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[Fiuui T%e mhDiM Bureau.]
Washington. August 16.
KAVT PERSONNEL, PROBl^Eil.— The most im
portant affair In a long time in the navy, especially
to offloem, xraa the announcement by Secretary
Bonaparte, lust before his departure to-day, of the.
composition of the board of which Assistant Sec
retary Nowhorry Is the head to discuss the per
sonnel question and suggest remedial measures.
The other members of the board are Rear Admiral
C H. Stockton, president of the Xaval Examining
Board: Captain C. K. Vredaad, naval aid to the
Assistant Secretary; Commander 11. H. Hosier, who
la on his way home after taking the floating dry
dock Dewey to the Philippine*; Commander Al
bert Glwmis of the Torpedo Station, a studious
officer and ordnance expert; Lieutenant Commander
W. S. Sims, one of th« most thoughtful members
of the service and an nrdent advocate of promo
tion by selection, and Lieutenant Commander Emil
Theise. of the old engineer corps, another capable
Officer. The board will make reports of changes
necessary in the line, on those relating to officers of
the staff corps and marine corps and on bureau
Organization and duties. Tho information will be
used by Secretary Bonaparte in the preparation of
his annual report, and he believes that greater In
fluence will he attached by Congress to his recom
mendation" if he is able to s*y th^y are bused on
the conclusions of a board of naval officers. Great
interest is taken In the findings of the board, espe
cially a* there will certainly be a rerort. either in
majority or minority form, in favor of selec
tion, and probably in favor of elimination.
Whether the influence 01 one or two brilliant
officers on the board will control the pro
ceedings rras a subject of animated discus
sion to-day, and various predictions were made.
The staff officers were surprised to see thai no
Staff eorp« is represented on the board. dally as
their interest* and affairs are to be the subject «f
a special report. The officials of the bureaus were
also inclined to criticise the composition of the
board, because they have no representation in the
discupVlon of bureau organization and work. It is
felt, since some of the members entertain lively
sentiment* in that direction, that there may be a
suggestion from the board in favor of bureau con
solidation. The omission of this sort of representa
tion may cause obstruction of anything recom
mended by the» Secretary of the Navy as coming
from the board, by giving the staff officers. If they
do not agree with the findings, an opportunity _ to
point out that they have no chance for thoir side
of the vexatious questions. The more conservative
naval officers ape Inclined to think that the board
may easily sOr up strife when it Is necessary to
remote more cordial relations between the various
branches of the navnl service. It is appreciated
that nothing of importance can be accomplished
before Congress meets unless there is harmony, and
that any opposition, such as the staff officers can
muster at any critical period of attempted legisla
tion, will frustrate the plans of relief and reform.
The aspect of great chances at least suggested, if
not realized, Is bound to keep the naval personnel
In great anxiety for the next f*w months.
partment to-day approved the findings in the case
of Assistant Surgeon Harry L. Brown, who was
p^ntenred to be reduced fifteen number" In his
en-ad* on the rhnrpr- of rnanlptilaUon In his examina
: tion pap*r« when he was before the board for promo
tion. The case of T. N. Pease, who was Implicated
I with Brown. h«s *one to the President, as the
I sentence was dismissal.
on bis retain to WashinKton will make an inspec
tion trip, which will Include most of the principal
Western poFts. Ha will he accompanied hy Gen
eral Bell, the chief of staff. The trip will have
much to do with the proposal to concentrate the
troops in larg'-r garrisons, such as are considered
Tir>rff>sxry under the new rlfn approved by the
President of furnishing larger command! for
senior army officers. It is hoped that Secretary
Taft and General Bell will be ahle to visit pome rtf
the earn;'* of instruction hpfore they are abandoned
and the troops start on th^ir homeward marches.
It «ras General Bell'K intention to inspect some of
tnese f-ai!tp!» and review the troops, hut he finds It
difficult to leave Washington at this time.
ORDRRS EBBCED. -The following orders have
Csprain FRANK T> Fr.Y. 2Hh Infantry, detailed for
■ervtee in pay department, to Department of Colo
Major CHARL.GS G. STARR, military secretary, from
I J hniprli;''s to T'nited States.
Captain <ir:Oßr,ls H. SHIELDS, jr.. 3d Infantry, from
doty b* a<-;lng qviar'frmasT^r. to h!» reßlment.
Csipinin JOHN U. DKVBREUX. afsls'ant eureeor.. from
Tor* Lopnn. Colorado, to Washington Barrack*, re
lievinsr Captain CONRAD X KOERPEH. assistant
surgeon, who wi!l pro,-«fd to Fort D A. Russell.
Captain J. N. HEM FH ILL. detnrried navy »-aril. New
York: to duty us present hoard of Inspection an<l
t om manner <V i: '"I.ARK detached nary yard, Nor
folk: T-> command «lie T*»xa».
Lieutenant Commander I. C. PIATNKETT. detached th«
T<"xaf>: 10 t 1 » «;»»orgia. a* *>x«?cutlve officer.
Li^utM.ant H. L CONE. •I'tach'-'l torpfdo station; to
th<> Minnesota as senior finginfer officer.
I.i»v:t«'nar.t A. W. HINDS, detached pro\-!ng ground; to
<-oti'mand the Poronia^.
Lieu'<>nant P. FOI.KY, detached the Puritan; home
and await orders.
Eni-lcn 1.. K. MORGAN, to th« Puritan a» senior en-
Cln^er offlf'T.
I'aefcd Afs'.s-Tair Paymaster N. v IRANT. to navy
van".. New York, as assistant In pi ! office; also in
charge o* nllotmentf; ar<l disbursements.
■ • nn T f= "i u sum In have r*>»-n reported to the
Ni -. Department:
August 16-^-Trw Rocket at Norfolk: the H<-Tn»t and th«
Siren at Washington ; th»> Celtic ■'••' Guactanamo; the
Dixie fit Mem" <.rl»*.i; •■• Rhode Islan.l at Newport;
th» Cliocts** at Washington; the Dolphin aM the
N>war«t at N>w Lond'in.
>BjniFt 15 — Th» Hornet an 1 th«» Siren from Washington
f<T NorfnlV:; th* Ma -.-flower from M 'nt* <;rl!"ti for
T<impkin*»ill»; the Hsjinibal from Monte Crist! for
OuanUnanio; th« Rhode Island from Bradford for
pat; the AVlii<«. th« Tir.n*?. th« Stockton. th«
i'iHirlj- on* th» Da ls*ng from Norfolk for Newport;
Th» Msrbl*-n«ad from Han Diego for Mar* Islanrt; th«
Dolphin fr<.'in N»*w London for Hempetead Harbor;
the Wwark from Newport for Sew London. •
Au«ru"t — The N«wark, the Arkansas and the Florid*
from New I»ndi>!i for Potomac River; the <ilacier
Xr-Jin Ca»-ll* for Singapore.
The Puritan commissioned y«ater»iay nt Washington.
■Washington. Aug. 16. — Secretary Taft has derided
that enlisted men shall have the first chance at the
forty-eight vacancies In the grade of second lieu
tenant in tho army. An order was Issued some
time ago granting 1 only a small proportion of the
vacancies to enlisted candidates. Secretary Taffa
attention was called to the order, which discrimi
nated against the thirty-five unlisted men who are
candidate*. and he immediately sent a message
from Murray Bay siring that th* order be an
nulled and another Issued which will do justice to
the enlisted men who are striving for advancement.
