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Ponderous Commercial Truck* At- \
tract Much Attention.
• p J
' ■»* The Grand Central Palace was asata the 1
Mecca for automobile lovers yesterday, nnd la
• the evening the aisles were almost Impassable, j
Amonr the visitors were August Betaaoirt. Mr. j
: -and Mrs. August Bolmont. •■■ r lor Cooper |
■ Hewitt. Ojrden Mills. Mr. and Mrs. Charics I
' CMste, T. s-, "• n Tailor. General Horace Porter, i
: Prank TV. Savin, Henry O. Trevor. William Jay '
/. Echleffelin. Fchuyler SchlefTcMn. Mr. and Mrs. ;
r>r .J^alph N. Shalnwald, Colgati Goyt and red-*
• crick Edey. !
rsr- O©l/>ne] and Mrs. John Jacob Astor paM their '
'■first visit to the show early in the afternoon. I
7 remaining- an hour. Mr. Astor said Tip expected j
'. to pay Feverai more visits. He expressed his I
-■ surprise «t the extensive exhibits. Other after- j
noon visitors were Mrs. G^-orpe Moore Smith. ;
Miss Smith. Harry Payne Whitney and Bradley ■
Th« paid attendance at the show has thus far
been about Tirt per cent Greater thnn It was last !
year, Hcoor<llnjr to one of the officials. From (
Saturday r.'.RM until yesterday afternoon more
. # than twenty thousand persons nave paid to en
tar the Grand Central Palace.
V-x^ rJ. R. Herreshoff, the yacht desißner. ; ■".
i - though pic^iiiess, cani« down to pot in touch >
"' with the show through the marvellous por
eeptlv* fatuities of his fipsrers. was eecompa
' sled »xv Mrs. Herreshoff and Harold, -who acted ,
as his pula^. After strolling ail through the
•h«rw. and havinc felt all that vas there, he
dropftftd in at the Bmsier and Cleveland booth. i
The p«~w»r ar i merhanlral lines r<f the Tsrasi«T j
models Impressed him. but the=<» hn was thor- j
eturrily familiar with from his old Acquaintance j
with the Braslr-r products. Th« rakish and
•pteflr looking: hlaiM sir.d white Cleveland .«j>eod
car he llngwma over almost lovingly; his facile
2nsers followed the. lines of the fenders, the j
a ■h&pe* of the p<*ats nnd upholstery and the •
taper bonnet. Ftandir.g on th* low platform, h«
remarked that the tfrea were thirty-six inches
after fee!'.T.e» their height, but as he stepped hack :
•ff the. platform ho paid: "Oh, no; they are only
thlrty-tfonr Inches, because your platform is two \
Inches high."
Bie supply c? cards for the dinner of the
Aotioniobile Club of America on Saturday n'.ght
Isms already been UMtetf, The seating capac
ity of Fherry's ballroom Is S3 The dinner
committee pees trouble ahead, as n number of
men who had expressed their ir.tention of at
tending the banquet have not yet applied for
their dinner cards. They will be disappointed.
The laaotaM motor hansom cab has arrived.
Xt was a late ■ mar at the Frayep-Mlller booth
last sight, and attracted no en I of attention. In
tppearance the new hansom Is not unlike its
electric brother, having the driver's seat hljrh
Id the rear of the body and being equipped
with a lever steering pear for quick turns.. in
the Prayer-Miller booth is another novelty, a
chassis with an electrical attachment for the
purpose of showing the complete air cooling
•yetem in vogue In all the cars from this fac
' Many clsltor* whose time Is limited cover
the main floor, and of course miss an important
part of the exhibition. <>n the balcony floor are
, a score r.f American and foreign c&rs, to say
■ nothing of the commercial vehicies, which are
rlways Interesting to the business man. Al
tnost hn'f the pf-cor.d fioor is taken up with ex
hibits of motor cars, the remainder being de
cotod to accessories.
Among the. mor.sters at the show the 10.000
pound "America: 1 ." truck, built fit L/ickrnrt,
N. V.. is the biggest ga.sr.k-re machine on view.
Its massive proportions nro brought out by con
tract v.ith th<* lighter type of touring cars in
adjoining booths. Solid rubber 7-lnch t'rea en
velop massive wheel 11^ inches between centres.
Th«- tru«k is of the sectional s:id« stake type.
Kith a platform 12 IWt by T* feet, and a verti
cnl fotir cylinder motor of about '.','» horsepower,
carried under the front seat. Thr-re is a sug
feni'>'» <>f the locomotive in the design of the
oj>er:iti!>,tr levers, and the running board just he
lov lto« driver's wat, and also in the big metal
bumper in front, which looks as if it could run
a streetcar «>ff the track and never notice it.
