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New-Tor*. F>brv«ry 21. 1800.
_ — _ wklta. *bto... ? «tock. pkca 100
RSTbM* ,?•;,*' '••--*«. Iksv ;;. 5
&T3* • «.-■::::: ?^
OarC^laL Its* E.CSSjnrts. cut,- k IS8»7
sr>^- ■ ■•- gas i i h » £ rat** :•»-.:<
iTn--. bu. „„-''.* ''••«.. B.VT3

S^iS «jd» ass. . I ■'.■!.- ...::::::: i _■>.
.» JJJ
?.%" t*t» SJ^iJfrudo fjrpeimne. -:• too
■ ».i;.,i
:c: ct J ,it WM oO^ucir. -4» *« TV.
I: ''**. tosi in,Sla!asM*, bb!» . I.CM
l-lt*» SOS
>&4 S'- I * sl COOOj Ppanws. her* 1.i'50
:. kM —AjTot^ceoi, J.hOs T23
i^' tt«r~* , ,^'Z2j ) * cco ' jKgk am
""jltlllWiV ' '" J-J^iVrfcUker. tb!« mi
■1 -.:.t. bale* «&0
¥*$ s ptt« aiiOtton. bales «.l^i
vJSa. 5^ .iJgiCottoawa oil. bh'.t J«o
•«■• Ilfce. 8.475
ST*w» -J™ 1 -* 11 * 1 - 1^" 2-750
T*:^' k'-P- fi.ftw,Skla» l«»e» S5O
t^Jjf, jlyrs lix». Brandy iCUJ. bb1».... 10(>
a- fa. **• 1 Wf-*J2 2 Sl aar ' M * !s - r»tenu 4TO
ETii- No - toft. 17 75 Cotton. middling ... 10 80
Si*i» »wj Coff»«. n-o : 1if0.... ss-i«
S««* lr^-t». 3&O0 [ Sur»r. maule.ted .. 4.W>
ST.. - H ' X pr!m« S^
»i» S»:r»l... X«% i Tallow, rrtniw &
r^ So : r.ixtJ. . . 4T | Pork. ir.r« It BO
JaT«Ui 25 W£2 » UMi Kofeii. Cxessci, ICO :t> f H
•s turn, **^
rv— Sw»l4 — IS*.**.. Ho«ir.. Lbji 100
X..J* m»h R'» Tar, bUi ISO
g.; ;(Ti ru5t....... fa.m r.etoed P lt. cai*.... «*.'•<»
ClpltMlMKL t>U»iJ... 10.1H.'. Cottonfeed oil. g»i«.. 13 ITS
Mm. bu.'Ji •— ISO L.ubrlcatlat oil. ca.ii £55 W>
y«j-l »««» 42t;i I'^rk. tbi» .MS
m Hdi 2--"6 Hper. bb.» :::::::::: I>l7
ygr tick* 25.&i'T Be.f. tc B 40
Cer^n**^ 6M> -"Bacons, Ti.. I.MI .' ■■>
J>*i. Tt- . . .. fea.il»» Hubs. 1t)... ........ 18* 4i»>
Bris. B>> l.f'V I^ird. r> I.oi.«J;»yi
Oruss »»-i t4B>- — W TliLct, n> «• «.
Htj-. taka !.'.Cr.-ut, ft. ...... 64.409
Heps. :,^9»- 1-1, Butter. Ib P3.4.V1
on»i««:. n> '■« «• cJS:e<-»^ it. SC.COO
01!<ake. ft 5.7R3.000,
Nw-Twk, February 21. IMH.
OOrFCS — Swftchtaf from March to later poMtln:is was
ft» feature of tb« coffee market. Of the total *«ues of
at.miO bata r-ycr-ei. alx>ut IO.tXW bass represented es
di«affs. arWdi were t:.h at about the recent dlffer
c:"»*. whlrA pr-vn.ie a oarryinjr .a banker's
yroSt «t. U.e o;* ration Prices showed comparatively m-
I* ettsr^- ~~ h * tttWdng WM ateaSy at unchanged prices
t* er. *i'-ar.~e d ft poir.ts In rrxr.rmhy with steady
.>•>.-. tst ti» market eas*d oft under liquidation, and
c:o«e<s ttsafiy Dst mHlilUged to & pnlnia lower. The
•?*: notice cay Jor March contracts falls on Faturday of
■;..: we**, t:"i *i*h to-day iWashirpoa's Wnhday), a
pn'Mli jb"*:«-'> l'^e of the j»n*it!on have ->r.!y Friday la
vtl— t» clear: 19 their uuiuiuiUneata. or run the chanr-es
d swttetltßS Ml t-t the egMCdag; 03 Saturday. It. Js prob
s'ti* tlieitfaw. that tie talk of th« remaining long ln-
WMSI irieS f> *£j'J*t th«-!r fcold'.r^n l>efjro the holiday.
jjnat frjn» tt* l! fcJ " c a ligulfiatlon U ara was little fnat
m» a-i the r*w*ui rieii* was nr«>ut the Fame as re
wSos f algw lIMIIT being- steady, r«o«i!rta light and
bjwAsom fleJlTenes liberal. The mcrkct for epot cojre*
*n « <jui«: :at its ■n't, with (..•--:..•:.» on th» bas-is of
">e ri-J-r- Dl contract jrlca* la th« local xsarket to-
Op«fls» Ultra. ;, ■■■ Close, day.
rebrutrv — — — 6.r.'.'StiPs 0.55
*lt-» 6.60 «<5O CM «.»i'j«.» CM
TT^," " ' «.«£ «>.*» «J. 05 t> e"j"l «5 «.«S
V>. " ' ' G. 75 ti.75 ti.75 ♦k7Oj«STS «i-75
r' — — — ew»y«.t« «.s5
rfc* "...„.,*» _ cur. tivtyuij eta
&S? _ '? l|| }|
' _ _ _ . - ;
gSS? ■■■■.:".'.:■.:■.: *o 7.40 T.ao 7:?...j7.b t.w
■^ :%. ' — ".KM: 7.40 "-4U
**fir^f -N— v 'h" c'nlon r.varket »-as very wtak ana un
fr-tri*•'•"---'->• "»*« *' - - !^« »<iul<i^on. ! » P rl^» mJI
c .,.. v v :.r'.v itvd fr, r t'a« movement. 1 ear of
Z* , ."■. ! "• ■» tce::;r4 tho leading S»A-ior. and on every
J^7o.i.u'"- v. :i r:c>a ttcp lc«s order» were WMIImL
Usv u "•-* it '.u^c, ir lt>S i>o:nta <lo«Ti rruia the feign
urii c'"'re m tin Ttis market closed l«arcly fie^ay
Zx ad--'-' o* I'j4 pclni*. und soon l-rcko to a r.et dt
ci:* of M ' W OB th* 1 BCtiT* inontLg under locaa bear
■I IUI i and ' nap Bt.:ir.; thro'OKh wire house* wltti
bou'Jw-n aastecOaaM. At the decline a better demand
Lswiimwrt umeilag for over the hob Cay i* 'r inspired
l« tfti i>r'-<r-.t o? a cont!r--«-d big eix>t c«n»n£ at New
fcet:-- but. tTter rulliiff fairly st«-ady ai^ui «;fe7 r^l"t«
cr iTsr. ti.o liwett durlns th* middle fCßtlcr., the xncrk^t
broke acmla sn the aftexnoon, t.nd reached the low paint
rf tlie Ci.y v-hes tfarab Ki'.d at 10.25 c enfi May Ht lit 4 w i
•"tecljs-' vis ut pr«ctlc&U7 the bottom, although there
wm l t* denr-ard orcur.d If' 50c for which ee^nied
t^ come ;rom «-x attest sum mm, Uv-errool will be or*r»^d
t^toaaem, wr.ea KcW>Tcck and New-Orleans will be
doftj for -!>♦■ boStfaja al -4 eun'e feeined to thirji that t>!r
tnttrrtf ■«• N>r>P» ON Oedlaa last r.;«rht with an
lit* tf laqrtoC I r. v icwtr c-r«^i'"i(f In the English market
tils n.crur.g. Mcr.duy will tx* the Ursi March notlf» day
fc ti.f leca; inarkt-t. The dtrffrcnr.o between March ar.4
iltr U wiS» <r.o^^h to ray on'ijr.ar>' ranrirs charp»s
tua a fc""^ jTor*.. wi-'.le tl:ert ar»- ex^irß'.lons of inFi>ection
ettti&SMttt '■'■■ '-'f tooaj stock, which. It :s elalawd. may
;c. . to a further widcr.lnc of the diftervneps. The fc!g
tr*i« ctr*:;i ".* coiiEliertl a favcrabl* factor, but Sncal
tuycrs ;.y it i.ti;» f.tontlcn while lots catton Is coming
Tt» rar.f« ct contract prices In the local market to-day
»a* t* foUovs:
Oren'.rj;. Hifrh. l^w. Close. day.
retr^ir>- KC> 10.:;s lv 3* 30 »<f 10.22 JO.3S
as*i;!i ij.i iu 43 v).-Si io.ueias7 it>.4tj
Apr.i :i>:.4 io.r-4 iy ;«J io«7'!iio.3» 10.55
lliy lU.4M 30<S ltiiS lO^'-SJy.ia 10.07
--r.e 3'»7a 10 7^ 1029 lO^tSfilOJW 30.73
Jtr i«j m< :fi>u I(J.«S l«».««.y 10.CS 10.K3
JS-'^TJEt 10.7J 10.71 1u.04 10.St>ftia£7 10.7 a
6«?:es:t>cr 10J5 10JB 30.22 XO^TfiIOJS 10.38
Ceic^r ULJ7 J3JJ) 10.1b -3A.l*-£10.1& JO 2S
MBte — — — 10.2«»'q 10.22 10.30
PMHUttr UJS 1C24 10.C4 10.2tei0.2S 10.53
' The J"'e: market for spot cotton closed <julet
ana St ; a'.r.tn lower at IG.KIc for middling upland
•i-i. UMc for wiaaUnc pu'.f. tales. l.Cfcs bales to
jWWI Bombers £;«.t ... mre telepraphea as
Iojows: QaJvestMl i-aFy. unchanpt-d at lfc**c; pales.