Glass Falls on Him in Criminal Courts Build
ing Injury Not Serious.
Justice McKean. of the Court of Special Sessions,
was knocked down and badly bruised yesterday
by & class transom which fell from over the door
of the justloee' chambers as Justice McKean and
his colleagues were departing for the day. The
Justice wa* assisted back to the chambers, and
Dr. Lehane. of the coroners' oflloe, attended him.
Th«» physician said the wound was not serious.
Ever f=in<-« the Buildings Department discovered
gome months ago that the Criminal Courts Build
in* was settling, persons working in and about it
have been, apprehensive of danger.
National Historian Will Accompany Whal
ing Expedition to Kerguelin Island.
The K<>w Bedford whaler Daisy will sail for the
Antarctic Ocean early In September, under, the
command of Captain Cleveland. She will have
aboard A. J. Klein, a taxidermist attached to the
American Museum of Natural History, who is
•roingr to Kerfruelln Island. a lltt?e-known land, to
gather skins of set elephants and to collect data
«f animal and bird life and flora of this island
vhich is In size about 70 by 90 miles and uninhab
The expedition will be. under the Joint auspices
of the American Museum of Natural History and
the Brooklyn Museum. On the last voyage Captain
Cleveland, wlio Is one of the beet known of the
New Bedford whalers, obtained several skins of
sea elephact«, out as be did not know how to pre
serve Ui«-m they were spoiled. Mr. Klein will be
fone about twelve or fifteen months.
The Pennsylvania Railroad Company issued a
statement yesterday denying that there had been
any "blowouts" In toe Qist River tunnel, or that
the ferry house had sunk, as was reported yester-
Cay. TtM mateioent says the old ferry house on
the south side QlStth street wa* dosed and thensjr
» on. tbe ae>q side oper.ei .osTtln latter
r3M rt*>dj" Zor o-xuya'.iDsi,
T-vn If it /'.'/ Tnurinz Car in „' .'■
A touring car owned and driven by J. L.. Bow
man, of No. 41 West 64th street, run down Cas
sius Daly, of No. 22 West 3(Hh street, and James
WHklnF. of No. 118 West 31st street, early this
morning in 42d street, near Seventh avenue.
Both were taken to Roosevelt Hospital with
bruises and other injuries, none of which are
serious. Bowman was locked up in the West
37th street station. He said he was running at
a normal rate of speed, and that the two men
Jumped in the path of his machine.
Italians Who Told of Naturalization Frauds
Ordered to Leave Philadelphia.
Philadelphia. Aug. 16— Three Italians. O. Miguel.
D«<niln!ck Carutzl and Castro Carfltto, who gave
the Vnited State.- Secret Service information yos
terdny concerninp naturalisation frauds, to-day told
Chief" Operative <iriffln that an attempt ha.l he^n
made on their lives. Thfy ;Uso received warning
to leave town.
The notice evidently came from members of the
"Black Hand," as It bore five crosses and a hand
drawn In black ink. The men said they were
awakened to-day by pistol shots in the rear of their
home, and when Carfitto went to the «;«ndo« »'}
investigate, b bullet passed over his head and
lodged in the ceiling of the room. Assurances of
protection were given the men.
Company Says Attack Was Due to Union-
Contractors' Disagreement.
Xorristown. Perm., Aug. 16.-Having over
powered the watchman. Charles Riley. at the
muzzle of a pistol, a score of men last night at
tempted to wreck the new 5100.000 iron mill
which Is being erected by the Longmead Iron
Company In Conshohocken. near here. That the
mill was not pulled down is due probably to
the inexperience of the men In running a hoist
ing engine. The damage wrought will be sev
eral thousand dollars. The watchman says he
was kept a prisoner for more than an hour.
The wreckers set the boiler house on fire, and
a workman gave an alarm. The main supports
of the work had been unbolted, the boiler rumed
and the forges smashed. The company officials
say the attack was aimed at the contractors
because they do not recognize union rules.
Mr. Jerome to Bring John Doe Proceedings
on September 14.
When the four prisoners. George Tumor. Will
iam H. Lilas. James Stockwell and Frederick
Bloomneld. who were arrested last week on a
charge of conducting an alleged bucket shop at
No. 53 Broadway, under the firm name of John A.
Boardinan ft Co.. with head offices at No. 515 Wall
street. Philadelphia, were arraigned for a further
examination bef jre Magistrate Breen. in the Tombs
Police Court, yesterday afternoon. District Attor
ney Jerome appeared in person to prosecute.
Mr. Jerome said that he was going to Institute
JoV>n Doe proceedings and asked for an adjourn
ment until September 14. Magistrate Breen framed
the adjournment and continued the four prisoners
Niagara Movement Now Organized in Thir
ty-two States — Its Objects.
Harper's Ferry, W. Va.. Aug. 16. — At to-day's
meeting "f the Niagara Movement, in which
Negro*"? from many states are seeking to pro
mote Negro equality, reports were read by the
secretaries for the elates of Illinois. Maryland.
New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Penn
sylvania and Minnesota.. The reports empha
sized the organized nature of the movement
among the Negroes of thirty-two states. They
pointed out the activity of :h»> Negroes in the
Northern states, who opposed appropriations In
aid of the Jamestown Exposition on the ground
that the state of Virginia had disfranchised.
Negro men and had established separate car
systems, and referred to the Negro opposition t«i
the Railroad Rate bill. The reports s<>t out that
the movement wan organized To give prominence
to certain definite principles, among which was
the abolition <>f all distinctions based on color.
Took Wa*ch and Locket from Mother and
Gave Proceeds to Man.
In order to get money to go to housekeeping, as
she herself explained. Annie Sautton, thirteen years
old, whose family lives at No. 15 Dey street, Jersey
City, stole from her mother a sold watch, valued at
$130. and a gold locket, said to be worth $100. The
police are looking for Michael Colston, of No. 519
St. Paul's avenue, to whom the girl said she was
to have been married as «inn as their housekeeping
arrangements were complete. The girl's mother
has preferred a charge of abduction against Col
The 6autton srirl disappeared from home last
Monday and nothing had been seen or heard of her
until this morning, when her sister Mary met her
in Hoboken avenue. Annie was taken before Judge
Manning, In the Second Criminal Court. She re
fused to divulge the whereabouts of Colston, and
was held 0:1 a charge of larceny. She acknowl
edged that she had taken the wntch and locket and
said that she had pawned them and given the
money to Colston fir housekeping purposes.
Hearst Alderman Wanted to Treat Tammany
Friends to Day Excursion.
