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Meun. Hall Sell a sth-<zve. Dwelling House- Firm Disposes of the
Orienta Apartment House for $280,000.
The bulidinc: at the mutltwesl corner Of T?.l-Ft.
and Brofia-.v.iv, occupied for many years by the
•"olor Club, an.l the abutting dwelling houses
Xos. :<«; and 2V> \V -<-r TI.l-M.. have been s«ia by
Dennis * Pwton for the City Invr-tina <ompar;y.
of uhi'-fc R I* :t K. I»r.T\-linK is president, to ■■>
number <>f won knowri !rsvp?tors. TSe parcel has
a frontage of iIX.S f,ct in Broadway and of P.".
feet in 7:<i-<=t. TV'hrther or not i he buyers will im
nediatelj Improve the jiremisfs could not bo
(earned last night The purchase price was not
made public.
Th*> . existence ntvwt a
TV'i:e!if ; MteMay by investors. It was upled
Prr«ton W(-re the brokers and the Ci
yeaf agO." Since that time it» old clubhouse Das
h<--r".t «~acant. The Constitution Club was organised
■Mac moiiTiiP ;t2<"> by 1). B. Edwards, Charles 1.
Jiolies b;ic! ntri^r perrons, who P.T'f" tl;<>y would
]'ke to see 'he new club in the old clubhouse.
W. W. ft T. M. Hall Save Bold No. SM Sth-ave.. a
five irtory. American bapement house, 22.6x120 feet,
l*tri'»n n"ii mid tMtli f"t.«. The asking pr!. >'. :.s
JJSf>.nr»i. The I ■•.-■ was re-er.tly extensively al
Vtnnnti- 1". PeilPtreau A- Co. lmve sod the
Orient) an oi^ht story apartment house. No ."aM
w*«t 7Wh-«t.. for Bnyder A Herder, for |SO.«W, to
4ii Investor.
Frederick Fnx &- </o. have refold to the Mid^le
•boro Realty Company the building, No. ii Bad 12th
•t. It i* understood that the buyer bought to pro
ject th*> light and sir of It* new nine story mer
cantile building:. No«. if. ar.d IS East t2th-M., which
It recently completed.
H. T. Gurn»y has leased W J. M. Thorburn 6 Co..
Beedemen. the buttdlHKe No. S3 Barday-ttL and 38
■Park Place, for a t»rm nf year*, at an aecr°gr.itf»
ventul of abmit U00,«0a. The company will occupy
th« entire property.
Gordon. I<evy &■ CO have bought Noa. i and U
118th-«t.. two three =tnry dwellinK houses.
lteliO.l feet and ■••"■:■••■■: feet, respectively. The
firm recently l>o-i ht N '!=. 'to U West ii3th-st. It
now controls a pi"' n.teWO.U feet. Herman Rosen
t^re wa? the broker.
The H. C ttayea Company haa sold tn R. a.
Thomas the Kelson property, at Rr-irFdale. It
cr.mpriFep 4' tcr**. Tb» Hayes company will Mb
divide It info pl< t* about 70xlK feet each, and
csr°f''" re*trld them. T''» trad fronts on the
White Plains Tost Rood trolley Une, and adjoins
Bcafsboros Eplftte prftperi
V^orhee«: *- Flora have sold for the estate, of
R j rhr,rf] 13-oi n So ftS Murray st .. n five story
bunding on ."i lot SbcM* feet (Trinity Church lease
A $240,000 NA3SAU-ST. LEASE.
Tb<- Ruland *■ ttin< Company has leased to
th° Tjit^ri >.T<.r. bants' Realty and Improvement
Cwtipany n.p tw^. five ctnry buildings at th«
riorthr rvjrner <*f NaWisn and Ann eta., for the
term ef nc^nty-oiie jreaiV, .t" aa a£grei=ate rental
of men • ■ •■'■ $?WiOG.
"VV'UUrn P. Mfiv.L-;i?n hafl r<-=r,1.l for o client the
pir,; ntj tft<» MM nld« r>f ParV ■■'■;•.. ? v 2. < i feet north
of '?tth-<=;. ar.i to Canal Place, it is
_/2>i«Vi A f» hi ear*: t rouithfare.
Tbig riot i« iri tbn nee t lon : ii whl^h the KeW-Tofk
Realty and TVrfnlnal Coinpany< r^prespntins
the S?«w Vf.rK Central Railroad ''nmimny. "hoB been
huyinK for a propr'l t *d terminal at 13Sth st The
f»lVt K'^j'-ire^ :],»• property from the White estate
rh^ut a weak a^<>
Fhe N'T v : r a;,O .Tor?' •-• Railroad Company,
r. h^-h I? hiilMine the bid Morton-«t. tunnel, has
■bougl.t N*" :.ltt L'.roadwny. a four etory building,
on 'V lot I4txtß •"'. adjoining a parcel at the nortfa
tren rorrier of 32d-Kt.. from Frank B. McDonald.
ji- hr,u~i,; it ;,i ISM. !<e \m shhl to have pal I $4LfOQ
for th-> jirpiDisos ;.r<( lo !ihv<- sold it fOf SM.OOO. Thr
yi»rc»i forma part of tb< plot chosen by the buyer
Jor a UfnilnsJ station.
. c i?TVFon ,v '>'. ibos have feold for H. A. Jam"? th<~
Boarboro, a fl\"« Btoty apartment house, with stores,
on a plot 30x'.02.2 feet, at the southeast corner of
Kth-Sl. and Amslr-rdam-nve.
The ITlelschmaon Realty and Construction Com
pany has resold to Samuel \Va--ht the block front
on the cast si<i»- nf tin-are., between H. r »tli and 146 th
mtt. It in pan of th" two blocks bought recently
by the sailers from the Manhattan Railway Com
The FJeisi-'brnann Realty and Construction < '0111
pany have reaoM for clients four live story apart
ment houses. No. 209 to 215 West ]47th-st , which, it
r»oentiy built. William v (san« is the buyer.
■ »
The Bound Really Company has bought the. Craw
*nrt\ r?ia*<i tract, eiist -•' \\\,<: Plains-aye., be
twoeu 2Crth and Mist Eta. It comprises about thirty
,";eorjc<» Nicholas ban bought frmn the Sterling
Realty Cboipaay Kb. 22 West r!7th-sf . a four story
4ireHinj honse. t>''xr*.9 feet. Douglas Robinson,
fha-;p« P. Rrown .v Go. were the broker*.
Potter A- Bro. and l)«nir-I B. eedman hare Mid
Nof. (3 nnrj 65 Weßl SSth-at_ a four and a five rtory
b'.iiidi!!^ •••! a r!<»t pfri?«.9 feet.
Day & Rohinson h«v«- ?<>!d for Mis. Km ma Top.
i-tr No 47 Kas; Btfa-*t.. a fnur story brownstone
burning bouse, «>n a lot -'>s;<jO ', f<«-;.'
Th« port -ii.-if ■ • o*l 'r Ma aiygooda store would
*ie built In •".ih-ave.. between tSS and Mtb Kts., w.is
revived yesterday. Accord lr.g to the latest runrir
tba M'jr*- v. ill bf built on th« block front on the
«88t sid" of Ith-av*., from 25th to 2Cth sts.
fxjujs I>-s<> < B th* buyer of the plot 75x!'V> feet • a
the u.*rt!i Kid» of 166th-st.. 100 fen west of Union
ave.. eo!<1 recently throueh M. Ruben .* Co.
H. D. Biker & Bro were- the broken In the pale
of v... M \\<^t J.'^th-at. for Leopold Barman
V. v. Fascia * Co. and p- o icr. ni Brothers have
MM for K<-ve A- Garroao to Frank Pltelli »he t^n«
m".:t iiou** No 49 Oak-«t.
Arnold St Bjrnc iii'.e cold for the Equitable
Realty '.'fimpany to Milton M. Dryfobs Xos. Sol and
S3 West lfHh-st.. two flvf Btorj triple nuthouses,
on plot 60xifK> foot.
