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Railroad Orders for Modern Equip
ment Increasing.
In the rep«rt •' the" Pressed Steel Car Com
pany tar the year ended December 31. just Is
ued. President Hoffstot says that of the cars
ordered by th» railroads In the United States
]<«r» almost •" per cent were all 6teel or
rtf f>l under frame construction, and that this
c!as- c of rolliiiß stock is raridly becoming: the
star.dsrd for railroad equipment. I>ess than ten
j-ear? M the company built the first all steel
cgr u^ed In the regular freight traffic, while at
t b# end of lfW'«s ther«» were approximately
gQO^OOO si! fieel ar.d «•*! underframe cars in
U {* The all steel passenger car. having the
jfT«rral indorsement of l>oth steam and electric
Mac* should make its way rapidly Into the pub
jjc favnr. \\>irks tor the construction of pas
ffTf** rars f'^pirate from the freight car chops
fjf now almost completed, and soon win be In
actual operation, as -. number of orders have
already h*>*n l»ook<-d for all steel steam and
electric cars.
Th* report says that th*> operation of the forge
plant at Allegheny has been satisfactory, and
the flifficultlei heretofore experienced In procur
ir.p s proper surply of forplnps have been elim
inated. The building of a forge plant at Me-
Kef's Bock* has hppn ordered, and this, when
fintehf-d. will relieve the force situation and
riakp th* 1 company Independent of outside man
u'farturprs. It whs dtridod not to renew opfra
tions at Jo'iet. 111., hut to remove all the ma-
I'hinery that could be profitably employed to
AlleghVrjy «-'jd McKep's Rocks to be used in
connection with the additions to Increase the
output of these plants. With these additions
and improvements the MoKee'j Rock plant ill
ttive it? daily output increased to fifTy cars.
*' The fceneraJ balance pheet, as of December 31.
f how 5 :
A .«,. f I<*V. ::>■>♦ Ohanprs.
n-oif'i- ftmncfc*. .|»>l*.«7J 526/43 757 I>c. J22M45
Lai o»-n»d 5.002.5 M I 712>M Inc. 53».«>73
Ikm * I"' ■ 24.it** 22.<>r.7 Inc. ■ 2 «7<>
'. r ,« rvcvb] I.MT, r.i 483.2T.1 Jnc. 1.532.«01
Sill*, on hard... 4.93 A.233 :.1«4.:!:*) ln<-. 2.755.« a
25T* »:>■-■». 2.i*'*.:t Dm 2.262,477
Tpti l ti&!rs\Sl7 fS2.r^5.«J3 1nc.52,fft3.654
LJabiUt&C —
»M gtoca |li»».<iM fi2.nni\fl™>
Hd" »"x~k HJBAtoOM I2.M«>.rti»
It i B% mts Fid nt». 3.«"Wi.«. > ''o 3.s<*>.OfM) Dec $500,000
Purrh ncs»y rrAp.
SJrK. i:* r'l -ii 1 "' ■ • 235.0>"K> 235,000
Purfh. nxio»jr ir.t^.
Al"l *v ph 4% .... HMIOO 75.0frt
Atom * fcUU I»rW. 4.irifi.3«il f44.»»« Inc. 3.511.5«3
Tjert rt i 4. tvbfm. MOM R8.235 Inc. H 7*3
A?cri imerett 82.583 72.988 Dec. 10,395
4-rrt rra d!\s... sis.no aitso
£ ur; -iv* 2.6W>,775 2.531.&74 ■ Inc. M.MI
-o'jJ RSwB2O.SU 132,566.^53 Inc.f 2,858. 654
Companies May Remain Under Separate Or
ganizations for Some Time.
Althoceb official announcement of th? terms of
the combination of the United Lead Company
end th* National Lead Company has not yet
been made, it is understood that the merger has
jiraciicaHy K-corae operative. The framings of
the United Lead Company from December 1
lest, it is learned, will go to tne National Lead
Company, the deal becoming effective as of that
dete. The offices of th*» United Lead. Company
■v'i'l N» rerrioved frnm No. 71 Broadway to No.
iftO \Vi:!iam-5t.. th*» headquarters of the Na
r;or.a! Lead Company, about 11 arch 1. It Is
f-rotaMe. however, that the two concerns will b«
continued under heparat© organizations for some
Oregon Express Wrecked Near
Befifita*. Cb\.. Feb. 21— The wreck of the
Boatbbonsd Orepon express train on the South
ern Pacific Railway last night resulted In the
deEth rf the engineer arid three unknown tramps
ar.d the injury of several other persons. Two
j&Fperper? are missing.
Th» first Faction of the train struck a land-
Flid* ha;f a r.,ile from Delta, and while the train
crew was extricating a tramp who had been
hurt, c second elide occurred, covering the men
U work.
Prominent Real Estate Operator Has $226,
*47 Liabilities and $700 Assets.
Boston. Feb. 21. — Alexander S. Porter, a bro
ker, of th!s city, to-day filed ■ voluntary peti
tion In bankruptcy In the United States District
Court. girlng his liabilities as -. .'47 and as
e»tF nr.]y $?<<». The unsecured claims amount to
flfiSj&GGl The largest secured creditor Is the
VrM>n Truf-t Company, of Boston, which has a
ciaiTTi for Sic..* •>*■>. R. p. Pullier*. of New-York.
fc&p a dippu^^d claim of about v _-„,,, i
Porter was one of the best known real estate
fj^niTorj: here. He is general manager of th<»
Carrr-rib* "o Island Company, a trustee of the
Gratuity Fund of the Bopfon Chamber of Com
mt-rce, b. vlre-prt-Fident of the Real Estate Ex
csar.pe aiid a director in many other Boston and
Sew Er:g-land corporations. He was Interested
in th«» construction of many of Boston's largest
bsfldincß, inrludinß th» Exchange Building. Tre-
Ciont Euildinß and Hotel Touralne.
Bar.,'; Jameson's Will Says She Has De
sericd Faith of Her Fathers.
7!\«> ■v.-iw of EUuioue] Jameson, who died on Jannpry
* *" aF "!^d for jrrnhate yesterday. it cuta off Si Is
<S*'-Shter. Mary Jam«-fon, from al! t-'.;<r« ::^gt,s
* f '-^'*. T):* 1 « !i»up*> di^inhTi'ilnp thf daupht^r r^W^:
#Sy a»usht«T. Mary Jameson, having • Mrt«d t h<°>
•fiith of !r-r fathf-rF and takr-n orders in thf Romttn
J-«u lc <'hurch. and bcoonaa «n inmate of a re
ncious (-<-.<i«--tv r>* that d*»n^nifriHtirin. ! leave her no
»'*rt Of my f-fiate. rtr-piiminp 'hat her temporary
v slf xvSil nr«-ivi(J#«i for by the order with which
*-*• haF cho»n in unite.
Acole C. Janiffon, the widow, receives th*» total
t^s-*. t};*- value of Tihirh is not rrentioned. Mrs.
jatn«scn live* at N-,. 262 \\>.«t ird-st.
Bt John's. X. F.. Feb. 2!.— The sealing f\**l
»hirh v. ill b*gin Us rruiße on March 30 will
SUM-iU-r n\enty-fiv*> Ftf-atpf-re. This will be th«s
fie»-t on r^rnrd. lnoJuding fi(-\^rti\ power*
lul BpecialJy built £t<-el thii>s, which will leav«
*-r:gliiri<i to-morrow.
It Ik repeated from pelawaip that a combina
tion of < ne or more meal plants on the Delaware
«iv*r and two or mor* Virginia ooal and iron
Rlnei and furnaces with coke r-lants i« now in
<».'it«-rr.j.]atior.. On»- of the itted plants named ia
tl» TMew^tcr. »-h«ch has b«-fn closed tor some
ti:n^ becauM It could not Ret raw material for
-£ funui(r.s at r< j a.«<jnabl*> ntn li it- certain
yi^t iif-e-.tiatmns «r^ on. and may result in the
•ormatioi; of an important company.
