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Yankees are SECOND.
flizflnnd "Leads American League
Betters, with Chicago Last.
-■-. official battlne: averasea of the American
j^ptie of baseball clubs were announced ye«»
,j B y. Ptranpe as It may appear, Chicago,
•rtitfi won the championship, ris4 the lowest
j^jjj avrrape- The Cleveland team led. with
m York a close second.
* Only thirteen flayers earned a place in the
sap or better per cent da^s. Of thepe.. four -wore
jr«n I** N>w- T " rli club, In Chase, Eberfeld.
%*cler and Yeaper. McGulre was also well p.
Stone. of St. Louis, an.l Clark, of Cleveland
j,,, d the list, i»-ith 86 - — cent each. Stone's
trerm traa much the better, however, as he
pUpal « 154 I "■ " to only 17 for Clark. Chase,
rfjo Jed the Yankees, was fourth. Smith led the
(J^ffe champions, but was sixteenth, while
IfbeU and Davis, the next two, were far down
tr.' B*t-
Flifk. p f Cleveland, was the champion run
ff tter, Bath nlnety-elpht to his credit, while he
psV«i Anderson, •.-... honor
c leadir.tr all others to the matter of stolen
lues, with thirty- Jor.es. of St. Louis,
ppVfc Facnttce hits, with Flick and Ander
son fallowtag, with thirty-nine each.
Tte s;ar.cine cf tr* players with averages over
>' ic'Aow*:
<^ar!-^aAB- B. H T.B H. S.B. Ay.
i:cr.t. Ft L«Pui» 1!W Wl »l 2«^ 280 18 85 .SSB
CUrke. CJ*«»laad 67 ITl* 22 '-4 aS 3 3 .3.'.*
U}OM ""* v «-«ne J52 «VC 8S 2U I"". 1" M .R. 15
Ne« York ISI B*Y7 S4 |M Ml '-'4 M .823
Caz**X?~- o*.<"-eiaa.l. .117 419 51 134 1<".7 24 •- .SS)
Cb»- rw-at . . .... 97 Ma 44 112 143 34 %
fevhotl PB»*lteTpllU..lia 411 41 ISO 172 15 » .316
Rkk. Olevclaa'l "•-*•-: 277 13 3* .i li
fcwn^ari. i"«veUr.4 . .119 sM {• 121 141 17 ii .SO*
Cijer.eli. X«» Y-rk .&9 34*1 t>& UK* IS3 7 19 S0«
£•<■!«■. New Tora .:.*C **2 t»« |«a ifkg S3 « 3 -St^
Vurpty. r^ai«!p. i:a..lJ» 4*S 4$ ias 1-0 11 17 .30l
rears N«* Yoric 57 128 M 87 46 7 3 ..v-1
vrGulrt New Acrlc... SI 144 11 43 49 <> S .2f<S
C«wfori rv-avJs . . .140 B<-.1 68 liMi 232 « 24 -2S*
*d:!;. Chloaso . 20 41 « 12 19 2 0 .21*3
juris, Pt'.UUlelphia. ..14S Rsl »H 1«1 254 » S3 232
-urn»r acv e :an<J 147 6t4 h3 170 217 IS 27 ..:•.
Grtr-s. 1 -.*". Bot'.pn 110 «-- 4« 124 i«« 6 3 .2 1
HeT^t-1- Bl I^o'-U . . . : r 4 883 C*> l«» "23 I* 83 .2>»
Eti!-.: Swn • 155 6f<S «2 170 ni 17 IS Ma
Eicfcr.ar. Wash:rgtoa.l3> *-'.l t3 12S 193 6 0 .I^4
fttrrck, PtiUdeltiUa. v^ B.'^ 20 ** IIS 8 0 .i:-4
JOckcr, St. X,->ui» «4 2"1 82 87 «> i 4 .384
Trit«S*'' Wa<i "~B"on. 77 211 17 r* 75 2 6 il'O
hWI. r*Uoo«'» . .143 B4» n 155 l: 7 81 87 .2T»
-u;n«n:". Boatoa .21 TO 12 22 2S 1 1 .27*
■W::U&:r.* New Tork. .139 501 «2 138 IS-4 21 R .277
IfcvU >^:;ca«3 ISS 4M «3 1.H4 163 12 27 .277
Pr,'. C>v«'.a.ra f2 *•= ?.2 >-3 100 16 13 .275
E»v C^elar-^ . .... <« jaa 47 77 PI 15 17 .275
Oo.::r> Boston S7 142 17 89 •"i 2" 1 .273
B»ir.:i Cleveland M »< > H 111 fl S .274
Or-J: Nt* Yorit 47 us 12 n 47 3 2 .274
p»v*Z C'-evelaaa 114 443 M 121 149 17 18 .273
Ariel-sir- W£«»i!riffton.lM !>-3 «» IT.S 2<"'l 8 So .271
Pars* I>ttro:t „ '. 222 23 «0 73 7 4 .270
la'PoT> w Tork. 121 464 »-■!.-: ■ fl 10 .2ft4
Cr-fi Wsshlnrtcn 1*) «M « :-• ISO 16 19 .2«8
JSsTn-jT* I>trolt ISB 4T-3 81 12« 172 6 2J> .2flO
fC2*« D«rolt ... »4 823 41 M M 2 21 .2fX>
W»Uace Bt Lo-'.s 139 478 «4 123 1M 13 24 .2f,9
P^fct CT.lcsro 74 223 14 M •'"• f> I Bf
Xte'ah-i* CSlcar» 154 5f.« 70 143 173 M 1 .2T-7
.'•i r . T trayh'.rrton. . .115 42S M 111 IST IT 37 .256
HsratL rhi:ac«;phla .l44 K3 i-fl ISB 17« » Si .2.".3
Hc*"rer. »»• Torlc. .107 842 8^ -" 113 14 S3 .154
B»-*er Fii-ade^il*.. 44 t'<» » 23 ,"S 2 2 £Z&
J—*» Ft L^ulß m TO* M 1P.6 170 4 •'.'..
Tfe~a-z Poston .-;--■-- 5 .2.V)
ON*' Chira#rt> ?4 S3O 37 s M 12 :> .»4^
Eay-T. Ecsten M B^2 22 W IN M I -2«4
ieUKfiy. •^'•shlrjrton.ia 4-H «."» 108 149 21 2» .24«
Df T ,. r Boetoa 2» s> 1 17 1^ 3 1 .240
C-n-'.v' New Tork --•-■-:■: - •- S2 M
Karivkt Bt Louis... S 53 4 IS 14 1 3 .245
F»r-.s Form 1B» «98 47 121 ITO 11 P .244
Ho«v ' F^tor. J>4 Sf'l 27 f* i«4 13 10 .2*4
X .. „ washiartoa . . S3 f> » 22 S7 • i .-+•»
:*+,' V.S^'.r.crn .. .ir.l 197 M 120 l"i 2-» 34 .241
(V^,.- F Ptiftadelsalft.. . 5» 174 1* 42 *4 1 7 .-41
Cri'-b* Philadelphia.-, -i r? » 14 " - I 2 2?.»
f^fca'*' Detroit .---:-: 2 1» "1 -2."S
-Vi^E-tv NVir rr>T-lt. f<2 S"7 ."7 73 I^4 IT. .11 .2:'.'?
