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By Adelia Belle Beard
1 1 --„.•■■ planned for The women
readers of The Sunday Magazine, is of
the kind to loosen for a time the bonds of
< i/nvention and >ct free the liappy child impulses
lor play that are a part of .<ur rightful inheri
t.«me. " Railroading" is a ~-]>ort in which all
able Ixxlioi!. fun loving wonien^ nun. and chil
dren can take part. an< i y,, u may l>c sure it
will be enjoyed by everyone. It is a country
M>.-rt, :>.s all outdoor frolics
must lie, and if several fami
lies inn your band the fun
v. ill |je j-.:-t that much the
i'lit <>n a short ....
lKx>ts, ..n.l a sweater, if y<>u
'lave one; then tie some
thing warm over your ears;
.iTiii you will lx> so untram
meled and comfortable that
ii.i tear of colds »-r wet skirts
will :n:*r your enjoyments
Sc'.cii an unfrequented bill
lhat is ;_'■■ •■! lor roasting, one
sjot crossed by any dangerous
highway. Xotify your neig'i
t>ors <>! the intended frol>,
•'ii-n vrrt out and make ready
.i.l lilt -i< 1 , O- ».»*, U'll.t^
guns, and whatever c!-c can 1-e v-<<! for eoast
inK . . ■ .
Across the-c«jasting tr.ii k, at intervals ot
..*■ ••:! liny v.irds, stretch lines <•: stout twine
■ r rojie, tying them to treesj fences, or any
thing that will lift them high enough for y<m
«.i^i!v to walk beneatlu From theso lines mis
jr-tk! lengths >>i liright, different colored ril>
!-.ins <ir }i.r.' strips of colored caml>ric, and
havethem ]u>\ l<Vng enough to he l<arely within
reach o< the irutSiretche.! hands of theooasters
.is tiny j;'.i<le under the floating ifnd<J It is
These dangling >tri>i~. lookinj; ):k<- tli«- ""!<av
ijridge" signals on a railroati. that give the
-l,,rt its name.
1..,.]> the ribbons over the lines and stick
the short ends ilown with ]>.t-t<- or glue^ li-av
ing the long ends free, as vhown m Fig. i.
i':.e glue will \>e KiiflU'ient !•> hold the ril>J»ons
in the lines, and .it '.he same time allow ttiem
to !■-• detached easily wlien snatched by the
Prepare the lines l«-tore leaving trie house,
and put .a least half a dosen n!>"i.-.Tis <-n each
.■•;• . When they are Strung u]>, the ril»
•■•■:■.- .:'.■!.}; the lines -until they are one loot
prt uii'l 4i:-t4 i:-t over the track. Have your
nbli'ms sulVniently loiig.^iind. if r.< • e-ary.
ut t| em on after tlwy .tr«' in p'.nc. li your
lines .-ire i-ix feet alwvethe ground the ribfibhs
■.. uld ie uljout one yard iii length: This
all- "■ .. :-' erous 1.-.ji ~.>l the top.
Befinninf the Game
C: ■ numl<T your >]«.,]<,
:■.]■-, and tolioggans, and let each iti turn,
.: ■ . r<li:ig to :1s numi <r, ; rt down the li-.H.
A- .i -'.< ■: passes under a line it srider must make
„ prali !■ r a r:!.':»in. .u;<! if suc«iessful in catch
ing "lit- she mv t ;erk :t rjuiikly off the line,
-■.: '. :t safely away, . » ti • 1 l«e ready for ( the rib
liotf " •! the tiext line wht-ii she waches themj
It i :•.:•..•-•: ■■:•!•.• •v. *•• £ ". !..-i.! -le.l car
n<- ni.-re than •• •• ■ ■ r an.l eai h tries to
se«-ur«- •• -- ■ t
the hriglrt t. -
i at i h *' <• ril»
\. ■.. •• r .:'. the
. ntu i! moment
•he tr.a<h«Tous
v,: may lift :t
• ■ • .■■,:• ,'i r,.:..h
. w.ivc :t l.»n
■. .. ■„.»:r-'..l
; i< ■ vvillly •:i
, ■ : ':■■',■:." A- v.v
; ■-. ti-«in"|«>
■ . or '■-•
ji , „ . . . •'■ , r
'■ . ' W:lH;,m
!• ' ... , ■■-,■
■ . • ■.:•:..•.■• in
.... Vi,.
