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,Tteportad by CUaton cilbert X* 2 Wall street.)
«. BIU - Aslted.' ma. Aohed.
t f Mtty - 1^ *%t itaahattan « Ni^*
Am Surety 1M iM M»rtaiitt!e ...... — NW
Bankers; ..... 22? ff!? Metropciiun .... fPA *■«
»i* M? fJf r ' *Kf 41* iiaahat lits com i:» —
J^tln, Owen.. 216 »» do pr*f . „ wi lir,
Sroa«!waj 1-3 1«H Mortgage Bond. . i.X> HO
Smokh-n ■■■-■■. 409 *» (Morton m«» >.«■,:>
CasCfl^ Am.. IJJ i«» Mutual 180 140
Osßtrsi -- --•• 2.1^ B «JS 'Mutual Alliance. 215 Sio
lV ,?«n- Realty. 190 200 Nasaau afto 27«
\ ty investing.. 115 1» National Surety.. «0 —
Mesial » 400 NYI.In ft Tr.1.000 1.078
oSum* 4*4 * ..... 27* mo IN V A See.. IUO a»)
•» 100 N T Trust....:. 7» 730
brj-ire Tru*t ... SM SIS People* ........ 255 850
suitable ......«» CIS Real Eat Trust., m -
jSrmerf I. ft T. 1.410 1.4 M | Realty A«soc.... IS 170
YKthAvoTr... -- «« gtaadard Trust.. 4SO 440
f.tfcu*h £** *78 Title Or * Tr. . . 680 «S0
Franklin SSS — | Title ICoof NT 18» 105
Jgaranty Tr. ... Mi — J Trust Co of Am. 7W» 7CI
<jaardl*n 525 «2 Union 1.309 1.410
Hamilton S«0 — United States.. . . 1 .*» I.SSO
Same Trust.... 190 195 IT 8 casualty 2t«> —
SSsa Roarer . US — ra51*T.:.... 430 —
Siter Bkg Corp. 130 l«o jjUTO*!.... 134 123
Klnw County... 4S* 475 (Van Nnrden. ... . . — 340
ItnSkerboclier. . 1.100 1.200 |Wa*hlngton .... 426 4M
r»Vv»rs- M «v> IMS MS ?W«*tch«*ter .... IS.} 190
Uw'T Ins ft Tr ajO -- Wftß Tft M. . ITS ISO
fT-roln £09 CO» Willlamsburg ... 225 23S
!/?.* icll- *T. S9S *» [Windsor 300 270
Mount Vernon.. 233 285 I '-*»'<-
ffurr.:*^*i by J. Thomas Re'.nhardt. No. 15 Wall street.)
Bid. Asked.
•American Dock * Imp Co 6c. 1321. J& J 112*4 —
™Jse7 Turnpike Co Ist 6s, IMI. J4t J 1W 102
Sunsiick Trartlon Co Rs. 19W »7»4 —
g££a & Trer.ton By let 5M83. MA X 100 10r,4
cocenSs. I**l. i* J W W
SKISS£ l a»^ K^'im'mivS is
SSaens' Electric Co Ist fie. 1»1S. MAS 95 —
iv««ol Traction Co of N J lrt la. 1933. J& ». .107 108
f*SS m«r»- Ugbt. HtF Co .V. IMS. J* J . ..10t> —
Wtcn El 111 <"» (Pateiaoa) Ist s*. 1912. J A J..100 —
Jj? pTa^e^ri*!^ lit ss. VWi J"* D. '. '. t>7 M
SlaiVth * Raiitan Str^i Ry g*n 6r IBM . . 88 100
Sit Ele- «> of Bergen Co lot Se. 1W«. J * D.102 —
jisTsMPlTlr — t— N 'iHV'i'i.'"t" '■''"' 03 «4
BaStensaf k Water Or. Ist 4s. 19T.2. J& J »3 V*
S!£*er Kerry <"o Ist con sp. 1M«. M4V N 10* 110
Sabs?** Land & Imp Co Ss. UIA. M* X «2 —
S££%'.ir l Gi» Co Ist B*. 194*. M * X. . . .10* 107
jSerrOlt v Electric U«rtn Co <fc. l»0» 105 —
jSey City. Hob PRy Co 4*. I{>4». M&N. . 72Si 78
*«-«v city * Berg R R l«t 4Hs. 1»43. J & J..1«« —
<£bi& Valley Terminal Ss. Ait 0 11« —
?«ir« k. Erie E R 6s. 1935. A* 0 130 —
Wi«s*e* & Fomer*et Traction ■*. 1050 »7 100
iutluad R R cf New Jersey **. AA 0 V>»K - -
•Morrt* 4 E»"« 1*« •• IM4- M & X 119H —
«CrtV* Cm «» "V d h: iwT*b::::::::SS!5 " fi H
gSS P." Co iV^^osoVii::::::::::!^ m«
V«ra- W Paw R ii .-on fis. IOSOI J*J U"Ss 111 *
i-»w R«jr.« LI«W. Heat * Power Co 4s. 1930... 80 —
.y>* Jer»ey & N V R P. «s. IMO. M * N US —
\V» us< v Sine -■■■ let 45. 192«. A* O «<> 100
.\ v & Greenwood lAk- 5». 1946. MAX 115 —
VT (- H«-r*ke n Fern- Co gen s*. 194«. I * D..107.i 108%
•V V* S J Ferry Co 2(1 5». 10»«. J* J 1M 104
\TIXJ Telephone Co let St. 1925. M & X..110 —
Sri VJ TV aier Co l«t ss. 1920. V* A fW l«0
v v Roth & t«b Gas.tV> con «s. I*ll. M* S. 104 1«»
•V T ?u» A- Western T>rm ft*. itM«. M & N 114% 116 1 ,
Ml, Hu3*«r. Co Ry Ist «s 181«. 3ft 3 112 113H
<£«m Ba, (««, 3& .1 110 112
fioext :.« 1024. M* N 104 106
v _. h H:*i"«n L. H*P r* He. 1986. A * O . . 1«» —
jc^nh Jersey St Ry 4s. 194*. M * N 77*4 TO*
Crtrxf 4 I'asraic Val Ist Bs. ltt-TS. J ft D 05 97
Ptssar »/.ehting Co Ist Cs. lf»». M& X 105 107
<So2iss. 190* 100 —
Fes«aic Water Co li" 4«. 1920. Aft 0 91>»s —
«*C» M. ISW7. J & J 107 —
»V«atf r.B. 1.-.cht Co 1« «m 11*22 110 118
reterroTi Ra!!»-ay Co let 6*. 1008. .1 A D 107 —
fstrn-n Hty Railway Co Ist C«. 1907. F & A. .104 —
40/*.., •». 1181. J * D „..123 —
Pater^n El«-trlc Ultht Co Ist 6*. 190S lO3H —
pa?«r» it: C,a* light Oo Ist ss. 190« 100 —
<o ti <"«■• A & «■» 100 —
T-m#T»>n «.- Pas <?»n El*c Co con ss. Mft 8. 108 105
r.«!nfietf C.uw * El** Co Ist »i«. Mil, J ft J lft« —
<!oe»n f<s. • ift. U-0 -....103 —
rislrf;»M Street Ry < n in €*. 1922. J ft J 110 —
ptrt>!> Pervlre Corporation certificate* 79 71
it .'. m r+nt rmtes. IWK> 94 9"
IbsbU Transit Street Railway fie, 1021 109 110
Rutberfoni A B ? (Jo* »> Ist «s. 1911. M & S. .JOS —
Sor&efvt lighting Co i*t ss. IMR. F ft A. . 05 —
reaicrset l"r.!>n ft Mid I. Co 4s. 1948. J ft D... 76 —
f >r-' r.iß E *T Co let Re, W5». Mft 101 103
Trentor. Car & TTler ( V 1« ss. 1949. MA 8 IWU 109U
T!»m"n P««wr.a:er Ry let 6s. 1931. A & O. ...120 —
Trenton Bt Ry (» Ist ror, ss. 19RS J A J......10S —
Tritfd Bl*e Co of N •' l*« 4«. 1949. J ft D 71 72
•Fat pitas «juotatiors.
