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-T T rt^^OR,LD °^
bcß POyjo <B^
Fitthgs of the Big Touring Cars
More Luxurious than Ever.
* Th* seventh annual show of th« Automobile
Club of America w»nt merrily on yesterday, and
If there v.as any falling off ;n attendance It was
not noticeable, as the aisles were uncomfortably
crowded most of ihe time. It was asserted yes
terday that thcr* 1 were more exhibitors of motor
cars at this show than were over before gath
ered under one r»«f. with ■erenty makers of
American cars and twenty Importers. There is
the greatest variety of machines also, ranging
from a rcn»**rot at ?SOO to ponderous touring
car? s.eiling nt Sir..<»oo.
a remarkable feature of the show is the fact
that all the machines on exhibition are along
conventional lines, there being no cars of a
freak nature. All are the result of carefully
worked out engineering principles. It is figured
that the makers to the palace put out a little
more than one-half the number of machines
made during the last year.
From data secured from the men who *""• ma
terials to the manufacturers, and WhO should
know, the American Motor Car Manufacturers'
Association hns compiled a list of cars made
during the last year. It is figured that there
wer«- 16#0O cars maae by manufacturers ex
hibiting at this show. In nddition. there were
about :?r.<M Ftearrws and electrics, and a little
more than LOOO imported cars, making a grand
total of i?*.^** car?.
Among the rtaitor* y^rA^y ■ -• BpsufT
Tra=k Henry Ifrevoort Kam. Hugh J. Chi?olm,
ills* Caroline L. Pc Forest. C. P. W. Girernaud.
Captain Edward Weston. oj VTaveriy Park, N.
J.- J. B. Kendall. T. M. Macy. P. W. Rousb, C.
X RoWnson. ta B^str.n; H. C. Westcott. E. R.
Thomas. WiiUnm K. VanderbUt, jr.. Peter
I Cooper Hewitt. Commodore Bourne, who has
not thus far missed a session of the show; Edna
"Wallace Hopper. Fmr.k Moasey, Reginald \ an
dTJ-iIT, Colonel John Jacob Astor. John R. But
ler. Oliver II P. Belmonti Bradley Martin, Au
cuFt Belmont, James Stlllnmn. Mr. and Mrs.
Eperf-n U Winthmp. jr., Mrs. George B. Mc-
Clellan Mr. and Mrs. Victor Sorchan. Mr. and
Mrs F K. Pendleton. Mr. and Mrs. F. BurrHl!
Huffman. J"s:n C. Calhoun. George C. Boldt.
iirs. Adsm Gordon Korria and WUllam R"ck<=-
CeH( r.
Th»- rerr,arlcab!f length To which '.r.g«r.ious
bofiy tmildiSK may be carried in the manufact
an <.f automobiles is "tie of the features of the
Bhow. The interiors of th« limousine structures
leave !it:l to be desired in the way of comfort.
convenience and magnificence, representing, as
they do, commodious boudoirs with every acces
sory that is to be fojnd in a completely furn
ished home. Captain I.ars Andorpor.. of Boston.
had a C. G, V. car bnllt to order at a cost of
jic.(x>>. it is upholstered In tan pigskin and
has a scaling capacity of five. Cushions of two
«.xt:a scats conceal a wash bowl, furnished with
mrarxa cater from a s:x*y galloxl tank on the top
of the car. As in a Pullman coach, the cushions
of the \'j.V£f: seats are movable, and when all of
the numerous contrivances axe in their places
the car may be readily made into a comfortable
Electri" lights, Bpeakins tube, annunciator,
clock, barometer and umbrella holder are a few
cf the unu^..^: •;:r::;> ; hi::t:s. In the twink'ing of
an eye tlw car may be turned Into a dining room.
Fr->m a mysterious niche v table is produced.
A ca? :n< t of blrdseye maple reveals a complete
het of cQtlery. rlusses. pepper and salt boxes.
can '->t>«^s'' •"*» >ism ••<!•.. -i^t»« -.—>»«•. ry Implements for
a Slsht ' :: " -•••::. From another cabinet corso
plates and napkins and wicter bottles.
