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:AU: AU Those Arrested in Connection
xcith Triple Slaying Discharged.
Middletown. N. T.. Oct. 13 -Great surprise
jm%M created to-day -when the police discharged
" "ill the witnesses who have furnished testimony
k*o the authorities during the investigation of
the Olney murders. No reason for this action
was given by the police, who said that they
had got valuable information concerning the
r It Is believed Important information has been
obtained from John Conkling. his son Arthur
and Martin Sigler regarding the Olney murders.
Burt Sigler, sen of Martin, was also examined
— nXng the case to-day. What has been
ted from the Siglers and the Conklings is
- • V. : ■ ■•■ -.
Mrs. Ingerick. the mother of the little girl
killed at the time of the murder of the Olney
•brothers, Is not so well to-night. Repeated at
!^Umpt» to get information from her about the
crime have failed, as she declares she has no
---onectlon of the attack made on her. It is
now feared Mrs. Ingerick will never recover suf
ficiently from her injuries to clear up the mys-
Jamea J. Atwell. of No. 154 Green-st.. was cross
ing Broad-st.. Newark, last night, when a trolley
car struck him. painfully injuring him about the
nead and leg*. While on the way to St. Barnabas
Hospital some boys opened the rear door of the
"ambulance as it was going: vp the Court -st. hill and
the stretcher and patient slid to the pavement.
The boys escaped.
Foster M. Voorhees. ex-Governor of New-Jersey.
■ said yesterday that he did not believe the article
»that appeared In a morning paper assorting that
plans for a submarine boat had been stolen from
" th« Lake Company, in Berlin, a few days ago. Mr.
Vorheea Is the counsel for the company.
He based his opinion that no plans had disap
peared on the fact that he had not been notified
Of anv'such theft, an.l upon his belief that, under
"the rumored circumstances, he would naturally be
the first person notified by the management of
the company. t
; The followine: judgments were filed yesterday,
the first name being that of the. debtor:
'Austin. Hl!de*ard* A— Lucy A. MacAuley $61 PI
A£ams. Charles — Romona Oolitic Stone Company 363 36
Bute. Georjre W. — New-Amsterdam Casualty
Company 137 M
, Brown. Edward O. Ravmon SO 41
Barocchl. Emar.uei John J. Hayes 4S f4
Cornwell. Charles F.— Harold II Hackett et a 1... 2359S
Sar^e — James A. Morrison IM 45
Same — Same 3*7 41
Courtney John — Tenement House Department.... 2<>4 {'1
Cobb. Will V. — New-York Telephone Company... 90 11
Collins. Daniel J. — Sam* 70 72
Canrtolesl, Vletonlo Salvatoro Pi stefano 146 41
Darfins William A. — New-York Telephone Com
pany 41 10
De Zordo. Peter— Patterson. Gottfried & Hunter. 445 f>7
De Lame. Anr.i?— L.?ze:te Haufler 137 31
"You Must See It to Appreciate It."
(in Colors)
of WILL GRXFL7S Witty Sketch
The Yf»i]nw Peril
••• 1 CIIUVY JL will
Sunday Magazine
To Morrow's
Lots 9/ Good Heading
Edwards. Leo & Gu^New-Tork Telephone Com-
rffbS. John -B/aWd PMiio '^ffiSJSit^f I . »'!
Farley. Thomas— Unen Thread S^m«rton 'an-i
Ferguson. Samuel I -William Daumcartcn an-i rw
another _ ■ .'» .i«« ' ' 374 mi
Gunn. Arthur— Nithor.fel R Jf«*2 17? oi
Green. George \V - Jacob L- Mincer no w
OoMb«r , Yetta- David Llpka. ■ . . • •••_■• ■■■■-
Gardner. John (not summonrd)-Neu-'iork T<>l^
phone Company . ■ 27 1»4
Gane. William — Same 42 42
Grey. John B. Same Hill 138 41
Helfenberg. Lena -Harry Matz _.•■-•_-• M
Hinners. John A.— Brooklyn Heights Railroad jMw
mrS 3 ?iarrv- B -New-Vork^Uphon^Company M9l
Hanna. Annie R.-Alfred E \an Wagner... IM O
5r5 r SSS**BtSS«ja^^»o*J«i "«*«: »<»
Klein, Joseph (BOt 'summoned) and Morris— New-
iS& ?ohS-rr I .Twneand-Trad ln g Company 373 40
L!° her Arthur-New-York Telephone^ Company. . . MCI
Lampro. Stat his- Joseph H. Krenrlrh-^. __.„_.. V* 8 "
Moore. Sarah— V. Loewers Gambrinus Brevior> _^
MuuTm^^llen M -Ma F ?le Mullany . . BanE \\ V* M
ICowo. klcaael B -Brooklyn Heights Railroad 4 " *'
Maj-Grfß^r. Mary F —Brooklyn Heights Railroad ofi
McCo/mTrk Wlnfl^a S.-WiVllam E. B-ard.Me y : '. 120 h
McCoy Thomas F. -New- York Telephone Com- .
pany n- <J
McDonald. Daniel— Same ■ •••• • ■ •-•• ; -' !M
Mayors. Joseph M. 'and W""**^.^ $vr n" on 01
rr.oned)— Walter Thompson C<->mpan> •" • i
Mayle Edward J -William H Starbuck g»
McFadden. Edward-Clover Leaf Wine Company.. M W
MrKenan. Rlchar.l— William Falkner. . . Baker and *>£>*>
Mlejenber»r. Henry and Morris— Jacob Baker and
another > So^ : CompanyV.: c_i lii
Polowe. Max L.- Samuel Hergstein . ; g» «
Parker James-New- York Telephone Company... <\\ M
Pohalskl. Julia- Pame •- „.„ ."
Prior. Frederick W.. Jr.— Lena Kern oS -'
Pell. Mary — Fletcher Company tSiii.
Qulnn. .Tame?— John L To?canl; 7 1sts .; Q «4 ,
QuiKley. Terence— Joseph Roth et al. costs « 4
Read. Emma ? -Joseph Rrmond et al . 119 95
Radigan. Joseph H -New-York Telephone Com-
pa y &$ t ,i
Reeve. Charles W — Same 270 Kft
Ryan. John— William Faulkner. .•■■■•■ .... «*«»
Raap. Gustav mot summoned) — Lnited Wine ana o _- -
Trading Company •• r."! *_
Stemfels. Simon M — Lochman * JacoM 1M«
Simon. Ralph—New -York Telephone Company... 8888
Schwart*. Samuel Harry Cotter. • -•• 204 41
Eolinaky. Moses— Milton M. Machol and another.. US 3S
Sutler. "John A.— Jessie M. James ™|> IS
Tph Joseph— .Tullu!= B-iderman ••-■ Dl» 00
\\>*=<-r. Maria and Hyman— Tenement House IV
partmrnt "' ', • i
Williams. Lottie— I'onald Mitchell ■■ ■■- ■'•**"
Woodruff. Joseph W.— Nonpareil Cork Manufact- _^_
Wa'ilensteln^Tsaac— William H. Browning, costs •■ •■ '' 77
Wallensteln. Isaac— William H. Browning, costa.. I<* >'
British American Finance Company— Edward r.
