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Confident That lie Will Hair New
Trial -Play* Cards.
llctUtMr. v. v, FVc. .V-There is nothing
,b,,ut the ..,..,, mm, nt Chester ammttm in his
Ln ,i.,v that C"*^ %vith a picture of despair.
Tn* vout.K man .. 1 ,., tnia convicted of killins hi
vi nisht slopt awn and ato a heart
,e r hrcakfasi than any one olse in jail.
.;i'.lritr f*^ls confluent that" he will be ♦roatrd
hrt'ter In (he trial that h< * ampsrUi to result from
Mo app™'- Notice of thai appeal will ii«- flt«»<i
tomorrow thra Judge -Pevendorf — until e«
rnurt atid aintencei the prisoner to the only fate
thai Ik* wiihin h!« provtocs) after suoh a ver
<»irt Gillette'a lawyer* would have* been sati.>.
jj f rt to |e« am other verdict stand.
• Jiil'-ite s-'t a telegram from Mr*. F. S. nil
i«ue. «f Denver, his mother, this morning. The
fnejsnee -.-<= the defendant to have courage
and i rust in God. It slated that s=he. hail wired
to hi* aliornevn to be sure to appeal the case,
and rr'^ni^d him that ahe and Ma father would
be at his *ide when the next trial took place.
Dozen* of witnesses left Herkimer this aff--r
nouti. A few of those called h»-r*> by the state
remained °f iheir own volition to be present hi
• »,(» session of court to-morrow, when <;illett»»
«;ll receive his setitfwe. :x-S^iiator Mills. <»il
irT'e'j! senior counsel, stated this afternoon that
there would surely be an apical from the Bnd
>r.g? of the jiiry. He will be present In court
t*. morrow iv-.rt ma ' if> application to have th«
ivrdict wt ulde. This will be done prior to the
the court overrule our motion to set
jisMe the rerdict we will nt once file notice of
■pneal,'* h" raid- "Thoie is always a chance «if
pettine another rial, you know. Yes. th* appeal
v. ill bo bronchi rather unusual grounds, but I
have not talked with Mr. Thomas yet. and I am
not at liberty to tall about the appeal until we.
have completed our plans.*"
<;iil«-tir is spending the day at cards H*
plays solitaire for * while, and then, when he
tan ?• ' one of bia | ..;r<i« to play with him. he
rrtcusrs In a Bplrlted srame. His mind does not
ftfym preoccupied in ■ tie least.
To-day Glltette t<.ld the isiler that all in the
Phcr'T's department had need him \«-ry square
ly. ar.d h» wanted t>. thank them for it.
Th^-re is a rumor around Herldmer this after
linoTi that the jury vas a«reed "i 1 its verdict
from t'l** rery tart, hut thai It had one mcm
v if«i t\ Llank ballot several times Just to eon
a^nn^ time and allay suspicion thai it might
feme !><^n too hasty in reaching its decision.
Westminster Presbyterian Church Filled at
Service Over Late Pastor.
Th* funeral oflh« Rev. in ■ I.ioyO !••-. fur nearly
cix yenrs p-T^'^' 1 ' °' W«?stiniß«ter Presbyterian
OwrrtC -•"■'' »trc*t. n<-ar ts*»v^nili avenue. vim«> lipM
1n Uial riiurdl \e«ierciny. I ■!>■!•, In Ashury
Park. N •'■■ from tyj«hoi.l-pnrum<«nia. afi^r an
i!l:>es»! «.f two m<>nth>=. The church «a« crowded.
The l>v. Dr. H. .1. Menenliall. who during Dr.
I/*'s Jllnens ha? l>eea filling h!« ' ''■" in th*
church, opened th* yei vlcf. Ho spoke «>f the deao
pppt^r'p life »heii lie tid« a boy, he having be*n
a i'a>rr:at«> of hi*: of Ms struggle in churcli work,
ef ?.••< faitlifuiii^ss to ideals of religion sr<i of hi*
c'nariiiec. The Kf-v. Or. Ro"n.-rt MacKenzle. paptor
<.f the Ri:T«r>rs Rlrerrid« Prepbyteriati Church:
the Rev. \n. M«rio Bn t'u. paainr of the Central
Pr»*bji«rl»n Church: the Rev. Di J. J. I'att^rs.'n;
th* n*v. Dr. K. K» sis. of the Third f*rr«byt*rian
iTuf-h of N'onark. N. .1.: i»r. .'. \Wavrr, pi<si
rie-iT «ftf tl > f - Presbyterian Sera!nar> ><f Minneapolis;
t!.* R-\ Im. '"l«rk. pastor of ill" Bushwfck Ave
nue r.-i'-f- cn(fr.iifij <'iiiir«'h of Brooklyn, and th*
R*r. Dr. CJevin*. <>f Th» v. York « ii.=.>iA- • •
«!! *rrf>We of I ■■!.<■«- churcli ay<>rk hi terms of
li-;j:»-,«.«t rrHts^.
IT. Is-*- <ii^.l in Vii« forty--=pv»>ntli ymr. leaving a
wife, formerly Miss .:•■.■ an aidant worker
c* Dr. Parkhuret'c diurchj 1 fly» children— thrr«
hf-v« ar..i in-fi pirls. The * Iciest is sfvcnl'»n yenrs
Th* Sra*e of Rao Paulo. In which tlirer-q-jarteru
*• tbo . ..fTo^ rrnp of Bruil Is grown, is about
tf> to*ue a jr.fi.i/itVlnin. it was |e>»rtje<J ypsrorilay.
