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Relations of Transportation to Pub
lic, and Commerce.
iiz% j«-j« :'„- rr a^s
wrmj Company, in an address or .
fr.^m.li*. iii relation. I. ii» "•«»!»? ■"">""
anrt commerce cftirratly. n- «* .-,...- recently
putfnc throu ß h , Period of UwiijggS
e? ,tation «nd excitement In IWect to JjJ«^
S nd ; -,,ve Rifled parties fee «-« a c,n,ur> he
v -hlrh have divided partte* for half a centurj the
ri! Wic thoupht nnd |nt«r«t have been '™" n ra *
on economic agitation*. Kvrrythlng relating to **
£U*« Interest, bf the poopl* has been . dra«n
into the arena of edited »o^Ur .enUment and
d.bare. The bonesor of .iduciary on^-
accountability of mm of «re,t power i and srest
™jtr, to their fellow men. the r^ *^ JJ*
control of a ned trusts and of quasi public utm
ties, have recHvfd the f,.c, ; attention and -
f ,,, the nlvcraal Interest of the people, l^der
..,enc of their around and determined pur
poi4. some btom abuses have been uncovered
Touch'.nß on the Influence of "irreat interests. I
There must he seta* Adequate in \7rcl V!
misuse nf power : ,ffect.nß Br at of P ?he remedy. no
bat, important as is ti>e 1% K«swMe and
lew important are- W«;J«»*l«2**s3W umethe
vnoteeenc limitation.. In the ££«£*„?,, entirely
pobUe aspect „r this question ha^W'^ ox .
z^iKtrurtior- th*
other private property.
• •o-.iiin? f> Southern conditions, he sal*:
The m«si pressing problem with
Ih^fiaf" rrrtnt^anei sMNfartory movement of

?eiri a:^.l r*m«raherin« the conditions of theiraLll
inTy properties ai tiie- beeinnlns of that period
•hf." .... product* of so marvellous, a
StVlViwieat 'have on the whole Wn mfully
mnviHl »o market ens** tl c attentive conslder-
StVnTVf N those wlio impartially study the railway
Hunt for Leak with Matches Results
in BloiC'Up.
Tn looking for a leak In a gas pipe with light
er] matches two women and a man were pain
fuliy burr.^d jwrterday afternoon In the i<-nc
jiier.t house nt No. 42<» West S3d street. Mrs.
J.icephiiK-. Tyiiian lives oh the first Boor of the
house. The janitress. lira. Elizabeth Dwyer.
\\as> \|p:ti]-.g her. one of them put a '-'•"•-cent
ji?'-oe :n Ihe pas meter and after Kline time both
left the house. When they returned, about an
hour later, they found James Poster, an expres=?
iaMxi. of No. MB Weal 4Mh street waiting at the
door with a package-
As the ihr«-e entered the house they smelled
F&s. Foster said be would find the leak, and
the women for matches. Then they *taxt
*d tn hunt. ea. h lighting a match. Immediately
the ocruned. and the three were hurled
to the floor and burned about the face and
SntoVorce of the explosion shook the house, and
the report could be heard at considerable dis
tance. Women and children rushed to -street
in terr-.r and soon a large crowd eathered.
Patrolman Matthews ran into the room, and
fnun4 the three unconscious Mrs, I^>/-r «as
taken to Roosevelt Hospital. Poster afterward
v« nt there, his burns became so painful.
Hetz Thinks It Time to Improve Land
Already Owned.
Controller M<-n talked yesterday about tl * re
rort of his bureau of municipal Invest/Ration and
naUstics on parks and their cost, which whs
Five!! o,:t las=t Friday. i-;. c.-jH lie did not wish
to rHtictoe th» Park Board, but to Inform tie
public of existing condition*. He said:
It is my firm conviction that It is up to the city
tei construct and develop the lands already it i -
0 .,). P ,] so that they may be gi*** over to the
public* for the- uses for which they were intended
Jt is « t»>cv.ttable fact, and one which Impressed
.... oiitt-et of this administration, that sums
raneinc from $i>»J.<«i to - "0- •/•"•' have »■•■ ap
linipr'aie-r] almost ev*Ty year since consolidation
'r.i the rojlftructlon a !l<i Improvement of paries
j-arkvays and <lii\f«. : .nd yet thai there Is still
Undeveloped so much park land.
1 eir. ji<.*. Jxljpve that th<»te can be any refutation.
,' tl-.e j=T.Ttem««nt that m;n-h of the money appro
printed for the- construction of parka has in tli«
p;,st been expended for tbe employment of o>
i;art™«Mu labor, which should properly have, been
<-;,avp»"i to jiiainte-nance account and provided
hy annual budget sUowan<-es. This tendency in
thi" past to dip into tbe <-orporat«» stock appro
(l b»en noted
In other dejjartineMts. but more particularly In
the Department of I'arks.
Motor Short Circuited in Deep Tunnel Near
Grand Central.
A short circuit "n tli* end motor car of a
tcoathbound train caused a panic in the subway
late last J'.lgl.t. Tt:e i.lent occurred li<-tw'-en
r."d and IM -•■'■• ;n;.l the tunnel was soon tilled
■with Kmnkc At first i' «=.-••■:.-.• as if the cars
would catch fire, mm! the rafK*-ng»»rs, remembering
fOII»er fir^s. HUmiiitf-d to Ret out of the cars.
F.->me of them rocceeded. >-■■•: walked to the next
6tat.cn. Traffic a*aa blocked for a half hour.
Ebf n Richard*, formerly vice-president and gen
fr.il counsel of the Mexican Central Railway Com
pany, was yesterday elected temporary president.
to till tbm vacancy caused by th« resignation of A.
A. Bobioson. Ti:e oth»-r retiring officers w-re re
tlecw-d. it was officially announced after the
directors' meeting that the management intended
to obtain at an early datf the most competent man
posFitile for the offi-*i of president. According to
ndviev-s from the Cl'.y of Mexico their choice Is
likely to be C. R. II I-"- ■'.. now vice-president of
the company, h-jt no confirmation of that forecast
couM be, obtained here.