An automobile of home manufacture, which
dev«loT's remarkable speed ":\i horsepower for
its light weight, w;is one of the most interesting
new feature S'^sterday. R. XV. Harroun. of
Chicago, is tb-- builder and exhibit nr. He is on
his way to Orroond Beach Florida, where he
intrude ;n enter aH the open races, and confl
dently '„<!■>■■.-< he will rapture many of the
prizes. The •■ implere machine, in racitig condi
tion, wei— hs only W»0 pounds, and the car has
beer. <"t .: i :; at a f*renty-mlle clip on an un
certi'.ir :••.•;;!. Owing to the fact thr.t the com
plete 'tO-hoTsepower engine weighs only 120
per; including the flywheel, it is considered
as especially valuable adjunct to aerraacties,
and the machine was welcome as a»n aided at
/f traction to the Aero C2ub exhibit on the seventh
frrt xfaa b tfas a- i •
V An !ntere«tlr.?; addition to the ir.o\-ir^ picture
exhibition on the eevecth floor was a Sim cf tha
Lebundy airship expertaients. v.-hich is abuwil
far the first time in America. The only blrfl'e
«ye \-ie\* ol Manhattan and the East River ever
seen is displayed in the aeronautical ur.r.cx.
Tnese pictures wen taken by James C. Bare la
the recant perilous ascent, from which he so nar
rowly eec&ped with hi? life.
Time at Hand When American Cars
WBt Lead the World.
The American Motrr Car Association gave a
luncheon at the Hotel Manhattan yesterday and
more than two hundred members were prowint.
J. E. Hedges acred as tnastraaster, and with him
et the guests' table were Coipate Iloyt, pr^fHent
of Th« AstamobOaj Club of America; General George
Moore S-r:itV.. '-httirmnji of rise show • -nit lee:
Alfred Beeves, rr'.ancirer of the association; A. C
F£.rdir.jrron. pe:i«nU mttna^er at the Long Island
Parkway: F^mut/l M. Butler, ferr^tary of the Auto
xnob'.!e Ctabi Famuel A. ?.i!le*. manager of the N'a
tjfnpl Assocla'!cn cf Aiitcmoille Manufacturers.
Dr. BtSxnjUx 6V:aais Wba«lar and ee\-enil oth«r well
known ootririß'ji.
Mr. Hedges 1^ !ctrodu<-«rg the speakers, after the
coffee and cigars had b«-en served, stated thut h«
wu taBBSM -■ pieaeed at '...." on en oc
caslcn whei; men who were corapc-titorfi in th«> trad*
could eat together without eniinj eacn other. He
t!»n c&llert uj<f>n James Cnutlns, of the Manufsct
trera' As-socisttion. wno prive an interesting resume
ci the w^rlc "lid purposes of the astoclation.
In calli::; xiimv. Colgate Hcyt as the next speaker
Sir. Hed^s rsferred to tiim fas the president of a
deb whicii was about to make the attempt to run
• rnrag* in wnlch th« owner of a car would get
vi.it h« piud for. Mr. Hoyt in resj>ondlag stated
t2a.t tii« purj>t>»e of the Atrtomoblla Club of Araer-
J3a In promoUng exhibits of mo:<>r cars was not for
tie purpose cf makinjr v. eltiglf dollar <>? revenue
for the club, but purely tcr the benefit of the
yjnsnoa^n manufacture™, fh thitt the progreaa of
tit*, influsr»- In this countr'- a:i<i the excellence of
«• machines could be exemplified t.j -n« public He
ctia iurthtr:
rrery aollar rrii« trrxn the shows has been put
••m* to^ ; . - against vi.; posdtda losa in tho
'•-* -x» we ii'jM to show ao favoritism, but it
rwto with the members of tn« American Motor Car
Manufacturers to produce the best possible oar.
Th<^ development of the American machine has
ba, r remarkable In recent years, and before long;
we hope to reach the time when no member of the
club will wish to use a foreign machine. In order
to reach this point It will be for your interests not
to attempt the manufacture of one thousand cars
when only one hundred should be- made.
The tendency among automobile users to-day Is.
fortunately, being directed in the best use of the
automobile and not in Its abuse. The Automobile
Club of America has always stood for good roads,
and It endeavors to aid every good measure for the
development ST the Industry. We believe that th»
show is a great help in educating the public to a
broader knowledge of the utility of the motor ma
< hlne for practical uses, and the Automobile Club
intends to rrmtinue its policy of promoting exhibits
for several years to come. We are firm believers
in the present as well as future excellence of the
American machine, and we believe that the time
If- not far distant when the American car will In all
respects he the equal, if not the superior, of any
automobile In the world.
