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New York. November « s*d 7. I** 4l
p^ jg* tK8 :: ?®
a«^i^f" <c -.*',v c^s Slo
Vt«»t. tusc... ia; Prunes n-a». P*««--- *)'■;]"
17b a« Kaisins iCal). P«*S. I •.'«*»
EMM 83uS.;l^:o«s. this :: 1;.3;S
5 » : " y '... s i .11. 1 21 AM. Onions. ► 1 kg* - 3 "0
tiict. rk.;* iOo«lDrts4 fmiu P»«i ....-I.^
I Hi.:::
EH ' »7'Ol!cake. :S::::iii:: }.l"
Ji=P*- ST?SsA S.2C-. v «-i:ir. .... UifcS MOO
fiixttii. *-■- SM Wa.nuts. h»B* 4.S
¥*\- /-7'rtV) 'casei: BW'Tobaooo. hh«e :::::: »
P*£.*mlm -• BlOjTobaooo. r^f 1.048
Pork. »■•. siOWhiekey. bbl« I.OJS
b»« f"i ;:; sw.wcoi. ... i-»
jscor.. r««vv- 2,1^7 :w-r.o!. sacks 2.v»
C, mf*u Pk«« A N>;zac-Et«n. tales IJS
U&S2" '■'...' ba'.M '.'.'.'.'.'.'. B.JTS
j*r4 ke*s "" isjOalcksflrer. flasks.... Mis
l*rl ***• 22t ' <"'"r*r pieces. 5.280
Ti ' "'- 1 * •• ' •'•'- . ' • »«>
grea..- tSg^'^Z" er.M PranSy (CaJ>. bbls.... 150
citttt. rkri 9 - 4 *'
•iTisat. bort- ■••••■ fs-t£& ': T&r.*i "et". ' gals '.'.'.'. 4««.«S(>
Corn. bus* ; , rt 141 H-o:i.nseed oil. gals. 15.W0
?Tr bi'sb'.*'.... 41.1C2 l.uhrtc.tir.g oil. gal. 547.400
8» rW hl .«^ .... ll.f*«> To-k. this 00
jett. DL °;;.k" 40Beef. hbls ::::..:: M 4
P«*=» . t^,; fa ,1 I.fH Beef, tcs 378
jlr.tr. s^» •■ 7«fC? ! nscon. lb.. 1.W4.47.1
flosr. »"*;.■•■•• 87 Han-... Tb 122.000
Cwr!r^> bags riP.Mrd. - 1.720.700
Cri "Ci. 1 ?<* srtr* «■ 4.000
ESL-Tmi LOOO Tallow, " 220000
■ ' _ n 124 bao
•osfr^ui- « • ™ 7.500
B£?Mb3;.? l.'.r Cheese, - 106,440
«~» M No' OrSuin (Cctton. middling 10.20
S2"tokoJ«oft.i =*25 Ccree. No 7 Rio 7 1 *
,:;■,* ... 21"'")2 1 "'") - gsr, granulated 480
BWsf*W«*i- •» i 2 ; »! as*** OK. prim* 86
J*** cepr« * ... «-jsi> 1 Beef family 12 75
ff.v.ic, ' feai! P« (Beef hams 12 23
Jiv.!/ «=5 Tallow, prime «H
K;/ vo 2 reS... Prrk. mess 18 87^
JSrkTa «d«*4 -• ra I Hogs, drwsed. 140 ft. £ r 4
Sti' V *e SJ Tr .. . . S» Lard, prime »60C»«0
"our. MpU. p«ter>s>4 40 |
New Tork. November 7. I§B6.
. nrr rr 7he coffee market was moderately aotlv*
IS* «rS sales, including switches, reported at
«t«r^ - MX» Al^out 5«.0C0 ■ i.if. of th» total were ex
1 '» res Prices r:i.eJ steady and there seemed to be
«'•*■•* . rDor t from ;«-a<!ir.K trade Interests. The mar-
V.'; fZrti tteafly «*. unchanged price* to a decline
# » rn'-'i rene:«:;> t point* lower, owing to lower
V rmtrtii cabM than cxpe£"-ed. but rallied on th*
£ Z Z of trsde lttt#rs«tsj nnd closed steady, net un-
JJJJJj 10 {. jioir I.*1 .* hiphcr. Tl-.ere was not a great
•j-frT. f'»*tur« t» the news). Havre a* unchanged to
?.•*'" tonfr at the hour of local opening, and closed
'*r tTst bt»-»- •*!!• Hamburg as Vto n j.fg lower.
"•c Prtz''.'.»r. ratn.tts report no U«e. and while
£7*js»*es(i ■■ tnr.e, xhi rate of H '« r '. • : a.n Exchange
mat S-""& higher. Receipts continued lieavy and
*,-..» n>! heard regird'.r.g the r.ew crop out
■aakar the valorization plan. The exchanges from
nMsmbtr tn Is'.e" months appear to be working out
' o'h!y «rejr.i the present differences between
•"i<(Cf. ar.d *!.!> many believe that the December
irni in-erest ot;-.i>;Bndlng Is s::'.l a large one. there
wr^'i S(>«r: to be Ilf.le to cause it —In— under the
elreuinstaaots. »r.d there i» l!:tle doubt that the
«rillr<T tifti**"* a'.reHdT exchanped their holdings
for these further asray from the threat of delivery.
"■t* ir.ari(>!t for fpm ce2ee trgs fe»dy, with quota
tens on the basis of 7*, c for Rio No 7.
The rsr.ge cf «-ontract prlc-s in the local market
t ..ca.v*a...f0::0».: Mon _
Mor. -
Open. High. Low. Close. Cay.
••over, ber — — — *10 (5 6.15 6.10
;„-;', -- . ••' «15 8.10 ».ir»«.I0 6.16
gJSw _ — — C25C6.10 6.28
fstruary _ — — €.353640 6. 58
i'trrh »-40 6.45 «40 «45©6.t0 6.48
t^li - — 6. 8055. 53 6.50
ftj V «.ee «co ■ «.!5 f ■ >6.*8 6.55
" , — — — * 65 »•• "° 6 .6S
*al» " 6.70 «TO 6.70 €.7566.80 8 . 7 C
Wj-jtt — — — I.M#C.tf 6. SO
tnttaba .. . .«S5 «.»0 «.?5 «.S-0§6.»5 C.90
Oe'tober «.S0 €80 £50 €.S;tT-00 «.»B
COTTOS— Tb* eotxeo trnrket was only moderately ao
tlv« to-cav, but the Tine was nervous and unsettled and
trioef rr.a^* a r.*w low record for the movement. T^wsrd
tfct close ti:«r« ■nas n ra" I *' rally on covering, hut last
jrtr»« n-ere bto lf> no-.r.ts r;*i lower. f»ales for i'« day were
er-lr.Etfd «t SSO.Oii) ba'^«. Tte market opened steady at
1 decline of 6 to IU r-- ■*. which was a little better than
flue ca ths caWes. "n^ere ra« no sags) of support beyor.l
the covering cf short* however, and the good weather
ever th« fc&lldav, coniir.'ieii full receipts and predictions
Jor a bearlsr. coCfUf r»;.ori to-morrow encouraged ct»nsid
t-rfcblt rr»*i>ure jrom br»".rh eources. In sde^tioa tn this
tter» wss eorr.e pe::i!*« i'»r Southern account ar.4 forced
liQt;ilat:on en a «."ai» c»n. unaer «-hicn the market son
rr* tn c ncr o«rliai> «r about 18 to --' ] :.-•. with Jacusry
etUicg at BSTc ar.d \itrch at 6.75 c. Th:s was followed
ty lrr»rulanty. as a result of covering, and in the late
tracing price* rallied about 10 colnts on the active months,
th» Caal tune steady. It was r»jx>rt-i that the Na
tional wrs' Aasodatlea h«d «-*lm*t*l th« amount of
ecnon g:nß»4 to N".»T.her 1 at 7.3C0.000 him and this
fas thoufM to refl-ct th« probability ct a Fart bearish
cer.s'js report st 2 B'dock to-ncrrow. font hern spot rrar
ktif it oScUIly rej .-.<-d. wer< uncitrged to Ue lower.
titpwrts for the <".i.v ««.i lig'.it ar.'J port receipts ooctt^ucd
full, the tig BsßMUtent and the absence of • general
sseeuatfca d»icana 1 1 absorb »*dgiag sales being one of
in* rejTUatlon besrlE.- *;<:urr.*iiiß. Liverpool was easy.
• ft!:« daa lcr.il market ■ntts c . .+«o for Election Day.
'*•• rarf» of catiuact prices in the local market to-day
«■£* a* fo;;o»-*:
O^r.:nr. High. Low. Clote. Cay.
I-c-eT.ber 6.66 fU 6.61 6.6*8 »-W 74
OwtasJw *.»' b>A c.52 K6IS .■ Vi. 8.70
•' - t : y 67 fe 76
E*I? ! » 6T * J v 75 k\7s S>7«3 S.T« 904
* lr , ( : h *« Vxh 0"4 V.Nii y a *65
tT;^' rli t-H l'.r-4 694 S.N*^ b t-1 10.01
~* y W-«» JC'.i'l «.8t» £>M£»97 10.07
%SS? IOuS 2 " 03 l°O3 t»V.'§lo.fil 10.14
■ u^. •■••• !'>'-! 10.12 t» 96 10.03810 04 10.17
iS 00 * 1 , BsarK ' ' *°!" epot cotton was quiet. w:th
F-V ?r \-J l^ iT -'- t !r "' r at *"- for middling upland
,1 3 \, : * Inr K'.aeimg gulf. Southern spot markets
**■« te.efrtphtd t>t folio us: Mobile steady and $-l€c
tr'^* 1 ii - lie - "■•^. SM bales Savannah quiet ar.C
X* ■ r , at i '" tr -'- fca: * !'! '- 6 - ? b«l«»- Baltimore nominal
.7\ ir C ,, ww * r *'• - rr ".? A-Jgusta auiet and ■.- lower
•t ■ ---let: w.ef. i.?4J bales. Little Rock quiet and
f, [", tlkC B*vm»na* cuu. and »»c lower at
SawH' « t SI £V, ta> ' Charleston aulst and 5-l«e
„; /•.** 'HSS-jc; sal*». ice ba>e. Galveston eteady
nY .J* c '"," * t -' l»-l«o: sales 1.000 bales. New
v^r"* * t ' a f>' e "^ H.c lower at |%c; vales. 8.900 bales.
til i le ?- 4y br -' i S-l«c lower at * »-l«c: sales. 800
At tv E , f '- Ir - a '*' 1 rwselpu at leading ports for to-day:
miev P,Pf bl> 10 w-°»«w -°»« bales agalrst 16.415 last
•t" «« * r ' a /».C?S last year: at ."relveston. 11.060 to
ard" a . yEv E T- £t , :€ ili ' ai>t w< "* k and Tl 5 "8 last year.
'"ia^'Kl'; 1 ' U "°* a to 21 - 000 - fcg-a-.r-.it 7.041 lest
t~°" O P., El J hsr;c '« «P*"»i Liverpool cables: Spot cot
•io'a in« •J^ !SU1 -?' 6n ' r -*- ■» 1 '«- *-000 bales; specula
;^rte?« fcfc : /-Tien, fi.ooo; receipts, lo.ooo:
«p";J;J ?""• V"°- Tti - M^-t up-.and. E.6M. Future.
S rw/ y ' 1>52 Potntsi higher than Tuesdays
Soteti-MSS *£!i! i- !n fcr<> at a ret decline of uei2M>
U;VT-br' jt* I*'1 *' l - :ii: Kot«nbaf>l>es»baT. ' ii' : »d;
KbrSSlvSSf l7 !.**?*: J«nuary-rebrusry. 6.25>-d;
i:aj 1 ;-HrJ »' s:£d: V a roh-Aprll. 6.:gv,d: April-
Atn-iUfi *&'*2* f is<l : Jane-Jcly. I l*d: July
fair Co** ** 11 ' T~YarrßT ~ Yarrß !»gulfcr; c loth«. a
r-I ;: / .V P i,t ND ,«"AL-Bu*!r..fs in flour was <-n a licit
t r . ■_„.. V. s - wl _ h . «»■« cor.f.refl to low crade ......
r^"l^. rr i ! "L' Kt^ "-h»r*ea ard barely steady
y..;. J.l;: J ' *4 25SJ4t.r, winter srralK-ht-. J3 K>9
13 *!• .w'-a vJ*i W LIr- **"*** *vr\*K Clears. M 40©
fwhtv r-T-,i-L *^ rt "". t"f *S 10; extra No 2 winter.
