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Jv>vr York. November IT. UQ&.
Flour. bbls *»i-3,E«f». cases 6.017
Flour, sacks 17.140 Dressed poultry, pkgs. 1,619
E. W. flour. pkgs ... 1.060 \ Live poultry, crates.. 148
CornmeaL bags LfxX) I Oranges <Fla). cases.. 9.050
Oatmeal, tbL. 400, Prune* (Cal). pkgs... 45,675
V/heat. bush. 183.783 Raisins (Can. pkgs... 17.000
Corn. bush _ 73.100 i Apples, bbls 15.676
Oats, bush. 201. Potatoes. bbl» 15,450
Bye. hush 1,950 Onions, pkss 1.32 ft
Peas, bush 600 Cranberries, pkgs ••• 2.000
Buckwheat, bush.. . 2.925 Dried fruit, pkgs 17.975
Barley, bush B,«W Rosin, bbls . ... 1.775
Malt, bush, I. MO, RoMn oil. bbls 78
Rice, pku 10.301* i Spirits turp. bbis 100
Hay. tons ...... 1,r..V»; Suicar. bbls ■. .. ROO
Straw, tons. 250 Sugar, bags 6,P.V>
M::ileed tons 117 Peanuts, hags 775
Grass seed, bags CO Walnuts. bags 6!SO
Hops, baias 855 Tobacco, hhds 75
Reef, bbls So Tobacco, pkf« 725
Beef tcacned), cases. 1.120 Whiskey bbls <W7
Perk. 1 £<• 294 ! Wool, bales 150
Ha.- - f>kcs 225 (W001, sacks 75
Bacon, pkgs 3M I Cotton, bales 1« 000
Cut meats, pkgs Ttt Copper, pieces 5.275
Dressed hogs. N0.... 2tOj Copper matte, bag*... 300
Lard, tierces. 685 Lead, pigs 3 '**>
Larc. kegs 6.1 on Hides. No 375
Lard, .a.-.s 840 Hides, bdls 1.475
Tallow, pkgs 66 Skins, bales 150
Grease, ikg*. 41|Mom>. bales 50
Batter, pkss a.i>fi4 Wine (Cal). bhls 975
Cheese, i Kg* S. 132 i
Wheat soak 31.995' Naphtha, rals wvnon
Corn, bush Benzine, sals ... .. l«O.O0O
Peas, bush SIR] Cottonseed oil. gal*. 14.400
Beans, bush 1.120 1 Lurricattng oil. gal» <V>9.3OS
Flour, sacks 7.731 1 Pork, bbls "32
Cornraeal. bbls 490|Beef bbls. ..» 20
Orass feed. bag*... 378 ' Beef, tee 205
Hope, bales s.(*»!Ba<-on Ib 1,081.629
Alcohol, gals 4..VK>iHams Ib . . .- IR6,«W>
Whiskey, «a.« fißOlLard. Ib 1.070 550
Oilmeal. n> B. O>W Tallow. !t> SOS.^'V
Pj:tri:s turp. gals.. 20.250! Qrease. Tb 25.«0rt
Ko»ln. bb's. . 3.lfi7lßutter. Th 20.500
Re£n»3 pet. gals. .0.145. Cheese. Tb ISM2O
Tron. Nor.No I My. 525 73 | Cotton, middling- . . 1100
Iron. 80, No 2 soft. . 24 M ' Coffee. No 7 Rio 7 6-16
Petal rails. !"? 00 ! Sugar, granulated. . 4SO
l*ke copper Ingots.. 22 25 I Molasse- OK. prime S3
Tin 4265 Beef, faintly 112 75
Exchange lead R m I Beef hams 22 75
©T'lter 6 37%! Tallow, prime 6H
wheat. No 2 red... BMi] Porte, mess 18 87H
Com. No 2 mixed... Hogg, dressed. 160 rb. * T 4
Oata, Mto 32 1b.... 39 Lard, prime... 9 7O©B 80
Flour, Mp'.s. rater. t» 4, 45 !
New York. November 17. lOOfl,
Kt>- The e%-fTe<» market was fairly active to-day,
F&ies be.Jag reported of about SS.OOO bags. Most of this
t/-is:r.ess was in the shape of exchanges, however, and
thrrfl wan little fresh feature or change In the speou
!viv« attitude toward the market, which opened un
rhnr^d to 5 points higher and closed steady net un
ehansed to 10 points hlrher on steady foreign markets
and a little scattering demand. Havre was \i frano
•■■■■<-r, end Hamburg was uncharged to VI pfg higher.
and of the Brazilian markets Rio was >i pfg higher and
:2?a,.: 2? a ,.! 1 i15 han *?.' 1 ' wltb the rat<s of Brazilian exchange
l-16d higher. Receipts were full Judged by the recent
.averopfl, but there was no Intelligent comparißon. as
they were for two days agatrft one day last year.
T»otiilnF has acre.loped In the market during the week to
create fresh sentiment. Those who have been figuring
that a bull market would etart before December 1 hay.
»een disappointed, no doubt, that no fresh buying of
con*»fluenra haa entered the market, but then the bulls
retire that the higher range of prices is no less prob
able, but merely delayed because of the unexpectedly
neavy receipts. These h-a-vy r*oelpts are attributed t6
belter faclUUes for moving the crop and a more rapid
market than had been previously reported. It ap
t>*ar» that a rallroa4 the control of which has reoently
caanred and which during previse years has carried
very little coffee, ha« brought down this season over a
■million bags In excens of last year. The new adminis
tration took oflce during the week In Brazil, and is
believed to \m verr much in favor of further legislation
in behajf cf the placterp. The market for Fpot coffee was
nachajaged. WHS. quotations on the banis of, 7Ho for Rio
*\*> „
The raag» of contract prices In the local market to
day was mm JoUows:
_ Ycetar
., . Opening. High. l^w. Cloee, &■.-.
Jvjoveiaber ...-..- — — — . <5.(»Zr6.08 6.M
J>ecemb«r .......... 6.C0 6 Oft 6.or> 6.0594.10 600
£exuary — _ .... — _ _ «.l!Vff6 20 605
February ..~ — _ — «.2rtf^.3O 6.15
March .«•»■■ &30 6.35 6.80 «5.3A#<3.35 «25
£~ >ril ~- — — — 6.4006.4S 6.35
May -..„... 6.50 650 50 «.6036.r« 6.45
"I vr -9 — — — f1.65ff6.60 6.55
««5 «« 6.65 6.6036.63 f1.60
August — _ _ 6.70§6.78 «.65
Eeptenber 6.75 6SO 6.75 fI.Mg«.SS 6.73
October .._ — — — 6.558600 6SO
COTTON'.— EtIJI Wither levels ware reacted by the
cctton rket during ta-dav's trading, and. while thero
wos a od deal cf rea:;z;n* toward tie. close, under
■wrlch ibe market reacted alightly. the final tone was
steady •".' 135 points r.«t hitter. Sales for the half
e*+slen wtr* estimated at 160,000 bales.
The market opened steady at unchanged pries to an
advance cf '1 points, which was harc'.y as good as due on
the cables, and Immediately afterward sold oft a N point
or two undrr liquidation by ytsterday's buyers, who
ware cigai pointed that th<? storm sid not materialize in
th* Southwest. It was raining at Memphis, however;
the week-end flpure* -a-ore considered bullish, reports
cr.r; cerr.'.ng; the EPOt eituation wen bullish, and the
rrarKet eocm f.rmtd is on Southern : living and covering
by rome of the tellers of the earlier -week. January
advanced to 10.37 on th'.s maud, and March sold at
I<>o<'. but the advance attracted a er»-at deal of profit
takitiff. an.i ttere w&e some talk of a reaction to 10
cent* eariy in '-he new vwk. Liverpool reported that
the market there was influenced by storm newt from tba
Ecuth. ani tt« fact that spot cotton commanded a pre
mium. wLich nia.ie it in-.^cssible to tender on nearby
contracts. IHli»on eetlmafss the European consumption
tt 177.««x> bales ter reel and 175.0C0 bales at this time
lan. year, and iho ■■.:..'-' in the visible supply for th«
»^»-k w«-re rcr.sldered bullish, as reflecting very large
takirrs lor On the other hand, the esti
mates for Mondeys rf-.ceirts at New Orleans were full.
aril the treclpit jtion reported !n the central and eastern
belt bardl? tnoujrh to causa alarm.
Tbf rante of cxntnici Ml M In the local market to-day
» .. ■ a» follows:
OrxiniQif. Hlch. Low. Clote day.