. — teT^t^T Phl!a 01 2«'5 4i • Xi a it ii .2-"S
?.'-St--'«-.l* ft. I^u!» 27 09 3 21 23 5 O .2T.«
Vxr''-t EMton 1«» flort IT 111 7s M I*s .2-"?5
QmrnlJji r^rmlt 147 4 r ->S - f>4 117 15f> f;<l T.l .2."-i
Vfll Wjish'rjrTon K> 813 "7 74 PS 10 16 .235
Vorarttv New Tcrk.. « IS»7 22 M M It 8 .2:(4
Pott./ » V-:*s 29 ■♦ ' 22 ?• 2 o .284
Olir-tr. R Loci* 131 '„ 44 122 147 17 25 JSSS
Ini Pf.:'a<"f!ph!a „11<J 4.">4 .v> I^l 12* 29 13 .2H3
C,ra_»-.ar' Botumi "0 S^» 1O 21 25 i 1 .2KS
Rank. Philadelphia. .26 T3 € 17 1» 5 • -2:«
•ore« n-.loiFO 144 ««l 77 114 n* m a -2."/>
%-.'•#• ' F: Louta 142 841 71 121 1M II Si> .22»
•Wstto' Wa»bltl«toar. . 2 2.'^ 20 B« 7fl IT TSt
Dou*«rtT <^:cay>... -- F.'Vi T. 3 f?» «: » 11 I--*
SI--"- r«"*-c!: M 142 33 T. 2-i ■ l 3 .225
U:U :A «ay. !>♦ rv.r 141 4f>9 .'.» 112 1?2 25 -- .224
fr».M TTashl-gtr-- ...'.R7 4^2 SS inr. 131 ■-..-.. • .222
Hah- C'.'ae' 1 ...I*l s"* .-".* 21 .221
KVtecw NVw T^... -• aa SO •> 76 13 ■ 2."
K-»b>'. ft Ijnuio !-*» 27 41 4.". 5 » .2-'"
»wr- N-w York 21 -•4 9 • 1 O .220
m<ear» XVtrtat i 2« .- -4 •* 121 2« S .219
Mnnldt Desralt <M 2■■ IS 47 M I 1 .21*
Murrma. Bwtoa M f»'7 2i> 6« Dl 10 7 • .21*
VE r rT-.-e^ . ..::« ?>7 S7 M IIS 2O 10 .214
J»-ksrr. ' Oevtand '<*• -* 44 hi 101 14 23 .214
Ha-z'l' P: Ixmla.:..lH 4"4 43 M as 10 21 .is
fh?cr PtUafielpola... 22 75 - 1« 22 2 I .218
Berchart. Ovelard.. SI «» 4 21 24 2 ° -22
Hoftwc Wtefcla«««... no f6 7 14 22 2 " .|l2
Mfca-h Boston *» 22S 15 4S C« i - .11
CtaTloa. Eoeton 37 i<w 5 23 23 3 8 .211
J'ss bendand ?6 1<"<O 4 21 a 10 3 .210
Cfc«*br->. NV-^ York.. ,- ITT. 10 2<l 22 0 0 2 *
&oS« Pr.i'.a m 144 ia 80 87 10 4 jji
inwe r-"r-:t 41 145 11 SO 36 3 S .2<>7
2 " .-^
. . • . 24 an o
44 IIS 13 s an 2 2 am
tßhaai.»rtrolt sr «o s 12 13 2 1 -2uO
Th* 1 srar.fi! ng my clubs follows:
r^N! ns-ti. a B. Hur.s. Htt». -*-v - r^
taSeSttU IST 8.«3 «3 J.SH .2TS
V^iv,^" - "-'. B!o*3 ■ - 1345 .205
i.,..../^.;^., i 4» 4> .V.I 1.507 .247
Ft U V I?* 8.0R2 r.'V. 1.2* i*l
t . tia i.ijm 243
Bourn 1....155 S.lflO 4«2 1.225 .c«
Only One Favorite Wins in Rain at
New Orleans.
*:«u Orl^ar.s, Dec. In.— Rain poured down durins
rear'.y ell of to-days raring at City Park ard
ws-ter ra.r. tn email etrearcs even-where. Out ol
eeven rarps only th*« fifth was won by -■ favorite.
The Teat Stakes, the fourth rece, was run despite
th« reud, B»d Charlie Eastman won, with Fan
ttstlc ?(-rorA ar.d Royai Breeze third. The
r .,^P>rr a^ fc wes iTI unusually pood corw^et, not a
!•.<>-*«• f»ninjj or refusing the jumps.
Th« Fumrr.£.ne« follow:
Flrf. 'a~e (five furlorr*) — BOM Marlon, :05 i*' ■ .
It U 1 sroa! ?p'.d"r Wet). X's (Troxleri. 6 to 2, fr-
•r«- Bister Ida. 105 (Austin). 1Z to 1. third. Tlrr.e.
• r a*. ¥.<--\a. Regents, f^uiu. Er.fin. Aunt. Susan. Ex
ns« Me [da Bailey. Sea Waier, Funflf Talk, Hkfnr.er,
Bdk 'I The Adc'.e Hawk'.r-s iu;d lsab«. Atctree
Bee ■ i race (then. ■te*plechaa*>— *ara HofTh'-lrr.er
«♦ tHenrrl. Sto :. -»oa. Karlf-qulr.. 113 « Ei.'.son « «
f> :, »econa; ProfltmW*. ISC «I;ay> lo to 1. third.
Tin;*, *:ISH. Ntrar.. Oould, T'ncle Jaaf«, Henry A.
Bchroeder. llaverirk. Beeptra an" Sipnal II ai»o ran.
Tblrd -a.c (handlrtp: one mile i— Goldr.lc S3 .Gar
*♦!•!. r. to 1. -»or.: Beatertta*. *s .Bllao. ■ 10 to 1 f^o
ocd: r.M fcrone. 100 «t=miib). « to 1. third. Ttcaa.
UZH Ortlcular; Atlilet* ar4 T ■-'. Star ng a.' ran
Fr.ur'h race «s!x furiorrs>— Charlie hartmn. 109
MoßstAla); 7 to r. won: Fantastic. 6« (H-ncesfy) ;, 1
too. .econd Royal Br«ex«. ?* .Garner). : to £ th ri.
Tim*. I l«V iJiliy. B^r-,r;a E. I»« Oro ar.^ Ja»gUr
H*>-rao! Bora! Hr-»ie. added »tarter, coupled with
PkSUsitC «nc .Tuirs>r.
FlUb rao* (nno ard r,r.«--r!«f»rith mOjJ>— XMMr.IN
Lw«b4 .irar.juJa, 11" fP*rrrt>. 6 rr, 1 third. .ta«.
I*2 ■ ,-<-rt. vjuir.n E-afly. rr.auncey Olrott DO Tazd
/«lx furlorFM-Ft. Noel. 100 fKeres) U
t« J. won: Woodr!a:m. 10J fPerr«"' -. 12 to 1. ■«»»«:
l«»«che. 19 lPtck«w). 1! '0.1. Uxlrd-r Time. I.XV
Hippy jficlc. SIOBU '-ar!o. Baril. Consideration. Insol
tfer.lt »re OrderM- al^o ran ' rc.~
■ Smr/j. race <e:t furlonr^-- roinmWa QM W £ an
Soz»r). 14 to f. won; Wild IrUbtMCL 1« Henne*sy).
