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Committee Will Have to Ask Next
Legislature for Continuance.
Th« legislative insurance committee has been
forced at last to the conclusion that its actual
investigation will lap over well Into 1906, and
that doubtless it will be necessary to ask of the
next legislature a continuation of the commit
tee's powers. This, at least, those close to tho
committee and its work conceded, last night,
deeplte Senator D. W. Armstrong's repeated
declaration early In the investigation, that it
trcu'.d close before December 31.
The belief that the interpretation perforce
must be prolonged is based on a number of con
siderations. Among th« contributory factor*, it
is understood, are the far reaching importance
of the investigation, the newly realized depth
end complexity of the. subject, the intention to
extend the investigation's scope to certain fra
ternal societies, and last but perhaps not least,
the exasperating absence from the State of a
veritable cloud of Important witnesses.
'I:, the event of any of us not being- re
elected," a committeeman told the reporter, "it
will be doubtless necessary for the legislature
to reoppoiut us a committee."
The Equitable trustees at the meeting yester
day voted to recommend for election to the
board of directors John D. Kernan, of Oneida
County, and William C. Kedfield, of Brooklyn.
Mr. Kernan is the son of ex-United States Sen
ator Francis Kernan. He is a Railroad Com
missioner for the State of New- York, and a
lawyer in Utica and this city. Mr. Redfleld Is
the head of the firm of J. H. Williams & Co., of
Brooklyn, manufacturers of drop castings. He
•was prominent in tha public life of that borough
under the Low administration.
G. H. Parker, secretary of the trustees, made
an official statement, which follows. In part:
The trustees of the Equitable stock met at the
Buckinghitm Hotel on Thursday and prepared a
circular to be s'"nt to every polieyholder. This in
vites an expression of the wishes of the policy
holders touching the selection from their number
of the persons to b« voted for by the trustees for
directors of the society at the annual meeting to be
held on the first. "Wednesday in December next.
It will be recalled that Grover Cleveland, in his
letter to the legislative insurance committee, re
ported that the trustees had been disappointed by
the relatively few responses to their appeal to the
policyiiolders to express their wishes as to the
nomination of directors, and that this indifference
«-aa an obstacle to the trustees 1n their attempt
to effect trie practical mutualization of the society.
When the legislative committee resumes Its
sessions next Tuesday, its counsel, it is said,
will Bf>k Richard A- McCurdy. the president of
the Mutual Life, as to the company's relations
with the architectural firm of Clinton & Rus
sell, which has Its offices In the building. It is
understood that members of this firm disclaim
any relationship whatever to the McCurdys. and
deny either having enjoyed any monopoly or
having received any excessive commissions or
other unduly preferential treatment.
A final extension of time, until October 20. has
been granted to the defendants In the suit
brought by the Attorney General against the
Equitable and Its directors. Most of the writs
were, returnable about September 15. and had
been extended to October 16. So far only a
few answers have been received, but the New-
York office cannot tell the precise number filed
In Albany. By placing October 20 as the final
limit it is hoped to have argued all the demur
rers in the November term.
This weeks Ippu*» O* '< "haritieF." published
to-day, contains an editorial on 'Directors in
Insurance and Philanthrope y." emphasizing the
uignificance to charitable institutions of Jacob
H- Scif«T« i -««flßfs*.r.ation of insurance difficulties
before the leg-islative committee— that directors
do net direct-
The editorial pays in part
The system of unpaid, self-perpetuating: boards
of directors Is on trial In charitable sor-iftiei" and
Institutions no less than in business corporations
and •emi-flduclary Institutions, such as pavings
lank? and Insurance companies. The description
of the boards of managers of charitable societies
as self-p«ri)fcuia;ing would appear inaccurate if
one judged solely by the methods usually pre
scribed for ih<- election of members. Nominally,
they are usually elected by the members; that is
to say as a rule, by the contributors to the in
■titutlon. In fact, however, so small a number of
members participate in the annual election that
them Is generally no opposition to the continuance
of those whose terms expire. If they wish to re
main, or the executive officers desire that tne>
6 TMs 'is not necessarily objectionable of itself,
for. If the existing administration tea good one. it
should as a rule be continued. The difficulty is
that the process Is without discrimination. An
antiquated; unprogressive and Inefficient adminis
tration Is continued as readily as one or the
opposite description. Again, there ib seldom suUi
a real audit of finances or critical scrutiny or
actual work done as would truide the direr-tors to
an independent and thoroughgoing Judgment as
to whether the expenditures have been judicious
an«i th« work faithfully and efficiently done.
