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Stairs Fall Under Patrolmen at Fire
Girls Hardly Escape.
An explosion started a fire In the wholesale
liquor house of Marshuetz & Co., at No. 143
FYont-«t., while the crowd was at Its height In
Maiden Lane last night. The fire started on the
third floor.
On th« second story of the building several
Cirls, who are employed to wrap bottles, ,had a
marrow escape, but managed to get away by
means of the rear fire escape. In the mean time
Patrolmen Lynch and Keen attempted to get
up the front stairway to rescue the girls. On
the way up. the stairway between the first and
vecond floors gave way. and the men fell to the
floor. Lynch was hurt about the knee.
Chief Croker arrived Boon after the second
• larm had been turned In. He said the damage
■would reach about $40,000.
Jacob Hamburger, one of the firm, was hurt
%hile trying to lock the safe, on the first floor.
He mas obliged to give up the attempt on ac
count of th* dense smoke. By feeling his way
to the front window lie managed to reach the
street in safety, but was cut on the hands while
Betting through the window.
The safe was eloped by A. F. Sullivan, one of
the bookkeepers, who lives at So. 447 Henry-st..
Brooklyn. In the cellar of the building at No.
H3 Front-st. were stored several high pressure ',
tank? These Chief Croker feared would ex
plode, and he had Captain Dillon, of the Old
Slip station, drive the crowds back, which by ,
tills time had swelled to several thousands.
Colby -Fagan Campaign Pledge Re
deemed by Bill.
[By TV>gr*psi to The Tribune.
Trenton, Feb. — Equal taxation is now
••wared. Th« pall art band that has been so
long fighting the battle made a terrific charge
to-day and put the Perkins bill through th-
House. The Senate .-. expected to pass it with
out much distension. The credit goes to Assem
blymen William P. Martin, of Essex; Randolph
Perkins, of Union; Alfred X. Barber, of Mercer,
and Theodore L. Bierck, of Hudson, and Frank
lir. C. Brfggs, chairman of the Republican Stale
Committee. Credit is, of course, also due to
Everett Colby as the leader of the fight in ad
vance of the session and ever since.
SquaJization of taxes was one of the planks
«n which the followers of Everett Colby, of
Orange, arid Hark Fagon, «f Jersey City, made
their successful campaign. This is the first
pledge of the campaign to b*» redeemed.
It web a great day. Early In the morning Per-
Jdns and Martin pot busy. Four of the Judi
ciary Committee ■were in favor of the Perkins
bill, with an amendment. Perkins, Barber and
Martin united for the measure. This morning
Jfa.bie, of Bergen, fell in line. Jones, of Cam
<s«U xras not in favor of the bill, but agreed
•arly In the afternoon to offer no objection.
Elvlns's motion to postpone was lost. Miller
•traa erlad to know that Boovel had been ro sud
denly converted. He then argued again for his
distribution amendment. Perkins pleaded that
the issues should not be divided. Ho wanted
equal taxation settled first and before going
home for the week. The fight over the proceeds
could come later.
Martin said he thought the bill should be
amended so that the property could be taxed
whT© it was located. Elvins said the issue had
teen Joined. It ■was Essex and Hudson against
the nat of the State.
Miller's amendment was lost by ■ vote of 29
to 23. The Dickinson men of Hudson voted
rcains-t their colleagues, apainst Essex and Pas
eair. Miller tlion offered another amendment for
distribution according to srhool districts,
the exception of one-half of 1 per cent, which
Khould pro to the State.
Martin said he believed the original Perkins
VIM should ro through without further" amend
ment, and he hoj>ed tho amendment would be
The amendment was lost.
Martin and Perkins then moved that the rules
be suspended and the bill be put on third read
ing and final passape. This was unanimously
carried. Perkins made a few remarks, urging 1
its passage. Bierck, of Hudson, favored It and
then the roll was called.
The first c-Qual taxation bill that ever suc
ceeded In passing cither house of the New-Jer
•-ey Legislature then went throueh without a
diKsentlnß wu~sl to <». There wore nine mem
bers absent. The result was greeted with tcreat
This evening: Assemblyman Martin, of Essex
discovered that there was a mistake in the Vtr
kln* bill which w>uld require its being recalled
n^xt Monday night and amended. The bill as
juifsed provides that the as««.'ssmf>nt fhall take
Place or, Myrr-h 1 of each v-nr. It should have
read May 1 thin year and March 1 hereafter
IT the Senate should pass the bill and the
governor Fi S i, it by March lit would be all
right. but as that is not likely Martin d<Hm<d it
wlaer to amend. when Leader IVrkins's atten
ii on was called to the mistake ho agTeed with
Martin but .-aid the neces.mry alteration could
be made in the bill In a few momenta.
detective Believes Senator's Nephew Was
Murdered in Europe.
John .1. rofrarty. Jr.. a Ontral Office detective,
returned from Brussels yesterday without having
Sound A3»*rt M. Bard, who mysteriously disap
peared in that city several months ago.
After miikirj? a brief m>ort at Headquarters
Fo «* 1 ' started for Washington, where he is to
report to young Bard's relatives. Albert M. Bard
.■a r.pphew of Senator Burd. of California
A~, Of:Z1 2 y rr a d \l?\ l ? lhou F Fth t young Bard l: 1 been
«ru«p-.1 with chloral, robbed, ajid his body dls-
X*' 'bt J Of,
Portlanfl. Or*.. Feb. 2L_The Willamette meteor
ite has boon sold to a New-York philanthropist,
•who will present It to the American Museum of
Natural Htetory, In New- York City. The meteorite
cost $30,600. which if- en id to be the highest rice
* v * r paid for one. Th* hupe mass of ore Is onu of
the lx-st specimens of mrteqrite «v»t discovered
it was found near the Tualatin River. In Clacka
man County. Ore. It was the object of much llti
gatioa tctw*«n alleged Ihidt-rs. v
Thl« meteorite was purchased by Mrs. W. E.
Dodg«. who presented it to the American Museum
of Natural Hletory some time ago. It weighs be
iweon twenty and twenty-five tone. Th. are
cavities caused by erosion which are large enough
for a child to get into, Professor Herman C
Bumpuß, director of the museum, eald lust night
that il.> meteorite was the finest and most ex
traordinary one in the world. With this meteorite
luWed to th. already large collection Yew-York
*• ff id - T J had 11 l '>. 1&r the fines =t collection In the
world II ell the specimens in the world were
Isrousrht together, the collection, he said, would
not «qual that of the Muteum of Natural History
Th<» :*o.<*».<vo Corn Product* Refining Company
which is the combination of the Corn Products
Company and the NVw-Y.,jk Glucose Company
will have eight Standard Oil men among Its fifteen
directors. The officers and directors are: Presi
dent, K. T. Bedford; viee-preeldent. W j Math"
ror.; directors, from the New-York Glucose Com
pany, thf Standard Oil constituent of the m. r n.r
tZ. T. JU-^foid. F.-T. Ueciford. W. J. l|«th*ioa \v
y\. Nichuls. Tliom:us Gaunt. V. W- Harxtow CfaartM
Pratt and .1 A. Moffutt; from the St. LoJi, SyruD
«id Pwnervin* Company. R. W. Wlntertnan; jfrom
the Warner laar Ileflnlng Company, c. M. ' W'ar
»•«•; from the Corn Products Company. Joy .Mor
ton, W. J. (^klhoun. Thomas Kingsford C H
aiathlessra and V/llUam Weaver Heaton. '
At th* regrular annual meeting of th« directors of
t»i« City of New-Tori Insurance Company, held
y«stertay, th« following omc^m wf-re r*«-»-Jected-
Major A. WUll«!. j>r«s><itKt; William H. Youn?"
v|r«.pr««laeut, and Johu Carroll French, t^cretary
Chaunocy Keep, <>' Chicago, executor of Marshall
Xltld'B eetate, arid Ernst Thalmaon. of Ladenburg,
Thrltr*" r • t»., were «1' '"ted tru«te»s of the New
Turn Trui . Jotnjwnjr yetttriay to fill vacancies.
! Two Accidents Mar Orange Riding and
Driving Club Celebration.
[By T>l< > «Ta.ph to Th» Tribunal
Orange, X. J . Feb. 21.— There was a large at
tendance at the Colonial ride which was held to
night at the Orange Riding and Driving Club.
In East Orange. In the music drill. In which
sixteen members of the club took part. attired
in Colonial costumes, the horse on which Mrs.
