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IVall Street Men Accused of Steal
ing Sums Aggregating $88J00.
Charged x^ith th? all«»g*<*. theft of $1,880 from
the Houston. Galveston and Intemrhan Kail
r^.ad Company, and accused at th« prand lar
«ny of rum aggregating $2R.400 from various
electrical nn<l other corporations, Charles Au
fOStam Peton. of No. 43 VTall-M . and Harrison
11 MfElhlney, whose office i(» at No. 40 Wall-
F . w«« arrested yeaterdajr afternoon by De
{•ctfves McConv-ille. kfolry and Taylor.
IfcEHhiney was taken from his handsomely
furnished ofllee, Tihile Seton was Rrrest»d as
he grrood on the step? of the Wall Street Ex
cbans* Building, In -which he nlpo has Bamp
tuous offlces. The r>ri<=r,nerf;. accordtac to the
polj.-e. although they have separate offices, com
pr < s - the f-r"r. of C. Augustus Seton fr 00., at
No 4," Wall-«t., dealers in stocks and bonds.
Besides the charge of grand larceny made by
the Texas railroad, ihe representative or the
p ox Rj-.-^r Railroad Company, of Manltowoe,
W f . who ? Staying at the Fifth Avenu<» Kot«l.
cay? . hh j S rnpany paid to Seton & Co. $13,000
to wcon the Investment of $3,250,000. At an
other botel Is ;i representative of The Manitoba
Water Power Company, who alleges that hts
company paid 10 Seton & Co. $5,500. In the
pockets of Boton, when he was searched, werw
T s^ papers in s -•-.-■ basrun by Ira Rliss
Stewart for the recovery of $1,800 pail to the
firm by the Interr.atior.il silver Company.
rdlng to 'b» police, rh? operations of the
two prison*-- wei • sireple. They watched the
a!ea of 'The New-Tork ectrlcal Journal" for
rei - incorporations of trolley companies. Soon
nfic-r the companies received their charters or
incorporation pere Lhey would receive a letter
jrom C. Augustus Seton & Co . of No. 4?. Wall
ft. Idng the prospects of the company and
hinting that they might finance the company if.
it wa? de<=:Trd lesirable.
Tn the summer of If«">4 the Houston. Galveston
end terurban Railroad president, jusr elected,
received such a Setter and F»n<; a director, W.
B. sson. to New-Tork to investigate the idea
of being financed from York.
On arriving he was met by M r McElhlney.
■who took him to his own office ax No 40 Wall
st. and then to the offic? .-.]■ Seton. at No. 43
Wall-st-, where the iav;.-ih furnishings made
their Impresskw*
S^mr.. it is al!es»d. asked Plasson how much
money his company >uld need.
Slasson replied thai something like $3,000.
■ would suffice.
Mr. Seton replied that he believed the matter
coijio . - irranged
Sasson was then introduced to several men
v »-)r» he believes were "dummy" financiers, and
was firmly convinced that S^ton and McElhiney
were what They claimed, representative Wall
Street -nnancierF
"We can get -,-. m^ney for you." Petnp is al
leged to have said to ?l*?eon. a few days after
their first meeting. 'Our charges will be $1 a
bf>nd. to cover the cost of engraving, etc."
■Rpr-^iving a promise that the bonds would be
delivered to the railroad within thirty days.
Slasson pays he paid Seton A Cn. $3,500. to cover
all rpenses.
T"p tn Sate none of ih<= bniids have reached
Texas. Instead, according to the police. th?re
has h<=*n a wries of promises, one broken after
the oth^r. These » X cu? s ran from the br^ak
ine down of the engraved plates to th» condition
of the market and the indisposlti - if the trust
company. whi< ' n was t<S handle 'he bonds, to
take them In the face «-,f the Lnsurance investi
The railroad finally. unable to get bonds to
so]', to local customers. sent J. If. Coleman. of
Houston. T<"-x . an attorney ti this city to in
vestigate. He called thr«» days ago on Assistant
Pisrrict AttotiiEy Garvan. and Mr. Garvan sug
gested that Seton &• Co. he arrested Both Reton
and McElhin£y were taken by surprise
According to the police there ,re two other
out of town complainants against Seton & Co.
sr; the city at th^ present tim». The first of
these is O. X Pehnke. representing t"he Fox
Fwver Railroad 'f Manitowoc, Wls. He came
here to investigate the cause of the delay In
securing the loan of $2,250,000 f.n the bonds of
the company, to serur<- which P°'on & 00. had
been paid by the road $13,000. in 1902. Mr.
Behcke is at the Fifth Avenue Hotel
.T. T McKenzie, of the Manitoba "Water Power
<"v,mpany*. is also in town to recover $"i.500 it
!p alleged his company paid to Seton & Co.
for a "promise to finance the company last
t-, geton's pocket, wnen he was searched at
pr.!jre Headquar: th" summons and com
plaint of the Internationa! Silver Company to
-ecover $14)00 were found. Seton's home ad
dress, according to the police, | s No 1,048
sth-ave HcElhlney is said to live a: No 154
Wast 20th-st.
The dlroctjry gives G»-<->rg« W. McElhiney.
president No 4-"> Wail-st.. living at Beabrfght,
v T an<l Harrison H. McElhiney. a broker,
with an offic* at No. 27 Wnilam-st.
TREASURY TOTAL, $1,259,598,278.
Cash Books Found to Tally on Transfer of
Office to Charles H. Treat.
WasMrgtm. Sept <9.-The count of the cash.
notes bonds rd other securities in the Treasury
of the T'nitPd Bt&tec, incident to the transfer of
the Office O f Cnited States TYeMurer from Ellis
X Roberts to Charles K. Treat, waf -nmpWM
' - -a rrund to agree sxactly with The Treas-
S The trial as of Jaly 1. ISOS, wa. found
to_b« HjiW-S «- 2TS *• of $4 *3.<rr?.33? over the
TreAFiirfr. m Mr. K^wn.
So President Harding Declares— Jeopardy
in Change of Ownership, He Thinks.
