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Hood's Makes Good
So many wonderful cures have been effected by
Hood's Sarsaparilla, even in cases that seemed almost
beyond the reach of medicine, that people ask, Why?
Because the roots, herbs and other ingredients that
goto make up <<ur weU-kaown formula, from which
Hood's Sarsaparilla is n"\v and always has been care
1 illy and scientifically prepared, are such valuable
medicinal agents that when intelligently combined
and properly administered, always effect good results.
It expels all poisons from the blood, cures scrofula,
salt rheum, all humors, debility, kidney and liver
troubles, rheumatism and catarrh. It succeeds when
others fail. It makes people well and keeps them well.
"It Makes Good."
Hood's Sarsaparilla
In usual liquid form, or in d ocolated tablets called Sarsatabs,
which possess every remedial value of the liquid. Sold evei y where
or mailed on receipt of price $1, by C. I. Hood Co., Lowell, Mass.
Beautiful Hair
No Longer Any Excuse for Dandruff,
Falling Hair or Itching Scalp.
Poso Makes Tresses Olossy and Beautiful.
"My hair baa In-en falling out for some years
and when I commenced the use of your 1
Remedies I had hardly a..v hair on t..., „[ my
Your remedies noi only stopped the hair
from falling „iit. but started a good growth oJ
I »i>iilii iul\ !-•• everyone afflicted with
■■- *>r Bcalp disease to use your remedies
waat to use this letter as ■ Lai you
elconae t.> do so. I r« ectfully
) ■•-. '. A. Froehner, Freeland, Wyo."
bhnks and ma it I I. 1 ■ " --is
to hc\;> .- • ; ■,: ige
I have never tried Foso Ha
■ ■ rat il pa
Give full addn -write plainly
Darken Yeur Gray Hair
OOBV'S OZARK HERBS restor.rray.
beauty and (oftneea. Prerentt the hair from
falling oat, promoter ita growth, caret anj
prevents dandruff, and gWe« the hair a toll
(I *sy nod healthy appearance. IT WILL
NOT STAIN THE SCALP, li not itickr or
ihrty, container] iiugaruf leaJ.uitrato tlllM.
copperas, or poisons of any kind, but is comp
osed of roots, hsrbs, barks and flowers.
prodaf the moat luxuriant trrsaet from try. coarteand wiry
■sir. ami brtaa back the color itori«iually was before It turnoj
»"•«■ Full ilia iimkaxo sent by mail postpaid (jr r»nts
OZAKK 111 Kit CO.. UIUCK33, St. Louis, Mo.
•' t liiMlreu Tet-ttiiiiK •"
Mr- Winsi.ow's Soothing Stri p - ! . ■.', i 1 ways
1 I fur children teething. It soothes the child,
the gums, allays all pain, cures wind eoli 11 .
i- the best remedy for diarrhoea. Twenty-five cents
m)_l niHA v <■■«!»::•• No. return of
■ "^ ■ BUtlWchoking spoil* or oih»r
™™"™ ! ™~^™^ I™i"1 ™ i " aithmatio ■fmptoma,
V- ■ c ■■■] system of treatment »pi roved by best IT. S.
medicil authorities an the only -„:,] known top«rm«
Inciuii •'•; medicines, prepare.! for 1:17 one giving* fall
description of the case and xonrlint; -i i-i.m, 2 ».!hmv
tlo .uHerer*. Address FRANK WHETZEL*. M. O.
V»»v. V, American ri|mi xtuUdln*, OUcam.
"After scarlet fever, with
gth, defective hear
ing, pains and aches. Hood's
S:ir^.ip;irilla helped M at
once ami gave perfect
health in a few weeks."
— Mrs H. Emiiry, 34 Dean
St . R.-xbury, iWston, Mass
Louisv ille man originates a simple lit
tle de\ ice that instantly restores
the hearing— Fits perfectly,
comfortably and does
not show.
216 -page book FnEE tells ill about It.
Since the discovery of a Louisville man it is no longer
necessary for any deaf person to carry a trumpet, »
tul .-. or any such old-fashioned device, for It U now
p<>«il>le for anyone to hear perfect]) by a simple In.
v.Titinn that th« in the ear and racnot bo detected.
The honor belong* to Mr. Oeorue H. Wilion. of
Louisville, who ww» himself deaf, and now hear* a*
will in anyone. He call* It Wilson* Common S«3H
Kar Drum, is built on the strictest sciontifle prin
ciple, containinu no metal of any kind, and !• en
tir.-I> n.»w in every renpect. It Ineffective even when
■ti- natural fur drums are partially or entirely de
stroyed, perforated, scarrfd. relaxed or thickened.
It tits any ear from childhood to old age. and a*:1»
from the fact that it doe* not show, it never cause*
th» hearer irritation, and can be used with ojmfort
tat or iii«ht.
