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Increasing Over $500, 000 a Year.
According to Census Bureau.
{From The Tribune Bureau]
TTach-rpton. Nov. 26.— New York's marvellous
,ncr«*«e in wealth in four years, which continues
?0? 0 Ke*p the Empire State in the lead as th
\, he d of a!! American commonwealths, is strlk
' !v ~ iun in figures Just completed by the
Cess" Bureau, to be Issued soon in the form
c i a monograph.
The prosperity which all the states of the
rr-ion have enjoyed in recent years has been
ere than shared by Xew York, which has
ghwT-. a material and unfailing gain in all its
■agrees of wealth. It has contributed more than
gar other state to increase the percentage of
r-o-n-'Ji in the fraud total of the national wealth.
which the census shows climbed 515.000,000,000
la the pe' iod from 1900 to 1004. The total
Bjasitli of New York, as represented in this lat
est census is nearly ?ir-/XH>.OOO,OOO. while that
cfthe United States is a little over $107,000.
The items considered as "wealth" in the com
rij'^tlon prepared by the Census Bureau are real
property and improvements, livestock, farm im
plements and machinery, manufacturing ma
chinery, pold and silver coin and bullion, rail
roads and thuMr equipment, street railroads, tele
rraph '<■■'■' ■ telephone systems, shipping, canals,
u-at*nv"rkP. electric po^'er stations, etc.. and
tr-classiSed property. In these investments the
State of N*e--x York at the end of the year 1904
had a total of $14,760.^42.207. In 1900 the total
wealth was $12,505,330,137, the increase, there
for", being more than KW0.O(K).000 a year, or, to
be exact, 363,712.070 in four years.
Xo other state approaches these figures tvlthin
several billions except Pennsylvania, the wealth
cf which, according to the recent compilation by
tie Cer.s-js Bureau, is $11,473,620,300. The
three other richest states are Illinois, with a
total of $8.61(1556.101; Ohio. 55.&46.969.460. and
Massachusetts. $4,956 578,913. It is a fact worth
noting that the five states mentioned have kept
at the head of the wealth column in the last ten
j-e&rs Fines a previous census estimate, and in
the same order. None of them, however, has
equalled Xew York in the percentage of growth
la wealth in four years, though there has been
& tremendous increase in Pennsylvania, espe
cially in railroads and equipment.
An interesting feature pointed out by the stat
isticians in connection with the figures lndl
catir.c the tnia! w.ialih of New York is the fact
that a !a:g>- amount of the increase is repre
sented by public property, the expenditures on
the Bubway and oth^r public improvements in
N-' York City being a large factor. This prop
etg 1s clfipsifipd in the census estimates as ex
empt from taxation. Its c- iwth in New York
is four y<--ars has been enormous, amounting to
aboßtf3oo.ooo.ooo. This has resulted in an in
crease r"T capita of the property untaxed from
Jlofiin K«x» to .?i<;s ■-. ir«o4. The total taxable
property per capita was $l,fiS4 in 1900, as
Bgalast 11.700 in the 1904 census estimation.
The eruir.-raTi^n for the census of wealth just
completed is believed to be the most accurate
ever mad ? by the bureau for this purpose. Spe
cial care was exercised in collecting the figures
in all parts of » the country, In N^w York the
report Of the State Tax Commission was util
ized In making th<> fnurr.eration of taxable
property, but th* census investigators also re
jfed on the work of epecial !^eius. the reports of
corre?pon<lr-ms and reference to statistical pub
lications of a trustworthy character. By mak
lv.g uy* 3 nf information from all possible sources
and rhpckir.g :lie figures carefully, it is believed
an exceptionally accurate table was prepared.
Fcr th» value of livostock and farm machinery
thebnreau had available the recent agricultural
ttnna: the report of the director of the mint
Hwwed the amount of gold and silver coin and
r'jliinr, in the state as accurately as was pos
rihlp to - rtain. and a bulletin of the Inter-
Ftstp Commerce Commipsion supplied material
for figures a.= to railroads and equipment.
The fhi^f items of the wealth of New York
BSde from ahem two and a half billions in minor
..'.ems. are shown in the following table:
?.?i. Tr y rr ar<l i-r-roverr.er.ts 18.181.019 <Vsl
*-*" • ."^k .. ifis.ae2.ol3
«MB top««nerit« ar.l machir,«ry . .'. . .'.'..'.'.'.'. 88.806.800
aMuractnrlns machinery, tools sad imr:e
mejw» ■ 4*l _„._.,
OM a-.-i rijver H n ar.'l ■ .....'..'..'.'. 4i2.R32.42S
*il™-* ,? r " 1 ; hr ' lr f -TJ'rra.-nt 688.220.000
IZ. ni } r 2* a '- te!^raph and telephone
.^ "— ". ""lilman and 7>nvpte an ship
li'/' rsr;i;f w*t«rway« and electric light
•na pow-r stations 1.151.475,308
Becomes Head of "Katy" Road—
Tzlo Xac Directors.
-*4nan If. Jollne. the well known lawyer of this
' :•'. who hap been Irman of the board of the
• -SFouri. Kansas & Texas Railway Company, was
.^nerday *! Pcted president, succeeding F. X. F!n
'(Z\ re , s!?red - James X. Wallace, president of the
<•*?*' T , rUSt Corn J i;in - v - aR d J. G. Metcalfe were
• -cm directors and members of the executive
cornmj'Tr-*.. to fill vacancies.
!^l ra ! Trun f: ° mP*r-rm P* r -r interests have long been
Wi t, f! ' , the rO *" 3 - Mr. MetcsJfe *°** Into the
"wo, it i r understood, as the representative of the
MM ? ?U:? U :* SX *' Tho rettrement of Mr. Flnney is
r-tr-4 «,- .'"'" f; ° :r ' li ' t0 hiS d " Sire to withdraw from
ffioec«ionß m«^?K nOt to , be the outcome of any
fharej of S2*"SS,S?S?? lon ° t the property. The
w ith heavy ftradi^^f,^!?^ 6 octive yeßterday.
f^t adva^V« S?^J?f* : d tho '■.-.amor, made a
U»^,^' po.nts an.i the preferred I*.
IT exrV'v^fr,?-,^/ oo * as , sald last, week, la ascribed
K!!l taW«Si J l > ;' rFOns to buying by the
"*n outlet Vr.'t rre?!^ c ?! of " ! > ta!nlnK the roafl
eystem. ■•■ Gjlf for the raihvays of the Hill
John D. Haclennan Heads New Firm Incor
porated with $750,000 Capital.
r, ,"'" ny N " 0V ' 25 -~" Am ? n S the articles of Incor-
SSl s^ • • k u»r^ those of the
Xew York.