There Is a widespread misconception d wlia..
membership in a board of directors means or
should mean. Men and women of prominence arc
60licited to allow their names to be used with We
distinct understanding ihat absence from meetings
Irregular attendance, or even a complete, neglect of
all the duties will be overlooked for the sake or
the financial or other Incidental advantage winch
the institution will gain from the mere fart that
•'.■ names are allowed to appear. Social considera
tions sometimes lead to the selection of directors
■who re flagrantly unfit for the particular position
to be rilled.
Will Demand Insurance Legislation
in lowa and South Dakota.
(By Telegraph to The Tribune.]
Sioux City. lowa. Oct. 13.— -In signed state
ments Governor Cummins of lowa and Governor
Elrod of South Dakota express an intention to
demajid insurance legislation.
Governor Cummins was asked to go into de
tails regarding his views, but replied that, In
asmuch as he was engaged In formulating them
Into four well denned demands In his forthcom
ing message to the legislature, he deemed It un
■rtee to do more at present than indicate his
purpose in a general way of urging stringent
laws to protect the public against such "graft
ing-" as has been disclosed by the investigation
at New-York.
Governor Elrod went into the matter at
greater length in his letter, saying that the evil
of present conditions is so patent as to demand
immediate and sweeping remedy.
"1:; my own opinion." he added, "the fault is
lot so much due to the weakness of existing 1
SJMi as to lax enforcement of them. One of the
O-fIK-uliies is that boards of directors and com
nUssioijs do not do their duty and officials are
stained lit one capacity too long.
"I believe every official who handles insurance
money should have his tenure limited to one
comparatively brief term. This would effectu
ally do away with the grafting' that grows with
the long tenure of office. 1 am sure much good
will come of the present agiuuion."
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Say 8 W abash Victory Shows Stock
holders Trust Management.
George J. Gould, with President Jeffery of the
Denver and Rio Grande and the party which ac
companied them to Toledo on Monday to attend
the annual meeting of the Wabnsih Railroad Com
pany, returned yesterday to the city, except Presi
dent Delano of the Wabash, who wont to Chicago
from Toledo. All were in excellent spirits and
received many congratulations upon the victory
oier ex-President Ramsey in the contest for con
trot of the Wabush system.
Mr. Gould, when asked whether his \ictory did
not mean that no interest would be paid on the
W abash denature B bonds, answered:
No. it doesn't moan that. Wlmt it does mean
is that the security holders of the Wabash have
Hpparently decided that the interest which Ims
several times stood between the Wabash and bank
ruptcy and whir-h has many millions invested in the
pmperty is Letter able to look after the welfare
of the security holders than one about whom they
know nothing and who is untried.
"What about the reports of Mr. Keene being back
of Mr. Ramsey?" was asked.
"I don't care to nay anything for publication on
that Bubject," Mr. Gould replied
In answer to other questions, Mr. Gould said that
he and Russell Sage, who are directors of the Wa
bash as well as of the. Missouri Pacific— the two
roads alleged by Mr. Ramsey to be parallel HJid
competing lines— held membership in the Wabash
board as large holders of the roads securities, and
not as representatives of the Missouri Pacific, add
ing that he did not think the law intended, under
Buch circumstances, to prohibit men from being on
the boards of two companies.
"Is there any contest for Ihe control of the Colo
rado Fuel and Iron Company?" was asked.
"I know of none," he answered.
"What about the two sets of proxies -which have
recently been sent out?"
"I know nothing about that."
Mr. Gould added that Mr. Jeffery had been elected
a director of the company, thus confirming a re
port published In The Tribune on good authority
several days ago.
The annual meeting of the Colorado Fuel and
Iron Company will be held on Monday.
The new board of directors of the YV abash will
organize a -week or so hence by \i\e election of offi
cers other than President. At the annual meeting
the stockholders elected six directors and the bond
holders six. these two groups of directors then
Jointly electing tho thirteenth director, who. under
the company's bylaws, becomes also the president.
The thirteenth director elected whs Mr. Delano,
who therefore is now president for the coming
year. Kx-President Ramsey and Colonel Appleton
D. Palmer, his counsel and brother-in-law, went
from Toledo after the meeting to St. Louis.
Not Even Life Insurance —
Th« funeral of Armitsge Mathewp, who was
■killed by a fall from a window of his home at
No. 335 Central Park West, Thursday morning,
will take place at 2 p. m. to-morrow In St. Agnes's
Chapel, 92<1- K t., near Columbus-aye., and there will
be a large gathering of the Republican friends of
Mr. Mathew? at the service. His body lay yester
day in the chapel mortuary. in ttst-St.
The Rev. R. M. Sherman, rector of the church,
said yesterday that there would be no objection to
the funeral of Mr. Mathews in the church, because
it was plain that Mr. Mathews did not commit
■ulcide. but was killed by an accidental fall.
The Riverside Republican Club, of which Mr.
