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Jan* 1' t0 consl<Ser the ouestlon of beginning «vl-
V- ds on the prcferrca stock.
•<Tfce iron Age" says:
th» lsrg* rail contracts recently reported for de-
J*rr In I&** 7 contra* with conditions in other fln-
J^ri lin«. where buyers as a rule show no eager
tf^ it is estimated that mooo tons of rails have
%St>een definitely closed for next year, and that
«**,* s<x\O«> ton* in addition will be carried over
»**?■. year. The Southern mill Is booked to
6*?, if*?, having recently «old a round tonnage
J tie' Southern Pacific. The forwardness of the
*°£1&* Is calculated to help counteract the hesl
'wwnshown by many consumers. In some quar
tt Vuiles organization*, long used to order books
!2fr4n UP months ahead of rollings, are not en-
IJliiv complacent under present conditions. The
° r^ ---v nit: '""on market is easy under continued
.?tir-h The machinery founders and moulders
■•2^ various centres Involved in strikes are evl
1B „ Mttlini; down to a test of endurance. Some
rte''-"- buying in the East and New England
Swc'that on dose co»i|>etition 25 cents a ton has
*2u oft recent prices. In the central Western
•mI-vs Vo I foundry has touched fl«. and on malle
'vi.h-jine!'?. In which some little inquiry appears.
■"tr, ha? t*<™ lion( A contract indicating how
siv steel rr.akinj: irons are being Swept up has
c mr<v by a small Shenango Valley furnace to
***» ifter «onft idieness. A Pitt»hurg steel com
***',• has taken the entire output for the second
p *iV Viraii I* hafi<- is finding its way Into Western
fc s •'• roundrv districts at plight concessions. An
«l!vr,ir* foundry i? about to close for 12.000 tons cf
5 thVrn Iron "and Eastern pipe foundries are
tS^'tYf 'market. The billet market is working
.« • rrV - condition, more steel being available.
15 wt bar? th« situation is more troublesome
Ir 'i rtfeet ratns are falling behind on their de
ft* ,
ftp following securities were Fold yesterday at
ftirm at the Exchange Salesroom by Adrian H.
Vu::er& Son:
By order at exe.-utors.
- M Ea!*im>re ft Ohio Railroad. Plttsburß Junc
•»•'" tton A MkM!-* Division, 3', per cent bond*.
<Juf lyS) 1 couj.-.ns May ar.'l November 90H
«» sharpy IVople's Trust Cttini«ny *****
\uo i *■,*• i" W. Bliss Company common 1*O\«
* ' By order of administrators.
a stares. Central Trust Company 2.12.">*4
•M sharf" Tern Kxchariße Benk 3.V>'»
&> shares Azte. I^n: atii Caitiff Company.
* Ltd 1"" s^arM West £n<i 1-and Company
cf ia«sachusetts an<l To •» shares Glofter
■ Mining Company of Montana $410
By orilfr of trustee*
j-, fi-ar»sf i- ar »s ptieais Insurance Company of Brook
i.. r . . 3<i>H
t;(f«vi t*pe Fesr rc^»<-r Company first mortgage B
•*'" ive April 1. 1*33: O«o
i*t l»0«. courjors on 67 H
HIM./1 Pear Power (■•'rrr-nny first m.«rts;«te C
m '- .percent gold Ix.ikJe. sue April 1, IH.W. O*t«-
Wt V.t'.'t. coupons on &~> 'i
15 sliaVai Klßgc < kmnty Trust CSnmpsny 450U
id, shar^f Pnenlx Insurarcp Company of Brook
j^^ - -3M4®3P4 «
25 stare* r»op!e"s Surety <".->mpaTiy 13"
•» sharM :A'rv«rs" Mortgage Insurance <Ar>m
pa'rr - - ls>o
«18,« i. New rerk Weighing Bswas ana Coalinsr
•^ " o>mr»ny first n ■•rue sinking fund 5 i«*.t
cen: (tola !vmi<ss. due January, \i<:'2: July.
l!* 4 coupons on; 10t . . . .• $.">
KiOshj!*? N*» York Welching Barge anil Coal
ms OMnj<aay : l>»t $•'
50 Ehar'f bell A Bipart Soap <V>mrany; 10t.... $100
6rt Ehar»? American Dlectric Securities Com
trn\; x- t share $ 25
SftO fhares Autcmatlc Poa! and Weighing Bargw
OMBranr : r* r share J2i»
Jf» sfcarv? Clark Automatic Scales Company;
let *1«
"^» shsi« 11. lv-har:?' Ke.rlgpratlng; Company of
N>t Jersey; *l.>f> each 60
lfo*hare? Aitifricin Kxprc?? Cbmpany: $100
eacn 2»»
Q,uot.at!r,ne for regular at the 11 a. m. and 1:45
p. m. n« j-estefday compare -with the firal prices
of Tuesday a- e lows:
Second call
First call. Second call. Tuesday.
'rtsh llfi WITSIS ««» ® — 9 -— -
v. v If.vvs lfi«.-t >1« 509516 m $|r, »islslo 75
jni. ■ lrtfiii-5 I*7o lrt6OS> Ifi7s I6«O6 16 75
,~(z Mtiffi '.«7:> !«<•/»« 1«75 .Vxfi 16 M
Ic-it^"'. -■■'. i«SO t«2.*.«} MS* 10009 io">o
-i. Quotations for Ftandard foundry at the 11 a. m.
' tr l:tt p. m. rails yesterday compare with final
C pripfF of Tuesday as follows:
Second call
,* r!r»t <"a*l. Second call. Tuesday.
w |v .fl7«»@sl7 75 $17 <«VJ?sl7 75 $17 o(Vgsl7 "S
j un< . ' IT < r.-a 17 75 17 »•« 17 75 riOOfi 17 75
' July ' 17<>ft5 17 73 17 Ode 17 75 17 o*3 17 7.-.
Oc-jjtxr 17 2-*t ashei ■7 2.1 a.»k<=-l 16 .V» lid
-. International Nickel Company reports for
the fiscal year ended March SI. 13C6. as compared
»■ I*s:
1408 1905. Changes.
t»rr.iT!c». F.riT mn'c.
s»^|. rxp.. r^pr*.. «c.s;.<Xir..W3 (1.430.352 lnf.sCC4.tai
Ixt-Tdt-.lon fur.j 147.0tX> 144.467 Inc. 2,333
Bi^an. - ..-<»•: J1.285.715 [n W&i.2B«
' Otbtr facotr.e . M.737 3.723 Inc. 8.014
7ot»l ir,<^Tr:« ■ . .• - 74" 51.259.438 lnc.fdvC.lo2
«•■•'■..■•• expHtsec 8H.3M7 lIB.OSI Dec. 18.874
Nn ir.oon-,» Si -:....-■.-! 171.357 1nc. 5687,176
In;fr*-n b^ndeHl d«-l>t... *'.*■;.'.*»> 803.353 Dec. T,.Zn.\
Purprag . . $1.3W.«5.1 $!V>.O!il Inc.sm»2,s3'J
DifJ3end« :•<.::■.■:> In-. 2C7.:;r.l
_SorplßS |1 •-.' 872 Sfles.oM Inr.J42ri.l7S
Eir.au*. minerals-, etc.. 72,510 142.000 i>»o aa«so
Ta-.ht^ rurvlu* $1.050.7f12 VMM* mc *4f»4.'Av
E:r:klnf f-jn-1 T'«er\e... 9M.000 — Inc. 2*V.t"">
-nnsl sarrlus . . *7r,4.7rj ?:.•_"■■; 1nc.54»4.fi03
Prevlo-js plus .... . !»K7,«3<> 763.250 Inc. Z24.580
r Tntti! yunlus H. 742.594 11.388.344 In. |4&104<s
Deductions —
£Jj2?I mm * nM J41..'.44 $24.e54 In<". tu.fcSft
'■ li»fT«--latlon reserve ..*. «(V>.Oof> "' - — '— inc. -J7'...*.
I-I- -'ft-K-n tCSSTM «<V __ , nr . . W .,,. M
-^!W*lirV JCtlOnf 1641.544 $301,714 1ne.5339.853
. frt.it and loss mrr'.u*. 3.1t».54S 957.C30 Inc. 113.21S
Speculation in outside «<?ouritlfs v.as apaln rather
l:sti<-!>p. Prices 11 the opening were Inclined to
rea(!infss. but toward midday arable weak-
Ctfs O'wloped undf r increas«l llfng pressure, and
«hi:*. the losses in Fpof«= were- isnrhat severe, the
general declines wore little more than fractional.