C*liw!oi3 Cdwmtiv V IS9 • —
i>ns-il | ; "l rralii n Company of New Jersey. 77% 78%
Jc**rh r<l«i-m <>uriWe r^ny ...."»> —
Hff^x & Huflfm Gas Company 126 12T
<je» *.- Uiectrif <Tnn>}i*inv r«f Benren County M 00
iTsisrwei li Water Company common 175 —
lit) pr»f^rr»il .-. 173 200
Hodsao ■ Maty <»«» Company 107 108
Jersey Ciiy. Hoboken *-' Pater«>n P.all« ay C 0 . .. 25 —
P!>ir!!iar<i 140 150
Ne» Bruntwlrk Ijght. ti^st & Po»er Co «> —
K*w J«-r*»y Zinc (Company 420 440
N-rrh Jersey Street Railvav Company 28 —
Paiersnn A Passaic Gas ft Elertrlc Co 7O 75
Public Perviee Corporation 115 120
iaj 1 1 Transit Street Railway <v>r*pany 2T>O . 2»50
£iwnt-ri*-i. ''•linn & Middlesex I,i*hH.na Co 3<» —
f<*th Jersey Oas. Klctri.- 4- Traction Co 12* 127
Siii(r->r Manufn<-turr'C OllllMHJ 545 f SO
atantarii Oil < "omps ny f.io «15
CWted Eltc-yl^ Osopaay of New Jersty 45 —
•■- » - .
I .^ lf*On- 1906 1904.
r.-j.T.«r "f ir.;>(i 472 472 478
Firw »»•* «r, May M 7.783 *173.74« $141.
Ju'y Jto M*! 7 .. 7.024.833 6.52».341 «3.V1534
Vumh»r o' nile» .. 3.4« l 2 .B<V> 1 52*
First reek In May $371,200 »»i.',.9oft |2%*.500
•'vi' Ito May 7 18.505.000 14.070.700 13.e!>.-,,fi6.>
Number of ssOaa .*..«/« MM 5.155
FiT»t week in May $«90.000 $5»7.<W0 $650^100
Mr Ito May 7 3«.16?.««4 35.557.228 35.625,003
{Central Branch.)
'Number of miles 3«S 3.SK 3*B
•Flm «reek m May. ... t2S.OOf» $2«.000 $19,000
July Ito May 7...... 1.703.7T« 1.C67.992 1.U1.3i»
MMtar of saOsa 2.4*8 2.434 2 553
Firei «e»k in ilay.... 5439.24 A $408,453 $418.59%
July Ito May 7 21.114.499 21.30U.984 IMCS.OM
F'urth n«»lc in April. $42,611 $35.87 a *3».{W)3
I July Ito April So .... 1.424.659 1.263,374 l.Soft^rll
a/uana soithbrn.
dumber of miles M 98 M
Month ft f a P ril S14.«0« $1». 183 $25.30fl
July 1 to April 30 2M.18U 22».*»» 2*«.4««
Quarter ended March 31—
i Li 111 1 earr.incs $12,158,590 $11,080,210 $10.«05.281
En<ens»s 9.00».«29 9.596.047 8.«28.<U7
N>. •*mln C s 098 721 $1,703. 143 Tf 970684
Other Income 10&.94O 00.9CS 63,«57
Total income 55.219.561 $1,704,131 S2.Oao!»81
;CtarE«t 2.420.9ei 2.181.355 1.»14.t>78
f"T'i* $795.650 »$417 $115,473
July 1 to March 81—
g«es gainings .$39,549,131 53«.471.!M>» 53.1.7f>8.255
I-. «=r*r-«s 27,680.030 27.624,062 434,614
Net earning* 511.8r1P.104 "58.R4«U«~4 $9,348,641
I Other income 719.848 .*»&.oas 362.8««
Tbtal income $12,588,972 $9.240 707 "$9,71 1.007
; Char»;e« 7,<5».02i ft, 450,132 f1.654.453
_ «T'.j« SS.49SLSSI (2.705.175 $3.85«^51«
~ •Deficit.
Qutntr ended March 190«. 190.V Chang**.
! Grogs earnings $334,139 $267 5«0 Inc. $68.63*
Operating expenses... 191.253 187.118 Inc. 4.133
Xet earnings $142,896 $80,388 Inc. $«2.4»8
I Other income _.... 5,«47 1.150 Inc. 2.497
Total Income 5146.53S $81.&3S Tno. $84,093
7:i«<i -harge* 105,520 103.456 Inc. 2.071
Surplu* $41,013 *$21.91S Inc. $62,921
Quarter ended March 31-
j «ross earning* $70».582 SBS4.4U Ine .$136,188
j. Operating expenses... 481.580 413.076 Inc. 88.504
Net earnlrgs $258,003 1 141.363 Ine.SHS.SS4
Other in aorn* 06.976 18.834 Inc. 37.043
Total Income $818,978 $160.30* Inc. $133,074
I >Iled charge* 216.048 200.705 Ino. U.S4S
Surplus S9T.S3O • 540.403 1ne. 5138,333
' •Oefldt.
Quarter «ada« March 81—
Ort^a »&rolsrs J573.251 S«S3.O4S Ino. JSO.^3
I OxtratlSff tSKCssa..; 209^009 871.749 Inc. 24.237
aaa,ar::::": tm.?45 Jra.r".; Inc. 555.031
<Wiertoc«as IZMI ll.C0» Inc. * CS3
Total net •arnlag... $191 $184,902 Inc. $66,604
j j Chargo* 164.660 149.617 Inc. JLSIS
Surplus) $89,676 4.718 Tno. $64,291
C«rt»T « n£rf >rext!» «t- •
Cross earning* •2P'212 •2*- in«, 15.19)
Operatlag OMJ IS»H - »■*** 59.684 iS: *^*Bea
(let rtrrter* - s^* " *fl|s lac. »ai<2
Other lneea* »•»» «.021 lao. SiJ
wSftXSST.:::::: SS 13.401 «-j^
Dsflttt - .......... 5M.160 SIT.B6T Dee. $6,437
Tb6 «6tafl«d canttasv for IMS of tha Dels-Kara.
lart ■■■■»») * Waatern. compared with 1905, fol :
1001. IMS- . Chang**.
Swai caralan 551591 064 518.T01.981 lße.Sa.si9.oTS
<WigT*ig^: nJST.SrB *S7ftS.B« tnc. ».OSS.OBS
:WE !^.f!:::::^^ <tt g»? 8g: tl iag
. JB5J«»«. Mt |iai2Xool Jl?.fin.«T 1ac. 1 1.073.787
.Otfccr ln<*s>e B,«S,C-5I 4.^3.203 Dec 33.2£>
Totals, set .U7.061.C07 lISLWMI9 Inc. f570.54«
I Catxm :::::::^^ **■»» D?C »I.OW
' Thuja*, — ::::«B8 tag Tns>. ?s>\W)
1 S> M .«».^. b <*• A allSi *"5 •* Si M*l la*. •_• *^ / •_• :
Previous surplus... JUi^ok 15.789.21*. In;, 5.819.871
P. * I*, •urr.1u...53.805,512 tn.110.683 Inc7ii«iir42ft
< s^ B £r^^^sss*a
cd with the expense of operaUnß fJrrte? V™* »
Reports received yesterday nt the earnings for the
March qtjartcr of the Interborough Rapid Tanirtt
Company present a gain in gross for the sub
way. as compared with the corresponding quar
ter a year ago. of $575,525. The earning* of the
elevated system for the quarter showed an In
crease of $100,483. as compared with the name time
In 1905. The entire system shows:
o£» •** mln ** 55.818.728 $4.m5j22 ••linngcs
n£ M .. Wlrnln *" 15.518.T28 f4.5a2.72S 1nc.1736.000
Operating expense*.. 2.171. 2.059.317 Inc. 112.070
otiffi Of*— I $3,147,832 $2,523,400 Inr.VezaiflST
Other income 206.786 158,473 Inc. 47i31l
Total income 55.864.t18 $2.«W2,850 Ine.sß7l.2SS
Charges 2.244.550 -1.053.783 Inc. 291.197
Surplus 61.10S.tS* $729,097 Ine .$380041
Th« company reports cash on hand as $640,731. and to
tal profit ana 5o M surplus of $2,096,548.
The opcrati-.ru! of the two division* compare as fol
Manhattan Hallway Division— '
grots earning &.££&* «3.105!0w tn^HSS^et
Operating expenses... 1.398.688 1.3CD.549 Inc. 2D.«*«
«♦£*'* *""»■>« t1.MT.453 6LTS6.OS6 1ne.?131~397
Other Income 98.691 75.500 Ins. SslliU
Total Income f 1.9*6.144 $1,811,556 1nc. 5164.5*8
Charges 1.741.401 1.717.854 Inc. 23.817
Surplus 6234.748 ?1»3.972 $130,771
Subway Division—
Cross earnings $2.n52.«4l $1,477.11* 1nc. 5575,223
Operetta* expense*.. . 772.702 688.767 Inc. £2.095
o.k** 1 e»rningr« $1.27J»!p7!» $787,349 Ine.*ifl2.sßO
Other income. 108.C96 83.975 Inc. 24.121
„. Total Income. $1.587.f175 $871,824 Inc.fM~e.ftsl
Charges «».sfiO 236.108 Inc. 267.382
Surplus $884. aSS $035,126 Inc. $249,269
London. May 10. — The weekly return of the Bank
of England shows the following changes: Total
r*»s«rv«> decreased £1.012.000; circulation decreased
£251,000; bullion decreased £1,262.265: other securi
ties decreased £2.357.000: other deposits decreased
£3.293,000: public deposits decreased £122.000; notes
In reserve decreased £950,000; government securi
ties unchanged. The. proportion of the bank* re
serve to liabilities Is now 39.35 per rent, against
5«.7« per c*nt last week, and compares with an
advance from 4~\* per cent to 50*4 per cent in this
week last year. The rate of discount unchanged
Et 4 per cent.