Alderman Jimmy Lawlor tried this week to bor
row a battleship from the commandant of the
Brooklyn Navy Yard, so that he could give his
friends an excursion down the bay. Alderman
Frank Dowllng put I^awlor up to it. I^awlor. who
was elected on the Republican-Hearst ticket from
the old 3d Assembly District, in Brooklyn, used to
be a mechanics* helper In the navy yard, and while
there became more or less used to naval affairs
Alderman Down set up the cigars for Lawlor one
day recently and then said:
"Say. Lawlor, the Tammany men In the board
have been treating you pretty well. Why don't you
do something for them?" * v >ou
"I sure will as soon as I get an opening." said
"Why don't you get one of those navy yard boatu
and take us all down the bay?" suggested rtowlln*
"That's just what I'll do." said Liwlor He took
some of his official stationery and wrote a letter
to the commandant of the navy yard asking on«
day's loan of a warship. s
"'What kind of an answer did you get?" Lawlor
was asked yesterday.
"Why. Coarhlan, who is an Irishman like myself
and a mighty fine gentleman, wrote me," said law
lor. "that he had loaned out several warships to
aldermen and other city officials, but that as soon
an one of them got back to the yard be would let
me know, and I could com« around and borrow it "
Mrs. Isabella Van Alntyne appeared In the Su
preme Court yesterday to annwer the writ of habeas
corpus sued out by her husband. Guy C. Van
Alstyne. to regain the custody of their three-year
old son. D'Arey Van Alatyne. Van Alstyne says
be was allowed by court order to see his child, but
that hie wife prevented it.
Mrs. Van Alatyne denied allegations that she was
Mleted to the use of Intoxicants and drugs and
that she was not fit to bave the custody of the
child. She alleged her husband was not a fit
person to have the c«re of the boy. and that be
ought not to be allowed to see him. The writ was
dismissed. Van Afotyoe Is to see the child once a
week. Mrs. Van Alstyne guarantees not to take
the child out of the Jurisdiction of the court.
Chicago, Aug. The board of review has added
more than (7,000,000 to the personal property assess
ments of thirty-three estates Judged to have been
undervalued by the county assessors. Charles T.
Terkes*s name Is on the list of deceased Chlcagoans
who failed to pay taxes during life on the value of
their personal property. A back assessment of
12,000,000 for 1905 w-** placed against his estate.
Boston, Aug. 15.— The First National Bank of
Chelsea will not be open for business in the morn
ins. Orders bar* town Issued by tiM Controller of
th« Currency to doe* tt* Institution.
Uncovered Blast Does Heavy Dam
age in The Bronx — 7'tco Hurt. .
An uncovered blast at 19Gth street and Clif
ton avenue, in The Bronx, was set off last even
ing, wrecking four houses and Injuring two
women, neither of them seriously. The blast
shook the country for blocks. A block of stone
weighing nearly three hundred pound-s smashed
through the side of the house of Marshal George
Donnelly, at No. 2711 Clifton avenue. Just
missing Mr. Donnelly's head, it continued into
the next room. It left a hole in the side of the
house big enough to drive a horse through.
Across the street Is the home of George Mc-
Vey, who is employed in the Controller's office.
The rock which demolished most of his house
was thrown through the roof nnd the floor of
the attic. Th*» celling fell on Julia Bunsky, a
servant, in the room below, striking her to the
floor, but not injuring her seriously.
Another rock smashed the side of the house
occupied by Joseph Martin, in Clifton avenue,
three hundred yards from the blast, wrecking
the upper part of the house. Still another one
crashed through the house of James Poteg, at
No. 2724.
Miss Clara Schultz. the daughter of Charles
F. Schultz. a Bronx real estate dealer, was hit
on the head by a small rock and knocked down.
She was attended by her family physician, who
said that her injuries were not grave.
Chicago, Aup. 1«.- TVord was received in Chicago
to-day r.f the death in I.nndnn of James T>redge.
well known in Chicago and other large cities in
the United States. Mr I>redße was EditT of
•■Engineering." a weekly London publication. In
I^3 lie was royal commissioner to the World's Fair
in Ohicns;n and in 1576 to the Centennial Exposition
at Philadelphia.
Gloucester. Mass.. Aug. 16.— The Rev. r>r. Richard
Eddy, one of the most prominent t'niversaliPt
clerjrymen In New England, and well known as an
author and historian, dropped <le,id to-day at the
summer home o* his son. Benjamin F. Eddy. Heart
disease, from which Mr. Eidy had been suffering,
w.is the r;uise of death. Mr. Eddy was seventy
four ye;irs old. He was chaplain «if Company M.
16th New York Regiment, during the Civil \V:ir.
His literary work was dcv ted almost exclusively
to religious and historical subjects. Hf leaves a
wife and two sons.
[By Te>(trarh to Th" Tribune.]
Auburn, N. V.. Aug. 16. -Alonzo •; Beardsley,
eighty-six years old, died here- on Tuesday. He
was born in Venice, Cayua;a County, was adraitted
to the bar in !S4S. but retired from the practice of
law. .He was one of the Incorporators of ;he Os
iveso r-tarch Company, md for fifty years its sec
retary and treasurer. In 1838 li«- l>esa:i the manu
facture of reapers md mowers He was one of the
orieanizers of ;he Auburn Water Works. w>is the
first cashier of th-» Exrhanpx- B:mk. nnd for many
years vice-president and director of the Cayuga
bounty National Bank, and was cm of the foui >\
er=> of the First National Bank.
William B. Cahill. once a well known actor, died
yesterday at his home. No. 2?">2 Seventh avenue. He
had suffered from partial paralysis for a lona: time.
Six years ago Mr. Cahill was planning to mnke a
farewell tour in "East Lyhne.'; With th« husband
of Ada Gray, who had mad" a reputation a? ■'■weep
ing Isabel" in "East Lynne." Mr Cahill wns going
to his house, and on lighting a match at the head
of th« stairs Pteppod back and fell the length of
the flight. His spine was injured, and he was par
tially paralyzed. He was an invalid ever after.
His widow and his daughter Helena survive him
Mr Cahill was horn in Ireland, and camp to this
country with Miss Lydia Thompson. Fie was later
engaged by A. M. Palmer for his stock company.
nnd he also placed an engagement with Dion Bouci
cault. and one with Charles Couldock, in Irish Char
acter?. He was in the original cast of "Hazel
KirKe" at the Madison Square Theatre.
Matrimonial Heroine Asks Warrant for Ar
rest of Husband.
Mrs. Helen Binn Hamiiton-Verrault, accom
panied by her ever present friend Mrs. J. Pem
berton Browne, visited the Essex MarViet court
yesterday and asked Magistrate Sweetser, who
is sitting there, for a warrant for her husband.
Oenrge T. Vorrault, on the grounds of desertion.
After Magistrate Sweetser found out that she
lived at No, 323 West s-_M street he said that he
could not issue a warrant and that she must
apply for It i:i the West Side court. What
brought the two women to Essex Market court
for a warrant seems to be a mystery.
