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Look at a piece of
Taffeta— feel its
soft texture, hear
its dainty rustle
and observe its
lustrous sheen
then you will real I
ire the folly of ever
using silk again
for linings, under
slips or petticoats
Not only closely
resembles silk, but
■wears three times
as long. Unre
servedly endorsed
by Mrs. Osborn.
150 shades all
lining counters.
36 inches wide j
35 cents a yard. v
Look for the
trademark on id- i
vage of every 4
r«wls-t..-w«ar Petticoats arc obtainable in 60
t-t.xi.i- to nuit. L any dress -"l*. outlast
three of iilk. $2M and np. Kidi Mion^hfor
any .-i-a-iou. li. sure you Dnd I hi. label
Hitched In ™ iil.t nun.l of petticoat. ITtou
don't you « l!l r.-t >n I nit r|..r ...1..,1t ni, . £&N
if y.'u bare difficulty in xxuiim either ■L.l)
pit-tt- c>o<i« or I>etti<-oatß t-?nd money order
and we will err that yon are supplied at /yA
m. \V for free sample* : also beauu- Jy£**\
ful booklet written by il ris. Obborn 88 — s.
A. C. HYDE & SONS. /#■ }]
361-363 Broadway. New York City. VAsti'
iin-Ti of HTderra :•■ Textile*— Lucpou Smtin, -»
r*iileyPCTC»liiK:..S*k«iim S»tin», Ensiling X
7%Sks, vegetable
''ij^&mmaa^ Makes a rich and
I abundant growth 1
lof hair. Quickly stops fall- V
* ing hair. Keeps the scalp
clean and healthy. Prevents
the hair splitting at the ends.
An elegant dressing for the
hair, making it soft and
I smooth. '
1 For the whiskers and moustache -we make
V a l»ye known as KI.Nf.HAM S I»VF,
k It colors jnctantlv a rich brown or a soft
\\ black. K. i*. HALL &■ CO., Nashua, N.U.
car V r Mount Birds
533& A& mount all kinds of Bird., Animal..
Saßfl /V..,., U'id>,eK. A1»O to t»n kilo* mad
t*fcl /J^o...' rur-. I>«c«,r»t«- your borne with
&* your o V -aullful trophies, or Increase
WL*' ZZm&rt. $oar income Beillntf Bpecltnenn »na
>M *^9Bf%t niouotluic for otaers. Eadlly, qulokly
JV l<-»rnf.l m fpiirf time, by men and y.oni«u.
fW&/& J!vii — t «-nd • .rwiuMiti-. Write t<HI»T lor Irt-<
I f ■ catal«true and tree eamplu copy 01 l> "
\ ? M tieaatiful TaiiaennT Kasrazlne — mm
TV V n. -<i..*A Of Tuldennj, Inf.. !:C I '■•-, Om»hi^Kc|».
NL.URALGIA or Headache.
-■ ;, pain :■
• • ■
.. -
Records of Wafers
TQETTIXr, is neither so genera] nor so promis
** cuous as it w;.^ one hundred and fifty year-;
;iK'i. when books for recording wagers were
always k«-pt on the tables in the much fre
• :uentfd coffee houses of London. Sunn- .>•"
these lxx.ks are still to l>e found among col
lections of antiques, and they make interesting
reading. All manner of queer U't^ are entered
there, on marriages, births, and deaths, on
the duration of a ministry, on the length of
the lives of prominent personages, on the t*>s
sibflity of earth [uakes, and even on hangings
No Help for the Dyin£
THE extreme callousness of the old English
gamblers, or gentlemen, a> they were then
called, i> illustrated by the following ac
count which Horace Walpole, *h<- celebrated
Utter writer, gives of a curious occurrence ;it
White's coffee house in London.
In one of hi- epistles to Sir Horace Mann.
under date of September r, 1750, he says:
"They have put into the paper .1 good story,
made at White's. A man dropped down dead
at the door, and was carried in. The club im
mediately made I>et.s whether he was dead or
not; and when they weie going to bleed him,
the wagerers for his death interposed and said
it would affect the fairness oi the bet, and
they Rtoppe ti — efforts."
Hurd on a Drowninf Man
VIEUXTEMPS, the famous violinist, used
to toll the following story:
When crossing London bridge one day, h<
■was suddenly brushed aside by a wretche I
tatterdemalion who climbed the parapet and
plunged out into the river. The foot passen
gers crowded around immediately to watch
the unfortunate man as he rose to the surface,
and in a trice some one shouted, "111 bet he
"Two to one he'll swim ashore'" was tin
an ■'■•■' The rest of the pedestrians joined
m the betting.
Meantime Vieuxtemp- rushed down t< the
river bank, so ured .1 waterman and rowed oui
to the rescue. Just as the boatman was about
t> reach f< nth x< • grasp the ]«>or fellow, wh< > by
time was floundering about in the water,
laving lost his desire for death, the specta
■ • ibove cried out: "Leave him alone!
There's a l«"t on -.* !"
The oarsman drew back into the b....1, and
■ « r.t. l: ant bef< re theii
Didn": Stop to Figure
A CURIOUS bet thai partakes of thei aturi
of a practical joke went to th< art ii
the town of Ddle, France, in 1634. A citizen of
the district offered to pay ■ ne of bis country
men twenty-four franc - in ad van. c if he w iul I
agree to furnish him with a number of grain:
of millet in proportion to the nui
dren born in the town within a year One
grain of millet was to ■ givei for the first,
two foi nd, four for the third,
for the fourth and o on, doubling the 1 1
for each child.
Accepting the apparent! offer,
the unlucky Frenchman attempted to carry
out the provisions; but sixty-six children
were born within the specified time. 11< wa
astounded at the en< rmous quantitie of gram
required to fulfil the contract, and appe.de.!
to the courts ior annulment of the wager, on
the ground that it wa 1 unded ■ n an impo -
-ible condition.
The ju.:g«- grant peal; but ordered
him to return the twenty-lour francs I
r> eived and to pay twenty-four in -
Elements "Were Against Him.
THERE were few frenzied financiers in Eng
land at the beginning of the eighteenth i en
tury, if the banker Bulliot, of whom the follow
ing story is told, can be taken as an example.
The feast of Saint within, July 15, 1725. was
a particularly wet and stormy day.
Trusting implicitly in the old superstition,
which says that if it rains on Saint Swithiri
Day it will rain for forty days thereafter,
Bulliot opened a pool for everyone who was
willing to bet against him. The affair attained
so much notoriety that the wager was reduced
to writing. _ „ • , „
"If dating from Saint Swithin s Day,
reads the memorandum, "it rains more or
little during forty days successively, Bulhoi will
be considered to have gained; but if it ceases
to ram for only one day during that time,
Bullio'. has lost."
For two weeks it continued to shower every
day and -■• confident did the banker become
that he accept as stakes not only money
but gold headed canes, jewels, snuil boxes,
and even clothes! When his ■ a : 1: gave out
he offered notes and bills of exchange. An
other week passed, and Bulliot s star was still
in the ascendant. . .
But when the twi nty- • „nd day >.hik into
the west bright and cloudless, the unfortunate
banker was mined.
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