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js&rket for outsl-lr- securities followed th«
J~L cl the ftock market rather closely. Prlceß
t^red aocWed weakness- almost from the open
1' rat" fairly active trading. While feablo ral
took ptac« around midday. th© Improvement In
JJ^L :n«tances was only fractional. Th* "rights"
' the various railroad chares commanded consld
!*l*»e attention. Those of St. Paul, after selling
**k!»'-- as "■ broke to *"•■ Great Northern rights
*rtl«* from 26 to 24. while Northern Paclflo rights
JJ^aboui 5 points, to IS. Mackay stocks were
Jig. steady. Western Ice, after early strength,
\j»fi oS more than a point. Chicago Subway broke
i noiEts. In lli « mining list Nlplsslng ran off I\s.
fitter rallied. United fill iv Greene Consoll
j t«d Copper fell V but recovered fractionally.
rt^ese Gold-Silver, after an Improvement of *»,
-»y A*** ll to the lowest. Greene Cananea easod oft
.. points. Canane* Central was down 2 -points.
•^nns* ase Copper declined nearly a point, while
f^cXior.iC recessions were shown nearly" through
jjt this entire list. Bonds were dull and Irregular.
Si I Open- I Hiith- I Low- I La«"
■JSTj i >r -» I cat. 1 e»t. | tale.
American Oca ...j 6~T 0 | 6~j <f~
%' £o prfcf .— I ti%) M« P4H| 64H
lOo'Eectrfo Boat .... M | SO SO 8l»
sT'H»\via Tobacco.. f lit* I «n iov; v
'i* Houston Oil »V.l Ma «^4 pu
- iy'lnttr i=»lt .* 23 23 Si 23
4M llsday C«» . lilt 7lVi 71 71
jdkt) Oofref .j^...... ■- CS CS 63
J3> jurhtttaa Trunelt 4«t 4'i 4^ 474
$S'gtar.caj-d OU .... &S§ 633 555 633'
l^^'^tera leg 0a... 2S»»i 23 \4 £2 j 22%
E*rtt\ ,1 Open- I Hlrh-1 low- I Last
. I lag. I «at. I est. f sale?
_:a*-o Fubway.. 4S 1 44 i 48 I 44U
j^OCfclc Mil &ft p. 89 «0 8414 ?5^
Snjoittt Nor rlghta.. 2« ' 27 24 25
ae.Nor rao rtphts... 88 29 25 i .♦» -
fc.Xor Sec *>iub6"..{ U0 j IC2UI iii) ; iii-Jli,
iMi I Open- I Hlgrh- I low- I Last"
»£ l I >"«■ ■ «*t- f «st I tale.
#J).AlE£k» Mines ... l%\ i«> i%~~ iv
f-JOArpmtlae Cobalt.. «» *! 3 ♦*
O>ntral. 4* 888 8 I 5I 5 i*
iSS Bor.£uii Ik It .... 6 c « 8
jOO;B»ton Carper ... sO«i jv»S 8..% 80H
UW.Brlt t-c-'.xim Ocp.. I-'*' > 12^ 12H 12C
itlO Buffalo M'.na .... 4 I * 4\, 4 4
tCJOBut:* i N Y....J 6% I fl»i Oh 6*2
jfrCtaar.ea Central.. : S3 , 83 82V S2H
tJUO Cir;s4 Cop A: O M t75 M 75 U
tftio.Cicar Crf>k &G T 6H CSi <IS OH
•09'Cbbalt «'^Utlno..( 14 i 2* ij "ij
SMO Cobalt Oanuct ... li 4i «»,'-' 2,
tMC' O*aJt Monarob... 1^ 2 ' I«, •»
«0O Colonial Silver ... I 4 4 4^l 4
i^^^sS I<"'S IM *$ lO\i
s tefs a* i, 7 - n 8 ir-
I »>, 3i ">. UK ::♦»
14 14 14 • 14
Oap DCW...J «t«i! ••. c «i a st
S»,r>ou«ia» <>prtw...| 7'»f 7-;! ;•, 7t47 t 4
J:iU S5STi:£: ll u j «'» 9 IS
BO Ely TMtrh ':: I« 2 if r
».0B! Rayo MJr.tay. . «tf 6 »; 6J6 J
IWFcetor Cobalt ....I s« A "^ «4 2U
•Su Furnace t^k Cop! a .1 8$
M9.PUT «>e«>k Oxide. I ] 1 11
fiX^FniT^ 11 * --I >»« 10* 10'; 1014 ■
Gold Hill .......J 4*. 44 787 8 4'i 4&'
Wobnsbr O^sM ...I £< is** i» 4 J 4
I«f);oiv«i-Oajiva new 284 134. »l«! S3
fef«fe« on Pop.. aiHj JJ2 "'BOS 80S
1<«. Greene G«id 1^ l%{ jtj j^J
£»«. Greene <> ( ,ld-Sll.. l^] hi \£ i»*
MlEoßteo* Nevada. U4 .:• IS il
lrt-.Kirjr EUward „.. 2HI I'l* itt '•£
I*«J Manh.vtsrt Atlas.. tIS 1 * I*>- ! 12H i"2
Darraph. i 2H 2»i "U 2-2
t.TOO Kirma^ Gold Mini 7^ ! 7^ 7iJ 714
S.»« Mines r^> ,>f Am..] 22 s-*s -* '• 22!! "2 iiS
iS*.M.t^..:: Miaine..! BU*' r,<£j Okl bH
*>)»r Coo Cop l£\i\ iftu U 13
l«Ji IS-. |8 18
Ho:Xer rtaa iT *8 •« n 4-22
HP V< ■ \ ■ p 4 . 4 4U
fcte,X«whoi;s* Mm. 17 17 i«'* ! lfl-.
rW N!plFFir. B Mine*. 14U ! 1414 ilJi 13
*MO:>.-c«Ji Star of W.| tS2 ! S2 SI 31
•"♦ MS 44 1 44
J*Portia.M Topper.. li] i^| j£ |B
Jj-San Prtrt) I t*> ! 60 ;' 60 '* 60*
4K" ,Siiv<*r yu«en 2H ' 2^ 2H 2K.
-•> p s«j 2M:
Uttijwn Onp O» ■••I t»%\ B>% 4& ' 46'^
MWTt^SoUIob •- - We Ms "2 ' o?
IMOCdtea rtr ... jJJ -o^* ,r/J 7 -^J
P. - S4H' 84 Vj 1 feS
; feyr*.:.d 2^! B 21 I 21
... s 1 v sts t
I - 11-,I 1 -, Mi 2H! 2S
„. j ;Or»n- I High- I Low- I Last
bia - ' f. ing. I esu ' ert. I aale.
Mij ml*] W4
If' Am tVrit Par. Es.l f-7 B *i 67?* 87»i &;»?
81 • . 41 1 Sl £
•ii« J-ts. t?*!ls cents aar ai aye. tEx dividend]
tfetabea ry Wi::;am E. JCIAOU & Co.. No. 15 Wall et.)
toSeta ra^.^fl^^eviicrar-y Copper... in iF
•■' I' ivana T.J ic«>, lwi
I.'. 23
■« tot r :•:■: Marine 10 MfX
JB»s»s*- 1" ")»i Int prat deb 6s. 87 m.,
Hp» . lr- ?i:ver deb 6a. 87 PS
.•■•}:;; •"" Lord & Taylor... 125 135
K-%-- 1!0 115 : co pr*! 100 106
S^BCop. 30 81 iMa'kav 71 72
E<WjO»P«r.ia4 «H] do rlref 67W WU
: . M ,t r Com % aX
uUOana til 1<-
BaaaaC 3 ' --' i* -V h " V Trars •*-• *H 6^
3?. loci* Elevator M 66
«£*««».. «% 0% Ronal link P0w..1«50 170
-~-rtc Heat... ?.., S2 j Ar. pret 10S 112
S«U£v ;".;•.'/ " .' Tetineßse* Copper 43 4»H
s ~, £,*?•■ '•• 2!i |Unlt»Kl pper..., 71 72
♦;- • 92 07
>„ - ■ r S4V, 35
»«»M:Vfr... 2 2*| 'do c prefT :::: 214 2%
<te--l&* by Wiinam >- Nichols & Co.. No. IB Wall at)
*s Eti« KJ, 4 - Ask " li - Bid. Asked.
ttrvv, \-i ,— Houston Oil rf... 83 45
j, V.' j ; ' sf#s Inter Kle%-attee. . C 570
- 3 : • ft
I* £2 " 9 •» Iron Ftearr-hcat.. IK —
i? >Ji ™J B Q :::::« —
fc fa Kur;::t - 3 5 <j o pref Ifts —
"2 i ■.:::m& j '. c ::: 3 « 3 I
??"<■•.■- 43 i!o Ist pfff 64 74
t« •Ido id rref 15 17
It A Whit pf. && K>2
te'^i ' SH Procter & Gam.. 375 200 ,
te^'i-V 96 M ' da pref 205 210
*% ■« P if . . U3 25 ' Safety C &L. .275 300
ifLZ. s^"j »-S«,!stcurii{e» Co It.. OH 0S&
I*? IS" 142 iHlrcp Craw C 0... 27 40
g*S*«*». t5 18 -!.-.K*r MfK C 0.. .490 610
fC. y^ f v; : ' 75 (Stand Coupler.... 43 —
f»ni[t • * 40 4hO Btand MUI C 0.... 6 11
i'vrx-A' [i ?h do prof t& 35
T ,*O<jpf. f; C 7 do «fes 78 fl
aJJV ■ "/-i 101H Trenton Pottery^. 18 10
?£ra6S....*> _ do i,ref M S«
fc, ■'• :•'-, 145 do otfs 75 I* ,
2 ? ef "'I 140 Trow Directory.. 40 CO
rsL**^ •--... .110 US Un Bank M Corp. 67 «1
!"*■••• •■■ ' 11 , do prof 81 M
fci.^ ZT, 4: ;tn Typewriter... f-S 02
j«fcß rrtf ....jso 138 dr. let pref 130 121
laA*i'il M l (ir> io 2d rref H» 121
liSK V< \\f, 'V 8 Envelopa...- V*V, —
Bxr ; ~ M ••• 30 — 1 •« praf . 82 —
■"•««... « 8 [Worth Pump pf.. 118 lib
■ • —
*»»t*4 by j. T-.orr.ae R«lßbar«t. No. 15 Wall •!»«>«.