Itt | „,n ^.'G i .n Gallant, 112 'M«untaJ.n., . to 1
Wrt Tiw 1:1T%. Torn Hanklns. Esterre and
~*SP VP J&F Wriw
Humphreys' Seventy-
Seven Cures Grip and
•"Seventy-seven" cures Grip. Influenza,
Catarrh. Coughs, Colds and Sere Throat.
"77" is especially for Grip.
Taken during its prevalence, it preoc
cupies the system and repels the invasion.
Taken while suffering, quick relief is
• Colds that are obstinate and "hang on
. «ad do not yield to treatment find relief
•"orr ' j- '
■ -cv,. K«a iM ,«.
pvblic school games.
fcttfti Thousand Boys and Girl*
Crowd 47th Regiment Armory.
W^ ,T* €D thou «">< schoolgirls and school-
.**"■« and WaVlns fla * - the elementary
Re il^ ainPlOnShlpS *« hfM at the 4 7rh
noon * armory. B"»Ws'n.B "»Ws'n. yesterday after
noon and m TO d by a] , who saw thpm a
HtU* * " CCCSS - Mo M than five hundred sturdy
In t rhaps - 90me in running; togs and others
" IrMt clothes. competed. Although no rec
ords were ° ken all the events were well con
tested and exciting.
The relay runners from Public School 40. who
are trie champions of Manhattan, scored an easy
victory In the four-hundred-and-forty-yard re-
Jay race, winning by a quarter of a lap. The
running of K. Linicue. a tiny youngster standing
only three and a half feet high, in the fifty-yard
wa S s a^eaTur? ** defeated l '°> s much lar ? er .
and ff Were twent - v events on the programme.
In nil ivT' 6 ! 6 rUn off " mr ""^hly- It was customary
sohruiii fol ? ner meets to distribute among the
* hools complimentary tickets, but this was not
,£?5" e9teniay ' an(l a!I the youngsters paid
tlie 15 cents admission.
rhew Was a lively tUPf!le between the repre
sentatives of Public Schools 6. IS and 77. for
«v», r ? Nt tr h >'- which was won by the first
£i.n points. Public School IS was tied with
Public School 77 for second place, with 14 points,
The summaries follow:
H^lVn'^ 11 " 1 ia.f-t (9 - v aim da*«>— Final hrat wen by
£uh£ J k 8 - , I T- hllc School 9. The Bronx; C. Atwood.
M? £S,£ c , h2h 22 l 186, Manhattan, second: C. jhneider. Pub!
t^ Xti*nh.,,"- Manhattan third. J. Uabon. Public School
*• Manhattan, fourth Time, «S iecondc.
W wir'J' ard r. <1 ? J ' n <j»-pound clam)— Final h*at -wen by
Srhrv^Ti 'x,^ 1 c Bchool * Brooklyn : C Knapp. Publlo
s.r..<v>i ' *' Brooklyn, second: J. iiffferi. Public School 77
££&"'■& T "■"'•■ R TT * nK " r - Pub - '- £ou! «■ Manhattan,
ru... ,t. Time. 81* »«con.:*
2i^r"^3 fßra da«h Uir.-p«un(l class)— heat won
Wl/fr *? ai P « 1:r ? cbo ° 1 18 > Manhattan: N. Patto.
jpjo.lc »• if 30. Manhattan. second: S. Avfntln*. Publlo
L v * ,, MM * o^*«sn. third: S Scheneeker. Pubuo School
•*• Brook. l. fourth. Time, 11 st * second*
>„It £ re^? ard daßh (unllmltftd weight classi— Final
heat won by Charl«i Bothner, Public School 18, Manhat
um. I f-. Kupfw. Public Bcbool 40. Manhattan, second; W.
t™ »-■-.» -■-. Public & too] 10. Manhattan, third F. Clay
*22on£ School 10. The Bronx, fourth. Time. IS*
- --: and-twenty-vard run (unlimited weight
class)— Final h«at won by F. Saurez, Public School S.
i>rooitlyn: H. Knoble. public School 77. Manhattan.
w? 0 ! 1 ;~; ~. X - Challenger. Publlo School 5, Manhattan,
til!rd. Time. 26^ noconds.
Three-hundred-and-slrty-yard relay race fgO-pound
case)— Final heat won by Public School 77; learn
composed of L. Poaoalakr. F. Sharpel', H. Kurth. B.
S-chneck. S. Paris and R. Jones; Public School 6.
Manhattan, second: team composed of E. Hauler T.
Uart«.n. W. Moore. J. Krlejer. B. Levene and J.
Plckel. Public School g». Manhattan, third; team com
posed of L. Rannow. W. Andrews, G. See and H. Stern;
Public School 110. Brooklyn, fourth: team composed
of P. Ixsrenzen. B. VTelnlund. C. Rhodes, M. Ottiigen,
and D. Buckley. Time. 17 seconds.
Four-hundr«d-and-forty-yard relay race (ST,
pound c!aas> — FlnaJ teat won by Public School 40,
Manhattan; team composed or 11. Marshall. B.
Deurocho. W. Craig and J. Moss; Public School 14 4.
Brooklyn, eeoond; team composed of A. Mv>3. M.
liorrniac. A- Robinson. C. Thompson. C. Rogovin and
H. Mariner; Publle School H, Manhattan, third; team
composed of Schmidt. Board. Oreenaerg, Aal and Arm
rtronir; Public School 77. Manhattan, fourth; team
composed of J. a:. en. B. Tunpfer. T. Glaanan. A.
Parker and F. Thaler. Time. 69 seconds.
E*.ght-cundr»d-«rd-eittty-yara relay race (113-^iound
class i — Final heat won by Public Bchool 118. Brook
lyn; tears composed of D. Formica. C. Gould. J.
Graham. J. Montgomery and F. CVConnell: Publio
School 15, Brooklyn, second; team composed of W.
McOonlfil. E. Murray. W. Casa and F. Larr.pe; Public
Bchool 12, Manhattan, third: team composed of L
Horowltx, L. Goldstein, M. Mln3«r. S. Pas:-. V off and L
Kupp»?nnaa: Public Bchool 70. Brooklyn, fourth; Team
composed of F. Hass, C. Willis, B. Smith. C. James
and L. Tlesot. Time. 1.55*t
f~lilii liniiiiiiii ami mil relay ncn (unlimited
class; Final heat won by Publlo School No. 166, Manhat
tan (teaax composed of V. Gltterji, M. Ferrer. W. Lister
and W. at -..•: PubUa Fctool 6. Manhattan. second
(team composed at E. Wandt, R. loner, A. Smith. T. L>*
Or.a, Bellman and Nathan): Public School 24, Man
hattan, third (team con-.r^»«l of O'Haxe. Walters.. Fort* B ,
Friedman and King): Public School 139. Brooklyn, fourth,
(team oosapaaod of A. Aidenlice. William Koch, H. Chxls
tin—n. W. Wertbar and W. Renfrew*. Tlraa. IJSIH.
Standing broad Jump f?o pound cii»s> — Won by E. L^lt.
Public School 32. The Bronx, with a Jump of 7 ft. 8 In.;
Benjamin Bernstein. Publlo School 7. Manhattan, seooi.d.