JCcvtmber 10.60 10.50 10 60 lO4'!#W4» 10.45
Dtcember .... 10.26 10.88 10.23 1^2«;510 28 10.23
Junuarj- 10.M 10 37 10.21 10 293 — 10.25
T>t/r'-;ny — — — 1» 36310 39 10.83
ilerch -1025 10 50 10.35 [email protected]'10.43 10 37
Arril ' ... — 10.50 10.51 10.50 10.455-10.47 10.42
Mar ...~ 10.47 10.57 1- 46 10.50310.C3 10.47
jVne 1 — — — 10.66-510 67 10.57
3cly '. ; UkXS 10',? 10.55 10 58310.80 10.55
Tte Isvarpool weekly report, with comparisons, fol-
Thiß wk. Last wk. Last yr. 1608.
EaJee all klnfi» 64,000 64.000 68.000 50.000
Bties. Am*rican 45.000 44.000 «4.00 ft 42,00)
baies fcr jlatlan l'»i S. 1 "* 1.000 - —
6*le* for apart 2,0- 2.000 l *» 2.000
For»-.'ird*a .....114,C»«'> 66 >>«0 V* 000 102.000
IZEMjrxs all kinds 183.<.».'<> 126.000 147.000 194.000
Imports American 104.000 000 12*.<Ki0 172.000
Actual exports 7.000 '.<••-> 7.090 7.0«>
Stock. til klnde «889.t>."0 828.000 655.C«00 452.<»X>
Etock. Aniericaa 2ai!.01» 246,000 801,000 406.000
AJioit. tUI klafls 4i<3.<f» 450.05) ,000 417 ,400
Jiioa.% Araericaa . 445.000 4^>4,«xiO M 8.060 R70.U00
Cotton Bxcbanm epeclal Liverpool cables: Spot cotton
£rm; Bilea, h.OuO bales; speoulaUon and export. &*);
American, 6.oyu. Rer^ipts. 64.<00 bales, American. 49.
000 illddling urlkni. S.SSd. Futures opened steady. 1
V» 1% points h!gter; doted Etrong on rear and quiet on
dlrtar.t positions; 6 to 9 pointa higher on near and un
ct&agtd to 4 po:c.s higher on distant positions. Novem
ber C.£7Hd; absc^-SaoMßber. 6.65 d; December-Jan
■utry. SJ.tHi; January-ir*bruary. 5.57V2d; February -Mar h.
t.l6't,C; March-April. 6.54*}; AtnJ-llay. 5.6(^(1, May-
June, s.6lSkd Jun%-July. 6.63 d; July-August, idi-od:
Augiiiv-btpl«niber, C.J.7d.
FLOUR AND MEAL — Flour was in moderate demand
to~<!2". vrtth the sales Including winter straights,
JCai.e-s straight* and spring bakers all In sacks
No ciange Id quotations. Rye f.our was dull but firmly
held. Spring patents, H i B$S winter straights. 53 60
CIS CO; winter patents, {I 753 J4; spring clears. $3 4O'g>
fS BO; extra No. 1 winter, ti'4t3 10: extra No. 2 winter,
1 £ JOC»S. BUCKWHEAT FLOIR- Market steady. 12 20
tad 12 £0 spot and to arrive RYE FLOUR steady,
quoted: Fair to good, IS469SSSO: choice to fancy,
It|EOMIS. CORNMEAL steady; quoted: Kiln dried.
|i ,I, as to brand. EaOMEaL steady, quoted: Fine
white and yellow, |lt*Gsltf; coarse. $110®|112
FEED Western firm; city firm; quoted: Western
r;.':(,', $12 So; standard middling. $22 60; flour do.
126 10; red dog, $18 85. all November shipment; city
t.rtr., »20 CO bulk; do Backs. |117»0>2>25; middling.
$22 6 126 50; red dog, $26 SO; hominy chop. bulk. $22 60;
do sacks. $28 76: ollrr.eal. SSO 7JOJSI.
— WHEAT — wheat market to-day might
htve done better but for the presence of DeoamtMr llc.ul
datloa. Several times during the forenoon the market
gave evidences of a steady undertone, bat on all rallies
there «ti further liquidation of the nearby option, which
took all heart out of the buying: movements. In fact, the
room element about midi up its mind that th^re wa* li —
tVa diance to ball wheat until after the December liquida
tion Shall have run its course. The trade has several
Urces thought that the worst of this liquidation was over
only 10 r_ r id that on til hard spots there was apparently
Be much selling for long account as ever. The Liverpool
market was steady ar.d practically unchanged on the
JJrtr'-.T.ijt'.l estimate of 10.400.0U0 tosh for world's Fhio
(aer.ts. compared with 11.00S,00>) the previous week.
Northwest receipts amounted to on.y 4*4 cars, against fcl6
last year, but as the car situation has Improved there was
a. general ballet that receipt* would lncr««#e before the
end of the month V. '!:.:;.; ■was cut off by a blizzard,
»:.!c- tso some eteadice«s to the Duluth market, the
latter beti the firmest point in the country. After the
C;.«:r.'.*»' price* elsewhere had an irregular movement, with
a downward tendency. New York selling cC to H%c for
December ar.d closing at f2c asked »t 1 o'clock. The cash
market in New York was quoted as fellows: No 2 red.
~V%c elevator snd MN~ fob afloat. No 1 Northern Du
luth. h3-M.c. and No 2 hard winter. 77*io elf Buffalo.
COHN — Although steadier at the - .ing. the corn market
Had only light support all day and was easily Influenced
tn- the reaclior. in wheat, clofcir.s- about (4a net lower in
Chicago Beoeipu were somewhat checked by the bad
nreatber. but are expected to increase, as the car situation
iia* Improved. Uveir^r-1 ■ •-:-" • unchanged from
the previous: night Cash core in n<i». York was quoted
on Lht) l»2.ci» Of 63% C for NO 2 elevatoi and 64 ! 4C fob
■float; No ~ white, 65c, and No U veil, »■ Ssc fob afloat.
OATS— Trade In oats was narrow all day. the market
.-.apinp rJ! after the opening in sympathy with other grains
nr.J dosing about '.ie under the previous night In New
i'ork til* cash market was steady, closing as follows:
Mixed 26 to 32 Tb. 30c: na'ural white. SO la IS Tb. 393
4^>'/ic 'and dipped whit*. H>i To 40 rb, 3ft>4P43»4<*. RYE—
Market steady: No - Western, 71 ! "iC <• If New York: New
Jersey and Hate. 'HHV^'tc. delivered New York BAR
LEY Market firm: feeding. 44 He, md malting. 48^S0o
r. 1 f Buffalo. BU»'3CWHEAT — Slark"t steady; quoted at
$1 2? pe.r 100 B>.
Whfcat: Open High. Low. CIo«e. day.
De~ei"ber .. . fc2 5-16 62 6-16 81 % Sl% fc2S
?.Uy ".'"..."..'. HJWHilMlari MS 84%
December — ??J 4
January — "j •■'• =
METALS— IRON — Th* market for pig Iron eer
tiCciites at the Produce Exchange ruled dull and with
out transactions. The undertone was steady, standard
foundry, new. are quoted as follows: January, Febru
ary and March. »22(?m
MOLASSES A'<r> BTRUPS — Business la reclames for
tfce week was fairly active, although '.' was quiet, with
tore. however, steady owing to liir.lv •' Offerings, Byrup»
were quiet eni without Important prl^e chs-rig*-". Quota
tions follow; Kew Or!f«rj. rentrlfu^al. common, 14&l«o;
ftir Itijilbc: good. I^^'JCk-; prin.e, :W32*i> . New Orleans.
or«n kett'.e. 3<»'a3t«c; Si'RUPG, common. 1431&0; fair. IBS'
lie: rood. lh^ji'Jc. s-rlme, S3#94e; fancy. 2&32&».
OILS -Cotioii»e«<i oil w&s V»o bl«ii«r tor November,
which POldat"4lHc. the highest of the season, on de
mand from shorts; other months were about steady.
Spot refined very firm, being quoted at 43c nominal.
Sales. 1,600 " November at [email protected]>*e, 700 December
at 86^ ©86%o."X00 March at Ss\io and' I,ooo 'May at
iss H Q .i.">Vo. Linseed oil was unchanged. Refined petro
leum was reported In seasonable demand at recent
prices We quote: Petroleum.' standard white, bbls,
7.60e; bulk. 4 40.-, Philadelphia, 7.46 c; bulk, 4.35e; re
fined, cases. New. York. 10c; Philadelphia, 9:950; water
white. New York. bbls. » 60c; bulk. 6.40 c; Philadelphia,
9<3c; bulk, 6.85 c; water white, cases. New York, 13c;
Philadelphia, 12.95 c. COTTONSEED OIL — Prime crude,
fob mills 27 He; prime summer yellow. November,
41 <3'42c; December, ©37c. January. SSHeBBHc:
February. 25>[email protected]&Vio; March, 35', «?o6Sc; May. Ss>[email protected]>
85 He. Prime white ami prime, winter yellow, nothing
offering. LINSEED — American seed, city raw,
41<g'42c; out of town raw, 405?41c; Calcutta raw, 680.