£«? S^LL?E3 tfrßE * T Tiovn rteady Quoted: $2 20
T*V<- irL «,~ a;T:Vf P-TE FLOVn firm. Quoted:
"rVV^.7- W^'tSSBO; choice to rancy. ISWSMIS.
t»ri h,', 1 . 'vir" , Quoted: Kiln dried. 82 75. as to
v»*ot ifanit.rS* 1 ' ''**<■?. Quoted: Fl:.e srhtt* and
*-r™/,. t "^* J ??: r ■ r » t - 81 l n "98l 12 FEKT>— Western
wSatSL "2-'« noted: Western Fprlr.fr. i.j If. standard
N-v^' r V;. 1 : *'" ;r <!o - «24 r.O: red do*. 828 60. *11
f ->«; „ rr " r ' : rlt J" ****■ 820 M bulk. 121 18s)
! " -'v r.T.r 1 :-''^. f22^»»5r J; red dog. *2« 60:
•">> wop, f^iM, i, u :k. $23 70 sacks; cllmeal. 830 759
«W- A!^'r'"' HEAT ~' t ''* vy i'-iullatlon cf December
; : ■~« t .; ! ,°j!>- «««»», In the N*w York market, ex
>:."" c ;.,V r %»^ r r' d "-!:r.e t-,-oay. that option clo E :ng a full
FrenftSPJSS 1 . '" av ' E * r * tr:it '** r« l->«s in the May.
I'vi* <Yi,^\!'7V v " erv , !itt -e bull enthusiasm, as
• t>.» r VS'Vrr " *Ti" r lor;(t * Were hh oming tired
'''ir^Sfr 11 V'^ enis «a« av '"- r-.arket more of
:. • ( ,-;".-f '■■''' Th * iav ■"" out. By rnlflday this
'' : -'^ ( r <M V s , 1n iM ■«*• a^ Price* had
SS£%S£2eJhs &£?*• !■*••■: "' n ** °f the earn*
" r~??£%*Jl**,}' y '*" CJt ,0, 0 the increase
J^r.c ;.ti ",-*„ ' .^■ i • •'****«* the week, com
•'*:'.L*roa i«'i.' C v' B: teerees* 'act vesr. sad !>*
tl* cc T os» a, ;*"■ frt>ra * h!c * Uv * ! " ralll "« He before
blgber b^:;V n **- ""■ P»*" «-a» 10 to 15 points
hither r-r-r^'V"*'' 14 lowfcr tr> <* Hu<!spe« t c points
K» bust r^rJ.ir" I ';* rr ° r tWO dayt *K«*«-I!ated SSI.
eeab-itrac^ZrSV* 1 v ;:h *•«».«*» hush a jeir ego. while
J^-st from Jiilvi ,I r » O>i ' :>r - b k i!! " la!<1 E - r "- s on Ih# fa<
l--sh ken ih«- . Vfiv " rit *f 3 Itussia f!ilj.t*.i IS.<K>O <>i»>
A'Ter.une KXaJLJ*!* "So. the Hanuh^ l»«Of.. ( >f«> less.
Acotain e te^nJ , ,L t? BTI<S Am *r ir ± 53.000.4J00 more.
beea a f, !™ 'row the Argentine, there has
Pn»»»ay favor"'. 1 . y>;a; oth * r P^vate re r orts were
N ""'«'V clilm^^ ...., * 'll I'™*'™1 '™*'™ dj*:.atche.s from the
e*l :-. snaeui* ai«* ; .. * Minnesota crop was the poor
• "• M ;.. • '2. < : '' f r tl1 * laßt n x •• n >-*ar»7»nd
3f> loa la of »he ,^"'i. i: ln slack Exporters bought
followf: No 9 p,i "iv" «• l"«a! cash market cloe».1 on
No 1 Korthtm I'-.iuth'^t 11 * 1 *' 0 '" •J"'<J fe l^c fob a Boat;
elf Buffalo CORjSiJ^r 1 *- find No 2 }:ar ' 1 wteter. 7tlo
• time advanced it th» Ti- r " !nr t ' l ' a(J >'' fh " <""n market for
MX ' -I ;-.n creduidta^ £5" r ?"" nl "'°" «»«M buying
'' tec rmithet v.«. V!***• """^ <-onc-rn. In fs'-e
lUr. expected. It «.\"»Vm.m * nrt larger .arlot receipts
*-'■<: at the c>a. w>« *?1 ' ! , v t6:lo *"l wheat, however.
'Tg'*. although anchl-~«!r\ "^ n ** on Decem'^r at Phl
•oms «x-,r.- irr c- '-r.^r?. ;f; f ' r *- The lit- seeing was to
'»rr ! «• Vf.lcaro cr-.»:r-r f.,,**^ ""^ « !lJa ' lr 'n «n new
*mk* th»rr. jTjn ,'v ~V.i . " ? a '■erortel switchmen's
pared vita ! 2»- '.»'„ 'i . .i, .' * **"• l.'".«» bush, com-
J?' Urerpooj mirket^2 i**' , v t ar - l '°'- h for two days
Export »k!« «• ,(, -„./'■ - * "»ti\c lower than Mon-lsy.
■ n!r,!y at \)'iv
•■:.' 55.- stkel fVS ?J* ,^ &rl ' »-as <juoied .' 6.V elevator
rettosr, tHi,«V| rJJSS^ tj No 2 wh "«. W*c. and No I
*« iii'/asuV' o ?'.^ OOrA rr ss — Th« ■„:-•■ for oats
f!.owi!.)r muri, r»Ti"- ith °' hrh ' r markets, although not
£ the &SSwJSr J ?.^.^ n ««>m of a good 'ash demand
New York ■ -
2-. »-.*4<.Sr erd.h^'*P ftftc; natu ">' white. to to 83
RVK-x-urket' "2<iv PT v* V' 1 "' ** to 4(> "> »»%»43^c
W: Jeraev anda^ii.'p", vu 2 .^'*»t-rn. C&Ho elf Kew
fcAP.LET— i!jri'. t J*i ci *C*» 1 4<: «»»vered New York
«s«&»e m BuiaT ad> P V*r:''^- «S44c «nd ir.a!t'.r.r
&££3£ .. O^:^- High I»w. Osm. "ay?
Ccrr.: *>««-!« M(, (-3 18-10 UTt 84«»
January ..".'.'"_ — CBT^ 68 H
•"*/ '" _ ~ — tag 62<J
•• *>V £*S^yL*2£,2!* "■■ JC "- e ' i fct »»*« •>"! futures
>4 and fui ..-,.

I «nrn*nged. with lake quoted at 21 .75 5Oo; electrolytlo
! at 21 roQ23c. ana ca*Unr at 21.25021 780. LEAD was
unchanged at 8.7.'>C8.95c in th* local market. In London
the price was unchanged nt £19 7* «<*.. SPELTER was
VTichanc*d at £27 1O» In London, and at 6 20©6. 80 cm the
local market. IRON was lrwer in tn« English market
I with standard foundry quoted at 56* 7d. end CluveJsnd
! warrants «t 57* 6Vid. Locally the market was *t»»dv
'No I foundry Northern in quoted at 823 7S*M*M W.
The market for rl«r lrrn certificates at the Produce Ex
change was a rhade higher for regular grade and>a shade
lower for »tanr'ard foundry. Ttifre w%r« *aic« of 2nO tons
standard November at $21 73. and 'of> tons December at
JIM 75. BtanSard foundry (new) rraaea are quoted a* fol
lows: Jbnuarj-. t-»&l23; February and March. 122 73
VOLAfSES .'NO PYRT'PP- Ru*ine*s in both molas.".
and ■jmisjs; was am dfimely active, with tone nt the mar
krt. however, iMti «t fi: '! rates Quotations follow: New
Oriesma centiifur«». rrtr.mon. 14<Tl«c; f s. -.- 16trlRc; rood.
ivfiSOe: prime. SOTSSe; New Orleans, open kettle 800
."i£o; SVRi:p.«. <• nmoß, l4Bir.c: fair. 15617 c; good. 183
90c : prime 2^r4»: funey. 26P2«".
OILS- ro> seed oil hip fairly active to-day, with
prices '«?T l *o lower, unf>r freer offerir.r. of crude and
In sympathy rvlth the ."-line In cotton. Spot oil was
«;iiotrd at 48 asked. Sales: 20 bb!s November. SS'ic;
December, ■-.•'. ]'».. Janusui UHiSSe. 200
>Tarrh. r.4».c. and 6,200 Msy. ST.araS'ic. Linseed oil *m
UTichanged. li«fned petroleum whs reported in gr>od
■ftmand at recent prices: We quote: PKTROLBUM,
tianuard wlilte. bbls. 7.50e; bulk. 4.40r- Philadelphia,
W.lf. 7.4r«c: bulk. 4 Ssc; refined Kew York, cases. 1.-:-:
Ph'lad«iH:ia, "We water white New York, bbts. 0.60 c;
Ivilk. «4Op; Thlladelphla bbli 9 4r>c- bulk. 6 B.V; water
vrfaite. New York. <a»es. 18-: Philadelphia. 12.85 c. COT
TONSEED OlL— Prime crude fob mills. 2*-'x«ia»c;
lir!tn» Biitr.mer yellow. November. SSHffSS^e: Peoember,
;^.p2fl»«c: Jaiuan-, 84^(JT-34»4P: February. 84H038C:
March. M**«t3Bc. and May. sr.ff3S'«c. LINSEED OIL—
America a need, city raw. 4f*i?4l?: out-of-trwn raw. 880
: 40c; Calcutta raw. CSp. LARD OIL. 7?5T80c.
I PROVISION?— early advsnees in the rroiis
; * r ri market were induced by hl(rr*r live hop*. Investment
j V lying and a demand from" shirts, followed by late reac
tions with grain and a steady close. Chicago receipts.
' 13.000 head: estimated for Thur*dav. 19.0f>f>: Kansas City
had 8.000. Omaha 4,«K). and the We*t 122.000. for two
days. PORK steady quoted: Sle»», SIB9SIB 73; family,
H 9B*ll' f.O- »«hort clear. IIT^JIS ,v> BEEF firm; quoted;
Mm, ISHH» family. ' 81- 50j513: racket. 910 508*11 ;
extra In1:a me*». »19 sO»*-'2 BEEF HAMS steady;
quoted at *21 M>3*23. DHTPSED HOGS steady: quoted:
Bacon »He; ISO Tt.. S\e; l'"0 tb, ie; 140 tb. OUc; pigs.
l>H®loc. rTTMFATS— PickIed bellies steady ; quoted;
Emoking. 12Hc; 10 rt>. ll'i®llHc: 12 Ib. 10*ic: 14 tb. 10'»
©Wic: pickled hams steady at 12{T12Hc. TALLOW
firm; city 616 1 c country, : «i9<".».4C. LARD steady; quoted:
Middle Western prime. P.50g9.00e: city lard steady, at
P'»*T9Se: refined lard quiet: quoted: South American,
10.75 c; Continent. IQc; Brazil, keg.. 11.15 c; compound
Bra. at 7"i': t --. ETEARINE firm; quoted: O>eo, llWo;
I city lard *tcaiir.e. lOVjc.
The latest wholesale market price of beef cuts In New
York City to-day: narket rather easier; Ribs, No 1. per
' Tb. 38c; do No 2. TV; do No 8. "c; loins. No 1. per Ib, 15c;
do No 2, 10o: do No 3. 8c; chucks. No 1. per ft>. T*»c; do
No 2, «4c. do No 8, 6c; rounds. No 1, per lb, 8c; do No
2. Jo; do No S. «c
RICE— Rice was quite active In a Jobbing way, with
' moderate supplies offered end undertone firm. Quotations
fol.ow: Domestic scrernlrcs, ; :gSHc; second heads. 49
44c; choice heads. 4HS4;«c; fancy head*. fiffSHo; extra
fancy heads. 6»»fi-flc: Japan, domestic. 4lv34*ic;4 I v34*ic; Patna.