Mathews was president for pome years, held a me
morial meeting: last night in the house In STih-st.
Members of the club will attend the funeral to-
ThP° W exc?uth aca c ' committee of the Republican
County Committee, of which Mr. Mathews was
secretary, yesterday passed resolutions referring
to Mr Mathews as "a genuine friend, a disinter
red and faithful worker In public affairs a good
citizen an honest man.*' and asserting that
' : h«s continuous public service as representative in
the rt" of New-York of tho State Controller. a a
Assistant District Attorney, as alderman for two
■ • rm< as secretary of the county committee, is a
record of righteousness and honor worthy of the
~|?£ndf of Mr^a^wssaid yesterday that he
had^d?edapoorn,an, leaving hardly any property
f^r rh^suDDOTt of his aged aunt, who had made
her homo with" him for year,. He did not even have
insurance on his life, it was said.
Coroner Bcholer held an Inquest yesterday on the
body of Robert W. Criswell. formerly Editor of
•■The New-Yorker." who was killed on August 30 at
the 72d-st. station of the subway. The Jury ren
dered a verdict of suicide after hearing the test
hands on the rail. .
Railway Company Incorporated with $3,
000,000 Capital— Tide Lands Sold.
Seattle Oct 13.-Articles of Incorporation for the
*£™«d rE-SS? S
lawyers' clerks were named as m J projected
rO ad. with a | £!fflSi.sS the
from Seattle to \N allula S «mui
Ming of these articles all the v .^ prM ,_ ,
acquired In the name of J. A- New . nrk,
Sound railroads landg Jn Mr
The purchases of the Seattle
Woodward/. •~*~£^J££~ and St.
dent Earling of the Chicago, -
Paul Railroad two years ago. ana n<i^
to be in the Interest of thatjroa^
Apparently Frank at Bankruptcy Hearing
This Time, but Gives Little Satisfaction.
Mr, Sarah H. Peckham JaceK— - ™
" Olm^ d-dd -d -He her apparent frank
rUSCfhe r"u"fs of her examination were as unsat
;:;i;:. tr !rl as when she refused to answer any ques
tions at air rUv tried to pry into the details of
M T^itaS Priv-te life" for which he was r£
> J , haruly by Commissioner Olney, who would
buked ■to*rpV W questions relating to the
permit J^gjS^S Pecknam Chicago.
BSS ets of th« HSJ»n v Pe ekham tell the
M " T^X CX' " n the Lincoln Trust
SESifi vaults but Commissioner O,n,y con-
JS to the assets of the defunct company, and
noSIUC W« «.d about the "strong *>ox. ln an m
nothii.g was eaid abou in Tribune, Mrs.
tarvfew, l' rln ed . < J L ( J;J n * v, nf . a o that the box con
laTnera m b.uTu C tely f noi > Sng tl connc'c, t ,i with the cotton
leak scandaL .
Patrons of the New- York Central Railroad enter
ine New-York City will bo pleased to learn of an
*a-a facility to thestreetcar service from and
Tit G-d Central Station, in the establishment
of a through oar line, running by way of 4th-ave.
It 23d .t. to
Pennsylvania, EiK i^< > -Jor.se> . Phlla-
Kw™.nV^^n^- n nd^the .Baltimore and Ohio
and the Ixhigh Valley, railroad*.
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for Ladies and Children.
«nd Floor.
Imported Shetland wool,
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Ypsilanti and Swiss ribbed
Underwear, — combination
suits, tights, vests and cor
set covers.
Farley and Buttram's Eng
lish Merino Underwear,
Stnttgarter, Ramie Fibre.
Norfolk and New Bruns
wick, American Hosiery
Company and other well
known manufacturers.
On October the 14th.
"La Viga" silk, or Swiss rib
bed merino Corset Covers,
with high neck and long
vnlnp 1.10
Twenty-third Street.
'PHONE GRANT $7,750,000.
Engineer Estimates on Franchise to
Independent Company.
Inn special rpport to Controller Grout, presented
to the Hoard of Estimate yesterday, Engineer
Harry P. Nlctaol, of the Flnanre Department, esti
mat' s the value of a telephone franchise at $7,750,
000 for twenty-five years of operation.
As soon as the legislature took from the Board
of Aldermen its powers in franchise granting mat
ters, the Atlantic Telephone Company applied for
a franchise to operate an independent telerrhono
system \n the five boroughs, promising connection
with Hit- outside cities of the United States. When
the application was made to the Board of Estimate
it was referred to the Controller, ar- the law di
rects, that a price might be fixed. Mr. Nichols is
in charge or the franchise bureau of Mr. Grout's
department, and the papers were sent to him.
The company made this offer:
The charges never to be in excess of five centp a
call where there is no guarantee by a subscriber
to pay a fixed sum p«t annum.