Detnrft Bcjrt- »-Presklent Rnwefl Harding m
the *£ SSSuetia Railway arrived h«* *-<*,
nd in . discussion of the future ownership of th*
Pew Marqtiettß said:
Btta the D^txoit. To ed- and Ironton interei
with his Southern railroad lin^s "* n^ p Vs ,errl
over the Cincinnati. Ham! '.ton and DgSSrtJgt ar^
with the Pcrre Marqu-tt*. t« the an
Mr HarflJn^ evidently did not r*pird the Mtur*
th« P"-r« Marquetre to be placed in Jeopardy
i»y tri« change tn ownership.
Hexioo City. Sept. 19- With the beginning of
October the Mexican -American Bteamahip com
pany will make, additjons -0 the passeneer an<s
■freight 6er\ic« between New-Orleans. <xalv«»ston,
•rarnp'-^ and Vera Crue. Two r.ew steamers, thm
City of Tampico and the nty of Merino. ha\-e been
&dde<s to the fle*t. 3nd will make their first trips in
the first part of ih« romJng month.
Two stsamers roonins out of New-Orleans will be
transferred to the routa between Tamplco sn<l
Galveston and Pom Arthur. The new boats will
r-n oElv out of -Orleans. Both shipping and
ra"raad interestE are looking tor heavy pass-s.iger
•rifflcthls fail and winter betw«^n th« T nit
States and Mexico.
Toronto, Sept. IS.— The Ontario Fisheries £>epart
r^erit will make a rigid lnvestipation into aile*«d
i!!»gal &3kir.g by American firms Ui Georgian Bay
aid Lake Erie- Ir - Is 6aj4 thatthousanda of tons
of fi*h Illegally tak"n «re shipped to tne United
States every week. Americas firms, it Is said,
make u»e. of the Bervices at licensed «-anadiaji fieh-
iimi . _^
H. I Nicholas * C-o . memlwr* of th* N«w-Yorlc
■toefc Kxchang". will open a branch offlc« to
morrow tH No. » West Cd-st.
Managers Will Distribute West Vir
ginia Central Securities Oct. 16.
Notice was issued yesterday hy th« syndicate
managers that the West Virginia Central and
Western Maryland purchase syndicate would be
t«»rminat»>fl on October Ifi, the unification of th©
system having been virtually accomplished. On
that date all securities then remainin*r in the
managers' hand* will be distributed pro ratA.
For each $1,000 of syndicate subscriptions, upon
which aJI caHs have been paid, subscribers will
receive $.V>o in general lien and convertible
bonds of the "Western Maryland Railroad Com
pany, with all coupons attach«»d maturing on
and after April 1, lPOfi. and 5750 In stock of the
On April 1. 1904, fh*»r« w*»t* <51«rfbut«d $2,525.
000 of firpf mortgage bonds of the "Western
Maryland, against a call of 10 per cent. The
additional spcuritlps. to be distributed next
month, ai» .510.000.000 Western Maryland gen
eral lien and convertible 4 prr cent bonds and
$15,000,000 common stock of the Earn* road,
The Western Maryland Railroad Company has
ncquirfd the balance outstanding- of the stock
of the West Virginia Central and Pittsburg and
Piedmont and Cumberland railways, and these
and three other roads will soon be conveyed to
the "Western Maryland. The ovmed line of the
latter company will a.ftpr thi? action and upon
the completion by the close of the preseDt year
of Its extension from T>ig Pool, opposite Cherry
Run, to Cumberland, the eastern terminus of
the W^pt Virginia Central and Pittsbur?, ex
tend without break from Its Baltimore terminal*,
which have been completed and are in opera
tion, to the termini of the West Virginia Cen
tral at Durbln and Belir.gfm, W. Va. The total
l^netri of the system wflj bo 534 miles. The
Western Marylari. it is announced, ha? com
pleted the purchase of nearly 5.000 acres of
cokin.r coal lsrds on the line of th« TVeet Vir
ginia Central and the properties known aa the
"Weaver coal or>eratl<<ns."
Th»» syndicate managers are Governor Myron
T Herrick, Wtnslow S. Pierce. Edward L. Fuller.
Alvin W. Krecb. Howard Gould and Joseph
Ram.«v. jr. Tha announcement of the closing ot
the syndicate has no relation to the differences
between Mr. Ramsey and Mr. Gould, it is de
rlarNl. as the decision to dissolve the syndicate
had b^»n reached before Mr Ramsey issued his
appeal to tbe Wabash stockholders and debent
ure holders for their proxies for use against the
Gould Interests in that property
The condensed and consolidated balance
sheet of the Western Maryland Railroad Com
pany, West Virginia Central and Pittsburg Rail
way Company and Coal and Iron Railway Com
pany, covering the three years ended June 3^,
1904. substantially, the period of operation of the
-Western Maryland system und<*r syndicate con
trol, Is as follows:
r.-. ? » of property (Including: sto^Tc" of proprle
tary •ompaniesi $68,887,260
Investment < 'he^apeake &- <)hi.-> Canal 157,325
Currant resources:
Cash and caeh Item* $1,611,540
T>ue from foreign road*, «pr.'« an.l
conductor* 4?1.?39
Acconnta and bills receivable, etc.. 930.448
Material and eupplle? 439,372
r%r-ttai stock:
-Western Md. P. R. Ot>. enmrann. . .sls «W 4<v>
-jV'est^rn Md. R. R. en. pref 324. 0n0
— Sl6.W>(>.*oo
P«r.'l» l il mdebtedne*?:
Western Md. Ist mortps(r» $31.923.<V>.'>
\Testern Md. pen. lien an-i comt.. 10.000,000
T\'e^torn Md. lrt "iij<.. tnc FTlp. 57.1
W. Va. •■'■rit'-al * Pits Ist mtge. 8.250.000
Coal x- Tr<->n Railwiv Ist mtgre.... 1.000.000
- 4fi. 173 P75
Biutdry station ]oan« 9«.9fi4
Iviulprfient and Insurance fund« ... . . *8 DOS
riirrent liahi!it)e<i Include unpaid vouchers,
piyrollF. coupons, ett > 1.577.741
Int. on bds. rentals arid taxe* (aoerued. not due> 403.154
Cnrrent »ects with propy companies n^alan-ei llt>42S
First mortsraee bnn.i l-vin? 760,000
Income account* 1,821,923
Chamber of Commerce Put Out
2JSOO Pleas for Reciprocity.