<li baJea. Ncw-Orieai.a «-asy, ua< har.ged at 10f-16c;
•tuts. 1 ■::.'■ bal«a. V.'ilmlncton quiet, -unchen^d at
u%c Charleston, tu.. ert and felicrs u;>art. Memphis
««2r. t:r.' har.ged at 10 U-I6c; salei. 1.500 bales.
_Ict-L« *»r;-. ■^■..'.inful at ICijc; Eaics, JOO bal"f. Pa-
v *^«in BOmteali unchar.^» i d ai lO^c, sales, 457 bn.es.
•jorfolk QtJlet, unchanpfd at 10^c: tilfs. St bales.
»:t:scr- :. ::;::.a:, unchanged _• lie. Augusta quiet,
BBCttag«d tt 10% c; sales. 44 bales, et Xx>uls dull,
vach^r.ged at :c%c Estimared recflpts at leading
J«e.t« Jcr to-day: At Houston. 2,i'<><> to 4.0&0 balfii.
atttest r .',:• Uat unit and t.4SI last j-ear; at Gal-
V «V;E. < ;.. :.f/,i. bnlcs. iiealn*t 7.f f<^ 1.-tst w««ek
aaa |,«U ;; a ?t year; fcr.d fat Nev-Orlear.s. X.00" t<» S.O'jt)
»ii** tCk::.«t i.T2C last wwk and f.,1«5 la3t year. Cot
tor Elcfaftßfs ej.c-ial Urerpool caM«: Sjxjt cotton
It Bi'j«i«-riits c- r..*.:.<1 ; »alus, f.OOO t)a>s: speculation
asa ex;..-:. : .i:n^riran. 7.100: receipts. 7,»00; ml<S-
J : '".C Upland, ; :<-d. Kuturen «i^-iif-d quiet. Ito 2 points
tirher, d .•■ i steady ut a ::«t decline at Z points; Feb
ruary i, r .: 1% V rut rj -March. o.CSd. aiarch-Arrll. 5C4d;
*prU-auy. L <;:,i. Uay-Jtme, 8.7 M; June-July. f . "2 d ;
•s:y-AuKust. t.74d; Aucust-Pepterober. r.TOd; sept«tn
i>«.'-C"-t ■r.»r. '..'.7(1; Cc.toh-r-Noveniber ',''.: arid No
vtr.t-r-:,. ri T; .Uer. 6.6»d. Manchester: YARNS In
fIOTR A3CO MEAL HuiilWl la the fl^ur market
warn t : :::.^1 to llstat ealfci* of n>ri:;g j.atente. bak
*-» t-1 Ktr.sa* tf-fc'pt.ts. |11n— wer* 1.-ure!y steady
arJ ur,- v jLT.r»i S;>nng j.atents, ** BflM 1&; vinter
«-•»!? ti. t.'t«-»SJ3W; vir.vr patentH. f4^#4 4O; eprlng
<■;*»;», *3f^>*'j j »,',■ extra N»> 1 winter. fcj\i*:i— ".; extra
i »::.'e-. F^7r,?f^. IiVE FLOCB— QsI«t. Quoted;
'•* t* noa *3fKi*2 9O; cliulce to fiincy. f3M3i4is.
""TirFflTi rttMfly Quoted: Kiln dried. »2 70&J2 So.
** < r-erw. IlAO OT A l^— Barely utrartv. Quoted: Fine
*?■'-* tr.i •<::,«. »1 ir.: <-'*rf*. Jlu2iiJl<js. FHED —
«er.»n. steady: city steadr. Quoted: item «irtn«.
** 1 ; etiEisri n^dilinr (20 2T> Ir. 3"O !tj eacks; flour <50,
tii^ 1-.1 -'. HtJ l>oc. $23 60, all' February shipment: city
**'■■ J-'« i ..;. ?2u75 sn/kj:; tr.iddUxjft *2« ;VrB*23 50;
*•- - J 'S, ?i4 i.»; beed&y <^i^r. |25»75 buUc. S2O i«f. sacks;
GH/JN--\\-|!j; A x — The lnfuence of unexpectedly
f^'f.j Uvstxmol mTiWI at Urn oi»fn!cfi. combined with
•'t cor.r :« jini ClsturCUc r^^irts on th« M>»rT<yco
'** B '- 1 -" E*e;ted whe-at f'»r about half ii!. tour to-6ajr.
a.^er aidefc !»--ar« re»uir-.ed control cf •!,« market and l.ell
V* -rwr Ja-^d ut.ui hullday covering In the flntl hour
«eto k. rtl.v. t*3t price*, therefore, were. unchan«r«d to
*••"•« lower !t »si a tradi.-rß* r.arket ail day. 6b<>wlns;
cort- or 1.-» bsacnlafttjr. but not so ir.uch resjiense to tl.s
«^:t;:i^ v.n.l- :i «ns" fe.s tt* bulls had b«Mi led to ex-
P*t. i-rr*;/ b»<:ttu»« Western weather cond'.Ucns rave no
i** J " > ?- Car t;«j-in. thowlr.tr a Ulu-::hix>d of mlli ttnii^ra
•tr*> over t^^ holiday. Th«r»> wa* *rmii rain In ti.e Ohio
Hu.!«, but K«rerai:y clear veather In the Pouth
?f*'- V'.tu ti.«- rtav.ir.TO on this slfis after th» opaclcs
J"»UK»I <)•-'. kly r> nirathlred. dro;i»ing ttwa U Hd
?,'-"*-■ •'► early to *■!::>• »»d •«t rise et th« clue*. This was
-"•• ' • : • .■•. that j-olltlciil conditions were, perhaps, r.ot
H -!.'.-: .. K> ♦?.„ »-ur!y catle* had lndlcutej Paris
r-t-'iteti v*,.., i^niy 15 polnu hUhrr utA Hudapest :
f«c» cr »h!!e !fc-rl!n waj» uncl:an^d. Itertlpts m the
f^*wa»w»t wtre -„*. care, wlta difpatfhes prtdlctirc a
pt»u-l !!**ru: mnwmpr.t for «<>fue t!n» to rom». Tf»s
*«i> tit* jr,'» r.'>ur demand made tli» r.t-ws fT'jm that
>-««■•«• ru:>i.-r unfavorable all day. primary receipts
•*&***■'-*■! l*Z.(jm> bueh, conparei arttfa a holiday last
J*ar. tsi »< i!<*ra shlpmenta of lxjtlj wheat and flour
*tf* ajt#:i. TJ.e ca*h market in New-T«,rK ehowf-'i a
f^*-V t. r.t a- ll,e <;!>»»•. with i-rlces as follows: No I
: t0 »*< rtetwtor and hifco fob afloat; Nu 1 Northtm
i*?*- '••"'■.' fob afl'^at. OOnN— lTurijunctd weakness
»i» a f r.-r -i, feature In «!« C;rn market. prl'-eR l-*::.ir
»t »t i>, AY.-it from ot«:nlr.(j- levels and about *»fi '»c In
JSr**"* A lot of 1 mi; corn rain* out <<n the decline.
■ *' injure,; <.t^!aeraUe activity also <>n the *h' rt eifie.
*f*s? 00 1 caWas. at first VifiTSd !.U!i«r. reacted tnd
!"•*•• uaehaaeed t,, f^d up. Th« rr^isi^n crowd was an
j»l v fc S«Uer en th* *»rly rt'cJiri*. In tba aftern<>on mod;
'' • ir:r.j tnd •;..- rally Ju mln irave tho market a
gi—bsj better t"t < »-. tlihourh la»t prices In New-York
»^re ,. ;;l ss A -,j c under til# previous r.tjrtit- The Interior
lTls' r ' • 7t2jUot l.uth wero pertly offset ty cl«arar<*>s
• CT4.O/1 both irrp incru t'^.k 10 lia^s No I <<>m wag
WW ti 4»-. ••'.e-.at'.r and A- fob afinst; N-> 2 white.
;, *-. *-:■", S« 2 yellow. 47c th • h afl^At. OATS— Th»
"*«• ;-t <,art- *a* lat her rtea^y on a rorfclderatily
r «cr Ji.r.»:im .;eu«uid tt New-York and other points.
