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Mechanical Engineers Denounce
Agitation — End of Session.
The clwlnc pe«si--n of the New York meetlr.s of
•►.I Arne-fran Borirtjr of Merhanlcal Engineers was
♦!d ve^terday rnort Ins: at No. 44 West :Ttl street.
T*-e flrnl paper. -Weights and Measure*." read
tv Henry «■ Townr. aSMd much interest and
rovr-lcti a long diprus»lon.. The debate showed
that m. st of the *r|rtn«-er? present wore arair.«=t
the sdopticn of the mrtric FVFtem and were in fn
.-rr ol » Vir present Amrrlran and British st»ms.
f ' ; c'-t!v n<od;fi><i to make them mnfnrm with DM
-natherl One ph«»i of •• ' *I^<-u^slon •'"'■ dwelt
m v*M the oplnlnn advanced hy many that If th«
r ,. r <- tfvu.m were adopted here It would disrupt
huctnei* *nd disturb the titles of most cf the real
fs;?;*- in 'he rour.try.
Mr T»wne> r*l^r •*■ devoted Urcely to a dis-
Caaiaß rf «h* various measure* taken in ("otißress
t0 rrxarf or modify the present nystem of meas
urexneni find „• frr - " in favor of a te,ehnioel
ccrr . !S1 .I,.Ti to investipat** and report to Congress
,_ th* nibjed He s>Kid that the only advantage t«
♦* bi-d from tlie «dopti.:n of thf metric system was«
t» * o'finml notation. Jut this, he said, had already
L*t aiopted In this country In manufactures.
» 'dif-W'" of tV "* r A^*" pr» pared hy J. S.
Ranes-ofl .i«sert.»d that th» Inch was a far hotter
*_,', thari i'«= m'tr! 1 " equivalent, and that '■thins
"Jl' tv [ # pa'ned hy n chanpe. Another pap^r. pre
. »red hv ? K. Pai'e. not only opposed any chance
C l f, f .'svf > em of weights and measures, but «aid
that farther dlteowton of it In Congress would ft
valueless: that it would be impossihle to get a
r<msrl j Sii :,-ir of th«> oalihre proposed, and that the
•fire tt) he s^urht was r.ot legislation on the sur-
Srr bat sonvhow to keep laws off the statute hook»
Werferinp with the present system. He ;, tided that
til tte agitati<>r came from a few scientists. «nd
r r<i ; tfae »cbooU md coUese* had for thirty years
hrf'n 'ea-t ;rp that the m^trlo system is the Inevita
ble o",e atid scholars had come from school and
collect w:th urd^f.ned ideas of an u'.-.'.rr.atf- metric
fxttem, this belns '''<* only reason for continuous
f^everal hundred of the engineers will visit Sandy
Hook to-day, where 'hey will watch extensive pun
_, 2 ~« r-«> it the pr°\"ing grounds. Yesterday nearly
t'x hundred went in a ten-car special train to the
Port Morris power station of the New y^rk Cen-
Lgj T>,ei mad* n thorough Inspection of. the hlg
rrii-'r fta'rton under the guidance of W. J. Wllsus,
c-e of '^ vice-preaMenta of the ro^d.
Western Combination To Be Incor
porated in Illinois.
Xlw :rt»re!=rf Trhlch, a? tnl<". In The Tribune a few
ii'-f p.e^ have -erfruly efferte<3 a virtual combir.a
tJon of the inr!pr*'TiJ' >r-tr -t telephone companies of
fei»r: .■ ■■<■ of the UMdla West, ana have or
ranefd for tto« laylas of the »lr*>« of their system
In d* CWcaso nibtray. ffll next •w-rejt btoorporata
i r Ti'.ino;? w of Th«»ir two projected companies.
«-hii-h totetber wil! hay* a rapltalization of nhout
pgjM.WO The Illinoip company will r^■ l^a^'■■ he
kr.n^T. £5 th« Inr.er>* >r j«e:it Telephone Company of
Chiraj:" Its rre&i<v.u is to be Roland R. Conklln
■ad ttt vir*-preiddenl K. U. Barber. Otlien proa
lr.er-.!y lr.terefted in tliw e:itti|>rl»e are Martin W.
Uttletrm. .loh'i M. Sliaw. |>r**i>i»Tit of tt»a Atlantic
Telephone Company, of this iity; .). I>. Powers, of
Ke.-.fji-ky. tiriit vic«?-i>r»-»'iilent of the American
Batik' !>' AesociattoJ: .m<l >■.•."'. Jarvls.
Heorc « <>nk!iti and Ji.rvis were several v^ars
t*r- rice-proldeota <if th»^ N^rth American Trust
Compav: «f N<--w Yr»rk. leavtns that Institution on
ttM crpar.lziition of tti<^ Nrfrioi.nl Hii-:k of ' .La, hi
srhicf. ttwj were lHrp*>!> tntfrested un<l »hii:h. In
iKC. to^k over th»- North Amtrk-Mii Tr>t Com
pur.y's tmsinesa in »ht> is'.aiwl nf Cuba.
Work «::: f>e hvpun by the Independent T«*lej<h«ne
Ctw.psr.y it •.<-..- paid -esterday. as soon as Dr.
1/m;1» Duncan, the company's principal engineer.
ffc&il h«".e oorr.pl -ted his piaris fur the Installation
at the wires 'r, the Ch'cairo sui way.
Manhattan Jafofftrayf Carry Many
More than two millST. paPFPr.j^rs a day er»
trsr.Fpor-eri by Manhattan railways, according tn
th* report cr tr.p Ftatf> Railroad Co!iimiS6ion f«r the
C'Jsrter r-.i^A ■»ml»r 30. This report. p\v*ti out
yw.^rifiy. ehowa tnat of an averse* of 3,5J?.]42
T*rf+-.F*>r* r-arrifi daily In ttM fly« bomugh^, 2.076,-
SS. ere -arrive; daily by lhf> IriterborouKh-Metropoli
t«P. llr.r-f.
"It* fiFj*-es by b^rougrh?. a« compared with the
*asne quar.fr cf last year, vrtre:
tjViS IJMVi Inrrease
W«R^«:ian 179.1Ki.431 !91.(C7.4K2 11>42.031
WBOklj-jj 1"5.7fW.723 113.rt72.5»:< 7.SfiS.«7«
Hraßt M 11.41 P.0f1ir.47 ■ «4«.201
<Jje»r:ii ..... -.-.. OH <*V>
Rklanoca 3a'»4l 3. ".74 473. 533.432
Tr«j« :-•'.- t3a.«k»l 22.345.fi14
T v ;« Bronx li ads !ri thp porcfotag^ of inorease,
• i*h a pain «f Z2.~ pr r<»tu. Ri'hmonJ romrs ,fi'
am en ir.iT»iFP of "T. 6 p«?r •'.'■.»■■.
P'nrKlyr.. <LJ>. sn.i • ■■■■.'-<■■ Th»
« - er;g-> jr-:n Ir. Triiftio for tVi»> • tin riiy was ' 4
T*t re*:?. The <)ftai;«-«l Jignirfp for Manhattan show
that •::- iii'-^pas* of ■ln«>ac lias ••«•<■ ■ divided
BeErly rqunil}- ix-tw^n the »>i»-vated and th*- snb
■■'v c sarfa'* linfF showlnp only a small in
ct»»».«-. i.Viuch <-firr\inß <a U:r»rer total of pa si 11
l*r« Ha? the "t'i<--r two pjt tr.pothfr.
~ne rs:!! of the BrookUT Rni'M Transit p>«t»m
*;s rtUrtitly in <-xr»js« df that of th<> Matihattan
♦ievp.t<.,i „^ Kubm-ay, namely. «Z35.?43. The >y«t*m
<-,i Bn a'+'app of 1.499.031 prjasengera a day.