Cragin 610 41
Interurban Street Railway Corrpany— Julius Remy 4,«/ l« <*
The Circle* Company— Charles H Mason l-^Ol
Int<:rurban Street Hallway Com Jacob
Sadker ■■■• **< m
American Paint and Color Company— J. R. Brown
Company 1«, 18
Wth-Pt s s 257 C ft. c. of 2d-ave.. 12.6x100.5; the
Peoples Trust Company, trustee, agt. William Bnrrell
and another (foreclosure of mortgage); attorneys. Wln
pR 31 > st-st' . 275 ft. c of lst-ave,. runs c. 163 ft. x
n U«9 4 ft. to 32d-st. x w. 135 ft. x s. 197.fi ft. to hep. ;
one-pixth part: West End-are, w. b.. X.2 ft s of 07th
st.. 17.2x100; clarence L. Low t her agt. William H. Rader
et al (action to declare deeds void, etc.); attorneys. War
ren. Warren & O'Beirne.
12T.th-st B. s.. HV> ft. W. of St. Nicholae-ave.. Rox
99 11 leasehold: Will H. Van Guilder (action to recover
one-half interest, etc.): attorney. J. H. Wlnan?.
lllth-st n s . 164 ft. c of *th-ave.. 3GxlOO.ll; Louis
Greenblatt agt. Michael Myers et al (foreclosure of mort
gage); attorney. X Lea-in.
Republicans are to be counted for a straight
party ticket on November 7. Your vote is needed.
Register to-day.
...in the...
. . . with . . .
New Chambers-st. Building Changes Hands—A 121st~sL PM Bought as
a Site for an Apartment House.
Lowenfeld & Pragcr have bought, through It.
Rhelnhelmer, the block front en the west side of
Amsterdam-aye.. between 84th and 85th sts., 204.4 x
100 feet. .Max Kr^ind. the seller, owner! the. prop
erty for forty yeai s. The firm has also bought,
through M. H. Beringer & Co., from Alexander
and Conrad Stein, a plot, BtodOO f<*et, on the north
fide of 57th-si . extending to 58th-st. 175 feet west
of 10th-ave., and the adjoining gore lot, 2?.>:7".'x ir
William A White & 800 BOld to George R. Pond
for the estate of Sarah Carpenter No. 49 New
Chambers-st.. northw< ft corner of New Bowery,
and for T. S. Fiutpatrick Nos. 20 and 2J. New
Bowery, adjoining. , r ,T, T „
A L Mordecai &- Son (Inc.) have sold for Heii
ner & Wclf and the Realty Mortgage Company
the plot on the north side of 12lst-st.. 100 feet west
of Amsterdam-aye, being 75 feet front and rear by
96.11 feet in depth,! to Joseph H. Davis, who will
improve the. premises with a six story elevator
apartment house.
The Bedgwick estate has sold No. 65 Cortlandt-st.,
a five story structure, i n a lot 26^x78x24.6x77.9 feet.
If abuts the parcel Nos. 156 and 19 Greenwioh-st.
and Nos. I*3 and 165 Washtngton-st. recently
bought by the City Investing Company from James
J Head.
Ward Belknap has sold for the Atlas Improve
ment Company (Samuel G. Bain, president), a plot
76x100.11 feet, on the north side of mth-st -- 150 feet
west of Amsterdam-aye.. to Osk & Edelstein.
H. Weisstock has sold for John W. Gaffrey a plot
75x75 feet, on the west side of Lenox-ave.. 49.11 feet
north of 131?t-et . to Bilveraon & London. The buy
ers will erect two six-story apartment houses, with
store?, on the site.
The Erondv.-ay Reliance Realty Company has
sold No. in West 27th-st., ati ..Id building, on a lot
25x99.9 feet.
Bloodgood, de Saullea A- Talbot have sold for
H. B. May to Poehm & Bnehra Nos. 225 and 227
East 30th-st.. a five story modern loft building
containing 6,800 square feet. The property is leased
for a term of years to the Company The
•samp firm has also sold for Boehm & Boehm No.
m Alexander-aye. a three story brownstone house,
on lot 18.9x111 feet.
Bloodgood. de Saullea & Talbot have liought for
George L Carnegie, of Pittsburg. the George Card
Pease estat- tract at Roslyn It comprises about
forty-seven acres. S. Osgood Pell & ( o. repre
5-. nt< a the sell* r.
The Lexington Avenue Company has sold three
more of the -King Model" American basement pri-
Iwelling houses. Nos. 225. 237 and 245 West
The Portman Realty Company <Portman &
Levlne) has bought from Herman Brothers Nos.
TV, and 51S West 125th-st.. and from the Mestrack
estate Nos. 530 and 522 West 125th-st.. four six
story flathouses. with stores, each on a lot 2.x
100.11 feet
Edgar T. Kingsley has sold for Samuel Ballen
b«ig No. 339 Easi i^h-^t .. a three story and base
rrent brick private dwelling house, on a lot 19.2 x
Im° feet Nevins & Perelman are the Purchasers
having recently secured No. 337. adjoining. They
now hive a plot 89.10x100.5 £« '
Frank E Bmitn has sold for the Unit Realty
Company (Oppenheimer Brothers & Velth) the
block front in Central Park West, between 62d ar,d
am B ts a r>lot of seventeen lots. The plot has a
f£nt£e of P 2OO f£t in Central Park West. 220 feet
In 62d-*t and 200 feet in 63d-Bt.
Van VTlet & Pla" p have resold the premises No.
210 West ltth-st., 25x131.6 feet, to Charles J. Van
D & W MulUns have sold for B. Kasner to an
investor. No. o2 Catherine-st. a four story tene
ment house with store on lot 18x65 fe*t.
Maclay ft Davies have sold for James M. Hanley.
No 542 West 140th-st . a throe story and basement
private dwelling house, on lot I«.4xW.S feet, to Delia
A. Holston.
Weisberger & Kaufmnn sold for Mrs B. Cobn to
a Mr? M. Stewart No. 216 West 114th-st., a five story
triple flathouse on lot 25x100 feet.