Mr. Hedges. In introducing General George Moore
Smith, chairman of the show committee, referred
to him humorously as ■ civic reformer — "one of the
class who knows what ought to be done, «nd yet
has never done anything in that particular direc
tion in his life
General Smith, in reply, stated that he was a
firm believer in American cars, and. Judging from
statistics of the last two year*, he prophesied with
the utmost confidence that it would not be long
before the exports of American cars would far
< I sad the importations of European machines.
Mr. Hedges, in Introducing A. R. Pardington as
the last speaker, referred felicitously to the fact
that a highway was about to be built where speed
tests couiil be made without the aid of the police.
"The uutomobiie industry," he said, "has promoted
human agility m a marked manner, and has been
ii wonderiul impetus to artificial exercise."
Mr. Pardterton stated that the ■:.- Island Park
way wo'.:ld afford a valuable opportunity for manu
facturers to test their cars, as It would give them
the^hnnce of making, if necessary, not only short
spins, but runs if twenty-four hours or more,
whereby the engines and the mechanisms could be
thoroughly tested. He paid that the directors of
the Long Island Parkway Comjißny felt honored
in the section by th« American Manufacturers"
Association of Henry Ford to represent the latter
body upnn the parkway directorate. He paid, fur
ther, that no one need have any doubts that the
fifty or sixty mil* 1 roadway would not be com
pleted in tlnie for use n> x- fall, as the men be
hind the scheme were deeply in earnest In the
matter; and although no attempt had yet be«»n
made to secure public subscriptions, more than 5*
per cr.t of the C.V>W>n capital bad already b»»en
voluntarily subscribed. ,
French Tram Released from Ellis
Island, and Will Ride.
Thirty-two risers, making uj> sixteen teams,
gathered from every quarter of the g!oT>e. win
&tart on Monday morning, one mlr.u*- after the
midnight hour, in the International six-day bicycle
race at Madison Square Garden. The release from
Ellis Island yesterday of the c'.::.rnpionshlp French
team. th»* Georgot brothers, who recently won th<*
::rsr six-day race over held ■'..-■ completed
the list of entru-s, which was held open until the
last moment, ovraitinp a decision in their case.
The champions of Europe. Apia and Africa, as
well as tl:e liest riders in America, will go to the
post. The complete list of entries, as they are
teamed, is as follows-
Belgium-Holland tram— Arthur Vanderstuyft,
Belgium, and Johann Stol. Holland.
Prencn-Itallan team— Petit Breton. France, and
Carlo Vanoni. Italy.
Australian team— E. A. Pye and A. J. Clark.
French team— Kmil Georget :::id liMl tjeoreet.
Dixie-Yankee tram— Hobby Walthour, Atlanta,
ana liugh Mac Lean, Doston.
Little Old New York team— E. F. Root. B! eeps
ht-^d Kay. Long Island, and Joseph Fogler, Brook
German-California team— Walter Butt. Germany,
and Floyd Macfarland, Ban Jot>e. Cal.
Mormon team— W. E. Samuelson and C. L. Hol
llstfr. Palt Lake City.
Irish t»fi.m— Matt Down«y, Uoston. and James
M'-iran. Chelsea.
German-American team— Floyd Kxebs and Ed
ward Rupprecht, Newark. N. J.
Scotch-Irish team— A. W. Macdonald. Somerville,
Mas?., end John B. Coffer, ■ton.
V:\Ui W»st team— Norman C. •'r>;H?er, Minneap
olis, and Hardy Downing, Ban Jos4. Cal
Canadian-Irish team— Lot:!* Mettling. Canada,
and Patrick Logan. Ireland.
Natli .. Turn Vereln t»am— T'rban McDonald.
New York, and f-haries Schlee, New York.
L"ng Island t^am— Jo!::i Bedell. Lynbrook. Long
Island, and Menus B«*ileii. L-ynbrook. Long Island.
Farmer and messenger boy team Frank Galvin,
N*w Milford, Conn., and George Wiley. Syracuse.
The usual international championship meet which
precedes the six-day race will be held to-morrow
r.ight and It is safe to say that never In the his-
A SEarrosAL view OF THE automobile show.
(fltuSu tor BiMuasi A WeUa)
Tory ot cyc!ln«; has such a progTammQ been put
on. Two motor paced races, In the first of which
Bobby TValthour, America's champion, will meet
Paul Gulgnard in a ten-mile event, and another
which will bring together Floy.i Macfarland and
Hup!. Mi.cL«ear. for tire miles, constitute the star
rrtractinr.e In addition to this, however, there will
be a motor race run !n mile heats, best •■' out
~t three, betw«*en Hovt 'and I>e Rosier, or. two
Indian motorcycles; international ten-mile cham-
I>ioßsh!p. with ill of the best professionals, in
cluding' the mcjorlty of the six nay rile"-' com
peting: the National Cj-cling Aesociation quarter
mile Lxaateur championship, and a one-mile ama
ter.r handicap.