Paris, May 10.— weekly return of the Bank
of France shows the following changes: Notes in
circulation decreased 126.675,000 francs; treasury
notes decreased 11,500.000 francs; general deposits
decreased 49.575,000 francs: gold on hand decreased
39.625.000 francs; silver on hand Increased 3.025,000
francs; bills discounted decreased 29,175.000 francs;
advances decreased 6,950,000 francs.
Washington, May 10— The condition of the Treas
ury at the beginning of business to-day was as
follows . .•
Gold coin and bullion $150,000,000
Oild ccin $558,133,869
Silver dollars 473.8«5.0i>0
Silver dollars of 18M> 7,621 000
_ Total ..- $1,037,310,839
General fund 142,208 322
Deposits in national banks 115.034
In Philippine treasury I#-> 4,875 178
Awaiting reimbursement , 1 21*0 435
Current liabilities 103.W52073
(By Telegraph to Th* Tribune.]
Chicago, May 10.— The wheat market was very
firm to-day, and added %c to the price for May
delivery and %c to July. That was in the face of
the government report, which gave an Improvement
of 2 points in 'condition of the growing crop during
the month of April. There is a large short interest
in the market, and the long?, who have corralled
the stock of wheat, are using their opportunity to
squeeze their opponents.. Corn closed from .%c to
Vie higher, oats at from '*cto Vie advance. Pro
visions were firm, and at the close pork was from
13c to 17Uc higher, lard from to 12Vtc and ribs
from 10c to 15c higher. ''■ " ;"";''
The market was firm at 'the opening, and prlce3
of wheat for May and July delivery started with
lie addition to the closing" figures of the previous
session. Iyical receipts' were 3 cars, with 4 cars
estimated for to-morrow.
The corn market opened firm. Selling off a line
for May delivery by a leading house later caused a
downward tendency, but a reaction soon followed.
Local receipts. 62 cars, with 77 cars estimated for
to-morrow. Shipments hence, 210X09 bushels.
Oats were firm, owing to light offerings. Cash in
terests were urgent in their demands. The weather
was more favorable for advancing the crop. L,oeal
receipts were 11? cars, with 10>> cars estimated for
to-morrow. Shipments hence were 365,000 bushels.
The early trade In provisions was dull, but the
market later in the session showed more activity.
Prices had a firmer tendency, owing to the small
receipts of hogs and the advance In prices at the
yards. Offerings were light. July pork sold from
$13 07^a off to $15 05, and reacted to $1510. July lard
sold from $8 42^i off to $8 40. and reacted to $8 45.
July ribs sold from $8 52*4 up to $8 62.£.
New York. May 10. 190«.
BEEVES Receipts were 20 cars, or 343 head, including
IS can for slaughterers and 2 for the market. No trad a
in Hv« cattle to-dajr. Feeling steady. Dressed beef in
moderate dVinand at 7<?S4c ppr lb for decent to chol<?«
native sices. Liverpool and lv>ndon cattle markets slow
and unchanged. The Bermudian took out to-d*>- 8* cattle
an.l 13» sheep. No exports reported for Friday.
<.*AI.,VES — Receipts were 40 h--aJ. all for t)i« market.
About 700 head arrived and were sold la to WeAnewlay.
F«-Jine steady, and the. limited offering* were sold at
$42/37 per 100'n». Dressed calves full steady at 10»sC per
R. for city dressed veals and 700% C for country dressed
Safes— Newton * Co.: 34 veal». 146 tb average, at $7
per 100 ID: 3 do. 103 It., at $6; 2 fed do. 100 tb. at $4. _
SHEEP AND U\MHB-Re.eipt s were 8 : 4 cars, or 2.12«
bead, including 4 car* for slaughterers and 4Vs for the
market, making, with the stork held over yesterday. B'j
car* on sain. Strep In very limited supply and unchanged
to price; Umbs extremely <Mli. and while strictly good,
handy lambs wero steady, others were weak and very few
wanted; prime spring lambs were **?*%; « th * r •■•&
Medium to prime clipped sheep *ol<i at $4 »W » per 100
tbff-11 to prime clipped lamb, at $»«*s« »h r culU at W;
a dec* ot Virginia s»-ring Umbs. at $5 26 per head, fair
etatedo at $4 Dressed mutton steady at 8>4«»lOV t'st '5 per
» dressed limbs slow at 10©12Hc; dressed spring Umbi
W B22at»twto« & Co.: IS rtata **?.*£ «> •«««*
"a^r^^ B^ r»^ m ib.
_ _. " ■■— trv— CATTtiß— Receipt*. 6.600: market
fflSaaß SJKa and feeder.. M76®«TlO. HOO&-
JeiP^ fi^S^™wShee P fsi76CJs 65; yeaxlU^.
feiSWiflO. - A _ca.TTJJß— Market quiet; prim*
•"SfV Ma» >0.-CATTL»-R«celpU. 4.700. la
.M inofiouthtrc*' market steadr: cholee expert ul
\V*tl<V '&i tte«rs. »3 7SS*SK: etockers and foed«r». JS»
ilto- a»8«n rteem iS23CSS 25: Southern cows. litOf?
at *3« uSfin cows7^t2 BoSk«): ratlve heifers. MM*
ta' bolli. SJS«*C3: caiv<9 SSOSS. UOo3— EecelptsT.
11 »6- matittt =Swae to 60 higher: top, $6 40; bulk of
•aiS? '«OW9 MVi : bear*. M»SSB 40: packers. $6 2B<>
•lES- cigs and ltrtat, unatSiS. SlfeEP— Receipts.
E400: market steady ; lainbe. $6 3S#t7 40: fed and We»t
ira^w£%4 tXrlii 2s; Wiiurn fed rearllngi. $3 250U40;
HT.rt-rn *n«eP' $4 80O$«a«; stockars asd feeders.
l6 Fmabur» <VnU>n Stock Yard.-), Mar 10— CATTLE—
Suply light: markt steady: choice, Ci <*.'.•? 53 £5: prune.
£5 WttttS 60. HOG9— liecclpU light: market active; prime
heavies £5 70©«<J 76: nv<liunn, heavy and light Yorkers
•nd pit*. $0 80* rough, $3 So<asS 90. SHEEP— Supply fair:
inTrkat steady primo wetban. $6 40059 60; culls and
New York. May 10. l»0«.
Beans, white, bbli.. 250 Lard, kegs 10,772
Flour, bbl.. J1.005 Stearin., pkgs 22*>
Flour, tac^ 22.411 1 Tallow pkgs '3»
Cornme.l. bbls 228 Grease nkg» m ll>o
Commeal. bags 2.405 Butter ukss «.S»7
Oatmeal, bbls 455 Cheese, pkgs 3. 0 * 1
heat, bush 112.000 Eggs, cases 38.5»»
Corn, bush :n.«2S j Dressed poultry, pkg* . 1.4*7
Oats, bush 111.3001 Live poultry, crates.. 781
£eas. bush 2.6T.0 Oranges <Cal). cases.. 9.275
Buckwheat, bush.... 075 Lemons tCal). cases.. 300
Barley bush a.600 Apples, bbls „ «77
Malt, bush ».000 Potatoes, bbls 12.875
Hay, tons 1.030 Onions, pkgs eO S
«m, w ' *°»* 70 Rosin, bbl" I.*"?
Mllireed tons. 124 1 Spirits turp, bbls «*>
""I*, bales 337 Oil. lull, bbls 3M«>
SJ5 sc *£; bush 42.0001 Oleo stock, pkgs 288
K*ef. bbls.... 37 Tobacco, hhds «0
£*;;• ,lc"---, lc "---- 30 Tobacco, tierces . »
Beer (canned), cases. B.o2S| Tobacco, pkgs 1.T60
Sf*' bbl ," 274 Whiskey, bbls «0
£?££• *>!««■ 325 Cotton, bales 3.355
s* con - P"«« 236 Cottonseed oil. bbls. . . $*?