[From The Tribune Bureau.]
Washington,' November 14.
HOBOES IN Philippines. civil authori
ties in the Philippines are much troubled with
tramps and other undesirable persons who refuse to
work and who threaten to become charges upon the
government. They have been shipping these persona
home on the army transport*, but hereafter this will
be impossible under the law enacted at the last ses
sion of Congress. They arc anxious, nevertheless,
to arraaceror the return of undesintolo characters,
and have appealed to the War Department tor as
sistance. Tfie only way out of the difficulty will
bo to authorize the transportation and charge the
cost of it to the Insular government. There may
be objection to this on the part of the regular
steamship companies, on the ground thai the gov
ernment is engaged in carrying passengers for a
revenue, but it id not believed there are enough
cases to warrant any such protest. The situation
requires prompt and effective relief, however, and
there seems no other way of getting rid of un
desirable persons who are in the Philippines except
to ship them to the ITnited States at more or less
cost, an expense which the War Department does
not feel justified in incurring under the circum
cer on duty at Fort Caswell, North Carolina, has
been threatened with proceedings In the civil courts
because he ordered the post quartermaster to take
care of ■ lot of lumber which had floated ashore in
In the last storm off that coast. Others claimed it
as salvage, and there has been a controversy be
tween the 11T"< saving people and the military au
thorities as to the proper custodians of the ma
terial. It so happens that the Itfesavins station Is
on the military reservation, of which the command
ing officer at Fort Caswcll, Captain K. J. Timber
lake, is in entire charge. The War Department Is
prepared to call upon the Department of Justice
to defend that officer In his action, for under the.
law he has a right to take care of material which
comes ashore on the reservation, and the govern
ment becomes the owner of the refuse. There has
been considerable correspondence in regard to t.he
partment has sent Instructions to its representa
tives at the navy yard at Brooklyn, as well as to
all other navy yards and stations, to change the
method of keeping the records of letters received
and sent. Hitherto these have been kept in books
arranged for that purpose Hereafter, the card
index system, which has been in use in the War
Department for some time, will be adopted. The
Navy Department will apply the same system to
the records of its bureaus also. The Instructions
sent to Brooklyn state that it will not be neros-
Mry to make further requisitions for the o!d books
of record, as the cards to be used will be shipped
ORDERS ISSUED.— The following orders have
been Issued:
Contract Burton JOHN T. H. BLATTER, to Fort William
Henry Harrison.
The following changes in the corps of engineers
have I <-.-. ordered:
5-.... Lieutenant HENRY C, JETVETT. to Portland, re
lievitiß t"aptain CURTIS W. OTWEI.I.. who will pro
ce*,i to Honolulu, relieving Captain JOHN K. SLAT-
First Kieutrnant WILLIAM 11. WILSON, artillery corps,
from «th Company, coast artillery, to unasflgr.ed lift;
to Fort Monroe for star duty.
movements of vessels l .a\e been reported to the
Navy Department:
November 13 "'ic Eagle, at (V.^ntanarrxv
November 13— The Ifabawk, from Norfolk for Annapolis;
i'ie Bterlins*. from San .tuan for Havana; the Wi'.kes.
ficm Annapolis for Norfolk.
Would Have Best Railroads and a Consoli
dated Transcontinental Line.
[By Teleßrar'h to The Tribune.]
Denver, Nov. 14.— George J. Gould, who is here
Inspecting the Rio Grande system, said to-day:
"It has always been my ambition to have the
best railroads possible and to create a trans
continental line nndfr one head. If one man
agement can have a line from ocean to ocean
it can serve the imprests of the people better
than when divided into many small companies.
The Missouri Pacific Is the center of our trans
continental line. Th*> Western Pacific, our line
building from Salt Lake City to San Francisco,
will be completed in two years."
Tells Senate Committee of Evils of Allot
ment — Teller Adds to Argument.
Vlnita, I. I*.. N. v. 14.— D. W. C. Duncan, a full
blood Cherokee Indian, a graduate of Dartmouth,
made a dramatic pl«i to-day to the Senate Indian
Affairs Committee f,,r the removal of restrictions
of all kinds from the lands of Cherokee Indians.
He said bis full blood brethren would tight allot
ment to the death. Mr. Duncan told his own ex
perience. He had devoted most of his life to th«
Improvement of a thiee bunded acre farm near
Vlnita to be In comfort for nil old age. Under
the allotment provisions, the per capita money value
of bis head right was |S& This enabled him to
take only sixty acres of Vie kind of land of which
his farm was composed. lie was not permitted to
buy the remaining portion of bis farm, and other
Cherokee chiefs took it, even the corn that stood
ripenir.K in the fields. Since that time the utmost
toll and labor bad not enabled him to make a liv
ing from this land, and penury In his old age await
< d him. .
"If I, with my Intelligence and the good soil nt
my place, cannot make a living, what is the misery
that will come to th« Ignorant fullbloods In the
Flint Hills east of here?" asked Duncan.
Senator Teller told Duncan that years ago he had
f«,r<-Ki->-n what would happen under the Curtis bill,
and that he bad opposed the allotments of lands In
Indian Territory.
"It was my preference.*" said Senator Teller, "that
tbe Indians* should be permitted to work out their
own civilisation under the conditions of the old
treaty. The Indian has been hurt more by his mis
guidrd friends than by his avowed enemy. I believe
that the Indian Rights Association has been of im
measurable Injury to the American Indian. Pauper
ism seems to await nil of them."
Tbe Senator* to-day discussed means of keeping
the enormous oil. gas and coal deposits of the terri
tory from falling Into th* hands of great syndi
The Eleventh Army Corps Association, Army
of tlie Potomac, held Its annual dinner and re
union last night at the Cafe" Martin. Carl Schurz,
commander of the Eleventh Corps, who died re
cently, was the subject of an address by General
James Grant Wilson. Addresses were also made by
General James K. O'Beirne, General Horatio Cok
ing, of Brooklyn; General I^ouis R. Stegman and
the Rev. John R. I'axtoii.