The jury in ■■ ■ United States District Court.
Vfo.-e Judge Holt, yesterday rendered a verdict
W 13250 for A. J. Murray, the trustee of th*>
•*--.krupt firm of BioomfleJd & Gllroy. The tru-
««e bad brought Full lor recovery of S. r ...v»> for
J^e all^t-d uroiißful removal of roods by th«
nukrcpt firm. GUroy t«-f=tin>d that ih« Roods
**r«- it-movf-d on the advif-e of th« firm's roun
"■. Ai>r&!:i Josfjjh. There an- disbarment pro-
c **air,|;s now X'^nding apalutt Josejjjj. ,
Ti-.t- <jj rectors of thft Jtfferson Bank, at Canal
* r <d Foreyth wtm have voted to increase tfc* ■!■!■)
••1 Hock Ilo>,<wo. making tlie total capltalizaUon
«-'*'.'//). T} lf . n rw Etock v:»ll \te us«-<] to argulre I ,••
;.'*•/»< the Mori!-..* Hark, at No. ST ranal-et. X
t^fno'-ll U pr<ti<i<nt t,t iUf Jefferson Hank and
*-*tLLu hioctel prtsidtat «1 the ilunroe liank.
rnjX y£Q^ rf^^i t/^K. &
There are only two places in Greater iNew York
where the genuine Tiffany Lamps and Favrile Glass may
be purchased
Madi.on Aye. and 45th St
Fifth Aye and 37th St
All genuine 1 iffany Lamps, Leaded Shades and Metal
Work have the full name "Tiffany Stvdios" countersunk
in the metal.
All genuine Tiffany Favrile Glass bears the signature
of "Louis C Tiffany" on the large pieces. On the smaller
pieces appear the initials "L. C T."
Ex-President Caccres Says Condi
tions Promise Great Growth.
General A A Caceres. ex-President of Peru, who
has Just arrived in this city from Lima, at the
Westminster Hotel last night spoke enthusiastically
of the recent Industrial growth of the republic, and
•aid: Th«» future of Peru is centred in the United
States, and we hope for even closer relations."
General Oaceres, who has been appointed' by
President Pardo as Peruvian Minister to Italy, will
■ail to-day on the steamship La Bretagne. Accom-
Ex- President of Peru.
panlefl by his two daughters. After a brief etay
in France ho will proceed to his post In Rome.
The ex-President spoke at soms length about
Peru, saying in part:
Our country has enjoyed ft long term of political
tranquillity, and the industries are showing the
gratifying: result of hard work.
Th« advantages of the Panama Canal are duly
appreciated by my people, and will prove n jtreut,
Impetus to the commerce of Peru. There has been
organized In Peru a steamship line, which will
V-f-Klr. operation? next month, and which will cut
th« trip from Callao to New-York by about four
Our relation* with our neighbors are entirely
friendly, notwithstanding reports. The dispute with
Ecuador over territory has already been submitted
to arbitration, the K.uk of Spain to act as arbi
trator. The territorial dispute between Peru and
Bolivia will be submitted to the President of
Argentina. The only question with any of our
neighbors that has not been disposed of is that
with Chili over the Tacna and Arica territory". But
diplomatic relations between the two countries have
been renewed.
Seventy- five Shares of ItUerborough
Bring 54 1-2.
There •were sold in the real estate auction
rooms yesterday seventy-five chares of the stock
of the New-York City Interborough Railway
Company at 54%. This is the company that was
organized to build a number of subsidiary lines
to the Inter borough Rapid Transit Company In
The Bronx. It was incorporated in 1902 with a
capital stock of $400,000, which was increased
last year to |5.000.000. with the privilege to is
sue bonds to a similar amount. It has a fran
chise running for twenty-five years, with the
right of renewal for the same period. For the
first five years the city is to receive 3 per cent
of the gross income of the company and 5 per
cent thereafter until the expiration of the fran
chise, when the city Is to take over the com
pany's roads at a fair valuation, not including
the value of the franchise.
The company has received permission to build
five trolley lines In The Bronx, two of which
terminate at subway stations on the Manhattan
Fide of the Harlem and one at the l.">th-st, sta
tion of the elevated. One of the lines, running
to the ISlst-st. station of the subway from
Bronx Park via the Washington Bridge, is now
under construction. The lines are to be operated
by overhead trolley.
[By Telegraph to Tfea Tribune.]
Minneapolis. Feb. 20.— United States Minister
David Jayne Hill. !n Holland, declares the Metz
zer estate to be a myth. "wlll-'o-the-wisp" and
genuine fake, to rob Americans. He declares
there Is no such institution a. the "Bank of
Holland," in ivhic-h it was said the famous fort
une lies dormant. The estate was said to bo
worth from $90,000,000 to 1100.000,000
fßy TVlf graph to 'n.<- Tribune )
Bridgeport. Conn.. Fob. 21. Mr.- Deborah
Staples Fllliman. of Easton. Connecticut's oldest
person, observed the Kx3th anniversary of her
birth to-day. Owing to the death yesterday of
her grandson, Charles F. Bllliman, who dropped
dead while fighting tire which destroyed his
home, the day was observed In a very quiet
Sprlnßfleld. 111., Feb. 21. — Governor I»en*eii
to-day acting on the recommendation of the
Hot'- Board of Pardons, denied the petition of
Johann Horn, the wife murderer, for commu
unJon of Eoiirnca to lire imprisonment.
— i — •
El Paso, T^x.. Feb. L'l.— Colonel Robert Han
nifian. a tUdUBIB, of Deinliiß, N. M., who was
kidnapi.ed l<y liandits Ml Silver City, N. M..
i,,; held for rani uas released last night.
It wan necessary to pay the bandits twice. Two
thousand dollars, it la MM, was given them.
Driver of Horse Car May Have
Fractured Skull.
A southbound Madison-aye. car smashed into
an eastbound 28th-st. horse oar last night, and
several people received injuries from contusions
and broken glass. The driver of the horse car
was taken to BeLlevue Hospital with a possible
fracture of the skull. The conductor of the horse
car received severe contusions of the back and
shoulders. Joseph Burke, a passenger, also re
ceived contusions of the leg. and many others
were badly cut by the glass, which flew from the
windows of both airs.
The horses of the 2Sth-st. car ran down 4th
ave. after the accident, and were caught near
29th-st. by Patrolman Pierce, of the West 30th-
Bt. station.
Opponents of Proposed Change Say Water
Leak Is in Mains.
The public hearing before the Aldermanic com
mittee on water, pas and electricity in the City
Hall yesterday afternoon, on the question of
giving the Water Commissioner power to install
water meters, at his discretion, in all houses In
the city, was lively.
Alderman Doull railed on those who favored
the proposition, and Chief Engineer r»e Verona
of the Water Department, representing I'nmmi?
sioner Ellison, wf-nt into a defence of water
meters. »nd gave columns <>f figures in support
of his theory. Henry Bruere, of the department
of city betterment of the <'itizens Union, sup
ported th<- moter proposition, and pointed to the
nu^cesH of the system in some Western citiea
where it is already installed.
Prank Moss, nn attorney, opposed the meter.
He said that half of the CrotOD flow did not
reach the city because of defective mains. H«
called attention to conditions existing east of
Central Park, between 75th and 110 th sts.,
'•■where, if artificial means were not used to
carry it off, every cellar would be under water.
This water has been subjected to a chemical
analysis, and was found to he pood I'roton
Forty-five Killed in Kentucky House with
Boiling Water.