Charleston, 9. C. Aug. 16. Feigning illness, three
Negroes. Alonao Goodwin, Hammond Wilson and
George Kenny, convicts, serving Bng terms on the
chain Katiß of the sanitary and drainnKe commis
sion work near Ashley Junction, stayed in the
stockade to-day and, after :>skinq: for water, s^iz^.i
and overpowered H. C. Btello, the white guard, and
cut lr.s thrift with :< butcher knife, killing him
Two "trusties" at the stockade wore 10.-ked in by
th* men. who ransacked the guards" room donned
civlllnn elotr.f-p and escaped into the nearby
The following petitions in bankruptcy were filed
yesterday with the clerk of the United Dis
trict Court:
William F. Mohf. a maker of furniture. Involun
try petition ril°d by three creditors, with claims ns
follows: Peter Schneider's Sons & Co.. Sl.tfS; the
Mutual Bnnk. $7,600. and Henry T. Telrick. jr.,
*1.336. Preferential payments are alleged. Wilbur
l^arremore, No. 32 liberty street, was appointed re
ceiver, with his bond at $50,000. The petition states
that Mohr is a manufacturer of high class furniture
nt Willow avenue, between 134! ii and 135 th streets,
with a salesroom at Xo. 112 West 42d street. It Is
said that the manufactured goods now on hand, to
gether with the real estate and the expensive
furniture manufacturing- plant, are worth $."W».Aix»,
and that there is at present on hand, furniture in
the course of completion, to the value of $50,000.
Alfred Moses, involuntary bankrupt.— Schedules
show debts of $1V7391 V 739 and assets of $750. The princi
pal creditors are Spirjv & Hlrsch. No. 65 Nassau
street. $375, secured, and B. Wasserman. $218. The
alleged bankrupt's tools and fixtures have an esti
mated value of J4SO.
John A. Doonnn, Involuntary bankrupt. -Sched
ules show debts of $25,142. and assets of $22,197. The
principal creditors are I<uclii9 J. Wadill, $7,000; A.
A. Doty. $2,000. both secured by mortgage on real
estate. The principal unsecured creditors are J.
Charles Hanklnson. Mo. 93 Watts street. $3,412; F.
Redmond. No. 4?0 Hudson street. 12,600; Thomas I>.
Brady. No. 1123 Broadway. $1,000. The assets consist
of real «'fit«'H at No. 29 Dominick street, valued at
$15.0(»: caeh. $160; clothing, $»); accounts. $3.!>86; life
insurance policy. $3,000; deposited In bank, $10.
G. L. Scliuyler & Co.— Schedules show debts of
$63,063 and no assets. The principal creditors are
Stetson. Cutler & Relsman. $6,309; Holeomb & < ';»»
der, $5,288: J. L. Eastman Flooring Company, of
Saglj.aw. Mich., $2,860.
I.eyden st . s. s.. 165 ft. w. of Tuenisen Place;
for two story frame signal tower, 22.6x12; New
York Central and Hudson River Railroad com
pany, owner; D. R. Collins, architect $1.2<>0
1241h St.. n. •.. 17fi ft. »• of Ist arc ; for a six
.story brick flathouse and store. 60x57.11: K.
Kaplan, owner; O. F. Pelham. architect ... 65.000
Lewjs-«t, w. •„ 100 ft. n. of Delancey St.; for two
sis story brick tenement houses. SSx&T; M
Fisher, owner: Bommerfeld & Steckler, archi
tects 40.000
Bt. Nichols* aye.. s. • corner 17Pth st.; for a five
story brick flathouse. ROxfiO; D. Robertson,
owner; Moore & I.andntedel. architects . ... . 60.000
68th st. n s.. 4143 ft w. of Ist aye , for a six
story brick tenement and stor*. 40b87.6; Good
man A Pohupper. owners; Bernstein & Bern
stein, architects 40.000
Audubon aye.. s w. corner 171« st. ; for thre*.
fiv« story brick tenement houses, 40xf«i; I* O.
Cohen, owner;. 1.. F. J. Walher. architect lW.Ono
BummJt IK, w. •„ 186.07 feet a of West 16Mh
et.: on* story and basement brick dwelling
house. 20x62 feet; Emily P. C. Culorn. owner;
AngtXo H. li»rtlro, architect: cost $3..Vi0
Whit* Plains aye.. c. s.. 7fi ft. n. of 230 th St.;
two three story frame store dwelling houses.
l»iflB anfl 2">ifl»: R"!p!i Hlckox, owner; J. E.
Bchwarsmlth. architect; con ... 14.000
81rt at.. No, 123 East, S part; Margaret Maher afct.
B»h<M R. R/»u««t (action to declare lien); T. J. Regan,
Pawson St., n. •. corner lMtn St.. 10t>x2ft; Donald
Ifackay a«Tt. Liouls« C. D. Taylor et al (foreclosure of
morl I. **) ; H. W. Schmlti. attorney
Grant a.ye.. w. a., V> « ft. s. of 162 d et., W>xllß 2to
Morrlaania are. «M<lil2J»4. Muffler's Iron Works aft.
Waverly Construction lYimrany (action to foreclose
mechanic's Hen); S. M P. Scnutz, attorney.
lßftth St.. No. 810 West: Mary L. Hteelo cgt. Leonora
HUM et al (foreclosure of mortgage), Splro * Wuier
vc*rj. attorneys.
Ilfu ft. No. 11l West: Isaac Eekosiiy agt Knepper
R*aity Conjpaf.y et al (action to foreclose mechanic's
3!en); A. J. Lwrr. attorney.
City Buys Site for Firchousc in
. White Plains . Road.
The McLaughlln R»»l Estate Company ha* sold
to the Ozone Real Estate and Improvement Com
pany a tract of about sixteen hundred lot» In Lib
erty aye.. near the county line. It has also bought
the Dwyer farm, of about six hundred lots, be
tween Xostrand and Flatbush ayes.. south of King's
The city has bought a plot. SOxIOO feet, on the
west Bide of White Plains Road. 400 feet south of
Morris avo.. Yon Nest, for *.«» A threo »tory
brick nrehouse will be erectfd on the si te.
The Broad Exchange Company has bo "« h , 1 .f. 010 1
Broad st. from Harry I* Toplltz. A complete re
port of the purchase will be found In another
Van Vliet & Place and Fryberfc-er & Ginsberg
have sold for K. Gelssmann the premises No. 253
Avenue A, 25.9x95.6 feet.
E. V. Peseta & Co. have sold for the Stone &
Aronson Realty Company to a Mr. Kaufman the
five story double tenement house, with stores. No.
2317 Ist aVe.. on a lot 25.2x160 feet.
Fo'.som Brothers have sold for Anna Michel the
four story hi?h stoop private house No. 321 East
ISth St.. 23x10.13 feet, to an Investor.
David and Harry Llppman have sold to J. «- onn
Nos. 546. 545 and 650 West 53d St.. three five story
tenement houses, on plot 75x100.5 feet.
Lottie G. Cohen has Bold to U Pierce No. 144
Cherry St., a four story front and rear tenement
house." on plot 27x14? feet. A. A. Edelman was the
J°ames M Couper. Jr. has old for Anton Meyer-
James M Couper. jr , has n!d for Anton Meyer-
Ing No 204 East 104 th St.. a four .story natnouse,
on lot 20x50 feet, to Joseph Haas, who has resold it.
Eugene Levy has sold to clients of Millard F.
Kuh No. 208 East 122 d st., a five story flathouse, on
lot 25xlfwt.ll feet. " ,
Nichols & Lummis have sold for John XV. Kohl
No. 238 East 4Sth St., a three story dwelling house,
on lot 18.8x100.5 feet.