K. Drucker baa sold through Kramer «■ Corcoran
Xo. 233 WeFt +"ith-st., a five story flailiouso, 2T.10x
KtO ffft. to Bertha r..-vy.
Philip C6ben. as Attorney, 'ins t-nught No?. 4fo
anrl -sfij Wt&t ttlst-*t.. a Bye Btory Bathouse, on a
plot x ;.►■ reet
<; Lambert has told for A. Millar to Mis<« <J.
Larehan No. 138 Ea*l 7M-Bt.. a flvo. story flathoiisp,
25xion feet,.
George ft. Bellamy has sold No. I<>T St. Nicholas
are., a fly story house, to M. ;n<l!hißer.
Cohen & "rftnan were the brok^rp.
K. I.owrnthHl has Bold No. &S4 West lo6th-s>t.. a
many years by the Colonial Club. Tennis &
ity Investing- Company the seller.
four story finthousp, 17xl'K» fpot. Also Fold Nob.
2.£.0 and 2,313 2d-avr... two four BtOry flatliousef,
40x100 fept
Abraham and .losppti K. Bchelnbere have bought
from S. ('olipn the Madison Flat", a nv£ story triple
flatJioiiso. with stores, on a lot 2.".Uxi00.n feet.
.li-BFf Iy. Ij'verinor*. nil purchased tlirouph Robin
fon. Magulre & iv,. X,.. 4.171 3.1-avr.
Minnie A Blanrhard is reported to have sola
No. «M rW;)<lisoji-ave.. h four story brownFione front
dwelling house, on * lot 22.r>x84 feet.
The New-York Tru^t Company lias Poid for tha
<-.at : ,-o of Kmily K. Davis No. S2 W«t 26tli-Pt.. a
fnur story browflfetone front i)w»llitis house, on a
lot Ut.«z9tJ fe«t.
S Rnsfiihoaum has sold No 106 EaPf Tlst-st.. a
four «Tory and basement hrownstone dwelling hotlf^,
on lot 20x102.:: fe*t.
Mitchell \ C. Levy has sold No. 4f» w«>.=t B6th-st.,
■a foiir story brnwiistoti" dwr»>lllnK house; on lot
22.6x103.5 f°pt. to Henry Elnet^ln.
Philip and Harry Bachrach have h.nigri*. No. wl 1
■\Yosi feth-St, a five «tory lenornent house, on lot
36x100.5 fp»>t. adioiniiiß the" corner of lith-nve.
Horace S Ely A: Co. and Joseph P. Day have
■^nlo for Rvr^rti K. Btevens. No. 134 Pearl-st.. ex
tending to No. 10ii Vvater-st., a five story building.
'<rt plo- S4x!<V. feet
Abraham Mark.-* "nap sold to Samuel SobeJ the five
Btory tenement house, No. 32* F.a*t 59th-pt.. on lot
25X100.6 fc«t.
Black. Weinbere & Rubinstein have bought No.
"4 <> Eas* 54th-si. a five story tenement house, on lot
25x100? f-"t
M Berliner has sold No. 1.459 Madison-aye . a fly?
story double flathonse with stores, on lot 27x100 feet.
Myman SieKel hap sold to the Hermitage <"om
pany Nos. .")S and '>'. Bank-pt., northwest rorner of
lth-pt.. a six story tenement house with stores, on
plot 40.11x72 feet.
H. WeisMork has sold for I^opold Yesky the
northeast corner of Freemnn-st and Rtehbinn-nve .
a plot 12.ix10.> feet Th" buyer will erect five Btory
flathouses, with stores.
Adolph Hollander has bought the northwest ror
n^r of J7?th-st. and Mont«rey-nve.. a plot 7SxlO.' feet.
T.^ath A- Armstronj hay* sold for M x Glauber
the pnuthwp? l cornet of Jennlnsra-st an Stebblns
av>.. a plot ( i?x7."x^4x Irregular.
L. Walter Lißsbercer ha." boue'n' the plot. SOxino
fe«t. on the north side of LWth-s*., Ino feet east of
lTofflin R Friedman hsve sold for a client No. L'K2
St. Ann's ;i five story triple fl.it hoilS", on lot
30x100 fe<*t, 10 Ann!" Asrh.
T «.v\i» Pober lias sold for John Roehn^rt to Iconise
Doh^r No. 728 Kast 139th-i«t.. near WiHis-ave., a
Bye story flat house, with stores. 25x100 feet, and
has resold if for Mrs Pober to Martin Rel'..
T,owenfeid & rraß"=r are renorfed to have resold
*o builders for Imnrovement No. 22' - to 248 East
lKth-st.. nine dw-t-lliriK houses, and other buildings.
on plot 225x100.11 r*»t. and th" abutting property.
No. 237 to 243 Kast 115th-st.. a three story dwpllinsr
hou?" and a ooal yard, nrcu pv I n(r a plot 95x100.11
f«et. The buyers recently bought the property from
the 'Mil estate.
Julius Schweitzer has bought from M. Ptelnbach
the plot. Z96x100.1t 'e>-t. oil the north Bide of 9!>th-?t
ion fp^t west of iFi-sve. B. Franklin was th«
Si hmetdl*; & Bachrach have sold to a Mr. TTymea
No*, ins and 1.120 Ist -are,, two five story tene
ment houses, on plot 60x95 feet
Hiram RlnaJdo & Brother havo refold for Mandel-
MOB & Lewln« to Louis R'naldo the southwest
corner of i t svo. and llOth-st.. threo four story
tenement hfms^s on plot 7Sx7."> foot.
L^dVrer & i;ro^>iberg have sold the four pU utory
apartment house. No. 209 to 21,". West L4sth-«t.
• •■■ " on plol 37.6xM.1l feet.
H. IV Baker * Bro. have Bold for .Sr.l pinion to
Kleirtfeld * Kotlifeld th« l>lot 102.2x100 feet at the
northeast corner of td-ave. and 79th st
Rduard Dressier haa soifl for Wpnd»i Bi^ser to
A. VVi«lttnd No. 556 \v.'=t .H.th-st.. a live <=tory flq?
fto;i=e „,, ; , | o( 25x121x irregular
. At 14 ,, v-*'"v -*'" -" - n-v Rrvan i, k'pnnpliv 322 ecu, «t
a * 804 ft „ „f W..,- F.n.i ay... 3011*102.2 4 "m v brown
stone front ttwg h; voluntary »ale ; m.i In at ISO SOTt
'••' 21st-st. n. 16.. ft a of 10th Ft. 1»k9«.9 4 rty brown'
l\ -'.',,"'"''"'' ,' iK * b: ntary Ml", to p. Ft ParfctM for
--•i .--. ( ». 71. .1 n «• of Wh ay». 14Kx72
• - • s»>" '-rk f! hs. with atom: roinntary t-ale
8» ■ rttlc RS CM for $1!7.2.m: «b to .1 Brunnnieafor
■r',-J XI: i nton-«ve. es. 25.4 ft nof Freeman st 4 lota,
-'X.'. and :»*«; intarj .=a.ie; bid In at $24 ow- i ■»];<
Ulntan-ave, w ?. I.SM ft n of ir,!tth st 38.10x138.3- voi
iJ.ntary sal": : .io in at $9,260; 1,157 Simpson «t w i r'7
ft n "f Homo ... SO X](K |; 2 Myfram* n'w 8h:8 h: voluntary
tUSi '' ■■'. "'S' * ; '" ITnlon-ave -b. Mock front not
l«8th an-, 1«7(1. sts. S lote, each fflxHW. voluntary sale;
n c ,-or [ nion ay* and !Wth =t. 100x100: bid In at $21 0oo :
l-aisnce •rithdrami: 2 lißn Ryer bv-. c « I*4 ft ft n ..f
BurnsWe «V* 2Sgx*ft.6xlßx*6, 2 Bty rrame dw« h; Bertha
' irk aurt Jiav!<l I^i.np »t :.l. E F OR«tL Btty; W It H«r
MCX, r«f: .-in-; flu* 51.7«1 M: taxe«. etc. fioi 12, sub to
Brg mt»<. -f C ■-"'. to Dorothy Rmier ■?.-.. 24..