Tn*- Coney island bufiiif-PB. howe\er. rauF^d the
BrooVlyn Rs;i«] Tr.-»t;p!t to pass th<- 'wo million a
ca 2 Ttlf!r * i frwju*ntly during July atid Aupust.
~r<- r*-\>"V sinus n n increase in the number of
BFferc i-yjf-d of "1.2 per r«-nt. in* bigc^Ft ln
••'c<-. belnjc in Brooklyn. Th»> tota! nurr.h*>r les>uerj
r-i*' ! ' " ' !"'"! "'"" r ':e-hs durinc th'- (juirter was W.iK..
»* an ii ' r> if .if 2*.KTl.«i£S over thf total for the
••'■-Sic gua'i.r List U'ar,

_!: ■ ' • Va., I»e.-. 6.-The Lav: and Equity
ran .-p: 'i:jt.;-<3 a receiver to-day for the I "ruden-
Vire Irmurarjce <.'o:nr>.iny of West Virginia «::d
aw Btrminjrliam -Atlanta Fir*- Ir«ur;in"ft <*orr.Fany.
I'^e stj ;.]). a*!,,,, Wil « ,n;;<i*- l.y Virginia rolif-yhclders
r isifi «r>- uiif.itisfi*>d. 'J'Jie two o'nifar.les
■ •. . ...i s .rr.-r^d heavy ioFres in ih*- San Francisco
Republican Factions and Reform
Lenders Unite em Fnhccl'..
Ft edelphis. V'o. r, ».sr^CJr.!).-T!-.st tb« *-Brrin«
th*- Ropuhlicjjn party :>:'d the potential
ftrf '" '•'• the sf-vrral ...» municipal
r> '^"'.. hay« reached ati undemanding :s :ndi
«!«*» by th»» fjaasi-offlriai aiinnunr^nir-nt ttißt
r. Folw*ll. pr*-«-l<i*-tit of the Manufactur
' •' ' ■■'■"• been nrr*-#-J upon fnr Mayor.
The „_v . „ eiectia,, ] aw . wlll „o )r]to c . ffpr .
«»« mouth. fa:xi tiiid-r its pruvlaiona rhf-r.- ,-nn lc
m^r „♦ « Hndi'jjit^n :iHrtie<j i:r><,n tlie ballot
SLH Inc " f tif!v rijw* upon « petition »d
^ •' I 1«< t;^ Count} < Vnmi!^inn*rs. Th<- b!«
; ;■.••'- of mi,. !!*•!= j r . t!i^ ran that *> randfdate
;t;:; t ; : - !l - v • «ut any iialWe ertdence S^eon
.. # <r : :.■•.)•••! by th* t-o-?!^-.
j« it* prfs^r.t for»-oapt ».«» rerlSed tt tho rornlhe
'tS^S < ; > - < ' l ;' ! ' 0»« ««vr of reform that went
bVto^2 r 'T f "" r i"" 11 "^"' w»cbin« assembled
■ d
1 .
T»"tUoi n< "- '• rn< ' ri «• a "<i f:»« b#»a m conslatejjt Re
' -
eSw # r^at tf.e ofder for barm.ujr
♦uV.,;r :T) * V **Mc«tOu; where TVr.nFvrv ;i! .t-; „<")
• There* a rea c o: - '
J^ ! *'~ "*****£* """■ : ■>■ -^T'^w^^feAW'VS^^i^^i-^S^nffwi^T^^S^^jEE^i
Tiffany & Co.
Christmas Purchases
Selections may now be made under the most
. favorable conditions, lree from the confusion of
the later days of the holiday season
Purchases will be held for future delivery, if
Fifth Avenue & 37* Street
James McCreery & Co.
23rd Street. 34-th Street.
II" Infants' Outfitting ItepartmenU, Misses' Snit«. Children's
Inderrlotbine. Millinery. Bailtrj, Clove* and every accessory of the
Juvenile Wardrobe are show in a very extensive variety, from
eirellent klnndard qualities to szdasHa faanU-made model-, and
extremely fine fabric*.
The Fifth Floor of the Thirty-fourth
Street Store is devoted to Children*,
Infants' and Boys' Clothing:, Shoe}*, etc.
BOYS' CLOTHING. 34th Strret Store.
Boys' Reefers, of fine quality Chin
chilla, Tweed and Cheviot. Lined with
fancy grey and red flannel. Sizes 3to Vi
Overcoats, of Oxford, Cheviot and
Frieze. Lined with Venetian. Extremely
attractive garments. Sizes Bto 10 years.
Norfolk Suits. Mixed or plain cloths.
Single and double breasted. Sizes 8 to 1(>
yean. 5.75
value 7.50 and 8.50
Medium weight, all woo] Knicker
bocker Trousers with buckles and strap.
Dark colors. Sizes (» to 10 years. 1.00
vnlue 1.50 and 1.75
FURNITURE. 34th Street Store.
Fine Mahogany Furniture. Colonial
and English reproductions including
Ladies' Desks, Bookcases. Library Desks
and Tables. Parlor, Bedroom and Dining
Kooni Suites and many odd and unusual
Ladies' Writing Desk.
18.75, 25.00 and 35.00
Three piece Suites. Simple models.
70.00, 85.00 and tKS.OO
?!en's Wardrobes, Various models.
62.00 to 135.00
Clients of Drawers and Highboys.
39.00 to 95.00
Dining room Chairs in a variety of
'models upholstered in leather.
Arm Chairs. I 1.00, 15.75 and £19.00 each
Side •• 7.00, 10.75 •• 14.00 -•«
Tea, lunch, dining room and card
Fine gold curio Cabinets. Various
French "period" models.
50.00. 65.00, 52.50 and 130.00
Vernis Martin Cabinets. lUclily
mounted and decorated. 29.50 and 45.00
value 38.00 to 57.00
Large roomy Arm Chairs upholstered
in English Morocco.
James McCreery & Co.
2 3rd Street. 34-th Street.
Issued by Superintendent Kiiburn — Total
Resources Are $567,986,011.
Albany. Dec. 6.— The State Banking Departmen^
to-night made public the following 'report of the
condition <>f the state banks <>r J!.s -mint, as nhowri
by r«»p«jrts made in accordance with the recent.call
of Hank Superintendent KHburn, :>* <>f the close of
business •.:..;.. November li; Wanks report
ing. ISS:
JiK-< • B< i>
!>>tt.t:« ami disc.unti lew .:ue from directors.. *3l4.647.j»7fi
UaH'.l't of , directors M makers JJ.371.-i.
CM enirafts : **'' |U
Du^ lioni iru*t i-oropatues. banks. l.ank*-rs and ,yjn-«.»
B« 'estate' '.'.".' .'.'.'." 'I' -'I 7I 7 \'l 4
Mo, . ca^« ..,.,>.,! !.'r;v .'■', 111 1
and . *?:":: :::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::: »s&m
I>- K al tender notes anl notea of r.:it."nal banks 2S.CSMM7
C*«h iterrt .' i«> (»i,,.. ."«
*SKf!« no; included un'!>-r al:y of the. above
head* ,;■".;
Ao<! f"r t'.ii's
Total Jwwn
Capital '^V-Vu
Surplus fund 2'- ■
Undivided rronts .......... '*l- • >>-•>
Due dVpoaltors .... d-manl 421>2.7MJ
Duf t<> true- rnmi'iiil". I arikK. bankers ani
brokers 80.0a.000
Preferred liepoaits—
i. U o (.SMTIK hjß!ik» 1....1'i!<i.
Idle »iul Uirig «rH l"a*i «f *"• lut ...iii< 4T.'>, til
Drnoslta prefened t.~-:ius.r secured by 1 .♦•<!({«
.f part of »■»«!> aaseta 325,<K»
Amount Cue I; >t Included under an> „f the
above bead" 1.157.573
Add lor cent* •»-•»
T«ul »MT.'.'-^ "1 i
Thn teporti* «>f lftl banks an of August 6. ID"|J,
■bowed resource* acicrevitiiiK J5M,186.4C5.
