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I.n\[)O\ |)R.\M\
Mr. Pinero's Second-Wife Comedy
at the St. James's.
London. February 3.
Tiie undertone of Ironic laughter in Mr. Pi
«.ro '* new play is caught even in the title. 'His
House in Order" records the experience of a
Trldower whose second •wife is so j>oor a house
keeper That he is impelled to uepose her and
to |o»*« tar at Hh mercy of his orderly first
iMe'f relations. This is the flimsy expedient by
*hich Mr F!lni«r Jessou. a solemn, hearties?,
bcnelcs? prig, as well as a wealthy member of
parliament, hopes to set Mi house In order as
precise and as respectable as was known when
lamented Annabel, of pious memory, kept
ererythsngr in its place, had tin meals on time
M apparently an irreproachable hostess
tr.l f^lr-i** l - The Irony is perceived at the
close of the third act. when there is a posthu
»T!OttS revelation that the first wife was a vhtt*d
ffpStbn «nd that his house was full of un
r ■•-■- ar.d immorality when he fancied that
It *-6F In perfect order. The,, title suits the
CBOC&J rnnre close!/ than "The Second Mrs.
7as*on" would have done, for there is a sharp
cor.trapt between the play and "The Second Mrs.
Itagaersy.** In the earlier play the. first wife
•wa* hard'v more than a stone effigy, in the
r.ewer though dead, she still ppeaketh In
unceas:::? tributeß from the' Rid«reley family to
Y.tr rtrtu«« and praces. in the husband's pift of a
public park to the town as a memorial of a use
ful arid virtuous life, and in irritating: sarcasms
directed /spsinst her successor. It 1? the first
Sirs Jesyon who makes the second one an im
pr>s£:t]* > w;fe until both the living and the dead
are found i>ut and justice is done. The change
lr. motive «eff«-cted In the relations of the two
«Ives r"iduces a variant of the Tanqueray
ftr>c- of crarras so distinctive that the new
crcrr.s Btanda by itself. Nina, the poor parson's
fgufbter ard former poverness, is misunder
st?«'>'j neglected and degraded until the hideous
troth iP known about Annabel, and then she be
co^.e» a noble woman through self-renunciation
tv.i maer.animiTV.
"Hi* Houf*> In Order" fit the M James** The
atre op*r.s with a bit of newspaper copy— a
clever substitution, '-• the usual protracted ex
r'.ar.ations at se<-nnd hand of relationship'? and
occur* tions. A journalist, received by Mr FII
rr.tr Jesson's private secretary. Jots down in a
notebook the facts about the memorial park
k-felch is to b? presented to the town, and the
r.Er.;es of th»- inmates and visitors at Overbury
Toners are to attend the civic ceremony.
The Rideel^ys— father, mother. son and daugh
ter — have FPtt'^fl down in this Midland country
house to )ook after the saintly Annabel's hus
band and to protect Mm against the inexperience
and Bbiftlessnera of Nina, whom he has married
meet indiscreetly. The •-..■•■ does not
Yarn this directly, but he may safely Infer it
fr^m the contemptuous reference to the second
v:fe as a person of rio importance. Fhe has
t,»«.n deposed, as speedily appears after a series
at '"".nances and exits, because she is not or
dcrty ar.d persists in 6moking cigarettes and
playins with puppies in the drawing room; and
in her place reigns Annabel's sister. Geraldine,
who has restored order In the household and
csurped tk9 ripht of srivjng directions to the
pe-vantß assigiiing: rooms to guests and looking
ftft«^r D«^rek. her ••-'.•. Among the
are Major Maurenarde, who is exces
sively fond of the child: and Hilary IBM OH. of
th r . British diplomatic service, who advises his
brother to adapt hixaself to the wife's deficiencies
End to be grateful for her pood po'n's. and iub-
Bequentiy h^ars her KlOe of the story arid syra
pathlZO with her. The house Is Indeed filled
■with Ar.r.abel worshippers, and the neglected
wife is snubbed, mocked, harried and Insulted.
The Bldjeleys are arrayed against her, and until
the dij'i<-m:?:tist comes there is nobody to en
courage h^r.
Th^rf- deems to he a fafr brginninp; for a oom
tiy *f imricue. with an increasing Intimacy b?-
IHO the husband and the sJßter-in-law and a
Cirtation between the diplomatist and the high
cpiri?ed wife; but this is not hat is on Mr. Pi-
BetSm ixtmerOotm .'• c*r.t« r»r i* n *- F'.x-
In »'-<:•■ fe\en tim«-» conf*r«tlv*ly. ♦-.
•■fclrfc »rr.t::;es ad»*rti«*r M have rooics
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•lrthl*- Rooms for a period of fourteen d«ys.
lir i:rcuifcr.
F-u:? Scfomattec con~*T.!::* th»f» rooms
fey be -..a.- , free of chars*- at the Uptown
DOfce of Tta N#w-York Tribune. I.3ft*
lrc«d»fcy, Mvhs 36th and 37th ets.
A.-r:i,r.,AMLT furr.Jph*il apartmT.t :
ptivat* r%th: »:tn<-ut mrale; lncluolr.r
. s: van
I-UH<:r R.iaM. with t^arfl: private
to'l. . *■-.':£> room: for jMiilfm'Ti; table
bout; reference*. « E»st Mtb-n.
OTB-CT J< EAST.- -TM-slraUf tr.ird floor
.ir F . m m wi:h board; email pot. later
re:.---. ...
*1 EAST U4TH-CT*. Ponry aWv* room:
•-4 'v.,. rurr.in* nil*"-; «>*r»-l!»nt table
ji^vj'* .< •...-. r B r.«; flfar.l'.n'w; rt-fTfLCH-
SSTH-6T-. IT. FA FT. f»r!nif Park. — El*
«:' iatr- B-,jB -,j - r .p;«. r-.-.n^; tab!* «nd
Rash tcaminnm r. ccr.u r»r H"*- six ~
'**r. nort> KV«n times ronKrutlvely. fi.
T ni'h »cU'.lfs i.^;#-rtl*f-r to h*v« rooms «-n
'"*4 la Tb« Trif)un«- - « Directory of E>esir
**•'*■ Roon-.f :o- a i*riod of fourteen <Say«.
»T»t W c.r u:ar.