Sixty-six dollars a year for unlimited service
where t< lephone is in private house.
One hundred and eight dollars a year for unlira
lted service where telephone is in place of business.
Us a return to the city for the privilege of operat
ing for twenty-five years:
First to pay the city of New-} ork for the tlrst
two years a sum equal to 1 per cent; for the next
three years a sum equal to 2 per cent, and for the
remaining: twenty years a sum equu.l to -4 per cent
of the gross receipts from service rendered in the
Second, to furnish and install in vnriouH municipal
telephones to b number not in excess of five
hundred and to provide service in conneetionahere
with, all '<( winch shall be entirely without charge.
Tn his report, which takes up thirty printed pages,
Mr Nichols roaches these reasons as to the value
of the privileges asked:
First— A cash payment of $250,000 on the accept
ance or" grant or the signing of a contract.
Second— Annually during the first live yeaxs a
Bum which shall be equal to 5 per cent of the gross
receipts Of t lie grantee from all sources within the
limits of the city of New-York, and which sum
not lens thai! $200, 000.
Third -Annually during the second five years 6
per cent of such gross receipts, which .shall he not
less than $300,000.
Fourth— Annually during the third five years 7
per < • nt of such gross receipts, to be not less
than $800,000.
Fifth- Annually during the fourth five years 9
per cent <if such gross receipts, to be not less
than WJO.OOO.
Sixth— Annually during the fifth five years 10
per cent of such gross receipts, to be not less
For the full term of twenty-five years, such pay
ments would amount in the aggregate to 57.760,000.
Prf-sident Underwood of the Erie Railroad Com
pany yesterday authorized the announcement that
Mie official organization for the operation of the
Hrle, the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton, the
pore Marquette and the Chicago, Cincinnati and
Louisville roads had been agreed upon. The prin
cipal feature is the selection of Russell Harding
as vice-president of each of the companies, in
charge of operation, with headquarters in New-
Mr. Harding is now president of the Pere Mar
quette and vice-preeident of the Cincinnati, Hamil
ton and Dayton roads.
President "Underwood said that other details would
be made public later, but that it should be under
stood that there Is to be no change in the per
sonnel of any of the properties which are parties
to the arrangement.
A throng of art lovers from all parts of the city
gathered in the Fifth Avenue Art Galleries, No. 360
Bth-ave.. yesterday, at the public administrator's
Bale of the antique furniture and paintings belong
ing to the estate of William Mortimer Green, the
art collector, of East 24th-st. The total amount
realized from the sale, which lasted four hours,
was $8,12560. Of this amount the highest prices
paid were, for some fine old clocks of various de
signs and ages. A bronze Marie Antoinette clock
brought $300. \ Sevres and bronze L«ouis XVI clock
by litdngo Fibres, of Paris, w_s sold for $1&2 6<J.
Kor a history of France in twelve volumes, bound
In morocco. Charles Sooysmitb paid $100. He also
obtained a painting entitled "Cattle and Land
scape " for $110. "The Castlo on the Hill," said to
be a 'Turner, went for $46. A crystal and bronze
Loulb XVI chandelier brought $100. For an inlaid
tullpwood I>ouis XVI cabinet, with bronze mounts,
$100 was paid.
H. V. Jones, the crop statistician, estimates that
the corn crop of the United States this year will
bo 2.521.987.001) bushels, the largest harvest in the
country's history. The latest estimate of Henry
Heinz«r statistician of the New-York Produce Ex
change based upon the government figure* pub
lished on October 10, was 2,707.517.000 bushels.
The following petition In bankruptcy was filed
with the ckrk of the Unitr-d States District Court
Involuntary petition against Israel Gold hern No.
"1 If st by Harriet Herman and others, with claims
___re__tin_ 1667 Transfer of accounts ami chattel
SraSKiUltta by the alleged bankrupt while
knowing himself to be Insolvent is complained _
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T~VrjrVATE house of elfrant furniture
miiif b« Mcrlflc«d thU week. aa family
mut »w^ call uk vr ca t nsth-t.
Buy Your Furs Direct
from importer and manufactur.-r and nave
all middlemen's profits. We carry i.t stocK
s full line of furs, which affords the pur
chaser an opportunity of makinn a ««<•'•
factory selection. Furs also mad* .0 order.
innodelled. rcdyed and alti-t-d In the I_test
tafhionAtle styles at modeiate prices.
J. GINSBURO, MafiufacturiiiK Kurrlet.
19 \V 27th -St.. con. <-r Hi -jadway.