XI ■ track at the Garden will be ready late to
night for a pood tryout. Th - tickets for to-morrow
r.ieht'B races and also for the opening 1 of the eix
£ay race on Sunday night were jiiaced on pale at
the Garden box «ff3ce yesterday morning. The de
mand wat far in excess of previous years.
Beat* Pauaic Club Odd Game in
Athletic Borviing League.
In the ;a.ct Athletic Bowling Iy»»a«ni<i series this
wetk the Elizabeth Club team won the odd game
on the alleys of the Passaic Club !aet night.
Elltah^'r. lost the first came by the narrow mar
gin of 4 1 las 'When "olte mli'»>-d a single pin
ppare In the tenth frame, the visiting team's
ciiar.ces were materially lessened, and the only
reason the totals were rti lass was because Pope
finished with a tripl*.. The totals ware: Pmssale,
iM. Elisabeth, M 2.
A change was made In the personnel of the Pas
saic team after the tort game. Ball, who rolled
128. was rtr'-pped in favor of Harper, who Is an old
athletic leapuer. HarpT showed his calibre by
rutting UP 201 and IS2.
I'ußsaic was outclapsej, however, in the last two
pumes. an Elizabeth rolled 617 and »06, totals that
won by comfortable margins.
Thi? was Pafs^ioh debut m Athletic I»acrue
company. >-ui<l under th»- :rrum»itiin'>*(« the team
probably did as well as could be expected. The new
pina were n-sponsttle for many of tea spllta. The
■cores w. re us follow*:
Noltr 182 i»>4 8a11.... IS6 — —
A Weal 3JH .-2 Harper — 101 IS
R. V.'tM »Tf -. >* ««abri>olt 11*4 IS4 IBS
•:lauM 174 17! 177 VTllUrd 188 ITT 191
Pop* 188 l&l 116 Elston 21» 17 182
— — |Ol*en i 3» ITB 177
Tom fci£ 917 800. .... —
. 2 TBUU M . (v^iH fcfi m;
in Endurance Among the Best -The Firsi in Speed.
Winner oi the \anderbiit Cup Races of 1905 and 1906. Leads the World in
Darraeq & Tie sell more automobiles than nvy other manufacturer in the world. There's ■ reason. They produce a first da 33
machine at a fair profit on each sale and rely on the pood will of their patrons tn multiply tlip sales. Their policy hns had success.
Their prices compare favorably with nil other foreign can. And you must look to fnreijm cars for the ESSENTIALS that make -utomo
biliug a joy.
The Darraeq hns defeated a'l water moled curs in two gallon efficiency teat— THATB ECONOMY. It won the one minute trial
at Ormrmd Beach. Florida, at the r:>tp of 122 miles an hour, breaking .-ill world'! rei-onls — THAT'S SPEED. T t won the Vanderblit
Cup raff's of 1905 and THAT'S RELIABILITY.
The same genius and skill that created these perfect mechanisms lias developed t!jp ideal Chassis for touring cars and limoa
sines. surpassing all precedents for noiselessness. comfort, e«-onornv and r^l'jibilitr
Van Cortlandt Players Appeal to
W. J. Travis for Help.
T - &r"'-ns committee of the N>w York Golf
r*luh> hns adopted a DOTd method In itß endeavor
to brlnp ..,,-. better conditions at the Van
Cortlandt Fark public links, The advice of an
amateur I? t" bf followed. lnst»u.d of placing
further r«llanf»« on professional knowte -
For yeurM tli« greens i.: Van Cortlandt have
bren full "f weeds and coarse meadow grass,
aTid unsatisfactory to expert and duffer alike.
Becoming tired of receiving constant complaints,
the Park Department finally turned on the
sfolferfl with iht- retort: "You folks complain of
thes»? grecriß; so ahead and show us. Takt- the
s'.xth and -ho elsiiteanth, and we'll do what you
say "■
This took the enmmlttaemen somewhat by
Burprlse. They had been ever ready to clamor
for reforms and improvements, but when .«ud
dt-nly confronted wtt this additional respon
sibility they hardly knew which way to turn.
They put their heads together and consulted.