[By THeprnph to Th« Tribune.] •
Owingsville, Ky.. Feb. — Mystery surround
ing: a supposed haunted bouse In Hart County
has just been cleared away by the slaughter of
forty-five rattlesnakes. For some time the
house, which is occupied by Isaac Wellborn and
family, has been believed to be haunted because
of peculiar noises coming from the fireplace.
The house had been thoroughly searched several
times but nothing unusual found.
"Wellborn built ■ roaring fire recently and the
noise immediately began, becoming so hideous
that Mrs. Wellborn, who almost has nervous
prostration owing to the strain, could not sleep.
She aroused her husband, who tore up the
hearthstones and saw the ugly head of a rattle
snake. Calling his wife, he assisted her in
boiling water. This he poured into the cavity.
For half an hour this was continued. Then
Wellborn, with a pair of tongs, pulled forty
five dead rattlesnakes from the hole. The noises
have not been heard since.
Says He Would Keep President in Office
Until Ditch Is Finished.
Poultney Bipelow said at the National Arts Club,
in West 34th-st.. last nipht: "Of course the Panama
Canal will be built. Whether it costs $200,000.f«v>
or $1,000,000,000, It will be built, because we. as a
people, are built that way. We will not abandon
the task."
Mr. Bigelow was speaking on 'Th* Human Side
of the American Panama." His familiar refer
ences to the President and Secretary Taft were.
explained by the statement that h- was born in
the same street with the one and attended college
•with the other.
"That the Secretary calls me names," said Mr.
Blgelow. "is of no consequence it is Important,
howewr, that the canal be built in a manner
worthy of our reputation. We are deaJlnp with a
business proposition. We can't afford to make a
false start. The dirt should fly. and not merely
the laiiKuap" of dirt. One man must be In com
plete command. One man must be the despot to
direct the work on the Isthmus."
Mr. Bljfelow criticised the sanitation methods and
said the sewers on the isthmus were suited to Paris
or New- York, but were "too small to carry off the
torrential rainfall and too large to serve In the
dry season."
He expressed the hope that the canal would be
made a monument to the administration of Presi
dent Roosevelt, and. said he; "] would be Klud to
cast my ballot for that official to remain In office
until the construction was completed— that would
be for life "
[By Tdppnph to Th«> Tribune.)
Fort DodRP. lowa. Feb. a.— Governor Cummins, by
disavowing any purpose of opposing the re-election
of Senator Dolllver, created a political sensation la
a formal address here to-night opening his cam
paign for th«» Republican nomination for a third
Ho said h»« wished to make his statement so'ex
plicit that any on« who In the future paid th*re
was a conflict between the ambitions of Dolliver
iin<i himself would readily be convicted of malicious
;Bi T. > rui h to The Tribune]
Wilmington. Del.. Feb. 21.— W. T. Ilurrows. a
nefiro. attacked Georpe Bacon, a nfteen-year-old
schoolboy, of Laurel, and after robbing him, beat
him severely. A ponce ran the negro to a wood,
where he was shot -by one of the nog** a.nd capt-
Bred. A crowd tried to take the prisoner from the
officers to lynch him, but failed.
I By Telegraph to The Tribune.]
Boston. K-i L'l. — Thirteen drastic antl-bucket
■hop bills have been Introduced In the Massa
chusetts legislature, and the Judiciary Commit
tee has begun hearings on them.
Plnrl* Insertions 5 cent* per line. Six
teen word*. seven times consecutively. $1.
which entltl»» advertiser to have room*
entered m The Trlbune - s Directory of De-
Ji'able Rooms for a pcrlo-1 of fourteen days.
"iff for circular.
Full Information conrernlrift these r<rain»
may be had free of charge at the Upto«n
Office of The New-York Tribune. l.:«H
Broadway, between 3»*.tli anj 3Tth sts.
2«TH ST IS EAST. f.icir X Park K>
pant large and pinkie rooms; tat:» am)
service th» bfst; fami'lu. R.-nilfmpp. tran
•lents; r<-fnenre- PALL.ASP"
IITH-ST., IS EAST. Van R«*M»la«r. -El»
cantiy r>irni«h.-.i apartment: prtT»te hath:
without m*al!>: Inclufllns metta two. $*
».ekly; on-. $15.
BBai-tm-t i. al ■m. rooms for throe rm>
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pnpvr- running wntrr; with BOpertor
board; other dcatrablt rooms -40 W»tt
■BD-ST.. I"L' WEST.- American family
offP's home romfnrts rpfln^'l R»ntlpman,
(board optional); reference* HOI.PEX.
No 2M> WEST VJTH -ST.— ?nnnv rOOM In
private family: library; literary and ar
tistic a*mr.Fph<»r«v <mmodat> one only;
flO; references required.
49TH-ST.. !t X A ST.— Third floor large
room, with board; r»>fpr*nr»!».
MTH-ST. 1« WEST.— T.arjtP. attractive
rooms; first class house; parlor, dining
room: telephone.
-ST.. 173 KAPT-<V,mrort.iW room t*r
couplp or pentl^tn^n : "xcellent tabl<";
American family: ref^r^nr^s.
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43D-ST.. 13 EAST, opposite Hotel Manhat
tan.—Very desirable large room, with pri
vate bath; telephone.
WEST END AVK . 377.— Furnished room:
good locution; running hot and cold
water; KPntWire:i. i'ARR
156T11-ST.. .121 WEST.— lAghi sunny bed
room«nn<l parlor. ?=ultn>.!.-> for two; steam
boat and bath: n^ar mihtrav
WELL FURNISHED rooms; one with pri
vate bath; runnlne water: telephone;
br^akf^st optional. 105 Madison -aye.
TSD-BT. ins WEST .— Attractlv; rooms;
home comfort!"; prlvatn American family:
tll*d baths, surface. »l»va-<.l and subway
xpr»«t : parlor floo»- for doctor: r*f«>reno*».
3BIVST . SO BAST (opposite Ma<i!i">n S'i'iar"
Paid). — Suit*-, two rooms and bathroom:
r»f»rmc*ii. *
RESPONSIBLE PARTY wanted, with .*?'■
fiOO. to manage established branch of cor
porattnn operatinc plants In f->ur Ptatfß..
Court. N. V City.
ADVERTISEMENTS an! subscriptions tot
The Tribune *-»crlv»d at their Uptown
Office. No. 1.304 Broad-nay, between 36th
nil 37th et».. until 0 o'clock p. m. Adver
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offices at r»-pular office rites until 8 o'clock
p m . <171 7 : '.'«.4 r ,_ aip » **. ,•.,„ 2Sd M
MANUFACTURERS of billiard and pool
tables: hlch rrad* bowling alley build
ers; lowest prlceii. MARX BROS.. 21 Union
N. Y. Carpet Cleaning Co
Oldest. Largest. Most Modern
437 AND 439 WEPT 4STH-ST.
Tel. 88*— Bryan;.. Established 18!*7.
353 W. I4T&S ST. &££
CARPET CLEANING. Established 1573.
Cleans by compressed air. strain, hand
or on flour 1.55S Broadway. 421 East
4«th-«t. COE & BKAN'DT. Tel. 132— 39 th.
I.»te*t *tyle». from $1.98. Mr« SCHOLEM.
102 W. l)Sth-et.. near Colambus-ave.. up
one t'.teht.
DRESSMAKER, first class, would like on«
or two ladles la »t* for: Rood f'.' i «!Kn^r
on children's clothes. MASON". I*4 West
MRS. WILSON. 101 Went s>Bth-M.. makes
beautiful street, evenlnj: costumes; fancy
waists; latest Parisian models.
SPECIALIST on shirtwaists *2 up; makes
elegant styles. Mme. KHIGER, 201 West
In great variety
of style and
T. Q.
11l Fulton =t
23 West 39th St.
Themes 3,434. 2.43s— Bryant.