The eommunlcatliQ frn.-n the N>w-Tork Cb&m
ber o f Oannnercß which created discussion in th^
Pittshnnc CtiambT of Cr> T nrr;« r<v» on Monday. It
was ascertained y«»st*r«la.v. wris r,ne of about 2,300
circular tetters f^rit ont to commercial. Industrial,
manufacturing anfl agricultural societies o* th*
Vnlted StatPS last month hy a committee of which
Oustav Tf Schwab la the chairman. This cnmmJt
tee was a'ithoTlz«<l by th» Chamber of rnrnmerra
at Its June mpetinsr to make use ot th« best rrmans
v its possession in inviting- th» ro-oppration of
other hndl". in tn appeal to th« United States
S<=nat« n ratify pending reciprocity treaties, and
particular!] thr treat y with Germany.
In Itß clrcnlar l«rter Mr. Schwab's committee
gives the government figures of imports anJ ex
ports lo s»hr-n- the necessity for reciprocity with
Great Britain Germany and France, fn view of
the threat of Germany to put 'pro operation n«t
March a high tariff or. all Roods imported from
the Onite* S—.tes.
In round numbers the Imports and exports of
th» United Stares in tra<l» -with O-rftat. Brit all,
Germany and Prance in 190* are given as follows:
Grea'. Britain. Germany. Franc©.
,_„-, ... .Jl«s OfV-CVt SlO9.oOf.fKo 581.000.000
Exporte '.'.'.'"'.' BSIiOOOiOOO 218.000.000 88.000.000
The circular letter then r* devoted to arguments
In favor of reciprocity with most favored nations.
It is urged that a high tariff by Germany, in
operation against the United Stages, will t*n<J
to take away a large part of the market for
American prodactß.
Has Not Bought Wharton Mills or Made
New Russian Contracts, He Says.
Charles M. Schwab arrived here yesterday on
the Kronprinr WUhelm. He left his baggage in
charge of a valet at the Hoboken pier, and hur
riedly piarted for Manhattan.
Mr. Schwab said that his trip abroad had been
poiely one of pleasure. Including serwal auto
mobile trips on the Continent.
He denied all rumors that the BAthlehe.m Steel
Corporation had purchased the iron mines and
blast furnaces of "Wharton. Hlbernla and Philips
bur operated by Joseph Wharton. He also de
nied the report that he intendM heading a syndi
cate organized to obtain control of the Golaflpld
district. Mr. Schwab *ald that lie had made no
new contract* with Ru«sJa for the building of
Increase of More Than Nine Thousand in
Five Tears.
Ajbany. Sept. 1!»— population of Syracuse is
117 488, an Increase of P. 134 over 1900 L Secretary
O'Brl'W- of the State Department, makes this an
-r.*. retaliation of Syracuse on June 1, 1305, as
T*£itv Jni lmiratca. was 117,154. but from this total
actuail> enurnew**a. inmates of the State in
there has been «a the lOtn Ward of fhe c i ty ,
etituUons. situate of distributing the inmates of
which. fJT vu l nn nn t v irStitiitionß, aocordlns to the city
State and c«un iy { actual residence at the time
or town, ana t b e 'in«tHution. have b en credited
of scission to^tne i Onon daga County or to other
to elfh«r the to«n* j while there have been added
rounties of ' 1r t iiut!on2 who at the time of their
911 lnmat'-s oflnimutw.^. Syracuse City. These
jaSSS itionß •*'• a W«latlon
for the city of U7 '* 9 V________
.. • r, rentral Itailway Company, It was
The M«J»» C-«t ra^ M a njaJorlty of
announced > ester '• «on«l Construction
the stock of the ■*£« f months h d
Company. on J^ rn ir r .2rt nn and officers of the con
an option. The direct«« * d anfl |helr
structlon company repr^intltlv. of the Mexican
have been tilled oj *"»■
President of W abash Will Tell Why
He Fights Gould Control.
Joseph Ramsey, jr.. president of the Wabash
Railroad Company, said yesterday that he was
preparing a statement to the stockholders and
debenture holders setting- forth in detail his rea
sons for inviting their proxies for use at the ap
proaching annual meeting of the company. In
advance, of the completion and issuance of that
statement he did not care to say anything fur
ther about his effort to wrest the control of the
property from the Goulds. Mr. Ramsey was
not surprised at the current report that the com
mittee representing the debenture "B" bond
holder* would probably give him their sup
port, but Raid that he had had no pledges from
the committee.
There is still much discussion In "Wall Street
of the question whether or not, under the Ohio
law, Wabash stock and debentures purchased
after the closing of the books can be voted at
the annual meeting on October 10. hut the pre
vailing- opinion Is that securlt{-»« bought since
September 9, when the books closed, can be
voted by their purchasers personally. There
was heavy trading again yesterday in the de
benture "B's," in which competitive buying is
believed to have been recently in progress, but
th« price declined from 784 at the opening: to
ib^i at the close.
Frank A. Durban, president of the Detroit.
Toledo and Ironton Railroad Company, it was
learned yesterday, was elected last Saturday to
succeed Mr. Ramsey as a director of the Ann
.Arbor Railrrsa Company. Mr. Ramsey is still
president of the latter road. but. it is under
stood that the directors will to-da-^ elect Mr.
Durban to the office.
Mr. Ramsey s^ia yesterday that the dropping
of his name from the list of directors was with
out significance, as he had presented his resigna
tion before his departure for Kurope early in
the summer Rudolph Kleybolte &- Co., who in
April bought the control of the Ann Arbor from
Mr. Ramsey, Mr. Gould and their associates,
and fn June turned it over to the newly formed
Detroit, Toledo and Ironton Railroad Company,
took the same view, saying that the reason wny
Mr. Ramsey had not been re-elected a director
was that tie had sold out his interest in the
SUE FOR $4, ,000,000 IN LAND.
Illinois Charges Encroachment by
Steel Company.
Chicago, Sept. 19.— Action to re.-laim land
valued at $4,000,000 which city officials assert
has been appropriated by tb<=> Tl!lr.ois Steel Com
pany at. the mouth of th^ Calumet River was
started by Commissioner of Public Works Pat
terson to-day. State's Attorney H»aly and Cor
poration Counsel Lewis were asked by Commis
sioner Patterson to proceed in the court? to re
cover two hundred acres of submerged land
which, it is alleged, the steel corporation has
added to its property in the last four years by
encroaching on l,ak« Michigan and the Calumet
It is held that the title to the lands legally
rests in the name of the people of the State of
Illinois. With the development of the plans for
legal action on the part of the State and the
city came the suspension of Ricard O'Sullivan
Burke, who for the last five years has been the
city's harbor engineer. Commissioner Patter
son charges Burke with "neglect of duty and
inefficiency." Burke i 3 accused of having failed
t" Inform the city officials regarding the en
croachments of the sr^el corporation and of
having been unfamiliar with the situation, al
though it was cfearly within his duties.