By Herbert a Sherman: Emerson m. w « 477 ft « a
F^cott «v«. c plot of at^.it 56 lot*, fronting 300 ft on
Kmerson ?t ami running through to Bolton Hnnd where
It fronta i^.< ( . 1 rxy brk an.l fr« m , dw« h. with - rtabl™
i-oltintarv salt; withdrawn b1 $4." <W) TOl
By Joa#ph P I>av; ft* and 031 stl ct. n a 300 4 ft w
Of ,'* C, ■ 447 7 >»"n.!d. 2 4 »tr hrk ten ha anfl 4
J -- 4 sty »nd basement brk dwe h 1' S Tnwi r
art a X Panlel c, a): r, W Sheldon atty • T M Keo « h
.-.'. Itti Sue, 118.604 42; taxes. .= „-. $360^; v.i'hdr'nn '
Ayenu« 8. n w tltlK«t U.5z90.0 : SuntMl
• to Joae»fa D. G cdV .. Ts 7 :
Hioome st. No' jj.' n'„; ' 2 .Hx lOo'f Samuel* ■ \\e\\ to $lo °
UMor Ibaui an i another; m,r.U^ 114,
72 i..." n.v « , Vf!i : aiU4 ••- phi;,.-aV . ■■ i-, -» • Nomln * !
' I 1 -^ ! .;V' fi 7r-."'" : '****• >*"■••?»•■" Nominal
•r. (1 n?.«H,i ft t. „f i<i,h avf . MS. 2 : ""xomina,
E litaoh UMMtetar; ai! , Us"! . Nominal
-MM.-' 3 ' f ',' '"' f !TW ' h «' 2 «-sI»T 1". Roll
WWI r am » r.i » , . flt n , 167th'-i,t:iiß.lU JO - 000
«'v>; y "" «*«lt;, < ompany to Arthur J
12 .'£ !*■ a '»^'"""i »ip '< iaan'eatat«;
J^Ti 1 " '" la ' :rs I McCaba . I „,„ X*)
»ia.loo ltac ! J ' "l'"<'l'o ani another, mortfraire,
"nit s '- S"iJ&**.i^ :^'iwfc"Sia*i"*ii"« '""
!.■ ■.«n to VMJUani <; Oraen mortcase. 98.000 . J i
Moi* at «Jl Mi n w of Katonah ava. 40x100
\»mon Huryar to Sismtind Klein Nominal
. u»!n.«.tnck t,. Irving Baehna, h and Biiothci io<)
J!l 1J '", ' '1 ol 6l?t si. Mar9a : Irvine
,V.th S< N'oWffW, BhtioOi David kram'er 'to
Kmanuei H«< hnelmer; ni'.mtaite $J4.000 ..... 100
*l' Ai *'■ N " "*: !"• ?«* Irvin « Baum to
Abraham Aronowirs; mortgage, $13,699 . ll*l 1 *
By 111 van It/X« 12] and 123. * • 41 i(»j7r,'
.Tvn ■:•*. s Simpson et «!. exni. to >;abrlei Rutt
kav: mortgage. 156.000 40000
Same prrVjertv. dafcrlel Ruttkay to Mo«»« Zim
in»rm«rj; "'irtca*.-. j;;o. <<io v^i
Mth-«L N.> 111 West. 20xlA0.«; Zacfcartaii Sa'ctia
rlns to Hamilton Heights Byttdicat*; nin^wj»
S."sy.iJ«» ._ .. Nominal
B:W st, (So 131 V\"e«i. 55x100.5| » i.mh-ii,: Harnisli
<-t n! to Rebecca SJ#a°el: roortsaK<v $10,000 ... ii«,
915t «t. - I. 12.1 fl -v or is. aye, IJBiiJOO.S, joMph
l.«aa<-s to David O [xtdlna: rnctiKage tina Bf)O ji>i
17th si. No 110 "v\*s!. KxV9; Hefty X W Norman
to Jiula L. Fitc t c; ai i co
Central Park West, .« w comer With st. 3T>.2xlOT»;
<\irl Yevls to Hamilton Height? Syndicate;
mortgage. $fi2.Bo<> Nominal
117 th it. n •, 300 .! ft w of BtH avf. lU.BxlOp.il i
£armiel Cohen to bom Hnrlam; mortals'". •*•*>"■
000 1°"
Franklin- aye, s * Corner \KCAh »t, MOxM»; Jacob
P. Thfis» to Samuel i-amr.rwll: ', part Nominal
Hanir property; Samuel Campbell X" .Im oh B
tit*)** Nominal
>>nirvi.«>.: x w corner Hewitt Place. .M-l"«.
M .1 KraiiK to John V Hasse and another; mort
eagc. $40.000 100
♦4th st. •■:,. 1:12 F.nsi l&«xS8] I "Marie* Ft Faulkner
'■ Nathan Hlrach lad another; mortgage, $12, -
000 ]l) 0
lOtli M No ;>4i> Bast. 88x08. ft: HpVmsn H F{!<=« ami
another to Ida Machi?.; mortgage, »lo,o«i 100
ask a.-c. n c corner <Bd ■«: 80*40: Rosalie •'• N
Moran to Abhy s Marshall; mortgage. oon. . lOD
th «^. w a r.<> V 11 if 211»th st. 28s10S, Wake
field: John Klun>)er to Thomas it Per***. . .Nominal
Hh St. I *■ corner Ml: aye. lortxKVi.o. Wajtefleld;
Alexander Butklad to William Rf»«tin: mortgage.
?1 ..-.Of! <00
Va«hlr..iton it, ft » eoTr-M liii'in st ; Henry Q
Julian, jr. to Annie .1 Kent Nominal
Avenue B, ii « 1 irhei nth ft. 4" .ix!><u>; i.oni*
Farther to Samuel firn'ch ... I<V»
BC«4Ia6A-«r^, No 1.439, <• * BfJtiOQ; Mal«r P.er
liner to l/otil"? Oeigor; mortgajirp . IfWHW 100
Elton aye. c «. M f. ;i of wkverlj «t. B0ml<W;
nirhar.i h Mitchell to i'>niirs- Zimnnrmßrn.
jr. iS ran. mortgas* 138.000] 100
1. r .th-av». r, s, n- '. lot l"] a.i.t <■ ': l"t i-«. mar
inoxiM. Jofrhb '.Varltrk to wiineim
rnu Nominal
itnn nvo. f s. S3 ft ti from 11 * cot ir.Sth m.
B0X100; ?omnier Construction Company to v : -i
cf-nt Donagw 100
M«rt!»iti 3v» No 1. •»£!!. » a, 87*100: l,ni;lfc (fcMger
to Krank Bokor. 4 p»'«; mortp»c»-. $L'7.nrifi. . . . !00
MH«lioon ay* •■ s. S4 ft •■ of svth »t. Hl>vt;'J •_•:
.lu!in E Wrieht to M Waters Nominal
f-n.-ott avr. •■ cot };.-■). 11 Rnad nm« n p 114.