Established lc^N. Tel. fj^T Madison Square.
and ready made. Buy direct from the
manufacturer, which means at least 1-3
saved. Being wholesale manufacturers, and
filing to rhe leading department stores, we
are enable;, t» Bell at the U)WBt rock hot
torn prices, beside) KlvlnK you on absolute!?
perfect fitting garment. Furs nmcdf-lled
Into the latest fashionable styles fit lowest
prices. Furp bought, sold and exchanged.
Mi West 21st-st.. between . «th nnd 6t!i ayes.
Furs at Wholesale
means half retail prices. Repairing, re
modelling, radyeingal lowest prices SAMA
RAS. Furrier. 188 W. 23d St., parlor floor.
DRESSMAKER.- Colored; first class; to do
sowing out by day or weak; best refer
ence. H WILLIAMS, care of Erwin. 403
West 28th-st.
DRESSMAKER.— class; can cut and
lit; sewing in private families, by day or
week nod steamrtress. Address DRESS
MAKER. 253 West 20th-sL
Paris, I^nilon. would like work by the
day. or take charge lady's wardrobe, under
wear; perfect fitter, desifmer and sewer;
turn out Slylish rowns; wi'.llni? to be use
ful companion; French conversation; per
sonal references Address F. n. 862 Co
lumbut aye.
onable establish her*elf expensively, so
licits orders from appreciative customers at
reasonable prices. ERNESTINE. 1.14 W.
DRESSMAKER. Out by day. $_: work
: ••■ at home. A. B. C. Box 1. Tribun*
in great variety
of ktyltt and
T. O.
]1 1 Fulton St.
:>l>Z, 304, n<>"> and a<>7 E. 01st St.
(fcw-Tork. October HUi. 19»
To .1. M. Beck, Mr. Hageul*rk. Mrs. _C
Ilvaney H. Schenstrom, H. H<rnmun.
Mrs. C. Smith. Mrs. E. Watson. Mrs
( has. Blath. J. H. i"relghton. Mrs. H. Hy
land, Mrs. J. Redding, .1. K. Slmonson, Mrs.
RelUey Jan. Tyiur. Mrs. Walnh, Mi*s N.
llKlle.k. Mrs. M. Simons, Mrs. It. Walsh,
Mrs v F. Kooney. M. J. Walah, Mr. Mm.
Busch. Mrs. Hunt. Mr?. J. Huffy. Fred Mc-
Guire Mrs. F. Sullivan, Mrs. Decks, Mrs.
Bngster, Mrs. ("aril. M. U. Smith. M. I'aiy.
Mrs. I. Plaaaer, Mrs. Cooney. Mrs. R.
Taylor Mrs. S. I'ikwrltz. H. OlKen. G. J.
I>.wis. Mrs. C. 8. Innes. J. E. Krupka.
Miss Jrar. Ifeffer. Miss I^aura Ayers. Mi».
Jos Fisher. Mrs. i>. CtoonoTS, Miss H.
Harrla , Mrs N. Oonley, Mrs. N Philips.
Mr Johnson. H. It. I>-.vis, Mrs. Flynn.
Mr:=. vdams. Mr. or Mr.-. D. Bell. F. C A.
Fisher, Mr. Daniels, Ijllian Kethman. Mrs.
I, Vail. Miss K. Lee, Miss F. Barnett,
Mrs K. Martin. I. i:. Ossell, Mrs. Hall:
You and each of you are hereby notlrted
that the time for the payment of the lien
we hold upon the property hereinafter de
scribed having expired, after due notice
thereof bad been Riven you. this company
will cause such property, to wit, household
goods, personal effects and merchandise,
stored by you or in your name in the Ulob«
Storage and Carpet Cleaning Company!
warehouses, to be sold at public auction.
accoi-dlnK to the statute in such case made
and provided ht 302 and :V>4 Bast Hist st..
on Thursday. November Jtith. l(*k">. com
menclng at 10 o'clock a, m. If the sal* is
not completed on the l«th .lay of Novem
ber li will be continued «>n every Thursday
thereafter, at tht same time and place,
until all of the goods are sold.
A. B. TETTER, l^res. and surer.
ail -213 KaKt l<POth-st.
New York, October 7th, limn.
To J. J. Dillon. Mrs. DufTey. E Dunnl
fnn, John Dun. Mr. Edis, May wards. E.
•esler. 1. Fantel. H. F. rris. .]. J. Flood.
H. Fognrty, M. B. Freedler: You and each
of you are hereby notified that the time
for the payment of the lien >ye hold upon
the property hereinafter described having
expired, after •■■;•■ notice thereof had been
Klven you. this company will cause such
property, to wit. household (roods, personal
effects and merchandise, stored by you or In
your name in the Harlem Storage Ware
house <>■ warehouses, to be sold at public
auction, according to the sta;uu- in such
ca_? mad. ar.d rrovl.k.l. at 211 213 K_t
lOOtb-st., on Thursday, October -<>ti-.. IMS,
commencing at 10 o'clock a. m. If the sale
Is not completed on the _!th day of October
it will be continued on every Thursday
thereafter, at the same tim« and place,
until all of the goods are sold
W. C GILBERT. Treasurer.
211 213 East lOOth-st.