»••.-. a Jump of 7 ft 5 la.; W. Kerr, Publlo School 30,
Manhattan, third, with a Jump of 7 ft. 4 in.; L. Feurrrmn.
Publlo Bchool 1«. fourth, with a Jump of 7 ft 1 In.
Running high Jump funllmftod — "Won by J.
O'Brien, PnbllO Fchool 10, Manhattan, with a Jump of
4 ft. 10 In.; N. Bolet, Public School IM. Manhattan, sec
ond with a Jump cf -4 ft, 9 In. ; L. Hlckson, Pubiio School
12*.' Erooklrc. third with a Jump of 4 ft. 8 In.; W. Smyth,
Public Bchool 7, Qua* fourth, with a Jump of 4 ft. 7 In.
Thrcwlas; the et<ht pound shot '115 pound class* — c
by W Vauphn. PubUfl School 6. Manhattan, with a throw
of II ft. 6 in.; A. Holiberjr. Pablla Sciiool M. Brocldyn,
second, with a throw of 82 ft. 6 In. Tie played off.
Vaughn winning by 1 inch. TV. Star.*. Public School 19,
Manhattan, third, with a threw of 31 ft. 7 In.: J. RuN>n
felt Public School 40. Manhattan, fourth, with a throw
of 30 ft. « IB
Standing broad Jump (113 pound class! — "Won by H.
P^h««llbammcr, Public Pchool &2. The- Bronx, with a Jump
of S M. P In. ; E. Waahbnrn. Publlo School 70. Brooklyn.
second with a Jump of S ft. 8 In.; L» PerLma:., Public
fchool 72. Brooklyn, third. with a Jump of 7 ft. 6 in. :
M. Sohulman, Publlo School 10», Brooklyn, fourth, with
a lump of '■ '■ a la.
Running hi** Jump I*l pound class) Wra by J. Van
Alst Public School 10. Brooklyn, with a Jump cf 4 ft. 6
ln • J. Zeies, PubllO Sciiool 18. Manhattan, second, with
a Juir.p at 4 ft 5 1r..; P. WUka. Publlo fr:faool 77. Manhat
tan, third, with a tump of 4 ft. 4 In.; H. Auffruth, Pub
lic School «0. Manhattan, with a jump of 4 ft. 3 In.
Puitlna 12-pound fhot (unlimited wetghtV— Won by J.
Rappee -re Public School A Manhattan, with a put of 83
ft is in.- L. WoUff. Public Bchool 6, Manhattan. mo
or.d. "with a put of 31 ft. 1" In ; J. Onderdock. Public
School 3, Brry.klyn. third, wltft a put of «•"• ft. l"-» in.;
J. nahal. Public Sch.»l 77. BrookJyn. fourth, with a
put of ft ft. 44 la.
The Manual Training- High School athletes car
ried off the honors ln the evening- session of the
pamea- Tho public school record for the running
high ■ .nip was broken by Taw, of Townsend Harris
Hall, by half an Inch. The other events were close
ly contested.
The surr.mari'-i :
Cne ml la run— by F. Tounn. Manual Training
H^:h School; J. --Us. Boy* 1 Jlirh School. M oad; F.
Gunthtr. Townsend Harris Hall, third. Time. 4:54 V
Oos-bnndred-yard dash for nautical school boys from
the srhoolship St. Mary'o — Won by H. S. Baker; R. C
ivr.r.aly. second; J. A. Grant, third. Time. 0:1—
Half mile run— Wen by E. Lynch. Manual Training
Huh Bchool; Bopr. Commercial Hi?h School, second: A.
Aieiander Btuy\-aw High School, third. Time. 2:14.%.
• mc-mil* run (Tor the boys of th« Coll'ir* of th« City of
New York.— Wen by M. J. Frank: M. M. Stander. second;
A M. Bchaffer. third. Tims BrOGV
Punr.lr.K high Jump— "Won by Taw. - smena Harris
HaJl Gculden, Boys' Hlfrh School, second. H-i fc .- 0 ft.
<'"^Tiui4red-and-twenty-pound r-lay race — Wen by r*
Witt Clinton High School; High School of mam mo
crl; Morris Him School, third Time, l:ir.»s.
Four-hundred-and-forty-yard dash—^ on *? «• °-
r'NVI" Boys" ai«l Bchool: MacKrell. Boys* High
Pchoot eeSSd: E. Umeh. Manual Training High School.
F^ur-hundred-ar.d-forty-yard dash (for nautical school
bovs)— "Won by John Hay.ien; R- M. McDonald, wcond;
. . , _ . - Manual ; raining
. : Harris Hall, third.
Dl Tw^-hundre4--and-'rw Pnty-yß.rdP nty-yB.rd run (Mnlnr)-W™ byL.
R M^rr "v Bcvs- High School; Jt Adelson. De Witt
J-lr.tm E'kh Pchool. second; (>eor?e Dale. Manual Train-
OunlorV-Won by
4^£'ers T Manual Training Hlsh School; Sloat. Cnm
'AerclarHlb-TT^chwl. second: G. Macauley, "■"■ *
l i. ! rclas. T r?rav O rfce (for boy. of the CoHe^
«' TCc'C- of N>w" •'«. third by C!a«. of '08; Cla« of
W Class cf '<«, third. Time, 3:53.
With ever}' Indication of MeoitaC a permanent
clubhouse by the time the yachting season opens
for 1907 membership In the Motor Boat Club of
Amrrlca is Increasing rapidly. The club will take
active part ir. many events during the coming rea
son notary the long distance ocean race, from
Sow York to Bermuda; the Jamestown Interna
tional motor boat carnival and Ita own race week,
which will he held the latter part of the season.
v a meeting of the board of governors held on
Thursday It was reported that the clubhouse would
b« located at some convenient point or. the Hudson
River and the committee on ways and means is
usiriff every effort to secure a site and basin build
ing operations at the earliest possible moment.
FIRST RATE —Fix fin ng* Ifl
**-* — ?s
;,,_.,. ..... llO'Ontian • • • • J°
£££&>£ ■'..... ;■ Mon««y *
Falkland JOT Bal» ■ « ... -• ,
hi: Hal I«7; Tinker In
fIBCoNP RACE — 6«U!nK. live furlongs.
l^,^::::::::::::::::^^^ 1 !!::::::::::::::::^
|S^w^-:;::::::::::^.^^^.v--::::::::: j
*■:::::::::::::::• Hai*::::::: »
p.,)^, bTJMaoislrorn J0
pj, -'k ..■••■ ' t V
tiiTT) RACE. — <>ne and cUeath miles.
v',L'llrf Iti7ilol» - ■"'
T \ r Ada^. .' . ...--105 I^dy nso ....«<
Minnie Aoame . . . \ jKm ,, Roddick US
Al KJ a .ilar .'.'.'.'.. ..103jGoldmat« _ '■*
Ju^" l^:::../::...-;};^^ a
n A,- .-s,^. r^a«; m .hon (i co : u...