D. Maclenia¥ I I' w^ - "" tors are John
'f.Ww Yoi'k A " nUaO1 > anJ R. M. Marsh, all
t££t v 3 "^^ tS IMI cn * lne - an « , on .
th. £• ;, NN ° v - ': E ™<^*>-- He is be.t known..
«lW«s£ci? rhar? * ° f t nUratif ' n punt
*V Li a ': 'aH cor ' trartin - Mincer for the
,1 di
<■*- Pa" r ?perv;slon? perv;slon that th « Flo, Ida I-ast
va " UM fiouth fro^ ' Medg*
_— n« Muthern terminal. This work Involved
Keep ChrivsiTnv^ : s?^^
With, aov, - - '.]i :^^
The <;. M. WHEELER grade Elgin \% >$> AN
make, ■ Christmas pjfl that pleases young %^s: \V W
end old. This name distinpuish.-s it from 6f *
the higher or lower price.! Klgin move.™;!,.
A better wau-h cannot U had a: a popular price.
Thia ir.o<j*-l-ftny jeweler will show it to you. ' " IWT^
»;j-«il>i NATIO.NAI. WATCH CO., Eltfln, 111.
■■» i^^3B^T^^^rST " w
Leaves New York 12.55 I*7 M.
Wednesday, November 28. 1906
Stopping at Kewark
Returnin leave Atlantic City 5:30 P. M. Sunday.
Reralat through trains leave New York 9:55 A. M. and 2:55 P. M. week days, 7:55 A. M. Sundays.
W. W. ATTERBIRY. j. r WO OI). r.EO. W. BOYD.
General Manager. Passenger Traffic Manager. General Passenger Agent.
Jcmes McGreery & Co.
23rd Street. 34 th Street.
Ladies* Suits.
On Sale in Both Stores.
Corduroy and Velveteen street Suits. With
Blouse-Eton, "Pony" and three-quarter
length coat models. Colors :— blue, brown,
green and black.
37.50 and 47.00
Broadcloth, Cheviot and fancy mixed cloth Suits.
Various models.
25.00 and 32.50
On Safe In Both Stores.
A very extensive selection of Table Cloths and
Napkins and all kinds of decorative Linens
at attractive prices.
On Tuesday and Wednesday,
November the 27th and 28th.
Table Cloths.
2x2 yards ,'5.25 and 4.2.">
2*2% yards 4.00 '• 5.25
2x.'5 yards 4.75 " 6.50
2Xx2K yards 5.00 " (i.75
2^x3 yards G.OO " 8.25
Dinner Napkins to match.
4.75 and G.OO per doz.
Odd dozens of heavy double damask Napkins.
25x25 inches . 3.75 doz.
value 4.75
26x2(5 inches 5.50
value 7.00
Maids' Caps and Aprons.
On Sale In Both Stores.
Maids' and Nurses' Aprons. All lengths (and a
complete range of prices) with or without
Kitchen Aprons. Artist's Aprons, made of
chambray or check gingham.
Butler's Aprons, made of check or butcher linen.
A complete stock of American or French Caps.
On Tuesday and Wednesday,
November the 27th and 28th.
Fine lawn Aprons. Various models. With or
without bibs and bretelles. Some finished
with embroidery.
25c, 45c, 65c and 75c each
James McCreery & Co,
Twenty-third Street,
Thirty-fourth Street.
the bridging and crossing of many miles of
marshy, tun-lra-llke ground skirting the edge of
the Everglades in Dade County.
About a year ago Mr. Maclennan was or.» of a
committee of three englneerp, William Barclay
Parsons, of this city, and Major Caeaiua K. Gil
lette, of the Engineer Corps. U. S. A., beln« the
other", who uncovered the scandal in the contracts
for the municipal plants of Philadelphia.
Galveston. Nov. "The Galveston Tribune"
learns from a reliable authority to-day that Charles
W. Morse, of New York, recent purchaser of the
Mal'.ory Line steamships, is about to close a deal
for the purchase of the Ward Line steamers, known
as the New York & Cuba Mail Steamship Com
pany. It is known that Mr. Morse was looking
into the New York-Cuban business when gathering
Into hie holdings '-he Mallory steamers and those
of the Clyde Line. The Ward Une company com
prises eighteen steamships. There .ire two new
vessels of B. 'oo tons each about ready for launching:.
[By Telegraph to Th« Tribune. J
Chicago, Nov. M. — Wheat was strong and on the
up grade until it was struck with the surprise of
2.Z75.000 bushels increase in the visible, a-- ngalnst
an expected increase of less tnnn \ 000,000 bushels.
The feeling of confidence kept the market from
■bowing any decided weakness, but the advance
that had occurred was cut down to ' 4 ■ in December
end He in the May. Corn was strong, more espe
cially for December, whlcn at the close showed an
Hotel Martinique
n'«io with entrance on BSII St.
The Latest Novelty in New York.
Table d'Hote Dinner Every Evening
from 6 to 9 P. M., $1.50.
i.mllrs 1 Luncheon served daily, 11 to 3.
A I :i tart? nil day at popular prices.
The Neapolitan Quintette performs during din
ner and supper. Tables reserved Till 7 P. M
FTxfrp'inr::jl accommodations for before and
after ih-atre parties.
Tel.; .lono— M idl «on
V. \l TATLOH .* SON IN<"
Also nf th.' St Denis Hotel.
advance of •%< The May c.'iin was Vie to *&« Oats
advanced *sc each for December nd May, and
provisions were firm at a silqht advance, notwith
standing ;t weak holding market.
■\Vheat prices at the star) were substantially at
the s^nie figures as when the session ended Satur
day. The sting to the bull:? was all In the tall of
the visible supply statement, the Quantity afloat
on the lakers elns reported 1.827.000 bush i- more
than it was a week ago, and that Increase on the
; lakes was the last Item of the report. The market
staggered a little and lost '-.<■ or bo of th ■ advance.
December closed .-it 73«-ic bid, against "<• to 731-ic
on Saturday, and May at >'„•■ bid. against :>■ ..
to :s-. s d.