PROVISIONS Heavy selling pressure for long ac
count, especially November lard, occasioned a sharp
break in the provision market to-day. Live hogs
were weaker on receipts of 15.000 head at Chicago,
Kansas City received 7.000 and Omaha 4.600. PORK
steady; quoted: Mess, [email protected]ß 75; family. $19 ® 519 50;
short clear. $17 [email protected] BEEF — Quoted: Mess. $S
4fs9; family, $12 $13: packet. $10 [email protected]$ll: extra
India mess, $18 [email protected]$?0. BEEF HAMS steady; quoted
at [email protected] 60. DRESSED HOGS Quiet. quoted:
Bacons. «4c; ISO Ib, S*;c; 160 Ib, 8?6c; 140 Ib. 9Uc:
pigs. >H©loc. CUT MEATS — bellies steady;
quoted: Smoking, 12Hc; 10 Ib, [email protected]%c; IX It),
10?ic; 14 Ib. 010 He. Plckl«d hams steady; quoted
at 12- He. TALLOW firm. city. o>-c; country. 6 1 *
H6\tC. LARD barely steady; quoted: Middle We.'tern
prime, 9.70Q9.50C, nominal City lard quiet; quoted
at [email protected]»%e- Refined lard steady; quoted: South
American, 10 75c; Continent, 10c; Brazil, kegs. 11.75 c.
Compound firm; quoted at JgSUe. STEARINE firm;
quoted: Oleo. 12c; city lard stearlne, lO^ic.
— Trading in rice was fairly active to-day, with
a fairly good average sai^s . movement for the week, and
home and primary markets were well pustalned. Quota
tions follow: Domestic. screenings [email protected]*iic: second
heads. «Q4Vic: choice heads. 4*HQ-4 ic: fancy heads, 6«?
She; extra fancy heads. s*«@<k-; Japan, domestic, [email protected]
4^tc. Patna, 6l«(as?*c:6 l «(a5?*c: Java. 4"«»S'3 -■'• Rangoon in bond.
- : * •! 22 laC.1 aC.
PCOAR — Refined sugar was moderately active, without
important price changes. The following are list prices,
subject to a rebate of 10 points and a discount of 1 per
cent for cash, 7 days: Crystal dominoes, 7.06 c; Eagle
tablets, 6c; out loaf and crushed. 6.60 c; mould A. 6-loc;
cubes. 5.05 c; XXXX powdered, 4.96 c; Eagle Mb bags,
powdered. 6.05 c; powdered, coarse powdered and fruit
powdered. 4.00 c; Eaule confectioners granulated, 6.08 c;
Eagle coarse and extra fine granulated, 4.t>oc; Eagle 2-IT>
cartons of tine granulated. 6c; Eagle. 2-lb bags do, (1. 10 c;
Eagle S~»-Tb bags do. 6.05 c; Eaple 6-lt< bags do, 6c; Eagle
10-rb bags do. 4»6c: Eagle fine or standard granulated
and Diamond A. 4.80e; Eagle 25 and 60 Ib bags do, 4.850;
confectioners 1 A, 4»>iic. No 1. 4.60 c; Nos 2 an.l 3. 4.45 c;
No 4, 4.40 - No 5, 4.55 c; No 6. 4.8Oo; No 7. 4.26 c; No 8,
4.20 c; No », 4.15 c; No 10 4.06 c: No 11, 4c; No 12. 8.866;
No 13. 3 80c: Nos 14, 15 and 16. 3We London sugar
beets were steady at an advance of 'did and November and
December ware quoted at 6s t>\d. The local market tor
raw sugar was quiet, with the undertone steady, and
duty paid piles quoted as follows: Centrifugal. l*»i test,
3 13-lOc; muscovado. SO test, 3 5-16 c. and molasses sugar.
89 test. 3 1-lOc.
New York. November 17, 1906.
BEANS AND PEAS — The market for marrow l^ans
Is ruling very firm under short supplies of spot goods;
It would have been easy to effect sales at $2 65 and
some receivers are talking more. Pea are quite steady
at $1 sog^l 82%, possibly the latter figure is a little
more general than it was a day or two ago. Red
kidney have cleaned up very closely and some export
orders ere going over unfilled. California lima in good
demand at %i lGgptS 15. We quote: BEANS, marrow,
190«, choice, per bush, $2 65: do medium, $1 65: do
pea., [email protected]; red kidney. $2 [email protected]*2 60; do black
turtle soup, $2 [email protected]$2 40; do yellow eye, $1850*190.
do lima, California, $3 [email protected]$3 15; PEAS, green, Scotch,
1906, $1 25.
BUTTER — Receipts for to-day. 8,964 pkgs; exports,
253 pkgs. The shortening up of supplies of fresh
creamery has been so marked that tha market has
developed very decided • strength. Official quotations
were advanced ">io to-day and the higher rates did
not fully cover the transactions on the open market.
Buyers had to pay 28c to-day and wanted more than
they could find. The medium qualities of fresh, such
grades as accumulated prior to last week, have moved
out better and are being gradually reduced. There is
also a freer movement In storage creamery and some
eal«s reported up to 27c. Faotory has a moderate In
quiry from homo trade and Is steady to firm. Possibly
the outlook for renovated is a little better. We quote:
Creamery, extras, per Ib, 27H«3--'Sc Mercantile Ex
change official quotation, extras, 2Tnc; do firms, 250
27c; do seconds, 22024 c; do thirds, [email protected]; do held,
extras, S6*a®27c; do firsts, 24©25%0: do seconds. 219
23c; state dairy tubs, fresh, fancy. [email protected]%c; do firsts.
[email protected]; do seconds, 21®28c; do thirds. [email protected];
Western Imitation creamery, lirsts, 21® 22c: do ren
ovated, extras. 22c; do firsts, 20 02 10t do seconds, 19
$19c; do thirds, 16®17c; Western factory, firsts. 20o:
do seconds, [email protected]; do thirds, 16H<S'17^a: do pack
ing stock. No. 1, 18',[email protected]; do No 2. [email protected]; do
No i, 15 3160.
CHEESE — Receipts to-day, 8,182 boxes; exports, 3.538
boxes. The week is closing rather quietly, but fancy
September cheese has had a fair outlet the last few
days and the market in strong position, with some
holders indifferent about offering at present prices.
October made cheese showing quite pronounced late
made defects and Felling slowly, with tone Irregular.
Skims have had some demand for export for fair to
finest grades, but home trade demand rather moderate.
Liverpool cable: New York State cheese nominal;
finest Canadian. 63s for colored and 61b for white. We
quote: State, full cream, small and large. September,
fancy, 13^0; do October, best, 12^c: do fair to good,
12©12U C ; do inferior, 10s; Wll^c; half skims, small,
best. ltH* i; 10""sC; do large, best, lo^c, do part skims,
prime, »[email protected]; do fair to good, 7%@S%c; do com
mon. o^ic, do full skims. 33Hc.
EGGS Receipts to-day, 6,017 cases. The week
closes with no material change in the situation The
supply of fine fresh is about equal to all present needs
owing to the effect of the high prices upon the con
sumptive demand. Medium and lower grades are Ir
regular and moving rather slowly. Refrigerator.* in '
fair demand and. firm. We quote: State. Pennsylvania
and. nearby, selected whit«, fancy, 88® 40c: do choice.
86©8Sc; do brown and mixed, fancy. 36©37 c; do firsts
to extra, firsts. '[email protected]; do common to rood 22030 c:
Western selected, best. SSc official quotation for firsts,
8Sc): do average prime. 31©82 c; do seconds. 27®30c:
do thirds, 2"[email protected]: Kentucky. 23® 80c; dirties, 18322 c; 1
checks. 14 18c; refrigerator, special marks, fancy,
23M,@Z4c: do average beat. 22V»<ff23c; do common to
good, 18? 22c
FRUITS — — Apples in heavy supply end fell
ing fairly at former prices. Pears generally quiet.
Quinces dull end weak. Grapes steady. Cranberries
plenty and lower. Oranges and grapefruit plenty and
week. Pineapples firm. We quote: APPLES, Jona
than, per double head hbl, $2 [email protected]$4 50: do Mclntcsh.
12 60©$4; do 'Wealthy and Alexander. $2 [email protected]$3 50; do
Oano. $2 [email protected]$S 25. do Snow, $2 60i3'$3; do Graven
stein. [email protected] 76; do Twenty Ounce. 11760X250; do
Twenty Ounce Pippin and None Such, [email protected] 25; do
King. [email protected]!3; do Ben Davis. $1 [email protected] 60; do Baldwin,
• 150®|2£5; do Bpitzenberg, $150®53; do Northern
Spy and Greening. $160<g'$2 60; do common. $1®»2;
do in bulk, per bbl measure. 75c<S$l 60: CRAB AP
PLES, per bbl. $2®sS 60; PEARS, Seckel. per bbl.