14. SHiul II 1M
Pu»j"d-»r ...HSJArabo 133
Cr«-lr>lrx ns'romrr.an'iiint ISO
OouM -■• '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.U.i\Ui\n loucs ISO
oav f r u-iilV.' :::::: i3»!PitiWln 1-JJ
KSgl^H S|^ v< f ...... 123
" arterml> \.,.*
jits »••■■ ;;;.;; 107 n r . h«i rd |(W
orly '■ . ' " . in.'. Her>rv V.atter*on ■ 101
sj rM lpliw* .■■ 103[ronsolucs> -.. . loi
I! xl *.*?' n V('. l i'_Wlll:.|r; eeron fur!on«s
;.IXTH RA< -t- ...... 1!.",i1^,1v ElMson l<*
j l( .ioul ••••••" lir.i Wood Raw ..!«1»
J!t .!lir.!l3n • ■••■•• ,10, 10 Uywn ■ •■•■
Harry J iC *- ...ll<»'iir.ind Ouchrsa . 107
Iz-aJ'-r ' llo^Foreijrner 102
_ ; xottj
Ci^jrLleo ...
F. W. M off eft and F. B. Stephemon
Shoot Well at Bay Ridge.
Dull, gray skies, with every now and then a
drop or two of raJn, did not stop the gunners
of th- Crescent Athletic Club from putting in
a good afternoon's work yesterday at the Bay
Ridge traps of the New Moon organization.
More than fifteen guns were present, and in all
nine events were decided.
The feature of the afternoon wm the excel
lent work of F. W. Moffett. who finished e*rond
in the amateur championship on Wednesday
last at Travars Inland, and Frank B. Stephen
son, one of the b*st srunners of the Crescent
club. In the aggregate they each broke mora
than 91 per cent of the targets at which they
The two cracks had the most spirited match
of the day. It was at 15 targets, and ln the
original shoot Stephenson, Moffett, A. O. South
worth and F. C. Raynor all tied at 14 targets.
In tha first shoot-off A. G. Southworth fell by
the wayside. The others, however, tied at 15
clay birds apiece. In the second shoot-off
Stephenson and Moffett again tied with clean
scores, and It was decided to divide the prize.
J. H. Ernst was high gun in the shoot for the
December Cup. "With a handicap of 5. Ernst
returned a full score. The weekly leg for the
scratch trophy prize was won by F. B. Stephen
son, who missed only two of the bluerocks.
In the team race, another weekly fixture. O. C.
Grinneil. Jr.. and F. B. Stephenson tied with
F. W. Moffett and L. C. Hopkins. Each team
broke forty-four targets, but on the shoot-off
Grinnell and Btephenson won by twelve clay
O. C GrinneU, Jr., was high gun in two of the
other trophy shoots. One was at fifteen targets
and was won by Grinnell after a shoot-off with
E. C Brower. The other was at twenty-five
targets, and In this event Grinnell had to shoot
off with J. P. Fairchild for first prize,
F. W. Moffett won a 25-target event in which
fourteen puns competed, and D. C Bennett wot;
one at fifteen clay pigeons. D. C Damron won
the only other event of the afternoon.
The scores follow:
Name H"cap. Total I Nazna H*cap Total.
D. C. Bennett 1 15 G. Q. Pter*er.*-m . . .. 1 11
F. W. Moffett - 0 Ha B. Vandarvaer. .. 3 10
"W. TV. Marshall ... 8 1*1 1* c. Hopkins 2 10
F. B. Ptephenson... 0 12,3. p. Hopkins 2 7
a C Grinaell. jr. _ 0 11 1
T. H. Ernst 5 2rV F. G. Rayr.or 5 21
F. W. Moffett 1 24 F. B. Slepbenscn. .. . 0 20
Dr. Hopkins 4 24 : TV. a l>amron 4 20
A. G. Southworth.. 3 1.4 a C Bennett ...... 2 1»
O. C. OrtßßoU Jr.. 1 23 J. J. Keye» - 1 1&
G ■">. fteph^nson... 0 21 L. C Hopkins. ...... S IS
H. B. Vanderveer. . + 21 TV. W. Marshall __. 6 21
T. TV. MoCett 1 23' TV. "W. Marshall. _ 6 21
F. B. Ptephenacn.. 0 24! H. B. Vanderve«r\. . « 21
O. C. Ortnaall. Jr.. 1 24 I* C. Hopkins 3 21
A. G. Pouthworth. . 0 24 iF. C. Raynor. ...... B 21
D. G. P«nnr". ... 2 243 . P. Hcpfctof. .... 4 ll>
O. <\ Etephenaon. Jr. 2 23! Dr. Key «s 1 I"
J. 11. Ernst .... 9 23! W. C. r>ammn . 4 24
TV. C. r>amr'7n.... 2 IS O G. Ptepfcenson... 1 12
F. TV. Moffett 0 14 JD. C. Bennett 1 12
TV. TV. Marshall.. 3 14' B. P. Hopkins 2 12
L. C. Hopkins 2 14 1 F. B. Steph*n»on. - 0 11
O. C. Grinnei!. Jr.. O 18! H. B. Vander\-eer.. 2 11
F. B. Bt'iShonson- . — 13 L, C. Hopklna..... — 12
F. TV. Moffat — 12 P. C. Raynor — 12
O C Grinnell, Jr.. — 12 W. W. Marshall..^ 0 11
A*. G. Bouthworth. — 12 J. J. Keyes .... — 10
G G. Etephenson.. — 12 J. H. Err.st .. — 10
D. C. Bennett.... — 12. W. C Damron — 7
H. B. Vanderve»T. . — 12}
O. C. Grinneil. Jr. 1 22' O. O. S"Vb*r.->on.^- 3 17
F. B. Etephecson.. 0 23 S. P. Hopkins ...... 4 22
Totals 1 44 1 Totals 6 89
F. TV. afofTatt .... 0 23 D. C Bennett. —„. 2 20
In C Hopkins 8 21 J. J. K>y«s. _...... 1 16
Totals S 44 Totals S 86
TV. M. Marnhal! . . 5 20!
A. O. Southworth,. 0 20
Total* 0 5
O. C Grinnell. Jr.. 1 21 1 F. TV. MofTett *> IP
F. B. St»>i>n«is&B.. 0 25 1* C. Hopkins 3 IS
Total* 1 *t] Totals 3 84
P B Etephenson.. 0 14! TV. C. Damron .... 2 13
F. TV. Koffatt. .0 14 'G. G. Stephen«on.. 2 11
A. G. Bouthworth 1 14 TV. TV. Marshall. 3 11
F. C Rayncr 3 14 J. J. Keyea — 0 11
O. C. Grinneil. Jr.. 0 13 H. B. Vandervew. - 3 10
U C Hopkins.... 2 18]
■p. B. Stephen-son.. 0 13' F. O. Raynor • 8 It
F. TV. Mo2«tt ..0 15 A. G. &outkwortli.» 1 1!
F B Et^ch<wiaon.. 0 W|J\ C Raynor...... « 12
p! TV. Moffatt 0 15
Stephenson and Moff«"tt AlvlA&l -pritm.