-11 Kant 42d-ct — Fire: clan Uom»-«tlrs are
supplied. also n. imaging housekeeper*, ma
trons. Kovernrss^h. tutors, *:r
T ANQ A "V amounts on watch?.' jewelry
LUAI.O at STERN'S. Mr, 6th-ave.. near
Slst-»t. Not the corner, but next to It
IX)ST or STOLEN.— Bankbook No. 194.7*1
of the German Savings Bank In th- City
of New- York, rorner 4th-ave. and 14tti at.,
IfFU«-<3 to Sophie r.iniii»r. ah persona are
cautioned against n>F»'latlns the same If
not returned to the bank on the Tth da: of
March. I'.*"* l a dui.'l>-at* will he lamed
l>Ti?T. — llankbock No. fW.fm^. Hank for
Havinss. "■"') 4th- ave.. Kern York. Pay
meni itoppi Please return book in bank.
IJJHT or STOLEN Bankl k No. 417.
of the Kmlgrnnt Industrial Pavlnß."
Bank. !'a\nient plopped l'lense return
book to bank. No M Chambgr»-»t.
AT REDUCED PRICES- 800 fecond hand
wood and iron working machines: fully
guaranteed: machinery bought and ex
chanted. •■!■■ H. KDDY. 3»S Madlson-pr.
TypfTrritlnK — S rents per line.
TYPEWRITERS.— Remington. 510; ivn»
more. Vu»t or Hammond. 57 60; CaHsrapb
KM GAY. i;i ivtrsi l^itli-tt. P *
TYPEWRITER bargains. Remington No 2.
$1H; No. « |33; Smlth-Premter, $33;
Underwood. $M>; all makes. flu up. 10
Cortlandt-at. Tel. aSH« Ct.
'wIMIJ|5 ffle lillEs
y9 "»* ri
CAFE KfiPETTI 51 w ■' " th - Under '**•
Uiirc KUuCI 11 management. Lch. 4Uc
Din. 60c.. wln« Sat., Sun., Hoi «JO. Old
Moiettl iJlnner. »1 i*> Music-. Prlv. room..
ADVERTISEMENTS and subscriptions for
The Tribune received at their Uptown
Office. No. 1.3A4 Broadway, between .'Wth
and 37th ■«»., until l» o'clock p. in. Adver
tlbonirnta received at the following branch
<.B1 -a ai regular of!ic« rates until « o'clikU.
p. m.. vU. . ai4 hth-ave., h. r. cor. •."Sa-st.-
I.VI f.ih-ave . cor. 12th St.; M Ka«t 14th-et.;
257 Wept 41M-M . b*tw«*n Tlh and St h *\r% .
Via West 123t1i st.; 1.338 .i „,,. bctwrcn
"Cth and 77th kit , 1,0-tJ 3d-«ve.. n*ar «Ut
•t.: 1.708 l-i-a>f near bl>th-»t. . 167 Ku»t
£2P«k-at . TM Tremont-av«.; «1W) 3J-av«.
AUTOMOBILE. — An opportunity la offer^l
'" r ■ fon y-rins r.un tr. l^ecomo t luu! ■
le-urs; tM b^»t p^^ in^ t.u>tner< of the day;
tti.. ro u(;h Instruction iji\in »nu licenses
tttanntM>d; full cuura*, tvtai actual ..ut.ul
work, *— •. »•»'-> pajratMUS; olassr* day an i
SCHOOL; 1«* Ka»t T.-.th »t
ANY Intelligent i-rrson may tmm ■ *>o4
■(•[!.•. coii*-*;i<>i.dlnic for newspapers: r>
rafivuKMng. cxi.crl<rnc« unnt-cossary. £«nd
lor canicular*. NOftTHKRX »'HKsss».\-
DICAIB, Lotkport. N. Y.
ADVERTISING.— -Wanted. bright man.
hubtler. as a<iv»r?!*in2 solicitor on dsl y
newspaper. Address, jrtvine ■■!.«». Mr.
JONE-*. Hex 19. Tribune OiHo*.
HITLER WANTED. white; ll*i «^.,r,.l
man; must thnriijßlm urdetslanii th»-lr
work: salary. $»:<• and ?2T>: r»f<>r*nre. Ap
ply In person, MS Broad -•(.. Newark. N J.
BOY- Bright, nc«; boy. for office work;
must com* r.<!] recommended. Address
in own handwriting, stating salary ex
pected. It. O. Box 10, Trlbur.- Offlc«.
ADVERTISEMENTS ami subscriptions for
The Tribune received at their I'ptown
Office. No. 1..t«4 Brnauway. t<it«e«n arttfi
and 3Tth gtn.. until H o'clock p. m. Adver
tisem>nt3 received at »he following branch
oftu-fs at regular ■Tl.o rat.^s until « o"ilocif
p. m.. -:'.: '. : 2:\ s th-ave.. s. *. cor. ".id si. ;
163 <:• avc cor. I2tl »l •.•'. EM 14th-si.;
I.'" «'■>: -tIM-st.. between 7th and Sth ayes. ;
Mtuntloni Wnnteil — Mal» and F»rnal«
X"i.. lines (col •\.->-.nnc -■» word»). thre»
lns»itlr>ri». 15 •:::- .-un tn*rrtton». o<«
i-entn. Exceedlne "4 words and laaa than K»
words, thivo Insertions. 3>> .nits: seven In
•*rUi?n». 6<l cratl
AGENT, traveller or collector in any trad*,
on c-ommlss'on or salary, speaks £nglisu
and German; cool rttwnnt 11.
MUEKCH, 3u« West ::«th-st.
BOOKKEKPER (i".i. competent doubl
•-ntry bookkeeper and typewriter; good
r»-f?r«-nces. f~»- HENHV HlC£ IH West
BOOKKEEPER. Assistant or Stenographer
and Typewriter; age. 24. experienced,
competent and reliable; best of r*f er»>ne« «.
M" DONALD. 1,038 Washinston-ave., Brook
BO«>KKCEPER. 2\, compptenf. ,1oubl«>
entry and typewriter, employed after
noons, desires situation m^rnlnge. e<iod ref
erences. H. F. RICK. 13 West 21«t-9t.
BOOKKEEPER Hy reliable, responsible.
mlddie iwed man; English. '>rmar.
French; «?r-r>*-ra: bmsinesa ability; r ratr t time
disengaged; i erences. P. T.. 61 -'1 st
BOOKKEEPING or Clerical Work.— By
voiirn man <2:!>. holding responsible posi
tion: at nik-ht work <6:30 to II p. m.) A.
C WHITK. 83 Clinton-st.. Brooklyn.
BOOKKK.EPF.R; five years' practical mar
•■■•>•. ran furnish Al references a"l
bond. If required; salary. $20. H. M . ■*'»
I'iitnani nve.. Brooklyn.
BAKER — By vouns man. work In bak»-
us- or at anything. Address K. HAR
RIS, .are Mr« Bailey. 43« lt.th-st.. Weit
New-York. Niw-Jinv.
BOY, it. desires position In office with
chance of advancement: no experience;
Grammar school graduate. H. \yOHL/T
HAN, ir>-". *»•., Brooklyn.
BOY, IT: publli school jcraduat*: In ofnc*:
has .\;'r;.:- • and can furnish l»*st r*f<*r—
rncea FRANK BRUGQEMAN, 827 Flush
lr.s-avp.. Brooklyn ,
HOY (16>; i- Jewelry houo*. to l»arn Ko!d
r*nr.insr. M. \\"LLY. 34 « East 74th *t.
EOY. 1" will work at anything. JAMES
RHKEHAN, 1..V0 Avenue A.
TOT IT. position ir. r-81-e. with chanc* f«r
. • : • r.mar. ; «<alar- • I
4lh si
BOY. lfi. wishes tr> learn a trade or a c>od
position wh»re he can advance himself.
SIVKRSOX. 68 West 112th-»t .. Janitor.