«« » r.^rt of tl)*> t-<»ffef> valorization ;.l;ui un<i*-r
• hlch eaffee .•■-■• il<* banker* as rollat*
«ml fm- ihe Ios«. «Jn«>-I'iir.l of t'>* l-»an. it i« urt
derstood. *ill be r' ; *'"* >f l here ami two-thirda in
Kiitotrf. 'f'iiis is the i. . >in. i loan to he |H*SOtiatevl
Jiv the ptste of Pun V^ulo in tiie mlnrlxa«
li^Ti fs.-henie. the ilr«=t ha\insr be>eii fir 52Q,Q00.000.
I R> Teiecraph To Tt-- Trib'it.e |
rittFi.^rc. I ••■■'. .'. -A buying: movement in II 3 .es=*—
«"<-r pit; 'mil for «•'< <>iid half delivery a as begun
here la dny. li«-n sol^« of Co.'")'} tons were cloned.
Tl^ i'n.t ISjtQO tons nejit at $21 SO .trvl the next W.OM
»"M I ti,p rani* jntr:«st at J2l. Th" seller was
Hie largest itM]e|teDdenl d**l*r in pis Iron in the.
cotmtrj'. .(ii«l it is underdond that several other
.^••Cf 6>al9 hurling rive for como tirr.'- ■will r«e
rV«ed ti..s nwk. Ti.e National Tube Company to
<":sy piiTiijijj), .j -,v initTK-diate advance <->f ti a ton.
The I.f'nij;!] Valley Railroad ;us Gftn<*va ani
the jvrms) lvunia u:g IVlauare ivere in ctllision
'fT Th>- Morris Caha] Iwsii; early yosierday. A
h.iie ua<! stove in the Geneva**) port fide. Th
'•^tit^in < row (lei] on Bteam and {;••' the tvs
aJ<m£BMe tbe pier inside the basin, ■■ here she
*arit. Th<» rrew excaped. <»?ily the i:mok<*staclc
srid rii"th<nisf are visible^ Kai-h <rrew blames
Ihe other.
A dinner »a^ given to the employea of lywis A
Consef, of Nos. 136 a:t<l 1?£ West 4J.J street, by tli«
ijeH^s «.f t!;<-. Jinn at Ih^ Murray Hill Hotel I:. -1
♦'•"•inc. to mark th*- s.vnty-iir«t \t-.-r ->f th'- .x
lKtfn<'f- of tli^ lioiis.-. It was In 1631 that the firm
"f J. &- «'. Berrtan lifgan businnns at No. Ml Broad
• aj-. I:: »; i;. v. Kewis atxl H. **. Conser eri
1«-r<-d its employ us hoys. They fottn/-.! fn^ firm
of O*l* & •',r.K»T/ii 1868 to i-ontinue tiie business
'•ttablished by tii«<^l'-.«s!>. Rerrian. The afTair «raa
in <«■,•,, sjon for mutual f<-liHt;it'oiis between cm
j.k'v.-r a ltd employe* ati'J an intercbanze <>f roo'l
»• t^ii-R (••< tt,e future.
•. . •
i .
•■ ■
. ....


II I ■ ■• ' • ier pas-
i^Qivirsfl Requirec? Good $&\s£k
lis to give,vixely veil.
| Ihf (J. M. WHKKI.HR erade
il ] ■ i-_"n movement makes a splemliti
f% present for Christmas giving.
p in fir. ting tbeG.M. Wheeler
ff grade Klgin you will be securing an
fi accurate tiineketper. Your jeweler
|f will show it to you in the popular
V, thin ni.jdel — at inttres:in^ prices.
I! ELGIN MTIOWat aWTCM CO.. »>„,. 111.
r > *^ m^F *^9^ vy mJ^bKjk^/ JP^Hvi^^A^^^^v^^H^j^^MHß .^h J^Bf^^^^H^^
Game Will Be Planed in New 69th
Regiment Armory.
Indoor lawn tennis received naiderable impetus
yesterday when Colonel Edward I" Duffy of the
<^>tli Regimeni issued orders that the new armory
at 27tli street ar.il Lexington avenu« be made avail
able for the use of ihe players. His opening of thn
armory make* it possible to bring: about th« plans
'■■•■ the holding of an open metro] I ■ champion
ship Indoor*.
The commander of the* rimrnt said yesterday
thnt h« favored the use of the armory for tennis.
Me whs opposed to the 11 <=«=• of all armories for
sports, which sometimes resulted in the abuse of
the building and the property. Me said that at the
suggestion of Louis J. Grant he had been only too
g'nd to issue the order.
The first informal matins of those Interested
in tli/' i>lan<; for match and tournament play was
1 , . - 1 . 1 yesterday M the .iff!.-" of Frederick B. Alex
ander. So. ."V"' Tine street. I<ou!s .1. Grant and Wylie
< '. Lira nt were present and tlio first call for play
er* was sent our. Among these are Hol
mml)» Ward Harold U. llackett. Cecil >.-. Mllle,
Herbert L. We«tfalt. James B. Cushman. Arthur T.
Kriedni Hhkli Tallani. Thomas < - . Traak, J. Q.
A. Phaw. Oviedo M. Bostwi.-k. Dr. Augustus Wads
worth and <; l»rraine Wyeth. Tli« formal meeting
f.,t- the rle.tjou of offlcem to cov*>rn the play In
■he 69th R>i:im<-nt Armory will be h-ld <<n Saturday
Roseville and Newark Bay Win Ond Games
on Opening of the Season.
c took part in i ■- \- .