$2 50®$5; do Beurre Bosc. f2 50^$4 60; do Beurro
Clalrgeaa, [email protected]; do Beurre d'Aniou. $2352 75: do
Sheldon, $2®sS. do Lawrence, [email protected]|2 75; do Vicar of
Wakefleld. [email protected] 60; do Kieffer, BOc®sl 50; : j
QUINCES, per bbl. «2 50®$4: GRAPES, Concord, up- 1
river, per case, [email protected]; do Delaware, per 4-Tb basket.
14018 c; do Niagara, per 4-Tb basket. B©lsc; do per
20-rb basket. 50c; do Catawba, per 4-It> basket, 7 (ft 12c:
do black, 10012 c; do per 8-Ib basket. 16!g-20c; do Clin
ton, in trays, per 100 rb, net. $3Eo®s4; do Niagara.
$2©s2 75: do Catawba. J29S2EO; do black, $2<g*2 25;
CRANBERRIES, Cape Cod, per It>, [email protected]; do r »r
crate. SI «'i 52 40; Jersey, per bbl, $"©s7 60; do per
crate. $1 75052 26: ORANGE. Florida, per box. $1 25®
S3 GRAPEFRUIT, Florida, per box. SI 50"?53 50;
PINEAPPLES. Florida, per crate. Host; CITRON.
Jersey, per bbl. 60 Q 75c.
— Trading- continues very quiet on th* local
market. A few sales of states have been made at
21521 J 4c. In absen< of export orders the market up- ,
6tate Is showing a little easing off, with best qualities
telling at 21 ©12c. On the Pacific Coast several thou
sand bales have been taken in Oregon at 14'?14 Itic.1 tic.
poor grades greatly neglected. We quote: State. 190«,
choice, par tb [email protected], do medium to prime, 21 'm
22c; do 1905. [email protected]: Pacific Coast. 1906. choice, I"''*
18c; do medium to prime, [email protected];c; do. lino. prime to
choice. [email protected]: do medium, [email protected]
POULTRY ALIVE — One carload more of Western
has been unloaded, making 47 cars by freight for the
week and about 4 cars by express. Tradln? has been
falrlv active during the week, though rather quiet
toward the close, and letall dealers carrying quite a
little surplus, but less than 2 cars remaining unsold
in the jobbers 1 hands in tho market. Prices are nom
inally unchanged. We quote: EPRINO CHICKENS and
fowls, per It), 18Hc; OLD ROOSTERS, per to. |c;
Considerable delayed stock came in late yesterday ana
to-day, for which there is very little outlet, and bulk
will have to be carried over. Chickens show a little
bit weaker tone toward the close of the week, but
little if any change In other descriptions. Invoices are
not considered large of fowls and chickens, but con
siderably heavier on turkeys Other fresh unchanged.
We quote- Fresh killed (Iced)— TURKEYS, spring.
dry picked, per Ib. 16©18 c: do Bcalded. 12©lSo; do old.
Il«il6c; SPRING CHICKENS. Philadelphia, broilers,
dry picked, per Ib. [email protected]: do roasting, 14®lSc; do
other Pennsylvania and New York, broilers 14©lSc;
do roasting. 12C?16c; do Western, dry picked milk
led fancy. 15©15H0; do other Western. 13 0140; do
Ohio and Michigan, scalded. 13®14c; do other "Western.
T«l4c do Southern and Southwestern. 12#12Hc; do
Poor [email protected]; FOWLS. Philadelphia, dry picked ISO
14c do Western, 10(^12^0; do Southern and South
western l''gl" : -c go Ohio and Michigan, scalded,
114<812M.c- do other Western. 10£12Hc; do Southern
and Southwestern. 10©12 c: OLD COCKS, dry picked.
°c do scalded S^^fc: SPRING GEF.FE. Eastern. IS®
20- SPRING DUCKS. Western. l©lBc; SQUABS,
prime, large, white, per dozen $2® s3 75 do mixed.
Jl 76©52; do dark. $1 50; do culls. 50®, Pe.
VaME— Fresh killed venison in moderate supply and
firm season will close after November 24. Fresh rab
bits rather more plenty and quality irregular. Do
meatU game bird* very scarce. Foreign game about
steady We quote QUAIL, prime,^ per dozen. $4 60®
$4 7B- WOODCOCK, per pair. [email protected]*l B0: GROLSE,
c» Jim PARTRIDGE $2 25®52 76; SNIPE. English,
L. dozen $Ja»!»r do yellow leg. $2 50«53 60:
PIOVFR kolden. Per dozen. $4©s4f.O; do gra.s. $3©
in so do "foreign black. !«©s» 60: WILD DUCKS, can
,.',,: per jfa"r. ?3flfsß 601 do redhead. |2©sJ 60; do
blackhead 75c«f$l? do mallard. n505?517f.: do blue
wing teal 7Bc®»110; do greenwlng teal 659860: do
ruddy $l»tl26: do widgeon. [email protected]: do common.
|6«40c; RABBITS, cottontail, per pair. 26«86c: VENI
BON fresh saddles. P«r n». 3.Vg45c; do fresh, whole deer.
POTATOES AND VEGETABLES— Irish potatoes In lib
eral supply and weak. Sweet potatoes firm under light
offering. Onion, firm for fancy, but ordinary and pool
stock dull and weak. Cabbage! dull. Cucumbers weak.
Cauliflowers firm Eggplants drawing. lettuce firm and
higher Mushrooms scarce and firm. Peas higher. String
beans dull and lower. Tomatoes steady. Other vegetables
about es quoted. We quote: POTATOES. Maine per
bag »1 Vflil 66; do Long Island, in bulk, per bbl, *1 to®
$176; do state. In bulk, per ISO ». M«(W1«; do per
bbl or sack. $1 35-3* l •"■ ( "': So Jersey, par i.t.i or bap. Jl SO
o*l 4.'. SWEET POTATOES, Jersey, per bbl. $1 25-2* l . < 5:
do per basket 6.V-I&J1; do Eastern Shore, per bbl. 60o©
HJ» ARTICHOKES French, per dozen. $1 <sgs2; do
Belgian, gr-.n. r'r bunch. 86c«M«1 BRUSSELS SPROUTS,
nearby per quart. 4Wl2n; BEETK. nearby per bbl. tl©
1160 do Now Orleans, per 100 bun nee. $2 ST.© $3-CAR
ROTS, washed r»r bbl. $1 Sfj-Sil r-i do unwashed, tig
*125; CABBAGES, white. Danish seed per ton. »K.jJ»
(14 do domestic. |8©«10 do pa! bbl, 75c851: CUCUM
BERS, Florida ;•: basket. 1160<W2 28: do Boston and
Other hoihoun-. per doren. BOoOil: CAULIFLOWDKs.
I>.r.ff Island, short cut. per bbl. $2855; no long cut. Sl©
$2 do state, i<-r basket. $1-3* l 50; CELERY, state and
Michigan, per dozen stalks, l^^^■^o<:. do Jersey, per doz*n
stalks, 10«H<V: CHICORY, nearby, per basket. $I©sl 23;
do New Orleans, per hbl. »;-Vi.: : do French, per down.
-; ■ ■,*'. ESCAROI.E. New Orleans, per bhl. 15: do French.
ier"<i..z^n. 76eC<Sl; ENDIVE 1> :?'■ n ;<r Ib, 121/1..?;
FGGPLANTP. nearby per bbl, [email protected]; do Florida. >- tr
fcox, *;-.:.-'; 25: HORSERADISH, per largo bbl V> .VK*
$<i.V» KALE. . nearby. r■■ bbl, 25'(?5<V; LETTUCE,
n'i.rby. per bl ! sOcfisl 26: do state, per baakai, *1
£$1 28 do New Orleans. i <-r bbl, t'SfO: do
Florida. per basket. Jl 6O*»S3 '■" do Norfolk.
$l<aS2 do Boston, per strap. II 25^i$.1: LIMA BBAN3
California, per flat box, (1 50; MUSHROOMS, white,
per IT). .V)[email protected];,do tan. 4O«8Oc ONIONS, email, white
pickle, per bbl. JSfif'i: do per basket. II W»lTs^ BO; do
onnf-rticut and Ka»ti n, white per bhl. $2MV(?SS; do
red and yellow. $1 ■*• •>:: •:■ Orange ■""cunty. white, par
bap, $I5'J??5-25; -11 f ' id ii yellow, 75c<S$l 80; Io state
and Western, > ■ per cra'f. 'i ;ii 60 do rM and
yellow, par bag. $18$1 75; BHALLOTB New Orleans,
per 100 bunche*. $S; OKRA. Florida par carrier, $2 60
AI&A6; V->«. Florida. »— buku. S2^s3; do Virginia,
ll«$3; <Jo California. per fiat bo*. SI; PEPPERS Florida
per carrier. *10$1 60: do nearby, per bbl. $1(&»2; do per
basket. 50C&S1: PUMPKINS, per bbl. 60c351; PARSNIPS.
per bbl $1 25®S1 75; PARSLEY, per 100 bunches. 75c<3>
I: RADISHES . Norfolk, . per basket. BOc®$l: do New
Orleans dot 100 bunches. *2©s3: do hothouse. *l?!»-.