It will cure deafness in any person, no matter how
acquired, whether from catarrh, scarlet fever, tvphoil
or iirain fever, measlen. whooping cough, gathering
In the ear. shocks from artillery, or through acci
dents. It not only cures hut stays th« progress of
deafness and all roaring an! buzzing noise«.
Let every person who needs this at once send to the
company for it- 218-page bunk, which you can hat«
free It describe* and illustrates Wilson's Common
Sense Kar Drums and contains man ■ l>on» fl le letters
from numerous users in the Pnitel States. Canada.
Mexico, Eaa -tni. Scotland^ Ireland. Wales Australia.
New Zealand. Tasmania. India. These letten art
from people In every station in life — clergymen,
; .'. ■> -tana. lawyers, merchants, society ladies etc.—
and tell th.- truth about the benefits to be derived
from the use of this wonderful little device; you will
find among them the names of people in your own
town or state, and you are at liberty to write to any
of them you wish, and secure their opinion as to the
merits of the only scientific ear drums for restoring
the hearing to its normal condition.
Write today, and it will not U> long t efor» yon are
■mill hearing. Address for the free book and con
vincing evidence. Wilson Ear Drum Co.. ljl lodJ
Building. Louisville. Ky.. I), S. A.
NEURALGIA or Headache.
It s youi nalt if you »ufTer Every
druggist will tell you that Dr. Miles'
Ar.t:-i\i:n Pflll will stop patn immeJ:
ate!y, or he will return money. Contain no
tl drags. 2 j Joses, as cent*.
The greatest comfort and luxury of modern
days: magnetic fire under your ft>et; the great
est life-protector known: your feet keep warm
.1 . the time, even If standing In water, snow and
iet\ Send stamp lot book of Information.
Suite 31, 189 W abash Avenue.
ONE day in 1003 A. E. Levy, of No. 529
Broadway, New York, felt the piscatorial
fever surging through his system, so
took a day off and went out to the fishing banks
to try his luck. As he was dressing hi-, catch
that same evening he discovered in the stomach
of a cod a ten dollar gold piece, with two dia
monds set on one side and the initials P.C.E.
on the other. Levy was so amazed thai he
sent the story to the papers, and it was cjpied
throughout the country.
He hardly expected ever to hear from it,
but a few weeks later was surprised to receive a
letter from Patrick C. Evans, residing in Kan
sas, who claimed the piece as his own ami pre
sented sufficient evidence of this to satisfy
Levy, who accordingly turned it over to him.
It seems that Evans was in New York earlier
in the year and spent a day blackfishing in the
lower bay, and as he was hauling in a fish the
chain to which the coin was attached got
caught in the rigging of the sl(x>p. which just
then rolled, the chain snapped, and away went
the coin, never to ■•■- recovered, as he ther:
Odd Place for a Wedding Ring
OXE of the saddest finds recorded was that of
a St. Johns, Newfoundland, fisherman, who
disco vered a wedding ring in the entrails fa
cod in 187 1. It was eventually proved to
have belonged to Pauline Burnam. an English
woman who was lost in the steamship Anglo-
Saxon, wrecked ott Chance Cove, Newfound
land, in 1861. The lucky fisherman received
a present of fifty pounds for restoring the
highly prized memento to the woman's son.
A Havre fisherman's wife, drying codfish
caught by her husband on the coa.-t of France
in 1904. noticed that one fish had a hard sub
stance inside. On investigation she found in
the fish a golden bracelet. How the ornament
came into its strange receptacle is, of course,
not known; ..... conjectured that it must
have slipped from the wrist of some fa:r passen
ger leaning over the bulwarks of a transatlantic
liner, and been seized by the cod.
Last year the greater part o: the male, and
part of the female, population of the village of
Portishead, at the mouth of the Avon; in Eng
land, turned anglers for awhile. Fishing
tackle and bait boomed for sometime, and all
because one of the loca: anglers shortly before
had landed a good sized fish; and when it came
to be dissected on the «• esiic taV.e it was
!>>und to " include " a diamond ring declared to
be worth one hundred and fifty dollars.
This Fish Absorbed a Knife
WHILE disc barging a fare of codfish from the
schooner Vinr.ie M. <«.tchell. at C.louces^
ter. Massachusetts in iS^o. Captain John M.
Get .'hell, master of the vessel, found imbedded
in the thick f.e<h of a large cod a knife of
curious workmanship. The ti-h was caught
on the . ..... George's Bank, in
-event five fathoms of water, and was ap
parently healthy. The knife was not found
...... sometime after the fi<h had been cured.
When found, the knife blade was closed, and
the small, ■:•--■ of the handle was
nearest the tail ... the flesh at this
place being about two and a half inches thick.
The knife, when closed, was three and five
eighths inches long.