O. C. Ollaillti Jr.. 0 141 I* C. Hopklna . 2 11
E. C Brower 2 141 J. J. Keyes...._,.. 0 11
TV C. Damron.... 2 13- G. G. Stephens**.. 1 10
J P Fairchild . ..2 18 A. E. Heairlckaotu. 8 10
TV. TV. Marshall.. S 12 1. *
o. c. Grinnell. Jr.. 0 . 15 1 E. E. Browg-. . 2 18
J. P. Falrcfctld... 4 25! L. a Hopklsa . 8 21
6 c'Oi-.nnell. jr.. 1 28 F. C. Raynor 0 81
F TV Moffett .0 24 A. E. Hendrl-eksoo. 4 21
TV C Damron... 4 23 E. C. Brower 4 3J
F." B. Btephenaon. 0 22 1 A. G. Ui worth. . 0 18
O. C. Grlnnen. Jr.. 1 22 J. P. FtilrchllA ... 4 21
Veteran Gunner Wins Club Title nt
Traicrs Inland Traps.
Gua. G-rleff won the trap shooting: champion
ship of the Xew York Athletic Club at Travers
Island yepterday. Th« title was shot for at two
hundred targets, and. although in yegterdays
leg Orieff was defeated by Dr. Billings, the vet
eran punner of tha Mercury Foot organization
had ecored enough In previous shoots to win
the champlrmship handily. In the aggregate
Grleff broke 169 out of a possible 200 targeta.
Although the day wa.' cloudy and overcast,
there wns a fair sized fl'W at the trapa. Includ
ing many of the host guns of the organization.
P!x events In all w«re derided, nnd of these.
barring: the club championship, the weekly shoot
for the December Cap waa the most Important.
The event waa at'flfrr tars-eta, and eight gun
ners Phot for the leg. Dr. Hamlln and E.
Kluckler tied for firat honors with full scores.
<~m tv e shoot-off, however, whloh was at rwentv
llvo targets. Kluckler won by a single blue rock.
Fred Vilmar and E. afcMortry had the most
Interesting shoot of the afternoon. In a *p«»<-jal
twenty-flve target event the two tied with f'lll
scores. On the first shoot-off each gunner again
returned a cl»an card. On th« second shoot-off,
however, Vflmar won by a Fir.?le bird.
In rma of the oth»r «A-ents Billlnps, Kluckler,
r>ani*!3 and H^dgrr.an all tied at twenty-flve
ts. The ahoot-off went to Billings, who
missed only "nc of the little clay birds. lfe-
Murtry wop. the remaining event of the after

The pr^rpn follow:
Name. H'cap. Tl. ! Name. H'cap. Tl.
Hanilln 12 GO 1 Hibbard 4 42
Kluckler is V.- Hofiffrnan 4 42
BHUnKS 2 4«;Pelham « 41
OrtsS 0 45 1 I■>^^>a^^er 14 87
Blllln»r» — 52 HMmnan — W>
Grteff — s| t Debaoher — 49
T&rMuanry • 3 25!H!bbart 2 21
QriaS (> 23Ham!ln 3 21
p,lhmn 8 2S!Bllltnsa 1 1&
Hodfrman 3 " Det>ach*r ... 1 IS
BOliasa •••••• 1 25'Hamlln 8 23
Hodroian 2 23McMurtry 2 21
Klucaler « 23'Grlert TV... -.V 20
Punlels 1 SS-Debaeher 7 17
Dutrro " 24 Borland • 3 18
□llllnßS 1 "4 i Kluckler » 22
liodgn-fIU.---- 2 23'Dai 7 22
xtrMurtry 2 25|3rt*ff 0 22
vilmar » 25 D*bach« 7 21
BllllSw 1 I* n.,r.ar,l I 21
Iljirman 2 24'Dupo 7 a
TlHsjiat B -' M.-Murtry 2 25
Vilmar ■'. 24 M-M.:rtry 2 23
Philadelphia. Deic. 15.— Th.- University of Penn
tylvftnia defeated Prlncfton here to-niKht in the
flrst lutercolleKiate bnsketball game of the season
fey Hit score of -4 to li
A select stock of Grand and Upright
Pianos specially designed and built for
Christmas buyers are now displayed at
our Fifth Avenue Store.
Upright* from $200 to $500
Grands from $500 to $700
A critical comparison between OUR
Self Playing Planes and those that are
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Invited. We build the self playing mech
anism in our finest uprights only.
TWO MODELS, $550 and $650
We also build a special style* operated
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spread attention. It has a full range of
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The. purchase price of any instrument
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Catalogues of Pianos and P'ayej Pianos.
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Company E Athletes Carry Off. Both
Point Trophies.
A tig crowd attended the fiftieth anniversary
games of the 7th Regiment at the armory, at 66th
street and Park avenue, last night. The pro
gramme was a lon g on«, and many of the track
events had to be run off In «evoral heats, but th«
excellent management that has marked prevloua
games held under the 7th. Regiment Athletic Asso
ciation was ln evidence, and tha games were over
early enough to allow ample time for dancing.
It ■was a great night for Company E, who** r«pra
sentatlves made the greatest number of points for
the military and the Halated Bronze Lion trophlaa.
Of tha sixteen contents on the programme, four
counted for the military prize. Company E won
this, with a total of 11 points, and tha Hoisted
trophy, with 36 points. Company H was second for
the latter prize, with 23 points, and Company D
third, with 22 points. Company F cams next^ with
17. and Company X fifth, with 12. Company I had
10 and Companies B and A 7 points each. For the
military trophy Company X was second, with 6
points, and Company I third, with 5 points. Com
panies A. D and H each had i points, and Com
panies B and I 1 point each. ' .'
An Innovation was offered at tha games which
aroused considerable Interest. It was a one mlla
invitation, roller skating race handicap^ Band was
put on tho track for this contest. All the contest
ants kept bunched for the last half of tir.a race
and a few of the skaters went down. The rac** was
won in the closest kind of a nnish by Clyde Mar
tin, of the Clermont Rink, with. E. L«. Crabb, of
the eani« rink, second.
Two of the regimental records were brokan. but
as the man who made these marks finished second
the record* will not be allowed.
In the 1,000 yard run. Paul Pilgrim, the star
runner of Company E» started from scratch and
oama in second ln 2 minutes 21 1-5 seconds. The
armory record was 2 minutes 251-5 seconds, made
by A. B. George, of Company H, ln 1880. The rue*
was won by P. J. Scudder, of Company X, with a
handicap of 45 yards, in 2 minutes 23 3-5 seconds.
Tha other record was In the 176 yard sack race.
W. A. Hughes, of Company E, from scratch, fin
ished second, in 27 1-5 seconds The armory record
was 27 S-5 seconds, made by Hughes ln the games
of UK!. This race was won by J. S. Myrick. of
Company I>, with a handicap of six yards, in 26 8-3
The one mile interregimantal handicap relay race
was an exciting content and was hard fought from
th© crack, of the pistol. It was won by the 23d
Jtegiment first team, with the 23d Regiment first
team second, in 3 minutes 82 3-6 seconds.
The summaries follow:
Serrenty-flve-yanl run (nc>vtce> — by T. F. M>mer»
Company B: El K. Twonibley. Coir pas 7 F. second. H. O.
Tully, Company H. third. Time — 0:0$ H.
Se-venty-flve-yarti (handicap' — by A. L. Manrer.
Company D (IS feet); M. Haywood. Company E (scratch),
second; W. Phinny. Company B (12 feet), third. Tima—
One-thousand— yard run (handicap) — Won by P. J.
Scudder, Company X (45 yards); Pilgrim. Company E
(scratch), secend; A. O. Bauer. Company A '.65 yards),
third. Time— 2:2l*s.