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■ . ■
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'■*'•». Mcfe ct«<J«- bowline alley bo!ld
"■: \om*n prlcen. MARX EROS . i'l LT.loa
N . Y . ..leaning Co
O:n«-«t. Largest. Mosr Modern.
«27 ANI« 4.M WEST 45TM-KT.
*: T*] Skh— nryant. Ettasl!»bfd 16^.
. ■■■-. -• -
f-'ji. .. a or
[ffirß — 'V m .
- JuS
Hirmtoaist. i
nero's cards. Indeed, little If anything Is do
injr in the second act beyond a complete exhi
bition of th* RidgeWys and two outbreaks of
temper from the second Mrs. Jesson. Of talk
there is almost as much as in Mr. Shaw contro
versial revels about everything under the gun.
The chief topics are the late Annabel and the
memorial park; and the pompous Sir Daniel
Rldgeley agrees with his wife that a band stand
would bo un-English and unmistakably Conti
nental. Nina, under secret Instructions from
the diplomatist, proposes an artistic fountain;
but Geraldlne. the martinet housekeeper, and
Pryce Ridgeley. a prig as hypocritical as the
old bore Sir Daniel, voice their discontent with
anything so indecent as a female figure in mar
ble or bronze. The young -wife flies out of the
room In a rage and speedily returns to beg
everybody's pardon. When she hears that An
nabel's boudoir, which has been closed since her
death, has been allotted, not to her. but to little
Derek, she is furious with wrath and breaks out
In hot rebellion. Let the neighbors and the
newspapers say what they may. she will not ren
der tribute to Annabel by attending the official
ceremonies in the memorial park. So ends the
second act. after the diplomatist has preached
to dull ears the parable of the French cook who
heard too much about the marvels of his prede
cessor and finally in despair blew up the kitchen,
There has been no earnest drama yet. but it
Is coming:; after Nina, unrepentant and defi
ant, has appeared in a rose pink costume among
the mourning Rldgeleys and refuser] to accom
pany her husband to the park. When they leave
her by herself an opportunity for throwing down
and smashing the sacred image of Annabel
comes to her. Little Derek has found under the
floor In his mother's boudoir a reticule, and
when his bark is turned Nina opens it and draws
out four faded letters from Major Maurewarde
to Annabel. From these it is plain that the
first Mrs. Jesson was an unfaithful wife, that
she had planned an elopement when she met her
death by a carriage accident, and that Derek
is Maurewarde' son. Vengeance is now in the
power of the slighted, injured "second wife: but
in a really thrilling scene she i? disarmed by the,
eloquent pleading of the diplomatist, who per
suades her. as an act of mercy to the living and
the dead, to give up the letters and not to break
silence. After this intensely dramatic duel
comes the fourth act. in which th* diplomatist
turns Maurewarde out of the house and then
reveals the secret to the husband after the re
turn from the ceremony in the park. What he
had begged her not to do he does Impulsively
himself, after trying to induce his obstinate
brother to treat his wife more affectionately and
after witnessing her meekness and patience when
affronted anew by the persecuting Rldgeleys.
After a fierce onslaught upon the least offensive
of the priggish and sanctimonious relations of
the first wife, he witnesses their expulsion from
power and the reinstatement of the second Mrs.
Jesson as mistress of her own house. When the
incriminating letters have been burned the
chivalrous squire of dames leaves husband and
wife by the fire and softly closes the door be
hind htm. as they look, with renewed confidence,
Into each other's eyes. »
Mr. Pinero's play is constructed with the mas
tery of technique for which his best work li
conspicuous. The story is deeply interesting,
and Is told with directness and cumulative force.
The comedy passages are fresh and" sparkling;
the treatment of the smug, snobbish, self
righteous Ridgeley family is frankly farcical
rather than cynically satirical; and there is
strenuous melodrama In the third and fourth
ects. The diplomatist's appeal to the injured
wife's conscience and magnanimity is perhaps
more convincing than his own justification for
blurting out the incriminating secret after he
had sealed her lips. Indeed h<» was impulsive
rather than consistent, and finally acted from a
rough sens© of justice for a persecuted woman,
who had earned by noble, unselfish conduct de
liverance from heartless hypocrites, who were
bringing virtue, charity and religion Into con
tempt. There Is no problem In the play except
the struggle of a sorely tried, exasperated wom
an to overcome her passion for resentment, when
an irresistible weapon for executing vengeance
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Neu-Yirk. February 15th. I!* 1*
T-. \lc- * Wile v, Mr? M. Taylor. I^uisa
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A- U. VBTTSR. . ....... -****.
was in her hands. Her Inefficiency In house
hold details explains her deposition; conquest
ever self opens the way for her reinstatement,
with such chances of happiness as may be pos
sible with so stolid a husband. The first wife's
guilt Is kept in the background as the abstract
cause by which a contrasting effect of regenera
tion of nature is produced in her successor. It
is a fine play, with a strong sense of character.
and it reaches a much higher level of motive and
action than is touched by Mr. Pinero's ordinary
stage traffic. It Is most brilliantly enacted at the
St. James's Theatre. Mr. George Alexander has
never been more delightful than in the scenes
requiring vivacity, playfulness and sympathy
as the diplomatist, nor more eloquent and per
suasive than in the impassioned appeals for
generosity and justice. It is one of his most
notable impersonations, and is finely matched
by Miss Irene Vanbrugh's performance as Nina,
In which sullen discontent, hot-headed rape,
righteous indignation, triumphant vindictlveness
and noble self-sacrifice are successively de
noted. Mr Lyall Swete's is the best caricature
in the Ridpeley group; Mr. Herbert Waring does
what ho can to make the narrow minded, cold
blooded husband tolerable; little Miss Hawkins
is the best child performer seen for many a day;
and all the minor parts are well taken. Alto
gether, Mr Pinero's reputation as a playwright
has been redeemed by strong, earnest and brill
iant work. I. N. F.
Major Gillette Springs It- Tells of
Family's Ostracism.
Savannah, On . Feb. 14.-'-Major Cassius X
Gillette's testimony was finished to-day, and
the Greene and Gaynor trial moved on to other
witnesses, not, however, before the session had
proved the most interesting and dramatic that
has yet been held.
