intercourse
between tbe various portions of the city.
iVwUI be remembered that at the last session of
fhe l^la- : Wl ' s v/erft con-
TMs Isolation was denounced by the press and
rjnder these conditions, It is undoubtedly the
duty of the cit-r of New-York not only to withhold
£2m<ts i>ermltiins the construction of this rall
rS?buttotake affirmative steps to prevent it*
SSfeructfoi unless the courts determine that its
' construction is lawful.
Alleged Widow Applies for Revocation of
letters cf Administratioii.
-orrwat*. Thomas yesterday reserved decision
' __r__awHcation by Mrs. Hester McOarwn for
• the revocation of letters of administration granted
to Henry MoGaughran. on the estate of Alexander
MoGi-rr«i, who died In June last, leaving an es
' tat* estimaxad at over $iOa.<:«>"'.
Maurloe B. Blumer.thal. Sheriffs counsel, who
speared, for Mrs- McGarren. claimed that she
•wa* the widow, and therefore had the. right to be
; appointed adirHr.istrat.rix of ber husbands estate,
S3fe£&££h£ta» is a cousin of McG-rren. . Mr.
shsLS IH^inSrLs? arA-ffas
relatives of the de.-^dent were lnirrucai to those
°\lc<l'au_rr'-a_i'£ counsel contended that Mrs H«»p
t«r McGlxren had no right to be appointed as
. iudralnlstratrlx for the reason that, although she
vidat one time been the wife of McGarren, be
had obtained a divorce, from her, and that, as
they had not beer, married again rrior ro his
■eath she- had no claim to dower right or any
Stber interest in the estate.
Mr 81-oraer.thal said he would prove she was
VcGar'-en s legal wife at the tim<» of his death.
The "Surrogafe took the papers under advise
Mr c Mignonette T. Buchanan obtained from .Tus
tfee Truax, ot the Supreme Court, yesterday, a
na j decree, of vorce from her husband, Charles
■p Buchanan, to whom she waa married on October
«t iM6. Mr Buchanan is a broker, with an office
it Vo 11 "Wall-st. He denied his wife's accusa
f. - Wnd '•• case 5 sent to Edward L. Parris.
£%et«e,^ho made a report In favor of the wife.
. , . (f . , .. .. second annual session of the Bu-
L^, Council of 'he Sovereign Grand Inspectors
n^enl of the thirty-third degree- for the Morth
m Masonic Jurisdiction of the rnited States.
wblch was heid ai the Masonic Temple. Boston,
-.1.;,.,., M :-4. Hollis E. Cooley. the theatrical
j£ j ;l"c-- was noniinatwi to receive the thirty
SSSa^ftif? Temple tn Indianapr-lls last
ifl.*°o" -This" - ••• rsl Instance on record
* % ■•-;■" .' „ - Mai -.1-y has been conferred
*- c ; ; .. - " . a profession.^ Mr. Cooley
'«Vl^' ■?„';?- T <-Hite So. 253. of thte city, in
*&• ■- Y'sv'lrv :-■-. «:oiiS!;i i Lpter No.
■» -V. : :.. same year he was ere-
Zyia ixntehl Templar to Columbian Commander/
... "Q" Q ' •'. . .- '■■•". Myetic Shrine In Mecca
X conferecoe of Lho membera of the NaUonal
Christian I.esa'ie for the Promotion of I'unty will
be h*J<3 «n I*- Cro««. Wl*.. October IT, IS and 19.
The pr.rp<?'!> of the x'er^n.-t Is to p!ve isMer
fiUon to tl.o .li^c-jsilon *( the present Biti^Urn !o
tar a
k in* olars tor 'e«oo« work ~>.<l the prever.tidn **
P fhe while «!*ve traflJc. dive • n.«»aWd«
t-,jt -,j £oSniiunt »n mocUl woxk ovii .^la.-iy U>e
ocafera&cot . -
»3»3 ».<»-oifr-^i-r>^-»»a-3»<* > »»'* l<i> '*'*' < *' <:i '*i! 1
Opera and Field Glasses
The Best In the World
Used In the United States
Army and Navy
Beware of worthless imitations
For sale by all responsible dealers.
Driver's Body Crushed to Pulp
When He Hits Pavement Below.
By one of the strangest accidents that ever
happened in New-York. William A. Funsch. a
driver for the Williamsburg News Company, met
his death yesterday morning. A horse which
he was driving- ran away and hit a heavy truck
on the Manhattan side of the WilHamsburg
Bridge. The force of the collision threw
F*unscn over the guard rail, and he waa crushed
to a pulp when he hit the pavement below.
Funsch had been in the employ of the Will
iamsburg Xews Company for four months.
Shortly after 9 o'clock yesterday morning he
started over the Williamsburg Bridge for the
office of the American Xews Company in Man
hattan, Just after he had reached the Manhat
tan tower of the bridge his horse became fright
ened and ran away.
Patrolman Gtesele, of the bridge squad, who
was near the tower at the time, saw the horse
start to run. and noticed that Funsch was mak
ing frantic efforts to stop it. Oesele hurried
to a signal box and told the policeman at the
end of the bridge to close the runaway gate.
On the roadway in front of Funsch was a
heavy truck piled high with lumber. Funsch
pulled his horse's head to the right, thinking,
probably, that there was room to pass the truck
on that side. Tnstead of clearing the other vehi
cle, his 'itrht wagon crashed into the rear of the
heavy truck. Kjp wa^ron came to an instant
stop and the horse fe'l. So great was the force
of the collisi.-in that Funsch was thrown from
his sear. but. irstead of going over the horse's
head, shit to teig right, clearing the high guard
rail, and dropped to th* street, nearly one hun
dred feet below.
The accident happened above the Hebrew fish
market, and the 6pace under the bridge was
crowded with men and women. Hundreds of
marketers saw Funsch as he sailed over the rail
ing of the bridge, and watched him as he turned
over several Times in his descent and hit the
asphalt pavement in Cannon-st., breaking every
bone in his body.
The P-ev Father McN'ame* was standing on
the steps of the Church of St. Rose of LJma, a
short distance away, when Funsch's body hit
the pavement. He hurried to It to administer the
last rites, hn* Funech was dead. The exceted
Hebrews rushed to where the body had landed.
In a few minutes there were several thousand
persons about the place, and the police had
their hands full driving them back. The body
was taken to the I>elancey-st. station, and later
removed to Funsch'a home. N'n. 24 Kane Place,
Funsch was twenty-six years old. He leaves
a widow and six small children.
Finds It on Office Window Sill Neat
His Desk.
East Liverpool, Ohio. p<=pt if). — When Chief of
Police John W. Wyman entered his office to-day
he was surprised to pee the window near his
desk open. A few minutes later he learned the
reaeon. when he discovered a dynamite bomb
on the window sill, hidden under a piece of
p.iper. The fu.-=e vas turned toward the street,
and it is believed that it was meant to explode
the cartridge, after the chief entered his office.