- •■ S2.Sx ■ . M.fix ■ « 188 Ps n '"■■•:. Katharine
G Haye» to John i> «'nl?li Nominal
Will pt. Xns 308 and Fn«t. ."M.r.x IrrPtruUr-
Meyer Barber to Minn!* Oottttcb; inortEnir"
*''V!..?(vi ; too
vetiuo A. « *. 51.7 fi n of r.^th «, 93*gft;
TeresfH Zlka to Abraham N>vin« nnri another . 100
Elton si p. k ■> cor i.'Ptti st. THxlOO; Jeremiah
Slulmati to Pr«.l'rii-k I^^» HHt
a\.-. No i.v>7. ¥ s. 96.2x100: Sr:ni;i By* to
M^tritip E Hassen; mortgage. *.<».... ' 100
2<l aye, v- 6. 100.6 ft nOf ."«»tl) M. •.•';. "ix Irregular;
William A Katie to P*ter V Kane 100
Bathpstp n\p. -vv •>. tfil.9 ft n of IHL'.i st lS.Tx.s:;
n-ancin .1 Coghlan to Miohap! .1 Uarkiu .. . . ]no
Brook aye, n c cor at Pauls place 84.£xl&).0;
8:: non rius; to Simon .1 AltCchuler pt al; mori
yaee. «*0,500 ion
fvin st, No 1.11 Wnt, 2."i^104)..- ; ftrbfrcca Si.-p^l to
Sanitifj Mebowltz add another; mortgage
■23.000 ]00
140 t » M. No 283 WP!... 2T.n.,0(..u: Ki.hraim
prucker to B«nha t*vyi inortßHCp. ft 0.000.. . ion
r»rk Row, s p. 290 ft from * » cor Diiahe st;
Robert v Weir ■• al to H'nry Leerburgrer Nominal
lot n-st.n -st. n >. lot 2»>l. man fnloni.ort Christian
\ondran Pt al to Jacob baklaa .. 100
Park *vr. *' "• 3r ,,i ft s of St Raymond aye, Zsx
VK>; G,, isfirr^ B«tU to Martin H AValil«-.*k »■..!
nnnthpf; niorteofTß, $2,400 . . . ]<>>
Klnaella sve, w a I<>S ft c . or Ros*-M. f.oiioO:
Annie h Oashln to Sarah y Cahlll mortcage,
?•■"■' Momitml
t^tfc (if, to TO. map anainn MtfllV: ( i..,,. -...'r'
Brunnlug to John C Hetnta and another; nil Menu 100
Lot 4<!«. map Van N-Ft Park; Max Schwartz to
Solidary Realty \ .-n c i B tlon Nominal
Mott-«t. « d. »1 ft «• of Washington »Ye 47x
''"-: SomniPt-' ( ■onKtrurtlon Company to Yin
"I" Donagur; all liens Nominal
Bathgatp-av. No 2,100, w f. is.»x.l<>o: Anna. C
Stephen* to •'athf-rlnp Honlosor 100
Jir.th !>t. No -'!!♦ Weat. 30x100.11; Mayer Zalka to
David Kl.-hlPi ■; muftgaitf. Jir,.fi(K». ' 1(W
9th a\p. No SO4, •a, lti.Sx irrp X ; Daniel .1 Tomp
kin.« to I.llllp X I^lppmann 100
lst-Hve. c f. lot 41, map No 1 of Ollnvlllp. Unix
l"0: Sarah I Hunt to Q Corlllo and another. .. .Nominal
Sd-BA-p. No ). (.21. w B. 2T>x7!): Joseph Filths In
Peter Lemon; mortgage, $14,800 10<)
Wat-r-st, n s. ISO ft -,v rrom c s .larkson st '£>\
UK); Alfri»<l L. Brown to A «Srhone n pi al. 100
Lots 328 arvl 32f'. map VTaahlngtonville; James
C} < vihurn to Da\ M 1. Rudd lX»
2d avp. No i,«2i. w *. 2-">r7W; Spllb: Carllp el al
to Joseph Kucha; rnortpae«-. $15.0(1(1 ... I'M)
1112 d «t. No 212 to Sit Kpm. B08100.il: Hapliael
Kurzrok to Samue] Hepner and another; mort
gage. $48,000 Nominal
Randall avp. » ;>. BO ft w of Amunrison aye. 2T.x
100; AiiKtiFta Nelson to Victor Olson Nominal
Broadir.ay. n c cor 123 d It. 201.10K175i Realty
I'ompanv of America to Charles M Rosenthal;
mnrtcaire $670 wo !<><>
2flth st. No .-!.•!.■( to :<•"•(' Hart, 7K lixiis'.i. John R
Krnut to .lam's .1 Kennr-ri;. : mortgage, $24.000.. liir)
Avenue D, n W cor 12th «t ; lot :!12. map ' tilon
port; John Uazer to Ge'.rc 1 F t>»rrell, tniF. . .Nominal
Barker aye. « c cor Bridge 2«4x2«7: K!ia*
Rospntha! to Rachel Bb*dtlN and another;
mortgage. 57.0110 Nominal
AventrtT, No Ifi«. •s. ii r 'X in'ec. Harriet Bacr Id
Pavld RoFpnhcrp: mortitag". Sli>.«»i«> 100
I«ot 2fl map Brun.T p«tat»; <'entury Realty C m
puny to Martin H JUiv 100
l»t 27. samp Mr. same, to same 100
I*t-ave No 1.109 w 0. 25xfi1 : Rachel Moses (0
I«aa- Oolnberft: mortKaßp. $IS.»hTO lV»
oih-avc. c b. 24.11 ft t of ]2Stli Ft. 26zl 10; P.
rterrH ITarvev »t al to Marcus I, Onk and an
other : 15.i50
Amsterdam avp. n W corn«r R4th-«t. 2H4 4-<](«>.
Max Fr»und to Plnoaa 1/oivpnfeld and another ifO
70th-st. n c 88.5 rt w of Exterior-K, .".Oxlc«>4:
Emma I.owe to Carrie J Well 100
KiSth-st. ■- -. 702 S ft c of Boston M^nry I!
Hall to B&rthOlom** PhißlPfon Nominal
lOth-at. « «, 72 ft w of Ist -aye. 2SXK.S] Ida
Mr,rhi7 to Rpn.larnln M <;ruensteln and another;
rnortcape 523.000 l or
.■»th-avp. c b. 24.11 ft a of 12Rth «t. 25x110; Ed
ward F Kmmpt and another exPcntorF. to Rr
b»--,"i Harvey; all tlt!e Nominal
40th «t. No 14!» Kast. x.l on. 5 : ,Io«;pph '' I,<-vi to
Maze R«altv Ccnnpkny; mortgage. *!o.ooi> inn
Bth ay- <v s. 100.11 ft B of 113 th ft. 2£>xl(*>; Kllen
Reran to Charles M .ferolonan: mnrtjtaße. ?Rl.
or«» . . . ]ito
166th-!=t, n s, 225 ft c of Bth aye. :.ftx*.< 11. Emily
A Ix>ri«: H al to James Pilkinptnn. all liens. ... Nominal
Avenue a. c a, 51.7 ft n of 7."> th st. 25x98; Abra
ham N»vin» Pt al to M!snk:nd-Felnl>pre Realty
<'ompan\ : mortKiiß-e $H.nrx> ln<»
10th -ave „ * 4!>4 ft n of 24tf st. 24.8x1110: Sarah
A Pinner m An. lien ) Connell: mortiracp 14.H00 100
Broadway, is c corner 14.Vh ot. 109.10x100; Chelapa
Realty Company to Adolph I^wisohn; mortenne.
1 $57.000 100
Allen- gf. No 170, c «;. 2rt.nxß7.R: Mary Welser and
another to Morris Arfelbaum. mortßaße, &2f>,
o*lo . liV)
Avenue D. n w corner l?th ft. Vnlonport ; Gec.rpe
F' r>arren. tni?t»p. to H»nr W Puss-w<-|n: all
tttU 21..V10
Rosin. William, to a EMwkind; llth-st. « w cor
r,o r sth n\o. rllin .filly 1. 1 <*.■>*?. R p«r pent J^t'i
Zimmerman. Mosps. In (1 Ruttkay. Sullivat, •.
Noa 121 and 123; 3 rears, 5 ppr rent 5.000
Fleirel, Rebecca, to A R HeniaFh el al; S2d-Bt,
Nd 131 Went; Instalment*. 6 per runt .. 4, "in
Harris, .lanie^. to a •' Harris: ftltoti-ave. !• v
corner 1 r,(itli-fit . prior mortgage, |R3,600; .'
roars 12.000
Kohn. T^lpresa. and others, to Title linarantv
and Trust Company: Orchard No IST; •!•'
mnrtrl . . . . ■ 1 i.oon
Steinman Realty <"nTnpnny to City Mortpaije
Company; Brook-svR. n » m rn r 13i>th-nt;
dpmand. R per cent US, OOO
l.»so. Fro'l->ri<K. to .1 rvfilner; EHOn-aV«, X •
rnrn»r 158th-st; ." '"arii. .'> ppr cent jo.onn
■Wpin = rein. Louts, to R Helborn; R2d-st. No 884
tr> r.40 Ea?t; 3 months. >; ppr rout 1.000
Colombo. Bonifacio, and another, to .1 V
Graham; 4Sth-st. No 3JR East; 3 year*. «
per roil* 2.500
Hymep. .lamb to 1 BarJirarh and another;
Ist-avp. » B , ro ft n of «I(it-i"t; i mortgage*.