&'-iS3\cj Java. 4 «B % 5Hc; Rangoon. in bond, 2V«e'2Ho.
BITOAR— Rerlned sugar was quiet, with prices more or
less unsettled, owing to the nominal condition of the raw
market. The following are list prices, subject to a re
bate of 10 points and a discount of 1 per cent for cash:
Crystal dominos. 7.<*10; Eagle tablets. Bo; cut loaf and
crushed. 5.50 c: mould A. 6.15 c: cubes, XXXX powdered
•nd Eagle confectioners' granulated. 6.06 c: XXXX pow
dered. 4.93 c: powdered, coarse powdered and fruit pow
dered and Eag c coarse and extra fine granulated, 4 90a;
n&«> 2-lb carton, of fine granulated. Bo: Eagle 2-Tb bags
do. 6 Mo; 88 1 * n> bag-, do. 5.C50: 6-tb bag* do, 6o; 10-Yb
bags do. 4 We: 25 and 50 Ih bag* do. 4 85o: Eagle fits* cr
standard emulated and diamond A. 4.8<>0- confectioners'
A. 4.60 c: No 1. 4.65 c; No* 2 and 3, 4 450; No 4. 4 4Ooi ,
No 6. 4.35 c; No 6. 4 30c; No 7. 4.250; No 8. 4.20 c; No ».
4.16 - No 10, 4 06c: .No 11, «o; No 13 8.06- No 18. 8.60o; !
Nos. 14. 15 and lft, 8 880. A few lota of sugar were of- j
fered &t a lower basis, with the result that the market j
closed 1- l«c lower and duty naid prices were quoted a* '
follows: Centrifugal. «8 te*t. 8 13-l«c; muscovado, Pd test. :
8 5-16:. and molesses sugar. 69 test. 8 I-160. The business
on which this decline was made was as follows: About ■
8.000 bags of Surinam centrifugal. November shipment,
to Howell on the basis of 8 13-IGo. landed. 96 test; 1,678
bag* Cuba centrifugal, to arrive at 8.81 Ho. duty paid
basis, 94 test, and 2*o bags Cuba molasses sugar, at I
8 l-l«c. ha»!s M teat The London rr.arket for sugar beets .
was scra<»what higher and firm at th* advance, with No
\«mber and December quoted at 6* 9^id. Melting* for the '
week at The United States port., a. reported by Wlllett & ,
Gray, were 000 tons smaller than they were the pre
vious week, with 20.000 tons melted, against 42.000 last ;
week and 25,<W> last year. Receipts at the port* for the
week were 11.678 tons, contrasted with 89.093 the week
before and 3iL6G4 last year. Total stock at the ports Is
185.M2f> tons, compared with 144.051 the week before and
222.113 laet year. Havana cab>* say that a hurricane '
ie expected to cross near Oienfueros. Mr. Llcht cables ,
from ilagdcburg that weather favors crop vcrk. In Cubs. ■
all of the centrals are closed down and there were no re- |
ceipts at the sis principal ports. Exports for the week were
4.N«0 tons, contrasted with 2.500 the previous week and 1
10. WV> last year. Stock Is 8.000 tons, against 18.000 the
we<-k before end 117,000 last year.
New York. November 7. 1906.
BEANS AND PEAS — Marrow and red kidney *wis
continue s?arce an! wanted rather beyond th* suuply;
possibly Quotations could be slightly exceeded for choice
stock ob the spot. Medium are steady. Pea beans are
plenty enough for all needs, and it is. difficult to reach
outside quotation except in rather a small way. Turtle
soup continues dull and nominal. California Una held
with confidence. Yellow eye firm. Scotch peas steady.
We quote: BEAN'S, marrow. 1906, choice, per bush., 82 45 '
6*2 60; do medium, choice, 5162^«5165; do pea. SI 603
51 05, do red Kidney, choice. 92 50; do black turtle soup, I
l2Ssgrf2 40; do yellow e>e, $170; do lima, California,
$2 55£,3; GREEN PEAS, Scotch. IPOo. $1 25.
BUTTER Receipts two days. 0.654 pkgs. Fancy fresh
creamery is meeting a moderate demand and prices are
sustained. Grades Just below fine and all medium and
lower qualities o* fresh goods are moving slowly; sales
could be forced only at lower prices than holders are
generally willing to accept. Western factory butter Is a
little mori plenty and the trade i. not especially active;
prices, however, are held steady. Renovated dull. We
quote: Creamery, extras, per lb, 27c (Mercantile Ex
change official quotation, extras, K'ne): do firsts, 24 j}
25 l ie; do second*, 21g23c; do third*. 18®20c; do held.
extras. 2<Jc; do firsts 24g25c; do seconds, 21£22Hc: state
dairy, tubs. free!., fancy. 2A<S2S-»c. do firsts. 23524e: do
eeconfie, 21£220; do thlrde. 193-2Oe; Western Imitation
creamery, firsts, 2OH<i?2ltjo; renovated, extras, 21 '•*&
22c: do firsts. 194520 c; do seconds. 17^<S18Vic; do thirds,
15^tgl6isc; Western factory, firsts. 20c; do second., 18$
39c, do thirds. 16H617 ; sc; packing stock. No 1. lSV*ffl9e;
do No 2. 17i»«ri6c; do No S. 15ei0c.
— Receipt* for two days, >,24J boxes Trad
ing la naturally quiet to-day, right after a close holi
day, but irißrket without new features or changes In
price*. Fancy September made i* held firmly, but
October mad* nearly all chow late made defects and
very slow «ale, with feeling Irregular. Skims only
moderately active. Liverpool cable nominal for state
cheese. 62s for colored and *1» for whit*! finest Cana
dian. €4* for colored and 62* for white. We IWts:
State, full cream, small and large. Septem^r, fancy,
13»ic; do October, test. l?*ic: do fair # .o rood. 12»
12 : »c; do inferior. 10\«Tll\.c; do half skims, small,
■ best. 10*»610Hc; do large, best. lO^ic; do p*rt eklms,
, prime. i\H'3'- z c: do fair to good, 7H#8 s>»c;5 >»c; do com
•■ rr.or,. s gee: do full skims, 8 4? 4c.
EGGS— Receipts for two days. 10,741 casei. The
supply ■■'. high grade fresh gathered continues v»ry
light and prices rule firm. Medium and lower qualities
! are working down gradually at very Irregular price..
I some very fair Western stock Is obtainable »t 26 8 77c.
and there is a good deal of ordinary and interior
I quality for which a range of 22 It 25c cannot be ex
ceeded. Refrigerator eggs are meeting a little more
I demand and the tone is firmer, although the range of.
1 prices is rot quotably changed. We quote: State.
, Pennsylvania and nearby, selected white, fancy. SSI?
1 87c; do choice, 33fi 35c; in extra mixes, 8?c; do firsts
: to extra firsts, 29"5 31o; do common to fair, 2SJJ2"c;
I Western finest selected. 30c: do average best. 2»<s
fofflcial quotation for firsts. 29e): do second*. 25 3 28o;
' do thirds. 22J?nc: dirties. 17«r29e; checks. 14®17c:
i refrigerator. April. J2'3 8oo: do May. 20*522 c; do late*
. parkings. 18fi21c: limed egg*. 20022H0.
FRUiTS — FRf^H in liberal supply and steady.
with prices unchanged. Pears steady for choice. Quinces
slow Grape* moving slowly. Cranberries firm. Pine—
1 appl»e dull an. 1 weak. Oranges steady. We quote: AP
! PI^EE Jonathan, per double head bbl, $2 50r3?4 6O; do
I Mclntosh. $2 6<vjs4: do Wealthy and Alexander. J2 60©
85 50; do .iaro. «2 sOgs3 25 do Snow, $2 sOffBS: do
nsteln. figs 2 75: do Twenty-Ounce. 8175352 60: do
' Twenty- Ounce Pippin. $150552 26: do None Such, f 1 50®
• 83 20 do King. S2«IS3; do Een.Pavis. 81753*2 25: do
i Baldwin. $1 50252 25; do Ppitzenr,»rg. »1 sn©S3; do North
ern Spy and Greening, % 1 s'>^*2 50: do common. $15*2;
' do In bulk per bbl measure. 76c<E»l 50: CRAB APPLES.
P*r bbl J2©s3 SO; PEARS. Bartlett and eeckel. per bbl.
?2 50fif5; do per keg. 11 £12- do B*urre Bos', per bbl.
$2 SOJ??4 60; do Beurre Cialtgear.. [email protected]: do Beurre d'An
lou. f2QB2 75- do Sheldon. $29*5; do Lawrence. S2QS2 75;
do VI. ar of Wak'field. SI 50fa{2 50; do Kleffer. 50e*Jfl 50;
QUINCEF. per bbl. 82 60.2*4 GRAPES. Delaware, up
rj rcr per case. 9108160: do Niagara. 75cff$l 25; do Con
cord rH-gw*: do Delaware l*r 4-7b basket. 16£18e; do
Xlusr* lOJflSc; do p«r 20-lb basWt. 60e»0c: do black.
per 4-Tt) backet. 10*1 ISc: do per &-Ib b«»ket. lB®20o; do
Mr "O lb basket. 45&5'>e: do Delaware, in tray*, per 100
ft> net 133*3 50; do Clinton. 83 50314: do Ntaa-gars, $2©
f2 75: do black. 920*2 25: CTIANBKRnrES. Cap« Cod. per
bbl 86 6OSJ&; do per crate. *1 X'.S*2 60; do Jersey, per
bU 97 25©S8 do rer .-rate. *2 10$ 12 40; PINEAPPLES.
Florida p«.r crate. tWi3 25. ORANGES. Florida, per box,
81 25593; GRAPEFRUIT. Florida, per box. »1 60594:
CITRON. Jars«s\ per bbl. 50875 c.
NUTS— Chestnuts in light demand and weaker. Hickory
nuts increasing in supply. We ouote: CHESTNUTS.
Northern per bush, HSSS: do Southern. 82 609*3; HICK
r,i y NITS SSwjs 60 BI'LLNrTS. SI 2r.«tSl 60: BLACK
v. ai.m:tp 7;c1?$l; BUTTERNUTS. tee"s°-
HOPS —^The local market continues very quiet, with
' few export orders here and brewers showing little Interest.
In this state there Is pome business doing at a range of
1f»323c with en occasional exceptional lot a shade higher
' On the Pacific coai" trading is «-enera!!y qul«»t and 'on*
. easy We quote: State. 19"8. choice, per n>. 284924 c;
; 10 medium to prime. 21922 c: do lflO6. 10912 c; Pacifio
i roast 19;fl '•hole*. 17Slbc: do medium to prime. 16®
14Hc; do 1906. prime to choice. 15914 c; do medium. 11
i B 12c. •
i POULTRY— ALIVE— Receipt* yesterday find to-day
■ were 24 cars by freight and about 2 oar* by express.
There Is a continued active demand for all descrip
tions and receipt!" cleaning up promptly on arrival at
firm, prices. We quote: CHICKEN'S, spring, and
: FOWLS por ft. ll'ic; do ROOSTERS. old. 7'ie;
frRKKTd per r>, 14c: DUCKS, per tb. UHe: GFKSB,
,er Ib 12c: PIGEONS, per pair. 250. DRBSBED—
There is quite a little inquiry to-rt»y for choice to
fancy scalded chickens end fowl*, and »ucri grades In
moderate supply and showing a little further stroncth.
Really farcy dry picked lots have a moderate call, but
medium grades generally «l"w. Th* general market.
however 's In better shape this week than for several
weeks past The weather Is cool and favorable and
nocks arriving in good condition. Spring turkeys In
moderate supplr. but quality very lrr*gnl»r. and few
: lot* good enough to bring top prices Western spring
'■■ d.-ek. In koo<l demand when large, but small and thin
I lots »ell slowly. Choice, large squabs soil readily, but
• ,11 ntifr trades »low. We quote: Fresh killed, toed —
TIRKETS .prlng dry picked, per TT>. 16«Tl«e: do
7c»M^ ll '-»"««•: "o old. per B». Ufflfo; CHICKENS.