Washington, pec, 6.— The govtynment resumed
to-day th. purcli«s" ->t silver, vcceptlns bM« for
SOOJOOO ounce* at fiS.OOtJ cents a sli:«. ounce. This la
moie than 3H- cents an uurir* l«.w.i than tl»- ..IT.-: -
ings which were timi«- vi t!u- tltno purchases were
suspended, nearly four wwks ago. ' » * 11 Is=1 s= fact and
il,.- large iiixl Increasing public ■!. maml for sub
sidiary ecins whlrh could i>.«i be mci vritboul addi
tional: ........ «ii»- reason* given l»v tho
Treasun officials f'»r tho reztimi>t!i>n. It i.« f;iI! J«
the . i*!>-ißls tMit purciiasM v. ::i iimtlnue for un 1.1
d*flnite Hire, the i.mount de^eaJJns largely un the
1 rites usiitJ
Receiver Reports That Figures for This Year
Show an Advance of $4,443,259 11. v
Colonel David E. Austen, recorder of tax«.«. re
ported yesterday ■■> Hit- Controller that th* receipts
from taxes uji to December 5. this year, exceed the
receipts for the corresponding period last year by
$4.443,21911. T!-.^ figures for th<» two years v "are as
"■ ' 3], ':■>"■. Xov 30 ItkM l'(-c r » ISOri
Manhattan *4i 735.974 »t 15.0TD.KW51 14.384.192 68
' r " :! ,\ -•'• «t« 1 •■(••' 832.631 II 211 ;■_•:: 73
Ki-.Kiklyn !' > >•.•••.-»: IS 2M- t>-; -:. »-,, ".IT «;i
8"^"" : r.30f1.772 31 --:,.c.:.-i 1 •_►.■; iss «i
Ittchmond - I»T 87 M5.73S ■: 12 4«7 :•■
Tot El* 4:.r, .-..-n •..; f,. i.-,; ],„;■_..•., f S-SSI 754 40
Om. 31. '■•■•■■'■ Nov. ::<• IDOS. li ft . .-.' 1«»
Manhattan 141.514.732 03 #4.;«ti. 308 M. $3.07f1.1W5 J»2
Bronx 2.3«1.2R1 41 r.ll „«;, M Wiit Jl
Hrroklyn k.:c:.>i i»i i W52 .-,7! 7,; -7-.,,s. J : 4 ,
«"-:'" •: ! 19.1 '.<■.. 77 2«T.4«(170 -T „.- ..I
Richmond V ••-::- 3.1 82.25229 u!2r4 03
Totali . $.-.4. ii-:i.r.i:i 44 5; :•_-_• , M $3>.i».AS2 £T
Total eice»», 100 c*4 44.1 259 11
Secretary Shaw Wishes to Convert Them to
Smaller Denorr.ir.aticns to Meet Demand.
Washington. l"><~- >> •- Th.. Secretary cf the Treat
tir>- Issued 'lie following upon i.-tter to-day to al!
banking institutions of the United Btai s
,\ very marked scarcity of small bills is notice
able everywhere, and ttn- Treasury Is powerless to
relieve. In tin- .: -.Mi.- . ' legislation alln-wing ' ria-
Uonal banks to issun a ■■■•i.--:- proportion cf their
circulation In denomination of «: H:*> hanks
themselvea must be rolled upon lo nlleviati tli«
Ptr.iln us far us possit'K There ar" in t-lrculatimi
nearly jir..'i"". ( " ; " In silver fertificates of the .1.
nomination "' ?'"■ Many <>f *■* are doubt less
parked aw*y lo 'h»» raulta of vtiri ms h;inklnK insti
tutlons «ii'l ti*-lii us reserve. Permit me resp<
fulJv to h.«W thai <:i€-ii Institution, late am] na
tional search the money In its vaults find nend
thesei'ten-dollar sllv.-r • tifbssK 1 to th, TVf.a sllrv
ti»v v 111 be promptly rvnv-rrecl into ones rind i».,'«
to Vi,.- "-•■ ereat relief of the country-. It i, t!l .:
„„!> ,<■!-! -iv. «•♦*-,»"« •♦*-,»" liank . ■ <>f et>nditiona
lantt '< !'•'« l!"" allv -"-if'"-'' l«a •<"'.: miilts and
crritrlJiiited c:« f3 - r as i-L'^ii'-:- 1 to t.:e relief cf ths
*.ju aiion.
f \'l !.<■ \i>»
"America's Greatest Railroad."
i Trains lear« Grand Central station. 42<* 8] .
! "I' -x.-ept the ,>, a. m.. l.<rj. :5.Sv. It SO
' P. :r stop, at 1-.-,.,, St. |« „. ,.. .-. later
Buffalo t.5..-.<). .hi •li».2>» a. ">.. I 0&
•i.'w;. •2.04, «4 go •a.<ii>. •o.ijo. •'.' 20.
T1.30. •) 1.30 p m
Cntcai •SAT, <(. m. ... «4 30.
•."■ SO «i; 00 •» go •'• "" -.1 3 • p. m.
Cincinnati — •2.04. •: .". • •&.«>. # I»3'. "ll.atf
P- ni.
Cleretanil— -5.4.-. -, m.. •! M '5.30. •«.«>.
*s n... .j> :{( >_ •11 zn p m
< oiurnbus •2.04 •:,'"> •*!*• •» Mp. m.
Detroit — ••«:.-. a . m.. •1.0. J. H-SOj «6.00.
•».«>. ....-;,, „, ? . (> p. m. f
Indianapolis— *2 IM •:■ Z<>. •;:..*<"' p. m.
Monrreal 112.10 t" o.a fi.45 a. in.. •?.<!".
; •••";« p. m.
Niagara Falls -*« 30 •«. 45 a m.. "10 »>
» ir... »1 02. •' o« *v 110 •«> 0". IIS).
•!<.-». «11 r... P . m
»J Uouta •'_• 04. '."..rSO. •! ' "i» p. m.
Toronto fs.so a.nu •*.«» ).'•:■'•. M 1.30. 30 m.
'' ' ■"• a. m, and .". SB p. m.. ex Sunday, to
Pittsfield and .Nortii Adams; Sunday, ».37
a. m.
Pullman' raw an all tliromh trains.
ticket rffif^s ar J49 24,' »IT« and 121R
Broadviay. -2T> fnion S-i. \V.. 27" Col llßbus
A' . lir \\>et |?Bth St.. Grand «'»ntral «id
■ :■•• St. Stations. .\>» York. K:s and T2ii
Fulton St. and H4 Broadway. H ooklyn.
'Daily. tK*. Sunday. * «Ei. Monday.
BEx Saturday.
Telephone -'pen r!«'h Pt." f..r New York
Central Cab Service Ba^eaK" hecked from
hotel or residence t>v Westcott Express.
A II SMITH " 1". F. I>M.Y.
oVleg Prss. & Gen M:r. Pas~"r Traffic Mar.
221' ST., •<■■ EAST mear Ilroadnrayi.—
Centrat quiet location; all cars i>m\en
fer.t: ver> lar^e. [i-ht. hand:-oni«-. ie,irab!e
roc ma; superior board; reasonable prire;
b^"-t rofereni-es s'.ven in every respect.
1. — ELEGANT!*? furnished apartment, pri
vate bath. $1.50 daily: Inctcdlng ir.enls.
two. J^ weekly: ore. $15. Tr.e Alatama,
15 Kas: 11th St.
1331> ST.. 2»^4 WKST.— l'onifortale r-o^T
anl ro»rd for »rentl*-nian: .■■.-. re
fne/j American famtl\-. CmtfeM
WANTED - V.y and wife. si;i;<»
of r'>onis. with hoari, i:i retine.i house
],oTt>-*er, Weit 42 sn-1 West SHI sts.,
witii a few adult?; m prof^esiirmls, termi
reasonable; reference*: first H£.«s tahl°
Alexander, Tribune t'ptonn offi'-e. 1.W4
} rcaiway. '
PARLOR for light housekeeping- : running
water and heut: also small looms. 79
East 104 &:.