Damp weather throughout the West was th« re
verse of what was needed for Teasing the ship
ping end of the new corn, and consequently there
■■■•i- some little uneasiness among the December
shorts In that commodity, and that communicatfd
itself to '•• May. which Improved with the pros
pect of hiprher prices for the near future. Decem
ber ranged from i2\' c. to lie, and closed at (2%r,
opainpt 0%, con Saturday. May went from -TV^c to
l:.','\ and closed at 43\e to 43 7.'-.7 .'-. against 43*~c 'on
1... market for r,m s showed a better f>.Mln»r. after
the rather persistent small dally declines of lan
week. Wei weather also helped to encourage th«
longs and correspondingly depress the shorts, mak
ing buyers of the latter for the time being. De
cember went from ";v to 53%& «n.i closed at 33140.
May fluctuated from 34" M o to 35' c. <~l"8ing at 35?.
compared with 34V on Saturday.
Provlslonn opened easy, owing to th* increane,]
movement of hogs, but the market developed decid
ed strength later on th« appearance of a nudden
demand for November lard from shorts. January
perk sold at 114 40 to $145,, off to $14 50. January
lard BOM at $S 35 off to ttSn4. and reacted to $3 40.
January ribs sold at W62 I.*1 .* to »a 66 to *8 70. off to
IS 67% to tS 70.
Kill ikiadv
"America's Greatest Railroad."
% huoscn river railroad
Trains leave Grand Central Station. 42d St.,
and. except the 5.30 am 102 0..".'». 11.31>
p. m. ; stop at 12:.th St.. 12 minutes latei
Buffalo- ts.::o, •ft.is. -lO.^* a. m . 102.
•i"«. «204. •4,80, '0.00. •8.00, •».«
•0.80. .11.3D p. m.
Chicago— «5.45 a. m. 'ion »3 30. •4.30.
•5.30. 'C.Oft. .00. .p. 3 .11 SO p. m.
Cincinnati— '2.o4. «3.30. »8.00. •'.» :i >. *11SO
p. m.
Cleveland -1.43 a. m., •1.06, •5.M »6.(0.
•8 00. «i».30. .11.30 p. m
Columbus— 04. •;,:•■>. -8.00, -.»"•"• p. m.
Detroit—^.43 a. tn.. . ; ,, ; -4 30. „;,,.,
»8.00. •0.30, «H. 30 p. m.
Indianapolis— ••.'O4 «5.30. »11 SO p. m
Montreal— ll2.lo. i 5.,,,. t.«45 a. m.. »7.00.
•7.80 p. m.
Niagara Falls— ts. 3o. »5.45 a m.. *10.20
a. m.. •1.02, M.06. «6.i»0. •SOD. "9.20,
•0. SO. m 30 p. m ." • -
St. Louis- -2.04. -,:;.! «11 3.> p. m.
Toronto— a.m.. «8 00. b'.t.SO. b11.30 p.m.
l»0fi a. m. and 3.33 p. m.. ex Sunday, to
Flttsfleld and North Adams; Sunday. 9 37
a. m.
Pullman cars on all through trains.
Ticket offices at 1-1!) 245. 415 and 121«
Broadway, 25 Union Sn. W.. 275 Columbus
A "i V 11" West 125 th St.. Grand C.-n'ral nnd
125 th St. Stations. New York; 33S and 726
Fulton st and Dot Broadway, Brooklyn.
Daily. tEx. Sunday. "Ex. Monday.
bEx. Saturday.
Telephone 'ono 3«th St." for New York
Central Cab Service. Baggage checked from
hotel or residence by Weatcott Express
vice Pres & G>r». Mer. Pas.'r Traffic Mgr.
Single Insertions 5 cents per line. Six
teen words, seven times consecutively. 11.
which entitles advertiser to have room)
entered for a period of fourteen days In
The Tribunes Directory of D«»irat>i«
Rooms. Writ* for circular.
Full Information concerning the.,
rooms may be had. free of charge. «'.
the Uptown Orheo of The -York
Tribune. 1304 Broadway, between 36th
and S7th sts.
11TH ST.. 1.1 EAST —The Alabama—Eie
gar.t'.y furnished apartment, ;.r!\ate bath.
$1 50 dally: Including .nea'.s. two, *-5 week
•y, 1 Be, Jls.
49TH ST., 0 EAST.— Large front m:nr.y
room, with l«ar(J; table guests; reffcr
60TH ST. 103 EAST.— Larta room '-ail
room; excellent table; tabl« board, week
or meal.
71 MADISON AYE.— second floor
front rooms, with board: other rooms;
families or gentlemen: references
•-•IST ST.. 150 WEST.— First class house;
larpe, newly decorated rooms connect
ir.sr, separate; family, gentleman, couples
Single Insertions 5 cents per line. Six
teen word*, seven times consecutively. 11.
which entitles advertiser to have roam*
entered for a pel tod of fourteen day* In
The Tribune's Directory cf Desirabi*
Room*. Writ* for circular.
Full Information concerning these
rooms may be had. free of char*", at tho
Uptown Office of The New-York Tr!bun».
1364 B'way. between 3«th and 17th »ts.
I24TH ST., 74 EAST.— Neatly furnished
front and bach parlor; for two or three
gentlemen. Hoebius.
EXCEPTIONALLY pleasant, cheerful, fiir
r.i=:.<''! alttlßfi ai mitable for
two; stoam tent, hath; ki'.-h<>n prtrCeges,
or breakfast; fS. Fltoh. 1770 Amsterdam
aye.. I4,"ith st subway.
127 TH ST. (349 St. Nicholas a-«-.' -Apart
ment 44: pleasant slnsl« rom?; ward
robe; warm, llcht. elevator. teierh->ne;
clean house; $3-$3 TO; Kfnt!enie n preferred.
MEDIUM sized, sunny mom, independent
entran.-n isteami; private family; moder
ate permanent party. 402 West 124 th st,
COMFORTABLY furnished rooms; well
kept private house; hath, privileges; ref
erences. 12TiO St. Nicholas aye. tnear sub
way. lfij*th st.)
PARLOR FRONT ROOM and small rooms;
elnple or couples; running water; heat.
7f> East ln-un st.
MTH ST.. 73 WEST.— Large nrd pmall
finny rnor.is: \lew Park; sel»ct; tele
phone; references.
44TH ST.. 160 WESTP.— Private house; man
only; large- front room, $10; medium
Fl7.e. $«.
DRESSMAKER —First class; Fr-nrh; per
fwt fitter. elegant laatsjitar; fancy waists,
evening and .-••'■ I {towns; material ac
cepted; r< > asonabl'*; "'it or home. Uueran
ger, 113 West l<Hth st
DRESSMAKER wlshea f»a- more custom
era; shirt and fancy waists; ilttratlons;
out; dally. $2. Hamaiay, M West {itith st.