O. J. Watte has sold for Louise C. Donohue to
Oronzio Colasuonno No. 313 East 119 th St.. a four
story flathouse.
Slgmund Levy has sold to Frlda Kadlsch No. 9
West 11*' h St., a five story flathouse. on a lot 27.9 x
100.11 feet.
Goldberg & Wolfson have sold for the Ansonla
Realty Company the northeast corner of 134 th st.
and St. Ann's aye.. a four story flathouse. 20x80
fret, to Charles 11. Solomon; also for Mr. Solomon
to Charles Knij? the four story flathouse, with
store, No. 156 St. Ann's aye.. 20x80 feet.
William Kelleher has sold for Thomas Byrnes two
lots on 13th St.. 355 feet east of Avenue D. Union
port; also a two family house in Lejtgm Place, 175
feet north of McGraw aye.. in the McGraw estate.
West Chester, for Thomas McKenna to Ida Poltx.
Charles Lane is the buyer of No. 6 Fulton St., re
cently reported sold.
£sth St.. No. 43*5 to 44.» East; Charles Cohan agt.
Kaufman & <;<-IMn. owners anl contractors $575 00
124 th St.. Nob. 2>" and 2fi» Went; Wlllson. Adams
& Co. ajct. Charles Weisbecker, owner; C. '"}
Ftygare & Co., I'ontrartnrn 313 34
Grant ay«.. w. « . 55« ft s. .if 162 d st.. K0x113.2x
Irrag. ; Muglor'n Iron Works a«t. Waverly Con
struction Com-iany. contractor and owner 769 21
lf>th st . No. 211 to 215 West; National Fireproof
ln«» Cnmnany agt. C. P. K»tt»rer Company,
• ncr; Muri'hy * Son. contractors 372 0O
With St., So. 434 to **2 Fast: Oreenblati & Ffin
berg Pros net Samuel Kaufman, owner; Kauf
'ii«n & Loscowltj. contractors 570 00
Sullivan st.. No. «3 to «7; Joseph Jordan et nl.
H«I 1.. M. Thorn, owner; Lorenzo Building Con
struction Company an,l Philip Bltberraan. con
tractors •.'«'>•"» 00
127tii St., Xo. 214 East: Thomas F. Mclaughlin
net Samuel Solomon, owner; Max Ke*«ier.
owner and contractor 14« 25
123 d si., s. ».. 10»» ft. w. of Pleasant aye . 100 x
WO: T"mback 4 VcPhee agt. I/mis <i. Cohen
and Charles S. i^ol.lherger. owners and contrac
tori .- stun on
2firb st.. Nos. us and 117 East: Rochetto A- Par
7.mi ski Klcharfl Hudnut. owner: Hiss Company,
contractor ". sstnno
12<Hh ?t.. No. 347 East: Green Bros, act Lucy A.
ani Henry Hassfrnmn, owners. Alfrerl A. Gavi
pan, contractor °H 50
l«4th st . No. 434 to 444 West: Joseph Km a|l'
Morris S. A. Wilson, owner: Joseph Sewal. con
trartor CO 0 0
88th St.. a •= . 11 > ft. w. of Avenue A. 7."W10A : E
H. Smith * Son -icrt. Kaufman &■ Gelbln. own
rrs and contractors ... . . SViO 00
Central Park West. ■ w. corner O.'.rb st inn 5X5 X
12.V Michael OTtwyer act. Pnmuel n. and
Franklin Haines. owners anil contractors 12 «¥!•» <»>
Cyrress aye. «.. 8 .. 50 ft. „ of ,-, 4fh St.. BOxlOO;
FYederlCß .1 Fleck a»t. Fran-is Connor, owner;
John H. Peeves & Bro.. contractors; John L.
Nelson & Bro. Company. sub ■ on tract, -rs 97 00
l«»th St.. Nos .-24 and S2« West: Griffin Tjnoflng
i ompany a«t l>mts Blocke. owner; Bornstein
Bros. . contractors ." 249 42
17 ?cf«. SS J c - £ "' 1O " '' w • of Arn«teriam aye.
Ifii<x>»;. KranK Ki-nkora a«f Moaes T'ess ef nl
July 2»». MM*, ibj bond) '»4 048 51
Lamport aye. 5 „. 2.V> ft. v. of Fort 'pchuVl'e'- '
R. ad. lOt>xir<v I»uis Rosenher X et al agt'
Lamport P.enlty Company ft al.: .Tun« 2<», mo«
■ ancelledi 41ft «ia
Mien st.. No. 104: Samuel Lif*hlta act : isiaV lit
shiti ft a' : January is. 1001 " 1 lnA(n
Ridge <=-. No. Ill; William A." Thomas Company
agt. Isaac Schlang*r et al.; August I. 1»«« ... " m7O
I n i£2 " V V x,,*\.. Wi ft. nof Ifllst •»•• 225,1,10.
James It. Hlßh)^ a^t Syndicate Construction
company et al.: Augi-st 2. IPitfl ... "-ucuon «07 V>
4 uJ, 'V."' s.. US ft. »■ of Bathgate aye. IIS, "*
JOOifJohn Mitchell a «*- Henry Brown; August
?.,." ljnt| 4.481
2d aye. . c. s . 40 ft s. of 124 th St.. flOxSO; Ahra
. m =^'!. vln " and Harry W. Perelman loan Mor
ris Fri€>dman and Kllas Smith . «*- n,v»
C Anns aye.. n. 7- corner ICMh st ' 2xVo«V- **'' ""°
?;;::;. w^ n er an " MortKa «* C rr-' loans . rt .
...xl(H>., : .l.illa D. Stunjes loans Raphael Kura
°k an. 000
The first name 1r that of the debtor, the second
that of the, creditor, and late when judgment
was filed :
D l 1 900' Frank L "■"■ R - Ba "- m * n : March 19.
li"o"ii Jo! ' n S '~ si - i; lVr>x " ai ; ' '*?*, '•- ** M 5T
Forbes.' Cnari»s E." o r • Irv ing- wV ' Humphrey "' M
and I^wrence F. Carrol}— Peopi* etc '
March 14. 1904 (vacated) reo P"- etc ' Knn . an
Keyes. James- U. P. Starr. May 1901 'iS? 22
"SaVch R , UdO 1 ' 99 PohP 0 h r tJ;r " fl ' r «'»mpany 9 °lt ] ' al- 1?1 5 *
* n fw; z \£z&> j ■::■/'* *"* s "— . ""
'■'co-a^-^^v MM '***»** G - 2 :
Tiernev. Frank ft— C a Sweet; July 17 190«: »1» M
Ttm cance,^T b -'■ *??* August 28. 1897 U * "
S^n7^ed" aff i > !\ '*':'*};. j ™*z. '**;[ ; »••• "*
The following judgments were filed yesterday
the first name in each case ing that of the debtor:
Anglln. Daniel F. —Mm Wiener los «i
Clarkln. Martha— Carrie Oerlach *«i 4,
Constantlne. Richard B.— George H. Belts r.74 k!