ROMAINB nearby, per bbl. $1(S»*1 60; do New Orlean*.
J4ifisti- STRING BEANS. New Orleans. gTeen. per basket,
$2©*3; do Florida green, per banket. $1 [email protected]$3 60; do wax.
[email protected] 5O: do Savannah, green. *2 50«»50; do Charleston,
green- $3®sß 50- do wax. *3#s4: do Virginia, per basket,
Mc«s2- do North Carolina, $1053; SQUASH. Hubbard.
per bbl. 75c#$l: do marrow. .V>c©tl; do Florida, new.
per basket. no® 7sc; SPINACH, nearby, per -bbl. 75cjp
SI 26: do Norfolk. $1 .v><gsl.7s: do Baltimore. $1 25;
TOMATOES ■ nearby, ripe, per box. r>Oc®sl: do green.
2&OS0c: do Florida, per carrier. *1 f.o<as2 50; do Cali
fornia, per flat box, $I®s-; do hothouse, per n>. s©2oc:
TURNIPB. nearby, white, per bhl, 76c®$l 25; do Jersey
and Long Island, rutabaga. 75300 c: do Canada, rutabaga.
BOf«f$l; WATERCRESS, per 100 bunches. $I®s2. .
HAY AND STRAW— HAY— The week closes with a
high range of prices that has not been reported for
many previous seasons in this market. Pome opinion
exists that 1 the outlook Is for a further advance. To
day -was an unusually quiet day. prices checking many
small sales. We quote: Prime, large bales, per 100 rb
$1 10*r*l 12VJ : No 1 do. $I®Jl 06; No a do, 97Hc'{f$l;
No 3" do. 55®900; shippers*. «7H(^77Ho: clover, mixed.
65<frS2H;c: clover, clear. (Js®7sc. STRAW — The week
has nin steady at CC!MSSc; no prospect of advance. Re
ceipts liberal. Receipts of hay and straw, in tons, re
ported at tha Produce Exchange at noon to-day: Hud
son River Railroad. 190; Erie. 20; Pennsylvania, 40;
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western, 20; Lehlch Valley.
40; Baltimore 4: Ohio. 20: Ontario * Western, 40; Central
of New J*rt*y. «0; river boats. MO: canal boats. 660;
total. 3.650 tons: for week. 7,937. tors; last week. 9.059
ton*. . Receipts of straw. 250 tons; for week, 790 tons;
last week. 895 tons.
Toledo. Nov. 17. CLOVERSEED — Cash and 'Novem
ber. $812%; December, $8 17H; March. $8 32%. TIM
OTHY, $1 »7H. ALSIKBv, $7 so.
•> *
New York. November 17. 1001.
BEEVES'— were 21 cars, or &'M head. Including
17 cars for rlaughterers and 4 for the market. Nothing
doing. Feeling steady. Dressed beef In light demand
but steady for all grades. Liverpool and London cables
hanged. Exports to-day Included 839 cnttla and 2.300
quarters of beef on the Minneapolis to London. 160 cattle
on the Thespls to Manchester. 4<> sheep on the Maraval
to the e«t Indies. 3,720 quarters of beef on the New
Tork to London.
CALVES Receipts, none, and nothing doing In live
cattle of any Importance Feeling steady for good veals;
flull for all other grades and for grassers. Dressed calves
cjulet hut steady for good stock. City dressed veals.
S®l3Hc per Ib; country dressed. [email protected]
SHEEP AND LAMBS — Receipts were 9Mi cars, or 2,037
head, Including 6 cars for city slaughterers and 4H for
the market. Sheep steady, but no good sheep offered;
lambs firm: all the stock went to the scales early
Common sheen sold at J33fs3 75 per 100 It>: a few year
lings at *5 60; fair to good lambs at [email protected] 50. In
cluding two cars of Canadian lambs at 57 80. No prime
lambs on sale. Dressed mutton quiet at B<3oHo per IT>.
with best wethers quoted at 10c; dressed lambs slow at
10®12Hc. with a few selected carcasses bringing 18c.
— Kerns Commission Company: 432 Canadian
lambs, 77 IT) average, at $7 f>o per 100 Tb; 179 state do,
53 lt\ at $7: 83 state sheep. 88 rt>. at $3.
Tobln & Shannon: 194 state lamba. 63 '?>, at $7 25; 46
sheep, »1 It), at $3 75.
8. Judd & Co SB state lambs. 61 It), at $7 50; 9
yearlings, 64 tt>. at 55 50.
— Receipts were 10 cars, or 4,053 head, all for
city slaughterers. Nothing doing In live hogs. Nom
inally steady. Country dressed hog* unchanged at fi L i'39c
per It) for medium weights and 9W®loo for light hogs.
Sunrise 6:49J£unset 4:41 1 Moon sets .07! Moon's age. 12
A.M. — Sandy Hook S:SOjGov. Island &:or> ; Hell Gate 10:59
P.M.— Sandy Hook 9:22|00v. Island 0:35lHell Gate 11:23
The Prinze«s Irene, which reported to Newport yestor
flay as having passed the. Nantucket South Shoals Light
ship at 1:45 pm. Is expected to dock about 8 a m to-day.
Kas having 1 pas»e.i the Nantucket Pouth Shoals LlghU.
at 1 :4 op m. Is expected to dock about Sam to-day.
Vessel. From. Line.
Prlnzess Irene Gibraltar. November 8 N G Lloyd
•Grenada Port Spain. November 10 Trinidad
•Panama Colon. November 12 Panama
•Prlns WiUens. I Port-au-Prince. November 12. . D W I
Rio Grande Galveston, November 9 Mallory
Mlnne-haha London. November 8. . .Atlantic Trans
U r,a»\)|rn« Havre. November 11 French
Bovlc Liverpool. November 10... White Star
►Nleuw Amsterdam. Rotterdam. November 10.. Holland-Am
•Astoria Glasgow. November 10 Anchor
•Guenther Barbados, November 11.. Sloman
Oldenburg Bremen, November 7 N G Lloyd
Comus New Orleans. November 18. .50 Pacific
El Alba Galveston. November 13 Bo Pacific
City of Memphis Savannah. November 16. .. Savannah
Concho Galveston. November 14 Mailory
El Norte Galveston. November 1* So Pao
Patricia Hamburg. November 10 Hamb-Am
Bovlc Liverpool. November 10 Whit* Star
•Bring* 1 mall.
Vessel For. Line. Mall closes. tall*.
Advane«. Colon. Panama 11:80 am 3:oopm
Hamilton. Norfolk, Old Dominion 8:00 m
X Wlihelm 11. Bremen. N G Lloyd... 6:ooam 8:00 an
Cavour. Argentine. Lamp & Holt 6:00 am 8:80 am
Rosalind, Newfoundland. Red Cross.lO:3oa m 12:00 m
Arablst&n. Argentine, Norton 12:00 m 8:00pm
Ultonla. Na.ple.9. Cunard o:3o am
Comanche. Jacksonville. Clyde 8:00pm
City of Atlanta. Savannah, Savannah 3:00 pm
Princess Anne, Norfolk, Old Pom S:oopm
BaJtlc. Liverpool. White Star. 6:ooam 9:3oam
Bercnudlan, Bermuda Quebec 9:00 a m 11:00 a m
Altai. Jamaica, Hamb-Am 11:00 am 2:00 p m
Myrlfedene. Brazil. Brazilian 1:00pm 2:oopm
Noordam. Rotterdam, Holland-Am.... 10:00 am
Comua. New Orleans. So Pacific — — - 12:00 m
Alamo Galveston. Mallory 300 pm
Iroquois, Jacksonville. Clyde..., 3:00 pm
Germarfa. Naples. Fahre Ifl:M a m
Destination and steamer. Close In New York.
Tahiti and Marquesas Islands (via San
Francisco) — Marlposa To-day, 12:30 & m
Hawaii "via San — Alameda . . .Nov 20. 12:30 am
Japan (except parcels post mall.«>, Cor»a.