Interest centred largely In Chicago Subway and
ilarkay rnrriinon. although some attention was
.'. tfven to h few of the mining: share*. Chicago Bub
!^ « ty. ifter •• firm opening, broke badly on felling
. . tr traders, who found few supporting orders; after
t . declining over 3 point*, it rallied almost as quickly
• .^* Mickay common opened firm, but fell I^4.
. EiarKjard Oil "'as lowa about 2 points. Marine and
Cm issues were neglrcted. Consolidated Etefrlger
, ttir * vies BllchtJy Meter. Bethlehem Steel shares
*■■•- dull and somewhat irregular. Writing Paper
»s/ down »;. In the mining group United Copper
!! r off 2 prtntt. but later recovered more than half.
»evafla Consolidated was off y,. and Utah Copper
*• Green* and British Columbia were slightly
««-er. Tennessee Copper fell a point, while frac
tional recessions took place elsewhere in this list.
"bond*. International Bait 5s were off 2 points;
iWaware & Hudson 4e were steady.
§j *$» ! I Open- i High- I Low- | Last
t . J6J 6 ' 2 -^ I ing. ! cat. i esc I tale.
ta. ■ w^ln« P pf7] X>%\ 35 %1 -J6\i\ SStt
oOOßeth ste*-l Corp.. 27 ] 27 « , 27
JJ * prel . .... 601 00 00 ; 90
l«Ccr, Refrigerator.. « 6 « , «
*&■ 0-j^gcr.h K«p Co. 2SO i 280 280 ■ 2SO
«• ? iv Tobacco pf.. 83 I 83 «3 , 83
JWjat JJer Mar pf.. 31 SI 31 81
.** Inter Bait i 84%- 34% 34% 84 "4
iZ "'•«)■ ''-it 1 74\: 75 73% 74' A
,** J , ■ Pr«f 78% »74 73^» 73^
a»Ma««Giui R3V< 155% M M »4
■ * ysi a Powder.. 160 ' ISO i 100 ! 150
JO s:r«»r Itfg I 630 630 630 1 680
- «i? Standard Oil j 617% 61^4 ■ 617 619H
£* ' Cigar Sir* pf. . 98 1*:1 *: 68W &6H 0&H
Ftper a Pulp.. «5 2% gfr 2hj
*- •
s^S*! ~~~ I Open- j High- I Low- I Last
Zj!_____ I Ing. 1 est. ! est. I sale.
.^WCttea** Subway..! BSwl Wtl MV»i Bo
5& 1 I Open- | High- ! Low- I tost
g»-J 1 ing ! tit I etc. I sals.
**> BailakaJa. M1n.... 14H 14H 14W 14H
JSO Boston Copper... ( 24% 84% ; S4*4 24H
l J«Brtt Col Copper... 7* 7% 7? 7H
£»«§?? 1 St '22 83 V4 83
2*»iCopper 6<m ...... 84% B*«i BtH 14H
J* Ctur.b-EUy Mln T 7 T 7
1.1% Four Aoes 44 «4 44 44
J*» Furaaee CWi O>p. 4% 4H 4 4H
Upo.OoW Hill V\ 8 4% VJk
.f^Grar.b, ry>nsol.... It* 12% |M 12%
tf«tOree«i Cop. - •» s T «T% *?>
•tO4r«* M Gold _.. ii= »w »i; i»
J*J- Ti,. i. Bell ......f if f «Uf » I l*%
l^Mlcmac Oold i«n 4%i 4% 4% 4J4
*^'M:V, Sectiritlas. . »-«2 0-l« J4 H
If' Mitchell Mlo 7% 7*4 TH 7%
,«?ll*HO«IMr. i«i* MV i«H ten
'■*2>'«v*ea <»n cop.. « 4 Hi 17%
,f»>OofiTemn. 17U X7H 17J 174
l<«0 Nev i;tah UaV * <U 4«4 Stt «
2jv. NjpiMiß, Mm co. A3 vi afi «*
*JwfFrefilsus Met Cor. i 4 ■ 4 4 4
-J*'.T«n Osr|.V O> : 44* 44« 4»Ji 4»H
"■?S; UBl ««a copp»r ... «4 e4 «2 «ti
loo'utsji ap*»VT..... 2i 3i 3i a
«*iuuj. oSwr ::::: &« ss« a 2»2
_ , I J Open- J High- I Low- I Last
Bales. I I Ing, f est. I est. I sale.
SS.OOOICent Fdy 6s flit.; WH W>H • 80H ! ■ sou
78.000 P& H 4s. 60% pd ; 107* lOSH 107* 107H
28.500! Inter Salt 5s rts •«» 04 « 4 *
10.000 Pen ■»'* notes... ItOHl 09H 09*4 filIU
s.ooo l.Standard. Standard Mill ss. j 81 Vi Rl>4! Rl>» RIV
4.000 IWElaw wI A lnt 08K1 08UI 08H CSU
•Odd lots. • ~ ~*~~~ •
(Furnished by William E. Nichols & Co.. No. 16 Wall st.)
Bid. Asked. I . Bid. Asked.
American Can.. 74 8 | Oranby Copper. .. 12% 18
do pref 62 624 Havana Tobacco. 25 26
Am De P com.. 06 100 ; do pref .... 34 37
do combined.. 44 r.14 Inter M< r Marine 11% 12
Am Tobacco 480 495 | do pref 3© » 3Ui
Bay State Gas.. 5-16 H Int Silver deb to. 86 91
Beth Steel Co.. 26S 274 lnterb Rap Tr...227 232
do pref 864, JO i Lord A Taylor... 130
Borden's C M. . . 17« 175 : do pref 99 102
do pref 115 — I Mackay 73* 74>4
Boston C Copper 24'» 25 do pref 73 73',
Brit Col Copper. 7% 7%]U . H Cons ... 6-16 %
Cent Foundry... 4 6 ; Nevada Cons 17^ 17 7 »
do pref 20 23 | N V Trans 7 TH
Chic Subway ... 56 564 Otis Elevator ... 54 58
Copper Pec 34 3 «i s do pr f OH 102
Con Kefrig 5 SV«( Royal Raking P. 145 160
Dom Copper ... 14 6-1* do pref 110 112
Electric 80at... 16 22 ITenn Copper . . 434 45
_ao pref 70 7.'. Union Copper 1% lv»
Electric Vehicle. 16 22 Unit "d Copper. ... C3U 64
_ d « JRJHI is 22 ' da j, rc f 00 " 100
Gold Hill Cop... 3 Utah Copper 25»i 26%
Greene <on Cop. 27% 27 V X Copper H H
Greene Con Gold 3% 3% I do pref 1* l£
Greene Silver... 24 2V
burnished by William K. Nichols & Co.. No. 15 Wall st.)
; -. Bid. Asked. I Bid. Asked.
Am Brass lir. — | J B Stetson 300 —
Am Chicle 170 17«5 j do prof 185 165
do pref 103 105 i Lens Slonotype. . .14 15
Am La F E Co. 20 80 Maine PS 17 20
do pref 70 SO ', Old Dominion 118 128
Am Press Amso. 1)8 102 I" Bess & L E... 68 72
Am Sch Furnlt. 3 4 ; Pope Manfg 4 6U
Ad « «« 70 76 | do Ist pref 6* 69
Am Soda 1 3 , do 2(1 prrf 15 17
do Ist pref -60 56 Pratt & Whit pf.lCO 106
.do id pref.... 5 8 (Proctor & Gorn..37S 390
Am Thread pf.. 4 4V do prei 205 210
Am Typefdrs"... 35 38 Railway Auto 1 4
do pref 00 ltO . i do pref 10 18
Am Writ P pf.. 26 28 Safety c H fit L.275 300
.do Ss 83% R4 l . Securities Co 45.. C2U CB^
Auto Heat f... 88 02 j Simp Craw C 0... 27 40
Celluloid. ISB 142 Pinter Mfg C 0.. .510 650
Cent Fireworks. 14 *> Stand Coupler 40 44
do rref m 71 Stand Mill C 0... 10 12>§
Chesebroufth ...440 4W> do pref 35 40
Con Rub Tire 4s 23 30 { dof.R 80 82
J 1 l i w Co pf . 62 87 1 Trenton Pottery.. 16 20
_ d <» Bs 10014 1014 do pref 35 40
Eastern 9 8.... «0 — | do ctf.« 75 80
Empire Steel.... 6 8 | Trow Directory. . 45 56
do pref.. ... 35 42 • L'n Bank N C0rp. 372 840
Oorham pref.... 130 135 do prof 50 53
«»» P'RJJ" 1 ilo 104 m Typewriter! . .97 9tt
5 H n»mn 10» 115 do Ist pref.... "tan 12«
H»tr Hnll-M ... 30 40 do 2d pref . . . .*123 125
Inter Elevating. C.*» J«) v 8 Envelope.... 22<4 —
inter Salt 34* i 3514 do pref.." 881* 91
. «♦» •.« ■ 68 I Worth Pump pf.. 115 120
Iron Steamboat. 1 2 |
•Ex dividend.
