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Urged as Successor to President Orr
in Nexc York Life.
■ '*. technically at least, the success of the
New York Uf# administration ticket is still in
doubt, agents of this company already are sug
tenting th» name, of Vice-Preoldent Thomag A.
P.i'-kner at the logical successor to President AJ
■ »«ander E. Orr. It is considered entirely possible,
however, in th« probable event of the election at
th» tdministration ticket, that the raw directors
may peek a president outside the list of officers,
and even of their own ranks, as was the case re
cently in the Equitable.
As told in The Tribune eereral weeks ago, Mr.
Orr has announced his Intention to retire from th«
rresidencjr as soon as the new directors can meet
to elect his successor. According to present mdl«
cations, feveral month* xnuFt elapei before the
.directors feel themselves securely seated in the
Mr. Buckner's nam» first emerged as the agents'
choire {because, they said. he was the first In Una
for promotion and. at the same time, the most
practical Insurance man on the officers' payroll)
when some of the agents were organizing tha
"North American Life Insurance Company." They
declared then that the- would offer the presidency
of the new company to (Mr. Buckner if th* admin
istration ticket went down in defeat.
\\>r« the ticket successful, the understanding
was that they would work for Air. Buckner's elec
tion *s president, rather than attempt to form a
new company. Despite the Indications of the
Ticket's success, the new company baa been or
rsnlz^d and John Bo.me haa been slat«d for
Its presidency. Mr. Buckner at the time declared
tiiat he was not and would not be a candidate for
«ny life insurance presidency. The name of Vice-
Piesident Darwin P. Klngeley also is being men
tl"r.«d in connection with Mr. Orr'a retirement.
More than a score of employes specially en
gaged by the accounting firm of Price. Waterhouse
A Co. will herein to-day the work of tabulating the
envelope names and addresses of the Mutual ]L.lfe
voters. It Is not expected that they will be able
to finish this work until the flret w*-ek In January.
when the actual opening and canvassing of the
bu'lots will b*rpin.
Th* grand Jury. It Is expected, will firif=h to
morrow its Investigation of the special phases of
thH affair* of the New York Life which occupied
Itt attention last week. Tf enough evidence
ha« been found to warrant indictments for
forgery in the third degree, through falsifica
tion of th* c.iinpajiy'B book*>. indictments, it is said,
will be handed down this week. The new Associa
tion of I*ife Inantranoe Presidents will meet on Fri
cay. It Is declared that under the new Armstrong
lav compelling the declaration of dividends annu
ally few. if any, of the British life insurance com
pani^f, as at present constituted, will be able to
do fcusineps In this state.
National of Nero York in Trouble
in Michigan.
'. By "Meirmrh ta Th» Tribune. I
DcUeM. Dee 25.— Insurance ComTnlsPinner Barry
c' Michigan, bfliovir.ff that th» National Accident
Pcrlety. of New York. 1» not fulfllllr.gr its contracts
*-!'h ■8 m*'mb*rs, has required Attorney General
H'.rfl to instruct the comraTiy to Mass business in
this •v. Th« company eayj« ft has no Michigan
epr^r.t, although a man receives premiums and
trives a receipt en worded that th« company is not
bound by a contract.
The receipt utates that "If tins money Is accepted
et th* home office a receipt Trill be forwarded di
rect." This would leave th« policyholde.r uninsured
« •> th* money is In tranpit, and a timely message
might result In th* refusal of his premium.
'rotary Barnum. of the society, admits havin*
ro Michigan a*rent, but saya that If proper receipt*
Er» produced he win honor any claim. The order
came about by th« company refusing to pay a SIS
Charles B. Eaton, * director of the National Ao
cident Society, eaid la.«t night that he had not been
Informed of any withdrawal of the society's right
to do business In Michigan and that he had not
heard of th© complaint in connection with the al
leged refusal to pay the $16 policy. The i*»ci«>fy had
tits authorised fcgent in Detroit, he Mid, and was rot
responsible for the collection of premiums by un
authorized persons.
Husband Badly Injured in Vain
Attempt to Save Her.