China and Philippine Islands (via Van
couver and Victoria, B C) — Empress of
China Nov 21. 6:00 pm
Japan. Corea and China (specially ad
dressed only) (via Seattle)— Maru..Nov22. 6:oopm
Japan. Corea, China and Philippine
Islands (via Seattle i— Dakota Npv 23. 6:00 pm
Japan, Corea and China (specially ad
dressed only) (via Tacoma> — Ningchow.Nov 23. 6:00 pin
Hawaii. Jaran. Corea. China and Philip
pine Islands (via San Francls«-o) —
America Maru Nov 26, 12:30 a m
Australia (except West). Fiji Islands and
New Caledonia (via Vancouver and
Victoria. B C>— Miowera Dec 2 6-OApm
Hawaii. Japan. Corea. China and Phil
ippine Islands (via Ran Francisco) -
Fib " rii . '.Dec 7. 12 an „ m
Port of New York. Saturday, Nov. 17. 1906.
Steamer Lucanla (Br), Watt. Liverpool. November 10
and Queenstown 11 to the Cunard Steamship Company.
Ltd. with 252 cabin and 720 steerage passengers mails
Ml mdse. Arrived at bar at 10:51 pm, 10th ' ••_«"»
Steamer St. Louis. Jamison. Southampton and Cher
bourg. November 10. to the American Line with "5.8
A^v^afth^Vr^Tu^m 6118^- raalis and md » V
Steamer Amerlka (Ger). Kaempff, Hamburg; November
8. Southampton and Cherbourg 6, to the Hamburg Ameri
can Line, with «64 cabin, 288 third class and 1 7?6 ™* cr I
age passengers. mails and rndse. Arrived at the Bar at
11 a m.
Steamer La S*ve\n (Fr), Polrot. Havre. November 10 to
Campa*n> Generale Transatlantlaue with 888 cabin* anil
674 steeratre passenger;!, malls and mdse. Arrived at the
liar* at 4:39 a m. rer ' c
Steamer C!,arir>is (Dutch). Schmidt. Amsterdam Kovem
ber 1. to Philip Ruprecht. in ballast. Arrived at* Bar 'it
1 . JO p m .
Steamer Monterey. Smith. Vera Cmz. November Sth
Progreßa 10, and Havana 13. to James E Ward & Co'
with BS rastenpers. malls and mdse. Arrived at Bar at
1 :0H a m.
Steamer Soldier Prince (Br). Dunn. Santos October 23
Bahia 2ft. and Barbados November 8. to Husk and Tf-vons"
with 8 pas3sn(ter3. mails and m.Jse Arrived at the Bar
at 4:30 am.
Steamer Onneaby (Br>. Whalley. Ter.eriffe. November 1
to J. H. Winchester & Co. in ballast. Arrived at the
Bar at 1 a m.
Steamer Ollnda (Cuban). Hansen. Porto Padre Novem
ber 6. Glbara 0. Nlpe 11. pn<l Nucvitas 12 to %V D
Munscn. with 4 passengers, mail* and mdse . Arrived at
the Bar at 1:55 c m.
Steamer El Monte, Maxon, Galveston. November 13 to
Southern Pacific Co. •with mdse Pa«s«J In Quarantine at
•5.60 a m.
Steamer Re«!na (Cuban). Baste. Havana November f>
and Newport News 15. to W. D. Munson. with molasses
Arrived at the Bar at 10:30 p m. November 10.
•learner City of Atlanta. Fisher. Savannah November
14. to the (lean Steamship Co. with passengers and
mdse. Passed In Quarantine at 5:63 am.
Steamer Comar.ehe. Watson. Jacksonville November 14.
and Charleston 15. to the Clyde steamship Co, •with uaa
ier.sers and niis^ Passed in Quarantine at 11:33 am.
Sandy Hook. N. J.. Nov 17. 8:90 r> m — Wind south
west, l'srht air: nartlv cloudy.
ptamors <"nrmanl^ cT'r >. Liverpool via Que«nstowr. ;
Mlnn*vapolts (Br». London: Pennss-lvanla (Gen. Hamburg
via Plymouth and Cherbourg; New York. Southampton
via Plymouth and Cherbourg: America <Fr). Marseilles:
Caledonia (Br). Glasgow; Nord America I-. 1 . Naples;
I'ller iNon, Port Antonio and Baracoa; Hudson (Br).
Shanghai; John Brlglit ißr). Philadelphia: City of Wash
ington. Nasai i and Tamplco; Zulia. La Guayra. Curacoa,
eto; W S. Porter towlnc tua Navigator. San Francisco:
Maraval <Bri Grenada and Trinidad: Coamo, Porce and
Ban Juan; Mexico. Havana; Nacoochea, Savannah: El
I BlltlO Qalveston: Lar'.nifr. Port Arthur; Princess Ann*.
Norfolk and NawptMi News; El Vail*. New Orleans.
Liverpool. Nov 18 — Arrived, steamers Geor»lc (Br)
Roberts. New York: 17. Campania (Br). Warr.
New York via Quceoatown; 10. sailed. steam«rs
Victorian (Br). Hart. New York; 17, Caronla (Br).
Barr New Tort via Queenslown
j Dover. Nov 17 — Passed. pt«anifr Bayonna iGti. Yon
Hugo. New York for Hull.
I Southampton. Nov 17 — Sailed, steamer Philadelphia.
Mills, New York via Cherbourg (and passed Hurst
Castle 1:26 p m>.
: Bremen, Nov 17 (3 p m> — Sailed, steamer Chemnlt*
(CW), Jensen. New York.
! Plymouth. Novl7. 3:23 p in — Arrived, steamer St Paul.
Passow, n»w York for Cherbourg and Southampton
land -<m1»<1 i , .
Chrrhoura. Nov 17 f«:XO D m> — Sailed, steamer Phila
delphia Mills if.-om Southampton*. New York.
Glatfron-, N.- 17— Sailed, steamer Columbia (Br». Wads
worth, New York via Mivllle.
i OU.rhl'ar. Nov 10 — Passed, steamer Hermlne (Anst), Mar-
I . Unollch. Trl«aU and Flum* for New York.
Havre. Nov 17. 10 am— Sailed, steamer* t-a Provence
(Fr). Alii. New York; Hudson (Fr). L« Barrier. New
Rio Janeiro, Nov — Sailed, steamer Kd»rnlan (Br^. for
New York. * , ,__v
Bagres. Nov Passed, steamer Napolltan. Prince (Brt.
Kaitleton. Naples and Palermo for New York.
Rotterdam. Nov 17. 6 a m— Arrived, steamer Ryndam
(Dutch). Van dor Zee. New York via Boulogne. ■
Rotterdam. Nov 17. 2 p m— Sailed, steamer Statendam
(Dutch). Brulnsma, New York via Boulogne.
Antwerp, Nov 17. 2 p Arrived, steamer Zw 'J n " "';
Broomhead. New York; sailed, steamer Vaderland
(BelR), EhofT. New York. _ . p.,,.,
Barry. Nov 17— Sailed, steamer Bleamoor (Br), Freste.
from Antwerp for New York. , "/" /T >_s
Dunnet Head. Nov in— Passed steamers vfwoi«Ue- 17
Williamson. New York for Lelth and Newcastle. 17
am. Helll* Olav (Dan). Hoist. New York for
Christlansand and Copenhagen. .. ..
Naples. Nov 16— Arrived, itwrner Crftlc fBrV Kelk. N«w
York: 15 sailed, steamer Cltta dl Napoll <ltan.
Lavarell. New York. . ___^_^__
For Boys and Young Men — City.
Commercial School
4th Ay. and 23d St. 49th Year.
"Individual instruction. Enter at any time ■
NIGHT SCHOOL for those who would, earn I
. while they learn. J
1 122 W. 72d St. Dr. E. Fowler. |]
fl Prepares boys for all universities or business. m
P Specialists In every subject. Small classes. H
Study hours during school day. Laboratories. ™
■a Optional military drill. Playground and athletic I
M privileges. Brilliant success In collegiate exam- I
I Inatlons. Catalogues on request. Primary ■
Telephone 4944 Columbus. . M
c OUUMB/ 4
Founded 1764. 84-36 E. st«t St.
Prepares Boys for COLIMBIA, COKMEIX. HAR
VARD. PRINCETON. VALE and other colleges. Pri
mary Classes. Laboratories. Gymnasium. Athletlo
grounds. Applicants received and classified at any time.
MADISON SQUARE (1122 Broadway).
HARLEM BRANCH: Lenox Aye.. cor. 120 th St.
BROOKLYN " 73 Court St.
NEWARK " S<-h«»uer Building.
Over 300 Branches in Leading Cities.
French Lectures. Pronunciation Com— ■ Conversation
Circles free, to our pupils. Trial Lessons free.
Elementary and Advanced. Private and CUss Lesson*.
Lessons at School or Residence, day or evening.
I>. D. RAY. «5 WEST 84TH BT.
Small classes for boys from seven years upward.