$1.750 ; 3 yenrn. 6 per <■»!!( 7. son
Mn'-Mz. Ida! to 1- Rttllneer: 10th-«t. <. •. 78 ft
w of Ist-nve; i vi>ars. B^| per rent ?!.nno
Samp, to i, Minsky; L at -are. m p. ii 1 ft s of
lOth-avo; prior mortirsffe, $2". 000. ." yeara.
6 ppr rent 3.nnft
Kmrnanur] Evanppii'-al Lutheran <"hurfh to
Board Church Extension General Synod of
Evangelical Lutheran Church; Rmnn Plar».
* v rnrner lstth-st; S years 2.000
Aronnwitz. Abraham, to 1 Baum; Norfolk -st
No ¥0; prior lnorfßaßp. III.OOO; r, years. «
per ,-ent 1.075
Mvprmore, ,]r-^<tf> w. to Robert H 'irp' . 3d aye.
«■ ■ 32 ft ti of 179th-M; :i years. >; per rent 3.f10r»
r.oißn-. Lou la to M Rerlin"r. Madlßon-ave.
No 1.444; i years, « p° r rent 5.000
Honlot>er, Catherine, to A C Stephens: Bath
eate-ave. xv b. old line. 2S ft n of lSlst-st;
" yoars. s'. per i-ont S.B^
Thorn, Thomas It to IT M Hunter: Grand
a-p. Tv *. 50 ft « of i!>2d-!<t. 3 yeara. r,'.
per c«nt 4.500
Barbor. Merer, to Joseph Pohmner; I<»>th st. Nos
2<IR and 21« Bast: 1 ypar. 6 per cent 2.300
Teltelbaum, Isldqr. and another to P Welt;
Bronrne-at, No 22. n s. .V) ft w of Mansiu ».
'< yeara, 6 per cent ■».2.'0
Levy, Bertha, to c Dmck*r; 140th-st.. No 233
weal : '1 years. ii per cent S.OOO
Iy_-tz. Hattif. to Railroad Co-opefatlve Buil.liiiff
and I>o:ir Association; Victor at. W S. 17."i ft a
Of Cblumbua are; Instalments, « per c»nl 1.700
Bane to same; Victor st. w •«. I'.t.T.n ft « of Co -
luirihiiFav^; Instalments; ft per cent I.SOO
I She«dy. Matthew. Ui Edmund Coffin; BoscAbel
avp, n W a. at ti a 161>th st; <ii:<> August I, 1907;
r,i, per .-pat 2JOf>
Sullivan, Mary, to Emigrant Industrial Sa\lnK.«
Hank; Mta-st, 11 .-> .:*> ft •■ of 3d av< due June
30, 1807; . ) ocr rent a 12.000
N'i.-klps. Jacob, to C Vamdran; I'lth st, n s. hriuK
c 't and » '•.. lot 351. map fnionport; 2 mort
pages J1.400- 2 vearK. ." : ■. pel nent 2 $00
Smith. Emma R, to C Hitchcock; lota 129 and
ISO, map Van Nest I 'ark; 4 ypar. I*.1 *. .v_. per cant, n.OOO
?atne to ("hailee H Baf^hlpr: Sflme property; prior
nu.rtirac.-. $8,000: l year. <> on cent 2"0
ICcESntee, Arthur I. to La*y»rs' Realty Company:
West Farms Iloa.l. » <■ *. at n s 167 th st; due
lip.embPr 81. IMS; 51, per cent 18,606
Mautz. M. to I Melmath. JaekMQ-ave, .V- TW; '
years, 5H par cant 4.000
Sohlttle"-. .Tultup. 10 '' .tvn 1 ?; Kirjt st. * m corner
White Plalna-ave; 5 years. 6\i per cent 1,200
Nevina, Abraham, an.l another to T Zikn ; Avenue
A. »■ c. i>l. 7 ft nor 7.*»th ft ; 2 years. SV» ppr ren : S.ixiO
■Waters. Miriam to Seaman's Hank for Favtiss-:
Madison avc. .• a, 84 ft s of 87th . due June
30. Mil : S per cent • 16.600
Pearl. i/»ns and another to A .1 Leon; 104th-s.t.
No 17» I-Ja.it ; .! years, .'>>■.• per cent Biooo
Small. Abraham, to X II Jackson; 2d-ave. n «
comer 12<lih st ; 1 year. 6pi r cent fi«i.'VK>
Upschltz. Isaac, and another to citizens Saving*
Bank: AUen-Pt. Mo 121; due .lui)p IS. 1810; .'.
per ant 20.000
Olenli'k Realty Company to Commonwealth Mori
auge Company; Jcfkaon aye, w », .'12.10 ft t „t
lHOtii hi; i \ear, 8 per cent.. 47.0fK»
BlflCieton, B. !•• C Klein; In.sth st No t)7P; 3
y»ars 3,000 '
I.nwenfpl>l. Plncua. an>l another to M Freund.
AinFterdam ay. m «, *• ft 11 of Mth-«t: 3 mori
piis.-^. |SS. 000; 1 year, .". p-r cent IOS.OIIO
P«inf to name; Amsterdam air, 11 n corner Ji4t!i
at; 1 rear, .". per rent So 000
Rosenberg. David to H «aei ; Aienue C No '''•'■
lit years, ."•■_• per cent 10,000
Hepner. Samuel, and another to R Kt:r7.rok, I^iM
st. No 212 t.i 2i«; Kast; 5 s oars. 11 per .■■■tit.. . 12,000 i
Rltter. Philip, to V DonaU: 140t!i~st. n s. 17:.
ft rof Bth- a-.p; r> ypar». ft 1 - per cent 24,( ;
lliirl:hardt. I^aurn. and another to Hamilton Bank-
Man- aye, n c . orner r.»7:' st ; prior mortcase.
«•! ikxi. dPinantl ' I ttno '
T.owpnfe'.l. J'iiirii«. and another t(. m Freur.il:
Amsterdam -aye. a ■■ corner JT.t';-st; 1 jrar a
■- ' rent •••• , . .... 57.000
<>-. M:.r. it 1., and another to American Mori
nr««e Company; ,-.; l, aye, - a, M.ll f[ * of
12« th s1;s 1 ; <liir me .'JO. Mm:. :.'■■ per cent -„ .>„, '
24th st . No. '!27 Bast; Th.iinas I-rttile«s n(r.iii;f.t
Julius r, Knuth •( a!.; Ortobar 12. l:«H ... Si r >o (IO
Vy« it., ' ■. ll\<> ft. n of lOTffh it 11L^,27^ *" ( " <MK)
Max FeM ajTßltist Abrani A. .^!ir>^rh»rK »t al '
December 7 IBOT, . "' ..,. ft .
15th si . No m >-„>■_ i^..,,, KuMn H K ain.st "* °°
Snmu^i ntow ci al.; Noi*mbw 17. liM.:, .. ;{or. fin
Jirt.l st.. So*. 55 and M Woat; W. i Jack Com
pad) aß&ir.jsi Hfur> A. Robbtna und ar.othi-,
l>v(.eml,e r 12, ]«...3. ... „ . ; aj Ol>
T2.1 St. Xn. I4I» East; W. T. .lark Company
against B. A. Lerojr, jr.. et al. ; December '-•„„„
ifMir, I,«2B«V
72.15;.. NO 131 But: .«nmp nßain»t Henry C.
Beadleaton el al. : I>»<v>nib«r 12. 19™ 1.02100
Both r» N>. -104 Wort; fiwrco H. Blf"n nplln»t .