BRICK WORK wanted; boilers, gas re
tort*. furnaces, etc. : high heat repair* a
rpecialty. A. ALLAN, 40 7th-ave.
CLERK By a bright, energetic, neat ap
r*arinß man. five years' experience; ex
r*H*nt references. Mr. BAFFER. 160 East
113 th .«•
COLLKCTIN'O or outside work by young
married man of *ood a.irlr«>s»; «c«-ll*nt
reference* security .1 desired. Address
THOMAS E. GORDON". 323 Haneock-st..
COL.L.EITOR wishes fair, reliable position;
<. st '.■'-.-< ■• s security If necessary: $12
weekly. M. K!j:iXHAM'!.E[:. 3.13 Riv
COL.L.EOTOR.— By youn^ man. 25: mar
ried- thr(«» years' experience. EDWAKD
METER 2Sfl Ha«t >>".1 st
experience: city or oounfrv; 27 years old;
sober and "f-Bdv. F.. COUSOX, 40« \V. sTth.
CHAUFFEUR — Oercnan-American; «»l(?ht
months' *xr»rl«nce on all ranollne cars:
r-f*rem-» from last employer. JOHN
RF\R!<rN l'f Lincoln-are.
frank ri.F<;ni>. S'-'h r»i»«rk»T«'.
CHAI'FFKI'R. — Careful driver. r«iclstered.
make repairs: also competent on liunrn
or auxiliary GEORGE SCHNEIDER. Ml
East Olst-st.
CHAUFFEUR, running any gasoline car;
an repair car always: clean, (rood ret
erem-e; license. HARRY EDWARDS. 413
East in are.. Roselle. N. J.
DRIVER. —By young man. 24; honest anil
sober- can drive simile or double. WILL
IAM REESE, 1.002 East 13«th-st.
DRt'GGIST. r»gist*Te<\; competent: well
rei-iiTtimendoil : steady position. Address
A. XXII.IN. 421 K. M** ■!
yearH' shop practice; fourth year student
mechanical ensrineerins course in CMp«f
Union; has bad practical draughting experi
ence- thoroughly fan:illar with irasolene
motor, and K3> engines R. HEOSTROM.
C-Jl West a^lh-Bt.
ENGINEER; first class; 12 y«r» U>s:
place: offices, lofts: stpamflttlnK; wr. I
It^p woodworkinff machinery in r«p»ik
SMITH. ?'!m-st.. C'hlohester-ave.. V.»rr"»
Park. I>?nc Island
ENGINEER — German, two years In coun
try- good electrician: understands jras en
pin"!!, mat-nines and motors. W. f.H.k Sit
East -■; : si
ENOINEKK-JANITOR.— All around mar:
fimipftcnt ; reliable; six years In last
plac*. • 1.1.V 221 Weal «3d-st
FARM MANGER •■• Working Foreman —
Copipften' In all branch!! and u.«»d to
handling men; pixiil references. Address
W MARTIN. Tark nidfr-. N. J.
FIREMAN — Young, lis^t ro!nr*rl man. 2*.
as fireman or oiler; umlerstan'j engines,
dynamos, pumpa and modern machinery;
only thnof paying K'x^l nan's nc»<l answer.
G. m iii'N! . -\lv 'i" West 135th-Rt.
HEAD PORTER, watchman, or r>lac-«> ot
trust; 4'i years In last position; thor
-iiKhlv reliable; Al reference*. T. G. P.
XICOI.U S.fOI f\ilton-st.. Brooklyn.
ICE CREAM MAKER class; i-ood
tW,-i. i I*. COOK. 447 liroadway.
LABOR FOREMAN -Italian. »xr«rl»nrm!
man. jrood r^f.-renres. furnish any amount
of m- an\«hir»- Aildre** A. S. NATEJU
."•'4 V«TWI ivt I . •-, I- .an.! i Ttj .
II v. HMAN Bj a \ounK. well *dur*U4
Swede; In ftr«t clasa ■■■
Addresa GUSTAF AI..MIN. 3S w. iitth-st.
LADIES' . \IU>F; —Hy high cteM sth-av*
ladi«»" tailor. a« cutter arvt tittrr: city or
country; tatlsfnciirm guarantffl; m"fi»rat
waK*-?" Art'lress E. !» . Box 23. 2T>IKU32
1 hotnpaon •<
AN ag*''l ■*;>. single, can .• a* i>rraan.
wonts »■•■■ or a p<vul artlfl? to »<-U;
lest of rrferen.e. KNUiiKS. 313 Kast
12th »t.
UESSENGEK — By man. 35: or trusty man
for uut*lile work: best r*f«r«nr«i JOHN
<-. M\l'<:r- 3«>> \Yeii-*t.. \V»«t lioboken.
N. J.
MANAGER, or repr«««ntaU»« youn* bull
ness, rnnn: furn..(h bond; ran tako full
coaiiol of tirarnh office or t-tort. wtsli^s
pfriimn«>nl i««ltton. M NOKTM Jr.. M 2
Flushing a\f. Hro-klvn.
OFFICE \VORK.--I«y young man lift); well
•-.nic:it»-'i. with u»lv a:;, r-ni--.it. or ut any
thine 10 learn lra«li>. t;OU>MAX, 3l> That -
ford »., Brooklyn
OFFICE WORK. -Hy >oung man i2fl>, Vir
1,-itiiaii. In broker's ottle* or any nimn. l.il
hou«r; •»p»r«en«.v; \1 :.f.irli. \\ 11.1.
lAMS*. h East 34fh-«t.
ADVERTISEMENTS an.l subscriptions for
The Tribune r«c«lv«d at their I'plown
Ofßc*. No. 1.3 M Itioadwav. i»t»««n .tilth
• i.l 37th »ts.. until B o'clock p in. A'lver
llaMnvnti receive! at the r.>!l»»iiiK l.ian>
«.tti <-s a' i«-gular ■>ITI. rates until >» o"ot«K-h.
p. m.. \lx. : i 54 Mh aye. , ». c our. 2;M »t.,
183 «th ■vi . COT, l-th »l.: »2 East 141 h at ;
257 \\>»t 42<1-«t.. l»t»«>»n 7th anil Sth avea .
i'tlo Weat Ilftthr-M I.W M-ave . between
'.uih ml 7Tiu »:».. i.i'*'i S<l-avc. n««>r dl»t
PORTEK —MM K. wishe* position at
nnjinini: -|i»hl<i <>rni»n; hest of refe>
ence. JOHN iMISSEX. SCT Oolumtau*-
Pl.t MHKK > HELI'EIt. with «^r,mcf;
inn w.p* joint*. cieslrrs position; willing
to mart at .> low salary: >»> no oa-.l A.
EILJSERMAN. 170 stone »>► Browkl.at
n.fM HER -First class mechanic, ,scO to
*••••'! work wonl.l worn fur ow.rr or
•*• »'■ rtty ,-.r '.untry HANiKI. UAL.V.
Jr.. XJ« W«M 44th -si
PRIXTKK. with «oo<l plant. solicits any
k.nu of w^-.rk. commercial Printline * i^e
cialty; accurate ml prompt J*liv,i>.
PROEfRIEUT. T« l>«t VM>, si.
PAINTER. — rar>^rhani;rr: Orman; nuns
ji-»in'»<l. $1 parer^fl. *l "i. falvirp'nH j.
p:a>trrtn«; «•>..) work Kuarar.'.reti I'AIN
TEH. UN East 7th-«t.
fORTKR. — By r»sp*.-tabl^ yourjr man- can
band!* carvent-r tool»; lately taated frrm
TV»«- !n.li<-s. WHITE. T" West lixirh-st .
raif «t.>-kmin.
larit" private ««tet»; r>v vounK ii^an wit^
I.'> \Mr«' Hfll It ■ i " H
outdoor*; total a^lltaln••r; no family;
r»-f»r»n.»-". good worker'; «p<-ak* <;»rman
and Enellsh. .%«4r*M I> R. ltox «*>. Am
h»r«r. Mum
SALF?MAN. •.•.-. of aMllfv; seven >«ir7
»xp»rl*ncf at pr»»-n! «-mploy»-iJ; wishes
situation »h#r- future I* i—iiml. bM —
rT*nr*. C F. .. ■ Stewart «>.. Bro-iklyn.