In the cross-examination of Major fJillette by
Mr >Fhorn<\ for th»» defence, a sensation was
created when the witness plunged Into a revela
tion of the difficulties he had encountered In
Savannah because of the- prosecution of Captain
Oberliti M. Carter. lie and his family. h<» inti
mated, had been received, but coldly, and there
was a practical ostracism from that society in
which Carter had long been a favorite. He
quoted a conversation he had had with Mr. Os
borne. the attorney >Toss-examlnins him. in
which the latter had told him that the animos
ity developed against him because of his atti
tude toward Carter for brazen effrontery was
without parallel In the history of crime."
Mr. Osborne endeavored to shake the witness
in his memory of this statement, but Major Gil
lette adhered to it. declaring that he had re
peated it many times since, and that it was nn
observation so striking that it could not have
slipped from his memory.
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grabbed one of the reins and was dragged
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Prom The T
A West African on a visit to England with a
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WANTED Bxp«ri«oce4 disinfectaM sales
man. Apply 12 unril ". Thursday Mid
Friday. R. p. PARKER .*•! East 2»th »t.
COOK.— Experienced (Catholic), for small
family, upper West must be w-11
r«-onmieni>d. w.if.-s >-■' Apply, stating
apt-, rtc. E. M.. 1"63 West 123th-?t.
• WANTED. Vfry capable woman; clt-rical
work; no Btenorrapny. Address L. H. «*
TO.. Boi 89. Tribune f)fflt»v
->•'.-. trial bo] ■'■
. ra;e A 1A 1 -
COUNTANT. 16 Wmv«rlej PV
rierk. -. f^veral years' *jtpfcrienc«;
thoroughly niiar.ir- H nr) cam\ ■t- in excel
lent i*nman and fiaurer; Al reference*:
compensation 115. V. MACDONALD, 3. r .5

BOOKKEEPER.— Ago 21: experienced. »c
curatt- an<i competent : K>.-n«ral ofti'-n oor
r>sr"T.rl> n* : hieh!-- recommended. A'ldrfss
E. O. S.. 1" Box 131. <Mi>.
fxperiemed young man; best reference*;
Hilary t.> sttart. .«;• Addrecs 11OMB I-\L"N
DRT, 301 East Hurt.
man. W: pfrmanfnt position; Rt">fj r en "
man; fxirtllent ref-renoes. ZAUN. 418 East
tmh st.
■ i: ■ r ,r-: -:• rt al • i
■ •>■ •
ISHOUT. 23 UcKtbbin it Pi
HVKTENDEK or MAN'AHKR. - By yi«uni?
married man; rlty or country; best ••»
perifjn* an.l reference. WILLIAM BAKKY.
14."? West ••;>! St.
BARTENDER — Oman, •>xp»ri<-nc«l: 7
y*ars In la't |.!.ir-*. Art.iress RKBN
HAKIi LOHENZ. car* Shahan. :Ci3 12*1 st ■
S<)uih Urooklyn.
BOY. 17. wish** to l*«rn brti - I*) Ina trad^;
willinK to work; -an 1>«" hlKhiy rctnm
meßd«4. T. WIIJJON. 3'J<> Kast 741h-st.
Ci'MPOSlTOK.— •'apablo niar.asT. e.«t!!^ia
tor, working foreman; Job. publi'-ation
offl^e, non-union. < ft ll at WALTERS. 110
Frf»nianct.. or address BENNETT 48
Drlst-s-a\<» . Brooklyn.
PESTER- — B K"o<i. strad\ American;
adjust duor*. windiwi, leaking roof*,
chimwys an<i wet wall.--, all kln'ls !rp«lr»
CONARD, 545 Kas t nth-rr.
CORPORATIONS or firms wlshir.c their n<l
vertisemmta writ In a catchinß nan
ne' gfioulfi f«-n«J particular* fir »-«tiii'»te -°
A. EDWARDS, liox W«, PUtnfleld. K. J
• ■I.KF:K. A -By young nan. 10: an tiil
and entry if ik or amistant hf»ikk*ep^!-.
Al references. F. R. V . - Kfs.iusko-s'..
("II.VI'FFBI'R — Ouirrftent. rohtr. reliati*:
dv on !i r^ralrtng: b»rt reftrprtes « ". 11.
KRAFT. ».f.'<s Kroadn-ay.
CHAtTFFSI'It '•OACHMAV.-li!iitr!cn.-«l
l^ijh: rltv it ooantry; <*rtv!ns: c»W four
rvlir.o'-r car;: rtreful. w!!lip.n .rfi:J|f!iiJ:
i.>»t r«-f •rence!> : t.T month HTCPIIEXa,
I ■ -
AIIVgKTISEJdEXTV an<3 »ut>»?rtptlon» 'at
7i.e Trli-ut* rer-tved at their Uptown
C'ftc-e. No I.RC4 UrA.iiJ*i), bet»w. 3Cth
•ad ;:Tih «'s , until 9 Vetoes P- ra- AJ^«"
ij.r:ii»nt» Tr:—!: td nt tn« fcllowlr.s branch
cfilr»-» at regular •ttlea :*■<■% until 8 <Vcl<vii
p, in., vli.: ■ I »V«., I, • ctr. 2C»I-»S-
CHAUFFEUR.— SInsrfe. American, age 3."..
strictly sober an.t reliable, wit:, good
automobile training, desires private place
at .-at- s^lar\ ; abi« to dotirt .binary
troubles and rented; same; r«f-rpr.ce» from
former employer; experienced in cperatlng.
also In retiring; place in Brooklyn pre
ferred. Address C W. H . Tribune Office.
CHAUFFEUR. — Competent, registered; un
derstands all gasolene M; do all re
pairs, moderate salary; strictly temperate.
B. KOCHK, 133 Broad-st.. sstapleton. Van*
CHAUFFEUR:— By colored man: experi
enced. CHESTER, 241 W«h ftfd-st.
CIIAt'FFEUR— By German: married. 11
p«iiM; experienced on gasolene cars;
strictly temperate; rlty or country. V. W.
P. . 135 Ea*t MMth-at
oughly experienced and up to date, open
for position. Addre»« (TITTER, I.S
COLLECTOR— By young man. 27; will
fumi-n first class reference. A. KURTZ.
73 2d-av*.
DRUGGIST Elderly. lon* experience. In
wholesale or retail house; counter clerk
or laboratory preferred. M *51 Gate.«-ave..
Brooklyn (delicatessen stor*>.
DRIVERS. — Akp 19 and # JO; strong and
willing; on track or express; well ac
quainted in Not Y. rk and Brooklyn; will
not work separata, C*. an T. .-KU'.MANX,
8 ilclionough-st.. Brooklyn.