Cad/ James C— Aaron Knsel " ' i^«i->
Cochrnne. Frank— Mahlon S. Kemmerer. .'.'. " «l i a7v
De Maria, l.uigl- Louis Diamond . - " Ton I,
r.THgK. <i«-orge Theres* True , -• ,1
Grady. William F— Ilartmann Brothers Manu
facturini? Company l-»ri
Hlrsch. Charles— Joseph Goldstein . "" " iar!i,»
Htllyer. George H— Edjtar A. Waly. '.".'.'.'" Ivtx*
Kennedy, Howard S. —Jewellers' Circular Pub
lt»h:n«? Company *N 41
Klernan. John L.— Mlna EV Ross .-. «t 'A
Jackson. Mary E.— Robert \V Taller ' ' iii^o-1
Karln»ky. -Morris Marks v.l "Z
Kennelly. Thomas H— David Welse. . '. lis"»
Leddy. clement A.— Joseph M. Ftohel et al ' «a is
I.»(|erman. l>srlel— Morris Dnmsky et si. . ' m "
Mollmann. Clarenc J. -Hugo P. Stiebellnß. . 1 -in
McHviKh. Mary Max Hrennwnsser ■'.'„"'
McNelly. Thomas J— H. W. Baker Linen" Con'
I any ' ..,„
Mccarty. M. Ethel— Robert B. Adams eVai ' "" ar«
Murnlck. Simon and William— Fe'dmever rvo^
Morton, (Je.,rKe N— Charles E. Bartlett... m■ * r I^"
Pitney. Charles F— William P. Toongs et ai'" 11217
P;ie!an. Edward T.— Ferdinand Westheimer et' al 1«1 02
nitz. Martin- Stanley A. Rovmkv «i IS
Relchle, Herman— Charles Blele .... 1"» ??
Rfsenthal. Solomon J.— .Associated Merchants' of
■ New Tork n . . .
Studinskt. Max— Jacob Welas . . nlk'..
Ftevens. Hlldlnit— Joseph C. Blanch ■ ::::::::::: 403 0-
V>ndler. Bsrnett— Morris Mark . . v 2 S
Blown a ,* r ./s 11 llnc.l Inc. Constructing Comttanr— a »* '
Srhraderp Son. Ine „
Centaur Knitting Company- Oeorire Gthnns; '.'.'." 7$ So
J. V. McEvlley Company— United I^eaa c"* panv «1 «
North Side Brewing Company of New York— mm 3
wr.ukee Malting: Company .". . • • -~ ll ~ 1 14- 4-
eunrtse 3.11 Punset «:67;M00n rises 2:«l, Moon's > .» «»r
A.M.— Sandy Hook o:24|Gov. Island 0:38 > Hell r-««« ■» ■>
P.M. -Sandy Hook 8:48 Coy, l.|, n 0:55;H'll Tj«* ?i;|
The Cedrlc reported to Sable island yesterday •> a **
a m.. when 150 mile, southeast of that station kf
expected to dock to-morrow about 7:80 a. m * '*
Th* Caledonia reported to Cap« Race at 8 d m • V - I^.
day. when 162 miles east of that station Bh* Win »2£"
ably dock ar».ut 7:30 a. m. Sunday. wIU V mh ~
The New York reported to Cap* Race yesterday •• t «v
a. m.. when 120 miles east of that station ah, V. 3:SO
pected to dock about 1:80 p. m. to-morrow he " # *~
I-a Touralne reported to Cape, Race jsaiaij .. , m
a. m . when M Bille. «Ast of that «Ml«m. BhVK^LI;!?
to dock about 12:30 p. m. to-morrow. expected
Vassal. From. „_.
•Mamcaa. Port of S^aln. Aurtut 11... Tv'-H* -
Ocse* Arastenlain. Au«u.t I....USnmS»
Advertisements admitted tuts the** ralvmgi mi*
rcromnxonded to th» reader* of Th* Tribune ••
thorough]; reliant*. •■<! baste*** ran b* den* br matt
with th* advertiser with p*rf*rt »»fety.
■:?:< sixth KNITS
firs urn.
ttt Bevcoth tfMN,
Corner at IK* St.
that never pinch;
that n't your
eyes, end frames
that lit your
The stylish In
visible kind, the
cool kind that
never mist : fit
ted by experts.
12 If alien Lane.
FOR 1906
On Saia at 111 Newsstands
Frice 25 Cents
Hcdl Estate.
tOMPANV with a com
plete organization for the
erection in their entirety
of Office Buildings,
Hanks. IMHs. Drpart
ment Stores, Railway
Stations, Residences,
Warehouses and Fac
tories, whose work is
among the most promi
nent buildings in New
York, Boston, Philadelphia, Newark,
Princeton, Baltimore, Washington,
Pittsburg, Cleveland, Chicago, St.
Louis and Winnipeg.
Those contemplating building con
struction should consult this Com
pany. Correspondence Solicited.
Capital paid In. in cash. SLSMMMM.
N>\v York. Washington. Chicago.
W NORTON BUANCAGXIEU capable colored_ agent.
NY. wants desirable tenements to manage 3. Ful
ton st. Brooklyn; ?« Went 99th »t.. Manhattan.
«•„ York ...Southampton. August 11 American
•FfrT.rla . . - . Uv. rpool AuguM 11 Cunard
•roarno Ponce. August 12 T7.N T & PR
p,Tl,do .. .New Orleans. August 12 Morjran
siS^« .Gnlveston. Auijusit 12 Merman
£{,*'« '.". • Oalran-ii. August 11 Mallory
City of Memphis . . Savannah. Aucu« M . Savannah
•r-aledon'a .Glasgow. August 11 Anchor
R^oklvn St. Michaels. August » ...? ottl
Brponun Hull \usrast » Wilson
u>iT, a o,v •■■■.■■.. Brit.M I .Bristol
VI Si"' • ••■ • • ;.. «alveston. August 13 Morgan
....„,„_,• .Antwerp. August 11 Red Star
*nvn%£ ,"'".'.'. Rotterdam. August 11 .. . Holland- Am
" t nnehaha " ' " ..... London. August 11 Atlantic Trans
siavorla .V. • • • Gibraltar. August 10 .'unari
*} A \ ° ;' a • • >••* Orleans. August IS Morgan
Korri* ;.::.... I Jverpool. August 11. White Star
of < .Vlumbua. . ..Savannah. August 17 Savannah
•Brings mail.