• ■ ••• ■ . :' a I«.y The l»jy in this
■ .!)• v. how to make a snow man?
iv.iv is ti.e ben. They begin by
• ■.'. Lallowr t!w ground "until, gath
•■ ■.' ■ ■■■ .- • •.'■'.'.-. -.*> i-ccomes t'-< l.ir^'e
- . . . „
.- ■ .-. i ! i/e.l. v.n „.' Ic-1.c.'l1 c-1.c.'l foun.la
■■■;'■• :': •■ !arj;«- ' all jiile ?nore snowj
■ " •. ivn ilo-«-]y .i- "."ii w<irk', until
• .. • liar .:i~.\:t foiir'fwt high; then
■.•■•. l.all the jir'.jH-r size v and put it
■:. ■ : : r •••• ].•■,;.). -. r.;]-- and chisel the
■•• ■■■'■]■■ viJtli a - J !n;^:<- or troweL
"!. ■ '. lal:<" !J . lo\V la/dcstal. '•'•■^' Ws
feet <i<>se together and amis fol<!e<] on Tiis
breast. When finished he should look -om< -
thing like Fig. 2. Carve out hi features or
iim' pieces of broken twigs to indicate them]
If it i^ ■■..•■•..< give the snow boy ..
shower Iwth of cold water, which will ...
the snow ami ••„-•■■ face from lieing
battered entirely out of sliape by the missiles
for which he will stand .i- target. Balance a
red apple on the top „t hi
hcad, and he will be ready
for the game!
Divide yor.r party into
two sides, or let each player
play for ..... \>r>>
vide your ammunition m
sTinw tall Hat h player
must have an equal number
of balls. The object of the
game is to knock the apple
from the boy's head with a
snow ball thrown from a
given distanced and the side
1 r player, goring the great
est niimU-r of successful
-hots wins the game. Th«
distance froni which the ball
. rc : td be thrown should be
decided by the ability of
the players. lit teen tut is al>out as far as
the liiexperiem ed hi!] i-e able t" make a fair
shotJ When the distance has bttn agreed
upon a line tr.u-t be made over which no
player may ~tcj> while taking her turn.
When the apple is knocked ofi the Itoy's
head it must I*- replace*!; and if broken by
the shut another should lie supplied.
i. ..■ 'i player is entitled to three consecutive
shots in one turn; and when sides are taken
the turns must alternated First a player on
one side throws h<r three balls, scoring each
tune she knocks oil .... then a 1 player
«>n the other <ide has !u-r turn: aft« r her the
play reverts to the first -i<ie. ami so on until
the ammunition is used up and the game tmi-.
Another Fine Sport
TUXT UK fifty fiM.t race is the j<.lHc-t kind of
winter spi irt.lor.it warms the bloodand
makes the cheeks glow with exercise and
laughter. It is almost as easy to carry out the
rart\ without e\ir. :-..• .is without laughter^ for
it is wry funny.
>riort -kirt<. warm leggings, and over-h.*-<
are nei'essary lor the game, as a tumble in the
soft -Tiow is very likely *o> occur; aiidi if deep
and dry, the snow will rise in clouds .;S you
force".your^j;ay i t_hrough it. »'!,<■. ~~ c > an ..]".en.
level piece <■! ground where the snow is *|uit«
untrodden and, without crossing it. irTark a
starting line at one end of t!>.c field and a
finishing line fifty feet i<eyond. Set up two
stakes with colore<l streamers' or little !!aj;-,
at each end «>f the finishing line, and let two
judges stand one at each stake.