. "<* York, and No. t» Exchange Place. Boston.)
J^Tr _ ■
»3tl I Open- } BUh- ! Low- | Laat
«~»_^__^_ I inc. I eat I eat. i aale.
5^!L I •*% i* iij I**
aH.... .2<5 ' .a 5 .36 »
Nevada. I"! »>»l &hk SH aH
::(Vv2" <-'O"«o:m<u*d .» i -si \ Jta ) jn
Ssfi72 vv ' Vji -itn i'O 20 20 20
*£'£*«** ?A 84 38 S4
•fit 1 -' ... JIH 11*' &* I**
IgSffi Ce^:: ac « , m 40
E^ fttm ~!:! \t iti W\ ft.
Bs«sSS^ %* $ a ft %*
PC.I 11% UH UJij 11J4
ii» c> Mnnjxi... • 7U TV», 7-4 1%
aaaaKi^ ■"• : 4 ? i S! fC f2
ESS E --"- r !':«a- ?l3 llfi 11% «**
jEKJ^fwa Ear.. 11* li* «* «*
ift!jr»» coy. n»^;;; "* 7* «h ej*
teSsM f) i 1i 1 4 4
■■ '. * t ii r r
gpSr*-^, J! » »| >g
v <- ;t^i ■ .:„ It; 14 m «3 1
l '^.' Ir.V1 r.V 1?- >f* !? 2 a?^
Uki £**boo«« 1T j7 17 IT
te?if Wlr '« . 14H 1«H U^ 1*
J|^"-; r I* I 2I 2 >
l^n.v^ > > >
U?^ 1 * Tkaaei .." { I ~
fite p-<p -< '^1 is 1% 1* !*•
..." 1 l_3*i J 1 Tfl" 1 11 11
' • "j'W 1 Hal i*| tji
«r... 25% »» 2f'-»
***** UUa^.J ft)4| Ctai »»! M. j
Being. wl,lte bb's to>i*,J'" k * !!'•'■
flour, sacks -oftli &!?"• ca *** • ~. 8.231
Cornmoarbbi;::!:*' join ' re< " < " d poultry. nkga 7.921
Commeal bag* J>,"l }£!* poultry, crates.. 364
Hominy. 'pkgs Jll !f' < {i <->ranees I Fia. ) . caees. 1.650
Oatmeal, bbls „S Oranges (Cal). cases. 1.825
Wheat, bush lii'St> lemons «■*!.). oases. *j0
ttorn. bush..::r.'"'"liSft I?™'" (<VI )- Pkga.. 21J.77&
Oat». bush.... BftOno'? alMn> (CM -'« 11 ? 9 - i.400
rt<a»'. bush. 8 ?^ Apples, bb15...... 12.1500
Buckwheat, bus "* if *o ! ato€B ' » >bl » §- 673
Barley, bush lfrK 2?* 0 ?*! pkga 1.400
Malt. W,.V \l i ** ■ i CVjiHIK-rries. pkgs 1.423
Hay. tons. . "I": ltf '^n ? ri^ WW 1 * Pk*»-«- P-323
Btraw. tons m Kosln, bbls 2.100
Vlllfeed, tons'. 1— lritß turp.. bbls.... 723
•1 bags"""' -" ?•""• bh li- ;tso
I uai^ i' c ? P»sar. bags f>.7f>o
Sti bueh::::::^%VSir.u < D .. rr bkbu::::::::b kbu::::::::k b u::::::::
Beat abl»: .' niS Oleo rtoclt pV gs . 696
i.ife MlSf teRi;:::::
nag «—;; >MCiSra^^wi s»
oSn^V^ 1 &M 3 Rosin, bbl, 60
&bu.h 122^ £ efln * d P«- ra15....5,mi91
Peas bu*h r H> Oa*" 1 ""*. Kals 4>50
Firs-'--" -<"• Cutonseed oil, gels. 65.7W
n «J?yV 125 75 I Crtton. ml'ddUng .... 10.45
Bteel rails '•; «s 00 Sugar, granulated 4*o
Lake copper Ingots. 23 37., Molaa.es. O X prim.. §3
t^hange lead „. . . 603 Beef family J4 2S
xsr f VVVi'"* 6624 Tallow, prime >8 1-16
« heat. No 2 red. ... »x V Pork, mess 18 00
OaS* fw\ ?i J^- M 'Hogs. dressed. 100 Tb. 8%
Hour, Mpls patents. 440
rv .__ -_ _ w »■• York. December 1«, 1906.
WFFEE- The roffes market was Irregular. The open
ing was uncijanp<l to ■ points louver. In keeping with
th» French cables. Prices steadied up to th« finals
or the pr«-ilous day on further bullish valorization
I nevs. hut eased eft sharply In the afternron. oir!n^- to
increased offerings or. «. narrow market, -with prices at
! Ha tlms about 15 points net lower, but at the decline
tti^re wan a better demand, offf-rlnjrs ■were well abrorbed
I and Ui» market steadied up again toward the close, which
; was stead/ at a net decline of f>&\o points. Sales for the
day were reported of about PS. OOO ba«s. Havre -was
about risht during: h<r *«rly pension, when prloes were
unchanged to ii franc higher, but loFt the gain, and at
trie hour of the local opening- wan unchanged to '1 fnmo
lower, with the close net V frano lower, and Hamburg
was lI'SH pfg lower A tlfrht German money markets may
| have had some Influence. Ri o iru 160 rein higher, al
| though ther» was an ad\-ance of 1-824 In the rate of •*-
j change, and Santo* was :,o relg lower. Receipt* were a
j Shane lighter, If anything, and some bullish cables were
received as to valorization. One stated tliat the strike
Of the truckmen, in Rio was embarrassing, ns the sur-
I tax wert on on January 1. This cable aluo stated that
! the opening of th« conversion office had been postponed
j until next Saturday, and that It was reported a further
j loan of £5.000.000 had been arranged to b» l^ued on
; during March. Another cable said that th» agreement
between Rio and Mlnas had been definitely slime-l. Th*
market for Fpot coffee wiis quiet and unchanged, with
quotations on^ihe basis of 7£7Vio for Rio No 7.
The range of contract rrlcss In the local market to-day
was as follow*:
Opening. High. Low. Close. day.
D*<"ember -_ — — 8.F.<>J5.50 6.55
January f1.60 a.fln ft.6o 8.60Q8^8 6. C0
February........" -- — — 5.4005.40 6.70
March 6.53 B.SS fl-flO 6.7033.75 6PO
April — — — s.ft«'i'?S.<« 6.t»6
May 6*oo 6.00 6.53 fXVgS.Oo fi.oo
June — — — A.Cift34.os 6.05
July MB «15 6.00 6.063010 6.15
Ati^uj* — — — 6.1606.20 6.55
Ber>ternber «80 630 m 6 2rv^<? 25 fl 30
Octorx-r — — — ft2B*fl.BO fi.B3
November 6.40 6.40 C.30 a.3S®«l.4<> «40
COTTON — cottca market wag easier to-day and
made new l<yw records for the rassoa. under local bear
pr»ssur» and scattering liquidation. The < loss was steady,
i-ut at a net advance of 7014 points. Bales for th« day
reru estimated at 2fO,(.iO<> bales. The market opined
steady at a d»-01136 of 1 point to an advan'-« of 2 points,
which was at*:ut as due on the cables. Right after the
call there was heavy tolling by two or three of th« local
traders, which looked like a preconcerted V>ea.r raid, and
prices eased oft readily in th« absence of bull l«-ad<*rshlp
or of general business. Them was a little buying by
spot people on a ecalodown and covering of shorts In a
rooa>rato way, but th«T« was ro buying power of con
tequenoe. and virhlJe th»ir<; were oat or two plleht reactions
the low point was reached In the late trading, and the
closo was only a point or two up from th« lowest on the
■active months. January wgs relatively w.-ak during the
day, and there seemed to be fear that cotton would be
tendered to a considerable amount on th«se ormtracts.
Tt« lo°al stock has been gradually but Eteadlly Increasing
of lat", nod as January has not been a good carrying
chirps under March It is rupposwl that the intention is
to deliver on the wfhter month*". Part of the selling
during the day may have beca baned on the Ids* that the
ce!;FU3 report to 1<« published on Thursday will mako a
' bearish lowing. Iv<ca! «stimatea as to the probable
I v .owlrir of this report Still rang" from about lO.kOft.OOO
!to 10.iWyy.ofiO bales. Some private reports are exacted
during to-day's trading which may cauee son» change in
the. figures expecttd. Private advices from the South In
dicated continued firmness In interior spot markets, but
the movement continues full.
The ranir* of contract prices in the local market to-day
was as follows:
Openiru;. High. Low. Clo«*>. day.