117 TH ST.. 101 WEST ■ r!i-r Lenox »•■'
an.i 117 th rt.).— -Xlcely furnished front
nviTn. Oxl'i; telephone; f.i ,V». L. T. R.
127 TH (34:1 Pt. Nicholas aye.). Apartment
44 — <"oiiirortable light single room; ward
rote; el*\ator; pentl«n;an. permanent. $3
123 D ?T. . 10.', ?:AST. — Two rooms ron
rertin^ r^rl'ir; plenty steam; bath; sunny
polished (V-ors; park; exceptional. Lyn.
DRESSM>KERi--Mme. O. M. I>urrand.
ladles', misses, ball, evening dresses an
«-••■• moderate prices. (,:, West
40th st.
DRESSMAKER, colored, nants work; home
o r i.ut; all styles. " Th.iiiia;, 3^l AVest
41<-- st.
-HAKKIt <>f It. Aitman .* Co.; si
cellent fitter, artist! - ilfslgner princess
jr.i-liets; competent, experienced remodel
line; trrnis reasonable. Address : ness
naker. 32« West 14- ••
FT"n GARMENTS! rrmcdplled. redyed and
msde Into the Inteot style at moderate
prices; fir«t class work guaranteed; orders
ta;«-nforall k' id of furs I. 1. Haaemai
"\ Lexington aye.. near .".att; St.. bkt« with
C C. Bhayne.
n'P.P. baritains. entire stock. ln<liidinif
miff', boas, suitable for Christmas cKts;
Itreatlv rt-duced; fur garments to order;
wholesale prices. M. Forster, 7- West
::stn ft
Fl'R?- Se3l. Persian, mirk exchanperj for
other hirs: remodi ; moderate prices.
Altman • <"■'.. S2S West 123 th nt.
■will remwlel or repair \cnr furs at a saving
. . M.' per *:;• b<«t workmanship and tit
tTiarsnt*»ed old furs tiotiKht or eX-hanged
for new. H:rshf»id Em '.0.. 5S Wesl 21st
St.. bet. sth and *''" «v« TeJ. 1123—Gra
LATiIEP —We ar» rnriMr.ually (••Uinr our
»an.ple Urea of SI UK PETTICOATa at
wholesale prices; why not take advantage of
it? The Summit Mlg. i?c, *-'■ Brocme *'.
SEAL GARMENTS anl other fine furs re
paired, redyed a -rt remodelled into latest
styles at exceptionally low prices: fjr gar
mentfl ira<l* to order. Mrs. K. J. P.arke-,
SC.T Park aye.. r.ear 77th s: . late with ■• O.
Ounther s Pf-ns. .'>th a\e. Tel. loifi— 7!>th.
WE HANITAITLRE and sell furs retail.
st wholesale prkes. convince >oiirself by
railing SB us. i . .is Uurwltz. 41 East Stn
it., opposite Oreene st.
Employment Bureau,
23 West 3Pth St.
'Phonos 3IM. 1433 -Bryant.
•-»_;-■ tstlra ar«
ll ■ ;•■ •.
mat rani : ■ . ■ r: ■
oi.r> GOLD, silver and precious stones
bought at hiehest market \alue; mad*
lr.to ne» articles or exchange for r.»w jew
elry or .lapan^se coojs a: M. F. Tepper »
factory. V> West Tilst "t., luwnii-nt.
AT REDL'CED PRICBS .'•■ti « ■ — -J hand
wood and iron working machine; lully
cuaranteed; machinery iiKnt and t::
chaiged. GPU B. EDDY. 3'->S Madlaon a.
TYPEWRITERS — All makn sold. rented,
repaired, exchanged; reliable service
German. 79 Nassau at Telephone 21 10 —
GOl.li i'HAIRH reception and ballroom,
J2..VV;^ilso l^Bi'.'li'is picture frames, fur
niture; reasonable charges; leaf guaranteed.
Kriedl ■ a Gliding Shi^>. 01 tith aye.. op
po^lt*- sth st.
SIANUFACTITRKRS of btlltr»rii an.l poo;
ial;l»s; iiigii crad« bowling alley bclld
ers: lowest prices. MARX BROS.. 2*
Union Square.
KnTT^TK WORK re\olutioni:e<i by Dr
Burhanan's hitcst invention, teeth with
out plates, tprttallst In |-orie!atn irov...s
and Inlays; in«3ip*B*tv# Dr. liuohanan. ti*^
ilaJison «v*.. romer .iini, si »
Then write im and name tneni. anl we
will r «- 11 >i>u whether in »esl or holrt. oi'H
WEEKLY marl.ot letter, treatlr* of all
Nevada inines ami stocks, is mailed r»cu-
S.irty o n re-(u»«t. «;iv e v* your address.
W. F. Bond *.- Co.: If' Jforth Main s:..
Goliltie:.). Nev.
KOTTIXOHAM I.A''K. Well f'Mnhli^he.!
buylnj; agHnt!« wnuW Hk» to corrrspoßd
with t'.rm who wl-h to slii|« -Itre.-:. Ad
dress r,. <>. Box 1. Tribune Offlf*.
rAHTrrs .I'-irlne tt. borrow money „n a
neu- plan should ad'!-e».» P. < '. H-.x 1.".>-.*
V.ii. rw ■ N. J., an.l receive full Informa
tl.^n that r\t!l !>• of iM-iietu tn them.
lt'~l anci tea Kust >4ih »v: To S:!a.» Brown
Miss H.. B a fdrr. Eliw Dereruea. « Kl;r-
K»ra! V Mrs. Itoberl Hellblc Mr». Schwab,
Mr* I<-nn.n. M..» LJnJrti, J. Mcyerhorfcr,
M irgarel F'.rtrin. Mr. UcKean, A. \Val*h
Mm Brown, Mr. Hand: You a... tierebjr
notUlcd that, th^ time- for th^ payment ,f
m> li^n upm Hie property li-r.-lnuf^r <i»—
••■rltif tl havnic expired, Hftcr rtii- notltw
thereof had \>rvn fU*» - V "U. t »ill otUM
*uoh property, to wit. h"ii«*-hi!;,) j,»,,N.
penaoal affecti a'"' raerehaadhe, .•;•..,„! y, v
yi.u in njj varehniif^. tn h" »••!.! at pablle
au-ii.,,1 ireordtng t.> t*'* 1 ttßtutu in *wti
ca..«f ma. lf an.l pn»vUetl. !n <;. Urrits
auction roonta, 113 Ea»i 133 th •«•.. t'-,.^
h-r !>•. Hf»r, rfimmeßclUß ln..n .-. -„ -„|
• 1 m'l-m'liiic t- rrj Ti:-;i.av until rha si j. i s
|.'»t*.i Y.'iW<ill» !'t >.:.;•• W, r , ,
Xl »^'l 153 n.-.:t Mth iT. >:. V.. wo *
1 i..-,ii».or.
\.I I M.-.
STATIONS foot c: West T«enty-thlrd St.
. and liennrus^., fcaa Oortl.ndt Sis.
„ tv »M Ravins time Irom t>*across*t and
C. nUudt Sti is Rv« mlnut»» later than thit
«'■•"" below tor Tweaty-third St. staTion
ITED. — Chlcaso, nncir.nail
pnd St. I^ouis.
•1.38 P. M. ST. i..,: is ijsirrr.r
•1 »P. xi ••||IC-A«;O. CINCIXXATI AND
st. Lons express:
1H nours to Cht.-a^r..
•4.M P. M. -"Hr A«-O LIMITED
•3 P. >f. V.'E3TER?: R\rnr:-e
•6 IS P. M. «t Long AND CINCIN
r.v»r m. rA^n>' KXFßrss.