L.rd ra tt r i ces pk "';:::: »•»«»«•'.«•«• 30 °
i££" st?''*.- I *^! 'dy.slß 85 j Flour. Mpl«. patents. $4 85
Steei «n. 2 " oft - l I IS Otton. middling U-K
VJ\T lls ' M< *> I Coffee No 7 Rio " T 4
Lake copper ingot,.. 18 75 ! Sugar, granulated.... 4.00
!'"„„ •■■•• 44 60 Molasses. OK. prime »8 ;
*?.it« X ad inißwt fami1y......... 12 00
?KJTT ii"'*-i" « 024 Beef hams.. 10 i
ri v N ? J ,l- M Tallow, prime o
Oats, mixed. 28 to 32 Hogs, dressed. 160 lb. Bm,
05 •• 37HQS3 l^rd, prime 880(S865
heat 'w bu5h. ........ 39.969] Naphtha, gal* I.SCO
Corn, bush v 17. 152 1 Cottonseed %il. irals... 67.055
ant ' »>uah ::::::::: 210 Lubricating oil. pals.. 07.130
Four, bbls 160 Pork. bbls. 10
cirnm»T k vK,- 12 - 448 **<*>"■ tb 6.300
Cornraeal. bbls 25 Hams, Th 4.000
5* 5 .; v »- •■ 827 Lard, lb 132.280
SnvJif *»• * al " 150 Lard oil. gals 200
IP i * *"]?>• «*'•■••• 1.760 Grease, 1b.7 148.000
Pitch' XK bU -Butter. Ib 1.500
T»r \w " 8 Cheese. U. 600
ISJ bl »- •■•••• • 12iBeef. tiereet 10
Refined pet. gals . . :304.250 *
n . |PTr _. _, New York. Msy 10. IWW.
< •!ii*^' E Th " roff<? « market was moderately active as
i«,£? / * : nt * ta "dard«. sales for the day being re- .
ported of nearly 45.t>00 bags Fluctuations were. sllKhtly
irregular, but the tendency seemed to be downward, and
after opening unchanged to 5 points lower and Improving
a little on steadier closing cables from Havre, the market
closed quiet, net .unchanged to 10 points lower. The
open.ng was. If anything, a little better than due on the
cables, which at th» hour of th« local opening reported
a decline of «4®V4 franc lit Havre and of '4 pfg at Ham
burg, I ' at * >r Hat-re rallied to a partial decline of % franc
anT Hamburg closed unchanged to V* pfg lower. while
the. local market steadied up 5 points on some positions.
Still later, however, offerings here increased, seemingly
"for long account, and the close was at the low point of
the session. Th« Brazilian markets made rather a steady
showing. The. rate of Brazilian exchange was 1-32.1
higher, but the market at Rio advanced 25 reU and Pantos
was unchanged. Receipts at primary points showwl no
change of consequence, running about 'as estimated.
Europe traded both ways here during the session, and at
times seemed to be buying near while soiling later posi
tions. Wall Street was a moderate trader mostly In the
way of gelling In the late session through various brokers.
The weather In the State of Sao Paulo continue.! fine at
all points, and no further news Is being received as to
the coming crop. The market for spot coffee was quiet
and unchanged on the basls of 7?4e for Rio No 7.
The range of contract prices in the local market to-day
was as follows:
• Yester-
Opening. High. Low. Close. day.
May 6.25 6.8« 6.25 6.258R.50 6.80
June 6.35 « .35 035 6.50»<*.40 6.35
July 6.45 6.45 6.45 6.4036.45 045
August — — — 6,50#6.33 6.50
September 6.65 6.65 6.60 6.60@«.65 6.60
October 6.75 6.75 8.70 6.7003.75 6.70
November — — — «.75^6.55 680
December 6.90 6.95 6.90 n -«.«i> 6.90
January — — — 6.95«7.00 7.00
February — — — 7.00©7.1* 7.10
March 7.15 7.20 715 [email protected] 7.13
April 7.20 7.20 7.20 7.15^720 7.25
COTTON — cotton market was active ye*terday and
showed some excitement with prices very strong on re
ports of frrst in the Eastern belt. Th« advance caused
heavy realizing and the market »-i»!<e,l off in the late trad
ing, closing barely stea/i" at a no' advance of .ifliß points.
«ales for the day were estimated a* 400,000 bales. The
opening was firm at an advance of 2®9 points In response
to the cables and frost news. The official reports indi
cated frost In fojr districts of the Eastern belt and pri
vate wire* claimed some damage, notably at Charlotte
and Huns'.vllle. where It was said that young cotton had
been killed and considerable replanting had been rendered
necessary. While them seems to be some doubt that these
conditions have been serious enough to affect any con
siderable area or give the crop a permanent setback, the
reports found sentiment In a nervous condition owing to
th« recent persistent bull support, and there was heavy
covering on and immediately following the fall. Prices
advanced to a net gain of ah 1111 s©ll points Wd by the
new crop months or about 50 points above the rtcent low
level. There was heavy realizing at the. advance and
Southern sclllnjr of the new crop months, which hardly
colored the view of extensive damage to young cotton,
and this checked the advance. The market absorbed the
offerings very well during the middle session, but acted
somewhat unsettled in the lite trading, when It was ru
mored that there was a leak In the bull pool. The close
waa barely steady in tone. Southern spot markets were
unchanged to He higher. I^ocal spot prices were un
changed, hut sales of 2,*<>o bales were reported to Fpln
ners T>y the bull party. Liverpool made a firm showing
and spot sales there were 10.000 bales at an advance of 3
The ranpe of contract prices In the local market to
day was as follows:
Opening. High. Low. . ' 'lr.se. day.
May 11.36 11.40 11.35 11.39tj1140 11.34
June 11.21 11.21 11.21 11. 11.22 IMS
July 11.21 1127 11.21 11.21A1t.33 11.18
August 11.03' 11.09 11.05 1 1.03911.04 11.01
September 10.80 ln.W» lO.SO 10.61C10.83 10.7 i»
October 10.77 10.82 10.75 lti.7rifJlii.7ft 10.71
November 10.74010.75 10.71
December 10.78 10.82 10.75 10.74910.75 10.70
January 10.84 10.88 10.77 10.75®10.7» 10.71'
February 10.50®10.81 10.75
March 10.89 10.89 10. S9 10. 10. 85 10.77
April _ — £. 10.SI
The local market for spot cotton was quiet, with prices
unchanged on the basis of 11.900 for middling upland
and 12.20 c for middling Gulf. Sales. 4,361 bales. South
ern spot markets were telegraphed as follows: Mobile
quiet, unchanged, at ll l 4c. Savannah steady, unchanged,
at llHc: sales. 1.115 bales. Norfolk steady. V.c higher,
at ll%c: sales. 20& bales. Baltimore nominal. He higher
at ll%e. Memphis steady. 1 lttc higher, at line; sales'
650 bale?. Houston steady, unchanged, at 11 He- sales
175 bales. <;alve.«ton linn. unchanged, at 11 He- sales"
565 bales. New Orleans quiet, 1 16c higher, at 11 7-lfic
sales. 1.800 hales. Estimated receipts at leading points
for to-day: At Houston. 1.200 to 1.700 bales, against 3 2«7
last week and 3.538 last year; at Galveston, 3.000 to 3 500
bales, against 4.100 last week and 6.011 last year and at
New Orleans. 1.200 to 2.000 oale*. against 2.511 last week
and 3.456 last year.
Cotton Exchange special Liverpool cables.— Snot cotton
good demand; sales. 10.000 bales; speculation and export!
1.000: Amerlcar. 0.000; receipts. 2,000. none American;
middling upland. 6.14 d; futures opened steady. 4 points
higher on near and 3 point* up on later positions; closed
very steady, net 607 points higher. May and May-June,
5.»i)d.: June-July and July-August. fid; Ausrust-^eritember
5.97dj September-October. 5.87 d; October-November 5 81d'-
November-December, December-January and January '-
February, 6.78 d. ana February-March, o.SOd. Manchester
— Yarns firm; cloths quiet.
FLOUR AND MEAL— Business In the Hoar market to
day consisted of several small lots of Kansas straights,
winter straight* and spring bakers. Prices flrmlv held
and unchanged. Spring patents. ?4 2Offi*s 05; wlnttr
straights $3 768?3flO; winter patents. «3 00014 20; spring
clears. $3 40013 75; extra- No 1 winter. $3 10«l3 85
and extra No a wir.t jr. $2 &T.<ss3 03. RYE FLOUR—
Steady. Quoted! Fair to good. $:< 35<ry$3 00: choice to
fancy, f885«|4 10. OORNMBAI^-Steady. Quoted: Kiln
dried, . 'i.' 00 5 0 ' as to brand. BAGMEAL-Steady.