-William I. Whitman, of East Orange, was rid
ing, fell. Mrs. Whitman was thrown, but es
caped injury. Directly behind her was Charles
L. Parmelee. who. fearing that the horse would
crush its rider, dismounted so quickly that he
sprained his ankle. Other riders assisted Mrs.
Whitman to remount, and Mr. Parmelee was
obliged to leave the ring.
Miss Alexander, also of East Orange, was un
horsed later. She also escaped Injury.
Cleveland. Feb. Cl.— "The Iron Trade Review" to
morrow will say:
While the demand for pig iron and come finished
products is not so active se it was a few weeks ago,
evidence of much strength In the market is not
lacking. In estimating the real strength of the
situation consideration of the heavy specifications
which have been received la Important, for it is
understood In the trade that mere orders ore often
misleading, on account of the well known disposi
tion of buyers not to specify on contracts when
there is a blacking of demand. The specifications
for steel products in Western mills for the last
seven weeks have been 18 per cent above the aver
age weekly specifications for 1906. and orders at
three mills now amount to about 85.000 tons for
rolling at the earliest possible date.
While the general report from structural mills is
that they aro not catching up on their orders, one
important independent interest, which has refused
to take orders during the winter, is able to give
prompt shipment, and is again soliciting business.
The United States Steel Corporation having de
cided not to exercise its option on 5,0 m) tons of
Bessemer pic Iron for first quarter delivery, that
tonnage will be available for other buyers. wh~ will
no doubt promptly avail themselves of the option.
J!. -■— in. i pig iron shows Increased strength.
The complete report of shipments of or a from
Lake Superior ranges by mines shows that 34.353,456
tons were snipped, an increase of 24 per cent over
the record year of DM
The Sheriff yesterday received two more attach
ments against property of Pietro Chlrico, who Is In
the banking: and liquor business at No. 130 Baxter
et.. with branches In Newark, N. J.. and Llndsey.
Perm. The first Is In favor of Frank Filasto, for
t&Jttt, and the other, for $1,107. In favor of Rocco
Maltose. Both attachments are for money deposit
ed with CUirico. A deputy sheriff served copies of
the attachment on the proprietor of a livery stable.
The following petitions in bankruptcy wore filed
Frank Pearl, of Xn. 220 Monroe-st.. formerly of
No. 80 Essex-st., as a poor person. Liabilities,
J1.1M5; assets. J751, nominal.
Arthur Miller, of No. 2,083 Eth-avr., with business
at No. M West 29th-st. Liabilities. $3,253 03; assets
Judge Holt appointed Roseoe <". Peck receiver
for Donnenftld <!k Bom, allpfred bankrupts.
The following judgments were filed yesterday, the
first name being that of the debtor:
Amabiie. Fllomena— Martha Darling 3} II
Alderdlce. M Elizabeth— Annie V. Taylor.... 60181
Bush, Michael — Benjamin Prltz at al 192 22
Bonarson. Martina, administratrix — William J.
Harrlgan 1.611 6?
Itartlett, William C. (not pummonedi — Flor
ence B. Masterton 880 41
Bonasson, Martina — William J. Harridan. ..'. . 916 63
BH«r. Hlgmund — M. Hershfleld 70 31
• ohen. luao M. — Luclen A. Standing et a 1.... 1.726 21
Bane — Same 140 59
Same — Harris; costs 116 01
Creaky, Louis — Travers-Balley Company 34 •'»?
Cohen, Isaac M.— Abraham D. Polak et a 1.... 65 11
Converse. Henry E. — Mary 1,. Dowling Oliver.. 4*6 14
Cohen, Max — Samuel Grodyinsky 463 39
Cook, Sylvan L. and Samuel l»— Amelia R.
1.0-vth^r ft al; costs 4556
Casey. Peter J. — Week in New-York cost*.... 7118
Daniel, Anna X. — Sidney M. Teeter; cost*.... 23 78
Draughn. — Southern Amusement Com
pany; costs 32 41
r>cnnlston, Harry A — John L. Jordan 32 P«
Dorr. Calvin G. — Edward Hill 1,340 14
Dillon, William T - Mary Dillon: costs 7100
Dunne. M. Walter — Jeremiah McCarthy 856 91
Brbe. William and Elizabeth — Grand C. Pox:
costs 185 40
Ehrgott, George. — John O'Connell 74 46
i Eastman. Barrett (not summoned) and
! Sophonlsba H. — Frank If. Weller and an
1 other . 2.030 no
Friedman. William— lleinrlch Balitrer fil" BO
Frie.lman. Robert— Charles I- Fleck et al 2.330 68
Flnck, Simon— Hiram C. McKeen 215 21
Oolthwaite. George T. — Ciissle. Tyson and another. 75 41
Gabler. John C— Carl C. B<-rth«leon 733 05
Gerrann. Henry M.— Edward Hatch; cost* 107 67
Goodman, Abraham— Franklin L. Bheprard et al. 336 26
Holland. David— Daniel F. Cooney et al «* 00
Hawkins, Frank B.— Meyer Frank 218 SK
Jrwin, Edward W. — Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co.. «36 '■"
Jandorf. Sail— Alfred Loeb. cost ••■
James, Melinda C. — Union Dime Pavings Institu
tion, cost 10 W>
Kendis. John I*— Samuel H. Tallmadge J>9«l
Knot. Andrew W. — Henry KoMmeyer 2« 71
Kublman. Frederick W.— Henrietta Klea 250 41
Katz. Meyer— Mutual Milk &• Cream Co 87 79
Klrkham. George A. — John M. Blauvelt 2:7 12
I.ja7la. Celentann — Diogenes Brewing Co ... 1»> 84
Lee. Harry E. — Florence B. Masterton 56041
Laubhetm, Max. Individual and administrator :
Julius, administrator and Leopold, Individual —
William P. Talbot. cr#t 116 75
Is-sser. Louis S. — Abraham Wyckoff — T.T8580
MrAdam. Thomas — John T. Williams 319 75
Mc'iafferty Mary C— Edward Hill 1.340 34
McOotter. Williams -Thomas Keith 102 41
Nawtal. Michael— Abraham D. Polak and another. Mil
Nicholson. Alfred— H. Koehler & Co 4,022 M
OfTenhelm, Samuel — Joseph 1.. Prasrer 124 81
Pomeroy. S. Harris — Jacob Kls» ln«er. cost M» 25
RBJidai: Henry O. — liu..i S. Darling, costs ii' 41
FchafuM. Theodore C— Adolph I'rairer 689 88
SmarzenEki. Marj — Metropolitan Life Insurance
i'omjiany. costs 10 00
Rchwarr. Louis — Yates-6mlth Company 2.1K «3
Tclr-.liholz. Adolph Central Stamping CompaLny.. 153 72
Tantum. Robert P.— Wilfrid U Le Doux «ft «2
V&n .- :.» :;.. Joel — C. Olflmlxon 24110
W>ett. Albert C. and Hattie J.— Josephine Pre»l«r 857 62
Wunderlloh. John— Haaren & Meinken I. lift IS
Warth. ApollonU — Kuh. Nathan & Fischer Com
pany costs 134 62
Wocllg, William E. — Edward Hatch, costs 107 (17
Woarms. Albert — Abram WyekdaT. 7.7*5 30
Th« Financier Company — F. Howard Hooke SOS 23
Sidney I* Bowman Cycle Company — Jordan J.
Rollins, costs ..-. 10128
Rex Fire Apparatus Company — Gutta Percha and
Rubber Manufacturing Company 1«3 80
F. B. Hawkins Company — Meyer Frank 218 88
Charles F. Whitaker Theatrical Enterprises —
James 81nn» et al 1.234 83
Atlantic Pencil Company — Gi*onr« F. Meadon 78 16
Scott Arc Lamp Company — Electric Carriage Call
Company 4tV4 52
Schwartz & Co. — Meyer Cohen 405 20
Ansonla Motor Car Company — Pasquale Gllibertl 1,040 06
The first name is that of the debtor, th«» second
that of the creditor, and date when Judgment was
Brown. Plneus B. — R. Friedman; November 27,
1005 (cancelled) $68 TO
Ptlsinrtr, Harry P. — W. J. Bow« et al. ■ December
6. 1604 2222
Dass^rl, Frederic— City of New- York; October 14.
I** 11035
Fm»*r. Edwtn — F. Hartley; May 9 lStrt* 128 47
F".«-<-k. Charles J. — R. Friedman; November 27.