"Shall we sod or BecdV" was the question.
"Seed,** said one. "Sod." said-tinotber. And so
they .rtrucd without reaching any definite- con
Finally, one of the commltteemen declared he
would nnd a way. He sat down and penned a
touching appeal to TVaite: J. Travis, the man
of many ideas. Travis responded prom] to
the cry for assistance. On* of his remarks
might be heeded by other committees rtrurgllng
with similar problems. It was:
"You can get pood greens at Van Cortlandt
Park — you can get good greens anywhere."
He then, In a few comprehensive paragraphs,
outlined a plan of action, recommending the
committee to wait until the frost It out of the
ground n**xt spring:. As a final admonition,
Travis Bald:
•To Insure the best results there is nothing
Ilk* superintending th* whole work yourself."
When the Park Department told the N>w
York Golf Club to go ahead, the former had
no idea that the golfers would be able to im
prove th» situation. The g-olfera. however, are
preparlnp to follow out Travis's puptjestlons In
the uprinir. and it Is possible that the brains of
an amateur may accomplish what professional
experience after years of effort has failed to do
— give Van Portland? Park food greens. The
outcome will be awaited with Interest.
The nineteenth annual Christmas ride of the
Durland company will be held at (•»*=- academy. In
Wast Mth street Wednesday evening. December 26.
This year's ride will be entirely different from the
previous affairs giCTllliaxn Durland, who is arrang
ing the affair, will not dlvulse at the present time
the nature of the entertainment, but he promises
something never wen before in this country.
FIRST HACF. -Fo» vwo-vear-ol Is. Seven furlongs.
Nam* V.''. ! Name. 'Vrt,
Gl«ndoveer IIP: Boswell 10$
Mils Parker 115 \>n .., IM i
Hecry Bosworth - 114 Pl»«o" I<>2
Royal Bend 114 Gold Clral*.. ......_... .101 j
DudMH of Montbelle.. .111 ; bpioer Mr en vt* \
Mazl- O'Neill 1C«» Nanc;. Hart 0»
Ku!l« C. 8 "■'
RDr)NI) RACE— Belling. Sli furlong*.
Woodiaw 110 Pit} . .....007
Adbel! lOOjJerry C ...„,, .103
D*n McK«nna 10» ! Violin C.tqu*.. M ...
la*')l thrift 106 Harry JusK.. •„.„«.,
Op^ratirr 107 i Blmpllclty- «••-»... ...103
Brenlng Star 10TJ Sneer ■»■ 103
THIRD RACD — Belling. Six furlong*.
Matador 117 '■ Columbia Gtrt . ... «.. . . .109
Auditor H3;Oeranlum „ 169 1
Alrehip 112 Wild Irishman ..IC<* I
Cutter 110 »
FOURTH RAC3— Pnn». Seven fnrJongm.
Monet ..„. 11B1BUJ Fhlllpa SB
Rebo 104 I'alloday '.... tu !
Lady Henrietta, 101 1 Pride of TVoedttock 90 i
Concert (H»; Mortlboy gs '
rrFTH RACD— 6 tiling; fur two year-old*. HU (urloa««
Knljci • of Ivanho. 110 Qorden Ru«k ior. I
Jaromo 110' Frank Fleeher ],, 4
Eleoted ...110 AM»ctate .. i,^ i
John Kaufman.... Mm •'harley H'erejr. ... — I'm :
eir Vagrant Ji>») Dick Shanler....... MO '
Gold Duke 10t5|Fire Alarm in ,
BIXTH. ItACS— SkUIn« One and on»-clxt«Mnrh mil*
Vola»/ 112' Sanction IS] '
Old Stone 112 Olennlar. 104 i
Dromlo ii* Forelgnrr . Jo- J
Huntliirton lo»i lACliac.lie 103 ,
Prince Balm Balm Harvla Neal \ty j
1989 Broadway, New York, 5£S35i.Tg<ES« m->
Firr Favorites Go Dozen to Defeat
Over a Muddy Track.