December 01' 019 911 9 1498.16 025
January 087 9.87 » 'JO 9. 2230.23 030
February *>■>* 6 .14 B-38l»-33 947
1 March .. »-81 »-^l fi •*« 48-1 ft. 49 •0 69
APrtl ........-.-.• — — - ttf.7^os9 P67
Mai- " .." ft TO »71 963 9.65g0 66 7.)
jure "■ . - ft "<» &70 970 9.7ig&.78 9.81
julyj u l'y *".*" hiA 9.M 9.7<J 6.77fi9.78 987
'August".'.' .9.71 »71 9.71 0.63*39.63 0.70
The local market for m 4 cotton was rtoady. with
prices 10 points lower, at 10 4 So for middling upland and
10 7«c for middling Gulf. Pales, t>3 bales. Southern spot
markets were telegraphed as follows: Galrestoa easy and
unchanged at 10Uc: »»l«a. '107 bale*. Wilmington quiet
end Ho lower at l»Hc. New Orleans easy and unchanged
at l<H,»c; Bales. 4.273 tali's. Charleston quiet and un
changed at a%o. Augusta steady and unchanged at lw^c;
sales. 622 bale?. St. T.r.uis dull and unchanged at W%e.
Savannah quiet and oncbafwed at 9*ic; Eal^s. 1.325 tatoa.
BalUmore nominal ar.d ur.che>.>;"d at 10%r. Uttle Rock
Eteady er.i l-l«c lower at 9%c. Mobllo easy and un
<- v a^ired at We; eales. li>o bales Norfolk steady and He
lower at lOVic: sales 1 049 l>ales. KstlmatM receipts at
loadins polnte for to-morrow: At Houston 18,000 to 22.000
1 bales against 18.880 Juit week and 10.C30 last year; at
GUvestoa. 19.000 to 22,000 balaa. aplnst I7.7l«» "**»,»•♦*
end 10 IR3 last yoar; at New Orleano, 11.000 to 10.000
bales. agiUnßt 24.743 last week and 7.!>00 la*t year.
Cordon Exchange special Liverpool cable dispatches: Spot
cotton— Fair buslnes doing; sales, P.ono bales; speculation
aid export BOO; America^ 7.000; reortptß. 8.000 bales;
American. 3f».000; middling upland. 8.68 d. Futures 01-1 .e-1
•^«3 points up; dosed steady at a n-t advance of 1 l«lnt
x^a decline of 1 point: amber. BJBd; Decenil«r-Janu
ar^- 6 B4V 1 Jenuary-F*bru«y. 6.85 d: February-March.
&• March-ApMl. £*M; April May, 539^4 1: Majr-Jun^
6 41*44: June-July. 5.42V4d; July-August. 6.43Hd; August
awtembar BepteW>»-qctol*r. 6 «3d; October-
NovembVr r. 2^^d. Maichest«r-Tama dull; cloths quiet.
' FLOUB AND MEAI^— Trading la flour was on the !
light seal© to-day. Kansas ttraights and winter
straiPl.tF and low grades comprising the bulk of tin 1
lulls Pric«. were tteady and without change It ye j
flour ' remains firm, but dull. Spring patent*. $4 20®
*5 10 -winter straights. »3 50<3«3 60; winter patents. I
$?7Bi2ts4: spring clears, M «••«« ••: «tra No 1 w»n
.« ißfflinui extra No 2 v.inter. Jl9o®fS Bl '_K
\&E-'? FIAvR Market etea.iv; quoted. «2 SO 9*2 10
Jl t.I rri- RYE Fl.oi'r dull; quoted: Fair
fSTmSI % «!•» ••; si<sea to fancy. M|>9H<f
eaclis; ollmeal, $80®536 £0. -
/io»Tv» TimriT Dolneas appeared to have but mue
board clearaaoee were under the recent ""frajre- *t
MlnnaapoHs the stock of wheat has tacraaaed ( **>
EL* to th« last three days. W«W» stocks, b™ o *"****
••Bra^treafa." were reported to ba-«r« lncr»a«* 'l*:«*£2?
rmih. agalMt an lncT«a»e last year of 1.4 M,OOO bush-
The «t!ocks to to* United SUwtea and Canada lnerMMd
4.250.000 truifb. compare*! with an lnur«ase of 4.o*>.o<Jo
bush la tke oorrespondlajr week last year. OuUlde of
SiliJ^decline at tiV^rpool foreign markets w«r« steady
t>i-? doping unchanged to 13 pMnU higher, Berlin
Srtly & mirk hlrner and Budapwtt 2 points up The
cash mark*t at New York was firm, closing as folio**:
No 3 rVI >*'• elector rxnd 81%0 fob afloat: No I
Northern^'nil"'" «»4%0. and No A^rd winter, 7»o elf
S^Toa the la** ocrbltfay sold at *4Hc. CORN—
corn rutfk*t was eron strocg».r Oiar. wheat at times, re
?.ytinir duaopOtntment over Ova movement at Chicago,
fL\,', w» not In aooorrl with recent pr*dlctions as to
X,iiV»i larmr re ■ ll'l*. following Increased country at
re»,taEC«B To "Ode extent this shortage In the move
mprt wai <lv« to th« car situation and to recent un
tam>«.bla weather, ! although conditions In the bek
Sve , lmnroi'ed very much In the lent day or two. All
inHrlor oolnta had 7f*.000 bush. romi«trod with i>m.» Kl
{rV-h li.st v-ax The market ku well mM'ali.ed all day.
Sth the exception of December mi New Yi»rV. whl^h
ioVv«i V.uveie and closed V»c net lower 8»aln»t He ad
itmV In ihn'Mas-. Kxporters lock 8 load. No I corn
vanr« , m York wa« quoted tBo ova tor and Bio fo b
i«,ii' Vo 2 whit.-. ft -**i'"- and So - yellow. HHe f o b
"?™ # OATS— This mark* did lllUo BMVa than share
fr «ti*r>irth !n other grains. «nd wan genially quiet
!i«.!!rhout the etMl'Jfi. '"a*" "*<» here clootd steady
thr^^~.. Mixed, 2y to BI IT.. M*«:iSiV.' ; natural white.
So « fflSti »V.»4iß. and clipped white. 3.1 to 40 n>
i?r Z. 4.- liYß— Market firm; No 2 Western. 6&«» ccl i
to-»<U** . l ]l£» y»~l etate, <«S<Wo deliv"r<,| New York.
t^/f? Market \ul«t. Feeling, 4.V, and malting. 493
«£"¥f Vif'al'* Tf' 'KV.'HBAT Market «t^M-y : Quo-ei;
Eli par 100 n>.
Wb^l: Opening. High. T^rw. % d«r
R* 3 " 10 ** W^* p4p 4 » t 81 i^ M»* M't
SiJ ::::::■-• «« 3 W«i ■*« f^, »3
July J^^
Obbbs --» M*i f>” V.J:
D^ownb^ *» j:" ,^ rj 7*
January . •■• BJS-M ■•" T » .I<»'j-lii •'•" . tOH
I^TinV-V— .. r .. n-.«rket ruled steady but quiet, win.
wUilm »t«ruii* *»« h * Xi »''^ ÜB<l ♦il"l*^i 1 " 1 *^ «• followa: Dry ;
53 State Street Western Office
Boston Salt Lake City
T<) the ITolders of
Temporary Certificates I»«ued by the rndernlirned for
the Ilf>nd<> of the
DUE JANUARY 1, 1921.
Notice Is hereby eiven that tha bonds of tha above
loan will bo ready for delivery at the office of the
undersigned, on and after DECEMHKR 20, 1908. upon
presentation and surrender of Temporary Certificates
representing: tho same. Not more than 100 schedules
win be received on any one day. Holders transmitting
Temporary Certificates will please Indicate whether
they wish the bonds sent by registered mail or by ex
press at their expense and risk.
52 William Street.
Ne-n- York, December 15, 1908.
The Wail Street Journal
hides, selected, California. 21c; Pan Antonio and Laredo.
rili ,l uty^f ld ' O ri nnpo. 27Hc; La Guayra. 2f.>4c: IMerto
tnbello. 2«J»4c; f^racas. SB Ho; Maracalbo, HHO»%a;
Guatemala 2w; Truxlllo. 25^c; Central America. 25ftc;
Ecuador. -■ *°J Bojrota, 26c; Vera i,Tuz, 24-; Tamnlco,
wh Tabasco, 23? ; Tuxpam, 24c; I Matamoras. 24-;;
iv r '" tte> 2lc - nry salted hides, selected, duty
paid— 17c; Maracalbo. 17c; Fornambuco, ISo;
.Matamoras. l,c Wet salted hides, duty paid— Vera
£-ua. I4v; Mexico, lie; Smitlag.j. 14c; Clenfueßos, I 40;
i.tfi 1 ' : "^T HKR ~ P" ral market was steady, with only
little interest manifested in any quarter, and no Important
Io ' ment , 3 are looked for until the turn Into the new
5 J.' Prnlock - acid llcht. first selection, 2Ko; light Sec
onOß. ~',^'' Xl ': mtddlo seconds, [email protected]; heavy seconds, 27
™mhL sJ ,t U(; i lter pconiis . [email protected]:!lc; light secondß. 26H0;
Si2Ji a J£^'" *?: hcav thlrfls - 24tP24>ic: slaughter
#£'%• 27«r2Sc; union light backs. 87O88c; middle backs.
iu?r°U^» vy back 3 36^3* : seconds, 8««84o; thirds,
aS£i S2 ' & ' S-S -1<?:1 <? : >-•';■-. 35®3«c; bellies, IDe; shoulders
iliVw" k.^^n.'"* 5,-*'5 ,-*' 88940 c: seconds, B<i33Pcl
tnvda, 8«o: beUiea. 23£r.iV s r; shoulders, 30#330; belting
butts. 45(ii5Or;: Texas oak sole, BO9SSc.
v; T - u S ~^„ N Ther * was a decline in the English
tin market, with spot and futures both closing at £180 0 a;
i»i^. J '^ t J*., n>a [ ke t ■** ' ; " ! ' ' and lower, in sympathy.