•«-.:;, B ' • night. The Ros
■ ■ the 3 [ontrlair
md w •' two Ramw, while Newark Baj Boat
Club r^am mi Its • • - »'on tl Id from the
• 'olumbia <"1 ib i»f I!■ •
In the series ;it Bayonne the home team won the
first game Msd lost r.ie second. After i!i»« first few
fr.im^s of the odd Ran* N'iv^.rk Hay showed In
front, and at the Seventh frame Jed Columbia by
f-ftx ...id pivs. Thereafter, the Hoboken five never
had a chaucfc Tl.e scores were a < i- Hows
NEWARK !'» > nOAT^-^LrMHLV^CM-n.^
,-| i ; . C"-~ i- : i ... i •■;»
T>,..i^« ' 2"3 151 144iKimb.ill J3!» '■* 17s
IVoodiard-V.". 'i.ita V* ■:- Hartzel 144 ■■•! 1-.;
TnrKor I.V» 1»1 !.">!' Huesman .... 124 ■-•; 1.*7
i'rri 1«J I'Jrt I«J Keller '- '» ■■■■■ 137
Urifflth" I 3» 1- ' v 4 ■-.. :,. — 7,7
Tota!« 7t<> :•' M .'••
X*Ha!c s; " ( Sl •• s -"
Tl'e Mont. -lair t.-;nn was without the cervlreu of
Wood.; 1" his absence .Mowl! was substituted.
Rop-vllle lost its chance to win all three Barnes by
only tourhinc su in Ihe ri>-st B»>n< wliich tell snort
of \lon!.!'iir'< totui by nint- pins.. In the n.-xt two
sam< - the Riwevllle Athletic Association passed the
f>. mark and won easily. Plerson*B second score
was -o<.;j for -S-X. and he averaged 2M for the even
ing: The soon s follow:
P.iWK.VM.I.K \ \ ' .
V^f ;::;: iS SiSSSg^S IJ iS itS
J;!;'. •!•'.', ■-. . . nim
Vii.i Vess""". I"- "-^ U»;nro»n;T. 154 in I 2«
:,<r,^ ...::: Im ?&■. \W T!,..m.-. n V..1 171 ISA
Tuial« M 4 ■■_■: •..». T>tal«« KJ »1- T33
The series between lie Elizabeth club and ihe
paiesaic*<*'uh scheduled for List night was post
poned until to-night. _
Mails Handled in Canoes at Some Places-
Wires Into Interior Down.
Panama. Dec. 5. — T!i" fluvlograpti", at fsair!b.)a
.»n Tuesday, recorded the discharge of ih«
Cliagr<»« River a" 7<l. f '"ii gallons a second. Rail
ri;:i<J cotnimunlcatlon on J'l" Isthmus Is *ti!l In
tefrupted. :;»'l mails and passengers al some
points along the line are transferred from one
train t<i another in canoes.
"Th - administration building here deserted
to-tlay, as mosl «'f the employes living; in ihe
ranal zone were unable lo me Info the city
because of the lack of train Benice.
X.ii silica r-(7:« had there been su«-!i weather
on the isthmus j-s thai recently experienced.
TelegrapH ii i if - Into the Interior are down, ami
much damase. it is believed, iiiis occurred there.
Harry Hiilman. the 110-yurd champion, will try
i., break his previous r«-ord <T 50 2-5 rinds
■\vi.«'ii he runs in tlie uuarter-mile run at the games
of :i." 12th Resimeni Athletic Club a 1a 1 the latter's
armory on Saturday night. l»ete Waters. Tee
\:m. Sfd!»y. Robert son ;n.<t Nortiiridse will also
sctrt In lids ia<--. 'l"hr- sr.coiul liiilf-niile run has
the entry of Melvln Shepi>ai'd and the game* •-••ii. -
mittee will announce in ;■ few days who will run
aCHlimt him.
( §ffiesouisM
George Low Makes a Low Score
Over Baltusrol Course.
George Low, professional of the BsJtusrol Golf
Club, played in rare form over the links at
Short Hills yesterday afternoon, when he went
out in 3T» and back In ,".9 for a 74. The remark
able part of the achievement lies in the fact
that !,<•«- played successfully against the best
ball of three amateurs and a professional. The
latter was Lain", who has been connected
for several years with the Forest Park Golf
Club, and Messrs. Todd. Bayard and Davidg«
were his other opponents.
Ordinarily, a "pro," no matter how clever,
would stand but little chance, unaided. In a
match like this. Low. however, by reeling off
hole after hole in par figures or better, never
gave the others an opportunity to do more than
occasionally halve a hole. Just how far down
the best ball finished -was withheld, but this
much was reluctantly admitted — tha combina
tion never won a hole.
The record for the Baltusrol course is 7<\ made
by Low. when the conditions were more favor
able. His 74 over a course in the shape it was
yesterday is regarded at Baltuprol as equal in
pohsl <->' merit to his record round. The Metro
politan Golf Association open champion expects
to sail for Scotland on December 10.
Missouri Lad and Glamor Keep Up
Winning Streak.
New Orleans. l.< . Dec. 5. — Missouri I.a<i and
Glamor, both at odda on. were the only winning
favorites m the Fair Grounds to-day. It was the
fourth victory for each ~ir,.-e the p^ason opened, a
<••■« days ac«». Lucullua fnrniahed the surprise of
the day by winning the second race at 20 to 1. Gar
nor earned the Jockey honors with two winners.
Tlie summaries follow:
First rare mix furlongs* — K«mp Ridslay, 1«2 (J.