•1* 'ii.>, njirkct c.'*«l fte&^r at frjlowlne J>rlc««:
,1 **<!. 2« to Z2 n. 34Hc nuturai white. W» to 33 Tb, »&»
•=•*' : r!i., t *ft v-iilte, ig to 40 Tt). i'fViTl'.Sc. ItYD— N'onil»»r.
i^^l^y-i'arket <jul«t; feedlr.i. 4iiVe. and middling. 47
v-~v -~- beta c 1 ♦ iJuSa.io.
Nrrsx'-roiuc rnirxs.
'.».< iil t: 'ij-«.lrr Hlptj. I^)w. C1o»i». day.
r-'- v n&ia w% *-t hi mh
**^.t*r ...:..:: «» u« es« «%
n n S 01 3
2 *-i % IS, S*
sfE '"AL.«!- TlN— There was little fl.»n*» In th« Lnn
* l^ ruhrket. tpot closing at f I*C and futures at fl<l
*, L««tl)y |i;, r , vere Headlly . M an 4 »i-«t is
<-i r J2.*"- l 6 -£* J«4oc. r-OHI'ER was It Cd lower at
"I -> tfl lor *pot and f7£ 2s f.d for fature«. . cally
g? rtiinas «v reported. 14»1 4 » and electrolytic are
"•nta at n Ti,ti .n,, and casting at 17 Ltott 17.C?'/»c,
ifl* ,' J 'Jti-.de prl.-es on lake ar.rt *.le-:trotytlc being prac
*-y oatnlaaJ I.EAIi unrhhnjr*<l «t X, *f,a r> <ie locally
■r,, k \ '!« r,« In I.'.ndon KPELTEII dftrlined I* «rt to Iii
fill ' dou - I»'"*!!y the market was unchanjfed at C&.
ilr. 'BOJI was easier abroad, standard foundry clos-
C* f l «"<• *d ana Cleveland warrants at 46s IVid. The
*^** ■Ktaa la usc^asc«C Mo 2 foundry Northern
and U tnunArv *." i 5i 5 ' 7 "'" 1 *- The market for regular
ctLse ?ulrJ VKV K ' rOt !, <'' Ttln< * Bt *« at the Produce Ex
™ . S rul.d firm and without transaction*. Regulars
suns* »« *<>»«>»••: February. |16 10 bid March,
Aj>r!l. Ma* Kna June. Sl6 JF.fi iik £,0
k^w^S* AND ,? r»L-PBiTh«r »L-P8iTh« local mola.«e. mar-
JtT.iJ^ .^ i " *'" •" « l Primary point.. Bvrup« re-
HJS I**1 ** Quotation, follow: N.w-Orleant cen-
Xl fug , ! V- '""■• »2«16c: rood. U0
it r,T-”r ,T-'~ rleaae »|mb kettle. *••>•« :
™^J fa*. l«.17c; Sood% w
Slr^lS^li I "SSS" oU "fered a decline of UOHo
under heavy oJTer!nir» of crude and In sympathy with
iT k. "' "' c*V ocla JS* markets. Business vat on a
Hi) hi t*\ e end 10" at SOUo
and »no July at lU.c. Refined petroleum was in fair
demand at recent price* j^seed oil m . M unchanged.
Vie quote: PETROLEUM— Standard white bbi 7.600:
buU. « •"«": Philadelphia, 7.65 c; hulk. i«6c; retlned
casts. New-York. 10.30 c: Philadelphia, an.;r>c; water
white, New-Vnrk, bbla. 9. 60 c: bulk. 6.70r: Philadelphia.
bbls. 9.6r>c; bulk. (.CSc; water white. raa«a New-York,
1I.S0C: Philadelphia. 13.ir>c. COTTONSEED OIL—
Prime rruO<\ fob mills. :Sf?r3\ic: prime summer yel
low, February, ■:< fll iir; March 3n&SOUc- May SO»4
Qit>\o; July, 8 1 si 31 Vie, and September. Sl^esi^c;
prime white. 3S{J34c: prime winter yellow. 23QS4e.
UNSEED Oily— American reed, city raw, 4If?4!lc: out
or town raw, 40g«ic: Calcutta raw, c:.c. URD OH..
6[ei C6e.
PROVISIONS — break of Ioe !n yard prices and nn
overrun rf hop. caused early weaknes. In the rrovlssloa
market, followed later by rallies on Fupport from paclccrs,
moßtly la rlba. Tl:e ciosa was rather firm. b»>ine D«t
blirher on ribs and nearly up to the prriious nl^ht on
other products. Total Wentern ani\a!s wore UO.OOO hoes,
of which 40.000 wero at Chl^afro. I 000 at Kansas City
and ""ft at Omaha. POKK. Bteady; quoted: Mess.
JIB »S*HJ7S; family. >16.WaI1T: «hort clear. $156*17 50.
IiEKF steady; quoted: Mesa. $i>ijsi.. family HI DOQtIS;
packrt. flO«>€fll : extra India me»s. {IS M^l«. PK>'F
HAMS stc-wiy: quoted at t2oef 2l 50. DKES'HKT> HOGiS
ftt-acy; ouoted: IJacone. >v : iso r 6H.-; l«0 n>, B*»c
140 R>. t>Sc; j)l(rs. l> »e9Hc. CVTMEA.TB- PlrkieU bol
lles steady; quoted: Smoklnsr. f.v .. : 10 It>. (•'»«TS>Sc; 12 r>.
S? D ?'i, b , 4 ?-" > - IMckled ..-Ibis nominal: quoted at
t^tv PI a m" hams ataatr: quo;ed at 9»»SIOHc. TAl*-
UJ\\ (lU IV.^C Vi. sc: country. •'•S-SVic. LARD eE5v;
quoted: Middle Weit prime, 7.IS«T.K>e. City lard dull!
quoted at .So. Refined lara ■■■. quoted: Smith Amer
!!?• t f\, Continent. 8.10 . Brazil kaga. 9.«T.c. Com
rK'und dull: quoted at 6'io«;«*c. STEAIUXB barely
e:eadv; quoted: Ol«>. 7^c: city. -to.
n , lL , C ~" AII niark{t « report steady to firm tor.es. with
pood Inquiry and fairly active bußines*. Prl^» were on
about re ■ :.• basis. Quotations follow: Domestic screen
lt_p B . JS^^c; second heads. SHtpic; choice h«-ad«. 4 1 ;©
4*ic; rancy hends. BWHc: exti-d. fancy hearts. i» 4 ©« c":
J *P aR - <!om«*tlo. 4H^-*Hp; liana. 6Vi(f«%c; Java. «i«fl
4?. - Rangoon in l«nd. 2S2Hc.
Sl-GAU— New buFiness In reflned *ugar was alow, but
withdrawal are fairly liberal. Prices were a* last
quoted, namely. «. 40c. less 1 per r'r.t cash for fcranulated.
us named bjC all refiners, tho Tcieral. however, quoting
4.35 c. ITlcts quoted are net. l~ss 1 per cent for cash:
<*ut loaf axil cruehed. 8.20 c; mould A. <..-, c ; cubes, 4 75e;
XXXX powdered, 4,(iT.c; powdered, coarse powdered and
fruit pow.'.ereJ. 4<3rtc ; liade cor.fectlonftrß' pranulatej.
« 76 . Kaicle coars« and extra fine granulated. 4.«0c ; Eag-5e
2-n> cartons, IMb I*ks ani 6-tt> bagg of fine irranulutrd,
4«Tic; a?'..- fine or standard granulated and diamond A
4.50 c; oonfec'.l-ners 1 A, 4 3.v No 1. 4.25 c: Nos 2 and 3,
•JO No 4. 4 Ilk-; No P. 4.0f>.-; No 0. 4r; NV> 7. S ft.'.'- No
8. S»0c; Ka i. a.So; No 10. ■.«•«; >;•>* 13, 11 and 13.
5.65 c. A firm and hlph«>r market wa» noted at I>^ndon,
wl:h Febraap- quoted at fes lHd and March at hs S^d. an
itdrance r.f «jd. Locally ,r.e nark- 1 rul«-.1 Eteady at
former price*, with duty besls quot»,T aa follows: (Vn
trlfutal, S"« test. 3 11-T.Zftt B . ; musonvado. M» test. 23fcc.
end molafsfs Fiifrar. t» teFt. The receipts for last
w«'k at th» four United States ports were 55. 707 tons,
against 64.1.72 the previous we»k and 55.744 BRine time a
year apn. Mt-ltlnirs were E2.000 ton*, apalnrt 000 the
week before and iUi.OoO came time In l'»'r. Total stock li
157.K7. aK6lr.Bt 1C3.440 th« week before and 18T.4M th«
same week la»t jour Sale* were 18.000 bags Cuban
centriftifral for shipment, basis I' 6 test, at 2c, cost and
fre ght to the Federal.