Irr nc PrTiladelphla. broilers, dry picked, per Ib. HO
22c- do roasting. 14«13c: do other Pennsylvania and
v,_ York broiler* 14<*l«o. do roasting. 12-<ri«o: do
Weetern dry picked, milk fed. fancy. 14«15e: do
other Western. ll©12'*o: do Ohio and Michigan,
aeaMad per Tb. 1 \ <8 ; > ' r - do nt> " r Western, oeslded.
«livfc- <1o Pouthern and Southwestern. lflH«ll«:
i" lj: nr " tVltc: FOWLS. Philadelphia, dry picked per
n I««i4r- ie Western, dry picked. 9«l?c: do South
: crn ;?<1 «.v,,hwe..ern. ll#HHc: do Ohio and Mlchl
' V? n /.Ifled llO12e: do other Western, scalded. « 9
1 ■"■ o« Pmithern «nd western. t"ti<r. COCKS.
,-/i ' ■ <irv 1 1. X.-d 9c; do scslded. SHO9e: OEBBB!. spring.
Biitm HO!"' DfCKP spring. We.tern. BflSe;
'■Inn trlme large white, per dozen. 82«$8 75;
■ «?Vfi?e« »l7sff« ' <!» «•*». irr*: do culls. COJJ7EO.
rAvi-I^niv small scattering lots of fresh killed
I r.^l.tlr.sme available, and prices little more than
omestie r rorelrn » lots worVlnr out at about steady
Iff „. We ou-itr WOODCOCK per pair. II fill 50;
rw ?',r 8f5««83: PARTRIDOE. SISR9SITB
KNIPF ' r .!i«r. P*r doren. $20*2 76; do yellow leg.
i^fTwit^S- PIOVER. irnlden. per do.en. 14984 10
S 2 i^" gV«r«K>- foreign, bUrk.. f!n*»So WILD
Tilv-s??' rinvlihsf'k per psir. 1591550 do redhead.
«V«,,r'n- on bla'khesd. 78rOll: do mallard. 81 800
Ji?^. « hlM«wn« teal 7£o«*l 10: do greenwlng teal.
J»™l^ «K«4O^RAnBITfI. cotton tall, - per pair. 4°
r -"«40p nATiniTS. rotion tall, per pair, tl
©«T: EXISON. fre.^ saddles, per ft. IB«4Sc: do
'(r t.r,XA-rV',i :^ AND VBOBTABtBsV-IHs* potatoes quiet
V S«*t iotato«s *elllng slowly. Onion*
dull. Cabbages steady, Cucumber* firm for fancy. Cauli
flower* selling woll. F-ggplents weaker under large ar- !
rivals from Florida. Lettuce largely poor. Mushroom* .
6'Jll ar,<j weaker. Peas show wide range in quality. i
Strlr.g beans more plenty and lower. Radishes dull.
Tomatoes firm for fancy. Turnips steady other veg- >
etables as quoted. We quote: POTATOES. Maine, per .
r*g. *1 &s<3sl 70: do Long Island. In bulk, per bbl. II 73
C*i »7: do state. in bulk, per ISO Ib. $1 COfffl 75: d-> per .
bb: or suck. $1 PO«JSI 68; do Jersey, round, per bb' ft 00 ;
S»:60: an long, per " bbl or bag. *l 4S»JI 53: ?wEET i
POTATOES. Jersey, per bbl. $lOSI 76: do per banket. .'.Oil
Tie: do Eastern '6hor«. per bbl. 60c«T»l- BRUSSELS
PPROt'T 9 per quart. 4&12 c; BEETS, per bbl. $ltf*l 50; j
CARROTS washed. per bbl. II 2T-Jt%\ (W>: do unwashed. ;
91QS1 2.V CABBAGES, per 100. $2 M 60; do white.
Danish ~ed. per ton! S12»S1B; do domestic. *«9*lo.
CUCUMBERS Florida, pr bnsket. $2«J8; do Boston and
other hotlouse. per dcz»n. M>e<ZrSl 26; do Long Island, per
bbl. SlOs3: CAULIFLOWERS. Long Island, short cut. per
bbl JK9J4- do long cut, .'O.«rsl 50. do state, per basket. ]
7f>elr*l BO; CELERY, state and Michigan, per doten. IP®
BOcfd Jersey rer dozen stalk.. lOJMOc: CHICORY,
w.«rt.v r?r ha*k«t. $1; EOOPLANTS. nearhr. per bbl. |
IJMtRaSo! do fWm«. rer box. »2953: HORSRRADIPH.
per larce bbl. *5 602T54 CO; KALE, «i**rhy. per bbl. 250
40c- LETTU<"*B. Norfolk, rer basket. $10*1 CO: do state.
McQI2- do Boston, i.ci strap. 51O*il«. Uo i.uarly, jer
bbl 7S. tr*l M- MUSHROOMS, white, rer lb. 2.VTDOC: do
tan 253« - do outdoor. 10«a5c: ONIONS, small white
tackle rferbbl SSfi": do P«" ba*!i*t. $19«: <So Connecti
out and Eastern. t\ l .'.te. p»? bbl. $:'SW4M d.-. red. VSO
CJ2* "do vnlloit tIBOi'tSSO; do Oral.** County, whlto.
.er"bag $ICOBJ2»: do yellow SI £% .5: do red *1©
tl 00 Si. lUMRiiI Western, white, per _crate. 7fc«st^Mi
do ve'low per baa . $1«$2: do red, fl9sl .5; do jet**/.
white. r K k,t 7.V«TSI: OKRA. Flor W«. PW etrrijT
$2rK^«»3ro- I'EAS. Florida. i*r basket. 12354: flf» % ir—
|rr n mS?l^4m S ?l^4- PEPPER Florld-i. P-r carrier .$1 «««<>:
do n^arbv »J" bW SIPS 2: PI'MPKINS. per bbl. BOff <sc;
PARSNIPS. mbW.B«re«; PARSUCT. per 100 bunrhe..
iTsr^JS Jo was. tIW»3; do Virgrjnla. war l»egi»: do
gT*sTtif*J: SQUASH. Hubbard. per W. 1 *?!.: «*°
' „' w.-"V-- do Fl.Tlda new. raffias SBs
PpYvTrH nfirVv r « ■ bb 1. Tncfffl : TOMATOES, nearby.
IMani, rutabaca. per bbLjJßcflSl dn Can-irta nitabaga,
not ■'fill ■ AND ETRAW-HAY-Recelpts continue quite
HAY' AVD FTRAW-HAY-Recelpt* continue quite
ÜbVral but a steady demand prevents accumulation
and Prices ihoM all of their recent ranees with flmiMM.
2do SfiffOS^sc: No 3 do. fo«. sc: dipping ''°««-^
clover mixed. C"S®Boc; clover, clear. We. BTRAV.—
W^atfier helps Bale*, and «5«70o are steady prices Re
ceipt, of hay and straw. In tons, reported at the Prod
ur«i Kxrhanre at noon to-day: Hudson River Railroad.
600: trie. 410; Pennsylvania. 60; Delaware. 1L * ( * aw
ft Western. 140; Lehlgh Valley. M: Baltimore t Ohio.
SO- Ontario & Western. 80; river boat*. 140: canal boat*
4M: total. 2.004 tons: for week. 8.091 tons; for last
week. 10.100 ton. Receipt, of straw SO tons: for
week 610 ton*; last week. 1.208 tons. Exports of hay
in bales for the week: Havana. 8.658: Colon. 993: Mex
ico ISM- Cardenas BS2: Curaco*. 65: Ban Juan. 30;
Ponce. BC9: total. 7.256 bales.
MILK AND CREAM— Tho Exchange price remains at
BHo a quart net to the shipper in the 26c zore. The re
ceipts of milk and cream. in 40-quart cans, for the wee*
ended November 8 were a* follow*:
Milk. Cream.
Erie 32.815 1.860
SusquehanrA.'.V 25' 4 15 * ''
Wen Shore l«.4it» 665
Laekawanna 525 1.415
New York Central (long haul) 85.780 1.918
New York Central (Harlem) 10.400 170
Ontario 41.M2 1.W2
Lehlph Valley 22.201 888
Homer Ramsdell Line 44.W3 88
New Haven 7.670 —
Othar sources • 0.600 «*>
I Totals 882.84. 8.686
New York. November 7. 1906.
— Receipts were 02 cars, or 1.790 head, includ
ing 4 cars for export alive. 45 for slaughterers and 43
for the market. Five cars beaides came In late, but were
not offered to-day. Good ana choice heavy steers were
i steady to strong; medium and common grades opened
•ready but flow and closed 100 lower: bulls were in light
! supply and unchanged; cow* generally steady, but mc
i dium and common cows In moderate demand. The yards
ere cleared. Common to choice steers sold at $3 90Q46
1 per 100 lt>; oxen and stags at {4 10® t4 50: bulls at|2 *^J>
#3 05. with no good fat bull* offered; cows at $1 203*3 60;
4 extra prime fat Kentucky cows at $5. DTested beef In
moderate request at ateady prices, or at [email protected] per lb
: for common to choice native sides, with a Tittle fancy
beef bringing 10»4c: Texas beef dull at 6H©7o. Liver
i pool and London cattle and beef market*" unchanged. Ex
ports to-day included 4,400 quarters of beef In the Oeeanto
I to Liverpool, and the Bermudi&n took out 77 cattle and
I £0 sheep for various shippjrs.
I Bales— S. Banders: 20 Ohio steers, 1207 It) average, at
i 85 40 per 100 It.; 21 do, 1133 ft. at to 25; 21 do. 1255 R>. at
1 (5 15, SO do 1200 It., at (5; 21 do. 1233 tb. at 96; 21 do.
1205 tt>, at 54 90: 19 Pennsylvania do 954 ft. at S3 90; 1
ox. 2100 rt>, at $140; 8 cow*. 1156 lb. at 93 90; 1 do. 1100
It., at $8 60; 8 do. 1050 It), at 12 60.
McPherson & Co.: Id Kentucky steers, 1309 tb. at
! 55 90; 19 do. 1816 Tb. at $.*. 80: 19 Ohio do. 1328 lb. at
I 85 65; 17 do. 1272 lb, at 95 50: 20 do, 1220 lb. at 95 40: 33
do. 11S6 It>. at 15; 6 do. 1147 n>. at 90: 1 stag. 1200 tb, at
14 50: 8 bulls. 1243 Tb. at 93 08: 8 do. 933 n>. at $2 80; 2
do 725 fb. at (2 60: 19 cows. 1095 Tb, at S3 32* i: 2 do, 075
n>, at $2 75: 5 do. «24 lb. at $1 90: 18 do. 907 lb. at SI 75;
: 4 do. 1025 tb. at SI 40; T do. 778 rt>. at $1 88; 4 do, 855 Tb.
at SI *5
J. Chambers * Bom 18 Virginia steer*. 1247 Tb, at
95 75: 10 Pittsburg do. 18S5 lb, at 93; 1 do, 1400 IK at 95;
: 19 do, 1146 tb, at 94 70; 7 do. 1231 tb. at 94 66; 2 cows.
I 1085 tb. at 94.
Newton A Co.l IS fed Westerns. l!St Tb, at $<; 18
do. 1270 tb, at 96; 21 West Virginia, steers. 15t« Tb. at
, $4 80.
Ehennan & Culver: S Ohio steers, 1585 lb, at IS to;
It do. 1144 tt>. at *5.
Kerns Commission Company: SI Kentucky steers,
I 1140 tb. at 95 45: IS do. 1101 tb, at It 40; 4 Kentucky
. cows. 1307 !b. «t 56. ■
: S. Jud.l & Co.: 1 bull. SSO T, at $2 65: I oowt, 119
■■ tb. at (1 SO.