Henneasy), 5 to " won; Henry Bnawatth, 10* ID
Auxtlni. 15 to I, ■♦••■■>n<l. .Tack Hardy. 99 (Swalni. 15
to 1. third. Time. 1:14*4. Royal Bond. .1. .1 Jr.. Cap
tain I'ormtck, Roawell, l.ady Catherine and H*Il» of
the South a I*o ran.
Second rare. («1i furlonirsi — t.ucaltua, 109 <T«unfr>.
In to I, won: rannon Ball. Ml (Garnar). fi to ( wee
ond: Wobdclatm, 109 (A. Martin ». Ito 1. third. Time.
1:14*5- Sponge Caks. Mart Gentry. <ini«rr>. Ev»ninjr
S-ar. <'ut Glass, <'usti», Capltani, lole and Tr!».«illlan
also ran
Third rare ion«» and one-sixteenth mlleR i— -MUsourl
l.ad. 103 i'!»rn»ri. 9 to 10. won: Dr. Sprulll. 110 tj.
11-nn»«) >. 13 to 10. sacond: Florizei. 97 ir.loy.l), IX
to 1. third. Time. 1:47. Hermakla, Bitter Brown and
s nta » alao ran
Fourth rare I handicap: five and one-half furlongs> -
niatnnr, 101 (flarneri. * to 5. won; Rebo. 100 (J. Hen
neßsy). S to '. second; Lady Henrietta. 100 iS.-hadf>i
II to I, third Time. I:O7H'. Sneer and Red Devil
also ran.
Fifth rare fall furlonps) — Allowrnalse, US <r.
Smith i. 7 to 1. won; Gold Circle. 99 (Garner). 3 to i
■econd; Mazte O'Neill. 99 i .\|.-I>an1»l i. 12 to l third
Time. 1:14*,. Phantom i.lßhv Morale*. Knight of
Ivanhoe. .ludee HurrouElis. John Kauffman and Brit
iii :.■ also ran
Sixth race (one and three-niTteenths. miles i — Padre
1«3 it". Fl«her>, 5 "i •_■. won; Safety I.icbt. 109 iNlrol).
:: to I, aerond: Gladiator. 115 ( Anburhon), » to 8,
third. Time. ;;03. Lena ■' . Fred Hornbeok. Hickory
c..rner«. Discernment, Mac Lynch. Brnoknton, Prince
(•aim Salin, Potheea and Mahogany aNo ran.
Los Angeles, Dec. s.— Halton and Six Full came
together In a jam ami fell in the first race r\t Ascot
to-day, throwing; their Jockeys. Ros«, «iin had
the mount on Six Full, was severely injured. Finn,
on Halton, escaped Injury.
FITIST ::vf: S*!Hn«; for two year olds; $4rw> added.
five furlouss.
Name. Wt.i Nam" \y»
M. rtli '■- KM GokJ Duk* twi
!>»>sli^no I'M Km* a! Palm '. ' 95
O«r Own .MO, Poster Girl 95
iiuj.^rtlnfnoo l(H>j Splon . ' JC>
Wind'all !•* Dorotb: M . ~.. <,;,
Helen Lucai . »7 R«lti» R^g»nr» . . ; j>t
Zick Abrams !»" DucheM lfoot*b*llo. '. '. . '. '. 00
SECOND RACK ScIIiBa;; for three-year-olds; jvk> a ,> >.•
Six furlong*.
Bill I'hlllip* 112 Darin* ■ 107
Ooldbearer In 9 Tinker ... 104
<Mi Proof lint D. W. Flynn 104
Henry FTendrl.-ks 109 Plnatlrker 1414
Marvel P. . ... lii!> Krench Nun .. . 104
omar Khayyam !■'• Mlhs Ferris 104
Abjure W9,
THIRD RACE Sslllng: (or two-year-olds; $4UO added
Five furlongs.
Jacomo . l«9 kburn lih>
\\ extern . lU."> Plaud . :i ; ,
Monere 104 Rertmont \ gg
Malta l"» ' Ann* Ruakia . . •...-.
Kl> p'.liik Pier . 102, Nedra ]i.-,
Buren Arr')!il 100 Jemamy ag
i'"i FITH RACE— For thre? >•■«: -olds an.i upward purse
$i.i!O. < in»s mile.
King Kllsworth . lie ! Lady Ellison 107
M. Valentine 11" Florizei 1,,;
\!o!in '"7 charlatan ... ... 1,14
I »lph!« . .10" Uoldmate '.'.Wi
1 : •• t * i:an-n 1071
i'.'Tll RACTE— For two-year-olds; purse, JS»V». Flvt and
a half riir!Gnj.-<.
Kanlantlc 110 ; Collenuy i4)<l
Iteflned IMi Ma Rail* ... Ms
<;ia.-e Geor»e "V, (Juln >• )j S
gIXTH f:ack— s»'Hrx. for three- ye.ar-o!d» an.i upward;
(■i'»t added. One in:le.
Hhlntns •" : ' ar i .'7 Merry Plon ft j^'t
j:rn«?' I'a'liam '-•»> Abo Meyer m
1 . ; ir»cin 124 Grand DoeheM [jj
11 iminie '-' Viperlne 113
Klelnwuod •• 121 Hitter Hand . 107
Arah.. . '- 1 i■' 1 "- v 'i"- 107
Adi-ell '-' '■'■'■ '" a •<*• . 107
Ji;nsl<? Imp 121,
Although the Florida automobile races will not
be held until January 2" -i number of automobiles
„... already being (hipped to the famous Ormond-
I».\tona beaeh^ For the. last four years most of
the racing and touring ears that have been ent-re<|
j n t | l( . contest* have been shipped from thi« city
.;... (MvUe Line. AutomoMllsta have hern free
?n? n JVu-osainz riioir :>ral*»- of tin* careful way their
In «pre»«n^ b^ handled. The lint- ,<. also
m ,i,,» more popular »:i<-h year ?nnvig tho«<» *-hi,
'"",," -„.•<»!» Th" Trll> sivo» n n ei».el|ont OCtfttq
t<> *>■<• ■ •.„„,. „,,n si scenery, i«:i-...