•5.25 P M • FTT.vvp AND CINCIN
•5 r.s r . V. PtTTPBfP.GU SP»TT»T*
*• S.">. s.^r> ■;• L.". •'..',' «ti SB a, m . 1". 2T>.
•J2.BS. 3.1* i*.125. "Conj!rfs»ional Lim
tteti-). M :.1. M-3 "4 -.'.. •.',.'.'. I3| r»».,
12.10 nleh- Sunday, ".SB •» 2S. •10.83
a rp 11. .■ '12.58 1*3.25 ".'Lncre«!iir>rt.il
Limited"*. •.?'.■.-.. «4 It. •4.'..-.. •:• n5. 015
l> ni.. 12 X' rijrht.
FOTTHBRN HAILWAT. —'3 3, *4 2.1 p. m
12.10 11 m. dally.
ATLANTIf rOAST LINE.— •» 25 a m. ar.d
!• 23 a m daily.
PEA BOARD AIR LINE- -I*3 P. m. nni
12 l»> B. m daily
•5.23 tv m. dally.
a. m. week days; »1055 a. in. mmi '4.53
p. m. dally. . * r * .
FOR ot.r> POINT iTiVrf'TIT and NOR
FOLK.— '7.25 a m. week-rtajr* end *S3
r m. dally
ATLANTIC '■! ' -9 SB a. tn and 2.53
P fn. wvsli days Siiads * *7.W a. m.
r.«rF SfAT.-15.83 p. m week-davp
G"nv») /NCTth Xshiirv Park - - Hr»>, aril
P-irtt P'«asant. ».B3 n. m.. 12 2R 3Ti
4 W r» TO., and 12 in sia*ti w»ek-«lay»
Fundavs as a •". =-' « SKI tv :n.
6 M •" 2T> *7 SB - -''• ■'•'• *■' 29 •• "3,
•. M -.". am H, M! .-,.'• ■ m.'. 1J ." *12.M.
■fl.iß •■;.".:. 2 1". 2.35. •8-25. *.as 4 25.
•4 25 •4.851 (•♦4.88 for North Philadelphia
only). «K.r.'. ••'. 25 Ist 7W. •"• 23. HW.
l> 2.". '3 .*.'• for North Th-ladelprta only*
P. m.. 12.10 nißl-it week-days S-:r.d«r».
dr. •; .«.'■ «25 ■•SB »M. •♦10RK. »1«95
a m.. 12 25 •12.85. •tI.BB *' 5.-.. *.T2S.
355 •4 25 (*t4.i."V fr r North Philadelphia
only) •4 KB «3 55 ••5.2."> 7.W. =25. * r '*-
P25 ip 55 for Ncrth Paltadstahl* on!y>
p. m . 12.1" nißiit
•Dinlne car
Ticket ofH-es. Nos. 4«! l l?-'. 4 nn<\ l?o Pro»1
way- l«2 Fifth Ar.mi. (below 2."M Ft >:
2«.T Fifth Averne iromer 2!>rh Ft.), and
FtatlT.s named above: Procklvn. 4 '"«ii-*
•;•-»»• KM Fulton Ftreet. 47!» No»trand
Avenue SfX> Broadway, and Pennsylvania
Annex Ftatl^n. The N«w York Transfer
Company will rail far ard .-he<-k hn«a««
from hotels »nd residences through to
Telephone "843 Chelsea" for Pennsylvania
RnUroart f^ih Serrire.
TV tv ATTEP.BURT. J R trnor.
General Manae»r. Ps«« - Traffic Manager.
General Pa*«or.zer A cent.
W STAT.ON S-'i^/^>;^S -'i^/^>;^ : N : «'
Time shown belnw Is from Liberty St.
West s\A St leaves 10 minutes earlier, ex
cept as no.Yd by designating marks.
,'•:_> 15 fi.3o« mI.OO. m*sVM "SO. •»«).
|*I*.W •11.0 P. 113" m'ir.no. vi °°.
ISO. »2 on 'S.flO »4 «■ ••3<lO 6. SO.
ni •«.«>. •Tim. »S.OO. '9.00. p10.30 P. M..
I*l2 IS nxti
t«! so. •«> ix. ?«:0.00. ••i2.ot>. *2.0u. •t*4.00.
•« 00 «7 00.
040 A. M.. ill"! ISO. k3.40 ■*.* 13. 600
P. M..x« IS Sundays 5.30. » ♦•« a M.
ATLANTIC CITT— «9.4» A M.. 100. icS.4O
P. M.
GROVH (Sundays. No. A»tury Park*—
74 '«», 30 11 a a M. ex 12.40. l -•<•.
Hi. 5 ar.. 3i'. i:2 01 Sundays, except
O^ean r.rove. 24 11.) 900 A. M. 4.00.
U.3\> P. M
Time •.!;!.« sivinjr trains to EA3TOS.
HBAriNfJ. H*naisßt*RO roTT^vtLLE.
11,1.1 AMSPORT an<l a!! other points can
be obtained at folowlne offices: Liberty St..
(Writ T\il St.. T-I 3144 itielsea). I Astor
House. 245. 4."4 1300. I '"4 Broadway. 1--
Pth Ay. 2SI Ml; Af..'- 25 fnion S.-,:iar«i
Wc;l. 279S 3d Ay. 103 West J23th St.. 543
Columbus Ay. New York: 4 Court St..
MS. 344 Fulton St.. 47» Nostrand Ar..
Brocklyn: 3S«> Brcadwav. Willlamst s
New York Transfer <v>. calls for and checks
taKEaffe to destination.
•Dally. -:■• e X ,ert C -•lav »Suß
days. JParlor c-ars only aEaesat Fatur
davp. m Dining car except Sur.dav?. x?at
iirday* only. zFrom IJberty St. ntik. |Dln
ir.p ra* Sundays. 'Ptnlni car dailr.
From Tnentv-'htni Street— el 2 Zft P. M..
E 4 3d p M . 11l .•'• P. M. kS.UO P. M..
dn r.o.
W. •-, PESI.EP. W. C HOPE.
Vice-PTes. & Gen. M?- Gen. Pa«Vr Asent.
Lackavvanna Railroad.
L*ar« N. T. Ba-cliv. rtatoplMr W. 2SI
+ Q <v>A. St.— For P:ne!;nniton ar<l Klmlra
•10 >i' A. M.-Kor Huffalo. *"UcBKO ani ?t.
•1 4" I M.— For Buffalo an.i Chlcaco,
- I 11 111 1 p. M. — For Si-ranton ani Plymouth.
7-t; IS P. M - Por Buffalo and rhl.-ago
•U. 43 P. M — For Buffalo, «yra.-use. Ithaca.
•2 00 A. M.— <T.lcaK->— Slet-jers open P.W>
P. M.
Tickets al I M 43 11S3 134 Broadway.
N. V. : 339 Kulton St.. Brooklyn. •Dai)'
♦Except Sunday, zl^a^es Christopher St.
t» 10 P. M. wftkdin
.V V.. X. H &■ HARTFORD R. R.
Trains depart fr.m Grand Central Station,
4^r? St. aril 41 Aye.. a» follow* for
BOSTOS. via New I-or.d^n a Pros-. — *tS:«H
tj ion.'. «t 10:0? A. M. *J i '"'
'x 1:01. »x 3:0l> *• •'• » •• a«a
••roi P. M : via Wlllimantic — t»S:t»j a.
M.. »2:00 I' M.: via SpM.— t!»:l4 A. M .