Much Damage Done in Lower Mis
souri Valley- -Drouth in Texas.
Washington, Sept. 19 —The weekly summary of
crop conditions, Issued by the Weather Bureau
to-day, was as follows:
Except lr New-England and the northern part
of th<? Midale Atlantic States, where the weei?
ended September 18 averaged considerably cooler
than usual, the temperature was above the normal
and generally favorable, the week being- decidedly
warm over the greater par', of the Central valleys,
Gulf States an« Eastern Rocky Mountain sl^pe.
Light to heavy frosts occurred in the. Rocky Moun
tain regions, and also in North Dakota, the lake
region, N^w- England and the northern portion of
the Middle Atlantis States, hut they resulted In no
serious injury. A marked feat me of the week
was the excessive precipitation, accompanied in
places by high winds, ir the lower Missouri Valley,
where much damage was done, especially in Cen
tral and Western Missouri an.l Eastern Kansas.
Wer. weather alpo proved detrimental over a large
part of the Middle Atlantic States and in portions
Oj the South Atlantic and East Gulf districts,
while drouth continues over portion* of Texas.
Generally favorable weather prevailed in the Cen
tral Gulf States. Tennessee and most of the Ohio
Valley and Mtddle Atlantic States. Favorable
weather also prevailed in California and showers
relieved drouth conditions to a greater or less
extent in Washington and Oregon.
While corn has experienced tavorable conditions
over a large par' Of the corn belt, lata corn in the
I'pper Ohio and Missouri valleys is maturing
slowly and the crop in the Lower Missouri Valley
has suffered seriously from excessive rains and
high winds, especially in Missouri and Kansae. In
the first mentioned State a large, part of the crop
has been blown down or badly lodged, much is
under water and ihat in sho-'k is beginning to
mou'd Over the northern part of the corn belt
from two-thirds to three-fourths of the crop -■•
now safe from frost
Notwithstanding frequent showers in the spring
wheai region, thrashing of spring wheat has heen
general Bhock thrashing in Minnesota being nearly
completed. Considerable smut i? reported from the
While a slight improvement tn the condition of
cotton is reported from OKiahqma and Indian Ter
ritory and portions of Louisiana and Northern
Texas the crop, as a whole, over most of the belt
h-LS experienced little or no change, with a ten
dency toward deterioration Premature opening is
extensively reported in the eastern and western
districts but only few complaints of this character
are received from the central portion. 801 l weevils
are increasing in T^xas and are causing injury In
Western Louisiana. A. poor top crop is promised.
Pick is aavanclng rapidly aiui is nearing com
pletion in most fields in Southern Georgia.
•piroent in Kentucky, where about one-third of
the crop remain.- to be ured, tobacco Is nearly
all cut and housed Mpi at atmosphere has not been
favorable for curing in Kentucky and .New-Eng
land bu? in Virginia. North Carolina and Tennes-
'report lndicate a very light apP l«
C1 RHrht and rot in potatoes continue, to be e.xten-
v renorted in the principal potato producing
StVt«. X' 'u«h fair yield* are indicates in some
M pS-ni for fall seeding has been Interrupted
k ™£-^n the 'ower Missouri fc,id Ohio valleys.
- h?* f beer prevented, by drouth in portions of
the Anthem* States, elsewhere this work is well
Third Increase in Two Weeks on All Grades
Except Raglan.
P!tt=bure. Sept. k-The price, of all grades of
crude' oil "except Raglan was advanced again to
day by tn Standard Oil Company, making the
?h!rd advance in quotations in two weeks. As
third advance In o-
usual, the higher grades of oil cents . Miser) thres
usual. th « £' B ?'.L,r grades two cents.
;« iSpSfSK JssHfc eSS:
i^^t^«K»f a r indiana -
William Pennington. counsej for the receivers of
, h T Ttl^Tn T locomotive Work*, of Pater.on. N. J..
! directed by Vlce-Chancei lor Emery,
was Je* l "^^ wlth t he court the final account
at Newark, to n»* together with the allowances
insr of the f r rand counsel. An order to show
asked for l \^, UB ts of John C. Pennington a.nd
cauße why tt rer cc 7no7 n0 receivers, nhould not be con-
William Barbour c yeßterdayt but tM
nrmea * a not appear.
In interest did not hvv
r,,*«™«nt toy default for 55.750 was entered yes
.TudKinent »y r , erk ' B office against Wen
♦ exday in the C-ou^ in favor of C. Roger's
d ° lin Cun ri for carpenter work and alteraUons
r^K^n (northwest corner of »e
lancey and Clinton st*» \
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words. mv« n times consecutively, $1. whion
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aOTH-ST.. 40 WEST.— With board, desir
able rooms; steam heat; appointments
first oia.s? . reference.,
1. — 1» EAST 430-ST .— Handsome suite of
roonu or floor, private bath, parlor
dining room; reference.
P2r>-ST , SI "WEST —Elegantly fumlshe.l
roomp; handsome restdence; near Fark;
Fupenor cuislns; hlerh appointments.
28TH-ST.. 3» WEST.— double and rtn
g!# rooms. with board, for the winter;
elevator, stesir. h»nt. telephones, baths;
transients accommodated; a quiet pls^e for
45 EAST 34TH ST.. noar Madlson-av-.—
v»rv flne rooms and board; private bath;
table board; ref'-r^noei.
46« T\-EPT 28D-BT.— DellKhtful room«.
laree and small; running water, hot and
cold; larg« olosets; good tab'e hoard; g«r»
48TH-ST.. 9 EABT— Handsome pe o ond floor,
with private baths; other rooms, with
hoard . references.
ONI,T 30 minutes from Cnamhers or 23d
st , on Krie rtßllroad; 32 trains; house
but 200 yards from Pi ospe"t t. station,
Pa«?alc. N J.. sitaated In a beautiful pri
vate park known as Bpeer'a chateau; a
ni;let. roncnlal home for three or four re
fined families; cuisine unsurpassed, terms $7
and upwards Write for booklet.