The monster among the electrics is a 10,000
pound stake truck, with a novel and highly effi
cient four wheel drive. The axles of this truck
are ma*:.' <>f ina::jrnnese. bronze, forked at the
I■ : .as to permit th* pivoting t \ ... ir ■ • lad
Hy eh-ctric motor, which is i>olted to the iniiC-r hui>
of each wheel It is fitted with rubber tires—
the most recent pattern of twin solid tires on
the rfar wheels — but the builders adv.' ate the
us*- of a wood tire, specimens of which are on
i-^idfts wr-re bring reported by almost every ex
hibitor yesterday. Oommoder*' Frederick ■■„
B"urne a:;d Jefft-rnon Seligman bnueht Rolls-
Boyce cans. Several t=a'cs of Nationals were
mao> in tl;<» enenlng. F. I. Van d<--r H«-rk. of this
city, bought a six cylinder 75-horsepower tour-
Ir.g car. Btophen Van Allen, of Jamaica, Long
Ifcland, bo-.isl.t a car of the same design. Sen
ator A. W. Paige, of Bridgeport. Conn., pur
chased a 10-horsepower Berliet touring car.
Among th« prominent visitors at the show
ftrterdny was Jl^nry A. Van AlPtyne, State
Er.ginctr and Burreyor of New York. In com
f-i.' with A. \\. P.-irrUnßinn. pecor.d vlce-presi<
flent of the Long It-land Motor Parkway, Ino.
Mr. Van Alstyn* sited the city to consult with
the plan and scope committee of the parkway
concerning the various types of road construc
tion to be used in the. new Long Island rating:
According to Mr. Van Alstyn*'* opinion, it will
b» possible to utilize local' Long Island road
bufldlng .material, thus obviating the necessity
it Importing outsiding material and assuring
Pi* completion of the course at an early date,
Mr. Van AlFtyne's opinion is highly considered
or the plan and scope committee on account of
I his extensive experience in road building. He la
I now preparing rpeclflcatiors for Feveral tj-pes of
road construction for experimental purposes be
fore tli** contract for th« new course, Is let.
Thex* was an Informal gathering of aero en-
CiuEla-'ts at dlnnf-r at « o'clock at the Murray
Hill HoteL Among the number Trere Octave
Chacute, of Chicago; Wnlt*-r Wellxnan, Major
Herse?-. Cortiindt Fi«Jd liishop. AM. Herring,
Thomas Baldwin. Augustus Pest. Carl Dlesbacn,
C. H. Taylor. Alan Hawl^y. "William Hawley Dr.
Julian T. Th^sia?. Professor I>avld T. Tod a, B.
H. Cuxtiss. V. O. Stevens. Israel Laolow, pro
fessor Fickering, of Harvard Univerrtty; c. M.
Manlf-y tad J. C. Ijr>« Mr. Lake la as rmioh
- faterested In sjhJps that sail In th« air as In
Chose which nil under the water.
▲nno-incemeßt was made last night by the
exhibition committee of the Automobile Crab of
. America that the eighth annual automobile show
would be held In the Grand Central Palace dur
- Ing the letter part of IfiO7 Next year's show
<vlll be, like all of the club's previous exhibitions,
an ucrertrictea exhibition of automobiles and
accessories, open to manufacturers from all
pans of the world. Tt.ls announcement. It was
explained by Bt-cretary Batter, was not because
the present show has j.rovM eoch a <?rreat suc
cess, but to n«ure Independent dealers that the
Automobile Club of America will remain In the
field until such tlm^ as restricted shows in K"ew
York have become a thing of the past.
The American Motor Car Manufacturers* As
sociation will give a luncheon at the Hotel Man
fcattan this afternoon at 1 o'clock.
Lead Thirty-nine Other Machines In Race
from Paris to Monte Carlo.
Paris. Dec. '""•*• for touring cars, Con
00. da -roiarite. between Paris and Mont*
Carlo, wHch bepan here on November 28, was tin-
Ufced *x ::45 o'clocJt a ■• afternoon, with the Wast-
Jarhouse < itTB winning first and eeoond prizes. The
tecoTid ci.r came tn five minutes beh'.nd the first,
S3, tn tb« i.eaxest contestant half an hour later
fb* r*ce w..vs naried with forty-one cars, end at
1 c clock this atieriioon ten . arg l.ad finished.
ihe pof-tent wr,« conducted r.lm:g the Binj« lines
-s the Glldaesi Tour m the United Brtites, on, of
SJ. '• . bel s;g that no fJ r was allowed to
tnak*, en averts run of I^-ss than tweiity-tbree
Jv«"«« n ho^J' "^ Uliol her taut the car nv.isljng
Sc^Sl^da^j ■ -■'-t. on tha
S: t : - *■*
WinlnierelAM* Cross-Country Cham
—Hockey Practice.