IMB (cancelled) 68 70
Gronwoldt. William — H. Egcers et al. • March 14
I«>s ! 229 86
Hoellerer. Philip .— F. Klndorf ; January ft. 1903
(reversed) 1,738 75
Krsnthal. Louis and Charles — A. Kohn et al •
June 7. IM<2 13.197 2S
Lm Boutlllier, George— E. P. Van Beuren et al ■
February 2. 3W3 88,117 95
I-.uiid;i.. M'vr 1' and Wolff — J. Buchblnder; July
3. ll»>" (vacated) K5 75
Sr.mervli:, . L»)wry— B. Altman; April 12. 1003 236 72
Rltter-Conly ManufacturliiK Company — National
Meter Company — January 23. li»06 4,464 20
Jl9lh-«t.. r . c , U% ft w. of l'leasant-ave.. 16.8ilOO.ll:
Manhattan Mortgage Company nr.iinni Giovanni j>vol
et^al. (foreclosure " mortgage); attorneys, Caxrin»{ton &
Wa?hlnrtMn-ave.. w. ■„ •<:, ft. «. of ISWt-st.. GOxfilJ-
Bradley U. Eatoi against Sylvan Crakow et al. (fore-1
clo«ur« of morigmife): attorney. I:. L, Damard
Rivlnrton-^t.. «. «.. H0.7 ft. w. of RM««nt.. 28x100.5;
biKmjna »chne« a«aln«t Morris Goodman «t al (roeciaa
performance > : attorney. J. Hl^icrr i»f«v.mu
With -St.. No. 410 Weit: laaju- Roa«nwatnr arainat
graham M. 81*t«r (epeclflo performance); attorney. C
Mar«»-are.. n. c. comer ZulJet-ave. 70x175x Irreirular-
Cornelia A. F»rru»on against William E. Fergenon (par
tition); attorney. W. C Keddy. "^
lßt-ave.. 6ltth-«t . 2d-ave. and 60lh-«t.. whole block;
lst-ave.. •. » . whole front b.tw«,n S»th and 00th et»..
-SXUOx3)O; city of New-Tork a*ratn»t Pottr A. Caiwldy
*t al. t.iLctlon to acquire title, etc); attorney. J. J. Delany.
: - ••
12»th-«t.. ti. *. 123 ft. c. of 7th-«.ve.. 27x»0.11; Mary
K^rn<T et al tualnn Itldor Kopllk et al. (foreclosure of
monmtt): attorney. E. P. Orr*U
B^th-»t.. a. a 175 ft. w. of Bth aye.. 2M(xSB.D: Clarence
L.. tmlth Company against E. Mann Vyane at al. (counter
claim); attorney. W.I). Peck-
T«th-«., No. 444 East; V. H^inrlch et al. against Jacob
H^lnrlch «-t a! (action to determine claim): attorneys,
Er.jrel, Er.gtl & Oi>i/*nhelmer.
«t). -*-.*■ . No. 780. for two «tory brick «tor*«.
-.•sx (- : W BAfel. owner; H. C. Ulld«r»le«ve.
architect 14.300
lHth-*t.. • a . 1M) ft « of 3<i-av« for a nix
•tory brick ftattiouM, 4OxS6.U; M. K*»«ler.
owner; l; a. Meycra. architect 45.000
15 if;«'-/. No - **>•'•>«•» '- 11 - awry fr«m« »h*l.
vi. : Cfc<MBB Criei>en«. owner; ohria F. I/jhse.
architect $300
CUwon P«»lr.t Rocii. n. w. rornw <>f Eut River.
lor .* on« »tory frame <-»rrou»«! h«i»e, 75x7"..
Clinton Bteiher... owner. UenHjara r»>*tln«.
Hancock-*'..'.' w! "«.'.' 'uhJ ft.' *,*.' of CdnitaMK! lrooo
Waaon^t-t.. jr. «.. w»o ft. i rf 'riiiiiwliu'i' tiV \
for a two «tory frame dwtlitnr. 21x30- J<*»i>h
t>^s. mm * C * oWr< ' r 3ernnar.| Kb.ling. architect... 5,300
r«rV-*vt. v*. fco ft. r.. of 21«th-«t.. for a two
■nd oB»s*al; Man frame .--.v. i:n, . ISx3S- W J
D. C. KmgtUmd Estate Sells oth-avc. Parcel for $500,000— Sale of Si*
Lots in West i ::>th-st.
The Mercantile Trust Company, of St. Louis,
Mo., announced yesterday th;it the office build
ing which 1b to be erected on the small plot of
ground at the southeast corner of Uroadwuy and
Wall-st. will be eighteen stories high. The
financial arrangements for the construction of
the building have been made by St. L.ouis men.
A one-story structure 6tands on the plot, which
was sold recently by th* BHHman estate for
$700,000, or at about $6LTi a Mgoan foot, the
highest price ever paid tor v paroel of r<;il estate
in New-York. The lot miiWimi only 89.X by
39.10 feet, and Includes l.lVo square feet Owing
to the Bmall size <>f Urn plot many r->al estate
men thought that a tall building oould not be
erected on the f it»>. It is expected 1 1 1 : 1 1 a fair
income on the Investment will be received from
the renting power of the building.
Augustus I>. Jiillliard lias bought from the
Daniel C. Kingsland estate through Douglas
Robinson. Charles S. Brown A <'■>.. No. llti sth
ave., a four story dwelling house, on a plot
46x140 feet, at th»- southwest corner of 17th-st..
f<-r about $500,000. Mr. Juilliard now owns a
plot 1*2x175 feet at tins point. It is said that an
office and loft building will bo erected on the
The Hudson Realty Company has sold to Wen
dolin J. Nauss. of the Arm of Nausa Brothers
Company, the property ;u the northwesi corner
of U'Sth-st. an.l 7th-aw., being a i>lol comprising
five city lots. It has a frontage of 126 feel In
125th-st. and i imi feet In ?th-ave. There is a
Ihr^e story and bnarmant building, occupied by
th* Riverside Cafi and llvs other stores, on the
site. The ii.skinj,' price for the property was
$500,000. Tho seller received near that Qgure.
The total area of the plot la ]-..">'jO square feot,
and the selling price i.«, therefore, about $40 a
square foot.
The firm of J. R Ketcham lias s.>ld for Robert
j. Ifedsnahan Xo. 3:{ Wai 125th-st, a four
story building, on a lot 20x99.11 feet
The Albert Booth Colin Company sold for
Parsona& Holzman No. 54 West 3">th-st., a four
story office building, on a lot 20x98.9 feet. This
lot is directly In tho rear of the two old build
ings fronting In 34th-st. and occupied by the
Ails flub.
Dennis & Preston have sold to an out of town
Investor No. 2'C sth-ave.. 17 by I<H) feet, a
five stoi-y building altered for business.
Leopold Weil has w>ld No. '.il^ Broadway, a
five story store and loft building; ■-.'."> by 150 feet,
extending to Franklin alley, for th>> Lawyers'
Mortgage Company to C. C. Peck. The purchase
price was less than $200,000.
Herbert A. Sherman has sold for James
Mandeville Halsted. of Oakland, Cal., a forty
acre tract fronting In Milton Road, Rye Beach,
and Forest-aye., Rye, X. V, and within 100
yards of the Sound. The property has been
owned by the Halsted family for over two hun
dred years. On the tract is a house which Is
Bald to be more than two hundred years old. It
was used by "Washington as a headquarters.
The purchaser will improve the house. The old
Rye Cemetery forms a part of the land. It con
tains some graves dating back to 1700.
__ •
The stockholders of tho City Investing Com
pany yesterday decided to increase the capital
stock of the company from $3,000,000 to $4,000.
000. The new stock will be offered to stock
holders at par in proportion to their holdings on
March 1. All the directors were re-elected.
An action was besun yesterday by thf- city to
acquire title through condemnation proceedings
to the block bounded by Ist and IM uvfa., BOto
and TiOth sts.. ar.d the block front on the east
eldo of lst-ave. between 59th and 80th sts. The
property is to be used for an approach to the
Blackwell's IslanJ Bridge.
Charles T. Barney h;is sold X. lIS WVst 65th
st., a four story and basement dwelling house.
on a lot 16.Gxl<M>.5 feet Ateo Bold In tho same
street Nos. 117. 119 and ILl, three tluelllng
Andrew J. Connfck and Charles K. Jolinson
have sold to Hiram Rlcker iV- Sons the five story
Iron and brirk building. No. 1,180 Broadway,
adjoining the northeast cornf*r of 2Sth-St.
Messrs. Rlcker, after extensive alterations to
the premises, will occupy the building as their
New-York headquarters. It is understood that
other concerns are negotiating for- the remain-
Ing: unsold holdings there of Messrs. Connick
and Johnson, which comprise Noa 1,182 ami
1.184 Broadway, adjoining the parcel Bold to the
Isaac H. Clothier has sold the plot. KMxIOO.SH
feet, on the north side of 9."th-st., ir>O fetft east
of sth-avo., to W. G. Park. F«ue ft Elliman
were the brokers.