{ J. G. Curtis & Bon: I stags. 1(80 tb. at 10: 8
; bulls. 1060 tb. at IS. IS Co, 96S lb. at 12 90; « do. «»6
tb. at $2 SE: t do. S2S tb. at 82 tO; 3 do. 7SO lb. at SI 70:
i 8 do. lit Iti, at 9! 65; 8 do. 660 Ib. at 12 (0; 3 oows.
' 118.' Tb. at H 40; 2 do. 1026 Ib. at IS US; 9 do. 1006 I*.
; at I? 2.1; 7 do. 990 n>. at 13; 8 do. 994 tb, at 92 60; 30
'■ do, HIS Tb. at 92: 11 do. 171 tb. at $1 40: 14 do. 935 rb,
! at SI 85; 50 do. S0« rb. at SI 30: SB do. 784 Tb. at SI Sib
Jelllffe. Wright 4 Co.: 4 bulls. 1078 ft. at IS; 4 do.
1032 tb. at 82 »0; 2 do. 755 tt>, at $2 70; 8 oows. 896 Ib.
at 81 EO: 5 do. SA2 Tt>. at $1 30.
MILCH COWS— Receipts were »« head. Including <]
for suburban dealers and 34 for the market. On light
supply good oows ruled firm; others steady, with about
everything sold. Ordinary to strictly good cows, oalf
1 included, sold at $15 5 55 per head; 1 choice cow. with
I her calf, at $60.
I Sale-— Louis Hellbruna: 10 fresh cows, with their
< calves, at SBs©*6S each.
J. O. Curtis & Bon: 12 cows and calves, at 9289959
I per heed.
JelltfTe. Wright * Co. 1 cow and calf, for |«o.
! A ilc^abs: 1 cow and calf, for 151 50.
CALVES — Receipts were 2.076 head, including 734 for
i butchers and 1.863 for the market: 500 were held over
from previous arrival*. Strictly good and prim* veals
I "•era In fair demand and steady: others slow, but not
, lower: eriu*er3 and Westerns were also dull; about
: 175 calves, mainly grassers, were held over. Common
1 to prime veal* »«ld at fFfftS per 100 Tb; little calve*
and culls at 14994 60: Western calves at SSB7HBt3
i not many greasers sold, but they were quotable at
' 92 75: dressed calves quiet but eteady at 1 918 Vie Per
, !b for city dressed veals and 6®lte for aenntry
; dressed.
— W. It. Hume: 50 veals, 182 R> average, at ft per
1 100 Tb: 18 to. 184 n>. at t«: 4 do. 158 lb. at IT: 46. »
: Tb. at *«: 2 do, 325 lb. at 84 HO.
; Andrew Mullen: 7 veals. 142 lb. at 99 36: 16 d«, 144 Tb.
at *»■* 1 do I*3 Tb at I«7B: IS do. 138 tb. at 98 1 1 do.
• 220 tb. at 87 25: 15 do, 91 Tr., at 95 60.
George & L. S. Dll'.enback: 87 veals, 144 Tb. at $•: 8
! do. 12« tb. at 9$ 75; 4 do, 205 Tb. at ST; S do. ISO tb, at
fT: 4 do. 115 tb. at 96 CO; 6 do. 196 lb. at $4 50: 8 do.
I 87 Tb at 84 80.
J. a Curtis *■ Son: 126 veals. 189 tb. at tS 78; 9 do.
! 112 tb at BO: 1« do. 162 IT), at 96; 11 do. 86 lb. at
96: 2 do. 2SO Tb. at S4 *7H.
I John P. Nelsoni 68 Western calves. 282 Ib. at 98; 87 do.
' 225 Tb at Wrirht* Co.: «2 vesJs. 183 Ib at 98 TB: 88 do.
Jel'lffe Wright A Co. : «2 veal*. 183 lb. at S8 7B: 35 do.
185 tb at 5«25 41 do. 126 th. at 87 75: 16 do. 132 tb. at
VJSL'tS *& " f°tb. at 98 50: 67 do. 181 ft,
\ at S" 26: 81 d« 138 tb. at S«; 3 do. ISO lb at S? B0: B 4o
10« tb. at t«5O: 1» do. 103 tb. at S«: 18 do 97 tb. at
95 80. 14 do? 96 tb. at $5 2 fed calves 350 rb. at 83 80.
I Kerns commission Company: 43 Indiana calves 160 Ib.
j at 87 60; 11 do. 245 lb. at $5 60: 29 do. 130 tb. at $5: 17 do.
i 19 c "fiandere 5^ veals. 132 lb. at $8 75: 5 do. 160 lb. at
iBB 76: 1 do. n i? i lb. at 97: 9do 113 lb. at s-w, M ». r
i McPherson & Co.: 4 veals. 135 lb. at 8* 50| U do, 87
| lb. at 85 CO; 84 dc. 78 lb. at 84.
Tobln A Shannon: « veals. 125 lb. at 89.
i PHKEP AND LAMBS -R«e*lpts were 85^4 car*, or
I 7.607 head. Including 14 cars for slaughterers and 21 4 for
the market, and with the stale stock, there were 28^
! cars on »ale. Sheep were very slow at about steady ;
prices- lambs were net plenty and the few offered brought
rather strorger price*, but the und-rgra.lea were dull and
■ weak and very few buyer, for medium lambs, with sev
♦ral cars held ever. Common to good sheep '«>'«»* *»*»
«i wr ion lb- chills at 12 60: common to good lambs at
I*fff7- irtrie" and ehol*. do at 87 25^87 M: Canadian
?«mbi'a? r?«87 85- culU at WWW. Drenod mutton
slow at BC«4c per rb; dressed lambs at 9»,i»12'i0. with
I Ch Ss.les^S Ca juVd*ft Co!-: 155 state lambs. «9 lb; average, at
i 57 CO p»r 100 lb; 10 state she»j>. 66 lb. at 84 25: 9 do. 104 j
! lb kVrn" Commission Company : Vn "j^'lM Kentucky
I lb at ST: 227 Buffalo do. 65 lb. at 86 73, ISS KentucKj
' "KTat.'l'cooV'rVsflS West Virginia l.mb*. 61 lb. at
S^HJSSS^fi(^&>S BTB7H: 217
!S"lhat 84 .V> B coll*. *0 lb. Nt t2 80. ?*«
1 a * L S Dlllenbaek: 169 Northern Csnada Ismbs.
i at «7 85: 72 Vermont do. 64 tb. at ST: SS Vermont sheep.
' M T !T> Vi at rVrtlß * Pon- 5 Vermont lambs. 81 Tb, at 87:
>43 «a > di 71 Tr. at KITH: » do. S» Tb. at 89 B0; 4
culls. 35 Ib. at 84: 7 Vermont sheep. 10* «>• at **■ »
■tat* do. 91 tr>, at $3 «..«..•-•««. t
I Tobin ft Shannon: 61 «tat« larats. 65 Ib. at S. 20, 1
i "^ff^Wrl.rM'i ß^.- 81 state lambs OS ft at I.W.
„,>',-, s._Receipn we-« 04' i cars, or 9.8» head. Includ
• ing 6t52 for the maj*c««. Price* were a trifle firm on
Buffalo advices. G<.O4 heavy to l'ght state hog* sold at
f« -'.?$-' TO per 1"O It., light piss quotable at 86.6.
. Country dtes*«d hgs «low at B%ffloc per tb.
ea>— It. Hume: 4S state hogs. 144 Ib average,
at 9^70 per HO tb; 28 do. 174 Ib at 5«66: 2 roughs.
COB IT. at $5 70. 5 do. 326 Tb. at 93 65; 1 stag. 230 lb.
at ß* Sander*: 29 state hogs, 14S tb. at 96 70; B roughs,
j 820 It. at $5 70
Chicago. Nov. 7.— CATTLE— Receipts, abnut IS ' "00
head; market steady, common to prime steers, |4 1»
87 15; cows. S3 65©54 75; heifers, S»6o©|6 85: bull*.
{•40014 60. calve.. |S^t7 60; stocker* and feeders.,
»3 40 5T$4 SO HOOS— Receipt*, about SO. OOO hea.l. mar
i ket £Oloc higher; choice to prime heavy. t< »5«»» 40:
medium to good heavy. 18 2505« SO: butcher weights.
18 soejfi 40; good to choice mixed. 9* 15014 25: pack
ing V 85«MI6: Pl«». 85 40«»«. SHEEP— Receipts
' about 25.000 head; market steady, but .low sheep. 14
1 «J570; yearlings 81 £09»« 75: lambs. S«»»ST «0.
East Buffalo. Nor. 7— CATTLE— Receipts. 75 head;
fair demand and firm VEAL3— Receipts. 100 head;
active and 250 higher. S4&o«SstO Receipts.
500 head; fairly active and strong to 10c her; ,
heavy and mixed, S« 40986 4:.; Yorkers 18 20CJS 50:
pigs. 86 461? »e 60: rougli*. 95 40«-S5:0: •<•*•■«* «»
1478- dairies, KSICA SHEEP AND LAMBS—Re
ceipts « 500 head; market active: sheep •teadyt
lambs. 25c higher; lambs. |S«STEO: yearlings. . 86«
86 15: wethers. 85 7631*! ewes. JSJSC«JIO; sheep.
"iC^aV'city. 0 " Nov. 7-CATTI.K -Receipts. IVCOO
, head" Including «00 Southerns; market etrong: choice :
! export and dressed beef steers. «* sO «* 8 1 JO; fair to
rood S3 »o«ss 40, Western steers. 88 40 « SB 26, stock
*rs and feeders. $2 6O»I4 60: Southern steers. 82 78©
16 89: Southern cows. $2«TIJ 28: native cows. SS«$3 76;
native heifers, 15 80© 14 76. HOCI9— Receipts, *00
market 2He higher: t0,,. 8«12*: bulk •'■•'•£ •• "*»
a( i •>. heavy S«lS<fS>:o: packers'. t«IS<9S«32H.
fit. and ifght*. 8B U%U 26.' inEEP-Recelpt. 9 000
he.d lamh". |6«STl0: ewes and yearling*. »4 710
|S7S : We.tern yearlings. 86 26« l« ■ Western * "'" '
$4U»S6 SO; stocJtsrs and feeders, |3li»t»> ,
Single tnsartlona 6 cent* per not Six
teen words, seven times conscoutlvely. »i.
which entitles advertiser to bava rooms
entered tor a period of fourteen days in
The Tribunes Directory -of Desirable
Kooms. Write for circular.
Full Information concerning these
rooms may be had. free of charge, at
the Uptown Orßce of The New-York
Tribune. 1384 Broadway, between ■*■"
and »7th sts.
A. — ELEGANTLY furnished apartn ent. pri
vate oath. (1 60 dally. Including meal*,
two. $-C weekly; one, |15. ..., ,«•.....*
10 East 11th St.
71 MADISON AYE.— Large eecond floor
(Tont loom*, wttli board; other room*;
famine* or gentleir.e.n. references.
B«TH ST.. 148 EAST — D**irable room*.
n«w decorations, sanitary plumbing; ex
cellent table and service; refined patronage;
89TH ST . B7 WPIST. — Bourt and room to
desirable persons with references.
4»TH BT., » EAST.— Two large rooms, with
board; private bath: reference*.
28OS LORING PLACE. University Heights,
city. — Room, board: subway, "L, 1 - New
Tork Centra: . re-ferenoes. Mrs Bu4Ung.
Blngle tnsartions S ennt* per line. Six
teen * ords. aeven time^ consecutively. $1.
which entitles advertiser to have room*
entered for a pel iod of fourteen dayn in
The Trlbun*'* Directory of Dcatraul*
Booms. Write for circular.
Full Information concerning the**
room* may be had, free of charge, at the
Uptown Office of The New-York Tribune.
1364 B'way. between 3<th and 17th.su.
23D BT.. 20 F. \BT (opposite Madison
Squar* Park) — Suit* two rooms and
bathroom; references.
KOTH ST.. WEMT. »» — Single room bod
room and sitting roern. overlooking Broad
way. Call 6unday evenings. Jennings.
ROOM for gantlmnan «mploy*d during
day; reflnad neighborhood ; all improve
ments; adjacent to subway and elevated;
reference*. Address Prtvat*, Box 200,
Tribune Uptown Office. 13f4 3ro«dnay.