E V. Pescia & Co. have sold for the Liberty Land
Bnd Improvement Company to a client the six
story new law tenement house with stores. No. 2.042
Montgomery Maze has bought from S. Engle the
five story and basement building, with stores, at
No. 1.852 Lexington-ave . near lK.th-st , 25x75 feet.
Roberts & Blau have bought from Rosa Jackie
Not 411 and 413 East 83d-st.. two three story build
ings, en a plot 40x102.2 feet, and from Mrs. M. Scal
lon No. Sls East 83d-st., a four story brirk stable,
on a lot 25x102.2 feet. _ ,
Potsdam. Levin & Friedman 'have sold for Hal
prin. Diamonds-tone & Levin to Louis Lese a plot,
112.6x100 feet, on the north side of 13»>th-st., 139 feet
west of Cypress-aye.
Horace S Ely & Co. have sold for the estate of
Simon Herman to Theresa Lewene No. 519 East
liyth-st., a four story flathouse. 20x100.11 feet.
Morris Cooper has sold for Aaron Coleman No.
224 West 23th-st . three story front and rear build
ings, on lot 24.6x98.9 feet, to J. Seldin, who will
Improve the premises. Also sold the three five
story triple flathouses Nos. 257, 259 and 261 West
25ih-st.. on plot 76.6x98.9 feet. -
Arnold & Byrne have sold for Cohen & Glauber
to George Reich;) rd Nos. 247. 249. 251 and 253 West
116 th St., four five story flathouses, with stores, on
plot: 76x100.11 feet
W S Patten and J. L% Van Sant have sold to
Jacob Norwalk Nos 27 and 29 East 133d-st.. two
three story brick dwelling houses, on plot 37.t>x99.11
feet Max Bernstein was the broker.
Louis Stockell has sold for Jacob laraelson to a
Mr Cronk No 1.054 3d-ave., a six story rlathouse.
with stores, on lot 25.2x100 feet. Also sold for a
client to a. Mr. Klune No. 237 East lith-st.. a six
story flathouses. on lot 25x103.3 feet; for Louis
Minsky to J. Kessler Nos. 145 and 147 West 10th
st a "six story flathouse, on plot 44x95 feet, and
for J Kessler to Louis ;uinsky No. 53 West Bth
st . a five, story flathouse, on lot 25x93.11 feet. He
has resold the property for Mr. Minsky to Fur
man, Gertner & Weltflsch, who in turn have refold
It to Harry Mack.
A client of Ezekiel Fixman has bought the plot.
150x100.4 feet, on the north side of 17th-st . 65.5 feet
west of Exterior-:?!
Charles S. Goldsmith has sold for Mrs. Theresa
Zika No. 1,418 Avenue A. a three story frame build-
Ing, on lot 25x100 feet, to Kevins & Perelman.
Morris Cukor, as attorney, sold for Minnie Hirseh
to Max Levin the three story dwelling house No.
120 East 103d-st., 15.6x100.11 feet; also, for Henry
Pearl the three story dwelling' house No. 116 East
103d-6t.. 15.6x100.11 feet, to Harry A. Gordon.
L Seidman & Co. have sold the five Btory single
flathouse No. 5 West 135th-st., on lot 18.4x99.11 feet.
Kronovct & Sioloff have sold to Samuel and
Moses Charaek No. 537 East 13th-st.. a six story
tenement house, on lot 35x103.3 feet.
Furman. Gertner & Weltflsch have sold to Israel
Tomases No. 211 East 73d-st., a five story tenement
house, on lot 25x102.2 feet.
Meyer, Lester & Hymanson have) sold to Laz«ro
witz & Posner No. 213 to 217 Foray th-st., two six
etory tenement houses, on plot &4xl2> feet.
Bene Posner has sold to Meyer H. Schonzelt the
northwest corner of Stanton and Goerck sts.. a new
six story tenement house, on plot 45xtit..1l feet.
L. Scn'ick has bought and resold to Samuel Mann
No. ><> Madi.son-st., a three story building, on lot
lSx"5 feet
Beethoven F.nglnnder has sold to Alfred Bach
mann a plot of fifteen lots at the southeast co-ncr
of Southern Boulevard and Tiffany-st , 3 ox 10) feet.
The EJrnet-Cahn Realty Company has sold for
Haber Dworkowiti &. Haber No. 107 to ill Ht.
Ann's-ave three five story flathouses, on plot 75x75
feet to Frank B. Walker, who owns adjoining
PI Mmon Goldsmith has sold to Henry Meyers No.
10J3 Lexinston-ave., a three story brownstone
front dwelling house, on lot 17x82. feet.
M Edffar Fitz-Gibhon has sold for Daniel Katz
and" Nathan Qrabenhelmer to Frederic Meyer the
northeast corner of Co!nmbus-ave. and 126th-st.. a
five story triple flathouse, with stores, on lot 26x76
E " Francis Hillenbrand has resold for Elizabeth
A Colton the southeast corner of Amsterdam-ay«.
and 10Oth-st.. a five story flathouse. with stores, on
H. D. Baker & Bro. have sold for Solomon Simon
the six three-story dwelling houses. No. 218 to 223
East 124th-st.. on plot 116x100.11. Jacobs & Hutkoff
the buyers, have formed a partnership and will
build three six story flathouses on the plot, and also
three similar houses at No. 214 to 220 East 107th-st.
Wollns Brothers have sold for various owners to
Samuel M. Welsbers th« eight thr«» story brick
dwelling: houses, on plot 125x100 feet, at the north
rast corr.fr of Pleasant-aye. and 122d-st
S. R. Welser ha s sold two lots en the east side
of Park Terrace Weat. 52 feet north of 21<tn-st.. to
Emanuel Alexander, who own? the adjoining corner
of 217th-st., anrl now controls a plot lDtelSd feet.
Frankenthaler & Sapinsky have sold for the Lib
erty Land and Improvement < ormniny to Arthur
E. Smith, of Ocean Grove, N J • No. 2.«M2 lst-ave
a six Btory t-iument house, with stores, on lot
25.4x113 feet. _, .
M. Thorn has bought from Samuel Ellsbergr the
southeast corner of Madison-aye. and l.mh-st., a
five story flathouse. on plot 4f>x7s feet.
P. Imperato has sold to Louis A. Solomon the
two story flathouses No«. 414 and 416 Last 123d-Pt.,
on plot 60x106.11 feet . „ . .«..