Quoted: Pine white and yellow. SI 20. coarse $l 07©$l 09
FKBin-Western steady. City firm Quoted: Western
spring. $20 80; standard middling. $20 «5 in 100 lb sacks
flour do *22 75: red dog, *2*- "I 1 May shipment. City
bran. $22 bulk. $23 50 sacks: middling. $23«524 60;
oilm,iif's2^«20 h SO: lnJ ' ch ° - 2175 bUlk - $2295 ' aCkS:
1 ORAIN— WHEAT -The government report furnished an
Impetus to both th-j bull and the bear side in to-day
wheat market. The crowd sold it down when the condi
tion figures of »1. against 88.1 last month and 92.5 last
year, were announced. But aft** examining the figures
2r "'*. • ver ' rbo<l c*.e *. m .* to th conclusion that the report,
after all. was more bullish < than otherwise, and good buy
in* developed which carried prices up to the highest
Vel ?'•..'£? ** y * nd week - The > r closed Practically
%c net higher on all months except May. which was Ho
down on account of a settlement of the lake strike. Ac
cording to the government repor:. 29.623.000 acres remain
out of the 81.840.000 acres sewn last fall, on which a
prospective crop 0f463. 232.000 bush ww figured. This
J7^-. a 221 *°-000.000 below last nionth"s estimate and
23.000.000 more than the final crop of 1905. In the after
noon the market had additional help from unfavorable
crop advices from Missouri and Illinois besides which the
P^SK^L « etlm » t « for Argentine shipments waa only
2.W0.000 bush, compared with 8.216.000 hush shipped the
previous week. Weather conditions in the West were a
little better, although considered still too coo! for best
results In the spring and winter wheat belts. At the
same time "The Price Current" continued to note a fa
vorable position of the crop. Primary receipt* were light
again and seaboard clearance? a little more liberal. The
Liverpool market closed Vti net higher and Budapest 22
points higher. On the other hand. Paris was from 10
points up to IS points net lower, and Berlin *1 to IV
marks net lower. On export account 15 loads were re
ported. The flash market In Mew York closed steady, *•
follows: No 2 red, 9Jo elevator and 030 fob afloat, both
nominal: No 1 Northern Duluth. 60% c. and No 1 North
ern Manitoba. B»Hc fob afloat. CORN— lnfluenced by
steady cables, low temperatures and light carlot arrivals
at Chicago, th* corn market opened higher, and held Its
own throughout the day, Showing very little reaction, ex
cept on May at Chicago, which yielded at one time unler
realising, only to recover again In the last 'hour. The
local market closed He net higher. Liverpool waa up
Hd. and a Broomhall estimate for Argentine shipments
was about 400.000 bush lees than th* previous week, in
terior receipts continued small, yet, on the other hand,
clearances were also light. "The Price Current" noted a
little drawback to tho crop from cold weather, but noth
ing serious. The cash market In New York closed steady,
as follows: No 2 corn. BOHo elevator and 800 fob afloat:
No t whit*. S7UO. and No 3 yellow, BOtto fob afloat, all
nominal. OATS — market for oats was rather firm
again and higher at tho West on outside buying and
with other markets. Cash oats were steady, closing In
New York as follows i Mixed. 28 to 32 r>. 37Hf8»c; natu
ral white. 30 to 3 Tb. 2SOB&C. and clipped white. 38 to
40 Tb. ttOile. Market cull: No 2 Western. TOo
(nominal) fob Now York. nATILEY— dull; feed-
Ing. 47>4c and malting. 530670 c I 1 Now York.
Ma?- . Openinj. sr Low. % daj-.
May £>H S3i4 e>U »& S«^
Sii :: ::::: 83 16-18 8« 1-W «'» &* ",?
Beptentber Mia-iOMU £30.18 ji'.l £*■'
Own: „_,,
May U<s 05% «% »* J| H
iept«nber ...... 63 «V. M B3)i «v« v
Wice* a«van«« t< Li*A ll «ttl f ito
levels during to-day's trading. ****?* fj2^Jf«kit was
for spot and 1101 for futures. »nd tba ipe»l m«rt«t ' •»•
strong and feverish In consequence, with •W'JJ 11 ™^,*!
44045 c. COPPER was unchanged to te| «d ; hif her I^^l7,
dc«. with spot quoted at tM X7s Ad and futures • t .J*'^ n !
Cd I/ocally th* market waaj wjchangod. with the «>ne
flrm Lak* la auotod at 18.60018 c. el*ctrolyUo •J. I T;t?S
IS.C& and eastta*- nt JSClfJaeu, WBAD was U "-J"^
2? ac *1 at Oft 7s to In the Ixmdon market, but was a
•hade easier locally, with spot quoted at 0«fl OBc. IKO;I
waa unchanged In th* Enellsh markot*. with standard
rnimdrv auoted et 80s and Cleveland warrants at MM IH4.
I'oeaily the market was unchanged. No 2 foundry North
•™J» < l uotea at $l« »Uslß 80. The market for pig Iron
certincates at tho Produce Exchange ruled nul«t. R«g«
'• eradts were easier. wl»ll# foundry and standard foun
dry grades were steady to firm. There w*s a sal* of 100
tons cash foundry at $10 30. Standard foundry ars*M
jre nuMM as follows: Mny. $14 23<CSXS 73: June. SIUEO2>
* It'^f » J^ *»<* 4( Hlsl<»7o. and October. $100518 76.
joussfis AND SYRUPS— a Hrm undertone Is re
ported for »vnip«, with fairly good business, and molasses
ruleo firm locally, with, however, only a moderate amount
of bnatncH. At New Orleans bcth high and low grades
«rt»ViLJ^ M * wlfn th " market firm.- Quotation* follow:
uouASSES— New Orleans, centrifugal, common. 14#lfle:
fair. I6®18c; »ood. 18«2iV: prime. 20ff2Sc; New Orleans.
open kettle 3C»oaSc. SYRUPS-Common. 14f»16c; fair.
t , 7c: S'***- 1§ « 20 < % : crime. 22®24c: fancy. fiwSSc.
OlLS— t»ttonii«ed oil was considerably more activs ye«
"r<!ar. with prices ohowlnc an advance of UOlc on
food - European demand and speculative buying. Th»
r.'* nc L ro »rkets for • ottcn and hog products also had a
»ir»ngthenln» Influence. crude was higher, with a sale
ifiS 0 ?" 1 at 31i\ B*:<>-:8 * :<>-: 200 llay at .-»«4c. 200 at SOMe:
WO June at SH%e: 200 July at 3»Hc. 000 at 38Hc. 400 at
«a?° '*!& 1200I 200 at 33c : <«* September at 38Hc. 300 at
j"%c: KOO October at We. 100 at 38 l ie and 800 at 38Hc:
«'« November at 3S*;p. 200 at 34c; 200 December at 33*ie.
Hl? *?*. ° 11 was unchanged. Retmed petroleum was re
lSSSS^vi.T 0 " 5 demand at recent prices. -Wo quote:
E5T T \°, I '£ rM ««*n<s«r.l white, bbls. 7.80 c; bulk. 4.70 c;
i*^2. d^ hla - TI 60 bMnc - *••*: rt-flr.ed cases. X.-i T York.
lin J' h , , ;<ld * lr> i 11 *- 1023 c: water white. New York. bhls.
«>-Soc; bulk 6.70 c: Philadelphia. 9.7ftc: bulk. «.«sc: ,-atef
white .cue*. 13.30 c r!:lla.>lphla. 13.25 c. rOTTONSEED
rL»i,K^ : : ,. JuI v- SS^WSSc: September. S3H©39«4c;
BU#«* f Sl ' ; November. JW%©34c. and December.
tr«J f m jkzA mtt £*, IK '' d - clty raw - «843e : out-of
71©73" «««<le: Calcutta raw. esc. LARD OIL.
all V lni O Th " '!*£!! •"•"*« »» generally firm
•11 <ray and higher on the advance In grain l'cht hoe ro
i»L?"-- l 5? |rln » °f lart! by P«" !»«•». specuiatlre offer
Ujbs and covering, especially by sho.w In rib* The
K«o!f 0 JT^P'" w ' r " «"•» «•«» hogs, and at the Weit
*J^ Kansas City had 7.000 and Omaha 11.000 hoc*.
f?2^J5 "!«* d »- Quoted: Mots. $1« 50©517 25; famllv
$]»»»; short clear. SW2SMI& BEEF stemdy. " Quote*
Mess, »«ffs»so; ftmlly. $1150^512 60: packet. $loflsll
extra India mess. $17r>0<f?m. BEEF HAMS 8»mi«v :
quoted at S2O 25®522. DRESSED HOGS steady Quote',;
f» l ««rf>Se. <-tTT MEAT.«*--Flckl-.! b«llle» rteadv. Qu-St*.*-
Smokljjs. lO^c; 10 lb. l«v-ie : ,2 n>. 0»ic; 14 It? O^c!
Tickled shoulders nominal; quoted at Be. Pickled hams
steady: quoted at llffll*c. TALLOW steady city. E;
country. s^3^»c. LARD firm. Quoted: Chicago prime
steam nominal: Middle West prime. S.«o@s.«><- nominal
City lard steady; quoted at B%c. Refined lard steady
Quoted: South America, ».7.*e; Continent, S.OOc; Traill
kegs. 10 „V-. Compound firm; quoted at 7«r7%ic. BTEAII
IKR firm. Quoted: Ol*o. »'V<fWi<; c tty, 10c.