Mrs. Susan Kelly was burned to death in her
flit at No. 135 West 60th street early yester
day morr.in?, and her husband was severely
burred in trying to cave her. Mrs. Kelly got
tip at 4 o'clock to gro to a Christmas mass. In
Anting: a candle her dress caught fire. She
tried for a moment to put it out. but not being
able to do this, ran screaming: through the flat
to her husband's bedroom. He failed to put out
the flames, and then tried to drag his wife out
of tie building:, which had in the mean time
caught fires.
The. fire spread so rapidly that Kelly dropped
his wife, who had Inhaled flames and was in a
helpless condition, and ran to the flre escape.
The residents of the building were in a state of
panic, and rushed to the street. There they
shivered for several hours in the intense cold
while the firemen fought to get the fire under
The persons living on the upper floor were
enable to get down through the hallways, and
ru*h<--d on the roof, where they were taken
oown by the firemen. After a hard fight the
r.re companies succeeded in confining the flames
to th« third and fourth floors.
When the firemen got into the house again
ON found the rharr^d body of Mrs Keily
-■<- damage to the building was slight.
btthdhto trades branch here.
Structural Alliance Announces Intention of
Forming: One in This City.
Th« Structural Building Trades Alliance of
America, a rational organization of loral end
national unions in the building trades, it was
announced yesterday, ha* arranged to form a
branch in this city. For several years it has
fce*n trying without Bueoeas to pet the New
York unions to Join It, but It wan learned that
«*versJ unions here which refused at thn first
have changed their policy, and a convention
wifier the BJHp4oea of the alliance has been called
*or January 8 at the A«h!and House to form
th* branch. As soon as thi» branch Is formed
c 'r6nizer« wi'.l be sent out to get other unions
to join the branch.
The main reason of the new unions for re
fusing to Join the alliance is that wages are
k'-£her row end have always boea higher In
I»ew York than In any otber city, and they do
r.et want by exchanging cards with the unloi:s
lij th« came trades hi other < iii^s to encourage
competition from the men in those clti'is for
The t:nlor:s which Join fiso aTltanr» hr»re
to exchange union cards with the unions in other
titles and rnfwa.iiiwe union card:* of r>:tn who
coaos from other cities.
Caught in Delaware, He Confesses to Having;
Attacked and Robbed Brooklyn Woman.
After a u rendering himself to the police of •WU
fc^i'-'jn, L)d.. Charles F. Duke, a coachman, was
ferocrht to Brooklyn Pollc* Headquarters last night,
*■>'*'. with having attacked -Mrs. Jullano Bon
r<«no l n her heme, No. 263 i6Ui street. Bath Beach,
and aieiuiug t.»r purse containing $30. Mrs. Him
r«no Is the wife of the interpreter of the Children's
rr o urt, Brooklyn. Duke was employed as coachman
'*"• them.
i **' Wednesday Duke was rebuked by Mrs. Bon
r*:-or *:-o for his Ue«U.m«nt of a pet dag and he replied
fOtt*wht.t sharply. I.at*r he returned to apologise,
cut was .in severely rebuked by Mrs. Boaaano.
A &Eered by Mr*. Bonnano's remarks, he struck her,
r.e . "' on * ! i» finger leaving a gaah over her eye.
'•*»l'«!r* that the police would be Inform*!, he
I?*? J Jf^^*tbook 'id went to Wilmington, by way
•» PiiHa«3#Jph?a. Puke oor,l**sed that he had •truck
•'"•* Itonnsm, r»yt gaid that h<» had not intended to
• l. r .'•■ .^.••:'l the puree was before him, and he
j^k the niint-y to escape. His conscience troubled
jjjjo in Wilmington, and ho «nked the police to
■HOC tlm tack to faoe the charge agslnst him.
i* C* Sri M-^ii' 1 i^/^t^ i(? y/V ' 1 ! L^*' i '' r ~f^L' r 'iii~~^ : ** JZ ~ : :-~'* •■ -Tfi^uSSk. 4'l \^\^^i w^ /^^^ >^^
Pian a Trip
to This Wonderful Land
This Winter
f There's nothing just like it in the world. It has
the tunshine, the flowers, the watering places of
other winter resorts, but it has things to see and a
finer, drier air to breathe. Go to l,
this winter, see monster growing trees, higher than
a 21-story office building — trees that were standing
8000 years ago. These are only a few of the won
ders of the great state that knows no winter.