Wflliatn Loeb & Co. have sold for N. Kahan the
northeast cornor of 135th-st. and Brown Place, a
six story building, with «ton I ..
R. Bergmann has sold the plot, 160x100 feet, on the
north Bide of Hs:h-=t . 125 feet west «>f Lenox-ave.,
for Halprin. Diamondstone & Yevin.
Charles B. Puross has sold the three four stor>
buildings at the southwest corner of 28th-st. and
10th-ave., on lot T>xlort feet, for Herbert Howenstme
to Frank Beckman. ' Also sold the three story
frame building, or. lot 25x95 feet. No. i. Cornelia-st.,
for Mrs. A. L.. Parker to George Brit fin.
L. Seidman & Co. have sold No 5 West J3sth-st.
a five .-tory single flathouse on a lot 18.4x9y.1l feet.
Hamburger & Hyman have bought a plot on trie
north side" of l*9tn-st . 300 feet east of Lc-n.->x : ave.
He will erect four six story flathouses on the site
Harry Uock has bought from Furman. Gertnt-r <£
Weltflsch N<-> 53 West Bth -Si . a r\x story tene
mf-nt house, on lot 25x93.11 feet
Underhill & Mathews have teased No. 1.543 Broaa
way for Peter Vogel to the St. Louis Auto-< ur
Company, which will use the premises as a garage
A Shat'tkin & Sons have sold to Philip L-Janow the
Plot. 60x100 feet, on the Bouth side of 2<¥un-st.. B
feet east of Cedar-aye. Tho same arm have soia
for H. Lapkins to a Mr. Friedman the lot. 25X8U
feet <<n the east. sid* of White Pialns-ave-., .'-■ feet
north of St. Owens Place..
E V Pescia & Co. have leased for Morris Mala
wista and S. Rebofsky to a client the six storj
new law tenement house Nos. all and ta r- > ■■
28th-st. for a term of five years. The same firm
has also leased tor Abramowitz & Brill to a client
the two five story double tenement houses. NO. ->>
and 257 East 125th-st, for a term of rive years and
for Arthur Hutter to a client the five story double
tenement house No. 98 Attorncy-st.. for a term of
llOth-st s s, 100 ft c Of lOth-av*. 125x100.11;
Caroline X Wet more, executrix, to Benedict _ (^
Sa I property; Benedict Kiiikeiste'ln to Marcus ,- • 18 » ww
Same property; Benedict Finkelsteln to Marcus L
. .-k an.l another; mortgage *34, <>•»>. ••■••-•• •• 10 °
122<J it, No 108 West. 18.8xluO.ll: Jabez C ™at- . „.
son to Lizzie 6 Watson; mortgage, $13.000 >ominai
l°7t!i-st. No 4OS West. 17 2xitlt.il; Mildred G
Smith to Harriet X Smith; one-half p«rt: »>>_.„.
..^ .... *■ vlllll*'*!
West End-aye. "So 771. w £. 17.2x100; Mayer S
Aucrbach to Alexander Rankln; mortgage. 514.-
941h-«.'s 8 : ' 150 ' ft 'of ■ 2d-ave. Kxi&a j ' Samuel
GreenfeM e'. a! to Simon Rei.-h and another..-. i"»
Lots 6 7, 8 and 131) to 14-', man 160 lots Tw-nty
fourth Ward; Nellie S Bhrich to Samuel
Ehrl-h i.'' ■■■ L Nomlnal
Brook-aye n a corner 164th-st, 29.2x74.6; Ja ■'.>»>
Meadow ' et al to Otto 1 Schwarzler; mortgage
2d $Il>}s1 l>} s a' corner '2U&«t. ' ii*x2M. ' Wakeileid;
Harry Gleich to James J Smith: mortgage.
*.* ("K^i I I**
Lot 66 map"aieasK>n property; Henry A Park to
Annie F Mackenzie; mortgage, $MO. .._......... 1 K>
Morris-aye. c s. T. r . ft n of »2d-st. ::sx.l'.;J; M«r
rls-ave c 6, 75 ft .- of 153d-»t, 25x.03; Denis
M Gallo to Alfred C Bachman; mortgage. *10.-
OOq l ' " '
Briggs-avV." "e Corner "l!>Sth-«t; Siegfried Silber
berg to William Loeb Nominal
Mount Hope Place. n s. 260 ft w of Anthony-aye,
20x100; Edwin C Dusenbury to Edwin 1 Alex
ander: mortgage. $8,000 • • ■ VHl' l
O?den-av<» w .--■ 80 it & Of 164th-Bt, 75x!>4.t>; t-d
ward A McCann to James Sayer?; mortgage
*6 500 Nominal
Se'lgwlck-ave. c B 284.8 ft n of Lind-ave, 331. 3x
lli».2; William McGowan to William 8 Patten:
mortgage $11.5(10 : -. •• IHy
14-th a ? 4.V. 4 ft c of Terrace Place. 998 X
100; Henry O Heuer to Joseph T B Jones; mort
gage, $15.000 ,- • •; '
Boscobol-avo. B e corner l€»th-st. 2<>\ IrrwUar;
Elizabeth Douglass et al to Walter S New -hour* ■ Nominal
lCt»th-s:. a c corner 2d-ave. 100x20: Elizabeth
Douglass et al to Walter ? Newhonse '' "
130th-st c w F 2VI ft » « of Amsterdam-aye.
22Hx in-e^ular; William McGowan to William
S Patten; mortgage, Jl4.<X>'» llKl
13Sth-st No 128 West. 2f>xi»o 11; John Bonwit to
Morris Freundllch and another; mortgage.
123.000 ■„■•■ '
Morris-aye. No 1.066 w p. 25x101.5: Bronx Home
1. .'.v Company to francis I) Bergeman; mort-
K-i^e. $8,000... ; ' '
Arthur-aye. n c corner Oak Tree Place, 2ox.»";
John iVUary to Cbwriej BJ ° rkrsren l ■ m-rtgage. Nominal
23Cth-&t. n «=. 126.10 ft c of Webstor-ave, — x Ir
regular; Benjamin H Irving to Verltas Realty
Company; mortgage. (<{4 •~:■ •,' lli<>
191st-st 8 c corner Hoffman-st. l(V)x25: Carles
Bjorkegren to John O Leary; mortgas^ 53.000. 1<»
96th-«t Nos 3o'» and 338 East. 80x100.8; BenJ«mln
Harris to Abraham Scheinberg. mortgage.
j.^.Kj,, Nominal
08th-st Nos 48' an.l 50 East. 60xl00.U; Samuel
E Jacobs to Hudson Realty Company: mortgage.