ropPFn 3 4°4 ° V' 1 an( ? 4275 c a?k( " 1 for SP OI Supplies
sptT^u i S }?£** lr " , " la Encr|lßh niark«t also, with
sr^f '4 loted . at £10] and futures at flOS; locally, however
«SI?L continued very firm, with lake, quoted at 23.280
S«tiJ|iKg£ lytlo at 22.57H32.T12H0 and casting at
23 62^^22 S7Ho. LEAD was higher at £19 17s rtd in
I ''.;;, I" 1 heM flrn; at '""10<' locally. SPELTER waa
w« « higher at £ - 2sfld in London; the local market
was firm but un •■■■< ■ . a a«o®6.Csc. iron was lower
In the Lngllsn market, with standard foundry quote.i at
Ws and Cleveland warrants at 60s Bd> locally the market
continues fln.i in ton«. and while aome Eiiglifh iron is
r^ing brought in, offerings are no pressure upon th*. mar.
rSJ _'- -* ? - No 2 foundry Northern l.« quoted at $24 75/3)
f '','v The market for pig iron cortiticates at the Prod
uce li;clian«;o was quiet, with prices unchanged. No
sales. Standard foundry (new) Is quoted as follows:
January. February and March. $22 BOiSI2H
MOLASSES AN'l) SYRUPS— Syrups steady but quiet,
with molasses firmly held here ami Ht the South Quota
tions follow: MOLASSES— New Orleans, cpntrirueal.
common, 14^1Bc; fair. 18918 c; good. 18g2''>o: primo^ s)©
: N-i\- Orleans, open kettln, BO^3Ho. BVRUPS Com
mon, llfloc; lair. lo#17c; good, IS4i2 ( >c; prime, 223210;
fancy, *o-^2S<\
-Oottoaaaad oil was comparatively Bt««dy for r><v
eetnber and Janunry to day on belated short covering,
while futures wore a shade easier under freer offeringß.
inn bulk of the trading was In the May option, a large
refiner was selling that option and buying March. Hpot
refined was quoted nominally at 43c. Sales: 100 De em
ber. 41c; 1,700 January, WlieSPo: 400 February. 88H0;
2.000 March. 37 s 4ea7%c; 4.800 May, 87^®37Hc. Linseed
oil was nnrhangi 1 Refined petroleum v.-as reported In
good d«mand at recant priryjp. \\"» quote: PHTRGIjHrTM
Standard, white, bbla, 7.50.3; bulk. 4.40 c; Philadelphia,
7.45 c; bulk. *.?'■<•: refined cafes, New York. lOo; Phila
delphia. 9.05 c; water white, New York, bbla 9 50o; bulk.
<V4<V>; Philadelphia. 9.45".: bulk, 6.85 c; water white, cases.
New York, 18o; Philadelphia. 12.:t6c. COTTONSEED
OIL — Prime crude, fob mills, 3lHc; prime summer yellow
December. 41 lie; January. 88%Q590; February, S.sVi'i
KSHo; March, 37V 2lio:2 l io: May,-;B7«stl4e! July. 37%®
BSc: primo wliltt* and prime wtnte^ yellow nominal. LIX
f>T2KT> OIL — Amrriran 6<=-«d. city raw 41*f42c; out of town
raw. »■ hi : r"ul.-utta raw 68c, LARU OIU 7. r .iT >
PROVISIOXR— The market started out firm and higher
on less rccifcpta than expected, but met considerable Belling
by ps^kfr? 1 ! who did not seem to favor further advance
at t:i'.s time. Prices tare way at noon, hut w<»r<* steadied
up a little near th« close by grain. Chicago receipts wni
22.000 head Kansas City, 14,0f*0; Omaha, T.OOO, and tho
West 7^,<:«X>. rORK— Steady. Quoted: Mesa. $17 ftr®
>' "rf<; family. Jis r. > -«r.>. ghort clfar, $17 r.o-;jsio. BEBP
— Flrm»r. Quoted: Mess, $*S<o; family, Sl4®sl4BO; pack
et. $ii-r/Jii ISO; extra India mess, f2O sO^s22W. nnnp
HAMS— Firm. Quotnd at r,( -.-■-■* 1;-, I"»RKSSET» HOOS
Qul*".\ Quoted: Bai ins. B*-;8 *-; ISO ft 6V; I*l n>. Ssio-I*oS s io-
I*o ll>, Oe; pl» 9.K®d%C d'T M fATS -rir-kled bellies
quiet. Quoted: Smoking 12"-«.:. 10 lb, lie; 12 Ib IMiO
10%cj 14 rb. 10\4<?10Hc. pjcklwl hams steady. Quoted at
12 1 . ■•, TALljOW— Steady. City, 6 1 -lfio; country. MiO
C>%c. 1 ■'■:'■ Steady. Quoted! Middle Western prim.%
SO. .•'■ City lard steady. Quoted at »%c. Refinftd
lard steady. Quoted: Sotith America, lO.lnc; Continent
9.4<v.- Rrazll kegs. H.lSo. Compound firm. Quoted at
fiHig'SHc. STF3AIUNEJ— Steady. Qfiotfed: Ol«»o. ll%a
City lard PteHxlne. 10 .
RICK- In th« local market a fairly good sales move
ment was noted, with demand well rii?rrlbute<i an all
forts received 1 attention, but it was noted that some of
tlin finer gradis were taken quite Ilberaily for holMny
tra.!'. Market reports from the South Indicate a rather
moderate movement, with undertone, however, steady.
Talmapa (New Orleans) telegraphs Louisiana crop move
ment to Sate: Receipts. rough, 956.418 sarka against
87&.720 last year; sal *. cleaned (estimated), 780,027 pock
eta, against 743,012 a year ago; fair demand. Tu'.rnago
(Charl.stoni tr-leernphii irollna crop movement to <3ute:
Receipts. 10.783 bl>ls; aalea, 7.W.-| bbls; market quiet.
Qaotatlons follow: Domestic, screenings, 3HO3He; second
heads, 4'a>4%o: •■>'••• hea^is 4'H l '84%o: fancy heads, 99
63 ; <xtra fancy hi ids, 6<i(B6c; Japan, domestic, IH9
* i-; Patnn. B &%c; Java, 4%®6H( ■ Rangoon in
bond, -'„' 1
BUOAR Refined sugar whs moderately active, with
r>r!r>-x unchanged and tone about steady, with granulate!
quottd on :;■,. net basis of 4.70", loss 1 per cent for cn_»h.
The Fe.ie.ral Refinery, which has been shut do"wn levera]
"laya, Btarted melting last night. Its first runs will be
tipei to fill old orders taken in at 4.00 c net for granu
lated, Tho following are lint price*, eubject to a re
late of 10 point! and n. dlwount of 1 per cent for
un 17 days): Crystal dominoes, T. 060; Bagle tablets,
8c; cut !<>af unil crushed. 5.50 c; mould A. 5.10 c; ';]>.,«
Ea| '■• 5 ITi bags powdered and Eagle confectioners' gran
•'■■:.."'. powdf-red. . iras powdered and fruit pow
dered and Eagle, coarse and extra Una granulated, a \>o >
Kaftlff 2 tt> cartons of line granulated. sc: 2 Tt> bftgi do,
r-.lo<-; ."Vj To bags do, 6.05 c; 6 IT. bags rto, T." ; 10 n> bags
do :•'"■■: 23 anil 50 n> baas do. 4. Me; Eagle tine or
Btandnrdy granulat'd and diamond A. 4-80o; confectioners"
A; 4tSoc; No 1, 4.00o; Noa 2 and S. 4.4.V; No 4. 4.4i>. ;
No 5, 4.360; No 8 4-80o; No 7, 4.2Tw; No H. 4.20 c; No
9. 4.18 c: Kb 10. 4 0-:, : No 11. 4c 1: No 12. 3.85 c: No IS,
.'; OOe; Nos I4w IS and 10, R.KBc Th»» Londoa market for
KURor beets ruled quiet with December higher jt S« \>,\
and January unchanged at Pstt^id. Stock of BU(tar in
th« United Kingdom is 00,000 tons, against 71.f1<0 last
year. The local market for raw augar ruled In favor
of buyer*, with prices Fi-m«what nominal and quote,?
duty t. aid rates were as follows:. Centrifugal. 90 test,
8 IS-loc: muscovado. 89 teat, 86-160, Rnd molasses
sugar. SO teat, 8 l-16c. In Cuba til centrals were grind
ing during the week, against fiS.Ooo previous week and 2>l
last year Export* from six principal ports were I.HOO
tons, against M 0 weak b"fore and 29.500 last y«ar. Be
ceipts, i»oi«> tons compared with 2.000 week beforo and
8.000 law year, with stock. J>.«no tons, asalnst l.fiuO pre
vious week and 87.000 a year apo.
For the week ended Tuesday, December 18, 10O«.
BEANS AND PEAS Receipts for the week, 13.345
ban beans ami 1.50 bags twas; «-xports. 1,837 bugs bean*
and KS bags pea Imports, 1,217 lugs beans and 532
Lags peas. we have bad an exceedingly dull week's
trade, and values fur nearly all varieties have suffered
further decline. Jobbers have not been Inclined to take
on any more atoi than current needs require, and the
export orders have been very moderate. Marrow have fallen
eteudily and are weak at the close at $2 824fc9fS 85.
Holders ask |1 en for choice mwilum, and $1 60 for bent
pea, but those tlgureg would bo shaded on good sized lota.
It is a hard market on which to fore* sales of carload
lots. Red kidney are fully 100 lower: they can be bought
easily at ?2 85. Black turtle soup In very light demand
and feeling easy. 60 few yellow eye her« that values ore
fairly sustained, but there Is not much call for them.
California, lima, ara qulet«r and the tone is slightly easier.
Scotch peas have also ruled in buyers' favor. Me quote:
BEANS, marrow, IJKKJ, choice, per bush. $2 32 $2 SB :
do medium, 51 &T^©sl «>, do pe^^ If 1 45i?$l 60; do red
kidney, $2 33; do black turtle coup, $2 15**2 20: do yellow
eye, $2 10; do lima California. |98D99*i GIU2EN PEAS,
Ecotch, 190tJ, Jl 2(V3sl ITS.