B/JSk bar 1 (in «ES> Wrestling and development.
Bml \M I tat] fTm Class Tuesday and Friday
SO a if Hvg Saa evenlnss. $5 monthly. THE
"' ■» ■ aw «•■ -'I \\>>«t 44th St.
For Both Sexes— City,
Primary, Collego Pr«paratort'. Teachers" Courses.
All licenses. Reeents, Soholarshlpa ■ limited).
DR. LYELL EARLE, Principal.
I lIT (\\ 100 Modelling in clay, wax and leather; in
fln I il fl A \ dividual instruction -Wrlta for circular.
HIM ULhUU Charlotte E Yon Varel. 18 W. 2ld St.
121 East 23d St. i subway station 1 *
F BERGER, di la Lesion 4'Honncur, president.
French tuition; no advance payment.
Fencing department
for lartlos and children. Ask circular.
mUTOR Graduate of Wel'.eslev Colleee: graduate study
A. at Hsn-ard an-1 Columbia universities: broad teach
ing experlen."* prepaaea lor any college; also elementary
subjects; backward pupils a specialty. Miss AYRES. 420
West 121 st ■?.
RETURN FROM EUROPE —Prof Roebe!. 134 E.
1 SBth fiernuin rnnversat. le.s.sons at residence. Best
references Id leFsons. $20. One or two pupils: trial free.
X r.T Instruction, tapestry, on. color, pastel. Miss
jA. PAI^MIE. Room 40«. Broadway Arcade, 194. B way
School Agency.
•uppll^s Professors. Teachers, Tutors, Governesses, eta.
to Colleges. Schools and Families Apply to
Mrs. M. J YOUNG-FULTON. Z3 Union Square.
Established 25, years. If you require
capital or partner for your business. if
you desire to sell a business or manu
facturing plant, no matter wher* situ
ated, send us full particulars. We work
strictly on commission basis.
A LARGE automobile manufacturing
concern in Pennsylvania desire to ex
tend the capacity of their plant for the
purpose of handling their fast Increasing
business: about $43,000 required; excep
tional proposition offered
MoDONALD-Wl<Ti-iIN3 CO. 257 Broadway.
$10,000 SECURES half interest In old es
tablished gold and silver plated ware
manufacturing business In this city; cap
ital needed to extend the business. Par
ticulars at
MCDONALD-WIGGIN3 CO.. 257 Broadway.
A LARGE motor and gasolene engine
manufacturlnpr company, with fine
plant now in operation, requires active or
special partner with 000; this is a
flr« class opening: highest references
furnished. Apply.
McDONALD-WIGGINS CO . 257 Broadway.
LARGE Canadian srold hydraulic dredg
ing company offers limited amount of
the stock for sale
McDONALD-WIGGINS CO.. 257 Broadway.
$5,000 PATENT? for newly patented
continuous blue print machine. A
good proposition
McDONALD-WIGGINS CO.. 257 Broadway.
jr. non BI'YS BUSINESS manufacturing
hlph Rrade specialty now on the mar
ket: !arpt» demand
McDONALD-WIGGINS CO.. 257 Broadway.
GROCERY and SALOON with property
in a prominent town of Connecticut.
Price. $12,000.
McDONALD-WIGGINB CO.. 2.17 Broadway.
CAFE In centre of Newark: $150 bust
ness done flallv: rare bargain nt **.000.
M DONALD WIGGINS CO.. 257 Broadway.
HAT STORE In splendid location this
city; pood trade sell at >i harjr^ln.
$15 0 <""! business done yearly; estab
lished 20 years Price. $7,000: investiga
tion Invited. Full parttcttlara nt
MoDON \LD-WIOGINS CO.. 257 Broadway.
chance for some one with $SOO. Par
ticulars at
MCDONALD WIGGINS CO . 2. .7 Broadway.
HOTEL M BOOMS; high class patronage;
located in the heart of theatre district;
over $1 000 profits monthly; price. f7.6o<>:
Investigate this. its an exceptional op
MeDONAXiD-WIOOINa CO . 2.17 Broadway.
STATIONERY, sportinar troods. kodaks.
typewriter supplies, sheet mnalc. etc;
business for sale by inventory; about $12.
<u>i\ established nine years.
$«t ono fASH buy! saloon. Including 2 story
buUdlnc. with stor.>. in West Hoboken;
fine corner for some one.
M DONALD WIGGINS CO . 2.".7 Broadway.
$0 000 Hl".'.- well known market In Ho
i.dk.-ri established 80 years; dolngr $*».
000 biw-lness annually; 1 hor?« and wagon.
McDONALD-WIGCINS CO.. 257 Broadway.
BUSINESS rontroll'ns territory In th« re*t
part of New York City for vending ma
chines- SISS profits last month: $1 f>M>
McDONALIVWIGGIXS CO.; 2.',7 Bn-adway.
HOTEL -Splendid location West Side; re
ceipts $O1 daily; 10 year l«-ase; price.
McDONALD-'WIGGINS CO . 257 Broadway.
GOOD PAYING SALOON. Brooklyn; lone
lease; low rent; bargain for some one.
McDONAIJtV-WlOCnKfl CO.. 257 Broadway.
|S. (MX) C \PITAL REQUIRED; Investor to
manaije. agents handling household article,
cleanser and disinfectant
■a.OOO BXTTB BBBTAXIRANT: vl.-lnitv of
llflth »t and I>enox aye. ; receipts. <4O to
I«O rtally; lone !*a.«e; low rent.
MoDONAiJ) WIGOIKB CO.. 257 Broadway.
ADVERTISEMENTS and suberrlptlons for
r*he Tribune received nt their T'ptown
Office No 13** Broadway, between ."With
and U7th sts . until 5 o'clock p. m Adver
tisements received at the following branch
otacoa at regular office rates until 8 o'clock,
p. ux^ viz.; 254. BUI aye.. a, a. cor. Kid »t-i
are now open
whetc-«*,th greatly increased facilities they will continue to make a specialty «{
which is a feature of this and their other establishments.
Also Noted for
Going' Away This Winter?
We include pretty nearly every place of attraction in one
or more of our select parties (California. Mexico, Florida,
West Indies, Europe, etc.). Travel with party or not, as
you please. We shall be glad to send booklets.
Railroad and Steamship Tickets Everywhere. •
Raymond <& Whit comb Co.
25 Union Square, New York
Apartment Hotels.
The Brayton,
27th St. and Madison Aye.
Situated in the finest residential part of the -it-
Hlsh class fireproof apartment hotel, for se!e?t fam
ilies and bachelors: suites of 1, 2. 3 and bath. 4 rooms
and 2 baths, to lease, all southern exposure, culstne
American plan: referenree essential.
7^^¥[i[j^ i= rp
/ My book based upon flf-
years' experience as
r*^ a patent salesman mailed
( CLUSIVELY. If you have
— ' United States or foreign pat- • — '
ents for sale, call, write or telephone.
WILLIAM E. HOYT, Patent Sales
Specialist, 299 BROADWAY. N. Y.
■WANTED — Large, well established manu
facturing company making staple line of
goods widely known wants satisfactory
man. with (5,000 cash, to establish and
carry on branch business; $260 per month
salary, and all expenses, with share of prof
its extra; unusually safe Investment; per
manent engagement and high class busi
ness; good for $8,000 per year, or better;
with big future Increase. For particulars,
furnish references, and address G. East
burn. President. 67 Wabaah aye.. Chicago.
FOR 6ALE — Fancy grocery and wine
business In one of the wealthiest resi
dential sections of New Jersey, on Lacka
u-anni Railroad: excellent opportunity
for one understanding fine trada. Apply
10 Edgar Co. 29 Newark lit, Jersey
as eood as now for 2Hc per blade, if sent
to us In lota ot 6 or more; money or
stamps in advance. Nev-&-Hone Razor
SiroD Co.. lftS Broadway. N. Y.
A REAL bargain for good winter*» home In
Florida; v<»ry- pretfy house, grounds, sta
bles, etc ; '.'.*> acres; good paying grove, all
fenced; clear title; must sell. Addresa or
write In first ir.stance, B. N. W . Tribune
ADVERTISEMENTS and subscriptions for
The Tribune received at their Uptown
Office, No. 1364 Broadway, between atttb
and 37th sts.. until 0 o'clock p. m. Adver
tisements received at the following branch
nffl.-'-s at regular office rates until o o'clock
p. m., vix.: 254 Bth aye., a c. cor. 23d St.;
153 t;th aye., cor. 12th St.; 92 East 14th St.;
West 41M st.. between 7th and Bth ayes. ;
2ti3 West 126 th St.; 1338 3d aye.. between
7>>th and 77th ata>; 1026 8d aye.. near 81st
at.; IT"S Ist a\* . near 4*9 th st. ; 157 East
123 th st. ; 7MJ Tremont aye.. 660 3d aye.