«43 000
»«th-ft Nos '.'ssa and 333 East, fwxlt^.b. Abraham
Scheinberg to Heyman Klllman and another,
mortgage. Ss3.<XiO •. • ■•• ■• - IHI
2d-ave No 1.W3, c s. 35.11x100; Reserve Realty
Company to Henry Fenereteln. mortgage.
$-\> oot> v n
Carmlne-st. No 63, n 6. 20x95; John J L^nahan.
referee, to George Decker ■ • 25,330
Orchard-^t No 76. c s. 25x87.«: Lazarus Hannes
et al to Mathlas Last: mortKaee. (36.000 I<V>
Eldrldg*-st, No 202. c s. 24.4x88; Max Jacobs to
Samuel Horn; mortgage. 531.175 ... V*>
l«th-st. No 353 West. 25x02.2: Frank Slegel to
Charles Polifeine; mortgage. $14.000 •■••■•■ ln °
S4th-st. No 210 West. 26x102.2; Abraham Scheln
ber^to Benjamin Harris. nßOrtgMEe. 8».00& 100
Meet End- No 159. w s. 25.3x100; Mos»»
H.jtvirn to Benlamin Kolh; mortgage. $40,000 I<X>
Amsterdam-aye. Wp. 75 ft nof 66tb-st. 28x60;
Emily X Duschnes to Louis sohlesinger Nominal
Brook-aye n w corner 140th-?t. — x irregular;
McKlnlev Realty and Construction Company to
A.be Schwalbe : mortgage. 132.000 I 1 "1
Lot 96 to 100, 103 to 106, 110. 11l and 117, map
lt>3 lots, estate Mary .1 Radway; Adele R Gar
diner and another to Mercury Realty Company. . 14.935
Joncs-6t. 9 p. 122.3 ft a of B!eecker-st. 21x97 8;
George Pchonk to the Co-operative Settlement
Society- of City of New -York • ■ Nominal
S4th-st.'s 3. 325 ft c of 2d-ave, 85x99 9. L Walter
LlssbergT to Joel Jacobf: a i part: a.l title;
mortgage. $90,000 ■• . • ......... .Nominal
Wuift-et, r. w corner Grand-st. 10<>x25; Louis L
Rlchman to Louis Krause; mortgage. $43.0<i0... 100
3d-st. No 312 East. 22.7x106: Morris Solomon to
Louis Kooner; mortgage. *22.000 100
12*th-st. No 55 West. 18 4x99.11; Laura F Bard
well et al to Jacob Jung • - ■■■-. 1W
Wadsworth-ave. n c corner 177th-st, h9 10x100;
Sidney E Milling-ton to Alfred P Coburn; Vi
pan; mortgage. $27,150 Nominal
17&th-st, n c corner Wadstvorth-ave, 125x100;
John D Wairon to Walton Construction Com
pany: mortgage. $51,500 • I<">
12th-ave, s s. lot 456. map Wakefield. 100x114;
Martin Suchy to George J Strieker 100
Bainbridgc— a.ve. W s. 236 11 ft n of lf>4th-st. 2(>x
73 William C Eergcn to Helen Schofield; mort
gage, $4,000 10 °
Anthony-aye. c s. 2&0.5 ft n of lSlst-st, 3.10 x
Irregular; Richard M Martin, referee, to Frank
Knezelc. Jr ■••"- 6.. 00
10.'.th-st. 6 3, 181.2 ft c of Amsterdam-aye. IS. lux
100 11- Amanda McMann to Clara L Eaklns;
j mortgage. $10,000 Nominal
6th-st. n c, 105 ft -w of 4th~ave, 50x114, Wake
field: Emily Dlrlon to Lizzie Sloeber and an
other; mortgage, ?3.500 100
Anthony-aye. c s. 299.S ft n of 181st-st. 3.10 x
lr-egu!ar; Frank H Murphy to Frank Knezek, Jr.
all title Nominal
21st-st. No 242 West. 19.7x109.6: William C Hanfa
to Maria S Simpson 100
Monroe-st, No 16. s s. 25x49; Lemuel E Qulgg.
referee, to Josephine W Taylor et al 16.000
Lots 277 and 279. man—De Pevster tract; George
A Morrison to Nicholas F Palmer, executor Nominal
Same property; Frederick Hartshorne to Mlln P
Palme, trustee 200
Same property; Frederick Hartshorne, to Georse
X Morrifon Nominal
70th-st. No 234 East. 17.10x102.2; August G
Ritßert et al. executors, to Isldor Leipzig: mort
gage. $9 500 13,000
Interior lot. IIS ft n of lSOth-st and 150 ft w of
C'ourtlandt-ave. runs 0 fix w BOx » 0.3 x c 60-
James Mcßrldse to Catherlno B Aitken Nominal
12.eth-st. n p. 355 ft w of Bth-ave. 18.9x90.i1: Ed
ward A Niehole to Ethel A Whiteman and an
other Gift
Anthony-aye, « «. 289.5 ft n of lßlst-st — x — : W
S Smith. administrator, to Frank Kneiek. Jr... Nominal
Same property: Frank Kneiek. Jr. to Annie Mat
thias: mortgage, $5.5«.i0 100
Lots 417 to 421. map Seton homestead; Hugh
Doon to Francis Trainor and another 100
Croton«-»ve w «. 205.7 ft s of Lebanon-Bt. lft 8x
85 7- Carl E Randrup to Robert Boyle; mort
gage. $3.000 100
127th-st. n *. 17«« ft c of sth-*ve. 16.8x99.11:
Emma McCanl*B» et »1 to John J Mcßride Nominal
Park-ay*. w «. 75 8 ft 8 of 104th-st. 25.2x80;
Cecilia H EpofTord to Walter J D*«n Nominal
104th-»t. Nob 76 and 73 East. S2xl00.ll; Walter
J Dean to Mlshktnd-Felnber* Realty Company;
mortgage. SIB.OOO 100
104th-*t. c w oorr.er Park-aye. Iflxl00.ll: Besaia
Conabeer to Walter J Dean: mortcar*. $10,000. . I(V>
89th-st No 257 to 2«1 West. 76.«x98.0: ' Aaron
Coleman to William Wetsteln: mortgage. $91.
000 Omitted
21nt-st. ■ i. 1953 ft c of Bd-avs. 20x92: Adolph
D^nzlKer to P.«rlha M'olkenber»: H part; all
title; mortgage. $11.500 Nominal
Forsyth-st. No 172. <- «. 29.2x100; Harris Fried
mart et al to Isaac L Shapiro: all liens mo
A.rnst«rdam-ave. n w corner 78th-st. 102.2x40;
Allc« R Nlven to Wesley Thorn; mortgage.