N. ••.«. York. October 14th. 1906
To rtt>nj. Gibson. Mr?. Hall, W. J. Ham
men. Mike Heeley, .1. A. Hillt-r. Mary Hill.
K. llexler. P. W. Hills, Mrs. Healy. J.
Hynes, A. Hurtan, F. Hubbc, Mrs. Holmes,
May Hurley. M. A. Hulse: You and each or
you are hereby notified that, the time for
the payment of the Hen we hold upon tl.e
property hereinafter described having ex
ptred. after duo notice thereof ha<l b.en
given you. this company will cause surh
property, to wit. household goi>j<, personal
effects and merchan.ltse. stored by you or
In your name Irr the Harlem Storage Ware
house i v warehouses, to be sold at public
auction, according to th» statute In puc-h
case mad< and provided, at 211-218 East
100th— St., on Thursday, November Oth, 1906,
commencing at 10 o'clock a. m. If the
is not completed on the &th day of Novem
ber, It will be continued on every Thurs
day thereafter, at the same time and plate,
until all r>f the goods are sold.
W. C. GILBERT, Treasurer.
DAT'B'S First Avenue Storage Warehouses,
75 aye.
To whom It may concern: The following
named persona are hereby notified that the
amount due On storage is past due, an. I un
less pa i i •. or before October 1(>. l!*"r>. at
our offices we will sell the same at public
auction to pay charges and expenses of :<uld
pal.-. as follows: Mrs. Morgan. A. A. Irvine,
Wax Bcbenckmaa, estate of K>-nne«jy. <>■ X.,
1., uls Gretnberg. Anderson. Klllmat, I«iy;i,
Witz. Stony. Keliari, Norwood, L. I'.lku3,
Rock's express lot 2.
hairdi saing manicuring, furial ar.d jealu
treatment: trained assistants. JID West A2d.
GROWTH- booklet and demonstration
fr>e VACUUM-CAP CO.. 108 Fulton-st..
New York City.
OLD GOLD, iHrer an 1 precious stones
bought at highest market value, made
Into new artiolts or exchange P. TKPP^S
elrj or Japanese ROOdi at at F. TEPPERa
FACTOR Y. 10 We?t aii-t-at. basement
Tj-pewrltlnc s rents per line.
TTrEWRITERS- All makes "o'J. renteil
repaired. e*chan«ed: reliable servic*.
GOKMAN. T» Nasstu-<t. I'eltrhcne -T4o—
rort'andt. _^^^^___^__
$-, DAILY SURE Beati even thine as a
money maker. Sub :.K'-nts will sell it for
„,„, Mecded In rtmry iiouso. once ii:«J
clv.ays Addreae ai once J. BARKER,
Hempstead. ;, ng island.- N. V-
GOOD PAT; horn* w»rk; men or "-men;
new; pica-ant. no capital needed; full or
■nara time- we start you; .send 4c. (sU.ii.im)
for particular* rhmi.nubi! mku. CO..
Box M. WalUJaim, Mass.
ADVBSBTISEMBNTS ana subscriptions for
The Tribune received at their I'p'jwn
Office So. \.'M* Broadway, between "Oth
end' 47th -its., until «J o'clock p. in Advrr
tisoir.-nt? received at the following branch
nrtiiV.- ii :••■:'•■ ir "fli- e rute3 until s o'clr>.-lt
AT RBDUC3BD PRICES — 50u wvond hand
wood and Iron working machine* ; full?
tuaiantr-rd. machinery bo>iKht ami i-i
change.l C.KO I. KDf>T, M 1)M 1 ) Mai*l<i>n-<l.
UNDER your own ••yi-s. will act Diamonds
tad r(>palr Jewelry, at your own humt,;
highest refer«nc«»; lend l>oßtal. H. PAY
TON". 171 K«»t lUth-st.
At>VT2rtTISRMEN"i> ur.\ mMcriptiona fof
The Tribune received at llielr Uptown
OTicr, N.i 1.364 K.-oadway. between :tßt&
»nd »7th #t» . until It o'clock p. m Adver
tisements received at the following branch
offices at regular office rates until 8 o'rluck
p m . M- .: 234 Sth aye > , cor. 23(! -St.;
163 Ath-av« , oor. 12th ft.; 92 East 14th at. ;
»7 W««t 4Sd-et.. between 7th %Ad ttfc ar«*
*■ *'
8, 18, 20, 22, 24, 20. 30 W«*t Fonrtwnth Street.