Chief Wyman has served as an offi>?r in Co
lumbians, County twenty years, and has always
been active in the suppression of saJoons.
Resigns After Greenpoint Church Had Voted
Down Resolution Against Him.
After hi? congregation, by a vote of 44 to IS. had
refused to ask him to regiiem. the Rey. Thomas W.
Campbell, pastor of th«* Xoble Street Presbyterian
Church, Greonpoinr, on Monday night announced
that his relation? with some of the congregation
had become bo strained that he would cult the
church voluntarily.
The trouble in the Xoble Street Presbyterian
Church, which is the largest, Protestant church in
Greenpoint. is of four years' standing. The church
was formerly prosperous, but for the last few years
has been running behind. Since July the debi has
increased SSOO. The officers of the church and
some of the congregation were of the opinion that
ths pa=tor was to blame, while Mr. Campbell ai;d
hip advocate? said the change in 'he character of
the population ot the neighborhood was the cause
After the vote had been announced Monday
night Mr. Campbell was called into the meeting.
He ma/5e an address, in which he said he didn't
know who were his friends and who his enemies,
and that the only thing for him to do was resign.
Colony Here Plans Elaborate Programme
for Thirty-fifth Anniversary To-day.
Wherever Italians and Italian-Americans are con
greg-ated to-day celebrations will he held to com
memorate the Thirty-firth anniversary of the uni
fication Of Italy, one of the greatest national holi
day? In the country of Victor Emmanuel. A par
ticularly elaborate celebration will mark the occa
sion here.
Cnder the auspices of the United Italian Societies
of New-York and the Italian veterans and-honor
ably discharged soldiers the day will be observed
st the Manhattan Casino, 155th-st and Sth-ave.
Xt "0 o'clock there will be the recent ion to Mayor
McClellan Count A Raybaudi Mnssiglia. Italian
Consul General at New-York, and other guest?.
The. speeches will be delivered by the Mayor. • ount
Massiglla and Gaetano d'Amato. Deputy ( hie.f of
the Bureau of Licenses, who is also president of the
United Italian Bodettes. Other features will be a
boys' and girls' festival. The opening of tne f#te
will be at S o'clock, with a march of 5,000 members
of the Italian bo letles The midnight and closing
feature will be the drawing for 100 prizes 'liie
total proceeds will be used to carry on the work of
the Italian Benevolent Institute and Hospital, at
>.-<-> I€s Wesl Houston-3t.
A reward of $25 will be paid by The Montclair,
No 543 Lexlnston-ave., for Information which will
■ the arrest and conviction of William A.
Vallelse, who cave aa his address N"o. 23S West
124t.h-st.. and who for the last three weeks was
emplove-d at the hotel as errand and hall boy.
Vailelse was s^nt to tbe bank to mak« a deposit
and bring back $160 in change. H> drew
th« mon<:y and disappeared. The boy is about
seventeen y*ars old. elender. about five feet high,
wcighK about one Uucdred pcunds has light com
plexion, light hair and face :*pering toward' the
chin; half a dozen or more red plmplea on the
chin. When last Reen he wor« a do-jble breasted
d.ark gray »uU. sofr. s ht colored hat and carried
an umbrella, Ith silver rr.oant€-d hapdle.
The teeoth ar.nnal meetin of the American
As.^<""-lation ct ObstetrtcUns and Gynecologists bo
*uv. jresterdsy in ''• Collere IJal! O the Hotel
Astor, and will continue until to-morrow Th<»
annual dinner will be held this eveain* at s" o'clock
Doctors are In attendance from UuttaJo, 6t Louis'
Rochester. Philadelphia, Toledo, JJoston, Detroit
&nd other citie*.
Fast Express Service.
Kronprlnz..Bopt .20.1:30 PM Kaiser Oct. 31. 10 A^M.
Kaiser Oct 8. 10 A.M. : X Wra II • Nov. '■ Noon
K. Wm. ..Oct. 10. l P.M.|Kronprinz...Nov. 21. 11 AM
Kronprtm Oct 24 NoonlKais-r Kw.aw**
Twin-Screw Passenger Service.
Frledrich.. Pept 2S. 1" A.M | 'Bholn Ot. 2«. 10 A M
Kurfuerst....Oct. B. A.M. Friedrieti •. . Nov. 2 . }<_• A-^
•Msln Oct 12, 10 A.M. I 'Main Nov. U lOA.I}.
Brom«n Oct. 17. NoonJßreiacn . Nay. ?.l, I<> a..\i.
•Sails for Bremen direct
Mediterranean Service.
Ireno Sept. 23. 11 A.M. I *Neck*r .Nov 4. 11 A M
Albert Oct. 7. 11 A.M.! K. Allwrt.. .Nov 11. 11 A.M.
K. Loise. Oct. 14. 11 A.M.IK. LnlW-- -N*V. t|. 11 A.M.
P. Irene.. Oct. 28. 11 A.M. IP. Iren" . . .I>ec. 2. 11 A.M
•Gibraltar an-1 N'aplet
From r.renifn Pier*. 83 an<". 4th Bts.. nOBCMn.
OEL.RICHS & CO . N--> B Brnadway. New Vor*
I^uls H. Meyer. 4r. South TMM St., Philadelphia.
HAliffl®lMisG-AliWEffi3(BAfci Lißßi.
Plymouth— Cherbourg— Hamburg.
♦D*t«chl'd 21. lf> a m.!**Moltke Oct. 12.9 a.m.
S»pt. 23 nooaltPennsvlvaniß.Ort. 14. »> a.m.
I!R'alderse».t-»pt. 80, 6 a m 'nVisoh land. Oct. 19, >V 3» a-ni.
fßluecher. ..Oct. 5.11 a m lAmerlka Oct. 26. 3 p. ™-
•.Grill R<vm. 'G.m'iastuia on boar.i. *.i aHlnjr at
Dover for London and Paris.
lu'ntTs . AMER IK A or"'V,
Tfm feet 23 • vv> tin* ref . 42.000 lops dltpl.
Or<>:«n Passage abmt 7 days
specfal. FEATUKES
Restaiirant a !a carte, elevator, gymnasium, eleetrie
baths an^l other novel features. In addition to iho asual
accommodatior.s of transaiipjitlo linen
New "> ork— Naples— Genoa.
•HAMBCRQ S»pt. 2S. 10 A. M Voi 14. Jan 6
rRINZ OSKAR . Oct. in. 2 P M.; Xov 28, Jan. 13
•F. BISMARCK 'new. .. n. . . . .Oct. 21. !0 A. M ; Dec. 5
PniNZ ADALBERT. .OoL Kl. 1 P. M. , Dec 19. >eb. •<-
•Calls at Gibraltar eartbound.