New-York. February 21, ItM
BEAN'S AND PEAS.— Is quite a steady holding
of choice Stale marrow hum, bat the amount of business
doiac 1» BOt larva. Medium and j>?a art slow, ami the
latter sirwed rather an easy tone In view of the weaker
acvlce* from the '-' eat. lied kidney held & little firmer,
and come business has been d •:.« at $2 75. No charge in
ether varlnieF. We quote: BEANS, marrow, choice, per
bash, f3 10: fair to good. f2{*>ss3 05; medium, choice,
f^(»;'it:s2 10; fair to ■■..•!. $1 «5052; pea. choice. *1 70;
fair t.> £!x,i. {I Mg» 6; red kidney, choice. »2 [email protected]*2 7r.;
fair to pood, $2t.O£S2CC; white kidney, choice. J3 Ss®
MM; bJa"k turtle soup. 1 3 50; yellow eye. 51 70g$l Tr. :
lima. California, »3 30&53 £;."•, PEAS, green, Scotch, per
bufh. $1 SSVxOfl ST..
niTTTEK -Receipts to-day. 8.77« pkgs. The market has
developed increased strength on strictly fancy fresh
crfanierr. and enough business Is Uolng Rt l^Sc to es
tablish, that a* an outside quotation. The official rat«
remains at 28d firm. Good to choice grades are al*o
■aUKllt for and chow a decidedly firm tone. Held butter
is not working well, the weather Is unfavorable ana there
le Quite ptrong pressure to soil. Values are sustained on
fancy quality, but all other sorts are In buyers' favor.
Fine InttattMl rrrarnerv and standard fancy brand* of
renovated m pretty good demand and firm. Factory fibo'Jt
rteady. out <r t. we quote: Creamery, extras, per " •
SBo2Bifce iM .r.ar.tile ETx-harpe official quotation, extras,
i>ei: do lir?ts. 21>ii27 l ie; do B^conds 2t |J 623c; do thirds,
jefil^c; do held, extras. 22H523c; Jo firsts, 15'321c: do
eecond*. 17^il>5C; Btate dairy, tubs, extras. 25&-26e; do
firsts. 216— ie; do Beoonds. 18920o; Western imitation
creamery, extras. 21c; do first!". l*c; renovated, extra*.
80c; do flrrts. ISQlttc; do seconds, 16517e; do thirds. ISO
lS4c: Werners factory. fir*te. 16^tfl7c; do seconds. 155J
IGc; do thirds. 14c; packing stock. No 1. 18HC; No 2. ::■ | '
li'jo: do No 3. 13-T[l4c.
CHEESE — Receipts to-ijay. 2.974 boxes. There Is a
continued satisfactory demand from both, local and cut of
town dealers, though buyers are generally Inclined t"* oper—
■la ccmaanaUvely ani In a hand to mouth manner for
Immediate wants. i'Yesh receipts are moderate, and
atoeki gradually reducing ar.d market continues In firm,
healthy shape for all grades. Liverpool cable. Ml for
c->l^rtd end «I2s for whit*. We quote: Ft&ta. full cream,
email and largv, colored ard. white. September, fancy,
I«'4<': do Ortot^r. best. 13 ll 2 1 513*^c; do late made, pmall.
average beat. -- :»c;: »c; 4* larg«, lS'^c; do fair. HHO12o;
light tklrnF fall made, choice. llfifill%e; do winter
mad«, lOQlOHc; part pkinis, prime. Dw<T9He; do p<>od,
SSr'SSUc; coinaon to fair. 7'jT*. ■. <; . full sklrc - 3V40
EGO3 — Rec«^rts to-dny, IS.S9T carr-n. There was fiver
buylnij. sot or.ly on Fiieeulnttva account, but fr>r cn
eun-.pcivo purposes as well. Buyers seemed to frol tiiat
for the present, tt Irast, values p-re on. bottom, and they
are more Inclined to take hold. Pour hundred causes
Western firsts sc»M under The cull on 'Change thlfl morn-
Jr.r at 14-. and 6 2 cases of peconds at IGUo. The busi
ness on thw Ptre*^ was quite generally at 14 for the
choicest lots of Western ar.'l Kentucky, and ISHc for
f!:.e Tennessee-. A p^id <Val of BOUtbern stock can b«
bought for less, and a number of caxlouds of Kentucky
f-KK" are Offerl&C ot 11^ 12c. Rather more d r ilr.g; In the
finest of the Btor&ee Fiorit, Fay et l»Vi'ifirie. but th-j In
f«-rir>r praries are pressed for na!e rrarillefs of I rice.
V.'iigon boys have secure! a goM deal of etiK-k within
the iurt few dayF from T-'SHe. Wf quot«>: State. l\ i;n
fl-.-anla and ueart.y, hflectei, white, fancy. 2<>{i2le; do
choice. l&ijlOc; An extra mixed colors. H'.Vj'iJ lTi 1 : d>
fl-s*s lf>c- do Vfettern flrrts. 14o; do seconds, lSQlo^ao;
<;.. thirds, llV.'€Tl2'ic: Kentucky and Southern. lireta,
13Uiil4<;- &o e*o«ls, 12^C:Sc; do thirds. 11(6 1-c; dirties,
lw; checks, B&9c; refrlc^rat -r eggs, finest. KV.'ylOc; d»
uiid'ercrades, per caw. IISOCtSTU.
PTRLITTfi rRI^SH— Ai'ples In active demand and firm.
Vo imi.oriant an-lvtiis of Ptrawl^rries. CYanberrlos h«'!d
Tteadv. Orawres felllnp well for bett gra-les. Pineapples
8-aree. We quote: APPL.ES. tspltzt nberg. per l.bl. *4-d
Kil- do Kitip ti'jV'Zo: d" N'onhern l=py and H.ildwla.
Üba^to Ben DaxCt. $45?:.; do GrSenliw $3rj,».V. :
do Russet $r/i3s4; do all varieties, common. tX'gW;
BTRAWTIERIUES. TlorMa. Pr quart. l.'«n>>-'--. ' KAN-
T»ri'RTr< Cap- Cod. per 1!.. 1189921; do per crate,
•iage. "do Jersey. p<r <^ato. M: ■• 7&; OR.CCOES,
FloridiT'l^-r »>"> l. »160ff»; KINGS. Florida, per strap.
!••&■«• TASGEnKfES. Florida, ptr strap, f26»> is 4 no;
MANDAIIIS6 Floridß. per box. $2^s3; KVMQUATS.
Florida" it quart, f.f:2oc; GHArEFKL'IT. Florida, per
Lex 126u^7: )'INI^AI'I'L£S. Flurida. per crate, f-'SJS;
c ■ Cubnn. $2 5C^/S4.
HOPS— TI;e market renerally present* a quiet appear
ance From the l'uriric O<ust we hear that about 2,i«»<>
tiil'S of Orepr.n hops of the prowth of IW3. 1904 and
11«j3 have been pecured on a consignment propo?lilon f^r
the l>jiido:i market. Ontsld* of this there Is very little
r.ews to report In either (•; the CoaFt Ftates. In New-
York State there has been pome busint-ss In chea^r
praxes </f hops, with sales of ~." > bales of low priced at
MJSc per Tl«. Cholc» gra-les he-id firmly, but very little
movement. "We quote: State. 1900, prime to choice, per
It) lilfflSc; do conraon to fair, SSlOc: do 19M. per It».
7CSc; faciflo Coast. 19Ci5, prime to choice, 12513 C; do
common to fair, l*i/llc; do 1904, choice. 10c; do prime,
poLTiTnY — AUVE — to-day Included 2<"> car
loads by freight and about 1 car '; expresM. With liberal
receipts and only a modi rate demand, stocks are accumu
lating and "•■-. market is weak tied ui.BtttieO on fowls,
chickens and roosters. Turkeys In llghl nipply and Arm,
Inicks and *rrcf-e sbcut »=teady. We quote: CHICKENS,
epriiiK. pT It>. a<«c; FOWLS, per It». 12 Vic; STEIIS,
Old. P*r "c; TURKEYS, per Jb, 16c; DUCKS. Wait
err, per j oir. "HJJ^V; do Fouthern and Fouthwestern.
tXKiTOc; GESSE, Western, per ja.iT, $1 60lr$l 75; 'lo
Fouthira and- Bovthwesterq, 11 >iiHl UT: PIGEONS, per
1-air. 2T.c. lJßCSi=i:r»— Supilles of fresh killed Ehow up
a little larger t'i-day. while there are liberal quantities
of frozen poultry conilnit forward. l>«mand Is exceeding
ly flow, anl the market is In an unfavorable position.
Freih killed turkeys In Urtt atrpplr and choice pra.lra
firm. The chickens arriving are generally cf undesirable
quality and very slow sale. Fowls lieid about steady for
fancy rredlum tire*, tut telling glouiy. Heavy fowls
very dull and weak ii;■ na in moderate supply, but
very dull. Scarcely any desirable fresh killed ducks or
fees* arriving. Fancy la:, 9 squall rlrm, but average
grades plenty, dull and weak. We quote: Fresh killed—
TUKKI . Western, selected, joung hen». |ir Hi. [email protected]
Sic; do young toms, 20c; do heavy young loms, 17'20J8c;
C . mixed, averare run, UOSOe; do poor to medium, 15-3
17e; do old. l»36rlfcc; ilo Southern and Southwestern.
dry picked, J4S2*:; CAPONS. Philadelphia, p«r m. ir.<B
23c; At Ohio, 17c; do other Western. 13g17c;
BROILERS. 4 It) per pair and under, Philadelphia, dry
picked. r>er !b, UOu«i do New-York and I'ennsyl
vanla, l€<a::": CHI'-TCENS. roasting, i- n. per pair and
over. Philadelphia, dry picked. le^lSc; <So New-York
and Pennsylvania. 10315 c: do Western, dry picked,
average run. llfllSc; do poor to medium, lOffllc; do
Southern and Southwestern, ISOlIc; do Western,
scalded, average run, ITnlic; flo poor to medium. 10«?
lie- do K')Uth«rn and Southwestern. 10B13r; FOWLS,
Philadelphia, dry picked, per n>. HHOI4Ho; do WeHt
trn. dry picked, medium size, selected. 14.' ; do heavy,
13'ic- do average run. 13{t 13U,c; do poor to medium.
lOi/lic- do Southern urnl Southwestern. lSyi3V4c; do
■Weetern. scalded, medium «lze. selected, Me; do aver
ac run 134"i13Vi0; do po»r to meiiluin. lOOltc; '' '
F>Utl'- &nd Southwestern. 10<J13Hc; COCKS, old.
dry Picked and scalded, per tt>. 10c; DUCKLINGS.