FTP. GARMENTS r»mnl»-!l«'<i. ■■■'.< and
madp Into h« latest st; a al :■<. <l<»raf«
prices; fir;t rlasa work rant **•<!: order?
taken for ail kind of furs. I, J. Hanprr.an.
734 L»"x'.r.prnn avo., near 59th st . late with
C. C. Shayne.
FURS' REMODEH.BD ami alfererl Into
the newest styles at wholesale prices.
Deal with wholesalers and nave 50 per
cent. Pappa Bros . 204 West 34»h st.
LADIES. — W* or- continually selUnsj our
sam lines of SILK PTTTTICOATS nt
wholesale prices; why not take advantatre of
It? The Summit Hit Co.. 423 Broome at
OSTBT 1 *!! feathers, boas, stoles, cleansed,
•urled nn.l dyed In any deslrsl le co|, r o*
fine slossy black; equal to new (In
work Horstmann Parisian Feather : ■
Co . B8 6th aye . near Bth sv
SEAT. GARMENTS and other fine rum re
paired, redye'i and remodrlled Into Jatest
styles at exceptionally low prices: fur jtar
m»-nte ma to order. Mrs E. J. Rarker.
£63 Park aye.. near 77th St.. late with C. O.
Uunther's .Sons, sth sv*. Tel. 101fr-79th.
WE MANUFACTURE and sell furs retail,
at wholesale prices; convince yourself by
calling on us. Chai Hcrwltz. 41 East Sth
tt:. onpo«(t'» (Tie»ne st.
BANKBOOK LOST.^-Pankbook Nv>. C3U.l£7
of the Itowery Savings Bank Is mi«s{ng.
The fir.ier !s requested to return It to the
hank. If not real red b»f.>ro th<> JT:h day
of November. 1908 application will be
made to '•- bank for a new ho.3k.
BANKBOOK No. 44'J.521 of the Vnlon Time
I _.:,.■■:■ in Is missing. Any per
foh having a claim to it Is hereby call<vl
i:pon to ; resent the same wttliin ten flays
|.r auhroit to having Bald passbook cancelled
and a new one Issued.
LOST.— Bankbook No. 9O:s.M«t,-.. Bai ror
Savings. 2So 4th aye., New York. Pay
ment «to:-pei. Please return book to '■ ink
LOST.— Bankbook No. sr.d-iv.:. Rank for
Savings. _-> 4th aye.. New Y->rk. Pay
: ment stoppej. Please return boot: to bank
LvOST.— Bankbo->k No. 748.320. Dank f^r
Bavin??, _"■!• -*th ,:\.', Sen York. Pay
ment stopped. I'lf-as-- return book to bank.
LOST OH STOLJsX.— Bankbook No. 53U
31(1 of tl • Cerman Savli'otn Bank, in th<>
City ■:.... corcer -Hh aye. nd 14t*i
St.. Issued to Nathan Barccb. All i«»7?or..s
Bf rautlonet] ;iitnir..-t negotiating the a ar,
If not return-».i to thi> bank on December
IT. I 90«. a duplicate will be Issued.
LOST • •': ! T H.EN Bankbook Nr>. .'..17.
!«T<». "f the German Savlnea Mar.k. in tho
1 "it; '< yew Yorki efnier 4th aye. and nth
St.. Issued t.i Antonle Bninskola. All p-r- ]
s.in.^ art- ■ :u;tki:n»d nßainst !!»•»■ tlatlng t!u>
san:». If not retjirned to the. bins on I•■
cernfcer II ' ■"'. a duplicate will b* iasue 1
IX»S?T — Barkbo<^k No. 42T.r.4r. „n Dry Took
Sn'. inns lUnk. Atn per^'vi hiivlns clalraa
upon Mid book is called upon 1 > pres«nt the
same to the bank within th'rty lay* cr 'he
Bald baok will he declnrod cancelled an'l
extinguished and a r.e« cne issuo.l in U»u
LOST.=-Bankbook N.>. 453.328 on l>ry Dock
Savlnps finn!:. Any person hßring claim*
upon said book l« railed upon to present 'he
sain? to the ivirsk withi-i th'rt* days, or the
saH book will '* declareii can'^'l^d «nd
extinguished and a now unc ls3u»J In liou
thereof !
U1I!T OR STOL.EN.— Bankbook No 847.08H
of the German ■ Ingi Bar in th.» City
of New York, corner 4th eve and 14th at.
laauf ! to Lajoa Elchler. All perfona are
cauttonM against n»it' t'aMr.R the ntme. If
not returned to th» bank on the I2tn day of
I>rr»mber. 1006, a duptlca will be Issu-.i.
LOST OR ST'I.IN — Bankbook No. M 3.853
of the Or man Pivlns.i H^.nk in th<> Otv
r.t N"«- York, corner »•■ ai.\ and Uth i-t..
liUiued 'o OelU .1. Abht. All pen ar»
cautioned asalnal negotlatlni the »ani«». jf
not returned to th« bank on the 2lsl -lay of
p>,.irh>r, ii> ni. 11 ■''.; . ..1 - will i.» in« >la ,|
I- — til,'f
CAFE "management. v & ™
L»in. sac wln«; Sat., Sun., Hoi., COc. Ol.i
Mu:tttl Dlunir. 13.M Music. rri. room*
STATIONS foot of Waal Twenty-third St.
and Desbros««s and Cortlanoi Stj
|t7"Th9 leaving time from Dratrosse* and
CortlanUt Sis is Jive mlnutrs later than that
given below for Twenty-third St. Station.
ITED. — Chicago, Cincinnati
r.nd St. Lculk.
Il*I 1 * hours to Chicago.
•6.23 P.M. st LOina AND CINCIN
7.-..1 T. M. PACIFIC XX' -I Kr?!S.
•5.25 P. M. rLKV':t.\NP ANT) CIXCIN-
•7 Ki. S.-jr.. 9.25, •».», »10.» a. m., 12^3.
•1- 55, 1" i*3.2"i. '(■ •n(tr"^>iional Lim
'•■•■• . •.•".£">. •4.28, •4.::., •".'..". •> 2' p. m .
12.10 n!«ht. Sunday. 23, •!> 29 • 10.55
a. m. 12.23. «12 .V. i«."!.25. "Ccn«rreMlrrial
Limited"). '3.23. •»!». *4 65. '5.X, 925
p. m . "2.10 night.
SOUTHERN RAILWAY.— *3.2S. *4 23 p. m
12.10 a. m. dally
« 2S p. m. dally.