• 12:tK> • 4 "<• •11:00 P. M
■^'or ster * Fl'ch., via Putnam. t3:53 P. St
lAk*vtll< .<- \Tf ■'•40 A. M ■ : ■•". P. Jt
»;t Rarrinston S'o.-kbrl<iße. I>>r»^T. Pitts
fleld—l-«:54 H »f» A. M. and ''■'■ 31 P. M
Ticket off.re* at cc.rar.il Central Station
ami cl2.'.th St.. al.«o at c24">. V-<*\ cIHS4
I. v.: : 28 I'nion Square. 182 Fifth Aye.
tMS ColumtMis Aye., ■••v»:> Ma>lls.,n Aye..
ClO3 V,-. 12^t■n St. 2TBS Thin! A » la
Brooklyn. c 4 court SI *''•> »tran At*.,
Bl>o B'nay.
•Daily. tKx ept ?un,!avs. 'Stops a) 12T.tn
c- sStopa a' 1-" St. Sundays only.
tF'ar;».r Car Limited. IIa« .lining car.
cParicr ai:J Sleeping Car tickets also.
"Every other hour on tne even hour"
I>-a'. f New York City. 2tM St. 1.1 by St.
•WASHINGTON." Sfpera, il."<';tu l.:»»am
•WASHINGTON, Dtrer. ' '•' am <»o am
•WASHINGTON. !■•--. tiSaam 1" Hi
•WASHINGTON. Dln«r, 11 SO an: la.Oor.'n
•WASHINGTON. Buffet, 158 rm 2m> pm
•"ROT AI» LTD.." Diner. 3.&-> pm V«pm
•WASHINGTON. Dta»r ' BO pm «•><". pni
•WASHINGTON, Buffet. 0.50 prri 7.00 p.n
Through Dally Trains ti» the Waal
I>>a-.e New York • ■•■. 33 ISt Llh'v St
rUIi'UIO. PITT?Rt"Rn. T.Brtam - Warn
CHICAGO. ■ ■' ':.'"MP' - llSOara 12.tx>n'n
PITTFBI'RO. <-LEVniVP. a r.o I m 4 <*i pi
"PITTSBURG UMIT'O.".' a.* pni 7 no pm
• in st TX>rtS.l.r>riSV . ll.Mpm 1 Wan
• •IN 5T l/>l'lS.l/vnw sßOan 10 00 a m
CIN..ST.I/>riS.LOT'ISV SSOpm a.l pm
<i.f\-cf. 24fi 434. I."JiX» Prrn.lwa>. « .-.stcr
llouv 10S nre»ri^ich S' . 2^ Union Scuar*
v 391 (Irani -' N. T. ; S4fl Fulton St..
Brooklyn; Wt-xt 23.1 SI and IJbertj St
After H p m. - *•! • . '"nr P.eservations
and full Information resnrfiinc tratr.<». etc..
ran he obtained at Bureau of In'ormatlc.n.
»:. & n P.. R.. 3d St. Terminal. "Phone
No Chelsea 11441
Foot of Weit23it A: «'orila=dt »ad I*»nroMe« Sts.
l« • IHIly. t Except Micd»y. a ladaj : »7.-'i.
b».*!l d'J45. CT.45. K».4\ nA.SS. X3.«\ j -
jtrvvzru n.v.. b
MauchChunk ' ucal. ** Si »■» "40 a »
lluff»>. Kr.prets ' 'aT.-il' a « *eT 50 a m
itutTatu i:vpr.-M i*tis.*iA« *K».a» a «
Hi.\t feL i>(am«'M) i.xr. ' *ii .. /> a »ii in' ? *
Miiich . hu at ami Hail^tot *ril3 • ■ »i*d;"K> r v
Wiiii-^lfcirre Kxpreo *i M m *4. 10 • V
Eastoa L»c.hl .. *> .10 P » »S *? 11
«n!caff..«r,| To'onto F.«t> •"•■ *0 p 1 '».VW p a
t til Buffalo t::.\in I *;»5 r« vw r »
Tlekvtxand Pullman a. ronimrvdm I «».}«. SU
* l'tkl Krnailwaj:. IS3 stt> Are .» r-ion S-<j Wett.
N.V ;:~2\ K'iit.inSt..4«'«mrt St.. 4i".> N"»tr»ml Art.,
B°i' Br-inlwar A foot Kullon si . H«mkl»n
K. V Truaf«r( o ailteaUforaaa -!i»-<-kh4gfsg«.
« .vi:l-» r « i.kamx..
N.Y. Carpet Cleaning Co
Oldrai Largest. Must Modern.
<a 7 AND 4 -.'♦ WEST 43T11 ST.
Tel v >- ltr> int Established 1"S»
D^ Ba» S^? U ul» U • 'olumbuj.
CAKPET: 1 LKANINO CstabtlshW 1*75
■ 'lf> :l ns oy rnmprtmd «lr. steam. .i.an<l
or on llrter. ISW RrMdn* 1 , «21 Kast 4Sth
»t OiK * HRAXI»T. Trl. 13.t-.lVh.
foj: >ki r
iT:'.\?::s. roiu^w; panders r>! >>;•. •.•;<•-.
Hl'C£ *i".i l.r;»». vi-tm.l* *f>i'i.*.
1 .■'■:-!'. ■ • ■■ lnu;«. *t'.r.»». >. ttices fl.tM.
S'lnn Eni. U i! < entre »V
ft p V r. n « • «
yui is u x i
» ' s »-- urn St.
T. 9. U. IZ. l& 17. 10. 20. •_*:. _•_*. „__.- aud I*o \V«»t Tliirteentb St.
Friday, as Usual, Bargain Day
Who Can Afford to Hiss
Friday's HoJklay Opportunities'?
Kvcrv dollar spent new s'i'»::i(! jjet the vcrv rr.o?t it ts
capable of obtaining \t n>« time. v. i'.vhcre. docs money have
jjre.-tcr buvinjr conirnand than here.
Don't miss Our Holiday Fridays.
Frl^iJ rwom»n*s Suits
GpportSllitieSi Women's Oats
12 jskirrs. K'.r.
Tailored Suit« pf p;rr>aiic:oth ami ••h»vict
—black and h»«t color* — also ch<Mr e
lir.ids an.t ehf a»— n»oluni longth
nr.l *-mi fltt»d and pony
coat! — .«.»tin liti'd - jr»r» 125. W. . 1 5 9S
\V'>Tn»n'« Pair," Tclwt Sulr» - ranhlon
abla »na«t»» * thmmlßa pony roat» —
fli^i rately trlm'd rla.it*r p;»a;
skirts— «or:h $«.ofi 82.98
Fin« Biark Kersey r.oo** roat* -
»» Inch— douf'.o hrornt — nn»lr ftn!»h*l
thmnshoot with i^k*: ami braid.
t^di»"« satin liro.-V— wor'h ?!.">•<►.. 10. 9S
Y~r- Fin* K'f»i- « "oar* -.10 Inch—
lnr^n — I.TTTr* Vhan I coliar of P»r;»!^n
Fnw or Pabli» Rar<-..0n — fi«i
rrnam«n» — full «af:n lir.»:l —
worth 127.W tS.9S ;
n'«m»ns Fklrts of Slacli R'oadrloth.
Panitn.l. rh»viot.« and Mixrur»s—
pl*a»»d srylM — al! !'•r:^t^s ar.d
baoda— 93lM ouality T..9S '
IVomni'a Pkir?!« of rh!!To-n Broal?Uvh.
rhltfan Psn»mi». <^»vir,t and
P'rs* 11 * — lar«st morl»!« —
all sizes— worth $* .»" 5.9S
■Worr»n'<« W*ai«t» of WM:» Flgd
v • — beautifully trimd with tea
cluny la--c—alsoe — also handsorr* taitr»r»(t 1
T «;,,>t walst»— b'a'k ar.d colors
worth V..'.>* and $4.0«; ip»c!a'. 2.98
P lay riiitniiii
Oppertiafltei an(l
(g Kinon^s
TVom«i"i» Flann»!ett<» TVrapr«ra —
ejrtrr. '(uality. lisht and dark
r'T<p»s an^l fisur»R— d»°p f!ounc«9 —
siz-i to 4« bu^t— worth .J» Qf)
fr»p* Kimonos— riiarrrtn* Japase**
r*>"l<tH^-»bhTX) yrk^^-
wide satin bands— sl.99 k!r.«» 1.19
Friday [Roys* Overcoats
OpjOrtUaitltSH Boys' Suits
13 nad Fur!i!>h!ne«
Boys' R'i»!an Overcoats— Va-v Blu*
Kersey. Medium and Park Gray
Chevlots: also I v v MiT'ures —
I to 10 j-»ar»— value $3.93 2.98
Boy»' rtvrrooata — jr.«dium Onfo-i?
anil pit it Frtere— new »trl^ form
nttfntr with a deep iiblh yent —
velver collar— B to 15 -?. —
va'.u-- $3 M S.9S
Timtha 1 Fill'*- all woe! Cheviot*.