\«va?e. n r ... end ttra :■-.■ ait *.o.n-
pry r.nni>«
■ . — -, R. H. Mi-t * "> • Attraction* Art The'r low Frtc**
Q *J Ij \ y B'way at 6th At. \^^/ »4th to Suth St.
Christinas Shoppers
Buy your presents early-- Early in
the day and early in December.
That will be your biggest gift of
the holidays to the workers behind
the counters and on the delivery
wagons. '
J^ 5 Our New Idea
For Christmas Gifts,
If in doubt what to choose for a friend,
for employes or charitable gifts, MACV'S
MERCHANDISE IK >\ DS will solve the
These bonds may l>e purchased in any
amount you desire. They will be accepted
by us in payment for merchandise, and are
redeemable only in merchandise.
As a gift to your friends, a MACY
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most -needed things.
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BONDS in our catalogue a year ago, and
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purchased by mail or at Superintendents
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GOLD CHAIRS, reception and ballroom.
.'.<>; also re|ti'.lir.K picture frames, fur
niture- reasonable charg-s; leaf guaranteed.
Fr|edbers*a Gliding: Shop. 96 6th a\e. op
posite Wth st.
n!ortgas (> s. Samuel Newwltter. auc
tioneer, will »ell today at »• o'clock In
the forenoon, at No. 1065 Lexington aye..
lUirough of Manhattan, fixtures and chat
tels of a saloon located there, together
r.tth the lease of th« premises r»-oord*ii In
the Set* York Registers Office in IJber
in-, of Section 5 of conveyances, pace 71.
lty order of tnortrasee.
MORTGAGE SAI^E.— Samuei Newwitter.
auctkmacr. will m-.I to-. lay at 0:30
O'e.*ock, at Noa. 417 and 41» Hunt 74th St..
Borough "f Manhattan, the fixtures and
chattels of a falcon. By order of m..>rt
MANUFACTURERS of billiard and pool
table*; hlßh Krade bowling alley build
.-, lowest price;.. MARX BROS., 2*
t'nlon Square.
Brooklyn; select trad"; n^t profits. $J.
QUO ... ar l\, ti-l-» only $4.0(«»: establish*'] 25
jreara; ■■•!;' whole house only i.". month;
rfa«nn.« *fl!ing. death: this i* an e»i-ep
tlonal (lii« chance for yor-ie one. l"or fall
particulars apply to M'DONAUD WIGGIN
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Full Information and r«-lialile atl'lre
contained in our weekly market latter,
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fidentlal ■■ounael on any N>ta>la aacui >•
\V F. Bond * <■■■>.. 419 North Main at.,
• ;., dfleld. Nevada
URESSMAKKP.. — Mme. O. M. Dorraßd,
ladles". mUaaa, ball, evening dresses on
► n^-.t notice; moderate, IT!-' 1 -. «■'■> wast
46i!i st.
DRESSMAKER, colored, wants work; home
or out; all at y let Thomas. 321 West
4tsl st.
Wfl GARMENTS remodelled, r-ii-rt an 1
made Into the latest style at moderate,
rnctj gral < la»« work ftjaraatead: order*
taVen for all kin 1 of furs. I- .1. Baseman.
TS» Lexington ava., near 53th st.. lute with
C C. ha., tie-
ri'RP. bargains, »r.!lr<» Mock l.iclu.ling
muffs, boa*. iuitab!<? for Christmas itifts;
rr»atly r»*K - «d; fur farmenta to i rder;
wholesale i.ii.c* -V. Foratrr. T2 West
;r»th »t
Fj/r.V- S»il. Persian, mink exi-hanged for
other ftiiK' remodel' mink ex. hang*) for
r fur* i»wod»BltlK: mod«r»t« price*.
Altn.an & to.. 523 W>»t 125 th »• g
will remodol or r''l>«lr your turn at ■ savins
of .'■<> per ■■«>nt . ben workmanship and fit
ruaranr^.l. , i.l run boUfhl or ex>-hanf«l
for new. Hlr»hf»ld Far Co. M \\v»t flat
»■ b*l Kb and it* avf. Tel. 1 12.1 — Ora
LAniEfl —We are continually »«l!lna; our
•ample lire* of SUM rttTTirOATS at
wholesale artc«a; why not take advantage or
It? The Summit Mir. Co.. 41"3 Broom* «t %
O-'TRI' H ffathers. fcoai, atoles. ciaaaaad.
"curled and dyed in any d#*irable. colcr cr
fin" «lo9*\ Mark: e<jual to new; first rUaa
work Horstmann Parisian Feather li\,. .
Co . m 6th eve., near Sth »'
KR\I. GARMENTS ani nfher fln» fura re
paired. i- i' .r: tod remodelled intri latest
•trie* m **csptlonall.i l" w prt*»; fur gar.
m»nta mart* to ■ ■'- Vi« F. .1. Barker.
SO Park ■• c i"" TTih st.. ''■" with »\ <;.
„ ,i,,r . Son*, .Vh »*• '"»' '""I -:«Vh.