Offices. 3^ and 37 Broadway. Piers. HnboVen. N. J.
Paiiins Sat-jrday.-. 0:30 A. M. Pl«r 15. N R
Philad^lphiP. -Sort. 23 New York -Oct 7
S: pn,,! Sept. 30|St Ltmls Oct. 14
Saillnx Saturda»« 10:30 A M.. Plmr 14, N. R-
Z-«!ar.d.... ?«pt. 23j Vaderlan-J Xtet .
KrAmii Sept 3n;Krf^nlan<] Oct. 14
Palllnp Wedncsflays ar>d Frlia's. Pi»r «8. N. R.
Baltic. .Sept. 20. 0:30 A. M. I Oceanic Oct 4. 10 A. M.
Teutonic. Sept 27. io a. i Majestic, O"t U. in A. M.
Celtic... 2». 5:80 A. M. ; Cedric. . . Oct. 13. S:3O A. M.
fTFTIC B*pt 26. Noon; Nov 4. Dec. 7
REPCBLicV.'-VOct 1!». Noon: Nov. 30. Jan. 26. March U
CELTIC (20.904 tons) an 6, Feb. li
-- Jl - 1 FROM BOSTON:
CVNOPIC Oct "•■ Nov - I<S - Jan 13 Feb 2 *
ROMANIC".- ..... Oc; 28, 10 A M.: Dec _. Feb. 3
Freight Off\e». Whitehall PMg. Pa'tcry Pla^e.
(IDfLCD nD©[sG[i»O(_D[JS ILOR3H.
Tot O)e» T'olnt Comfort. Norfolk. Portsmouth. FSnnei*s
Point snd Newport News. Va. conn^-Mrp for Petersburg.
Klclirr.ond. Virginia Ueach. Washlnsion. D. C and entlr*
South ani West.
Froight *mi ra»»cns«^ steamers pall from Pier 28.
N n.. foot Beach St.. every week day at S p. m.
H. B XV LKER. Vice-Presldent »nd Traffic Manag*.-.
■"-• rrr>m T-i-r«= 81-S2, North Rljfr
4-ampant«..Sept. 23. 11 AM-Oironia ..Oct. - Sl ft AM
•Ultorla . . S^pt 2S. 2 PM';l»urania Oct. 7 11 AM
Trnbria ...... pi>pt 30. T AMlßbrurfa Oct. 14. 6 AM
•Carryine iecond an<s third rlass only.
CAROXlA— Fastest and Most Luxurious of
Leviathans— 9th. Feb. 27th.
Purpl-ments. the n-»w >W»rn Twin Screw StMm«rs
SLAVONIA Oct. 17. 10 A. M _.Pec B. . Jan. 30
P4VNOVIA Nov. 1 Dec. lf>. Feb. 13
TARPATHIA. ■.:■...'.. Xov 21 A:. J^ 1«. .Feb. 27 v Mar 6
Varnon H. Brown. G A . ZB B way. N. Y.
"mallory "steamship LINE.
Key West.' Mobile. Jacksonville. &c.)
Booklet "Pocket Gu'.d*" FREE
Q. H. MALLORT & CO.. 129 Front St.. N. T.
Select parties — 10 persons— und»r eupertor man
airenrnt. start Oct. 5 and Ix»c. 7. Highest
class ai rangements.
AniSryi* Clark's cruise F»b 8. 70 dars. $400
(JlflErl I an<l upl hy ecia!1 >' chartered S. S.
•Arabic " 16.000 tons.
6teamshlps of the RED "D" LINE will gail for San
va n direct, as fellows: Saturday. September 30. noon
S S PHIL -\ DELPHI A- ...Saturday. September 30. noon
5 6. CARACAS.. Saturday October 14. noon
For freight or vassage apply to
Genera) Managers. 82 Wall St.
/5\ KQ (IB Kj GD uu ILjUL'JLEo
Caleeonla * Sept. 23, NoonlColumMa .. Oct. 7. S P. M.
As.ora Sept 3\ 6A. M Fucnefsla. . . .Oct. 14, 9A M
Cabin "SCO Eecond Cabin, *3^; Third Class. $27.60 and
uDwards accorJlnj? to accommodation and Weamehtp
v ' For Tours and Information apply to
HENDERSON BROTHERS. 17 and 19 Broadway.
•" For La Guayra, Puerto Cabello. C'iraeao and Mara
calbC' via i"urarab, calling at San Juan, P. R.
From Pier 13. adjoining Wall Pt. Ferry. Brooklyn.
6 S PHILADELPHIA Saturday. September 30. noon
c p r\R\CAS.. Saturday. October 14. noon
For Ln Guayra, Curacao and Maracalbo.
g g ZT'LIA .. Saturday. September 23. noon
S B MARACAIBO Saturday. October 7. noon
Thesa steamers have supertor accommodations for pas
*enger«. SOI : LT on. BLIKS «r DALLETT.
General Managers. 82 Wall St.
«X A VELOCE"— Fast Italian Line.
Sailing fr^m Pier 64. North River, ft. or 34th St.
° r S&GNESI^HA-RTFIELD & CO.. 29 Wall St.
34th annual «cries of select parties. Programmes.
THOS. COOK & SON. 261 and 1.155 Broadway, t>4i) Mad:
6on Aye. . K. Y.
Inquiry Into Death of Wealthy Woman,
Who Died from Gas, Reopened.
Bwampscott Mas?. Sept. 19.— autopsy upon
tfie body of Mrs .Tpnni^ P. Chase, th^ wealthy
woman who di*>d herf last week, under unusual cir
cumstances, from gae poisoning, wa= performed to
day hy Me3ir.il Examlnpr Pinkham ami Assistant
Medical Examiner H<=rb«»rt Newhall The stomach
and other orpans were removed and sralerl for
chemical analysis latpr. At thf conclusion of the
autopsy the physicians issued a statement that the
examination fcO f«r showed that Mrs. Ohasc di*»<l
as the result of roal gas poisonir.? No external
marks nf violence w^r" found The condition of
the lung's pointer! to the presence of pneumonia
District Attorney W. Scott Prters ordered the
autopsy and Medical Examiner J. G. Plnkham. who
was also tne Chsse family physician, directed that
the body be exhumed.
Pr Pinkham. who me* woman nftPr shp
was found unconscious. appajpntU- from inhaling
jsap. decided that thp rasp wan nnc of fulcjdp. and
ruled that an autops-v wis needless Mrs. Chase's
br>.ly was burled on Saturday, and th<* tnvoptieation
■was discontinued, only to be reopened suddenly to
Dr. Horace Cham, husband nf the woman, in n
public statement to-day, declared that he did not
notice th* disappearance of his wife from their
bedroom on' th*» nieht of September 9. T'pon search
ing for her early n<=xt morning he found her lvins;
insensible on the kitchen floor, with the doors
locked, the gas cocks turned on, and her pet bird
and dog deod beside her.