DRIVER, \.iunic man. 20; Jive years' ret
t-rmces: well acquainted with city. M
DMAS, -!>'.t Bush wick- av#., B klyn.
DRAUGHTSMAN.— Norwegian.
8; two years' technical school; shop and
draw-ins experience; four months in coun
try; salary .Mi ANDERSEN. 143 Amity
*>t., Brooklyn.
DANCING INSTRUCTOR wants position In
club: will also frive members private les
sons in ballrcom dancing at their m retl
-:'•■-- Address '.VIUJAM R. FRYE. 311
West . ." -n n
ELECTRICIAN. -All around electrical rne
cbanie and nirnTian on llshts, Mis, mo
tors, repairs, mouliintr. cor»iiiit; It years'
exiiTi^nv-p. •:■ >DGBRS, MB East 93d-st.
FOREMAN. — Experienced designer and cut
ter; novelty curtains, bed sets, bonn*
femmea. etc. FOJIE^IAN. 1.418 6th-ave.
FIRING - Man. SB, wants chance to >am
Bring JOHN CAMPBELL. 222 East
FIREMAN or Janitors' assistant; SweOe,
sintrle. ii>; strictly gob»r. C. 8., •'■» IJv
fngsion-st., Brooklyn.
'iART'Fr.VKR fH&AP>.— By German. 34:
married; email family; _■ > year!' expert
ence und^r glass and oiitd'Mr land»<:are
pnr<l»>nlnsr; tak« full chars* of gentleman b
place; ti\H yeerj In last position; first -'las 3
rri>rfncpp. AUGUST BRCNSi H. 38 North
Malcolm-M.. Osslninnr. N. Y.
experienced man; steady poMtkm: city or
cuntry; tvest mm, If required. TA—
JH>K. ;yj Delancey-st.
MEDICAL MASSAGE, electric baths. Riven
by younp. refined centl«>man: patients
treated in own resM°nce; quickest results:
ttrms :iv-I<»rat«: rffcrt-nr»s. HEWITT 17-
East 7M-st.
MAN* of education ami good address wants
any position; respond In German Hun
garian. Palish. Ruth«>n. Slavish, and can
speak ■ little BnKlish. Ad.lr*>s9 Ijiw Of
fi. f and notary, lav Suffolk ■<
M.M-HINIST— Mrst class^~f^ctor>- pr?
f»rrt-d. 214 Washtngton-st.. Jersey City.
car? I'urns.
MESSENGER or trusty man for outside
work, :V>: *""■' reference. JOHN G.
MADGE. 366 v. eel v . West H^boken.
S. J. ■
JOHN HAUSNKR, 818 East TOth-st..
tHrd floor, front.
ItATOlt, &s. — By day or contract; first
class rt-ference. Address J. ANDERSON.
Ka.-t 7"th SI
PAINTER, paperhanger. i.!ast^rer. arpen
t»r. - er; city or country;
For work
reference SCHX'MACHEK, 2,»iW Bt]
Presbyterian; well educated, refined; a
typist, but not a stenograph*"!-, all or part
time; references. DEL,I^L.E. 146 West
RATOR — Has tools; estimates on flr»t
class work: city . r country: low finur*».
Address I!ETKOPOI,ITAX, 13 West -iCd-st.
POSITION OK TRI'ST.-- By educated young
man ran Uo een«ral clerical work; under
stands typewriting; Al references. CLJiIIK.
->'<S West I^sth-«t.
countant, would accept management of
, r stork farm: thoroughly compe
tent: satisfactory referents Ruaranteed. O.
H M.v [.I.KS' It \V»utworth-st., Koeh
ester. N. I.
SHIPPISQ ■ I.FRK By jrom* <"••"•. -•"'
five y«-arV experience: thoroughly under
*mn'l? «-.\f res.-* matter. (IAKr'NRT. 343
West 3Sth-8t-
STOfK I'IjERK aijfl PACKING -By young
man. 2<>. .IOHN L-fcIDSRI^I, 29T Wyckott
av»., Urooklyn.
TIMEKEEPER. — Educated, middle a*«-d
mun. as iim«*ke«i>«-r or other lipht work:
\1 reference. M.. 851 Gates «vc. Tirook
lyn (<lell--att-ss»n yturpi.
Y'li'NO MAS handy with tool*, wishes to
learn automobile business; salary while
learning . J. K. P., 3Sl> ffHBML, Jersey-
YOUNG Bohemian marred man. aged 29
years, with one child. «n gentleman's
plai-e or head jrardener; honest. sob«r. re
liable nan. with b*st references. FRANK
KI'BART. Box "1 West S«ayvlll». Long
Island, Suffolk County.
YOUNG MAN ■."". a: anything il J > HAGL
OMORI »SO, 4SO Fast 1181
YOUNG MAN. 20. In office or outsMe pre
ferred; salary $1O; four years' eir>(?ri«-nc«;
refirenc**. Addrwa H. X . 2.443 Grand
ave.. Kordhnni.
YOUNG MAX. -» In hotel at office; oi*r
at.-, typewrite] and telephone swUrh
board- fhrlpttun: over flvn years' office ex
perience. BAMrEIJ^I 839 West SSth at.
XI il N' ; MAN. l.». 4esii srocxi offife r«n»t
tlon with salesmanship (outsidf. po»<l
bllitlcs; stencgrar^T. »yp«wil»«T experi
ence; references. Address A.. 6CS Crwcent
st.. Astoria.
YOUNG MAN 20: speaks English and
• Irf-ek: would lik«- i>osi!ion with party vis
itlne thf Olvmrlan v>mr«. Athens. 'irfpc".
relerence. JOHN VOUTSES. 1.014 'Aalnut
st- Philadelphia. !>rn
YOI'N 1 ""' Bwrtonlan. 3D. working ra^as*
thr-.-ish roller, sm*s employs. unt at
anything rwiilngs and Saturday, usli»rtr*
preferred: no i-ar^vasslng. A<irtr>s« M.
\\ KISP. I.MiO 2<lm-«-.
YOl'Nii MAN. --i in offlcf: speaks Erjli«h
and l^rrnan: good pgunan. MIL.I.EII. 16
VOt'N't; MAN 1- ahllH - <-t»rk or ofll "c
work preferred. JOHN U'GIBNET, "JOS
East t:5Hh-st.