Dr. George Evans has snld the plot 75x1<W>.ll
feet, on the south side of 116th-st., I<*<> fort west
of Broadway, opposite Barnard Field. An apart
ment house will he built on the site.
Duff & Conger negotiated the reported lease
between Roslna H. McFarland and Walter J.
Salomon of the southwest corner of 7th-ave.
and 34th-st. for twenty-one years, at an annual
rental of $12,000 net. This property has been
owned by the present owner for about sixty
William P. Douglas, of Douglaston, Long
Island, is the buyer of No. 12 West 7Uth-st.
William Henry Folsom has sold the four story
brownstone house at the northwest corner of 40th
st. and Lexlngton-avo. The buyer is a physician.
Andrew J. Dickinson, Jr., and Austin W. Lord
have sold to Grosvenor Atterbury Nos. 160 and 163
East 74th-st., two three story dwelling houses, 37.6 x
102.2 feet. Whitehouse & Porter were the brokers.
Arthur Muhlker has sold for Emll J. Winterroth
a three story and basement dwelling house at the
northwest corner of 91st-st. and Lexlngton-ave.,
21x76 feet.
George R. Head has sold for Mary H. Duel, of
Saratoga, No. 16S East 71st-st., a three Btory dwell-
Ing house, l«.8xl00.5 feet.
Slawson & llobbs have sold for F. M. Jenks a
four story American basement dwelling house. No
811 West 78th-st., 18x55x102.3 feet.
W. & J. Goldburpr have purchased for a client the
excavated plot. Sox SO feet, on the south side of
Stebblns-ave.. 303 feet north of Westchestcr-ave.
John H. Loscarn and Sol Cohen have sold No. 231
East 95th-st., a tlve story double flathouse, on lot
25x100 feet, for L. Prager to i: Eislnger.
Nicholas Geiper has sold Nos. 163 and 170 East
Slst-st., two three story and basement dwelling
houses, on a plot 40x104.4 feet.
The Donnelly estate has sold No. 819 Lexington
ave., a three story browstone front dwelling house
on a lot 20x8S feet.
Sußsman & Co. have sold for Ha her. Dworkowlta
& Haber th*- three four story fiathouees No. 877 to
681 East 13Cth-st.. on plot 75x100 feet.
Samuel Otto and Mark Blumenthal have sold to
K'l«-y Brothers the live story nathouse No. 757 East
162d-«t.. 27x100 feet.
L. Epstein has boucht No. 1,224 Prospect-aye. a
five story Ilathouse, on plot 27.6x100 tet-t.
Edward McVlckar ha* sold for Frederick H
Mattlaße. No. 2J»S Washinpton-Bt., a four story
loft budding, on lot 19.6x84 feet, between Cnambeii
and Read Bts.
M. Hargebuhr & Co. have sold for Makranakv &
Applebaum. Nos. 117 and 119 West 116th-st.. a six
story apartment house, with atori-a, on Dlot 41 si
100.11 feet, to a client of Edward Jacobs This
completes th« sale of three hou»ca at thin point by
the above builders through the .- mie brokers
Samuel P. G«ldman hau bought No 650 West
153d-st.. a flvf story tlathouse, on plot 87.6x'j9 U reeL
. Henry I. Prager hns resold to Elizabeth Els
on g !St la 8£ • C l " " r v "•'■ al( " : thouse .
Oil Hit J.i X 1■ * > ."> ' i • t '
Cum!** U. Guzab Ii&» /••via No. 2U bun gist-
St.. a live story double flathouso. on lot 25*102.-. to
Samuel Grossman. Mr. Gumb Is also the buyer or
No* m. 1.303 ami 1.787 lst-ave. xr a •
I Kashore has sold for Adolf Mandel to M. A.
Rosenthal, No*. 68 and 60 East 107th-Bt.. two five
story double nuthouses, on plot 50x100.11 feet.
li " .1 Kantrowltz has resold for Jacob Welnsteln
the southwest corner of 'lst-ave. and 21st-st.. old
building*, on plot 78x100 feet, to Jacob Itohenblum.
who will erect two six story tenement houses
With stores on the site.
The New-Amsterdam Realty Company and
Leonard Welll have sold No. 1,696 2d-ave.. a live
story tlathouse, on lot 25x75 feet.
Mark Blumenthal and Louis Lose have sold to
Gustavo Goodman Nos. 341 and 343 East 77th-st..
two four story doable nuthouses, each on lot
25x102.2 feet.
William and Julius Bachrach have bought No.
2,436 Zd-ave., a flvo story tenement house, with
stores, on lot 2S.SxIOO feet,
J. Romaine Brown & Co. have sold for a client
to Mathilda BrueßKenuinn, No. 638 West lE9th-st.,
a m, story BathOUSe. on lot 25x90.11.
Walter D. Starr has sold for • client to Well &
Mayer the northwest corner of 167th-st. and Jumel
Place, a plot lft>xl<X>xlolxll9 feet.
Charles S. Kohler has sold tor Nathan & Zimmer
man the live story double tlathouse No. 784 Am-
Btei dym-ave., on lot 26x84 feet.
11. Luxemburg has sold for Philip Woltoff. the
live story flathouse, with stores. No. 12 Kast 118th
st.. on lot 25xl(<).H feet.
Abraham I. Splro has resold to Jacob Freeman
the southeast corner of lst-ave. and 9oth-st., a plot
10i>.8xlU3 feet.
Isaac Glngold has bought from Samuel Irvine
No. 331 East 9"th-Bt., a five story tenement house,
on plot 30x100.11 feet.
The Perry estate has sold No. 322 East 69th-st, a
three story dwelling house, on lot 16.8x77.4 feet.
Kaskel. Bruder & Hahn have sold No. 445 West
4<Hn-st., a Jive story flathouse. on lot 25x98.9 feet, to
F. Unger. Also, resold No. 515 West 4Sth-st.. a five
story tenement house, on lot 25x100.5 feet.
Abraham K. I^efcourt has sold to S. Blrnbaum
Nos. 18 and 20 lst-ave., a six story tenement house,
on plot 44.6x100 feet.
Wexler & Posner have resold to M. Blum No. 614
East lith-st.. a six story tenement house, on lot
25x103.3 feet. Also, sold to li. Marks and M. Klin
kovsteln Nos. 417 and 411* 6th-sht.. a six story
tenement house, on plot 43.dx90.1t) feet.
Berkowiti & Landesman have sold to Funk
Brother* the two six stcry tenement houses Nos.
7!.; and 718 6th-st.. on plot :»x</; feet. Also sold
to Morris Walngrow Nos. X* and 355 East 3d-st., a
clx story tenement house, on plot 42x96 feet.
I. Block has sold to M. Silvennan No. 84 East
3a-st., a six story tenement house, on lot 25x100.5
Mitchell, Schwartz & Son have sold to Dr. Ber
nard Gordon the six story tenement house No. 162
Henry-st., 26x100 feet.