STOCK CLERK.- Experi.'nr-l b»a 1 «t<*-k
rl»rk. optrn for position; »jirni»S)'l
thorough; r<»f«r»i!c*s: toy or fancy gf»i.|«»;
East or West immaterial. JOSEPH .\'-
WUHF.R, :.">r. Brreen-<it.. Brooklyn.
STKNO. PHKR — Rapid. ac t-urat»t -urat» " %i-,
13<>th*s ly X ' •; ROBINSON - « 3 VTaat
I •'V'H h - s?
"TEAM FITTER - Practical ZiTi r^Tt
M W \i-' r: «Ti"i h - r "li" b . 1 " flrm: non-union man.
H. \\. MIUI^S. ft> UVst F.nfl avf.
young man; «p.-«ks O--rT>»n. Polish an«l
French: piano Instruction; >;i-. not lon
in country. WOLSKI. 303 hi-- lloth-st
TKLEX;RAPHER-Typ^writ-r: have own
machin«; moderate stenographer; with
"'"»"; not afraid of hard work- small
salary to >,> j n . A. B. C. 2W» „ ai(t 37th-a»
WANTED A trustworthy position by
Toungr. l!pht colored man. who can fur
nish r*f»r»nce from present employer for
whom he has been employed for last six
I'ars. but on account of not having •
chance fir bettering his position, am forc»d
40 East l^h-«t.. care of Janitor.
WATCHMAN.— Night, banking. loft, ,
r- o«i» T Of - ofllces : exceptional referenc«».
("-«. D.. m Oranjre-»t.. Brooklyn.
manufacturing concern; d»-moim.-atinir
or .ellln*: some knowledge- of mechanics.
J. R-. 14. West 13'h ft
TOINO MAN. 19. tiperfenee M #!n-t-i<-a!
Instruments. wishes position with prac
tical electrician to learn trail*. GEORGE
197 Jamaica aye Brooklyn ""«■«*.
Y « T .;"~ MAN. experienced typewriter an*
stenographer: In collejr* preparatory
•eaool city or country, with opportunity
for study, small salary. P. W.. Tribune
TOr.VCJ MAN. color*-!: p-rt-r M fr.ljrht
elevator xunner. J. '■■■ care Gorton. 117
*» I34tn-st.
Yr.rNO MAN 2*; speaks and writ-* ftnent
r. Fr«irh. Ttallmr.. Gr«>lc. Egyptian and
a little English; Interpreter or travel with
gentleman. A.ldrw« B. Ceer. 42« West
TOI'XG MAN ambitious. 23. desires posi
tion wtrh wholenala rlrrir"'vl* '-'v,i»«; 14
years" *xp«>ri»ncei; r»ferenc<?s. C. F. '";. . 4S»
-Atlantic ay» Brooklyn.
TOVXG MAN. 28. wants poattfcw; 'a!r:y
TOVrsa MAN. 17. «rMTi»n^.l of3c» a»
slatant. knowl«ciff» tyi^wtitlng-. destr^s
ern<vi ro»Itlon: ref er»nc»<i : «alarr $S
HARRY KT-KLJX. 12 East ll«th-«:
Tor man IS. exp#rl»ne»d c~.e» a
distant, knowledge typewriting and also
MM Vn»r»-!»(3r» in b«v.kk»<>rln(c. wish**
good position: host r»ffr»n^»» salary $9.
Address TOUXO MAN. 1.41S sth-av#.
YOI'NG MAN. a*** 23. wlsh-s a «tMi.Vy
position «it anvthlnr: gr>a& r ,f...- _
GEO. MEEHAX. 01 rolunbu»-«T«
XOUKG MAX.— Sp»aks French. German.
Italian and Enzllsh: at any posit: C.
FOSSATI. 410 Tl>9t 3J>th-«t
TOrxo MAN. 21: otrtmm. h"n«it willing
to work at anything; •Tp«rien<red In
»001 working and driver: good reference.
JOHN MITCHEU* TV llth-av*.
YOIWO .van A*ed 22; at anything;
drlvinsr preferred ; acxvi r«nman:- r»f«r
«n. »a Address E. EI>I.V"JER SOS West
TOfNO ME.V. two. aces 23 ana 23. wish
P"!"itlnnß. with »am« firm: can furnish
r*f>r*ne«>«i and »«ourtr!f«. JAMES KEt.L.Y
ft Hackensaok-av*.. Hobr»ij?r. X. J.
YOVNG MAN wants work at anything:
willing and good worker: -will An c'rivtnK
city or country. JOSEPH UVMBERT. 642
Rast 14th-»t.
TOl'Xr} MAN. strong. ahl'txvitmi w!»h*s
ri^sitlnn at anyihin*. JOSEPH - KERT.
fi*2'j Courtlandt-av*.. The Bronx.
YOI'NG MAN experienced, well bred. Im
patient to realize literary ambition*, »•
»ir»>s connection with periodical: clerical
duties at first: salary. $IIV|I2 B. F C
Box .12. Tribune Office.
TOX-XO MAX .21 >; outside, work pr«'«r:"i
b*«t r»f>r»nc# and bond. If required. J.
ROSSI. 58 West Sth-st.
TOCyq MAN ae«»<J IB: work at anything.
PETER MAHO.V. 313 Bast Tsth-»t.
TOI'XG MAN. 22. In r.ttlr* of a good com
mercial hou»# whn» prospect Ix good for
advancement: excellent ref««renc»s. TO
NATTTS B. FRESrHI. 711 B«verly Road.
TOrNQ MAN 3*. an llirht r"rt«»r or a»
. Fistant shaping r\»Tk: good, rapid writer.
BAILET, 168 East l2Bth-st.
TOVXG MAN 24. would 11k* clerical po«t
tlor. Address M W. PAYNE. 2.07* I>-x
lngton aye.
YolTN.i MAX. 22. experienced. deMres
■■-,•>: v? other jW<ttii; w<»!l educated:
';.>«»«.«• references: Mian moderate. Ad-
Cr»!>s AUGI'STI'S BAT'S. Jr.. 658 East
1-ilr.r M
YOUNG MAX. 2S; 13 years charge •* »er
rice on library floor of :r»r - club: test
reference. ALBERT. 3-12 East «7th «t.
TOrXO MAN' &X strong. American born;
«h?r? there In a r<vicl chanr* for ad
vanormerit. ANDREW HOOKE. 1 East
1.14 th Rt.
ADVERTISEMENTS and subscriptions tor
The Tribune received at thetr I'ptnwn
Office. No. 1.3»U Broadway, between .Tflth
and .XT ' Ms . until » oVlock p. m. Adver
tisement* received at the following l>rinh
cra>e» at regular office rates until 8 o"cio."lt
p m.. via. : 254 Mh-ave.. a. *■ cor. 23d- at. •
153 «th-»ve . cor. 12th st ; 92 East 14th-nt. :
2117 W>»l <Srl-Bt.. between 7th and Bth avea. ;
263 West ltSth-st : tSSN 3.1 axe , between
7Bth and 77th st» : 1.026 3<! avt .
Vernal a.
has Jial »omi« experience In flrlnc. F.
UTtDGE I"" Ist «• . Vonkera. N. V
don. dMtrM to Mil In a f«?w hours dally;
wouM t«k» >oung children out an | sp^ak
French with thrn:. or teach. M. C RAGOT
2O> West it;th-*t.