$120,000 100
Bom* propertyj Weslev Thorn to Cabot IteaJ
Estate Company; mortgage. $120.000 Nominal
Sherman-eve w a. 275 ft 8 of Em«rson-«t. 2Sx
150; William J O'Brien. Sheriff, to Walter B
Locan: all title 850
Sherman aye, w ». 2T'O ft 8 of Eni«r»on-«t. 28«
150; William J O'Brien. Sheriff, to Walter 8
Logan; all tltla 850
Th« flmt name is that of the debtor, the second that
of th« creditor, and date whan Judgmant war died:
Hasenieyer. Mary. George and Caspar, executors—
J M Saulpaugh; December 3. 1904 ■■• ■ •--•$8,108 «2
Hill, Andrew D— A Buchsbaum: October 11. 1903 »48 «7
Ireland. Adella D— Friedman; February 21.
1006 M4M
] Krealaer.barnara— T B Hidden; July 0. 1601.... 11l 71
1 '■"ii B«rrni Octob«r 20. MOO-... «-«-•• Un«
Baehman, Alfred C. to D M Gallo: MorTi»-a v 2000
c ■, 78 ft n of 152d-st; l year, 0 per cent. ••••••
Agranoff. Morris, and others to ME Weber; Mad- o
lson-st. No 351; 5 years. .'. and r>'4 per cent. ■• ■ *•
Decker George, to E W Mills and another, ex
ecutors; Carmlne-at, No «3. 1 year. 4V» P**" lß> ooo
Feuersteiii. H." to" Reserve Realty Company; 24
»ve, * f corner H>2d-«t ; prior mortgage. $20,000.
due' June 17. IMS; « per e«nt... w' •- ■ • ■ ••••■•. ™"
Alexander. Eiwln I. to Amelia V, Duwnbury.
Mount Hope Place; prior mortgage. tS.i^t. J 2non
45C4 «c of Terrace Place: doe June *V»*»; 0-0 24
Sorn^to'^amV.'as K'lai.liin. same property. **■ „F^ %
,S a n° rß^fe -Market^,: No,
H^t Ce wiihelm.na S. to M' A f^rrl. lot 132. %W
amended map Bronxwoofl. * >.«•»* -^ » CT v " n .,.,
P West; prior mortgage. $14,000; -i >ears. « Per
M^kenxle. Annie' F. to '**&£*'. ■ to" 4fto
lUtfh-st. » s. 150 ft c of -»'.c. 3 jea.s. ."> n350
Sa r tr r . Smsiii iv^th-Vt: ■; ,. »> w* of wwr ftCOO
K^^? r L.:mirt., CC MM t S oiom C n;3d: S «.No- 313 12 E ast:
p:ast; prior r-.ortgzg*. ?ir..W°- * > c *"- ° 2.< V*)
Mrr^ury " ReaVty Company :to A ' r' O-rd^^
another lot 88 to 9S. map estate M J Bal»av. fl
due May IT. 1908: 9ft 7 nt ••:;.- P - oarilner
Sa^ V to 7 E a^: ; .'ts P T^ ? a ;d 10«. same map: M ,
B^'Jl 7^ Aci'nrSi^ -ap: due May " 17.
.\^'[;:,noa,r 1 n; an,m Ip..i1 p..i- I>Ml
Soth-st. ■ a. 175 ft c of loth-*ve; three BMW <m
f 7. 504 2 ft w of White Plains Road. . jears. .^
WnreTrn^ 1 Albert. ' to A I10JB0; £*£,** jg
East: pricr mortgage. *10.250, 2 >ea... '> P^
n0 Brother to Gr^nw,^ Cemetery; luth " U r,.000
12 ■IBoit aof Aye D; due December 5. "-■ p coo
BtSffe^JtSSt to 'A Rufr; ■ Centre Market ' Place. r
A^St? A^eY'X 6 Mortgage C.rrpany;
tains » acres: prior mortgage. l > ar.
tains » acres; prior mortgage. ?12.jW. l > ar.
n,^trx.as,*; i^th-st. »»• lot , Of|n
rul"on-at» . s'v cor of 174th-»t ; P^'. mort - , ftoo
SiS ii rr B son $ 'Ma ( r'ia dU s. '^Amniean «««»» &gf.
rany; 21»t-St. No 242 West: due June 30. 1907.
Same VS same':" une ' property ; prior mortgag».
$11,000; due June 3... 1907: 6 per cent ••-■■— 1 - BW)
uSSSg. 1. to A 6 Rlt«*rt et al. "eou'ors. Mh- mm
st. No 234 East. Instalments . 6 P^.^n Tru=i ""
KarVooe. Cbacettol to Italian American Trust
Company: i^t-ave. c •. TO.IO ft 3 of 116rh-?t.
due April 21. 1908; 6 per cent.^ ..__.•■;•••_• "■'
Kn-7fk Frank Ir to Thomas M Kell"> . An-
X rnony-a t-e. >\. 299 oftn of lOrt-« : •" V^r*.
RosoJD^.'^ori' f! to ■citlz-ns' "savings Bank;
jWth-st: s s. 74.5 ft « of 2d-ave: due June 15.
S^° 5 SS»r^SS - k"iM « -• of 96th-«; **•
flue June 15. WO. 5 per cent. sold. . .. •• . • ■ ■ 15.noi>
Same to same: 2<l-a-». w a. 21. S ft • of («.th-st.
( ;u» June 15. 1610. 5 per cent srold- ...... ■• ■• 13, (
Harris. Rachel, to Salomon brill. M-*t. Wo •>. .
2 year.« d r,er cent ra
Dean. Walter J. to B ConaJbeefi: Park -a-. -". « w
corner 104th-st: 1 y««r. ■'• ner 5 rent . .■■••• OT.WW
Mlshkinrl-Feinbere- K"altv Company to \% J Dean:
Park-?.vo, s w corner 104th-st ; due April 18,
1807, 0 cer cent -• •• ■ - - '"
Trainor. Francis, and another to H Doon: lots 4_n
an,l 421. map Seton nomestead, 3 years, s"i per
rop.i *.•"
Heyn. Antonio, to Woman's Ho«n!tal In the Stat»
of New-Tort: lllrh-st. a s. £40 ft ■»- of Park
ave- 3 years 8 per »nt I."""