XVF MANtIFACTirBK »••' "•»! '•>•« retail,
■ ■ whol»-a!» p-i.ei. cowrltica .r«elf h,
rs«..in.- -m us «.•»"•■ '< rwiia. •»! k.ji; btfc
t:.. cgssttta <:>« ■?" *'•■
PRY I.OO|)<)
»-■!• ST. SO WEST— Select family b<v;sf.
handsomely fm-n'shefi suits; atnafta
ms. hafhg every floor; not water sup
ply, steam heat every room; table unex
celled for quality: special rates to desir
able families and prominent auaata Tel
.219 — Riverside.
1 FJ.POAXTI.V furnished syailßWl prl
rat» bath. $1.30 daily; including meal*,
twr.. t 2 * weekly; one. Jls. Th* Alabama
15 F.ast Ilth ft.
GKXTI.EMAX d«slr«s suite of two rooms
and bath, between Broadway and M.i!)
*'n aye. and 4»»t"n and 6Otn at«. . required
first class appointments, electric light and
breakfast; no restrictions. Terms, furnished,
or unfurnished, to A. R . V. O. Box 82!,
New York.
I'AR[/>R for light housekeeptnir: running
water and heat: also small rooms. 19
East ttMth at
127 TH (3-43 81 Nicholas are), Apartment
44 CoMtartaMa light ain(l» room: ward
robe; ele\a'.or; gentleman; permanent. *3.
I2SD ST., lUft EAST.— Tw<j room* con
necting carlor; plenty steam: bath: gunny
polished (Ivors: par.». exceptional. Lorn.
PRIVATE HOUSE.— Two front rooms;
double. $4; tingle. 92.00; privilege hath;
nice locality; near I." station; references.
Private. lt.x 89. TrlßUaa OaV«
in RS. L. SEE LV
Employment Bureau,
23 West 39th St.
•Phouea 24.T4. 2435— Bryant.
211 East *-'1 at — Firs: i'Um di>m«>atira ar«
>.ippll»'i. also manaalru hou*ek«ep«ra.
nisi -'iris. ajavanMaaaa, tutors. .t.
Oll> r.OI l» AND SIIVKK.
Ol.I» ';•".;> silver and pre.- .■« »tone*
boushl at highest market value: made
into n«*w article* i .■ »i''i)«»n([*< for new Jew
•in or Japanese good* at M F. Temper's
fa-tory. !■> Went 31<t -'. basement.
t -~^> • it) : * ■ '•'■ »
IS dil \J U U X Uud. Ke<Juc*d Kates.
PAUL KIVEK LINE via N'wpojl »nd Fall "
River. Far" reduced to all points. Boston.
f2.«5. Newport. fall River. J^-uo. rrart
d*nce. $2.30. Lv». Pier l'J. X- R. «. W«r
fen St.. week day. acd Sundays. .-,:0O P. M.
titrf Prlscllla »nd Ptlgrira Orchestras.
NORWICH LINK via New London. L«*T»
Pier 40 N. R.. foot Ctark*on * . week day.
cnly. «> M. Steameri City of Lowell and
Chester W. Chapln.
NEW HAVEN IJNR for N-»w l L a *£.'. '
Hartford ani North l^vj- Pier 2A E. R
week days only. 2:« P. M .: too* East 2*l
Bt.. 3 P. M. titeamer Richard >■•■*■.
AT PEnrr«D PRICES 800 lecond hand
wood and Iron wcrltlnx machines: lull*
eiia-.»nte«d- machinery boiieht and «x
rt!; t "l OP). a EDDT. 38H ' ' "• * it.
TYPEWRITERS- All mali"i %n\r\. -•«'•*!.
rr"Rir?-t *■ {••linrsi'tl. el:nh!e »-r\tf>.
Code* a. 13 \»= »■ I'lephoas ... —
»RT coon^.
i — -*
8, IS, -jo. •_-_'. •_•; _>;. ::•• \Vp%t r«ort««at| st
.. 0. 11. i;;. 15. 17. 11». _•!». 21. •. _•;. 24. .-. 2- „,„, -T> West Thirteenth SU
Attractive Offerings in
Women Long: Cloaks
TbP Popular tbrrr-quarter Jri.atr, K.-r-r.. 1:, .....1-10r |,,. CbprlotN
Montasna^. Twfasi an.l Mannlnh \llxtxir~~Uw. rtrt«n| and semi.
fittrrl-s ply talloml i,, ,^rf,vt st;!, or inlays of hraid between
Pleats. „r hanitnaiilj set ,rT arftl i. :; , .|nwl vHret- half or full lined.
—all *■'"'* ...... 5,,».. l; .j re«!u,tioi:s. „;,.| 5 ...,,! p,,r.ha«»s account for
tkMi §m Tjthies: —
north '• < '' > '»t» t 5,08 h'sts.m. 1 1 ,98 .
twn 1 1 1 7. PS I wtk «mn». . . 1 4 . 5
-™«.%i-..«> 9.P8 t25Wam..17.98
Thursdaj kcfsMj the. day that, until further notice. vi> hare dprlfca «o,i to
■fWrfal rsJon in Women-.* ? n !ts and ClMki and a.ressory rlrpartllUsUj.