Vlrrlnla „... Vt>. TOe: IjUCKS. Western. p»-r tb. i'3ir,c;
r-FfriE' Western, per ir.. Stil^c; EQDABS, prime,
lm '».•••' white, per dozen. J2 2S«i S4 2.".; <1j mixed. *- -' l -
An (iVrk II lOiitl ~>*. do cu'.ls, 604/ 75 c. Frozen —
TCRKETS. Utaa. No 1. IO««c^ do toms. ;nr : do No :.
UOiee: «to'«M tr.ms. No 1. m, IW-; BnOlLfißfl milk
f«/ \ An- kicked i V, and under to pair. 23T»2Ec; do
v, l La--"* do scalded. It .:- . CHICKENS. roa*t
i^ Will? Ve-d dry i.lcke-d. fancy. 17fll«c: do fancy,
i«ft' melted IRaific: Ao aver. «. No 1. 13»14o; do No
" ""life ■• FOWLS, per tt. IWUVlO! DUCKfI. per tb,
T'lj/lTr- C.F.r.FE per Th. BGUc.
r-vilF— Wild duck» In moderate supply and firmly
», ''a i „,111,, not plenty, but weather unruvorabi*.
l'\^wiJj * w trade the fe*llr.)r Is weaker. We quote:
WnlTlV-^S.V«nvi,l,ack. per pair. II *0<M» : do red
wl 11-i P At l.in'kiiead. Utilise; do mallard. 7jc)£
I1*«O llu'Vjni? te«! B0»i«0e: do sreenwlng teal. t«8
■ °jL^ I.aav "Oill- do wl«»?eon and common. !..©
20c! nABWTS, ■coHontuil. per pair. 110 tSe; do Jack,.
! °w/taWs AND VEGETAUI.es— Beat grades of pota-
I (jTATOI.i. "r± **~ * wtmt p,,latoe» dull anfl weak.
y '^SS
£5 SS^StSS?U^rS pocr condl.l..n to-d.y. Florida
in larjttr fUM'Iy «n.l Hiany kIM» show declinr
O: >/ u n« »r -* New Cleans vegetable* arriving and
roartet penerllly firmer. Havana vegetable, selllnj well.
rVt+r Worrtjililes rarii« Bbout as quoted. V% c quote:
P^yrAT'^ J rii.ucL i*.on,l cr. p. per bbl. MUCH:
S^^iS Maine an I fefe
rt r .h ' < a. L ;*in?o:"Ln.;il «WSI »! «^
TOIS. Jrr.ey, i*r bW. »1 2-VtrfS *j "'' «*J,^*S kol i ; n ( i r , > ?'
d7ien X »t©il rK: WW/CU SP«oi:TS. }IW, |.uil-h««.
. . . | - ;■ rin. i,la.

, . 'old uaM.-.!. pei; bbl. |iaS*»l73; do
wura*bc<i. ♦i\wi '*; CJLbUMiUB. Florida, per bU trate.
OF*- «'»">; do Imported. Dar.Uh. white, per crate. $3<9
l?i Ji?,. re<3 ' Danish seed. »*" r ton. flSfl-fca; dv white,
■ rJVTr??.. a ° "nail domestic $U0fl8; CAULJ
FLOnS3I3. California, per ca-«. Jl'C.s3; do per
J^ 'SZSUI 1 60C?l 75: a " Florid*. per biiaket or
box. SI Si *2 25; CELERY, Plat* per dozen stalks, 10000 c:
£j,, XOrnlX Orn1a ' J>< " r ra *"- * 4 S* fl : do Flo; fin. *2.Wfi*:i r.O;
CWUXmi and ESCAROLE New-Orleans, per 111. ST.Ji*7;
ENDIVE rY«:ch. per box S2©*3; FXWI'LaNTS. Florida,
Per box, $1 tiOSfK; do per rinak.et, $ 1 l»'«n ,«a ; d"> <Vban. per
box. $15<k3$3: HORSEUADMI. per 1<«) Ib. S2ffsT.; KAU;
Norfolk, per bM. ♦iOjjS.V; KOHLHAJII, Xevr-Orltans. per
100 bunch. $3^J5. LJiTrUCC. Florida, per basket. »1 M
©■*j; do K»«rv-r>rlranß. per bbl, S.V'i*7 ONIONS, (."üban.
per crate. $! .>■ „ «.•_• ,v >; «lo ,v nn , - ; ut whitK. per t-bl,
?2Jsa ; do yello-v. SI T-itfis2\ do rort. $1 ■jr.,-g? > .>:. > : do Western,
■white, per M>l. Jl .".<",/ *J :.<»; do ftat» anil AWsttm. wliit«,
per baal crat<>. NvOSl 25; do yellow, per bW or Lap. *IT
*1 BO: Jo yellow, (r. bulk, per I."k> Ib. $ia?l .".<"'; do red,
*IStl f>(>: do OratiK? <"nu:ity. ypllnw. per ban ami Fed, 1 *'r
bbl. TScMI 30; a>» X«>u--Or!««.ns phal! ts. tier i<«' bunch-s".
Mtfss; Co l- i: $n«s4; (»KRA. Fln-Uln. p.r carrier. $1 TO
<".ti do Cuban. *l{j.J2ri<>; PEa*PBRS, Fl'-rMa, per canier,
»2ifis.i; do Cuban. M3o'ns.lM; PEAS. Florida, per basket,
> ;*4 •••..•■ j..t l!:it box. ?1 2Wi*l ?.^- I'AUSLEY.
curly, per 100 bunch*.*. ?a&?4: do plain.
**Vti; do liornuJa, per box $1 TWi?: 1 - ,lo Fioi 14a, im
l.unrhed. per basket. JISS2:' PARSNIPS, per bbl. $lfl!
fl B: "MAIXK N«w-OHeaii», per bbl, tZfefi; do Fl-r
!,-a. per basket. $1552r.0; do 15rrniu<la. j.er t^x. ?lfisl T.i;
itADIRHES. kcw-OMeana. p»r ]<n> lunches. 's;;«$l;
BTRINO BEANS. Finrl.ia. wax. t^r crate, .«I?JSS; .10
Kieen, j^r l«sket t crote. Slf^rt- BPIKACH, Korfolk, ;>or
lml, 7.Vifist3<); SQUASH, lluMar.l, p.-r bbl SI M^i?l ";
uo marrow, $1 2:,^ 1 r>u; c!r, Fl< ri.Ui, white, jor box. f\®
S2; do Cuban. i>«t crate, fl 2r»J*2: TOMATOES Florida,
]■"■ carri-;-. Slf;$(!; do Cuban Jl(i I >4.'«>: TI'UNII - . Oana
dian, rmabuga. per !>bl. TtuJ'Sic; do Irish, rutabaga, per
bair, DOeSie; do Jersey and L*mz li>lhn<l. rutabaga, per
bbl. eOOTSe: 'i • old wWte, per hbl. 7r>c47sl; dr> New-* >r-
I»«.r.s. per 100 bunches. $^:.fi'ff«3; \VATKKiIII>S, P«T 100
bunches. (SQ>s3. HOTHOUSB I'ltOWJlTTS— Mushrooms
dull and weak. Cucumbers tteafly. lettuce slnn-. Rad
lF'i«f dull. Tor.iatorti renroe. We Quote: CCCUMBERS,
IJostnn. Xo 1. r.er duz-n. $1 508*2; do No 2. per h*x. $2 "J>
SMSO; LTTTTri-F.. Ksftetn. per .loicn. 50c©$l: RAI>-
I?1IK.<. p»r U»> bunrhes. $23*3: RI.'UHAHIi. per down
bunches. .tnouOc: MINT, p^r <i<z«n bunches. 7."<g!M>r;
MVSHROOM3, per n.. ISfieOc; TO.MATi^Kt=. per 11>. 1.".^
MILK AM CP.nAll-Tii> »urply of mi'.k beelnntnic to
show for the Brat time Mv I week the approach < (
• lit- Milk Kxchanrn met on Monday of this week and cut
th« price Up a quart, making It 2',,c a quart net to tha
phlpper In the 2<>-eem zone. The price went into effect
Immediately. The receipts of milk and cream. In ■»<>
quart cans, for the week end*.! February IT were as fol
lows :
Milk. Cream.