F.AST ORANGE.— A private family would
rent, with board, large sunny room on
f»cond floor to one or two persons; con
venient to station; referencea. J. 8.. Trtb
une Ofrlre
ROOM AND BOARD, prlvat» family,
farmhouse, for one or two ladies; delight
ful location terms moderate Mr? ANNA
MARSHALL. Croton Lake. N T
YOUNG OfXTPLB desirp board trlth a prl
vate American family, referencea given
and required. I. V.. Tribune T'utcwn omro..
1.864 Broadway.
F!ngle InFertion* ■*> cents per line. Plxteen
words, seven times consecutively, $1, which
entitles advertiser to have rooms entered in
The Tribune's Directory of Desirable Rooms
for a period of fourteen days. Write for
Full Information concerning these rooms
may be had, free of charge, at th« Uptown
Offl'cn of The New- York Tribune. 1,364
Broadway, between 3«th and 37th at*
THREK lare<», lltrh' rooms to rent, fur
nißhod, In private family. Apply 227
Sonth Sd-ava., Mount Vernoo, N. y.
FARK PtiOPE — Tr.T scntl^man. one or two
well furnished rooms; hnat. closets, run
nins wai«i, private; private family; r»frr
ence. OWNER. 609 «th -sf . Brooklyn.
34TH-ST , 10 EAST — IVfirable second »n«l
third floor room?, (suitable fnr g*ntl»m«>n.
41ST-ST. 12" VtTßßX.— hmrn r.ack r*rlor,
sult&bl« for physician or reep<"ctar>!»
eouplai guperlor arcommodations. other
149TH-ST., 517 WEST Newly furnished.
steam he«.»ed rooms; private house: meals
near by: gentlemen; reference*, telephone;
F.\PT ORANGE.— A larg». pleasant front
room In strlrtiy private family for gec
ileman of gaoi reference. A. H. 8.. Tribune
23D-ST.. 20 EAST (opposite Madison Square
p,,-^, Suite, two rooms ani bathroom;
references _^^__^_^_^™™^^^^™
CiENTf-EMHAN of aui<=t habits desires large,
lleht and airy room, if possible with con
necting bath, private *M"*»rjP** f^ I 2£:
X V Z . Tribur* 'i."r Tl " > '« p n Office, 1.364
Rroadway. .
210 WEST 77TH-ST.
Lerceet Works. Excellent Faclilti-s.
TELEPHONE -J.l.'Ss- -Rlverelce.
J. « i 1. waiLUAiis
SIS W. i4Tsil ST. m£
CARPET CLEANING. Established 15.5.
Oldest, Largest. Most Modern.
Tel 51' — Wth-*t. Eslablished 1557.
rieans by compressed elr. siearn. hand
or on floor ' 1 55S Broadway. 421 Ea^t 48th
«t. COE & BRANDT Tel. 132— 3»th.
Biay Your Furs Direct
from !mporr»r and manufacturer and sara
all middlemen's profits We earn.- In stock
a full line of furs, whjch affords the pur
chaf»r an opportunity '<'■ making a s*u»
factory eelectlon. Fur? aiso mad» tn order,
remodelled, redyed and altered in the latest
fashionable •tyies at moderate, prices
.1 GINSBVRO. Majiufa'-turing Furrier.
19 W 2Tth-st . corner Broadway
F«tabl!she4 IMB Tel 537 Mad'son Square..
employed In best houses: wants work out
by day. referenc* Ki&Ttam Miss FMNN.
lie vfmt #m f
DRESSMAKING. BltHtic don- for all cc
casions Parifinn designs. Mtlsfactloa
a«%ur»ii '•ran reasonable, iar.ry »aißtn.
evenlnl pni rOCKRAN. *f> Eagt
EXPERIBNCBP ladles' dressmaker wiehe*
work: horn* or out. Miss SANDbesq,
142 Eatt S2d-»t .
J^fCiai'^boolPN^iS^in Bark for
gavlnss. 280 4th-*ve.. New-Tork Pay
ment stopped. Pl«««« return book to bank
T/VST or STOLEN — Bankbock No 487. 583
nf K«w-York corner 4th-avi». and 14th-»t ,
T^rJ "llllam Blchhorn All perr.ons
«. "' a utton«<l apiUnst MiotlaM bit the same
Tf nr * returned lto the bank on the ll«h oav
of Ortober. 1905. a Juplicaf will be. la«u>d_
LDjrr — nankhook Kn. 44«.713 of the Ttnlon
TMme 6a.vlnn» Institution Is ml»sin». Any
rJ^ hiving a claim to !t Is herebr <al!ed
S,^S«t th, same wlthJn t« **£
S^tSift to bavtng; •••« pawbook tan
celled anJ ■» n«w on# laßuea.
T^ANT TO BORROW $«.009 to bay
<i«orjla pine timber; wlil g+ve timber
as security, and return money each month
as Umber is cut; win pay S*!k and can glv«
giort local G«jrgla reference; first return
payment In two months, final payment
255? 1 el *hte«n months Address GEORGIA
TIMBER, Tribune Office.
UANUFACTURERS of oil Hard and !««»•
tables; high gr»je bowline alley builder*:
lowest price*. MARX BROS.. 34 Union
311 East 42d-st — First class domestics ar«
supplied; managing housekeepers, ma
trons, governesses, tutors, etc.
23 West 39th St.
'Phones 8765. — S»th.
OFFICE, <v 5 Cooper Square, near Wana
maker's. — First claso male and female
help, all nationalities; references always
Investigated. Telephone — Orchard.
In great variety
of etyl* and
T. a.
11l Fulton St.
H%t Store 214 r,th-av» . near 14th-st-
Best 2 and '" dollar hats sold In '■>■■» cMy.
AT REDUCED PRICES — 500 second hand
wevi and iron working- machines, fully
guaranteed, machinery bmignt and ex
changed GEO B. EDDY. 398 Madlson-st.
HIGHEST^RICE^aTd^for \aA\tf . **""•
men ami rtiililr»n'« discarded 'nothing,
fine B-ening ana Btre«t ''ostumei. J ew<>lr >-
Kric-»-Btac. Furs, etc Mr. «r Mrs^ M.