Send for California books. Ask about the rates
and the great train service via the
Union Pacific
Southern Pacific
Isqalro of
a«7 Broadway,
New York. N. V.
lames McOreery & Co,
Commencing on January the 2nd
Orders will be executed at large con
cessions from usual prices.
Tailored Suits . 65.00, 75.00 and 80.00
Models exhibited from which these
orders may be taken.
Imported Gowns considerably below
former prices.
James McCreery & Co,
EMBROIDERIES. j n Both Stores.
On Wednesday, December the 26th,
Sale of White Embroideries and
Embroidered Batiste and Linen Robes.
23rd Street.
Man Shoots Wife and Kills Himself
— Couple Had Quarrelled Before.
Following a bitter quarrel with his wife John
J. O'Rourke, of Richmond Hill, Queens, an elec
trician, twenty-eight years old, early yesterday
morning whipped out a revolver and fired two
shots at the woman, who Is twenty-four years.
One of the bullets struck her in the temple and
the other in the right forearm, which she had
thrown up to guard her face. The woman fell
to the floor unconscious, and O'Rourke, proba
bly thinking he had killed her, turned the
weapon on himself and fell dead beside his wife,
with the revolver still clasped in his right hand.
The notes of tho shooting attracted the atten
tion of neighbors, and when some of then vent
ured to enter tha housa they found them both
lying on the floor of the sitting room in pools of
blood. A doctor set to work to restore Mrs.
O'Rourke, bringing her to consciousness after an
hour's work. An ambulance from St. Mary's
Hospital was called, and Dr. Golding took the
■woman back with him. He said later that the
condition of the woman was not serious and that
she would probably recover.
The O'Rourkes were married about two years
ago and have no children. He was looked upon
as a prosperous electrician, and had his office
on the first floor of his home, Until recently the
couple appeared to be living happily, but of late
quarrels between them have been frequent. Be
<aus>e of these quarrels Mrs. O'Rourke'a brother,
Henry Maier, who lived with lys wife on the
top floor of the house, moved out about a month
ago. Since tiien the couple have lived alone in
the house.
About four days ago Mrs. O'Rourke caused
the arrest of her husband, and he was arraigned
before Magistrate Healey, at Far Rockaway,
charged with assault. She relented when the
case was called, and begged the magistrate to
let him go. The magistrate, however, refused
to do so, and set a bearing for next Friday.
A truce must have been patched up, as the
police say that the couple evidently enjoyed a
good time last night before the tragedy. On the
table in the dining room were the remnants of
a supper, with several empty wino bottles. The
police think that O'Rourke may have taken too
much of the wine.
Patrolman Roberts, or the Richmond Hill sta
tion, who lives next door to the O'Rourkes, was
the first man to enter the bouse after the shoot-
Ing. Coroner Ambler took charge «if the case
end had the body of O'Rourke removed to
RuofTs morgue until relatives of the woman
could be told.
Die* a Fete Minutes Before He Was
to Preside at Dinner.
Illness is supposed to have prompted Neil
Florence, an a to;, to and li!s life late yesterday
afternoon by Inhaling Illuminating gas in his
room at No. 4T.3 West 23d street His death
was discovered only a short while before the
Christmas dinner was served, be having been
expected to preside.
For several years Florence had been travelling
through the Western States with the theatrical
company, "Peck's Bad Boy." of which he was
manager. About two weeks ago he closed his
engagement and returned to this city, and went
to the boarding house In 23d street where he
previously lived. Preparations had been made
for the Christmas dinner, several actors having
been Invited. He was to preside, and early la
the afternoon he went to his room, saying that
he «as going to lie down for a short while.
Shortly after 4 o'clock, when th« guests start
ed to arrive, a maid went to Florence's room to
awaken him. She rapped several times. There
was no response, and then she opened the door.
The room was filled with gas. which was es
caping from two JptH. Florence lay on the bed,
fully dressed. When Dr. Shonestone arrived
from the New York Hospital he said the actor
bad been dead only a short while.
Thirty-fourth Street.
Took Firemen Three Hours to Dig
Man Out of "Pocket."