(Furnished by William E. Nichols & Co., No. IB Wall st.)
Bid. Asked. j Bid. Asked.
Am Lt &Tr 115 118 |n Am Con 5s 101 105
do pref 100 101 NH G stock 47 SO
Cent D Gas s*. .10) 108 jnY& Qs> L&P 58 65
Col Gas Co 55.. 90 94 I do pref.. . 70 80
I) G E Ist C sa. 92\i 95 NY & Rich 30 35
do stock 50 81 | Nor I' Ist 5s . lf>o 104
E<j Ist Con 55.. 114 118 Ohio A I G 65... 25 30
Ft W Gas Co 81 43 47 do stories . . 3>,i 6
GROLCo r.s»101 103 Standard 125 134
lnd Gas 5s 100 103 I do pref 150 190
do stock 67 72 do 6s 109 1 12
L&W V<! BS. 35 40 Syracuse 5s 101 103H
Mutual Co.. 210 240 Igi Joe c, 585 8 »98 109
N V & E River iSt Paul Gas 55.. t>9 100
do Ist Ss 1! ( 44 If*" 111 West** Lt e 55... 108 ICS
do con 5s 105 107 I
•And Interest.
(Furnished by Jr>?r r Walker & Sons. No. 20 Broad str*»t.)
Bid. Asked. | ■ Bid Asked.
Air. * Pusq 240 — Grand River Vy.120 —
Alb & Vermont. ta — i Green 14« i —
Ail«»rli & West.. 145 — J Hart * Conn W. 49 51
Am Tel & Cable 80 — ! 11l ' Vnt L Line.. 100 104
At &C A Line 1*) — j.lollet & Chic 183 I*7l*
Auk & Pay 112 -- !L S X R It & C.123 —
Avon G * Mt M B4 — | 1-. .v Mo Riv pf.170 —
Beech Creek I<»' — I l»well & And 23') —
Berkshire 170% 176 I Mahon Coal v.-l' I*l1 * 1 110
Bleeck S & F i". 30 .".3 I Mine H & 8 H..153
Bost & Albany.. 2s4 258 Morris & Essex, .187 190
Bost Si Lowell.. — I N H «h & I>ecatur.l9o 105
B& N V A L pf.iix; — i Nashua & L 011.. .240 —
Bost & Prov.. .310 — IN J Trans Co . 260 —
Bway a 7th Ay.230 — IN V * Harlem.. Bßo 300
Brooklyn ilty. . .225 — NY 1. & W 128 188
Cam 4BH R. 150 — i Ninth Aye 199 200
Caiaw Ist pf...H5 — North Carolina.. .175 —
do id p|»f .-..V. 11S — Si RHof N 11.. 150 —
Cayogi & Susq.22o — XRH of N J... 94 99
<■ pN& XR. ..19>l — North Perm — 210
Cliat'chee A G..110 — Northwest Tel. ..115
Ch & E 111 ctfs.l«B 188 Norf & W pf....228 230
do rref 125 132 Ogdea Mine 0.". —
Chris A 10th St. 175 I*B ! Old Colony 208 211
Cleve & P1tt!=...176 I*1 '* Oswego & Syra..22O —
Col & Xfn1a....217 — Pat & Hud Riv 100 —
Caw Union Me. 115 — j Fac & At Te1.... 7"i >>2
Concord & lton.lßo — Rat & Ramapo.. .190 —
Cone & P0rt5... 200 — iPeorla.-* Vy..lw —
C & I'ass pf l <-'< — •< -Phil: -.& ■TrPDtnn. -285 —
Conn River . 2R5 — ! Pitts>:» * L X.. S4 3. 'A
Day & Mich pf. 208 . — I . so pre* ....70 75
Del AVA 8rk..200 — I Pitts Ft W & C.170 ISO
Det Hills &8. 109 1"6 I do special 175 181
Erf' P*nn 142 150 ! pitta McX AY. .132^4 —
East Mahanoy.. 45 — I Prov & Wore 300 —
Eighth Aye... 395 4«4 I R^n^« & Sara 203 2"9
Elm & William. 103 — | Ro<-h & Gen Vy. .140 145
do pr«f 155 - IRW&O 12S 133
Eli- & Kala!n..2T.l 2^5 j Second Avenue. . .2<>4 207
Krle & Pitts 153 lfi2V4. Sixth Avenue .... 172 175U
Fitchburjt prei.. 142 144 1 South AAt Tel.. —
Ft \v *• J pf...ir.5 — Southwest R R US 120
42d Ft & G 5t V 380 40.% ' Twenty third St.MS —
Franklin Tel... 41 — CKJ R« * C.200 26«
GCM & Stk Tel. 115 — irttcn. X- Blk Rtv.lfiO —
Ga it p. & B C0.2f10 270 i ftica c& 5 Vy.lM 160
GoFhen & Dec.. 40 -. jUiica din & 8. . .0 —
(Reported by Clinton Gilbert. No. 2 Wall street.)
Bid Asked.il Bid. Asked.
America .. 515 540 i Lincoln ....... 1 ,500 1.700
Am Exchange. 250 25(5 t Manhattan Co. . 215 MB
A^or National 690 7-V j Market A Ful. . 285 275
jEtna National 2--5 215 Metropolis. ;- 400
Dk of Discount 150 — I Mechanics .... 2. i 280
Battery Park.. - 135 I Mech *.- Trad . . 105 175
Battery lark.. 320 33b | Mercantile 24."» 255
Butch , brov! 170 ISO Metropolitan .. 107 177
/>.i - ' Vat 280 — Merchants .... 100 lio
roSiofldated '.'. l«» 170 Merchants" Ex. 170 iso
CentGry M " 175 185 Mount Morris.. 225 240
cf^Lo * 700 — Mutual 800 —
Chatham SOO 310 Nassau 202 212
Ch^loS : : : : A.™ 4.2.0 New Am Nat . . 400 425
Cit cent Nat.. .34 g t N^B I A ...^JW 3J>
rhel.M'F«ch' IPO ■ — NY Nat Kxch . 2<>s 210
Flf,, National . 700 T» , Park - 400
Kit Bl i i
Pfll Bil I g
rlrnVid — «'-° 1 Seaboard 3«5 —
55 165 Second 700 -
n ,a ElCh : -V« = ™- fourth Si I '^ -
T^erhoroSrh' ' ' I - U 8 Exchange. ! g 130
rlT.»rhr,rouen 155 !»» U S Exchange. . 125 130
I?vfnr •••' SS 280 ' Washington Ht« 225 -
Jefferson 20S 215 West Side «00 —
ÜbVrty " • »*» 520 I Torkvllle 400 —
(Reported by Zlmmermann Noa. » and 11
I cent. I Bid. \ Asked.
German Consols «■ | 100* W
German Consols « ,°*J .$*
Bavarian Government 4 100 V, 101
Hessian Oovemment |V 4 09 98%
Saxony Government.. | g'Vfc oi-»
Hamburg Government S »' I »•*
Oty of Cologae * \fW> j™»
City of u7to»Ma ! n.-: U J«> }g3
M'eiic^Gre^ment-doii:: 6 A .Ig*
Russian Government 4 »a £*
French Rentes » w* . f^J
British Consols 3^ 89* I 89%
(Furnished by R- U Day A Co.. No. 8 Nassau street.)
May 22 May 28. ! May 2. May 23.