■ foi Lin» Mai: rtoasa, sails.
w^. \i-urtts Haytl. D W I H^am l:0Opm
Panama <ol Panama 11 a m 3:o© pm
S? Q^ntlP .Argentina, Barter 4:00 a m 6:30 a m
Coma!. Brunswick. Malory 3:0 Op m
«at'in* Mobile, Mailers 3 •«> pm
c.maV-hV Jacksonville. Ctf* ."s:nopm
princess Anne. Norfolk. Old Dominion. 3:oopm
«t Piul Sf.utbampton. American...... 6:00 am 9:30 am
i-amnania" Liverpool. Oinard 10:30 am 2:Copm
Kr™ Antwerp. Red Star 12:Wm 2:3opm
Guthrune. Argentina. Sloman 10:30 am l:flMpm
Silvia Newfoundland. Red Cross 7:30 am ll:0Oam
i-aracas*. CMracoa. Rod 1> *:*> a m 12:0rt m
Ponce Porto Rico, N V A P H 6:0<» a m
Welsh" Prince. Argentina. Prince »:00 a m ll:3Oam
Morro Castle Havana. Ward 10:00 am 1:00pm
Prlnz Mir Wil. Jamaica. Hamb-Am. -ll:«Oa m 2:oOpm
Tagus. Colon. RMSP 12:30 3.o<»pm
Oermania. Naples. Fahre — — —
Bulgaria. Hamburg. Hamb-Am 3:OTpm
Minneapolis. London. Atlantis-Trans... 4:noam
Furnessia. Glasgow. Anchor 3: r"i
El Rio. Cialves?on. Morgan 3:00 pm
El Monte. New Orleans. Morgan 3:OOpru
Fan Jacinto. Galveston. MalU«ry ..:o©pm
Algonquin. Jacksonville. Clyde ■":•■> p m
City of Atlanta. Savannah. savannah.. 3:<X>pm
Monroe, Norfolk. Old Dominion 3:00 pm
Destination and steamer. Close in N. T.
New Zealand. Australia except West).
New Caledonia. Samoa. Hawaii and
FIJI Islands— Ventura «via San Fran
rtsco) Aug. 19 12:3i> a m
Hawaii Japan. Cores. China and Philip
pine. Islands- Hong K'^naj Maru «via
San Francisco* Aug . 20. 12:30 a m
Hawaii— (via San Francisco).. Aug. 2s. 12:30 am
Port of New York, Thursday, Aug. 16, 1906.
Steamer Pennsylvania tGer>. Knuth. Hamburg August
4. Boulogne 5 and Plymouth 6. to th» Hamburg.-
Line, with -MH cabin and SHU steerage passengers and
mdse. Arrived at the Bar at 10:4.% pm. 15th.
Steamer St ljiurent »Fr», Johan, Havre August 4. to
the t'ompagnie Generale TransatUntfque. with 215 steer
age pas;engers and indse. Arrived at the Bar at 4:4.">
a in.
Steamer Tagus <Hr>. Ixtws. Barbados July Si, Trini
dad August 1. I -a C.uayra 2. Savanllla 4. Cartagena 3.
Colon » and Kingston 12. to Sanderson A Son. with M
passengers, mails and mdae. Arrived at the Bar at Sam.
Steamer Calabria (Br». Coverley. leghorn July 2!>,
Naples August 1 and Palermo 2. to Henderson Brothers,
with 1O cabin and 735 steerage passengers anil mdse.
Arrived at the Bar at 1:45 a m.
3toam«r Mama il«n. Fraser. Demerara July SV Bar
bados and Martinique 27. Dominica 2s, Antigua and
St Kttts 30. St Cm an.l St Thomas August 9. to A
X CKit.Tbrliige & Co. with sugar. Arrived at the Bar
at 4:30 a m
Steamer Oraecia ««er>. Jacobs. St Marie July 31 Port
au Prince August 1. Miragoane 3. Aux Caves 4. Jarmel
.V Tort OolomMa « .\r.<l Santa Marta 0. to the Hamburg-
Anierlcan Ur.e. with 1- passengers. mat's and md»e
Arrived at the Bar at 5:1«» i> m.
Steamer Albls 'N"!>. rhrlstoffersen. Baracoa August
8 an.: Sama 10. to M 8 Arrue. with fruit Arrived at
th* i'.t. a: 3 .1 Dl
Steamer Alliama. Fukerforth. Colon August 10 to the
Panama Railroad Steamship IJne. with MS pas«encen«
Mails an.l mdse. Arrived at the Bar at 5:25 pm " *
Steamer El CM. Baker. Galveston August 10 to. the
Southern Pacific Company, with mdse. t*ft Quarantine at
7:22 a m.
Steamer City of Atlanta. Kisher Savannah August 14 to
the Orean Steamship Company, with passengers and mdse
Ljeft Quarantine at n:2S m.
Strainer Princess Ann*. Catherine. Newport News an.l
Norfolk, to the Old Dominion Steamship Company ' wltti
pasaengern an.l mdse. I^efi Quarantine a: 3:41 b m. '
Sandy Hook, N J. Aug 1«. »2K p m— Win.l s,iuth light
breeze. cWar.
Steamers JelTervn Norfolk and Newport \>vc El Rio
GaUeston: City of Macnn. Savannah. La itrTTaa'ne iFr>
Havre; Helllg olav (Dam, ntlania and < '•D»nhagen'
Viler (Nor), Baracca: Yumurl (Nor). Port Antonio. '
Liverpool. Aug Arrived, steamer Majestic ißr>. Hayes.
New York via Vlueenntown.
Que«n*town. Aug 1«, 13:.1» n m — Sailed, steamer Baltic
ißr>, Smith tfr..m Liverpool). New York.
Southampton. Aug Ift- Sailed, steamer I a Plata tßr>.
(tagnal. New York via Barbad<>«>s. etc. Colon and
Mull. Avig 15- Setled. steamer Idaho <Br). I^ovcriage. Bos
ton and New York.
Isle of Wight Aug 1* Passed, steamer New Yirli lUutch
tank*. Julfs. R<tl«itlam for New York.
St Crolx, Aug 15. * p Sailed, steamer Korona ißr>
carmli-hael (from Barbadoes. ste>, v* York
L<sghorn. Au« 15— Arrive.!, steamer Perugia «Br> John
•ton. New York via Naples and Marseilles.
6t Thomas. Aug 18. 1 P — Arrived, steamer Partm*
«Br>. Carey. New York for Demerarn etc • n m
sailed steamer Trinidad (Br.. William. '(from
Barbßdoe>>. New York. ™
Hlogo. Aug 1« — Arrived prey»,, sl.v, steamer r,..i.,.
1^/ 1 '* 111 « JI -"«
IIa %^a f . ArHr}.B^o^<^r^nA rHr}. B^o^<^r^n^ y^ & si:
AKRHI. OARI>r.V<4. .A-TapN'-w T. y1 . "*|
U3TERDAM THEA..-K-. 42^ st. I O-f||£nt
CEO. M.COHAN a. */£
• MEW YORK we "^t?^tlS?^sSst
N«- H.h.k 4EEINT. !«»W y. )RK .
■ 1 I THAT Quartet. B«yinn w * fc«,
| 1 I and PEBIN. th« Pi^hlk^ 1
CRITERION ™ KS^.r-a.-^H?
to the Mwalestl 1 LI 1 1 l.r. CHERUB
LYCEUM Bfway and *st «~«t«« +£\
s^fg 33 RR T or THE LIQN tiS sJaiia.
Int LI 0(1 m MUUSE
\( AI»F.Vt^ Or Ml Sll t«th St andtaJT^T
V;rV,\ «» THE VIRGIN!^
Prices M. St. 71. jl. Mat* Wed and Sat. I Et»|.'j.
II \MMrnHTW3t-* VsmsVs* BswT 42 ?