The corps Is composed of veterans of th» Civil
War who marched to the sea with Sherman in
1H63. General John T. I^ockwood, president of the
association, presided. At the business meeting of
the association held earlier in the day, ,;eu»-ral
Lockwood wa« re-elected president; General Julius
gtahel. vic«»-presidfnt of the first division; Captain
JFastrow Alexander, president of th« second
division and treasurer: Captain P. H. 1 "•-. ]. J. .« k..
vice-president of the third division and secretary
and th« Rev. William R. Janvey was re-elected
chaplain. A committee was also appointed to
erect a monument over the grave of the late Gen
eral Franz Sig«-1.
Cleveland. Nov. Nicholas Koran, who in said
by the police to have, been the active head of the.
notorious I^ongprey gang of forgers in Chicago
was arrested here to-day. Moran is said to be the
only member of the gang not In the penitentiary.
r For the Home
or Business Circle.
The Famous Tonic and CordiaL
At all dealer*.
. New York. >^^T
m:\v-yokk: daily triiu m;. thiksdav. xoyember 18, MM.
Baseless Humor Make* Trouble for
New Brunswick Institution.
New Brunswick. Nov. 14 (Special).— base
less rumor that the New Brunswick Savings In
stitution could not pay its debts and was going
Into the hands of a receiver led to a run on that
bank her* to-day. At 10 a. m. the depositors
began to draw out their savings, and at 2 p. m.
the lobby of the bank was filled to overflowing
and people were out on the street waiting to
get In.
The bank kept open till after 4 o'clock, the
regular closing hour, na that every one who de
sired to draw out his or her money could do so.
The bank's funds wore supplemented by thou
sands of dollars from Newark and New York
banks, and the announcement was made thH
afternoon that all Who so desired could Ret their
deposits to-morrow, the bank having h;ilf a mill
ion dollars in Its vaults.
Thr rumor is thought to have been started by
a resident of the lower part of the city who
recently visited th« bank and tried to draw
money on fhe bankbook of his mother. The
hank, according to its usual practice, would not
pay out the cash, and it is said this man de
clared in s public place that the bank could no:
pay its depositors.
The story spread like wildfire throughout the
city, and this morning every one was wondorln?
what truth there was in it. Some visited the
bank, and when told the rumor was ground
less left their savings, but before noon men and
women loft the local factories and hastened to
fhe bank to draw out their money, thus losing
the interest due for the six months ending Jan
uary 1. The bank Is really making money by
paying out the deposits.
Fifteen Passengers Hurt— Two Naif
Die— Rails Spread.
WlidWOOd. Nov. 14\-Flfteen passengers were !n-
Jnred, two of them probably fatally, in the wreck
of an express train on the Pennsylvania Railroad
at Grassy Sound, near here, to-day. The train
was bound from Camden, N. J-, to this place. The
most seriously injured are:
F. H. Sparline. of Philadelphia: may die.
P. D. Springer, of Bridgeton. N. J.; may die.
Horace Newcomb, "f wildwood.
Elizabeth Bnyder, or" Belvldere. N. J.
The accident, which is believed to have been dv«
to the spreading of rails, occurred near a small
bridge which crosses a meadow stream near Grassy
Sound. The locomotive and the first two cars fell
over an embankment, nnd the third car crashed
against a telegraph pole. There were only seven
teen passeng- rs on the train. Most of those who
were injured were In the first rar.
Col. Black Calls for $6floofioo—
Dissensions Among Liberals.
Havana. Nov. 14— The expenditure of $6,000,
o<m> for public works now under course of con
struction or of urgent necessity has been recom
mended by Lieutenant Colonel William M.
Black In a report which has been approved by
Governor Magoon. This sum is a portion of the
$13,000,000 provided f<«r such purposes by the
Cuban budget. The remainder of this amount,
$7,'XH»,<HM>. will not be expended before the com
pletion of a further study of conditions, upon
which » supplementary report is to be made.
The projects authorized consist mainly of the
extension of Important highways, the comple
tion of public buildings and improvements in
Indications of dissensions In the ranks of the
Liberal party are becoming more acute. This is
shown by tlie enthusiastic reception which has
been accorded Pino Guerra in Sancti Spirltus,
the home of Jose Miguel Gomez. Up to the
present time Guernt's attitude has bern uncer
tain, but he was believed to be supporting
Alfredo Zayas's aspirations for the Presidency.
Much importance is attached to the attitude of
Guerra, who was loader of the insurgents In
Pitiar del Rio province, and also to that of
General Asbert. the former leader In Havana
province, who still remains neutral.
New Minister Hopes to Increase Trade Be
tween the Two Countries.
Mexico <'ity. Nov. 14. -X. Minozl Earakawa.
accompanied by his wife, arrived here to-day to
n^rept his first post in the Japanese diplomatic
service, bearing credentials as Japanese Minister
to Mexico. Speaking of the new relations which
he is to be Instrumental in establishing bt-tween
Mexico and Japan, Minister Earakawa said:
The Japanese government hopes that Jn the
future the Japanese people will become better
acquainted with Mexico, as it regards its rela
tions with this country of paramount Importance.
Mexico has a great future, and it will bo only a
ff w years before a thriving trade will spring up
between Japan nnd Mexico. This will b.>
nalized by the steamship line which is to he
established between Japan and South America,
touching Mexican ports. Mexico should afford a
pood market for Japanese silks and coal, whil*
many Mexican products can find a ready market
In Japan.
Aski d about utterances attributed to him by
the newspapers in the United States, he replied:
There is absolutely no truth iti trie reports
which were s<-nt out crediting me with tp king a
definite stand on Japanese colonizing In Mexico.
I cam« here solely to represent Japan. Rut If I
receive Instructions with regard to colonisation,
of ourse I shall have to act. Ip to the present
'itne I havo received no instructions whatever
<>n the subject.
German Prince Secretly Weds Daughter of
Cologne Tradesman.