Prepare a simple prize for the winner of t! •
R.in — anything will <ic . .-.- 1< ing as it gives s< ni« -
thing to strive for and denotes victory, and
have another, a comical one, --111 h as n leather
ortmme,lal. f..rthe b. ..by prize.
Jhe contestants mu-t stand m a r> « . each
with hVr.right f'"t ■'■.■'•■••;•■■
The starting line. When all are m place, let
s<ime one > all out
slowly and dis
tinctly, "Atten
tion!" Are you
r.-..,!v : .;..•-■ At
the word the
racers must -t.irt
to ri'.ii. \\ . 1 ! k , or
}'!•■«. through th<
-now. They may
. hi mse -...•■
i-.,!t, i.ir tlii- is „
go-asjyou-pl< asi
raceandit doesn't
matter in 1 rii
least how they
get there; the
thing is to r< ... h
the goal in th.
-hoftest ,K,.S,ble
tune, it will m t
i,- ,asy gomg.
.... 11 • !.e m:i W
■s only mx inches
deepi and in tl.< ir
desjKrate ctlorts
to win the ]'!av
.r< will flounder
..bout in the
:!;. »-t absurd jnaiP
:.< r.
No ..11, wanii*
• < :i;.,i!< for Miow
;!nft> • r < i!.< r im
i'i-Ui-i'iTntsj Ifered
1 V tt c a. ..T!..r
When a player c:i<<. inters .. ..-.xv .Intt - ; .<
must manage to get thro.sgh ..- i t -t
tan, or, if she prefers she jiiay t..k«- i.< r
chances of in. iking lietti rtii:.< \>\ gi :nj. ..roun.!
the drift
The first player to <r. -s the l:ri»- w.th i • tli
f.et is the ..--.••■.. ..:.■': ■...:?.- the
....... la^t :■ r> ... i, :t :•■ th<'
" bitobv and should be *.«-r«-m«<nior,Klv ; -r> -
.ente-lwith the tin me.:..l
It is th<- duty of the iii.U' - !■■ '•■ ti,..: :•>■
linel is fairly. crrjfsed iii>ll • ..-• -'. a;i.l th< i'-ird
and fast rule ••■... is :!,..: :.•• }'...■■• r
may drop out, once ii.c ha btarttd :. :•■
1907 Pope-Hartford
Mode! L
repn ?nts a car in man; ways superior t< 19 ' Model F — and Model Fis
arknov "dgei to be the tmh-x reliable car o! its. kind in the world. Numerous
tant improvements >v . ■ ■• . : ■■ our 29 years' i/umulative experience
have hrought the produc: ot our famous Hartford factories up to the highest
j'-.'i 1 : effi« iencv.
MOTOR: Four c\iiruirr ; vertical; water
tooled ; all gears encased — valves all me
tii.ir.il ailv operated and interchangeable —
;;-^o h. p. Carburetor special design,
very flexible. |iiiii;> ■; ark ignition. 1 *r< -

CLUTCH: Inverted com type of large
TRANSMISSION: Sliding gear !\je
with three tj't-tMs ahead and reverse.
DRIVE: Through a propeller shaft, pinion
nd bevel gear to the rear axle.
LUBRICATION: By a special oiler lo
cated undei the hixi.i, driven by belt from
the cam sliafr, with sight feed on the dash.
FRONT AXLE: Solid forging made of
sji-iij; .-.ted of the I-beam type.
REAR AXLE: Of solid steel running on
Lrge ball bearings in tut-ular sleeve.
Price Fully Equipped, $2,750
(Extension Top $150, Extra
Pope Manufacturing Company
Vie exhibit in New York at Mad, son Square Garden only. January 12-19.
Mentberi A»..« ial.cn of I if— H Automobile Manufacturers
It Needs A Book
To Tell It
Hairing the Look that describes
FOUNTAIN PEN is the next
best thing to having the pen itself.