MICROSCOPES. gun». mathematical. «ur
gtcal and surveying Instruments: unre
deemed pledgxa a specialty. NICKLIN'S
VICTOR Talktnc Machine 111. exhibition
Eounjbox; cost $40 short time aco; will
iiell. with several 10-inch records, for «_a
Call 489 Union St.. Brooklyn.
DESKS, rolltops: partitions, railings, table*
safes, letter presses, counters, ahelvinrs.
clothing store fixtures: stores, offices fitted
Finn Bros . 28-82 Centre st
Are You
• Looking for
Rooms ?
The New-York Tribune's
Information Bureau, at
its Uptown Office, 1,364
Broadway, ha» on file all
the better class Board
ing Houses and Room
Houses. FREE informa
tion as to prices and lo
! calities.
Mall $1 50 for the book, handsomely bocad, 4
Chrifctmaa present that will be apjreUatei fey i..
Complete your library by placing on» of M^rr*! 1 !
Holiday tales among your collection. Addpe« C
mall to i.»..;
812 Souta B^«ray. Tonkers. N. T.
JL iso sth aye., has tha following positions to oar
College grad- as resident tutor; Instructor la Eli
matics and sciences: vocalist for college; sp«cu.j
physics. VTomen: French and Latin; Fr«cca a=d «-
English Governess. - - '~~
4 MINIATURE COOKER. H*ats room tn
a few minutes. hie.
per hour.
■ Indorsed by CL . /"T"\
physicians ar.l ail >d^^v (I 111
Satisfaction a Gl
guaranteed. <^ **
Flames inclosed- 6^l v
positively oderless. i_ i^PyQss^y
Win giv, trial in s O
your home. Send »-«■
postal. T>RTr r {.
IN ONE DAT than all •
■worthless substitutes <S
combined 1 will sail In >*^~>
two seasons. There ,/* — X.
must certainly be a ££!,""",'" .«
r«a»on for It. SU- V 7
VIO-3 reputation is es- r - 7 x^MfMP^
tabllshtd on Its merits. V/ i*T
Don't be persuaded by I •7** /J^v
dealers to expertn-.ent A. t&'f\) A
with new and worth- V Ujl UTB
Usa heater*. so-called ** O-^ OvJ
"lust as rood." Insist on 3UVIO. SUVIO
la the real HYGIENIC. ECONOMIC and
earth, and costs less than any Imitations.
Look for the name SUVIO and patent num
ber stamped on too of each SUVIO.
PRICES. 95c.. $1.15. $1.50
Liberal Discount to the Trade and Agents.
1070 B<l aye . bet. 63d end 84th its.
Sent prepaid". Tel. 1649 — Plara. Open Ets*.
OLD FASHIONED rag carpet BO cents per
yar4. rellaole upholstering; .—»••».
n«w amd remaking: folding beds repaired.
A L, SCHREIBKR. BS7 Amsterdam a/a>
Telephone 4434 — River.
HIGFTE3T PRICB paid for ladies", gentle
men's and children's discarded Clothing,
fine Evening and Street Cost~rr.«e. Jewelry,
Brle-a-Brae. Furs. eta. Mr or Mrs. la.
NABTAL. 748 6th aye. Tel. 670 — Bryant.
ABSOLUTELY highest prices paid for
slightly used ladles' apparel, evening and
strict gowns bought and sold. Mme. ROSS
807 :th aye. 'Phone. *297 — 1403 Bryant.
HALF-TONE and line work; catalogues and
color wock: excellent rwsults. low prices.
BANKBOOK No. S»B.158 of the Union Dime
Savings Institution la missing. Any per
son bavins; a claim to It ts hereby called
upon to present the same within ten days
or submit to having said passbook cancelled
ana a new one issued.
LOST— Bankbook No 451.41* of the Union
Dime Savings Institution la mlsatn« Any
person having a claim to it Is hereby called
upon to present the same wthln ten days
or submit to bavins said passbook cancelled
and a new oik Issued.
Marscheider Pianos, - 9 E *«t uth
Broadway and sth ay,. " HUtT-aTaSe
Pianos at factory prices on easy t'j-m.
ABRAHAM a ■nun
ANT INTELLIGENT pkrson* mar eiirn
$40 to 160 monthly. at home ",*' .paw
time. corresponding for n.w.pa™."'. no can
v«.*;n« experience unneces»ary. Send for
particular*- Press Bynrttcat> Lockport! N Y.
eel wavers. Call, two daya. liiabeVt.
X2M LBJtln*-taa a-v*, a —r »jtj» *-»«o«n.
Books and Publications.
Teachers' Agencies.
Wanted— A couple of good a**
tlsing solicitors on Tie Trite* $j
manac for 1907. Liberal coma*
sion. Address Advertising JDcap
Tribune Almanac, 154 Nassau street
New York.
$40 to $3O monthly, at .-.on:«. la «*£
time, corresponding for newspaj««: »•*-.
rasß'.r.*. experience unnecessary. =*=«,Y
particulars. Pr**a Syndicate. Lockjen**
BOOKKEEPER, expen#ne*l 'i« u^ - 5
along mechanical lln**: salary *M- **
Business Opportunity Co.. 1 ITala* 3«!»->'
CLERK, who writ** a good Sana; «■•*
p*rience In office work; 513 to *--^T
Business Opportunity Co.. 1 OM ixp^
MAN A aim so ■.nnoint agents *^J?
cr^at sdaatlio gam*. <■•-'-:. • vsr^'.-fJ
subaUtute forbidden slot rr.A -* lll ***; P^
wltn nickels, pennies or quarters »r «-^T
or cigars: finish beautiful. Uie "*** ■**
ter; rented or »old on aasy p*iT»afflajj
now in use, sample sent :r»e; B"*^J^
will please if an opera: la yva^**-T
United bportlag Goods itr«. Co.. *?«- •
Chicago. 111. - .
SIX weeks Instruction In trav»~la« ■•£
rrvanshlp; poalticn iruaraateed UP*???
pletion. Bradatr««t aystam. Kactsatrf. -^
SALESMEN.— in *st^*
soil general trade la New rm '"B£
unexcelled specialty ptcpoaicion; « 3?b»
©aney December 1 far t-» ba.aaojij^
year and Iyt>: coamilialor.s, wita »» ' v^
lv. The Continental Jewelry Co.. ue>"»'
Ohio. -.
WANTED— By an ageccy of 13 »JJ*
star. .. . two experlen^*l eollec^a 1*
cv men. to soiloit anj aueni to U«
of contracts r-a'> £rriSi«d for; **-^
future: stats former r art * a ?'i^^^K
Conaoltdited Co;:«cUn» d.. AinaeT. -J^,
WANTED —A triveir.Bg; salesman.«-»
been successful la any r«u-ar L~». 3
tract tor HK)7. J. A. KliweO. >i-.
Euclid aye.. Cleveland. Oii^
WANTED.— Immediately: isas '°,^M
school bulldlns: must ■jn.i9rs£aaai^ 4
low pressure s<rt±ni boilers; ss.ary . .t^j
month and home. Apply :n parson •»,
RichmonvJ Terrace. St George, s»«»
ajtd. . — **
WANTED.— A working farmer: ;***2?
must understand c.-o;>s, "*'" ! ""m3^BI
try. plough, dnv* op*n ar.d JS*s^3^B
»or*. ■• dairy, etc.; to board »«£>.
ur.fumlshe.i house jflven * rt **-J^., tr
eat particulars'. r»ft>rencee and Wjj
P«cteU. \V.. P. a Box 3i V*U*i '■*■
N. T. ~~
A CAPABLE. respoui.b!e and .£*7« a
business man. with well •«» r^7 J pi
will B iv» part lima r*pr*»«sC« W*
Eastern manufacturer or 't^t" jj^ji
pany In St. U>ul*. Aa4r— s J-£ ; ,
Chemical Building, ■'"•- -L-^
m ,,«:onary or church o^,^ *
buiW u» ± Sunday K^JfJ*
•rsrv »o» B^. Tribuc* O aca -
awed; test ref-renc.*; «W^.^
position as »»»:■■■• N w f es
Writ lTtri st- , -^
ADAPTABLE. tmetwor^F!»*ga«
d'.acipUne. «~ utl >* S^EW 10*
rtc^. to principal *•*«** **
an, c. W.. U'JJ Broadway ■___^^.^ %
ev.«y way. at P r «**" * AlS»^>
In* hou*>. .iesirea a c^si^-y-jasti ;
erences. Thor»u«n. Box »*^^^^,
**•■ - -^C*
BOOKKEEPER. •^fn^aT «=S!^
years e»P*ri*aoe. »" ,««». *^i
ing to time. M^.^O^^
I man. saUry •soected. i-»~ - n
i 50j> E*at Wta •*•

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