London, Nov. 14. — It became known here to
day that the hereditary Prince Rberwyn. of
Benthelm-Steinfurt, nnd 1-illy Langenfeld,
daughter of ;> retired tradesman of Cologne, were
secretly married at the Registry office here on
October 26. it is understood that the father of
the prince refused his consent to the marriage;
consequently the couple came to London, and
the ceremony was performed here. The prince
hud previously renounced his birthright in fa
vor of his younger brother. Victor Adotphus.
After the ceremony the newly married couple
started for Cologne.
Th« New York Advertising League •will Rive a
dinner to-night at the Hotel Victoria. The spenders
will be Walter Hammitt and Edmund Bartlett.
Mere than $7,000 was handed over to th« Public
Administrator's office yesterday by the coroner's
office. It was found on the. body of a man supposed
to be Frederick Mallard, who dropped dead at
Christopher nnd West streets on October 30.
The second dinner of the Men's League, of the
Broadway Tabernacle Church, will be held to-night
Addresses will be made by William M. Sage Will
iam Edward Coffin. Dr. Robert T. Morris and Jesse
I). FiRKIr.H.
James Kelly, paid to be a m«?mb«r of the Paul
Kelly gang. Indicted a. year ago for shooting and
killing Richard Harrington, and who has been a
fugitive from Justice ever since, yesterday went to
the District Attorney* ofllco and surrendered him
Leon r>uranton. chauffeur for George Gould, who
was arrestM on Tuesday night for running down
Mrs. Kat». Hrennan, was arraigned in the .Jefferson
Market court yesterday on a charge of assault. He
was paroled in the custody of his counsel until to
It wan stated yesterday that New York Harbor
Union No. 1. of the American Association of Mas
ters. Mutes and Pilots, would assist Mra. Isaac L.
Rle» In efforts she Is making to have unnecessary
n«ii>e« stopped on the, North and East rivers
Fom« time ago she began nn agitation to have
these noi.«en stopped In the Interests of Sick peo
ple, especial!] in the city Institutions, nnd for a
time their- tvhs an Improvement, but now she says
ti.'i ate as bad as ever.
Gutti of 18th Regiment at Mimic
Sea Battle on Floor.
Sir Thomas Upton witnessed a mimic sea flsrht
between a battleship and the heavy artillery of th*
nth Regiment, in their armory last night. In the
presence of the larsrst thronsj that has ever en
tered the building. The occasion was a review and
reception Riven in his honor by Colonel David E.
Austen and the officers of the regiment.
The lights had been turned out. after a splendid
drill and review, and some target practice, with a
disappearing 10-inch gun. and the great throng was
breathlessly watching the beam of a pearchlieht
playing upon a miniature battleship advancing
across the armory floor. After she had fired her last
shot, a full rigged racing sloop, painted green and
carrying a club topsail and baby Jib topsail, and
bavins Sir Thomas. Upton's flag, a shamrock, on
her mainsnii. came tacking across the floor, illum
inated only by the searchlight.
Sir Thomas sat in the balcony, with his party,
which Included Colonel Duncan I*. Nelll. Bird S.
Color. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. C. Smith. Commodore
and Mrs. Robert B. Tod. Mr«. Henry Btalfl, "Jack"
Wilson, and John Weatwood. He was introduced
by Colonel Austfn while the regiment stood at "at
tention" In a hollow square below him. He said:
It gives me greru pleasure to witness '.his parade
and drill. I appreciate the great compliment paW
me. and I congratulate you all on the efficiency in
drill. I understand that you are going to blow up
a battleship here to-night, which makes me fear
that you might blow up my next Shamrock when
she conies, which I Intend she shall. Hut. Judging
from this reception. I am in the hand* of my
friends. This is the finest and best equipped drill
hill I have ever Bern. There is nothing like it in
the old country. I congratulate you that you have
such a gallant soldier as Colonel Austen to com
mand you. and 1 feel sure the regiment will uphold
with honor the grand old flag that waves above
you. and I wish you all, officers and men. success
as soldiers and as citizens.
Sir Thomns was escorted to the fln.->r to review
the regiment by Lieutenant William B. Finke. the
acting adjutant Sir Thomas will sail for liver
pool bj th^ M<vuner Carmania next Saturday.
Lectures Reporters at the Lawson Divorce
Suit in Brooklyn.
Justice Miirean. before whom the Lawson divorce
sull ! s being tried in Brooklyn, yesterday warned
reporters concerning the correctness of their state
ments, several newspapers having printed certain
comments on the case which were attributed to the
justice. He called Ow reporters before the case
opened and endeavored to find out who was re
sponsible, but tho^o present disclaimed any knowl
edge. It was said that the published account was
due to the mistake of a stenographer, who heard
of the difficulty and explained his error.
A. S. Carmtehael. the young corespondent in th*
case, is having considerable diffkulty in eluding
persons bent on assaulting him. be says Car
michael is a member of the Bedford gang and is
well known about town. Since he began giving his
sensational testimony regarding his relations with
Mrs. I.awson. a nuniber of roughs have been pur
suing him. They caught Ms brother one day and
roughly handled him under the impression that
th.Mr victim was Lawson'a star witness. Several
tough characters have be»n hanging about Car
michael'a boarding house, and hi? friends think
that their object is to yet a good look at the boy
in order to catch and punish him when the oppor
tunity arrives. Carmichael declared on the stand
that his life was in danger ;ind he baa now hen
placed under the care of rlettctives.
Charles Ward Shot Following Argument
Over Game of Pool.
"Kito' Bfutvaney, a denizen of Chinatown, was
arrested last night on the charge of killing Charles
Ward, the driver of a newspaper wagon, after a
quarrel in < poolroom in lower Pulton street,
Hrooklyn. Ward lived at Xn. US Prospect street.
Brooklyn, arid "Kito." whose proper nam» ts
Daniel, lives with his mother at No. oT Fulton
It is said that the men quarrelled over a game
of pool at No. IM Fulton street on Tuesday ever.
lng. I^aft night they met at the same place and
the quarrel was resumed. From words the men
came to blows and then a shot was fired and
"Ward dropped dead.