TOCNQ MAN. — Age li>; with chance of ad
vancement; best of references. ■ - iias.
iiilIKN. 80 Ist st.
TOVSQ "JAN". 18; .«Tr.Tiit. work •( anv
ililr.K. trade rre.'prred. JOSEPH GREEN
\VALX>. 633 East Mil M
YOl'N'G MAN I*. vouM like to learn elec
trteUn's trade A.idr.-* 1!. T.1 AM
BCHANBACHEB. SOT Has; **th-«t.
ii.'>,i J MAN; fxreriencf^l '■''"■ ro«»tl r.
„r do an\tlilns In !inc of eoKTe* business.
JO6E3>H .1 PACIIESS. North 7th-nt..
YOI'NM lD»«nlou« Japanese d*»lre« to a»-
Bi»t nh»lci.*t tn laUiratnry or any other
work. TANAKA. lil WVM 64th-«t.
• ■

: It
• Mi'N to I u:pl-.
■ .- •
• . c-...-rall}
HOME WORK uaWfd. aJdrp»s!nß en
vrlop*s. etc. : r+temc* !* r»<juir.«i Mrs.
WILLIAM BROWN I.00» rariflc it..
CrcK-.klvn. Tf! -.'>7^L lifUf-.r.!
i.\l r-T <*.lucatl'm and *ne*\ ■ 1 \rtmu *is!»
rfnv position, \~rlt-ri Ensillsh. ; rnuin.
Pn!ish snJ Slavish. Addrfas f. O. Box 'jO.
ra*saic. N. J. .
MANIC wishes pesitict. A<ldr»«#
NEIUAN, 2U West «Wth-«?.
OFFICB WORK -Dv young irtrl. IT; ltT»'t
uatp; ha* hal tflfphonr rxpartenc* i:
\V.. Ka Eicktr.an-M.. Urtol.lyn.
By gitl. IT. t*clnni>r; s.>m» «-xr>*H«nc«.
„M<—« Kf-V 7.!VMBTKiIAX. 4*3 ii-«\e .
Lf.rs I«:an<S City.
U'OKK W »\'Hi
Exreriencrd: salary 18. U JAERGER
1M East 63ti-st
STEN( >GRA I'M E !t~f;trtctly Al Uw. coin
merclal. Ilghtninn typewriter. n«»wspap<»r
writer. tel?>praphfr; jrcntlcmanly. broad ln
t»lllBence; lone «>sp*rlfn<-*: verj- hl»he»t
references. 3» years. HL"STINGTON. BS2
<_ o'umbus-ave.
Fast, accurate. Miss E. MEYER. 270
TRAINED NT'R^E.— Graduate of hospital:
an companion; has had experience In
r.«rvous c»?'». b*»t r»f«rpnc«»: will »n v *l
B. M.. Miss FtUgerald's Bureau. CA3 »th
ave.. corner 4"d-st.
woman: best r^ff renews. Address
THORNTUKB, Ml 521-»t.
ATTENDANT.— Graduate nurse- nervous
diseases specialty : irrand suec-ss; refer
ences from last employer. Address HOW
ARD. 721 Rr.>a-iway. Brooklyn.
ATTENDANT.— Companion to an Invalid.
experienced, etlucat*.!. gentlemanly: ac
customed to travel; New- York references.
GRAHAM. m Lexington-ave
ATTENDANT to Invalid gentleman: good
valet; competent in bot'i branches; honest
ani sober: lest r'lerersees. JOHN BTAIr-
TER. 6U> W>st -Ud-at.
PARLORMAID— Young co-JFle; man as
competent butler or vaiet; wife as cham
bermaid or parlormaid: excellent linguists:
trustworthy, reliable and temperate: foni
of country: highest credentials. W. J. C.
74 Plneappl»-st.. Brooklyn.
BUTLER —By young man. tn private fam
ily; reference! Ad-Ir^n HIGH, car* of
Mrs. Dunn. 346 East tiUd-st.
BITTL.ER— COOK.— EngIish: wife excellent
cook: man first class valet; three year»"
r^fon-il refTeroes from present situation.
M G . care of White. ?iU West 3^th-ct.
CARETAKER. — Prtvat- house; young
American couple, no children; man om
pV>yed during day; first class reference.
Addrfu 11. H.. Box 43. Tribune Offlc«.
COACHMAN. — English-. gzngl»: dltenraeed;
KooJ references. JAMES, 3J>6 Myrt'.o
»vf , Brooklyn. car» Beunett.
COA< H.MAN 24 ivsr nf|ii» from last
nn.j : OHN DO ELL 401 Ea«r
COACHMAN.—B y very neat, tidy Swede.
•J*: speaks k<k*l English: Em~ith faced:
careful driver: good caretaker of rarrtaze*.
harness. **«". : excellent reference!. GUS
TAV. at Carpenter's. 154 eth-ave.
COACHMAN Marr-pi. thnrntiehly experi
enced and reliable; steady position with
private family; htghf-st reference furnlsnej.
H. EVANS, care H. TlrTrjEN. 2M Al
bany-aye.. Brooklyn.
COACHMAN or coachma.n-garden»r; Very
excellent Swele imootta face: fine driver;
can be useful: speaks Br**l8 r **I English: best
ref erf nces. JOHNSON*, at Carpenter' •»- i^*
f>th-«TC. <_
CO.&CHMAX. — By German; thoroughly <-«m
potflnt; careful; Ufa ♦xr'rl'n"*, pood ref
erences. A. P.. 4"" 4th-ave.. car* Meyer.
COACHMAN*.— r.y stn;l» yourmr man: ftv«
yea's 1 reference; thoroughly --"•Till
bin business. GI'IAX, 3H Lextngton-ave.
thoroughly understand* horses, lawns,
veu^tahl^s. Powers: can milk. tend furnac**:
generally useful : good reference. Address
HARDENER. 4SO Ptarl-st.
COACHMAN 9lngle; nwdhng height; city
ncrertarß-e: hirhest p'reonal aM written
irikLaticna: i-arefu!. st>Ush driver;
sot*r and otllsins: city or country. T. D..
Tribune I'pt -vrn Office. 1.2C4 Broadway.
COACHMAN.— Sing!*; crood driver; thor
oughly und»rstan<l* (jentleraart'B place;
also furnace; city or country; g.^.i refer
ences. J. 5 . 106 Weat "lst-Bt.