IWerrinp t" thp larp«» estate which liis wife
owned. Dr. Chase said that In 1900 Mr? Chaap madf
a will, in which she provided both for himself and
for his son, vho la now dangi rouoly ill.
Rosin ■ IS.2M
Bplrito tun-T.tin* 2,107
Tar ... 1.654
Th« market for iplrlta turpentln* v.as firm, with >rm
buslr.ess at 6c foi macnine mad» i.arir-u. and that pri ■■
wis quoted Rosm ruled steady, with a mod*-rate | bblng
busin^f! 1 at $8 75 to IBM for common <o gcxio siiuine.l
Tar romalne.l unchanged at $.*> B0 for oil barrel! Wa
SPIRITS TtTfiPENTIN'K. ot! «Jid machine bNs. «4H©
TAR. *."■ B0
ROSIN rnmrnon to pood •fraJnp.l. f. 7B«?'sn c r. E. J4 4!S
F S4K>: Q MW: H. M«0; l, $4 75; K. J4 M. M. $4 0"
N, $806; W O., $5 80, and W. W.. $5«£$HW.
X» w _Orlcan(!. Bepl lf> — TT'RPE>fTINE — Racetpti «2
bbls RO3lJC— necelpts. 1.082 bt.l*
Savannah. S»p'. I'J TURJ'ENTINE firm at. 620; sales.
P7l bbl*. receipts. X,4. *hlpment*. Cl 3. ROSIN' nrm'
B«.lea. 7.07S bbis; receipts. 4.022; fhiprnenta. 2,782. Quote:
ABC, S8 BS. D, $3 70; E. W 20; X, M 33; G. $4 4"; H
M 45: I, $iW). K. $4 55; M. *4fiS. N, $4 70; \V G, $5 IB;
\\' W, $5 45
Charleston. Sept. 16 TURPENTINB and ROSIN noth
r "vjVmington. Pept. 10— SPIRITS TURFENTINB firm,
filVi' ; r*e«lpcs, SI cask*. KOSIN. nothlni; doln^; r<^
ceipts. 124 bbls. TAR firm at $1 80; receipts. 43 boll
Crud« TUnPENTINE flrm a' $2 73 ar.d $4 25. racatfjta,
S'J bbl»
U)i>4on. . Pept. 10— TURPBNTIXE— Spirits, 40s 10* d.
BOSlX— American strained. Ba Sd; fine, 18*.
Ocean Steamer*.
_— . j— *- R 11. Macy * Co.'* Attt_ctlonf Ar» ThHr T>iw Prle*».
4LI M/ \ V\ b wiy it 6th Ay <£^S J4* h tn 35 th St
Practically all of the -pcial sale l^r? adrertised in
Sunday's papers are intact. They include:
Women's Fall Model Suits. I Oriental Bugs and Carpets.
Coats and Waists. Far Lined china ; " I ' l Glass, Mission
Garments. Wrappers. Robes. | Fa rn |tnre, Curtains anl
SSSS 's&£Fsid ' < 'Ml', i nraperl^ Housefornishing
dren's Wear. I Uood» and Groceries.
Our Stocks Include Highest Class Imported Goods—
Fashionable Garment? and Dress Novelti<?s from the Fash
ion Centres of Europe, Richesi Rugp and Carpets from the
Orient. Superb Art Wares, Ceramics/Paintin^, Jewelry
and similar lines of costly mechandise. But we have NOT
neglected the little thin-- thkt make Dry Goods storks
complete and inviting-rthe \nos^n>ho^^ " f everyday
life" Sewing Requisites, Housefurnisning Goods and the
Tike. To-day we inaugurate the annual sale of
Notions and Dressmakers'
1,; Fl . 35th Ft.
Little needs in the Notion store— trifling
singly, but all important collectively and all the
more so when involved in an underprice sale right
in the nick of time for Autumn sewing.
Lining Fabrics
Ist Fl
A special sale marking the
first display of complete now
autumn linos in the Lining
LJNE, strong and glossy. 38
inches wide, in black and all
the leading shades: 15c. qual-
Ity. a yard iOc
excellent finish. 36 inches
wide, in black and staple col
ors; 22e quality, a yard 14c
"MOREEN," a linins: fabric
as lustrous as silk, but decid
edly more serviceable; 27
inches wide, in white. bla«^k
and staple colors; 32c. qual
ity, a yard 23c
inches wide, in black and
staple colors; 5Sc. quality, a
yard 33c
IN. 3f? inches wide, guaran
teed to wear two seasons;
95c. quality, a yard 74c
Imported and Domestic
Flamoels aod Waistings
Ist Fl.
0-DAY, in the enlarged department devoted to
Flannels and Waistings. -we present, the largest
__ and most varied stocks we ever collected. Ex
tf^aeans;"] reptional valtie criving marks the introdnctioii
of these new fabrics: —
31 incites wjrif\ made in England expressly f»r us: ov^r
fifty rlainty stripr designs, as well a? plain pink, repeds.
pslo bine, gray and white, a yard «9o
NEL, 30 inches wide, made in England: shown in a va
riety of pretty designs; a yard lOf>
WHITE CHALLTES, 30 inohes wide, with *>mbr«id
ered rlesifms: In pink, lavender, pale blue. red, Nile and
black; a yard 89
WHITE CHALLIES. 27 inches wide, with embroid
rrpd dots, in black, pale blue, red and lavender; a yard. . 59c
ln< hes widp. in charminc stripes with beautiful ombre
effects, all n«»w designs; yard r
finest quality: all the wanted shades, plain only; a yard 54c
Scotch Outing and! Domestic Flannels,
Particular attention is directed to our Scotch Flan
nel?. They are absolutely perfect goods and must not he
confused with the inferior qualities bo widely exploited
this season.
SCOTCH FLANNELS. 27 inches wide, 50 styles: a
yard 24r
TEKN SCOTCH FLANNELS. 32 im-hes wide: a yard. . 46c
ALL WOOL AMANA FLANNEL. 27 to 36 inches
wide, in -white, gray. red. navy and tan; suitable for
dresses, skirts. &c.: n yard. 39c. to SI .89
inches wide, in pink, pale bine, cardinal and white;
salt able for dressing powns. kimonos. _kc.; a yard 22r
ALL WOOL EIDERDOWN, 36 inches wide, in red.
pink, pale blue and white; n yard 89c
"EUNICE CLOTH." a specially heavy flannelette
with a soft nap on hoth sidf.-: in white arid plain colors
only- pink auu pale blue: n yard 12c
AN ALXi AFni'NV. MAN. With toe!*, wood
or Iron weald do tbe , ail ir In a in-.
tory or Urge t>uil<ln - .-\.!J:>.s v. . X
it. J>! MMtle-ave. iirwkivh.