— Receipts for th» wefk. P,'.>,B*2 pkgs; last
week. 83,6<!1 iiktjb. extorts to other countries, 1,203 pkga.
There waa fairly pood trading following our last weekly
report, but the large Influx of et<»ru€a butter from West
ern freezers han not only tended to check the upward
tendency to values, but has caused a little easier tone on
all but the finest In- creamery; the latter goodn aro still
relatively scarce and, though much quieter, are fairly
sustained. Thara is further evidence of loss of con
sumptive trado bocauso of the high prlcaa now ruling, and
at we approach tho holiday period the buying- will natur
ally bo vary eoneervatlvw. very few tious o ■ taking on more
goods than the Immediate newi» of their trade require. It
is possible that the high grndi' table butter, particularly
th«» freah lots, will be sustain' 1 en the basis of about
present rutts. but si ondarj qualltl< may suffer a little
Jf trade r»malns dull. Storage buttor will not bring quite
as much «•* It did last week, because- several lar^'e oj.era
tor» an prett: \v<l! Oiled up; business above wbe would
be qulto exceptional exaep4 In a (Stall way. Imitation
mnamfiT la Btpady. Renovated advanced %a last wt*k
and tlil» has held to the close, with a moderate trade and
fairly good suppli''». Rather more tory coming this
way. and th« tamper of the market la leas firm. Packing
stock relatively ecarno and values fairly maintained,
Some rallß are arriving, and if Baa and ■ tainted they sell
at * lo<3'*' th» unwrapped lota go In with packing stock.
U'e auot< crt-amery. e»traa. i-or Ib, 82 1 i833c: (Mercantile
I^-hu"ir« ■.«■ Ul quotation, ntra«, 82o); do flrata. 28®
&<4c-tdO fc«conds. 2C'i2«c; «!..> thirds, SS&Sc; do held.
*itras SOliSOfeo; -lo flrsta. 27©29 c; da beconds. 24g2«J0;
do thin]* 12^23.-; state dairy tubs, fresh fancy, 2*9*00:
do flraw 26C280! a > " ndß - 2*&-230; do thirds. z19230i
WMtrrii imitation creamery, fir*-.*, £3ig24c; reno\-nted,
„,, 24tf34Hc do firsts, 22a23c; do eocond.i. tnjzic;
ir. ti.i'.dt 184»t»c; vTeatern factory, firsts, 21Hjy220; do
Bwo'ids 10' ©20Ho: do thirds. ifisiKk-. packing stock.
NoT "ie- doNo 2, :U^e2"Hc; do No 3. 18918^0.
f-HTPiasra R»c«lpta for th« weak, 19 042 boxes: eorportsv
CM boxes ' ,',-,., and 1.806 to Other tries. Th*
n i'rkot ha» ai'>uiri>tly nettled Into th* usual holiday oul*t
* a mota-ute
chnra -tlr and clo»oly eonflnwj to BOOh lota as u«tdt«l for
i-'ii ,*rtt'ii« us<i T»i<* i«*ltlon ■' the market Id ■ ■ .nslderrd
!,' iialthv ■ o'io : k " <f ***** eruAe* vie not considered
lara or'i ii.il/i-i •* quite /Inn and oonildcnt in their views,
and the lie biMiMM doinjr bai be^i at full prl.«a. Laav
lnir it, hlelie*t griulo. «t*re inu> been very lltU» move
n«ut Ji tiXlMf m*4a, P*aty onaaa. B g.i-raUy r«d
to go Into store. There hag been a continued entire ab
aaaee of any export interest in any grade of cheese, and
w« dp not hear of any purchases on the local market dur
ing ths last two weeks Shipments last week consisted
entirely of through cheese In transit for export. Fine light
tklrri3 In moderate supply and selling fairly to home trade
dealers, but all other grades of skims continue plentiful,
very dull and prices are de-?id«»dly lower. Liverpool cable:
New York ftate cheese nominal; finest Canadian. «29 M
tor colored and 60s 6d for wh!t». We quote: State, full
cream, small and large. September, fancy, 14Hc; do Oc
tober, bp»t, I3Hc; do late made. 12K013Q: Inferior. 11^
12c; light skims, lie; half skims, best. 9»iSloc; part
skims, prime, SffSHo; do fair to good, S's^Vbo; do com
mon, 4S«3c: do full skims, 893&
E^rO.S— Receipts for tne week, 52.812 cases. Immedi
ately following our last weekly review th« market for
fresh gathered eggs broke badly under dull trade, porno
accumulation of Btock and reports of an Increase in pro
duction at thg South and Southwest. On Wednesday
Prices fell 2®3c. on Thursday to and on Saturday 2cmore
on th« higher grades, Western firsts dropping to _>v6JJ»".
At this speculative buying and holding Bet in and the
market has Blnco recovered to 300 for averns;» beat ■ gjona.
with <vc:utlonal fancy lots going a shade, higher. Karr -.* ■
orator? have not changed In price, but trade li Q«««.
We quote-: State, PennsyU-anla and nearby, fatoete^
white. fai!--y. 4<V; do choice, 869980; *» mixed, extra. "?f
37c: do firsts to "xtra firsts. lb®33ei Waßtar^aelaetet
finest 31o; do Orata. 30- (otli.lal quotation. »WKte>: do
1 Beconis. 2AB-2SC; to thirds. 239K0: oirtlea. J»&*i *»
1 ohocks, IB9I80; refripcrator. apodal marks. fan. >. - vta
j 25c; do averag^ beat. 2S9Ms: do undergrade 20©220; do
I "FRT-ITI-FRESH-Recelpt., for th- week^ «•*»»«■
apples 8.114 bbls and 2.17* crates cranberries. rhg ar_
rival., ha v., been much lighter and the market ha. ru Id
I firm and advancing, with tome fancy *™ 11 •»£*^f
i outside quotations at the clos%. Very few pears left and
I they sell readily when 9 howln< attractive Tiul 'iJ^K
! in good demand when prime. Cranberrtep dull and w«ak
except fancy dark Cap« Cod fruit .though prtcei tats
Shown no material change. A few fancy Florida straw -
berriea reach 7ftc, but most stock too small and soft Jo
command over 40^.'.00. Oranges have continued iv a. -
dS a^'^^v^ot^'^^s.^.:;::.
head bbl. *2 50-3*3 25: do TwemvOunpe. Pippin and Kona
Fuch. |100<M?BO: do Klnar. J2^?:t2s; do bpltzAnt-rg.
f150i»5«26: do Northern Spy. Ren I>a.%-ls Wjlß^wln,
|lt^vas3So; do Greening, cold storage. 52&09f30W; op
common storage *1 80592 .V>; do common, as to kind.
IIS*;!: do In bulk, per bbl sure. Ts'a«l6O; do Far
Western, aa to kind, per box, $1©5225; PBARS. Brarro
Hose. p*r bbl. $2 (lOOl* B0; do Reurr« nairgeau. *23f3;
do Benrra d'Anjou. ♦BSJ2 7!i: do '*' Tll £'" >l - ¥ " '--*'■, --' :
do Vicar of WakeSeld, 81 B0©*28«; dr. Kleff^r 70-Jr*l [5;
CRAPES, Concord, state, per JO basket case. $1 2r>-^|l 35;
do per 4 lb basket, 8910e; do Catawba, 8O12c; CRAI*
; EIRRIE9 Cepe cod, n»r bbl. 849*9 0»: do per crate,
f2<S«2 25 do "Jersey per bbL $6©8«oO; do pel crat»,
II 4Oasl 90; STRAWBERRIES, Florida, per quart. 40rt}
00c; do California, per pint. 10935 c; ORANGES, Florida,
per box. »1 25®»»25^ do Torto Rico $1«*1W; do Mexi
can $1©»175; do (iiiiiornla. $29*3 60; TANGERINES,
Florida per strap. *2 s<V(rs4: MANDARINS. Florid per
Etran. $1 f^>st3; BATBUMAfI. Florida, per strap. $2^>3;
KUMQUATb. Florida, per quart. 10«Ue; GRAPEFRUIT.
Florida, per hot H 60993 BO; PINEAPPLES. Florida,
p.^r crate. $ I^2 00; do Cuban 819*3 X.
HOI'S — Receipts for the week. 4.047 hales; exports.
1.896 bales. Trading on the local market continues ex
ceedingly slow, but a continued activity reported in
nearly all hop producing sections of this state at price*
ranging from ISo to 21c Advices from the coast Indicate
rather morq business In Oregon, with salsa up to 140,
Reliable authorities esttmntu that not over R.'-,itX) balea
are left In farmers' hands In tha State of Oregon.
Scarcely any trading In 'Washington owing to tha poor
quality of the offerings. Few atUM reported in Sonoma
County, V.'abh, but Bacramento flops go beggioir. Ad
vices ')'■> not Indicate any material change . from late
conditions in England or the Continent. We quote: State,
li^Kl, choice per It). 2fK8 1 22o; do medium to prima. lt)'(J
19o; do li" 1 ". 9®llc; do Pactfle. Coast. liM». choice, 16^y
17c: do medium to prime. U-^I.V; de 1005. prime to
choice, 12 ( g14c; do medium. 10011 c.