FRENCH COUPIJB: first class butler,
tody's maid: gfiod reft-rence»; are -T and
2» .iisensaee-l March 8; speak English.
AIJ'HON'SE RABIER. 3.958 »Mlltl||f
Bt.. St. I>l>uls, Mo.
FARMKR (FOREMAN)- — Can work and
maru?e; American, -42; three children,
aged 9. 7 and 5 years: practical American
farmer In .very branch; also plain garden
leg; rperleraci 1 with cattle; wife attend
poultry board men; ten year* In place; best
references: 1. :■ . .-• Carpenter*. 154 «th
are '
FARSI MANAGER-— March 1: understands
horses, •■■»« poultry and fruit; farming
In all branch* 1 ! 1 , end handling of mm.
JESSE TOMfKIN'?. Turner. N. T.
FARMER. — Scotchman, married: on» child;
car" hors*.". (rard^r. -in- all work on
place- stn<-tly »ob»r. Industrious: s<»d ref
p'er.ces. ANDREW. Carpenters Bureau.
154 Uth-ave.
FARMER (FOREMAN)-— Many >far»* »x
.. |. Pr n,-f.n ,-f.- American; capable ••> Ty de
rirtmer.t: thirteen y»ars last rla.<». \»rjr
small fatrity: very baal r-forences. W. 8. .
at Carpenfr's. IS4 6th-ave.
GROOM. SECOND MAX. — Privat- family;
b«»«t reference? Address DAVID «X3N
WAY, 147 East SOth-»t.
GARDENER —Married: thoroughly under
s'ands all branches of the bu«in?ss: can
take entire charge of r«-nt!eman's place:
r*f»r*nres Address c;. SAWTHR, iiove
Iload. Stapl'ton I*. O . Staten Island.
German- American: Hinjrle: lonic experi
ence; landscaping, vegetables; especially
rreenhouses : u**ful: gentleman's country
resMonc*>. Address GOTTSHAL.K, 1.469
I>-xinfton ay»
GARDEN HR Married. *:nal! family: as
head carci^n»r: conv*-r»ant with hi» ■•ail
in;: <-xpwtations na< derate. IMPS, care
William Elliott & Sons. Fult:>n-st.
tate; li'r.sf exjirience: all perfalnlnsr there
tn; absolutely "sober, reliable; four years In
last posltkn; marrle.l; highly recommended.
KVAX. 3T.7 \\>st 51th-«.
GARDENER. — Secten. SS; single, an head
parJen»r or »ui>crlnteniient on lady' 3 or
BraUeraan'l private estate; 12 year*' expe
rience her» anj alroad: flmt claws r^fer
fn-e«i: strictly sc>b'r. Address \VII.I.[AM
rifilK. 1 Norwood «• . Rochester, X T.
GARDENKR.— AC* 35: ambitious. #n«r
«;*>Mo: wj.l* exp*rlt-n-»: landscape; first
o!a«s grower of «T*»nhous« stork: has trav
elled A. it . HMJ Trinity Place, care Lan(
GARDENER.— Stotte; thor«ucUj un<l»r
stan-lc Kreenhouss*. pa!m». il«*», carr.a
tlor.s. %»setar>l» > s and fniit; <ar» lawns.
•brabo«T3l and crnimdx: r»f»r*n'"». i!AK
IIj.NKr ITox 18. \\Tii!e Tlair.*. N. T.
GARDENER, 'lorUt. rose grower: Wlll»ll.
n<, <hil<:ren. American: f.fte^n jears' »x
ft-T'.enc :; Al r»fCT»wee»; up in u«te in veg
rtables. lawns. brUJlnjr. grajes. cut tioweri
Uydfl Park in HudJon. N. Y.
GARDENER 'h-ail). niarri^''! as-! 39. Nt
cHTdr-T: t\v»n'v-ihre<> >«-ars" f»p«rl»nc«
under j;laas. tmtd.or and lands<-af»- cer-l»n-
In«; \\l.«hes jxisitlon Marrh 1; b«wt i:ity
VfivTunrr; stats ua<«s. Box 113. Xeit-
Hamburi N Y.

•r i^.ll or
.: . r.NN \ »! ;
JANITOR.- '"are if not !«.«» than thre*
h<>uH->a: ion jrt*r»" exprrt<>nc« JOHN
CA3IPBEU* >"ar* I^oula Htr.z. a Ka«t
!-luh-»:.. janit'T.
JAPANESE, faithful worker, «ler!r*s poil
lii>r n» butlrr an.l 'iseful man: wtlttns.
ra|pai.l-; *p<akr Kns'.i»!i tlurr.tly; goad rff
•recce. Wrlt« TUKto. :o2 West ttTih-st-,
MAS «i»h«>s to tak» '-harg«- of farm, with
•ort.iare .^ r'a"*- '" a " or writ* Writ
14<5th Vt.. bell 0. west tlrt<».
MAN arv! WIFK. - Toßpiher: tn ; rival*
I'atiily; man. huUer: wit?, cock, laan
dretn; colored: good reference. 4:2 VVe^t
iSth-st.. ijit iani»or.
STABLE OROOM. — En^Hs'-man; good, ali
around n.ar. : city <;r country; ! v«ar«"
r*rer*Tice. last plait. Alk for M (PA
I.tx-ws ?tab>. US West Wtt-it.
V M.ET — Aticniiart to »n Invaltd; »iv«rs
tomf-1 in ti*T*l; X«w V-rk rrf*ifn>ei.
GItAKAM. C 9 I^ilngton-«v».
VALET <>n icMt'AM'iN ■ R'C.ni-d. ath
totle y>u;i? man. :M. «xprr« masa^ir:
♦-avl w!Th ;,i-n:lemar.: !>p»*ks German and
KruMiih; beat ot r»f«reuct» .vMreas A. \v..
Tribune t>m.-e.
\v\iTfc:n ■<•• EtTi.r:n - ny ronaii cAlai«4
man- first rl»M» ivmt.r: at>artrr*»nt. Writ*
or ou!l WIUIJK NT.ISOM. sa» W. 47th--*t.
Y< >IS( COITLK; »:>.ii!<e«rmk*r. «.»d i-o.'k
aifl lauiiOrf»». man. in^-d Ba* ( '* n^r. ce»
eiallv useful: rlty. country; willing. om!|
tne MOBKOWa t'.l'HE.M'. 'J'l East 3sth
TOCNQ MASSEUR civm •rtwtlfle -ww»
to ««uti-n«n at !i.:r r<--.1-*.<"n-'<*« only;
»*l»ct patt«r.t» only. KUASONABLE. Trtb
una Uptown Offlce. I.S«V4 Bixsitway.