Stoeber. Lizzie, to R Wlnckier: i* sth-*t, n a, 1"..
ft w of 4th-av». Wakefield: 2 years, •: per cent S.Vv
Boyle Robert to C E P.atK'.r'in: Crotona-ave, w
s 208 7 ft ? of Lebanon-sr 2 years •'. vet rent. 2.fWV
Denker. Die-ir'ch. to .A Schmidt: Dwkman Place.
n -iv corner 50th-sr : f. vfar?. 4 ! i per rent 2.™»>
Krause, Lui.«. to L Richmar. Grand-st. n -a
corner Wlllett-st; prior morteage. 543.< 1 «X>: S
years. 6 ncr cent ... -" '■"•"•
Le-.y. Louis .1 to Joseph C Lett: 60th-st. No
219 Kast: 3 months. .1 tv»r cent 3.00Q
Bchofleld. Helen, to William C Bereen : Raln
biidKe-ave. w ?i 236.41 ft n of lf»4th-Et; 3
years. 6 per cent l.fxvi
SchTvalbe. A"r,p. to McKlnlev Realty nr.d Con
struction i"*ompanv Erook-ave. n w corner
140tb-«t: due November IS, 180«. « per cent.... 18.000
Uei'-h. Simon, and another to 8 Greenfield and
another: Mtb-st. ? s ISO ft c of 2<l-ave: 4 -.ears.
C per rent 500
174th-st. ? '. 200 ft tv of Amjterriam-avc; for
two five story brick tenement houses. ST-6bcß&;
■\Vallao!) & Reisler Company, owners; Moore &
Lendsledel architects $S<> CO*
Riverside Drive. No 65 to 6*. for a nine story
arid hayement brick rlathouse 89.0x76-4; Mrs A
Killer owner; G F Pelham. architect . .... 4.-n.i>m
Isoth- - s. 2^"» ft -.%• of Morrls-av»: for a five
story brick store and tenement bouse), SOxBS:
Somlta Realty and Construction Company, own
er?: LoUia Falk. architect S^.OOrt
Avenue C. 3 w corner at 10th-9t. (Jnlonport: for
a two s tory frame store and dwelling house,
$1.9x41.8; I>oui!« Hoffmeifter. owner: Henry
Lane, architect 4.Soi'k
Ittne r Place, n s. IGS ft w of Park-aye. for a
one storr boiler room. 17x35: Jacob Leltner.
owner; Charles Kreyenborp. architect (*»'<
152 d-• s -. 300.3 ft c of Morris-aye: tor a ny«
story brick tenement house. 50x104.1 Maurice
Puller, owner: Moore & Landseifiei, architects 89,000
178 th st. a a. 180 ft w of Bronx Park-are for a
two story frame dweiline home. 21x45 Mr.- A M
Hartigan. owner: B<?rnhar<l EbellriK. architect .. 4.50<"i
Valentine-aye.. No. 2.928 to 2.932; Albert Blech
ner agt J. Homer Hildreth. tri ate« and owner;
J.-nni9 McX Mother, Owner ar.d conrra t0r.... $349 00
28th St., Nos. 542 and 546 West; Adolph Leitoer
agt. James Taylor ar.d Sons, owners; B. Stern a.-
X Janowsky, contractors ... . ..... 45 00
23«th-st., n. a., 12i> ft. w. of White Plains Road.
4Oxli); Walter F. Duckworth agt. Sarah A.
Smith, owner an.l contractor ISO <v>
Briggs-ave.. w s.. 106.11 ft. s. of "last st , SQi
U<.'. Francesco Giugliano asrt. William W. Lun
ney, owner and contract >r 4>»7 50
Park-avp.. n w. corner 86th-st., 90x100: William
Williams i: Co. agt. William F. Kohng. owner
and contractor . ... 270 0O
Mulberry-st.. No. 62: John L. Malsinl act. Gio
vanni Lord!, owner: Fredertg Musti. contractor. 249 00
27t^l-st.. No. 43 West: Jacob Mark & Sons agt.
H. >• Hartwell. owner: Charles F. Bluemacher,
contractor . 160 00
Amsterdam-aye., Nos 32» and 331. Samuel
Deutsch agt. Eldridge estate et al : January 20.
1908 .... : . . #86 00
Kingsbridge Road, corner Sedgwick-ave. ; E. H.
Ogden Lumber Company agt. Roman Catholic
Orphan Asylum; December 10. 1903 (by deposin 330 SO
Same property: George L. Hill ag.". same; Do
cember 10, 1803 (by deposit) 533 CO
Same property: James Thompson A Son agt.
name: December 14. 1903 (by deposit) 316 30
Riverside Drive, c. a . whole front between l^Bth
and lOUth eta. , Candee. Smith & Howland Com
pany agt Paul B. Pugh & Co et a! ; October
6, 1905 (by deposit^ 144 50
14th-st No 432 East: Hyman Delinsky a»t.
Henry M. isear et al. : June 12. 1905 235 00
Exchange Place, n. c. corner New-st. 72.3x76.11:
Joseph T. Dallas aft Commercial Cable Com
pany et si. ; Junj 28. 1006 4IS S7
20th-»t . Nos. 13 and 15 West; Rhelnfrank House
wrecking Company ast Samuel Green et al ;
September 16. 1905 (by bond) 498 00
14th- : . No 432 East, B. Helman & Co. agt. Max
I&ear et al ; June 6, 1905 (cancelled) 1.000 00
Walker-et.. Na 0 to 13; Randolph Gugveahelmer
loans Anton L. Olsen $52,300
Belmont-ave.. w. s., 50 ft. n. of lS6th-st.. 25x87.6:
Title Guarantee and Trust Company loans Kate-
Griffin •• 4.000
Pleasant-aye. . c. a.. 525 ft. n. of 21t>th-st-. 6»>x
iH.B: Manhattan Mortgage Company loans Grac«
B. Talbert 9,000
Amßtertiam-ave.. n. w. cor. 107th-at., 60.7x100;
William J. Casey loans Irving Judls 25 000
eth-«t.. s. «.. >*0 ft. c. of Aye. D. 163x99.11; Plr.
cus Lowenfeld and William Prater loan George
J. Klein 6.000
24th-et.. No. 147 West; Metropolitan Life Insur
ance Company loans Moritz Singer. 42 500
102d-st.. Nob. 316 and SIS East; Lawyers' Title
Insurance and Trust Company loans Saggesa
Construction Company 40 000
Brooklyn Property to Let.
X? Bert location In Bay Ridge; all Improvements quick
renters; splendid homes: Ideal investments: price $5 500
easy terms. Apply Builder. g. HOLSTE>?!
4,823 TWrd-ave.. Brooklyn.