Two hundred and twenty— yard tun (handicap)— ' Won by
F. X. Werneken. Company H (7 yards): C Luce. Jr.
Company I ($> yards), second: F. R. Downes. Jr.. Company
B (10 yards), third. Tim* — o
Three hundred and fifty-two yard ran (handicap* —
Won by A. Ward. Company E (8 yards); G. H. Clay,
Company B (15 yards second; N. Anderson. Company
Q (10 yards), third. Time— o:so%.
Rescue race (handicap: fifty yarls and return: fatlyoa
uniform^— by A. F. C. Mllllsran and J. S. Eakln.
Company I (13 yards); H. D. King and I). F. Mann.
Company A (4 yards), second: D. McKesson and J. M.
Montgomery. Company X (3 yards), third. Tims, 0".195.
Two- fc.undred-an«k-tw*)nty- hurdia race (Bo*lßa) —
■Won by W. Phlnny. Company E: H. V. Bet-chinor. Com
pany B, second; T. Freeman. Company O. third. Time,
Half-mile run for officers' cup (bum lea] — "Won by W.
Hue, Company I; P. I* T">unr. Company p. second; G.
O Carleton. Company I. third. Ttm«. 2 ITS.
'Four-hundred-and-forty yard run <novlce) — Won by O.
K. Anderson. Company H; T G. Simpson. Company D,
second. N. Milne. i Company I. third. Time. 1 02**.
One-lap eack race (handicap; 176 yards)— Won by 3 B.
Myrick. Company D (6 yards): W. A. Hughes. Company
E (scratch), second; W. E. ClmiotU. Company M (11
yards) third. Time. O:2ft%.
One-mile roller skatlne ra'-a (Invitation: handicap) —
Won by Clyde Martin. Clermont Skating: Club .00 yards):
E. 1* CrtLff. Clermont Skating Club (SO yards), second:
A. Moeller. New York City (50 yards'), third. Time.
'Seve'nty-ftve-vard three-leaa-ed race (handleapV— Won by
B. K. Trotnbley and A. Hardenb*rKh. Company F («
yards); W. Hu?hes and J. J. £ torma. Jr. Company E (2
yards) second; D. Darllntfton and F. X Wernaken. Com
pany H (44 yards), third. Time. o:o6*s
Tep.-hundr»d-and-fifty-#lx-yard military relay race (for
Haisted military trophy; nortas; heavy marching order)—
Won by Company B (team composed of J. K. Renoehr. O.
M Welch and B. S. Pollock); Company D. second <team
composed of H. R. Johnson. B. A Curtis and J. H.
Bmlth): Company B. third (team composed af W. A. Bull.
P Clark and U R. Van Roeder;. Time. 2:51 S.
Putting- the 16-pound shot (handicap)— on by W.
Fmlth Ccmpany X (13 feet 8 Inches., with a put of 30
feet 11 inches: J. P. Morgan. Company H n3 feet., actual
. ..." 81 fast 6 Inches second: R. E. Larendon. Company
.; ij feat « inches), actual put. 31 fa* 11 Inches third
Running high jump (handicap) — by W. Kennelly,
Company F (0 Inches), actual Jump. 5 feet 1 Inch; (i R.
Jack«on Company F (scratch}, actual .lump. 5 feet 3
Inches, secona A. Har.lenberffc. Company F (3 Inches).
actual lump. lnte^omrany relay race (handicap)— Won
Half i" i> !nt»r-rornr>ar.y relay rare (han.Hcap) — Won
by Cbmoany E team (scratch), eoaspeaad of B. S. Black
ledg-e V [•■irrim W. A. Hughen and J. J. Storms. Jr.;
Company A (+0 yards) team. composed of A. Q. Bauer.
H L. Po«t U. G. Everall and J. R. EvaraU. se-xind;
Comnanv i '(27 yards) team, composed of A. F. C. M!U:
ct™ C LuceT Jr. R. W Myers and D. W. Forrest, third.
Inrltatlon one-mile tntai^-regimental relay raoa (handl
eauv—Woe by 22d Regiment's first i«am. composed of A.
J. Crockett. R- O. Koch. C. J. Cl-irke and G. F. Rmlth;
r!d Reelm<r.t's flr*t team. comr*«'l of H. \a!«ntlni\ C
Itacon. S. NorthrJoaa and H. Seil y_secon.-i:22d Regi
ment's second tf«m. composed of H. J. Edwanla. J.
Eillnfwood. A. MacCutch-on and J. Schaefter. third.
Time. 2:32 V
Philadelphia. D**v 15.— associated cricket
clubs of Philadelphia have decided not to s»nd a
t««am to Knirland next summer, but instead will
Invite Enpllsh players to come to the United
States Th Invitation will be seal to J. R. Mason,
of Kent County, England, who win be afked to
bring over an eJarres of Kent County amateurs to
meer tue amateurs of Philadelphia. New York and
one or two other cities.
[By Telegraph ti> The Trtbun*. ]
Richmond. Va.. Dae 15-— A strange accident oc
curred at Oakwood Cemetery this afternoon, due
to a misunderstanding as to frraves. Two burials
were ln charge of one undertaker, and one of the
coffins wai conducted to the wrong grave. It had
been actually towered Into the Brave when me
second procession halted at the apot The miJUko
was then reooguiicd and ma angr correcttd.
Choice Holiday Goods.
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Stationery and Desk Requisites.
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LEATHER DESK SETS, from 2.95 to 12.00
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LEATHER LETTER RACKS, value $1.50. for _ I.UU
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CHILDREN'S CHINA TEA and DINNER SETS, per set .. *.«">C to *mm £ %J '
Christmas Cards and Calendars for the million.
from lc to $3.50 each.
Broadway, Eighth and Ninth Sts.
Brooklyn^ Beat McGregors at the
Marquette Grounds.
Speedy work during- the first half of the New York
Amateur Association Football League gam* between
the Brooklyn Football Club and the McGregor*, of
Tankers, gave th» Brooklynltes a well earned victory
at th© 2iarqu«tta Orounds. Secoad avenue and 10th
street, Brooklyn, yesterday afternoon. Tha horn*
team won by 4 goals to 0. scoring: 2 la each hair.
In the latter stage of the match the men from
Tonkers were more aggressive, but hero Tieme7. the
Brooklyn goalkeeper, and Milne, at right back.
were seen to splendid advantage. The last two
goals credited to Brooklyn were largely due to the
opposing backs playing far forward and leaving the
goal expo*?-'., when the- ball got through th* pack.
The line-up follows:
Brooklyn (4). Positions. McGregor* (OV. _
Mim, 7 ..: •.::::::." r b Mama
.-,'_ *^,"' . — l* B Buchanan
Owens •••.:::"::■.:.■...: hh. B. Smith
Degrouchy C.H. B. f'^SS
D-rrouchy L. H. B G °?*££
Danlelson :: : . :.:v: .:v. ':::::! v.v:.v.v::::::::: roJ^ir
s.f>« C. F. —.. Houston
Stiles t f rhrvstitll
Sunderland ■:::.:.....-- •£ ••••;•;••.•.- ;.v; c 57art,
Gr ; Lni«f!o'n,"sunderland <- . Hallklar stefsjsa—
R. Flay Robert Bums F. C Linesmen— W. M- aus
lan^. Brooklyn, and E. Winter. McGregors. T'me of
halves. 4."< mix :'•*-
In the series of th-» Metropolitan Association
Football League yesterday a tie game was played
at Ontario Field between the New York Thistles
and the Caledonians, each team scoring 3 goal*.