In 1884 Captain McEacl-.em of the Gloucester
schooner A. F. Gilford f itxnd a knife—one of
the kind known to fishermen as a haddock
ripper — in the stomach of a forty-five pound
cod which had been caught on the Le Have
Lars Peter an able ....
ship patia which arrived in New York in
1003 from St. Lucia, made a cttriotts find on
the voyage. After the vessel left St. Lucia a
large gray shark was seen following it. For
two days it continued in the wake of the ship.
when Petersen resolved to get it. Procuring a
large hook, he baited it with salt p:rk, and
after some difficulty landed the monster, which
measured almost twelve feet from tip to tip
Upon opening its stomach Petersen discovered
there a ring with the initials L.H.B. engraved
on the inside.
Cod as Junk Gatherers
OWING to the fact that codseek their food on
the bottom anil re voracious feeders, their
stomachs, when opened, frequently present a
curious ar.d sometimes amusing collection of
odds and end-- Bits of leather, marlin-pikes.
iron bolts, a ball of twine, leaden sounding
plummets, hoofs of deer, scissors, brass, oil
cans, potato parings, com cobs, the head of a
rubber doll, stone-, and big shells have teen
found in them. A codfish caught at Vineyard
Haven was found to have in its stomach two
full grown ducks. When taken cut they were
quite fresh, having most of their feathers
Because the heel cf a rubber boot, and frag
ments of a rubber coat, together with a knife,
were found in the stomach of a cod or.c day. a
Gloucester wag reported, and the story was
taken seriously for a time, that the fish had
eaten the fisherman to whom they had be
longed, and thai these were the undigested
Stomach Diseases
A Harmless. Powerful Germicide
Endorsed by Leading Physicians
One $ 1 .00 Bottle Free
on receipt of this advertisement with
35 cents to pay postage and packing.
Sc!d by leading druggists.
Good until 4 in. :!«>. -() jt .
•amp!- to ■ RubJlj *■ _ „
«»T£ KM =»EE 300S.ET 3H SiT 304 T*=»TV£NT
A Syracust Physician wnttai •• / haze
three fatten t; upon Tartartithine:vho cjn
marctly do without it. in Rheumatism mi
chrmzc cystitis, prostititts. etc.. I Haze
nez er met it: ejujl it ha; come to stay —
-j.it a me, at least."
CDCC CiMDt C "• ■" »'""■' — '— cut «t
it Tilt jMin.t m»«nui n.i **• m <•** %t.
MckESSO.N * BOBBINS. D«?t. ft, «3 Fulton St.. N.Y.
Tri;»l r..-\ ••.'■'•>! \\ <>rtr»
The ONLY WAV to tall the cau-.- .if
f il line hair :n men an 1 women iata
JNATION of thf-h.i-.r. Kher. -h<»
few hairs to Prof. J. H. Aa.«;n.
the 30 years" Scilp Specia!:»t
\ an 1 Bact<»rio!oei»t an r«c«?Lv*
m>!.:-iof >our pa.-**-, a Booklet
->a Care of Hair iai seal?
ml a Box of :h • E.-m--<i/
whi. h hewi!! >i»paia f>r >.->a. Eaolniw>2 c.-nt t««t\j{»
i'Kiit. J. H.ll>Tl\. ] J M. % ic»ir'.-r> Thri-.r* Bid) I i.-ti*
It you iajfet froa » bunion, we win: Do care ;: •-■:
you. No aiattrr aow nnuca pa:n or torture •. . . • .-
we can remove it, Our wor.ierru! Aatt-Banioo i'.tt
ter» cure the olJeit, hariest ani 3io« yxafel lKa:on*
Ta:» is Jone it tso^e without trouble. Hoadradi ba»a
been cured by our tree trial treit~.er.t a»o?.e. ieni lbs
' treatment a: once. Simply seni your .-.ir^.e a- : i
dress for trea:~en: ani ir-pa^e 3oo*:e!."How :o Hi-:
Eaav, Heatthv. ihaaelv Feet." Enc.oae ic. sti^p.
FOOT R£MED\ CO.. 135* S. Lawoiale We.. Ch!ii^>
HENRY DRISLER. Ai,ert:,m* Mm,
1 Madison Aye.. Kn -^ N v
309 Rcjori-HsralJ BIJ^.. Chicago. I
dentfast powder :r;. n ; ::,-, 7
*■''!"• la Hut 4»«. .NEW \< K. .N. J.
o^3 nn.i »\mh.oki..-,
" WRITERS „.-,/ fte m-,:":. . il}
» Kll CKS »i.;iK»,:C»,irS:i- 8!^. C ...
0 11 111 I V M'-s:ca: < orr.p -.:: r.- W •
wllilU Royalty. Pubfis&asd Popula: ■
We compose ar.J arr.ir.^e melody FREE it cha: ;
CEO. lA3ERG MUSIC CO.. 172 W. 7tn St.. Cincirma: .
Pcr feetf ect on Entens o- 5~:
■ ■
i«\i;\ i» loi/. .1; n, lr ,t - «>■ *

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