Wealthy Brickyard Owner of Newburg Suf
fering from Fractured Skull.
Kingston, N. V.. Nov. 14.— Thomas Dinan. of
Newburg:. a wealthy brickyard owner. Is suffer
ing from a fractured skull at the Kingston City
Hospital as a result at being thrown from his
horse to-day. The animal became frightened at
an automobile, lurched suddenly, and Dfnan waa
thrown, his head striking the frozen ground.
The members of the automobile party did not
give their names, and the number of their
machine was not taken. Mr. Dinan Is not ex
pected to recover.
Albany. Nov. i».— <-ertin>ates of Incorporation
filed to-day with the Secretary of State Included
those, of:
Jamaica Consumers' Ice Company. Jamaica; cap
ital, fSOO.OOO. Directors: F. Nostrand, Jamaica- R
H. Days and I" Siever*. Mollls.
Independent Cik;w' Stores Coupon Company, New
York; capital, ISO.OOOt Directors: M. H. Elvtdge
P. J. Nicholas, New York; F. T. Wentworth!
Seiama * Co., New York f feathers); capital
COO.fOO. Directors': H. F<. Seiama, E. P. Arcn
Paris; G. Bilva. New Yurk.
The first name in that of the debtor, the second
that of the creditor and date when judgment was
Feldsteln. Joseph — City of New York; October «t
1006 (vacated) ' $S6rt ftS
Fieken. Albert— South Oxford Dairy Company-
June 19. 1906 „ 51932
Gt>»nba!t. Nathan, and Raphael Perlman— Th»
Stat» Hank; November 8, \9>*l BVS SI
Gottlieb, rerllla- — Rubnltz; November 7. WOB. . 147 79
Jnffe. nenjamtn — The Jefferson Bank; November
7. I9M ccan^lled) 622
Jones, lUcliard A.— T. H. Graham; June 21. livxi. It MM
\jf, Albert — M. Weto«art»n; September 2J>, IMB 2«4 41
RteM Jules— C. L. MarMti; June 5, U«»« 804 02
Whit* Plains Road. *. c r.. lot 7. map of TVashlrirton
villf. The flron*. 60xltK); Mary DenpwolS ant William
W. Renfleld et al. tforrelosure of mortgage!, attorney A
F. Qeßcheldt. jr.
14th Bt.. ii ■ . l.V> ft. w. of sth aye , 2r.x103.5: Ada Q
Gary airf the Central National Realty a. id Construction
Company ft al. (foreclosure of mortgage); attorney c
J. Lndvigh.
i:<7th m . n. ? . 24.*. ft. w. i ' stt aye.. 2i«V*rw 11- Parld
Ravltch et a! a?t. Iy>ul!« Ftp;i et al. (foreclosure of mort
gaen; attorney. N. Aleln'.kolT.
47th st . a. s. .".rtn ft. ■ at 7th aye.. 50*1004; two ar
ttona; East River Savings Institution a«t Alfred Mal.-om
pon et al. (fnre^lnmire of two mortgages); attorney*
Httehlas* & Palllser.
Eostrn Road, n. w. comer l«lst at.. Vj*xitvixnn x ioo-
Alfred Loweth ft al. ant Charles f». I^vy et »1 rfore
clrwure of DlortxaK*) attorney. C P. Hallo.-'*
OSth it., ■ a.. MO ft. ■ 0* Central Park W>«it *(*x
100 11; Reuben Badowsk] agt. J. Frederick fryer et al
iforeclonuro of mortgage*; attorner. p. HeiiinKei
TV.mlnt.-k Bt . No. 2!>; lineta J. Ma.lll| aKt John \
l>ooner et al. (foreclosur* of raort (•«•); attorneys. Klsman
& Levy.
ififMh Ft. No. .1110 East; Pierre Mali et al art Louis
Levin et al tforeclosur« of mortgage*; attorney. \V. E.
135 th st . No. 222 to 2.-.X W«et: Abr-than- T. Jacobs ast.
Ad<-I B. S!»ar.». executrix, et al. (specific performancer
att. itii-y. W, Ben.iett Mam.
Union aye.. ef. .' W ft. n. of lfllut »t,. 7s,jon-
Joseph Terranoe & Bon ant. Svndli-ate ConMruc
ll'in Company: October 31. ItM „ 4(Wi
Kidge St., No. 14.V Theodore C Wood act l*na
'i.n-ri-l: July 11». !»*»l ..■.!:. 1041
Fame property; Martin J. Katz et al. act »air.c
July 7. ll««l «*-■.. 7,v>
Broadway. Nob. <*.!« and P3S; McMann & Tax lor
Bgt Mitchell-Vance Company et hi • No\em
let 12 lUOti . '. ... . 97
Moth at., No. 73 Bast; I^juls Hurwiti et mI. agt
Jacob M. viol !»t«in et al . January 31. 1!«"n{
• '-onrelledi 2^o
1-^lth at.. I *.. 100 ft w. of Amsterdam aye •
John H. i"alla!i BKt. Welnber* * Smlzen et hI !
fictober 24. n»>t «,-,«
Same proj^rty; P. * ■". Corbln tigl. name; Octo
ber P. 1!«H» . ■' ... 875
F*me pro'*rty: John C Orr Company agt .tame;
September -.'7. IMi ft. 190
Same property: Builders' Heating Compary agt.
unif' October SB, 1PO« 2 223
fit! St.. No«. 712 and 714 East: Joseph Mlcell et
al. aft Joseph Wolkenbere: November .1, 190*
(hy bnmlt ... ... 4.V>
fith it.. No«. T<>* and 70i Last; urn* act came.
November ft, Iff"* ••» bonfl> s.v>
67th at . ». *.. I»*> ft •. «f 3d ay. : » um e act
Joseph Wel'ienberr et al.; November ft. 1006
<l"-n<Ji I.RJW
Sylvan Place. No* 3. 4 an.l 3; Augustus F. Holly
leans Max S. A. Wilson $40 not)
Pi. -pert aye . m * . S"^ ft n. of lA7th at . 7B»».