The line-up fellows:
N T. Thtrstles (3). Positions. CaieJonians (3).
nsSaMaaa\v:::::::u::k »
ESS •;:::::::::::::::::£* ai:::::::::::::v:v -^
p^nkocv-v:.v.v:-.v ? y;: ......
Marshall £ XVi\*ol
gn£2£-Xriik' Montgomery. ■ -Oala <». M^«^.
McDonald. Talt and Martin. Time of halve. minutes.
Two additional games in tho final round of the
T ailiirtalin Association Football L*a?u* — «—
for the Maxwell Cup were played yesterday, re
sulting in victories for Flushing High School and
Morris Hish School, at tha expense of Townsend
Harris Hall and Curtis High School.
Flushing succeeded la disposing of its opponents
at Flushing by the score of 3 sroais to ft •'lever
combination work, combined with, atrong kicking
by tUe backs, marked the play of the- victors.
'Roosevelt. outslda left; Brad*haw. outside right,
and Bush centre forward, obtained the goals Ihe
visitors played three men short. The line-up:
Flushing (3)- Positions. TonrnsenJ Harris (0).
Clark B •• Totter
Montgomery f- £• Eb#r} _
Bturcus • i-» i>. r.D">r:j
Ba>ajln . » H Morrt,
■::::::::::::::::£ £ v.v.v.v.v:
&T .---.Y i •::::::;:.■::.
• __.). I. L. <-»or9elln
m .'.". :: ? * Borokoa
Baumelster i- J* ■ —
lU*j*evelt ..-..-..-•-•••• 'v- -*- 1 - —
O^^ Bradshaw. Bush and Moosawetl Referee — Mr.
<3r«*n«. Time of halves. 30 minutes
In the game between Morris High School and
Curtis High, played at Th Cove. '*"t" t New
Brighton Statrn Island. yesterday, the former
won and obtained the lead in the lateracholaattc
series, the standing of which to date is as follows:
Won. Tied. Lost. Points.
Morris High 1 ? ? !u.
Commercial * J 1 *S
Ds Witt Clinton 3 1 2 3 Hi
Manual Training I 1.3 : **
Flustllßg ....--•• J * - -*■
Curtis High l i J 3
Townsend Harris 10 5 1
At Maccoob'" Para Park the Oamero«!«. leaders
in the New York Amateur League, defeated the
Plainfleld Socker Club by 2 goals to 0. Hogan and
Isaacs tallying 1 for the victor*
The Columbia Oval football team succeeded la
administering defeat to the Brooklyn Reserve* in a
fast game at WHiiainsbri.ige by 2 goals to 1. Rob
ertson and Maakeil scored for Columbia Ova!, and
M-n.lrell for the losers.
* Prospect Park. Brookiyn, was the scene yester
da.« of a soccer match between the Lenox Athletic
Club and the Wolfhounds eleven. the result beinir
for Christmas.
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lr. favor erf the latter by 3 goals to 1. Th* winning
team was largely composed of schoolboy players, i
Miller. Ltkrkin and Jacobus shot goals for th* win
ning- teasi and Kennedy aconsi for the '^n"»
Attiatlc Club. :
The Ca^ner on football dub wi!l b* <in*»j»d t»
two guinea agaicst sailor elevens this a^ternoaa.
one with the :aaiu of the steamship at. Louis a*
Van Cortlandt Park, and tiio otaer with, th* Lm»*
cania eleven at Maccomb's Daa Park.
* •
Crezi- of Hermit No. 7 Near DeaiM
When Monterey Cuts It in Half. i
The "Ward Line steamer Monterrey, running: as m
good clip in th* darkneaa of y*srird.i./ rooixinsU
cut ln half and sank the New Jerssy pilot boaii
Hermit No. 7. The accident occurred at • a, •*» m
four and one-half miles to the southward of 3jr<ty)l
Hook Lightship, when the Hermit «v prepannjd]
to put a pilot aboard the steamer. Had It no 9
been for the presence of. mind and quick nctlcn ojj
the men aboard the pilot boat all would have son«j
down with th«» Hermit, for me sank in thirteen anas)
one-half fathoms of water three minute* after thai
Monterey's bow cut her In two. :
The story told aboard the steamer cocSicrs wttas)
the explanation given by the nrew cf Th* piloai
boat. Several officers on the Monterey said that
the Hermit, which Is a schooner, gixty feet lon*^
was- on a starboard tack and had the right of vra&m
Instead of heading up Into th» wind Phe n.ttampt*4
to cross the Monterey's bow. Seeing that a. cai^
lialon was Inevitable the Montarey reversed fuUj
speed astern. This, however, only lessen*! thasj
The shock of the collision brought to tha raJB
nearly all of the forty-five passengers on the M~>n-4
terey. They peered Into th* darkness and si:oute^|
to the three pilots. James McCarthy. C ■ "War-*;
ncr and Frank Nielsen, who. knocked from thai
deck <-* their boat by the shock, were swimmfisaf
and yeltintr for assistance, !
The yawl, which trailed from Cka Her?n!rai
stern, was cut loose and the seven members o9
the crow, some cf whom -had been asleep belowJ
r;:«h*d forward and rowed after the pilots. Franl<
Eagan. the boat keeper, who rushed up on declai
before the collision, saw th« Monterey bearlnc
down on the Hermit and Jumped overboard be^rssj
the vessels met After picking up the ptlots. tt«*,
yawl ran alongside the steamer and tarn men fron*
the Hermit w*re taken aboard. ■
The Hermit No. 7, which is owned by the -i*
Jersey PUot Association, was valued at •*«* Satf|
was formerly the James Gordon Bennett and was*
built in I*3!
Investigation of Affairs of Waynesburs la*
stitution May Brin? Charges.
Plttsbur?. Deo. Li— John B. Cunningham. na»
tlonal bank examiner, who has b*en at Wajrnesj*
burs? Investigating the closed Farmers and Drover^
National lUnk. returned to Ptttsbura; this mornlna>
The investigation into the affairs of the baasV
which is the oldest national bank west of the All*
ghentes. is said to Indicate- that the failure la tar
worse than at nr»t reported, and that ■■ shoa*asa»
will not be l«s 3 than «•».«©. Rediscount* oa ta«
ha .v , nnmt to over nCo.i>*\ as agalnat the lrera
of C4?S3?orno?es and bills discounted, turned
in to the Controller tn the statement of the resource,
an.l liabilities of the b.ink on Novemoer i_
an Tner"' ha, long hardly enousra legal money
in the vaults of the bank to transact ..s daiir
bu«tnei« contrary t» the repeated warnings of til*
Cor'rcUer of Se Currency. The Investigation ma»
inVolve certain omdais of the bank who are a!leg«4
otoiarf the funds of the bank for prtvat*
speculation during a Ion? period- Tha hank will
not reopen, for business in the near future, as states'
by officials of the Institution.
Contain nothing injurious.
Relieve bronchial irritation.
Cure sore throat, in &oxsa ja*.

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