The lnterclass cress-country championship of I
Columbia was won by the. sophomores yester- ■
day afternoon. In a four and one-half mil« I
race they made a score of sixteen points, while
their nearest opponents, the Juniors, had thirty
*" points to their credit. B Panders. 'OP, fl n .
Jshed Brat In 22 minutes 4."» — fom| a Ferris
Hetherinpton. *07. was second, and P \v Ken
r.edy, •«»;», third.
The rare was run on the Mire plan as fh( ,
Intercollegiate championship. Each class en
tend as many men as it wished, and the first
four men In each class to finish were counted
in the .ore. The P o r ,hon,o r es took first third
fourth ,nd eighth places. ma kin R their Jore
sixteen. The thirty-two points of the jrninrs
z^nV:^ "«?-*& «n* -"" "-"
points, 'vtth ,m, ri.th , r L, l): " 1 , thirlj - fnar
Places. The froßh.nrn were 2f h '?, thirteenth
leaTltS "' r T :if ColnmWa thi * sear"
followinj oMen 3estwda >'- race finished in the
■ ' QB ■'•• j-. t t. rim*.
pistil te^iill
■ *:: siS*
1 horll
»nln E » ,„. «,. m..,,.,,.,. npnk
-■■ r-,..,,.,, „,.,„ ,„„„,,, ™;
Icar ri.M MaoKenzle. G.
President Schurman Pleated tcith
Revised Football.
Ithaca, >' t t i
Referrlns to outdoor sports for the' body of the
eroaents, he congratulated them on the new
plaswrand which the- alumni had fitted up for
them, and expressed the !.n re that some phllan.
ttropist who was more interested in the general
Physical training of youiig men than In inter
colJegiate r.thletics would give the university a
gymnasium larpe enough for the training of "the
bis classes of studenta It has now to provide for
"• the" X-^T l^: T" 1 rrofoundly interested
i'roH,, Blcal training of all the students
I resident Schurman Bhowed h!s Interest In th«
f^c^H 1118 ° f , the rcollegiate crews and
teams. He noted with satisfaction that of the
lour major fports Cornell held the champion
pSce I?I ?n C SeK! k. while it aISO held a high
As to football, he stated that the terrible out
cry raised; against it last year had led some
educational authorities to advocate Its aban
donment; At • at time, In an address before
the teachers of New York State at Syracuse he
stoutly championed the game and pleaded for a
revision of tho rules. It was now with special
satisfaction that he congratulated friends of
football en the eood effect which the new rules
had achJered. Bpeaklnp for himself, he said he
found the game vastly more Interesting than
before Rut Ptlll more Important was the fact
that the new rules had eliminated brutality and
gTeatly reduced the chances of injury, fir, far
as he waa able to Judge from his own observa
tions and from the reports of others, he be
lieved that one Improvement was still called for
—namely, the stricter enforcement of the rules
by the officials In charge of the f;ame>
Georget Brothers May Not Be Able
to Bide in Bicycle Race.
L*on and Emll <**crp*t the French team which
arrived here last Saturday on La Lorraine to
compete in the six day bicycle race nt Madison
Square Garden next week, have been held on Ellis
Inland on the suspicion that they have trachoma,
If this Is the case they W7j be deported without
a chance to ride in th« fix day race,
"When the b:t-atn»*r'-i 1 < her pier last Satur
day night the riders were examined along with the
rest of th* second cabin passengers. It was noticed
V the physician that both of the riders had a
slight inflammation of the eyes. That they might
be examined more olosely they were sent to Ellis
Island. The following morning they went to the
Lo6r»!tal. and fine* that time they have be*n under
«orra*t°tU h r B iL n fl l ' !d statM Marina n °**™ »*•
Since the detention of the French team they
™« communicated with friends In the city. anS
T^ n 'tu '? ta &** mad * t0 ***** th " m released.