SEABOARD AIR L1NE.— 12.25 p. m. and
12.10 a. m. d.illy.
•3 23 p. m. dally.
a. m. week-days; •itt.Sß a. m. and *4.55
p. m. dally.
FOLK.— •T.SB a. m. week-days and 8 ">*>
p. m. dally.
ATLANTIC C1TY.— 8.55 a. m. and 2.53
p. m. week-days. Sundays. "7.55 a. m.
CAPE MAY .—12.53 p. m week-days.
Orove) fNcrth Asbury Park Eundavs). and
Point P>asant. 8 r.5 a. m., 12.25, 3 2n.
4.85 p. m.. and 12 10 nlsrht week-daya.
Fur.days. 9 25 a. rr.. and 4 55 p. m.
6.C5 '7.2*.. •7.65. h.2fi. (Ml. *9 23. 'OSS.
•flow •10."..*>. '11.55 a. m, 12 25. •12.53.
•t1 .35. -1.55. 2.10. 255. *3.25. 8 53. 4 25.
•4 25. *4 55 <«*4.55 for North Philadelphia
only). «5.55 '6.M, 8 55. 7 55. 825 50.
0.25 (9 55 for North Philadelphia anly)
p m.. 12.10 night week-days. Sundays.
606 *7 55 25 •!> 25, !> .55. *tlO f>s. *10.53
a. m.. 1225. «12 W. *tl 55. «1.55. »3.25.
5.58 *4 25. (•t4.55 for North Philadelphia
<.nty> *4 56. »5.55. *6.23. 7.65. 5.23. 8 55.
025 (0 55 frr Ncrth Philadelphia only)
p. m.. 12.10 night.
•Dining car.
Ticket offices. Nos. 4«1. 1354 an.l 170 Broad
way; 1"2 Fifth Avenue (below 23d St);
213 Fifth Avenue (corner 29rh St 1. and
Stations named above; Brooklyn. 4 Court
Street, 33« Fulton Street, 479 Nostrand
Avenue SOO Broadway, and Pennsylvania
Annex Station. The New York Transfer
Company will call for and ,-he ba«ax«
from hotels and residences through to
Telephone "343 Chelsea" for Pennsylvania
Railroad Cab Service.
Gereral Man«g?r Pass'T Traffic Manager.
General Passenger Agent.
' stjttovs 1 Foot Liberty St.. N. R.
MA '"'- J We»t 23d St.. N. R.
Time shewn below is from Liberty St.
West 2"d St. l<wveg in mlmitrs earlier, ex
cept as noted by designating marks.
J*l2 13. 6.30. saT.OOi ra«9.«o, 8.30. »9 00,
J«U>OO. •ll.u>. 11 r/> m*l2o». "no.
1.30. «2-00. "3.00. »4 Of) I*o.oo .'3').
m*«.oO. «7 i»\ •8.00) •»()<). p10.30 P. M..
3*12.13 mdr.
z»1.80. '3.00. I*lo.oo, 1«12.O). •:.*,•;•**.
»-e.oo. •7 00.
940 A. M. sl.oo, 180. k3.40. 44.18, ft '"-0
P. M. X 6.15. Sundays. S3". 040 A. M.
ATLANTIC CITY- «».40 A. M.. xl 00. k3.40
P. M.
GROV3 (Sundays, No. Asbury Park) —
Z4O>. 8.80. 11.30 A. m.. ex 12.41). 1.20.
p4.'*. 6.30, ••:;>>. 512.01. Sunday*, except
Ooan Grore, z4 00 ft.OO A. M 4.00.
8.30 P. M.
Tlrr» tables KrrtOS trains to KAPTON.
WILLIAMSPORT and all other points can
ba obtalnej at >wlna; offices: Liberty St..
(West 23d SI . Tel. 314-4 Cheljea). 6 A^t^r
House. 24.*. 4"4. 1300, 13.M Broadway 183
Cth Ay. 2SI Sth At.; 25 l T nlon Square
West, ari«» 3d Ay., 100 « «t IZStn M.. Sift
Columbus Ay.. New Tork; 4 Court St..
343. "44 Fulton St.. 47'> Nc?trand At.,
Brooklyn: -Wi . Brcad-rav. WllllamsbuT-s.
New York Transfer CO. calls for and checks
t-.iitg L(e to destination.
•Pally. tPaily. except Sunday. pSun
days. J Parlor cars only. aExrept ?atur
■a'" niDlnln? car. except Sundays. xSat
urdays only. zFrom Liberty Pt. crly. §Dln
ini- car Sundays. "Dlninir car daily.
Fr.7m Twenty-third Street e1 2. 20 P. M..
-4"" P. m. j11.50 P. m k3.20 P. M..
13 : 0
\Y r; PE«T.KR. TV. C. HOPK.
Vi -« I'r.-'B & Gen Mar. G»n. Pass' r A Rent.
"Every oih»r hour Ml th» even hour."
Leave New York City. ZM St. Lib' y St.
•WASHINGTON', Sleepers, - - 130 am
•WASHINGTON. Direr. 7.50 am son am
•WASHINGTON. Din^r. 9W>am in am
•WASHINGTON*. Diner, ll.SOani 12.<n)n'n
•WASHING! '■ .' v -'. I.B»pm 2.00pm
••'ROYAL I-TT> .•'!••:--. 3.B©pm «.oOpm
•WASHINGTON, Diner, SSO pm iii')pra
•WASHINGTON. Buffet, 8.80 pm 7.W pra
• islly.
Through Pally Trains to the Wast.
I^Rvt. New York City. M ■ Pt. Ll'n'r St.
CHICAGO. PITTSBCRO. 7. 30 am son am
CHICAGO. COLUMBUS. 11.00 am 12<>inn
"PITTSBURO LIMIT'P." 6.60 pm 7.00pm
ST.LOI'IS.LOriSV., 1.80 am
CIN ST.IX>I"is.IiOI*ISV., 9 si» am l'"> "0 am
CIN ST.LOriS.LOtTISV.. B.OOpm «.«>pni
■ if. Ec: 24.1. 4.14. ni°<> Broadway, 8 Astor
House 103 Greenwich St.; 28 t.'nion Square
W 801 Grand St. N. Y. . 343 Fulton St..
Brooklyn: Weal 3M ft. an! Liberty 31
A (tor •p. m. Sleeptr.s '* ar Reservations
and full Information reaardlnii trains, Me
can ba obtained " Bureau of Information,
p. & O R R.; SSd St. Terminal. "Phone
No Chelsea 3144.