I'OULTRY— ALIVE— lieceipts for trie weak foot up 49
cars by freight and about f> cars of scattering lota by ex
press, Trading waa a little nurd active for fowls and
chickens during the latter portion of last week, but lm
pos.slblo to clean up closely, and dealers carried over 8 to
7 cars in la* market while » cars of > it,, receipts were,
carried on the track by reoerrera This week opened on
Monday with supplies not considered excessive, and pries
were advanced on ail grod»« except geese. So far this
we, there has been a good demand for fresh fowls and
chickens, but the stain lota carried ova* from last week
have nil' 1 low. Turkeys in light supply and firm. Ducks
and geese selling readily. Uv» pigeons steady. We
quote: SPUING niinCEKS, per Ib. U■; do FOWLS
12c; do OLD ROOSTERH. 8c; do TURK^rrs. Uo; ,-,'■,
per pair. He; do PIGBON3I per pair. S&o. DRB»SEr>—
Receipts for tha week, 22.713 pkgs. Weather conditions
were so unfavorable In moat lections of th» middle and*
Southerly Western etatea and also tho Southwest that
bulk of the receipts here for the last week have shown
up more or less damp and, sweaty and some In actually
poor condition, liurit.g th« latter portion of lost waei
there was an actual scarcity of strictly fancy poultry In
perfect condition, and such grades cleaned up closely at
firm prteea 80 far this week the quality of tha stock
arriving still eh owe effects of the late unfavorable weath
er. Turkeys are not In especially large supply as yet,
but the demand not active, buyers having the entire
week in which to lay In their supplies for the Ohrtatmaa
oil, lays, an.i have been In no hurry to begin operations.
Fancy scalded turkeys are scarce and held firmly at 1&. 1 ,
In instanced up to 80c Occasional exceptional lota of
fancy dry picked turkeys have reached l&Va9X9c, but
thoaa figure* extreme, a* to Mil with any freedom ISo
has been all , that could bo reached, and bulk of the
business fo Car this week has been on that basis for
average finest Western. Lots sho-ring *.ffecta of the lata
unfavorable weather or of poor to medium quality have
ha.l t<» tell at low and Irregular figures. Chickens and
fowls hay« been more plenty this week, nearly all lots
showing more or less unfavorable effects of the weather;
demand has bean slow and the general ffislrng weaker
and Irregular. Fancy ducks and gees» aro smiriai. and
nearly all lota. Ilka other poultry, are showing effects of
unfavorable \veather and average gradca are dull
and irregular, but fancy grades will bo wanted
this week at firm prices. Iced poultry not In
favor aad selling 1 slowly. Choice lar^H squata in
rood demand an.! firm, but ordinary grades dull.
We quote: Dry packed: TURK BYS— Jersey, Maryland
and Delaware, per lb. 19®220; do Ohio and lltchlgan.
scalded. 19c; do other Western, dry picked, lie: do
other Western, pi-aide<l. 18918 c; do Southwestern. 'l4sl7c:
do inferior, 12-3»14c- do Western, old hens 17 ; do oM
tome. l«o; CHICKENS, broilerw. 4 lb to pair and 1 aadar,
Philadelphia, dry picked, ls^i*— 'c; do other Pennsylvania
and New York, dry picked. 109200; d.i roasting. 8 to 1^
lb to pal;. PMlad«>lplila. dry picked, l^yji*--; do other
Pennsylvania and Now York, 14 ■M 5: -i" Western, dry
picked, laH^lSUc; .10 Ohio and Michigan. «>caldd<l.
32 l ac; do otr#r Wtattrn. scalded. l£@l2'4c; do medium
weights, (> to 7 rt. to pair, Philadelphia, dry picked,
13Q13Hc; do other Pennsylvania am! Ni w York. 12®
13%o; do Western, dry plcJu*d, H>'-a ■!- ;do Ohio nnd
Michigan, tcal*'d. 10H91I . do Western, dc-alded. 10H9
lie; do poor, 6fflOc; FOWLS. Phila.leijiliia. dry picked.
13^14n; do western, dry picked. S«fl.V do Ohi.> and
Michigan scalded, 10H&120; do other Weatern, scalded.
C©l2o; OLD COCKS, dry picked, (": do raided. B'i(S9o:
GBEBC spring. Maryland, per It. I3018o; .1, V.'ostern,
8018 c; DUCKS, tprtng. Marylan-1. ISOI80; d > Ohio and
Michigan. 13®14c; do western, K*»l3 : SQUABS, prim*
large, white, per dozen, 12984 73; do mixed. 51 7."Vt>s2;
do dark. $160; do cUls. •*-<►■. teed: T' RKKYS,
Western, par lb. 11917 c; CHICKENS and FOWLS. West
ern. Southern and Southwestern, average run. 10-SllOHo:
do poor. 898 c OLD COCKS, *i^j<:; DUCKS and
OEXSB, spring. Western, per b, 6 j 100.
GAME — Quail continues n-arct* ami firm. The f«w
wild ducks comimr chow Irr. , lai quality. Othur gum«
bird* generally scarce. Rsbblts have been In lighter
supply, and. vith a good demand prices have ruled
blgner aa I nrm tor prime lot*. .Inok rabbits dull. Wo
quote: TT AIU prime, i^r dozen. 8800984; WOOD
COCK per pair, fl; do grouse, $:■ N>#S3; do rartrtde->,
$3^<sJJ7r.; do enipe. r. v M h. per dozen. J2 5«>34a;
yellow leg, (2 Vj>2i *;t &<> PT.OVRK, .golden, per <Jos«n,
$4©|4 50; ,in grass. 18' S". •'■0 ; do *orut,jm. black. ts9
iar-O; Wllj> DUCKS, caavaaback, p«T pair, I^SJ;
redhead, fl &»KB«2; do l'!.i.-kh<-a<l 75c<jfl- do mallard.
$l»«T$iC0; <5a Nmv ■ • I'll. ;:«■!»! 10; do greerv
win toal, e6{fßsc; do ru<My, $l§sl 23; do widgeon.
2.%5-fWc ; «o common, 1»W ■: ':.vItiUTR. Jack, per pair.
aOMOo; do cottontail, • r ;iMlr, 12nj-25c.
POTATOES AND \l"' :KT A ßLES— Receipts for the
week. 47 im»» bbls potatoei and 17.182 crates cnlom.
Irish potato have l*-i I" heavy supply nnd weak, with
prices Jour and favrrirK f'^ytis; much of the stock show*
poor quality, bain:: n " °r i»«s frozen, and such la gel!
ln* beluw quotat 1 n». t-w^et potatoes dull and weak.
Onlona nnu for fancy. Cabbages steady. Squash, tur
nips and other winter vecetable» held about steady
florid* bear, have been lea« plenty and higher. Florida
tomatoes, scar*. Florida lettuca arriving frwjly. but th*
demand Is tl.e and prices »re olightly higher Other
Florida ref*t«blaa In moderate supply and Mlitnir about
aa quoted. Norfolk kale and spinach sold wall at con>
paratlvely high price* until Monday of this week, when
■upply waa <.*ce«i«:vi\ quality poor and price« de.:ld< 1 r
lower. ir ow o ■■-. Norfolk vegetables airlviog North
Cure Him iouuee K«n*railY poor. CkUfornia tomatoe-
Planty. but quality poor. Few other vegetables arxlria*
rrotn there. New 0*!«>««ie V«c*ta,M«M Lav* been more
Pi«Dtr ana kww Car •mxtr ail k>->4*. S«nnada wgeav-
Trust Companies.
Executor Trustee
Chartered !82L ;
The Fanners' Loan and Trust Company,
Nos. 16, 18, 20 &22 William Street,
Branch, 475 Fifth Aveuue :
New York.
Administrator Guardian
Manhattan Trust Co.
WALL ST.. cor. NASSAf. XEW \Oi;K.
Capital, Surplus & Undivided Profits,
$3,000 000
JOHN J. WATF.RBVRY, President.
A3IOS TUCK FRENCH, [Presidents.
W. X. DUANE, 3d Vice-President.
The Manhattan Trust Company recelvos deposits
hearing Interest and aualaet to cheque, payable through
the New York Cloarirc House.
f rancis R. Appletoa James J. Hill
Robert Bacon John Kean
George F. Baker Oliver H. Payne
August Belmoni; E. D. Randolph
Walter P. Bliss Grant B. ScLley
H. W. Cannon S. L. Schoonmaker
R. J. Cross James 0. Sheldon
Rudulph Ellis John I. Watertmry
Amos T. French R. T. Wilson
Trust Company;
140 Broadway, Manhattan ).. v rtt
164-166 Montague St.. Brooklyn \ ' **" y
Capital, Surplus and C.4 Zfifi nOO
Vmllvlfled Profits over • i>4,i)UU,UUU
<iKOK«;rc 11. SOI THARP. President.
Trust Companies.
| Trust S
I Company §
SH of the City of jV«t*> y*r\ 8
< . 49 Wall St. jg
H Gapiia!. Surplus & Profits. $8,500,000 I
(wa BHAYTON I VIM, Fresld?ut. BM .
(£■ ANTON" A. HAVEN. Vlce.-Pres. U|
■M BEVERLY CHEW, 2d Vlce-Pres. Mi
fcVS NKI-TiUJI CRL'GE*. Treasurer. M
}£%' JACOB C. KLINCK. Secretary. IB
«| JAS. F. MrNAMAUA. Tn:st Offlcer. 39
»3 «ii»rar VV. K. ANDERSON', -U»t. Tr. 91
»52 i T.IUJIiKICH: E FRIED AsstTSsc 3B
""WSiini L Bull. E. D. Mor»»n. ™
William Carperder. Rkhard Mortimer. j
D. Cnwford Clarli. John E. Parson*. j
Henry W. CeForest ' Henry C P«ri»* I
H»ley Fiske. - Ch.r!«a M. Pr»rt. j
Ch»r.V* R. Hen<i«»»on. Anton A Raven. i
Robert Hoe. Norman B. Rcvn. j
j Brayton Ives. John L. Riker. I
' Morris K. Jesup. George P.. Shridon. j
| Edward B. Judson. " • J. Edward Simmons. I
I Lewis Cast Leivird. John W Simpson, I
I Robert H. McCurdy. Franc S Smiihers. I
! Bradley Martin. John T. Terry I
D. O. Mitts. Ceo. Ktmy Warren -J
en Dally Balances, Subject to
Check, Payable in N. Y. Funds.
capital _ $eoo,<x»
BURI*LLS AND PROFITS. * 1,500. 000
Aurellus B. Hull. Vlce-Prea.