117 TH ST.. 118 WEST— Large front room.
second floor; running water; w#U heated;
moderate. Tel. 2849 R— Morntngslde.
621 WEST 122 DST . near river and Mora-
Ingalde Park. — Attractive, runny rvMxn;
naw modern apartment; reference*. P.
BTRICTLT first clasc room* for strictly
drat class peopl*; term* moderate; gen
tlemen only. 142 W. 26th *t
WANTED.— By gentleman ancf wife; room
and bath; or parlor, bedroom and bath;
between 84th and 6Vth sts. and between
6th and Lexlnrton a>-**., or abov* 42d St.,
between 6th and Madison aye*. : with board
preferred- references exchanged. J. N. 0.,
Box 42. Tribune Ofllc*.
Db.BK.6, rolkop*. paxtlUons, railings, tablea,
•svfea. letter preaaa*. countan, *h*lving*.
olothlng (lore oxturea; *ioi**. otlicea fitted.
Finn Bros., V!8-S2 Centre st.
BTRADIVARIUfI Violin. 1M years eld;
otieao. Bo* 72. iaecaucus, N, J.
AT REDUCED PRICES —600 *econd hand
wood and Iron working machine*; fully
guaranteed; machinery bought and *x
~lta.i:gad. GBO. B. EDDT, &Wi MadUon st.
between 14 and 10 years of age: graduate*
of publto schools preferred; good opportun
ities for sdvancsment; addr*** only by lat
ter In own handwriting, with reference.
Tiffany & Co., Stli Avt.and 39th St
$40 to $60 monthly, at horns. In spare
time, corresponding for newspapers; no can
vassing; experience unnecessary. Send for
particular*. Press Syndicate. Lockport. N. T.
BOT wanted In a Wall *t. offlo*; must b*
neat arid well reoommended. Apply by
letter, stating ago and sslary expeoted.
William J. L«wl*. 1008 424 •'-. Brooldyn.
6TENOQRAPHBR.— Touth (20) ! Remlnr
ton; must be graduate publln *ehoci, Ad
dress Progress, Trlbun* Offioe.
WANTED. — Two first class, sober reed and
rattan basketmakers; permanent position
for first olass workmen. Addreo* Standard
vVoodenwar* Company, Los Acgeles. Gal.
WANTED. — Bxp*rl*ncod non-union mono
type ksysoard operator. Buxton * Skin
ner Stationery Co.. Bt.. Lous Mo.
140 to S3O m <r.th!y. at horn*, In spar*
time corresponding for newspapers; no can
vassing, experience unnecessary. Send for
particular*. Press Syndicate. Lockport N. Y.
WANTED— 2B Udi*s on reliable piece
work: SI 80-S8 doien. Call 2 Wot 14th
St., room 4. Knickerbocker Bulli'ns-
AUTIBI- un*urp****a with air bruah and
past*l. good in oil. want* steady *mp.o«
nerit valuabl* man. wuith tood salary tt>
copying house. Jones, 159b Fulton St..
petent able young man; neat and ac
eulate exceilent references from laat place.
occupied many years. Address F. Cole. 690
Union aye.. Bronx.
good penman, accurate accountant, beat
references: moderate *alary; two year*' *x
perienoe. A. stuzius. 778 Wsndover aye..
experienced, wanted In national bank;
g<xm sa.ailes; permanent pa»l lions. E.
Trlbun* Office.
BARTENDER.— Irish, 26. single; respect
able and obliging; little experienoe, steady
po»liion. Call or write. F. M.. care O'Con
ror, «7 Rutledge sc. Brooklyn.
BOT 17. wtshe* to Team cutting trad*,
clothing: good reference. John Barnett,
73 East Ist st.
BCT. 17. strong, wishes to work in plumb
ing shop with opportunity to learn ths
trade. George Hauler. 19 Cooper St..
BOY 17 desire* to learn good trade. Peck.
432 East 78d *t.
CAKE BAKER.— Toung married man. ex
perienced- as *econd hand or alone. Bub
ser. 514 East SM st
CABINETMAKER, mrpenier, casemak»r.
polisher, veneerer; can work aft*r d*
slki's. Joser Look, lo Stuyve?ant st.
I CABINBTMAKER -Bj» Oerman. at bench;
or ircular or banif saw; good references.
! Blgmund, 9tf Thorp aye.. Brooklyn.
young ltallan-Anerican; steady position;
. expwieneed: wages modofsUO. Address
j Camllo Medica. OK.' CBIOB st .. Brooklyn.
class all arounl neci-.tnlc. day cr con
tract Dalhoah. ico East 114 th m.
CHBEBBMAKER -- ura iuat» Eurofean
school; expert manufacturer butter. Swls,
gorgunxola uisomoi j ».->rk«: with similar
firm. Uardone. 145 'Wnt 27th «t.
CHArPKEVR --Oennan; good mechanloi
proficient to run gasolere car of any de
■rrlpti..n: at a m--d»rato salary. John
Russau. 188 West 10»th «t.
CHAITrTOCh — Kxperlenoed on foreign and
American cars; does own repairs; go any
where, city or country. Addr*ss L>. 1 homo
son. 6* 3d Plat c. Brooklyn.
CHAITI -"EfR .— By German, good mechan
ician, on gaco.ene machine: ci'y cr coun
try. Ignai 9*elmann. iw East *'M *t.
CHal'KI'EL'H .— By young man. S3; *x
p*rlene*d; references; honest; Slh week.
Address Vincent Mad, 260 West lßth st.
DF6IGNER of ladies garmenu; leng ex
perience. A. P.. 888 15th *t.. Brooklyr..
DENTIST.— Crovn and bridg* worker,
rhtlr assistant. st*ady position and
hours Helrod, SlO Ea*t Bth st
DENTlST.— Mechanical, all around man:
salary moderate, willing worker Rosen
thai. IPOO Lexington aye.
DETECTIVE— Clrrtr. discreet, -« :. «
young man want. work, ten year* at
confidential wori: best recommendation: it
present employer, reasonable wages. Burk.
2149 3d aye.
EXE^ATOR Rt'N"NEIB .— Experienced; eleo
trlc or hydraulic, wishes to make change.
Addrees E R , 2127 Pacldo .t.. Brooklyn.
KN'JINEKR— Understand* laundry ma
tAlr.*ry- »- 0.. SM W**t l»lh ti
DESIGNER on ladle.- «ult*. with first
clasa references and leng experience:
".'"'•■ 1 ! 00 - *• c - Patirno. b3» is*
DttaluNEß— Starter, experienced, wants
position In cloak ana suit house, city
or country. Handyen. SS2 East loth st
ELEVATOR RUNNER. -By T>ung ooiored
man In apartment house or offlaebur ding
• x f* :l .* n f e " o - » oo<l «"efei-*nc*a Ed Fhll.lpY
FIREMAN.— Aged 26: single; atrtctly sober
hrldlng first class Massachusetts license
knows hi* business around engines; also
care dynamos and motor*: steady position
"all or write. F. M.. car* O'Connor 87
Rutledge at.. Brooklyn.
INTERPRETER.— MiddIe aged man edu
cated; speaks French. German EnglUh.
Spanish and Swedish: Interpreter In first
irfl— k*)ML A. li^tcW «ji «3d k.. tttiitiii
JOURNALISM.— By young man 23- B
years' experience a* tjitoria; assistant;
A No. 1 pn.«. reader. Bloc.i. lsl hprlng st.
KAN. 23 years; In factory or business; can
speak only German and Bohemian oac da
fine work. Klein. 423 East bSd st.
MAN AND WIFE, managing bached
apaxtment house or club; city, country ;
best reference*; understand catering, valet
ing Juseph, bH3 <J*olunibus aye.
MAN AND WIFE, woman nurs*. wa'tres*.
man general work. South or California
best references. Addro** j. WlUlaiEJ, tfti
Columbu* aye.
MARRIED MAN American, at liberty No
vember IB or soor.er What good off*r
have you for trustworthy man? Hleaa*
call or writ* particular*. Charles Bobln -
son. 10-17 Merc«r *t.
MACHINIST, having small plant, want*
experimental and other small Job* on
lath*, drill pr**s. bench, etc. Address W .
Poiitoffice Box 693. Staplaton. N. T.
MAN, married, 2S years of age. where
ability, honesty and willingness count
more than experience: referenoe*. B. c.
X . 241 W**t I4l*t *t.
vv rig nt, with ior«lgn experience: thor
oughly experienced in smelter and mill
ctnutruutlt-n. Address A. 8.. Box -i
Tribune O.tlce.
P AiN'l r-R — First olass hous* painter want*
worn, strictly sober. William Turnbuli
34« Wast 12th st.
PHOTOGRAPHER, young man. amateur.
wiar.es position in studio; good all around
man. wti.lcg. not afraid of work. Addrus
Maltango*. 200 West 80th »t.
PHOTOURAPHER— By an all around
man; best referencaa Leo Helmueig,
14U3 St. Mark. ay*.. Brooklyn.
POULTRTMAN.— By American. 86: *ln
gie: understand* care of itisubatora and
brooders, poultry and plgeont (dry feeder);
handy wl;h tool*. AdUreM T. F. M.. P. O.
Box 372, Bay Shore. Long Island.
PORTER. — Man. middle age. porter and
good reference from laat place. Address
Crown. A. D. Battery Co.. 4T Warren et.
PORTER. Ao .— By neat young oolored man;
or ta learn to run eUvator. Addr***
Sampson. 40 Lafayette St., Brooklyn.
SALESMAN.— By young man: understand*
German and English; ha* no axperuno*.
O. Krack. 978 lit aye.
Ten years' experience. Addros* M . Box
20. Tribun* Uptown Offloo. 13A4 Broadway.
SHIPPING CLERK., experienced: perma
nent; roference* furnished: salary, Sl2-
SlB. F Rountr**. 237 18th St.. Brooklyn.
Bunday*. holidays: employed during th*
day, room and amall pay in return for ser
vloes; 2d to 7th aye.. 20tb to 27th at.: beat
referenc*. Frank Cloran. 201 East 84th st.
WATCHMAN. *c— By respectable man; or
on private place: ear* of cows and horse*;
wtillr.g to do all work: hard of haartng.
Franz Ml*hs. 8 Chatham Square.
WATCHMAN. — A position as night watoh
man: rnirrled: 41 year* old. Mu-t'.n
Mauser. 1,008 Ava. A.
WANTED.— A few conservatories and
winter garden* to take care of. by aetlv*
man. oast middle llfs: 8 years with J. M.
Hodgson, florist. Addr*** W. a. SCO Si
TOUNO MAM. Cooper Union student, two
years' nractical experience, with an else
itrlcal construction company. Ado!j>n Msy
ersburg. 102 Bradford et.. Brooklyn.
TOUNQ MAN. 1», work as electrician" •
helper, or anything-. Furze. 854 East
nth st.
TOUNO MAN, 19, would lik* to learn au
tomobile trade; honest and willing. Dan-
I*l O'Brien. IBS East 99th at.
TOUNG MAN (IS), at anything: rtronf
Georg* Perlln, 71 Johnson aye.. Brooklyn.
TOUNO MAN (30), good appearance, out
■ld* or tnivaulng position. M. Perlman,
72 East l!sth st.
TOUNQ MAN. 16. speaking English. G*r-.
man. Polish. Russian and Lithuanian,
wishes position; can furnish r*:*rencea,
J. Smith. 47 Devoe st., Brooklyn.
TOUNO IRISHMAN, lately landed, wish**
good Indoor position; fair salary expected;
uptown preferred: best reference*, strong;
strictly sober and obliging. Burch.li:. 1747
Amsterdam aye.
TOCXQ MAN. 18. In lawyer's offlo*. with
law achool privilege*. J. & B:«g*.«Uea.
•1 East 101*t st.
TOUNQ MAN. assisted lecturers an e!*c
trtc'.ty anj chemistry, desire* evac'ng
work, any technical nature; familiar wits
■tareopttcons. Electricity. 264 West 15th st.
TOUNQ MAN. 22. handy with all kinds of
tools, wlshe* position at anything. A.
JeUnek, W>7 East 72d.