Jix V!v « r tT"i hm<: r. RT .* th "winners of the last
of r-inc^ y ar ° th * cham I* lon '*
m^Jfi^ an of c^Penters will beerln work this
wiT.^h 00 -.* l^ "TP »•"»«•« saucer track over
we. X iWfi'i^^ TV*/** •-■«• will be held nexr
mornhJ! y ° r th e J re "» tl on Saturday
»rli b v*e %"r-° n t a 5 le Br*H° a of rl<l< * r » '■ oxDeoted to
arrive here to-day. In the party will be Matt
* bTTfrt 1 w X : a ? at^ r tampion; y&q male eucb
with liowi^ 1 - J |»ny Moran, who will rlfld
vitn liowney; Patsy Logan tha n>m« Trtßhrnan
and his team mate. W/SlVfen^&SS
wlio has ttamed jib this seoloa with Bobby
Walthour. and A. W. Ma-donaJdanl his new teairi
nuue. the ex-araatecr champion, Johnny CoSey.
Ithaca, S. V.. Imr. Oeavga Ttuidy Csook, '0%.
of Canton. Ohio, has been re-elected csmtaia cl ta*
CciatU f&o»Hi*t >*^ftto^»»A^iaa«ia.
Trotting Board of Review Says the
Race Was Won on Its Merits.
After an executive session lasting less than
fifteen minutes at the Murray Hill Hotel yes
terday, the board of review of the National
Trotting Association dismissed the charges
against B. R. Smathers and found that the
Memphis Gold Cup race was won on its merits.
This decision In the now famous case was
reached after a mass of testimony had been
hoard and considered by the board. The prompt
action In dismissing the . charges appeared to
meet the approval of the many horsemen pres
The race for the Memphis Gold Cup was de
cided on October 18, 11*4. Mr. Smathers. who
owned Major Palmar and drove him in the
rare, was alleged to hare been cognizant of the
"doping" of Lou Dillon, which caused the mare's
withdrawal from the race, ami the winning: of
the $."■..<«»<> cup by Major Delmar.
Mr. Smathers was present when the court
opened, and with him were his lawyers. J. J.
Adams. J. P. Wise and Edward P. Coyne, of this
city, and Carruthers Ruins, of Memphis, Term.
Millard Banders, former trainer of Lou Dil
lon, averred in an affidavit to having hnd before
the Memphis meet a number of conversations
with "Ed" Panders, a racetrack follower, who,
ho said, made propositions for the doping of the
mare, saying that he ("Ed") thought thai $5,000
or $10,000 could be pot out of Mr Smathers.
"I would not throw Lou Dillon's chances in the
rare for all the money In the world." Mlllard
Sanders swore he replied. He declared "Ed™
Banders swore later that Mr. Smathers had re
newed his offer of ".'.".P00 and no more."
Miilard Sanders then told of the race, in
which he said that during the first heat Lou
Dillon developed a severe case of thumps, that
she was brought around to the Judges' stand,
and that there she was examined by Dr. Shelter,
a veterinary, and It wa- said l>y him that the
mare might drop. She had been in good condi
tion Just lief ore the race and was all right three
days afterward.
"Eddie" Malloy, a stableman. In an affidavit,
swore that he saw Maillard Sanders administer
something to the mare out of a bottle. An affi
davit was also read signed by George Spear,
training then for Mr. Smathers, in which he
swore he had Instructions from Mr. Smathers to
undertake such negotiations as would "insure
the race to Major Delmar."
C. K. G. Billings, who owned and drove Lou
Dillon, was not present, but an affidavit was
read In which he told about the condition of the
mare before and during the race.
John S. Wise, of counsel for Mr. . athers,
cross-examined Spear, and after mixing the wit
ness up somewhat as to dates subjected him to
a gruelling questioning on his past record. He
got from Spear an admission that his affidavit
In •!. ! case was secured by meeting Murray
Howe, of Memphis, in Chicago, by appointment,
and that Mr. Magher, Mr. Blllings's personal
counsel, drew up the affidavit which he Spear,
In defence a number of witnesses testified
for Mr. Smathers. Dr. Julius W. Schiebler, a
veterinary, who examined and treated Lou Dil
lon after the race, said he did not believe the
mare wns doped, and that mercury could not
cause the condition termed thumps. He said
that he had tried many experiments since to
determine if the doping, .-is charged, could have
occurred, and was satisfied it could not. An
affiuavit was read from Edward Sanders, in
which lie denied the terms of hi* former affi
davits and stated In part:
'That the said charges are wholly and abso
lutely untrue and without foundation; that de
ponent never had any conversations or negotia
tions with said Smathers with reference to the
stopping of Lou Dillon In said contest by dope
or any other means whatever, nor did hie ever
receive one cent from said Smathers for said
In summing up Mr. Wise made a careful re
view of the case, and intimated that Mini steps
might be taken later against Mr. Billings :I nd
Murray Howe. He said, in part:
There are two inferences to be mentioned in
this case. One of them is the. innocence of Mr
' i
Fmathers and th« other that Mars have short
memories The evidence has *hown about three
versions to every story that has been told here
in connection with this tale of conspiracy? There
has been uncorroborated evidence all through
'"Jh e^ U tO ?° Wlth thls "tew of"vN
den.-» that i P made up from the mass of false
affidavits that have been present, d here?