— Reports indicate a firm undertone at most of
the points of distribution, with the mills putting out a
comparatively moderate amount of stock. As to the local
market, it may he paid that businesi Ik fairly good,
•with some tempting assortments offered for the "inspec
tion of buyers, and prices seem to be about right. Quo
tations .follow: Domestic screenings. 3liB«V3 l i8«V- second
head 3'4®4<4c; efaofce heads. 4H®4T»c; fancy heads.
*%.^""- 5, xtra fßn " y h «* dß s^®6c; Japan, domestic.
tad 2\r*'>' S",gr.%c; Java. 4%<sa<-; Rangoon. in
iMind. 2<4#2Hc.
SUGAR— New business In refined sugar was rather
quiet, as the trade seems to bs well supplied for the
pr*>spnt. but withdrawals moved off quite well. Prices
wero stilt quoted on the net haul* of 4..W«. less 1 per
cent cash for granulated. Prices quoted are net l»ss 1
per cent for cash: Cut loaf and crushed, O.SOe; mould A.
4.05 c; cubes. 4.«5c: XXXX powdered. 4.75 c; powdered,
coarse powdered and fruit powdered. 4.70 c; Eagle confec
tlr,n«r»- granulated. 4.55 c; EaglA coarse and extra fine
granulated. 4.70 c: Eagle 2 tt> cartons. 2 lb bag* and 0 tb
bags of fine granulated, 4.75 c: Eagle fin* or standard
granulated and diamond A, 4.60 c; confectioners' A. 4.43 c;
No 1^ 4 35c; Nos 2 and 3. 4.80 c: No 4 4.20 c; No 6.
•.Me; No «. 4 10c: No 7. 4.05 c: No 8. 4d; No ft. 3.95 c";
No JO. 8.90 c: No 11. 3.8.V; No 12. 3.80 c; Nos 13. 14 and
15. 3.75?. The London market for sugar beets was dull
but not quotably lower, with 8s lHd quoted for May and
June. The world's visible supply is 8.800.000 tons com
pared with 2.720.000 the same time In 1005. The local
market was quiet and a little easier, but prices were
still quoted at 3 15-l<Vff3Hc for »6 t«»st centrifugal. 2T*a
215 -16c for 80 test muscovado and 2H92 11-160 for 89
test molasses tmsir. i
New York. May 10. 1906.
BEANS AND PEAB— Our market is still very quiet for
nearly all varieties of beans, but there is no further
change of Importance; the tone Is steady >n marrow,
medium and red kidney, but rather weak on pea. Cali
fornia lima are ruling Ann. Scotch pea* dull. We quote:
BEANS, marrow, choice, per bush. $3 03913 10; fair to
good. $2 50<st3: medium; choice. $2 05652 10; common to
good. $1 6<Xg»l 95; pea. choice. $1 70; fair to good, $1 CtVfj
$105; red kidney, choice. $3 03: fair to good. $2«3<i?J3;
white kidney, choice. $3 ltvrjja 20; black turtle soup. $3 30
€$3 40; yellow eye. $1 509fl 60; lima. California, $3 15®
$3 20; PQA9. green. Scotch. $1 Z2'9Q9l 25.
— Receipts to day. 6.2:»7 pkgs. Th» market be
cHme so strong on desirable gra<Tes of fresh, table butter
that the quotation committee felt obliged to advance the
official rates somewhat. Supplies were short: demand both
from local dealers and out of town buyers was brisk;
general sales of fine quality creamery were at 20Hc, but
seme of th* pet marks brought 21c over the iron. The
other grades ranged from 2Oc downward, and there was
a narrowing of values all along the line. It seems proba
ble that the market will rule strong for th* balance of
th« week. No change in renovated, factory or packing
stock; receipts of the latter are light and quality gen
erally unattractive. We quote: Creamery, extras, per lb.
2OVi«2lc (Mercantile Exchange official quotation, extras.
20Hc); (Jo firsts. 1W&20C: do seconds, 16©18 c; do third's.
US 13c; do held, extra*, 18c; do firsts. 16J|17c; do seconds,
lie; do' thirds. 13®14e: state dairy tubs, fresh, fancy , 19<9
IJH-c- do first*. 17#l8c; do seconds. 15@16c; do thlrdH.
13014 - renovated, extra*. 16ttc; .To firsts, 15«l«c; do
seconds. 12TM4C; do thirds. o lOffllc; Western factory,
firsts. 14VSi«15c: do seconds 13 *?®**^ do thlrrts. llffl»c;
packing stock, No 1. 14 He; do No 2. U*«lß%e; do No 3.
CHEESE— Receipts to-day. 3.021 boxes. Old cheese in
or.ly moderate i>e<l.i;ine demand, but supplies not thought
to be any more than will be needed during the balance of
season an.l holders firm In their views. New cheese com-
Ing forward freely. In fair demand and steady, though
outlet hardly sufficient as yet to absorb all the offerings.
Bklms plenty and prices ».&k and irregular Liverpool
cables- New. 57s for color?.! and Mi for white: eld. 64s
«d for colored and «0» for white. We quote: Old. state,
fuil cream, large and small, colored ard white, fancy.
14>4C- do good to prime 13 t »ai4c : do con mon to fair.
1 1(91 3c: new, state, full cream. large and small, best.
»We- do fair to good. 8"*»9c; light skims, best. TJ4g7«(*:
do part skims, prime. ft^firt'V: do fair to good. 4lj«s'ie:4 l j«s'ie:
do common. 3H<S4e: do full skims. lH62c
EGOS -Receipts to-day. 53.530 cases. Arrival*, though
Still very large, are somewhat less than last week and the
movement to ftorage continues so free as to absorb the
surplus. Offerings on the open market appear to be no
jrere than needed, especially of choice qualities, and prices
nolil firm, t'ndergrades are also moving fairly well when
offered at proportionate price.-. We quote: State. Pennsyl
vania and nearby, select >d. white, fancy, 20c; do
choica. JIX^IBHc; do mixed, fancy. lflc; do extra firsts.
18618*30; do firsts. n'.ie-lSc; Western stnr«g* se-
Ifcttons. ifWfUttc; £0 extra firsts, regular packed, l*c:
do firsts. 17H<- d.t jwconis. lfi'ttH7i-; do thirds. 154#1<V;
Kentucky 15©ie'ic: Tennessee,. 14015Hc; Southern, In
ferior 11W13-: dirties. 13>»>8>14V.c: cheeks. 10Q12',jc.
FRCrTSv— FRFSH — Applen In lighter receipt and firm
under cool weather. Strawberries Its* plenty and higher.
Oranges In good demand. Pineapples selling readily, hut
prices low. We quote.: APPI.ES. Northern Spy. per bhl.
SS^SBSO: do Baldwin. W.tfr*n2s: An Ben r>avl«. $4 SOft
$5 50- do Russet . $4 25©55 25; do all vartftles. common,
$39J4: BTBAWBERRIES, ...aryland. p»r quart. 12<918o;
do E««tern Shore. Maryland and Virginia. 10#l >c; do
Norfolk. 80>l«o; do North Caroline, *»l2c: do Charleston.
8«1R.-: ORANGES. Florida, per bo*. *2#S5; ORAP^-
FRt'l' r Florida, per box. $3«$»: do Cuban. $2 sO£s6;
PINBAPPIjFH. »>lban. *1 9. r >*r»2 25. a _^,_...
HOPS— The scarcity of available supplies a»d flrmnes*
of holders have cau*e4 a vrry qi'tet local market, with
scarcely any business of consequence reported. The sama
may l« said regurdlns the three Pacific Coast states and
we do not hear of ar.y Important business during the
week. In this state occasional sales have been made at
10#>lle. State growers are complaining of missing hills
In the old yards ani there is some talk of ploughing up.
O* th* P*<rtte CbSt the growing crop continues to show
''^rLTRY'TuvE-T^cHps'^tda^in^udM 13 car
quote BROILERS, nearby, per t^3o« »2c . d o
iC.eCSc: do Southern. 33ff25<-: U»U »k r ?*TL'RkE\S
kitlVd "wisely Hioderitrty active, and with considerable
more stock still to come In the feeling Is barely steady. Small
TA tiering lots of Western broilers Piling out at 25«
SOo per tb. latter figure extreme. Nearby broilers spring
ducks and squabs selling slowly. In frozen poultry roast
ing chickens and fowls have some demand, but 1 til*
movement In other descriptions. We &«<««•*£* kll^d.
iced— TURKEYS, average lots, per rb 14«16c,d0 «W.
t*ai6c BROILERS 4 lb per pair and under. Philadel
phia- dry SckedT per Tb. SS»35e; <»o New York and Pann-
S?ivanla! 20«3^: FOWLS. Philadelphia, dry picked, per
m 13*13 "icido Western, dry picked, medium •!»•.,•«
lected bbl!. I.V: do heavy. I2*c; do average run. l3Kc;
Jin Vonv in medium. ll®12c: do Southern and 6outh
west ifciTStirn. scalded, medium sis*, selected
bbls 13c- do average run. 12Hc; do poor to medium. 11
012 edo Southern and Southwestern ll©13e: OLD
?OCKS. dry picked and scalded, per to. 10c; DfJCKLINOS.