Arcadian . Shi 3"* ! Un Bho* Mach pf »0H 30
BostA Albany. »253 253 Atlantic Mtn. .... 18 13H
Boston E1ev....«1544 163 Shannon Mi ln 8% BJ4
Rotten Coal . 24V4 24«4 ! Blngham M1n.... 85 84H
C J RA US T«IM »1«8 Cal A H«cl» M..700 703J4
Siinby Mln .... 12T, — Centennial Mln. . 24 23J4
rltchbursf pr«f . 139 189 Copper Range M. 7*4 76«
NYNHAH.I97 197 Franklin M1n .... 17H 17%
Old Colony ".'205 208 Mass Con Mln... 8 8
r^Tuin:::*s lot
k2w Kn**Tei "187 187 Wolverine Mln... 183
W WAT 6b 18 » n B Mlnln* B7H 67U
do lnt .90 00 ÜBOII 12 122
w 2 d S> i ?:::C S M r^:::::::: : S» 5«
An. nr*' . 6S c 5 QO TtTUT ...••«.■ Oft — ■
»om ftSojk M' 80H •*! Utah «Hi 61*
Cn Shoe slaab.. 79 7*
{Farolsbed by Van Behalek * Co.. Na 7 Wall stint.)
Bid- Asked. Bid. Asket
Ufcltad Railway. II — Csrtton Dark.. JO* 12
do Incomes "2Si 74 do Inoomes 88 88
So 4, 02 92% Norf Ry A L 6s. 99H 100
G B A 6 V T. . . OH M Us Power prcf . 40 —
do incomes.... CSV 4 86 do 4"«. — 06
do lets «ia',i <M Chas Cfty Ily Bs.lO0«; 107 V&
Seaboard ....... 20 29* Chas Con El*o 6s 93"2 96
do Ist pref.... — til Cont Trust 197 200
do 3d praf... C6H M Unlrn Trust — «8
do it... 87Vi 87% Third Nat Bank.. 128 188
do lA-year C«.:MK 101<{ Fidelity A U«p..l|« 140
Ooraol Oa*. — S4 Maryiaod Trust.. lli US
*« OS** e•• • ~106V» 107 (
of tbs
Not ca I. hereby given that pursuant to ths
provisions of chapter 147 of th. law. of 1003
and chapter 802 of the laws of 1908. sealed
Proposals will be received at the offlc* of tha
«atecornptroll 9 r. in he city of Albany, until
Thursday. June 14. 1000. a, twelve o'clock n£m
of that day. for the purchase m whole or In
part of
One Million Dollars in Bonds
to be issued by the people of the State of New
York, in either registered or coupon form at
the option of the purchaser, bearing interest at
the rate of three per cent per annum from
January 1. 1006, payable «em!-annually on th«
first days of January and July of each year
and the principal payable on the first day of
January in the year 1!«6. Principal and In
terest payable In (told coin of the United
States or America, of the present standard of
weight and Oneness, at the Bank of the Man
hattan Company in the city of New York.
Coupon bonds will be issued In the denom
ination of One Thousand Dollars and regis
tered bond* In denominations of One Thousand
and 1 Ten Thousand Dollars.
A finking fund Is established by law for th*
extinguishment of the Indebtedness created by
the sale of the aforesaid bonds and for th«
payment of the Interest thereon as the earns
become due.
The Bonds are exempt from taxation.
No proposal will ba accepted for less than
the par value of th« bonds nor unless accom
panied by a deposit of money or by a certified
cheek or bank draft upon a bank or trust
company of the city of Albany or New York.
payable to the order of the Comptroller of the.
State of New York, for at least two per cent
of the par value of the. bonds bid" for.
All proposals, together with the security
deposit*, must be sealed and endorsed "Loan
for Canal Improvement" and inclosed In a
sealed envelope directed to the "Comptroller
of the Rate of New York. Albany."
The successful bidder or bidders will be re
quired to pay for the bonds, on the acceptance
of the proposal, by deposit In the bank of the
Manhattan Company in the City of New York
to the credit of "Treasurer of the State of
New York on account of the Canal Fund," of
the amount of the award, together with pre
mium and accrued Interest from January 1.
1006. less the amount of the deposit of such
successful bidder or bidders which will be ap
plied toward the payment for the bonds. All
other deposits will be returned by mail to th*
respective bidders within three days after the
bonds have been awarded, unless different ln-
Btructl.ir.s to the comptroller as to the return
of the deposit are duly given.
The comptroller reserves the right to re
ject any or all bids which are not In his
opinion advantageous to the interests of th*
State Comptroller's Office.
Albany, N. Y.
May 17, 1906.
The Wall Street Journal
has th? largest
circulation of any
American Financial Dally
THE FIRST NATIONAL, BANK, located at MeCumber.
In the State of North Dakota, is closing its affairs. All
rote holders and other creditors of th» association, are
therefore hereby notified to present the notes and other
claims for payment.
F. E. WOOL*. Cashier.
Dated MeCumber. N. D.. May Ist. IPO6.
(Fumlihed by J. Thomas Relnhardt. No. 13 Wall street.)
Bid. AskeL
•American Dock & Imp Co 6s. 1921. Jft J 112 V —
Bergen Turnpike Co Ist 6*. 1051. J A J.... 100 103
Brunswick Traction Co Tis. 1»46 1>7% —
Camden & Trenton Hy Ist 6». I*2o. M* N 100 101 ft
do gen Bb. lU3I. J A J »0 M
Camcen Suburban Ky 6». 1H46 106 —
Central Electric Co of N J Ist fix. 1946. JAJ. 95 100
Citizens' Electric Co Ist Bs, iul&, M & X V 6 —
Con«Ql Traction Co of N J Ist fis. 1083. J ft V. 1064 10714
Consumers' Light. H & P Co ss. 1935. J ft J. .-10» —
Edlscn El 111 Co (Paterson> Ist 6s. 1912, J & J..100 —
do *ren sb. 102T». J A D. 107 —
Etiz. I'l & '<■". Jersey Hy Ist ss. 1960. J 4 r> . . »7 99
Elii:al..-!h & Rarltan Street Ry Ren fit. 1964 93 100
Gas & Elec Co of Bergen Co Ist 6b. 1049. J & 102 —
do os. 1954. MAN 00 96
Hack*nsa<-k Water Co Ist 4s. 1052. J & .1 03 94
Hohoken Kerry Co Ist can ss. lMfi. M & N...109 —
Hoboken Land & Imp Co is, 1910. M «• N 102 —
Hudson County Gas Co Ist Bs, 1049. MAN* ... .106 107
Jersey City Electric Light Co «-. l»06 105 —
Jersey City. Hob &PRy Co 4s. lJUft. Mft N. . 74 75
Jersey City & Ber* R R lnt 4 Vis. 1»43. J A J...103 —
•L«hish Valley Terminal o*. A & 0 110 —
•Long Dock. Erie R R «». 1936, A ft 0 ISO —
Middlesex & Somerset Traction 5». 1930 87Vi 100
•Midland RR cf New Jersey fis. A A 0 108% —
•Morris & Essex Ist 7s. 1914. MAN 119 Vi —
do con 7«. 1915. J A D 126 V» —
NmarU Con (las Co Ist 5«, 194<". J A D lOOV* 110%
Newark Gas Co Ist 6s. 1944 Q—J US —
Newark Pass X R con ss. 1030, J ft J no** HIM
New Brans Light. Heat ft Power Co 4s, 1930. . 80 —
•New Jersey A N T R R 6«. 1910. MAN 100 _
New Jerse/ Zinc Co Ist 4« 1926. A* 0 03 100
•N V & Greenwood Lake Ss 1944. MAN.. . 115 —
N V ft Hoboken Terv Co pi Bs. 1946, J A D..IOTH 108*
•N YA X J Ferry C, 2d Of. lIWI. JA J .-. 100 104
N V A N J Telephone Co Is-. 6». 19*^. M A N. .110 —
NYA N J Water Co Ik 6s, 1920. FA A 99 100
N V Ruth A Sub Oas d con «s 1011. MA 6 104 109
•N V Bus A Wester-* Term ss. 1948. Mft N. .114\ 118*4
North Hudson Co Rr let 0s 1911. J A J..., 113 113$
do con ss, 1828. J A J lOS —
do ext Bs. 1924. MA V ioa 100
North Hudson 1, H A P Co Ba. 1968. A A O. „.109 -
North Jersey fit Ry 4s. 1948. MAN . .- TTH 7SH
Orange A Passalc Val Ist r>s. !»38. J A D 96 9T
Passat UK>it>ne Co Ist 6s. 102.'. MAN ...... .103 107
do 2<i Bs. 1908 „...100 —
Passaic Water Co Ist 4* 1920, Aft 0 99H —
do «en Bs. 1937. J A J .107 —
Panaalc Gas Liaht Co let *s. 1923 no 111
Paterson Railway Co lit «s. 1«pO8. J A t> 107 —
Patercon City Railway Co Ist 6s. 1907. P A .104 —
do eon 6s, 1931. J A D US —
Paterson Electric IJfht Co Ist fin. 1008 108% —
Peterson Gas Light Co Ist 6s. 1906 100 —
do 2d «s. A A 0 100 —
Paterson & Pas Gen Elec Co con Bs. MA 8. . 103 108
Plalnfleld Ga« & dec Co Ist 6s. 1911, J A J 103 —
do gen 6s. 1940. A A O ioj —
Plalnfleld Ptreet Ry Co Ist 6s. 1022. .T A J lid —
Public Service Corporation certificate* TO Tl
do 6 per cent notes. 1909 94 (A
Rapid Transit Street Railway r.s. 1921 . . . 109 110
Rutherford A B 9 Gas Co Ist 6s. 1911. MAS 108 —
Somerset Llirhtln* Co Ist flu. 1086. r* A A . M —
Somerset, Union A Mid LCo is. 1943. J A D. .. 76 —
8 Jersey Oas EAT Co Ist Bs. 1983. MAS 101 103
Trenton Gas A dec Co Ist Ss. 1949. M A S 108% 100^4
Trenton Passenger Ry Ist 6s 19911, A ft O 120 —
Trenton St Ry Co Ist con Ss. 1088. J A J l«l —
United Elec Co of N J Ist is. 1019. J * D 71 TS
■Flat price Quotations.