New Orleans. Deo. 6.— Mortiboy. at odds-on, was
the only wlnnlnK favorite at the Fair Ground* to
day. The tra"k was muddy, and lone shots had the
call. Mountain and Aubuchon divided th* Jockey
honors, each riding two -winners. The summaries
First mr« '«••<• furlonit«>— MortttwT. If** • Aubu<-hon>. 4
to 5, won; Spton 96 \J- Hnin«»wi, « to 1. .— cond;
Duchaas of Mcntebello. 30 rn'llltaina). 13 to 1. third
Time lifts*, Helen Luc&*. Ztclc Abram». Our Own,
•Windfall. Po»t«r Girt. r»s«hanno. Rein. Ra<rac!». Dorothy
M and Royal Pilm also ran-
Second rar. -*lx furlnm**)— Darlne. 107 (Durtoa). T to
1. won: PlmUcker. KM (Truman). 20 to 1, »ecoß4;
French Tun NX JUoyd). 15 to 1. ♦blixl Time— l.l7l*
Gold Proor, 'mil Phillip* Mlv Farrts. Ooldb«a»»r. Omar
Ki,»"»m banry H»n*Jrle!u and D. W. Flynn alao iv.
Third race (flr. furlongs)— Blackburn, If* (Mortis*. 8
to 1. won; Bemnont. «* (Goldstein*. B to a. »e«on4»
Mra«re. 104 lAubuchonl, 7 to 1. third. Time— *«%.
ruatliut Ptar. Piaud. 'W«»t«m. Ann* Rtukin. Jwiamr
"Fourth*^*" ££>' mil«!>— Charlatan. 104 (Mottntate). •
to 1 woo St. Vaunting 110 .Nicol... 1 to a. •-coal l
Lady Ellison. 107 .Pmlth). 25 to 1. third. Ttm«— l:4e>
r-elvhle and Gold M»t« tlto ran
(M™al^ 4to 1. and a half « (teltM. » toT
.Mmintata>. 4 to 1. wrra; Quince. •» CBmlth). M »cV
sfcotmd Qr«co O«or«e. 10*1 (Mantter) 2B t. 1. third.
-m#— 1:10 CoHoqtiy ac 4 Ida Bailer aim ran,
to 1. w^n; B!tt*r Hans 107 ofartln). 8 to 1. «M»JI
rMnm li* (Bwmlnj 1* to 6. third. Tim* isAMk.
Srtrry rtaieer. Ern-t PaAara and TT»«rb. a!«» **».
Kennedy, the Tale Go&ch, Say*. PrinMton
Will Be a Pastor on the Water.
[By Telegraph to The *Mbaaa.l
New Haven. Deo. *.— -v rC...« to John KmanmCr.
coach of th« Tale crew, rrliniasuii will &• abr«««t
of Yale and Harvard on the wmtar la tnr«« r»*r».
lib Bald to-day:
1 coaah«d I'nnoetos crews In IJ3I sad lES2 sad
i.uve nuUntaln«d ever- since that she wlil succeed
•na txtttume a powerful factor In collacUte row
me. The new Carnoßte lake affords ixnittss Car
the work which axe not to be equalled In America.
There l» a lone •tretoh of oomparatlvely still wat*r,
—ideal oundtUona {or a, tuooassfui navy. la time
Prinootoo would be a hard college to boat on the
'•■•.air, and 1 think she should work h«:»ei.' up u»
Uis first raAk wlUuii. tu«t .**{■,
The Victorious
Intending purchasers are invited to inspect an unrivalled exhi
bition of "FIAT" Cars at the Show Rooms of The HOL-TAX Co.
The following models of the FAVORITE FOREIGN CAR
can be delivered IMMEDIATELY:
35 H. P. Limousine (Rothschild & Son, Paris).
50 H. P. Touring Car with Cape Cart Top (seats seven)
50 H. P. Double Phaeton (Quinby & Co.)
35 H. P. Carrick Phaeton (Rothschild & Sons, Paris)
35 H. P. Demi-Limousine (dark green)
35 H. P. Landaulet (Demarest & Co.)
35 H. P. Touring Car, Cape Cart Top (Locke & Co.)
i fill/ m Kg .->■ A^% /V -«
Broadway and 56th Street.
FOL.E AMERICAN AGENTS. Lirrn-'ed Imporrera under SeW«r. Patent
We will exhibit only at the Madison Square Garden Automobile Show
January 12 to 19.
"Kssp Your Ey« on nantals! "
Mean that your car, will cost
you less in maintenance. One
quality—the best.
We have imported and ready for immediate
One 32 h. p. Limousin* $7,500
One 32 h. p. Landau M.. $7,000
Threo 32 h. p. Touring Cars $6,030
Four 20 h. p. Touring Cars 53.750
Luxuriously appointed bodies by the best
r-aters of Europe and America.
Automc bilists !