Wlllard W. Cutler. 3d Vlce-Pree.
Jno. H. B. Coriell. Secy.
Harry A. Van Gilder. Treas.
l.± . • b. Streett. .\ ,-\ Secy ft Trsaa.
Financial Meetings.
The Standard Trust Company of New York,
26 Broad Street.
New York. December 19. 190«.
Notice Is hereby {riven that tha Regular Annual
Bfeetlas of the etockholders of The Standard Trust
Company of Now York will bo held at th« otflce of the
Company. No. 25 Broad Street, In tha Borough of Man
hattan, In th<» City of New York, on Tuesday. January
8. 1907. at 11 o'clock A. M.. for the election of Di
rectors and the transaction of such other business aa
may properly coma before the meeting.
The transfer books will be closed from three o'clock
P. M. on December 13. 190 S. to ten o'clock A. M. on
January 9. 13u7.
By order of the Board of Directors.
WILLIAM C. COX. Secretary.
J. wealth Trust Company, of New York. — A special
meeting of the BtockhoMers of the COMMONWEALTH
TRUST COMPANY. Or" NEW YORK, will be held at
the office of the Company, No. 27 Fin» Street. Borough
of Manhattan, in the City of New York, on th<» 2d day
of January, 1907, »-. 10 o'clock In tha forenoon of that
day, for the purpose of voting upon the proposition to
reduce th.^ capital stack of the company from .SMn>,oo(>,
consisting of 6.oi*> shares of the par value of 100 each.
to tSSO.OOOI to consist of 2.500 shar*s of the par vahi«
of !'.'<•> each. By order of the Board of Directors.
Dated New York. December 1». 100 i?.
FRANCIS 8. iruTcniNS.
of the Sanborn Map Company 80* the election of
directors will r>-« held on Tuesday, January Bth. 1907.
from 12 to 1 P. M.. at th» office of th» Company. No.
11 Broadway. Maw York City.
CHAa A. HULL. Secretary.
Cleveland. O. I).»r. 1, 100«.
jv^al«d pr"r*°«T.l for the sale of $99.<VX> of the I'.-nCTaI
M r'KU4;«- Bonds of this Company, to r« purchased for
account of the Sinking Fund, at not to exceed par and
accrual Interest will be received at the ofllre of Messrs.
Wlnsli.w. I^nier & Co.. NY. .'>!> Cedar street. New Tork
City, until December 31st. 15)06. Ki^ s _ TMMaf . r
J. li KLOSB. Treasurer.
bl<M> commencing to arrive, and selling well. Very little
stock received from Cuba. Other vegetables range about
as quote.!. We quote: POTATOES. Bermuda, per bbl,
SX3ZZ CO; do Maine, per bi*- $1 50251 «<>: do Long Island.
If bulk rsr bbl $1 50^$l 75; do state and Western. In
bulk, per ISO lb. 51 23911 50; do per bbt or sack, $1 26J
81 4S; do Jersey, pat bbl or bap, $1 25<$?t 45; SWEET
POTATOES Jersey, per bbl, $1 2.~.<g53 25; do per basket,
«K"3sl: do' Southern; per bbl. $191160; ASPARAOrS.
French, green, per bunch. $lfs2: ARTKTUOKE^. French,
rer dozen »1 60053 i BRUBSELfI SPROUTS, nearby, rer
quart, 8®l0c; BEHrrS, r.earby. per bbi. $16*1 25; do New
Orleans, per 100 bunches. .*2'Ss3; ROTH, washed, per
bbl $1 25(/?l 6°: do unwaahed. Sl^Ml 25: do New Origan*,
per 100 bunches, $2b's3; CABBAGES, white. Danish seed.
Ber ton. 8129S1B; do domestic. SH?$10; CUCUMBERS.
Florida, per basket. $1 503*2 2.1; CAULIFLOWERS. tong
Island short cut, p«t bbl, S2g i s 7: do lons cut. $1612 50:
do California, per oaso, 75cS l |l BO; do French, per dozen.
82' CELERY stata and Wastem. per dozen. 15®COc; do
Callfbrnia. pet case. $4W>3*s: CHICORY. New Orleans,
per bbl BS9$4; do French, per dozen. $1; ESCAROLE. New
Orleans pei bt>l. 5360985; do Preach, per doaen. $1 . EN
invy Belgian per lb, HVg'lSc: EOOPLANTS, Florida, per
box f2f}s4: HORSEIIADI.SH. per large bbl. $5 s*B*B 50:
KALE Norfolk per bbl, 50918 c: KOHLRABI. Maw Op
leans per Mo bunches, ti.t*''. LIMA BEANS. Bermuda,
per 15-11) box. |."» 60; LETTUCE. New Orleans, per bbl.
flO*2; do Florida, r*r bosket, SIBO3-J2 25: do North
Carolina. Tsc9fl 25; do Norfolk. [email protected]$l: ONIONS. Ccn
necttcut and Eait.-rn. white, per bbl. *2ffss; do yellow.
$1 7C®s2 75; do red. ?! 50<fJ.fU': dr. Orangu County, rod and
yellow, per bat:. 78c991 -•'■: do state an« Western, white,
per crate, $lfi*l 12: d ■ r«! and yellow, per bag. *lg»l i 3;
do In bulk, per 157 rb. $1 2Ktrsl 7.1; do shallots. New Or
leans per bbl $2^s2 50; OKRA. Florida, per carrier. 12®
$3; do Cuban. $15^312 50; PEAa Florida, par basket.
$1353; do California, per tut box. 81: PEPPERS. Florida.
per carrier. $lM>?f}3W; PARSNIPS. p«r bbl. $1 »«$
$1 50- PARSLEY. New Orleans, curly and plain. per 100
bunches. $l'sisl GO: do Bermuda. p«r box, 81W?*17S;
PT7MPKIN3 per bW. 5Oc«*l: R.*.DI?HE3. Norfolk, per
basket 25c®$l; d.» New Orleans, per 100 bunches. $\Ss'i.
ROMA IKE New Orleans, per bhl. $2 50^$5: do Flortla.
Per basket. $1 2B©s2; do Bermuda, per box. $1 s<"*g?t 75;
So French per dozen. $1©*1 50; STRIXO BEANS Flor
ida, green, per basket or .-rate $1 StVg-fA; do wax. |2554;
SQUA6U. H-ibK-u-'. per bb!. 75c«tl; ' • miirr^w. B»Vgfl;
do Florida, new, per basket. $ligs2; J»ITN A ("?!.,* orfoli;
re- bhl 8198179: '- Baltimore. $lffsl 23; do New Or
leans S2®i2PO TOMATODP. Florida. per carrier. $1 fW®
»3 6O; d-> Vest Indies, ?150«52 60; do California, p*r
flat hex. 81S81 80 TI'RNIFS. Canada, rutabaga p«r bbl,
POSOOc; do jersey and Lori Island, rutabaga. C«'S s oc: do
nearby •white, per bbl. "sc<3U 25; WATERCRE^3. pet
100 bunches. $ISsl BO
HAY AND STRAW— — In the large and mbcM
trading of th« time hay seta a fair ahare of attention.
sufficient to maintain th« late run of prices. Prime. 1*
quirted at SI 15. but at the. moment It Is rather "Si would
be If here quotation." There la. however, a good run
of hay to suit a fairly steady averace. Inquiry. W»
MoUTPrL. law boles, per 100^-Jil 13: No 1. 81 '»
TTII {«>• X-> '.* o.'. ?1: sWpplnir. > «fl'<>oo: clover. mbt«J.
73€««o'; cl<n-er. clear. • -i»c. STRAW— Lopgryo steady,
with goo.l winter d«man.l at «*g433c per 100 n>. Reeetpu
of hay ai I straw, in tons, reported at the Pro<ino» Ex
changw at r.oon to-day: Hudson River Railroad, 4001
Erie 2f«> I'^nnsTlvanla. SO: Delaware. Lockawanna A
V.-ostern 80; Baltimore S: Ohio. 40: Central of New Jer-
Bey, ©0; river boats. 40; total. BSO ton*. Recall** of
etraw. 70 tons.
Toledo. Deo H— CLOVERSEED—Cash. »x 27% ; De
cember $* 274: January. pi 80; March. $s 40 Alsike,
$7 70 Timothy. $2.
UrantMft I*c. J«— Closing— WHEAT— Ppot firm; Xo 3
red; Western winter. 6s: futures steady; December nom
inal: March. «ssU<l; May. <ia 4Hd. CORN- Spot quiet;
Atnerlcan mixed, new. 4s 34; do old. 4a 4d; futures steady; j
January. 4slVid; March. Is HI IIOPS at London (Piw- !
clno Coast) steady at ii 10s9< 1 15*. -4 ' H ita.<!*n ,
Ann at «* 10d. Fl^Ußr— St. la>uls fancy winter steady
ar tm BEEF— Extra India mess iti-or.* at 7oa 04. PORK i
Prime ineea. Western, steady at Us M. H,VMt> — Short '
cut. 14 to 16 lb, quiet at »17» *1. BACON — Cumt«Tlan.l
cut, M to »0 lb. duel at 4>a «ho-t rltv lfl in Si tb flrm
at MaCi; long clear mtdiilofl. light 28 to 84 lb. dull at
olsovil do h*«vy. 8f» to *0 lb. dull at Him. short cl«ar '
backs. iv to 20 R>. ..ul.n at 48*! clear bellies. 14 to Id If
quiet at 6?*» M. SHOULDERS— B<inaj«, 11 to 13 tb!
•tsadv at 445.' LAlU>— Prime Western, In tierces. easy at
43s fid: American refined. In palls, quiet nt 44a8n.