T. 9. 11, 13. 15. 17. lU. _U. _1. 2_. _3. 24. _T». _7 and 29 West Thlrt««tl» St.
During* October
We Will Offer Values
Such as Never Have Been Given!
In fulfillment of that promise
Boys' Fine School Suits
7 to 16 years— Value 54.00 and $5.00 • _&.VO
Norfolk and Double breast-All Wool Cheviots and Tweeds-
Xavv Brown and Gray Mixtures-extra wHI tailored-full sizes
Innings of extra strong wear-resistins materfa_v-an opportu
,,i,v to get really higb class suits at about Half the usual com.
Red Navy Royal and Brown Serges
and Cheviots: also Mixtures ■
Military or Sailer Collars nattily
set oil with silk braid, frogs or A OH
fancy buttons 3 to II jream ...^'^^
Others in reat variety I.M to 7»s.
-:.• c ;.. Double Breast and Eton styles— i
strictly all wool Cheviots. Tweeds
and fancy Mixtures — Ktralsjlit
or Knickerbocker trousers — 2 Ox
« to !•> years _>,-_■
Other Norfolk suits ! 08 to 0.88.
gray and oliv mixtures a:; d OTCT
plaids— lark"!* with or without belt -
straight or Knickerbocker "1 QP
trousers--S to 1« years _ • «_
Others -1.98 to T 08
Norfolk and I rouble Breast Serges,
Cheviot* Thibet." and ITnflnlsbed
Worsteds— Norfolk Suits are with C QSI
or without yokes— 7 to 17 yrs %J»VKJ
Included In thppe are sizes fox stout bo;, s.
Another Special Offering of
Misses' Tailored Stilts.
Nub Silk Mixtures. Rongb and Smooth Scotch Tweeds and Illum
inated Fleck and Novelty WeaTes— semi-fitted or loose coats—
perfectly tailored in plain or fancy designs.
To-Day , To-l>ar
$7.98 and a OoO o $9.98 and x- q q
$8 98 Suits .. . 4,V0 $11.98 Suits . . O.VO
We desire to emphasize tlio NEWNESS of these Suits, as they
are th«> latest Fall Models, nr>t Spring stock carried over— l 4
Girls' Fell Len_t_ Coats j Girls' "Sample" Coats
of fine Kersey— Browti, Caster, Blue Full length— Cheviots, Kerseys _<
and Red— doable breast -full back fancy <-lnHkin*s — ill new style
newest trimmings warm and backs, with and without velvet
iires-v for elrl« <if 0 to 14 sears — trimmings ■ to 14 v. urs —
Mad.* Jo sill at »m - ■ pa Made to sell at $P «to »"■«»- 7.98
A special October ofr.rln,? at •'• y O A ?p*cial October offering at m ****
Ite-ns above quoted ar« not soiled or paase stock reduced to clear, hut n«w, styl
ish Garments that will be appreciated by those who know what a renuine bargain Is.
Best Millinery Vai ues in New York!
Everything that is new and desirable in trim'd Dross Hats. Rrady-to
weare Tafldred, Semi-Ready, etc.; also large assortaenta of T'ntrlmmed
Hats in the popular fabrics, with the proper trtaTgs to put on tbem, all
at' those popular prices for which we are famous. . . .T.>-<lay:-
Dressy styles silk braid top. velvet
facing or chenille and taffeta
combinations— black and colors—
hl«h ba.k sailors, tip tilts,
turbans Continentals and others—
vari. u?lv trltnd with wins?. A OX
velvet or silk— vorth *«.5« „
Other Ready-to-Wears at 1.49. 2.SIS. 3.98.
French Felts and Silk Panne Velvets —
artistically trinVd with wings,
breasts and fancy feathers 7 en
Value Jll'oo J.*JU
$1.59 to $2.25 Corsets OR
To-day ' VO
Contllle, Satopn andßfltiste— White nnrl Drab— new medium
and high bust models— and short hips— sizes 18 to 30.
One of those exceptional Corset Values that set competitors to won
doring where our profits come in.'
« ♦
Taffeta Silk Petticoats
Black and newest Fall colorings —
flare flounce with deep accordion
pleatinßs or M<^!ba ruffles r»^.
all with silk dust ruffle-- 4 XO
usually 56.49 j.v^^
Women's Lace Waists
Irish Po!nt and Aliover Flif'.l N-t
white or cream— tucked yoke — rich la.:<» t
medallion trim— fancy sleeves — 1") f)S
elsewhere $13.00 JA<:>L
Dressy Waists
of Crer« de <" hin<? anl CWfltoa Taffeta — i
Pink. Blue TThUe or Black—
exquisite designs with yokes of heavy
or fin.- Lao» Inserts. aimtlet sleeve
with six lace ruffles, full silk Q {VQ
Ilned _worth $10.1>S OfTO
Little Children's Bonnets
„f Corded Silk— Blue. Pink
;wA Cream -lull Bai ■ yoke—
■birred or r'.eated crown:-.—
■with ;m<! without shirred Liberty
Silk beluga and double ruches —
wide sl'.k tley-slzes to 4 :•"— 1 r>9 .