For your new car's
equipment, why not
have the accepted
standard and by
actual test the most
reliable speed indi
cator in the world >
The Jones
See ovir
Gold Medal Exhibit
Grand Central Palace,
Doc 1 to 5.
An important meeting was heM *„ .v "
bfla Manufacturer, a* *£ Antoao
fra.mTue.day7 -^ 7.. •■•-■- - : '«;■'-"■;■
work S»ir , doa. by th. ra!aowit bwtnsr on th«
polttaaat of an ad^r-^Lj*** " :U3 W#l * tb * •»
prova: of th, w^n??,.* com^ tt -* *"& the a>
jn the pro.ecu^aa of th« 021 *- 110 "'" *«orneT*
infrlng«rn«nu or th. awi^T* *f*Bi« th« varioi
■■^•^> tr ' faorn^*. ThoaaaaffiiS;
»V T of Aratnoal Xln !nnan. Locomobile Com
ii-» luaAalaaai < y -^ *-••_,
M*vm • A>"T> rf«t r-n -p^
Cor. 21th St. Tel 474« irafl. Ba?
' Ala. A la carte. Tda. Table fl-hata <i& r j_
— — -oacx
257H BT. AST> BTH AYE. *
FHE LEADING rut :>< H RR Hf".T AI R 4N -( „
DINNER 51.50.
• TO » P. M.
Tenphm uau-Mad ma earn,
Li) eh ovrs
. IBS to 114 bast 14-ni rr '-• icnr ii _ r ._^ **
TA3UXCS r.EiuiA.v m'iTirßm^*^'
a la cartt: AND tlblbb-h*??'
Mote st THE viexxa a«- ORCHesr^^
I Cafe Lafayette <
01/4 Ifsaal »- ~T —
1 ri**'*! .iirni. ■ A law> •sft^Fina) * m ..,..'*»
P *» y «^t, Pt * fc h tUw^
I B!xth At., 4«th and 45th S?a
I Cafe Bonlevard i^^^Sg^
; Healy's Rrrralr^tsgTg
□rU 1 y<9 nth fH. awJ rolanbim *»•. „ sT^aT
1 nLILLI < New high class r.»st jfc Chop houae. «^|
! 255 CAVANAGH'S * «
J "»--»0 TV. ;;a. Rwnaurant. Grill. Bari-iy; Saosi.
l a RochHfe rsth •♦ • ' ~~Z
!r __. tT » ! pp * rk P-'-af» Ptr.tnc R-w^T
v :- - .
; B>M Table d'llnte Dtener n Town. f1 M
jA la Cart. (»l! ■-.-1-51 Tdh. Tsr. >«-8i; ?at. v San.. j^
a «J lie BTS £Is 1 nsrs
AJways on tro ir. hie" class '»s-ajr^r.-s
1 T.lh.. with wine. ;:. TTysr i:vh. Th * ttb «r. AUfc
I eafedsL f E[ysEs HO^^ R^ir^r yy a fe* > *
: Herald Square Hotel, ji^jr •A^ r."
! iarlhoriggh Bithsfctilgr g^^^,;.^
1 Hotel Endicort T;^^ a^^M;.
j Hotel St. George, B^? t^ ns^ o^-
Vnlnn S<iraw and 17th !*t.
A REPLTATIOX OF**"' TEAKS sfsp 1.3323
M ■-• at Lunch-on r»!nn«>r and ~-:pper.
Th»a:r-» partirs «-«p»'-:i;"- <•*'<•—<* tn
Pr<Tat» r>tn!n~ Rooms ior'VTedrtlngs. Par::»». »-
KisENwmrs SStlTar. ard S-h .r*
ClOCftCf CDSti Q A la Car- «■_».-.
hr»<:iai Dinner S-jniiar. IZ r-> 9. 11. Tabl» r! Hit», R.
; > AKRr GRIT.I. ROOMS. 2«t!i Sv ard Tth At«.
Dinner fi -9:20: Bmnwi *:^n-l. Po»;;r. s f^rch^srra.
Room and hath, t: "">: for two. J'.^O ""
Sato St.. or. Broafiway Music. Pi.in»r ii il
Culsin* a la Fra.ncal». A a '— •
Gr2!si »jrc^eatra r.ooa ever.:ns.
r.. , BXE , t *-* N T IHiIVF- * R <»* \H» TORE.
ri*tar.L-^s. r.r.utf.-. Elegant Tourlns Cars »-■»-—«.
w«:h esp»ri»m-«»d C'aaufT-ur sur>pli*-J ft- tourini? X-w
0r vM Or J"' f " lioivi "- trtr«- Toad maps Cttj.