Lackawanna Railroad.
Ltuve N. V.. Barclay Christopher. \V. 234
♦ 8.00 A. M. — For Blr.pharpton an! Elmlra.
•10 0O ». M.— For Buffalo. Chlcaco and St,
•1.40 P. — Tot P'iffalo anl Chicago.
t4.CO P. M. — For Scrnnton and Plymouth.
t*6. IP P. M. — For HiiiTalo and Chicago.
•8 ■».'• P. M. — Tot Buffalo Syracuse Ithaca.
•2.00 A. M.—Cnlcago— Sleeper* i'jjen 9.59
P. M
Tickets »t 143. 4?9. 1183, 147.4 Broadway.
N T.: 3*9 Fulton Ft.. B'klyn 'Daily.
♦ Except Sunday. zLcbv*s Christopher St.
t. 10 P. M. woekdavs.
N. T.. N. H. * HARTFORD R. R.
Traina depart from Urand Central Station.
4?<l St nnd 4th Aye.. as follows '. r
BOFTON*. via New 1., -. P.i, n & I'rov— tJS:OO.
■• |»:00, •x!|lO:O2 A M . ft!:***.
•xl 1 m *x!|S:OO B:0O, •• - ■(>;. ••1? OO
P.' M :" v!» WIIMm«BHr *"*-n\ A. M
tZrfM r. M.: Mn 9pM.— tO:M A M..
12:00 ♦ ' 00 'lltfOP. M.
Wor'ster *• FttcK, via Putnam. trV.Vt P. M.
T^kevillo • Ncr?.— M>:4» A. "I + " "1 P. M.
Gt Barrlncton Stookbi ■}*• fS:SI*P. M.
fi.M mm. tS:4O A M an«l M:SI P M.
Ticfeel nßlren a; cGrand Central Station
Knrt riSSth St.. nl«.> «» c2«S. 1200. cISM
B'way I-, fnicn Sqtnr*. cl"<2 Fifth Ay»..
S4n 'i*ii!umliuj Aye.. pIMSI Madison AT*..
rI(W w. lU'th St.. 27!>s Third V- la
Brooklyn, t-« Court St.. 470 Kestraod Ay«.
30« R'way.
•Dally. »£xrept Pun<?«ya 'Stop* at
121 th Si 1-' - •■ ISSth -• SomtaT* i'v
tPnrk>» '"■>: TJmtted ' : Haa »!lnln«r car.
r"|rtor -• • • -.-■«.• i -» - -I^Jt^t" n'««
II F fel lln IK] Wfi [I II F V
L l .- is. L.J 1; i.l ud \] !t Ib it. li= U 1
Toot of We« 3d A . Cortlandt aai l)esbrps§es Sti.
i; • Dally. t Kice^l >uaJ»T Bua<ia*: ■7.2 J.
I hO.TS. dUC e;4>. i-*U\ n'vSW x">M:
L. > . V . A U J. V . l«
Maucb Chunk- T.cK-.a: I m» a » ♦« 4.> a m
'• it ■ 1 KxpreM I ••!.*» »Si '<". .*i> » m
Baffalo E\i>re« *Im>.«) a m "ir»V)AM
HLAi X UI.vMOXD I'XV *.is> • » «i 200 r«•
Mi ich 1 banK »n.j Uazlotos •i.'-'5 I 1I 1 ii*dl3.4o p v
Wllkei Exprisi | *t 13 v\\ t4 li 1 p ii
Eastern opal M 10 P i 'lain
Chiracnanil TT — B n Fin •:.' 10 pij'sSlCpii
THE BrFKALO TISMN .1 • . si • •iWy»
" Tleitvtiian(tPuUVn*n sccuromcxUtlotn 14S.CU. Jsa
* ■ >V' :'.roartw«r. 188 s»n Atw.,El •"»■•■ -r sq \Vf«t,
N. \~.\ 2S Knlton St. 4 Conrt ?'.. l79No*trandATe.,
390 ilr.iH-lWiir ,t '. 00: Ful'"" >'.. l>t>>oklvn.
S. v Trr-.-jj •.••< ay" ■ ■ leßeekbssjgege.
Pj) fry (« nj* i(T» \M <tI " 1 f"^'» 'n SS*m Eng
d) lUi U Ii till ii\i Un.l. l.«dUc«U Kalea.
»- \<A i:l\Eil USE via Ntvpeti an i Kail
River Fare* reduced to all points, lie-ton.
*•' 1:. Ni ..L..n. i"a.i Klver, »- »a»: nn.
dene*. IJSU. I.\e. Tier 1.-. S. K. i.. War
ren St.. week days ard B '...-. »:i«i i«. v.
tu,. PrUcllU .in* I'urltsn. Orchestras.
NORWICH LINK »la Ntw I.oii<l n i.-avn
Pier 4". N. R. foot ''-'' '" n St.. *-X days
only tv I. V !rt<>araer». City of L»jw*.: ai.d
rht-ster W. rhapin.
NEW IIAVEN USE for New Hiv.n,
j Hartford in « North. L*av« Pi-r V* E R
1 «Kk d».r« on! . ! M 1' M.: foot Eait SM
tt 3 >■ M oleamer Richard P<»-k
Steamer* C W. MORSfc and APtRON-
I)A> X «:tprn«tln(f. tv. Ptal » N. i: . toot
of « unai st « J' M. dally (Sundays *i .
t«t.i*n liloct , i !«• tl r. with rail iln-» «
Albany for points North. E»st. aat] West. .
»*av» ri<-r 43. N. R. week-da»». « P. K.
uil IS M\ M Uvl
8. IS. 20. 22. 24. •_••;. 30 w.^r F.>nrrfvnth St.
7, 9. 11, 13. 13. 17. 10. 20. 21. 22. SI 24. 2.",. 27 sad a *mi Thirteenth St.
Three Pine Lots of
Irish Point Curtains
Mad? on best npt — bcn«!?om«\ shrrry bf»rder<i . r npnt noveltr dp"izas»
— plain centre or with pretty vin*»s — all ."Hi jrarJa lon-?— full width —
finisbf^rl back etlge. which pives il<ni!>!»' -T-»-i-tli.
2 OR flir ?.',..-><) I >*j OR for $7..V) j .-7^3 for s-1 '"
O.yO curtains. | «J,VC? Curtains. | /V J Curtains.