Brie 35.221 l.S'fl
Wiifquchanna 14,682 '.17
West Bhor« 1A.82S 47S
I-ackawnnna * :iT>.:tciO 2.2<H>
New-Tork Ontral i lonic haul) :;.'.,775 1.8.V>
New-York Central (Harlem) 11.870 «•">
Ontario 85,575 1.440
I^ehljrri Valley V."> •'■'■>
New-Haven « .. '•>»> —
Other Bcuieei 5,000 IFO
Totals 214,041 5.872
Toledo. Feb. 21. — CLOVBRSEI^TV— February and cash.
*SC7, March. $S 60; April. $« 50. TIMOTHY, fl 00.
ALHIKE jsso.
Krw-Tork, February 21.
BEEVES — Receipts were 83 cars, or 1.613 head. Includ
ing 0 cars for export alive. 45 for slaughterer* m. 34 for
the market, making, with the ear htld over yesterday. 35
<.-ara on sale, of which 25 at Jersey City and H> «t the
<'^>th-st. yards. Slaughterers FtartM In with th« expecta
tion of buying at lower (Mice* but with a lieht supply
Fellers •■ ere enabled to hottf t"p gra<Va of steers Btta4T,
while tIM others were stow to h Fha-ln lower. Uulls and
cowe were firs: about steady, with fat lulls an<l choice
fat cows Elow from beKlnnln? to ilniFh. The yards were
cleared. Ordinary to primo steers coM at $* •» < i*isj 75 p»T
100 Ib; fat K*f and oxen at ?4 .">Oif*4 SO, l>ulls »t $3 25<9
*4 4». 1 fancj bull at $4 SO; cows at $1 IKr;"js:{ T.">; a lew
head at *3 I>VS#4: fat heifers .Si l>r.ss.-d herf
moved rather (lowl; at B^lJHc per Il> for common to
choice native tides. Liverpool and I>on.ion cables received
to-day quoted" live cattle firmer at llU&12)4e per Ib:
lops at J>on<lon. 12 l iC, dressed weight; refrigerator beef
lower at !<;.•..^, ■• per '• Shipments to day In the Majestic,
to Liverpool. 2.K>O ciuartors of tec-f. To-morrow the
Idaho will take out !"<> cattle, shipped by J. Boambers -^
Bon. to be unloaded at Hull.
Bales— Sherman & Culver: 17 Ohio eteerSr 12SS lb nvrr
rp' 15 60 per 100 Ib; 14 do. 123S Ib. $5 ♦15; 1 do lU'O Ib,
at. $3 10; -'" Illinois do. 11US ■-. at $5. l do. 131«» lb. at
J4 !;'•■
McPheraon & Co.: 12 Ohio F tp<-rs, 1525 Ib. at $.'.75; IT
do. 1176 Ib, at $5 20; -- do, 1188 Ib. at $5 40; 21 .-';, 1123
A at $5 30; 10 do, 1262 lb. at $5 25; 21 do. lUrf Ib at
$5 2i>; 20 (Jo. 1160 R), at $8 15: 17 do. 1128 ft. at »* t«>; 1
do. 970 Ib. at MBO - stßgs. 122 t\ at $4 .. 0; 1 bull 'ISO
Ib, at $4 60; 1 do, 1810 Ib, at $1 10; 3 do, I_-. lb at ,<4 ?>.
1 .... 1700 Ib. at M - do. 1075 tb. at *3 <0; 5 do. »,
at $3 60; 3 better*, 1225 It,, at *+ Thj; 1 cow, WTO Ib. at
13 6o- 16 do. 1078 Ib. at fci 7r. : 1 (To, ll<iO Ib. $8 TO: 2 do
iBB Tb, It IS 26; IS do. t<27 lb. at f3 2U; 8 40. WO Ib at
»li. 6 So M 2 Ib. at ?- "
7>o :ti, at f- - . n>. at
$2 it>. '4 do. ::." n at ?-■ „ c . _ „ An „.„
lb at S3 75- 14 do I"-" lb «t $5 T5; 13» Mr^inla do. 12«1..
Ib. at $.125; 10 Pennsylvania <50. lOu. »h. at *•» }%.*r.
Milieu; do. DOS lb. at fHO; 1 Mtßg. U3t» lb. at . *>'"--":
bulls. lIWS ID. at |4 13: 8 do. IK3 It), at $.! SO. 1 ..o. f> 0
Ib at S3 70- ° heifers l(ii«> Ib, at $•> 10; 6 cows, low •■•
K^ToT«do! 1212 ib at *3 BO; 8 & !«»»>. M 12 70; 1
do. 730 lb. at S2 40; 5 do. 820 lb, at p 10. „- -.. , n
Vow ton & Co.: 1G Ohio steers. 1402 Ib, at $.> .0; 1 ll
linois do. 1188 lb. at J4 1»o ; - Ohio bulls. 16151b. at K--.
Tobln & Shannons S Western rtw^lHJ lb - at lo ?-2 m*
at Indiana bulls. ]r>.-,6 lb. ot S4 ir . IS V .e«ern dr ,l2.^ at
at J4UT.- 1 Htato rio. 820 Mb. at $3.80: 1 h.-lfr. ....'■ lb. at
$2 75 1 'cow. 860 lb. at 52 50; G do. £10 lb. at »2 15. . n ,h, h
B. judd ii Co.: 3 bulls. U6J Ib. at >.:....; 1 cow. °"° lb.
at *".: fVrt's &• Son: 2 ox^n. 1405 Ib, at !4W; 5 bulls,
111) &at 1378; 3 do. 1270 Ib. at »"■'•"'■ 1 ■-■ I INI *• at
$3 70 i do. 10.JO lb. at |3 K$J 0 do, 917 lb. at $300; 4 flo
*C 0 ft at isSS; 1 do KO Ib. at f3 25: 1 cow. 1170 • Ib. at
*4? 2 do" 1120 Ib. at *3 76; 17 do. 8M lb. at ?8 : 1 do. WO
lb at jift; 2 do. MB lb. at $2 7f>; 8 do. 8.4 lb, at 1 2 W
6 do, 932 lb. at $2 25; 20 do. 7'j3 Ib. at »2; 4 do. <<jJ lb. at
* 1 j!?>-n Du-ev 2 bulls 1175 lb. Nt $3 60: 1 do, 090 lh, at
$3 60: 1 do, 730 1!.. at *• 25; 8 cowl. 810 *■ at - 8o; 16
do, ISO Ib. at «1 00 .
J- !.:. P. N«l«on: I<> cows. 7SS lb. at $2 05. , . „.
Mll/'i 1 <■< -I.- ■■• ': •- were : i; 4 head Including 64
for suburban dea'.rrs and 1"O for the market. The- supr
r,lv was heavy, and while there was an iler feeling for
ton cradep. medium and common cows fell off (2 to $.1.
Sales ranKtd iro:n $20 to $30 for common to good cows,
caU Included. Choice cows would have bmupht as h!?a
aa $55.' Tie ofTcrlr.Ks ot common and medium cows were
not ail disposed of.
galos j. g. Curtis & Son: 22 cowa and calves at $20^J
$sl> T't'r head.
A ' Mct^itbe: 80 cows and calves nt $325 530.
Jelllffe Wright & Co.: 1 cow and calf for J39. ~^ .
CALVES— Receipts were 1,000 bead. Including 220 for
city butchers an 1,280 for tho market, tarly sales wero
at Just about jreateraay** prices, but with the lat. r ar
rivals the market fell off 2"j, clr.sln? quitt. although
about all the stock was cleaned up. Common to prlmo
veals sold at tlie start at $4 COos4» 2." i«r liK> Ib; a fuw
extra. Harlem d> at S'J U>. but at the clofe $9 km the
outside quotation for prime tt'M'U. Barnyard calves en
tirely nominal. LJttle caives sold generally at $o ZiVS^i;
a ftV fed calves at $1. Dressed calvts slow and lower
at tyiSc pt-r Ib fur city ciressea veals utid 7i;llu for
country drrseed.
Sales— J. O. Curtis & Son: 32 veals, 150 " average,
at (MM per 100 Ib. »2 do. ld» Hi. at 51>25; Co. 13\> Ib.
et *'.•; 82 do. 123 Ib. at SS .'«; 10 do. IJS« Ib. at M: 15 do,
114 Ib, at $7 60; 4 do, 100 lb, at J7; 4 Uu, J>3 lb, at $<if.i>;
9 do, I>S Ib, at $•;. 17 do, SU Ib. at $5 .>>; 4 <I<>. KS Ib. at J5.
B. W. Otis 6s. Cu.: SI veals, H» Ilj. at $0 25; 15 do,
123 IT., at ?6.
JelliSe, \\'rli?ht & Co.: 7 veals. 13S tb. at %* T. r .; 43 do,
134 IT., at tBSU; 2 do, 116 Ib. at -• 3 do. 107 rb, at
»7: if do. 114 lb. at $«; 11 do. 73 Ib, at $4 si>.
W. U. Hume: 07 veals. 121 lb. at $8 50. 10 do. OS Ib.
at IS U».
Andrew Mullen: ft veals. 127 Ib. at $9 50; 3 do. 11:5
Ib. at *U; 1 do. 112 lb, at 1 do, IU4 Ib, at $S; 1 do,
Vo Ib. at $5 25.
B. Judd & Co.: 33 veuls. 12S Ib. at $525; 30 do, 12<> Ib.
at $*; 8 co, 102 It, at $5 60; 11 iio, 107 It». at |3 : 7
little calves, «.» lb, at $4 '•". -. rto. 72 IT. a. J4 25.