PAT'S work — l'.\ r«tpeetab:« color*!
woman. UATES, 262 We»t -*7tii-«t.
im\ «.ooi»i
1/1 (£ A uK\ uNJI
S. IS. 2i>. 2"J. 24. 26. CO West Fourteenth Street.
". 0. 11. 13. 15. 17. 10. SOI '-'I. -.:. 31 .» -.".. _T ■■ . -•.» West TWrteentH 3*.
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At Prices Matchlessly Low
* Dependable" Taffeta Si!£s
B»aur:f j! lustre — glorious quality
pure silk— full weight and hamlac—i
enough lor any dr**ss purposes—
Kl«hte*n exqulslt- tints, including
Whin-. - - »• and Evening shades C A
— regular "5 cent value »«Jv,
Ktjal Moire Velcsrs
Plain, lined, checked and snakesk'.Tl —
b'sr* anj l«-s1'r« shad**— mak«
stunning hMbm Eton* and I»ui»
XIV. Coats a-i separate skirts — ■ -3f\ !
Made, to sell at .7!* — >*•'■ price. . »wy
Black Qiiios Taffetas
Guaranteed— soft awl pliable—
very desirable for all kinds of
dre»» purposes, as they give such
p*risct satlafactioiv— 3B tn-h»s C fS
:ie — rerular value .fi9 — special... •***/
Yard Wile Wfcite Dress Llaeas
Pure linen — firm. clos« texture-^
llsrht. aiiii!um and ■— quality —
specially destrabl» for TVaists.
fhlldren's Russian an>l Fancy
Dresses and TVomen"9 Entire
Costumes — Regularly sold at
75 cents — crr\
S»rlr.s Sa!» Price • J\J
Imported EmVd Oirandie Voiles
Also Silk Ore«n.«e Chiffons—
dainty floral designs — orchids. ro«e«,
buds ami Mo— sprays— exqutstt*
{•Start and colorings — ?a
elsewhfr- .'.» and .To .O^
Woo! Finish Ko&airs
Pin Checks. Ini-lsJKe Ch»cks. M»lanse9.
dots and dot-and-dasd •fr*»rs —
single and two toned — r>
ma-!- to sell at .15 V
Finest Imported Dimities
Choice desiimB — white with cold or
black figures, rlnrs. dots and
combinations— compare th* quality
gold elsewhere at 2S cent* 1 ~i
with ours at • 1 *
Great Britain Manufacture — Best Male.
Importers' Sample Pieces
H-.ith class Novelty Fabrics —
White Mercerized brocades and Bask*:
Weaves — with colored woven figures
or stripes — also plain colors and
plaids and novelty azures — Brought "}A
over to rell at .7r» to J1.O» ••£**
Finest Grganiie Lisse
French Coods — fairy like in texture —
flnt-st sh*er clotfi — with beautiful printed
Bower de^tirnn — every tint marvellously
true IB natur* — new Chiffon ™)p
finish — regular '■■ cent quality .... •«
Tussor« rrr.it»" rich, lustrous fabric*
that look like expensive, siiks —
champagne tint— value ..■» ... .24
Colored I>ress Unen»— yard wide —
all shades — elsewhere .43 .29
Mercer!i»*J Checks* in fancy shades
outlined with white— look like Bilk . .19
February Clearances Continue
Women's Fine hosiery
Women'n Imported B'.a'.k I'otton—
Hermsdor; dye— douMe soles. h*e'.3
and toes . ii c)
3 pairs f"r a dollar.
Women's Pure Silk Stockings—
Black. Bkjr, <"hampaKr- Brown.
Nile. Pink, etc — E Vjrant nov«ltl»*.
with emt>') and lac» ai>rlictu»« or
allover openwork —
were $S.«S to ?l.l». 1 .9S
Illack Silk-lac- effects— were JI.JK*.. I .69
Culort-a— were $1.« . . . ,9S
« — — — ♦
Last Day for
Stationery Qer
$2XO Value fcr $1.00
Paris im Cambric Stationery
60 Slisets— 6C EuTSlcjes
Cabinet c-f Solid Wtilt,
Bice nd f v .c or
Bine, WHlts vi Lil£2
• "ar"" 1 " stampe-1 to Vtdtr.
MotioKram —<S to 4 !*tters> r,r
Addr«>»s of on» Ur«-.
t;!H. sliver or plain rater.
I'ie furnlsi-.-'d by .- and to becoma
customer's rrop»r:y.
ThU OfTcr Ends F?bruar> 12th.
IJtnlt — Lire order of a SUn-1.
Money or check must accompany
Mail i>r<ler»

Today, Thursday, Until 1 P.M.
To prevent dealers buying.
we reserve privilege of restricting quantities.
FANCY Ml -Ki:i/KI»s! ITl\'S I
k'rrp* iff^-ta titth Brwa't'M Strips:
:«r«*t an-1 rwntns sh4<l>-*— also
'Panama ar.-i ?h»;>tw>r<l i"b*ck»
JJ.-rt-rriied tn j-arn— thuvfor*
[kacp r.»rraanert silky lustra- 1
value 24 ar,.l .» • J-2J -2
liASEMKXT--.-EX»nK Ili;iL.rUNr.
rxim hea^y— l*^-4 »1»- - )<i»t what
you want for ivftyrtaf
[toek Hk* <-»ix-r.siv# cloths— 4Q
[ftof Morning Sal*- "^
'Pull »!«•— h'Hv »«I*M I'.csljrr*-
■rtne elm* *rav»-nll! improve
! with, washing ~*xo*ll*nt \*!-4# KQ
<t U* c*r.t»— Morning Sale •*/5»
iEd*ln«* ana In»«rtln«»- NAlr.»y>k,
Ombrle ami SKln-Frmh. Ey«!*t
i in.! ti*n pattfrr» -2 to " inch- 1 ">
f<alu« .15 to .»» *■*•*•
i■. ■ ■
(QulTe Oose»— KTWJi-h t'lralty— Gray.
Blu« and WMt«— Oxfori anj I C
Lake»ooil »!»*• — usually .2* • •» w
■ TMt*i.' FLOOR-NEW r-riLDINO.