We want you to know how it is
possible to fill the CON KLIN
FEN as easily as dipping a
common pen into
an mk-wcll.
V. ( want to
■'•i: you
why it is
the only i
fountain I
pen that I
is nezer '
w rbmk
f. 1 a
I--ii being
dTli .i 111-
Mautly liy
one presunro
ct tbp thumb)
And not only
Illicit l.Ut
«'l.allH.l l,r
It \<.ll
<v«r •■».
|.fil tl)
i.. .-.i a
i-t-ii yon
this J.otik;
lit jiniifnlly
/ illnrtrat«tl.aiH]
Well worth writ
int ti t. A ; i M;..
Self-Filling Pen
The Conklin Pen Co.
6)4 516 b!B Jihikso» Avl Toitcc 0
' !.»».:. H . Nvl Y.ik
M ■ i . -• '1 !»■
»4« !«■'. Mm" 1...M. t • H,
PLUMBING SUPPLIES Buy at Wholesale Prices
twining to the business Warranted highest grade. Oar prices save you n> to 40
per. cent."' on any article. Quick shipments. Tell us your wants. Send lor free
i: unrated catalogue. B. H. KAROL, 235 West Harrison Street, CHICAGO, ILL.
THE C*H P.HMFTFR Standard Desk Add'ng Machine!
....... ....
Hl.kßl R1 NORIM MOUSE, 145 Oreen Hiiiyr. . Trenton. N. J. I . S. A.
STEERING: Strictly irreversible. Worm
and sector type.
BRAKES: Two sets operated ly foot
pedals and ■ d. lever.
CONTROL: Ignition an,; throttle leirrs
.•:, to] nt steering wheel but not revolving
with :• G, in hanged by on, hand lever.
FRAME: Armored, similar to our Model
F frame.
BODY . Entirely new design, distinct and
elegant. Double side entrance. Roomy
tonneau with large doors.
HOOD: Improved design. Front guards
overlapped and connected with thi frame.
WHEELBASE: 102" Thread^,".
WHEELS: :: »4" •■■ • and rear, • in
ning on large ball bearings.
EQUIPMENT: Full set of lamps, horn,
tools and flooi n ..t-.
(This Pony Outfit Free
In order to advertise our business we are frnine
to give away seven complete PONY OUTFITS.
consist ot a fine Shetland pony, cart, harm is,
etc., besides we will give the winners $to.oo
every month to keep the Pony Outfit with. II
you want one, send your name now. Tomorrow
maybe too late. We have given away over $500,
<xo in prizes. Some prizes were $15,000, $10,000,
■£5,000, $4.00 c,. 00c, $.1,000, $1,000, etc. This is your
chance. Will you grasp it? Address The G. L.
Richards Co. . IK tit . 13, Broad St . , Boston, Mass.
lor lonrty or Lcaijr LoLrgc or scncci
■ ■ M...L- !.. ..rler in alij -t\U m
> ii..,t»ri..l. Krail . nr i. unry -a-, mi:
..Her 1 ithrr«fthrt«»tt)l»hc>i:
_^ .t.l^rv ami straw,
ma ivy ;.«rrs .. r niui.cr.ils, '
Nil !i"t n,.,r<- than shown in illuv
V tmtion MK.r I'lai.- i l.lici .1,,y.n.
k in.|.: < Ilk-. Nirrilac Mh»f tS.SO4w. K»«
!■!. •_•.>. * Ull-K uui nr» „ii.l handsorarh
lllu>tratril iatoloc-^hu** ne«'tyl« miruM
if..: . '-.r. Satkbrlh>i> i-imrani.nl. Ccllit
l,n,i Buttons am] Kil>U.nlla>lg««acri|:htprii
Hjiri ..,! .I.^. ■_•!.. ..i.,1.n vv trtr.
I m-in> |iHII<>. Ml., - : AC. -..ufh \n..K.,.h. -i.r. >. ».

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