Charles Bertram, a jovial German of consid
erabl? avoirdupois, uprnt part of th© Joyous
Ohristrras Day in a very novel situation. For
thr«e long hours he lay burled in some forty tons
of coal white an engine company was busily at
work dipping him out, a proco.=s which Mr. Ber
tram enjoyed far more than they.
It all came about this way: As Mr. Bertram,
clad in fine holiday garb, was jauntily crossing:
the coal yard of Heffner & Tillion, Slmms Lane
and Lond Island Railroad crossir.gr, he 6tepped
across the top of a coal pocket, and as he did
so trod on some frozen coal, which gave way
beneath him. and together with some forty tons
of coal he slid downward, leaving only his finger
tips showing 1 .
This was neither good for Mr. Bertram's rai
ment nor his temper. However, a good Samari
tan came to his rescue and. politely wishing him
a Merry Christmas, clasped the visible part of
his person and tried to pull him out. The effort
was all in vain and resulted in even more com
plete immoi'plon in the coal, if possible.
Xexl ii. • f:r«> dnpartiitent was requisitioned.
fiifl responded by sending an engine company
to the rc-euo. The task proved a difficult one,
and It took three solid hours to dig him out.
AVhen this was accomplished Mr. T>c-rtram was
seen to bo without ri scratch or a bruise, but
with feelings that were badly lacerated and
r!oThe? that had changed to a sombre hue. Dr.
J. W. Poole had been sent f<;-. His professional
services were not badly needed, but on suggest
ing something liquid p.s a suitable prescription
Mr. Bertram immediately brightened and has
tened away t<> take th« KiiKpe.sttd treatment.
Action by District Attorney Is
Expected to Follow,
The examination v.-hich fs being: held into
charges against Captain Louis Wendel, com
mander of the Ist Battery of the National Guard,
by Magistrate Crane In the Tombs Court will be
continued this morning ami will probably be cor.
eluded. Action by the District Attorney Is ex
p»>ct».tl shortly afterward.
The captain m accused of "graft" la his conduct
of the Ist Battery, end a formal complaint has
been lodged with the District Attorney. Tha ex
amination being held is to determine the nature
of, the chars* that shnll bo brought.
Captain Wendel and bis counsel, Abraham Lory,
were both illeni yesterday ;.■ to any action to be
taken, except to repeat, as they have dene for
several days, that the churges were groundless
and had resulted from • pit-- work on the part of
discharged employes. Captain Wendel has taken
official cognizance ..." the charges, however, and
tana applied to Major General hoe, commander of
the. Nutlonul Guard, for a irui by court martial
in the testimony that has been given so far va
rious employes ai th» armory have sworn that they
were forced i<> give ii proportion of tli<-ir monthly
nalari«-ri to the captain in order to hold their places.
or, if they did not actually have to give up the
money, they wore compelled to pay for the rental
of some houi ' , l. nearly «v<-ry instance where they
did not live. Many of tliene houses, it a/a testi-
Bad, were in Aqueduct avenue, or in that vicinity,
In The }<r<u.x. Captain Wendel lives In Aqueduct
Tli<* most sensational testimony which has been
given, however, wiu that at Prank Qrotn, a hostler
jit the Isl Battery Armory, who testified on Mon
day that on !jm Baturti*: Captain VWndel called
him Into the harness room at the armory, lust a'ter
li<j had been atibpu*na?d to testify, ;>n<l told him to
Hiveiir Hint he lived in Astoria in a bouse for which
h« pai.l $30 rental. <;r..tii said he objected, as he
didn't live In th lions.-, hut lived In Amsterdam
avenue He swore hi court that Captain Wendel
to!.! him:
"You must scy it. Co riswri th*rc> ami <■ air to
II : I!".".
T : . original Cfinr.i»la!r.t. which :U;:rte,l the In
\e:uig.Ttion against Captain Wendel. waa m.. by
Edward Martini, who alleged thai Wendel got half
his salary for letting him work In the armory, the
amount Involved being nearly JI.COO.
34-th Street.
— ,—, — R. H. Maey * Co.'s Attraction* Are Th «<* Lew Prteea
*•+ \ Hi T^\ B way at 6th Ay. \^y 34th to 35th St.