rsst * n<l " "■"» ""■" h~"h ~" •>"•*£
ga »«, -sux "■ HHs
Then the rape went to th« hoard In executive
session, after one or two minor cases had been
heard. The executive session lasted hardly a
quarter of an hour, and then Secretary Gocher
announced the decision, thus
Case 4JPO. the National Trotting Association
against Elmer E. Bmathers. an application for
an order under Rule 16. The board decides that
the Memphis Gold Cup race wan won on Its
merits, and the charges against Elmer E.
Bmathers are dismissed.
Philadelphia, Deo. 5.— H. A. &nug, of the Class of
•03, waa to-day elected captain of the University
of Pennsylvania crew for the coming; year. Bknjg
was stroke on this year's crew. He Is twenty years
old, and comae from Terk. Perm.
The basketball commrtt«e of the Metropolitan
Association announoed yesterfliiy the suspension
of the Tain basketball team of New Haven for
rlajins the Naval Reserve team of Providence en
><■ 1 Iff L.
— «. — - — -*. -*- —
The Cleveland Speed Car
Brasfer, r ">*-^ :^?T J V
the most famous car cf Francr, ha* out- JJ ] sf
distanced aM competitors In attracting ?*rfsni
attention M the show just as X
easily as It defeated every- V
" thing awheel In Europe on X
w the race course. Now on ex
\ hibition at our space (the largest In the ahowM»th» gr»at
\ two-time winner of the Gordon Bennett Cup FUoe.
•\\ when Thery, driver, defeated all the great cars of th©
» world: this car. owned and driven by Mr. Harry Payne
Whitney, is the most wonderful rao4rvg machine of
**]/ to-day. Do not fall to sea it —^_^_^_
V wi 1T& P/iTT A 11¥T¥2> 225- 283 Weal SSli S;?eet
E. Bo bALLALIIt,K 9 new york crrv x
Sole Importer Braaler Can
r« ; .M Distributing X&ent Cleveland Cars
Grand Total for Nine Day* Shows
Strength of Market.
tweirth annual Old Glory sale of light
harness horses by the Fasig-Tfpton Company
came to an end at Madison Square Garden yes
terday. The rand total for the nine clays
amounted to £424.303. which furnished ample
pi fof the strength of the horse market Only
this total been beaten. In 1901
020 head s >ld for $490,335, including th* Daly
and Spiel horses. In 19Oi the total was -544T.
17.".. when Major Delmar, Sadie Mac, Dr. Strong
uml the famous Village Fium stud were dls
jrear the total reached $243,4311
All things considered, this year's salewaseven
better, as Axworthy, which sold for 181.000;
.-■ ■ • • Marie, which brought and Dare
Dei 11, which was knocked down for 90.700, were
the only on ran Into Mg Qgures, while
the stock, ■ yt>, at least, was of a kind
ig (he average down and make record flf>
urea Unpossi
It might well have been called bargain day
yesterday, and some bargains were secured by
those who had an eye for the best of those
offered. Ther° was a distinct falling oil in the
attendance of those who came only to look on.
but plenty of buyers were <>n hand in spit-? of
the fact that iii. pick of the thousand or more
horses had be-on disposed <>f.
La* Vegas, ,< four-year-old green trottar, by
Forkhurst, which has never been on a race
track, but which moved in a way to indicate
plenty of speed, brought top price at the after
noon session. He was bought by J. H. Acker
man, of P:?er.*-vi. N. J . f, (r $785.* and mild be
worth double that amount if he can trot in 2:10.
as bis former owner confidently asserted.
Flnap Star, for which James Finan refused
$8,000 last year when lie war. showing enough
speed to indicate that he might develop into ■
two minute trotter, was bought by R. Ferguson,
•if tisis city, for $500. He has h ■;■■■: such good
ones as Florence WHton, King Ghfmes and
Susie G. on the Speedway, and may turn out t<>
b" the bargain of the sale.