Jpaepn J. Hll. »r I*" Charles p. [«lll,erger . U.fxo
L'aloa aye.. c. ■.W. 1 ft. n. of l«i»t at SSlilM;
Samuel Stra»b.Mir«er loans Sj-nd!cate Construe
M n Cnmw«: 10.00*1
Prices are CONSIST
ENTLY LOW on our
entire stock of current and
standard books.
L. P. Button &• Co.,
31 West Twenty-third Street.
New York.
East Side and St. Ann's Avenue
Parcels in an Exchange.
There were no I>»vys. Goldstickers or Gils-ys
prominent yesterday as buyers In the real estate
market, and therefore the realty field was marked
by few interesting transactions. The. most Inter
esting Item of news of the day affected 17th street
parcels, between "Fifth and Sixth avenues. For
some month* a number of builders have been busy
Improving plots on the north side of the street with
modern loft and store structures. In the mean
time the number of property owners on the south
side of the street has become less, and the ma
jority of those owners. it is paid, are awaiting an
opportunity to follow the example of the build
ers who have been active opposite their holdings.
This part of 17th street 13 destined. It appears, to
become one of the best loft an.l store sections
south of 23d street. _ ..
The four story and basement dwelllnar house, >.o.
2t West 17th street, which is on the south side of
the block. is to be, altered for business use. Horace
S. Ely & Co. and Frederic Fox & Co. have leased
the premises for a long term at a gross rental of.
about J.V».W» to a business concern. The lessee,
alter alterations to the premises, which nave a
frontage of 22 feet and a depth of 92 feet, will
occupy part of the building.
Th» Vincent Realty and Construction Com pan.,
has Fold to the Prescott Realty Company No 319
to 32.} East 7Sth St., four four story building?,
on a plot 100x102.2 feet. The buyer gave, m part
payment two new houses on the south side or 14"tn
street. 203 feet east of St. Anns aye
The Index Realty Company took title ye«<ter<ia\
to No. 161 Pearl st. and No. 70 Wall st. from John
.1. Mulhall took title yesterday to No. SO Park
Row and Nos. 5 and 7 Chambers st. from Jlaynaru
Robert A White and Philip H. .ludd have been
elected members of the Real Estate Board of
Philip A. Pay ton. Ir .. has sold to the Northwest
ern Realty Company the nlot at the northeast cor
ner of Lenox aye. and 135 th St.. tPOxllO feet. Also
sold to a client for Herman Goldman No* -■■••> "'"»
2378 Old Broadway. a six story five family nut
house. with stores. 52.6x112 feet.
G. Brettell & Sons have sold for Peter L. Bern
hard No. Id East 13th st.. a five story tenement
house-, on a plot 23x103 feet. This is the first sale of
the property in fifty years.
Abram A. Welgert has bought through Arnold &
Byrne the northwest corner of Edgecombe aye. and
Hist St.. a five story fiathouse. on plot 44xl'»>. th«»
longer dimension beini; on the avenue.
M Kahn & Co. resoli to Frank Gautz for a client
No. 73 St. Mark's Place, a five story BathoUM on a
lot 25x93.10 feet.
Haber. Dworkowltz & Haber have sold to Max
Keve Nos. 17.TS and 1735 Ist ay*.. two five story
tenement houses, on a plot WxlOO feet. The ««rri»
firm has bought from Mr. Keve No. l'> 2 Lewis st..
a three story front and rear buildings, on a lot
21xl<)0 feet.
illir> Steinman * Co. have, sold for Mrs. D.
Wolf Nos. 167* and 167>> Madison aye., two five
story tenement houses, with stores, VxoO feet.
Charles Berlin & Co. and John Peters & Ct».
have sold for Mrs. Clara Ksnian to Hyman Cohn
No. 329 to 333 East 30th St.. a six story flathous*.
on a plot 4«r92 feet.
Arnold & Byrne have sold for Samuel Winters X"
209 East 116 th st. a five story fiathouse. on plot
30x100.11 feet.
Sussman & Co. have sold for the Godspeed
Realty Improvement Company No. SOS 10th aye.. a
rive story flathouse. on lot 25x100 feet.
Samuel Grossman has sold No. 98 St. Mark's
Place, a five story tenement house, on lot 26x97.4
feet, to a Mr. Kivovltz.
Hugo Wabst has so!d a plot 10iVxi<>> feet at White
Plains aye. and 237 th St.
C. B. .1. Bnyder. chief architect of the department
of Education, has flied with Buildings Superin
tendent Murphy plans for the enlargement of old
Public School 41. In Greenwich aye., north of l<>th
St.. which Is a famous landmark of old Greenwich
Village, a four story annex. iV> fe«t front and 1U
feet (Wp, is to be add -d f.> the north side, -with a
f;).;ade of brick and brownstoti* to harmonize with
the structure. The addition will rost 17." «««
Je«se C Bennett & Co. have leased No. 226 to 232
Weal 64th st. for Dr. Simon R. Schultre.
Charles F. Noyes & Co. have leased the fifth
floor of the Rhlnelander Building, at William and
Rose sts.. for the. Rhinelander Real Estate Com
pany ti Joseph P. Kelt for t«n years from May t
r : :xt at an apgregate r. ntal of about JoO.^X*. Th*
.Noyes company has leased about $200,000 worth of.
space in this building from May 1 next
Therfse Schmeidler got title, as a gift, yesterday
to the parcel it the southwest corner of 74th st
and Madlscn aye • 8 " x18 £ * et - from Henry Schmekt.