TOUNQ MAN. light colored, wtahe* posi
tion at anything In office, or mas and
wife t" tnke care of building. Cobb. 418
West 3fllh St.
TOUNQ MAN. age SB: at aaytMng: outside
of New Tork Charles L> Sherman. 89
tVe»» Washington Place.
TOUNQ MAN. twelve months' experience in
delicatessen store R. Aschermann. 21a
East *lst st.
STRESS. — By refined, educated young
lady; good traveller; position with «id*rly
lady; salary moderate. Address A. X.,
P. O. Box 816. New Canaan. Conn.
COMPANlON— Experienced Scotch lad/
as useful companion or young ladle*'
chaperon, cheerful, tactful disposition:
good traveller. Qrant. Irving *t.. Rah
way. N. J.
COMPANION. — By American lady of mid
dle aged, having unexceptionable refer
ences, re-engagerr.ent as companion, or any
position requiring capability acd trust
worthiness. Addr*** Mil* S.. General De
ll-, ci 3. Yonkers. N. V
COMPANION or MAID to elderly lady,
by young woman, willing to travel;
experienced: can give references. Ad
dress B H., Tribune Uptown Offlo*. 1384
ENGLISH LADY, active, speaking fluent
Fr-rioh and German, with knowledge of,
typewriting and offtc* work, good house
ke^per. for.d cf ar.d accustomed to chil
dren. »ucce»*ful teacher, would give her
services In any suitable capacity tor nu>d
orate. salary; first claa* reference* In either
England or America. Address W. M.. Box
1». Tribune Office.
GOVERNESS. — North Oerman: teaches her
pupils L-c.iversailonal German or Frencb
dirlng afternoon walks: teaches alao ele
mentary English and music; highest olty
sthool and family reference*. Oerman
Teacr.er. 62 Weet *»2rt St.
GOVKRNE93 — and experi
enced Bwls* governeka detlres re-enjag»
ment resident or visiting; fluent French.
German, English; muaio; excellent, eorO
f.ed teacher; highest ref»rtni.ea; university.
101 Ea«t with St.. Ad flour.
GOVERN ESsV —By Swiss young lady;
speaks Krglleh. Jt>ench and German. first
roforonce; good needietvouian. Call or
address T. I'flugtr. care Bedly. 4SI 4th
aye.. Urook.yn.
COVtlO'Tmil — Long esr"-l«nc*. car* an( )
education c* young children: reliable per
son; English, speaking good French soreo
ye-irs* reference. Mrs. Watson. 281 West
24th st. *
HAIRPRF^JER d«-sir»* « few more cus
tomer* weekly; term* W a week; Mari-el
waging and manlcirtng also .lone. J Lang.
227 Weet 16th st. 1 :at* wlfi Belichamber*).
RESTAI'RANT CASHIKR — By intelligent
ranaa 'sdy having exj.er.ence; would ac
rent position of trust. Hollmann. *o» East
<•«•': »t
STENOGRAPHER.— American young !«dy;
fly* year*' best *eiuf*r»l*Sl experienon;
reference* •» to ,-hararter aM'lty: fcr g d
reasons now dej!r-» position half day only,
temporary, permanent. D. E. r.. Box 43.
Trihvine Oflce
ETEVOC:r*PHT. typewriting, fao «tm!'.e
dopllcating- r irerb work: cheap r%t»«:
law work: stenographers furnished perma
nent and temporarily. -B*ekman. Jup 0
Bt.nogr.ph.r.' Exchange. 130 Nassau st.
ternoon; French or English. Address V
L.. «2 Columbus ay*.
VIPITtNQ GO^'K^NEf»B or tutortns; for
college entrance or elementary branches;
FM"-^ati''t *peelalty: axrerienced Steele.
11,1 -r.-... BH»», „
ATTENDANT, companion to an invalid;
experienced, educated, gentlemanly; ao
cuatomed to travel; New York references.
Oraham, oV *>•*-. 1 ■■ » v »>
BUTLER or STEWARD. Scotch thor
ough servant, good caterer; city or
country: highest peisona.l reference J.
W. .V. West tiilh St., Kingsoridge.
ten neat. tidy young Swede; speaks gjod
English. takes best care of horse's. r.»rn«..
ana carriage*. ca.*:ui driver; excellent ref
erence. Kr.rtch. at Carpenter's Bureau. 134
tilt aye.
BUTL.TR and VALET — By young Greek.
28, speaking English and I'rancn. In pri
vate family; -oj appearance; best city
references. An v \VUil*m K*.bruan. **
West 29th at.
BUTLER. — Japanese- young man, wiling,
truthful arid of uno,u»*iljnable character:
butler or hnuse«orKer. Y. L.. 17 Concord
•t.. Brooklyn.
tI.;UJ!. — ri> young mau; fi«*i. bouest.
sober; take char** parlor no^r. •**■*>*>
•Nt; wages $33 to »■»". city r«>r*n>."»*.
Mr*. K«Uy. 8M 7th a«.
COOK. — By Japanese; Ions; eT
p^rieac*. wants position private family,
clubhouse: u.ks entire -ha. ire. kltcr.en;
»l«« SCO to S(»; best refer«no»*. C<xik.
41 Cast let^ st.
COAL"HMAN. *o. — By couple: Prot«stants;
man coachman, careful driver; wire coo*
or waitress and chambermaid; best refer
ences; city or country. T. 3.. Mrs. Col
lier's Agency. 122 V. eat 23d st.
COACHMAN— good careful d.-1.
er; unuttratand* an« uoraes. carrlaites;
sober. wtaioic haaJy round house; beat
city referenda, Da.y. 113 West 13\ st.
COACHMAN. —Bast rsrerences from last
emp!o>er who can be soon. Call or ad
dress P. C.. C 23 Park aye.
COACHMAN.— Ma-ri*d; Mven year*' per
sonal reference*; city or country. R-
Burge. 2S< Weot tlfcih st.
COACHMAN.— American: neat and oblig
ing; best car* of l-.or.ea and carriages;
aged 26: a so operate automobile: best refer
ences. John Doeii. 234 West lltith at.
COACHMAN.— wishes to place
tils coachman, whom he .ugr.ly recom
mends; hontst. sober, trustworthy; skilful
driver. P. d.. 8 VI eat 36-..1 St.
COACHMAN and OAaDENER.— A gentle
man closing his country placo for th*
winter dciii** a situation, city or couati-y,
for hla man. who ha* acted a* coachman
and gardener, is capable and honest: fur
ther information gladly given. Addre**
C. D. H.. Box », Trlbun* Ofllc*. 1364
COACHMAN.— Gentleman desires position
for hi* coachman; country preferred, ab
soiutsiy tenicerate; trustworthy; Scotch-
Irish Proteatant; tall; good appear ace*.
Hoiand Davla, 204 Madison ay*.
stand* ho:***, carr.a***, harnosa. furnac*
LawtLS, drlv**: best references. Barry, 229
East 63d Bt.
COACHMAN, sing!*; thoroughly experienced
man; height. D feet S inches, weight, 160
pounds; best reference*: country pr»f*irel
M. V., 100 West 63d St.. sirs McGonislo.
COOK. CHEF. — Good reference*, staady and
sober; In restaurant or liutaL A^r-it
Anderl. 219 East 26Ui st.
COUPLE. French Ungulat; middle aged, as
butler, valet, maid or other duties, ca
pable.; good, leng reference; go aaywhera.
Bernard. 311 West 28th St.
COURIEH. VALET.— Many year*" *xpert
ence; axcollant references; k-r.d and use
ful In case of tllnssa. H.. Tribune Uptown
Offics. IS*4 Broadway.
man; married: no ohildren: wife oxoolient
oook: well recommended. William, at Caiv
pentsr 1 * Bureau. 154 6th aye.
FARJIBH 'Superintendent). — By young- man;
single; graduate of New Hampshire Agri
cultural Collage: ha* had eight years' prao
tlca' experience on large farms and Is thor
oughly familiar with machinery; under
stands raising horses and cattle: strictly
temperate: Arst class position ; beat refer
ence*. Address Frask Wsstgata, Hillsld*
Farm, Ashland. Mass.
FARMER iForeman). — Good worker. AmiN
lean; has **rved years at the buoir.es*;
experienced in all work, horse*, cat:.*,
pigs, all atock and machinery; excellent
herdsman; 40 cowa at present; used to
boarding and handling help; successful with
poultry; strictly sober; best reference*.
George, at Carpenter's Bureau. 154 6th avo.
GARDENER.— Head working, first olas* in
every branch of the Business: orchid*,
palms, foliage planta. roses, carnations;
vegetable* in succession; general manage
ment of large "state; farming Included.
Addresa Oard*ner. care Georg* Green. 21
Washington *t.. MonUtown. N. J.
QARDENKB (landscape): highest class;
thoroua-hlv eaoable of laying out and de
velODin* 1 country estates, with most won
derful scenic effects; 6 years with last em
ployer: highest reoomendatlons. C. A. N..
Tribune Off 2*.
GARDENER and FLORIST.— By an elderly
Oerraan-American; 40 year* practice:
handy with tools; useful, gentleman's
country resldeno*. Gottahalk. 1489 Lexing
ton ava.
OARDENnR— On private place; undar
stand« hothouse and outside work: can
handle horses: best reference*. H. H.. 11
Bread *t.. Staoleton. Staten Island.
GROOM. COACHMAN —By German: young
and experienced: or as servant, hostler or
riding rr>ast*r; referenoeo. P. Jlra, 24i
Fast 14th st.
HOU^EWORKTBR — Japanese, well reeom
rrsnded. desire* pccltlen In gentleman •
apartment or *mall family, from morning fo
8 p. m. ; sleep home. Buy Ichi, ISO
Ptinco st.
JAPANESE, well educated young man, de
sires p'.ar* in private family a* but:er si
second man; willing, obliging; good worker;
speaks «3"d Eng'ish. R«r-oMcan. Box *SL
Tribune Uptown Office. 13tH Broadway
JANITOR.— By colored man: a* assistant;
good fireman ar.d cleaner: school or
apartment house: '-efarenco; nigh: or day;
can do porter's work. Charlao Lewis. 164
Grand «.. Jersey City. N. J
JANITOR. — Tour.g man. colored. Janitor or
portar: exrerier.ced coachman. Joseph
TTl*e. 108 Wwt 184 tat.a *t.
MAN and wife, with best hotel references;
club management. Mabeta, 248 W. 40th st.
MANAGER of poultry plant on gentle
man* eatate: long exyeriar.ee. good refer
ences. Address A. B C. P. O. Box 319.
New Canaan. Conn
USEFUL MAN. — By active middle aged
man; care garden, lawns, cowa, poultry,
furnaces: good milker; best reference*. W.
J . 224 East 423 at.
USEFUL MAX.— Can preo* clothes, assist
•t tabls; care for furnace; good refer
ence; city or country. Broen. 314 Kaat
SOth st : WMner"* bell.
USEFUL MAN— Houmimb; JuM disen
gaged; superior city recommendat 1 om;
thoroughly understand* steam, eiectrl :tv.
elevator pumps, machinery, good clearer
brasses. windows. sidewalk: oourteoua,
ob'lglng trustworthy. Willing. Tribun*
Uptown Otßc: 1.384 Broadway
VALET. — Attendant to an invalid: expe
rienced, educated, gentleman! ; accus
tomed to travel: New Tork reference*. Gra
ham. 0B Lexington avo.
USEFUL MAN— By Japanese: attending
furnaces or general work; beet refer
ence*. Okl. 63 Cherry st.
VALFT or Bt'TLER.— By lnt*:!lg*nt eol
tred man: flr*t claso r*f*r*noe. H ears.
22.1 nest «3d *t.
COOK. — Assist laut.dres*: excellent Baker;
good family cook, very obliging; good r«f
orSoeso; city or country M. Q., Mra Col
lier's Agency. 123 West 23d st.
COOK.— First class; wages 840; excellent
references Swedish Exchange, 884 3d
aye.. near 3l»th *t.
COOK and Bf TLKR. — By mother and son;
colored: in or out of cit> : good reference*.