we prepare for it with off-rings that make it an objeit to come her* on
that day Therefore:
$18.93 Tailored Suits 12.98 j $29.98 ETealar Dresses... 22. <?S
»at'n lined. gird!.* .laborafly trtrameH with
$24.98 Broalc!oti Scits... !8.98 ! -' - r^ *"''"* p'^^ros^TtS I™*1 ™*
FTa.-W and n . W e»r co.n^-.^i,,.. I Fln * AS HX? t p£eV~ era:ia
•'Vie, in Pony or fitted coat*_witV, IU C Prt °"
without fan, y vest s - !at ln or silk lined. ' , __ _,„ _ ,
$3S.*g Ostl I -'e"-et Salts 24.? a n«. « , **.•«."« '■'^\?' <> *
* co!le.-tMr, of e l««ant Pult« of Chtf- *' ■'* '" h ' frr>n - Taffeta and IJherty Wlaw
fHW, Broadcloth, cheviot* and V«lv«t richly ''"»"» In artlafle rfsalvM »n>
F!ouse. Pony an.. fitted atyie* '" "*■ Fv " » | en knot*, r.n^ >ucaa ate —
$aaas F!at<f silk vr«lsts In fanrr an-1
v-.^w -less OAUI> f.?« liililW it defall-alt n-» -waiata at
. NMrafi Rroad'»!oth ("hiron Panama ' th * m '' I**1 ** <'*-' | irab!» kind*.
w ri^ho,M YaV "'V t *~ also V °"* 1 With am '
aa? b! *s iMtad t atjlas — a|j "tailored | Velvet ZVI Vel«sT COStS
8r !! *° " ' Pony. B°*«n«Elon»«.l 2.93 43.33
Furs fcr All Needs
Enviable as past rp<-nr<l.<» hay»
hof. n . this season's hi exceeding them j
; '" Perhaps the increasing ;
vogue of fine Furs has something to
dr> with our ever increasing sales.
but J>e that as it may. there is a
peculiar satisfaction in having so
ninny customers return here to buy
after fruitless !«.';ir<-hini: elsewhere
for equally cood offering*:— ;
we promise
I arsj Stuffs. |
Whit* Iceland Fon 1 5.98 •■- 10.9S
Pable Ra,.-.*vr . 9. 98 .. 9.98*
Persian Taw 4.99 - 4.99!
■BCtj T.vn, 1 1 .98 IJJ.9S:
Sable Fox 1 9.98- • •• 1 3.98^
I«abelU PM 1 •-- 1 2.95!
Brook Mink 6.98--. «.98
Natural Mink 29.95--29.9S I
J«r> Mink 10.98 ••-• 1.).^
Near P-a? ::><S ... SI.WH
Um*i saMa 15.9S — 16.95 i
Natural Squirrel 8.98-— S.PS^
mi aits Squirrel ... .. I 1 .V>S 1 1 .98 j
Gaum Marten »4.98-- -29.98
Si-arf» qiiatni aba » Include i "' l
plain and fancy shapes — with and
wttbntlt paws, heafin nn<l t^Wm —
y.ftiffn »re of Pillow shape. ■
naai Scarf* and Mass to $!»!>"<»
CWMren'S Fur Sets
red Fox -.10.98^
Silver Fox — Ermine trim , PS j
Nutria 8.98
WBfta> Moufflon 9.98;
Natural Squirrel — 7.98;
fOai t-: CMneMUaj 4.P8
Gray sTlllll — * 0.9S
Imitation Ermine 4.98
Wh A » Thibet 3.95j
Brown Toner 2.98;
PJlltl Mink — Ji.9Bj
lamb's Waul Angora trim 2.49.
• ♦—
Thursday Is Also Notion Day
Cut prices right thro* the stock. «
These are only representative.
IRasuiar.fpec.al! P(mrl . w „„_ ,'R^Ur. JSr~ia»
S^fi^LfTte- ! i car d « t2<l^ < jH 4
Black an* White— ' ! FrillKt Garter Elastic .101 7
Kea 2O to ■ ens .... \ — , .10, ssa F r!i:ed Kiajitio . ip, -jaj
Buttonhole Twist— Mack ,_. an.l Hook -or—
and color*- 25 •p0015.... lW - Io 2 and 4 itm; ._.. } .»• «
H**mir.Tvav * Bartlett'a j H . Supporter*— S ataaa.. I t! * X
b ,a, h ,d..... £ O. BU gtlk ElMtio B : g
T*r,e ,r«n,s-~eh ........ •»! .lg j^^,,
Etti* large a*Mki '»• :v . -♦» •''" rwn-i -.loM-n . „ | J» ,1O
listers Knitting Cotton. ! • 4 s. cr -|28<j Cor»«t Ia;».-.< P 7
Ei. wlda Taffeta Binding | ; Mu , lln Tok«»— «Il ai»«»... .i« »
1 'i.-k niil colors -I* ,lU, I <*
~ . » k!»^!t ! '• Blanket Bindin -<!o«. yd* .431 .25
R 'i^ a ;^^.i •«■ .»U* >*"■» — 1 »'a
HH Ctollavtaa* dM Td-.. *- .S3 Pwai Sh-w,i»-dbi. i
Silk Feath.rbone. box •» .O» | uallty-Xo,. 3. ... O»!.tO
urn ******** •• ■°%,.^ rs vv 1,ii...1 ,ii... ■ .to
■^SSto—diSS^*-" I T 4 ■»«**•« ghfid. -K t« .a .11
Hump H. *K. am.. -12 1 9; M Tap*-2* >•«» I I 6
Flaqu-t F*«»n«r»^doa...j 8 "+ Cht!dren» Waist Band*. . . 3 4
Trlvot-OB PliuMW F"F "' **■ R** d r B^itr-MV-hoi* t
BuTwlor»-»T<l. PC.. •«! .12 Rand*-b!ack anA
•«••*• ■"«*-» varrta....| »i 7 E v.r R«dv B»«on •- 12 ,1O
A!ra<« Hraia » Evr-Beady Button-hole
Bniih Binding— y»rd j »| "* ""'rips for Sklrt». Draw-
N»rk»l Saf<>»v Tins— three 1 ■■ ' »r». Walw» an.J Ntsht
* ,i,»^.i dot for »; 8 IV»ii.<.-»— «!I *»-■ .. i .»l .tO
(^tnt^n—thr** »iz*%— doz.. j »j SS 1*:1 *: Stocking Feet . ... j II 4
B«it American— aaaai ■ [ " 3 IJ»r«« Pn l'u«htnn« . .l«» 7
„„, Knrlish Tins |.lOt».t4| - Fam-y • !«•»■, ,•*.... j .12 ©
Kiel-: Hair Fin* « par» I -V*\ 3' Oird'.e Foundations j .lOj 3
Boa* Hair Pin»-.ioz \ .12 S. ». hlldrin' » tttt*i Work I
baaaa ■ I .*2! 9
Womc^s $4.50 Ripple
Eificriowa Rotes 2.58
Full out— law collar^satln
bound— heary cir«U*'— rwl, blue.