•Ml ML s 5. 293 ft w of Avenue I). 23x119; Louts
Gordon et al to I^na Ledner; mortgage. $25,000 100
leist-st. No 663 West. 15.11x90.i1: Maria A Don
nogan to John A Donn«gan; all liens 1
Park-aye. No 1.f>74. w s, 25.5x50.8; Rachel Uch
tetstein to Sophia Mayer: mortgage, (21.400.... 100
Amsterdam-aye, Nos 92S and 030. \v s. 41.:xl<<0:
Francis M Schlffmayer to Alexander M Bchwartz
and another 100
Attorney-st, x, 18 31 and 33, wb, 60x100; Harris
Cohen to TUlle Cohen; »2» 2 part 100
2d--t. n 8, 24*2.3 ft c of lst-ave. 248x121.11; Jo
seph Rudlnsky to Louis Rudlnsky; >•» part; all
title; mortgage, $39,100 100
Broome-st. n w corner Norfolk-st. 42x73; Louis
Itudlnsky to Joseph Rudlnsky; > 2 part; all title;
mortgage. ?bl.i>oO l"0
Prince- st, s w 8. CO ft n w of Sulllvan-et, 20x77;
Adam C Herrmann et al to Henry Herrmann; \
part, all title; mortgage, $ft.DOO 100
Oaniion-st, No 08. » c, 34.4x100; Frank Ifeldman to
Jossef Wissc-.thlsr; mort«ag. $49,300 100
Henry-st, No 254, s 8. 27x106.10; Hymn Hpek
torsky to liou's Welnstein; mortgage. ?2<».Cmo .. . 100
Monroe-st, No li»>. si s. 28.5xM.1; I>?na Ladner to
J^'Uis Gordon »'t al; mortgage. $27,5«K> 100
-Mien -t. No l>>fl, r s. 1U57.5, Tennis Glnsburg
to Amelia ICublnsky; mortgage. $2).700 100
Leroy-st. KM SO and 67, n s: Virginia Panzlger
and another, executors, to Harris Mandeibaum;
mortgage, $24,000 89.000
7Sth-st. No 160 Bast, 25x102.2; Virginia Danziger
mid another, executors, to Harry Wittenberg;
mortgage, i U.ut.'O 28.000
3d-avc. w s, 76.10 ft n of Slst-st. 25.4x100; Sarah
J Mariner to George Marlnor; mortgage. $.2,300 1
62d-st, 1 s. Pft.B ft >■ of IM-ave, f11ix7.1."; M I, Osk
et al to Meyer Ennls: mortgage. $20,500 100
COth-st. No 347 East. 25x100.5: William Weinstock
to Irving Bachra-ch; mortgage. $17.000 100
lOOth-st, No 103 East. 23x73; Max Roih to Julia
X LJggan; mortgage. $21,500 100
Monroe-st, No 34. s ». I».Ax«>> -'. Max Wolper et al
to Adolph Ufshutz; mortgage, *9).M0 ICO
lll»th-st, ■ *. 325 ft a of Avenue A. 50x100.10;
Julius Berliner et al to Jacob Bloch and an
other; mortgage. $43,000 100
lOOth-st. Nos 123 and 12.1 East. 60x100.11; Louis
Gordon et al to "William Brandt; mortgage,
J.V»,»ifi<> 100
122d-st, Nos 810 and 337 East. 60x100.11; Jacob
Bid et al to Julius Berliner and another;
mortgage, $23.500 100
Jackson-aye. * a, 246.4 ft s of 166th-9t. 17.4x57.6;
Elule Lowrle to Thomas Lowrie 1
Tiinlty-ave. c s. 143.6 ft s of 163th-st. 73x100;
Nathan Goldstetn to Louis Kllnger; mortgage.
$70,000 1.000
Park-aye. No? 3.H14 and S.Rlft, c ii. 30x144.11:
Caroline Rochh«lmer to "W S M JareK. mort
gage, $23.000 100
lJ»lst-st. s » comer Harrljon-av<\ 2R2x123.4;
George ]> Hoc to John C Banders 100
Bathrate-ave. h e c. 120 ft n c- of 17Rth-st, 18x90;
Margaret A Smith to Charles X Smith; mort
gage. $2.000 Gift
Bronx Terrace, ■ w corner 14th-ave, 60x1G9; James
M Dodge to <". A Moses 1
177th-st, n c 3. IBS.* ft n w of Marmton-ave. s<>x
100.4: Abraham Weinstein to Benjamin Brill and
another 1
Frnsjiect-ave, I w cor Hitter Place. 23.1xfi3.2;
Annie Jourdan to Marie Jancar; mortgage. $10.
i»ii Wrt
Broadway, w *. at s w s n a Harlem River Ship
Canal: Andrew J Cole to Wesley Thorn; niort
guge, $545 100
Bam« property; Wesley Thorn to City Real Estate
Company: mortgage, $«ii>o.ooo . . ..' 100
Hamilton Place, a c cor 141st-st. li>S.«xl4l 7;
•"arrie II Toueey to Henry Korn et al; mort
gag*. $170,00t) 100
Avenue C, s •• <v>r Sth-«t, I^x7o; Talw 5 Brown
son. Jr. to Mary I^epgett; all title 1
Avenue B, » w cor «th-st. li(Kx3f«: Martin
<>lszler to John Drakard; mortgage, 54.000 100
Jamei Blip, a « cor Cherry-st, 24x?.52: Ix>ul9
Schulze to Henry W Sylvester; mortgage. $11,
730 100
Avenue C, c c cor Bth-st, 10x70; Mary I^eggett to
Marcus Nathan 1
4M st No 427 West. 18. 4x100.3; Michael J Qutnn
to Matilda J Quinn 1
43th-Ht. X.> 441 West. 2.1x100; August Hahn to
Charles Martin and another: mortgage. $10.000.. 100
lOTtb-st. Vo 222 East. 21 .10x100 11: Kallrnan. Co
hen et al to Henry Benjamin; mortgage. $1>,400.. 1
6th-st. n s. 87 ft c of 2d-ave, 33x51.9; Adolph
Flesser et al to Henry Reese; mortgage. $1S 000 100
CJolumbus-ave, c s, 50.3 ft 0 of G2d-st, 23.1x100-
Thomas J. Meehan to Carlos L. Brady; mort^
gage, $32.000 j
12oth-st, a c cor Park-aye. 86x72; Mary H Bu
chan to Max C Baum; mortgage, $21 000 100
17th st. No 443 West. 23xP2; Julius Dall et al to
Henry Nichols and another; mortgage, $10 000 . 100
Old liroa4way, a w corner 121hh-st; Daniel B
Freedman to Alfred C Bachman . 100
Same property; Alfred C Bachman to Daniel '*B
FTeedman; mortgage. $19.000 .. inn
I X l 2? e " Bt i No I.U. n '• 20x71.3; PrtncV-rt".*Nis
, -( and 135. n ». 40x71.8; the Acme Building
Company to Sarah H Wltthaus et al; two-Uilrds
part; mortgage. $SO,OOO 86 2fln
Same property; same- to Guy Wltthaus; on«-thlrd
part: mortgage. $$0.000 ... inn
lOth-st, No 330 East. 23x94.10: Michael Karp'to
Oslas Karp; one-half part; all Hens lOr
Jtimel r lace. n w corner 167th-st. 16a3xlOO; Albion
L. waraer to Leopold Kaufmann; mortgage,
$24. ' in-
Same pror*rty: l>or,old Kaufmann to Jonas Well
and another; mortgage, $30,000 . lOn
2d-ave. No 1.407. m s. 2B.flxl00; An-a 'Weii'to
Nannie O Kaufman: mortgage. 515.000. . if*»
»th-st. » s. 193 ft v.- of Avenue D. aTxOS.lli Hayv
man Wallach to Julia Moore; mortgage $1« 000 100
11 V "{. * S\2s;:S \ 25 ; : ft ■ or ' th - st . Ix 7«; Frank
P Markey et al to Jacob Mattern; all title 100
Bam» property: Frank P Markey and another ex
eovitor*. to same; all titiu... ' 1(V .
Same property ; Elizabeth C Lougrnan' to'iame" " ' ioo
47th-et. No U Wsat 21 SxIOOB. William L. Bull 10 °
phin to Daniel B Freelman; mortgage. *W n<>O 1
74th-st. No 234 East, l«.8xlO2 2; Frederick XV
,, I florBt to Herman Hartman: mortgage.
8^ Z
Ogden-ave. w p. 120 ft n of l'rath'-at iboxVob'-E
X A?or to Wlllla-n S Patten; mortpepe. $16 000. ion
2d-ave. w s, 23 ft n of 7flth-«t 79 JrKxv ii.uU J
OBhlntky to Paulln. mortgage ££& inn
125 t- S t. No f,2S West. 27x100.i1; jforrU GoM^in IW>
$Si 200° tO Leak GoWstetn •* SI mortgage?
Bth-ave, No' w '40x100: isaac PhanirA'lt *
al to Birdie V Pchles!ng<r; mortgage «47 0f10 ,/w
ll ? th-«t.ns. 160 ft w of Tth-*ve 100xl«K> 4 -'-pfno u ; 10 °
nfort'ga^f U^°. Umry M *^« «* -S
T4th-*t. No 166 Bast. 1« 9xlO2.2:"wini«m'L 'miil 10 °
David Lydlg; mortgage. $10000 Mott to ,-v,
"Tom. saiTigys^??. &*Er s
New Y n o7 k '/. th * trU3t « M °' the Presbyter/ of
Mth-et. No 133 'East.' "^iioo's;" 'Joseph "RudYnVkv J
to Louis Rudlnsky; mortraire. $<K>.250 ,«,.