■ _^2?^.- Tour!l l&f'S": n^ar!r !"« drives <i::u».
• :. --c P""k!»!j 'cntiji. Travellers' Co.. lia
: Bmaairay, T.. c»r. ;«rh <t. Te!. 47*<: Mac! ?(j. .;.,
: „, "ARME>'o^vil.LF~6k AMEfiH-A " "
Wwdnanstw ! im rr =m^j WastohsstHr
Cjt«:ne a :a rrancs»'««» BCCH «- KOLB.
BaHg?ast9B, L.t.
BAY VIEW HOTEL n «r r /'- Al ,, City ls.«l
Blossom HTi Inn, n ,' :;" r V- R<t 4-in T Larchmoct
; Boston Pest Egad in;:. >;: ?^ r '^r: y a >,^ %:^ ! i:; £?*
Ballen's Hotel Brid^eport,a
Francforts. r£™£
HmHITTM g^j^ i ■Rj.simi
HOTEL WIjjDSOB 5 ntetjejj;
i;<-..-i> and lliv.n. in.r-1111-,. !•%
7H.WI 1 : : ft:. ;i:» Ccaawav ,;-';h st.-^t).
NSW Origans vv a r^ r g r : mSt diaries Hats
NAPLES r> A^ h v^^ aJ mim WTDL
MADE OF TV I'.f:.-;T ifvT^R'^
51?9 to 51T VT. 3S:. 1 : at. Tel it:— :?:ii.
ver»:a:r.jc members of the sssoetatbm. to be beli
the end at this week. :'.>r the purpose a* a iv» ar.d
free discussion of the bes; taetnoda ci furthertas
the Interests of the members cf tha aasociucloa,
dealers and users of a:jtomopii«ii.
Probably one cf the m^st tntervsttas :*t>.« at
the show la the Orand Cantrai r'alar* is that of aa>
Jones Speedometer. This au:r>mo-v'» speed tsaV
cator is ah ■ pioneer and has be-»n g* rurally a>
cepted tor the last three years as Cm ozHy --aaaa>
•awl •- of its kind. The Jones :n«rT"irr.*=t la used
throughout the world. Ir. competition wi:!> «Js»a»
speed indicators representing four nm lilt— **"
cent'v v was the only ir.strumer.: to scare an. as*>
lUtaly perfect record. The trials ware teld uadar
the anapicaa of the Autotnobiie Clu> of •«»•»
Britain and Ireland.
"Ksw Yorker* win spend raor» for aalJiiinaMal
th© oomtnc season than ever before." said A. !•
Kuli. of the A. L Kail AutossobOs CMapss*
twareaaatatlve of the Wayne car at G» ■■
Central Palace, >-«str- Hm said f^ri:?r ti*t
Inautrlea were more fretjuer.t tp.an «vex. wiUls.ay
tales for this tlx&e of th« ye^r were uc?.uluiliub»l
Ths medium priced tourtns car, available for a
warpnaea. would he the favorite oast seen n- 3
his opinion.
Paul Pilgrim and Charley Bacon, two o* <•*
fastest r.aif-mtlera la tn* Bast, nave •Bte-'«j ■
"Pedal half-mile ran at taa games of aal -"*- a
Regiment Athletic Club, watch are » be beat *»*
morrow nis-ht at tae arraory. aM strsst and ©a*
urn bus avenu*.
Boston, Dec. i. — A reeoaunonibtloa tia: »■•»•«< •
T*:ilvers»ty withdraw from competition fa aS tat** 1
ooUeai»te atbletto «port» will probably <• ias«k V
members off the apaaaU at&letic -onusr-re* «a »•
beam of iimiimi at Harrard Cctr«r«itr aaaafli
appointed to uumi— taa auojafi at *lhl»aca. ■
ocrdln» to sscTtmsnta expniasl by aom* of «-•
-ommittoa In interviews made pnbua to~laj-
A sTaisansiit made recently to Pra«Uaat — •
that tho ualiiiaUr wouid not *c Hatpoi »Jr-i
wax it th«re war* ao aoeh. tatof a. t:tarsolX»;»
atlUgaaTk si Tilia-i C^k fcaw a t««*:i=« « "1*
action of th- comnsitte*. TVaiia l: A**^*** «*: "
•rally understood tha: football has fcasi
■BBBB^aaßßai vslU .a^ak aik aaaaaaaai aaaaaa^^al afl

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