After Christmas Clearance of
Holiday and Winter Goods
In Nearly Every Department.
Limited quantity lots cannot be advertised, but they
come in for deepest price-cutting and are placarded
with our regular "Not Advertised" cards.
To-day We Start
Our Animal
wi (Pi inn Pu^nTF
\m m. JLL Liv yjy
;£jacys! jFiaqreij ; t M^gy»l {irtacyslj [i&acys;
Hl] ED 15
l&gcyajj ißacysl ffjaqys] -Macy^j
This sale includes all lines of White Goods —
Garments, Yard Goods, Sheets, Linens, Lace Cur
tains, Men's Shirts, Collars, Night Dress,
Handkerchiefs and various lines customarily
allied with White Goods. The FOUNDATION
of the Sale — UNDERMUSLINS.
For this event -we have gathered THE
The range of prices in the Undergarment section:
Night Gowns, 29c to $21.39
Chemises, 24c to $24,96
Corset Covers. 14c to $8.96
Walking Skirts, 39c to $77.94
Drawers, a6c to $24.96
Underskirts, 24c to $11.44
Generously fashioned, faultlessly finished
Garments — fully up to the high standard es
tablished by the Undergarments mantifactured
in our own workrooms. In addition to the
regulation sizes the sale involves full assort
•well as garments for children and infanta.
In many instances you can buy White Sale
merchandise for LESS than "vve would have to
pay to duplicate the goods in the present market.
A GREAT SACRIFICE— Artist offers 72
new etchings. landscapes, fi>nir«»s. rnarlne
views, very handsome, value (15 to $23. at
only $1 each If Sold at one*; by foreiprn
arti3ts; will maJce beautiful Christmas pres
ents. Call residence, afternoons, evenings.
Barrett. 67 West 107 th st.
Single Insertions 8 cents per line. Six
teen words, seven times consecutively. $1.
which entitles advertiser to have rooms
entered for a period of fourteen days in
The Tribune's Directory of Desirable
Rooms. Write tor circular.
Full Information concerning these rooms
may be hod. free of charge, at the Uptown
Office of Th* New York Tribune. 1364
Broadway, between 36th and 87th sU.
92D ST.. 60 WEST.— Select family
house; handsomely furnished suits;
Single rooms; baths every floor; hoi
water supply; steam beat every room;
table unexcelled for quality: special rates
to desirable families and permanent
BUe&ts. Tel. 111% — Riverside.
679 WEST END avf. .. corner 103d.— Rlock
from Rlvereido Park, subway station and
surface cans; most convenient and beautiful
location In New York; handsomely furnished
rooms, overlooking West Knd aye.; superior
S!ns;« Insertions ft cents per line, Fix
teen words, sever, times consecutively. $1.
which entitles advertiser to have room*
entered for a period of fourteen days m
Th« Tribune's Directory of Desirable
Rooms. Write for circular.
Full Information concerning th#«a rooms
may be had. free of charge, at th« Uptown
Office of The New-Tork Tribune 1354
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PHYSICIAN'S OFFICE, Nichel roon-a;
private home. Marl;. Avenue. To
r>.i.M- 79, between 8-H> a. mi.
184 TH ST.. 688 EAST. I<ar«I fumUtied
room; private house. E. Rielil
PIIIVATB house; light and airy; on j block
to subway and *!evnt»-i trains. 162 West
ICtiih Et.
COItrORTABLE, iUBUJ front roam; one or
two (enlletnen; elevator, phone; moil
crate. Arrlaga, .'.OO \V,-b: Ith st.
60 EAST BBTH ST. — Har.-.fnireiy fur
nlsbed: slnclo. »^tip«: baths, Hteam heat,
e'.ectrlr tight; private house no boarders.
(•TTH BT.. ;::• WEST Uir^o and Meal! I
room«. handsi meljr furnished; hoi w;>tt>r, !
hßt}:«. shcw»r; telerhnne; also parlor Tier ■
fcr doct-.r; pilv?.t" house. I
afAKUFACTURERS of billiard and pool
tab'p' high irrada bowline alley b-jlid-
Hi; lov.ebt prints. MARX BROS.. 24
''nion »
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or l
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supplied, a!-.> managing housekeepers,
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in great variety
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T a.