I^wis or . Nos. 227 and 22» : Isaac A. Al>r a«
Louis Lewlnthau. owner an.i contractor.. . *v* nil
ÜBU ft., n 8 . 235 ft. w. of sth aye.. 175x9911-
Rubin Klssler a<t. Plncus Ro-;lnsky. owner ami
contractor ' r "" a 4O M
Avenue A. No. 1317; Abraham Wett» agt. Ella's
Kaplan, owner and contractor .. sflooo
l?l»t st.. s 8.. 80 ft. c. of Broadway. 57x"1b0-
Pfptenhauer * Xesbtt agt. Jacob Goldman
Realty and Construction Company, owner and
contractor ' «■»•> ,»
KSth st.. bi... tOO ft. w of st Nicholas' aV» '
KiOxlOo; Guarantee Title Company a«t. Harry
M. Adelson. owner and contractor "no w»
P»rry st . No. 168 to 172; Wi s ht-K»st,-.n'Townl
send company agt. Edmund Coffin, owne-: John
J. Tucker & Sons, contractor ] S"VSfk
Fame property; same aft same ' " "io' '-*'- ZZ
124 th St.. KM 341 and 341 East; Grier & Wanra
agt. Ellas Kaplan, owner and contractor — „■>
Cathedral Parkway. No. .V.'; Abraham I levin
agt. Max H.--rshfl«!<l an I Arthur Zeeman. o^n
era; Max Navtus and Samuel Roc»n, con
tractors nnci
l«Cth St.. ■. 8.. whole front between Audubon V
aye. and Bt. Nicholas aye.. 00.4x55 «x5«*.V« in-
E. H. <>K<len Lumber Company agt. Michael
R«S»d, o<vner; Louis I«. Cavtnato. contractor "41 "\
llSth St.. a. a, 3(» ft. - of Amsterdam aye' ••"»-»
ISaMail; Hl»r«!n<i & Aughton a«t Bal'a Wolfln
ger and Oscar Miller, owner* and contractors VU ">\
tlOth St.. Nos. 217 West; U-on Wertensteln et a!
a«?t. Joseph i)\iii(!an!, owner and contractor " so nn
12.Mh St.. s ».. 351 • ft c. of Amsterdam aye"""i»
mil: Sharp £ Ounn agt. Balla Wofflrger and
CNoar Miller, owners a:-.1 contractors ., nIH
7th aye.. Nos tsoa * 2.110 William t' iiookeV TO
agt. .i..,»i Marks, owner; A, Kosenberr & <'o'
contractors ■** °- , 1n ,
2.1 aye.. So. |M and SM>; Thorrjis F. Mol^'uVhiin
•ft. David A. Cohen, owner and contractor- '
Harris Cohen, owner: .Tohn Shapiro, contractor ' s-^ .«
137 th. ,t.. No. 43 West; Thomas > WSSTSU B<S
trs.-tlnc Company .lift. B. Slsserman. owner and
K.OthT?'. "no." an to 600" West:" Jacob Ridiowlii * 33 °^
asi Join Harris and John Harris, owners arid
contractors ' ,
Trinity ■V*., n c. corner }s«th s»t." 'lOSUni «■ * 7flft
ParsheUky Hr.,the ; , art. Julius" iiSrman
Isaac Uherman .in i PavM Levy owners-
Charles I.lberman. contractor . . ,-.«
131st St.. No. Mi) to 954 West; W C. "chrkari'j -* 49 * 3
Goldman rjenlty and Construction Company
owner; J. Goldman, contractor ' ' ...
•»« st No ■*-■'• Rast; Morris ' WcldVt'etn a «t " T * 3
< er h s ar . l ;d > c r o'n', < ra:rs ßaril """^ «**>* — ev>
H7th ft.. N't lls Kast: T. mis PJocnman' air''" V "t '
MorJartv. owner , n i ro ntr>rt->r ». -_
124 th st No. 2XT la 2;n» Rast: Harn'eV RMi n », t '* ™
. onTi" t."', "" ? Sl:riOn Ja< ' ob -- »wa«s and
l»2d v N>.. W* 'ini 34ft Kast; Sebastian' Trapani J * T °°? 0
Aurtubcn ay. . s. c ro-ner INOtl, V t ' • ' i?ta"t,'riari
nomhlrw Bupph Company »#*j£i*vn2££
. -
mj ?net;.,,_; ,y.; y;-— ;.;, m - r ■ VVUlrt v -• ■ - xIW > or, «
Mi rr's rtallch. ryntrartor | Hrt~i
> •*'• - - 14.-! ft. ■ -l. ■ . -- $m
■ ***** ••"•••■ --M 44 . It or Xiw
«.U:,.>T:i' ..'„-. '.r.v,;!-;, ■■:-; •*-
.>. «. tt aim n. arr-httert ... „
BSd m. no i..-. «est; f,^ r a ' on'.' Vtcrv !)r ;.. k woo °
t^ ''-* »-arer,,,,,se. •* it« W. R r.v»e." owner;
V. F. Uroßin. architect <3(>
Ki-r-.rMe- avenue. , w . ,-orne r of C3lst »t. ;
one str>r> and basement brick church. 4d rt\l<»;
« currn Mediator, owner. Henry v«.|h«n,
an-I'lfe.t iex\cv*^
Mayriower a\e.. o. ... 2* ft. '..■ of EVelyn rUci.; *" I ' OO ' >
'•° and one-half »tor> fram* dwelltiur house.
I***.. Saivat..ie riul\|l|j owner; H-rnard
»•».»:!!,» archiiett 3 JO«»
t.nrrleWt St.. c s. jn«> ft *. of Morris I"ark axe ;
two story rram • dwelllni; house. -.".x.V.*: Andrew
„ Andtrton, i.nner: r.e nhani •••••'n- ar.-hl
'* ' * ■ .i ,
'"•'"'<■-'•< . i>; fr. „ o n«MM . two an*
one half »tory >•• •-.t-i^ .iivl .1wel!ln» house.
-tUVI.;; i'hlllp J V>4n»» own T. tttoig* F.
Spelrr.en. architect «.l«»»
Real Estate.
Why Trouble
as to the payment of As
sessments, Taxes and WW a ~
ter Rates, when for a small
, fee you can place your
property on this Com
pany's Tax Registration
List and have the whole
matter taken oft your
hands and the work dona
for you without further
thought on your part
Our circular, giving full
particulars, will be sent on
application to
Lawyers Title
Insurance and Trust
CAPITAL <* 59,500,000
surplus Oj,vSJU,UU(j
»7 Liberty Street. SO Lll.ertr Str*,.