CllEE3F*— Can »dian finest white quirt at 60s«d; do col
ored qultt at »!2a 6J. - TALLOW— Prime city strong: at S^f. ■
TURPENTINE— Spirits strong at 60s. LTKSESP OJI» I
aulet v! 83» FETROiJErUM at»wty M *%\ £4imaf-~ i
Commas firm at 10* M. '
Saving* Bank*.
51 Chambers St., New York
December 13. 190«.
The Board of Trusties has declared a »nml
annual dividend at th« rat« nt FOT7R FER
CENT, per annum -in nil d"po*!ts entitled there
to, payable on and after M -lav Jan. 21. 1907.
THOMAS If. MLT.RT. President.
JOHN J. :•!•!.; KYN. Comptroller.
Cor. V.i Aye. and I Ith Street.
New York. December 4. ltM.
Interest at the rate of FOUR (I) PER CENTCM pa*
annum. will be credited depositors for tha six months
endln* December 31. 1308. on all »irxn« entitled thereto
under Ihe bylaws not exceeding threo thousand (|3.ooa>
Desoelts made on or before January 5.9. ISO 7. will
draw interest from January 1. 130?.
i 'A SI .MIR TAG. President
G. F. AMTHOR. Tiwaeurer
S. K. Cor. «th At*, and 16fh St
PER ANNI'M will be credited depositors tor the. SIX
19i)(S. on all aurcs from flvo dollars to thre<» tiinammd
dollars, entitled thereto under th« by-laws. payable
Jan. 21. 1907.
JAMES QT INT. AN. President.
CHARLK3 at DUTCH EE. Treaarp.
J. HAMPDEN ROIiB. Secretary.
Deposits made on or before JAN. 19. 1907. will draw
Interest from JAN 1, 1907.
2SO Fourth Avenue. D»c. 19th. 193«.
Th» Board of Trustees has declared; a dtvldersiS for
the fix months ending June SOth, 1904. at the rat* ot
FOUR I'KK CENT, per annum on all sums of 13.94.
and upwards, entitled thereto. Payabln on, and af»<«r
21st day of January. 1907. v
The dividend is credited, to > "rtor« aa principal.
January Ist, 1907.
Deposits made on or before January lOtlt win <b*ar ■
Interest from January Ist.
vw . _ mi.LIAM VT. SMITH. Pr-*ld«a«.
JAMES KNOWX.EP. Comptroller.
Irving Savings
New York. D*c*mber 11. tflOa. ,
Tb» trustees of this Bank have)
4 - declared Interest at th«» rat» of
li . 4% per annum on all sums from
"SL^ $1 to .*3.Wo entitled thereto on
/fi December 31. 1906. payable en
' ** and after January 15. 190 T. D»»
poslt3 made on or before Jan
uary 10 will draw interest from
January Ist.
W. M. B. TOTTEM, Presiaant.
Dividend Notices.
■S»vr York. Dec 12. 190*1.
One Hundred and Seventh Consecutive Dividend.
The Board of Directors hay» this day declared a semi
annual dividend of FIVE PER CENT.waad art extra divi
dend of OXH PKP. CENT, on th« capita: stock ot tal»
Bank, out of the earnings of the pa^t nix months, free oi
tax. payable January 2. 10" <7.
The transfer books will closw December 22nd. at 13 M.
and raoten January 2. Iti>i7 at 10 A. M.
OEO. W. ADAMS. Cashier.
A quarterly dividend of on<s and fourths pc»
cent on the capital stock of thU Company has beea
declared, payable January 15. 1 • < 7 . at the odea at th*
Treasurer. 131 State Street. Boston. Mass.. to stock*
holders of record at the closo of. business X>ec*mba*
81. 1908.
Electric & Manufacturing Company.
N«\«r York. December 13. 1908.
A quarterly dividend of TWO AND ONE-HALF PSH
CF.NT upon the Preferred, \.-sentlns and Non-Assent*
inK stocks of thd company was declared payable Jami-»
ary li), 1907. to stockholders of record D«cember 37»
190«. Transfer books will b« cloned December 87. 19 (id.
and open January 11. 1307.
T. W. SIEMON. Treasurer.
135 Broadway. New York. Dec. 13. 1993.
COMPANY OF AMERICA has this day declared a
Quarterly Dividend of KIUHT PER CENT. <1?1) and an
extra Dividend of TWO PER CENT. (2%) upon the
Capital Stock of the Company, payable December 31.
Transfer books will be closed at ! P. X. Friday. Da
camber 21. 1906. and reopened at 10 A. M. Wednesday.
January 2 . 1907.
17(5 Broadway New Tork. December 13th. MM
l>y Resolution of th« Board of Trustees a dividend
Of FOUR PER CENT, la payai.l« on December Si
1904, to stockholders of record on th» closing of th*
transfer books at 12:00 M. on December' _ v Jnd. The
transfer books will be opened a* 10 A. M. on Janu
ary 2nd. ARTHUR TERRY. Treasurer
of th« City of New York.
—.„, M Dec 18. 1905.
Th" Board of Directors have »'i!s day rldclare-t a
semi-annual dividend of THREE PER CENT., ft->se of,
tax. payable, on and after January J. 1907. until whtoA,
data tha transfer books will be closed
E. V OAMBIER. Cashier
New V..M*. Dec*tnb-r 12, 190*.
Th«» Board 1 c* Directors thi3 day doclar^l a semi-annual
dividend of TWO CD ONE-HALF PER CENT (2H*)
on toe Preferred Stock of this Company, payabla January
15. 1907. to stockholders of record on the 31st day of De
oember. 1308. Transfer booka will be closed, D«cemb*r 31
1606. and reopened January 1>», 19»Vf
F. H. DA VT3. TMasttrw. ,
Offl"* Of
Broadway. N. T. City. D^o. 6. 190*
The Directors of th* Americas Smelting and R«orr.na
Company hay« this day declared a Dividend of ONE .VXD
THREE-QU.VBTEK3 <I\< PER CENT, on the Preferred
Capital Stock of the Company, payable January 2, 19Q7, tj *
stockholders of record at thre* o ■■:•>•'* P. M".. Dec. 14. 190*.
Th# books of the Company for th« transfer of th* Pre
ferred Stock will be clos«i at three o'alimk P. M.. Deo.
14. 1004, and wlil be reopened Jan. 8. 1807.
W. £1 MERRIB3. 3»cr»«&ry.
3Ut Quarterly Dividend.
17 Battery Place, N«vr York. Decem&or 10. 1906.
A divider. i of i>.VB PEK CENT. (1%) on the pr»f««T«d
stock of The Union Bam 4 Paj>er Compeer has th!* day
been declared, parable January 18. laO7. to Ktockhollers
of record at the close of buslneaa on December 81. IDOO.
The transfer book* foe the preferred •toe* will dp**
at 3 P. It. on December Si. 1000. and mopen at 10 A. M.
January Id. 1907.
W. I» SPARKS. Secretary.
71 Broadway. New York. November Slat 190«.
A quarterly dividend of ONE AND THREE-QUARTERS
PER CENT. U^%.) ha* thl* day b*»n declared on the
Preferred Stock of true CDnjpany, payable. December 2tXA_
1908. to stockholder* of record, December Btt at Mess™!
Karc»y Fink * Sunn. «2 OsJar Street. New York City
Transfer bocks ad th« Preferred Stock wll* be clo^vt as
December "»th and reopened on December »lit liK.<H.
SXOfiS-SirEFFIFXD stFri. c iro> CO.
Blrmlncham. AUbarna.
Th* Board of Directors of this company have declared a
Quarterly dividend at ONE AND TICREB-FOURTH3
PER CENT. <1&7«) on th» Preferred Stock, payable Jan.
2, 1&07. at the otno» of, th-» Guaranty Trust Company of
New York, to stockholders of record, at thr~» p. M.. Dee.
l^th, 190t>, at the ofßc« >f the Central Trust Company ot
New York, transfer a^ent, Book.i close at three P. M..
V**. VJtX 1906. an.i r«i>p«>a Jan. 3d, l&oT.
FRED C. RANDALL. Asst. Secretary.
New Tork. Deo. 11th. ISO*
N\TIO!«AX Biscrrr company.
HM regular quarterly dividend of ONE PER CBNT.
on the Common Stock has been declared. payable
January 15, uo:, to stockholUera of reo I at th-»
clo«* of fcustneM D«o«mbar ;<. la ■•», Transfer book*
will be closed from December «». 1904. to January
IS. 1907. both Inclusiv*. b\ B. BL'CIbEE. Tr-»a
Chicago. lIL. October IT. 180 a.
The Hr«r4 if Dlreotor* hare leciarad th* s«v*n—
teenth rvfil.ir semiannual ulv|.!*r..-i of THRE2J PER
CENT, on tl preferred stock of tnl* Company, p»y*W»
January 2. li*"' to stockholders of record on t>«c«mb«r
21. 190 d. The trar.sfer books of th* preferred atoak will
be cloeed December 11 at 9 P. M.. 1 •■•-■■ cii**l
until January 8, 1007. Checks will b« mai.t.l to stock
holders by the CVntral Trust Company pf New Toxk.
- r '.i: **.
Th* Board of TMreotors h*v« docluro<i a aaArr«rrty 41vt_
den* of ONF AND i; A RTs^l PEif CSS<¥. «D«a
lh« Capital Btock of this Comy.inv. eavabl» at la* oftoe
of the Treasurer en and aftar fh« 6th day at January
next, to shar«hi>ld«r« ot raocrj *t tha close of th* trmaaf^»
book* on ta« 24th v, of tv*»mb«r last. **mamw
The transfer books will b* cte»>l at thro* o'oloo* OB Q«
ar*.<:raoon at t>*>tnubaj !^c& let., aiia b« T^wian^ •« th*
■aomang a< Jatiutur 24 aast -

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