111 Fulton St.
DRESSMAKER of B. Alfman & Co.: e\
■• ;..-nt rltter, artistic designer; prince»»
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::;i> Gih r<v<«.
KORS.—'Eeal. Persian mink exchanged fcr
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■ Altaian & C).. ZT2 Waal 125 th •&
WE MANUPACTCRa ani aai] Tin retail,
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will rvaodel cr repair >our f-.ns at a -■■ nj
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for new. Htrshfelo Fur Co.. 13 West 21m
St.. b«-t. Eth 111.1 Cth a\«. Tel. ll.a— Ura
ADVERTISEMENTS ami ?übs.-rlrt!ois for
Tho Trtbace received at t'leir L'atown
OHi e>. No 1 V.i Broedwar, between 3«ta
and "7th •»., until 0 oV.ncU it. 1 1. Adrcr
liaementa received at th** folfowlnc !r.tn,h
••Oircs at r"-ciil-ir office rat»s um;l s o'docl:
p. m., viz.: uTi-l Mh air., s. *. cor. TM *•.;
I.V. t;h r.v.. cor. :-tr\ St.: 92 Fxm 1 4th sr.;
:'.N7 We«t 4J;I ?t.. between 7th and Nrii avea. ;
2«3 V. .-• 125 th *f. ; 1338 3d avi-, between
Wth ;m<l 7Ttii (=t>i . ; t*CU S.! a\«-., r.-ar K|s:
s;.: l.tiM Jvr av#.. near W>!h st.; 1,"i7 But
ttOti; *t.; 7."^; Tremcnt a. c .- »:.".(» .".'. aye.
t.41:1H (LKAMNU
I N. V, Carpet Cleaning Co
'■ Oldest. Largest, Most Modern.
437 AND 4:ii» WEST 43TH bT.
"~i»! - JSs — Bry iv*.. llj'.tibiish-'J 15.".?.
> 1 JftT! r ''i BANINQ. E»l i --.-.
CAItrST «. > u:a.\ino. EatabUsatd is;a.
Cleans by compresstd air. istcain. r.,>nl
or on iioor IMS BroadiraT, 4-1 l-it.ti -iSth
,:. «f>i: & BRANDT, 'lei. 13C—3*ttl.
AI»\'WtTISE>IE?.'TS aril •übacripttcßa for
Th^ TrlbuiW re^ivM at thfir l'ptcv.n
O-Vi •<• N» 13W BroaKtwtiy, >«-tw-"n ?fitii
and Ztth fts . until 1» o'clock D. >••>. Adver
tlsrtscnta w«t*«<l »< tl'» fotlowlnn br»nel«
c »ti ■■* <t npuiar ciScs n»:n mitH * «'r!uc-<
I i> m \U.: 2T.4 Sth a\? . a. v cor. SW *'.:
I 153 •■■•.•• «**^ 1O! "- : -' 1 ' * t - : v - Xa ' ! '■* t ' 1 s'-:s '-:
! *•'.; Wttt <-l "-•■ b»t»»«i Tih and y tr» io** :
! 263 Wet? I23U| et.. H- 1 * "v a»- . ifi»«n
I "i.tli nr.J T7th all , W2il 3J at?-. n*ur -'.lat
■t .1708 tit aye.. near 60th »t. : 137 East
tilth it.; ~«S Tremon: a.*.: «SO M ay«.
8. if. 20. £ 24. _'•; SO \V?st Fourteenth at
7. U. 31. IS, ir». i;. ID. JO. •_•.. _:_•. IX 3* •-':.. 27 aril 53 West Thirteenth St
To-day and Ail the Week
Clearance Skies
m Preparation for Our January Sale!
These "ciear-ups" f».:rencl to almost every department.
Multitudes or articles that have) bocome tumbled or
soiled through Kolida^ handling, or of which assort
ments are rather depleted, must be closed out at once-
. A
It having mm>» to our not:'"""' tBSi
son-!.? of whom we awe heon biivln^
(we an happy tr> say but few)
have laTirwl presents and ether snt
tnltif 1 " to our buyers, we rvonltl
st.nte that' snch notion is acainst the
Laws of New York nn<l anbjwts
those <»« doinc to tine and imprison
We have found our buvpra up
right and straightforward. Most
of them have been with us for many
years and are Instructed to report
all such cases. We will not buy of
any who offend as above.