H. Sanders: 20 veals. 122 Ib. at SS 2."»; bd do, 110 lb. Nt
•8; 10 do. i>4 Ib, at $5 50 1 do. li«> Ib. at $3; 1 fed culf.
310 Ib. at $4.
ToblO Ac bhannon: 24 veuls, 122 Ib, at $0; 4 do, 07 Ib,
at jjfiip; 1 CM calf, -1" I! . at $4.
6HEEP AXl' LAIHJS: Receipts were "7=.i cars. o r 5,003
head. Jncludimr 2u'.a cur» for slaughterers and seven fjr
the market; making, with the stock held over yesterday,
acout lo's cars to be euM. all ut Jersey City. Blieep
were nominal, with none oilered; most of tho iamba wro
liuftalo and We«iern titttck of medium to fair yuality, ujid
Wi .. but little competition prices t-n=ed off I'i^Kav,
with sales at the range of |7©<7 35 per Urn Ib. The
only car of choice or prime lain offered sold at a k°o 1
price, or at $7 Xi per 100 Ib. L'rtssed mutton steady at
bWft'lOo per Ib, dressed lambs slow at ti'al2o,
wlUi genei-al saW-8 at luif-ll'ac. There was a good
demand for country dressed .ring lambs to-day, anl
prices jumped ♦:'■(>-. with ordinary to prime selling m
#tt4jsii per carcass.
bales — Commission Company: T9O western lambs.
79 Ib average, at $7 35 ptr 10W Ib; 471 liufialo do, US Ib. at
*7- 'M<J do. 03 Ib. tt »7.
B. sjanders: l«o State lambs, f-3 lt>. at $7 *>3; 242 Buffalo
do. 04 It., at $7; 1 State yeurllng, 60 lb, at $<! 50.
6. Judd A. Co.: 3 bui.k lambn. 117 Ib. at »''■ 60.
HOGS — were 47 V 2 cars or 0,602 head. Including
148 head for the market. Prices wen. rated et.-ady or. t.'io
ba^ls of Buffalo markets. .*■ ■ sales reported 1• : re
•Oiuuig*. Country d roused hogs steady at t/ai J ,«o per Ib
for heavy to. light weirhts.
Chicago. Feb. 21. — CATTLE — Keceipts. 20.000 head;
market, best steady, others (low; comnioa to jirlmo steers.
i3W>as6ao; cows, 13 H>£rs4 80 b< Ifera, $2&ouss; bulls.
t2ir*l2s: calves. !;•,„;-.: stookws and feeder*. $U So®
$4tto. HOGS Receipts, 4l»,000 head; market tjfluo lower;
cholc* to prime heavy, ft) loTit'S li^'-s; m*ulum to good
heavy, $8 luij*'; 15; butchers' weights. $»! KrijJti~Va; good.
to heavy mixed, $t!10&*615; packing. V'> 7Oslsti 15.
fc-H7"KP — Receipts. IXOUO head; market, Eheep IOQIQo
lower; lambs steady: sheep, ;M£?j:> bl>. yearling^ J5 Ouif
$880; lambs. $ti iS2$7.
Cincinnati. Feb. 21. — BOGS quiet; butchers anil
■shippers, MSTHOK 30; common. ISifJCOS. CATTLE
slow i fair to rood shippers, $1 40*? 85 20; common, |2'<j
12 78. SHEEP steady. $3QJOJS. :. .>. Ml:.-- neatly,
$4& |T I"
East iiuJTalo, Feb. 11. — CATTLE — Receipt*. SCO h»a<l;
market Blow; prime steers, %l SI Q $5 65; shipping. 14 75
6IS2S: butchers, $4 404j5:15; heifers, $3 2"34iJ5:
co«, i: $4 DO: bulls, ?2 60^5480. VEALS — Ke
celpts. 200 head; market active, 200 higher; |j2S<IJ9.
HOilS — Receipts, 2.100 bead; market slow, 6£floo
lower; heavy and mixed, IS4SSJ6 Tv; Yorkers and
Piss. {' i"»r}6 SC; rouslis. 15 SOOIS >O; stags. $3 75*
$4 25. SIIEEI* and LuVMBB Hecbirts. S.HOO head;
bheon actlvo und steady; lambs flow, l«to lower; lambs,
$6 25657 60; yearlings. t>; 50ji $ti \,<>; wethera, J5 763
Ju 15; ewes. StlO«ss 73; «he»p. mixed, $3«|5 75.
Kansas City. F«D. 21.— CATT1J3— Flert'lrts. 10.400, In
cluding 700 Boothern»; mari:ct Bt»-o<ly u> etronc: cholc«
export and dressed U.-cf steurs. *S ir><i7?«: fair to good,
$»''(*."• -<>. Western fe4 st«-ra. f'l Odli Js :>iij Htocksrs ana
Jeeiea-s 13614 SO; E'mthtrrn utee;*. $.t »>fis4 {M); Southern
i ■•■■• ■ $2r.?i;?.'< -0: M(tU« cows. |2£S6*4 40; r.atlvs h»lt
ers iaSSfli."- bulls *^«i^*4; calvrs. $r.j!*7 6>>. HOGS —
I'.eceltta 14()0«f; market loe I'.wer; top. *»i 13; bulk ot
sil-s »AMiS-Jis «7 1*;1 *; heavy. ?« i>7^tistj 1?.: packers. $«W
. .«►•■ market wak; natno lurubs. W SO; AV^tern
lamb' IiSOfIMTH: ewes and yearling*. $4 STiSfA 73;
\\>«.t«ni fed ' i«rlin»s. $3 OKijsn, \V.*tern red fctieop. »4 ->
i*s :; Ft., k.r: an-! feeders, W UTiii*4 60.
ll, Mll i| j-.-u 21. — Closing: " spot nominal;
futures steady; March. «s btad; May. C* •('id: July,
6s oHd OOIIN. «p"t, American mixed n<nv *any. fls lid;
Am<rl<-an m!x«>l. old quiet, in 7 V.; futurt-s quiet pjlarch.
as imd; May. i* l<i. FKAS. » unadian Btendy. »i# luha.
KlJKt'lt, Kt. Liouls fancy wtnttf tltaAj, Da. IIuPS. In
l^onJon <I'aciflo <Jon»u. ete:uly. £:! lOsVO Is*- UtTCfc
uulet: extra, li.«il». mess. 7hs H'l. PORK steady; vrlme
ra«a« W«>lem, 67n 8d HAMS, short cut. 11 to 1«» Hj.
tteady 47* «M. BAI ■ N steady ; !il.«rlar.i cut, i!« to
80 l?i. «S«; short r:' !>. to tb, 475; Kmir clear nUddlcs,
llpht 2-s lc» 31 n>, 47a; lnntf clear middled, heavy. M to
4U ni 4fli <Jd: short clear J.a"k*. '■'". to ■-'.» TTj. 44j; clear
bellies 14 to J.i II •»" U.I. Mini L.1.r.H.-. square, 11 to
13 It. quiet. Sl»*. LAUD quiet; prim* \V< stern. In tierces,
r;l«s «d; American : "lai. In palls, 40s BUTTCB steady;
Rnaat 17n1t«4 Htates 100«; r od I'nllfd State*, »*>»•
CHKESB steady; Amrrlc-an finest v :.;••. U2s, American
I.i.«»t oolorM, tUs. TAI«U<\V, prim* ely, tlrm. 2'>s. TIJII-
I'ENTi: — Spirit* firm. 4!»i J»l. IlOSIN" common tll!"
10a Sd. PBTHOLBUaC raAnad c.ul«t. MM. UNSEED
OI L«aajr, SSfc j;.;-; ;■;•
Winter Resorts.
Beautifully improved and enlarged by a strictly fireproof addition of ioo rooms and baths (hot, cold and sea water),
equipped with every known modern convenience. Large sun parlors on first floor, smaller sun parlors on all sleeping
floors overlooking the ocean. The Hotel Dennis is liberally appointed and conducted, affording every comfort and lux
ury. An enclosed steam heated sun parlor connecting with the hotel, situated directly on the strand at an elevation
that command? a beautiful view of the ocean and Boardwalk. Room plans and information.
WALTER J. BUZ BY. Owner and Man.gr.
Lakewood Hotel
Lakewood, N. J.
American ami Furop«»an Plan*.
THE LAXEWOOD HOTEL, has Inn? been known r.s
the b«*t equipped winter hotel In this country. The
salubrious, health clvlng r'n* air of Lakewood nil the
mammnth, maffnifleent hotel, affording every comfort,
convenient and luxury to Its patrons, have, ir.ade it
the most popular wi?:ter r»sort on this continent. This
season the cuisine, always noted lor Ha excellence, wl'.l
>... even better than ever. The ch«f and staff that have
made HEP.GKR'S o? Newport famous in that home of
«>plcure!«. have been brought to tho Lakewood Hotel
V.Tite for treat on "Water Cure Bath attached to
JAS. If. BERRY. Manager.
Quiet reflned. homelike; thoroughly modern. Ir.»pectlon
Invited.' Write for Illustrated booklet.
"It it th» coming centtructtin for all grtat buildtnci— lt
uont btnd. it yon'! break and you couldn't barn it
if you tried."— TBOMAB A. KDISOX.