NAFTAI* 744 fith-ave. Tel. 1"18- ■•>^liL__
York Zoological Park. 2d or 3d aye. v
to Wast Farm?; ?ervlc» a la carte.
WE REFTNISH Brass Beda, /'^'".T
»nual to n"w. MARKS ■-■'' . I^' X ll"th.
OLD GOLD, "liver and precious store*
bought at highest market value, made
into new articles or "^^^^"VpvrS
«lrv or Japanese rco-I? at M. V TEPPhR S
FACTOR 19 West 31?t-t»t . basement
GROWTH booklet and demonstration
fr'-e VAaWAP CO.. 108 Fulton-«t..
New-York City. _— .i— —^i— .
Typrwrittnr — 5 cents per Hn*.
TYPEWRITERS — All flakes sold, rented.
repaired. exchanged: reliable •«"■,'"•
GOKMAN. T8 Nassau-it. Telephone JTUO—
Cortlandt. ,
diate service on calls: charges most rea
lonabte. f. G. DTETT, 60 Broadway. Tel.
s.33H Cort. __i^
252 and 25+ W»?t 29th-st.. N>" -York.
To Sarah Fenton, .T'<hn I'arrom. John H.
James. Ro?a Clark, Mary Htnron Miv
Simpson, Thomas W Turner. Ella WllUana.
John Dunn. D. Haasett, Henorl Mortler.
Mr« W B Halo> Too ar« h*r»by nonnea
that, the time for pa>nn^r.t of th« Hen I hold
Q p, n the hous»hoM *oo«« and por^na. ef
fecta Etor*4 by you in my w«r«liw hayina
expired, after dv-> notice han r--en K^'fn
vo.i mch propert) will be mM at pnbllo
auction at 204 W«p »th-«t . N«w-Tork,
Monday. Octobei 9th. 190& onleas charge
"vGE*NTS^for Ma?oni.- Lif» Insurance in
ICew-Torft Stat«, N<>w --Jersey ami Penn
sylvania; mus». b" a Maaon; qtilck returns.
Adaress J. H. GRAT, Agents 1 Department.
612 West 6th St.. 'ln<'lnnan. Ohio.
AGENTS WANTED. -Ty>oklDX for dteady
employmen! the year round Our agents
ear i; from $15 to $20 weekly; trff lessons
In Buccessfnl salesmanship make experience
unnecessary. Call C. F. ADAMS CO.. 70
Erie-st .. Jersey city.
LAPY of ambition to represent as; weekly
earning large; no deposit required, no
canvassing; you control funds. Write
promptly for particulars to Department 18.
Box 61. Baltimore. Md.
door bottoms Is unequalled in efficiency
and durability, handsome non-ru?table fin
ishes; highest satisfaction; price moderate;
a«»nts make b'.g money Particulars. Ad
Ohio. .
AUTOMOBTLES.- Increase your Income;
earn S'M to $o'> a week; become a pp''P
erry qualifi*! ehaufTeur: plenty of actual rcwid
work on Mercedep, peerless 4 cyltnoerj and
Haulier (single and double) cars, certiorate
and lloense gruaranteed; day and «venln<
l<.s^on= w« help you to positions; now th*»
AMERI'-A. 74- 7th-av». ; first, laugest and
br.?t . oat references are our graduates and
th«ir present employers
New propoeltion on New -York raornlni
newspaper for work In Grea'er New-Tork;
steady work to good men. WILLIAM H.
GL'TELIUS. 8 a. m.. Room 1. Tribun*
wanted on yearly standard publication Of
high reputation; commission basis, refer
ences required. Address Mr. H.. Box 1«.
Trlhune Office. _______
EOT WANTED in wholesale house; must
reslfle with parent!, one ivllling to begin
at the. bottom. Address in own handwrlt
ing. P. O. Box 278. New- York City.
WANTED — As secretary or superintendent
of buildings and Urge farm, near New-
York must b* first class al! round man.
accurate, diligent and absolutely trus'.
worthv , one having- sxperlence in englneej
ing or building or contract work preferred;
should be familiar with modern farming or
ca.-e of livestock; state age and salary ex
pected. H H-. Box 20. Tribune Office. £
WANTED —A man thoroughly competent t')
handle the mailing lists of a large manu
facti'rlng corporation, located in Wisconsin;
only thoie who have had similar experience
ne«j apply A<Mr«_i with full particulars
and salary required. U W., B« 7. Tribune
COOK.- rrr-testant. wltli (Wd raf«r«c«s;
S4O tA SiWi also Protestant lady s maid.
S3* M% rO-LJER ■?. _» West 23d-st.
rIRI WANTED to t:o light manutactur-
CO. 2.1 Anth-.nv-aye . near l«l»t-«t.
KEEPER wanted at once, by re
tired physician, In suburban city. Apply
.„ v v c° NDI IS Exchange Place.
Jersey Cltyt. Telephone Jersey.
mCVEBTISEMENTS an,l subscripUons for
The Triaane received at their Uptown
r>mce No 1.364 Broadway, between 38th
and 37th sts • unt1 ' tt o'clock p m. Adv«r
tisements received at the following branch
efflces at regular omce rrte» until tt o'clock
WANTED — Housekeeper, by widower of
70; a mUdle as»d. edicated and reflr.e.l
Christian lady, experiejioed In management
of servants ar..l capable of raakinj home
pl«asant. AMrm H V. OONDICT. 15 Ex
chanje P'.acc. J«r*«y City. Tetspaoae 74t'>_
WANTEX 1 —A woman of OBdoabted Integ
rity and excellent health, who is naturally
systema. tic .md parti. an.l an excellent
teamstr<7?s. willing to be taught by a lady
who Is an experienced housekeeper, several
eervanrs employed, highest references re
quired. Address B. Q.. Buffalo, N. V.. Poet
8, IS. 20. 22, 24. 26. 30 West Fourteenth Street
7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 20, 21. 22, 23. 24, 25. 27 and 29 Wett Thirteenth St
Notions and Sewing Necessities.
In connection with our Sale of Dress Goods now in progress, tbes*
underprice specials come at a most opportune time It Is particu
larly gratifying to savp tnon«»y on the nnmberle?s items that form so
important a part in making the new gown or in general family sewing.
All quotations are for
Trustworthy Qualities — Honest Measurements.