To sell r.s it is only necessary to
offer the right goods at proper
Latest Novelties In
Fame Wash Dress Fabrics
Embroidered Ifoussellces,
Crescent Printed Sllis,
Embroidered Dot Swisses,
SHk Stripe and deck diffoa Monsselints*
Hocssellne de Fleur,
Silk iii Crgandy Mcl!s,
~: All in most fascinating d^aiena and eotortn?&
Ginghams, Chamlsrays, Sateens,
Madras, Silk Mixed and Mercerized Novelties
France, England, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland*
as soon as received.
■will be more than maintained by >
Many of the most beautiful cannot bo duplicated, so
that those -who buy now for Southern resort wear and
Evening Gowns, as well as for coming season, are
advised to make selections as early as possible.
Hsgh=Qrade Table Linens -
One-Third Under Value!
An Importation, direct from one of the foremost manufacturers
of Scotland, who. to secure our trade in the future, made exceptional
concessions in price Cost of all Linens Is constantly adrtnetag.
nnd as prices go up so do custom house charges, which puts thaw
beautiful Table Linens at a still higher valuation than we state as
their worth — it Is no exaggeration, therefore, to say that In the near
future it will not be possible to buy these goods under DOUBLE thaK
prices we now quote.
HJgfeest Class Tatsle Bamasks
Scotch Double Damask of •Toepaonally
firm weave— iatln hntr»—
ingly hanilsoni« designs —
I >4QJ ■Worth now $2 00.
-2 Inch. . i • '^iTTIII coon be wortH $3. C0
1 SkG' 'vrorth n<vir $2.90.
M ,n(, n( . h ..J.Oyj will soon b« worth $3.50
•i f^O 1 Worth now $3.00.
„., inr:i J .yO, Will soon be worth $4.00
24an«J 2« inch— waaaa. 4.29"»*4.9S
r.esu'ar values $6.00 and $7.00.
$1.25 Imported Worsted Suitings • - .65
Nothing more refined or tasteful In Dress Fabrics has been shown :
this season— strictly all wool — subdued tonlngs !n fnTlsiWo plaids and]
checks, wit* Just ■ rotor to give character Inches wide — $1.23 las
ported Dress <Joods for 65 cents.
Christmas Trade
Depleted Kaay Lines of
Flee Lajce Curtains I
Of some pattern* anil qualities,
there are but a single pair; of
others two. three at four pair; •
still others are in lots up to six
pairs— these have all been as
sorted and reduced, ■■ that for
this last week of the year they
ran be, as f:tr m psaaiM», closed
Nov.- 1 .98 «o D.OB v.. .« $2.09 to si: us,
Oii<» to thre^ iair« »jf a style. j
N..* I J>S »• (> J>S ..\V«t» $.1 •»!» t<> ?;V9S:
i>nc to fWx- |tilr» of a stvlsr.
Now i>. A9 t.. y.98- .W«re J3 !»S t.» Jli.W;
"'One l.» >-i\ v:«n« of a »ts ic.
.\ow 1 79 to 4 98-VW**" »-.4 i» tj $tV9s;
our » . four i«ii!t of a style.
srorcu ani> nottixoham cinrrAixsi
.vow .93 to s.9B"" Ww< $l 4W *° **••♦"
O:i^ i»> li\« imirn of a sty'.f*.
Nui - '•-. •-> UO.(.K> •
Were $tt»'.lH ti pa »>
Ore v tSrr« i.ali-s of * *tjls-
In ?crt!?res
All null lots at clearance prices: — I
N\.» <-2-\ 9S ••> S2.9S^
nuor.\i>E verona vei.orn-
N « MS. 9B '■■' $2350
Xc* lA.OS *° lO.**S'
Wi*r»* !V^9l{W *"^ *27 O l^
N"» l-i.DS u>r - *»iM
Now b9S to 10.9S .