T«a«da and Mixtures — serge linlrr —
sinsr'e rr double hreast — Irt to S>
yra.— v.ilue $».o»> to $12.00 5.9S
Hoys" Rubb»r Coats and Mackintoshes —
Tin. G*-ay ard Biack— Ola or
(Id!.! lining; sizes 2* to r.+ . ....... 1 98
Boys' Wool Sweater* — plain emors
or with combination strifes; also
*uvent> styles: 3 to M years — -
vatue «• 2" .k>S
CBtldr»nTa Black Jars*] Zjrzxir.a —
3 to If, yr«. — valu» .75 .49
Hoys' Outln* Flannel TTalsts and
Blouses— light, medium and dark
valu*, .4f» .29
Boys' TV'inter caps— double hands ,
and He tops— navy, oxford and
mixtures — value .75 .49
Bov»' Itaaata Hats— '.Vhire Bearskin —
al."-> Black and t;ray Astraehan
with ear flaps — valw $1.40 .PS
Frifl2y fdottiM
OPBortnnitlesj for miss«i
in ;nxnl Children
Babies' Short Rfppl* EWertowu
i*.^ts-bni sivSpp— also larg*
sailor c.->Har. br.ild trim— special. .. 1 .£.s-•
!.■:•• <."Tilldr»n - s Krr.nets--Sf.if.
Velvet ard Bear Pluah-fWalta * ''' -^
Colors — stzes to S yrs .9S
- Stock (Vearanc* of Misses' T?a!a
<_' oa t)t Oxford. nltv«i and Tan —
newest sty;**— *ues H»H __ ,_ __
yrs.— va'.ii* |txM l.> clear -0.90
( ~lr!»' <"»fh TVess"* — pain colors.
fancy check* and plaH»— set off
wirh braids. b«tr.->n». .*<•. — '
♦i to 1+ yrs.-value JH.e* I.^
Friday f < ;Iove?;
jrtialtles antl
j2j 2 , Umbrellas
tVomen's O!ace Kid GTovW — 2 clasj —
colors. Black. AVhUe~»c*c!ai ,7P
2<: Inch i;ior!a Silk fmbrella*—
Fancy silver and pearl mounts—
ex-ellent \alue 1 .4?^
V, in h Thffeta Silk T'mbrellas —
Silver. Horn. Burnt Iv-tv ar.'S
fancy Tearl Handles 2.69
Friday feints
OpportCnitlCS-j Dress Goods
in i.Liuir.-s
All Silk Peau de f>gnes— whtte.
cream, ligh: ami dark ...
Hack— value 3»» .89
Fancy TafTeta*— mark -and - Wfclt»
Cheiks and flgi:res— value .K3 .49
H Inch Import».l ru«id«— lisrhr.
medium and dark — value .3!> .88
4- to SO in.:h Panama". GranUes.
Melr_>»e and Corerts— H«ht a:;d
dark colorings— worth .>!> .6F>
f2 tn-!i all wool Black Slorni
c»- c »,_<!ouh> warr — valu* .«».... .45
Silk ttntshii M.-!re Percalines —
black, white, cc'.ors-were .;* .{ ,
M«lTeitl»<l P'.atd Moreens— beautiful
oolonnes for skirts, jacket l'.r'.r.ss.
p-.o.— Sj'-Mal .44
FriitJ f Women's
j Cp?ort'-2i!i-S-jrnilenvear. Sets
[2 i.Wa^hab!^ Waists
Cambric anl Nataaonk st> ■
rv«-<"- -^» rt: les- trtm'd wi'h
dainty la.es and unh'y- valu- 91.33 .08
Wi.meti* Nalrvs'-»>'-i Se'» -* pcs —
Val. la.-c Insfrtlrg!". 'u.'k* and
: ribbon trim— value $4.iT 2.9S
i i-amtri- and NabMOok Sk!rr» —
k ice e>i:ro«« kasdsomely tr'm'd^
! van,- .... 1.98
; X^-i.-ok <>r>et rovers—
" in«'»rrs and edge of Va'.. or Print
rie parts U<-e. and ribbrn ran
beadirc— value ,7t» .59
A\' men's ftandk'f I.lnen Waists^ —
Tailor Vide-- enUr* fr- nts «>f
nuarter inch tucks— ra'.ue $-T«*> t .9^
Friday 'ii.Mi.i Ba=s
; GjpartttaititSJ Carriage Uar«
l 3 IS:i • 1 :
I Herein- ?o> loathe- H»»i-( liait» —
11 Inch- l-'HTt-er line,!- -insld
rooket-har.d sewe.l .3 £)S
•Ittj Tack AtUctltor liar.. l lia«s—
t* tn-h -leather llnnV— 2 peck»l».
» lUI leather handle* 15 4i>
Onulne Alliiator M^nd Ttacs -
14- Inch-.lef.iher llr.eil- »nU,l leather
handles- -ni'.t trim's* — value *."«••*»-•«. 9S
t>ur cr kl*wei>d diamond shar*
f l ani^--<a:j.i iln'.l .98
G.-nuin- Morocco Ebtvlbp* I<as»—
!e:.ther Udml— two fbtd tltie-1
with pad an,! Ulnor— colors and
Na.-k— »■«<■ S- ■.. * -9S
f.e.min" T-e-ither ("arrlase l!a«!»—
leather kaantlva, leather line>l.
Btt'ii with par«» _ SyclaJ 1 .-»9
L»aMi*r fnniaKe !m«* -Moire :in*! —
rtttcl with r""* 1 an ' 1 oarlJ ca »*~ o
' "jtix.* jr..^» V-.Vii
»»*?Y r.l;l»T>«
T- ... - f r>nii 3
Cp j c ■ tusitics j f J*m«
ia Skates
1":: it n t"r'f.-»«<>»^ r><i!» — (Jpnl»l»
i..nti»i!. rii.--.411*- b»al- hand »#we4
ourlv wn — r»a! hair •yeiash«*—
werth 11.49 83
UriTniwil Im!'.( — I^>»n a.n< ?-»-:n
IT'S.*. w)-!i and without Hat^—
r..«lnir curls- aporia! .93
Presaed Baby l>n»~;or.* turkM
* rr.h». !.•»<•• ar.ii ribbon frtrn — French
ar<> i-n!»^ taps, rtainrily trim'd—
Taio* iT.-f» 1.93
Oor •"Ani«r:^an F^auty" Pol I.*—1 .*—
r-;!v - N»t. - h and or«a«!t*
O»tuir.»!»— worth $T.»« 4.98
T»<?dv p»ar»- Polar «n<l riiinaiuM
nH ';»-«• »m» |Rlm 3.93
• Jrnl!«T TXMy B»ar»— «p-c!al 1.99
Tj»t«<r r.air»». !nn!vllic Mangos ol
llarr!"*-*'. T»!»sraph Boj-. Dejart
meal Sfw»r». H^a' na<*e i" 1
others— va!u» .flO ~- .49
Ir» MM V' < * =-■ • —
»T»' > ia! .93
r^ner ya»t»» * fan •gglSSjglja —
fullr «'rajpecj — »aJn« .95 .59 1
Friday T Jewelry
CTTDr'uSltleS -I and
!u I Silverware
wv>re»n - * "-■-- "~^*»*a si;se
Belt* — P<»r*ian Brit R->m«n ■'trip**—
po:i3h»<l buck!»!»— valu» $1.24 .69
OoM f!I!»d Hatpin*— plain AT
]«t»:M — va!u» .!V^ .-49 1
O-vM Ft::#^ J»Tr»'lP4 w*mm •»*« —
Emir:<» — f tt«J wtr«> — value .63.. .34/
3-f!f« T.->il?r F#r<«— rna»K Brush
•nrt Mirror, atrrer p;af»<! — fancy
flora! or «rt!«tr- *?s'rti.« — Fr»TtcH
B-ty rr r n ' : "h ffnt«h — va!u» ?i?D. . 1 .4?