E^st At! Woo' BteritoWH
Best Ca|ofi
At Reduced Prices
There's a reason — it's this— manu
facturer had no white, but hnd a
surplus of Pink. Licht Blue. Red
and Gray— We made an offer for the
lot. and, to our surprise, it was ac
cepted — that's why we can and will
sell Best Eiderdowns nt following
reductions and in such good-Jtints.
too: —
M ct. kinds 75
SI) ct. kinds 69
70 ct. kinds 59
59 ct. kinds 44
Plain. Rlpp> and I-amb's Wool —
single and double fac«.
49ct. Sii'i ZepljTS 29
Dainty fabrics In various ssel|> stripe*
ami overlaid dots In combination color-
Ings; also Polka Ppo's In self tones and
email checks — Just a* good for winter cv»
n!ng wear as for Summer Gowns!
?Sct. Black Taffeta Silk 47
2« Inch — •'guaranteed" — heavy rustl* er
soft chiton finish— bright, full lustre
most seaeonaMe offering!
49ct. Tailored Scitirgs 29
M Inch — full assortment of this season's
favorite mixtures In Grays. Blue. Tun
and Myrtle — Ilia— goods ax* elsewhera
sold at 40 cents, our rrle» for next three
days — 29 cents!
Last Two Days of
These Thanksgiving Sale Specials
All Linen Table Damasks
Irish. German ar.d Scotch Full Bleach. '
Half Bleach and Cream —
60 to 70 mch — usually .*&.. ........ .49
66 to 70 usually .8». ......... .69
All Linen Napkins
Full Bleached— l« Inch— \ Oft
worth $1.29 — Special— doz»n $ •""
$1 OS quality 21 Inch— dec 1.49
$2.4'> qimllty 22 Inch— 1.98
$3 20 quality ... 24 mch — 2.69
gUfcerligi Table Bamasks
Beautiful copied from n
highest (rrade IJnen Damasks - 2y
BS inch— worth .45 j •"•*
Epeclal values in wider to TO Inch —
.59 .69 ■•■■ .79
"Worth Special
19 inch W ess .79
21"* inch ?1..«K» oos 1.19
24 inch $1.79 das 1.49
Hantiidsti Table Sets
Full bleach Austrian Linen — "1
deep H. S. — ready to use— I
8-10 cloth doz. napkins— f o.fc>3
worth SJKJM -
Extra Heavy— Silver Bleach 1 __
or pure white — special $ •4.y0
E*tra fine Satin r>amiisk — > „ __
full bleach— worth $8.50 ... ... $ D.WO
Fame an above — extra row » ,
drawn work— value $9.30 5 •♦•«'
Abov» sets cOßaaisa 8-10 cloth and
one SBSSS napkins.
All Linen Pattern Clotts
Pure Scotch Linen — newest patterns —
with border all around, which gives
a handsome and complete finish.
8-4 size 1.49-1.79--2.29-3.49
Instead 0f.. .. $1.98... .$2.6». ...$3.9S
&-10 1.98- -2.49- -2.98- -4.49
Instead of $2 29 ... .$2.98... .$3.2* . . .$5.49
8-12 sue 2. 29 2.79 3.49 4.49 5.19
Instead of $2.69 $3 19 S3.&S $0.49 $398
larger to 4 yards— correspondingly low:
NAPKINS — To match—
Medium size— per dozen —
1.69 1.59 2.29- 2.98- 3.79
Nearest, most desirable design*.
Toweis and Towellings
Al.!A 1 .! Mnen Barnsley Crash— \ _
16 -inch— usually 124 cents ? i*
Er.tra Heavy a:! Linen— I
plain and twill— worth .15 S.l3K'*
Vales Llnrn Damask Towels — ) _„ ,
knot fringe— usually I' 3'» J.I»» j
Damai-k Towels — rows open ) <qu. '
work - kr.ct fringe— worth .23 5.10^ j
To-day, Tuesday, Until I P. H.
To prevent dealers buying,
we rejserve privilege of restricting quantities.
ttlack r.roadcloth and Panama ot 'S3xli>.« ft.— la from rank for satisfactory
ilesirable Quality -also niannlsh w«ar and decorative. affect —
imlxtur*-*— full kilt. kr.*c or box [handaema Oriental and Mettelrtaej
!pl^at>-J.! pl^at>-J. mir with fancy tai'.cr 'i»sl*ri>» — perfect snrota — 0 (■;
;br.i!l and huttrin Uriah— ~) DH. wett»i gt>— Special O.C?
recularly $.-».4V *«" ° rHIRD Kl>«>R-XEW FfTLT-TN >
-k -i.N-- FtOOR— NEW BI'ILPISO. !
FINE VELVET PLATS i Extra sj— nu "■ Inches ■»
New preeaed tug" — round. bc!l or full sattn bleach — handsome
[high crowns-^ designs— »i.!ep.,lM f"r arenaral asa>
P!ark. Gny. Navy, and save the better cloths — --J —
White, Brown. Garaet. 49 ct. Thank^civtojr Sparta: iSN
•Fame Hats sr'.d elsewtier- 110 MAIN rux>R NEW bmli:\ I
at eg 4-, J.-iy
: ;i. 4 fti> fij>>k-west building. ipOINT.VEXISE LACE ALLOVER3
■ ' ' Al«o «>rt»nta!» — white and cream —
WOMEN MVS rich perfs I ■ yoke*, waist* Jf>
VEILING W\ISTS«nd trimming*— worth -*9 •*•>
wide s'lk emVd paneV-clu.ter pVat^ ' MAIN FUX)R-CE.NTRE BnLPLNft
■front p.n.l bn^k— b:aok. white. MERCERIZED I>n»»T ivq ~ ~
rtr.k-dr»"s»y waists of 1 AQ permanent silk lustre. a» they ar«
$3.<«> <j;»llty— .\! ralcg Special '• ' y meroer! re<l In seas* black.
tEOVNT* FLOOR— NEW BUILDING. r-ar.i. HsjM blue. pink. .-hampa«n«.
j. ; reseda, gray, cadet, cardinal, navy
CHILDREN'S Ripple COATS quality never r-efor» *"' : . d . und .3»~ '1 •'
\ tllia>ur..N •> r: ,. €ri : OWI , yy* la Vor Morning Sal* *
Bca ityle*— belt or Inverts! pleat » VSEMEXT -CENTRE Bl*ltX>lN<».