.i-Mm .. Griffon <t al.; September 27. IWB (can
called) ' < '°"
Lexinicton-ave., No*. I. .-,!>:. an.l i.iiflT. .Inspph
nng*r >•> al. acnlnjt Jacob H>r>lom<>n & H^n. •■«n
em; lo*»ph <irr*«ninn and Herman H*t<i«>, con
tractors $!>*..> HO
13th M , No. 483 East ; Rudolph Kohnnr n«aln!«t
SARiliel SHOW, owner; J'crnl'k & RoaenKrant.
contractor* 4 1 "0
Hull ay« 260 ft. n. Of - 0211 ■*•• :Wkl"<>; Marry
l»ritin!in« against John .-vhrr.lu. owner; acorn _
v, Falrlle. contractor. •• ;• • ■ — ''•
Tintnn a\* *. W. cofft« l.*mh -si.. iftfcMft: rnlfp-i
Siaico (i:)« nttur* Company rigninM Haenrnnrp
ivnltv ' iipipinu nwner and contractor -*'■'• IN)
- ■■■! st.; -„ i-i East; <;. f.-iii ><- Co. aßatn«st
Samuel gob i. ..-.■nir; i l,n«=tgflri.pri. contractor.. ii*mm>
Prcsjipit n\ <■, c f, ITS ft !i '■' 107th-pl; for « on»
story frame store, lofts!*; Henry Mueller,
owner; Rudolph \\ crher. architect ?l.fX)()
W«f!. *!,«Ffni-a\«-. f» !=. W.M ft m hf !"...!.htii* svp;
for : »■■ . ■'•• story brick tpßeineflt hou!">!« with
*-tor<rs. aoxlli and ."."\cP.5; Merctliy . Realty
Company. owner: Qoldnel .<>■ Goldberg/. afehlte*H 100.000
171.M st. v.- .-. 264 fi <■ .-.f n"o«ti:tipsr»r a. *; tor
flvi» two story Frame dwelling houses, 21x50;
(•lpß.aon realty < in inn- . 6WtI«T; Ariolph 0
Rethlin. architect 22.500
174 t- M, w r. '212 ft x Of W>sten#»ter are: for
ft two ■tory fiHin- ■ItvHll'.c HOUR*. _Ixsf); Mary
i- wart ..nn.T. K-atik P. Pag«tU. architect.. 4,"«K»
Wodßworth »v», n » cor lTTtii it , [or tlife* liv*
Btorj brioli tonompnt houses, 4OKBS; H M El
lender, oWnei r. W l.«-vltan. arrhitTt $12.>0110
44th st Nos 136 nnd 138 W«ti for nil <Msht Story
Infrl; elubhouSe. 88*93. »; i 'lnh niillrlinir Com
pany. owner; I. Brown, ralmT <«■ HornbostPl,
HrrliiierM I.V.OiK)
122>1 «t 11 0, ISO fi w of Altt*tW-ajun-«VJ»: for
two ?i\ *rnry briefc f!athou<<*s, «2.«x77.11: Krnlo-
witr', Realty Company. oinwr; Bern*t«»l *
Bernstein. arcliHeeti 10 " "°"
W&Bhiniftan-ave., p. f.. M.ll ft. n. Of Wndomr
a--r 50^100: th» citj Mortgage Company loanj
liarry Lehr $30,000
ii.-hi .ciiin-avi .. n. * corner \Vpndr>y»r-av». ,
H0x125; ttarte loans KlPnan ft e4if K »'l 80.000
USth-st., s p.. 12". ft. •■. of Ith aye.. 180x100.11;
Han if Bffftndetbaum an'l Ftf^pr lvalue loan
Harris Friprtrnan air] Barnp*. T-vlnn«r.t; 1 no. 000.
Jackaon Bye. «•. s. 82. U ft. *. of t«O»h it., *4\
74 11: th" rmnnionwpslth MorfK»Ke lompany
loans Olenick Realty Compani 47.000
15th-et., No. en Out; Meyer Chapkomky ncain«t F»:-
tmttl rlnfer el a! , n.tlnn i.. reform contract; attorney.
*ih sve, .«. w. corner 164 th 81 . 40x100; Berry H. Pi
moha » another again*! JoFrrih M. <*.oMl.«.rg ; a- tlcn to
f,,,,.. in.r t , ,..,:■ ■- lien) ; attorney*. Alexander x- A***
ll^ri st., NO. 207 «i : rteoffe PfhoflpM against r-Biii
mlr V. Wncrr.T and another; fofWtMttN of mortgage;
attorneys, was bi rman * Jacobeon.
B3d st < B. «.. 150 '.' r ' of Mh ay. 2Bk100.5; Annie M.
;n 'ffy against Alois C. Mull et al. ; partition; attorney,
R. f." White.
The following judgments Were fil^d yesterday, tno
fksi mime boing that of the debtor:
I A.ilrr, SißinuiKi Josfrh H. Cliffy $1.31R0T
I Aliuack. Thomas-- <"liy of New-York 79 23
Allen. James A. Henry f\ Lincoln and another.. 70 41
Brinctterhoff, John .1. (not summoned)- -Mary H.
Watts ■•• 14 1"
Brown. Parah - Mary Wnl^tioj.w ]Sf»4l
Bersrr, i. Paul Mofitz KaorliT unit anothor.. 15W520
Byrne, Jamas V. — touts H. Mom 186 Hi
H.-.nvn. .Tamo? 11. Richard n»nnftt 130 44
P.P'k. TV'bprt YV — Rlohnr<l A", !ta.rnett * C 0.... I s * 61
Boylan. William S. — City of Net* York K\ II
9aniP — Samn 76 811
Byrnr. .latnPH Sbiii» Id 23
Bate*. Charles Saidee Trimble 225 31
<"arss>, Wilfred mot summoned)— r^ouls H. Mom I*6 91
Collins. ,lam«t V. Morris Roaenfleld et al 112 S4
• anlKlnir Mary— Catherine: H«r«lnp an<l another. 79 Ii
Crawler, Cornelius ■ City of New-Torn 109 f-5
Dnscoll, Alexander J.— City of New-York 5»4 li>
Daniel*, Annie K. -Jacob l.<>vita. an. another ... 15131
Ershowsky, Samuel Joseph Rnt'ilM-rp *8 S3
Ki<-»rlmsn. Max Hyinan Sl!..ts .-t al JfW
Flanagan Thomas X.— City of New York 70 £2
Fisher. David ' Geor*e W. Conterrio 12 .*»»
(Jerome. Gerald Juiiua E. Fh«lpn 9135
(!ar\in Anna and Kfiwar.l D.— I^-opnM Baith and
another gg}
Glrard rymlstf M A.— Charles (Vaf=ko Company.. "2.7
<sr«:i p,-. .tonn X- City of N>«- York I<U «8
Griffon. Edward— Morris Hos<>nn>ld m ai 72 40
Hoileam William— charl** R. Pl»f>nthaler and
another »£»
Hoyraan. B<-rnath — Ixinip Rorgenicht and anoiii<-r. .is.l «'l
Hills. Oarollhe M. Nelli* A BUt*l#y 4"n »l
Ilnilpairn Morris- Slsmund Ernst and another .. . . »M
Herter P<-tor .1 K. 11. oo g d»n l,ural»r Company .. fi«» "1
HHiporn. Lotil* Mynarn Flrota ft al 7* »7
Till?.- 1 ! I-oul« 1,11k" Kow»nhov»n «P1 «8
Norman Joaeptl I. Richard .T. rft»rjnn K>'t 7«
Henry. Frank IT Cltr of New-Tort 72 23
Hayd'rn. Mi -lia-l— *nm* I<>«§3
Isaacs louts A. -iliarlpn J. TBgliabu»: cost>< Ifl7 »1
Johnson Louis C-- Charles S. Haliitead l.°Bl "2
Johnson Rich»rd L. Edward C. Talrott . . JO,t»ll» 28
.Ion'? Adam M.-Ct'T of N>w York 04.8
Kennedy, M. Milton Hartford Rubber Works
Knoohf Godfrey— Rppprn 3.1.14
Ke»nsn' William J.-- North American Lloyd
Bte&nishiß I'ompan);. rf.«!» "- 4 1
Mora C. City 6f N""« rork 10|M
M.,.-. V Ix>ula — J»rr»r»inn Bank <.r New rork.. 2\* 11
,l<.herl Conrad Herman Robiner 14« t'l
-anphor Helen r > - Mar," E. Brown 1.0«;> 43
Irishman. William Charle* Oaeckl* 31> A
Irf>Al. Jacob iltv of New-York L' 2 ? -?