100 yards— finish— Blark and White— *| g»
Nos. 20 to regular price 22 cents dozen ■■—»■« I O
| R(IR (IN lir..fp i i.! [*"•*'■" as rP'
Blar-k Se-^inr Silk— floz. . . .19 .15 BHll M 4» PuppoTt»r». J» .IS
Sewing Silk— yds — ; BOM Supporter*— S rt*e».. f B '
black and colors — do*. .—I .29 : .23 I CLJ_j,| Front Supporters — •'_
Buttonhoi* Twist— of j I Hook On. Sew Cm. Pin
2S — black and j On. or Military Pad. 3
colors -I» '.15 to 4 strap-" •* ►!©
Hemtnwaj- ar.4 B*rlett'» Han's Garters •-•• •** .IT
ir^ C vdr WlnS Bllk ' • I 5 All S.lk rrille-1 Elastic-^ J* .19
Larpe spools ..'.'.'.'.*.".'.'.'.'.". ■ -2« \ .19 \ All Silk Plain El«Kti<-— yd. J» .IS
Extra lar»e epools | •<• .39 KUatle Silk B*:tlnK •*• JS£Q
Ba.«tlnsr Ootto* — 800 yd. ; _ Celluloid Cors»t Ste«l Pro
>>poo'* — doz • j •** -So tectors «*^ »14
TafTeta Peam Binding;— _^ Mohair an<l Unen Cor««t
hlack »nd white | • j it Lacen — "> yds. llone»...r — e»... • g
Fxtra wMti Taffeta Mn<l- : Corft Ckap*— 4a«Mai at««l 4 £Hi
Mack «nd 0010r5.... •!» 1.10 r^,,^ ri aS p»— sateen «Xi T 5
Pnmtn Binding— ; - f»rset riaswi— W« <<ov«ped Jl Q
»rid white— »-vd. piece..! .H .10 ! *"
•■ i ir\ Oorawl T*-«- -IIM and I
Ptrone Drwa Berttac— pe-^l •» | -1O j r ,-,, : .... _ flol , n JO S
Doable sere* Baltta*- j_ 0 | Munlin Tokw-all atoaa.... J« 6
P.lk r. a therb.r,e-box "'I __ on 'Wortii Tnif'sJs— S down... 4 S
Silk raau,«rbo»«_»« •» -«6 v^ )glm __ vmm ." « |
;; n T^,i 88 H01"...H o1 "... t 4 u^t^o*^: j« 8
Swell H * E -»Tmi* » ! P ! Bn»H Tom«t O CuahHwa.... • 4
Hook* with Invisible EtJ i ._ Ne**« Enwrtaa •«»■ 5
-^roaa j ■*♦ .18 ; r»uble Tap* Maaauiaa ■ 2
Skirt Piacqnet H* E— ■ \ 4 ! R a rh Rob*r»lrdles .1» ,1O
Hooir »nd Eye Tape— . ..j •»» ;.1O ! B lank»t Bindlnr— dci. y4s. ■*» ,S5
VeH-ataen nindln;: - extra ; | „ -rvk Bi n _dot yds " J5 ,1Q
qoality-4 7d> ■" .!« Alum'n.im Thlmble.-dox.. S 5
V piack*.n™ "rolor^ yd, . -lt|.lO O-rman Pilv.r do.-.ach.. 4 3
Mn^a Skirt Braide-% yds ! • 7 Collar BrttWr*"- ■ 3
Extra wide— plec« .. .. - 12 i -' 1 T>re«s Phlelds — douhl* <-nV«J
Nl-ke! Baftty Plni—S alaaa , i rubh-r and light weight „
_3 doz for J S 5 ; -W«a. S and 4 O0 g
Crrnton BafMy— a blkb- la ■ 3^ T^ght-weight and donWe
___■'■ -_■ -__ . S S 1 ro\-ered Rubber — extra
Pins— of 4 pap-r5....; " 3 \ , luaUtv _ No ,. 3 ,nd 4... Jt .^O
Beat American— paper .... • g : gnu Cter-a Sh M! _
P».«» Enailsh Pins ... ; IWtOM O 1 jj-p. San 4 ! 17t»a .12
r>ress Mnker*' Pins — lf) Yon twlatlnaj Tap* ! B 3
'' IK box , ! Roll Tar<--24 yards.. T 5
Gtaaa Head Pln»— _ ; g gngllali Twill T»jvs—
Bh^et of fiO ■ • » h^ f wMtha StoM B
Fanry Pin ruheii J - 1 " pm, ?., m Tap- |
Kn*l!«ih Hair Pins— in 5 s »*<tlM— *«• yd» Tto» Q
fi rar^rs : ■ _ r. lo n Floss— skeins • 6
Hair Pin rab!i-t.-lar«e.. " , g ; plush Balla-*« T 5
Bone Hair Ptos— ... ■ Silk T»s»rf^-fln» jaj ,1A
Ha t Fins—crystal and Jet. o ' Rmaikmmiiem Braids— all '
Pear! Head Pins— dozen .. •• O wMtba— pl»pe l»to£S 4*
Pllk rT,iffon- Collar Forms.. 5 3 ! \rmdn Enb'y r:, Ste« " o
OtMle Foundations ( -V> , 8 Trop HMl . r , a
Laundry -Wax- doxen .10 o j Polishing Mttta B
Tubular Shoe Lacee- ; _ I st)M> , g^^ r,\]t Beads—
Ito m yards- doj-n 8 | " fr , n(c jl2tn 18 o
Fine Pearl Dultooa S , rTOr P"V«- I*V> y*i ' JO
J'^'Lr 2 * ' ißrT "*~ 12 7 'Washable KmVy Silks—
zao^card aom skejnß gg
F assorfe'rs^s-2dz^rd .M .10 "-J^.^^^^
Fanry Buttons— larre -.^-J 19 Laray balla* aieii .....'. *S 6
rt^e-1 and 2 dor .24t0 ». W ., shrr ,. re v . r , iT , R . , J
BTB T: I ™^r, r Butt : r :":| .» .is d«« k^ -0^ n . ... . 4
ra^-d Pearl Birttoa»- _ Btocktag Fe*t-Jlw quality ft 4
2 doien : •'• I ' 9km Bnttum lml fjoaa. I 2
Ball Darning rotton— .! .20 .12 I Silk Stan and Ancbor».... 6 S
Mercerized o-orher rotton . 3 2 Fllk EmUcn Sets —
Merr-eri zed Garter Elaatlr.. .1" 7 ' S aad 4 pieces V .12
rottot, »aatlc-4 widths.. 1 4to»| 3 Bade Hair iMs-a-Maw] .*> , .25
\boT*» Qnntntions hold good To-day only.