Celluloid Comoenv 183 —
Consolidated Traction Company of New Jersey. 80 SI
Joseph Dlxon Cruclhl* Company 800 —
Essex A Hudson Gas Company 117 129.
Gas A EHectric Company of Bergen County 118 60
Hackensack Water Company common ...175 —
do preferred 178 200
Hudson County Oas Company 100 —
Jersey City, Hoboken A Paterson Railway C 0... 28 —
P. Lorlllard preferred 145 153
New Brunswick Light. Heat A Power Co 60 —
New Jersey Zinc Company 423 —
North Jersey Street Railway Company 2H —
Paterson ft Passalo Oas A Electric Co TO 78
Publlo Service Corporation 113 120
Rapid Transit Street Railway Company 290 260
Somerset, Union A Middlesex T.lB-htin* Co SO •—
South Jersey Gas. Electric A Traction Co 196 128
Binder Manufacturing Company 026 840
•Standard CM! Company «17 620
United Electric Company of New Jersey 40 —
•Ex dlTtdend.
Bid Asked. Bid. ASked.
Bklyn F stock.. 8 NY A T C 65. 164 10S
Bob Psr tot os. 107 100 10A2S tTlnrNn j*
do stock 93 100 M«NJIm|DiV Cl
V TABRFstk 67 70 UV of NTAB 23 »
1906. IPOS. ■ t*g*4— _
Month of April fß.U».<ns M.868 7*l ff-JfJjS
July Ito April BO S.MD.9TO 4&0M.M8 43,118,103
cGKTiuii or new nsumr.
Month of April— — «, i«f» arm
Otv«a earnlnca $1,833,248 $l.a«.lBB <»gg-K5
Excuses ..7V7 *JQa6.671 1.016.968 1.6W."*
• Nst earnlsn Wi6.677 9041.171 **9Z]f
lUn'WU. adSs * Imps 8».7W «0.6f1» •*■*«»
aalaaes «..^..~isajs IMOvsl* •«•»-«
Bank Statements.
ERBOCKER TRUST COMPANY at the close of busi
ngs on the i«th day of May. 190«.
Bonds and Mortgages $3,911,043 «5
Amount of stock and bond investments (mar
ket value. $5,323,000 SS>. book \-alu# 5.221.672 «4
Amount loaned on collaterals 4G.545.002 18
Other loans. Including bills purchased 1.849.776 "6
(Amount due from directors. Included In
rw _ j«m* 3 »nd 4. $189.334 50.)
Overdrafts 10.07704
»ue from banks, bankers and brokers 7.«6051
.1 state: Banking house. $025.000 00;
other real estate. KKS.OOO 00. 1.280.000 00
t ash on deposit in banks or other moneyed
Institutions 8.909.011 05
f?«cl» 4.527.65201
it. .B. legal tender notes and notes of na
tional banks • 324.57000
Amount of Investments held as executor,
administrator, guardian, receiver, trustee,
committee, or as depositary of moneys de
posited on ordfr of the court, for which the
trust company Is liable because the sams
are not legal for savings banks, nor per
mitted In and by the respective instru
ments or words creating or denning the
trusts * „.... 61.20000
Amount of assets not Included under any of
the above heads viz. • '
Accrued Interest on books at date of this
report as an asset 39.00* 10
Interest in Real Estate Company formed
for purchase and leasing of Consolidated
Stock Exchange building 576,822 BS
*C 9.183.03(!. 183.03(! 12
Accrued Interest not entered on books at date of this
report as an asset. 5i.0w.229 17.
Capital stcek paid in. In cash $1,000,000 00
Surplus on book value (less current expenses
and taxes paid) 2.828.068 40
(.Surplus on market value. $2,820,403 88:
surplus after charring and crediting; ac
crued Interest. $3,34r.;7«»f>9 )
Deposits subject to check (ex
cept as stated below), not
preferred {49.«31.«W 09
Certificates of deposit <not pre
ferred) Time. $0,300.78809;
Demand. $26,323 RS 6.417.117 (Ml
Amount due trust companies... 3.WW.744 03
Amount due banks and bankers 010.920 57
Preferred deposits, viz.:
TVie savings banks 2.311.065 10
Due savings and loan associa
tions 73.502 79
Due as executor, adminiMra- •
tor. guardian. receiver,
trustee, committee or de
positary 184.08888
Deposits Treasurer State of
New Tork. preferred be
cause of pledge of part of
trurt company assets 250.000 00
63,654.2.50 CO
Preferred liability on account cf Item No.
12 in resources 51.200 00
Other liabilities not Included under any of
the above heads, viz.:
I-npald dividends $500 00
Certified checks 503.74U 56
Reserved for taxas 24.29S 14
Accrued Interest entered on
books at date of this re
port as a liability 2C4.803 65
Subscriptions to Increased
Capital Stock 836.138 99
• 1.K3.459 34
~5a».1«.036 12
Accrued Interest not entered on books at date of this
report as a liability. $640,033 16.
Amount of debts guaranteed and liability thereon at
date of this report, none.
Total amount of deposits on) which Interest Is paid.
*CS.or>fi.o74 08; average rate of interest paid thereon.
State of New York. O>unty of New York. ss. :
C. T. RARJCKY. President, and J. M'LBAN WALTON.
Ami Fec'y. of Knickerbocker Trust Company, located
and doing business nt No. 858 Fifth Avenue, in the
Borough of Manhattan. City of New York, in said
county, being duly sworn, each for himself, says tha
foregoing- report, with the schedules accompanying the
same. Is true and correct in all respects. to the best of
his knowledge and belief, and they further say that the
usual business of said trust company has been transacted
at the location required by the banking law (Chap. «*!>.
Uvli of l*r>2>, and not elsewhere; and that the above
report Is made In compliance with an official notice re
ceived from the Superintendent of Banks, designating
th« 10th lay of May. 1006. as the day as of which such
report shall be made.
c. T. Barney, President.
3. MI.BAN WALTON, AS3t. See'y.
Severally subscribed and sworn to by both deponents,
the 22.1 day of May. 1006. before me. O. R. JITD.
[Seal of Notary.] Notary Public.
at the close of business on the 16th day of May. 1000.
Bonds and mortgages «4.419.000 00
Amount of stock and bond investments (mar
ket value. $ book value 5. 701.591
Amount loaned on collateral* aa.658.17S 77
Other loan*. Including hills purchased 7,670.10863
Heal estate (Hanking house. $1.000.000) 1,000.00000
Cash on deposit in banks or other moneyed
Institutions 4.272,24118
V. 8. leiral tender notes and notes of national
banks (gold certificates; 1,000.000 00
««3.707.181 4©
Accrued Interest not entered on b<v>ks at
date of this report as an asset, $164,840 83.
Capital stock paid in. In cash 000. 008 00
Surplus on book value il«*«» current expenses
and. taxes paid) 13.574.5C7 18
(Surplus on market value. 913.&21.517 44; sur
plus after charging and crediting accrued
Interest, J12.877.878 R7.)