■■ ' V . tO Th ° ma " J u "han;' mor^g.:
KM-st. n • 200 ft w Of atli Immm' *«b«M*B "V" ' i.' li ' 1
Lexlngton-av.. No leo, n w MfMr > ibtb^*lij« l
,^. : le *r do 1^ I**1 ** to John Cl»ary... ion
800 J. . ° Unry Bmlth: mortage. «3."
Bth-ave. No i2a2.' w a.' "iiaiusS; Jonas Weil ,t .1 10 °
tno^ 0 " 1 " ReiUy Comp«y* mSrlgVg:!
Pro»rect-*re. No ««.' »', jOrlfio'' Pr.*. n',M 1
is/th'V; tf n E . rl r-, p ,r" W: wUTwmf: !
.a«e $3 5.^ Uemle « «» *•»■ Meany; uZrl
119th-«t. h ». 7.1 ft w of At A. 23x100 11 \v'w
I ....... te -»..... i. UUab«a... . _L
117th-st • a. 375 ft • of 2<l-av. 25x100.11: Geor*<»
i Mele to Olueepp* UlrHrl; mortgage. ...... 1
Ay A b w cor 7th at. lOSxlOG: Umor.port; Joseph
Meberti et al to Leonard Long et al; mortgage.
11 °1X) •••• .......i... ••••••••••••••••••• iV "*
t£Sgt No 62 East. 30x100.11: Nathan "mum to
Harris Fachmelltzky and •not'- mortsat*. JOO
iou '*" it "a. ' 12.V ft" >••■•■•■•• .....••..••• l'W
gplh'at n ".'i. 12.H ft "w'o'f irt-av. MUilW>>; Fr!H»
Gonsett to Bertha. Rosenfeld: mortga«e. $21,000 1
Oth-ave. ««.4»4ft 8 of 40th-«t. Ml'»». If^tto}^ «
I>-lcht to Carolina J .lantz«n ; mortgaga. *I.'>.<X'O> l
84th-*t n «. 100 ft c of lilt ay. 75x102.2; Joseph
Uebenthal et al to Adolph Engpl; mortgage.
$35) UOO » • -..-••••-•-••••••••••"" IUW
28th-'st, n' (.."axt'ft' c" Bth-av. MxlW.9; Louts
Stn.ii to Julia A Btroh; mortgan-. $».WJ« 11"
Ilroome-Bt. Noi 14!) -1.11. a ■. 37.«x10<*: Jacob K>r
ii., to Morrti! Nu<lelnian; morttca^e. *7».'»><> I""
lMithnt. Noa UB 123 East. CoxldO.ll; William
Hranftt to Samuel Coh^n and another; mortgage,
1U7.0W i 10 °
Baum. Max C, to M H Buchan; Park-aye. s c
corner lJuth-st. "2x25; due August. 13. 1008 $3,000
Reese, Henry, and another to Adolph Fllsser and
another; flth-st. Nos 803 ana 3Uo. 3!>x3l; due
, M.ix i. • M H B> m; Talk M s c
ler IJWh st. 72x36; du<- August, l.">. IW* . . 83.000
, Henry, and another tr> .Vlolph Fllsser and
ih>r, Sth-at. Nos 8o:S and 3<V>. 3)«x31. due
■ 17. l'Jt>7, « per cent 4.1*1©
Moore. Julia, to II Wallack; Oth-st, No 73S Cast. j^
2.1x03; 6 years, 6 per cent 8.300
nelss. Pauline, to X Onllnsky; 2-i-ave. No I. *>'*'•
to 1.461*. 3 lots. 70xlUO together; 3 years. A per
coat 19.500
Ennls, Meyer, to Marcus I. Oak and another; 624
st, v 8, 81».tl ft c of 2d-ave. 60x75; demand 7.000
Thorn, Wesley, to Andrew J Cole; Broadway,
w .1. at » w a Harlem River Shi;- Canal. — x — ;
prior mortgage. $543,000; demand 56.000
Weinstock. William, to Ottllie Sterok, guardian;
6oth-st, No 347, 25x100; duo June 30. K>ll, Mi
per cent 17,000
Kaufman, Leopold, to A L Warner: Jumel Road.
n w comer 167th-st. lOfixlGO; 2 years. 5 per cent 9.000
Brady, Carlos L, to George A Naglo; Columbui
av*>, f. f, CO ft i of 62d-st, 26x100. due August
20, 100\ 6 per cent 6.600
Hartman, Herman. to, Frederick W I.ing-horit:
74th-st, No 234 East. 18x102; Instalments. 5! 3
per cent 1,200
Rubinsky. Amelia, to Jennie Ginsberg; Allen-st.
No 1H«, 23x87; 1 year. li per cent 2.900
Brill, Benjamin, and others to Title- Guarantee- and
Trust Company; I77th-st. n w a, 152.1) ft n w of
Marmlon-ave. 50x190; demand 7.000
Kirk. Hugh, to J M Wtntz, lOnh-st. Noa 040 and
042. SOU 12.'.. demand. 6 per cent 42.500
Goldstein. M-.rru. and M Walker to M Freundllch.
et al: 125th -st. s .-. Ml ft w of Amsterdam-aye.
27x100; 3 years. 6 p-r • . nt 4.700
I>rakard, John, to M <jel»zl«-r; Avenue 11, i *
comer «th-st. 203x109, Unlonport; 1 year. s !i! i
par cent COO
Vatic. Busman J. la II (Jetty; Hudson-st, w a. lot
*"!'. map Church Farm; %> years. 5 per cent 23,000
Bachman. Alfred C, to Elizabeth Hafner; OH
Broadway, a w corner 12»th-st, 52.1x105; dun
June 30. 1000 19,000
Moss*, O ArnoM. to F C El«rar; 14th-ave. s w
corner Bronx Terraca; 1 year. 5 per cent 1,800
Barnett, Augustus E. to Thurlow w Parker: St
Oeorge-'s Crescent, ■ a, lot »?21, map property
George F and H U Opdyke. 19x71; 2 years €30
Welusteln, Louis, to II Spektorsky: Rutgers-Bt. No
61, 23x104; 5 years, »5 per cent „ 7.800
Weinsteln, Ijijls. to Hyman Spektorsky; ftenry
st. 9 ». 75.6 ft c of Montgomery-^. 27x103; 5
years. 6 per cent 13,000
Mattern. Jacob, to Elizabeth C Loughran: 11th
ave, • a. 25.1 ft s of 48th-st, £sx7tJ; 3 years. 3'
per cent 6.000
Same to F P Markey anil another; same property;
3 years 6 per cent 2.500
Kristlc. Thomas, to S Manzonl; 46th -st. No 184 „
East. 19x100; per bond 8.000
Fluischmann Realty and Construction Company M
E Holzman and another: 7th-ave, n * corner .
M.'th st to 146th-st x 100: 1 year, a per cent... 110.000
Mandelbaum, Harris, to V Panzlger and another,
executor; L*roy-st, n s. at c s land Trinity
t Thurch: 5 years. 6 per cent ■ 6,900
Wittenberg. Harry, to V Danzlger and anc«r.er:
7Sth-et. No 168 East. 25x102; 5 years. 6 per
cent ».000
Wells Realty and Construction Oompany to Charles
H Simmons: 27th-«t. n a, US ft w of Madison
ave. COxfiS; due March 1. 1906: 6 per cent 85.000
Handel. Henry, and another to P Lowenfeld and
another: 110th-st. nB. 160 ft wof 7th-ave. IOOx „__
100; 2 years, « pe* cent 10,000
Meany, Annie, to L, Farnan: 135th-st. n ». 171
ft c of South Boulevard. 16x75; 2 years. 5 per
cent M 0
Jarck. WUhelmlne S M. to C Rtchhelmer: Park
ave. No 3,816. 23x144; fine June 30. 1907. 6 per
cent -• 1,800
Bruslus. Frederick A, to J Brossler: 149th-»t, a s.
83xl0d: 1 year. s»s per cent • «.W>
Cleary. John, to Lawyers' Title Insurance and
Trust Company: L*:diigton-ave. No IHO. 19x80; __
due March 3. 1906; 5 1 * per cent 25.000
Wolfarth. Emma A. to X Herold: 7th-st. ■ w
corner Avenue C. 20SxH > Unlonport; 1 year. 6
per cent .• ™»
Same to same: same property; 3 years, 5H per
cent ■•■• «' OCO
Acme Buildlngr Company to J Henry Alexander;
132d-st No 22* West, 16x09; due May 1. 1907:
5H per cent - 10.000
Same to Atlantic Dock Company; same property:
demand, 6 per cent 8.600
I)e Roea, Frank, to George Khret; lst-ave. • ■.