ADL)REt SING oi \VHiTIN<; wanlej to Uo
at home NATHAN. U>T> Uecuttu--st.-,
BOY. IKI X in electrical place; chance te
tears n,,K.R!.K ilti .[fn'cj-soii-n . fci.ook
I.i >v. 16, in wh'j)»sal'.- nm- and liquor
hous»- v", i |»n . ey« . liquor store
BOY. 16, .ies.;.<!- p.'ai r et'entdCK, in of
fice or ai un) thing; atteuUs i.is i tchool;
ran ■>••■ rate switchboard; best referetittb.
LOVIH i mi. i . r, -„, Henry-bt;
BOT. 16: position With ohanre ff.i a;
vancemeat. J. n GAN_, 110 II Si
Mark^ I'laor-.
HEMI3T J ipaneee, college graduate.
hawal. 330 Ea»l B7th-st.
Cl '1 "1 Eft — Custom, tno.ougiily- expel i* <;■ ■• i
and up to date, age ,14, tuj 01 ic_iiti>.
L GRAFSTEI.V, !';«•. U»d'.»on-»t
CHAUFFEUR-— Ani"rl.«n wltn private
family, strictly iobe ; >.••>■■•! roechsnlc.
mnke all tepsirs; mooerate ►al^ry. 1 esi ot
lefere-n.e. X «' WklKlH L..-:41 3d-av«
CHAUFTELiI wants lead plare I id»*
triuui iiiarii»d man. gecid references, ex-r
pcricnceU Pope Tolfio. i olumbta, icamb'ei
car«; 11 .c yttsrt electrlt; vehJcle*. LATV
BEKi i:. -')i West <3d-tt
CHAUFFEUR Runriing steam, gaso:ene
and •■:• td< rar?; wtlUnf to •,;,: 0.11 ie
palis, city or country; best reference: o'-i
jr*en wlui last employer 'Ha t 'i"i:ri>.
cere of Tre*J B»ck;nan. fO"> I^oriinei- •■[ ,
CHACTTBIin --American: veuni man ■■<(
Bond habiu carelu tliprr; 1. .ir.iiy «" h
tools: firrt data reference. Address
PRANK METERS. 17 Bruyvcsant-st.
CIIAUFKEUR . — Flrst-clns3. with lefer
•n--oi and Ufeeaaei wants position on
Fienrh or American cir*. can do :i'putr!n_\
Address W. J. H. l.osi Si. M-Jk»-ave..
Brooklyn, N. V.
CHAVFFBUR Uoansed" first dasji refer
ences, ten yesrs with last employer: so
ber, careful; ran operate either ga"olen»
or electrto car; wages reasonable IJI'.VO-
TircrtO, fi.olS 6th-ave., Uronklyn
i HA! FFEUR — Llcensnil. with reference,
-■an do own repalrltiß. American j,-a«olen«
<-ara preferred rlty country . P.. STEIN
HET2. ©30 Savoye-st . West Uoboktn. U. J.
Continuation of the
Sale of
Black and Colored
Dress Goods
All seasonable fabrics —
values up to $1-5© a yard.
Quantities are sufficient for
brisk selling despite the de
mands already made upon
these sale stocks.
Ist Fl.
■ HAVFF American; two -->:■!■ ex
ptrlenci .it faclory as tester ct gasolene
i. ..i. rji Crivtr; a. i c i< met: a:i «ne
genciea "• ti.e road reCerencM .if to ability
ati'l ohaiictfr. A T HOFFMAN. 4.71.".
diii-aw . i;i"O!;iyn.
irN'i";!*'.^!! university man. exjieripncsd in
tditln^- anrl reconstruct ins wianus)er!r»ta
and in reading J>roof, deslrei position in
hook pabli«her"s effloe. MATRIX 133 CaM
sTth c;
i 1 .-' TBI< CAN -or machinist's l-r-\ c r . 23.
IIAIi.H,D T fJOFFMAK. 1-4 n'Mtt si
BLECtBICAX; FOREMAN -• • . v.ir:/
tXlitrltvc* en mot. r» rei>ttnc*».
FK.'.NK \\ MTi. X\ Gran«! : »t, Jamaica,
i;> "•".i.vf.J".!' l> stiictls sober and tteahj
liiull exberi m»iimtiiter and IliniSt;
Hi ■ ..;;lyn pi-f*!".l rN'.uM'n:. 4.;.
TIL r.-i iv I-.- "> aie . Brjv?! n
K< TU:. i'i.kpk 1" mxlcie-vgrd m»a ,->r
Ctdlex* ar.u legal «o'lcatlcn; in N* York
or LaOcewocO, .i Atlantic • ity ITEQRGi;
I!I;YA.\T. Hcte! Kolajid fOth-st.
JAPANBSE »iuiSent flesirw student v.-ork
to iii.it h<* .an attend dAy ?f:C' :. (n -try
rr cbuot'ry. MTYAKE. 17 Ctmcord-n,,
nre<>kl ii
JANITOR Am'; lit: farrilly; unlerat
.-'■■• ii in.i hol mrati t .'.(■ I* . \1 i „ I
mcci F, H 'i ITTEH r« >N. 1.T4 i y
■JiMn-jn c
JAVITOI ■ —1'; rcan and "-if", e«j»rl
enced; tercrfn?p; ro ta.enicn; .'. Mll^
•.■ [j [0 v. -• «th-»t
i.rN'im iN. POnTER Ac- -- gaK be
liln ! tnr: ste.-.rt> p!a>— ; Mrase* * s an -'
beard; no room ■■ • ; Tremoi»t-nvc>.
MAX. ;!'». as iii'i.jp or '■usr'li!*' liiitonmim
co?lrctf,f ci soci* other place; \1 ref
»-ren"-« "i bond. JAC 1.i:.--r':. 136 ;«:-f; «:-f
■; Bi h- .■<• .
UAfiSAOE — Experl Eiuropean ma— ear
treats nny cane nrher* pia»sacf is ne«d«d
*iil cajj at v.-iur residence .\d.lrr«s AX
i'HER 2i> 3d avt , Ilrooklvn.