\V«r* 513.&3 to SUM
«-3 Cent SfcaXi S!lto
49 Certs
Shnki Silks ar<» T*»ry beautlfnl for
ill i|»i lm a*« well as for fancy Ccs«
tumos and Kimonos — bnTing a soft
crop<v-iikp finish that distinguish**
thi°m from ordinary silk» Col
orin-s and «!esfzns are floral. Pwa^
sian. Turkish and set figures.
SvrH Silks a- Ha:* Pri-» is <u» to
sa lift % "•!-.• Importer mud* to clssm
up the Inf. and our rul« of h»vrnaj
customers akawa ail ai'.vintiasa •*•
■^- »
Late ArriTa! c*
Irisi Point Sasi Lac«
on which th» Importer conse
qn«"ntly made price concessions
to us. r»»»nltji la these special
10 inoli — Instead of .49 69
18 Inch — Instead of .69 .49
24 — Instead of .19 « .59
28 inch— lnstead of .98 ► 601*
Dotuli Bamask Patten Clc&3
H!2rh«'t choicest Jaalsjaa- ■ '• 1 '
unusual rang* of sizes, as thaaa "■
dimensions — soma> $
stzea b«tng almost Impoaalote
•a obtain on this sldo> of th» Atlastt&
2'-t2 y«»...S.9S....lnstea<S of $3.M
S^xa^Tas... 6.29- —lnstead «• $JMB>
8 x 3 yds.. -4. 79- •••lnataaal of tSJSf
a x2tt >d»... e 29-. -instead «* iaso*
»HxZ Tda...s.s9....rnataad]«e fTSai
v<)5... 7. 49.... Tnataa« at •»•»
4 z2 yd5... 8.59-.. lnstead Of »* OS
4 a2 **?•*»... 8. 49 Instaad ©f «iao»
«Hsl yda...7.tf>....lnat«^ of $1S«
4*ix2H »«»... 9.49-. .-Instead of $13 Co
*l!i b* worta about double la near fatsjaa*
If Yoir
Qrlstmas Gift Honey
Is to Be Spent on
GccSs fcr a New Dress
You will be Interested In knowing
that we offer .
Remarkably fine Assortments of
Tho fashionable Plaids and Checks
rei^gns * n( l colorings romr*!'*
srrart mmataoMaaa of Gr«cn-*Bd
f.lue. Gr^an-anii-Brown. Gr»»n-anil ■
V.in*. in sha.inw ■aata tint ■htm
-.- '■ tato changrabls tonaa —
ar-> «vrr!a!il or ■ 'n^.i ln harmon
* tz:nij or contrasting tint;* — then
I her* aro ehevrful p'.aiJs in) chack*
in bright colors — a!ao BO toce<i
• plaMa ami checks —
As we haw made many advantage*
• >•:>» purchases, owing to advance of
season, |trii'»*s we now qnote show a
derided tier I in? from those of a few
. . , ■ — .
Imported Brciilcloth PlaiJ* ana
i-.»i-ki — r>4 HnJ 50 Inch —
carltet $1.75 1.48
«*!.•• k 1-.1 )' a. a Panama*—
i'«ht or >^eavy wetjjht Hi laelK—
*-ar:;er I ■•!» l.ti)
ln:p»rt»d EroaiJeioths — 34-Inch — !1n«
satin ftaiah — ayrtla » mm ami dark blue
miuares— beautifully blenUed so that
the pt&M i!i»- 1 TKit have a sot effact —
Anihrn si. 7. • t.4£>
tnvl»ib!i> P'.iM fanamas — larga *: ••»
•m-.i. overlaiit with black aaaa
and cit!in*d with white — 5O laca—
e^rli-r $149 t.l»
ImportrJ Rroade!oih»- Si !nch— sao&U
Mack rtf« o'itltTi«>.l •ltd dark
--,-„ !a . s rtrU«r ft.ia 1.40
Us « <re . \r".er\ pJ i-nrr.rt^l Tailor
••..; :"s-« ha :»r^» An.: maK ptaaii
ca<! -. h*vk*~»Sa<Jatr •ftecu to » »j: . |
1 u's>> Uixiinotixo atyiaa .;: tetawa
! art! white— tA to 82 uiaa—
! csxttse »i IS to >l iJ .... .OS to i.rfi

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