Long Island. per tb. I8319o: do Eastern and other nearby,
ifffifeo- SQUABS, prime, large, white. p«rdoie-». $1 TSO
sa so^ do mixed $1 60; do dark. $1 2Si9sl 60; da culls,
BO®7st^Froaen— TURKEYS, hen*. No 1. 20c; do tome.
Iftliolio; do NO 2. 14«16c: do old toms IS#lS*c;
CAPONS Western. 8 Ib and over. each, l»«20c: do under
8 ThiiVffil-c BROILERS, dry picked, 4 Ib and under to
lair"" NO 1, Ver lb. 18«22c; do P scalded. 16J17C; do No
* 13O14C ; CHICKENB. roastln*. dry picked. No 1. per
n> !™«17o; do No 2. SfflOc; FOWIA per ft. 8313 c;
nTrric<i ocr ft 12«16c: GBESE, per ft. S®l3o. high.r.
HOTItO^SD >RODUCTS-Cucumbers slightly higher.
T»,si.he. «nd rhubarb dvii. Lettuce firm. Mushrooms in
Mrtt receipt but largely smalU We Quote: CUCUMBER 9.
CnarlMt^nTper basket. $3 »iA**g**i*>2lXSjg£
CJAX4SO- do No 2 per tox,|2eS3 BOi CAUUFuiwERa,
51? ii««n *«flj«" LETTI?&B. Eastern, per dosen. 60c«
?125^ RAblSrfU* £? 100 . bunches. $iesX^3: RHUBARft
«L inobunchesT $msl W>j MINT, per « bunches. SO
». "©So? TOMATOES. E er
Tb 10B15C. AND \IJQErrABI^S-Old potatoes steady.
NeVpoStoes In light supply and firm. Sweet potatoes
weal- Texas onions in heavy supply and lower; other
new onlonsweak: old onions mostly poor aad dragging at
"<£ flS«£. Atpararis. 25®«00 higher. Artlohoke. w«k.
Beets Ml carrou steady, r -»-sr t wSJr-F&
oi«rr dull Cucumbers steady. Lettuce firm- reaa
shwlrregular quim7 "winy beans wtiker. rarsley
do state and We*t*m. in bulk, Easter^ Jf'^ftWg:
do per bag $24M2»; do tturopoan. per i**- I^,*^-! 1^?
«i- swln Potatoes. J*rs*y. p«r bbi. $i 50993 28:
Carolina. TSctfisoO; d» «>artesten. T6c|s3 50. >^Tl
ntuda^^tate^^rrA^^B^ »
» cW J %•&. warva ™&iHJi
unwa*h*d LiltoetZ. CABBAOBB. per bbl. |175
Ota 23: do Eastern Shore. per crate. «S«J»*>JJ «J° Norrt
Oarollna. $2652 50; do Charleston, per bW cratj $„8©
098; CELJSRY. Florida, P«r lar e cafe. «*»«« 0
SS&bffi. l^ ifeii^«AtA l fe W
2307»c; KOHLRABI. New Ortaaas. per JJ 0 ** I **? 1 ":
$3054; UDTTTUCE. Florida per basket. «tSOOg3BO, do
iSth Carolina. tiasetiaS; do North CUroUna.
dr> Norfolk, per iblTliailW: MINT. per l°*. bu « eh **;
128*3; ONIOKa Bermuda, per crate $1 MOtl 40, do
T*ias. per erat*. *1 12©« 60: do «ir»pt«ait per^. fl *
GP: do tt»U and Western, old. r«r bWjjr^^t^iVJvi^*
Co Or»ns» County. oW. wl«. SieCi llJHfo^ll
Trust Companies.
Executor Trustee
Chartered 1811
The Farmers' Loan and Trust Company,
Nos. 16, 18, 20 &22 William Street,
Branch, 475 Fifth Avenue.
New York.
Administrator Guardian
St/rr .-..■< r ItCfturU.
Commencing- May 6th
To Winnipeg; through the Canadian Rs.ckies; to Ban*; L.,. i^t^; OUrttr; Vancouver mm aU intinai.
dial* points, connecting- with the Company* . > . .
E. V. 6SJMUEB. ■niitaaS Traffic Manacw.
ladUS »m<»lT. 181 Filth. At*.. If. ¥.
announce the opening of
This hotel is located on main tin* of the
Ulster & Delaware R. R. Through Pullman
and Day Coach service from New York di
rect to Hotel grounds.
Passenger elevator to all floora. Golf
grounds and other improvements. Bervice
and cuisine unexcelled. Booklet.
For terms apply to Alfred Elliott. Man
ager. Hick's Bldg.. N. E. Cor. B'wajr and
28th St.. Nev.- York (Elevator 28th St. en
trance), Telepnone 4748 Mad., from May
10th to June 27th. who will furnish full
information. After June 27th address The
Grand Hotel Co., Hlghmount P. O-. N. T.
OPENS JUNE 218 T. On* of th* finest resort hotel*
on the Atlantic Cvast. Capacity 500. Undar aamo man
agement as th* Garden Ctty Hotel. Garden City. L» 1..
and Hotel Gramatan. Bronxvllle. N. T. Shelter Island I*
but two hour* from New Tork via U. I. R. R. Reflned
and exclusive patronage. A paradise fnr children. Aiway*
cool. Fin* IP-hole golf course, tennis, riding, driving.
automoMllng. good bathing, fishing and yachting, ex
cellent music, dancing. Cuisine and service unexcelled.
Special rates to young men. Furnished cottages for rent.
Booking office. 33 Union Bqu>tr«, Room 3. N. T.. Telephone
1377 — (Jraniercy, or Garden city Hotel. Send for booMM.
T. J. DOYLE. Mgr. J. J. I,ANNIN CO.. Prop*.
A magnificent '-'.gii class, modern Hotel In th* 6a»d*n
Spot of Long Island. Quiet, reflned. exclusive. Re
open* April 14th. remaining open all the year. Lens dl*
tance telephone In every room.' 18 miles from New York.
J. J. LANNIN ft CO.. PROPS.. Garden City. L. L
Also 5 Hotel Gramatan. Bronxvllle. N. T.
Prop*. (Msnhanset House. Shelter Island. X. T.
DurrnEss HILLS. _
Nearest High class Mountain Resort to New Tork City.
Only 90 Minutes from Grand Central Station. Elevation
Repre*entative at Hotel fiotham. N. T.. May »S-81.
Opens June 15th: only 66 mllej from the city: <iu!st. re
fined, homelike; electric lights, steam heat, private Wth*.
elevator: our own garden; excellent table; finest Wur
COURSE: beautiful <Jrive»: delightful climate. Aaaress
for booklet until May 2Sth. C. M. BARTUETT. car* Bart
lett Inn. Lakewood. N. J.
Will open tn June, under new management. Private
baths have b?en added, and many Improvements are now
being made. Send for Illustrated booklet. New York rep
resentative will car. with floor plans and photograph*.
Address FRANK N. ROGERS. Manager. CatskilU N. T.
Oven June IS. 1006. Write for booklet. HARRINGTON
MILI-S. Mgr.. The Grafton. Washington. T>. C
I.— Elegantly Furnished Apartment,
Private bath. $150 dally: Ine'-udta* meals, two. »S5
!k! "THE*VAN HENSSET-ABR. It Bast 11th St
Tribune received a* therr Uptown OnVo, No. IMb
Broadway, between Mth and 37th st*.. until • o'clock ». m.
Adverisem'nts received at th* following branch offfoe* at
regular office rat** until 8 o'clock p. m.. via: 294 Bth
ay*.. • •• cor. ltd *t.; 1M «th ay*.. cor. ISth st. : as East
Mth St.; 287 W**t «M St.. b*tw**a Tth aad It a ar**.
•c-.wi.ii n«r carrier. $2913: fi» Cuban. $103330: FEP
¥£%* Flo^tawr carrier. $1«^3; do Cuban. 1?!1K>:
ppal' Norfolk. p*r half bbl basket. J360f153»: do
K^S"raioUnlL'slso«»: *> V* bush bsaket. «CJ=: do
£££ ?sroitna-. rSalf ' «--k.«. IIM do Oeogia
and Pouth Carolina, per buah *^*S et - a i2atl~J 1 . r 32«"
LET N«* Orlean*. curly, per bbl. kJE? 0 -^ »■»»'
MtiutM**. Ho Bermuda per box. tl W9f2: ROMAJNE,
S^2^ M , haakeT rac«l §0; <Jo N*w Orloana. par bbl.