The sinii'iiary of yesterday's sale of those
bringing 52C0 <<v over follows:
y. . • I'olnter (trott.r 1 . t.r. h.. 4. by Star Pofnt^r
AM. « mrr.nl: KinmM Farm' I.U Ircst t. Va ?22:.
Reil»> Hiicps (t-ottn>. r. in.. T. by }ie'r at-lAtr— -
Alii- Monan-h; Ororge Warner, White Mains. X. Y. 580
Mhi!-] on.! Klttj (trottPn 1 ) h rr... « ar.i 7; by T.fl
Wilton; E. U. Sty ninnn." Nov. York 2«<l
p»n*3f (trotter), br. ra., ?.. ty PanTyk*; .T>>:in C.
Kecf-. Proridrace. 1.. 1 25n
Tv>m iron (rarer), br. g.. •;. by nv.i Zf.o— Matey;
.John 11. Pr^^ry. Brooklyn 2-"
r>!-. 1> p.i rl IHiilr. b rs . .".. (>i r tp Ra' 1 ? New Y"-k 36
Lord l'inv«n.i ii ixnrrtl (trnttei) br. r. ". by
Barm WiiMfs — Mti • iU's Thavir; .!a :^r C. f^eef^,
r«.-. i^»n. c. R. I . C-f
EelVmoiv if"ti«" >. eh. c . '. by Ked«Bsll^Meatlo\«
Lark; E. R. Van Hnn 32«
S>»ldnn Orthf!! «pac«) *::Ifi'.. i». ~.. «. by ;>t
t:.i;i. fir-i .U-n I.»ily 'fi»; A. J. Furbush, i'.ri^ii
t>n ?i!i-n .7
Lc^ Vr-.-np i'r-,rp r i. b. .' . 4. !>y r^rkhlXTM — Que~
rlfin: .' H. Aek»rw». rnt»r«oa. V. .1 755
It") niM rr.-irr.vi ■.>::'"••• t\ v... 12. I.y Re-r U'HWes;
I>r. K. Mulraney. fer»»» 'lij !00
Parker C. (•rotter. 2:ir>',j> r--> c. J2, by Va^lri
tonlin—T^ady Warlock; I-arn^v 11. iVmaretj. ?:»•»
York fit v ! 513
Parsy r)lrr-t (pe*"*'". -.-*'■ > br •.-. .. *. t-v Direct —
fori: W. 11. ne*t*. ratohopre V T. B?*3
Fir,-., frp.r itr-.'»«r. b*-. >>... - h« 'V-!- 4 -if?t i>-r—
..•■,: Frnruron. N»-w York •rif ."<)•>
Brllltrn* rello (trottrr). b. m.. '" br <~t:c« KtfT—
flr«: ('am by ... Jo'm T. P'ske. BrocS
> vi, 2W>
Wat 1 Uly fpseer. --' v *> M* m . I^.. >>v \Vaf>rV. o
— Jn'li h«rr; J. A. Urown, Matiltuek. L^r.g
TslTi.l 510
Jf-^ftf r.o\ .-■)•■! ;-:-■• r TV (*r»«« »•»-«■> - isn'j as a
team>; ■" F. Dunbrm. " :\ ':■•■'< riiy SSo
Pn^T'' lt-"tt»r). :>"k »tj.. ii. !■• F»r?nfer — EaicTe
I'm- ■--".• Clayton. A»*rt»ry T'r.rk 253
Jtr!v Wire '?•• ■!»'•>. b. m.. ''■ ">v '"ivmi; .Ttj- T"r,i
—Lena M-r\ i!!~: Chart** Mcdi». Ijjfeewfwvi. X. 1 •_■ >•>
Tommy f»r itt <n itrott*r>, 1. r. ::. !>•- Orattsn V. y
-I.illi»; ('. Van '■■ ■ ■ r tm»ens, N. V ■■- 1
»'l!^ nii'l Stch. br. m rrs! l.r. c 7 ar-1 fi- J 1,
Km!". New Vi rk '""ttv rv"i>
Hatt trjti^n bIU in.. ♦! and Harry ttr<~ffr>
bin. g.; 7 .T^hn Cr.'}nn M-.tt.-T«-n. N. .1 3TO
Wl» " . Ipmrfr) h "i 0. by ftis\ r'm : first riam by
Fr<>rl i" PTtih.->n; \V. S-hH«l>. Pjtereon, X, J.... m
Yale Football Leader To Bs Elected Next
Week— The Sport Popular.