Deposits subject to check (except as stat->:
below), not preferred $17.504.88S T7
Certificates of deposit (not pre
ferr»d). time. $21.100.504 04.. 21 . 1O».5O4 04
Amount due trust companies . . . 3.*"t4.*7" 42
Amount due banks and bankers. 1.315 22
Preferred Deposits, vis. :
Due savings banks 2.5K6.873 39
Due »s ex«>cut«ir. adminis
trator, guardian, receiver,
trustee, committee or de
positary 2.071.190 63
Agency Accounts 823.867 37
■ 48.212.314 24
Other liabilities rot Included under any of
the abov# heads, viz. :
He.»erved for taxes and expenses 120.000 00
(03.707.181 40
Accrued Interest not entered on hooks at date
of this report as a liability. |IWI.K» 12.
Total amount of deposits on which interest if
paid. $47,004,971)23: average rate of interest
paid thereon. 2.02%.
Btatn of New York. County r>T New York, ss.:
EDWARD W. SHELDON. President, and IX>nS (J.
HAMPTON. Assistant Secretary of UNITED STATES
TRUST COMPANY Or NEW YORK, located and doinr
business at Nr». 45-17 Wall Street. In th? City of New
York. In paid County, being duly sworn, each for himself.
says the foregoing report, with the schedules accompany
ing the same. »s trua and correct In nil respects, to th«
best of h's knowledge and belief. »nd they further tay that
the usual business of said Trust Company has been trans
acted at the location required by th» Banking law (Chap.
<W7. Uw» of ISW2V and not elsewhere; and that the above
report Is made In compliance with an official noti ■<» re
ceived from the Superintendent of Hanks, designating th»
16th day of May, 1006. as the day as of which such report
shall be made.
EDWARD W. KHEM>ON. President.
1/>I'IS ft. HAMPTON, Assistant Secretary.
Severally subscribed and sworn to by both deponents.
the 22<j day cf May, 11W.. before m».
f Peal of Notary.] H. MACBRIDE. Notary Publ'c.
■'. '■'■ City and County of New York.
Charges and taxes 460,704 533.1&4 936.111
Surplus •J283.908 1327.335 $322. 85 a
July Ito April —
Gross earnings »ar».147.«31 (>l«.e»>.S»S $17.870. 7<W
Expenses 10.6M.4ea ». 701. 235 ».97:;.3»V4
Net earning 89.44P.1.1T M.S.V.mo t7.tßi,#>l
Rtn - »-ls. adna (•■ imps 1.411.473 1.3e0.597 M3.f102
Balance |B.«>'(7,iW4 57.4JW.043 $7.33f>.70»
Charges and taxes lAM.'HtI 4.711.302 4.6fi7.0»i»
Surplus 1.T8JV1.823 12.756.541 33,663.
Quarter ended March —
. 1006. , 1909. Changes
Gross earning* »133.«J)1 '$118,130 Inc. $35,562
Operating expenses... 120.781 107.239 Inc. 19.543
Net earnings $20,910 Jin.tKX) Inc. »lfi.oio
Other income 708 ew Inc. 19
Total Incorn* $27,413 $11,384 Inc. $lfto2o
Fixed charges 41.500 39.728 Inc. 1!773
Deficit " $13,887 123.144 Dee. $14,257
[By Telegraph to Th* Tribune.]
Chicago. May Wheat got a wetting down to
day and, in sporting parlance, the bulls got
"soaked" to the extent of Hie decline in the price of
May and lc In July and September. May corn closed
%c lower; July and September each %c down; May
lost about He of Its previous day's value. July «. 2 c to
%c and September He- The principal struggle In
the pit was over the September price. Provis
ions closed firm at about yesterday's final prices.
after acting heavily during the greater part of the
session. The bull spirit In the wheat market here
died out to-day on news of beneficial rains, break-
Ing the long drouth, and the sentiment became
strongly bearish. The result was a lowering of
prices, and trade was active, with liquidation of
long wheat. Local receipts were 3 cars, with 6
cars estimated for to-morrow.
After selling as low as Sl%o, July wheat closed at
ii%c to 83c.
The corn market was weak, In sympathy with
wheat, and started strongly bearish on Improve
ment in crop conditions. There wa* much liquida
tion at the start by local lone* and the demand
-was tame. Local receipt* were 893 cars, with 85$
can estimated (or to-morrow. Shipments hence
were 165,000 bushel*. May com opened at 4S>. : o
and sold oft to 48c. July sold from 47*0 to 474.0
off to «70. Owners! rains where badly needed for
oats gave thai market a downward tendency, made
more pronounced by the easier feeling in other
grains Local receipt* were 180 cars, with ill
cora estimated for to-morrow. Shipments hcao*
were 136.000 bushels, May toft oft at ante. July at
<3e end September at Slfec to fWic-
Provisions wore dull ami prices were & trifle
lower. The pit crowd were beartshly inclined.
July pork sold from 115 «Hso off to $15 «0; July
lard sold from JS t~M> to |i?r> to i» so and July
ribs soid from >» op to $9 02<-j off to the former
Hog receipts were ,000 head cad pries, at the
yards wara to lowan
Dividend Notices.
ferred Stock has been declared Payable July 2. 130*. to
stockholders of record at close of business June U.
1908. Transfer books will close June 15. 190«. and re
open July 2. 1908. Checks mailed.
E. W. HYDE. Secretary.
cent, on the common stock of this company has
this .lay been declared, payable June 20th next to all
common stockholders of record at 3 P. M. on June 15th.
l»0«. Common Stock Transfer Books will close at 3
P. M.. June 15th. and reopen Ju.-.e list at 10 A. M.
_ HENRY ROWLEY. Treasurer.
clared a semi-annual dividend of two per cent,
upon the, common stock of the Company, payable at
the office of 'the Company. Arcade Building. Philadel
phia. Pa., on and after June 15. 190S, to the common
stockholders as registered at the close of busir.es* May
-3. 1906. E. H. ALDEN. Secretary.
Hobokea. New Jersey. May 2Sd. 1904.
at the rate of Seven Per Cent 1 7 'r 1 per annu-n. and
an additional quarterly dividend at the rate of Two
Per Cent <2«'-> per annum, win be paid to the holders
of the Common Stock or this Company of record June
Ist. 15'"«. The transfer ok for the Common Stock
only will clos>e at 12 M. Saturday. May ;«tn, and re
open at 10 a. M. June I'd, 190<t.
MOSES ELY. Secretary.
Common Capital Stock- of the American (iraphorhone Oft
will If paid on June. 15, 1006, to Stockholders of record
June 1. »
By order of the Directors.
Financial Elections.
45 Wall St.. May 23. 190«.
and three Inspectors of the next ensuing election will
be held at the ones of tho Company, on the fifth day of
June next (the first Tuesday), between the hours of 12
M. and 1 P. M.
L. G. HAMPTON. Asst. s*eretiry.
— TO—
!1 ! & A 0 fl 00< * Going M a y|jyfi& £l^\
mlibnlm 29; Retornlne^PijJ
F* \I A till May 31. in- wV£
iALLu closiw * " "
ITHACA (Boat Race), food going May 28-29;
Returning till May 31 $6.10
ORESOO, PA., $4.20
pcgoho SUMMIT, pa., $4.75
A Special train will l»* ms Decoration Day,
lcnvln- TobThanna, Pa., at 7 P. M.. niopptasr
nt above mountain resorts and arriving New
York at 10:30 P. M.
A beauttftilly illustrated book, descriptive of these re
sorts and containing a list of hotels an] N-^ardlnjj houses
free, at following Lackawanna Railroad Ticket Offices:
330 Fnlton St. 106 Broadway.
14J>. 421». us::, ii;;i Broadway.
They Cannot Bum! They Cannot Sink!
All tickets Include admission to
th« greatest Amusement Enterprise in th» world.
Leaving Time from Pi<r 1. N. H. 2-M St.. N. R. foot
of 12ttn St.. X. X.. and Iron Pier, Coney Island, in next
Saturda] 's Newspapers.
STEAMER TURFS will make trips every day (ex
cept Monday* TO riSIIINC, RANKS. Leave K. 31st
St.. 7:3.) A. M.; Pier IN*WJ No. 1. N. R. S::« A. M.
Bait and tackla en board.
Fare: G«ntlemen. 75c ; Ladies. Mr.; Children. tsc.
Leaving Pier 1, N. K. »:30 A. It.; West ::«! St.. 10
A M ; West 129 th St . 10:30 A. M.