Furnished Houses To Let — Country
EAST ORANGE— To let. well furnished, larjte sunny
Ron, In ttrtctly rnvst* family. to r«rned*g«nt!«
mun of Kof6 r«-foren'-^; tint class ne!sht<irhoc>d. C minutes
from depot. Address A. 0., Tribune Office.
Country Property For Sale or to Let.
-t i-ROOMi -ROOM HOUSE— Barn: elevation. 890 feet; beautiful
-L*r view: one ml> from Scarsdale. on Harlem K. R -
$11,000; or rer.tal. $600: hacks at depot; ask for DE LJS
6ER. acarsdale. N. Y.
Real Estate Wanted.
SEND PARTICX'LARS of your apartments to rent;
many Inquiries. KNABE CO . 322 Sd \ve.
Country Property to Let.
mo KENT.— For the winter, a house on Tower Hill.
L Tuxedo Park. N. T. six master's rooms, four bath
room*; thoroughly heated; terms moderate. Address
r. A*, Poatofflo* Bex 1.042, New-York CStjr.
Real Estate.
Seeking Mortgages en obtata
through this Comp-ny th« choicest
Firat Mortgage* on real estate
Before offering them to the publi#
the Company appraises the property
«nd the Finance Commute* ap.
prove* the security for the Cora
pany's own fOMh
(TKKMS $9,000,000
Lawyers Title
Insurance and Trust
37 Liberty St., Manhattan.
(T.rl» D»t/.»rtni*nt).
59 Liberty St., Manhattan.
(Truat Pep»:frc<-3t).
38 Court St., Brooklyn.
Unfurnished Apartments to Let.
I Jermyn
I Apartments
T Broadway. 5. W. Corner 61st St.
A nrwlr completed 12-story fl'eprj**
♦ bnlMlnjr with aa unobstructed oirtloofc PWB
7 practically «-rery apartment. Ma«n»ee*»
X view of Central Park.
♦ Only two apartment* on a floor. arraoce4
* In noltr* of ». 10. and 11 room*, each pr«
v Tided with two family bath* and emm ••»
<► \ ants' bath.
\on Ready for Occupancy.
£ Rent* from $3,00« to $3,70».
284 Columbus Aye.. nr. 73d St-
Are the flnfst apartments of tr.is character 1b !*i
York dry. Ail Improvements an! elevator serrlet.
They consist of two rooms, with bath.
The rental of these apartments Includes elaeti
light, heat and the care of the suite*...
Several are available cow.
Apply en premises 113 West 40th St.. or at
ROSEMARY, No. 4 West 93d St.
Elevator. S !argre rooms, rent Jt.140.
2.259 Broadway. CM Slgt.
17-10 E. 27th-«t — Efgant. tireproif apirtment fcctel; 1.
2. 3. 4. "> rooms; every room Laving a bath; centrally '.:
cated; excellent cuisine.
lit AND IM BAST 718T
One apart • • $i.3rt>
i PARTMENT TO PENT- «?tfc Street S'j^ios, Z>
>«■ West Ktb-tV Apply to ALBERT B ASH FORD
< W»-5t :t"d- = t.. . r CHARLES H. DAVIS. 23 Broads
BEfT CARPET ■ leaninx an I : }AX 9 1 MS
DESIRABLE APARTMENTS, :■• .- and six rooM all
Improvements: »>> let. in fireproof apamr.-nt bonae;
own»rs resident: rent. $1.20f» P«t year. Apply to JAN
ITOR. 12 Weal 18th-«1
TWO ROOMS, with bath, steam heat, ho: water •■:,-<
X ply. elevator sen-Ice. Apply to HARDMAX. peck
tc. Co.. 13S sth-a»-e.
• vat" bath *i"ludins; meals for t*o. '-' weekly: tl3
for ore VAN REXSSELAEH 17 East lltr-.-rt.
-I -HOTEL HIGHLANDS. 13* EAST «St -Han4som«^
J. f^irr.iilit-i roorr.?. adjacent batba. $4 to $.. Suites *»
to $17 .V» Beard $7.
City Propertrj for Sale.
PRIV\TE HOUSE — Nine r",m« and bath: a., tnt«ierr.
improvements; cp. n plumbing; parq-e; fioor»; v.tm\y
decorate '■•r.- 1 b!.->ck from trolley. 1" m:nu'.es from L.
av-.. near 101st-st . W ?2 Fr^n'-^-t.
City Property to Let.
New American
Basement Dwellings
Eelueen Central Park West & Columbus Aye.
No residences have ever been offered for
rental In New York City coir.parlns
with these In construction. equipment,
appointments and detail.
Tfcey have been designed and built with
the careful attention to details of con
struction given only to the highest
class house* built for private owner
Booklet sent on application.
Size. 25x85x102.2.
Tbeae booses are ready for taepectloah
Caretaker at No. 30 V. o*t 74th St.
For particular* inquire of
Corner cf 87th St.. No. 2381 BroadwaT.
Furnished Apartments JVanted.
n'AXTEn. — A New York furnished house or furnished
VV apartment far winter, near a park, with four
family bed-rooms and thre<? servants' bed-rooms: on»
not usually rented Is preferred. Address CHARLES
H DAVIS. South Yarmouth. Mass. or 25 Broad street.
N»w York.
To Let for Business Purpose*.
A LARtiE XFMBER Or __...—
To Let Uptown and Downtown.
S Beokmaa St.
Brooklyn Property for Sale.
Beautiful n;w two-family Apartment Houa^ft*
tala on easy terms; 13 rooms I baths a\: Hartwcoa inni.
Tor Term» and Particulars apply on pre».»es or 10
FLATBUSH BUILDISG CO., 1484 ft-tbush Avtnae
CHEAP. Nurtm^
Elegant corner In Bedford section. 4 story a«W« I"JJ*7
stone and br«,-k flat; a rooms. 1 bathi «aoh rt ( !?2p
handsomely decorated t^rouKhout; rents. *'' L w J'iT^ ft "
JOSEPH A. SCHATZ. JR . CO . .*•" IMttOB-* . Broo«o^
Decatur-st.; elegant 3 Mory baser:en: stone front **_
ing; handsomely Jscorate.i IS room* and ba:n. st * «—
g»ln. JOSEPH A SCHATZ JR.. CXX, S«7 Fultol '■ '*• _
Country Property for Sale.
1-Acre Farms
DEER PARK. LI. $125 u3Cll
1,540 Flatbush Aye .. Brooklyn. N- T
rniIIMTDV catauoo run «•
1 f\ I intending buyer*.
ONLY. r .*iHs^**S&Z

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