«Tltl« D*p:.> ,Tnis: 4 BiaHa* £l\
19« Montasne Street. Brooklyn.
♦Title Dept. and Trust 4 Baakteg D»;t ,
No up-to-date fiat cc=.
Dletc without or.»
Brings tenants to £
landlord and comfort ta
the tenants. No dar.
gerotis pulley lines ta
bother with. Revolving
frame holds no feet c!
line and swings in or?r
fire-escape. All iron work galvaniz;!
Delights every woman. Also Lawn aaj
Roof Dryers. Write for Catalogue 13.'
HILL DRYER CO.. Worcester. Has*
V Y. OfVe. 113.1 Broadwa.- Trlf phone lOT! Madljo*
N»»- r !•: and rtata - t r«<l ard ~i»~*
Establish*] 1" " '
FRR'I) SE.VG. «1 FAST 123 TH ST.
Citj) Pm pert ji for Sale.
»ar»»t ra Manhattan Borough and ■>■-'. su)>-4i«Ms)
ct !ot>> yt -i!T»-"-i for improvement or • »ai>,
bnunclerl by P>at!Mrb*4 Lan». Maoomb's Read ''1 Sha»»
»p»ar<» ay» . n-ar east cn4 of Washlnnton Brid**; :hs«
Minutes by n»w trolley across th« btiJse to Broiiuj
subway at IS! • «• S*nd for map and price*.
.-"•!' Broadway, cor. Slat st.
Send rOSTAI> fas bssßSasßM colorPd map* anil Tim
O of b^auttrul Elmhurst Heiichts. th» only riiatt (as)
property on th» market; «*» than four m!!*>* - .•-. Baal
RST Manhattan «v».. Broektyn.
City i Pro pert ii to Let.
New American
Basement Dwellings
Between Central Park West & Columbus Aye.
No residences have ever teen offered fw
rental In New York City comparlai
with these In construction. «;ul;iaim
appointments and detail.
They have been designed and fculU wtta
the careful attention to details of ess*
struction given only to th» hlfOsM
class bouses built for prlvata w»oai>
bkxti 5.V600. asjiaa. Sfl.OS*.
Qsilct vnl on \ n ri I * r < ' _o ft
Size. 25x83x102.2
Caretaker at No. (7 West Til Si
Far particulars Inqair* of
Corner of 87th St. No. 233 1 Broadway.
Country Property for S i J
For *al^. all or part uf 2T> cltelc* lots ptj 3pilu#*
A-.-, a- 9«rtnatMtl. L 1.; short walk from »uili»;_f»
price; cash or easy t»rm»: a good Investment. ii<f*
O. R.. v. x •«>. Tribune Office.
>»..i..i for illustrated booklet.
SHORE AOKES REALTY l'O . 3:'?. sth Ay«. N. I.
I.TOR SALE.— In Sullivan County. N. V. ■->»•«•
. »<x»tl farm and forests; Rood buildings. £**
streams and lak#> on property. Address R. B. H.. Wasai
t>ffl-«. No Aeents. * , r
Real Estate Wanted.
A LL KINDS PROPERTIES to rent. 8* ***%£.
£L CYRILLE CARBEAL'. Asent. 7» Slxt.l At» . «»■»•
To Let for Business Purposes.
Sl6-1S WILLIAM ST. I*-?" R 0 ?? iiv-W
RfI.AND & WHrriNG CO.. i Bg»IOlA **_
Unfurnished AparimenfstoJ^
Off EAST MB sn Th. most iMsaai «£» ca Sal r
I) I Yorkvllle. improvement* "B*; 1 ".^;, aw;
and Hectrlc lights. am.n S *d for 3 fa.iu.le* <>=»•
Madison A\«. -
-I ~(\TH ST.. U3 EAST -S.T ele^nt l!*ht »«^*J
lOi) bath: all m.xii-rn !rr ? r«»ement». gem*
electric light, garbagacjoaot^h^j^li^^^rlr—
Tribune reo.lv.d at th*tr I ptown °*%- fj&tl
Broadway. b.t»«n iith and ... th st*. until » .*»*>
p. m. Advertisement.- re^lv^.l at * h ». i s?' l » w ' a6 | Jr«»:J r «»:
offices at regular offlc« rates until S oelotj * ■* , ; .s
134 »th av<>. ». c. cor ::'«! ** • »■>> /""l*,^,, itts «*
•t.: »3 East lUh St.: IST «•» «M«*^**«JJ??Sml
Mh aver; :S3 West 123 th st . »«» ** *«'. i?|» 1*
7*th «n,t "th .t. 1«*,3.J . iivr. nwr •» rr-J*
»>.. near S9th »t ; »»' E ?f l , l :.' iiV J<J »»»• X
avr.; SiO 3U aye.. n«ar al*t «t. . 45* >«
nieecker »t.
Furnished A partmentsjojf^
IM . J . — "" - *
1. vat* bath. •!.»« •'•■•'•■v: '"^ ?S t Li—
*eekly: on*. $».=>■ THE AI.AHAMVj* E- —*^
•at*, sold ■ '■ ,«■■''!•.
im« I. «■•"' . f Cf*^
hani r-i 3 1«« h ar».l «'>"«' ; ,«ir^t m •■. • . mi— »-
A SW' 5 tu»i» *■
.-.rant aye. s«* cor HU:h it. 1»»«»« ""SSitt *™- M *Jrf *
Ml* to it- ' rv 2£: "JttS*
M4th *t IHWJ«x>: v;».»nt; vohrstyy ™ „ StfcV,,,
:»ohum«. ■ Sl ' - ' » ■''
■t. vnluntai . <* J
•»>• ■- • • ' .
liry site: t, , hjrtr» v rr ?a,-h ,«'"'?. & L»U* 11 * > . .•
st. -jaxlco. \a.ant. \u.ur.lir> »■»•«• •"

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