MASSFf/Ti ~ Ynunc (tradwat*; tr»«t» W»O
eeasfUQy, bo6y and fa-ia! mii»s»K*; mod
crn elrctrlrtty. JaUrn md RenUasMn .it
their r^sl.lrrn-rs; best nMtke<lt: <oft<*r»' ret
it»iv-»i< FAl.rlN. 171 W.st Mth si.
kaowjedgo boekkeepln? aKd general otH^i
work; b«tt reference*. UVERS. l«^ llcniy
•t., Brooklyn.
rcr.rnß. janitor, cook or *«mf-
rrTTV-TTTT} papf.RHANQBR. p^ o
Job; r!ty or country IM gat4lat-«l
PAINTER! papernanger a«0 rtwin taeeban^
i «iii w..ra v. ry reaaonabty; «-sUmat- :
l.iSt'i.-!"^ _ i
D«r>emira CLEBK. t like work, b»
'•^.'nenV-l middle a^i Aro« lr»n . 1 .. .
rini. hotel or institution: «trlctljr tobw a»J ;
d"vr.ys rellaWe: best references. S , 154 ,
e.ib a« »
SALESMAN.— Tons man Je»lr»s to r* r .re- :
«„>;» AUGUST WIJ-FI.ER. r-.o3tf « ell»- |
a ,r. St. l-ouis. ISO I
b »ij«;mxn:- Travellitg; prefer r*oi>ie v '; ! i !
■ .A. i ... trade: «aVI trttft m**f» s «
sawry. AlSl ii FBEEMAX. 1"' nMl
■I . I tl-a. N. V
BECJtKI rafliwa ■-.nt nmn. 22. of < «^
X .-, . ■ ung man. 22. < f
leet afiSrWS AoVlkm aMBlflOU*. Box »>.
Til "in? <">ffl--e
cxitP-it rXRPKNTEH wishes iteadjr jOare:
! ""m- r .r -«n trv. IMS a boy. »j l^"'iv
Wuh'ieoU: Rood worker. A OTL6TET>. ITI
l.u<li;*-r-M . iT •iklyn
41 ?^ 1^
rrvrn. Triborii L'ptown <-rr.-<- ."4
Hr a'l'v;:!"
. i h7n'G —All k!n«ls -f h«i'l«'«O r,r_
f^tr.g ftatnlng enarreillnj, Bogr. aad
f n 1 ioltahed: ref«enee*. 428 Ue»t
Stb - S t_ [jriephnn; «O-Jg?g:
n-nrtiMAN' _.ft officer ° f Thf ' T ,s, s A .
tnjft hich^t ieference* T.. 1.03^ Dean
»t.. Brooklyn.
VnrrN-n MAS 17. In ofllce where there Is
a Vhnrr. -in a^a«« «-l'h bn«lne».
Hani: !■:• Ptne-rt.; P^ kly " __
vMrrwr MAN steady, sober, en gwrtle
1^ reTerence. B-.
840 West I2tl>-st
H3th -st _
■u- e?t icctlt-t.. <a«e of .Bruce. _^
Brooklj-n. ____—. - —
KPE^fH capable lady (young. dJpW«e>.
wishes Tr-siJent or non-r-sirtent rost In
cmiv thoroughly experienced -with ohll
%£» other siwects. P e««l!ent references.
I Box " 10. Tribune Uptov-n Offlc* l^M
1 Kroadwav.
! Office. 1.364 Broadway.
I woman, of rertnpment ; "arh'S
! German. Er E li!=h '^"'"it-irp na ure |t.ny
i art muE-.c; references. Address B. »-. «
j We.=t 16th-st
I 87. Trihunp OMe«
i "T^ci-^t^n'r ssrSeg
! branches purest German. Parisian French^
! inents or lessons. HANo'. A. 108 «c«
i lOSth-st.
SHAMPOOING. n^r.ir^rln^. harMr^ir;*
Kivcn at ladte? realdenee* » r> .
, in » i-ptown Cffiro. I-W* Broadway.
1« with chan.^- of advancement; -■
P P m . I3fl Patchen aye.,
114 th-?'.
penman Address M.?.- B . Bo« 1» H«
penman Address Mt?i> B. Pox 13ft Pa
tion W., Br'-voklyn.
27' all branches; reasonable. NORMAU
p PX sr> Hackettstown. N. ■'- _
Division i; . An»onis O>n«
fiirTTcOMPANIOS Lady Is °P™'°'
emtasemint best reference*. tn«hidtng
y^ f ; , , v. East «t» -
G . ■;--1.T7. 49 East 90th-«t
w a vtfd — - T'-p» wrltln^- evenlnga, a'
iSfte^i T rn^erat, R.-ninsr.n rr.a
rhlr.e MA 'K. 114 Ka«t -"2d-?'
* ~~ Mai- ,
42»3-st —
fUrilr -1-? FTTZGERAI S Employment
Boreaa. 140 East 34th-st.
erences; city or country. «• ' -•. Mr=-. <• -
Hers. 122 west 23d-»t.
f<i-TI£B —Scot .-!-,; thoroughly trained by
B VJst families. " MACK, 154 West 6.d-st..
car? Pag"
eiSnVesaS* tocSaracter snd ,-om P et-n.-y.
Bos 11 1 ''I-" 1 3d-e.ve „■-
COUPLE— Man and wife '» & » o^.,°, f
house man to take car» of horses, drive.
rtc. h»"««wraPy 18eftfl . wl «o cook or do
chainberworli and s=?wlng- Miss FIT/.'^ER
ALrrS Emplbjinent Bureau, 1« East
;<4t!-.-st. _
CKFF 28 wfsues riace In private boose:
it's- or country; excellent references tiom
here and abroad. B C. Tribune Uptown
Offlre. tJ3M BroadwT
COO_£— Japanese cooli went* Job f*»n"t
--r . a . ,\, in very fire small fami pity
,or country. F. S KIMVRA, 7o Sands-el ■
| isV-vUiyn. _ -
! iriOK ,T«ra nf ' sc - '^r* rl " rir " 1 m^n in pri -
>.ou_*. or apartrn.-r.t. has persona!
refcrenc*. KANAGAWA. 70 Sands-**..
COOK— HCfCSVORK-— ST J»»a»*as man
an.i" wtfe; n;.m a.« cook; wiJ« fir S*n«ral
housework in small prlyats family, .■>'>; ■ ---r
cwnxry. have b<:^t reference* OTL S>BO.
;6 Sands- si Brooklyn
COACHMAN Country; -s-'Mins- and o^ 1!e
' ir.c- understands h s busiaei! thwoujwyj
Written --> r persora: »eferenees. Address
ro\CHMAN - ••:■-■ mMdle as""
slnsl*: cnflerstand* h»ws ami ■ a-riasesi;
I. .. rul car. biwn. roads. i«w,
Ifenerfih- vs.ful city iefrr#i , v^"^^
T>rO-SAS Taylor's Ho«^i. W r^k ' •■ .
lea( bj4jt: csm town ■■.nvs. Bies, al
work: -trlrtij sober; Ten industrlo«» _r*U
f^nimended W at Carpenter s Bureau.
■ l?« '.ib-»v#.
COACHMAX 'VVKM'NK'! By rrtddle
1 .-.»<■ : ro:»:i ar.derataads proper car^ of
I hon.es; milk; pooltryj willing jnd obli«1n.
! Address a, Ros IS, Tribune '-»fWce.