Rail it » of 106th -st. 25x54; lst-ave. No 2,127;
1 year. 54 per cent 6.000
Grlawold, Margaret D. and another to Daniel Sey
mour: 31-st, No 32 East. 23x68. 1 year. 6 per
cent ""TO
Engel. Adolph. to Jorerh Uebcnthal et al: 84th
ft n 3. 100 ft c of l!>t-ave: two lots. 37x1^2.
two mortsacea. $12,000 each: 5 year*. 6 per
rent 34.000
Sanders John C, to John II Taylor; 181st-»t. • w
corner Harrison-ave. 20x125; 8 years, 5 per
cent 2,700
Brandt, William, to L. Gordon et al: 108th-»t. n B.
2<fi ft c of Park-aye. SOxluO: 5 years. 6 per
cent 17.000
Kelly. Owen E, to Patrick Foley: 137th-»t. No 308
West. 25x09; 3 ears, 6 per cent 1.500
Schwartz. Alexander, and another to F M Schiff
mayer; Am»t«rdam-ave, w a. 69 ft s of 106th-«t:
two lota, -llxlOO. together; two mortgages. $20.
000 each; 0 years, 5 per cent 40.000
Hemnan. Henry, to Josephine B. Tichenor:
Prlnce-st. s w s. 60 ft n w of Pulllvan-st. 20x
77 ; 5 years, 6 ler cent 8.800
Grossman, Charles, to M M Fensell; Sd-ave. w »,
201.9 ft from 173d-st. 131 x Irregular: 3 years. 5
rer cent 14000
Aaron. Herman, to Belmont Realty and Construc
tion Company: Belmont w s. 78 7 ft n of
lMst-st. S6xJ2S: due August 1. 1006 0,000
Mitchell. James E. to L E Newcomb: 119th-st.
n s. 75 ft iv of Pleasant-aV3. 23x100; as per
bond <irold> 8.000
Wisselthl»r. Joßsef. tr> Frank r>Mnian; Cannon
st. No 98. 34x100; 6 years. 6 per cent 6.800
Radley, Emma M. to L H Latham: Pallsade-ave,
c a, at n s land T M North: 0 years. 3 per cent. 7,300
Midelman. Morris, to Louis Kooner and another;
Broome-»t. Rea 140 and 151. 37x100: Instal
ments, 6 per cent •,000
Pelser, Altert. an.l another to H Rendsburjt;
188th-at i. s, 423 ft w of Lenox-ave, 37x£>i>;
1 year. 6 per cent 2.900
Same to same: ISSth-st. n s, 462 ft • of Lenox—
aye. 37xt«: 1 year. 6 per cent 2.000
Danziger, Adolph, to Ignaz Reich and another;
Avenue A. s c corner 16th-st. 2fix»s; 1 year,
•I per cent 7.880
Fox, Julius B. to Isaac S Isaacs, trustee: 24th
st. No 123 West. 25x98; 4 years. 6 per cent... 31.000
I-*/.ani». Henrietta, and others to William, "M
KlnKsland; Ma.lls< n a t, corner 103.1-«t
2Hx7O: 5 y*ars. 5 per cent 23,000
Leech. Kate, to Title Guarantee and Trust Com
pany: Lcngfellow-st. w ■*. 20i> ft s of Jennlngs
et. 25:<100; demand ..> B,NV»
Lonp. Leonard, and others to Mary S Hynes:
Nelson aye f , s. jaa ft •< of Orchard- st. 50x117:
3 pears, 0 ' i per cent 4 000
McUowan. William J. to \VilUam Burke: 14th-st
s s. 135 ft m of Prospect Terrace, 25x114; 2
years. *> per cent 900
Pnohmelltzky. Harris, to N Blum: 102d-3t, • 3
121 ft w of Park-aye, 30x100; 3 years. 6 per
cent 230
I Van. Walt'-r. J. to M F Duer et at executors-
St Nicholas-avp. c 9. 0* ft I of 162d-st. 63x73;
3 years. in per cent IS 000
Tenement Improvement Cor^pany to B O Erdmun-
Fftth-tt. No 30s> East. 25x100: due October l"
I!**'. i> per cent ' 7125
Douirsn, I'eter. to Bradley * Currier Ctomnaiiy"
237th-st. n b. 100 ft vr of Kopler-ave, 200 x
lrregr; 3 years. si per cent 9 /wy>
Same to same: 23Sth-st. 8 a. 150 ft w of Kepler
ave. 50x100: 3 years. s l i per cent 1 ,100
Parna-*>3. Samuel, and another to Dora Haft- s"d
st. No 41« East, IRxIOO. 1 •»«;„., 6 per cent iv inn
Same to Flora Ptone, Individual and executrix :
62d-*t. No 41S East. lRxlOO: 1 year. 8 per cent 1 fBO
Same to Bernard Friedman: 52J-st V. 420 Ea-V *•*"'
14x100; 1 year. 6 per cent . '.' ' ,VA
Tl»chler. Barbara, to Renfamln Nt^lM>rir"an<i ' an-*
other: 103d-st. n a. 175 ft w o f 2d-ave 75xlOH
due October 11. 190fl; B p. r cent.. • '""v. ilMn
Bauer. Adam, to H P Roe- Company- lo'tV's" "and ***"""
«. map Clason Point; S years. 5«4 per cent MM
KlMuff. Margaret E. to Emipr,nt Industrial 1 «s«o'
lnes Bank: 130th-«t. ■ k. 257 ft c of Sth-avi*
IS-««>- dv« June 30. IMS; 44 per cent.. * «M
Coekertn. John F. to Robert Carfer: 141st Ait "n i*
114 ft w of St Nicholas- 21x99; 1 year Vi
per cent ' Z.~.~ 4.0 m
Osbome Alfred, to H P Rose Comßanyi"iot',,**{ii
and M. map Clason Point; due March 1 1900
3>4 per cent ...'..' 8.000
r'^l;r '^I; E rl Of to !*»»«* Title Insurance and
Trust Company; Lexington c s, 80 5 ft a of
53d-.t. 20xS0; due March 1. 11KH1: 5 per cent f 14.000
Flood Construction Company to A Mack- lt»th-ar •
n s. 73 ft w of Trtnlty-*ve. 37x100: demand
6 per cent t RflA
Lachtrup. Ida. to C R Surin; Canal-sti'No'sio! I ** W
62x irregular- Instalments. 8 per cent . 1 00rt
Relchmann. Adolph. to A h'eekamp; St A ■*«■*
No 170. 25x1u0; 3 years. 514 per cent 4.000
Wagner Frederick, to Title Guaranty and Trust
Company; 63d-»t. No* 41 and 43 West. 60xlt)0
demand .' 64.000
Avmtis. Aaron, to Middlebow Realty Company*
166th-et. s c corner Morris aye. U6x156- 1 year
6 per cent ' * ftßnn
Griffin. Sarah A. to L M Cnderhlll; West Broad -
way. w 8. HO ft n of Broome-st. 20x82t due
May 1. 1011; 6% per cent . 2&.0OO
Markus. iJarnet, to William Nelson; 87th-«'tl ' No '^ vw
212 West. 2ux*>; demand 12.000
Nudelman, Morris, to L Manheim; Uroome-«t No
151. 37x100; 2 years. 6 per cent .".. 2,800
Woo'llawn Hoad, a. a,. 3ul.i> ft. c. of V.in Cort
lundt-avix, 73 bxlt*>, Ceorgo B. Hay maul atfalnat
Charles \Wluwr!j,!it, ownur; Nicholas Omiuaii*.
contractor %*<a 78
liui(ii*»-a\«t., w. a., l*> It. a. of lSVth-st., 30x87.0;
same it^r<uuat iloreiarul Itealty and Conauuc
tton Company, owner; Nlohol&i Uaaiiaiir. con
actor 35784
Parlc-ave., n. o. corner 186.h-«t., loOxloO; Henry
O. ailleck, Jr.. aguinat UaasfurJ tlaalty Com
pany, uwuar, J. K. lt.ack. Contractor L»32 M
l&l'd-ct., a. a., 64 ft. a. o( Wa»hm«to»-*v«., 72«
6>x7;£xT3; Ckartea Downey acatnit HilliK!«
Heaity and Cuo»truotiou Comjiaoy, owner and
contractor »• od
Same property; urn* acatojit Hillside Realty i\>m
l*ny, owner; John *\ KlchUr. oonUaotor . . . •»« „>
«»th-«t.. Nix 315 to 323 Weat; F««rle», Brtck
Company axaiuat Andrea Avitahla and Kortunato
«' lx>monte, ownara and contractor* i ■•• «,-»
104th-«t. a No. HI \Ve.t; jCon.olldated tJaa Flxtilri
Worka against Joieph Uo»enb«ru and J*cob
telnUrr. owners and contractor* ,AY
61 t"l.t "l.- J No - 63 * We ' viorUou A Kubln agaln'.t
KAthertna and EUiabeth Menton, own«« and
contractors .. nu 1M
17th-Bt.. No. 33 Boat; CUrson 3«liUr' iuaiaaV John *
Doe. oW fr ; D a Kennedy, contractor. ....„? 3300
12iltti . No. 114 Win; iua* against John' V\-' W
owner; Percy Frldentterv. oontmctor . ».,
Columbu»-*v. . n. a. corner OUth-at i(M3is6 :
Chrutlan ItleKor. Jr.. MKttnst Albert J Adani.'
owner; I^outa I^aaher. contractor . " ■■».