back— rollins <:r lame sailor collars ; — .__„, r.-wrt) BOTgl
Itrimmea.wtth atlk pilmper FINE STEEL DLNNEIC KMM.S
jhraU— well ftr.'.ehed and Itred— 1 1 r Modluni slie— celluloid
Blithe to 3 yr»— worth $U" '« l y hamlles— elsewhere $3.00 doiea— I |>n
SECOND Fl/SOR-CENTRB Bt*ITJ->INO Special— '.>aen J '""
Ca9alm*r*», iHr.'.uroy— navy. srar «nd Not »ktn»py. poorly mad* kind*, but
'brown mixtures— patent wai»t bands— I full cut. thoroughly finished and d.»latUy
I holdfast buttons ani t3r»*d «en:ns — primmed with silk scattered ruffle* <Q
ilea an si— 3 ssis .35,^^ £&£&%& ••Bfii^yq
j thihi> nopu-rKNTRE BfiLPix-i j WOMEN'S FLEEC'D SDERWTI
lid ivi-i»r« VilT' tTtmT* IIFH^ ; Vests and Drawers— Maco yarn —
BLANKETS FOB i.aui.i. BtWJ , , Wl am — w sli stsssj ir
Heavy white Fleece Cotton— best reg-u!arlv .3> .IV
rrske. bu: "the run of the mill"— that Is, MAIN FIOOR — WEST BUILDING.
you take 'Terr- an you find them. \fri-, i- < • /', ' ! > BlTPrva
with a sttstit spot or uneven border. MEKL t-UULD EL.Nj.
hut no hole* or tenter ■••*■ ■ '"'*" ■* vm lu * tr * ''•»"-"» v: » f?r
perfect price would k* ♦- .(*>— 1 Hf) {•»»• work and Jacket linings—
Fo- Morning Sale. Just half a • L/l - |f fan.-y end stapl* shades- >«* black ] J
Remember- IMS price Is for the pair. — li> el qualltr— TMs Mornlnr •"
BASEMENT— NEW BUILDINO. } ■>■■■■ it biudiwi
BOLD UNTIL 1 P. M. ONLY No Mail or Telethon. OrAsjß),
Women's Lo^: Glotcs
All the proper lengths and col
ors for day and evening — best i
qualities — no Inferior kinds: —
Sued* — 12 but' lengtb—
Bl.ick and White 1.89
Su-»d»— l2 button length-
Tan. Brown, Gray. Black. ........ 2. 30
Sued* — 1* button I«ngt!j
Tan. Gray. Brown ..••...•2.69
Glace — I button length —
Tan. Gray. White, and B'.a^k 1.98
Glace — 1« button length — """Tilt*,
Tan. Red. Blue. Green, Gra.r..>»'3.49
Selections la KUHncry
Dolls and Games are to occupy
part of .Millinery for holiday
business — therefore reduced
prices for quick clearance.
Wom»n'» Ready to 'Wear Hats-
Black an.l — vilm II ♦» ..... .89
Wor •-•» Fancy Braid and Vel-rst
Dress Hats ßlack and colors—
value .85 ..... . m... .66
Girls* Colleir* Hats —
Black and colors — .S3.—.—. .89
Decorative Goods
Main *»!*:■•—:■•**,
Silk Damask Piano Covers—
rtcV.r fringed — usrrv
mer.t cf da»lraM9 colortr.gs — "5 Oft
value. J5.9S O»>O
Silk TWaasi Piano 00-^rs —
R».l Mj.Ttl» O1St«
Crimson Apple Gr««a 'jo.l
full ssasjßSk heavy hand, J Ojl
knotted BrßssS "«'O
Large assortment of holiday nort!
t!es. fancy tox«s. tincuehlfiis. hat
pin holders, coat hangers, »«fa,
cushions, eti?.. that m»K«> vary ac
ceptable Christmas t'.izs — a: mast
reasonable prices.
Fine CsUnpi Sets
a pc ft. g— :l-» ••»« handles —
•terllngr silver ferrule ß and 9 trtrtl
clmeter Elsewhere »X6O 1.49
Carver and Fork — Jos. Hod«*r»*
max? 11 — iv*?nfj«9 oaauiw — v— c*jr
tempered steel blades— special.. ....l.QS
8 pc. Set— finest st»et b'-a-1«<»—
•ta« handles — silver mounted—
8 styles— in silk lined cas*. ...... —4.9S
Carver and Fork— haniTlee —
8 Inch ctmeter blades— worth 51.4 A.. .©3
Silver Plated Ware
nar»t Jags — quadra?!* p!a.ta top —
Crack»r Jar* "1 '
1 Mi:k Holders
Fern Dishes *3
i Nut Bowls L «o*4ropU - q
I Butter IMshe. P»»^ *' V
Bread Traya t l - 23 vaJue. j
j Pickle- Casters
TEA quadruple plate— • '
lAteet shares and decorations— *
4 piece!" — special prices;—
I lew sets. ...4.49 ' 110.88 sets... -8. 93
8.98 5eta... .5.691 12-«» —■■ O.IHJ
CSct. Te«*po<m» — A Aor A1...H dx. .44
$1 12 Tablespoons— or Al. . da. .84
St. 12 Forks— AA or A 1... hi da. *84
Vi ct- Medium KniTe« _..... da. .79
j $1.40 Butter Spreads ...^....Hdi .98
. 60 ct. A. D. Cbffe* 5p00n5..... 1 * da. .4Q
Oyster Forks di .79
98 ct. Pie Forks— At «4 da. .69
29 ct. Condensed Milk Spoons. . . ..ea. .17
2& ct. Sugar Spoons — or A! SSSft .17
I 28 ci. Butter Knives— AA or Al.eavch .17
: 4S>ci. Meat F3rk» ........ .._..»*ch .39
' €9 et. Gravy Indies each .3
$1 49 Soup Ladles each .9S
j Soup Tureens — special value 3. 93
Also Special SALE values In
Lace Novelties In
7:': ani Sl.ctoard Scarfs
: Imported Scarfs of 8»!n. Net SB
1 Applique — allover or plain centre* f\ o
I — inches iocs— worth $;.2» •> O
Squares to match. .831
' Another Lot finer Imported
Scarfs aad Square* — similar AQ
: to above— worth .6» •TV
Handmade Renaissance Scarf* —
Allorer lace or linen centres — t f\ a
20x54— splendid value 1 .VO
Irish Linen Scarfs and Squares—
h&ndsewe-i »ires or hemstitch also
i corners of Mexican lace drawn "1 A(%
j work— 2CrS4 and BBSM J.^V
j Handmade Renaissaoce Centre Pieces—
Al'over lace or linen centres— 7O
24x24 — worth $1.25 . ./y. /y
Eatra. values Is Saer to $!_££»

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