; „.-.. '-M \-- ■: m;i.;n;-'- ill work Oil
i p^tlwnans plate: American, married:
Nun*!! fannt- hentev ■• ■ ' '"Ml-!.-, i-ery ;
I hfst references Address B.| ->' Carpenters
j r-iv ?>n r-t Ctb aye,
.COACH*AS 1 « ■.?■ .-BCTfEB N-'t;?D or
MAID.— Bi youn« .-■.i>!».l cone; for
• .netr-nt rU” ten >?ar«- references
l"co\'rHM.\S Stnitie; tl>oreus;hly iradev
SaffaS |tr_. en ctß-ave.; ,
rrtAPfiliAN'.'— Staßle : onSerstaads care of
horses carrtagca, tawna. walks; .^refill
1 i, ', t o, reril''- useful. «ood rfl •■■ ■ •-
-;;;_::■■>-> a hßysEßsiw. as ■
! st.. Brooktrn
I ro*Mt_lA'N Km - '-' - -i twttw •:■■> •
.;..r,> • .m« rsferwace; wUI no to e^uatrj
'!i»j vMT":ur;.M-!>s Rmploymeni Bureau, :
I*o Fnst 84th- *t f
■ foTrHVAN — ciiASinnnJuin ---m<- md
1 w if^ no encusabraßc*; saparat* or t-»- ,
■ I crt'-'r Tnan thorouchJ) ■omp»tent .->n !
Holier ■' very best referru. o* HARVET.
Tribune TpTrwn Office, 1.341 r!rnadx»ay
COACHWAK lifted, no rh'Mr^n; Ger
man. o»i; pN.-ellent r«f»renee»; careful
driver oaderttands his business thoroußM\ ;
rit\- or eeoatry, C O. I . lof nart Mth -et
. it)ACHMA> Ocrman; Mncle; rjypretwlUy
i! fompe.ttnt; |oni wpwl-nee; cfrj or eoun
• try thr>e yaetS fO«d references. A. P..
13* East 50th st.. stora.
COAr.r-.: cook, , >K . -Man •> «»eft__m :
i wife mm <***: (004 reference*; h *„„„_
COACHMAN ■• it fo\r,r"t ™n~
r«-ommend»'l. CURK. 213 flf, 27Mi- •«
■■ \ '■"•-:>; •••"--;.-,-, p-- N-r^tb nf iril
litl Prof Want. married. «rif<> :« 0 b,,,,
: »«r<"> 11 and 4 y»ar«. thorotn&ly ejp^.l
« n r»r! »tth Vi brmi mof (arm and iVTT
! wlf" fin* poultry and dairy woman. <vjt'«f
■ rpakT. etc. ; wt!l honM h*!p; aigiti ■■ in •«
f last pla"--: r»f»r--". th» !■*>»'. r»A<iy ow
I R X.. at < - nrp*rr»r'i U4 Ctß I -
I FARMER fWVxrklng Foreman) -American"
BWrrteA small fimt 1 - practical everr
brßnr'n; hiKhlv rfcomßMawd «rtry J»tnt.
• rrt»'»n and r^^nmi In etty W. at Cfcr
J pmt«r*i B«t|ft l".» ftb-sva
• ■ WEB rForema: •--. nwnlt"
Bmnl! family; '•RpaMe. long expcrUna
"TV branch alto dairy gardening ( g
fork: •»•■ best r'f'r'n'''!' RICHARn.
Carpenter** Bureau. iv» 6tb-*v*
GARDENER - On. wau: I— illlil -xtn __
In all branches of Rapien:-*. '•im;«"nt t»
tak~ rhnrgr of netali <v large estate, A4
«ir«»:*s ru,x 8. --■ rj)«f l4Hh-«t
GARDENKB -By Kortti r>r Inland Pr«t_
•-tar married. wif» and bey. 13; •j>ii»r.
Mnvis car* otf _*ntl«man > country p:«c«- ■
|> ;<IU «l! • M . T- . _•; »v«' ' ;
GARDENER and FTORI9T Fv. <i~£ |
Gorman- A it'- - 90 ••■-•- = ;>• boalnca^ 4
Mpccialrjr arsenhouw*; Keatlemaa'i ■-mi
'.rv place '- Ad4r»*a fi\R
DENER. 301 Eaft 29th -st.
OARDENFT - v-«r»m*ly
•xperiTirM tn all h'»r> he. of (ardn r;.
outside a.r.4 under ei^f?. al*o farming; ;*i_
«f itock. »'- . *ri managing n»!p. "<?t-«>
ttonal reference aj to character. abUttj
etc Call or ari^r-'s J o. 37 East t^h-tt
GARDENER.— By American. »insr>: uyi
ongbly nnderstands the b'.j'.n*?? !n ail :t» "
branch**: referem^n W. U r> . Elbm a.
6ARUKN EK-— Profldent hi all iopajrrreijfj
of horticulture and ar r ■:•••.:-« inrltvnai
I practical lar'l»<-ap« gari«u!n;, => — -t»at
m^racmonr of greenhouses. I '^-' ! '-j!t_
and fft<MU< t--r •'-.- r- >i— a. eapa!>l« of
dealSBlBK. laytom ■ -»---!
r.f ar.y hixhest I>v"k "
Box S>. Porr Chester. .V V.
HKAD OABI - ■ rr o.
perlei on Urbe places to Europe riw ,
r«" •? «M* epontry; to - - • . v: r_
sMe; also rustic work; a^= r '- • >-, - td
dresa BRAB ERIKSOS, Castl«!Jotil4 Port
Waabjßgtoo, Lore Island.
HEAD WAITER -Hotel or T qpirt-^.t
ho-ise: first class : • -..- ».- referanca
HEKKERN. 332 Ea:-t :.: -• •
HOFTLER. DRT' — fiy «tot«d rrsn
*«"nera!lv natfol; city preferred Ad-
Areas II JOXSON care Taylr.- 22? W'-st
OAKDEXEI Scotch, marrted; r.-> 'i~--\y
want.- hmj?». lor.c »xpfr:?r.-» ev*rjf -
branch. eia.=». etc : ftr.= vegetable -- • -
bf-s: referee DANIEL, at Carpeatei ,
Bureau. 1".4 Ctbnai *
JAPAN'S?!-: aar. 1 ? posltJCß ;< -n.v< - r fwn
eral luuaeauik tn mv fat -dty or
f-'ir l -. . h^.=< rcfor^r.'f.i' F. I©7 •~r«TTT-» > .
JAFA* • • jok. wants posit n
In rri-.ar" fani:!-. - -. = best •- refer
ence ISHI. Tii gan -
JAPANESE, bonest and sober, wants post
tlor. v Irtttler; pi te ft ty or
countr has ixtsoual ;«:«r j r'e AIZAUA.