rrg^rs A A nr a' THqMi —
?an.-y kaikDcs— valu» n V» ■■m ... .50
■ res —hollow han<Jl<» kr!fl» : V
a!»r> nog"r» (juatimpls Cus». .J 1.23
Friday ff-"^ Curtains
Opportunities- iviiiiMi
jn P^-i spr«i. Etc
v--- . ' - anrl Srotch Z*rm Curtate*- •
32 viir.!« ]nr«— pta af --V '.»'-» —
Knißf— ix ■ Maria tawtMl Bnssse!9
and Irt«?i Print— ov-rMcic <"lg»»-
I."t I—worth1 — worth $i 2.'. t .-5.0
Utt 2— worth »« 'I.PS
Lrt 3— worth »4..'.0. . ... 2.93
Trisn FMM T.a^A <-urTalr.*-ftt!t
l«ir:h— «howy boni»r!«— n!a!a --
ffsM certr«»»— ra'.uo J3.00 3.93
Fr«»n<-h N>t Pffd S#t»-larjr<»
n»-ui -- • rentr* anrl corner
r.j-itirn-fMUwnM valance —
2O «}!»»— worth IT !»•- ! ■--..."
jl»r'-»r-:j»rt'^an\'««K »iit>»i»" —
frin«»d or rorc!«>.l — wer» $7 ft* O.£>3
P.a?d3d Strlr* Cbbclj r>iv*rs —
W> Inches wii!^ — fring^<1 —
w-re $2.Tr. 1.93
Ort»n:al T*p»stry Tab!* •7*—
2 y<l». Bquar* — value $?.7S 1 .9S
Arshlan V»t Pan<>l» -3"x«.^— '.arir*
ir.otlf cen-r»»— worth 1i.7.1 .93
Frfnir"'! t>iap»tj Stilus— Oriental
an<l floral 'iesljtr.* — »a;u<» .«» .-+9 1
r*:rr-!ln M^rtra* — two rnn»4 and c??m-
Mr.nrlo-' c"'crir«'« — .^i> mch —
ralue $!.4J>....: ,7J>
FridlJ tTabte Linens
|a i White ilornls. Etc.
Donh> Parr-a«k T^ib> Pots—
Kxrra Rn'o— cleth 2'z yds. lor» —
•Joz. 28-lncn r.a; kins to match—
r-t: $i*.os 7.93
All tlr.-n Tf ?. i=<»rs— »-lO c!ot?»r
<?.->*. :.irs<» X.»;>k:.-!"» — one ratt*m
cr.'.y. thT^f^rA. JT..9S »»t!» 4.98
All L.lT'-r. Pb'ltt Parraskn —
oream and MI! l»>a.-h— <(O to «fl tne!l —
also PtiU Rl»ach"l Mprc»rii«l—
«■• tacfa— yahH .K!> .49
Full E:»^rh^'l Hi:"lt T.-w»l:^ — .
kem'd— l!»x.".!»--i-«.|r. I2 1 -, 514
All Lin»n Parrark T->w»!» —
knot frtr.g*— UU4fi— va!u» .23 .16H
A'l I.!n»n Barn»!*y Tnrr»!!in(r»—
rata* .11 ■ a*
E-* heavy Tbwertlasa — 3f* !iwh—
value .lf*» .12H
F ! n<» Xains.-'o'K* — y4. »!ii« —
10 yi. p.- in be*— Instead of $!.». .S9
'rT'.'lzy rr.«nnihreqnlns
Opportunities-* H««<I Rests
iS I i Mk£ Boxes. Etc.
?it:-.i Wa*. T!»«t»— Har^ Fa!p.*etf —
all color*— va!u# *I..*^ ... 93
Ifan'l Em^^l Larr.hri«ciu!n» —
I!sr*-.t a^.i dark ro!.> r «_h ar rs
knot frlr.ga— valu* gr. OS 2.-J9
Cl«rr« ar.l RaafTamlllef 8.-jies —
har.-l paintwi — d:iinrv il^iyTis — .
ribbon trim— -Tatas $:.43 .93
-- -• ... fXToslina
CpJortnsttlCS ■ Spwads
i 2 : f*omfortnMps. Etc
I Ft:«a.-h.-.: sXustlr;»--C tnrh—
; frr Pliiniv f~i!«<«<. or by «*amin* c*str»
' mak» f-jl! >i:z<- cheers — worth .t2*i.. g^t
Plllew <'a*»* h»n:m»<J r»ady fVjr m A
«s3«-worrh .12,. m
Cxaa-^worth .!3-j 9«f
I Fui; m« fro.-h»: PpiraSa " a»tu'<t-^
1 rri::g<>.l. rr ru: corner*— worth 11. tS .93
j Flss'ft si:koiin" Cbmftwtablaa — fut; »-i»—
' plain r»il back*— wcrth 91.9s 1 .^O
:Silk: Silk Ftomi Cbab(na»— wblta rambrlc cov<}— .
I>i!h i-. ;. - W orf h .2S 1^
VttSa Ineb-^wonh .» "43
25522 inch -worth 3;v *2-»
LMxL'4 In.-h — w<rrh .-4!>. .. '53
~ls3« !r.>h--worth .3S> .-*" "§5
ten than price of rotton SUed OtshtoiM
rri!ty fFlanc^b
I AM '»-..l s\-irt»t BT(tnJs»iijs4%
1! 4 «tl»— wn©l whipped »«?K»>»_
: until now n. m g g3
U-avy .Vtt-n P.!ankFT.~wh!:« an*
<-«i!i-r«"! - fle^'rab!» Jv.-,;»- 5 _
Jl 4 -iz- f r lar C « h-!s -„•„» «• ■ 7p
■ Silk F.mK.r F*^nr.»:»_whir» rnty—
j E3»femra>l« •!— .icit^ •- h^mst-.trh and
! »cal^t>— unt'.l t«o» .as <»j
- - ■ .-
I - • SIJTt!TS

ir. «. h*n>-.-:irrr-'i tr rr-try
I floral .!».-!s»-r« .99
Scarf*- ITi'P* » Va ._.. jj rr)
Sham*— SCiST> \ ••>£#
S-arf» an.i B Um»-\»t. S»H «s<J
a; i i'M»(*i^. wi'U fanry
Pt-arf» C^ni* mch — ?i.\;c s'hern*—
*aftj» »*■•» pa
Frid«7 rAtomlzrri
is [Pierfonsery
Farcy I'#Cira:-t! Atomiser* —
NVtt^J Hall— worth .3» $>.■;
Fan<-v D*eer«t*d ruf» «i,l ~
»>.w.!-r Coxt»— with hlnge-1 trp—
T*% ..TJ> «>•
<-A-T,h ar ■! nn:«h s>-T^-Eh..noi(l aa* '""
! RMwaroort-'Sterlirc
j worth .7*
! FMfr .v::-i!.^: vm»s. Hritn,
I ..<i-i »,-,>>... n^uaitr •> 4»
..: ; ..:r... .84

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