CAPABLE TOUNG WOMAN, refined, gnoti
npi-«>arance. A 1 stenographer, ilesirrs
confidential poaltloa; btjt references; no
•S':-..if% Address "S." care Morrison. 106
West - Id X
itru»!i children or Invalid: **amstr»»».
koh<l him in ureference ti> Mzh waces
leferrnc^. V.. r*.*i Kast STth-nt.
HOMB WORK wanted, addressing «T
(flop** *tc. : reference If requ;reit. Mr*
un.i.iAM BROWN. i.eOT ructnc-»t..
Ilrooklyn. Tel. 2.878 ttedford.
OFFICE ASSISTANT. -I?y l«ua« lady ;"*«„
write an.l figure accui»t»lr: ...
r^or.»- ..iH.r»tlng all A<Mr«s m'R(;.U!O.
3iis V«>st 141 th it.
OFTI<"E ASSISTANT .-.nil ,» v -rr l*lephon»
»\\l»i hi., ar.l nperator; } cuing lady; i-lrrloal
experience; Rood buatn<-<is hand; either i*»f ■
linn acceptable; ino<lriat.. m:»i;. C F X
OTfi Fulton-at.. ltrnokl>n.
KEriNKI» UDT, late from l*art«. acooni
pli«tril piano plavrr. in rl«;h family; r«t-
WttCW. A M.I Mmm 113 th m
STr-N<«sltAfHi:R. kn «U !■« of hook~
k«*ptßß. would Ilk* t.» .-hiiin. position To
r»liaM» l>u>lnraa «r r-.»!. »i!'.« houx* 1., m
oar* of N. Adlrr. Ill* Kant KHth-st.
•ORAPHI I! Typewriter. — lUr«>r7
• n »■•! prrmancrl. il.wntown, o ;,, |2
mnrnlr.fa; Hilary, »■» weekly; or copying at
h»-me. Address Ml >t»ER 2«0 \v" i;lUt
STEXCXifIArnnR. thorouchly capable;
Boston and New York rtty referem-es;
•even ya*ni exporleme; well educated: not
Una than *!* per week. \ tar. — E I'IIES
TElt. i.v; >;r. aye.
TEACHER- -Experienced vUitini dentre*
additional pupils, mornlni;. afternoon;
Vremh. <:.!'naiL Knc'tsh. Iwttln. mat^^•
matli-n. mustr: hlcheit rlty reference*.
MADEMOISELLE, car* ot J,rJ«.. 113
West Mil it
ATTENDANT — . v.rcpanloa to Invalid; «*
ix-rtriuct*. niuiaire, gentlemanly; *ecu*»
loi.i- it i« tra.o; ><►• »orlt r«ercnce*.
• -.... 11. \ji. iv i.i-.\in^io» avc.
COMPANION. For unmarri«l g#n»:«r.ar»
«.r i-i • i : ... . »cry haiUy lv 'In things abuui
til iwtdon <;>i!vatt>; »tai» ijiar;. ; wi.l
can lvi purti-.-uiais; „-ar> give r*f»reno»».
\>*l. «. .s.i.liH. U"l» ytn St.. Kf-.okSyn.
• •>.*< <»At.\.\.- .-.nii,.-. tirrriuin. mu.ie «■,
t',0i0i.j,.,.v rx^rri^meU: uiuifr»:ar.<ls
iara. ..1..4.. furna.r-. strut!;.- »ot-«i-. honest,
.'«.t..:ul. liar..;^ : «v.>i tef-r»nc»». (JU2£-
J-e.lr-.NT. ;■>> Nnrtli \Vi!I w ni-at.
tl>.%« r..v».\.\.- <inr-t. .ar'tul <Jrtv^r. toinp*^
ttr.: |.<il>uu:k.T.«: '.j^.^i ».i.imi ami per
nr-f.a. i..ii«TM • ill ,t Riv#mide l>ri>f*.
hOKf:SI.A.-'--l'o-iiiion of tru»t wtj up la
Jute latni micif f.iniy inw< a u.l rlji
«lass ... uiivlersrarurij kair*
in .ruu>.->,.> : «r v ll ur«^ tr, i.ir»a nien: li
karat rvtrrvttCM. Ailire-s L>. iINARV.
boa •-"'. limKy filil. conn.
Cft*eHil%N.~\!anW.J; t>.> inoumbranr*:
<li«e:i^as''« a if>jpr family going a-nv*'i;
txpnUtt**; ca:<>!»\ ort\»r: wi'.ilnit. oh!iatlrs,
icspfclful; rity or .-.untry b*st r^f»itccr».
CtiI.KMAN. *■:. :-nsr :.»tn »'.
iV).\niM.v\ -SOddtl as-'l. marr!*l. tr.3:
ou»hU romp' t^r.t : It.st »rltti>n »n<l p»r
s«r>n»l refi>r»n<> friin i«-a<lins <-tty ■ i ..-.- !••
'.- r ih* last 2.'. y*«r*. O.XITNEY. 421 am

• •'.> UVA.V -- Thrro'ijth »xp*rl»nc»: exeeW
« " drlvrr: »-r.nnmical. »orx»T. trust
* ■ \'M--»!»-t I.R'.VIS. Adv<-rt!st.TS of
!•••: «t!i ny-
O »A« -MMA.V — l'n<irr«rait.:» car* of fin«
l-Arn.-!!. lawn, f u; nai f>. aH k:r\fl» of i»
paliinjt; willing ani obllKins; dry or coun
try: first rU*» ttffrJKm »:HARI^E3
-. HMII •• H!-J \V»^r Jniint.
CC>At'II.\I.\X cr ri«f-timan-Kar<!»ner: v«rr
exoli«-n».Sw«rJ»; »nnict:i fac«>: fine drt»9";
ran '^- uacfu): Bp^aka ncxxl Erir'lrt. beat
refvr^ .-.;«». JOHNSON, at Carp«nter"». 15*
n ■-. m
fi»\«'HMAN— \s»-- M ■•»!■» thoroughly
understanding iar» of furnac»; sood rider
and ('.river: city or <-«mntry; beat of refer
en. • from '.a« employer, city. J. S-. 10«
\V»»t 3.ith-st.
COACHMAN — Ctty or country; »•»? •xp«-
TifTfcf. *tyl!«h ri !»r aivi ,ir!v«r; first clasa
an b- mt.
VALET i-ol^refl: »T*ady. trustworthy: a*
»M»ft!on rrar»l!(r.K. Address E 8..
Tribune 17.t-.wn Offi c «. 1,,V4 Bro«<Jw«,V.
FARMER FOREMAN. — Good work-r:
Amerl'-an; has served year* at the bu»J-»
nns; experienced In all work: horses, eat.
t!«. pU»; aJI stock and naaohin«rr ; .-. ■- -• :
herdsman; 40 co».» at present; used ta
boarding and handling h»!p; succeasful wttia
poultry; atrtctly ■ 'er and best refer —»■■.
G. C. at Carpenter 1 « Bureau. 134 <s;h-«»*
FARMER.— Scotchman; working foreman:
m*rrl«<J, no children, used to horses, eat—
tl*. *ard<»n lawns, all work on place; lr.«
dUTtrlousr »trirt]y iob«i ■" • ; •x-»'.>r,t T9t-m
ersr.»»». ANDREW, at Carpenter' • Bureau,
154 Btr.-av*.
FAJV.iKK or GAHDEXER.— MarrifS. •wlt.l
fa&-;r; on (r-rr.»rr.an a estate; tea Tear*
with pr»»»r,r emplnw; will bm 11 uri j« jrit
March 1; Amt class ref«r»ncis. Uiin—
Boa 477. Oyster Bay. I* I.