■awerrc, Mary— same -i ,'J,
J,!ifjrns. Christian M -Sain*... •» £
.UtjMIB, William B. Same -US
..-I,:. John Same •■ 4WW
M>orp. Benjamin F. — CMrle* .1 f'f»re« and an
itorehalL CnaVles' H. iNite Neisoii ' and another. ' . T"1 27
lever Henry and A. >'. Michael Qrtkr. Jr * s » .-.1
Macurdy Roland W. Bchwanscnlld * Bnlsbetge*
Company „;,?
Magrath, Henri ' BlMn ;he cc r |rhton, <o S t« ' ll] 13
Meyer rharles X rtty ... Mew Y^rk 2.251 M
McGarry Daniel -Para" 7 * 23 I
McJElweV Alexander Eflwart C. TaU-ott I<>.<ilO 25
(.•Manns. Patrich city of N<mv Tork 10| M
1 Qualde. .i»m»«! P. \<-olian Company tSSI
M-'ahr, Edward But* Bank.. MOBJ
Nobl=s Milton city of New for* MM
icp,, Tnhr X Daniel Hird=all »> al 261 01 I
fVKell rames > -Obrnellus F H«rn> and another I Pit 23 i
, *;„',; Alfred F. c v of N>w York IBt M
O'Connor, Jereirlifth F Ocean Steamship Com
pany of Savannah; costs 7*! o4
PoliakofT Becky P.v.il Kahi> ml lib 40 i
PfiFtfr. Mario -<;"or K p rflster: cOSttu 9& '
pp P ar"«. O*om E. City of N"w York 0f» M
Powers roseph P. Bame ITOW
Reicher Prank Aii." B. Kaus»r 454 (M
niocpt. William— Electrical Audit and R'haf
R&^K^VHJr;™: ::::::::::::::::::: i.gf|
Reynal. Nathaniel C. Hward «• <'0... BT7 5t
c,,t,:i(T Walter- Katherlre P. < 'bamhorlain gl Cl
BohneldW. i>, ir ß» .1 William T. Quinn ru>» 41
VHo ™ Sattno Olh - . co«« Mil ■
BMden.lir.ulßE rharlw J Tafllabue; costs 167 61 I
BpieerPlberter, Etbti Pavin F. Stern 4, £ ,
Brorrn vi .if Joseph f. Stnuer 11l '.X i
Bteph<*n«. Kdriard John B Martin 1 5. 40
•Bphuh*rt Paul -Anna Sohuhose; costs J ., ws
Schubert Max mo» Minim.me<li State Bank 2 "° so
Thurh, Otto C. Mary IT. Watt* |I4l| ,
Tbwns. Charles 1: Same ...V Rl4 16 ;
TnomaV. John F. City of New York. » 'l 71
vana.«. Henry b:— city of New York 16 06 ,
T^'lliioii .Tarn** S»ttM» ■ ■■• 47 «4 ;
V."i>if»- ■linrl.."<. receiver HamhurS -Bremen Fir* _ |
Tr.Biiran<-^ Company: cost* +*> <2 >
Wi=<>. Af?na E. Old Windmill Art Galleries and _ I
another: costs ■•• 82 71! \
if Prto ,. Realty Company — E. H. OS 1 '"" l/timb»r ]
„_,.„. ' fifl^i S^
Intemrbaii Street Railway Company Minn!..
Hrwnan ■ 1W **•
Th» )»Yederi'ck J. Qiilml>y Compan] David l-ev>
ami another '■'" *"
rion-.» Brass and Copper Company Wilbur T.
C;^pp[o 4" PI
>.>■■. York City Railway Company— lsrael Lentln
Tidewater Bulidin'it Company -John Mulvey 194 41 (
,tc-r Building Company Johli Mulr»y. i.2H2 1j
ntaglbtrtKi Paper Company Ria/hter Marshall .
i 'Anna ny ■'"^
„ MoftOOti '"ninp.-my .Topf-pli l^vln and another.. 7< ■-■2
Brooklyn and StßtMl Islam! Ferry company '"v .
«if .N'eiv York •"•""■'
William I. Mathenon ft Co.- Beimofll Realty and
Const r'irti"Ti Company et »1.. rosti 17 41
Orirntal Mineral and ch<-mical company -City of
New -York !«7 38
Onemi Power Company Rtnphen H. Mil!* 1.20S fl»
Tho following petitions in bankruptcy wete fil^'i
yesterday with the Clerk of the T'nitrd Statos Dls
tricl Court:
Clarence X Brown, PeelukUl. liabilities, $i.'79;
; -ts $4fiT. Trio principal creditor is W. 8. Tomp
kins: $2 c " Becured: th» principal item of assets I* a
Kt<.,-k of BTOcertes. $400.
Charles X (^asterlln. hotel keeper. Florida. Oranpp
County. N. V.. liabilities. *«.127: assets. *83. Th»
principal imdltor is Frederick R. Casterlln. 12,097.
Thp asaeta consist of stock, $80; horse, $.'.«; rlepositfd
in bunk 18.11.
An involuntary r^tltl-m was filod against Arnold
Weiss tr»i<lii)B (M A. Welsa & Co., No. 121 Mercer
st by Bisenbach Bros. &■ Co., and othor creditor.*,
v.itli claims aggregating Jl.lOft. Pref«rene*s are al
leged Max Hamburger wan nppointfd receiver,
with a bond of $1,000,
SohprlulfP "' Jacob 1,.1'T.y jhow debts of $IS>'i>B
and 8811*18 of $58,518. The principal creditor* nre 11.
M Cooper, No. 302 Broadway, tlMi: Prhpinliprr
Woollen Company. 11.348; Cnmo. Halmpter & l'o.,
ji 000 Tii" alleged bankrupl has a lar^p amount
of accommodation paper out. tl;p amount of which,
it is stated, is unknown. The .-i«<-»-tH consist of
acrnnnts. $9,464; actions pending In Snprfmo Court,
Henry Hackenbruch, No. 315 4th-avp.. liabili
(l, 13R422' asset*. $74.". Tn6 prlnrlpnl rrerlitors ar»
Bopnle Beck, $4,000, secured bj <-hsttf-i inorigagp m
fixtures or Irvins Plftofl Hotel, lf.th-»t. and Irving
Pla- • ■•• A .1. Inihoff. mechanic ■ lien, (2,00); Qforgn
K<»sl»r. fI,MO; Baus I i Brothers, $3.two; !•". tJan*
drich & Bon, $2,000.
Joseph N Ely, No. "' Broadway, liabilities $3..
253- Mts, $9,728. Th» Drinclpal creditora an- a. C
5..,,!. So. 15" \\>st 73d »t., $3,000, s-ortired; X \v
Voorhls Gravesend, N. V., $I,OCO, secured; Hy M
Stevenson, N«> 76 VVilliam-ai . MHO, secured; K. O.
Knlsrht No. «1 .Park How. $3,301 <!'-<nire(i; J. I*
Berser. Brooklyn. $XS37; A. 11. Small. No. 2 : 0 Broad*
•ray. {3.415- Petitioner has accounts, J4.G25; de
poaited in bank. t"!.»Htirl an Inten In thr estate of
John Hogeman, estimated worth "i
\n Involuntary petition whs Qled aralnst O'Ronrka
& Creamer, of No. a Weal 44th-st., by thmo cr«4it«
• •rs with claims as follow."": White Poster Company.
decorators. $3,110; Acker Merrall & Condi t, Ji.713;
estate «if M. H. Quick. $Ht7 .liifl(?mPnts and pref
erences are alleged An Involuntary petition was
filed npHinst O'Rourke Individually four day* a«n
A discharge) Ii bankruptcy w.is yesterday s^antei
the iivni of Kaon A- Silvtrstela.