Dress Linings
As heretofore, our T.ininp Depart
ment l| notable for romplefeness of
nssortments- all the correct fabrics
for Skirt. Jacket or Coat linings or
for Drop Skirts and Petticoats are
here— prices right!
Motre Pereallnes— silk finish — th»
famous -Rival" quality— Sß lnohes
wide— Black, white, llpht and
dark colors— equal to any other
make *old at .26 19
Mercerized Safe»n*--*xtra high
hutre— mefl for petticoats, jackat
linings, bed s«-»y. curtains, *t0...... .25
Taffeta Rustle— -3« Inch— Bla«k,
White and — looka like silk,
wears better— twice the- width and
less than half the cost of silks .25
M-rcerlzed Moreens— full 2T Inch—
Black. Wh!t«. Green. Plum, 'win* ard
other Autumn shades— value .85 .zH
Moiro Percallne?— Black. Whit*
xrd nuttahle for lining |
Fall Costumes— Special •• .li:.
Hair Mattresses
Instantaneous success which attend
ed this addition to our Household
Goods sections is extremely jrrati
fvlng. . . It shows that qualities and
prices are appreciated:—
All pure h«lr^-no shoddy, no cotton, no
excelsior, no nirture of any kind —
r r,rtT*4 with best A C. A. Ticking-.
All full lengths— In following widths:
4 ft S.9rTT.9S S 13.98 -22.98
8.98 11.98 13.98 w 22. 98
4 ft 40 lbe
7.98 10.98 12.98 to 19.98
fi ft. « Inches 35 lbs.
698 9.98 11.98 to 17.98
s ft 30 lbs
5.98- 8.98-9.98 to 14.98
Bathroom Fixtures
Finest Quality
Nickel Plated on Brass.
Each Piece Guaranteed.
Our assortment contains well selected
practical ftyles — individual and combina
tion rie'-es that can be used In small or
i;re* spaces — all BDttda useful, and
square and ova!, for wall, tub or stani! —
1O .19 .39 49- .59 to .98
.59 .79 .89 ■ .98 tn 1.39
ouass holders .25 to .69
F^r R^ll or Col Par*»r —
25 29 .49 to .98
For «tan 4 cr wall— S piece* or more
12 .19 25 .59 .69 .89
TOW.'F.U BARS— Tn'-l-.^lng Glas«—
IB to ?A tr.ch— desk, pest or wall p!»te»—
.35 • 39 .49 .69 «o 2.09
MATCH BOXBS- For parlor or saf»ty
matches— for wa11.... .49 .69 .69
One. '■■* ■or thre<> prong .... 7 '■"* -3o
For Pp"nge and Soap . iV lf> IWO
Tooth Brush and Glase .59 '" .98
goap. Glass and Tooth Brush 1 .98
Oak Bsth S»at»— adjustable .69
r,la».i and Oak Shelves- 24 Inch 1.19
Whl»k Broom Holders . . -29
T*w*l RMM^I «r double^ QQ
F1b»«- lUn«e or Waah Ra* >«—»-.- *.
BUT aorm*.
Everything New in
: for Dress or Millinery
In All the Most Fashionable Shade*
and Color Combinatioiifl
w»rp Prints and Persian*
•--. to 7 Inches wtde gtl 1.89
I Plaids— newest combinatlfloa.. .25 *•» .-4©
, Mous«ellne.« and Messalloaa-.. .10 t» .39
| Ombr*»— newest »had2n«»..» JZ7 ■»* .4&
: Satin Taffeta*— to 9 taclu. 6 * .8f»
' Plain Taffeta»— H to 0 Inoh.. B•• .69
; Sash Rlbbonw— plain aod fancy .49 to .93
' Hair Ribbons tf» mAtch..... .29 •■* .89'
j Corded Pillow RJbbOß*—
i all n»w Shades .*— — .19*a4 ,£^,
( sasn M4ssalbie«— S and Sl4 inebu
i wij»- latest Fall shades —
j also Whlt« and Blaok —
• worth 25 — ■_» » ,19j
worth 27 oent».. ■■ ■ J£ 1
worth SA — — ...... I, ■■, ,£a
; Pla!?i an<l Lirjerty Satin TafMM ■
i 4 Inches w'.ie— all oolor^ al«o .
; white and black — vain* •** . r ■■ ■ — t lg
! About 3V yda. lon« — i
: Exquisite NovelU«». trtOl
| Dresden flowered ends or ewtn^»
very u-ldo— >&/»>.. S.&fl
! F*ull line of Velvet Ribbon*—
I by piece or yard — colors cad Huk —
Washable Ribbons— eeirx*.
Ail »♦ Popolax Prlr«fc
Bows tied fr«9 of charge br cecparta,
Guaranteed Black Sllk&\
When th? maker has canflilenes
enoueb In his products to pot Ms
I ffuarante*» on *>very yard, yoa cm:
Ibay with ronfidpnof» that wear will
. b*> gatlsfactory, and when we taa.rk
our popular prices on goods of ttilt' ]
rharacter, you can be sure Talues ]
cannot he surpassed in America.
; Guaranteed 'T __.
Taffeta and Peau de Sole* \JJ*T
36 Inches wide J
i Guaranteed 1 en
Taffeta? and Feau de Soles i-.5y
27 Inches wide j
] Fln# Cottoa
I Comfortables
' Not a few dozens to select from, bat
lease after oas? in our facaoas b&se
j ments in assortments and quantities
! that no other house equals.
Full ss ic— fancy
■tltched— instead of $1.25 .98
' puix (ize soxo&jxnt —
Flgur^l both >ide» or red back —
white cotton fllle<l— Value $1&$.- 1.69
Figrured both sides or r*d
bark— value $3 *» .8.79
Australian Lamb* wool filled -<jom«a
with Pitkollne or Sa.te«n. 98 *» 5.49
i «t«5 ft.— Sat«n cove»ed. -3.95---4.©3
| Urtra Hxe—«x7 fl --6.93
\ «sft ft. — cov»r«d..^.QS «• IS.9d

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