70 ?i. r. I ■ -ij-n.
and wife; man un-.^rsta *
and cows; i« good mflker; *U« bouse*
n" ehlldr»r. 13 -.oars' reference Id I
pia<-» T. WV, care of V. ': .. P F D
Rom'» No 3 T ■ Barajen <""•:• . N" J.
USCFUIi MAN [?v- man. marr!»i. handr
with tools of any kind; outs l« t - -•
Trork of an-, kind r. \. VtAVD. 112
Soßunit-are.. West' Hoboken. N J.
VALET. — Sspert barber and ma.»wnr v t
trade, a? valet I ■ refined gentleman: pro- .
fl'-i'nt hi all Its duties; fnrn 5* hbtheM ref
erences WnJJAJ* J HARTMAS, H7
VALET would care for Invalid or -
gentleman give massaax J .r"
clT?? reference; ie Si ENGLISH. - "
rpr»rs<-r. 234 Earl SBth-st.
CLEANING —By competent roong « - ■-
pxpprl"n ■ »<i "l^in'ng ntflr<>« or ba
apart on few hnob .'.aii-. . best
ence Mrs HALSTEXK 322 East -' ;T
eocPLJ Woman b^'j?"- J e«J«*
arfi lanndn can la--- 1 , man useful: un
d^rarqnn;, v.ainp^: no Obectlors to
Tel. 19S8- Platt.
<-r>r>K — Ahw wjiTrsrt; D*at md • i -" 1 : best
Cfty rofor»nrp!s Apply to FLAH'KTT .S
B''RBAT-. tSt CDhunbns-aTe T^ : . :■»;-■
COOK Competem woman: first class '-'-
. r »n.-° wfl] bo \r. town try M! ; rTTZ
GERA Emp!Bym«nt Boraan. U-- Eaji
rr>OK . — Flt=» ria.;s. Gerrnar FrencS a«4
Amfrl'^n rrv>k;r:r: has friend waitress;
r.-io-I cnainDermaid; likes ehH£rmi; "
and oWlglng; cifv or ■^'Jn t r^ . t«'-
MORROW'S BUREAU. 2>">l East 55i
COOK «B* MT'XPRf?? !4 and
wal'r^fs; urn young Flnl - " - '""■'
neat and -iriiiinK. personal referent* - Tr;:
SIL/A BPREAI'. 880 T* \ rs^n-ave
COOK ar.l LAI "-"- •'-• '-- — Experienced
G^rTnan-Hnnearian Protestant girt: -if*
or country, country nr^frrred; personal ref
erences. r* HERZ. IC2 Ftast 4th-st.
COOK -By Protestant; understands VI
br*in-h<>>i - ' rl. n aid fanci
n«?at. competent s ~- yonng » i
good references; co ■ prefi ■ I "" T .
>irs Col lirr' «. 122 ' I 23d-et
COOK, maid. iWlinrrm cr laur.^res^: b— t
refertne.-s. Miss LARSON'S EMfb. "■ ■
MENT OFFICE. 33 V. eat 2-ith-*.- Tel >i*
—Madison ?T^ar<».
CHAMBERMAID or chambermaid «d
waitress, attendant tn '.T.fr- cr an; p!tc
of trust, by refined, tmstworth; c^rr-Ar.
exr»!!cnt ref?rcnr« In writing -" : '* a>
taili 208 East SOth-et
CHAMBERMATP? By two SweAA girto:
fir.=r .-lass apartra«r!t house cr "Ito
MIT?OiEI-. 312 East :-■■'---• case Per
CHAMBERMAID F>- tboronghly ws»P«
ten' and rdUWe girl; os»lst waiting rjr
bet-t references. CTJMPETEXT. Trfbuae
Cptown Off^ro. 1 .164 BK
irlrl. best references i ■ 3 "«
laur..ire.«s. a!.-n green jtrl: wlllinr to
Apply FLAHERTY'S BCT*EAU. ♦«« <>
lambas-are T*l T« — River
iIIRU 1«. in st«r° or Office; wOltng tp Isam
a. etv.enh<->ft:k tS4 wrest !^^ f '
— Marrt^-1. or any other " ■'
of flr?t .-!n?s. thoroughly educated : «-l
woaian of r?.lr.imer.t : unqjjestionableretei
•n-fs Address SINCERE. *^ii>ur.« <^^_
HOUSI WORK SR -By a roong Zr.gl}*
speal l woman; expenencea wants »»|
home city nr rountrv preferred; r«^a*J
refVrnces ' HERZ. 1«2 East 4'h »T _.
INFANTT NURSE — Thorous' rj MUg
"t»>nt German; first class city r??er»3£»»
REAU. 3^l Ma.ils.->n-av» TeJ : j^2_-
KXTCHESmxm —By stroac y<MiEf f|.-.'
Wt] mat an.l wilUng JTSSILA p 1 -
RE.\i". 680 l«sartngwi»-»re
by your.:; woman; deep home. mt"
106th-«t. .
LAUNDRESS — B your.is: coiored W<B^
to do washine at Some or o«t D^ aa
HORPEK .'.» Wear g»th-*t. _.
LAUNDRESS. — Family *«i!:p: !>*f-tj|
trenk: car do fine wort Sirs. Hi"
USSE 1 -■ »v«.
■ , lestrea ro iraral as encßpaaieaJi
Europe cr United States *J-»?
English] French. Dutch Address B« »
gi 11"1 1" rs, I ong Island. N- T. _—
1..M-N' '; - • - famtlv '•« h!^f o^
hor n. rif » r . n -p Address Mrs H. J*J-«»
TON. i ■- • ■ "■' Mnsnrldta^
MOTHFF > HELPER - Esrperleneei MJ
h,. ..,-., ,„ of children a !t ;; t^
i »t« . and In kinderwrt-n »-"<s F-^jr
methods ■-.' teaching: aiso r."".r» "^,
Recomrp*! led by Mrs B ? V irrer,
' I-.-. ■■ RidgeSeld. Conn .
\ :- ■ ' ', SS^jeS
>in< ebHdrer r>esi . .
yc»r« ' ■ ■ ' '
NXJBSE Dwppetent: • " ' vl r«tt-"»r «tt- "»
»» mom - pwrard. excfllent r*i_ ,
57th n . __- -
tin* rptowri Office
. »|J»*
NMT. . ' ' ■ '•,'•■ r.:.-?
PAR v•■ ■ . .I^V-ii

F.a>t 841 .__
I^SmONO hoi:j „:^^ f t«
a r! ,rtrr»n,. X v'- :.-T -^ V . : '. v s,
, . .., .. :■ - • ■ >'•'-■
, „,„; . :. ■
ilcien • ■
Kali ■ \;,r.
U. ■::-:: BCOOJK 3
Irpni C «. NK»«cleanl»6
lV«st »Uk-«t

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