FARMER FOREMAN.— Can work an*
mar. •»• American. 42: ---. ehlldr-a. ,
aged C. . anil 8 years; practical American :
farmer !n er»ry branch: aim plain carden
ing: •xpertencel with cattle; wtf» attend
• . try. board men; t»r, year* In plas«; taw
r«f*r«n^«. I D.. at Carpenter"a. 154 So
OARDEXER.— Mar- io.V thoroughly un«*r>
stxnds «1! branrhes of te» buitnes»; eaa
ta!»e entire charge of ;*!.Uliiuii'i place;
reftronce* Ad-Ireaa G. SAWTER Clot*
Uoji-1. Staplnton P. 0., Statta Island
GARDENER— Married. on» ehtliJ; thor
oughly •xp^rt»n--«- l ) ) n details, manage- -
rnent cmr.'ry r^slrt^nc*. KT*f>nhouJi» work • "
»b«rfi!t»!y ?oh»r. r»!1abl«>; four r»ar» 'XJt
poaßlon, - y\\ r.;.r West 34th-it.
GARDENER.— Scotch, MMlltiii no family:
wants kMM Ion? exp»rl«ne« "\—rf
branch. irla«». »tc ; -.r.» veg«tabl» ar"'i»»r;
b*at rafor-:.-*- DANIEI^. at Carp»nter'»
Bureau, 134 Bth-ave.
GARPEXER— Practical, U p to date mac
12 years' «>xp«T!enc«> in a!! t>ranch«a ct
gardening. 1ar.13.-upe. veg«tabl<-i». fru'ts ar.4
fl<->wer»: outdoor and under ?!«*.». maxrted,
tin -ir»n. ag« M r»rj- b»»t r»>?er*nc»» nn
to >-har» mot ami ability. Address EVOENE
OBERER. Box 134 Tuxedo. X. Y.
GARDENER— Steal*, taking charge of -»■ • -
tinman's country place, lawns, flower ten*;
vegetables grown; jtrajevine. fruit tre*s.
Mi ; refer»ncf<i Ad«lr»!<!» A N. car« Al
bert Baumar.. Washinsion-st.. itorrUtown.
GARDENER — Gentleman ulitm ■■ plae»
hi-» «ari«>: ■ highly r»co»n.nende<J; Prot
estant; tnarr'.fti; underntands rre*nhou»<»»
an.l Eartenlrg g»nrrm!ly. Apply US East
GARDENER— Ak» S3; ambitious, rtier
getio -wide -\r»r!»n.-». lan*»jHi>« Br»t
class grower of «r»fnhniis« stock: ha« trav
elled. A. 8.. lt»i Trinity Place, car* L.\rs
GARDENER. — Thoroughly competent ••>
taki> rharg* of (rentleman's r <-'«. 13
y*ars expr'enc* in all branches, inaidn an<l
out; best references Addrvaa E. E. 31
Oranjr* •• . Bloomfleld. N. T.
GARDENER — 2«: «tngl«: ■« head
fardener or »up«rlnten<ient on ladjr'» op
gentleman* 'prlrate estate: 12 years" *xp»
rienc* here and abroad: first class refer
ences: strictly sober AddrM* 'WILA.IAM
PIRIE. 1 Norwood- at.. Rochesttr. X. Y.
JANITOR.— By man and wife !?i larg*.
modern improvement house; references.
nOL.TZ.VAN. 103 Avenue B.
JIALE NTH.-'! a: ■! masseur wishes par
mar- position with «eotl^man; Tartu
ati» Bell^ru^ Hospital: t«n vrars 1 *ixpert
enr«. refrrenc*s. Room 1. T3S X^iln<U>a->
VSEFI'I- MAN".— T mb out of woric. en!
would Ilk- to get ■.•Thins to d->; any
kind will do: I sm .- y#ars old; alone,
FRANK J. WILXJAVS. 41S West »th-»r.
VAIJST. — Neat appearing man. 30. da»lT»>
position •<• visiting valet: first class tailor
by trad*", «tr>i-tly temperate: references;
persona rwommendatton from last ail-"
employer. I'AVET. 2«4 West 48th-»t
VALET. — By ■■wna man with on» or tw>
gentlemen; IS months lam place; flrit
a-- r»f«r»nce. RIi'HARD. 142 E. 22&-K.
VALET— Attendant to art !rvalld: «x--—
rienced, • V.n-ited. *»r:t>rr:anljr; accu»-»
tom^d to travel; New- York r»f«r?=r»s.
URAHAM. «0 l^xinKton-ave.
VALET. Br-eaklrisr English. French an*
Off-man; - J3 year* m ajo: «xp«rlenced;
disengaged for April I: traveling ireßt!e->
n-jin: hlithest personal city r«f«r«nces. H.
II ~2. Trtbun* Office.
WAITER. — In quick lunch room nl«ht o»
day work. Address GAL"PP. 1.503 Pul
ton .11 . Brooklyn.
WAITER or port»r: useful man: colored.
41*t-9t.. caro S. «lr«>ene.
TOUNG MA=SE' (!v«a artnttiftc ti ■■»■>■
to gentlemen at their ml<t«i(-M only;
a*l«ct pati»r.t» only. RK.A9ONABLB, Trll>
un« Uptown Offl;e. 1.3«4 Broad-way.
ADVERTISEMENTS and aubsrrtptten!! for
The Tribun. wceiv^d at t'netr Uptown
Office. No I.2CA Broadway. b«tw«en 33t!\
ana 37th »t».. unti! tt ocloc-'* p. m. \.iv«r
tiatcMßta received at the fol'.owtnjr brancft
otTlc*t at regular rBo rates until - • c'ocl»
p m.. viz.: - ••* »th-*ve.. »- a. cor. Sid at ;
;:.r. Rth-ave.. cor. I2th st. ; V 2 Kast Hth-»r
237 W*»t 4;d-st . be'.»*«n 7th and ftth ti|
COMPANION -Q> an Am»rtr*n «ir»- to
»M*rly la<!y. SSl> \\>st 51»t *t.
Cl>OK .— First c!as« position tn prtvat* fam
ily «h«« klt-h«-n majj is k«p«; under-
Maiuls h«rr business thoroughly. call
BWSDISU E.VHANtJE. 433 U-\:ns:oa
•ve.; or trlt-phone *;<> 3Hth-»r.
CT>OK - Scotch I~H»I— IBHI. particularly n»at
and : '
ou«hly unj«r.>nan.ln uli branches of plain
•nd fam-y .ookinj. L. F. Mrs. I'oUter.
l-'J We-t 23d St.
COOK. --Exp*rtrm-*4l: ututmtaotfa all Vlna»
»ou;>«. w>m«ai it»>«.-»rtji. b^«t raferoßr*
from l*adtn« N«t*-Tort tAin!!le«; w.ll >tv#
on t,i<t\K lulan.l all year r'iund. \!!>s KITC
UERAL-D't* V:mplo) m«nt Uur*au. bCi 3th
• v».. corner rz '.-»•■
'"" K t-ntna 1

AUVEISTISKMKXTS an,| suMti-nptlona for
The Trtbun* receive,* at their Vptowa
0tt10... Nu. l.M* Itttn-iwav. between 3«t>\
■tie! 3ith af» . un»H W o\-!,h-K. p m \4ve-
t!«#m»nts wr*h»,t at th*. folluwlnx branch
offiv-na mi rrsuUr office r.»t»-* until S o'clo-- 1 *
P- m. Me.: •£* Stft-sv*.. ». «>r. 23d- st. ;
153«t»h-«v^ . ctw. V-1h st ; M East »«»-«.•
r!V. \\»>»t *u.i- l»i«i«n 7th antt Sth i»e»:
»a \X*ti l"Mh-»t.: i.sa 3.1-ave.. bef»««a
Trtth a^t> T7ih»t.; t.o2tt 3J -*v».. near «IM.
»t. : J,,0« Ut-Av».. near M«!nt . 131 Ea*t
iaii-.it.; T3d Trtmont-«v«.; e» M-atv

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