WMte Qtißn Ponfees
Sliky. shimmertn* fabric* with
allov-r *Uk scb!l or S»r»!
<>stcns— make eSe-?trv» evening "2tJ
. r< .... elsewhere. 4O and .«■.... • ■*3" F
Wtlte Dotted Swisses
Extra fine — lance cushion or n|*ifluni
dot — our sale price Is •-' than Xf%
importers ask for this -.»■•- „. . •««'J^
53-inch Chiffon Ercaicbths
Twilled bark— soft, - <••• 9ni«h—
smooth as a is'.ov* — Black and
leartljis Spring shades — 7tfc
•'jewher* $1 19 •*".
3«-lnc> Al!-W»oi voiles
Tear.. CMI A!!c». Reseda.
Oarn(»t. Marine French. Rt>y«:. ?i
Navy ar-1 Wi-k r»raUr!T -83 ... •*"
New Siring Taller Kiztcrs3
5+1:;"'. — checks or Tsreken aa4 ; .
Jnvlslble. plalils. with and •wlOjout
slight mixtur* of wh!t«— onttaary c/%
prices PS and II IS %i3^.
Dressmakers' Sundries
arf important ir*»m3 in th« caking
of ■ coTTii— Our "Special" Prices an*
far less than "Discount* Prices el*e«
Spool Silks— son yar<l»— uaually .13
Pla-k ?jk>"l 3i'k»~- <S"zen— usually .W. .13
B»^t Bastlnir Cotton— J(ift yij. spools... Jjf
Silk Feath»rtKine— box .■• 12 ris .s£»,
Swell Hooks and Eyes — sr. — wer» .12. J>
■W!ie Taff*ta Srnm Binding —
usually .13 . .Id
Prussia Bir.lt-.r "> j-d. pc. —
usually .13 . 1 tj|
Glazed r>ress Be'tinst— ft yd. pc—
usua'.ly ■ .1 U
Posh!* cord ra^he!• and ]t*ht
wijtht SUalda^BsoaDj .1" II
Silk Dre.«s shleM!»— silk botb ■ '.<■*-
usually .13 ■ .1 f
Cottrm Tap«— 3* yd. rolls —
usually .12 £>
Fine Twin Tap*— l 2 yd. rolls —
U3ua!ly . li> V
Be*t Amer)<?an Pin? — a:: sizes —
usually s—paper5 — paper 3
DrerjiTiakTs" Pins — X i-Va. box—
uaually ■ 12*4
nuhi Collar Foundations 3
Ru Top Cnllar FoundatHns —
usually . M . 7
Girdle Fnundattnn-i — latert— worth .13. .11
■Worsted Skirt PraMs— s yCa -4 1 *
( TV'td* Alpaca Skirt Erald —
5-yd. plec^-usually .19 „ .IV
Velveteen Skirt Binding—
, 5 yd— u««aliy *... .
I Silk CnllMTwm* — doi»n yariSs — _
usually I- ■ .33
; Fancy and Gilt Buttpna —
card of 2 dozen — usuaKj- TO 1*
Larger— usually .19 ... ,12^i
Ftno Pearl Buttons — plain and
t«rr»d shell — card of 2 m —
n-ually .!» .12 l i
Wcaen'is watdies
Hunting ca.«>— w«-n» *U.r»» 12.93
Oyentac Tr»r» SlOiW 7.99
Chatelclne wer.»NV9* 5.93
I TXcm»n't> SolM Silver — Hum!-sf Oas* —
j plain or engraved ctm-~
werr- JT.O* 5.93
w«r« *•;.«» 4.93
* wer*f&» 3.93
•vrre $4 .!•"• 2.93
w-i- $T!>« t.93
! Wom»n'« rhateUlne Watches —
i Solid .*:lvt or rjunmeta 1 . —
hands<.>moly rnsravpj —
were 93.90 3.V>3
were $4.:..«» 2.93
»-r- $t:»" 1.93
Ail the ibov> are fully warran;*i—
r**rfe«.-t ttnwkap*ni
reb-rary Giarances In
Leather Goods, Belts, etc.
Kar'nna L»"a:h>»r Bctti — Mack and
I rnlors*— gilt trlm'<t— w»r« $l.m» .43
1 Kxtra heavy TafTeta B-lt»— pl»ate,i
I or (tatttti^ wtr» JI.HU to JI.9S .t>3
Brown Goal Skin Maml t!as»-
I i-aih«r Hne.l— werr $1 •« .Q^
I Allift.nor Grata Hand B3B*- !•'> mch —
i rubber tin*!— l>ru.«a finlshetl —
l» .'.J ....... OC^
Walrus «Jrain Shopping Car* ■
! o(MJf ;».xk»-. - wer^ $1 :c» .93
Tumry XI-unt.<! SKle . r Back
! l"L.nib»— J<*wol ?tet — *»r» «9 .4^31
; y.ttr.l Tiimlmii R»k»— r»-al Sea!.
Morocco*, Walrus -w»r«> ti»<» | .93
rt*"d S!!k or Satis Opara Bass —
i wm .99 and II. 2" .ts'il
R#<l, nr-j» an<l Hint R»jn.l«
El'Vrtown -plKtn or appttctna r~
M;ltar — a!l «t?»5--!->«t-tvl •>? 91% . »O«3
sv:ii>nt.» fi-> m >n-xc.v ccitDtso
n:.i..i Intttel— wrr* 25 . I «iA
fi^r h»!f ;t:.-.- for th» raerntna
.M \1 .N Pt4X>!t— CE VTn E CVI LP tXO.
RICII .-il X KIM* >: -
»ofl rtrsH-r. tn.-V
white. Mvk ar.<l n.-*
Row, >"harcfajn<». *:? — vain? 21 .14
ar-Q''i-!oth. Ctunrtoc, : ■*■ anil f*rw>
F*r»r!^rni» — Hla- k "r <^!or» — otrcular,
or C;ir" — Strap «n.»
nutvn trim— Snelr ta!lor«l — 4 At*.
V.V-J.- JiT.BS *J ,4 V
»1»> L»*»-E. > nbi fK>a»». with lao»
?rkj tn. .-.s or Uv** v::xa front ami
>aofc la unu»uai:v pr#tt\ rtt*?T+—
• ■'.: : or short «l?>»ves — •• r\r\
•^ua!!r $1 «t> I.UIJ

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