Specie ■•^■**1
Bibles' Stort Coats
White cashmere ant Dedforf
Cora— yok* with full ruffle and
rows of silk braid-warm O Oft
lining— siz»s to 3 years *"' w l
Special for Saturday
Engraving Department.
At prices not to be equalled!
Monogram Stationery,
Peart-Whit* Batiste -R«r«re, Oxford or Gladstone >iz.»-
Monogram of -. '■'> or 4 letters <>r One Line Address—
stamped In any color on 80 to 120 sheets—
At Special Price of -« »00
Die furnished by as and to become Customer's Property.
Envelopes to Match - per 100 .25
Engraved Cards-ivan-wr.iu\
NEW FRENCH SCRIPT OH'!'l.-i> nnd .TO enrds ) •• en
SHADED OLD ENGLISH. Fcsual «-o»l *3.r* f mm^ m
Name ■■■■■■ to ««*«d tt letww.
Cw additional '^ ler » ceata "
BLOCK OR ROMAN TYPE— jPtoJj and JO S'Si 1.10
x.,,,,. „t «, •■!-'' 1* ""'"■ ;us,ul cost ?-.^»J J.IV
srniPT TYPE — \Plate and 50 cards 1
!£^2 £*«, - — t"-n.» cost M -H. to s«.^ 1 .^
Orders Malted any time up to 6 P. M. will be tilled.
Money must accompany such urUera> /
4 to 16 yra .S(J
At our famous price
Nowhere else <tf* s * he amount obtain
*2h ....Made of Tailor.' Rem
th _! an Bud dollar values
here a; Halt that amount.
Other sp<-ciul values .73 to H»
Bhw. Black and Kan.-y j OR
Cheviots— ls to yeatK a.J'V
Hi -t.-r qualities— $ZM and $3.08.
_Ol'X<: MEN'S St ITS— Isto»yr_
l";i l r! -a and etyies superior shape
an.i iir extra rood- 'Vat. Vest and - _-»
Trousers strictly correct In A. Qfs
cut and tinUh -value 110 Wl ' w
(;,..,' wearing. Kt\li.«h looklnc salts for ool
legc, school or office.
and Mackintosh**— tan, fay _
nn.l Mark -plain or plaid 1 Qjl
linlnns— 6 to lt> vrs ••"°
. it hers at $2.98 to $4.03.
Rich Velvets or Combination of Taffeta
S!!k and Velvet or Braid— Turbans.
Ilijrh liarks and ther new shapes —
Black. Red. Green. Plum, etc.— 1 Qft
value $^.7.-. and $3.00 I<>o
s::x relvel full shJrwd brims —
chiffon taring — others with Chenille
brtms- ."hirr.-l Of i'!*in "I Aft
crowns— F.la.-k and i 'dors «?.T«J
latest novelties 3.98 to 7.98
Saturday Specials
In tie
New Kaaicnre Dept
Ir. Basement- -Next to Perfumery.
10 ,-•. Violet Puirlre 5t0ne. ........ Q
3» ct. Lustr-lto Nail Pleach ...... .27
25 ct Lustr Salve and EnamiO. .17
25 cl- Lusrr-ite Cuticle Softener... .1©
25 ct. Mai E. Cobbs' Cherrl Up.. .17
2T. ct. r>r. .1 Parker Fray's Rosallns .IS
25 ct. l»r. J. r'.irk»r Tray's Diamond
Nail Enajnel «.... ,lg
1!> ct. Manlpun ....»» »1S
25 ct. Van-nla Cream .......... .1©
9 ct. File Shap« Emery 80«rt».... g
75 ct. Chamois nuffers — metal top-.. .49
Imported Steel Porkat Nail FUaa —
2 ! ; to 4 Inches move* both
sidp* — usually .12 — special ........ e^J
Klexlblf. Knife an.l Pocket NaU
FTl""." — hand mad« — 3% to « inohes
lons— R styles— value .10 to .25.... .1 g|
Nail and ("uttcle Rclawm— *
Steel — 3H and 4 Inch .48
Fine Steel CutU-le Knives — vbtt*
bone, bandies — worth .00 .SSI
A most complote stook of tmry- '
thlnjf for manlcurtmr — All th*
best known article* of the va~
rluu.H kln<ls.

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