II ■ > (CO. « FORDS. ARTHUR PRIJ!CE^.i :i *
Dally Mats. < Roof Bi::> in Tlrtart* Tii^tN.
f>fTl A Cl^flTheatr*. 42 St.. w. of R-»« T . r- r " 77-
PA YIP BELASCO presents BUNfll .1,., *■
in "thb girl or TUG GOLDEN wt - '
U/rQT run Mat.To-day. Kmt-.vi. Da»7Cr9^;
ITIOI tnll, «o«lnnin« Next Monday JUtisM
Or^ntnsr ot the* Wsgsjlar tat« ~
MAfinAi IUN W.A.BRADT M«r. ea-fr^
Warenhals * K»mw Co. present
la Jacob Gordin s »rea* drama, the
Seats 4 weeks in advance.
WAUACaVB, irwaTAlOth. Et» »: 19. MatiTSV^ev. ..,",:
|M.»ni«»s nnnr -yiAmnxtM' . 1~,
sgoAhG H X cnAwpAONE." Hm
OAKPEX IIUUI E>errEr«. Adm. 60c. RsaSl feS)
For Theatre, -hopplns. PlTht-S«»to?. Evr», ai J
-cb urban I>-i>rt-.
Kl?hth Aveaae and 4Mb Street.
Telephone 2389 Columbus.
"Greatest Auto Livery E»tabltshmcr.t !n tSe Wor
n for Illustrated booklet, t -ns; rats- '
PAIN'S VESWirs •«« 1 IRJ- "
r .-% I GRAND FIREWORKS. Every Trial
3; Minutes sTF B. R T. Luna Park Express from SMSjs
~ Meet Me oa the Pier at
Take Iron Steamboat*,
rnryi world in wax. special 6Mm
M 1 - KE. I «fl ItaUao Orrhe«tra. MysMr A»ss.
Columbia. WasMsiaem * »Jwa '.". 1908.—
proporala will be received at tils offlte until 12 Jt. Se»
ten-.ler I. 19OR. for furnishinj ftn> tons cf *lght-lndl ax-
Iron water pip-? Forms. «p*ctacattor.s ar.4 -.#<-«sssn ts>
for.nation may be ob'air.fi at room 43. District BuiiJSt
Washington. D. C HEXRY L. WEST. JOHN BlDrii
Commisslcner*. T>. C.
Bureau of Supplies and Accounts. Xavy Depar-
VTashinirton. IX C until IO O'fLOCK A, XL. Septera
ber 11. 1906. and publicly opened lmme!iai«ly thereaK-r.
to furnish at th* navy yard. N- - Tork. X. T.. a qou
tity of naval supplies. as f<M!ows: 5-rh. 90: !>>.'*<«» nrfj
•about* unbleached cotton drill an.l 15.000 laboutk woeiie
blankets. Srh. 101: 2<>" '•••' pounds iabout> cana«d ■»»
mm and *>.•><»> poun»ls taNiut* evap^rate.l jteachss. Ajjii
cations for prop-jeals shou:d d^si^nate the Bcheitales #-
sired by number. Blank proposais tv '.1 t- » furnished aj"B
application to the n»v v pa- ofßce. Jlew York. X. T.. cr
to the Bureau. H. T. P HARRIS. rajmasrer-GeaK*.
V. S. X. »-« O<V ___^___
Unfurnished Apartments To Lit
( [B M |M | f _^ im t .--|_|-^ -t_,-i_ ii_ 1 ii_ii-i_|-i_ -i_ -I I— -I- I" — ■■'«-» U¥Vi*
at North East Cornar
of 11th St.,
T*!ephon« sti Gramereji.
55th ST. AND 7th AYE.
Modern Hoosatie*] .Ar-T^t^fria.
The lightest, largest ro<->rr.* in iftis *W-
Built a» tnv-stnit-nt. not a si-ecuauoo-
Every saodera convtctenc*.
S»r- »nt»" clev-itor*. vacuum system. *i.a«
9to 14 rooms and ? bath* Rent* *Z<\M) » *>•**■
Sot r'" : -. for occupancy.
i"{i?nt commence* tVtv^r J. „
•The »-.est apart.nort eve] built below t>.e F»r».
—X. T. HoraiJ.
> »rrri»l Par* West, from 73d to 7«:h 3t
Ready for inspection— Uease* from Oct. L
LARGE, attra. front room, parlor *^JI
rent. osßce or light bu»la»s»; half Mix-It -oI » JfE
tmftlwfi store*. tl4 East HJth st. B'wT.SZ *W. *"*
hand. ■
\PAKTMEXTS 147 FAST »TH ST.— Seven !*2
til»«J bath: steam heat: hot water; or»n EirJ»S
newly aiiiilßlsil all lat«-Jt imprr. em^t»: !ent». ie»"»"^
O rent |««i> to |l.«<>o. VICTOR 1 EARLt *•■*
Hi West T4th st. Phone SSS Col. «
fno LKT — E!*»«nt apartments, ail nt.-£?r* *?JT*:
J. merit*, p-mvsslon now. r«?ct to te«:n <> F" rs V~,, *
and S rooms. rent J53 to »* ; - s>. »*v .Cl FT***™'
Ar-ply to yemr own l-roker or Realty AmocS"*
Vtrrrrn »? . Rrooklvn —
Country Property for Sal j
(|ENTLEMAX'S Ki:sil»KN. E - ARtO*
tin. X. J.. corp»r property frontlac on '.Si»« *[ t S
lWxtl«xlo2xlSO R".f Jn-;!ms. 13 ro^ms; etjU-. l^T, J
•naxrr hf.it. l*rt. - e. $1^ ">*•. Rf t »^^"n^^'* l r ', ».
mln«.:?*» from «'»t: ■ Kii*- It. U. : CS minute* J™£L " ..
MA Newark avenue. J*r»ev Oty.lw.'w
|>>R SALE— W*.t.-nr.ter rounty. Osst»la« W*^S
X' srvrrul de»tr*Mt | t ».,.M;«. rir.t- Mr«». a ■»»««> %..
yr»>p»rtv anJ farms. TKeMA.-i LEAKY. W M* l3 *
Ossirtinc N. T. __i~—-*
LAKE GEORGE. X T.-For a>."^c»: iH-auttial W*^"
Jj 12 acre* 3 cottascs. camp, etc A>Mress «•
v-U'\VE. Hudson. N. Y. ___^_— — *
~Jz6v X A W A *~i^*K^i..«- rt;t
lots ?:00. TER -U'^i*
Apply Ilockaway P«rh Imorov.mcnt Cc. . 19J WaS*^.
City Property to Let. _^
X* EW h'.ch class Amrriran (• \arn- dwelllnf* ** **
A » Ap»-«1> In . i.AKK us-. \-''t: -■»■ I'l-^i" 3Y^ —^<
Tj'SOn RENT, on n>si «l»v,!iih Str^*t. t> ""*_**^«
.1 anj «th Avfiiuri. houiw with modwn EW2SI
and thr«* ra^^ r->r -> ■••. %,•!>!> to <: R I'UKEV «f7
13th floor. 2a> Hi :i.'.« a. T»L «~J"«> Ci>r:!ii^>- ---;
. tansa»>. New v.v *. l*th. vjueen Ad*l»»*»\?
MacKay. New To-k , IV*
l'atras. Auf 10 — Sail*- 1. »tea.n*r C.lutia « Au»". » _,
vtch (from Trieste). New Tor* via Pal**"**

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