Hartford. Dec. 12. — Captain W. 8. Wlllfnin^,
warden .ii this port, w.i* killed bj a train on the
Valla Ui\isiua of Iht New-York, -Haven ana
Tfnrtford Railrond to-<l;iy. I{o was fstnndinir in the
mid. lit- of th»" tnir-k svh"n th» rngine hit him.
Captain Williams was eighty years Ola and was
in th» R«<niibllo ( .f frumiay tho "Mont, video
Tlmns" f»ar«! that fho prrihlfni of ihr- future Pr'-si
denM hnq bp^n suddenly thrust forward as an un
avoidable topif- of public olicusslon; and is ronw
'iu»»ntly occupying thn attention of new«paper* and
■if thf> puhllr mind. The "8Jglo" adhefea m<">i«t jiosi
tlvely in a Ftatf>mrnt thai Preßident P.atH- ha» «u<*
ipssfuly ex-rrt^il hip influf-n'-' to obtain a majority
In the ChanVbera for thr 'lectlotl of Dr. Claudlo
Wllllman, at present Minister of Government, as
his racceMpr on Marcti 1. l£W. No oth«>r candidate
is yet mentioned, but many may come to lisht soon,
though the date or the: Presidential election is
far err.
Ran Francisco, Dec. 12.--Th<- onHetti closing Quo
tations for mining storks to-day were as follows:
Altn <^;Ji;?ti.- XV
Mvhit Con <«5'K«-nt<i -!;y Con 01
Aniln .21 1 U VV;«iti. '•"!) 03
Batcher •_>:('. vtrxi .mi ..i.4«
Belt A- Belcher I.4s|OccHental Ton :••;
Mvm ••!! 85 Ophli 1.90
< »l«>rloiiia 57 Over t)HTi .13
<hnll«-ni;f Coh 20!Poto!"l . l'l
(hollar 091 Sa ag '•»
1 1 (mflrt?nr» «•" -".-ii; I: !'•*•»!' <<".<
con.. Oal. * Va 1.381 Sierra Sevada \(>
.■in. Ifnp.rlai 01 Syndicate tj
•rowi Point 151 st. f/->ui.« •«
<;.iui<i * Curry 15 Union yon.. •"•*
Ha!*.* Nnrrross 1.20 Utah Con OS
.(ulia. 00 T«llow Jacket M
/?f«/ Estate.
the c;t? eat
ING which the
United States Ex
press Company is to
erect back of Trinity
Churchyard on Rec
tor Street is a siruet-
lire for which WC are now building
the foundations.
This building will be constructed
under Cost Insurance methods.
The owners awarded tlie contract to
us because they believed they would
be well protected by our effective or
Guaranteed Mortgages
Endowments S Trusf Funds
The most profitable investment
is that which combines a large
net return with absolute secur
ity. Tne guaranteed mortgages
of this Company net 4# and \%i>
and are in the same class of
securities as municipal and rail
road bonds.
Bond & Mortgage Guarantee Co
Capital and Surplus
146 Broadway, 175 lUmsen St,
New York. Brooklyn,
Bronx Real Estate.
"T ROOM? ANT> RATTT: hnt -w»ter and <:t6am li»at : f>r>
• ) floor. SOS Fast lfilst-*t . . n».ir MorrU
Copyrighted. :305, by the Aaar-ctated Sunday Ma«n.ilne. Incorporated.
j "The Goal"
The continued demand for the above su
: perb picture in 6 colors, which appeared as a
double page centre in the Magazine Section of

of Nov. 19, has compelled us to order a limited
number of extra copies, which will be mailed
to_any address on receipt of 10 cents.
New- York:
Inclosed please Bad ioc. for copy of Will Grefe's
Football Picture, "The Goal."
A net ion Sales of Real Estate.
OmCB OF tHE statk cMoincbr and ?;- R v Frr , in
aiLE or JSpr**" *' " 19fli - .
su.k or 19n »-
Pursuant to ,\ reholi i :<»\ or THE
C6mnllsslon*m of in^ ,-,. - 3 -.~i „ . _
heM di. the Mi
of p,,-rr>r »r,.^,< m
rarh. at HiMi. au ■
of Manhattan, in I
W«4newfay. ■
Boon, hy JatTlM „

«• o, ap entitled : «Map of prS^rty Mton«inK o W--JI
tr. ■••ai» try .T.^n <;. Van IIwJ». CTrli EnctiMwr aarf
am k. ■'oi"» (V> '' ntv - »• Mai Number 4C«
the l-in.i Map of the Cltfof xZwTetl " "°
n't !: th, Oi •■.*■* '• li: -- v--'v --' P»7 tern nf t>« porcbsM pry,
purrha« r r ,'y. [° h< - '■■ ■ .-.•,.: ,h, h - r . ;r !

th^ State Tr-
«B. 1 lan-is.. RBNfCT \ VAN AtAtTXft '
6VI;/ Property for Sale.
H v 2 H itnrv , .
Countru Pro pert;/ for Sale.
3*te, sure .iri prodtabw a U* attttitu :■•-■ ai s h«F
•an). Firs ml!*s from :'."h Pt. and Brcadwa; <n *ir":
l!n- with tunnels, bridffM anj prosperity ?»■«-, w?.IV
«« and granotliaii; watk- : «nrircled irtta ""ini *ar i
trolley llpn dv. cenj ;n>.- ; cash r.r "a?v paj-rn-^tT ?d
iress .1. d. DEAN. :cr. Anist«rdsni •■■■.•• °"
;.-«a- 10-rootn hn,i,,. a ii trnproremeata -'.im hTa*,"
porcelain pHOlblflg. tno toi>t«; piot S4zlOH- tr-or*
ground if desired; r«-strlctei neighborhood JOIOO
To Let for Business Purposes.
Oppose Stock has?"
9-11-13 NETW STREET, through to 72-74 Bf.OADWAT
Apply on premises. n«ra tiOl or
Unfurnished Apartments to Let.
H< « m \>; ARMS. Kaplan, At , Rr-i f , R . ;i
St.--Privat» kltrhon. ai=.. h*nse rd I real
very larpp. oiinn- rooitts, 7 la '.'". m tnHf
with OB* •■■• roar hath*; pr:r<. $l.*.a> to
17.000 sclnct family patronag*. .
. FiAnr.r-:.-! a i;KRr«A<-if. r™r
the VISTA 10! " h an<l Riv^rslci^ Pr'.v.
ouaaviaiA, Non . R( . ndy fnr o«f»aa<,;
ONE MONTH FREE.- Ftre rooms fend I>*V... op»>n
pluh.Mnc. hot water. 329 Eaai Ktti «
Furnished A part men ts to Let.
.4 — ELBGANTL.T furn!.»hori aparfn^n*. rrtvat* bah.
j\.. with r.r Srlthoul tn.al-: irM'tadlm m*al.«. r»b. ?■.'.■>
w«-«>k!y; oik-. $15 Van R-r,«»la«r. U Ea.«* 11tfi-st.
Apartment Hotels.
V-KI-E<?ANTI,Y furninli»<l »partm«>nt. r"' v a ?# ba*'
• -with or without m«-al»; lodndlng mealx. tiro. 139
«reeKlr: "n*. $15. Van Rcn.«si>:iT, 1." East llth-st
Bronx Real Estate.
A three family HOt SF, mi Bergpnav*, thr»<J
+\ Mocks from underground ami elevat»>l »f^tton*, ■■
14Pth -»*. and .^d<^^p. . *?st> -ash. \VILUAMS"N ft
PRT.AN. 3d are. an.l 147 th ft.
Real Estate To Exchange.
X 1X 1 trn! Virginia. On coa« Blop« of gdtttbirMt Mountain"
Ni^p Jirnini- of nine mom*, rihins new barr-=. eti : H.Oiirt
fruit tree*. 2.V> ar>-»5 !ar.l tn ,-ul» lvatinn. ani meadow?:
twenty adroit timber: iaHi° tSj^OO TVnat have ymj to
offer? AdviM FRED E. BWBCHEk,
<::?mont. Va.

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