This mai^ilflcent house, the most complete resort
hotel In America, results from th« addition to tna fa
mous Marlboro ugh Ho v a o of its new ar,r-s
"Blenheim" with -.*•■> ru*st rocrns and 250 priv.te
baths (one with every room) constructed (at a co.<t <^
a million dollars) of reinforced concrete columns ana
beams and hollow-tile walls and fioors. Insuring :a«
CO' atmosphere fa desirable nt the nhore. , ,
The arpolntmcnts arw fin* Tiio Greatest Bolar.Jm
overlook'.nft the ocean In the world. Mus!o by orchestra,
of soloists throughout the year. Golf. Ownership
Jcsiah White $ Sons.
Alw»s« Open. On Ocean front.
Courteous Attention Homelike Surroundlne*.
Every Comfort.
Booklet and Calendar en application.
Overlooking the Ocean. Open all the year.
Manager. President.
' Most select location on the ocean front.
; ATLANTIC < 11%. N. .1
Distinctive for its elegance, exL-lusiveness, high
' class patronage und lll.er;il ii'.ur.ugemiT.t. Fia water
I In all baths. Orchestra of soloists. IJ'ioklrt. rates,
etc.. at 288 4th-ave.. X. Y. NEWUN lIAIXKa.
HOTEL STRAND— mreproop.
Plrectly on the Ocean front, Atlantic City, X. J.
Entirely refurnished, redecorated and improved through
■ out. Frcsli and tea water baths, with shower attach
ments, private ami public. Automobile meets trains.
CYrtte for booklet and special Winter an 1 Bpr!:.r terms.
Under same direction.
H. L. FAIRnAIRN. Manager.
Virpinla Aye.. near Beach. .......... Finest
location. Hlirh class modern hotel at moderate, rates.
li*> jarce sunny rooms, handsomely furnished. Moial
beds, private baths, elevator, sttam heat. 4ix> ft. sun
parlors. Music. Superior table and ter\-lfe. $2 up daily;
sit'-lally reduced weekly rates a:id boukiet mail»d.
Atlantic City. N. J.
Always Open.
On the Beach. Fireproof.
Send for Literature.
. CHESTER INN, ££» "£««■.
Eteam heat. 1" ■'.-.■•-. $2 up dully, $10 up weekly.
Tribune Almanac
1 906
It costs only 25 Cents and is
a wonderful little reference work
Winter 7?r*orf.«.
lWlti V/tiLiiiini O U M&XS chase city, virgin.a.
The Sunny South*B most hospitable hostelry. An artistic grouping 1 of new an*
■trictly modem buildings, superbly situated In the most deliphtful and healthful
section of oil Virginia: Midway between Florida and the North, it's a delightful
place to break the Journey before char. from one climatic extreme tr> another. _
Convenient and comfortable. Cruisine and service unsurpassed. The nltartTxm
Is thoroughly up-to-date in every department, and is equipped with tha BarucH
System of baths, hot-air cabinets and electrical apparatus.
The Famous Mecklenburg Mineral Springs
Located on the property-supply two varieties of medicinal water. LitMa and
Chloride Calcium— both recommended by foremost physicians for their remarkabla
curative properties — served to guests free of charge.
Bend for Booklet and other literature, or apply to Pennsylvania. Railroad pa.
nenger officials for information. _^^_^__^_^^^___^___________
Virginia Are., C ear Beach. Atlantlo City. N. J. Open all
the year. Fin» Table. Suite* with private bath. Hand
somely refurnished. Perfect sanitary arrangements. Ele
vator to all floors. Special rates tor Winter. Capacity. .jO.
MRS. N. R. HAINES, Owner and Proprietor.
Our eltgar.t New Brick Building is now cornpl«t».
No more luxurious accommodation* on the Coast.
With half an acre or curative Baths, and a swlmmtny
POOL Booklet. Youxa Gw| . l
F. L. TOCIfQL Gen'l Manager.
Afer extenslv. alterations, presents an entirely sew fcot«L
EStuatM In the BUM central and yet most «e!ect»e=tlon.
•ai.la-ave. fn^'jetructe-i ocean vl»w. Capacity,
3t<> Tho very latest and every ht»h-claa. hotel appoint
ir.ent Frlva:» baths, running water In rooms, spacious
porches, amusement halla. elevator WBtre«t«to. Hood
ie t and eprins terms upon request. Ht-NRi DAKJ«LJ-Jj.
Hot and cola »ea water In all baths. New Dutch ca»»
and rrlll room. Orchestra. 'Phones In rooms. Ameri
can pian. fi per day and up. J1T. 50 per w«elc a^d up
European plan. H.BO Per day Wrt^f^bggln.
it^l" ace - pear beach - Reopen A^rM r Moo ! Bir
Open all the year. Wrlta ft* b^ d*. ■ OEBr3 .
TDtGIXIA A:-.-. kbab bkach.
Prtvat* bath a; elevator; sun parlor CaracKT. --a
Ecck>t- M - P MEDIAN.
Ocean enJ Michigan Aye.. Atlantic City. N. J. Rooms
er. suite with baths. Long distance 'phnne* In rooms.
Elevator to str*«t. WM. R. HOOD.
L*t us seed ' ■-» asr booklet. _* _
!■■■■ ■■■■
A mllcl <srr equaM" climate. Lone >• ■ pln» re(f!cn.
Modern hom'!!ke hotel; ••-am heat; •*•> rooms. with pri
vate toth; pure spring water. No consumptives. Orches-
I tn *' " lC ' 6T. JOHN * SON. Southern Pines. N. C.
Appreciated the USELESSNESS
IN THE ACT of chopping the
chcrrv tree. Many others since then
m m
have appreciated the futility ot argu
ment tor lack ot facts, figures, etc.
Don't Get Caught
Be prepared tor any argumenta]
Winter Resort*.
Virginia Hot Springs
Waters, baths, hotels and scenery nowhere equalled.
Rheumatism, gout ar." nervoua etaeasea cured. Coß^let*
hydrotherapeuuc <irj*raf..s. . -, - -•> »'-a jar'.oai, golf,
■wltnmln* p«.oi. f.r.d livery and outdoor pastimes. THU
NEW HOMESTEAD, n.oilerr la the sTrictest sense ar> .
patronize! by the hi£h<"st class. Is unquestionably tha
finest » . yettr rour.a reitrt hotel la America. Brbhar*'
offlca with direct N. Y. wire.
Tbe Chesapeake & Ohio Railway
allows ato>-over at Corizxgxaa. Va.. on :-r«U4a tioket« to
Cincinnati. Louisville. Cr.icagro. es. • ii« ani the V.a»:.
for sWa Tip to Virginia Hot arrlsss.
pMUman compartni---nt car. via "^"atMagton, leaver
N. T. 4.K> r- r^ l -. arrives Srrir.:r>t BiO a, - »-. Eastara am*.
Excirsi"n tickets al C. & O. oSct, 3C2 Broa4war. eScea
Penri R. R. and connecting lln«e.
FEED BTBtRT. ilanagen Hot •prtna*, Va.
The most del!?htfu! h»a!tS and ; -»»ur»
resort near Naw Torlt.
New and ra!i»- ccnapl^ta In »v»ry detail of Mrrlo«in<l I
equipment; larrw plazsas. e:iclos»il In r'aas tor wtutar; j
■team heat and open Wood :!rea tfuaasfiosl the totaL
Epeca: wi.:tc!r rate from Nov»m*>er X to ilajr 1. Loir
rates to bachelors. But Z9 ir.lr.utes from Grasd Ccstral
Btatian via Harlara <l!via!oa N. Y. Central; 80 train.*
<iai:y; -80 alaapLnf rootr.a, I^o prlvat- taths; loae; ilitanj*
telephone In every room. col* t-nnla. "'■■*■ eic«ll«n«
reads; saw ri:.i a:.i s'-r-*,-. fine orchestra; laxfe Bali-»»
J. J LJLNXIN CO.. yif>
Doualed la capaoltr. eeceruuslT eq'Ji?p«<l ao4 ocaAxjeet. ♦
coa»enlent of access, a:id a centr* of m^cy open •!> 4i- "
tiactlona. UEOUGC V.*. i'LlTli; Mnn—
C»n. Msr. IIo:«l and Realty IntereaU.
B?«ktr.irs n<nr nakinir for either hou»e at Foeaattoot
Lodz», liriaurcHft Home OfT.eo, or Ncr» Torlc OSlcej. Wtai*3*(
Arcad», Cth Avenue aarl 46th ■where E. 3. Comitocic!
U 1" tlally atter.dance rroia &:3u to l^w.
nTH-ST.. IS EAST rVAN r.KVSSEI.AER). — Elefaatb"
furnlshe.l apart,^»»T.t: prt' r ai» bath: wltiaat c«*l»j.
jaa;a4l-ir ratals, two. t25 w««k'.y; one. J .3, I
llodera ana h:»h class Ui every particular. Beeeat'.y ,
renovated and greatly uarrovetl ihroii*aout. It ■• the)'
largest and beat hotel m AshevU.e. anl coenmaads a ma*-.
mf.cent panorama of BtaunUtn vi^s. taWPttM no«
taken. Writ* for booklet. F. R. DAItBY. -* -*• ™

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