~r.iv and violet— ail sizes.
Otter Extra Valets
Offered Especially is View of
Hay Requirements
Women Knit Skirts
Fart and all wool- heavy and
fin* rib- stripe,! or plain. wUtt
tAiic-y borders .-+V.>-- -7t> to> Ik-'o
Uadersllps —
■ 1 1
black wWle. plnh. blue—
I*«m. ... .4V).M:k or CV.ffonettfe.. » .{?9 j
Women's Sillt Vests -
Variety »t ■»y«e : " imrlwtins P*****? 1
r».. % h.n» R.w»r.e.J. hieV T
— WJUU color* .I'C) 1" 2. -*'*» t
Wlilte Gsc2s Dep't
Kobe aa4 Wzlst Patter-*
Tast.-fnily rut Vp for Gifts.
Also pKHis by yard for doll*' «aj|»
nt.*» and women's and children*
w X r :: r ful and "PPropriata
Tiffs; majority neatly put an la
holly bo.ies.
Madras, silk *.iiMlHMtaa J plain «r
•lotted F.mh Dntteii Swtaae<*. and
*••«•;.■*,) Battstes gg to 1 3at
EMRn RORES-PrlnoeM aflasaj
"•»•'••• emb'd in very h,-ind>om
<1 '" i « n " 4.'95. .5.43.-5.93
•he« r rejture— «annot bo hniiajirt
elsewhere under .3P*— Our Prlc^..... g£J
•Irt hand*^rpe patternn valua> .21.... |£>
4S Inch — value .3J> g£>
M.\PR.*S n-.MSTINGS— "~
Hlslilv Mercerij»il--» well apmatJajtwl
Btfr— * r a* »wnrtra»nt of ban<tanass>
r^'tern*— than ask .39 and .49 —
Our prlc» g^
An "r>"lly'" season 1« h«re. popular
materials m* > 'ambrt^ji. *h«ar
Nalisc«k». India Uaaasa. eVratan
U*iu. IJnu^rie BJaMataa. Or«-ir> !!•«.
f*ncy Pwlsf.es and plain and iln«ta<t
iln lI »— Prices 7% t» .6£>
■■in NAINSOOKS frr Infants'
wear an.! ladies' Underwear -
IS yard pieces I OP «»2.49
PERSIAN I AWN3— Very nhe«r—
in g-rear demand f->r 'Shadow wo»k —
1 32 inrhes wi^'*— formerly .4!» .S-%
' n»at patterns — worth .39... ......... .24
Lace Bed Sets
SrKvial purpha!»* > « of th«w» and
r«Hlu« - tions In odd gets give op
portunity to buy lite this:
TH.h T.Mnt KM «et»
M«»Jaillon I'entre with deep handsaw*
N»r.li~rs to mateh — sham» to mateh — ■
worth $10.9* 8.93
Fine Ir!»h F»unr Re.l Set" —
Et'm Inra;- ni»dalllon •oral «^Ht?e—
«Joer> border— valui» »I*.!X* 10.53
French Net Bed Set» — Emfra T^raja —
t'-r.t-t motif of Marl* Antoinette «r
Renaissanre — deep featn«in -\wlanc- —
bolster sttasna la mateh —
value JlT.9* » 14.53
Flue Flannels
At Squally Low Prices.
White W.-iol Kiinn*!*- Silk «»nb 't
in elah«n»te soaltop rtenign*-—
Elsewhere $1.29 and th»n ■ C^
ttraltett asaortrnents only •>**
Colored ■'i".:-.-« road] ».T'in«
(II the pietty nhadev for rtreasm*
«M qnaa, wrarc'ra. und»r«*>rt»
am» haM»*" wear— "m ■* In «•"
or contrasting tints— "IC
L_ini»i ami *t 1125 •«**
Still no: Ereb"d F".«na«N to ft.**.
Eatlcs* Fur Rc'aes
Go-Carts aad Carr!ax:s
rarriarfe and ««v Cart Robaa —
Ireland !-»<:>(■• Piaaaal and A QO
Sateen ltne,i- perfectly nni«h»!. **«>O
Bal>> Carriage and «"!(>• Tart Rotes
■>r h-^t IceUn.l U«ih Si'-r.
•nl S»«tln llntn»«~- *> f>CJ
Elsewher* *» Ort U»>O
Soft and P»au'i* - i; «a'r .sg« aoit
\n< •• :«. s.('ilirel ai».-| \Thftw
Per«f»r» trf»r».;. -»,is afd S»ii n n ft?
, ..» hiuia-Haec Kcka. w »> M.

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