12l»l «i.. No 410 West: Consolidated *.i*a "nitu'ri
Works a«ainst lwu.l Uuth. owner and coo-
IS7^T. No- '22 to ' M " W^t ;' "John ' J. >allha« ** °°
a«ainst Bweelmaa anJ nelch Hroln.rs otrn.ri
and contractor* • '"" .....
K*lMrd-.t.. No. "•»: Cologero 1V.,,U » t „ tVUIS
-....-; **mv.l ilWf, MM . a«a ««u4r*^g», „ 1< o ( »fl 0
Real Estate.
The Unknowable
Provided For.
Through its staff of more
than 250 skilled lawyers
and possession of all the
records there are, the Title
Guarantee and Trust Com
pany is enabled to know
everything that can be
known or discovered about
real estate titles.
For all that is unknow
able or undiscoverable at
the time a title is closed or
■ mortgage procured, the
Title Guarantee and Trust
Company will assume re
• sponsibility.
Capita] S Surplus, - $10,000,000
146 Broadway, New Yorlt.
175 Remsen Street, Brooklyn.
Mnfn. Branch, 193 Montague SL, Brooklyn.
Real Estate Titles
insured by this Company -t -.>
tiouib and at reasonable con. fa
coo tract of insurance is broad and
libers], and absolutely protect! tin
injured against loss by reason of uxet,
assessments, defects and incca>
brances and the expense of Ecgztion. •
C ap suS l 58,^00,000
Lawyers Title
Insurance and Trust
37 Liberty St., Manhattan.
mtl» Departm»nt>.
59 Liberty St., Manhattan.
(Trust Department).
188 Montague St., Brooklyn.
Real Estate Wanted. ■
|~«TKIL.LE CARREAU, Real Estate and Inraraae*
V^ Agent. 7S« «th Ay».. 43t&. »ants all kinds ,j
properties to rent, sell, manage. insur».
City Property for Sale.
0-j I . l >_ —. n_ -|_ --_ _- -, - _ _ _, | _. [ _ _ | _ ___ ..
I.RS7 Annterdam Avf.. near 144 th St.
' <fil Q AHA " W ' II -L BUT 163 CMtß«i Avenue. Chest»f
CJ-O,IAA/ Hill. Mount Vernon. near s'a-!or.; lot Ms
■ 110: hi ass 12 rooms: well built, well trimmed and weil
arranged. OWNER. Box 1. Long Island City.
Unfurnished Apartments to Let.
•*■—■—---——— ~^~——— ■ — — ~-~-~ ■-— - — - » ■ -■■»
Park Madison
Madison Aye., S. E. Cor. 25th St.
Unusually bright, attractive apartment*.
Extra large rooms and bath; attendance, la.
For plans and particulars apply to
1 Madison Aye. .1062tti 00 IJb«rtr St.
"V"BW HIGH GR,\DB APARTMENTS. ftv« and nix «••
-k> cellent rooms, Jl'«-S"l. Write for booklet. OWNER,
1,181 Tlnton Aye.. near l*?th St., Bronx.
To Let for Business Purposes,
Corner Bc-kmari and Nassau St*.
\ UTOMOBILE or stable space, 50x75. to let, 524 St!
I\. near Madison Apply S3 East Sd-st.
Brooklyn Property for Sale.
A SACRIFICE. - Three story basement and cellm
-«.i- browns: bay window, private dwolMr.s; har4
wood trim; oil Improvements: open plumbing fine toe*
: tlon: quiet asphalt street; near surface an<i "L. * cars:
eighteen minutes to Manhattan Borough UaU- S3 tax
Furnished Apartments to Let.
furntsheci np«rtm«nt: rri\-at* tath; wltnout is*«U(
i Including meals, two. *2.'. weekly; one. $13i.
Country Property for Sale.
11 rooms, all Improvem-nts. fac!n«r Shark Rt»«r,
completely furnished; for »ale cheap; easy terms. -
I 10 room cottage, with ■*■) and 19 lots- will «•
change for Brooklyn Improved or unimproved prop*
potts * PARTRIDGE. 189 Montagu* St.. Bklyn. N. T. '
•IT ahap«; well fruited an.l watered, with house of JM
rooms, barns, carriage house, siublf. 1 . Icehouse,
etc.. for eighteen thousand dollars S' * 00O). Situated S*»
miles from station on New-York Control Railroad. 1".
A. COGLJEY. Croton-on-lludson. N. ]
T7"CR SALE. In Newport. R. 1.. at a low prk-». hoo»»
JL and stable, ona acre of ground, handd >ma trees.
Kavorlte avenue. Also houses In other parts of Newport.
Particulars on application. RICHARD «_*. DERBY, 13*
B«llevua Avenue. Newport. R. I.
TTUDSON RIVER PROPERTY for sale, near K!a«ston|
JJL 100 acres; 330 feet river front: dock. »cor*. two r«al
dences. flvo tenements; suitable for brick or !c«% Prtoe.
*20.0O). Mrs. K. L. GRIFFIN. Lawrence. Kan.
Country Property For Sale or to Let.
A T FAR ROCKAWAT. EDfIEMERE an.! v ,-mt:y. •»••
jt\. tac*a and hotels to r*n: and for sale. W.VTKIN *
JONES, oppo-ttte PostoSlee. Far Rockavtay. N. T.
Furnished Houses To Let— Country
JL ' month, for six or «tght month*; on* hour from city:
uivnth. for six or el«!.t m.'nttn; one ho-. - ;
tmpro\ements. Mrs. A. OARLOCK. Mount Klsco. W*et-
Chester County. N. Y.
•«»-*■¥•.. No - 232: N - HutkofT * Co. agt. Charles
T. Jonas et a!. : October 23. IWVS .. •&••»
6th-a»«- . No. 103; Norman fireproof Con»tructk>n
| Company art - Prank Waiter «t *L. January 3. .., <*,
lwHi ... . BTW
Mat. No- isV*EMt':*Xrnn Arvinti aBt.''Jl*ry
U»rltant at »l ; January 4. 100«» B* «•
■*•»• pror«rty; ITarmaa Murwtta «it. Maria _.„
b*rl'.aut •( al. ; October ID. luu*. XT3<v
recatu^-*vo.. No. 3.232; Thomas Murphy ««t. _
O«or«» MoVtckar at at; July W. ittOft (oano«l!«d) S130"
«'•*«■ •• • . whole front between «Sth at»i <»f»
•U.. Irt>iUW; narn^t Klml.r ft al. act Isaac
KlainfaM at «X; r«bniary 1». ih<* Sill*
W»W »I CI *' No. Eilai ivrain a«t. .Wn«aU>
Oaruao; Novambar 13. 1003 . ■§•■
Washtu«ton<-at . No »BO: iiarn.y It«at*r Manvi
fav-turtn« vYmii>aiiy a*t. St. V«ronic» ParocWal
•ohool at at.; Fvbruary 8, 100« l (by hv>nJ> lU» M
«lst-»t.. No. 2*a Waal; Jordan .* F ux a*t. Jacob _^ —
Palau et al ; NovoraUr »7. IWS *$> °"
Wth at . No. 331 E»ac; Isaac Oordon at aL «H _ .
Henry U Pra.«r at at; tVc«iub«r IS. 1003 ••«•
''•'■ •»•• n. a. corner l«th-at.. KXHICO: MN
ana A»6«r icolsmaa loan Vielacnman Realty awl „. —
Con«truotton Company »llv\fli»
«*•*-*>[• . »• a. cornar ISTth-at.. 70x34.*; th» .
City >••««•«• Company toana Henry XI. l>owell. » lH *
St. NlchoU»-«va.. • a.. 134.10 ft. n. of tS3ct-«t., sd
xlOflxsdxlM: iam* loan* Jofaa J. Uaarn t*«- lMk

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