Slis S^haVier««n liyI iyr > *vannS;.
Wi =§•' do menT «JC3T 60: SPI3XACH. nearb7,p-r (t bM.
i'^^AbtnT^ie^TUlUOPa. Canadian. <rutabaja.
per fibl $1 We*=: WATEnCIIESa. P*» V*> bunches. 7ic
eIIAYe IIAY AJTD BTnAXV- ItAY-P-ee;!*. net «ptireMlv»:
SETS? of demand sood: marY et f.rm. with «W*rte
favor of sellers. Be«-nt rfi.nxts full selections w.uua.
auTiitT udflßo li riVdlly paid for that grad*. Receipt*
Ihanf* itnooo toUay were: By llodaon River Ralirca<i.
SSJ^hV S Pennsylvanui. £0: DeUware. Lackawaaoa
i^i-SlSn i^'. LahJrh VaSfe-. 10: Baltlmors ft Ohio. »t»:
V'rrfv'r boats. 14* toUi 1.C30
ton- Receipts of straw. 70 ton*.
Tolodo. May jft-CIiOyERSEEI* *«"». f«ts; O«*ob*r.
TIMOTHY, prime. II i"'.,.
..„„. »ji» ia— Closing: wiitAT- seminal ;
f«^s^ul-* r M«y. i%d; July. «• gertuaher.
£222. CORN--Epot American n»U*« new, arm. w>«i.
?m«lcanSi»droWL steady. 4s BHd; future? qt;let: May
*">*'£*" Kit 4* 4Hd. PEAS -Canadian steady. «a M.
HOPsiln iJndoa. Paclfle Coast ataaay. 13 fi*oU 10,.
S?J^«ea4y «»ri India mm 78*. PORK strrvg:
?Hn?f mcML western. t2* M HaMB-Chort cut. Mt,
fa % ouSt Us. BACON qulot; Cumberland cut. 2s to
30 » short m».l« to 21 ft. Us: loag elaar middle^
ulsL' Is io M It. 4Mb: loag dear middle*, heavy, 36 to
«Oft ♦«.. short clear be***?. 1* to 20 ft. 4S« «d; eioar
bailies 14 to 16 ft 49»; shoulders, square. 11 to 13 ft.
quiet "40*. LARI» dull: prim* 'Western. Inttcms. O*
"American reflned. in pall*. 41s. BUTTER stoaty;
finest United States. Ms; good United State*. 7«s.
riiECSD— American fln**t white, new. suady. C*.; dv
aid oulet. m*; American finest colored, a ew. Moanty. C**;
Sir •11. «<U«i- «*• «■- TAUU^'-Prlm* city firm. Mai
TrRPENTINB-Splrlta firm. its. ROSIJJ— mm.
li ■pKTROLEUU- 1 B«aa«d <jnl*t. •%«. UMSBBD OIL.
Trust Companies.
Stimvicr Resorts.
Open an th* «*ar.
Jlrepraof addition of tOO
Room* and baths.
■*• *■* cold m water ia private bath*.
' ■•' ' WALTER J. BU3BT.
M* i Open.
«• tho Baaeh. PLipNM.
fc—fcrtll !■.,
TUB LTZP3 oosipawt.
COMJ_ A .l*-^" C OK <*?■** FROST
Booklet and. Calendar on application.
LESS? & vtnntctm.
OwrlM * lB » «*• Ohm O»*a all IS* int.
. . Manager. rniUiat-
r. M. mono 686S <Imsmilj. CHAB. R. MTBRS. 6wn*r.
\t 1. 1 ntic City. X. J.
Beat Location on the Ocean Frosrt.
{ F. E. COOK 4t SON.
Telephone 78. BoraavdsvUlo. *
_ . ■ _^ TTin Open JSay SOth. 18CO.
Ceokli.T Office. Town and Country. 25» Poorth At«. I
Krea. A. Duermeyer. Prop. A. U Marsh. Mgr »
j Late Hot*! Pi. cesli.
RHODC isi^ixo.
s. V,-. A E. I. Mathswaaa. Osssn A Mgr*.
OPEN Saur-ay. JUNE 23d.
A magaineent modem Hotel tor tho** who Appre
date high class service and environments, sttuatad
dtrecti'y faring the ocean.
Improvements for 1306 .'ncluda a large number of
new bathrooms, surf bathing, no annoyance from
mosquitoes, excellent roads, good flstala*. Gait and
Pure water from Mathmrwn spring. Tetepnen^ la
every room, electric lights, orohsstra. Oflea la ■•Hi
of Morrison A Tbwnsend. New York Stock ahohasa*
Brokers. New York Ornco of the Uathewsoa. 1179
Broadway. 11 to 1:4»; take elevator ta third Caor.
The Malvcrn Hotel
Opens July 1. Send for booklet.
ERNEST O. CSOii, SJaaajer.
Care Th* Webster. 40 West 4«ta St.. K. Y.
K. C. 4WVIS. Her.
Booking Office 2. R. 43th et. Th* Lorrata*
water Depot. 10- W. B way Tel. «W1 ruiya.
Virginia Hot Springs
NEW tork OKFH X i4l nnH WE
W«trx», li.itfn, coteli ond wenrrj- nowhere e«nan.-A
Ri?caatl»:a. Root end n;r»<K2* d!?eas« cued. •l.' i •!*
hydrothetagsutlc apparatus, rafts* «v aarior §•>•«.
awbMßla* poo!. fin* ltvory aad outdoor ■asflansi «H3
SEW HOMCrrEAO. modem la th* etrlctait mm .- l
fall ■lilt by th* Mgbit. ela>«. *a ■Jin Hi— .lly -•
laost an year rsoad reostt Htsl M A*a*rtca> *- *«.-»■
«Se* wna «U?rt N. m. wUt,
The Chesapeake & Ohio Railway
allows 't;x>rer s« Ovtortsau Vju. en tSroosa tte'**<« 19 +
Clnclrraa Louisville. Chics <% El Lost) an 4Oi W»^.
6 SS trt? t* virrtnla Un llpl|i>
P«Uaj»ti cempartment car. *U Wa<Mrctea. ls^v«« K. T.
4^5 Pl ra.. errtve* 6;rl&?i fc:l> c. m^. Kw-a tli»x».
Exeomtta tickets »t C. i O. eSis*. id Craaj. w »y. czt*»
Pssna.lt m. and rwsila^Ha— .
mCO 6TE2OiT. »■—*>. net aartnsja. Ta.
York, by the grace of God free aad lr «-«-.-'.-
to Anal* Kirk Ealdlag. Harry Kirk. iTitiid* M.^^r"
Aiml* M McrVrran. Rudolf KlrkT Jessie^KlSf I^ttte
Kirk. Edith Kirk. Matilda Kirk. #ll| am kirk! AaalT T
Kirk. Daniel Kirk, known by adoption as Harold l*Uiie* :
Joaaattiae Kirk. Hsrry Kirk "1 - hm KSTthTSen:
and next ot kin of John If . Kirk. Cenaaed. wad swmU
lag: Whereas. Itllo M. lisMla>. irTists£cS£%r\-Z
York, has lately a»pU*d I* Us> f VnsMiifs Ourx of™
County of N*w YorV. to have a •sstaia InstnwoM %•%
wrltlag. daiod th» SMh day of Oetohor. tMa. roUMac «•
both real and iisranaal property, duly proved at Um'Wi
Will and Testament of son» M. Kirk. «M» of t|*CM*
ot New York. deceftsed: tMrsssts yea and *aeh etyoa
are cited* to appear before the s)Mr*aaato of oar ChsS
of New York, at bis «£iee la th* Cocaty af MaWISS
oa th* roth day of June, one thousand ate* hnalre4 «.- i
•la. at half-past toa •'otooh la «ao tavoaswa of that «\r.
then and there to attend tha at Bits ef th- ..tii ]„<'
Will and Tsi— l— « And *a*a of 703 a* M SUH
cited as ara aad*r tb* as* oC twoaty —a mm *-. »
«a!r;d to appear by your guardian. 1; you haw oa*. on
If you have aoa*. t*> iMiy aad apply- for mm ti S *«.!
pointed, or la th» event of your nasloet or falter. t-. V ■
so a guardian will b* aMotatoa by th* ■ un taNtV
rosoat and act for you la tho proeetUs?. ""^
la trsttmony wß«reof w* haj* canard tho soai of tho
•arrogat** Court of t!>» said Own «• MM
(9*al 1 York to bo hereunto a sated. witaaas nsa-
Frank T. rttaaaxaM. a Surrogat* of ou- sin
Coanty af New Torh. at aaM Cwanty. th* 2Stb car pi
Ar?n. la th* year of oar Lord •MtknsMi rir.-. .ilr«i
and als- VASIZU 3. M*rr

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