178 South Ullot Place. Brooklyn.
COOK.— Norwegian Protestant; very noat;
excellent cook; apartment »refetre>l. good
refer»r.o«*. B. T.. Mrs. Colliers Agency,
122 West 23d at.
COOK.— Kr.gllsr. ; Prctestant. StTactTJ Bret
class; ur Jeri.tan.ls plain and fancy ook
lng. !.!g..e»; re-crencsa, clt> or ouur.try.
N H, Mrs. Co.:. r a Agency. 123 West
SBd at.
COOK.-Flnt olaa*; HunTarian glr'.. Moyar.
car*, or h i.onyi. 204 Eas. ZM *t.
COOK. — First class; English woman, bast
references; understands rooking in i.l
brunches; p.-rsonal lefeiences: 823 tv SO"
Flaherty Bureau, 4*3 I 'ulumbua aye..
mar e3d at.. Tel 741— River.
wlah** to place two willing and
obllfU.g riatda. cook and laundress.
OBOJBbermaM and waitreaa Call ai t#os>
eni nnpln>er'i. i U"*s; *9th »t.
MMD and \\AlTßk^9 By inoU.er »aJ
daughter together; city or cuuntry. 'Write,
Or coil botwesa 1 and 2. 040 lota aye.. oar*
Qarrlty. i«fj fluor. »
COOK, Ac. — Two girls; competent cook.
gcoU baker, excellent Uußd:ess; other
konnaid and waitress; ctt* or country.
Morrow's Bur-au. 721 l*-.lr.stan ate, cur
ner 6Sth st. Tel. 1923— Plaoa.
COOK. — Colored, In private family: good
personal reference 1 wa».« 833. 232 West
20th st.
COOK- First class, German, Fr*neh and
Aner: in cooking; has friend kitchen
maid; together or separate, city or country.
Morrow's Bureau. 711 Lexington aye.. cor
ner 68th St.
CCKJK and WAITRESS —Two capablo Jl.n
lard glrla; hays beat references. Juaalla
Bureau. 680 Lexington sjos)
COOK.— Capable: Swedish; has excellent
reference: fancy and plain cook, take full
charge of kitchen, Jusslla> Bureau. 680 Lax—
liurt4& aye.
o« r \ \ ■* \ y \ ■-. y nn.
KUTHCEi.-: A ": LL§7D.
_.„ F Express Service
v', m - n Not. 20. 8 A.M.
I:" 1"*1".1 "* 1 ". Dec 4. 10 A.M.
Kronnrfnx Dec. : V iP. 54.
K. «m II .jaji, 9
Kromrlnz Jan. 21
K. Tim. II Feb. 13
Twin-Screw Pas»en«^r Senrlo*.
Kran. *r.b-jr«- „v . S. 10 A. It
ISP"*" Nov. 13. 10 A M.
rrledrlch Nov. 22. 10 A. M
.*:'> • ~ Nov. 27. It) A. M.
' nemnlta Deo. a. 10 a. M.
Un *° ■ Dec. U. lOA.is.
V*"* at Plymouth and Cherbourg.
Mediterranean Service.
£ A o*rt Nov. 10, 11 A. M.
!.- V" * D * c 1. MA, "
{> •; ' ■•* I^o. 8. 11 a. M.
C Albert Jan. li 1! A. M.
!1 ■' - r « Jan. 19. 11 A. It.
tKai« €r Jan. M. 11 A. M.
tOrnit. Clbraltar.
- "!■! Jk 4»h st».. Hobekesv
cr.. 3 oo °^ ALL OVER THE WORLD.
OELRICIIS * (^).. No. 3 Broatway. N. T.
*•<"'■» H. Meyer lum Walnut =»» Phlla.
Twin Scr«»w f'li---- i\ r Service.
Kalsertn . » »-.!U> AM! Amerlka.. .Nov. 23
•P*r.n*ylv-a.N. - 17.3AM I tuatavta... Not. ft*
t Hamburg direct -Omits Cherbourg.
M*>d!t»rrnnean ?^rvtr»»
Hamburg Not. 131'Peutschland. . Fob.*
•Motke . ... Dec. 4 Hamburg Feb. 1*
Hamburg Jan. 10 Hamburg Mar. »
•tMoltk*.. ..Jan. 2»!*.\toltke Aorll U
•Has Qrtll Room and Gymnasium. «i*sai
torrariean and Orient Cruise. 79 days.
Eight Days to Italy.
From New York. Feoruarr 4. 1007.
R- R. Tickets, hotel acoominodaUon* ao4
general Information about foreign travel.
Travellers' checks good a.l over the worUb
*Phoiie. _l««> Rector. Piers. Hobo'oa.
Bt. Paul Nov. 10) St. Louis . Not. i-%
Nt "Lji 3rk - .Nov. 17'Phllad«lphia...D»o. i
vV£?'a d - No *- I*1 '* » m Finland.. Doo. 12. 1 pisj
% ir. l <ID#c - o ' 7: 80am|Z*«rd.D»o.2«5.2:S0pia
WhlTB STAII LINE F . ro - r."
*lVt,« U v - N °v- I«.lu*«a1 «.lu*«a C-iUo. Don. 12. 2 pas
Ba'tio..Nov.2i.«:3Uam Baltic. ..Dec .lo. * an»
Oceaalo.Deo. 6 3 stn.UaJUaDeo.23. 10 am
CEpRIC-NoT. 2»." Jan. 3°Fibriein,oM
CELTIC ...Jan W. Mar. »{T?>Ki.
CKkTIC Deo. tt noon. Max 20 Uai «
R^-^c-::^. 1 !; »t%3Li
Freight Office. Whitehall Bldg.. Battery PL.
From Piers 01-32 North R!v*r.
CARMANIA Not. 17. <TZz
Lucanta Nov. 34 Campania ..,..Ceo. 9
Garonla. Dee. 1 Pannonla. Do% 14
New Modem Twin Screw Stsamsra
CABPATHU Nov. 2?. 3 P. M.; Mar. 3*)
BLAVONIA Dec 4. 10 A. M. : A»r 9
CARONIA ..Jan. 0: Fsb 19
PANNONLV Mar. lii Aw. 80
VERNO.V H. BROWN. Oen'l A«ent.
21-24 State St . ->pi>o*lt* the Battery.
MriDIAiH !PAS3F3(O B l^.
Xatecded Steamship Sailing* from VanoouT**)
for Jaoan. China, and Philippine r *'i>n-is-
Empr«so of China. Nov W
R. It. S. Tartar ......Doo. i
Einpiess of 1ndia. ....... ...De0. 24
Athenian Jan. 7
Empress of Japan ...... .Jan. 14
For FIJI. Hawaiian islands. Australia and
New Zealand.
anoweTa,.......Dec TlAoranart j.r. 4
For rate* and information apply to SSi
6th aye.. 433 and 1 Broadway.
For Old Point Comfort. Norfolk, Porto
mouth. Pinner* Point and Newport Naw*.
Va.. connecting for Petersburg. Rich
mond. Virginia Beach. Washington. D. CL.
and entire South and West.
Freight and passenger ateamera sail
from Pier 2*. N. R. foot Beach at., every
week-day at t p. m
Vice- President and TraQo Managsr.
Fedo 0 CPaDCPQaD IK3o<d
Steamships of the ROD "D" LINK wl 1
•all trom Pier 11, near Wall St. ferry.
Br.jokljii. tor dan Juan direct, a. follow*:
S. d. CARACAS Saturday. Nov. lul noon
S. 6 PHILADELPHIA. s.t.. Nov. 24. ojuu
For freight or paa*a«* apply to
BOULTON. 8L133 ii DAIisTT.
General Managers. 62 Wall at
Tickets to Texas. Colorado. Mexico, New
Mexico Art ion*. California. Georgia. Flor
ida. Alabama, no. DEUdHTFUL TRIPS.
FU.. Ac (via Key West). Colonist ticket*
to California on inquiry. Our boo»l«t
"Pocket Guide" free. C. H. StAIXORy A
CO.. 120 Front St.. N. T.
*• For La Guayra, Puerto Cabeno. Cor*
cao and Maracslbo. via Curacao. c«lllnf
also at San Juan P. R. 1
S. 8. CARACAS. ..Saturday. Nor. IX aooa
8. 6. PHILADELPHIA Sat.. Nov. 24. nooa
For La Gualra. Curacao and Maracalbo.
8. B. ZUUA Saturday. Nov IT. noon
8. 3. MARACAIBO. Saturday. Dec 1. nooa
These steamers have superior aonnm 1
aatlons fur passengers.
General Manager*. 81 Wall st.
"LA VELOCB."— Fast Italian LA*.
•Cord America, Jan. 9; Braallo (new rwta
screw) Jan. 23; Europa (new twin screw),
March 9. Cabin. SBO up. Dining Room m
Prom-nade Deck BOLOQXE3I. HAR,t3
FIELD * CO.. 2d Wall St.
Sf-tn annual *er.eo. Pregraaßraeo. THO3,
COi X A SON. 240 and 1200 Broadway, Ui
Madison ava.. N. T.
C J8 : I t" ! II CRUISE. Feb. 1, "07. T»
day*, by chartered a. 9. "ARABIC." IJ.«OJ
tons 3 Tours Round the World.
FRAN C. CLARK »4 Broadway. M T,
$20; exceuent reference*. 6w»d:n £»•
change. £-v* 3d aye.. iw&r 3iKa at.
wait on lady and sew; .* a very oom;e->
tent person and a Proteataat; has boot cit?
references. Call or address M. a*nna»lo.
care Mortality. 183 West WUI »'_
CHAMBERMAID.— First class: wages S3
to $2S; ex el, reference*. Bwediaa Ear*
change. 604 4d ay*.. near 3&ta st.
CHAMBERMAID. — Toting Irtia girt *4
oi-amue. maid in &oara.:.g house or room-
Uig, beat experience and r*jf.*j-*aooa> U.
bmltn. 424 Wait BSta st.
competent; city or country; best 01
personal references. 888 14 avo.
neat and reined. best references, otty 01
country >•'• H.. Mrs. Collier' e Ageaay, 131
West -.'3d at
UAY'3 WORK. — By respectable woraan|
cook, wash and Iron or any kind of hous*
work: good refereso*. 877 Mb avo., a boUo<
DAY'S WORK,— By young 'Jerman womast
neat an] clean, g -ou laundrcsa, any klo4
of >:*■■ MarU Mi.o.*s. 830 East 4«Ka st.
DATS WORK.— By young colored girl, 0*
laundry to take home. SIS West duut st.,
DaT'3 WORK. — Competent young ool
oto< woman wants family waoBla&
ladies' sjooh 1041 or day's work. Colbert.
Ia» Weot »2d st.
DAIS WORK. — By colored woman: --
take washing home. L Brown. 487 west
82.! st
DAYS WORK -By *.>lore<J womaoi or tojps
smalt »i»n home. Place. MS W. SOth *c
HOt'SEKESPER.— ReHnod, sosuriofal and
thoroughly practical woman; m*n— tn«
nci.»ii'r,»r for many years la largest **-
labllsh.nenta m tows and country; aaa
a-Jkrantee sati«fa^i .y service: houieholJt
organ.M*] ir,, put on «moot!» running suiti
Uiventorlssi taner.. wo symiematlaed. Srot
.'.*»• caterer. «hopp«r; secretarial work;
cl; , refer to beet p«>>p:e; out of town order*
a-:— lir.i to- reeldentlal or vtaitisg. Writs
Kensington. Trtuane Uptown Oflflo*, IM4
Br »'«ay. '
HOranVTORKER.— By neat young gtrl (
i 0.1 o»ok: excellent laandres*; eao &*k»;
has brother useful man. understands* w»l>
log: city or country Morrow's !*ur«sm. TB
Lexington aye.. 6«th at.
HOL'SBWORK— NeaI colored < .-: goo 4
cook, bo washing: or ehambermaM; 01
m.« taker of bachelor apartments, or mail
for theatre: good city references). R. L.
11 . B.h East 1324 at. care Wm Preston.
tidy air ., four year* r*r«reno*. ha* •:»■
ter cook: together, separate. Flaherty*!
Bureau. 4M Columbus s>ve»» near IM sa
Ik. :*;-Ri»**.

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