A Day's Pleasure for Churches ar.d Sunday
OFFICE: cortlandt st PIERS.
'Phone. 1298 Cortlandt.
m MMIi>H fettAAlt(»ll
- MAUin "decchahon day
WllUllll Atlults $1.50; t hit
r ~ dren 75c. Switch-
Excursion via back 50c additional.
New Jersey Central
SWITCHBACK CBL I Special train fran, Wot
f\l k*m nNflvri 1 3? St. Station. s.»o&. m.
GL£N ONOSO I L;hr . :y s .^ jj^^
B»MBiB»IB«B«BS»«B«BB««Ssa a. m.
Special PfiF^^fUPATi^El DAY
Trips for || e|jyy|r fi 1 U ca yfti
Hotels and All Expenses Included.
Niagara Full* 3 days 815
Atlantic 4Uty 3 days ....'" n.oo
Old Point Comfort and
Washington 4 day* 26.00
Particulars from
Daily (except Sunday), by Palace Iron Pay Line Steam
era "New York" and "Albany.' 1 Bk.yn. Fulton St. (by
Annex), »; Desbrosses St.. !»:«>. W. 4M St.. 8; W. 12»th
St., »:20 A. M.
Leaves Franklin St., Pier 24. N. R.. dally. 9 a. m.. 3
p. m. Sundays, aa. m. only for Highlands, Ked Sank. etc.
Trolley connection to Long Branch. I swan l-ar*. Cxc.3uc
Surrogates' Notices.
Abner C. Thomas, a Surrogate of the County of New
York, notice Is hereby given to all persons bavins; claims
against Anderson k'uwier. late of th* County of New
Turk, deceased, to present tho same with vouchers thereof
to th* subscriber*, nt their place of transacting buslaesa.
at the office of IMcr-.ard B. Kelly. No. 17u Broadway, la
the Borough of Manhattan. in th* City of New York, on
or before the tenth day of October tiext.
Dated New York, th* iwenty-taventn day of March.
AHTHIR A. FOWLER. 1 Executes*
RICHARD B. KIiLLV, Attorney for Executors. 270
Broadway. Borough of Manhattan. New York City.
•*■ Abnrr C. Ttomcs. a Surrogate of the County of New
fork, notice Is hereby given to all persons bavin* claims
against Aria C. Peck, late of th* County of New York.
deceased, to present th« same with vouchers thereof to
the subscribers, at their pla?e of transacting business at
the office of Thompson. Vanderpoe! A F*eevlm«»n. Attor
neys, John J. Freedman, Counsel, at No. 2 Wall Street
in th* City of New York. Borough of Manhattan, on or
before tho first day of October next.
Dated New York, th* twenty-eighth day of Marco.
for £x*cutor*.
JOHN J. rREEPMAN. Counsel. 3 Wall Street. New
Torti City.
"*• Ateer C. Thomas, a Surrogat* of the County of New
York, notice Is hereby given to all r'erarn^havtng e!alma
against Peter Lortllard Ronalds, late cf'ihe County^?
New York, deceased, to present the earns with voucher*
therefor to th* subscribers at th«Jr nUc« of transacting
business, at th« office of Phillips « /.very, their atto?
ueys. No. 41 Park Row. Borough of Manhattan ir.th*
City of New York, on or before th* »th day of July
16M. nest. '
Dated New York, the Oth day of January 190»l
PIERRE lorillari> ROKAT^>9. jr . i ,T.
ABR AM I. KLKrn. \ K*««rtorm.
PHI LI-IPS « AVER* .At orney. for ExacutQß. «1 r«k
Saw. Manhattan. Mew York City.
Surrogates' Notice*.
" ABNER C. THOMAS. SnrropM* of the County at
New York notice is hereby given to all persons having
claims against Maty L'n .n Martin, late of t^• County
of N»w York. deceased, to present th» sam* with vouch
ers* the: to th* subscriber, at hi* place of transacting
business, the offlc* el .-own*. V. hit* A- Walt No. 4» Wai
Street. In the City of New Ycrk. on or before th* 20tt
'Sated. York. its I<Hh d*v of J*n*;»ry. 1900.
weu. » MCUORD MARTI?.. F*#cutor
COWING WHITE A WAIT. Atvjinsys for Executor. •»
Wall Street. Borough of Manhattan, the City ef Sew
Frank V. Fitzgerald, a Surrogate of C* Osunty of
Sew York, notion is hereby given to all persona having
claims against John Sloan*, Ist* of the. County of ..■ *
York deceased, to present the sane with vouchers thereof
to the subscrtb-rs at their place of transacting Nuts***.
at th* office of How-land. Murray * Prentice. No. 33 Wall
Street. In the City of New York, on or before th* teat!*
day of July nest.
Dated New York, the 3.J day of January. 1909.
HOWLASt. MHTtRAT * PRENTICE. Attorneys for Ks
ecuiui*. ¥> Wali Sire**. New Tor*.
Frank T. Fltzgemd. a Surrogate of the County of
New York, notice is hereby irtven to all person* baring
claims against Robert K. Booth, late of the County of
I New Tork. deceased, to present the satne with vouchers
thereof ■.-> the subscriber at his place of transacting busi
new». No. ?J East l»Uh Street. In th* City of N*w Tor*.
on or before .he lr.th day of July next.
Dated New York, the 3d day of January. I9fl«.
THORNTON' * T2AKLR Attorneys for executor. 38 park
Row. New York City. Borough of Manhattan.
TorV. by th* srac« of ;-id free and Independent, to
Isabel Hrinlein. Bertha Iletnlein. Henrietta Saure. Hans
Mernmn. August H^lnleln. the fceirs and next of kin of
Hans Helnlein. deceased, send gmetina*: Whereas Oeorsj*
Oravenhorst. -^f th« Clt> af New Tork. has lat*iy ap
plied to the Surrogate's! Conrt of our County of New
York, to have a certain Instrument In writ inc. retattns
to both r-il and personal property, duly t,rrr«<J as th«
last win and testament of Ilaaa Kelnleln. late of. th*
County of New York, deceased, therefore you and each
of you are cited to appear before th* Surrogate of our
County of New York, at his oflc* In th* County of Saw
York, en the 23th day of June, me thousand n!n« hun
dred and six. at half-past ten o*elo<!k In the fmenooa c*
that day. then and ther* to attend th* probate or th*
said last will and testament.
And such or you as are hereby cited, a* ar* tatter th •
age of vwent>--on» yrsrs. are r»Quir»d to appo.ir by y*w»
guardian. if you have one, or if you have noa*. tr* ay
pear and apply •*• on* to b« appointed, or In th» **«at
of your nexlect cr failure to do m*. a guardlaa will **
appointed by the Rurrocat* to represent anl act for yoa
In th* BitKffdinr
In testimony whereof. we hay* caused th* seal of th*
Surrogates Court of th* said County of IC**»>
(I* S.I York to be hereunto affixed. Witness. Hon.
Frank T. Fitzgerald, a S<irrcg*t* of cur saM
County of New Tork. at said County, the 2Sth day of
April. In trm year of our Lord on* tbooaaM nrae> huniSrstf
and six.
; ■ perk of to* furrojatt's Court.
ELLIOT A S. SIDNEY SMITH. Attornsyi Tfor Patttloncr
89 Wall Street. N. T. City.
York, by the erace of GO4 free and Independent. SS
th« widow, all th* heirs-at-law and nest-of-kln •:
Tt.oma? Bure*-. deceased. If any there be. whose. ciaM
and places of residence art unknown to Jaasph ITiiSwTns)
the petitioner herein, ard cannot after diligent Inquiry aw
ascertained b y him; Julius M. Mayer as Attorney Gan
eral of the State of N*w Tork: WUitani M Roes, as) Pub
lic Administrator nt th» County of Niw York. assMt arest-
Inir: Whereas Joseph R'isrton. of ti«» City of K«w Tor*.
has lately applied to the SurrojraWs Court of oar Cotmty
of New York, to r>swo a certain instrument In wrMliis.
relating to bn'h real and personal property, duly proved
as th^ last will and testament of Thomas Burgh, late t(
the County of New York, deceased. Titerafor* yon sad
each of you are cited to appear before tß* StOT«t*t* ef
our County of New York, at his oAss la tb« CDuoty of
New York, on th* ISth day of June, on* thousand nln»
hundred and six. at half-past ten o' cleric In the forenoon cf
that day. then and ther« to attend the probate, oj th«
said last will and testament. And such cf you as are<
hereby cited, as are under th« ac» of twonty-one yeara.
are required to appear by your guardian, if you hay« one.
or If you have none, to appear and apply for on* to b* as>
pointed, or in the event of your neglect or failure to ss>
so, a guardian will b* appointed by th* Surrogate to rep
resent and act for you in th* proceeding.
la Testimony Whereof. W» haTe caused ths Peal of th*
Surrogate's Court of the sa'-4 County of New
York to b* hereunto afllxaa. Witness). Hon.