N. v Haven. D* 5 (Sper-lal>.--AIl the members
of tli*» Tale football eleven hi re retnn to college
after a short rest fnllmHnK thPh- exhausting sjames
With 11-v-r! it 1 Princcten. -[■ ■„ ? -,-.. j,, to *>lp»-t
a captain for next y«mt will ».*> railed early next
■w*»*>k. Tad .Ton^s. qu-»rtert»arK, nnd Ftigtotr,
t".-klp. are the leading tandldates. BisjloTr's
eh^neea are the better if he la defeated he will
probably be the crew captain. Jonea raw *>am the
t.a?>phnll captaincy. If he does nor lead th«» football
That Fentlm*>nt nmnncr Tale men la outspoken for
the continuance of football under th,. new rule.*
as a college sport is shown by the lea<llnK f.litori-ii
on "Tha New Football." which will appear tn the
Tblo Alumni weekly to-morrow. If my», in i>art:
To our thinking, the football of thla fall waa the
best arsrumpiit thai rriend* of th» nm « rnald rro
tiuce for th« mnUnuancc of th< panic as a healthy
American rnileu" mans sport. If onp wins in i
pood sport nil the hotter. but, win or lose It should
be th» i',o^s\ir.-» of thp i;.'<tnf> th.it anould lie th«
main object, not the winning. And Y-'l» this year
can say t>..> same thm«a for he: n««M opponents
that «>,<» sa-s for herself.
Several weeks ago alee I>»vv. William Davidson,
Mar Rteuner. Batmi"! nosenthal and a party of
friends, while dhdng tosether. started a discus
sion as to the relative merits or various can. Mr.
Rosenthal. who owns a 4A-hi>rsep»wer 1006 Lozler
car. ofTered to back his car In a race to Atlantic
City and return, un.ler conditions similar to the
GUdden tour— speed, general reliability and freedom
from repairs or ■Mehaaleal troubles counting for
tho winner. The challenge wan accepted by one
of the party who owned a SO-horsepower UM car
of a well known make, the waiter being a SIOO aide
bet and th» expenses for the ontlr* party of eight
and tha drlrera.
The race started from tha Battery at 1 o'clock
en Wednesday. November U. with •top* at lalla
frood and Atlantic City. Th« Lorlar cur mad* th«
round trip without a ainsle «a .^uuul or r«y*Jr
of any kind whatever beyond on« puncture. The
party reached New York Sunday night. end the
i'»ii.T wtih (i.iciunul the wiQuer, as tf> ■■■( '**
i Tho newspapers unanimously have V,
V been loud In Its praise. It Is a full- 1
2 Jewelled, gm-edged little thunderbolt.
}T Sixty miles an hour?— EASY. it ha*
• speed and strenarth In every line— eacb qu -7T^^
a lire of beauty. It is a rakish. piratical crratft— tb« sportiest
thingon wheels. Tos«alt alone Is worth the price ofadTniaston.
It has all ths splendid Cleveland 1907 features — and the safe
and iuro low tension make and break Sim ms-Boeoh rna2T>eto.
s»r i S9n ecs
Intending purchasers are invited to inspect an unriraJlal rtfi^
bition of 'FIAT" Cars at the Show Rooms of The HOIrTAN Co,
The following models of the favorite foreign Car can be ddiv
ered inmiediatelv : ■■ ; i-^m
35 H. P. Limousine (Rothschild & Son, Paris)
50 H. P. Touring Car with Cape Cart top (seats seven)
50 H. P. Double Phaeton (Quinby & Co.)
35 H. P. Carrick Phaeton (Rothschild & Sons, Paris)
35 H. P. Demi Limousine (dark green)
35 H. P. Landaulet (Demarest & Co.)
35 H. P. Touring Car, Cape Cart top (Locke & Co.)
Broadway and 56th Street.
>Ole *MErit"AN AGENTS I.teec»«l Importers sjsssi s«;aen Fates!.
We will exhibit only at the Seventh Annual Automobile Show at Madison
Square Garden, January 12th to 19th.
Its freedom from water, oil, 1 % QO 7
jar, jolt or vibration, its stylish 1 & ** " '
lines and smooth gliding mo- I iys g"\ Y\ Ip ¥ Q
tion make the j 1^ 1 V %-* JC-# JL/ O
At Our I V^O" popular with those who
-t . v -1 I v nit a luxurious, clean and al-
Wcw *orx i ways ready carriage for general
Salesrooms | utility purposes.
the isizuiT car nil. moreover, was scored as-tinst
t. rough mechanical troubh^i between Lakewooi
;:nd Atlantic City < :\<- pectien of the road, forty
four miles, more or If«=«i hilly, w >s negotiated
by the I^ozier car : n lo:=s t!:an one hour, including
time tlircusli several towns «ml villages.
One of the midweek hits was scored yesterday by
the Wnyne Automobile Company, wbleh rl sl^**!! on
exhibition for the first tin^f its new runabout, a
foJ«r-c>iimler. S.'i-horseo-.iwer machine. In crn
struction it is Identical with t:-.e ttve-p.issena:er
t mi inK car whifh has elli ited such favorable com
ment from visitors, 'i lie engine l-^ a marvel of,
simplicity and strength. wh'Zt the K»~r.»ml appear
ar.i'c »if the machine f^'? far l*> cooflrro the culipa
■ ft. makers that it i* vlrtuaDy trouble proof.
Professor R. C. Carppnter. cf (.'orr.otl University.
: "nil a paper yesterday va ih» White steam >'itx
before th»» American Society «>f Mechanical Fn«:
neers. who are now ho Wing their annual meeting
In this city. Professor Carpenter dwelt partP.u
larly on the high efficiency of th» White system,
exceeding that obtained In the larg-st power plants
i'l tho country, and be pointed ovn the complete
novelty cf the White generator as compared with
all other steam-making devleea
Two of tho many order? taken this week b>*
Thomas B. Jeffcry & Co. for the Rambler car form
a striking Indication of the way the American mnnu
facturer is gatatasj a footh> in foreign fluids. li v
Tuesday Thomas I>. Jeßer] & Co. sold a Rambler.
Model 27 to Bdward H. Strobel. chief adviser to
the Kins of Siam. Th's Is th- second order taken
by this bouse during th« Bbow week, for delivery
In Si;, in. French manufacturers anil t-xpurters
have heretofore controlled almost exclusively th»
tJlam trad*; therefore ttitje oruer, ha\« a peculiar
commercial significance.
A large number of persons, many of whom are
from eat of town, have visit* l iKe handsome sales
room of th» Oldsrnobilf Company of New York
this week tn inspect the i<*7 Oldssaobisi palace
touiinß cats General John T. Cutting has named
this exhibit th.- "Oldsmoblle Show." and the pub
licity which has bt-en given Jo It has been instru
mental la drawing ■ewes of visitors. The company
Is experiencing great difficulty in keeping th« Olds
mobile on th« rUior of th* salesroom, at Broadway
and cist street. On Saturday morning there were
X d d2hvsLl Tue f??h y moraln five had been «old
r^reit tr.^.hi tt h *"r" r car " h - iV " b "' n hurried by
taSan't ifal^' UCtOTy ln Lansing to m 19 tha
One of the new cam which la attracting atten
tion at the stow Is th« D. Luxe, made In Detroit
at the old plant of th. c. H. Blomstrom Motor
Car Company. This car Is on. of the. most «.
penalv. at th. show, but the company report,
having .old practically aU of it. first year's oat.
put of two hundred ••*• «• Menu the country over.
to^Thitf ST "T 1 toUr^"n» exhibit,, at the Au-
S3SX* *$'*t&&.« tt ?» v^lt"^ I
r Autfym<)Hlm>
Beaten t
For ycur new car's
equipment, why not
have the accepted
standard and by
actual test the jnost
reliable speed indi
cator in the world)
The Jones
See our
Gold Medal Exhibit
Grand Central Palace,
Dec. I to A.
favor. The McLean Automobile - «^/«°*v V -Ur
I*4 Broadway, agents of '' » I>l - <>>rt 3-1 *»'•
reported the sale of several car» yestoraay-
Tb. Long Island Automol.t'.a Club v " eKl its u \^.
dinner and election of officers at '■!* clubrootsi. —
KO Curaberlancl street, Brooklyn, last night.
William T. R!ch»rd»oa *** elected Pr*» u<sn -_,
Controller Herman A. Matt Tlce -P rwlli^ 1 .. q,
other offlc«ra elected ware: Secretary, w *" ,
Person; tr«a»urc«r. CJ. Edward*, and V.^.i
governors. A. R. PardJnffton. Alfred WO***
C. J. GWt. _ta^*
Among those present ware Flr« mm * > *J Si
Ouuiea 8. Wise. Controller Mets. J. «.
and II W. Fulrtax. A sUver tourta* re* ■ „
Tear wtui o=*reA by WillarU P- Bali A »
toorlag en. was given to J. A. Bristol. »B^
»hir. cup to C. j. Edward* aatl * vb~W "*

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