CL. 9.) Frank T. Fitzgerald. a Surrogate of our said
County of New York, at said County, Use 21at
day of April. In the year of our Lord oa: thou
sand nine hundred and n't.
Clprk. of the Surrogate's Cc/ert.
CtarTea A. Houston. Attorney for Petitioner. 33 Broadway.
New York City.
Tork by the crnce of God fr«» and radep*nd»nt. to
William Golden. Ana Golden, th* helm at law and next of
k!n and personal representattve* of Martha Conner*
(known also as Martha O # Cotinort. (»-r«ased. Charles P.
Croft. Calvin C Atwood. Sephla A. Vandemark. Annie U.
Clifford. Rpvlnatd D» 3. Ixraghran. Anal* M. Harrison.
Mary Loughran. Beatrice 8- O'Connor. All;* Trane's
l<o.'4r.ran. Susan Beatrice Lmighran. Mary A. Locghran.
Margaret Loughran. Ait' ln Loughran. gnardtan of th*
psnoaa of Mary \. Louffhren and Margaret Ixtunhrari.
John r. Qulnlan. Matilda I;. Aelnl?an*r. an execurrls of th*
last will and testament <->f Ferdinand Beinhau^r. *eceased;
James H Moran as refer»» in an action In th» Buprem*
Court In Wesr. ><»9t»r County In which B»njamin ■*. Ferris
fs pfalntlff and Charles C. Ferris and others an* de
fendants: Henrietta Martin. «• oeeepsjMs of the butMia?
known as No. 233 West 24th Street. In tin* Poi»«t>sjl» of
Manhattan. in th~ County. City and 9tat<» of N»w York:
William H. Field and Mary FleM cth« name* of «••
heir* at Uw. cut of kin and persortsl reprftsentattves of
Martha. Ccr.n»r». known also as Martha O'Connor, s)ecsa»eJ.
and the names of the occupants of the bullying known
as No. 252 West 24th Street, in the Foronsh "• Manhattan.
in toe County. City and Stats r.t New York, being unknown
an'l cannot be ascertained).
Yon and e*ch of you are hereby cited «nd r»»ratred per
sonally to be an.i appear before our Surrogat* of th*
County of New York, at the Siirmjcata'a Cam* of sal-*
County, held at th* County Court Hous». in th« County
of New Tork. on th« first day of June. 19W». at half-past
ten o'clock in th« forenoon of that day. th»n and t*i»re
to show cause why a d.Tr»e should rot be mad* directing
the deposition of so much of the reat property of Peter
C. Lnunhrsn. deceased, as shall b* necessary t-> pay
his debts and funeral e-:p»nses. and why Catharln* Dlxon
should not have rich other relief as may be meet; an!
each on* of yen as are hereby cited, as are under th*
«ge of twenty-one years. ar» required to appear by yonr
guardian if you have one, or If you have non*. to ap
pear and apply for oas to l>» appointed, or m th* event of
your neglect or failure to in so. a guardian wilt t>» ap
pointed by tft* Surrogate to represent ar<l act for ywila
the proceeding.
Ir. testimony whereof, w» have caused the seal of t?i*
Surrogate's Court of the said County of New Tork •» b«
hereunto affixed.
Witness Hon. Frank T. Fitzgerald, a Surregat* of «or
said County, at the Cnuntr of Mew Tori t*»
(Seal) 3th day of April in th« year ot onr tori en*
thousand nine hundred and e*c.
ci*rk of th* Surromt*** Cnart.
J. B. Bowen. Attorney for Petitioner. No. 3ftt BfSSjaV
way. Borough ef Manhattan. New Tor* Ctty. JC. T.
""* Tork. 1- v th* grace of God. free and Independent.— Tg
Josephine ft. Russell. Kleanor Russell Scott. Joeephln*
Rufsell. Marie L Ru»j»1!. Cornelia H. Hnghes, Henry H.
Hugh**. Albert P. Hilton. Haiti* K. Hilton. H-»l*n Hil
ton. Albert B. Hilton. Jr.. Vincent K. Hilton. Edward ■.
Hilton. Dorothy W. Hilton. Ellen D. Hilton. Edna T.
Hilton The Mercantile Trust Company, a* general guar
dian •* the estates of s»M Helen Hilton. Albert B. HU
tOB, Jr.. and Vioctnt K. Hilton, Infants. E. Francis Hyd*.
as general i:uardiar. of the estates of said Ellen P.
Hilton and Kiua P Hilton. Infants, and to all persons
lntereste.l In the «*tat% of Henry Hilton. lat* of th*
County of New York. .'^ceased, as creditors, legatee*. e«xt
of kin or otherwise. i«n.l (rr»<"t!rig: You and each of you
ar<» hereby cited and required personally to be and appear
before our Sum-gate of th* County of New Tor*, at ta*
Burrosatee* Court of saM County. b*l<l at th* County
Court House In th<» C*unty of N»w York, en the 12tS
day of June. 10O«. at Mlr-fMS ten clock In «h* forenoDn
of that day. then aaJ There »•> attend a Judicial settle
ment of the second a.-~ount of proceedings of Horace
Russell and Edward D. Harris as executors of and trustees
un4er the last will %ad testament of said deceased: and
such of you as are hereby cited, aa are under th* ace St
twenty-on* year*, are required to appear by your guar
dian. If you have ona. or If you have non*. to appear
and ar>plr for one to be appointed, or la the errs; of
your neglect or failure to <'..> so, a guardian will be ap
pointed by the Surrogate to represent and act far you
in th* proceed Ira:.
In testimony whereof we hare caused the seal of «•
Surrogates' Court of th* said Co'inty of New
IX. 5 1 York to be hereunto affixed. Witness, Hob
Frank T. Fitzgerald, a Surrogat* of ear said
County, at the County of New York, th* 24th day of Apr*;.
In the year of our Lord one thousand ntn* hundred aad Sis.
Clerk of th* Surrogates* Court.
JAMES S. PARCY. Attorney for Executors. 2SO Broad
way. New York City.
X York. b y th* gmc* of God f r** «nd IrnltTiartent
(supplemental citation), to Joha 9k;hrod*r. th» husband of
Ernestine Schroder, ,iecea»ed. send areetlnc: Whereas.
Ernestine yen Inastsr. of the City of New York has
lately applied to tfcs ~':rr site's Court of our County of
New York, to have a certain Instrument in writing r»'j»t.
Ing to both real and personal property, duly proved as ta*
last wtll and te-tarnent of Ernestine Schroder, late of
the County of New York, deceased, therefore you and
each of you are cited to appear befor* th* Surrogate of our
County of New York, at his offloe in the. County of New
York, on the llth day of Jane, one thousand nine hundred
and six. at h«lf-pa»t ten o'clock In the forenoon of that
day. then and there to attend th* probate. of the sal.l
last will and testament. And such of you as are hereby
cited as ai* under th* age cf twenty-. me years are re
quired to appear by your guardian. If you have oft* c . If
you have iion«>. 10 appear and apply for on« to b* a->
pointed, or In the event of your n-«>.~i or failure to 3o
so. a guardian will be appointed by th* Surrogate to r*n
resent and act for you in the proceeding.
In testimony whereof we hay« cauae<l the seal of th*
.. -. »jrrogate s Court of th* said County of New
tU B.J Torti M be herrontw afftxed Witness. Kjp
, l^ack T ritjjerald. a Surrosrat»\ff wfd
County of New Tork. at »M County, the lets <Uv of
April 19 Ol* year of our Lord on* thousand nine hundrtl
RlC Kr^? Tliw 3 %
v City Hotels.
S\.» vato bath, II 00 dally- 1-. !u,«ng meal» two V
weekly, on*. »1» THE VAN RENS32XAEatI E lIsB ■?
XTbexcsUetl »a kxmUoa and appotaxtsient* w
•at hotel hi the city. NrticmlartyaraaflUv.
» Dinatea walk frmte»k lu T n.!L sttC.

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